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Office Depot

2455 Paces Ferry Rd. Nw
Atlanta, GA
Francis Blake
Chairman and CEO
(770) 433-8211
(770) 384-2356
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Lucy - 2 h 34 m ago


Office Depot store 0632 in Voorhees NJ is the absolute worse, I purchased a shelf online which was the wrong color, I then called the closes store near me which was Voorhees, whom told me that they had what I needed in stock, liers I ride 45 min each way to find out that they in fact did not have what I needed, although I was told that it. was ok to deliver the shelf to the store the store would not give me my money back they stated that the online. store had already issued me credit liers, it has been over 2 weeks still no money, I. was told today that they were waiting for. the merchandise to be returned and I. would not get a refund for another 3 more days, absolutely unacceptable. now on to a corporate call

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Terry Reeh - 5 d ago


I just want to say what a good job Matt at the Kerrville, Texas location, did for me. He was very friendly and helpful. He gets an A+

Terry Reeh

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Heather - 7 d ago


I go into my local office max(depot) to purchase a all in one computer touch screen and I picked out the one that I wanted to purchase, the guy told me that they had one in stock, we went to the line while he went in the back to get it, he comes back empty handed, he them proceeds to tell me that he can't sell me that one because it is on a promise to pay, that someone is coming back to buy it, I said what how can someone promise to pay, he said he brought his old computer in to transfer is stuff into this one, he said but I do have another one just like it but it is white it is black, I said it has all the same features I said ok, so he goes and gets it, the computer was alittle cheaper, so I purchase it get it back to my OFFICE AT OUR BUSINESS!!!!! And take it out of the box that never looked like it had been opened before mind you, and the screen was filthy and so was the mouse, looked like it was 10 years old, so I called back in and I asked for a manager and some girl said I am, well after I tell her she puts me on hold and then someone else gets on the phone and I said hold up I thought I was on the phone with a manager!!! Smh people lie! COME TO FIND OUT! I was sold a floor model computer as a brand new computer and was never told! They then told me that the computer was cleaned out well that's not true when u go to sign on it says office admin at the bottom, the HP warranty expired in 2017! WHAT THE HELL this is almost 2019! ! And they only want to give me 100.00 back or a refund oh no that's not how it works! I went in last night! The lazy manager wouldn't even walk up front to talk to me! She kept sending the sales clerk to says things to me! I asked to exchange this computer for the one that I wanted in the first place! I was lied to, never told that this was a floor model, was told this was cleaned out, and the hp warranty is expired their reply is oh well the extended u got is better anyway! I said EXCUSE ME! That's not the point! I am still losing a years warrenty! I TOLD THEM YOU ALL ARE A PISS POOR STORE AND THIS IS AWFUL THE MANAGER CANT COME TALK TO ME AND I WILL CONTACT THE MAIN OFFICE AND THE BETTER BUSINESS AND ANYTHING ELSE I HAVE TO! that's why no one hardly shops there and ill order our business office supplies online and will spread the word!

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john - 11 d 15 h ago


what kind of managers do they hire talking about nampa idaho.his name is steve.what a joke.he started in april of this yr.this is after he spent a month of training in meridian which is about 10 miles away.he comes in 15 minutes late mostly everyday and leaves way before his shift is over .he takes an hour lunch most of the he had to ask help from one of the other employees about a router and a printer..he acts and thinks he knows it all..he dont know nothing about copy and print.hell hes also good at screwing up at the cash register..most of the employees dont even look forward of going to work anymore.this is so a shame ..i have wrote to corporate and no i thought i would write it here.thanks for listening

General profile image - 24 d 19 h ago



Alisa Hightower here in Kerrville Tx 78028 .

Your store here is way below ,how your other stores are operating

The Manager is not a nice person at all and just puts you down like a worn out carpet!!!! Ask for one thing a copy printed and it takes 1 w. to get it back ..ect

For some reason went the Kerrville store and bought a new computer today had yo buy the display no discount and was suppose to be ready in 30 min. NOT we are going to pick it up the next day because they did not have the time to erase ya,ll stuff !

