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Matthew O'Brien - 3 d 17 h ago


Just the worst experience booking with Orbitz that I've had in 20+ years of using them. I filled out the usual booking info on line for an international flight as I've done for ages. Everything normal. When I hit "Complete Booking", for the first time ever it did not work and an error message said to "wait a moment and try again".

I then over the course of 10 minutes hit the complete booking button 7 times. It would not work.

I phoned Orbitz, they're still working on it. It's been 45 minutes talking to them, and I'm on hold as they're nominally have been taking the last 10 minutes to book the flight.

But, here's the clincher. They refused to sell me the original flights as I had tried to book on-line, but have now made me buy a package that is $21.00 more expensive and accept a booking at a hotel that I cannot use. I then asked for them (Orbitz) to pay the difference. Their supervisor in the Philippines said he could not due that. I then asked if he could instead grant me "Orbucks", which I can use as cash. He could not do that either. He claims to be the top manager at this moment in the Philippines. It's one thing when a corporation like Orbitz outsources Customer Support outside the U.S. -- but they at least need to also grant them some authority.

Orbitz, never again. It's been 20 years but.....

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Anonymous - 6 d 14 h ago

Because of the unbelievable lack of service from this company and the lack of availability reguarding customer service I should be at the Olympics is Seoul, presently.

Instead I am stuck in Philadelphia. I intend to take this to the media, I am a coach needed to be in Seoul tomorrow.

Almost forgot they charged me another $ 2,000 in booking fees,

Will keep posted if they return this comment.

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phartigan - 12 d 13 h ago


I wish I had read some of the reviews below before attempting to book with Orbitz. I have been a costumer for a number of years and used the service successfully on many occasions however this was the worst experience that I could have with a company. I tried to book a family vacation to Miami recently on line went through the process found a trip and went all the way to booking and confirming, at the end of booking I received the message that the trip had changed and price changed and to continue to search. I did continue to search and again same messages. The end result was that Orbitz withdrew multiple amounts from my account without ever booking or confirming a trip and after multiple phone calls to bank and Orbitz I did receive partial amount back. 4 days later still waiting for another $3.000 dollars to be returned to my account for a trip never booked or confirmed. They just kept the money. Did speak with costumer services multiple times with no satisfaction, spent over 90 minutes on phone trying to get my money back on hold and then speaking with a person who gave the BS answer that they had been changing the system and that is why the money was not returned, and that he could have someone else call me or do a conference call with my bank to give them new codes to get money refunded. Had no concept that having conference call with a bank with Orbitz would be equally challenging. He then promised to send me the codes so that I could provide to the bank to refund for a trip never booked or confirmed. This is a company that needs to have its business practices investigated further. Waiting for a promised email with the codes to have my money returned to me, still waiting 5 hours later. So if this is a normal company practice and they have 100 others having similar experiences with others money they could be making an enormous amount of money on holding customers money in ORBITZ accounts . I wonder if they ever read these posts and influence how they conduct business.

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Ky Givens - 7 d 14 h ago


The same thing happened to me! I initially booked a trip to Vegas January 22 for a flight and hotel package and then cancelled because of a long layover. I rebooked the trip immediately where there was not a layover the same day. I made it to Vegas only to discover I had no reservations. I called Orbitz and spent 30 minutes listening to a representative hum and type on his computer not able to give me any information on why my reservations had been cancelled. Finally he says that it was due to fraud that my room was cancelled. The reason for fraud is because I cancelled my first trip. If it were due to fraud how was I able to fly to Vegas and back home. The entire trip should've been cancelled. I was then told I would receive a phone call in 24 hrs in regard to a refund and that the refund would take 7-10 business days. Well here we are February 12 and I still have no refund. I have called and spent hours on the phone only to get no results. I was told the fraud department would have to call me in 3 hours, then I was told it would take 24-48 hours. I called back yesterday and they told me it would take 3 hours for a call back and still no call back. I don't know what to do at this point because I keep getting the run around from CSR's supervisor, and even Managers. I call corporate and can never reach anyone. I will NEVER book with Orbitz ever again.

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Wajir0 - 19 d 16 h ago


This has to be the WORST experience with Orbitz, i'm trying to book a

package online and i'm getting a quote for $1484.10 after adding all my

information i get to the payment tab and there is no way i can split the

payment. applied VACATION75 to now the new price is $1409.10.

i call 1(hidden) and spoke with a "Travel Specialist". while being on

the phone with her for over an hour giving her all my information again and

going back and forward nonsense we get to the part were my price has

increased to $1541.00 because of the credit card split. she couldn't apply

the coupon and my price went 132.00 increased. last words from "travel

specialist" (were you can try booking it on your own then)

General profile image - 21 d ago


OUR TRIP WAS CANCELED! Our friends and family booked a trip to Nassau Bahama to an all inclusive. We included round trip air to get a discount on bundling from Miami. We are 3 weeks away from our trip and we got an email saying they canceled our Melia All inclusive reservation. They told us they had overbooked. We made our reservations in October. ?? Makes no sense that we would get our trip canceled.

