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Office Depot

2455 Paces Ferry Rd. Nw
Atlanta, GA
Francis Blake
Chairman and CEO
(770) 433-8211
(770) 384-2356
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Ligea Sanchez - 12 d ago


I was in an Office Depot store this Sunday, in Pembroke Pines Common. I was in there in the early part of the afternoon. I brought my laptop with me and went to the register to see if I could get some assistance with my battery. I was guided by the young man at the register to I guess your Customer Section and told to speak with gentlemen with glasses but a young lady asked if you could assist me. I told her I needed a battery, she informed me that I needed to order a battery online. I told her I ordered it online and she told her I did and they sent me the wrong battery. She said don't know you can go online and order it, said I had, but she was dismissive and unwilling to assist me. She said that they would probably order wrong as well. And seemed to enjoy embarrassing me in front of the other customers, determined by the way she was smiling and looking at the other people that were watching the incident. I will never ever shop Office Depot again and have brought for my business the last 5 years office supplies from office depot the service in the past couple of months has been on the downward spiral and with this young ladies attitude, I'm going to take her up on her advice and shop online.

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never again - 13 d 40 s ago



We ordered a desk for business and after two months and numerous calls they still cannot get it delivered! Staff at customer service have no clue how to assist you and have no supervisors when asked to speak to one.

This is no way to run a business which, I assume, will soon be out of business with the service they provide.

AMAZON from now on.....

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Unhappy customer - 17 d 23 h ago


Office Depot in Enterprise, AL

I came in the store to re/order some raffle tickets we do every year for our community business. The rep was supposedly new and did admit that he had no knowledge of doing this type of service before. And how the lady who helped us before was no longer there. He got my contact number and would call me back after getting some insight on it. Hours went by and still no call. I called the store and spoke to a manager. The rep still has not done anything to help me and the manager had me on hold to figure out what was going on. After a few minutes, the rep himself got on the line and found the program to assist me on ordering the custom tickets. So he told me to come back in. As I arrived to the store, he pulled up the screen format and showed me if it was the correct one. It was. Then he asked me if I could fill it out or he would. I asked him nicely to do it. As he started typing in the info, he got distracted and seemed like he could not work under the pressure while more customers approached the desk or simply did not know what he was doing. Then he had the nerve to tell me to come back again when he had time to do it. That's when I got upset and told him I would not. What kind of customer service is that? I work in retail management and that's not how u handle it. The rep should have either called for assistance to help other customers or had someone take his place since he did not know to do it or wanted to help me!!! Then it's really inappropriate to move over to another register and discuss it with other employees while they are looking at me. Very unprofessional and poor customer service. Also, the manager and rep did not even apologize for the inconvenience. They just walked away after the service with no thank you or have a nice day!!! No real leadership/management skills, and customer service at this location!

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JoAnn - 24 d 4 h ago


Office Depot in Owensboro Kentucky absolutely SUCKS. Employees have no clue what they are talking about. Purchased a chair for over $300 was told it was leather. Bought the 2 year extended warranty. Well, the supposed leather has been peeling off like crazy. Called the store and employee told me that 2 year warranty purchased started AFTER manufacturer warranty was expired which meant still good. She then gave me # to call to get replacement. After hour on phone, they come back on and say that employee told me wrong and warranty has expired few days ago and that it started when purchased NOT after manufacture warranty up. So I called store back and finally a manager got on and he was like "she told you wrong and I will talk to her and nothing we can do" and was VERY RUDE. Can't get a response at Corporate. WILL NEVER SPEND ANOTHER DIME THERE.

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Medical Management - 25 d 18 h ago


Office Depot hands down is the worst store I have EVER done business with! My journey started with trying to purchase 6 desk - 6 file cabinets and a bookcase. The sales person had zero knowledge of his product. He takes me to the order desk, we began to start the order and he states to me "be back". I watch him walk out the front door of the store. I wait, he does not come back. I go the register and the girl very rudely tells me he went out to help someone load their car and just wait he will be back. I left the store.

