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cynthia c - 8 d 8 h ago


the service at DG store #03227 is awful for African-american because they never greet you never say thank you and puts your receipt on the counter and leaves the register until you leave. this has happen before.So i will not be going back even though i live up the bayou

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Misti - 8 d 9 h ago


Worst experience I have ever had in my life! I have been hung up on, put on hold for 20 to 30 minutes, been told a different thing by different people, told it was my fault for not reading the entire policy. I just wanted to change the name of the traveler and they told me that I couldn't do that even though I paid for a vacation waiver. I will NEVER ever again do anything with this company. I even tried calling headquarters and THE NUMBER DIDN'T WORK. This company is a joke and now I'm out 1300 dollars!

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Debit Downer - 13 d 15 h ago


The worst experience ever!! I cancelled my trip and received a credit from the airline. No problem there. ORBITZ refunded me for the hotel portion but they put the credit on a credit card I previously used for a car rental instead of the debit card (cash) I used to purchase the trip. After SEVERAL phone calls & FOUR days later, the matter has not been resolved. The credit card company can't REFUND something that was never charged to that particular card. I was told that I was being transferred to someone at the Corp office who could resolve this matter but all he said was they would have to charge the credit card for the amount in order to credit the debit card! I'm on the phone with them now. Some woman answered the line, verified my info and apparently placed me on hold without telling me because the call is on its 23rd minute and I haven't heard from her the last 10! NEVER USING ORBITZ AGAIN! Their error and incompetence is my financial loss/delay. Never again!!

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Anonymous - 13 d 19 h ago

The service at orbitz is the worse!!

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Andy - 18 d 5 h ago


Your service is really really bad. I canceled my itinerary within 24 hours and was told that I will not be charged anything. Next day, I found out that the girl at Orbitz had screwed up the whole thing. Out of two tickets, she had canceled only for one passenger on outbound flight only. Return flight was never canceled although she said she had taken care of everything. I am writing this email while I am waiting to get the mess resolved and get my money back. I have been waiting for 2 hours on the phone still no outcome. I know you are trying to save money by getting offshore service people but they are just not trained. I am very disappointed with your service.

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Anonymous - 26 d 7 h ago

I want my money back now!!!!!

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Anonymous - 26 d 7 h ago

I want my money back now!

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Anonymous - 26 d 7 h ago

I want my money back now!!!!

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Anonymous - 28 d 16 h ago

I payed for premium economy. They called me a month later(i was on hold for 2hrs) and stated that I had to take a flight the next day and that instead of being premiun economy i was gonna be placed in coach and offered me a $50 coupon. I was told I should have planned better.

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Hamed Olatunbosun - 68 d 6 h ago


Purchasing a ticket from Orbitz was the worst experience ever. Orbitz is a fraudulent company. My mother couldn't make a return flight home due to health reasons, so I called Orbitz. I was told to either cancel and re-book the flight or get a refund. However, after cancelling, the re-booking cost was astronomically high, so I went for the refund. I was then made aware that the refund carried a $75 penalty fee, but with a medical note that would be waved. Well, we had medical papers from her doctor and emailed them at once. I was told my refund would take about eight weeks. I called back in two months, and I was told to wait on a little longer because the airline has not responded back yet! I then called back a month later asking them to forget the $75 penalty and just give me the refund, but I was told that my ticket had no value! Yep, I don't get back anything back from a $1500 ticket.

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orbitz nemesis - 33 d 19 h ago


Drag the bastards to court immediately and seek your money back plus emotional anguish. Doing nothing is the reason they get away!

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Rowena Prentice - 30 d 14 h ago

I booked one room through your site for two nights, October 13 and 14, 2017, at the Amelia Inn and Suites near Richmond, Virginia. Upon arrival at the Amelia Inn, I was informed that my room was canceled several weeks ago and I had to take up the issue with you. Because of the trouble and delay I had getting another room, I missed the wedding rehearsal that I was supposed to attend as well as the dinner on the 13th.

