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Office Depot

2455 Paces Ferry Rd. Nw
Atlanta, GA
Francis Blake
Chairman and CEO
(770) 433-8211
(770) 384-2356
Twitter IDs
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Loretta - 26 d 11 h ago

I am not a rich well to do nor a ceo . I do use office and art supplies. I stopped using your supplies for home school and my writings when my order was dropped a few years ago. Tbis time the same thing happened to my order. First I pay and no delivery. Then order cancelled and reorxer, and then it gets cancelled by personnel. I really needed the ink and paper.for you to see 128506676-001 and my first order 128506231-001 and this caused me overdrafts at my bank also. This is so messed up.

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Edward Ryan - 36 d 10 h ago


Up until recently I purchased all my office supplies from my local Office Depot in Greenwood, Indiana. No more. When a CEO is so nave to make corporate decisions based on the twisted ideology of a couple of left wing high school students looking for their 15 minutes of fame, It is time to give my business to someone else. No business should polarize their consumer base by taking a political stance by boycotting, because either side that is chosen will negatively affect your bottom line. However, if you insist on making you political views public, you may want to reevaluate your demographics to determine the people that are making the money to spend at your stores. It is definitely not the radical left that have no jobs, which allows them plenty of time to protest whenever their feels are hurt. From this point forward, I will be shopping elsewhere.

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Lydia - 38 d ago

Returning the new laptop computer just purchased. Returning your credit card. Since you choose to obey a "whining child and his favorite word F***ing", I choose not to give anymore of my business to you. I will go to Staples.

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MDMom - 38 d ago


Dear Office Depot: Please stop bowing to the left agenda that is trying to silence free speech. When high school students become the national mouthpiece for the curtailment of constitutionally protected rights, those same students cannot also claim immunity from the criticisms that go with it. The left castigates conservatives daily, yet advertisers don't leave them. Please return your advertising to Laura's show.

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Concerned - 38 d 13 h ago

Your boycott against Laura Ingram is wrong. Guess it's time to shop with another company.

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Angie and Jim - 38 d 18 h ago

We have shopped Office Depot and Offiice Max for over 20 years. We will never shop at your stores again. Your boycott against Laura Ingram is wrong. We are sad with shooting and loss of young lives but David Hogg is a bully and has used the F word . So if you stand with him then you have lose our business for ever. Hopefully youn will reverse your decision and not support him but do the right thing and start advertising on Laura Ingraham program again.

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RepublicuntsAreSad - 40 d 9 h ago


Trump was right! I am getting tired of all this winning. First conservatives boycott the nfl because athletes used their right to protest, then dicks sporting goods for not selling ar-15's to kids, and now office depot!! Pretty soon all of the stores and sporting venues will be bigot and hate free! :) Better delete your facebook accounts too since they are so left leaning. hahaha Don't let the door hit you where your good lord split you. lol

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Mandi Masai - 41 d 13 h ago


How can you bow to the likes of a hypocritical, vindictive, dictator Hogg??? How can you not support our given Right to

Protect ourselves???? I do not own a gun and I doubt I ever will nor am I a member of the NRA but it is very dangerous NOT to keep our 2nd amendment rights!!! Are you so ignorant and blind you can not see the implications of gun control????!! How about criminal control??? How's that working??? you don't think for a minute criminal will not be able to obtain a gun if illegal???? Gun control, no gun zone is just open house to these criminals, organized crime, punks, gangs, etc to steal, rob, rape, beat, abuse, kill you!!! You think the police will get there in time while you are getting killed, stabbed, beaten, raped??? You are taking guns away from law abiding citizens NOT criminals...they will find a way to obtain that gun. THINK!!!! These kids are deflecting away from the real culprits: FBI, Brouland Sheriff, school administration, mental illness, Bullying (Emma), Pharmaceuticals!!!! YOU ARE CLUELESS!!!!

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WillnotshopOfficeDepot - 41 d 19 h ago

I am the Office Manager for a construction company and purchase all office supplies. Office Depot is off my list. Will shop exclusively at Quill. What corporate dummy thought it was a good decision to let a 17 year old dictate policy?? Who did not understand that when you get involved in a political fray you lose and so do your shareholders?? What a asinine decision to pull advertising off a show because it presents a conservative view/ Free speech is only allowable for liberals??? They can smear our President, make fun of our First Ladies accent and that is okay, but reporting that somebody did not get into 4 different colleges is somehow wrong?/ Now if it was a lie that would be different, but the fact is he did NOT get accepted to 4 different colleges. And I can understand why - I would not want him on my campus either. His profanity and lack of common courtesy is appaling. So shame on you Office Depot!!

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Fundy - 42 d ago

Bad move. You pulled your sponsorship from the Laura Ingram show. You cave to a kid with filthy language and a knee jerk movement. Shame on you. I intend to ship elsewhere for office supplies.

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Reggie - 42 d 42 s ago






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Common Sense Texan - 42 d 8 h ago


Pulling your ads from Laura's show. I am pulling my business from you and spreading the word.

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Conservative in Texas - 42 d 13 h ago


Punishing the conservative community.... at the demand of a radical minority you alienate the majority. I will no longer give my money to those who support socialist radicals who want to destroy my country. Pulling your advertisement from The Laura Ingram show was the final straw for me.

