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Old Navy

2 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA
(650) 952-4400
(650) 952-4407
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Kayla Williams - 6 h 36 m ago

So I wanted to take out the time to say how disappointed I am with the old navy cooperation. I was offered a position at a location in Las Vegas neavada , at the down town Summerlin location. I waited three weeks for someone to call me back about my back ground check that literally took three weeks to come back. After it came back nobody called me I had to call and see the status of the process which is very unprofessional. I spoke to a general manager that let me know that the hiring manager would be calling me back for paper work if I was still interested which I was as I let them know it's been another two weeks and no one has called me back. The whole process was just horrible and unprofessional never been through something like this before for a job.

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Carter - 12 h ago


Your holiday ad "Some kind of wonderful" is literally the fucking most annoying commercial ever and is played way too damn much . I would not have came on this page to complain about some commercial but it truly is that bad of a damn ad. Literal dog shit . Fire who the fuck ever came up with any of it . The first little girl seriously makes me wonder what the fuck you guys were even thinking putting her eagle screeching ass on TV.

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Mimi - 3 d 13 h ago

Best TV commercial Ad ever! Kids in PJs jazzing it up under a canopy of lights. WOW!

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C. Charleston - 4 d 14 h ago


Shopping in an outlet at ± with no other customers I was surprised that the cashier decided to wrap my clothing around the 1 cent plastic hanger and shove it in my bag. Not only are the clothes, thin, light, and cheap but they treat them like garbage. this directly treats the customer like garbage. My how the years have changed your company

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Liz G. - 5 d 3 h ago

I have researched the topic of poor labor conditions in developing countries and Old Navy is one of the many companies that use sweatshops to manufacture their products. In these sweatshops, they uphold inhumane working conditions such as being paid under the living wage, no breaks, unreasonable working hours, lack of benefits, insufficient lighting, dangerous machinery, and more. Old Navy utilizes sweatshops and treats their employees poorly. Old Navy, and their chain of companies, need to stop this injustice. This injustice is affecting all of us because everyone wears clothes. When we purchase clothing from stores that use sweatshops, we are supporting them. Every person has a voice and makes a decision when spending money. If people chose to stop purchasing from companies that use sweatshops, there will be a significant change to this injustice. It is up to every person to act in order to change. My question to Old Navy is, why do you continue to utilize sweatshops when they cause so much suffering onto the employees? There are other ways to provide work without inflicting pain upon the employees. Please feel free to research more using the following links and share with your community: , , , ) My goal is to act on this injustice, spread awareness, and help as much as I can. Every organization, community, and person can make a difference. Help at any level is appreciated and influential. Thank you.

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J Keffas - 7 d 15 h ago


Old navy in Bohemia

The manager was not helpful

Had a question all he did was give me a phone number he said it was corporates turned out to be. A no working number

When I showed. Him this ,he just looked at me. What he was thinking I can not say. Just a what do u want me to do look No HELP WHAT SO EVER

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Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX - Columbus Ohio - 11 d 9 h ago

I just saw part of your new television ad with the children playing musical instruments. It was refreshing! Thanks for letting me know, and thousands of other viewers know that someone still supports the talent and importance of our youth playing a musical instrument. It may well go far in keeping jazz and many other music genres alive.

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Sergio - 11 d 20 h ago


Just found out that old navy closed my account for 2 late payment dues to wrong checking account info which i told them ti take that account off. Lost all my reward points. Been with old navy since 2012 with credit limit of $12,000. Now will never shop ever again with them. Lost a good customer. Looked at reward policy and it does t not state that i will lose my rewards. They closed my account yesterday and mailed a letter today. Great 30day notice. Or atleast tried help.

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Sarah - 12 d 6 h ago


Since I can't contact corporate online I have a few things to address.

I work at store# 06194 and the computer system you have in place is horrible. It's outdated ( I worked at the same location 15 years ago) and slows down the process time to get customers effectively and efficiently in and out. The customer should not have to wait "patiently" while the system prints out a receipt. We also have 2 credit card terminals not functioning properly making the customer insert their credit card 3 TIMES before having he/she slide their card to complete the transaction meanwhile, they are concerned about getting multiple charges plus the frustration of the time frame it takes to complete the transaction.

Second, our store manager had "Scratch Off Cards" for those who get customers to apply for the Old Navy Credit Card. As the top employee within my store to effectively make this happen and bring repeat customers to your company, we ran out of those cards and haven't received any. Those cards greatly help with customers and with 29 cards unable to redeem puts a sour taste in my mouth.