I NEVER received a cancelation notice from you or the Amelia Inn and Suites. I have since talked to a representative of your company and was promised that my credit card charge would be removed from my bill. However, since I had a wedding to attend the next day, my son booked the Holiday Inn Express in Midlothian, Virginia through at the last minute in the amount of $339.86 for both nights or $169.93 per night inclusive of taxes and fees. I was told by your representative that had I booked through you would reimburse me the difference in cost. Now, why would I book through the same site when I had already suffered a loss of time and money and plans? I could not afford to allow it to happen again. There were at least seven other couples affected by Amelia's failure to honor their commitment.

Therefore, I request reimbursement not only of the room at the Amelia Inn and Suites, but also of the Holiday Inn charges. Please advise of the action you will take in this matter.

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pete - 34 d 4 h ago


CheapTickets are actually a bunch of criminals. I cannot believe the experience that i have had with this organisation. After speaking with one of their customer service supervisors, it was recommended that i cancel our Hotel in the Bahamas due to Hurricane Maria which was about to start hurtling towards the region. We agreed and a full refund was promised by their Client services supervisor. Even our tour operators in the Bahamas called us, told us it was too dangerous to travel there and gave us a full refund (no questions asked). After much deliberation the Atlantis Hotel provided an email to myself and Expedia a full refund. I have now spent about 6 hours over three days trying to secure my considerable refund, only to be run around in circles from the team at Cheaptickets. This company would rather put their customers in imminent danger than provide them with a refund (which has been already been authorised by one of their vendors)... To anyone thinking about using this service... stay the hell away from these people!!! i literally cannot believe a reputable business like Expedia would associate with a criminal entity like this. I encourage anyone who has had a similar experience with these people to send complaints to their local consumer body/ watchdog and together, let's stop these losers from stealing traveller's money again. #cheapticketsmustdie

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Jenny - 39 d 13 h ago


Terrible company. I purchased the cancellation plan. My meeting was cancelled and I called to cancel the ticket but they refused. I'll never use Orbitz again.

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Anonymous - 40 d 17 h ago


TOTAL SCAM!!! I attempted to book a flight through from LAX to BKK and found a good fare for $598 RT when continued to book the flight, the fare jumped to $6046.97. I repeated the search more than 10 times and the $598 flight still showed up only to change to $6046.97 each time I attempted to book the flight. I called to speak to customer service rep and made the mistake of telling them that I had previously done a web search. He then refused to give me a price until I told him what my results where. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, he placed me on hold and hung up.

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Don - 41 d 16 h ago


I have spent almost three hours over the last two days trying to do something very simple: apply a credit from a cancelled flight to a new flight on a different date to a new destination. It has been, without question, the most frustrating and unsatisfying consumer experience of my life. I could barely understand the agents who handled my calls. I was transferred never less than three times to different agents and each time had to start from zero in explaining what I needed. NOW Orbitz has charged my credit card several hundred dollars and I still have no new tickets. This company is a disaster.

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Dan - 41 d 12 h ago


I'm on hold now for virtually the same thing. To date I have spent over 4 hours dealing with one flight. The process of changing was painful enough, now I'm trying to get refunded for the flight that the airline cancelled and I never took. Each transfer results in the same reply "I see you want to change your ticket" NO I WANT A REFUND FOR MY CANCELLED FLIGHT" Agreed, the absolute worst service I have ever encountered.

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JC - 48 d 8 h ago


Is Orbitz understand what is customer service and do as you promised? I booked my car renting via Orbitz and noticed that my credit card been charged with the fees by Orbitz, this is not mentioned when i was making my booking. I did email them to clarify , none of it reply. If this is your business philosophy - dishonor and don't understand customer need - then you loss my as your future customer. UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!