Matt is the only nice one there sale number is 6646-1-857-909814-

Alisa Hightower

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Marvin - 26 d 6 h ago


The female manage at the South Beach (Miami Beach FL) location is completely incompetent and should not be a manager in any capacity. Shaina is her name I believe.

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Disgusted in Cleveland - 32 d 19 h ago


I have spent several days trying to locate a desk that I ordered online. After 2 customer service reps and several days of waiting, I find out that my package was returned because they CLAIM the carrier could not deliver it. That it TOTAL BS! She actually made ME feel like a liar! There is ALWAYS someone at my home, as I live with older parents- and Monday was a holiday and I was outside raking leaves for 5 hours! I don't who they have as a carrier but they are getting a line of BS from them! I am also VERY DISGUSTED with the customer service by Office Depot - they were not helpful nor did they try to resolve the problem. This item was purchased with a gift card and they claim that they are refunding me the money - it better not be a gift card as I will NEVER purchase so much as an eraser from them! Poor, poor, poor customer service.

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Loyal customer No Longer - 35 d 19 h ago


My experience today was the worst. It has ever been I've been a loyal customer with office depot for numerous of years . And today was very displeasing I went to complete a logo design for my new company. Upon arrival the copy and print specialist was out. Which apparently was out to lunch. Therefore I had to return in 30 mins to be assisted . Great not a problem, after returning to office depot the specialist was unprofessional, rude and completely not helpful. He continued to inform me that me going online and designing my own logo probably be best. As if that's not in your job description And if that was something I simply wanted to do!I absolutely wouldn't have come office depot to render a service by the company ( Justin )Gainesville Florida 13th Street location.

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Patty - 43 d 16 m ago


I just had the worst & most frustrating experience with Office Depot "customer service" a woman by the name of Angelica had me holding for an ENTIRE HOUR!!! I placed an order on line that I should've received 5 days ago. I've been a loyal customer for years, I purchase tons of office supplies there for all our office needs and this is the BS I get! Bottom line is that I haven't received my order, they apparently delivered it to the wrong address and now they want me to wait a whole week to get my supplies which already have been paid for. This woman even suggested that I call the delivery carrier and track my package!I I am furious because I didn't do business with the carrier and why should I have to do her job of locating my merchandise? This is absurd and terrible customer service.

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Printing Posters - 46 d 13 h ago


How can it be that Office Depot offers print and copy software that doesn't work and no one fixes it?

Last year, I used the poster design about 15 different times and loved the results.

This year (starting this fall), I have spent days trying to figure out how to check out, and the system doesn't let me.

I have visited the store twice - yesterday for an hour. The salesperson was good enough to redo the poster in Microsoft Publisher and it's being printed.

Office Depot must have a tech team to write software that works. Just don't understand how a company of your stature could let this go on.

Hope you can get it fixed. If not, at least take it off your site.

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MST - 55 d 19 h ago


Once again, my concern that the merger of Office Max with Office Depot would be a disaster has proven true. Office Max used to be a great place to do business... the staff had brains and you could get things done. Not only are the store staff largely useless.... Office Depot corporate is completely useless.

For the last 2 decades I have spent an average of $ 100 per month just on self service copies ... with more for other items. They recently installed copiers that require you to use a credit card at the machine . Now I cant use my rewards credits against the copies I need to make. My account number or coupon numbers do not register on the copier. And you cant take your receipt to the register to get the appropriate refund.

The store managers spend most of their time pointing fingers at each other saying.. " call tomorrow, the other manager knows that ". And of course the other manager is of no help... and then you finally get someone who tells you that you cant use rewards credits for self service.

When I called office depot headquarters... the first dim wit tried to route me to Human Resources Dept. ( rewards program handled by HR ???? ) Then they transferred me to someone who couldn't manage anything better than to repeatedly tell me the amount of my rewards credit..... she had zero idea on how to use it for self service copying.

