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Old Navy

2 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA
(650) 952-4400
(650) 952-4407
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Madeline - 7 d 16 h ago


The new store in Oxford, Ms is really tacky. And along with their manger Wendy who walks through the store cussing. It's ridiculous for any store to look that bad

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Roxanne Taylor - 8 d 7 h ago


I have $30 in super cash which I got over a month ago. I have been keeping an eye on it so I would not loose it. I have been in bed sick with the flu, so I missed it. I called today 2/12/19 to your Niles, Ohio store and they told me they would not redeem it because a new sale started. I cannot believe there is not a so called grace periid. She proceeded to tell me that I could of used it online. I was sick in bed with the flu!! You make the redeeming period so far out that people forget to use it, like I have done so many times. This time I really kept it in my sight so I wouldn't forget it. Sorry I was too ill to get my head off the pillow to look at a computer. I feel this is a scam and I will not shop there any more. You are losing a good customer because of this scam you run.. At Kohls you can redeem the next week AND they will let you redeem a few days past expiration. Thanks for my trouble and your poor customer service!

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Jade - 10 d 10 h ago


I have to report the store in Jackson Tn in The Columns!! If it isn't already bad enough how it's ALWAYS a disastrous MESS!! Which you can see by the several pictures people post on their Facebook page!! We were there yesterday and were treated rudely and had reduction issues!! If you are going to have a sale sign up it needs to be accurate! We spent a long time going through their MESS of clearance shirts there was a sign that said take an extra 40% off all clearance! I got up there to check out and the prices didn't reduce so I asked why are they staying the same when the sign back there said 40% off the clearance price? She literally said oh that sale ended like 2 weeks ago!! Seriously it's been over 2 weeks and you all are SO lazy that you can't take a sign down?? Pathetic! Most places would have gone ahead and applied the discount since not taking down the sign is their error!! If my child hadn't REALLY wanted the things we spent SO much time picking out I would have walked out and left it all there!!! Very rude and ridiculous for sure!!

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JAM - 17 d 13 h ago

I'm very disappointed that your company is not able to accommodate the poor and disabled when it comes to online returns. I have no way to return to a store and do not own a printer. Other retailers such as Sephora and Amazon have found ways around this to accommodate me so I see no reason why ON can't do the same The solution from the Sr Rep was a one time mailing of a return label to me with the excuse given that ONi is going papaerless soon. I guess that also indicates to me that I am no longer a valued customer and because of this I unfortunately will no longer be shopping w ON.

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Eva A Ramirez - 18 d 11 h ago


Very disappointed un your store in Iowa for racial profiling won't be giving you any more of my money.

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Sharon - 19 d 10 h ago


I have worn the Old Navy poplin sleep pants for many years, and they were all I wore, because I only wear 100% cotton to sleep in, which is hard to find!! After gaining weight, the XL was too small, and the XXL was too big in the regular women's sizes. Then I tried the plus size XL and they fit perfectly. Then after about a year, Old Navy stopped carrying the plus sizes in these poplin sleep pants and I was devastated. I wrote and begged them several times to bring them back, but nothing was offered in plus sizes for several years in the poplin. I happened to check last week, as I check periodically and every spring, to my surprise and delight they were back in plus sizes!! I ordered every pair offered, which is only 3, but hey, it's better than none. Got them in today and they are even better than before. Fit is still the same great fit, but the fabric is much softer, as the older ones were stiff until washed many times. I can't say enough about how happy I am that these pajama pants are back in my size!! Thank you Old Navy for bringing back the plus sizes and please don't discontinue them again!!

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Tay - 20 d 4 h ago


I work at the old navy on 34th street store#05927 and there is a few things I want to address

For starters I have worked there for little over a year and the progress I have made with that time, I have seen people that I have trained move up before me not to mention when I ask about me, they micro-manage the little things I do. I have but %110 into my job and they always have something negative to say about me.

