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Chicago, IL
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greg kulis - 11 h 39 s ago

Your companyn is horrendous. Cannot reach anyone in customer service.

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Sandy Wong - 3 d 24 h ago


Please be advised that Obitz had make a huge mistake on our flight number & flight time itinerary.

According to our Obitz itinerary:

Jet Blue Airway 1202

Fort Lauderdale


Departure Flight number and Departure Flight time are incorrect.

Transfer: New York JFK

To: SF

The correct Departure flight number is 502 and the correct Departure flight time are at 10:23am.

We were lucky that we arrived at the terminal hours early, otherwise we would have missed both of our flights and transfer flight.

Please be advised that these mistake should have been avoided by Orbitz. We hope that you address these type of mistakes to your company and ensure that these type of mistake can be prevented in the future. Now I have to think twice to make my next booking with Orbitz.

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Michael L - 4 d 7 h ago


Worst customer service! I was on the phone with them for over an hour and still could not get a resolution on a reservation that I made with your agent. Instead I had my call redirected three times...waited on hold for a supervisor and watch as my bank account was going to be charged twice for the cost of the ticket. Out of frustration, I gave up trying to deal with the customer service and call my bank to freeze the payments. A supervisor finally called but it was after the fact.

An American company based in Chicago that outsources it customer service to Mumbai, India. Shame on you! Lousy service...not worth the effort. I will go directly to airlines from now on.

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S. JOHNSON - 11 d 14 h ago


Sleep under a Coconut tree! Dear Orbitz/Expedia whoever you are... Just wanted to thank you for offering me to sleep under a Coconut tree. Recently came find your service extremely horrible... Short version book with your company, received email with no confirmation #, which lead me spending two hours hunting down my own reservation only to find out Orbitz is Expedia Expedia is Orbitz, I don't know. Then redoing my plane reservation only to receive no email confirmation leading to a mix-up in my ticket and me missing my flight leaving me to dealing with an outsourced non English-speaking representative who kept me on the phone for an hour just before she could transfer me to her supervisor which offered no solution but to sleep under a coconut tree... Ended up paying 500.00 dollars more to catch my flight home to NY from PR , Happy birthday to me! Piss poor service accompanied by bs policies ,guess that's how you stay in business ...Orbpedia just an organized ticket scalpers!

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neveragain - 18 d 10 h ago


My daughter is at the airport and can't get on the flight that she and her boyfriend booked at the same time. Orbitz screwed up by listing both tkts under the boyfriends name. They did notfy the airline of both parties and each had a reservation but the airline flagged her tkt for addt'l payment....because of Orbitz's mistake in listing the boyfriend twice, her tkt looked as if it wasn't pd for. When they cld from the airport to get assistance from Orbitz....they were put on hold numerous times and when they did speak with someone......each rep. passed the buck. I cld in too, trying to help..but was put on hold as well. It's now been 1 hr 24 min. I believe Orbitz outsources it's call centers to locations outside the US

because the reps I spoke with

don't understand what you want and don't understand how to respond.'ve lost our business Orbitz..and we intend to tell everyone we can about our experience today.

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Paula Hoyt - 13 d 14 h ago

Same experience. Bad company.

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EdGaba - 134 d 14 h ago


Orbitz royally messed up a bachelorette party reservation for my fianc. The hotel they chose and paid for is now closed on the dates they chose due to construction. The options provided by Orbiz do not offer the same type of environment provided by the original resort and they are doing nothing to help. It's been over a month now we are trying to find a resolution and they are not willing to change anything. The difference is around $1,200 if they were to just book the best alternative possible themselves and Orbiz is not offering to cover it. If the original resort is no longer available due to a screw up on the their part, the least they could do at this point is accommodate them at a hotel with similar environment and amenities. Oh and they can't return all the money because the flight is apparently non refundable. Really dropped the ball Orbitz!

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CCHeimVoiceOver - 4 y 62 d ago

@orbitz just keeps repeating the same thing: @VirginAtlantic didn't confirm the ticket. This is not my problem. I booked and paid.

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BrianHouk - 4 y 62 d ago

@CCHeimVoiceOver Doesn't @orbitz provide guaranteed pricing? Hopefully that helps you out. GL if you have to contact customer service.

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CCHeimVoiceOver - 4 y 62 d ago

I booked the tix via @orbitz and @VirginAtlantic won't honor the price they collected on my credit card. This must be illegal

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OrbitzTalent - 4 y 62 d ago

RT @klausphotos: I am very impressed with @orbitz. They take customer service seriously, and I will happily continue using them for all my travel needs!

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MKqueenBee - 4 y 62 d ago

@klausphotos @Orbitz. Good to know.

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klausphotos - 4 y 62 d ago

RT @Orbitz: @klausphotos We aim to please! Happy you enjoyed your experience with us.

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Cvroy21 - 4 y 62 d ago

@barneyh @orbitz trying to upgrade htl with Orbitz and being charge a change fee. Why penalize me for trying to spend more money with you?

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klausphotos - 4 y 62 d ago

I am very impressed with @orbitz. They take customer service seriously, and I will happily continue using them for all my travel needs!

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muad_dba - 4 y 63 d ago

@sqlinsaneo @Orbitz Netflix is still the king of pop-unders.

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sqlinsaneo - 4 y 63 d ago

I thought pop-under ads died in the 90's? Im looking at you @orbitz

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