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Old Navy

2 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA
(650) 952-4400
(650) 952-4407
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Lori - 14 d 12 h ago


Old Navy on Columbus Blvd in Philadelphia, PA is an utter disgrace. Physically cannot even shop in there due to boxes laying around that you have to step over, racks are broken and clothes are laying on the floor. There are also clothes thrown EVERYWHERE!

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Jill - 9 h ago

I agree it's soooo bad you cannot physically shop in that location. It's as if there isn't a single employee working.

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Maria - 7 d 13 h ago


I went to my local Old Navy store this morning to exchange three items that I purchased in Florida on vacation. Evidently it was beyond 45 days, which I didn't know. My return/exchange was around $50 and I was told I could only get about $15. I have never done this before, and no one was willing to accommodate me in any way shape or form, Great customer service... wouldn't you say?

Thank you

I have my own business and If I treated customers as such, no one would come back

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Tia - 9 d 12 h ago


Went to an Old Navy in Cleveland Ohio in the Steel Yard Commons and had a coupon if you spend more than 50 you get 15 dollars off your purchase. Associate said he applied the coupon and actually did not. So when I asked him to see the price before the coupon and he really nervous and said it must have not went through. Associate tried lying directly to my face. WOW having your employees lie to your customers is not a very good marketing strategy to me. I think ordering online is looking better and better...this is why amazon and ebay are killing the industry because they're loyal to their customers. This incident will make me think twice before I shop their again.

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Anjali - 10 d 10 h ago


Very sad with the quality of old navy.

Bought rockstar jeand for self and several jeans for the whole Family but after the use of 4-5 times thread of jeans are coming out.i am the loyal customer of old navy since 5 years but very frustrated with the quality. Very poor quality. Walmart's clothes are better than okd navy

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vicki - 13 d 9 h ago


I've spent numerous money in Old Navy for myself and family members, and I have recently got my own credit card. I purchased 75.00 of clothing on April 29th, which included 4 shirts. I didn't wash one of the shirts that I wore aprox. 5 hours. It developed 4 holes right in the front below the belly button area. I may have washed one of the other shirts but only wore it aprox. 5 hours as well. It too had a small hole in the same area about the size of an pencil eraser. I have actually had this problem before but I've noticed it after a few months. I took my receipt and both shirts, (I even had the tags, if I needed them) back to the Old Navy store in North Forth Worth at Presidio, on May 7th. The manager Rhonda, wouldn't even come talk to me. The girl running the register (which was a high school student) said I couldn't exchange them or get my money back. She talked to the manager over the head set but assured me the manager was too busy to speak with me. There were no more than 5 people in the whole store. In fact no one was in line and I walked right up to the register. My husband was going to buy a pair of jeans but after I walked away very frustrated, then he tried talking to the employees and asked for a manager, which was still too busy to mess with us. This is appalling to me to leave high school kids in charge and not even help the situation. I tried to not make a scene but since I was so shocked to find out that my faulty clothing doesn't matter and you got my money and don't stand behind your product, that I tossed the clothing, bag, and all, behind the register and told the associate to throw them away! I am a upper middle class citizen and it's not even about the money that I feel like I lost, but more about the customer service that severely lacks, and the quality of the clothing. I would love to talk to someone about this. Vicki (hidden). I will never step foot in an Old Navy again and the sad thing is I have a really big mouth when it comes to being unfair.

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Joanna Maragh - 16 d 8 h ago


I brought a one-piece swim-attire item to the Fresno Riverpark cashier, displayed at 30% off. The cashier told me the 30% discount did not apply to my purchase because the discount applied to... swim-attire. I just can't.

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Patti - 17 d 13 h ago


Saturday morning during a sale with a line waiting to pay that is over 46 minutes of waiting, the supervisor allowed one of the 3 cashiers to leave. The dressing rooms are a shambles and there is no help in the showroom floor! What a disgrace.

