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Outback Steakhouse

OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC
2202 N West Shore Blvd
Tampa, FL
(813) 282-1225
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Sharon R. - 6 h 22 m ago

Had an absolutely horrible experience at Outback Saturday night, February 16, at the Wilkes-Barre, Pa. restaurant, and will never go again.

Rude, disrespectful hostess. Outback has a serious problem w/their point of contact at the front door as requesting a booth always seems to be a problem here. Hostesses represent the restaurant. They are the first people you see when you walk in the door. They should be better trained. I requested a booth and waited an hour and 15 minutes. When our name was finally called, we had to wait an additional 10 minutes at the hostess station in addition to the hour and 15 minutes alread waited, while they seated other people, EVEN THOUGH they had called our name. I asked why are we waiting, you called our name. She said, we're seating other people. Ugh!!

After all that, we were taken to a TABLE!

When we said we had requested a booth, the hostess became angry and told us they only have tables. We walked back to the hostess station because we were not going to sit at the table. She was so angry and informed us that she could not see our request on her iPad. Somehow this was OUR, the customers', fault. I told her this was not my fault nor was it my problem and if they know they cannot see seating instructions on their iPad then perhaps they should not be using those iPads. If you know you have a problem, you fix it, you don't blame it on the customer.

She said we'd have to wait, YET AGAIN, to have a booth cleaned. Now we're at about an hour and a half wait and have to go back to the bar where our previous seats are no longer available. When our booth was finally ready, the hostess came into the bar area, yelled angrily that our BOOTH was ready, emphasis on the word booth, while gesturing wildly toward the booth. We were appalled at her behavior all while the manager, Ed, stood there watching. He just allowed her to treat us this way. He did not interject, and he did not reprimand her. We were not about to sit down and eat after being treated this way and humiliated in front of people. Everyone was looking. We had had it and began to walk out with Ed calling after us, "oh, you wanted a booth?" Are you kidding me?? UNBELIEVABLE! People should not be in positions they are not capable of. Ed was completely useless and did absolutely nothing to diffuse the situation, or prevent it from happening in the first place.

This place has a serious management issue when the manager can stand right there and allow their hostess to treat a guest this way. It was very crowded and everyone was watching this spectacle. Outback needs to train their employees and teach them seating logistics.

We will never return and I have put this on my social media so everyone is aware of how you get treated at the Outback in Wilkes-Barre.

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Sherocks222 - 1 h 15 m ago


Similar experience at blossom hill location in San Jose ca.. I need to figure out how to complain to someone who covers that store. Came in no one at front .. waited 10 min then a guy came up and I said yeah we have 4. He said ok 5 min 15 min go by and now a girl is up front two different tables ahead of us even though they came in after us. Anyway long story short service was horrible food was Bert salad with no salad dressing asked four times for the dressing when it came it tasted funny I ate not even half of my ribs maybe like 1/4 and couldn't eat anymore. After leaving I kept feeling not that great and buy one in the morning I was so sick and throwing up my dinner! I suppose food poisoning on top of everything else! Plus the waitress got our bills all mixed up with different bills showing other people's partial order from my small group on my bill and visa versa!! NEVER SGAIN!

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john g Toth lv - 3 h ago


I have a cooment/complaint, since you raised wed deal to $ 10.99, My wed were always outback but being simple customer, that in crease puts you in another category, now there are other options, at $ 9.99 it was always outback, now not so much, bad marketing. $ 9.99 is one thing but $ 10.99 .but just being a poor customer, I re think my options, make me think of other options, I know only a dollar but it doesn't sound like a deal. Good luck

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Linda - 10 h ago

The outback in altamonte springs fl is a disgrace..... its ran poorly and a couple of their managers act like they are in high school and are the mean girl click... the main two are debra and Danielle.... they go around spreading fake rumors and the only ones they help out are the ones who kiss their butts even if they aren't doing their job right..... the store is discusting and I would never eat there again.... one of the worst restaurants I have been too... most of the staff is really nice but there are a few that are just rude...

