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Old Navy

2 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA
(650) 952-4400
(650) 952-4407
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Carla - 17 h 28 m ago


I just returned and item and the credit did not get returned to my debit card right away like the lady said. When I said said something to the cashier she told me swipe my card so they can give me cash, it charges my card the amount of my return! I am so angry....Old Navy is taking my money. The cashier said that she could only credit the amount. WTF is going instead of getting a credit they charged me again. I have called my bank and made a claim against Old Navy. This is very disappointing and I will not shop there again. I am telling friend and family so they will not shop here again.

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Diane - 1 d 18 h ago


Old Navy really needs to look into the way they sign the sale tables. They put 50% off signs on tables containing mixed merchandise and then when you go to the register they say nope not 50% it's only one type of item on the table. How are you suppose to know which merchandise the sign pertains too.VERY DECEPTIVE. I was at the register and the customer at the register beside me had the same problem.I spoke to the store manager and she just shrugged her shoulders and said I KNOW. Not a great way to run a business.Neadless to say I did not buy the two pairs of pants that I wanted.

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Kathy - 2 d 15 h ago


I LOOOVE your new commerical shown here in Atlanta. Everyone's OUTSIDE playing it reminds me of when I was don't see kids outside jumping rope and just having fun anymore, that's a really nice commercial..I give you 5 stars .

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Molly Green - 6 d ago

I went on interview said I did great and in 2 week orientation starts and they will call me when to come in. So I thought I was hired. Never got a call. So I called mgr said because of my availability they can't hire me. I didn't understand because I can work anytime and have years of customer service and retail experience. I think they didn't hire me cause I am 60 yrs old. I want to file complaint for age destination.

Molly green

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Not Amused - 8 d 15 h ago

I work for a bank that finances a credit card. An Old Navy store associate called my company and started screaming at me thru the phone that I was providing horrible customer service for the cardholder because I could not legally disclose the exp date for a visa that had been mailed to, but not received by, the customer, not could I assist with her store lookup process. I have no way to access in-house systems for our client Old Navy and am horrified that this store associate a) convinced the ch to close the acct, and b) assumed someone over the phone, employed by a diff company, could guide her thru her own systems. Horrible experience for me and the customer.

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Nae - 9 d ago

I currently took a position with old navy in san mateo-hillsdale. The managment was not helpful, and training was not up to what it should be. I understand that kids run the store, but please can you train them better. This store continues to be a disaster. No one cleans or folds the clothes. Not to mention the fitting rooms look like a bomb exploded in them. I worked there for roughly 3 weeks. I still havent received my last check. Was told by one of the leads, we dont look for you to hand you your checks personally.So then mail my last check to me..I have never received such poor customer service or seen a store in such dire need of help. I will not be shopping at old navy again...Sadly, it was my favorite store!!!!! You really should retrain your people..Oh yes, and a few leads i overheard talking about management and how poorly they are....Happy to be gone

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Danielle - 11 d 14 h ago


I shop at the Logan, UT store and am very disappointed in the change that has been made in the check out process. Finding a store employee within the store to check out your purchase, the store employee uses a cell phone and a cart to check out the clothes. Lines wind through the store. This new check out concept is ridiculous.

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Lisa - 18 d 24 h ago


I am arising because of the absolutely poor customer service I have received from Old Navy. I ordered a pair of shorts I in your Newport News Va store on April 28 2018. The order wS paid for in the store. On April 29 I received an email saying my order was cancelled. No reason provided. I contacted the number provided and spent 20 minutes while customer service attempted to resolve the problem. I was then told they could not reissue my order because I wasn't calling from my home phone. I wAs never told why it was canceled in the first place. I confirmed that all I needed to do was call back from my home phone. I did so ten minutes later and spent another twenty minutes on the phone. However despite what I wS told in my previous call, they wouldn't replace my order until I gave them all credit card info again. Note I had previously confirmed all of this. I was asked my address multiple times and switched calls twice. When the order wS finally placed again (we'll see f they truly did that), I asked to speak with a manager. After another three plus minutes on hold I'm told no supervisor is available but I can speak to someone from the " help desk". Again, not a supervisor. I call the number listed for corporate office (hidden) only to receive a message that I must call the place where I have been dealing previously and would allow the courtesy of me speaking with a supervisor! All I was told was " I'm sorry." Obviously Old Navy is not sorry. They will not even allow customers the courtesy of communication with management. I expect to receive contact from Old Navy at (hidden) if they value my business. I highly doubt they even check this site and likely will receive no response. If that's the case, they will lose my business and I will be sure to tell others of their lack of customer service.

