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Old Navy

2 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA
(650) 952-4400
(650) 952-4407
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Anonymous - 12 h 30 m ago


The customer service is very bad 1 star the only good thing out of this headache was my order arrived a week before the scheduled date. I ordered my grand daughter school uniforms online that Old Navy failed to include a packing slip in my order when I received it, however I needed to do an even exchange at the store for a bigger size and she asked me for the method of payment used online, I gave her the debit card used and she said that nothing was coming up under that debit card next she asked me for my phone number finally the order pulls up in the system. I went into the Old Navy store located at 4018 Conroy Road Orlando, FL 32839 on 7/21/2019 Cashier #3064636 Name Tag: Kelly whom assist me with the exchange, Kelly stated that Old Navy are going paperless and that's the reason for no packing slip with my order and that they don't do even exchange that they will have to do a credit to my bank card and scan the exchanged items and ring them up again only to find that she charged a debit to my bank card for items that were already paid for online. Here is the catch my account had a withdrawn amount and no credit return on my bank statement after leaving from the store to check my bank account. I went back into the store and asked Kelly to give me a refund for the money that she had taken out of my account, and also give back the items returned to the store and that she can get the items back that I exchanged. She told me no that she couldn't do that, because it was considered credit card fraud. I told her that it was not credit card fraud for her to refund my money. What Kelly should have thought about before she said that ignorant comment, is actually Old Navy is doing credit card fraud by charging customers for items that was paid for online already that she has charged me twice for, now that's credit card fraud. I asked for a manager and she said that she was the manager I continued to ask for my money back and she refused and told me that I have to check with my bank for the credit. I called my bank and the bank stated that she doesn't show a credit and they do not hold any funds, and she also stated that, they don't know why the merchants tell the customers it's up to the bank to release a credit. However in order to get my money back from Old Navy I had to submit a dispute charge with my bank and send the receipts. Now this is the part of the waiting game, to see when my money will credit back to my bank account. If you don't need to do a return at the store after ordering online DON'T because Old Navy don't do even exchanges they have lost me as a customer no more will I order online again.

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Angelina - 1 d 7 h ago


Horrible service at the Gilroy location. We will never shop there again. We have tried to be reasonable and optimistic the last two times we shopped there and today was the last straw. They continously have wrong prices labeled and when the issue comes up at the register the manager Janet does not have the best customers or handle the situation professionally. We walked her to the display table filled with summer shorts that clearly stated 6.99. She responded with those are different and she would not honor the price. We walk back up the the register and this time it's a shirt scanning for 10.99 when if was clearly marked just like the shorts for 6.99. We have to do the same steps over. This time we ask Janet "these shirts are all 6.99 right" and she says "Yes". Then we tell her well it's ringing 10.99. This time she says she will honor the price. How does that make sense. This end up being a 15 minute transaction at the register and the signs were still up when we left. I expressed to Janet they should have changed them by now so it doesn't happen again and she replied with " well I was busy". This is unacceptable to be frustrated with a customer, after my frustration was caused by the stores lack of accurate pricing.

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Carol - 2 d 35 m ago


I went into Old Navy in Jersey City, NJ on rte 440 at about 930am it was so disorganized it was so unbelievable. It was clothes everywhere no one greeted me or other customers at the door or anything I really think corporate should do a pop up visit to this store to check it out i also jave the video which can tell you time and date I was in there that store needs a secret shopper

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Grady Roe - 2 d ago

My daughter went to a store in Minot ND and bought a pair of shorts after wearing the shorts once they ripped by the crouch and the management said she couldn't return them. She had them for less then 24hrs anf the ripped. I did not like the way the handled this.

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Ann - 2 d 6 h ago


Awful customers service at 1800 oldnavy! No one does there job

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Miffed - 2 d 9 h ago

Was at the Paducah KY store on July 18 2019 at 8:40pm to get a few girls polo"s for my niece. Her Mom couldn't find them in her size on sale day and asked me to check back for her size. The entire girls department was tore apart due to unpacking boxes that came to restock store! The workers were apologetic but left cause I couldn't even get to clothes! Seems like waiting til closed would be much better idea!!

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Tiffani Black - 2 d 12 h ago


Please research order#THB1BNJ. I've had a ton of issues with this one order

1. Out of 64 items 30 items were sent to the store and the rest shipped.

2. When arriving at the store only 21 items were available.

3. While checking out only 19 items arrived and 21 items were listed. So other 2 items had to be located while at the register.

