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Office Depot

2455 Paces Ferry Rd. Nw
Atlanta, GA
Francis Blake
Chairman and CEO
(770) 433-8211
(770) 384-2356
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Dave - 2 d 11 h ago


I purchase a file cabinet and paper shredder from the Hammond, La. store. When I approach sales clerk for assistance I was told he did not handle that side of the store. I ask who could assist me he directed me to a man behind the register who directed to another man behind another register who directed me to the same clerk I started with. One of the items (file cabinet) had to be ordered. I wanted to pick up in store but that seemed to be a problem so I agreed to have it shipped to my home. I was contacted and told my product had arrived and would be delivered between 8:00 to 5:00 so I took off from work to receive my product. My product never arrived nor did I receive any communications. When I contacted Office Depot they told me that the driver decided not to deliver because it was to close to 5:00 to make the delivery. The email that Office Depot sends out said to expect deliveries of to 7:00pm. Manny was the person that took my response was unable to understand that communicating to the customer and the customers time is just as important as Office Depot employees. I still have not received my product nor have any communication from Office Depot. Now that I have visited the corporate site and see the rating I will not do business with Office Depot in the future.

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Steve K. - 3 d ago


I am a frequent shopper at the Waikele store and even had my computer serviced last weekend. I applied for a position last year and was not considered despite the fact that I spent a year at the Aiea store as senior sales tech, which is again perfectly fine. I recently reapplied several days ago and today I decided to contact the store in order to check on the status of my application. I spoke with Ariel and she said something to the fact that "I think I've interviewed you before and we'd rather look at all the other candidates before we'd even contact you". In an extremely rude and condescending tone. I have no problems with being passed over for a job, such is life but I feel as if Ariel should learn how to speak to customers or prospective employees in a more professional and courteous manner. And to be honest is very standoffish and completely unfriendly in an interview setting. I called the store back to get a number to corporate which I feel is my right and she became argumentative and said she had no access to a number and refused me any other options to speak to someone above her. I have no personal issue with this person nor do I care to continue this further than making someone aware that this behavior is going on. I was even contacted by the Office Depot store in Honolulu recently as well and discussed several different positions that I could apply for. She is a representative of the company and that should reflect in her attitude towards people which is the bread and butter of the customer service industry. I know because I've worked 15 plus years in the field. We are all human and deserve a chance to correct our mistakes and learn from our missteps. Although myself and Ariel didn't have a positive interaction, I feel with the proper instruction and training this can be avoided in the future. I can be reached and contacted via email or by cell at (hidden)

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Linda Billecci - 3 d ago


I am VERY dissatisfied in your new subscription online mail program. To start with I was not given all information accurately at my local store when I signed up. I did not know I would be paying for the ink combo pack that was to be shipped in 6 months.I went to the store next day to cancel the subscription it was completed and told I would receive my refund in the next day or two.I received the ink the next day but did not need the ink then. So I called the customer service number on my receipt. I asked if I could return the ink at the store and was told NO they had to set up a return pickup. I asked if I would receive my credit when the ink was picked up and told yes as soon as pickup took place. I have been waiting all day told pickup between 8:30am - 5:00pm. I called back at 3:50pm was told I could have returned ink to store. Now I have to wait till 5:pm call back to cancel pickup and wait for call back in the morning to find out if I can return ink to store. It sounds to me like you need more training in all areas so this won't happen to others and save you money. I have wasted a lot of time and had to change my schedule around just to do a simple return. I will not let this stop me from continuing to shop at my local store. They have great customer service and very helpful when I need it. You just need to insure that all employees are properly trained because this could cost you more money and the loss of good customers. Thank you for your time!

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Anonymous - 7 d 5 h ago

To whom it may concern,

I am a teacher and as I sat here watching TV, I had the opportunity to watch your most recent commercial. I find interesting the approach that companies employ to sell their products this time of the year.

I was appalled to see your commercial of the teen in bed placing his order. Is this how you view a student in this country? I wonder whom were the people in the room when this commercial was pitched. What part of it spoke to you about encouraging a return to a learning institution. It is a disservice to your company to be portrayed in this manner as well as how society views the youth and future of our country.

I believe you can do better!

Sincerely yours,

Flor Bowen

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CMA - 32 d 5 h ago


Today when I went to Office Max in Springfield, Ohio, to ask for some printing to be done, I had an experience that should be shared. I had been standing and waiting for about 5 minutes when the old fella (maybe 75) turned to me and said, "Ugh, I've been waiting more than 15 minutes!" I smiled, but the clerk (who, later when I asked him, told me his name "Josh") said, "Sir, it will be at least 15 more minutes before I can get to you. If you are in such a hurry, you could go to Staples in Huber Heights."

