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Old Navy

2 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA
(650) 952-4400
(650) 952-4407
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Jh - 12 d 11 m ago


Old Navy in Ft Walton Beach Florida really need to think about there employees who are working During Hurricane Nate. Stores in our mall are closed because of bad weather but guess what Old Navy Is open. Need to think about the employees instead of the $$$$$$

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charles - 20 d 5 h ago


I finally visited our local Old Navy store. The music was to loud in the store, I axed the associate if she could lower the volume, she said she could not. I shopped the mens section for tee shirts, the QUALITY isnt there. I wont be back again

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rachel - 31 d 28 s ago


Ihave tried to order from the store 3 times. the machine does not work to order on line. i spent so much time on the line waiting . they don't have the size in the store and it is impossible to order in the store to get it on line

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P on ON - 35 d 18 h ago


I love Old Navy products most of the time. I used to be a team leader at one of the stores. But the customer service I receive is always horrible. Associates are rude in the stores, which are always disaster areas. And when I shop online, no one ever responds to my emails in less than a week, it takes forever to get a human on the phone, and often times the issue is never resolved. I filed a formal complaint with Corporate regarding the complete lack of customer service and total disregard for customer satisfaction. I doubt anything will change, but I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing such lame service. A company as large as Old Navy should have plenty of staff to handle customer emails on a daily basis. Every other online shopping company I use responds within 24 hours when I contact them via email. Old Navy needs to get on that wagon. Makes me want to quit shopping there altogether.

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Anonymous - 64 d 5 h ago


This website is hilarious. ON has awesome deals and increasingly stylish clothes. Who actually submits complaints via this website this is hilarious.

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Sandra - 215 d 7 h ago

I just witnessed a video produced by Snoop Dogg of him shooting a clown that is supposed to be the president of the United States. I also am aware that he is a Sponser in some Old Navy videos. I will no longer be shopping at Old Navy, gap, or banana republic or any other store affiliated with this company. I found the video offensive and an apology needs to be made to the president of this country. Do something about it or you will be losing a lot of business from a lot of unhappy people. I'm all for free speech but this goes beyond offensive.

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boogers - 206 d ago

So who did you boycott when there were effigies of Barack Obama being burned in the streets? Were you not bothered by all the racist comments and bigoted speech that has and continues to exist about him and his family? "I'm all for free speech," and yet you turn a blind eye to so many other examples of it, so how about you get over your delicate self.

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Anonymous - 138 d 4 h ago

Those were not sponsored by corporations. Big difference.

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jan Gray, Arkansas & Oklahoma - 105 d 5 h ago

Being the daughter of a survivor of Pearl Harbor and wife of a former Green Beret, I am VERY patriotic and respect the office of POTUS. I totally agree with you, Sandra. All of these leftist, snowflake, Marxist, anarchists who are overtly promoting the overthrow of our elected government and POTUS should be facing the same legal penalties as others who have attempted to overthrow our government AND/OR those who have tried to hurt the national security of our government. Why are entertainers exempt from laws of treason and sedition? Snoop Dogg, Johnny Depp and Madona have used their voices to foment revolution. Isn't this the same thing the Far Right movement did? Remember the CSA and the publication "The Justice Times," also known as the "voice of the second American revolution?"

Americans need to become more aware of what is really going on. How can someone, just because of her fame, get away with making threats such as "I have thought a lot about blowing up the White House."? this is outrageous and when someone expresses this idea, I do not care how famous they are, the person should be charged in Federal Court.(if someone, say a foreigner, comes to the USA and GETS ON A RADIO OR TV network and says the same thing, what would happen? Would this person be seen as a credible threat?)

It is one thing to express disagreement with any administration, but speech that is an attempt to promote violence is NOT protected by the First Amendment. Where is the FBI now? Is the FBI ignoring such threats as the one recently made by Johnny Depp? Disgusting. I will never buy a ticket to another of his movies, nor will I shop at Old Navy or other stores affiliated with Snoop Dogg.

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Anonymous - 76 d ago

Yes I Concur!!!

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Beki Graham - 83 d 9 h ago

Can someone from ON please tell me where I can purchase the sandals that are made of flip flop material but are sandals, not flip flops. About 7 years ago maybe less, I bought my first pair in Marietta, GA on Johnson Ferry Rd. They were on sale and were a turquoise-y kind of color. I LOVED them. They have been so worn plus age, the sole is cracked and the glue on the straps is starting to come undone. I look on the bottom and it says made in Brazile and has Grendene imprinted on it. I bought two more pairs in subsequent years and unfortunately my kids dogs in two different homes chewed them. One was a black T-strap made of flip-flop material and the other looks like flip flops but have a back strap around the back of the foot. That one has China imprinted on the bottom. I am so sad to not be able to find them in any stores. I bought a similar pair just recently out west, but even though the style is exactly same as the flip-flop style with the strap around the back, it is silver-gray and is the "new" jelly material and I hate it. They make my feet hot and sweaty. PLEASE tell me where I can purchase the awesome shoes like the Grendene ones I had purchased several summers ago! Thank you,

Beki Graham

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Anonymous - 105 d 8 h ago


Asking people for their social security number as not applying so unacceptable with all the scams going on. Nuts Report to Corporate

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jan Meins - 105 d 6 h ago

I agree with you, Anonymous, and I also hate it when the receptionists in doctor's offices are the ones who gain access to my social and personal information. After all, these staffers are probably making only minimum wage, so what if only one of them is dishonest and wants to make more money and/or get back at the place they work for some perceived slight displayed by the boss or bosses?