4. Rather than shipping those 9 missing items they were cancelled.

5. Had to wait on a credit from Old Navy before the 9 items were able to be shipped again.

6. $403 was charged/pending.

$280 returned to my account then each shipment was charged separately causing my account to go negative!!!!!!!! No one ever stated this!!!

7. Called to get 9 cancelled items reshipped only 5 items were received u sure why.

8. Called to find out 4 missing items was told now I owe over $25 for items

This Old Navy is unacceptable!!!!!!! What kind of customer service is this? None of this is my fault! Not once was I told I was missing items, would be charges separately and have to watch my checking account closely!!!! Even with the sale it wasn't worth the hassle. So 4 shipments, 5 calls and 2 store runs later I owe you $25 for 4 missing items??!!!! No I think at this point you owe me something other than 30% off!!!! I spent over $400 with your company and it's been pure HELL!!!!

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Brittany Hope - 2 d 13 h ago

Good evening.

I'm completely blown away by how awful the customer service you all provide is. I ordered an online order with the convenient option of online pick up. I received an email that says my order is ready for pick up. I have a very hectic work schedule how ever I get a minute to break free. I run in the store and see there is a huge line but am relieved to see a sign at the end of the registers that say online pick up here. I immediately walk up to this sign. There are two cashiers ringing customers up and a lady leaning on a display watching. She sees me at the sign an says what are you here for and I proceeded to explain I had an online order and I just needed to pick up. She says you need to get back in line. I said I'm sorry I was just going by the sign. She then turns the sign around I guess so I couldn't see it. I wait in line for forever get to the cashier and say I have an online order to pick up. She asks for my ID I show her and ask why I had to stand in line if this online pick up is advertised as skip the line. She proceeds to tell me it's only skip the line if there is no line. At this point I'm completely appalled. No wonder I never go in here. She then grabs my bags puts them on the counter and says you need to make all your items are in the bags I purchased over 25 things. She hands me no receipt and walks off. I'm in the customer service industry and quite frankly this is the most horrible customer service I've ever experienced. If I spend money with a business I expect to be treated with respect. This was at the Columbus GA, store.

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Anonymous - 3 d 27 m ago

The back to school commercial that you did about two years ago, I believe was the best commercial I have ever seen in my 66 years watching TV. It was the kids in the cafeteria singing and dancing. It was wonderful. You really need to bring it back, or expand on it the music and kids dancing was top notch.

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Enter Dress Lengths! - 6 d 10 h ago


Why why why don't you list the *length* of things (e.g., dresses)? You have bust/waist/ length elbow to hem that hard???? I'm looking at several things that say "above the knee" but that is long are a person's legs? How long is the length from hip to knee? (Some people have longer thighs, for example.). The only reason I don't just quit is that I am looking for "elbow sleeve" length dresses. Do I get "regular"? If it's too long, I need to pay to hem it? Do I get petite? If it's too short, I have to return it. Since things are on sale, I probably couldn't get the other size. I get both? Then I have to take 1 to the store 30 min away. I work 60+ hrs a week PLUS that's traffic = air pollution = use of gas = etc. So an hour of my time + time in line. Or, do I pay to ship it back. Which means taking it to the post office. Customer service tells me that other people ask this question and "some products" list length. So far, I've *never* seen one. So, that takes customer service time, too. Time = money. Just post the info and make it easy for us. Sheesh.

While you're at it, how about Skirt/short/sleeve lengths? But, for sure...dresses.

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Christine - 8 d 5 h ago


Old Navy Store #05304 in McHenry IL. I hope a manager, or better yet, someone in Corporate reads this! I was in this store today, Sunday, July 14, 2019, I opened an Old Navy Credit Card & had some difficulty getting it submitted, the clerk I spoke with, AUDREY, was kind enough to call the credit dept. & get it settled for me. She also placed an online order for me for a 3rd pair of shorts AND a dress that was out of stock! Not only did she help with that, but she informed me of a 40% discount I didn't know I would get on some items that I otherwise would not have bought, AND an additional 20% for opening a new Credit Card! Additionally, the shorts I was buying were marked $26.99, with a Sale Sign of $10. But when she scanned them, it didn't come up as $10, but as the full price of $26.99. She quickly informed someone at the desk that this needed to be fixed & made sure I was only charged $10/ea. I was SO grateful for everything she helped me with.