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Genevieve - 19 d 18 h ago


Hello, my name is Genevieve and I'm contacting you because of the negative experience I encountered at your Old Navy store yesterday. First issue: Yesterday, Sunday, May 6th, I went online to fill out the customer service satisfaction survey from my previous purchase the day before (Saturday). I completed the survey only to receive no promotional code for my 10% off my next purchase.... very frustrating!! When I got to the register and informed the cashier that I had completed the survey but not received the code, I mentioned that I would still like to receive the discount on my purchase and showed her the email with the blank area where the coupon code was supposed to be. The cashier didn't know how to give me the discount, had to ask the manager to get involved and help her. Coupon code was honored by a manager and that was that. If that was the only issue I had encountered, I wouldn't be emailing you right now... Second issue: Saturday, I went to your store to buy my 2 year old daughter some summer shoes. I ended up buying 4 pairs that I loved and left the store excitedly, and thinking I'd made a great purchase! We went home and my daughter wore one of her new pairs of shoes for literally 30 minutes before taking them off and the front of the shoes were completely destroyed and too embarrassing to wear again. She only wore them to the park for 30 minutes and they looked disgusting. So, given to the condition of the shoes and the fact that they didn't even last a day, I took them back to the store with receipt the next day. I informed the cashier that I had just purchased these shoes a day before and that they had only been worn for 30 minutes and didn't hold up and that they were bad quality. I asked her to return the shoes and she again told me she had to get her manager. After needing to speak to the manager a second time, she came back and told me (and I'm paraphrasing) "We will not be able to return these shoes because we can't put them back out on the floor and we would be taking a loss." I calmly responded by telling the cashier that I understood it would be a loss to the company and that I knew they couldn't be put back out on the floor to be resold..that wasn't the issue. I was sold shoes that were garbage and didn't even last an hour on my daughter so I would like my money back. I asked the cashier "So should I go ahead and contact corporate then?" and she said "Sure, go ahead." Third issue: After my conversation with the cashier about the shoes, the cashier said "Ma'am, are you having a good day?" I said "Yes, I am, thank you!" The cashier's response was "You should really work on the way you talk to people. I actually feel sorry for you." My response was something like "I don't mean anything against you. I simply want my money back because I was sold cheaply made shoes that didn't last more than a day." The cashier's response was "Well I still took it personally." I told her that I was sorry she had taken it personally and that it yet again, had nothing to do with her. Fourth issue: The cashier I dealt with in all of these matters was not dressed appropriately. I think Old Navy is meant to be a family store and the cashier's breasts were plunging out of if not falling out of her top. There needs to be a standard of conduct for employees. That is not appropriate and more importantly, no one wants to see all of that nastiness. This is the first time I've ever had so many issues with Old Navy and would like to continue shopping there in the near future but will not until I am refunded and or compensated for the issues I encountered with your employee. On a side note, I think this cashier needs some serious training and consequences for her lack of knowledge when helping me and especially because of the way she spoke to me. You'd think she wasn't even an employee!! You many call me if need be to discuss further compensation. (hidden) is my phone number. I also have pictures if needed. Please let me know. Information about store and cashier are as follows: Date: 5/6/18 Trans:2139 Reg: 005 Time: 2:53pm Store: 03072 Cashier: 3004916 Thank you in advance for your timely response.

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Brenda - 21 d ago

We just thought you might like to know, we visited the Chico store last night. The young lady that checked us out named "Lydia", was very inappropriately dressed. I'm guessing there is a dress code, if not there should be. The cleavage looked more like she worked at a " brothal " in addition to her bra hanging out. I understand young people dress differently than when I was a young lady, but we weren't they only ones to notice. There was no way you couldn't. We had to actually look away & were praying she didn't bend over. This is a family store and it's obvious more training is in order. Maybe there is a way to incorporate self-respect. Thank you. We would love to continue shopping at your store.

