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Diane - 2 d 9 h ago

I am a member of the media (audio producer & journalist). How do I contact your company? Dialing 3 from the switchboard to get the 'Media department' results in a message saying that person does not have a valid voicemail box - a strange marketing strategy!

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Megan - 6 d 42 s ago


Brandon from corporate deserves more then recognition; not once, but twice, he was patient and resolved my issues!

The first time my flight was booked to the wrong destination and he took care of the problem. Then when my husbands name was on the ticket instead of mine, and I only had 10 minutes to make it on my flight, he worked quickly and made sure the problem was fixed. I have never spoken to such a kind and patient corporate worker EVER. I can't thank him enough for resolving the issues the way he did so my son & I could return home safely! Thank you Brandon from the bottom of my heart!

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tom - 10 d 10 h ago


I am sick and tired of charging me for a flight ticket that YOU made the error on! I have battled this for 9 months. You put the wrong name on a ticket for our grandson , which you did correct.But then charged me for both tickets.Now you send it to a collection agency. I am going to write you a check to get you off my back. I hope you feel good about harrassing a senior and veteran! I would guess since you are based in Chicago you take corruption as the norm.

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mike - 15 d 9 h ago


This company is the biggest joke that i have ever used. i booked a package deal thru them took my money and then never paid the airline for my tickets and when i called orbitz they charged my account again for a total of 1723.26 and when i called them on it they told that there was nothing they could do

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cagri - 58 d 14 h ago


I had the most terrible experience with orbitz, I had been a customer for over 10 years, but the last thing they have done was unbelievable. I have booked a flight a week before the departure, all family passengers including my baby son. The funds were taken out from credit card, tickets were created and available the next day. 3 days left till the departure, I have checked the itinerary of the flight, and it showed cancelled. No notification has been done, and I called the customer service waited an hour finally talked to a supervisor. she claimed that it was their ticketing departments fault, and they have cancelled the tickets. I asked about the resolution, she said, we will refund the amount( which takes 2-3 business days) and you may purchase directly from the airline or via us again. But, she added there is 700 $ difference for the same flight. I told her that, I wont have the funds for that amount again in my credit card, so please help me resolve this issue. Also, Of course, I would not pay additional money for a service I have bought before. Well, eventually she could not do anything, and we will missed important appointments with the USCIS and other business related meetings. I will definietly go to court for this and try to find my rights.

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P. F. - 49 d 5 h ago


Similar problem this past weekend (3/1 - 3/5/18)! My sister, unbeknownst to me, made reservations for 3 on Saturday, 2/24/18 for a funeral, but she did not have my full name that I use. On Sunday, 2/25/18 prior to 24 hours of the time the reservations were made, I called Orbitz and had the correct name changed on the reservation. I waited over an hour; they changed the reservation and even got 2 of the 4 seats needed, On Wednesday, (traveling on Thursday the following day), I called Orbitz to get the additional seats. I waited 1.5 hours and the agent never returned to the call. They were very apologetic, ha! On the day of travel, Thursday, 3/1/18), We get to the airline and I could not check in. Much to my surprise, Orbitz changed the reservation but not the ticketing, which my sister received three days via email after making the reservation on Saturday, 2/24,

We called Orbitz in front of the airline agent and was placed on a 130 minute hold with periodic notification from the agent they were transferring to the ticketing department. On one such notification, she forget to put us on hold and we overheard her speaking and after 20 minutes she came back on to say she is transferring now. Because of time issues, I had to purchase a new ticket for the whole itinerary at the airline and get through security and on the plane 10 minutes before the plane departed. All this time, the call was on hold with Orbitz, Five minutes before the plane departed while I was the last to board the plane, the Orbitz agent comes back on the plane wanting me to know that she is trying to reach ticketing. Five minutes to departure, they know you are not likely to make that flight and it is not there fault. I proceeded to tell her that I will be contacting Orbitz (parent company Expedia) and will be suing as well and will contact all the news agencies to put out the word on them I told her I wanted her name and job -- she rushed me to a manager, but it was too late, Yes, I am suing for much more than I had to pay for the tickets (twice) and will put the word out on these practices.