Commendable....right? My PROBLEM with this whole experience, is that when she walked away from the cashier's, they quickly started talking about Audrey...right IN FRONT OF ME! Saying she talks too much to customers! REALLY? She promoted opening a Credit Card with YOUR company, she assisted me in MORE sales, and WHAT??? She was TOO friendly??!! I ended up buying 3 pr. of jeans, 3 pr. of shorts, 3 pr. of sandals & 2 dresses. Is this a BAD thing??

I was approved for a credit line of $3,500. If Old Navy would like to see me SPEND some of that $3,500, I would suggest you speak to the cashiers at this McHenry IL Store #05304 to advise them on etiquette in front of customers! I should have asked for a Mgr., but chose to ignore them, but now I'm still angry about what they did! Not only should Audrey be considered one of your BEST employees, but my gawd....give that woman a raise for what's she's doing for your business!!

I would have left 5 Stars on this review, but Audrey is the only one that deserves 5 Stars! The cashier staff deserves Less Than 3!!

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Anonymous - 15 d 15 h ago


The West Palm Beach stores at the outlets has an awesome employee name Latanya she went above and beyond helping myself and granddaughters. If all employees were like her the world would be a better place. Please let her know how great she is.

Mrs FitzPatrick


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Tina - 57 d 6 h ago


So the commercial has a black lady calling a white lady becky...they couldn't find a different name for the white lady.becky is a derogatory name for a white female coming from anyone of color..look it up!!!!try to be slick with the racist comments old navy...not cool...racism is more then just one sided....get your Shit together and stop trying to promote it thru ur ads

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To racist Tina - 57 d 6 h ago

Get a fucking life Becky.

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Never shopping old navy again. - 36 d 15 h ago


Fuck you. Becky is derogatory. Let's see if the next commercial uses a white woman who calls a black woman "Shaniqua."

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You don't know racism - 57 d 6 h ago

White women that like Starbucks and wear Uggs is racist? Try to survive one day being black.

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Shaniqua - 34 d 5 h ago


THERE IS NO REASON TO SUPPRESS A VIEWPOINT UNLESS IT IS TRUE, because a false viewpoint can easily be combated with facts and logic, while truth cannot be combated except by lies which are vulnerable to refutation.

Or to put it another way, the 'racist' view HAS to be suppressed, because if it weren't, MOST PEOPLE WOULD BECOME 'RACISTS'!

General profile image

Henry - 29 d 8 h ago


I'm a white man with moderate views, and even I find the claim that Becky is racist or offensive ridiculous. Come on people, not everything has to political, racist or negative. It's a commercial, relax.

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Nellie - 20 d ago

Get over yourself!!!! It's just a name!!!!!

General profile image - 34 d 4 h ago

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CJ Burkett - 38 d ago


Old Navy employee harasses black women accusing her of stealing a shirt (it has a price tag on it). The women asks if she can get her receipt but the employee grabs her and will not let go of her (even after security arrives). She asks employee repeatedly to release her and employee refuses. Woman asks employee and security to look at the video of her entering store to prove she entered wearing it. Which the video proved. This should never have happened and reflects badly on Old Navy. I apologize for the political source of this video, but it does not change the contemptible behavior of your employee.

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College Grad Ebony - 34 d 8 h ago


I too saw the video and it completely repulses me. This experience made me reflect on my previous experiences at Old Nave and realized that they in fact followed my every move to the point I was uncomfortable to shop. I will never purchase at or from Old Navy every again.

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kalash jhamb - 37 d 15 h ago

Why does a customer get a mail check for refund that was originally bought on a gift card? I bought a t-shirt on a gift card and when I returned the same, instead of getting a gift card, I was given a mail check number that will be mailed to me..... why?? Is that some kind of scam? I had the original invoice, the merchandise was bought less than 2 weeks ago, but the store decided to give me a mail check number, which I couldn't use....I stood there for 50 mins arguing about with employee and store manager, but nothing could be done. I finally walked away, wasting over 1 hr of my time for a system that is built to scam people of their money/ fair is this? Store location: 840 South State Road 7, Wellington, FL 33414

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Greene - 38 d ago


Was at Old Navy in Paducah, Kentucky on June 12, 2019 saw that they had tanks tops on sale for $4.00 posted on the window as you come in the store and all over the store ask the girls at check out they said they didn't know where they were. One of the check girls ask someone in the back and they responded good question. Waited for 10 minutes for a answer no one ever responded. Now Store's wonder why people shop online

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Anne ftom Oklahoma - 39 d ago

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the fact that you have benches across from the fitting rooms at the Time Square store. After a long day shopping with my grand daughter, I really need a place to sit while she tried on clothes. I will tell everyone I know that this was such a welcome treat. Thanks!

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