I'm not sure why orbitz is responsible and not the Melia hotel itself?? We were told we had to deal with orbitz. Orbitz said they would help us find other accomadations. They never called back offering anything. We tried to find our own new place to stay. We could not find another all inclusive resort in bahama. They would not refund us for our airfare so we had to continue looking in Nassau for a vacation. Orbitz said we can get refunded only what we had spent on our original reservation. Well we can only find places that did NOT include meals or drinks and were expensive. They did not care. What started out as a $3200.00 trip is going to now cost me $5000.00 or more. They do not care. I've been using orbitz for years. We vacation every year this has NEVER happened to us or anyone I know!! It's 3 weeks away!! It doesn't seem like it would be orbitz fault but for some reason it is their responsibility. Very confusing and disappointing !

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Pissed - 21 d 8 h ago


Wow. Writing this review as i type. Never have i EVER dealt with a company so unprofessional! Do better Orbitz i used to love you.

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Phil - 22 d 19 h ago


Unbelievably horrible customer service. The on-line booking would not take my reservation, I called customer service and was told it was possible because the flights I wanted to already booked but there was no indication on the on-line site that this had occurred. I called customer service and they tried to do the booking from their end but could not explain why I could not book other than the flights might have already been booked. I wasted 90 minutes of my time and still no booking, The worst!

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Cindy in KC - 29 d 11 h ago


I have Orbitz as my 'go to' travel site for hotels and flights. Been using them for years!! They have ALWAYS given me good service and have worked with me on any situations that have arisen. Way to go, Orbitz...thanks for years of good customer service and easy reservations AND for the good prices!

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Harry - 29 d 13 h ago


I booked and then cancelled my flight for emergency medical reason. That said airlines couldn't refund my money, so I got credits for use in one year expired on 1/30/2018. Called in three times to request for refund now that I can't fly for a while due to my current medical reason with doctor's certificate. One time got hanged up after the rep told me to wait for her to looking for something. Next two time I got instruction how to proceed for the request for refund. Did the request and got replying email told me that my reservation expired on 1/10/2018 and couldn't be pulled up. Horrible! Want my money back.

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Sara Urban - 38 d 12 h ago


The worst customer service ever! I will never book through them. I've been using Orbitz since 2003 and it used to be so easy, I traveled for work and had no problems changing hotels and flights. Now I"ve been on hold for three hours, two 'representatives' disconnected from me and the 'corporate manager' with whom I talked with stated he was in Las Vegas. I was able to understand him unlike the 5 other Orbitz call center reps who were both in Phillipines and India.

I am hard of hearing and asked politely the first time to speak with a Native English speaker. I have taught English abroad, I understand many dialects and accents however it is very hard to understand a person who only repeats the prompts they are taught. Every representative told me the same lines. This is really poor training on Orbitz part, a corporation that deals in travel needs to have people who can speak English naturally with English speakers. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to understand a Philipino or Indian person if I for example was a Russian or Italian and English was not my native language.

I am currently on hold writing this complaint. A woman in India, who's name I couldn't understand is assisting me in canceling all my flights, hotels and car rental for a trip to Poland, Germany via London. I now need to cancel all my other business plans for my 10 day business trip. This is horrible. I've now been on hold with this current call for 20 minutes, Marc Cohen and the Allman brothers and now bad country-fiddle music that I am forced to listen to while on hold.

YIkes, never again Orbitz!

Why did I pay for the extra ' travel insurance'?

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Dylan - 39 d 18 h ago


Qualified for Platinum membership and never received it. I Had 3 separate customer service calls verify that I had completed all requirements, had each of these tell me there was nothing they could do for me. No one could connect me to someone who could resolve the issue, and I kept getting the response that someone would reach out with a resolution within 5 days. 7 days later I am still calling and still getting no help. I have now spent 5 total hours on the phone for something at this point I do not even care about. My motivation is simply the fact that this company treats costumers terribly and it should not be tolerated.

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Fed Up with Orbitz - 51 d 13 h ago


Try entering one of their contests, i.e. Free Flight Fridays in December. Entries had to be postmarked on Friday and both of mine were: 12/8 & 12/15 but both were returned to me as "attempted - not known - unable to forward, however, their address was the one listed above. Many others have reported the same thing and they are from various parts of the U.S. Smells like mail fraud to me. I'll check with the Postmaster General and see what their take is on this. Get your act together Orbitz.

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June Lands - 43 d 18 h ago


I also had my entries returned... then in the middle of the last sweepstakes they changed the box number in the rules... from box 1000 to box 700???? Now they have a new sweeps out with the Box 1000??? What are we to believe. I guess with their bad customer service they also run really bad sweepstakes.

