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Office Depot

2455 Paces Ferry Rd. Nw
Atlanta, GA
Francis Blake
Chairman and CEO
(770) 433-8211
(770) 384-2356
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patirhodes - 13 d 17 h ago

I have tried for 3 months to place orders only to have them cancelled by your company. No explanation as to WHY....I changed credit card yesterday to see if that was the that order was cancelled also. Office Depot is not a good company to do business used to be.

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Ms Naukam - 49 d 10 h ago


On July 28,2017 I placed an order over the phone totaling $856.76. When checking my credit card account there were numerous other charges totaling $3,232.40!!! After 2 hours of calling numerous numbers and always being redirected to the same Call Center to be told there was nothing they could do about it I am beyond furious !! Needless to say only part of my order has arrived and one is back ordered !! I called my credit card company and they took all the other charges off. I will NEVER do business with Office Depot again !!

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Ms. Robinson - 62 d 16 h ago


Good morning,

Let's look at these men I listed in my subject line, and imagine how they would feel if they are being hung up on more than twice. This is a normal practice of office Depot employees. These men know who to go to for help. What about your buyers who support each one of them to keep a job and food on the table.

This was because my question was how do I get a hold of NIH Office Depot Representative. I need a price quote.

I am with the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD. I am with the 2nd largest institute we have here. The Largest Federal Agency who does a lot of business with office depot. Do you think when we call you guys for help or a price quote you deserve to be hung up on. Well when they don't understand you, it's easier to hand up on the individual. When they don't want or know how to transfer you, it's easier to hang up on you. When they don't know the answer, it's easier to hang up on you. Rather than you getting another job where they don't have to know or have public relation.

All I wanted was a simple price quote. My institute does a lot of business with office deposit and there is not excuse to be treated this way. My area approve of all the order purchase by Office Depot/OfficeMax. With more and more vendors out there it is not helping you guys reputation. Not everyone is going to continue to tolerate this behavior.

Need price quote for a quantity of: 10 & 20 on two separate print out. Please make sure it is for item B - and for item C -


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Joyce S. - 82 d 7 h ago


I am asking for assistance as no one has been able to help. I have always liked Office Depot so am extremely disappointed at my current situation.

On June 7 th I purchased a gift for my husband for Father's Day. Delivery date was scheduled for June 16, between 8:30 AM till 5:00 PM. We were advised we ( someone over 18) would need to be here to sign for the delivery, so we waited all day. No delivery, no text, no call. We got a computer generated call on June 17 asking if we would like to set up a delivery date, so again we did for the first delivery date that was available with the delivery service. Same requirements, so we waited all day. Again absolutely no response.

We called to find out they could not locate our order. We called the store#878, 19800 Hawthorne Blvd, Suite 248, Torrence, CA. And were advised it had not yet been shipped to the delivery service. We again set up a delivery date for yesterday, June 29, same requirements. Waited all day, no call, text , etc. My husband spent 1 hour on the phone

yesterday, one hour again today, and I spent at least 45 minutes on the phone today after calling the (hidden) niumber which I thought was in Florida, to find out I was speaking to a woman in Ghana who, as the manager in the store where we initially made the purchase also suggested ,we cancel the order and reorder. The problem being I

had a coupon at time of purchase and was advised the coupon would no longer apply.

Our order # is 934415506-001/ order date 6/07/17, store #0878, payment was made in store, delivery date ( in a perfect world- 6/16/17. When my husband spoke to Customer

Service in Sacramento

, CA. at(hidden) he was advised to call back to the shipping agent on Monday to to

set up another delivery date, but that it could not be set up today as the order had to go through the shipping department. He was given a tracking number of (hidden). We have spoken to Judy, Shovona- record # 11205390, and the number we were given for George Ehneider who is in charge of this area is at (hidden). Please help me to finally present my husband's Father's Day present to him. Even the

4th of July would be an extra day to celebrare if it could be delivered soon. Thank

you for any assistance. Joyce Sutera. (hidden). (hidden)

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unhappy - 114 d 11 h ago


I just spent about 30 minutes trying to order an office chair. Talked with several of your agents and they all have a hard time speaking English. Why don't you hire people who speak our language. Your policies are not good - I couldn't place the order with instructions to assemble the chair - they told me to call the store direct. They cannot take payment over phone. I will never do business with your company again but I really wanted this particular chair - otherwise, I would not have placed the order. You need to take a look at the ease of ordering with your company or you won't be in business very long. It says you have 331,000 employees but I believe most of them are out of our country.