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gail - 1 d 4 h ago


My Waitress Forgot Bring My Food; She Served My Other Guest; Then She Got My Order mixed Up X 3; Gave Me The Wrong Check X 2.

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Jamie - 1 d 4 h ago


I attended Outback Steakhouse in Albany, ga for my birthday dinner last night. I usually love outback and have never had issues with them, but last night was different. As, I know it was late, I had to wait on my fianc who is in the police academy in Tifton to come back home for my dinner. It was roughly 9pm, yes I understand they close at 10 pm, but I just wanted fast service and quick food so I could get home and do birthday cake. We were told they were out of A LOT of stuff, like mashed potatoes, but instead I could get a baked potato, I was also told no lemons for my water, as well as I could not get the Italian salad dressing, it was thousand island instead and I was not told until he brought the salad out. I had to change to Mac n cheese instead of my mashed potatoes with my 6oz steak. After receiving "okay" service, we were rushed out... not asked about anything else, never got my steak sauce, I get home and now have been sick for almost 24 hours now. As soon as I got home last night, I got sick.. I have been throwing up as well as diarrhea and yes that is gross, but just so everybody in the area knows, DONT GO PAST 8:30, YOU'LL END UP SICKER THAN A DOG WITH FOOD POISONING, RUSHED OUT and with "okay" service. This is beyond disgusting and I will NEVER eat outback in Albany, Ga again.. i will make sure to tell everybody I know about my experience and how I gained food poisoning from THIS PLACE!!

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Christie - 3 d 10 h ago


The latest press on the Valentines Day spoof saddens me. The idea that this person will be rewarded by Outback is ridiculous. I'm sure the patrons that chipped in and paid for his meal feel duped and insulted. They will no doubt never step into your establishment again, or will their friend, nor will I.

February 14,2019

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Hayley - 4 d 7 h ago


My experience was disgusting at the Bronx location in Bay Plaza. The waitress tell you that you should call them from across the room when you need something rather than check in with you periodically like Normal restaurants. I was a family of 4, but a family of 7 received their food before me in which I was seated 30 mins before them. The waitress Betsy was very rude and nasty. I had to leave because she intentionally ensured my food did not come out although I had 2 children with me ages 4 and 10. My children could not wait any longer so we decided to go to another restaurant with better service. We were there for over an hour and all we were offered was 2 loads of bread and water. I spoke to manager before I left and all they said was sorry. They did not even attempt to correct the situation. I think no other customer should experience this situation which is why I am writing this review.

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MS Clara - 6 d 4 h ago


As a reward member I was treated with disrespect and was disgusted with the manager Kevin 21st rock road in Wichita KS. I am a frequent customer and this is the first time I was wrongly accused. I ordered my steak extra well done and sent it back 3 times and it still didn't get it right. Kevin saw the red meat each time but accused me of repeating sending back to get free steak. I was so upset. Then he wanted to charge me for the steak anyway. I bring in valuable customers when I come but plan to do business elsewhere. His attitude and how he handle the stuations was wrong.

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Tammi C - 5 d 7 h ago


Omg this happened to ME last night my steak was raw like blue in the center I have pictures. I live in California I am actually considering filing a slander suit in my small claims court because I was mortified embarrassed and sad we were there to celebrate my four year olds birthday and Valentine's Day not only did they accuse me and my family of coming in to get a free meal they literally asked us to leave but they continued to put hot food in front of my four year old who has Down syndrome and he pushed the plate to the floor breaking it on two occasions I was sitting next to our church family and they even spoke up and said quit putting hot food in front of that baby this must be something that they use to embarrass their customers intentionally willfully and maliciously because of their kitchen mistakes I wonder how many more people are out there like you and I feel free to email me Colleen Camacho 207 at