Then I am given a toll number for corporate HQ.... but when I asked her which department handles these kinds of issues she had no idea. ( I guess I should be happy she didn't tell me to try the HR Dept. )

I quit using Office Depot over 20 years ago because of this kind of stupidity....and the corporate culture has not changed a lick since then.

Office Depot is a worthless company.

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Former Loyal Customer - 55 d 19 h ago


Our company has been an Office Depot customer for many years although numerous vendors have tried and are trying to get our business. I have stayed with Office Depot because of quick overnight delivery. The past few months Office Depot has been doing an audit (that's what I'm told) so my orders are never coming when promised. I was patient for a few months but I am now done waiting on Office Depot to finish their audit or whatever. My orders are never on time and I am looking bad at work when I promise I'll have items that are needed and then they don't get delivered for days after the expected delivery. They have made ME look bad at work, to my Boss and co-workers. I'm done with you-Office Depot! Goodbye and Good Luck (you'll need it if you even retain any corporate customers)

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Ligea Sanchez - 70 d ago


I was in an Office Depot store this Sunday, in Pembroke Pines Common. I was in there in the early part of the afternoon. I brought my laptop with me and went to the register to see if I could get some assistance with my battery. I was guided by the young man at the register to I guess your Customer Section and told to speak with gentlemen with glasses but a young lady asked if you could assist me. I told her I needed a battery, she informed me that I needed to order a battery online. I told her I ordered it online and she told her I did and they sent me the wrong battery. She said don't know you can go online and order it, said I had, but she was dismissive and unwilling to assist me. She said that they would probably order wrong as well. And seemed to enjoy embarrassing me in front of the other customers, determined by the way she was smiling and looking at the other people that were watching the incident. I will never ever shop Office Depot again and have brought for my business the last 5 years office supplies from office depot the service in the past couple of months has been on the downward spiral and with this young ladies attitude, I'm going to take her up on her advice and shop online.

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never again - 71 d ago



We ordered a desk for business and after two months and numerous calls they still cannot get it delivered! Staff at customer service have no clue how to assist you and have no supervisors when asked to speak to one.

This is no way to run a business which, I assume, will soon be out of business with the service they provide.

AMAZON from now on.....

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Unhappy customer - 74 d 20 h ago


Office Depot in Enterprise, AL

I came in the store to re/order some raffle tickets we do every year for our community business. The rep was supposedly new and did admit that he had no knowledge of doing this type of service before. And how the lady who helped us before was no longer there. He got my contact number and would call me back after getting some insight on it. Hours went by and still no call. I called the store and spoke to a manager. The rep still has not done anything to help me and the manager had me on hold to figure out what was going on. After a few minutes, the rep himself got on the line and found the program to assist me on ordering the custom tickets. So he told me to come back in. As I arrived to the store, he pulled up the screen format and showed me if it was the correct one. It was. Then he asked me if I could fill it out or he would. I asked him nicely to do it. As he started typing in the info, he got distracted and seemed like he could not work under the pressure while more customers approached the desk or simply did not know what he was doing. Then he had the nerve to tell me to come back again when he had time to do it. That's when I got upset and told him I would not. What kind of customer service is that? I work in retail management and that's not how u handle it. The rep should have either called for assistance to help other customers or had someone take his place since he did not know to do it or wanted to help me!!! Then it's really inappropriate to move over to another register and discuss it with other employees while they are looking at me. Very unprofessional and poor customer service. Also, the manager and rep did not even apologize for the inconvenience. They just walked away after the service with no thank you or have a nice day!!! No real leadership/management skills, and customer service at this location!

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JoAnn - 82 d ago


Office Depot in Owensboro Kentucky absolutely SUCKS. Employees have no clue what they are talking about. Purchased a chair for over $300 was told it was leather. Bought the 2 year extended warranty. Well, the supposed leather has been peeling off like crazy. Called the store and employee told me that 2 year warranty purchased started AFTER manufacturer warranty was expired which meant still good. She then gave me # to call to get replacement. After hour on phone, they come back on and say that employee told me wrong and warranty has expired few days ago and that it started when purchased NOT after manufacture warranty up. So I called store back and finally a manager got on and he was like "she told you wrong and I will talk to her and nothing we can do" and was VERY RUDE. Can't get a response at Corporate. WILL NEVER SPEND ANOTHER DIME THERE.

