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Outback Steakhouse

OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC
2202 N West Shore Blvd
Tampa, FL
(813) 282-1225
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Doug - 2 d 18 h ago


Rotten steak at Daly City. Got charged full price. I wish I could post a picture. Check out my yelp review.

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Dave - 3 d ago


My family and I fell in love with the Bushman shrooms. Our Lancaster, Pa. could never make them. Now that they came back as a staple on the menu as Sydney Shrooms we were excited.. When I saw Lancaster had them on the menu, we could get them whenever we wanted. NOT!!! If I requested those shrooms 10 times they would have had them twice. Once we were given sliced shrooms. The manager always uses the excuse we need them for our burgundy mushrooms. If they are on the menu they should be available. If he does not order enough mushrooms then get rid of him. Either you have them or take them off the menu. We always order other food items as well because we love Outback!!! But if they are unavailable I might as well go to Longhorn. I would like the District manager for this area to contact me. (hidden)

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Louis - 3 d ago

My family and I went to Outback on Sunday August 12 at noon. We were expecting a nice meal and a great experience. Needless to say it was not. We ordered- my son had a 9 ounce sirloin, my wife had 5 ounce with shrimp , and I had the 9 once with shrimp all ordered medium cooked. When the steaks came out my sons was ok however my wife' and mine were over cooked almost like leather very dry. We told the server to take them back because we ordered medium cooked. Well several minutes past and we had not received our steaks, the server stated their coming. Needles to say when the steaks arrived they were still not what we ordered. I told the manger to box them up we are leaving. He said ok but we had to pay for the other items we ate minus the steaks I said ok whatever. I am very very disappointed with OutBack that location requires Mgt. oversight to say the least. I want to know what OutBack will do in regards to my bad, bad, bad, experience. I will not go to that location again I will travel to Denver if I decide to eat at Outback.

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Arcenaux Macklin - 3 d ago

Mack Macklin

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Ronald Mesplay - 3 d 6 h ago


I'm 75 and eat at outback 4 to 6 times a year. Usually my experience has been ok. Sunday night I took my wife to dinner for our 55 anniversary and this is my experience. Wife's 14 oz NY strip steak had excess fat and grizzle and was also tough. She complained to server and lady came out and said they would order another steak. Her steak was without all the seasoning. She did nibble on 1st steak waiting for replacement. I estimate 98% of steak was untouched. After waiting for new steak I had basically finished my meal. When she received 2nd steak it was ok except they put full seasoning on steak so she ate about 20% and quite. Waiter ask if we wanted a box and I said yes. Figured I could give steak to brother in law for his dog. He brought receipt for bill and they billed for both steaks plus my meal. I told them service is lacking in our country and i felt it was a real shame or insult to bill for 2 steaks, one could not be eaten (tough) 2nd had full seasoning. I expect a sincere apology or within our circle I will recommend going to Longhorns across the way. Correcting problems is your job not mine. This was at Outback in Sanford Fl. this past Sunday. See below I rated this trip terrible and shouldn't happen.

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no more outback - 4 d 19 h ago


nice to be ripped off, and lied to. FRAUD comes to my mind. Go into eat and prices are different from restaurant and web site.

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RON B - 11 d 6 h ago


Since when is a full slab of ribs only 7 bones?..a full slab of baby back ribs is 11-13 bones. False advertising at its worst..i had to complain which i don't normally do. Paying $22 for a half slab of ribs and a potato is ridiculous. I believe i will complain of this on every forum possible, and tell all my friends how outback rips people on my way to see what govt agecy i can complain to about their false advertising

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raymond - 5 d 11 s ago


its a 1/2 order and full order of ribs. it is stated that way in the menu.....not 1/2 slab/rack or full rack/ no there is not any false advertising

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Sue - 5 d 5 h ago


****Bad, Bad Service at The Outback Steakhouse on Sunday, 7/22/18 at 7pm.

Six of us went to dinner at the Outback in Sanford on 7/22/18 at 7pm. Four adults and two children. We sat down at 7pm. We were ignored for 20 minutes, so I got up and went to the bartender. I said, "we are sitting here for about 20 minutes and no one has come over to our table." She said, "oh, that's my fault, I'll take care of it." About 5 minutes later the Manager came over and asked, "Have you been helped?" We all said "No." We said we were ready to order, so the Manager (I cannot remember her name) proceeded to take our order on a coaster. A Drink Coaster. We couldn't believe what we were seeing.