So.... I told "Josh" that he should not talk to this man like that. "Instead, you should apologize for the long wait and offer him a chair."

"Josh" told us that he is not our slave and that if we want to take our business elsewhere, we are welcome to leave but he cannot go any faster.

I asked "Josh" where I could find the manager, and he said that the manager is at the cash register helping him work out a billing problem.

The old guy (yes, he is still standing there) said, "Don't worry, by next week, he will be working at Speedway stocking the shelves."

I told the old guy that I thought "Josh" had job security since he was allowed to treat customers so badly right in front of the manager. Also, I said that I was not going to bring my business there again if this is how customers are treated.

So, that set "Josh" off again and he told me that he was not going to wait on me and asked me to leave. I guess I've been kicked out of Office Max (969 N. Bechtle Ave., Springfield, Ohio) because "Josh" feels overworked.

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Debbye Bryner - 27 d 5 h ago

Take this complaint to the Corporate Office's CEO and get it addressed. If nothing happens contact The American Administration on Aging. This guys civil rights were violated because of his age and yours were because you stood up and used your right to the first ammendment.. Josh doesn't deserve to shovel horse maneure. I've worked in retail the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT AND ALWAYS COMES FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't get satisfaction try some of the aging advovacy group. But CEOs and top brass usually are pretty helpful.

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Debbye Bryner - 27 d 5 h ago


This is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I have tried to get your 24 so-called hour Tech Support since purchasing it yesterday July 20. The person who waited on me at the NW Expressway location in OKC was very nice and knowledgeble. But your website is Hell in earth!!!!!!!!!!! No one answers the live chat and when I click on the phone nothing happens. I have looked for your 24 hour Customer Service Support LINE Everywhere with no avail. I told that it was part of the package or I wouldn't have bought the contract. I don't even know if my contract is finished!!!!!!!!

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C Daniel - 30 d 4 h ago


Before June 26 I had never purchased anything at Office Depot that I did not carry out of the store in my hand. Unfortunately, I chose this store to purchase two pieces of office furniture (a desk and a side file) I was told that nothing was in stock but could be brought from warehouse in Buford, Ga. Since the 4th of July was a week away, it would take 13 days to transport my two items the 32 miles from Buford?Watkinsville, Ga. I was not happy that they were so slow but agreed. I paid for my purchases and the $ 195. to have them put together after delivery. I counted days until July 9 which was the promised date. To make a long story shorter, July 9 came and went.... no furniture and no phone call or explanation. I called the customer service line. I was told that the items would arrive the following Thursday... No, that didn't work either. Then I called again and was told to expect them by 5:00 pm on Monday July 16. Of course they did not come that day either. I heard nothing from this company's customer service. After all they had my money and they still had the items. I was told that they promised they'd be delivered by Tuesday at 5:00. At that time they were not here so I phoned again. They told me that they had until 9 pm to finish deliveries. At 9:10 I called again and was told they had no idea what had happened since my items were loaded on the truck at 6:30 that morning. Once again I was told to give them 24 hours ( Wed. July 18). It is now 5:00 on July 18. I have had to make all the effort to resolve this matter. When I did talk with customer service, I noted that the operators all called me Mrs.... and my first name....This sounded foreign and the customer service folks all sounded as if the English language was "new[". I asked to speak to some one for whom English was fluent and was told there was no one. I got during my many calls to speak

South America, India and when I again told them to connect me to a department in the USA, they connected me to The Philippians .... did not realize we (USA) had made them a state.. Finally I got Texas and then Colorado. During my many phone conversations, I was told that they would waive the delivery charges since I had such a difficult experience. I calmly informed your employee that for purchases over $ 35. delivery was free so I did not need to get what I already had. I asked to speak to a supervisor in the phone bank and was told there was none. I asked to speak to some one in management and after being placed on hold twice, was informed that they were not in and nobody answered. I asked the customer service person if they all were working in the land of do whatever you please with zero supervision. She said no, but still I could not speak with anyone but her. Later when I did talk with an American, I was told that of course there were phone supervisors and that someone was in management. It is now Wed evening July 18 and I have been promised again. delivery will be tomorrow. I was told this after they shared with me that my items could not be delivered until 27 July. That is one month and one day after I paid for them. I asked for a refund and to cancel the order. I was told I could not do that because it would have to be sent to the corporate offices and might take a while. I have almost $ 700 tied up and still have no furniture. I would not bet that my items will be here tomorrow either. I am so angry and frustrated that I have even considered reporting this unprofessional behavior to the Better Business Department and/ or the press. At first I thought perhaps I was just unlucky and your organization was incompetent. Now, I wonder if this sort of thing is standard procedure. I assume Office Depot and Office Max are stock companies. I am thankful I do not own any stock !!!

