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Old Navy

2 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA
(650) 952-4400
(650) 952-4407
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Annoyed - 1 d 11 h ago


My sister bought $90 worth of school uniforms for my son for school. She lives in Columbus and I in Cincinnati. She ordered them online and had them shipped to me. The pants were too big so I took them back to the store in Florence KY. I had all the pants still in the plastic wrappers and I had the invoice. The line was so long in the store I went and got the correct size pants for my son. Took them all to the counter and was told by the clerk that she can refund the money to the card it was purchased on. I said they were a gift and my sister bought them. I just want to make an exchange. She said the only thing she can do is put the money back on the card. I said I don't own the card it was purchased on and she interrupted me and said it was the only thing she could do is put the money back on the card from which it was purchased. I tried to explain to her that my sister bought the pants as a gift for my son for school, which is tomorrow. The card is in her name she bought the pants they're too big. We just want to exchange for the correct size. She told me again I can only put the money back on the card it was originally purchased and I can buy the pants for the same amount. I again told her that I don't have the card it was originally purchased on because it was a gift. She asked if I can go get the money from my sister. I said NO! she's in Columbus!!! Why is it so hard to do an exchange?!! This is the worst policy I ever heard of. If someone buys a person a gift and they have to return or exchange it the gift receiver is FUCKED because the store can only put the money back on the card it was originally purchased?!!? Please explain this to me....

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Former Shirt Goblin at the Oldest of Navies - 2 d 40 m ago


I witnessed a child look a sales associate in the eye and then throw all the clothes on a table onto the floor. I fear that the sudden strength and defiant attitude found in old navy babies comes from one of the posters on the wall. It's the one of the baby in a blue dress doing a power pose, giving an intimidating and demanding stare into the camera. This baby grants and emits dangerous energies to any children within the store. Perhaps they telepathically transmit promises in return for chaos. "Cry, babies. Scream. Throw Clothes EVERYWHERE."

Be Warned, sales associates.

Prepare charms and spells accordingly.

Also one time a child like came outta nowhere and hit me so I had to quit in order to protect my identity.

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Jen - 3 d 5 h ago


I've never seen a store in more sloppy disarray than your location in American Fork, Utah. Everything is mixed on tables and racks and half of the merchandise is thrown on to the floor. It is so horrible we left because it was too chaotic to find anything. I can't understand how this is allowed to happen

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Donna locurto - 6 d 12 h ago



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Donna locurto - 6 d 12 h ago

I was trying to post regarding fraud and how this company deals with it... I had a charge of approximately two hundred and forty something dollars for an online order. I called to let them know that it was fraud and could they please let me know what name and address it was mailed to and they said No .. they said it's for security reasons and can't give me that info.... they can charge me but it not my right to know who the merchandise went to and what address? My major credit card tells me who charges my account ALWAYS.... they protect me not the perpetrators. I am cancel this card

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Pissed off mother - 7 d ago


Im extremely upset! The people at the old navy on 1711 Belle Isle Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73118 are absolutely rude! Specially the girl Cheyenne or Savannah something like that. She had an attitude and did not look like she wanted to be at her job. Nothing was on the correct table so when questioned why the items were ringing up incorrect instead of looking to see there were stacks of the incorrect items under the sale sign she proceeds to talk disrespectful to my mother. When I told her to stop talking to my mother disrespectfully she argues saying shes not and continues to talk to my mother in a demeaning manner until me my mother and my children left causing old navy to lose a sale. She needs to be wrote up or fired for how she addressed me my mother and my children. She lacks manners and professionalism which will make it to where I never go back to that location again.

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Ex employee - 9 d 47 s ago

Worked at the Santa Clara, CA location. The manager, MJ, has no real expectations on what can possibly be done with the amount of people that are scheduled. I also think she's a suck up and constantly wants to do whatever our district manager says. I wouldn't be surprised if she had a crush on him.