Secondly, I try to go to another department to obtain more knowledge as well as hours and I would get the royal runaround as well talking to everyone kind of manager in the building. I have to then to the General Manager to get some kind of headway and even when I do, I can't do it for a reason that's even worthbnot letting me grow.

Thirdly, I feel when it comes to me everyone want to hover over me and use as an example to my fellow peirs or if there is an issue. I have trained at least %55 of the people on my floor and I'm still a regular associate doing things at a manager level. It's to the point where my coworkers call me over from solve issues for them or explain the problem. I work very hard and feel very unappreciated. I have addressed things with managers countless time and they always give an answer and I see no progress. it even has been seen on my schedule. Everytime i asked for more hours I would get told " I have to see" but they are quick to give hours to other people. without thinking of me.

Overall I feel very disrespected and mistreated

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Not A Fan - 23 d 7 h ago


Well it looks like Old Navy doesn't want to hear about their bad service/products so they just send us all here to waste our time. Well, your in store customer service was so bad that I'll NEVER be back. Won't waste my time telling you why since I really don't think you care. Looks like from the VERY long list of complaints you may want to start listening and quit ignoring.

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BarnCat - 28 d 29 m ago


An Old Navy girl totally messed up my Black Friday order--I ordered a woman's medium Sherpa lined jean jacket and when I got it never wore it because it was too cold but then wore it 2 times and a friend noticed the buttons are on the opposite side (I noticed that too but did not give it much thought) which my friend told me means it is a men's...I confirmed that it IS a men's and their online support is allowing me to ship it back for free....A store 60 miles from here has 3 women's mediums available....the girl who ordered it for me Black Friday also had the wrong email address and my wrong hometown...which is amazing I got it but the zip was right....I never got an order confirmation because she also had my email wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I am sending the men's back and called the store 60 miles from here to order the other one but now it is $20 more and they have no discounts at the store....I could have made an even Exchange if they had it online but they don't. I will get a refund on my returned jacket once they get it. But this makes me so mad! Her dumb mistake....but costs ME money.

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BarnCat - 27 d 7 h ago

Old Navy has responded and apologized and said that they will match the price once I get the item. So hopefully this won't require much more leg work on my part.

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David Logan - 31 d ago


So I purchased my wife a couple of items that were not the correct size on 11/22/18. These were for a Christmas present. We went out of town after she received them and returned on 01/6/19. Today she tried to return the items with the original receipt and was told nope your past the 45 days! I paid cash and my wife just wanted to get our money back. The clerk at the Pensacola Fl location says all I can give you is $2.99 for each item. My wife declined that offer. I could understand that if no receipt was available or if the items were missing original tags or had been worn.. which is not the case here. So you can give back $2.99 but not the original amount paid?? I hope your company enjoys my money as it will be the last you will get any from me. I'm sure that you don't care about your customers/future if you did I would not be writing about this experience. BTW this is all over $19.98.

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Terri - 33 d 7 h ago


Horrible. I placed two orders after changing my address and both orders went to old address, still waiting for refund!1111

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Dawn - 35 d 9 h ago


I purchased some items at the Old Navy in Lee's Summit, MO and then returned them. My money was refunded and then taken back out of my account. It has been 10 days and I am still trying to get my money back!!!!! DO NOT SHOP HERE!!! I spoke with someone (I really wish I would have gotten her name) and she was not helpful at all and just kept telling me I had to contact my bank, WHICH I HAVE ALREADY DONE, DAH! THEN SHE HUNG UP ON ME! WHAT A SCAM!

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Annie M. Nieuwkerk - 36 d ago


You have an employee that use to work for New York City Housing Authority and have a felonies arrest report. Annie M. Nieuwkerk of Brooklyn new York. Was fired for fighting and planning alcohol in a housing assistant desk to set this person up. I use to work with her

thank you Jennice M. Santiago secretary for Housing.

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Joanne Kozlowski - 37 d 3 h ago


Flagged for review. 
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Scp - 37 d 10 h ago


I just left the store in North Fresno, California. Wow! It was such a disaster. There were clothing and other items thrown all around. The shelves were a complete mess. I asked an employee of they were going out of business, she said rudely, "No". I will not go back. This is a disgrace to what was once a nice store.