She took the order and left. We had no water, no silver ware, no napkinsnothing. When a waiter walked by, we said something to him about needing water, napkins and silverware. Still Nothing. When another waitress came over (Michelle) she looked at us. We asked, "can we have some silver ware and water?"

We finally got the water and silverware. When our food came, things were missing. The blue cheese was missing from the chopped salad and certain vegetables were missing from the order. We stated this to the manager. She brought this over to us rather quickly.

When we sat down there was a big party to our left celebrating a birthday. About 15 people. When this party left (approximately 8pm), the waitress cleaned the tables, put the chairs up on the tables and began sweeping the floor. We had empty dishes after eating and no-one came over to check on us. The waitress was more concerned with cleaning the floor that she ignored us. Also, for her to be sweeping while we were eating, was totally disgusting and un-sanitary. This really turned my stomach!

She then came over to us and asked if we needed anything else. Well, we needed the table of empty, dirty dishes to be taken away. The dishes were still left on the table.

We then ordered dessert. When the dessert came, the bread was still on the table and the empty dishes were still on the table. The waitress (Michelle) removed the bread, put down the dessert and still left the empty dirty dishes on the table. We barely had room to eat and share the dessert.

This was the worst service we have ever had at the Outback. We have eaten there many times, but this was horrible customer service.

We paid cash for our dinner. The meal was $75.00. We left a $15.00 tip, sot the total was $90.00. We paid cash for our dinner. The meal was $75.00. We left a $15.00 tip, sot the total was $90.00. No one deserves to pay $90.00 for horrible service. We should have not given any tip and we should have used our American Express card, because I would have filed a dispute and not paid for that meal. The service was horrendous.

.We should have not given any tip and we should have used our American Express card, because I would have filed a dispute and not paid for that meal. The service was horrendous.

We hope you understand our frustrations and give us a credit for the lousy customer service. We should have said something afterwards, but we just wanted to get out of that restaurant, since the service was terrible.

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John k - 5 d 5 h ago


Saturday nite I was at the outback on rt in butler New Jersey and we were a party of 6 from the beginning we order 4 appetizer and the waitress come back 10 minuets later and say they are out of 3 of the appetizer and this was 7 pm on a Saturday nite everyone put there dinner order in we all had drinks about 30 minuets later are food came and I ordered a 26 oz prime rib and the waitress said how would you like and I said medium and mine came out rare and cold as did my baked macaroni and my mashed potatoes Also my wife lobster tails and stuff shrimp were not cook Shrimp was raw Two other couples there Vegetables came out cold and one came out wrong vegetables vegetable came out cool and one came out wrong vegetable Everybody ate except me if you're halfway through the meal when I finally got the attention somebody to complain I asked the waitress if that was the manager she said he's the silverware manager I asked him happy to run and appetizers and or Saturday night he says it is what it is finally the manager came over and hold me and J I asked the waitress if that was the manager she said he's the silverware manager I asked him happy to run out to appetizers Saturday night he says it is what it is finally the manager came over His name is Junior he said what's the problem I showed him my meal he said I can give you one to take home or would you like to Desert it's a shame how we were treated the bill was $187.22 He said I won't charge you for your dinner I had no dinner it's embarrassing and horrible the way you treated

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Not a Happy Camper - 7 d ago


