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Office Depot

2455 Paces Ferry Rd. Nw
Atlanta, GA
Francis Blake
Chairman and CEO
(770) 433-8211
(770) 384-2356
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Anonymous - 15 d 14 h ago


Office Depot does not seem to have any interest in keeping customers interested or happy especially in the print department. That department is so understaffed that customers who want to have help are usually in line for a very, very long time which makes for a very negative and infuriating experience. Skimping on associates not only makes customers frustrated, but is also very bad management. Get your priorities changed.

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Kristi D Geiser - 14 d 10 h ago


I get that! I called the CEO left my name and number and never heard from him.

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Layla - 1 d 14 h ago


I worked for OfficeDepot for over a year as a Print Supervisor, it is very hard seeing a line of people and you can not do anything about it. I currently am the Print department and it has been a soul crushing experience.

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Regina Williams - 2 d 19 h ago


I have not been able to get to a person in HQ either. I have been charged for cancelling an order and will never buy another thing from either of their companies till HQ fixes this. Their Customer Service and can not do simple math and will not refund what has been stolen. I am checking with the local Attorny office to see if we can take them to court over 9.70 that they have charged my account over a canceled order and refuse to refund back.

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JF - 16 d 3 h ago


Just got ripped off at their Vancouver, WA store. Apparently office furniture on display is never in stock, so they order it online for you and have it shipped to your house. What I received was defective and when I called the store to let them know i needed to return it, they encouraged me to go through their overseas call center, 1 800 Go Depot, under the guise they will pick it up from me at home. ( I was later told by their employee they do this to avoid the cost incurred of a return.) After multiple phone calls to the 800#, they never picked up the defective furniture they sold me, so I took it back to the store where they now won't give you a refund because you were already dealing with the call center that would not pick up your return. Aside from outsourcing American jobs they also like to rip off their small business owners Rewards Members. Sleazy way to deal with customers (now former customer) Dan Becker and Denis Rousseau - sounds from this board there is more than one store in Washington state that screws people.

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Janice - 19 d 11 h ago


On April 30th I placed an order 308794269-001 that was to be delivered on May 1st I received a call from the delivery person asking for directions because the street din not show up on gps. I told him to call me back if he had a problem I never heard from him and the package was never delivered. I contacted Office Depot and was told it would be delivered on the second. I never heard from anyone and again the package was not delivered. I once again called and was told they didn't have time to deliver it and they would definitely deliver it on the third. At 7:30 am I received a phone call waking me up asking if he had the correct directions. I listened to what he said and told him they were correct. Still no delivery I called customer service again and was told that the delivery didn't have time to get it to me and would bring it tomorrow obviously at this point I told them to cancel the order and give me back my money because I do not believe it would ever be delivered. Needless to say since this was the first time I ordered from Office Depot and the last time I really don't know how you stay in business when this is how things are handled

Very dissatisfied customer

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Customer - 21 d 7 h ago


It is extremely rare to even find any staff on the floor to ask a question of, let alone one who will actually approach you to help. But then, I purchased a product clearly marked 100% satisfaction. When it broke immediately out of the package, I went online to their complaint form, checking the "Yes, I would like a response." button, only to have email after email sent to me with an obvious automated response, addressed to a former staff member of ours (besides my putting in my name in the form). I have yet to even hear anything from an actual human. I only use Office Depot when necessary, and out of convenience, because Staples is much farther away. They are also overpriced, and have little variety in their products.

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Judy - 22 d 5 h ago

On April 28,2019 I walked into the Office Depot in Lacey Wa. To pick up a flash drive left behind from when a technician worked on getting all my files and downloads transferred to a new computer I purchased there. John the technician was busy so one of or the manager of that store. I asked the manager about PDF files. He immediately started to sell me the technical support service. I said I was not interested thank you. He kept trying, I said again I had no interest. I am a senior citizen I have a job that I work approx 30 hours a week plus SS. So it's pretty much a fixed income situation. To this he said I was rude for not listening to him. Along with other things I can not remember. I took the pamphlet he gave me and said I would look it over. I have no intention of doing so I did it to end the situation. This manger is rude and he lacks people skills and he also wears to much cologne. Over the last 18 years I have bought several computers, printers and office furniture from this particular store. I am now not comfortable going there. I shouldn't have to dodge this very obnoxious salesman.