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Ian L - 6 d 4 h ago


my wife (who is disabled)and I went to our local outback in Duck Slough and 54 on Weds Feb 14th during lunch hour , the parking lot was full and we had to park outside an establisment some considerable way from the Outback entrance. It was noticed that there were only 2 disabled parking spaces (both occupied) but 3 spaces for pick up and further spaces in the parking lot reserved for delivery. It appears that its more important to the Outback Corp to consider monetary greed before consideration for disabled people who also contribute to their profit margin.It was even more annoying that when I discussed this with the manager she seemed to think it was one big joke and suggested I should be a delivery driver to get the reserved spot(very funny) Outback get your house in order AND ALLOCATED MORE DISABLED PARKING SPACES before you add delivery spaces.

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Andrew - 6 d 9 h ago


Hello, I would like to share our wonderful experience on February 13th for dinner ( last evening) Andrew ( manager at the St George Outback) was amazing. If more restaurants and business establishments would have a outstanding employee like Andrew there would be a finer dining experience for all plus things would run more smoothly. He is a just Do it man and does what it takes to make things happen. He makes sure the guest is happy and satisfied with service and your meal. He deserves huge Kudos! I believe there are not many employees that would fill any position at the restaurant to make things happen and can do an excellent job no matter what position they have to do that day. Thanks Andrew! We will return. Outback is Blessed and Fortunate to have you! You have their best interest at heart! And thanks for the great service to our waiter Tui!

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Robert Kirk - 6 d 11 h ago


What good is it to write a negative comment. I see so many negative things on this site, Not good for your company.

We live in Vero Beach, Florida and have been going to Outback since the 80's.

For some reason, the help insists on playing awful music so loud that it is sickening. Every time we go, I ask for it to be turned down and sometimes, nothing is done. This was not much of a problem at your old location on U.S. hwy. 1, but the new location on Rt. 60 is terrible. I recently spoke with a manager and he rudely told me that the "company" required that volume levels had to be at a certain level. I told him that was bull crap, and did not believe it. Anyway, we left and have not gone back. You have a lot of competition in this area of Florida and you are losing business. This complaint will probably end up in the circular file like others. I complained about this once before and never even had a response..

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Owen C. Western - 7 d ago


My family has enjoyed our dining experience at Outback Steakhouse for several years. But in recent years a tabletop payment device called, I believe, Ziosk is always there with its glowing screen to promote the brand. We place it face-down. Unfortunately, we have to deal with it when it's time to pay the bill. In our last few visits, every time there has been a problem that required assistance from the server. Either the receipt paper was jammed, or a card could not be read correctly. I do hope Corporate sees this message, as I find no "contact us" form for such reports on the main website. This little black box is the one thing that has marred an otherwise pleasant experience consistently. The Ziosk people really sold Outback a bill of goods in outfitting their restaurants with this (dis)service. It would be so much simpler AND faster to return to a time when a smiling server takes my legal tender or card and returns with the receipt to complete a pleasant evening.

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Richard A. Froom - 7 d 11 h ago


I Must extend a GREAT THANK YOU to a Particular Outback Manager in a Tampa FL Outback (Chelley DAVIDSON) who LISTENED to my 2-month Wasted Effort with Broomin'Brands Reps who ignored my 40 total hours of pleading for a $25 Replace Gift Card Rec'd for Christmas that was declined due to Non-Activation. My persistence was strictly principled Fairness, totally rejected by script-reading reps, escalated even to the corporate level. Out of nowhere I called a restaurant in the HDQTRs location (hoping for a referral) and got an unexpected, understanding person, who asked, why didn't they Just Replace the "jinxed" Gift card withe New one? My reply was "I've no Idea." I received yesterday a note of apology and the $25 GC. Thanks for people like CHELLEY DAVIDSON in 3403 Henderson Blvd, Tampa Fl 33609.