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Medical Management - 83 d 15 h ago


Office Depot hands down is the worst store I have EVER done business with! My journey started with trying to purchase 6 desk - 6 file cabinets and a bookcase. The sales person had zero knowledge of his product. He takes me to the order desk, we began to start the order and he states to me "be back". I watch him walk out the front door of the store. I wait, he does not come back. I go the register and the girl very rudely tells me he went out to help someone load their car and just wait he will be back. I left the store.

I came back to my office and called the store and spoke with the manager James O. He refused to let me talk and every time I tired he talked over me. He stated he needed help loading a car and I just should have waited. At no point in our conversation did he apologize for the unprofessionalism and the poor service. I asked him why in this conversation had he not asked me if he could help me with the purchase of the desk and file cabinets, his statement "I thought you were just calling to complain".

After this unbelievable experience I was stupid enough to come back to my office and call the online service to order the furniture. I explained to the person taking the order to have the furniture delivered on October 1, 2018, this was agreed upon. At the end of the conversation I reiterated - do not deliver the furniture before October 1, 2018. The desks were delivered September 19, 2018. I explained to the delivery person - John - they were supposed to be delivered October 1, 2018. His statement - "this is not my problem, there here, where do you want me to put them". I asked him where the file cabinets were, his statement, "I have no idea, not my job".

I had to scramble and get the old desk out of my office and try to run the business. I called Office Depot and they stated the file cabinets would be delivered September 24, 2018. At this point my office is a nightmare. Computers are everywhere, people or hunting for needed information, everything is in disarray. The 24th comes and goes no file cabinets! I call and speak with Leslie, what a waste of space, she transfers me to April who tells me the delivery person came and the office was closed - LIAR - I have been at my office since 6:30 AM to make sure I do not miss him. She assures me they will be delivered on the 25th. I explain I have people coming to my office for a training on the 27th and I must get the cabinets and put my office back together. She again assures me there will not be a problem.

The 25th no file cabinets were delivered! I speak with Lisa a supervisor, she tells me the file cabinets will absolutely be delivered on the 26th.

The 26th I came in and called Office Depot and spoke with Katie who supposedly checked with the deliver service and they will be delivered between 2 and 5 today. NO FILE CABINETS!!!

At this point there is no way to express my anger. I called Office Depot and speak with Onica who transfers me to Dianh who could not have cared less. I requested a supervisor and she told me they were all in a meeting. REALLY! I told her I would wait, she stated they could be in a meeting for hours and I could not stay on hold. She then conferenced in the deliver company employee -Dave - from - T Force Final Mile - the illiteracy was astonishing. He could not put a sentence together, therefore making this time I will never get back. I again requested Dianh's supervisor and she stated someone will call me.

At this point she tells me my desk will be delivered tomorrow. ANYONE WANT TO PLACE A BET?

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Rebecca - 83 d 16 h ago


The Office depot on Renaissance in Albuquerque is the worst. I would say they have poor customer service, but in reality, they have NO customer service. I went in today to buy seven office desk and 7 file cabinets.

The sales person had zero knowledge of his product. He takes me to the order desk, we began to start the order and he states to me "be back". I watch him walk out the front door of the store. I wait, he does not come back. I go the register and the girl very rudely tells me he went out to help someone load their car and just wait he will be back. I left the store.

I came back to my office and called the store and spoke with the manager James O. He refused to let me talk and every time I tired he talked over me. He stated he needed help loading a car and I just should have waited. At no point in our conversation did he apologize for the unprofessionalism and the poor service. I asked him why in this conversation had he not asked me if he could help me with the purchase of the desk and file cabinets, his statement "I thought you were just calling to complain".

Office Depot on Renaissance in Albuquerque- WORST STORE EVER!