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Zoran Markovic - 18 d 5 h ago


Old Navy is a terrible store my wife's wallet was stolen out of her purse she notified employees but the lady that was standing behind her stalled her wallet They employees haven't done anything absolutely no action was taken they didn't call the police neither did they call the security guard that they had behind a building somewhere they just stood there and stared at my wife yeah we got cameras so four hours later the police shows up to find out that their system is so terrible that on the camera day he cannot recognize anybody it's frozen video at all time and it's a motion camera system so most of the time it's not catching anything it's not even a recording I wish somebody would get a hold of me The employees haven't done anything absolutely no action will stay here they didn't call the police neither did they call the security guard that they had behind a building somewhere they just did there and stared at my wife yeah we got cameras so four hours later the police shows up to find out that their system is so terrible that on the camera day he cannot recognize anybody it's frozen video at all time and it's a motion camera system so most of the time it's not catching anything it's not your recording I wish somebody would get a hold of me from the corporate office and I am going to leave my phone number on here it's (hidden) please call me I will work on getting the news involved in this situation my wife had $1800 in cash in her wallet roughly 300 350 in gift cards because her birthday and people gave her a whole bunch of gift cards and much more ID all her personal information in that wallet if the employees would've reacted the way they should ask the security guy could've tracked her down but they have not I want to get this resolved in a nice way so please get a hold of me we are also going to talk to our attorney about this what we can do before I do all this I'm gonna take couple days and see if you guys going to get a hold of me if you don't then I will go to option B my phone number is (hidden)

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Zoran Markovic - 18 d 6 h ago

My wife's wallet was stolen inside the store she notified the employees no action was taken they just stood there and watched the lady run out of the door they didn't called the security that they had outside somewhere goofing around they didn't call the police they haven't done anything my wife called me I came there and I tried to speak to the manager the manager wouldn't even come out I was in Portland Oregon Gresham Old Navy this is a terrible terrible store everything is out of line employees are rude by the way I didn't make that I would really appreciate if somebody from the headquarters could get a hold of me since we lost $1800 in cash about $350 in gift cards and my wife's credit card ID pretty much the whole identity has been stolen from my wife who knows what they can do now with all of that but such a big business it would be nice to at least reimburse $1800 back that was our house payment money that she was going to put into the bank after the Old Navy shopping sad Part is that employee said no idea what to do when that happened and the security guard while I'm sitting there waiting for police driving his cough cart around the end of the parking lot probably was taking a nap here is me and my wife talking about the situation so he joins us and asked me what happened and I explained it to him he stated that they never even notified him so he called the store and then they told him all about it

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Mark from Fall River Massachusetts - 22 d 17 h ago


My wife who holds an Old Navy credit card and I went to the Fall River, Massachusetts store on 4-29-19. My wife has a service animal, she has papers attesting to this. "Brady" is a 7 pound Yorkshire Terrier and very well trained. Upon entering the store, an employee approached us, as Brady was on leash but was being carried and asked in a very shitty tone of voice if Brady was a service animal and the dog must have a service animal vest on or get out of the store. It was explained to this employee that Brady was indeed a service animal and a vest wasn't a requirement. He demanded to see papers proving Brady was a service animal. We asked to see the manager, he stated he was the manager. I asked for the real manger's name as this kid wasn't the ACTUAL full time manager. I explained to this rude kid, that it was a violation of ADA laws and HIPPA laws to demand, ask or a person with a disability and that he should educate himself before he acts like he was doing. At this point he started to raise his voice, causing my wife, myself and Brady to feel very nervous. Even other customers and even a nurse told him he was wrong and should calm down. He then told me to either leave the store with Brady or he would call the police. Needless to say, I left the store with Brady, horrified. This Sunday manager wouldn't give his name or employee ID number. We will be writing a letter to Old Navy, have contacted a local TV station and our local newspaper. We intend to contact local disability advocate groups and will use social media to share our horrific experience. We feel this uneducated employee needs sensitivity training and maybe shouldn't be the face which represents Old Navy.