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KDBaby24 - 9 d 11 m ago


the Outback steakhouse in Pensacola, Florida management team is very unprofessional & incompetent to the whole Bloomin brands corporation. I was fired recently behind not rolling silverware fast enough, and I'm filing a report to the EEOC because I'm a pregnant woman and should be treated fairly as anyone else. When I took the initiative to roll silverware in the first place. I suggested to a manager by the name of Allen that silverware was my weakness & my strength was holding the door while we're on a wait (witch is something else I also took the initiative to do) while 2 other host were back up trying to hand out pagers from the host stand. The general manager curses at group meetings however claims he wants to be the most admirable restaurant. He doesn't care for strong professional ethics. Only wants staff to handout dirty silverware & plates to guests. It's getting so bad. I stared finding roaches around the host stand. Had to move a couple of guests from a table a server had because a roach popped up next to their food. They don't use to "no rules just right" policy. Lie to guests & put them on wait even if they did call ahead seating. Started some new employees on tip share, while they were training when it's suppose to be 3 days after training because that's how outback does it. Or at least with me how they did it. Hired my husband & one of the female managers was being messy & talking about me to my husband. Call the general manager inappropriate names like daddy. Whenever you have a serious issue going on in your life & it's an emergency. They don't care.

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Tonya - 9 d 12 h ago


A party of eight went to outback for my birthday party, the service was horrible and the food . Was so bad the six out of eight got sick or had diarrhea so bad could not wait until they got home. The food had so much salt on it. I can still taste it today. The lobster smelt so badge all sent it back. So they tried to make it like it was our fault it was bad. We will never go back again.

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Cathy - 10 d 4 h ago


I purchased curbside a few times from the McCandless location hoping that the next time could not be as bad as previous. It was terrible. The food was burnt and awful! This restaurant has gone downhill. I'm surprised they are still open!

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Thomas - 10 d 5 h ago


I visited the Outback Steakhouse in Monroe for my husband birthday and it was by far the worst experience I ever had at our favorite restaurant. We was treated so POORLY

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Savannah - 10 d 8 h ago


LEOMINSTER MA- The service was outstanding!!! shockingly it was the manager Chris that uncomfortably smelled like alcohol along with the sickening odor he was unprofessionally rude to my husband and I. Overall the food was amazing my waiter was outstanding. If I return I will have no choice but to leave if he is working.

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Sk - 13 d 16 h ago

I got gift cards on 12/19/18 around 10:45 evening I didn't get my ctra cards supposed to be 20 instead of 10

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Anonymous - 15 d 5 h ago


Tallahasse Fl location... terrible customer service have contacted manager and the proprietor can't even get a response..

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J. McIver - 19 d 12 h ago


We have been regular customers at Outback, Whiskey Rd, Aiken, SC. Last night, January 31st, our party of 6 went for dinner. My daughter ordered the pork porterhouse for the first time. After a few bites, she noticed a rancid taste and odor. She then ran to the restroom, where she proceeded to vomit. The waitress was very apologetic and sweet, but it was not her fault. The waitress reported it to the lady manager, whom comped my daughter's meal, but never approached our table. Actually, after checking my daughter in the restroom, my meal went unfinished, as did the 2 other adults meals. Who wants to eat after that? Upon arriving home, my daughter spent another 20 minutes vomiting. I then called our local Outback and spoke with the manager. The manager was very defensive, stating that she did not know how the pork could be bad, as they are all fresh, that it can't be food poisoning because it was too soon, etc.....I stated that I am not a medical doctor and I don't know what eating bad pork will do, but that if my daughter continues to vomit, I will be taking her to the doctor. Luckily, this morning my daughter felt better, at least, so far. I am extremely disappointed in Outback and we will never return.

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Ed mccormick - 22 d ago


Will not ever go back for steak and lobster specials. Tonight's steamed and not grilled , which was always good, was terrible even after two attempts. Tasted uncooked and mushy. This is no way to prepare and serve lobster tail. Your steaks have always been hit or miss, but worth the gamble usually. I see no reason to go back to outback again.

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Pablo - 20 d ago


Work for Outback. Bend over. It's what they do

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