My friends and I went to the Outback in Oceanside CA for Happy Hour,was told we could not sit in the bar area due to no server to wait on us. Next I wanted the steak and lobster only to be told it was not valid in CA(says so in small print in their TV ads) I got the steak special with one side and a drink. Ordered my med well got it 15 minuted later so rare I sent it back,which I never do,the meat by then was so tough I could hardly eat it and left half on the plate. I had to ask four times for a napkin,finally the busboy,the only one working got it for me, The table have dirty dishes on it never to be cleared while we were there,so wrong in so many ways, We also asked for bread 3 times to never get any I asked to see the manager 3 times never to catch sight of her. I do not complain about the service or food when I go out but this was not real. The waitress did not even know what day it was and you knew she did not want to be there. We were told the were short of staff,no kidding. I will never go back there again and it used to be one of my favorite places,but just to many other good eating places in Oceanside Not a Happy Diner

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JAMES A WALKER - 7 d 36 m ago




Flagged for review. 
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Rosie - 7 d 17 h ago



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Amccants in Chesapeake, VA - 8 d ago


When did the coconut shrimp become medium shrimp with barely any coconut or batter. Something is wrong there coconut shrimp for me was the best appetizer on the menu, now they are poorly prepared and not good.

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Alaska - 8 d 32 s ago

Anchorage, AK - Outback - SUCKS! Love the mice trap outside the door!!!!!

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simin131 - 8 d 20 h ago


8/9/18 visit, might have been the 2nd most disgusting restaurant experience I have experienced. My expectations when eating out...appetizers that come prior to the main course and not slimmed in grease, salad that does not have rotted lettuce, soup that is actually warm enough to melt cheese....medium rare prime rib (not found on the menu) should actually be cooked! This was a horrible dining experience! If thi is Outback standards....I sure will never go back!!

To top off a horrible evening......and feedback/contact usform will not submit without multiple issues!+


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Larissa Smith, Mgr obs4715, - 10 d 9 m ago


Last night we went to the Outback Steakhouse (obs4715) in Arlington, VA.. Our order was processed 7:14PM per the receipt. We ordered Center cut steak medium and filet mignon well done.

When our food was delivered, I asked the server (not our waiter) if what she was giving me was the filet mignon, she replied, "Yes".

We each took several bites of our meals and could tell our orders had been mixed-up, so we switched plates. However, my husband's center cut was past well done and he had ordered it medium.

We found our waiter (he had not stopped by to see how our food was) and told him about the mistake and asked for a new Medium center cut for my husband and to speak with the manager.

Our waiter came by and told us a new steak was being prepared and the manager was coming by to talk with us.

Twenty minutes later, no steak - no manager and I had finished my meal while my husband no steak!

We found our waiter and he said there was nothing he could do.

We asked another waiter who the manager was.

Now 7:55pm, 41 minutes after our order originally was processed by the kitchen (per our receipt), Larissa Smith the manager arrived at our table with my husband's steak. I had already finished my dinner 15 minutes before. She said the steak takes 10 minutes to cook and that she had been "busy" so she couldn't talk to us before. Oviously, 7:14pm to 7:55pm is not 10 miniutes!!!!!

We told her we would take his steak and he would eat it at home, but that for such poor service and her lack of customer service, we were not going to pay for our meal.

Her response was, " You will not get your husband's steak then!, but I won't charge your for the meal!".

Remember, my husband never got his meal and she took the steak she finally had set in from of him 41 minutes after giving us the wrong orders - AWAY!

My husband NEVER got fed!!!

Larissa Smith, current manager is, based on this terrible experience, RUDE!

Outback is no longer on our "date night" list. -

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Bermer - 11 d 4 h ago


Disappointed in being told no Lobster available when the ads all over tv are talking of a promotion of steak and lobster.

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Anonymous - 12 d 8 h ago


Terrible service from waitress Ilse at your Signature Drive location in Louisville, Ky. Asked three times for silverware and napkins. Her response on third request....Did you ask me for this ? Asked for manager on way out. Hostess said he was unavailable. Never again. And will never go to your other restaurants either.