This attempt to let you know how people perceive your company tactics is about all I can do until I file fraud. I would really like to have the furniture but I demand, if it cannot be here within 24 hours to have my entire purchase refunded.... right away too. I have always believed that in business, you do not have to cheat or tell your customer/ client a ball face lie (lies) to succeed in business. After reading the angry comments from other customers online, I have concluded that this sort of treatment must be typical.from your employees. If you behave in such a dreadful manner for enough customers, you will likely have to close your doors. Consumers will elect to purchase from more reputable companies.

I am enclosing my email should anyone in management be available to respond or care.I realize that losing one customer is no big deal but if enough people hear negative things about your ethics. your troubles will be significant.

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Anonymous - 36 d ago

Horrible delivery they didn't stand by what they said

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Jsp - 36 d 8 h ago

Do not buy anything from this company that is not an expendable item. Their customer service is terrible and they do not stand behind what they sell or say

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kerriann - 38 d 6 h ago


I went to Office Depot #436 on 7/6/18 to look for a desk and chair. I found a desk I wanted to purchase that was on sale, Magellan Corner Desk for $95.99 and a chair, Work Pro for $114.99. The gentleman working told me that the color desk I wanted wasn't on sale (espresso) but the other color (Cherry) was but they didn't have any in stock that I needed to go to another store. I went to Office Depot #95. The manger there, Don, said all of the colors were on sale and he wasn't sure why they sent me all the way there, but he was happy to help. He helped us get the desk and chair delivered to my home. Unfortunately, it charged a delivery fee, which he had waved for us, so he took it off the chair price. Next, the chair rang up at $149 when it was on sale for $114.99 at the other store. Don called the other store and they in fact had the wrong price on the chair but Don honored that price. I left with my receipts and delivery for the chair on 7/9 and desk 7/10.

My chair was delivered as promised on 7/9/18. The desk was to be delivered today, but when I called for ETA, the agent told me it was canceled and I was not charged. I told him I absolutely was charged for both the desk and chair. I had two charges to my account, $90.94 and $145.37. He told me he would set up another delivery and honor the sale price with no delivery charge, all of which I already had. I reiterated, I've already paid for that desk and to wait 2 more days was unacceptable. He said he could not help me that I needed to call the store.

I called the store #95 where I purchased the desk and chair. Don answered the phone and remembered the transactions from 7/6. He said the initial desk was canceled but he had ordered another one. He also said it looked like the chair was canceled, but somehow I got that delivery. He searched via credit card number and receipt number for the new order number, which he gave me. Don was very apologetic.

During this time, I see another charge pop up on my card for $102.71 from Office Depot. The agent had in fact ordered me another desk and debited my account even though I had not approved that. I called customer service back with the new order number and to ask about the new charge. At this point, I have paid for 2 desks yet I don't have one. The agent's name was Brenda. She couldn't find anything with the new order number the store had given me. She said she only saw the canceled order. I was back at square one after an hour.

So as of now, I have paid for 2 desks and do not have one. Brenda told me I "should have" received a credit for the canceled desk. I assured her I had not. She told me to continue to check every day up to 10 days, yet another hassle, if not then call back. I can only imagine how that conversation will go. I will have to go over this whole situation again and have someone try and understand.

Brenda told me the desk "should be" here tomorrow, although couldn't confirm a delivery date. So I am supposed to stay home all day tomorrow with hopes it shows up, just like today. And if it doesn't, I will have to call back, again. This is totally unacceptable.

From the beginning, this has been a nightmare. I had to travel, unnecessarily, 30 minutes to another store for a desk I could have gotten at the original store. I then spent 90 minutes back and forth between the store and customer service debating who canceled it, arguing that I've already paid all on the day it was supposed to be here. Now I have wait hoping it shows up tomorrow and hoping I get my credit so I do not have to rehash this with customer service. I work for a corporation, I understand things happen, but this gets more frustrating by the minute. There is a major disconnect between ordering in the store and customer service. It should not be this difficult to buy a desk and chair.