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Jn - 42 d ago


On 1/9/2019 I contacted Old Navy customer service , after checking my credit score .and seeing it went down significantly because ON decreased my credit line by 573.00 dollars. I checked to find the last time I used my credit card was in 2017. The initial customer service rep explained because of non use , it went down. I explained , which i shouldn't have even had to give one. That my father was I

Sick with cancer most of the year and passed. I lost my job and was in grieving .so that's why i wasnt shopping in their stores, and asked them to return my credit back to the amount it was as their decision has now affected my over all credit in a severely negative manner, for something out of my control.

The rep stated I could request a credit increase. Which I asked would negatively affect my credit again . She said yes. I requested a manager.

The manager. Tiona, was very rude. I explained to her my circumstances and that I felt like I .ad being punished because of my life experiences not allowing me to be doing in their stores. Completely disrespectful of the fact my father passed. Had to mention it several times and she told me to stop repeating myself . Then she proceeded share stories about her credit circumstances, which I didn't need to learn about. She then told me to resolve the issue i can request am increase at anytime. I asked that will affect my credit history again. She said probably .

So my credit limit was lowered because for 1 year. 1 F****in year. While my father was dying. I didn't go shopping online at Old Navy or in their stores.

I have worked in Customer service over 30 years , 5 years ,as a supervisor, and never have I been treated like this by a corporation or service rep. Negative treatment travels faster. This review will be posted everywhere. And I'm contacting the BBB until this is resolved with no adverse effect to my credit history .

General profile image - 45 d 4 h ago


I went to the Old Navy in Cordova, TN today to pick up my online order. I walked to the sign that said pick up online orders. I asked the girl if I could pick up here and she said yes. Instead of getting my order she walked around behind the counter then told me someone else would help me. Apparently she was busy doing nothing. This store has gone to complete crap. It's so junky in there you can't find anything. There are only 2 checkers everytime I have been there and they are slower than turtles. Why do you have multiple cash registers if you don't staff for each of them?? Especially on the weekends or days that are busier than others?? I sure wish I could upload a picture because I took one of the MOUNDS of clothes on the floor behind the register. It was ridiculous. Not to mention in one part of the "clearance sections" all the clothes were piled on the floor. No hangers, no shelves, NOTHING. I guess people are just supposed to sit on the floor to look for clothes. Is this really how Old Navy wants their stores ran?? Poor management from EVERYONE.

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Rachelle Singleton - 46 d 23 s ago


I'm writing this review because I have never brought a coat from Oldnavy coat and totally disappointed with this purchase. After one wash which is listed on the wash instructions and the fur now looks like sheep making the coat look cheap. I will never purchase a product with fur. Thanks for wasting my money. ***WARNING TO CUSTOMERS DO NOT BUY ANY PRODUCTS THAT HAVE FUR BECAUSE IT WILL NEVER LOOK LIKE THE ORIGINAL ITEM*** SO DISAPPOINTED

General profile image - 50 d 10 h ago


My husband and I went to the williston,vt store. I was totally disgusted with the condition and attitude. There were lothes on the floor, hangars and overall dirty. We were there at 10:00 am and the store opened at 9:00 am, obviously NO ONE had bothered to make an attempt to pick up. There was one cashier and then another one came and obviously did not want to be at the cash register much less being there. I did not find the size I wanted so I found alternatives after much searching through piles and racks that were very disorganized and messy. Was a gift and I know the person paid more then $4.19 for the pink flamingo pj bottoms. But that is what I was given for a credit. Overall very, very dissapointed with old Navy and will not shop there again and will tell my friends about my experience at old Navy