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RA - 53 d 6 h ago


AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL!!!!! Thanks to them I will no longer be taking a vacation this year. After giving me an unable to process your credit card please try again message. Orbitz proceeded to place temporary charges on my card totaling over $15,000. Couldn't use my credit card to book my flight or buy anything else (gas or food etc)...after 3 business days (yes takes a mere second to place charges) charges were taken off. Only for the prices of the flights to go up. Guess what they can't help with that. THANKS FOR NOTHING! There are many other websites out there you can use to book flights, hotels etc. Will not be using them again. Im sure they don't care either.

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Debora Hodge - 53 d 17 h ago


Bought 2 tickets costing 915$ flight was cancelled called Orbitz for a refund of my tickets have 5 days calling everyday being put on hold about an hour. Being told to contact the airline airline is now saying why is Ortbitz telling me they have to authorize the refund orbitz needs to do this. You are not responding to costumers emails you have my money just give it back to me.. I would never use Orbitz and I will be posting where ever I can to let people to know about your terrible costumer service

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Sheryl B Marsella - 55 d 13 h ago


If I could rate them less than one star I would ... I paid booked a business class ticket with a connection when orbitz booked it they booked the connection in coach in the rear of the plane. I spent hours and hours on the phone .. I would NEVER do business with them again EVER ..

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Sheena B - 56 d 8 h ago


Orbitz is by far the biggest SCAM company I have ever encountered throughout my life. Rates are ever-changing and can never be promised what we see online--and this is unfair because I called to book over the phone AS A RESULT of receiving an error message after 2 failed attempts to book online. In the end, I found out that my credit card was actually charged those 2 times--without any confirmation that my reservation was booked. I then called the Support line, and they were the worst team I've ever talked to. I tried booking thru the phone and the rates were changed 3 different times before even completing the reservation over the phone. The first representative I spoke to said she would contact the supervisor due to 'credit card issues'--but she actually ended up hanging up on me. So I called back and spoke to a guy--and by the end of the call, after having to contact my personal back TWICE, I found out that my credit card was charged TWELVE TIMES in the amount of $3,983.00, when initially I was only trying to book a $950.00 trip. We had to conference call my bank twice--and they informed me that nothing else could be charged to my card, because Orbitz had charged $3,000+ already. I was absolutely furious!! The representatives are super unhelpful and monotone--it actually felt like I was talking to robots. After a while, apologies are just unacceptable, especially if the issue is repeatedly not getting solved. I asked the 2nd representative to speak to a 'Supervisor'--and I was transferred all around to a new representative as if I was a new caller! There is no accountability within the company. Representatives are clueless about what calls are being transferred where--and to whom. When I finally connected to the supervisor (although I believe she was really one of the line-level representatives herself due to her unprofessionalism), she could not even understand why I was requesting receipts of the transactions that Orbitz fraudulently made to my card--in order to make sure they'd be refunded correctly to my credit card. She provided me about 20 generic receipts to my email--that were not descriptive of what the charges were actually for, when they took place--there wasn't even a company logo on the "receipts". I'm disgusted that this company even still has a reputation and needless to say, I will NEVER think about going to Orbitz to book anything. I spent 3 hours on the phone with 3 different people, who in the end, didn't even book my trip for me!!

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kd - 69 d 6 h ago


Scammed by car rental deal. Charged additional $140 over agreed price. Not concerned at all about what happened to me. I am also out of Orbitz but they wont be around for long with this kind of customer philosophy.

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LMS - 70 d 11 h ago


Orbitz is OUT of control with hidden fees when booking a hotel room. Apparently deception and trickery are at the core of their business model. Wasted a good 4+ hrs on phone with incompetent customer service that was woefully unprepared to assist. Issue still not resolved. Their answer amounts to "sorry contact the hotel you're on your own." For the record, we reserved a room that was $148 for one nights stay and was charged $320. When I looked closer they charged $172 in "taxes and fees!" That's more than the cost of the room! Never using Orbitz again.

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Disgusted - 71 d 13 h ago


I will not use Orbitz again. I reserved a room with two double beds then changed it to a king bed as a swim up at Hyatt Ziva. The person I spoke with was hard to understand. I ended up with a pool view room and couldn't even see the pool because a palm was right in front of our window. What a rip off.

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