I came back to my office and called the store and spoke with the manager James O. He refused to let me talk and every time I tired he talked over me. He stated he needed help loading a car and I just should have waited. At no point in our conversation did he apologize for the unprofessionalism and the poor service. I asked him why in this conversation had he not asked me if he could help me with the purchase of the desk and file cabinets, his statement "I thought you were just calling to complain".

After this unbelievable experience I was stupid enough to come back to my office and call the online service to order the furniture. I explained to the person taking the order to have the furniture delivered on October 1, 2018, this was agreed upon. At the end of the conversation I reiterated - do not deliver the furniture before October 1, 2018. The desks were delivered September 19, 2018. I explained to the delivery person - John - they were supposed to be delivered October 1, 2018. His statement - "this is not my problem, there here, where do you want me to put them". I asked him where the file cabinets were, his statement, "I have no idea, not my job".

I had to scramble and get the old desk out of my office and try to run the business. I called Office Depot and they stated the file cabinets would be delivered September 24, 2018. At this point my office is a nightmare. Computers are everywhere, people or hunting for needed information, everything is in disarray. The 24th comes and goes no file cabinets! I call and speak with Leslie, what a waste of space, she transfers me to April who tells me the delivery person came and the office was closed - LIAR - I have been at my office since 6:30 AM to make sure I do not miss him. She assures me they will be delivered on the 25th. I explain I have people coming to my office for a training on the 27th and I must get the cabinets and put my office back together. She again assures me there will not be a problem.

The 25th no file cabinets were delivered! I speak with Lisa a supervisor, she tells me the file cabinets will absolutely be delivered on the 26th.

The 26th I came in and called Office Depot and spoke with Katie who supposedly checked with the deliver service and they will be delivered between 2 and 5 today. NO FILE CABINETS!!!

At this point there is no way to express my anger. I called Office Depot and speak with Onica who transfers me to Dianh who could not have cared less. I requested a supervisor and she told me they were all in a meeting. REALLY! I told her I would wait, she stated they could be in a meeting for hours and I could not stay on hold. She then conferenced in the deliver company employee -Dave - from - T Force Final Mile - the illiteracy was astonishing. He could not put a sentence together, therefore making this time I will never get back. I again requested Dianh's supervisor and she stated someone will call me.

At this point she tells me my desk will be delivered tomorrow. ANYONE WANT TO PLACE A BET?

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Rebecca - 25 d 19 h ago


The Office depot on Renaissance in Albuquerque is the worst. I would say they have poor customer service, but in reality, they have NO customer service. I went in today to buy seven office desk and 7 file cabinets.

The sales person had zero knowledge of his product. He takes me to the order desk, we began to start the order and he states to me "be back". I watch him walk out the front door of the store. I wait, he does not come back. I go the register and the girl very rudely tells me he went out to help someone load their car and just wait he will be back. I left the store.

I came back to my office and called the store and spoke with the manager James O. He refused to let me talk and every time I tired he talked over me. He stated he needed help loading a car and I just should have waited. At no point in our conversation did he apologize for the unprofessionalism and the poor service. I asked him why in this conversation had he not asked me if he could help me with the purchase of the desk and file cabinets, his statement "I thought you were just calling to complain".

Office Depot on Renaissance in Albuquerque- WORST STORE EVER!

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Jamyia Thomas - 26 d 18 h ago


I went into Office Depot in D'iberville, MS around 7:00 pm. They close at 9:00pm. I went up to the copy and print desk and waited to be helped. They guy looked at me and asked what I needed. I told him only a few labels and that I had my jump drive. He told me he would not be able to do it period. He said that a customer was sending him emails at the moment. When I walked up he was giggling and joking, seemed like he had all the time in the world to me. It was very unprofessional and I will not be shopping there ever again! If you close in 2 hours, you're telling me it's going to take you 2 hours to receive emails and do whatever they need? All I wanted was a sheet of labels. So f**** pathetic! His name was Jadar or something.