For those of you who may not be aware, these are the businesses who have reportedly dropped, (or considering dropping), advertisements from the Laura Ingram show (FOX News):

" Bayer; Ruby Tuesday; Liberty Mutual Insurance; The Atlantis Paradise Island resort; Office Depot; Jenny Craig; Hulu; Nutrish; TripAdvisor; Expedia; Wayfair; Stitch Fix; Nestle; Johnson & Johnson and Miracle-Ear, Jos A Bank, Principal Investment, Honda, Ace Hardware and possibly Subaru"

I will no longer support Office Depot, and will also influence family and friends to boycott as well.

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Dr. J. O. Reichard - 45 d 11 h ago

Will no longer use office depot. Do disappointed in your poor judgment of pulling advertising from Laura Ingraham show. Shame on you.

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RJ Perry Carpentry, Inc. - 45 d 18 h ago


Since the powers that head Office Depot have made a public choice to mix their political views with business; as of today, I as an established business owner will no longer purchase ANY items from your politically bias company. Freedom of speech includes everyone Mr. Blake.

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Jennifer - 46 d 22 h ago


Just as your decision to no longer advertise during Laura Ingraham show on Fox, I too have decided to no longer shop at Office Depot. I've been a long time shopper, but you're buckling to a kid who only cares about his time in front of the camera. Shame on you Office Depot.

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Jane - 46 d 10 h ago

Good-bye, Office Depot! You have taken sides and interfered with America's right to free speech. When you withdrew your advertising from Laura Ingraham's show for such false pretense, you proved to be anti-American. Socialists try to control other people's speech, communists and totalitarians do as well. This is America. Who needs corporations like you? Not my husband, nor me, nor any of our friends. Just go away. We will get our office supplies elsewhere, thank you very much.

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Steve - 46 d 18 h ago

So a high school child who refers to NRA members as murderers and throws a temper tantrum after a comment by Laura Ingraham determines where you advertise? Wow, and then you say that you have values. I have values too. I believe in the constitution. Apparently you don't so no more visits to Office Depot/ Office Max for me.

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Liane - 46 d 19 h ago


I have been a long time customer but BYE BYE OFFICE DEPOT! I will find another supplier for my office supplies because of MY values. The foul mouthed 17 year old pawn of the far left liberals is where you should put your boycott if you had any values at all. Very bad choice, very bad choice to pull your ads from the Laura Ingraham program.

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Dan - 47 d 7 h ago

Due to your company's decision to pull advertising with the Laura Ingraham show .. I will no longer be purchasing anything from your stores...not to mention several people know doing the same thing... until such time you stop the nonsense based on a inexperienced 17 year old being used by the left.... the left is definitely entitled to their opinion but to do it like this won't be tolerated by me and many many more....

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Robert - 47 d 10 h ago


To all ex-advertisers of Laura Ingraham's show on Fox News, because of child's: David Hogg, temper tantrum. You are supporting and enabling a young child's action in an effort to promote his emotional, immature experience and knowledge base. You fail to understand the real issue beyond the hype. And that issue is your failure to understand the purchasing power of the people you are pissing off. A generation of people with spendable income that is 100 times worth more than the children to whom you think you are pandering and enabling. Anyone that continues this boycott will never see people like myself spending our money in your establishment ever again. Remember Exxon, after the spill in Alaska, they failed the customers that are no more...

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JudyA - 48 d ago

I'm very disappointed in you for boycotting the Laura Engram show and withdrawing your advertising from it. What Laura said was so mild compared to the radical left foul mouthed comments Hogg has been saying. She was even gracious enough to apologize (which I didn't think was needed in this case)and he didn't accept it. Did you protest when he called all NRA members child murderers. That is so untrue and anyone with common sense knows it. Do you protest any of the liberal talk shows on CNN, MSNBC or NBC. Could it be you only boycott conservative shows? It is a one way street. Liberals are allowed to say any vile and nasty thing they want, but conservatives are only allowed to express their opinion if it agrees with them. I am a member of your rewards program, but will no longer purchase anything from you store.

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Susan - 48 d 23 h ago

Responders here do not seem to realize that this is an independent site - Not Home Depot.

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TLL - 48 d 10 h ago

Your decision to boycott the show on Fox News "The Ingram Angle" was unwarranted! Her comments were not so devastating that it called for this type of reaction. She apologized for the statement she made which was far less insulting or degrading than all of the nasty horrible and filthy statements being made by David Hogg simply because people have different views than he does. I was an avid loyal customer of yours but no more!! I simply cannot stand by anymore and support companies who support the behavior of this nasty disrespectful young man and also obviously supports agenda-driven censorship.

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DJ McCormick - 48 d 11 h ago


I understand your company is boycotting the Laura Ingraham Show. Well, since you are so quick to honor the requests of Leftist Americans, you can perhaps listen to the rest of us. I will be boycotting your store. I have found a competitor in town and will be doing business with them. And it is not Staples. I am not that stupid. So go ahead and make your living off the people you are sound quick to listen to and just keep on ignoring the rest of us.

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