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Sicilia O - 53 d 9 h ago


Yesterday I went Old Navy on state street in Chicago and saw that the stevie leggings/pants were on sale for like $10. There was a clear sign stating the deal of the pants. I grabbed 2 pairs and when I proceeded to check out the cashier runged the pants and it said $23.99 I told the cashier that there was a sign that stated these were for $10. He spoke with the manager and she said no these are for $23 that the sign was for these other pants instead. The sign did not state what pants it applys too. It was clearly placed where all those pants were. As a MANAGER you should acknowledge the price that was clearly shown where the pants were (and there was ALOT of pants were the sign was clearly showing) . And what do they do they just take down the sign. Like really?? What kind of manager are you. Do you think she bothered to give me a discount of something for the misunderstanding NO. And there was OTHER customers around me that grabbed them to purchase and were upset as well. I've worked in retail before and if this had happened we ACKNOWLEDGE THE PRICE THE CUSTOMER SAW. Clearly she shouldn't be the manager if she doesn't know how to treat customers

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Susan garcia - 55 d 14 s ago


Your latest commercial, with the painted on tight jeans and sick gyrating, is absolutely repulsive. I graduated college recently, and have been shopping at old navy since before high school. But no more.

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alma flores - 55 d 8 h ago


I went to two OLD NAVYs on the same day. I was not greeted/acknowledged at all while waiting to pick up my order. I had to ask should I join the line to be helped, "just one moment" . Waited patiently as they took care of the entire line before I was helped. I was at the wrong location so then I reach the correct one and bc I knew how the first experience went I asked againshould I make the line. "oh no just give me one minute".. again..they were finishing up with those already in line. 4 cashiers one being a LEAD. I noticed if I got in line I would be next, and I was funny how the same cashier name GRACE ignore me ended being the one to help me. the short pump VA location and never did she apologize and DID NOT CHECK ID for my pick up. 2 LEADS brushed my shoulder (bc as you know the pick up sign is at the exit of the cashiers line ) as they walked by me. I waited 15 minutes and not one person spoke to me. What's the purpose of selling the benefit of not having to wait if you order and pick up at store when that's not the case.

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Sarah - 79 d ago


Since I can't contact corporate online I have a few things to address.

I work at store# 06194 and the computer system you have in place is horrible. It's outdated ( I worked at the same location 15 years ago) and slows down the process time to get customers effectively and efficiently in and out. The customer should not have to wait "patiently" while the system prints out a receipt. We also have 2 credit card terminals not functioning properly making the customer insert their credit card 3 TIMES before having he/she slide their card to complete the transaction meanwhile, they are concerned about getting multiple charges plus the frustration of the time frame it takes to complete the transaction.

Second, our store manager had "Scratch Off Cards" for those who get customers to apply for the Old Navy Credit Card. As the top employee within my store to effectively make this happen and bring repeat customers to your company, we ran out of those cards and haven't received any. Those cards greatly help with customers and with 29 cards unable to redeem puts a sour taste in my mouth.

Thirdly, why did we have a store remodel yet our restrooms resemble utter disgrace? Gas station restrooms are better than ours.

Also, we have multiple Mobiles that don't work properly despite resetting them. Can we have ones that work because that would be fantastic.

And shopping carts... We tend to have plenty of disabled/ elderly customers who can't get around well without them (we only have 2) preventing them from a pleasurable shopping experience and more revenue for the company. I would like a reply at (hidden) and to see CHANGES!

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Victoria K. - 58 d 3 h ago


Wow, you my dear are AMAZING!! I'm a business owner and you would be the type of person that would be running my shop I'm not talking about working my shop I'm talking about running my shop why? Your tenacity to get things done and done right. You are overqualified and I mean that in a wonderful way because you're working for a company who cares about only the bottom line and to get to the bottom line you have to utilize the things that make your company flow and successful and that would be you it takes a whole team together to make one successful store it takes happy customers also but you get your customers happy it starts with you you're practically begging for change