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Jorge - 45 d 15 h ago


Horrible customer service. To cancel a hotel reservation within the allowed time frame, I have been placed on hold for a total of 4 hours each time I call, customer service is answered by off-shore call centers likely in India and/or the Philipines, the rude behaviour and poor English is just part of the ordeal, after waiting for hours, they will just do nothing to help, just transfer once and again to a 'supervisor' who will also do nothing. Save yourself some headaches and bring your money to other travel agency (there are many)

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Donna in California - 48 d 10 h ago


I changed a reservation after talking with multiple agents and taking 56 minutes. I paid the ~$300 change fee and received a confirmation saying that my "reservation is booked and confirmed. There is no need to call us to reconfirm this reservation" When my son when to get on the plane in Thailand they said he didn't have a ticket. After another hour + on the phone with several agents again, I had to rebook for the next day. My son spent Christmas eve on the floor of the Bangkok airport. Although the agent said they would send a hotel voucher, I never received one. We missed Christmas together with the family - his reason for coming home - and I sat along all day waiting for his plane. NOTHING I said elicited any help from them for the situation and did not take ownership of the confirmation I received.

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Alyssa T - 50 d 14 h ago


Are they bankrupt? I feel totally scammed, like they are stealing my money. This is the worst service i have EVER had. I wasted over 4 hours on a Holiday trying to cancel and reschedule a flight that should have had free 24 hr cancellation (and, I purchased additional cancellation insurance). It should have taken 5 minutes but they won't let you cancel online... despite advertising that you can easily cancel that way. It is really unbelievable. Orbitz is reputable so i didn't think twice about booking with them, but this truely blows my mind. So terrible. We spoke with numerous SALES representitives (in the Philippines) since that is the only department which would answer the phone. The most we got out of them, after HOURS and HOURS was a name. Robert Green. Sounds like a fake. They said that he was the manager of that department but that was all the information they had. They couldn't verify that it was a real person in any way. I have contacted the bank to try to stop this transaction from happening after the holiday, but I really couldn't be more disappointed with Orbitz. It's not the company I thought it was. I should note that the corresponding portion of this trip was booked with travelocity. What a night and day response to our schedule change. Travelocity took less than 5 minutes total to change both hotel and airfare with no charge. I look forward to my travels with travelocity but will NEVER use Orbitz again!

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Orbitz Destroyed my Holidays - 51 d 13 h ago


Orbitz is the scummiest online booking service...


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ORBITZ SUCKS - 53 d 15 h ago


I have booked travel on line through various websites and never have I experience the horrible customer service as I have with Orbitz. I agree with what everyone else has said - they are quick to book travel but if there is a problem they do nothing!!!!!! I am currently on hold and have been for 1 hour and 17 minutes and counting trying to resolve my problem to no avail. I will never ever book through Orbitz again

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Dissapointed - 54 d 19 h ago


I purchased plane tickets yesterday through your site and was confused when no option came up to choose a seat. I called up and was on hold for 1 1/2 hours spoke to three different agents. I was finally told that Virgin America does not allow customers to choose seats after purchasing tickets. I asked repeatedly to see if I was hearing correctly. I said, Is this an Orbitz thing or a Virgin thing? I was told flat out that Virgin won't let anyone choose their seats after purchase whether on Orbitz or directly. I said, Cancel my tickets. The agent wanted me to purchase tickets from Orbitz for another airline. I decided not to. I went directly to the Virgin website, purchased tickets, CHOSE A SEAT and got insurance all for $10 less. Your agents I spoke to, while pleasant, I don't think are well informed. OR Orbitz is telling them to say that so the purchases stay within the Orbitz website, because they wanted to sell me tickets for another flight. Either way, it's false information.

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sid - 59 d 16 h ago


Orbitz is simply an agency selling tickets for the airlines with the soul purpose of collecting their comission. things are OK so long as there is no problem. But if something goes wrong, Orbitz suddenly becomes the intermediary that has no control or authority and they tell you deal with the airline. When they sell you your air ticket they charge your credit card that very moment. But when the airline cancels the flight sold to you for no good reason, they say you can get refund from the airline (as if this is a great favor to you) and they say the refund takes 6-8 weeks. Terrible organization. Their agents out of their sattlie sites outside US can only read to you what has been printed and handed to them and instruct to read. Horrible.

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Anonymous - 62 d 9 h ago


This is by far the worst experience, close to the holidays, within a difficult time, I can't believe they can honored their mistakes, and make us pay the price for it. Everyone I have spoken with has no sympathy of any kind, all they say YOU ARE RIGHT MA"AM, but we can't do anything

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Carmen Mendez - 63 d 12 h ago

After 4 hours on the phone with your representative Paula, mentioned below who didn't know how to book a reservation and than transferred me over to her supervisor John Case #E-18658511, I'm totally frustrated and disgusted with the type of customer service provided.

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Carmen Mendez - 63 d 15 h ago


I've been on the phone with Orbitz, speaking to a Paula for the past 125 minutes and she still can't help me. This is totally ridiculous, now I'm on hold to speak to her supervisor. Can someone who knows what they're doing please get in touch with me? Itin #(hidden)470

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Anonymous - 69 d 13 h ago

Once Orbitz was the best travel agency for me, and I used a lot. Now they became a sloppy service, customer service is in India where nobody work proper way, and I have to call there over and over and over for their mistakes. I have to think of changing my domain travel agency.

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