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Kevin Fuller - 1 d 15 h ago

Someone from Corporate needs to email me all call me Monday morning!

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Emily - 31 d ago


I don't understand how Orbitz can be displaying 7 options at $787 each for a flight I want to book and when I go to select each and every one, the price mysteriously goes up to $1249. Total B.S. Update your systems so that it shows current ticket prices. And that is even almost $150 more than the prices on the airlines direct website.

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Frustrated - 7 d ago


I had an increase on a flight from $1482 (displayed) $2,350! And the old (nonexistent) price is STILL showing up on the same search. So Orbitz KNOWS they are pulling "bait and switch" on its customers with low prices posted that are not available

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Frustrated Customer - 7 d 4 h ago


Orbitz seems to believe its OK to display results of flight searches that are NOT AVAILABLE..even when they KNOW the price has gone up. They explain this "bait and switch" trick by saying "from time to time we update our prices"! That doesn't even explain why a listed flight price consistently comes up on my search..even though that flight price (AND AIRLINE) are not even available anymore. And irbitx still keep these not available flights so you'll click in them, fill out all the info only to be told at the end the flight can't be booked..and with ZERO explanation or reason. Isn't displaying a flight price that no longer exists ILLEGAL?!?

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GB - 10 d 22 m ago


Dear bbb My wife and I bought two round trip tickets from San Diego to New York JFK with ORBITZ. Due to her health/heart condition, we missed our flight. We called ORBITS shortly after to change our time or date of our flights, but they refused, saying that our tickets was not qualified for any changes. We request to buy a one way ticket and use the other portion of our round trip tickets to return. But again they refused. They said if we did not use the first half, the second half is of no value. This information was never disclosed to us at the time of purchased. If this info was disclosed at the time of purchased, we would not have purchase these tickets So basically they want to keep our $560.00 and provide no service,

we feel that these restrictions were not fully disclosed to us at the time of purchase of these tickets. Previously, as we recalled, we were able to change our tickets with a fee charge but now that privilege has been taken away without fully or properly disclosed. This is cheating the people of America and should not be allowed. We are kindly asking for you address this matter an protect the citizens of our country Sincerely GB

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Jfuzz - 20 d 18 h ago


As a previous post mentioned @$!#@! Orbitz. The hotel La Posada in PR didn't have a room although I was charged. Then wanted to put me elsewhere without my approval. They had Sent an email via orbitz that I never got and probably wouldn't have known until I got there except for the fact that at 3 pm on a Friday I'm looking for something in my junk mail and see it. So no phone call follow up or direct emails to follow up since I didn't respond. The email sent was a no reply from orbitz so couldn't communicate about it. They provided no contact info in order to get in touch with this supposed bnb. But what it actually is an air bnb room. I also resent that because it's misleading advertising. Totally ruined my plans because reviews for most hotels in old san juan are yucky. This one sounded and looked decent. Orbitz customer service was horrible. Take no responsibility. Wanted to completely cancel vacation. But they wouldn't refund airline ticket. So rather than be out $400 I figure ill go but no since it's only 5 days prior I'm having to find a new hotel that I never would have chosen and from the reviews looks and sounds like a dump. Since it was no longer part of a package I wasn't getting a deal on tge hotel and paying a higher price than what it's worth. If I get bedbugs in this place these mother f-ers at Orbitz ate going to have a lawsuit. Not only that it was like I got stuck in this thibg. Contemplating calling credit card company to see what I can do.

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Omimat - 29 d 5 h ago


Horrible horrible customer service. The "price match" guarantee is a crock. Don't purchase the insurance either because it's an extra $9 you'll never get use out of without further stress. Orbitz cares nothing about their customers and have definitely lost my business!!

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Anonymous - 33 d 17 h ago


Their website was "updating" so my credit card was authorized but the trip was cancelled. Then customer service tried to blame everyone else. Didn't help. I'm never using Orbitz again.

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Robert - 34 d 1 h ago

You fucking cock suckers wrecked my vacation had hotel booked for 5 months then you cancelled it the day of. You can all fuck off and die fuck all you rot in hell!!!!

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Anonymous - 41 d ago

If any of y'all trying book a flight, what ever you do not use Orbits site you will get screwed.

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Dr. T. C. Tze - 43 d 15 h ago


I booked a return flight from new york city to London england with Orbitz . It was stated as business class with norwegian air. Received e-ticket stating it is business and even purchased insurance. 2 months later orbitz sent me another e-mail stating that there is a time change as well as a downgrade to coach. Asked for a refund and was told it is a non-refundable ticket. If orbitz cannot deliver on the original transaction it is deemed their mistake and they should be fully responsible for it. Tried numerous calls and e-mails and have been shuffled from one office to another until finally reached a corporate agent and still cannot resolve my problem. Would like a solution please

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Bonnie Fritzler - 50 d 19 h ago


After 14 calls and 7 + hours on the phone the issues with my flight reservations are still not resolved. I am very frustrated and think that after all that I have gone through to make the corrections I should be in titled to a refund. But I am told over and over that is not possible and I have given 3 credit cards now for the 30.00 change fee per ticket and they don't even have the common curtesy to wave that and want another card. I have to call back again in the morning to try to fix all this again. You would think that corporate could do something to compensate for my time and frustration.