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Shanda - 24 d 17 h ago


I absolutely love Old Navy! Your clothes are great, and I love the versatility to be able to wear your clothes to the office and out with friends. But, I don't understand why you don't carry size 12 in your women's shoes! It would be nice to be able to purchase the shoes with each outfit when I shop. You make the perfect shoes, I would love to be able to wear them!! I pray this is something you all would consider. Thank you.

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Karen - 24 d 20 h ago

Horrible...just went into one of your store in Wilmington, De....the store was an absolute disaster, people walking around doing absolutely nothing while the gentleman at the register was very polite and did the best he could....the line was 10 people deep...i'm gonna go out on a limb and say this chain will be the next one going out of business, except for online services...more jobs lost

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Oeggy - 25 d ago

The past three times that I have gone to Old Navy I have had the same experience and I am having the same experience again. Everyone in the store is in line waiting to pay. As I text there are two ladies at the registers and approx 10 people in line. My recommendation? Update your registers. They are too slow. Good people working for you but need better registers to provide good service.

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Anonymous - 25 d 24 h ago

I am very disappointed that the service you have here I have a receipt but I can't return my clothes

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Paul Frye - 27 d ago


I just walked out of one of your chain stores located at 1290 E Ireland Rd, South Bend, IN 46614 after being treated poorly. I have been shopping at this location since it has opened and this was the worst experience I've ever had there. Heather, who is the Business Manager I called once I got home and she was dismissive, had a superior attitude and said to me, "I am telling you like it is." She was forced to apologize to me after I made her do it and then it was condescending. 3 customers in the store, 3 employees in the store and I am ignored. There is a difficult customer at the register which took 2 people to handle apparently. I am in line and then one of them walks past me and helps the 3rd person in line. Pathetic. This store today was run by children who are unprofessional. Not once while in the store did anyone greet me or ask me anything unless I initiated it and then didn't check on stock for me with a par of jeans that weren't out in my size. I did not go into this store to be aggravated, frustrated and treated second hand. This store owes me an apology and I believe I was discriminated against because I was in my work clothes and looked a little messy. I was in the store trying to replace my torn jeans and then I saw other discontinued items I liked. I had 8 items in total ...I dropped them where I stood and they saw it and still no one said anything. These people need to be retrained, given a warning or possibly fired if they've done this before.

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Aggie - 30 d ago


The worst store . People were lined up to make purchases but there was NO ONE behind the register. The other staff just looked and could have cared less. Everyone in line left.

I will not shop at this store again. I also took pictures what a joke this place is. A Friday afternoon, people wanting to spend money and no one wanted it

Newport News, VA. Pathetic!!!

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Beth - 32 d 14 h ago

I will no longer be purchasing anything from Old Navy or Gap. Your company's blatant, unapologetic theft of intellectual property is pretty dastardly. C'mon, people, do the right thing.

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Ryan - 33 d 14 h ago


I was in old navy in Lakeland Florida today April 23 2018 and I honestly thought it was a huge garage sale. The store was a disaster. Not one table was in order. Clothes piled everywhere. It was a Monday afternoon & the store wasn't busy. If the store was busy over the weekend the employees should of never left until it was in order for Monday. I was so disappointed because I use to enjoy shopping there. I also noticed a few mannequins dressed in horrible unmatching outfits. This store definitely needs some direction. There were 2 girls working behind the register and that is all I saw unless the other employees were buried under the mounds of clothes. Hopefully someone from district can come in and retrain these employees because it's a shame that the experience there was like digging in a thrift shop or goodwill. ( actually those stores are much more organized) sorry for the complaint but there are too many people needing jobs & are willing to work. Best of luck to whoever has to clean up this mess.

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Andy - 34 d 3 h ago


I was at Old Navy Concord Pike Delaware location this past Saturday, April 21, 2018. While browsing the store three women ran out the front door with big piles of clothing. Not one employee even batted an eye. All employees/cashiers went about their day like business as usual. I went to a employee and let them know what just happened. The response I got was they were aware what just happened but their policy is to not engage with thieves. They said they don't even call the police either. Still amazed at what I was just told, I was able to go out in the parking lot and get the tag number when they drove away. I went back into the store, let the same employee know that this time I had their tag number. Again I was told they won't call police. After talking with several friends of mine, they have also encountered the same situation where people will just run out the front door with stolen merchandise and the Old Navy employees just ignore it. I wonder how much merchandise needs to be stolen before they change the policy? Makes you wonder how many employees are also stealing if their so called policy is to not engage thieves or call police. ONLY IN AMERICA.