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Heather - 11 d ago

I would like to inform corporate and whom else it concerns of my experience today. I will NOT EVER do business again with this company. I went to exchange, return, and purchase items (my sons school uniforms) at Old Navy off hwy 90 and mcvay. The cashier, Ariona (misspelled) refused to exchange my returns bc I only had partial receipt. I explained I used my debit card and asked her to look up my receipt using the last 4 digits of my card (which i had on me). Her and another cashier (Don't know name of) told me they couldn't do that. Aggervated I said I'd return with the rest of receipt I thought I left at home. Ariona said with a attitude,"psshh, these people", which made me upset so I explained I'm a customer and that was unprofessional. I asked them to hold the items I wanted to exchange mine for, behind the counter, and I'd be right back. I returned 2min later bc I found receipt in my car. As I waited in line I over heard another cashier tell a customer they could look up her receipt if she paid with a card bc she didn't have her recipt. I was furious at this point. When I confronted Ariona about her lying to me, she preceded to say I didn't have my card (which i did, or why would I had request her look up my receipt using it). She then got an attitude saying ooh ooh, asking another cashier could she please clock out/just let me clock out (in reference to fight me) I could not believe the way I was treated and talked to when all I wanted to do was exchange my sons school clothes. She continued running her mouth all the way to the back/break room or where ever her other cashier told her to go to cool off. So I was not only lied to, I was threatened and treated horribly! Not to mention she did put the items I wanted back on the shelf outta spite, which resulted in me only being able to buy 3 shirts instead of 4, bc someone had bought one.

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X customer - 14 d 1 h ago

I saw employee smoking weed in their car and then walk in to work in barstow

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Unhappy customer - 14 d 1 h ago


Management looks high

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Pissed mom - 14 d ago


Old navy needs to drug test employees in barstow

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Can't buy anymore until change is made - 17 d 9 h ago


I love your jeans,but Old Navy needs to make deeper front pockets for their women jeans and shorts. My money falls out and I cannot put my keys in them. Not every woman like to have to carry a purse or bag all the time. I hope Old Navy makes this change!

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Jerry - 19 d 15 h ago

I bought a $300 Gift Card last Tuesday at the Chattanooga Tennessee store. Paid cash.The card is lost. I have my receipt. What can I do to get that card cancelled and another issued?


Jerry Cochran

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Jose Castillo - 20 d ago


Hi , I'm a dad of five kiddos, my smallest is 6yrs old ,n my oldest is 16yrs old ...the store in the forum here in San Antonio tx .where I was today 7/28/18..@ 8:45 to be exact..

I was school shopping for them when I was looking out for sales...I found a sale for my youngest age 6 yrs old on pants size 5 slim for $6 bucks get him 3 jeans

Then my girls age are 9 yrs old size 8 & 12 in size 2 each for also $6 bucks not bad ..

My boy age is 11 yrs old I get him pant size 16 Karate for $8 bucks well I get him 5 jeans

When I'm at the register his pants check out at regular price $29 buck and the sign said 8 bucks

Then my oldest also gets 3 sets of pants rocker super slim they read regularly price 34 bucks on sale for 14 bucks ...WELL I DONT GET NEITHER OF MY OLDEST..cause Naomi who was helping out didn't no the sales or prices going I called for manager name Donna her answer was we have a mess n I said to her your under staff correct..her responds was yes if u check how many people she had working that store could of been spot less easier for us to shop..n actually be more easy to re add signs an numbers....all she said after that was I understand my employees dont know the prices or the sales....that's bad for a manager to respond to us the consumers...felt more like if I was at a yard sale I showed her the picture of the pants I grabbed my 11yr old n my oldest n didnt honor the price her employee actually took me to the sale on pants n wasn't given that price...not a good store to shop at ....its a mess walking the store to shop n then item are in wrong displays...

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Anonymous - 20 d 14 h ago

I am the mother of one of ur employees. I am constantly hearing of the horrible treatment recvd by my daughter from members of ur staff. As she suffers from epilepsy it's best not to upset her. And yet once again today she's ready to quit & calling me crying. Smh. What should I do? As a mom this disgusts me as a 26 yr old woman it disgusts her. This is @ ur flagship store on 34 st.

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Unacceptable - 22 d ago


I recently visited the Old Navy in Antioch, CA (Slatten Ranch location) and had one of the worst experiences with your brand/store. It was 109 degrees that day and the store wasn't much cooler, with industrial fan blowing behind the cash wrap but no where else for circulation. The store was a disaster with large empty sections on the wall and piles of cloths three feet high on back of cash wrap and in fitting rooms. The fitting rooms, while empty, all had either empty hangers or clothes in them. One room even had a puddle of who knows what on the floor. I was in the store for maybe thirty minutes with not one word from the employees. Once in the long line, I noticed only two cashier were actually working with another standing arms crossed and yawning trying to stay awake. I later learned from Eddie (I believe the new general manager) that the gentleman who was standing there was a trainee. I let him know it is frustrating to be standing in hot store in a long line with someone just standing there. I suggested the trainee could have been folding/sorting clothes so that customers in line didn't get the feeling that he just didn't care. In response to my suggestion my cashier Bailey rolled her eyes, handed my receipt and said goodbye, as if dismissing me as well as my suggestion. This will be my last time at this location and I will stick to the concord location.