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Catherine Louque - 52 d 46 m ago

I have never used Orbitz and tried to use them may 1st. I never completed my reservation due to the price. I went toThe bank yesterday and orbit had taken almost $900 out of my account for a flight I didn't even finish booking. Yesterday I called and the customer service agent could not find me anywhere in the system. I spent 28 minutes on the phone with her. Today I spent an hour and a half on the phone and still have no resolution. I will never ever use Orbitz again

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Anonymous - 51 d ago

Orbitz has successfully fixed by problem and I sincerely appreciate it.

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Anonymous - 51 d 45 s ago

I am very pleased today to say that I have been helped and orbitz has resolved my problem. Thank you very much.

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Gabriela Segovia - 53 d 15 h ago


Currently on the phone for 40 minutes disputing additional $2700 charges to my credit card. Your customer service agent recommended that I dispute this with my bank instead of fixing the error.

Then she goes on to tell me that my cancellation is past the 24hr window because it's already May 2nd wherever she is at. I had to tell her more than once that in California it was still May 1st and that I was still within my 24 hour window.

This is worst service I have ever had with an online travel website.

I will never use your service again.

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Diane - 61 d 5 h ago

I am a member of the media (audio producer & journalist). How do I contact your company? Dialing 3 from the switchboard to get the 'Media department' results in a message saying that person does not have a valid voicemail box - a strange marketing strategy!

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Megan - 65 d ago


Brandon from corporate deserves more then recognition; not once, but twice, he was patient and resolved my issues!

The first time my flight was booked to the wrong destination and he took care of the problem. Then when my husbands name was on the ticket instead of mine, and I only had 10 minutes to make it on my flight, he worked quickly and made sure the problem was fixed. I have never spoken to such a kind and patient corporate worker EVER. I can't thank him enough for resolving the issues the way he did so my son & I could return home safely! Thank you Brandon from the bottom of my heart!

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tom - 69 d 6 h ago


I am sick and tired of charging me for a flight ticket that YOU made the error on! I have battled this for 9 months. You put the wrong name on a ticket for our grandson , which you did correct.But then charged me for both tickets.Now you send it to a collection agency. I am going to write you a check to get you off my back. I hope you feel good about harrassing a senior and veteran! I would guess since you are based in Chicago you take corruption as the norm.

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mike - 74 d 5 h ago


This company is the biggest joke that i have ever used. i booked a package deal thru them took my money and then never paid the airline for my tickets and when i called orbitz they charged my account again for a total of 1723.26 and when i called them on it they told that there was nothing they could do

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cagri - 117 d 10 h ago


I had the most terrible experience with orbitz, I had been a customer for over 10 years, but the last thing they have done was unbelievable. I have booked a flight a week before the departure, all family passengers including my baby son. The funds were taken out from credit card, tickets were created and available the next day. 3 days left till the departure, I have checked the itinerary of the flight, and it showed cancelled. No notification has been done, and I called the customer service waited an hour finally talked to a supervisor. she claimed that it was their ticketing departments fault, and they have cancelled the tickets. I asked about the resolution, she said, we will refund the amount( which takes 2-3 business days) and you may purchase directly from the airline or via us again. But, she added there is 700 $ difference for the same flight. I told her that, I wont have the funds for that amount again in my credit card, so please help me resolve this issue. Also, Of course, I would not pay additional money for a service I have bought before. Well, eventually she could not do anything, and we will missed important appointments with the USCIS and other business related meetings. I will definietly go to court for this and try to find my rights.

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P. F. - 108 d 43 m ago


Similar problem this past weekend (3/1 - 3/5/18)! My sister, unbeknownst to me, made reservations for 3 on Saturday, 2/24/18 for a funeral, but she did not have my full name that I use. On Sunday, 2/25/18 prior to 24 hours of the time the reservations were made, I called Orbitz and had the correct name changed on the reservation. I waited over an hour; they changed the reservation and even got 2 of the 4 seats needed, On Wednesday, (traveling on Thursday the following day), I called Orbitz to get the additional seats. I waited 1.5 hours and the agent never returned to the call. They were very apologetic, ha! On the day of travel, Thursday, 3/1/18), We get to the airline and I could not check in. Much to my surprise, Orbitz changed the reservation but not the ticketing, which my sister received three days via email after making the reservation on Saturday, 2/24,

We called Orbitz in front of the airline agent and was placed on a 130 minute hold with periodic notification from the agent they were transferring to the ticketing department. On one such notification, she forget to put us on hold and we overheard her speaking and after 20 minutes she came back on to say she is transferring now. Because of time issues, I had to purchase a new ticket for the whole itinerary at the airline and get through security and on the plane 10 minutes before the plane departed. All this time, the call was on hold with Orbitz, Five minutes before the plane departed while I was the last to board the plane, the Orbitz agent comes back on the plane wanting me to know that she is trying to reach ticketing. Five minutes to departure, they know you are not likely to make that flight and it is not there fault. I proceeded to tell her that I will be contacting Orbitz (parent company Expedia) and will be suing as well and will contact all the news agencies to put out the word on them I told her I wanted her name and job -- she rushed me to a manager, but it was too late, Yes, I am suing for much more than I had to pay for the tickets (twice) and will put the word out on these practices.

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Anonymous - 74 d 16 h ago

How is this going? Because I'm about to get screwed for $1,089 and it wasn't my fault. They wouldn't allow me to get on my plane!!

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Dorothy Fleming - 99 d ago


I have asked repeatedly to have my e-mail removed from your e-mail list- months have passed.

This is not the way to treat potential customers.

Please remove my name and e-mail from your list.

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Anonymous - 81 d 4 h ago



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