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Old Navy

2 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA
(650) 952-4400
(650) 952-4407
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Zouhar - 5 d 10 h ago


I'm very upset. I visited old navy in the kings plaza mall located at 5100 kings plaza. And let me just tell u not just did they just forget to me my bag which I spend 300$ to come home and find I'm missing stuff they made me wait in line for almost half hr because they only had 2 people on the register [it's the holiday BTW] I called the store right away to let them know.. rude very ride customer service she goes nothing we can do.. What u mean nothing I spend 300$ you think I wanna call and trouble myself to drive 1 hr back to the mall for 3 items which where no more than 20$ .. again she answered nothing we can do. U stole my money and my stuff.. never again will shopping at old navy and I will make sure to speak to the security at the mall and will be getting a lawyer for this.

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Don - 3 d 6 h ago

ZOUHAR, Why didn't YOU make sure you had all of YOUR bags, it's not their fault you didn't take it !!!! they didn't steal your money or stuff, you forgot it.The person in back of you in line most likely has the other bag. If you shop at walmart, do you make sure you have all of your bags on the rounder with the bags before you leave?

What is the security at the mall going to do ?? seriously, getting an attorney, get real. If you really need the 3 items missing, worth less than $20.00 order it online, or you can go ( WITHIN 14 DAYS ) to any old navy, bring the receipt ( don't need the products) and ask for a price adjustment, I was there tonight for a price adjustment and got back $25.90.


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Completely Appalled - 4 d 22 m ago


I am contacting you today because I have NEVER had a worst experience than I have had with Old Navy. This entire process has been a complete nightmare, and frankly, I am shocked that Old Navy is still in business with service like this. Almost a month ago, I placed an order for two sweaters that I needed for a wedding on 12/09/17. This order was never delivered. I called Old Navy to ask why I had not received my order. I spent 35 minutes on hold before I was able to speak with someone. Then I was told that I would need to pay out of pocket for this second order. After a long phone conversation she was able to resolve the issue and placed the order. She assured me that this order would go out right away and would make it to me on time for the wedding. I only received one sweater in the mail, and got an email saying the other sweater had been cancelled. Again, I call customer service, wait on hold for over 30 minutes, and finally speak to someone. I explain what has happened so far and that I can look online and see that there are more sweaters like this and available for purchase so why was my order cancelled. She explained that she didn't know why but would ship another right away. I explained to her that I needed this sweater for a wedding and that it was important that I get it this time. She understood my situation and called the actual store that had the sweater to make sure they indeed had one in stock. She 100% assured me that they had the sweater and that the order would go out that day and be to me by 12/07/17. On 12/05/17 I get another email telling me my order has been delayed. So again, I call customer service and wait forever. I am told that there is nothing she can do. They no longer have any sweaters in stock and the shipping details for my order aren't clear as to where it is. And here we are today. I get an email saying the order has once again been cancelled. To say that I am in tears is an understatement. I feel like this is a bad joke. I have never come across such awful service in my life. The email offers 10% off my next order and free shipping for the inconvenience. This is a slap in the face after all I have been through with this order. How can Old Navy still be in business? How on earth can you treat your customers this poorly? This is beyond bad. Most places go by a star rating. This doesn't even rate at no stars. This is into negative starts. I would give my overall experience with Old Navy a negative 20 stars. I have a wedding to go to tomorrow and one of my sons does not have the sweater he is supposed to for the ceremony. How am I supposed to tell the bride that her ring bearer buddies will not have their matching sweaters. This sweet couple gets to look at wedding pictures for the rest of their lives and see that Old Navy screwed up. I am beyond upset.

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Jose Israel Cordero Junior - 4 d 9 h ago


My name is Jose Cordero I live in Brooklyn New York and I am a large person what I mean by large I wear a 5x shirt and 58 in pants waist why don't Old Navy have a large section for large people like me I like the products and I love that I have lost 50 lb so I can wear some of the clothes but you do not have a large person section for men, don't get me wrong there is stuff from there that I seen the commercial that I want so bad but it would be a waste of money cuz it's not my size especially when you got the plaid shirts and vest. Thank you for listening to me, it will put your profits up by at least 20% and maybe more. For the idea of large clothing I will take 2% of the profits, hahaha only in my dreams. Thank you for listening Jose Cordero Brooklyn New York

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Matt - 5 d 19 h ago


I have recently missed the deadline on my super cash by 10 hours. No ones fault but my own. I just want to say that in a customer service industry the best salesman and best marketer is the consumer themselves. This is not a negative review but just imagine if the lady I talked to were to say, "it has expired 10 hours ago but let me do this for you." Every single person I know would be hearing how amazing you guys are. Timelines are set for reasons and I am the one who missed it but to find a company that can relate to you on a personal level instead of being just another number, now that's a company I'd go to for everything.