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Jane Genova - 22 d 8 h ago


Here is the post on my syndicated blog about Office Depot's tech service subscription

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Anonymous - 25 d 15 h ago


I am an African American woman who went into Office Max on Dobson and Alma School in Arizona I was the only person there and was not acknowledged for 5 min then when I was they acted as if they were to busy to make me 200 flyers for my business the person who was helping me was new then four other peple came in after me whom were white and they were asked if they needed helped right away. When the new guy tried to help me the Manager Aaron told him I had to come back in a hour and when I asked him why he said I had to email the flyer to their website I said I did that when I came in so whats the real problem he said he was too busy I said I was the only one in here when I first came in and that I needed the flyers for the next morning and said he was sorry and handed me back my flyer. Now mind you there were 4 people behind the counter why could they not help me but was able to the other people who were white and what really mad me mad was when I saw Aaron helping one lady who was also white carry her bags to her car. I then called and told him how I felt and that I felt discripminated against and he was quiet and still did not offer to do my flyers right away. I then went to another store that was 7 minutes away and the two boys were sitting there on there phones and eating lunch they said their internet down. Office Max just lost a customer and not ony that I am going to report them to the news and the BBB.

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Anonymous - 25 d 13 h ago

So why are you posting this on the Office Depot board?

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william johnston - 27 d 13 h ago


Monroe,La. store 6:30 pm Wed.4/24/19. 3 employees huddled together when I walk in. I am only one in store. no acknowledgement of me,they are just looking at me. I ask for small reclosable bags(approx. 2 1/2 X 3) & coin batteries,2032. one relunctantly gets the batteries. told you no longer carry the bags,I have purchased them there before.go to check out register, no one there, call from across the store , where do I check out? told to go where they are. walk over, no one moves. stood there approx. 1 min. put batteries on counter and walk out. I own my own business. customer service is always a priority. i would be willing to bet that I am not the only one to walk out.

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Wes - 36 d 18 h ago


I'm a small construction company that paid for my business Flyers and business cards and a business Banner and I never received my business banner and they won't give me my money back or give me my banner I really would like just my banner but they won't give it to me

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Mindy Lowery - 38 d 13 h ago


Today at Office Depot in West Monroe, La was the worst experience I've ever had. It was my first time to use Office Depot for shipping purposes. I will say that it's my last time to do business here as long as Tim Knox is running this store. He was very rude to me and yelled at me across the store. Very unprofessional.

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John Burek - 51 d 17 h ago


For the last 9 years i have had good customer service, HOWEVER, today things changed. I physically went to the Office Depot store with my Store Purchasing Card, put an order in, and NO discount. They told me that there was a problem on our end and they could not honor the discount. I contacted my person, (financial director) and NO changes were made to the account. I asked that they print and I will pick up later today. In the meantime, my Financial Director called and was given the same run around. The store called me back and stated they will not print until payment is made. I have NEVER not paid an invoice, have always been able to order and pick up later, and never had an issue. I tried to pay over the phone and that was not allowed. I would have to physically go down and make payment. I pleaded with the manager to look at our account, we do a lot of business, we ALWAYS paid our fees and I am under a deadline. NOPE, could not print (keep in mind it is only a $50 job. The manager stated the policy recently changed and it could not be done. As a result, after 9 years of being a great customer, I am switching back to Staples. I can not believe they would not print the job. Extremely disappointing!!! We are a nation wide company and I am the President/CEO and am now going to switch our account!!!

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Anonymous - 58 d 7 h ago


The worst company to exist on earth. I would have been better if I did business with a store in a third world country. The worst customer service. Their virtual warehouse staff arev idiots.

Don't believe when they say anything you buy from Office Depot can be returned to their stores, liars, not true! I bought a refurbished laptop which were so awful, tried to return it to a branch, the sales people won't accept it. They said I had to contact customer service so it can be picked up, cuz they were "special orders". What a bullshit!

It's been three weeks of stress for me and 3 days of loss if work because they said somebody is going to pick them up but until now they haven't done it. I guess they just want the money but not give you the best quality items.

I'm going to tell this to the TV station, so that people will know what a SHIT of a company Office Depot and Office Max are.

I predict in a few years time this company will be bankrupt!!!

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Lenette - 63 d 16 h ago


Bought 890.00 dollars worth of computer products on 3/18/19 for in store pick up in one hour. Got there and manager said PayPal had flagged it. Went home call PayPal - PayPal said they had no issue. Called bank next morning and bank said Office Depot had my money. Go back 19th and they said there was still issue called and spoke to the most rude customer service reps I have ever spoke to. It is now 3/20 and just return from store and still no items and they said they would not refund me that corporate would have to. This is the worst business I have ever dealt with. I will NEVER shop there again and will be letting EVERYONE know about my experience. Tried calling corporate and could not speak to anyone. I hope they go out of businesses. The one me 890.00 or my merchandise. What they did is sell my a product that they do not have in stock and LIED about having it in stock. The manager lied about PayPal flagging it. What a CRAPPY company