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Never shopping at Old Navy again!!! - 34 d 14 h ago


I will never shop at old navy again. Shopped at the store In Great falls, MT. Worst idea ever to have customers paying around the store on a hand held device. No one at the front registers. Stood there waiting then had to deal with the rude blond guy. Ended up leaving without buying anything and I won't go back. There are too many stores with great clothes. Went to JC Penny's and got everything their!!!!

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Anonymous - 36 d 11 h ago

allabaksh m jamakandi ! (hidden)

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Millie Lapoint - 37 d 19 h ago

I am an old navy shopper of many years but today has lead me to think about shopping elsewhere .I was at the Holyoke mall Old Navy and was shocked to see such disarray with the tables for clothes and the dressing room return area .. to the ceiling with clothing from the floor up I know I would think twice and check those pieces of clothing for dirt tears and just neglect. If this is the way this store is going to be I will no longer be shopping there.

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Anonymous - 39 d 18 h ago

I just saw a video about the incident at Old Navy were you fired the employees, then I went on line to review the incident itself. My take is that the first video saying it was a Hoax is correct. I have shopped at old navy before I will not do so in the future until I have heard that Old Navy has reinstated those three employees. Shame on you Old Navy Old navy has the right to fire people for anything that could be detrimental to their profits. I get that , but there is a point when doing the moral and right thing must out weight profits. I can not understand how the guy that approved them being fired looks at himself in the mirror I live in San Francisco and sometimes at stores on market I get looked at as if I might be a thief and I have twice been asked to open my bag. It is just a part of living here. And of all the people that I have seen who were asked to open their bags, a clear majority of those who make a stink and are black actually did steal something something.. Is that a racist statement even if it is true. d

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Rushed to leave - 40 d 16 h ago


My shopping experience at the store location in Charlotte NC was completely uncomfortable. I went into the store about 25 mins from closing time and to my surprise I was immediately asked if they could help me find something. I asked myself, I just walked in give me a chance to look at the clothes first then maybe I'll need assistance. Not welcome to old navy. Totally unprofessional and my last time giving this Racist company a dime. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt but it's been to many occasions where I've felt rushed to shop and get out. Well you know what thanks a lot.

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Frustrated with Old Navy - 43 d 19 h ago


Hey Corporate Old Navy - I have some feedback for you. Your mobile checkout is KILLING your customer service. I went into TWO Old Navy stores in Grandville, MI & Kentwood, MI today, and they were using these little tables in the store to check people out. The first store in Grandville, refused to allow you to go to the register if you weren't paying cash. She tried to get me to leave that area - where I would have been next in line - to go to a mobile checker - where I"d have to wait for two more customers in front of me, each. HOW is this good customer service? Another woman looked at me and said, "How are we supposed to know where to go?" I said it was ridiculous, put my stuff down and told the manager I was going to shop online instead - it was "ridiculous!" As the store manager protested, I walked out.

The second store I visited, I spoke with an associate before it was time to check out since I noticed one lonely checker standing at a table - and I explained what had happened in the other store, and told him I had walked out. He apologized, but explained that corporate is trying to work in the new mobile checkouts for card paying customers and profusely apologized for the experience I had at the other store.

News - your mobile kiosks should NEVER replace your check out line. You should NEVER ask a customer to go use a SLOW and inconvenient way to check out when a regular cash register is available to check out. I should NOT have to wait for ONE cashier on a mobile table table to check me out when you should have a BANK of cashiers at the check out register taking the next customer in line. Mobile check outs should ONLY be used to supplement your "busy" check out lines - NEVER replace them.

Newsflash - this is the stupidest thing I've ever seen - and I will NEVER shop in an Old Navy store if I have to go through this again. I just returned to shopping Old Navy after finding that you had some dresses that drew me back in - after years of just not shopping with you. I can easily shop elsewhere. Your phasing in of the mobile kiosks - "80% of your card business needs to be done at a kiosk?" Did you consider the customer at all when you set these parameters for your stores? Get a clue.

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