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Jamyia Thomas - 84 d 15 h ago


I went into Office Depot in D'iberville, MS around 7:00 pm. They close at 9:00pm. I went up to the copy and print desk and waited to be helped. They guy looked at me and asked what I needed. I told him only a few labels and that I had my jump drive. He told me he would not be able to do it period. He said that a customer was sending him emails at the moment. When I walked up he was giggling and joking, seemed like he had all the time in the world to me. It was very unprofessional and I will not be shopping there ever again! If you close in 2 hours, you're telling me it's going to take you 2 hours to receive emails and do whatever they need? All I wanted was a sheet of labels. So f**** pathetic! His name was Jadar or something.

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WillnotshopOfficeDepot - 253 d 40 m ago

I am the Office Manager for a construction company and purchase all office supplies. Office Depot is off my list. Will shop exclusively at Quill. What corporate dummy thought it was a good decision to let a 17 year old dictate policy?? Who did not understand that when you get involved in a political fray you lose and so do your shareholders?? What a asinine decision to pull advertising off a show because it presents a conservative view/ Free speech is only allowable for liberals??? They can smear our President, make fun of our First Ladies accent and that is okay, but reporting that somebody did not get into 4 different colleges is somehow wrong?/ Now if it was a lie that would be different, but the fact is he did NOT get accepted to 4 different colleges. And I can understand why - I would not want him on my campus either. His profanity and lack of common courtesy is appaling. So shame on you Office Depot!!

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Cbem - 181 d 11 h ago


You have a worker that is a thief but I guess since she work for you for such low pay you keep her but here is the thing in the low run she is stealing from you soon she'll be stealing from the people that work out in the gym this is an employee in the gym in Boca Raton stop hiring these immigrant and not all but the thieves that are stealing from you. Evening shift the person that cleans the gym the main person she is a thief I know this for a fact.

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Anonymous - 84 d 19 h ago

What are u talking about office Depot is not the gym

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Edward C - 108 d 19 h ago


I spoke with three people in regards to the REWARDS program. (I recycled printer ink cartridges) A clerk in the store told me my credit would be posted on the first of the next month. Today is the first, and no posting. I called customer service. The first person with whom I spoke told me that it will not be posted until the 15th of the following month, AND that I was required to make at least a $10 purchase IN THE MONTH of the recycling to even get the credit. That little bit was NEVER PREVIOUSLY DISCLOSED. What if I didn't need any supplies that month? When I became utterly frustrated with the ever changing story, and expressed my exasperation, she hung up on me.

I waited few minutes and recalled (glutton for punishment, I guess). The next person to speak with me said the rewards/credit would not be posted until the end of the following month. Now I've gotten three people with three different explanations of the company policy on reward/credits. How utterly disorganized and confused this company's training policies must be.

I have several questions: 1) In this computer age, why can't the credits be issued immediately, or within 2 days?

2) Why can't I get ONE CORRECT answer about when the rewards are posted?

3) Why do they expire in 60 days? Why not one year?

4) Why require a $10 purchase in the same month as the recycle?

Answer: It's all part of what I see as a "bait and switch" tactic. They don't really want to reward their customers, so they make it as intricate and complicated as possible. Create just one too many hoops for the average person to jump thru, and they won't have to live up to their "promise" of rewards.

There are other alternative places to get supplies that are only a five minute longer drive.

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Tony - 84 d 19 h ago


We are talking about $20 at the most.( 10 cartridges @ $2 a piece) ..... And they expire in 60 days because that's when they expire!! and u want them to be in ur rewards account in 2 days? It's a points program, every purchase u earn points that they total those points up and send them to... They could Not offer this rewards program and u could just turn those cartridges in for $0 or keep them urself...

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Trying to do the right thing. - 89 d ago


I had an item delivered to my home in error. I did not order the item. It weighs over 500lbs. I have called the store, UPS, the Freight Company that delivered it and 1-800 Go Depot. NO ONE WILL PICK IT UP . I am trying to be honest and to returned the merchandise to Office Depot but no luck. The label only indicates my zip code and no name or address. The call representatives at the care number do not understand the problem and can't assist with the removal. This has not been positive and makes me not want to promote this company.

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