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Ahmed - 125 d 11 h ago


Hi my names Ahmed I am from Minnesota and I didn't like the way that Office Depot in Savage Mn treated me as a good customer. I put simple flyer Monday it took me up till now. When I call evening manager disrespecting me and it should not be that way. The person name Margarita and she is manager at 14375 Highway 13 S Savage Mn 55378.

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Butch G - 125 d 14 h ago


I am Currently @ store 02632 in Glenwood Springs CO 81601 . I travel from Denver COto Grand Junction CO every other week and I use Office Depot exclusively. My Northglenn Location is Fantastic Staff and professionalism as well as the location in Grand Junction Co is un matched . I am a HGTV by SW Sales Rep to Lowes so I have copies and signage made for 7 stores . I have been waiting for an hour for what should have been 10-20min Max since The hardest part of the job was done by Tommy in the Grand Junction Store. I need 10 copies of a flyer 11x17 and 2 copies of a poster 24x32 the same image. My Company wants us to use FED EX Kinkos . At no other store where I use ( which has a Much LARGER traffic footprint) have I been told "We give ourselves a 3 hour Window " when standing there. This is the last time I intend to use this Facility.

Flagged for review. 
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Robin - 131 d 18 h ago


Had to have our 4-H fundraising cookbooks bound. Your team at the Augusta, GA Store on Walton Way Ext.

Was helpful and informative. They did a great job in a very short period of time. I just wanted to say thanks for the help and info.

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Ms. Alex Ortega - 133 d 14 h ago


Dear CEO,

I had a photo job to get done and have been to 8 different places to do it. 3 different Office Depots included. One of your locations told me that the job was IMPOSSIBLE...I was downtown San Diego at your 825 West E Street location and asked the Print Services Supervisor, Alex Ortegta-if she was an expert. She said yes she was with confidence. I gave her the 2 photos which I needed processed and she masterfully did the job perfectly when others said impossible. She was confident, professional, and highly skilled. I recommend her for a higher position or raise in salary. Thank you.Mark Merlino- US Consumer Attorneys.

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Jennifer R - 140 d 11 h ago


I work by Office Depot in Mt. Dora, FL that just had a huge remodeling. They had huge containers onsite for storing remodeling products. During this time the parking lot was a mess with garbage and objects scattered. I ended up getting a big piece of metal in my tire (I work next door and had to drive through this daily) I would like to place a claim for the tire. I have pictures, just need to know the process.

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Jennifer R - 140 d 11 h ago


contact info


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Frustrated US ARMY - 145 d 19 h ago

I am a United States ARMY government credit card holder. I have been unable to get a large order processed from DOD Emall thru Office Depot.

I have worked with customer assistance from 3 different countries and various levels of English skills. I do not appreciate the extended delays and when I do finally talk to a real person their ENGLISH IS NOT GOODLY enough to complete my transaction. Thanks for offloaded American Jobs to NON Americans. Get the newest message....bring the jobs back to AMERICA !! PERIOD!!!

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Naa - 151 d 12 h ago


Bad experience in store #190 the sales reps together with the store manager on duty were horrible. I just can't imagine their sarcastic attitude towards me when I was using the computer to print out my school documents. I can read and write so I do not understand why the manager came to tell me "it's 25cent a minute using the computer". This really distract me that I couldn't focus any longer and left. I have never had issues with staples but this office depot is a waking distance from my home. But my experience for today 4/22/17 and last 3weeks from another representative because of the same thing has really disappointed me.

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Neil - 226 d 7 h ago


I bought a tablet from office depot got home have to my lil girl she open it no tablet called store manager told me to contact the manafactour manager lied said the tablet has been ck at store to the manafactour but told me it was never open them gave me tha run around about the e mail address to cooparate

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Guy - 233 d 17 h ago

This is Home Depot's info...NOT Office Depot's

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mike - 235 d 15 h ago

I ordered a piece of furniture from office depot. tracking number 897942228-001. It shows delivered in the E-mail that was sent to me. I called a agent from Office depot and she also showed it delivered. She put me on hold and come back and said that the carrier run out of time and could not deliver it. Well the carrier showed it delivered. I ask her for an Email to be sent tio me and she sent me one that showed it delivered. She said they would research and get back to me in 4 hours. Then she gave me 2 different delivery dates one for 1/30/17 and the 2nd was for 01/02/17. I need thios issue rectified.