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Anonymous - 18 d 6 h ago

I understand now why Old Navy has all these bad reviews because a lot of people are complaining me and my wife went to the store and somebody snatched my wife's wallet they didn't do anything they didn't call the security didn't call the cops they didn't do anything the person got away Us victims we need to get it together and call the new station close this fucking door if they can afford a fucking security guard to stay at the door of them didn't need to close the shit down

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Anonymous - 18 d 6 h ago

Old Navy is one of the worst stores my wife went there shopping with the four-year-old son and a lady was waiting for my wife to turn around and she snatched her wallet out of the purse and ran out my wife notified them please that her wallet has been stolen in the ladies running out nobody did anything about it they didn't even try to get her license plate or anything so I ended up calling the police to find out they actually have a security guard outside hour later I notify him that my wife's wallet has been stolen he stated they never notified me I am sorry about this so I wouldn't be shopping at that store because they really don't care about Their customers the police to try to watch the videos from inside which is terrible he said he couldn't even recognize my wife in the video it's that bad we are planning on contacting the news letting people know not to go there it's not safe they not professional at all they are supposed to call the security guard immediately and they didn't then they talk to us like we were the ones that stolen something really rude bad attitude I wish somebody could get a hold of me because we lost our rent money for the house $1800 whole bunch of gift cards my wife had in her wallet value about 350 she had her credit cards ID and many many more things pretty much her whole identity has been stolen now she has to cancel every credit card closer bank account take the loss of $1800 already which was in cash thanks to Old Navy They need to train their people to be prepared in case somebody attacks your customer like that to be able to protect them especially when they have a child with him you guys are running a corrupt business take our money and then whatever happens on your property you think you don't have anything to do with it if it wasn't Professionally handled security notified he could've catch the lady before she left the parking lot but no you guys train your employees to just stay there and look stupid

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UpsetinRochMN - 25 d 7 h ago


Old Navy,

I am an ex-employee. I never received a phone call that my paycheck was available and it was never mailed to me. When I called to see if I could come to pick it up or if it could be mailed to me I was told that it had been mailed back to corporate. How does this happen? Isn't this some sort of fraud. Once it reached corporate no one made the attempt to reach out and get the check to me so basically you had me working for free. I have no idea what to do because I get the run around. Do I contact my local law makers or employment overseeing bureaus? Or are you going to deal with this. I can't understand how $98 could possibly make a difference to you.

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pissed in nj - 28 d 10 h ago


old navy opened a credit card a visa in my name with out my permission, they told me i was opening an old navy card, not a visa they are two completely differant cards they are rude and not helpful at all when you call, the bank blames the store, the store blames the bank meanwhile they can ruin your credit this is not a business you should want to deal with

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Jay - 32 d 8 h ago


Purchased boys Old Navy jeans from Old Navy. Every purchase recently the jeans ripped outside the zipper down to the end of the crotch. Called Old Navy in hopes we would get a resolution today but with no luck as would have it. We know have to take them back to the store for a manager to inspect the problem. BS as far as I'm concerned. Will never shop at Old Navy any more: the quality of the product has gone done the drain. Good by Old Navy! Think I can find a better deal and higher quality of merchandise!!!!!

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Melbourne FL - 33 d 6 h ago


Dear Old Navy, I am a life long shopper of your products. Your Viera, FL store (zip:32940) needs help! 1. The store is too small 2. It is dark 3.It appears old and dirty (because of the paint and colors) 4. IT IS OVER FILLED with products 5. It is designed ineffectively. 6. Too many products are hung way high and we can't reach ( I am 5"7' tall) 7. It is very difficult to walk around 8. First thing you see when you enter the store is a WALL! 9. Employees work hard it seems like, but the store is designed in a way to make it difficult to walk around, look at the products, and shop. 10. Dressing rooms are dark, old, and needs refreshing 11. The lighting of the store is not effective 12. TOO MANY ITEMS are being piled on top of each other and it makes me want to NOT look through 13. You have to get rid of those big, bulky tables. 14. Clothes hanging on the walls are way too many. 15. Check out are is just pure clutter. *** Long story short, if your store gives the impression of a cheap dollar store, you can't expect customers to purchase a $25 shirt! I will buy a $25 shirt from H&M instead! Either be a 21st century store, or sell everything online cheaper to match the look of the store. I only shop online now. But, I don't even want to use the pick up from the store option. And during the last two months, I ended up shopping online only to quit before checking out at least 10 times. HOPE YOU READ THIS.. Thank You.