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Brenda W - 53 d 15 s ago


I was at the Matteson, Il store today

I was purchasing $62.00 of ink cartridges, other items totaling $80.00

I was told by the clerk and manager that I could not use my $10.00 store coupon for ink I ask what about the entire purchase of $50.00(I didn't just purchase the ink) the clerk that the coupon says not for ink, ok but what about the entire purchase

To no avail I cancel and left my items. No customer service

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WillnotshopOfficeDepot - 129 d 7 h ago

I am the Office Manager for a construction company and purchase all office supplies. Office Depot is off my list. Will shop exclusively at Quill. What corporate dummy thought it was a good decision to let a 17 year old dictate policy?? Who did not understand that when you get involved in a political fray you lose and so do your shareholders?? What a asinine decision to pull advertising off a show because it presents a conservative view/ Free speech is only allowable for liberals??? They can smear our President, make fun of our First Ladies accent and that is okay, but reporting that somebody did not get into 4 different colleges is somehow wrong?/ Now if it was a lie that would be different, but the fact is he did NOT get accepted to 4 different colleges. And I can understand why - I would not want him on my campus either. His profanity and lack of common courtesy is appaling. So shame on you Office Depot!!

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Cbem - 58 d ago


You have a worker that is a thief but I guess since she work for you for such low pay you keep her but here is the thing in the low run she is stealing from you soon she'll be stealing from the people that work out in the gym this is an employee in the gym in Boca Raton stop hiring these immigrant and not all but the thieves that are stealing from you. Evening shift the person that cleans the gym the main person she is a thief I know this for a fact.

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Anonymous - 59 d 7 h ago


My name is Grantor/Settlor michal-allen:wells i just left a voice message for Francis Blake on his voice mail. I suggest you listen to this short video of me addressing the State Bar of Texas concerning all Trustees of the Trustee which Francis Blake is a Trustee.

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Patricia Gliessner - 60 d 6 h ago


I am a very dissatisfied long time rewards customer of Office Depot. However, I will not be making any further purchases at any Office Depot in the future. Your store manager and agent's handling of my problem was very inappropriate.

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Anonymous - 63 d 6 h ago

Why do you not have enough employees to cover your office services. Having people stand in line for twenty five minutes is not service. This location is in Corpus Christi

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RepublicuntsAreSad - 128 d 28 s ago


Trump was right! I am getting tired of all this winning. First conservatives boycott the nfl because athletes used their right to protest, then dicks sporting goods for not selling ar-15's to kids, and now office depot!! Pretty soon all of the stores and sporting venues will be bigot and hate free! :) Better delete your facebook accounts too since they are so left leaning. hahaha Don't let the door hit you where your good lord split you. lol

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Free world my ass - 66 d 12 h ago


Your an ideot

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James corbin - 66 d 12 h ago


I deal with port richey office Depot .This location is falling apart the customer service is awful they say that they will help you grow your business and give you great discounts on supplies but yet when you called to ask the supplies are in it take several weeks to get somebody on the phone I've been on hold as long as up to 30 minutes I just got off the phone was on hold for 10 minutes and still no answer back the only thing you can get done in this store is talking in person and they will still put you on hold used to be an awesome location but I see for the future of it closing down

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Steven Schnider - 76 d 15 h ago


I had a terrible experience dealing with ur stores in Arlington heights, Il.I walked in to buy a tablet.3people were standing around. 1 was on the phone. The person got off the phone .A person walked in andwas taken carw of immediately . I called customer service to complain . Manager called me ,and,sent me a $20 gift card to shut me up.That was an insult. Spoke to other jokers about the problem.They offered me a tablet for $161 ,when the website had it for $149.I have never delt with a bunch of jokers ,like u have.Ask the district managertohave someone hire up then him to call me .Know one called.

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Hans Christian Trujillo - 84 d ago


I hope you know that that very picky customer you just insulted in your commercial just is going to make your life a living he'll as I saw you today. Go to he'll.

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Loretta - 114 d ago

I am not a rich well to do nor a ceo . I do use office and art supplies. I stopped using your supplies for home school and my writings when my order was dropped a few years ago. Tbis time the same thing happened to my order. First I pay and no delivery. Then order cancelled and reorxer, and then it gets cancelled by personnel. I really needed the ink and paper.for you to see 128506676-001 and my first order 128506231-001 and this caused me overdrafts at my bank also. This is so messed up.

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Edward Ryan - 124 d 23 h ago


Up until recently I purchased all my office supplies from my local Office Depot in Greenwood, Indiana. No more. When a CEO is so nave to make corporate decisions based on the twisted ideology of a couple of left wing high school students looking for their 15 minutes of fame, It is time to give my business to someone else. No business should polarize their consumer base by taking a political stance by boycotting, because either side that is chosen will negatively affect your bottom line. However, if you insist on making you political views public, you may want to reevaluate your demographics to determine the people that are making the money to spend at your stores. It is definitely not the radical left that have no jobs, which allows them plenty of time to protest whenever their feels are hurt. From this point forward, I will be shopping elsewhere.

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Lydia - 125 d 9 h ago

Returning the new laptop computer just purchased. Returning your credit card. Since you choose to obey a "whining child and his favorite word F***ing", I choose not to give anymore of my business to you. I will go to Staples.

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