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Anonymous - 16 d 21 h ago

How is this going? Because I'm about to get screwed for $1,089 and it wasn't my fault. They wouldn't allow me to get on my plane!!

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Dorothy Fleming - 40 d 6 h ago


I have asked repeatedly to have my e-mail removed from your e-mail list- months have passed.

This is not the way to treat potential customers.

Please remove my name and e-mail from your list.

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Anonymous - 22 d 8 h ago



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Carl D - 24 d ago


I made a package booking and canceled within one hour and was charged $238 cancellation fee by Orbitz.

I called customer service 3 times and was promised they'd look into refunding me in full. Needless to say talking to overseas reps who are robotic and scripted was really frustrating. I will never use Orbitz again and will tell all my friends and family not to chance exorbitant cancellation fees.

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NN - 26 d 16 h ago


Hi all / After reading the many awesome stories and complaints I see mine is not all that significant . so long story short / I have put a 1363.00 invoice of theirs that was charged to my credit card on hold / ha / I am betting now that when you hit them in their pocket book i'll get either an e mail or a phone call / but fear not because if they don't the monies will stay in as being disputed like you all I will never use Orbitz again . BTW / I made 3 attempts to call and reason with them / # 1 a male in Phillipines = zip / # 2 a woman in Manilla = again zip and # 3 a male in San Salvador / thank you everyone for sharing your wonderful experiences and taking the time to read mine /

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Nelson - 34 d 3 h ago


I entered the wrong dates for my hotel reservation, I noticed right away and called Orbitz customer service, just to find out that it didn't matter that I made that mistake 5 minutes ago, they could no do anything for me. I was just trying to change dates and willing to pay the difference. They have no flexibility, 5 minutes after i clicked on that icon!!! come on!

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cold in nd - 36 d 7 h ago


They suckcold

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Rickey Collins - 38 d 8 h ago


I booked a trip with orbits for a spring break to miami later I found that the hotel was a shared property and I paid $200 more for the flight that I found two days later. The trip listed was deceiving and a rip-off.. I recommend that you book your own flight and hotel to get the best deal..the.BBB compliant was lodged...please remove my email from your (hidden)

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Wood - 59 d 10 h ago


Until this time, I have always had good luck with Orbitz, and even this time I have only one complaint. In the past, when booking reservations, we had the choice of economy or first class. Now, the airlines--at least American Airlines--has added a subcategory titled "Basic Economy." Yes it's there, but unless one clicks on the blue print, s/he will think that "basic economy" is the same economy that we've always used. That's not the case. Basic economy equates to "cattle car" or "standing room only." The passengers cannot book seats, are denied access to the overhead bins, and if the one allowed carryon doesn't fit under the seat, the passenger must pay to have the bag checked at the door of the plane. Somewhere in the minutiae of the flight, I found the statement that unless one paid ahead of time for the seats, they would be assigned at the desk prior to departure. At that point, I tried to find out how much the charge would be to "prepay" for seats and how to go about doing so. That's when the nightmare began. I contacted American Airlines Customer Relations and asked the questions. I received a form letter telling me how valued I was and that they appreciate feedback that they use to improve their service. The form letter didn't even acknowledge that I had asked two questions. I wrote a snail mail to them, and to date have not received an answer. I resorted to a phone call and was on hold for 42 minutes. I could have chosen the option of having them call back, but considering the lack of response to my previous efforts, I didn't trust them to do so. When I finally got an agent, she wasted my time by explaining what "basic economy" actually is. I assured her that I knew all that and asked my questions. At that point, American Airlines said they couldn't help me and threw Orbitz under the bus; she gave me their phone number. I called. The Orbitz representative answered promptly, unlike American, but she, too, launched into a detailed explanation of "basic economy." I had trouble understanding her because she had a heavy accent and spoke very softly. When I finally got her to listen, she told me that it was impossible to get seats until 24 hours before the flight. I couldn't find anyone who would address the issue of paying extra to get seats. At that point, I made new reservations and, of course, incurred a second Orbitz charge. She canceled my original reservations--for three people--and later my son commented that I should not have canceled them because doing so gives the airline--and Orbitz--the opportunity to be paid twice for the same reservations. I have more plans to travel this year, but I think I will book my flights through my chosen airline instead of Orbitz. I may get over being angry and return to Orbitz, but not at the moment.