Thirdly, why did we have a store remodel yet our restrooms resemble utter disgrace? Gas station restrooms are better than ours.

Also, we have multiple Mobiles that don't work properly despite resetting them. Can we have ones that work because that would be fantastic.

And shopping carts... We tend to have plenty of disabled/ elderly customers who can't get around well without them (we only have 2) preventing them from a pleasurable shopping experience and more revenue for the company. I would like a reply at (hidden) and to see CHANGES!

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Deborah - 13 d 12 h ago

Your Chicago map T-Shirt condenses our 77 neighborhoods into just 21, effectively purging the black and brown communities on the South and West sides of our city. Your corporate value to lift predominantly white middle and upper income communities while effectively erasing minority neighborhoods from your T-Shirt stinks. Shame on you!

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Michael F - 17 d 16 h ago


RE: Smithfield, RI

When I finally got the register after waiting approximately 10 mins in line with only 2 other customers in front of me and 1 cashier working, the clerk asked if I was using a credit card or cash. I responded that I could use a credit card, but I would rather use cash since my purchase was not a large one. She then told me that she could not take cash at her register and I could go to another register that did take cash. Since I had already waited too long in line, I left without making my purchase. This was truly poor customer service, not to mention a bad business practice --- probably won't return to Old Navy to finish my Christmas shopping.

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colleen - 17 d 16 h ago


Normally I do not give reviews but today I doubt with the most Pleasant customer service representative name Beatrice. My package got lost in between ups and my post office and this woman went above and beyond her job description to make things right she has definitely made my experience with oldnavy that much more comfortable for me coming back to shop with them thank you so much

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Sad - 19 d 9 h ago


I am a grandparent who has shopped a lot through the years . They now only have bags and no carts. Hard to carry all that weight while shopping. I also saw that my disabled husband had no place to sit. Bench up front was taken out. Did not seem friendly to older or disabled anymore.

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Lisa - 19 d 16 h ago


September was the last time I placed an order with ON and the delay was three weeks. I feel this is an ongoing problem to the point that I decided not to order today's special. I used the $10 apology from the Sept. order on this current order, now on delay....rather ironic. With the $20 earned from this current order, I don't have confidence that any future orders will be timely, especially if it is for Christmas. The nearest store is thirty minutes, so I prefer ordering my items, plus there is a better selection on line. I want this merchandise, but if it takes more than two weeks to arrive, it will be the last time I order from ON.

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An employee - 21 d 6 h ago


Racism by STORE manager in old navys in Millbury Blackstone Valley shoppes!!!

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Karie - 21 d 11 h ago


Placed an order online during Black Friday sales & it was cancelled. Called customer service to find out why & they had to call my bank to verify my address. She came back on the phone & said address didn't match what the bank had. Told her to just cancel the order. Called my bank & they confirmed my address!? So what the hell is going on?? Now my bf just got a cancellation on his order with Gap! He did the same process & was told the same thing (we live together)!! Do y'all not want the sales? Not sure how many others this has happened too, but that's 2 cancelled orders. I appreciate making sure we actually made the purchase, but come on. Shopping is a pain in the ass & now we both missed out on those deals!! Very aggravated!

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Jessa - 24 d 8 h ago


I have been shopping at old navy si de I 2as in my teens. And I've always been a larger girl. I have always found my size and awesome styles. I haven't shopped in any store really for quite some time and after 3 kids, 2 c sections and some extra weight I have to admit I was still able to go to old navy, buy a whole puts fit at 50%off and get my oldest daughter an outfit on our tight budget. And it felt so good to go into a store and pick off a normal rack my plus clothes. And the styles are basically the same as the smaller sizes. It felt really good!! And I'm planning on taking the while family next big sale!

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Jody - 26 d 13 h ago


I got tricked into open an Old Navy credit card that I didn't need it. I went shopping at Old Navy Emeryville location like a month and half ago. I tried to use my Banana Republic card in order to get the discount but I was told the card was closed due to no activities for awhile. Instead of reopen the account again, the cashier opened an Old Navy Visa card for me. Couple weeks ago, I went to Banana Republic factory store in Concord, I asked the cashier to check if my Banana card was truly closed and it was not! I am very upset with this practice. is it even legal for the casher to lie like this?

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Anonymous - 25 d 8 h ago

A cashier does not have access to customer credit card activity and cannot "reopen" a closed account.