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Anonymous - 13 d 22 h ago

I went in to the outback in grandville mi to have a early bday dinner and had eat about half my prime rib got up to go to the bathroom came back my food was gone table cleaned off and when i raised hell and cussed about it was asked to leave by the manger and when i still was rasing hell about it he told me to get off tge property or he was gonna call the law on me because i was cussing about my table being cleared off refused to let me pay my bill period what a bad place to eat at i will never wisit another one period

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Anonymous - 14 d 5 h ago


Outback Steakhouse in Merrilliville Indiana, Store 1550

Jill the bartender is stealing liquor and money every time she works or bartend. She stole a stack of free bloomin onion cards out the office. Alyssa, one of the FOH managers there, smokes weed while on the job in the office. Alyssa and Carly drinks on the job. Jill also snorts coke in the restroom. Im reporting these females because i am an former worker at this store & all three of these females are bullies. I will like to remain anonymous, but i really really hope some takes action immediately. Thank you.

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Tya - 13 d 1 h ago

They wont because no one at Outback gives a crap

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Toya - 13 d ago


I sent this complaint to outback steakhouse via their website 1 day after our experience and still have yet to get a response from anyone regarding even though the website stated that some one would respond within 24/48 hours to our compliant. This visit will definitely be our last.

My Husband and I patronized your restaurant last night Monday 7/23 for a date night. It was a rather slow evening. My husband ordered a steak dinner and requested medium well. The steak arrived and was more medium than medium well. The server didn't stick around to see if it was to his liking like most restaurants do before they disappear. My husband had to wait 5 mins before he could wave someone down to take it back. When it came back to the table I was already finished eating my meal which was awkward and my husbands steak was as dry as a rock no juice on the plate. The server Julian S . apologized and offered to remove the appetizer from our bill for us. Which was a $8.99 Bloomin onion, ok whatever I guess. My husband was over our experience and I didn't want to watch him eat so he asked for containers. While we waited for our to go bags an unannounced server/bust boy came over and offered to take away excess dishes from the table in which he scooped our 1/2 eaten appetizer up put dirty napkins and used utensils on top of it before we could even say we wanted to take that with us. My husband was over this experience. My husband put his steak in a container and the server Julian came fast with the bill but never came back to take the payment. Not understanding why because every other table was empty and not wanting to sit in Outback steakhouse for another 30 mins just to pay. We got up and walked over to another server entering her table's payment and asked her to help. She went and got Julian and gave him the payment. Our bill was $36.55 we gave him a $20 and my debit card instead of asking (my husband was standing 6 ft away from him) He proceeds to put the $20 in his pocket and charges my card the whole amount. Not sure what made him think that he deserved a $20 tip we barely saw him the whole meal. My husband asked him why would we tip you $20 and I just complained to you about my steak being messed up. He apologized once again and offered to return the money back to my card , Just a total waste of time and a bad experience. Its a shame this restaurant used to be better even on a slow Monday night its bad Just a whole bunch of apologies NO REAL ACTION How SAD

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pissd off - 13 d 16 h ago

the other night I was in outback steak house in Staten Island eating dinner and then well eating my girlfriend was eating her dinner and then she spit out a stable that was in her broccoli and the waitress came over and asked is everything ok we said no I said my girlfriend spit out a stable from her broccoli and we called over the manger and he gave us a new broccoli and take her meal off the bill and said sorry thats it I will never eat there again that's outback steak house staten island 2655 Richmond ave

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Ron - 13 d 20 h ago


I was just at the outback restaurant in Gastonia NC, I arrived around 8:20pm and the bartender came over and gave me a menu and a beer but after about 45 minutes sitting at the bar and noticing how everyone around me was being served and Nobody came over to take my order and finally after the bartender asked the lady across from me (I was there before her) if she needed anything and finally I spoke up and said that I haven't being helped so finally they took my order and after another 45 minutes to an hour they brought out my food and had it for there but I had already told them that I wanted it to go. So after another 15 minutes they brought it by and was going to charge me full price with no apologies or anything so after I told the bartender that I wasn't happy with being charged the full price, she went and got the manager who act like it wasn't a big deal so I told them to keep the food and I would be getting in touch with corporate and a lady who was sitting up from me said that yes they were in the wrong!!!! After all the racial injustice going on in the world today I can't help but feel that I was racially discriminated against, also the other employees who were working the bar area were too busy cutting up with each other. I have being a loyal customer for ever but now I can't help but to feel some type of way and don't know if I'll ever go back

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