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Naomi - 64 d 4 h ago


I am pretty sure even writing a review here is a waist of my time but hopefully other people will see it before booking with orbitz.

This has definitely been one of the worst experiences ever!!

We booked an international flight and had to change only the dates by a few days.

It was booked through orbitz, flying Iberia and the tickets were issued through British airways. Already a mess. Each company sent us to a different company saying they can't help. No one is taking responsibility.

We book hundreds of flights during there because of our business and every company is happy to help. Orbitz tells us they are willing to change but for a 300$ fee per ticket plus fees which came out to 500 each ticket!!! Almost the amount we spent to begin with. Then she check again and comes back with good news... they will give us a credit to use with British, yay. Think again, it comes out to be the same thing because to use it apparently there is a 300 fee with other fees!!! Just ridiculous.

We asked the representative to email us the cancellation with the voucher credit and she said ok for the 7 times and all she sent us was the itinerary. Then apparently she said she couldn't and transfers us to a so called manager which finally writes us ridiculous letter and not the voucher because apparently we can use it only by calling them again (Like they haven't waisted my time enough). We realize the have poor costumer service and liars. After all that the tickets weren't even valid without our passport information... that took at least 30 minutes and only for one. The representative disappeared so we hung up finally.

To rap this up, even headquarters is terrible because I just tried calling and after one ring it says there is no voicemail and hangs up.

I think this company is fraud.

I will never do business with them again!!!

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Matthew O'Brien - 69 d 8 h ago


Just the worst experience booking with Orbitz that I've had in 20+ years of using them. I filled out the usual booking info on line for an international flight as I've done for ages. Everything normal. When I hit "Complete Booking", for the first time ever it did not work and an error message said to "wait a moment and try again".

I then over the course of 10 minutes hit the complete booking button 7 times. It would not work.

I phoned Orbitz, they're still working on it. It's been 45 minutes talking to them, and I'm on hold as they're nominally have been taking the last 10 minutes to book the flight.

But, here's the clincher. They refused to sell me the original flights as I had tried to book on-line, but have now made me buy a package that is $21.00 more expensive and accept a booking at a hotel that I cannot use. I then asked for them (Orbitz) to pay the difference. Their supervisor in the Philippines said he could not due that. I then asked if he could instead grant me "Orbucks", which I can use as cash. He could not do that either. He claims to be the top manager at this moment in the Philippines. It's one thing when a corporation like Orbitz outsources Customer Support outside the U.S. -- but they at least need to also grant them some authority.

Orbitz, never again. It's been 20 years but.....

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Anonymous - 72 d 5 h ago

Because of the unbelievable lack of service from this company and the lack of availability reguarding customer service I should be at the Olympics is Seoul, presently.

Instead I am stuck in Philadelphia. I intend to take this to the media, I am a coach needed to be in Seoul tomorrow.

Almost forgot they charged me another $ 2,000 in booking fees,

Will keep posted if they return this comment.

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phartigan - 78 d 4 h ago


I wish I had read some of the reviews below before attempting to book with Orbitz. I have been a costumer for a number of years and used the service successfully on many occasions however this was the worst experience that I could have with a company. I tried to book a family vacation to Miami recently on line went through the process found a trip and went all the way to booking and confirming, at the end of booking I received the message that the trip had changed and price changed and to continue to search. I did continue to search and again same messages. The end result was that Orbitz withdrew multiple amounts from my account without ever booking or confirming a trip and after multiple phone calls to bank and Orbitz I did receive partial amount back. 4 days later still waiting for another $3.000 dollars to be returned to my account for a trip never booked or confirmed. They just kept the money. Did speak with costumer services multiple times with no satisfaction, spent over 90 minutes on phone trying to get my money back on hold and then speaking with a person who gave the BS answer that they had been changing the system and that is why the money was not returned, and that he could have someone else call me or do a conference call with my bank to give them new codes to get money refunded. Had no concept that having conference call with a bank with Orbitz would be equally challenging. He then promised to send me the codes so that I could provide to the bank to refund for a trip never booked or confirmed. This is a company that needs to have its business practices investigated further. Waiting for a promised email with the codes to have my money returned to me, still waiting 5 hours later. So if this is a normal company practice and they have 100 others having similar experiences with others money they could be making an enormous amount of money on holding customers money in ORBITZ accounts . I wonder if they ever read these posts and influence how they conduct business.