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G. - 5 d 13 h ago


I had the same issue.They have lost me as a customer.

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David Dodson - 6 d 9 h ago

I just wanted to let you know that your latest sale for 60% off the whole store sounds like I can come in and buy the the actual store just saying that's what sounds like your advertising

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medina weekly happy grandma - 11 d 16 h ago


kudos to your hiring team!!!! i was in your lake charles la. store on 11/22/17.searching for baby boy clothes for my just born grandson.although the store was busy busy busy,your employee lexus,came and asked if she could help me with anything,(very unusual when there are people everywhere ,and checkout line halfway towards rear)happily she told me that they had just got a truck in.she offered to go look to see if any 0-3mths were on it.then she took me to the clearance and took all the 0-3mths out for me to have selection.the whole time she was telling me that she loves that store and the great sales .since she shared with me that she herself has a son.and buys things for him when on sale .i made my selection went to the checkout,wholly molly,it was crazy long.since i was to meet my husband for lunch i asked the mgr to hold my items so i could go eat and return when i had time to stand in line.happily she did.

i returned about 1hr later.asked the clerk for them and went back to the baby clothes just to make sure of my selection,it was seen me there and said with giggle,you still here?i started laughing and explained my return.i then went and stand in line.when i was the next in line,it was lexus now working the register!! as she rings the items up she tells me how cute the selections imade were.sure makes a grandma feel good when a young mother tells you that.(i knew d-i-law and son would agree with her)i believe this was the only store i did not have to look for some help,and the only time stayed with me,and took me where to look,and not just point in a direction!! especially during a super busy holiday shopping.great job to your team for hiring a real gem..

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may - 12 d ago


I gave a review, but I forgot to mention the store is a San Antonio Store from Texas at the Quarry Market. Corporate please visit the Old Navy stores without notice! If you actually walk threw the Quarry store. I will say a Flea Market looks better not JUNKY! What is going on with all your stores! I worked for years in retail, I do know the sales people have more knowledge than the higher up management with their clueless team. Clean bring back sales people to each department and please remove the junky area where the sale items are. Remember a store needs to be CLEAN well organized and sales people in every department not walking around pretending to work! I know for sure if OLD NAVY doesn't change now OLD NAVY will ride off in the SUN SET! ha

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I'm in a store in San Antonio they are playing non English Spanish music, have they forgotten this is AMERICA not Mexico, so ashamed of your store..... - 12 d 12 h ago



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My relatives were legal immigrants - 12 d 12 h ago

I would not shop there. It should always be America first. Not catering to the Hispanics, and especially the majority of illegals..

Also goes for all companies over the phone who say, Press 2 for Espanol!

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Senor Carbon - 12 d 4 h ago

Oh shut up and have another dog taco. Who cares about your plight?

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Yesth - 12 d 12 h ago

This store sucks non English Spanish crap is playing in the back ground, makes sense Old Navy has turned ghetto and cheap!!!!

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Marie in NJ - 12 d 20 h ago


I normally shop at Macy's and have been doing so for more than 40 years, but since I was shopping for my grandson this time, I decided to place an order online for him with you. However, right after I did, I realized I could also get him a jacket and tried to do so, but couldn't because total was short of one penny to be eligible for free shipping. I called customer service right away, but was put on hold. I patiently waited each of the 6 times for at least half an hour, but no one picked up and of course now the sale is over. This was truly the worse experience I've had trying to reach customer service for any site I have frequented and I thought I'd let you know that I'll think twice before shopping with you again. .

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May - 14 d ago


Old Navy needs a NEW REDO! Old Navy changed many years ago with their CEO . I fine Old Navy Junky, Messy and NO ORGANIZATION! The Gap is great neat clean and orderly store. I will never understand! WHY Old Navy has turned into a JUNKY STORE! There seems to be something wrong with OLD NAVY and no return. MESSY,JUNKY I predict in few years OLD NAVy will be a memory. I would fire all the CORPORATE staff because they are CLUELESS! HELP

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Jenna - 14 d 12 h ago


I bought pants from old navy in store and I bought some online. I wanted different colors than what was offered in store so I bought some online. I tried them on in store but later changed my mind that I didn't like them ( never wore them) when returned they gave me a merchandise certificate. I got excited today thinking I can use this online for cyber Monday. Turns out the money I SPENT online is no longer good online but only in store. This is insane that you can dictate how I spend money. I wasn't asking for cash back I just wanted to be able to use it online. The manager at the store was not helpful at all. Heck the supervisor was more helpful. I then call customer service and bc I didn't have the receipt or order number they couldn't help me. I then spoke to a manager and she wasn't helpful either. BUT as soon as I say I'm going to corporate she then tells me I can buy it online then take it into the store return it and re-purchase with the certificate. Told me the store would have to honor it. This is asinine that you're telling me money that I once had as cash to spend wherever now has to be spent in store. AGAIN money I was trying to spend in your store. I will not shop here ever again.

