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Dexter Lewis - 6 d ago


I am a very angry former customer who got stiffed on a non-refundable hotel reservation. I missed the small print and noticed it within two minutes and was told it was too late. Legally, I accept the rule, but ethically it smells.The dispute was over a hotel reservation in Charleston South Carolina for June 3-10. I can tell you that Orbitz will get blasted by me on social media and in person and I will do my best to tell people to avoid your company. To have no customer service is inexcusable. Not only was I denied, but I was horsed around by people who seemed to just pass the buck to others. I am giving you a chance to redeem your reputation by allowing me to cancel the extra days. I was booking for one night and got stuck for 10 nights by clicking the wrong dates. Please advise. if I do not get a reasonable response I will follow up by telling others never to deal with you. I hope we can find some common ground. Dexter Lewis (hidden)

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orbitzisterrible - 10 d 14 h ago


Terrible company with even worse customer service. Reserved a car through Orbitz and they booked the wrong location. Called customer service and talked to an incompetent, impatient rep named Egypt (employee number 05389 who was not helpful, then passed on to a supervisor who was less friendly and even more incompetent Jamie Morgan who refused to give an employee number. Was told that i cannot speak to any other supervisors.

I asked for documented details of the booking and they refused to send documentation.

I will never book anything through Orbitz and use their competition.

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Anonymous - 11 d 2 h ago

Disgusting Company! Never again

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Sad customer - 13 d 17 h ago


Disgusting company that cares nothing about their customers, bunch of liars that can't even remember the lies on your so called recorded calls. If you want a company that only has call centers over seas with agents that can't tell you the truth and tell you anything to get you off the phone then get services from these crooks

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Was Upset - 39 d 19 h ago



I will continue to use orbit after all, I got ahold of a customer service rep in Las Vegas America who addressed my problem correctly the first time. Their overseas customer service is horrible. It took 8 days and 12 hours but I got an American to help me, and things worked great. Still only 3 stars because of the time it took to talk to an informed customer service agent.

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Extemely Unhappy - 24 d 13 h ago


How did you reach an American?

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Extremely Unhappy - 24 d 13 h ago


Orbitz is the most incompetent company that I have ever experienced. I have an Orbitz credit that I wanted to use it, but there is no way of entering it on the website. So, one is forced to deal with their incompetent employees who are probably paid about 3 cents per hour. I had already found the exact flights and flight numbers that I wanted. All the Orbitz employee could do was to thank me for being patient. She kept telling me that she couldn't book the reservation, even though I was able to book it on Orbitz while I was speaking to her. I then booked it on Jet Blue, while she kept telling me that there was no such flight. She then spoke to her supervisor, and the story changed. Now, the flight was completely booked. Her supervisor was as moronic as she was. The upshot -- I booked on Jet Blue, cancelled the flight on Orbitz, and paid $4 less on Jet Blue. I will still need to use my credit at some point, but after that, I would never use this company. In addition, I will do my best to make sure everyone knows how incompetent they are.

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Anonymous - 28 d 24 h ago


Horrible company - no customer service - no follow up - no responsibility for over charges - no one speaks English - Will never use again!!!

Will use Expedia who does have customer service and cares about their customers.

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Arid - 33 d ago


Horrible company I spoke to guy from corporate about a rebate I wanted to use. He said I could not use it due to it being expired but voucher never showed an expiration date. Guys name is dave he is a dick never going to use this company again don't recommend anybody using this company

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Anonymous - 79 d 19 h ago


Orbitz is the worst. Horrible customer service. Bad practices and sneaky tactics. I may be taking them to small claims over what they did. Too much to explain.

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unacceptable - 47 d 23 h ago

let me know I may join you

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email me - 47 d 23 h ago


I set up an email so you can specifically contact me.


Tom would be the customer service rep.

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PattiJ - 44 d 18 h ago


I am in!!

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T. Sellers - 33 d 16 h ago


I' m in with that ! Let me know when you will be heading this up. Sign Ms. T. Sellers

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Pamela - 40 d 14 s ago


I filled out a Price Guarantee Claim form, went through the procedure,took a snapshot of the lower price I had found on the hotel's website. I had read Orbitz' fine print regarding terms and conditions. Everything matched up. One person, one queen bed, and dates matched up.

Orbitz emailed me back stating that the number of people and the bed type did not match up.

everything indeed did match up. I had followed all procedures within 24 hours.

I am now expecting Orbitz to honor their Price Guarantee.

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Upset - 40 d ago


Horrible, no Americans to help in customer service disputes. Will avoid using this company in the future.

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wow - 47 d 23 h ago


Am considering options to petition this company, sneaky tactics that borderline fraud. Something needs to be done

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Pj - 44 d 18 h ago


Please let me know, I also am pursuing consumer fraud avenues.

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PattiJ - 44 d 18 h ago


Looks like this company needs to be put out of business. I certainly wish I had read reviews prior to booking but on a mobile device it is difficult. I am pursuing my case to the attorney general as well as our Senator in Oregon and see what can be done to a financial rip off company. Consumers need to be aware but this company needs to be out of Business.

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PattiJ - 44 d 19 h ago


HORRIBLE COMPANY. THEY AUTOFILLED MY MOTEL RESERVATION FOR FEBRUARY 9-19, 2017 instead of one night stay of December 31. I have been charged $2,300.00 non refundable and what a nightmare I am going through. I get a computer message that says so sorry, you are out of luck. Never use this company, bad people!!!

Stay away from this booking engine. Horrible company!!!

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MB - 46 d 3 h ago


Agree, with the other terrible reviews. We also had used Orbitz in the past had no dealings with them. When something goes wrong. You are on the phone forever with ridiculous results. Try getting through to head office, you can forget about it. I will never use this company again. No customer service!!!

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Cornerstonecenter - 48 d ago

What a nightmare I have just experienced with Orbitz. I've used them for years---never again!---because if your plans go well, you have no problems. This time my plans changed and I had to cancel my flight. After talking with India twice, emailing the Orbitz support email(no reply!) and calling corporate headquarters right here in Chicago (you click on #2, Customer Service and get the reply that the phone is not set up for messages!) I had to go back to India again. (Waited for almost 48 hours for a simple cancellation email.

NEVER again for Orbitz! Farewell---My rating would be a 0 but I can't seem to make that tab work. Wonder why!

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Anonymous - 54 d 22 h ago


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dawn - 110 d ago


I have been battling with Orbitz for a year, they ignore my written mail, and emails 90% of the time. On the lucky chance I receive a response, it doesn't answer any of my questions, or requests.

orbitz says they refunded my money, yet, I have a dozen letters from the bank, stating they did not refund my money. When i ask Orbitz for a banking reference number, they give me a made up number. Not joking, the bank states repeatedly that the number orbitz is providing is NOT a banking reference number.

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Scott - 60 d 15 m ago


I am in the same boat and just completed the small claims paperwork.

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