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Anonymous - 36 d 18 h ago


The Gambrills, MD store has little to no diversity. The store manager doesn't hire young African American teenagers. They dont follow up on applications. My daughter applied three times and never got a call for an interview, she was told to keep calling back which was useless due to the manager knowingly she wasnt going to hire her. My daughter is a well mannered teen that wanted to get some work experience. I will not shop at any Old Navy store or its affiliates until I see that discrimination doesn't exist with this company and that any race or ethnicity can be employed with your company. My family, friends and neighbors all have joined me for this boycott. This is disgusting being I've shopped here, gap and banana republic for decades. Never No More!

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Susan - 38 d 11 h ago


Never would use this store again. Had a credit cards for years with them I had some issue this past year where my credit score changed for a short period. I was never late with payment and always paid more then what was do. They allowed me to keep my account open till I paid it off. Soon as I made a full payment they sent me a letter stating that I a libality for their carddo to my score which is now 700 but they let me keep it with a bal and score of 500! I'm not even mad they closed the account but how they did it and the reasoning was very shady! I will never purchase anything from them or a family store ever again ! My money is well worth it to another company I'm sure will accept the 4-5000 a year!

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B. Kennedy - 42 d 10 h ago


I buy frequently at Old Nave but over the past year

I've had 4 women's tops where the material has either developed holes or frayed or partially changed color. Today I decided to take 2 tops back to old navy to show the manager the damaged fabric. I wanted nothing more than replacement tops or some kind of credit. The manager said "there is absolutely nothing I can do because we no longer have these in stock."

Your product is cheap and undependable. I will never step foot in Old Navy again and I will bad mouth you continually!

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Jess - 43 d 13 h ago


It seems Old Navy uses UPS delivery on their packages and until recently, it has been fine. However, the past two

shipments that have been delivered, have been delivered well after 5 p.m. and the office is closed. I have the packages delivered to my work address because of all the "Porch Pirates" that exist now and I know our doors are open from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. However, the packages have been left by the door where anyone from the street can see and left until someone gets here at 7 a.m. With porch pirates and homeless people, I am surprised that they were still there. However, I will not be on-line shopping anymore to have my packages left with no one signing for them. I am sure after other people start reporting this issue, you will have to make a change as you will not be able to afford to replace each and every item that are lost due to the POOR delivery service. According to the driver who came in on Friday and was asked why they all of a sudden are delivering to a business after 5 p.m. and leaving packages "My manager has told us to do this". "There are no more notices left that the item will be brought back tomorrow".

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Roxanne Taylor - 98 d 8 h ago


I have $30 in super cash which I got over a month ago. I have been keeping an eye on it so I would not loose it. I have been in bed sick with the flu, so I missed it. I called today 2/12/19 to your Niles, Ohio store and they told me they would not redeem it because a new sale started. I cannot believe there is not a so called grace periid. She proceeded to tell me that I could of used it online. I was sick in bed with the flu!! You make the redeeming period so far out that people forget to use it, like I have done so many times. This time I really kept it in my sight so I wouldn't forget it. Sorry I was too ill to get my head off the pillow to look at a computer. I feel this is a scam and I will not shop there any more. You are losing a good customer because of this scam you run.. At Kohls you can redeem the next week AND they will let you redeem a few days past expiration. Thanks for my trouble and your poor customer service!

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Anonymous - 47 d 13 h ago

there are expiration dates for a reason, employees cannot override those codes after the expiration date. it's simply the policy and it's always been that way, there's nothing the staff can do. super cash is also good to use online during the redemption period if you cannot make it into a store.

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Sylvia - 50 d 9 h ago


Very rude cashiers. Store was a mess and nothing was ringing up at advertised price and the young cashiers made it clear they didnt care and they certainly werent going to go out of their way to even check.

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Anonymous - 57 d 9 h ago

I purchased 2 gift cards for my God daughters in December for Christmas presents. I gave them their cards in January, they went to use these cards in March, only to find that these cards had been used on December 24th, someone used them to shop online.

Called 1-800-oldnavy to complain, everyone was so rude and would not refund my money, I will never shop at old navy again.

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