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Ky Givens - 73 d 5 h ago


The same thing happened to me! I initially booked a trip to Vegas January 22 for a flight and hotel package and then cancelled because of a long layover. I rebooked the trip immediately where there was not a layover the same day. I made it to Vegas only to discover I had no reservations. I called Orbitz and spent 30 minutes listening to a representative hum and type on his computer not able to give me any information on why my reservations had been cancelled. Finally he says that it was due to fraud that my room was cancelled. The reason for fraud is because I cancelled my first trip. If it were due to fraud how was I able to fly to Vegas and back home. The entire trip should've been cancelled. I was then told I would receive a phone call in 24 hrs in regard to a refund and that the refund would take 7-10 business days. Well here we are February 12 and I still have no refund. I have called and spent hours on the phone only to get no results. I was told the fraud department would have to call me in 3 hours, then I was told it would take 24-48 hours. I called back yesterday and they told me it would take 3 hours for a call back and still no call back. I don't know what to do at this point because I keep getting the run around from CSR's supervisor, and even Managers. I call corporate and can never reach anyone. I will NEVER book with Orbitz ever again.

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Wajir0 - 85 d 7 h ago


This has to be the WORST experience with Orbitz, i'm trying to book a

package online and i'm getting a quote for $1484.10 after adding all my

information i get to the payment tab and there is no way i can split the

payment. applied VACATION75 to now the new price is $1409.10.

i call 1(hidden) and spoke with a "Travel Specialist". while being on

the phone with her for over an hour giving her all my information again and

going back and forward nonsense we get to the part were my price has

increased to $1541.00 because of the credit card split. she couldn't apply

the coupon and my price went 132.00 increased. last words from "travel

specialist" (were you can try booking it on your own then)

General profile image - 86 d 11 h ago


OUR TRIP WAS CANCELED! Our friends and family booked a trip to Nassau Bahama to an all inclusive. We included round trip air to get a discount on bundling from Miami. We are 3 weeks away from our trip and we got an email saying they canceled our Melia All inclusive reservation. They told us they had overbooked. We made our reservations in October. ?? Makes no sense that we would get our trip canceled.

I'm not sure why orbitz is responsible and not the Melia hotel itself?? We were told we had to deal with orbitz. Orbitz said they would help us find other accomadations. They never called back offering anything. We tried to find our own new place to stay. We could not find another all inclusive resort in bahama. They would not refund us for our airfare so we had to continue looking in Nassau for a vacation. Orbitz said we can get refunded only what we had spent on our original reservation. Well we can only find places that did NOT include meals or drinks and were expensive. They did not care. What started out as a $3200.00 trip is going to now cost me $5000.00 or more. They do not care. I've been using orbitz for years. We vacation every year this has NEVER happened to us or anyone I know!! It's 3 weeks away!! It doesn't seem like it would be orbitz fault but for some reason it is their responsibility. Very confusing and disappointing !

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Pissed - 87 d 23 h ago


Wow. Writing this review as i type. Never have i EVER dealt with a company so unprofessional! Do better Orbitz i used to love you.

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Phil - 88 d 10 h ago


Unbelievably horrible customer service. The on-line booking would not take my reservation, I called customer service and was told it was possible because the flights I wanted to already booked but there was no indication on the on-line site that this had occurred. I called customer service and they tried to do the booking from their end but could not explain why I could not book other than the flights might have already been booked. I wasted 90 minutes of my time and still no booking, The worst!

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Cindy in KC - 95 d 2 h ago


I have Orbitz as my 'go to' travel site for hotels and flights. Been using them for years!! They have ALWAYS given me good service and have worked with me on any situations that have arisen. Way to go, Orbitz...thanks for years of good customer service and easy reservations AND for the good prices!

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