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joe mamma - 254 d 15 h ago


Office Depot continues to have their customers running around by connecting then to one number and then another and never resolving any problems and every time you call Office Depot you get an foreigner and they are just rude and they transfer you to another department or person and they will stall you to frustrate the hell out of their customers which any problems the customers may have never will get resolved. Office Depot will resolve their problems by not resolving yours but always wanting to sell you more foreign crap that all you want is to resolve issues that a preschool child can resolve.

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joe mamma - 254 d 16 h ago


Called Office Depot and never resolved our issues about the rewards or that why I could not use a already phone number that associates with another rewards number but cannot get rewards because it never got information which we never received any rewards for 3-5 months. Poor customer service and these employees are rude and one supervisor just could not get it. Office Depot needs to learn how to deal with customers instead of always wanting to sell and customers do not want this. Customers want a USA only complaints which a supervisor can handle. Office Depot is rude and obnoxious with its customers and so what I will do, is finish my ink and then I am going to send this printer back so they can send the right printer ink instead of an old one.

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Lihau - 259 d 9 h ago

*****Just to let people know.....I called the phone number listed above and it is for HOME DEPOT not office depot. I tried several times and it is indeed Home Depot, not Office Depot!!!

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JCThormahlen - 292 d 14 h ago


I emailed Office Depot Headquarters about a complaint we had with a return,

and I received a call back from Kevin at the Corporate Office today. He was very pleasant, and listened to my problem about returning a computer that was defective, and said he'd look into it. He called back right away and told me that we could go back to the store and get our refund.

This was a nice surprised, and we appreciate him handling the situation with the

store manager. We have always shopped at Office Depot and were shocked when

we had the problem with this manager. Kevin took care of the situation, and we are

satisfied with how it turned out. Thank you Kevin!!

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Naj Evans - 292 d 15 h ago


I want to say about how horrible the customer service for office depot is. I have been lied to about product delivery and product. I have been told my product was going to here a week ago and now it is not going to be delivered till next week! I'm tired of being lied to and not having my product. I called many time to customer service and they either hung up on me many times or just lied to me to shut me up! I want my product but nobody seems to care about what has been happening to my lack of customer support. Is the corporate office not caring about what happens to their own customers?

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Bob from Houston - 1 y ago


I ordered a printer on line for store pickup in Ft worth. I live in Houston and this was a gift for my daughter. The store refused to deliver it to my daughter; claiming she was not an authorized pick up person. I filed a complaint with their customer service and included the so called evening store manager by name. The customer service rep. said that my daughter was the authorized person for pick up. I was also told that a customer service manager would be contacting me, This was apparently another lie. Anytime you ask to talk to a manager the answer will always be that the manager is on another phone.

Today my daughter went back to the store to pick up the printer and again was told that she was not authorized. I spoke to this same person who claimed to be the night manager and asked that I be contacted by the store director by phone whereupon he told my daughter he would speak to the assistant manager. I told him that I would file another complaint to their corporate headquarters naming both him and the store director, Mari Mendez. He then left and went back to his office; returning shortly to tell my daughter that she could take the printer home.

I am disgusted that this company hires such morons, that can claim to be managers, whenin fact they are only sales people (Associates). I am going to take all my future mail order business to Amazon. When lied to over and over I just vote with my feet.

My daughter returned to the store 2 days

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Charlene N. - 1 y ago


I am deeply offended by your recent commercial about getting back to great. I will no longer shop at your store or any of your affiliates.

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disappointed father - 2 y ago


Bought and paid cash for laptop for my 14yr son and was told it would be ready in a couple days. This was on Aug 29 and now it is Sept 13, 2015. Fifteen days and still no contact regarding the computer from Office Depot. I will be returning to the store and asking for a full refund. I will spend the money elsewhere. What kind of management or follow up is done in the stores to assure customer service?

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iwillmakeyousmile84 - 5 y ago


The people at Office Depot are always so great! I have finally used their copy/print department for the first time and it was a fantastic experience! Savanna, the one behind the counter, did an amazing job helping me get my proposal together! She had awesome ideas and was very considerate in listening to my needs for the project. I cannot believe that I almost tried to do it all on my own! When I had first gone into the store that is what I had planned, but another salesman who helped me pick out paper asked me what I was planning to use it for, so that he could make the best recommendation on paper. When I told him that it was for business project proposal, he suggested I get some help from their copy center. He said they are really helpful with that sort of thing. So I gave them a try, and could not have been more pleased! Not only did they help me with some concepts, and save me money; but they made it look just great! I honestly think that it was Savanna's input that made the proposal such a hit! Thanks again, Office Depot and Savanna. I am absolutely using the things you taught me that day the next time around, and you have won over a customer for life! Great Job!

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