.. I went on this blog to express the distain I had when I was in the store last night on December 23rd 2018 10:00 at night the store was open until midnight I had five different people to shop for I wasn't interested in shopping in any other stores and wanted to get it all done that's why I was there so late looking for size 6 I had requested for a short size 6 in pants with no cut/ frayed hems. One employee had ear muffs on, it was not cold in the shop whatsoever I didn't even have a jacket on . When I looked at her the first thing I thought is I bet she doesn't want to be bothered? I'd ask her to please help me find a size 6 Short she said just a moment so I continued shopping 15 minutes later I saw her again I said excuse me can you please help me I just need some help so I can move on and get this done her response was oh okay so she went on her little earpiece and then turned to me and said I'll be right back as if she was actually going to help me and work on this question she never returned I'd ask another girl 5 minutes later that was frantically folding I said can you help me find size 6 Short I need 5 pairs in different colors. She turned to me and said oh we only do regulars in the store you have to order those online I could not believe what I was hearing I've shopped in there many times I don't know what was going on but no one was even trying they were giving excuses I had so many people to shop for and they all want skinny jeans I was getting pissed at this point this is the third time I asked for help and each and every single person turned me away I expected to spend at least $800 if not more in that store that night... I want about shopping and trying to get as much done as I could looking through racks and racks and folded jeans in the back of the store I finally found 3 pairs of size 6 Short!!! If only I would have had someone assist me I could have found them about 30 minutes earlier hence I would have had more time to shop for the rest of family. I turned you the other girl that was walking by and I said I want to tell you that I ask for help three different times you would be the fourth I said the girl with the earmuffs got on her headset and said okay just a minute two times she never came back to me she acted like she was working on it and blew me off the second girl said there's we don't have size 6 Short in the store order it online! trying to blow me off.. she goes"YEAH, she goes you do know our store closes in 15 minutes right?" I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU JUST SAID THAT TO ME! I said you do know I'm going to call corporate and you do know that I'm going to blog about this I said this is ridiculous this whole store could give a crap if I'm in here struggling I've got to say that I was fully prepared to spend whatever it took yesterday to complete my list and instead I only spent $158 I was expecting at least an eight hundred to $900 day to get five different teenagers covered unbelievable just throwing money out the door and pissing customer off I'm a business owner my daughter is manager for Bath & Body Works when I told my daughter she was mortified she said oh now they're in their folding clothes.. she said there's something called and IBC system in retail! It's called in between customers you fold clothes but customers come first always! She goes from their perspective they want the sales because it makes them look like they're doing their job to the company she goes clearly that didn't happen she goes you need to call corporate mother! Oh we weren't done what happened next was the icing on the cake they obviously had called around to each other on the ear pieces and told each other that there was an irate customer which I wasn't I was fuming but I wasn't making a scene I just simply told the girl I will be contacting corporate after she had let everyone in the store know by communication of the headpiece I got up in line and the guy must have been the assistant manager or manager because he told me did you find everything okay I said I had no help whatsoever I beg for help from 4 different people they basically just ignored me and laughed at me and said yeah well the stores closing in 15 minutes I was stunned because of the loss that the store took because of their employees unbelievable the manager on duty looked at me and said well now it's 12:06 so I can't give you the sale price because our store closes at 12 a.m. I said you just say the word I said so you're not going to give me the 20% off in the 30% off on some of these jeans? I said you tell me right now after the night I just had in here and I didn't even put a dent in my shopping I was prepared just to walk out at that moment and not by a damn thing if he was going to do that to me and then talking down to me because I had told the other girl I was calling corporate?!! I couldn't believe the chaos in this store and the way they treat customers and he says well I'll tell you what I'll do it this one time like he was doing me a favor my daughter told me at any given time she can give a percentage off and they can extend 4 days past the date it's up to the manager's discretion this guy totally rubbed me wrong way the whole experience... was a nightmare! I will continue with this story until I get someone's attention I don't believe if I was a normal person and not a business person that ran my own shop I would just banned your store but I will not stop until I have this resolved this was the most ridiculous shopping experience I've ever had just trying to give you $800-$1,000 to get her done and over with and what did I do I walked out with only $150 spent in your store and wasting my time totally disappointed my name is Victoria K. :(

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