From now on, I ask for the names of anyone at the doc's office (or ER, etc.) who has access to my personal information. We cannot trust that a clerk or receptionist is honest, can we?

Never fall for those email scams either: those that say when you are trying to purchase an item online that "your credit card information is incorrect" or ask you to use a different card. All these folks are doing is ripping you off. Never use a debit card or they can clean out your bank accounts.

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Davyna - 109 d ago


Store # 05859 Manager Kerleen Jean accused me of taking home a pair of shorts for $2.49 and $4.00 after i called the store to report the cashier didnt remove those items from my receipt.

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Mary - 111 d 16 h ago

Why are you advertising "Russian to Old Navy" for 4th of July in 2017? Are you tone-deaf, or blatantly anti-American?!

General profile image - 113 d 10 h ago

Took my twin daughters there and they got on the display platform, took their picture with the other menniquins. Telling you they look like the models, I can share the pic if old navy pays me for it

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Tammy Akers - 114 d 6 h ago

I was in the Old Navy store in Nashville, Tennessee yesterday and cut my toe on one of their clothing racks that has wheels on it. The girl by the dressing rooms assisted me by cleaning up all the blood and gave me bandaids. I watched one lady, probably member of management, fix the wheel, it was turned toward the outside and she locked it back in the correct way. One worker said, you just weren't paying attention were you? That infuriated me, I was looking to shop, shouldn't have to look around the floor for danger spots. They offered 5.00 to take off my shopping. I asked for a business card, in case my toe gets infected. They told me they didn't have one, trying to avoid me. We were here on vacation, and I was very disappointed to be treated that way.

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Jazzmin - 117 d 11 h ago


Today I went to the old navy flip $1 sale I had 20 flip flops and I knew I had to do two transaction because it was a 10 item limit which I understood.i asked if I could just swip ft two transactions and first she said no then she said you have I go back in line.I understood as I went back in line and got closer I notice a family of 3 with the same woman who name was SUSANE she first processed the mother 10 shoes and the mother left then she processed the daughter who had at least 30 pair and I heard the woman ask her if it was ok an SUSANE said oh your fine.I couldn't believe my eyes if you say something to one customer that should apply to every single customer unless it's a special case such as mobitlity or something.some of the workers said the shoes was all they had on the floor.Then another worker came out with all different sizes.they put the size 9 white on the bottom of the Ben and put another color on top .this was done at the fort Myers,FL location

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Pissed - 138 d 4 h ago

Should have never agreed to Old Navy credit card. I bought 3 items and spent around $55. If I used a Navy card I could save 20% or whatever it was. Ok, I'll open an account and cut up the card when it comes in the mail. Unfortunately, I was late with my payment and was then charged $25. Not exactly a way to save for me, but worked out great for ON. A great way to take advantage of their primarily young customers and amounts to usury. Done shopping at Old Navy.

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Store need work!!!!!!!!! - 148 d 12 h ago


Work at a new Old Navy it's only been open one year I've only been employed it is the worst experience I've ever had the people not friendly they do not train you they expect for you to know everything possible and you also have a thing called GroupMe I've been asking for a whole month and 2 weeks to get on GroupMe but you know what I don't want to be on GroupMe cuz I am quitting this is the worst job I've ever had charlotte, nc

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P OFFED - 154 d 12 h ago


Old Navy just gave me the worse experience ever!! Went to check my available balance so I could buy my granddaughters some outfits for their birthday and Old Navy lowered my limit!! So I called customer service and hate the damn prompts by the way, and they said they review your credit every so often to determine your credit worthiness and that I had several open accounts. REALLY!!!

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victor - 182 d 9 h ago

old navy card is one of the worth card to get you thing saving 20% coupon help but in reality 27% APR on that card wit cost more them you saving.

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Angry - 185 d ago


Once again I work at old Navy in Alaska and they have 36 employees I have maybe 7 hours every two weeks managers get 40 plus hours a week what's up with that they only like to hire high school students I have a family to feed and I want to work I work hard that store looks like he'll ran through it and I am willing to do the work why can't I get hours who ever the boss is needs to approach this situation cause it seems like the people that work hard get the shit end of the stick please check out the Fairbanks store and see it for your self they have people that can't do there job wright how is this company going to make money if it's in poor shape??????

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Angry - 188 d 18 h ago


Well I think there are to many employees for Fairbanks location in Alaska .Employees are lucky to get maybe 15 hours a week something is wrong with having 36 employees only managers get hours that's no way to run a bussiness now is it.

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Anonymous - 196 d 4 h ago


I just left store#03378 in Jacksonville Florida and felt I needed to email you about my experience.

My trip was to exchange a pair of jeans. After looking high and as low as I could, I had no luck finding the size I needed. I asked an associate (as I was sitting on the floor to look on the lowest shelf) if the style I was looking for merchandised anywhere else in the store. She told me no and left me sitting there.

After wandering aimlessly disappointed , Patrick approached me to see if I needed help finding anything. I must have looked lost or something. I explained I needed to exchange a pair of jeans , wanting to buy 3 more as well, but sadly there were none in the size I needed. He graciously went and looked again to be sure I hadn't overlooked them. He did not see any either. BUT, he offered to go in the stockroom to see if there were any in my size.

He emerged a short time later with 3 in my size!!! 12 average in Curvy skinny.

I appreciate the fact that he went the extra mile for me, I am a super satisfied Customer.


I work in a retail corporate office here in Jacksonville where the management praises employees for going above and beyond, in the stores and the office.

I just wanted to be sure Patrick receives props for stellar customer service!

You've got a good one there!!!

Thank You

Tina Hubbard-Fete


If this is not the correct place to send this, please be so kind as to let me know where I need to send it.

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