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Anonymous - 25 d 14 h ago


Your commercial that has a bunch of youth dancing and supposedly singing is the worst commercial that you've ever come out with. You cant even tell what they are singing. You've always had amazing commercials that are enjoyable to watch and made me want to buy from your store but this one does not. I will buy from your store anyway but pls give it some real creative thought before making the next commercial. Thank you. You make awesome and durable products. Thanks for reading. Debbie Peterson

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Jennifer - 28 d 8 h ago


I have been trying to contact Old navy headquarters in regards to the terrible customer service at the Mayfield Heights, Ohio location. I have been a customer for many years and was in to make a purchase. I asked the cashier to look up my card information, and she asked for my drivers license. I then put in my soc sec number, then she said Oh you dont have an account with us. I said are you sure? she said I will look it up again if you want. Of course I said please. She looked it up and it said no account found. I said ok well dont worry about it I'll just pay cash. Which I did. However here is my huge complaint, one I looked up my account and I do in fact have one, It is in good standing. Two, the cashier was on the phone the entire time talking to someone, other than an employee, just talking about total nonsense drama. Three, she took off the 50% discount for old navy card holders, (I understood the 50% off was for using the Old Navy credit card), however the promotion was 40% off entire purchase, (if not using the Old navy credit card). She took off the 50% discount and then said my total was $272, and prior to the additional 10% off (for old navy card holder) the total was $156.00. I asked why the total was $272, she said she had to take the discount off because I'm not using the old navy card. Again, I understood. However, there was a 40%promotion off entire purchase. She told me the promotion was on select items. I said okay, so you mean to say that nothing in my bag is 40% off, she said I guess not, but if you want to go walk around and look at all the signs where you picked up all your items, you can see if there is a 40% sign. I almost died, why the h*** would i walk around that dirty a** store and waste more time than I had already wasted. She truly couldn't understand that $120 savings is important. My daughter was completely embarrassed because there was a woman in line behind us waiting for the only cashier. After I tried to explain what the total was before the additional 10%off was she looked at me as if I was full of s***. She said well I guess I can re ring the items. DUH! why the whole go walk around and look at signs idea. Why, Why, Why? It was so completely rude for her to treat me as if i was full of s***. I know simple math, I read the signs before I walked up to her. Guess what the total, after her genius idea to re ring the items, was $156.00. I will NEVER shop at OLD NAVY stores again. I know simple math, I know how to read signs, and I know how to read the fine print.

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Anonymous - 26 d 11 h ago

What happened to your total after the card discount is removed was

-When you take off a discount involving a card for some reason all the items go to full price. She would have had to re-ring everything for them to show the 40 percent.

-I would go in and tell them what had happened. A manager should know exactly what I'm talking about (or not a new cashier) because this mistake happens a lot with new cashiers.

(I work as a cashier at Old Navy)

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Anonymous Employee - 30 d 5 h ago


As an employee of Old Navy, i have mixed feelings.

I have been there for a year, and one of our managers is incompetent, and constantly gets reported to corporate by my coworkers because she does not know how to do her job correctly. She messes up peoples schedule constantly, switches peoples schedules around and forgets to tell them, has been rude to almost all of us sales associates, and she is still working here despite all if her flaws. It may sound like a personal attack and that im "complaining" as an employee, but when MULTIPLE people have QUIT specifically because of her, thats a problem with management. She may get "repremanded" and told to apologize to her associates, but shes being told to, not because she feels bad. She also has said that her associates "dont do what she tells them to" and complains about how awful we are, and gets flustered and mad when we ask for help. All im saying is, Old Navy needs to do rehiring withing management in Michigan. Because honestly, if you want your workers to be happy and wprk cohesively, you need to hire people who 1. Know what theyre doing, and 2. Know how to give constructive criticism rather then tell someone they dont know what theyre doing. She has also messed up peoples pay checks as well, and just tells people to handle problems that she caused, instead of taking responsibility for what she did. Our gm is fantastic but this manager needs to go according to multiple workers who have quit, and some that still work there.

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Anonymous - 32 d 17 h ago


As an employee at Old Navy, I've been wanting to express how frustrating it is to deal with anything involving online orders. We get so many complaints about online orders that have nothing to do with us in store. I've seen products that have weird fabric sowed into them that's not supposed to be there, super late orders, and items shipped to people that were supposed to go to someone else. Majority of processing we do in store is ONLINE RETURNS. It's covenient for customers to return their stuff to the store but not at all for us for many reasons. The biggest complaint we get is how online almost always has better deals. I'm not really sure why you guys do that? It decreases people from buying in the stores and increases people yelling at us for not being able to price match. I love working for Old Navy, but I'm so tired of getting yelled at for things that obviously need to be fixed by cooperate.

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