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Anonymous - 25 d 4 h ago


Old Navy in Decatur All are the rudest bunch of people I've ever seen..I will never spend my money in there again!!!

General profile image - 25 d 11 h ago


I am so disappointed with Old Navy, on Airport hwy and McCord road in Toledo, Ohio. I went in to go school shopping for 5 of my children. I am African American and I would like to qualify this before hand: I am not a race baitor nor do I believe that all humans of any race behave in this manner. Upon entering the store, I was friendly greeted and asked if I was finding everything ok. I thought nothing of it other than "wow, this customer service is amazing". As I continued to shop, for five children, every section I explored, there were at least 2 to 3 staff members following me around the store. I began to think I was paranoid but, I began to take particular notice and I was truly being racially targeted. I had no "baggy clothing, nor a large purse, nor was I behaving suspiciously. I entered the store with my Caucasian friend so after I had completed my shopping, I was waiting on her and her daughter to finish trying on clothes in the fitting room. Once she came out, we did an experiment and she witnessed me being constantly watched and followed. My father had given me $2,500 authorization on his credit card so, I had no reason to even attempt to steal. I gave all the merchandise to the manager and told her why neither myself or my friend would be spending our money there for the way I was treated. I requested to speak to the manager who's name is Rhiannon, comes to find out she was one of the main culprits! I literally left there in tears. I don't appreciate being treated as such and by the way, I watched at least there people steal merchandise but, they were so busy watching me, they got robbed by a couple of Caucasian people. It's not right and I shouldn't have to feel like this and don't ever want to again. It's not fair. So reaching out to corporate is my first step. Thank you in advanced for reading this and look forward to hearing back from you.

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Sylvia Salinas - 66 d 13 h ago


I shop at Old Navy all the time and they have great sales. They are always busy but helpful. I have $60 dollars old navy cash that apparently ended on Sunday. I stopped and asked one of the employees to ask the manager for a day extension yesterday but was told no. I understand that there are rules set in place but are there no exceptions or overrides that management can do? I love this store. Just wish that I could still use the coupon its just a shame for it to go to waste.

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Chill-Out - 26 d 4 h ago

why would they allow a coupon to still be used that's expired? There are dates on all the coupons they hand out. If you didn't notice them that isn't the Corporations fault. That's yours. Stop trying to get something for free. There are guidelines and rules. Otherwise, they'd just have to authorize every coupon ever, even ones that aren't legit.

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Sandy - 29 d 3 h ago

I love Old Navy! I live in a suburb of Tampa called Valrico & Brandon. We have a Westfield Shopping Center in Brandon. You guys really need to put one in this mall. I have to drive over 25 mins. On the interstate into Tampa to shop at Westshore shopping Mall where there's an Old Navy! That's ridiculous! You'd make actin of money if you put one in Brandon, FL. Thanks!

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NONE - 30 d 6 h ago





DUBOIS, PA. 15801

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Brandy Is Abhorrent! - 30 d 14 h ago


Brandy checked me out at the register. Due to the sale, I had to purchase 2 pairs of shorts when I only wanted 1. Instead of overriding it, she made me complete the purchase, and then go to the back of the long line to be able to return the pair of shorts I did not want in the first place. Horrible customer service, Almost Evil the way she treated me. Her employee number is 1993711, Store number 8675

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G - 35 d 12 h ago


I work here and my manager doesn't tell me when my shifts are cut so I drive 30 minutes out of my way to come to the store and then have to leave. Looking for a new job now after being here for 2 years.

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save our oceans - 46 d 13 h ago


Purchased 5 pairs of my favorite Old Navy flip-flops yesterday, and came home with 5 plastic flip-flop hangers. I really hope Old Navy will mandate a reuse/recycle plan for all their plastic hangers. Why send the flip-flop hangers home with the customer when they can not be used and will end up in the trash??

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Angry employee - 35 d 12 h ago


Old navy throws away all the hangers that are taken with customers anyway. They're very wasteful

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