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WillnotshopOfficeDepot - 195 d ago

I am the Office Manager for a construction company and purchase all office supplies. Office Depot is off my list. Will shop exclusively at Quill. What corporate dummy thought it was a good decision to let a 17 year old dictate policy?? Who did not understand that when you get involved in a political fray you lose and so do your shareholders?? What a asinine decision to pull advertising off a show because it presents a conservative view/ Free speech is only allowable for liberals??? They can smear our President, make fun of our First Ladies accent and that is okay, but reporting that somebody did not get into 4 different colleges is somehow wrong?/ Now if it was a lie that would be different, but the fact is he did NOT get accepted to 4 different colleges. And I can understand why - I would not want him on my campus either. His profanity and lack of common courtesy is appaling. So shame on you Office Depot!!

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Cbem - 123 d 14 h ago


You have a worker that is a thief but I guess since she work for you for such low pay you keep her but here is the thing in the low run she is stealing from you soon she'll be stealing from the people that work out in the gym this is an employee in the gym in Boca Raton stop hiring these immigrant and not all but the thieves that are stealing from you. Evening shift the person that cleans the gym the main person she is a thief I know this for a fact.

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Anonymous - 27 d 41 s ago

What are u talking about office Depot is not the gym

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Edward C - 51 d ago


I spoke with three people in regards to the REWARDS program. (I recycled printer ink cartridges) A clerk in the store told me my credit would be posted on the first of the next month. Today is the first, and no posting. I called customer service. The first person with whom I spoke told me that it will not be posted until the 15th of the following month, AND that I was required to make at least a $10 purchase IN THE MONTH of the recycling to even get the credit. That little bit was NEVER PREVIOUSLY DISCLOSED. What if I didn't need any supplies that month? When I became utterly frustrated with the ever changing story, and expressed my exasperation, she hung up on me.

I waited few minutes and recalled (glutton for punishment, I guess). The next person to speak with me said the rewards/credit would not be posted until the end of the following month. Now I've gotten three people with three different explanations of the company policy on reward/credits. How utterly disorganized and confused this company's training policies must be.

I have several questions: 1) In this computer age, why can't the credits be issued immediately, or within 2 days?

2) Why can't I get ONE CORRECT answer about when the rewards are posted?

3) Why do they expire in 60 days? Why not one year?

4) Why require a $10 purchase in the same month as the recycle?

Answer: It's all part of what I see as a "bait and switch" tactic. They don't really want to reward their customers, so they make it as intricate and complicated as possible. Create just one too many hoops for the average person to jump thru, and they won't have to live up to their "promise" of rewards.

There are other alternative places to get supplies that are only a five minute longer drive.

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Tony - 27 d 22 h ago


We are talking about $20 at the most.( 10 cartridges @ $2 a piece) ..... And they expire in 60 days because that's when they expire!! and u want them to be in ur rewards account in 2 days? It's a points program, every purchase u earn points that they total those points up and send them to... They could Not offer this rewards program and u could just turn those cartridges in for $0 or keep them urself...

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Trying to do the right thing. - 31 d 4 h ago


I had an item delivered to my home in error. I did not order the item. It weighs over 500lbs. I have called the store, UPS, the Freight Company that delivered it and 1-800 Go Depot. NO ONE WILL PICK IT UP . I am trying to be honest and to returned the merchandise to Office Depot but no luck. The label only indicates my zip code and no name or address. The call representatives at the care number do not understand the problem and can't assist with the removal. This has not been positive and makes me not want to promote this company.

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crooks - 31 d 15 h ago


I was in an office depot store in Miami picked up a pair of glasses that was 3.00 brought it to the casher he said 26,00 I will never go to office depot evercrooks

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Anonymous - 49 d 19 h ago


I placed an order on Line with free in Store pick up . paid for my order, when I go to pick it up the gal tell me that I can't take an order that I had already paid for with out paying more money because on line its a different price. What in the world!!!!