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Christine - 16 d 16 h ago


I bought some boots from old navy that tore up my ankles. I am bleeding and blistered on both ankles. I wore them with socks and also stuffed tissue between my socks and the boots. I bled through the tissue. I tried to return them after one use and my local store in Mandeville, La very refused because they were worn. I'll never shop old navy again.

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Christy - 17 d 15 h ago

I need customer service i have a problem please help me!

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Missie - 18 d ago


The Roanoke Va store was suppose to open at 5am for Black Friday shopping and has not open the doors? It is currently 5:31am. The text I received said doors opened at 5am. Channel news 10 is here so you have proof. . Kinda a bummed start to my fun day out. Missie Munford.

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ME - 43 d 17 h ago


I visited Old Navy in Cambridge Ontario where they advertised in the window a 40% store wide sale. Spent 1 1/2 hours picking out items and went to pay. The 40% store wide was a fraud and only a few selected items were discounted. I gave them back everything I was going to purchase aad reported them to the competition bureau in Canada for miselading advertising

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Deb - 38 d ago

The same thing happened to me yesterday! After spending 30 mins in line for check out, NONE of my items rang in on sale. The woman next to me also had the same problem. We asked to speak to the manage who "slowly" meandered her way to us. She stated, "No. The signs say on select items." I asked her to show us. She walked over to the sign and said, "Right there."

I had to walk right up to it to see the tiny...and I mean TINY letters. I took a picture of the signs.

VERY misleading to say the least!!!

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Anonymous - 19 d 14 h ago

You not reading the fine print isn't the managers fault.

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Anonymous - 48 d 20 h ago


Stopped at my local Old Navy in Evansville, Indiana over the weekend and had got in line to check out, and a pair of shoes that I was purchasing said $20 on the display case. The sign did specify sneakers, BUT the so called "boots" that I was purchasing were in the middle of this display case and the sign stating $20 was as well. So as a normal consumer, I assumed that they would be $20 as that is what the display is implying. So the cashier (whom was very polite and helpful) rang the shoes up, they rang up at almost $50. I had mentioned the price to her, and she told someone else who was at the counter who then went over to the display to view it and came back and exclaimed that they cannot do that, that they're not $20! Then proceeded to grab another pair of shoes from the display to bring over to check pricing because apparently she was not aware of which shoe was which. Then this lady had moved the sign stating the price to a different spot, and processed to say that the sign was not in the wrong spot and had not been moved. I felt how she acted was rude and extremely unprofessional. The cashier then proceeded to help me bring something up on my phone so I could get a percentage off my order. After I had finished, I walked over to the display where the lady who I spoke with earlier and other employees were standing and talking, I asked them if they could show me where it stated the prices of these "boots" that I purchased, as it didn't. I do not know what Old Navy considers a boot and a sneaker, so if they're not the same price, they shouldn't be on the same display or should have another price tag for the other product. After my quick conversation with the employees, one of them agreed with me and saw my point of view. If it wasn't for the cashier and her willingness to help, I would have walked out due to the service and attitude that I was given. I would suggest that before displays go up, to make sure all prices and items are in the correct locations!

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Anonymous - 19 d 14 h ago

Lol the sign said sneakers and you picked up boots? And you're mad they weren't on sale. Get over yourself. The shoes being on the wrong area is not always the employees fault. Many times, CUSTOMERS put things back when they are looking at other items because they are too lazy to put things back in the right place.

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Ideen - 45 d 21 h ago


I came into old navy to return a jacket that was bought by my daughter's grandmother for 30 dollars. But due to the fact that I was 46 or 47 days in coming to do the return I was done informed that I would only be able to get back all 20 I came into old navy to return a jacket that was bought by my daughter's grandmother for 30 dollars. But due to the fact that I was 46 or 47 days in coming to do the return I was informed that I would only be able to get back $1.28 cents the manager was very rude and dismissive, and a both treated me like pure trash.

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Benjamin - 19 d 14 h ago


The manager's behavior is not excusable, that's true. But you came past the return policy. What is the store supposed to do? Take your return anyway and get in trouble? If the return policy is 45 days and you come on the 46th day, it sucks but you can't return it anymore. They have time limits for a reason. If they take your return on day 46 then they have to let everyone return late.

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