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Hamilton - 65 d 9 h ago


I went to the Office Max in Wentzville, MO and had the worst customer service ever by any company. I was in need of putting together three bindings that usually would take 5 minutes. The girl took 15 minutes to fill out some form then told me that it wouldn't be available till the next evening. She said that is what the manager wants now. I commented that instead of taking all that time to fill that form out, you could have been done and I asked for the manager. That was a mistake. No customer service skills at all and just laughed at me. She explained they were short staffed and were behind. Well you have one cashier upfront looking at the ceiling. If you believe you were that behind, why wouldn't you as a manger help out instead of hiding in the back. She even screamed the guy who handles the corporate complaints for that store and could care less. I guess they get lots of complaints. There were no customers in the store so they were not busy. I walked two doors down to the UPS office and the kid there was busy but was able to complete the task in a few minutes. Maybe they should recruit the floor people at UPS to run their stores. I for one am done with Office Max and will just go to UPS from now on. They live on the business of large companies and don't care about the customers in the store. When they close that Office Max location, I won't be surprised and then maybe I will laugh.

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DJHenderson - 66 d 18 h ago


I attempted to ask what I thought was a simple question of Live Chat, can I link my personal rewards account with the AAA discount card I just received. "Mandy" asked for account numbers, card numbers and commented on accessing accounts. I reasked my question several times. I stated I did not have an account under the discount card number because just received it and had not used it. After 5 minutes of back and forth she finally answered my question in one simple sentence, You cannot link the two cards/accounts. Pretty simply but awfully frustrating to get a direct and simple answer to my question.

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Sandra Elaine Moore King - 72 d 11 h ago


I need help in receiving a large donation from Dell's Corporation for my business and I am a customer of Office Depot and I due all my business transaction with your company. If you can process this account for me it will be much appreciate and the name of the business is Illustration Social Cultural Business Industries Inc. and you can email at (hidden) the information and what need to be process.

Flagged for review. 
General profile image - 78 d 13 h ago


I would like to hear from Office Depot CEO or President and join our video blog/reality show for a month of giving back and helping the people within the communities you sell too. Our Online & TV viewership is Over 5-Million, which makes this op far better than any commercials your company spends $$$$$$$ on! Just see: and after viewing the Intro Shows, contact me by clicking on the Advertising Dept. page.

J. Wilson, [Company President]

Let's get together and not only make money...but Be Of Help To People!

Flagged for review. 
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Michael Flynn - 78 d 14 h ago


I am in the process of trying to be hired as a retail stock associate. A minimum wage, 20hr/week position. Just completed my SECOND interview. Both the 1st and 2nd people that interviewed me were unaware that they would be doing interviews until just prior to my arrival. Today I met with the sales lead. I'd be in stock, so why is sales involved? Also, for such a low position, you really need 3 possible interviews? Seriously? This isn't rocket science. I'm not demeaning anyone, but let's not make this job out to be anything more than what it is. Both interviews I was early, presentable, showered/shaved, articulate. I have previous experience as a receiving manager for a K-mart. The 1st interview was with the ops lead who would be my immediate supervisor. I think we hit it off well. That should be the end of it. The manager could've sat in. So, I'm out $8 so far in bus money, that I don't have. And possibly another $4 for a 3rd interview that may or may not result in a job offer. This is what's wrong with corporate America, and this nonsense has flowed downhill into the stores. Makes me wonder if Office Depot is a good company to work at/for. I'm sure I just killed any chance of getting hired with this, if it ever gets read. It's a shame, as I really enjoyed the interview with Kristen, and think I could really add to her team and productivity. This was for the store at 2112 E Colonial in Orlando, FL

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Robert Tullloch - 79 d 14 h ago


I just got an email saying you teamed up with Alibaba I will boycott Depot/max. Alibaba is a notorious chinese junk and counterfeit product dealer. Trust nothing from OD/OM from now on. Way to go fools. Trump should slam you.

Excellent rating until NOW

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Martin Mills - 83 d 14 h ago


Office Depot customer service line is horrible. The connection is bad and alot of static and the people in the Philippines don't know what on sds sheet was when I called . All I asked of is an SDS sheet and no one could help. On the office depot/office max website no sds sheets available. WTF and I don't mean welcome to facebook. Since 0 stars is the lowest rating below that is what I put you should really start going with - stars.

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Phyllis Ponisciak - 88 d 19 h ago


This is a continuation of my previous complaint. I cancelled a previous order of a computer that was advertised as new, but was actually a display model.

Didn't even pick it up. I cancelled the order, but you charged my credit card anyway. After several calls to your company which you assured me the order was cancelled, I still haven't received the credit. Your customer service stinks. All you've done is send me a (oh so sorry) email and tell me I will receive the credit in 2-3 days. Well times up. Now I'm getting my lawyer involved. Your company is dispicable and I put that mildly. Don't know how you stay in business!

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