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Marlene Jones - 37 d 14 h ago


I just had a similar experience except that I ordered a printer for a "Labor Day Sale", paid for it and still had not received it by Sept 14. After numerous phone calls to "Customer Service", which is in India, by the way, I was told that the problem lay with the delivery company. I had originally called the local store here in Longview, WA, and was told that they could not help because the purchase had been made online. I called today and asked for the manager, who was able to "help" by telling me "I only have that model as my floor model" and "Can I interest you in a different printer". He eventually stated "the only thing I can do is refund your money and have you order the product again and have it delivered to your house". I asked if it would be the same delivery company and he replied in the affirmative. NO help, but deception. I will not buy products from this unethical company again. Up until now, I have made several purchases from them, but no longer. Very unaccountable and extremely poor customer service.

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Anonymous - 50 d ago


I went into Office Max to get my phone repaired because there was a big red sign stating Office Max repairs phones that was a Friday at 6:30 pm they stated it could not be done that the phone had to be in before 2 pm. I called on Sunday at 12 noon to see if I could bring my phone in to be repaired they said again no...they don't have anyone in working today that can fix it. They said try tomorrow which is Monday and maybe they can but the guy said he can't guarantee it can get repaired! Seriously why offer a service if your company can't grt the job done!!

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Anonymous - 62 d ago


I am having a very difficult time returning to finish my online assessment. I have been trying for the past week to complete it. I have saved it and am unable to get back into it. Today, I had gone onto your Corporate website and had you call me. I was waiting 8 minutes and 38 seconds before someone finally picked up the phone and hanged up on me. I didn't hear a voice of hear or and anything. I have worked for OfficeMax in Mission Viejo, CA in 1996 to 1999. I am now currently living in Alexandria, MN and am have applied online and need to finish the last 20 questions of the online part 2 assessments. When I was working for OfficeMax in CA during the years from 1996 to 1999. I was working for the Copy Center. During those years of applying, I didn't have to take an online assessments. Now, I questioning myself if I should work with OfficeDepot/OfficeMax because of calling and trying to get answers on how to get back into the assessments so that I can finish it. I have called the Alexandria, MN store manager, Kelli and told her that I couldn't get back in. She has my resume and is waiting for me to complete the application, which I have and am trying to finish the assessments. I only have the last 20 questions in part 2 to do.

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Anonymous - 63 d 5 m ago


Mrs. Richardson, I went to your establishment on 4535 FM 1960 Houston Texas 77069 and I'm sending you this message because the floor was extremely nasty today it's Monday and looks like it's been on the floor since this weekend if not longer you don't have anyone cleaning the floors and make sure everything is neat and sanitize and disinfected. Very unwelcoming.

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Dave - 68 d 4 h ago


I purchase a file cabinet and paper shredder from the Hammond, La. store. When I approach sales clerk for assistance I was told he did not handle that side of the store. I ask who could assist me he directed me to a man behind the register who directed to another man behind another register who directed me to the same clerk I started with. One of the items (file cabinet) had to be ordered. I wanted to pick up in store but that seemed to be a problem so I agreed to have it shipped to my home. I was contacted and told my product had arrived and would be delivered between 8:00 to 5:00 so I took off from work to receive my product. My product never arrived nor did I receive any communications. When I contacted Office Depot they told me that the driver decided not to deliver because it was to close to 5:00 to make the delivery. The email that Office Depot sends out said to expect deliveries of to 7:00pm. Manny was the person that took my response was unable to understand that communicating to the customer and the customers time is just as important as Office Depot employees. I still have not received my product nor have any communication from Office Depot. Now that I have visited the corporate site and see the rating I will not do business with Office Depot in the future.

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Steve K. - 68 d 14 h ago


I am a frequent shopper at the Waikele store and even had my computer serviced last weekend. I applied for a position last year and was not considered despite the fact that I spent a year at the Aiea store as senior sales tech, which is again perfectly fine. I recently reapplied several days ago and today I decided to contact the store in order to check on the status of my application. I spoke with Ariel and she said something to the fact that "I think I've interviewed you before and we'd rather look at all the other candidates before we'd even contact you". In an extremely rude and condescending tone. I have no problems with being passed over for a job, such is life but I feel as if Ariel should learn how to speak to customers or prospective employees in a more professional and courteous manner. And to be honest is very standoffish and completely unfriendly in an interview setting. I called the store back to get a number to corporate which I feel is my right and she became argumentative and said she had no access to a number and refused me any other options to speak to someone above her. I have no personal issue with this person nor do I care to continue this further than making someone aware that this behavior is going on. I was even contacted by the Office Depot store in Honolulu recently as well and discussed several different positions that I could apply for. She is a representative of the company and that should reflect in her attitude towards people which is the bread and butter of the customer service industry. I know because I've worked 15 plus years in the field. We are all human and deserve a chance to correct our mistakes and learn from our missteps. Although myself and Ariel didn't have a positive interaction, I feel with the proper instruction and training this can be avoided in the future. I can be reached and contacted via email or by cell at (hidden)

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Linda Billecci - 68 d 19 h ago


I am VERY dissatisfied in your new subscription online mail program. To start with I was not given all information accurately at my local store when I signed up. I did not know I would be paying for the ink combo pack that was to be shipped in 6 months.I went to the store next day to cancel the subscription it was completed and told I would receive my refund in the next day or two.I received the ink the next day but did not need the ink then. So I called the customer service number on my receipt. I asked if I could return the ink at the store and was told NO they had to set up a return pickup. I asked if I would receive my credit when the ink was picked up and told yes as soon as pickup took place. I have been waiting all day told pickup between 8:30am - 5:00pm. I called back at 3:50pm was told I could have returned ink to store. Now I have to wait till 5:pm call back to cancel pickup and wait for call back in the morning to find out if I can return ink to store. It sounds to me like you need more training in all areas so this won't happen to others and save you money. I have wasted a lot of time and had to change my schedule around just to do a simple return. I will not let this stop me from continuing to shop at my local store. They have great customer service and very helpful when I need it. You just need to insure that all employees are properly trained because this could cost you more money and the loss of good customers. Thank you for your time!

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Anonymous - 73 d ago

To whom it may concern,

I am a teacher and as I sat here watching TV, I had the opportunity to watch your most recent commercial. I find interesting the approach that companies employ to sell their products this time of the year.

I was appalled to see your commercial of the teen in bed placing his order. Is this how you view a student in this country? I wonder whom were the people in the room when this commercial was pitched. What part of it spoke to you about encouraging a return to a learning institution. It is a disservice to your company to be portrayed in this manner as well as how society views the youth and future of our country.

I believe you can do better!

Sincerely yours,

Flor Bowen

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CMA - 98 d ago


Today when I went to Office Max in Springfield, Ohio, to ask for some printing to be done, I had an experience that should be shared. I had been standing and waiting for about 5 minutes when the old fella (maybe 75) turned to me and said, "Ugh, I've been waiting more than 15 minutes!" I smiled, but the clerk (who, later when I asked him, told me his name "Josh") said, "Sir, it will be at least 15 more minutes before I can get to you. If you are in such a hurry, you could go to Staples in Huber Heights."

So.... I told "Josh" that he should not talk to this man like that. "Instead, you should apologize for the long wait and offer him a chair."

"Josh" told us that he is not our slave and that if we want to take our business elsewhere, we are welcome to leave but he cannot go any faster.

I asked "Josh" where I could find the manager, and he said that the manager is at the cash register helping him work out a billing problem.

The old guy (yes, he is still standing there) said, "Don't worry, by next week, he will be working at Speedway stocking the shelves."

I told the old guy that I thought "Josh" had job security since he was allowed to treat customers so badly right in front of the manager. Also, I said that I was not going to bring my business there again if this is how customers are treated.

So, that set "Josh" off again and he told me that he was not going to wait on me and asked me to leave. I guess I've been kicked out of Office Max (969 N. Bechtle Ave., Springfield, Ohio) because "Josh" feels overworked.

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Debbye Bryner - 93 d ago

Take this complaint to the Corporate Office's CEO and get it addressed. If nothing happens contact The American Administration on Aging. This guys civil rights were violated because of his age and yours were because you stood up and used your right to the first ammendment.. Josh doesn't deserve to shovel horse maneure. I've worked in retail the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT AND ALWAYS COMES FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't get satisfaction try some of the aging advovacy group. But CEOs and top brass usually are pretty helpful.

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