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Outback Steakhouse

OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC
2202 N West Shore Blvd
Tampa, FL
(813) 282-1225
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Tory - 14 h 45 m ago


I went to outback steak house on Friday 2/21/20 @ 4:13. From the time we sat down until we received a glass of water it was 10 minutes. We ordered,The blooming onion, which was beyond greasy. Our dinner was a 6 oz Filet and a strip steak. one meal got a sweet potato and the other FF's. The Filet was so fatty And had no taste, I asked the waitress if it was a filet. my husbands strip steak was also fatty. We've eaten here before so out meal wasn't what we expected. My husband asked for steak sauce which he received pretty close to being done. When I asked for BBQ I got a eye roll from the waitress. When she brought it her comment was

, do you have everything now, with a tone as if we were bothering her. We won't be back.

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Homme - 1 d 4 h ago


Best experience great job. Tasty food, steaks cooked perfectly. Sally are server attentive friendly and efficient.victoria the manager wonderful. Plenty of room for my family and my husbands service dog. Appreciated the Braille menu. Best eating out experience in over a year. Thank you so much. Perfect from the call ahead to paying the check

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Anonymous - 1 d 12 h ago


The meal was good BUT there has been a special for steak and lobster for $16.99 advertised. What a joke. Took Granddaughter for lunch and asked for special. They brought the meal and boy did I get the bill, full price. Thought that I might have mis understood the special. Watched TV ad again and went back to Olympia, WA restaurant asked for the special which they said what it was and took our order. Again got charged full price, talked to manager and she got a menu and showed me the full price item and yes that is what I got charged again. Will not go back EVER Both dinners I asked for the special and got taken both times

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Thalia - 2 d 34 m ago


I just had dinner at Outback Steakhouse in Corona, Ca. Our waitress Karli took it upon herself to add an extra 20% tip on my card after we left her $16 dlls in cash tip. I wonder how many other people they have scammed? I will be calling corporate in the morning

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Sharon - 2 d 11 h ago


Love your restaurants filet mignon iis what we always order with chopped salad and a side and of course an appetizers and drinks. However, every restaurant no longer chops the salad it is regular salad with the dressings of chopped salad. WHY?? WE INQUIRE ..TYPICAL ANSWER "DON'T DO THAT ANYMORE". So my question is why call it a chopped salad and that is what many want?

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Anonymous - 4 d 8 h ago

Sheilas is a derogatory term for women. Please remove this from your women's restroom. It is offensive

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Teresa - 7 d ago


My whole family went to dinner for my papa his 91st birthday I have never Experienced what happened there their was party of 26 they didn't take the orders right we had to send some steaks back wasn't fixed rite food was not that great then when it came time to get our tickets they screwed everyone's ticket we had reservations for 530 and we did not get out of there till 9 o'clock that's just ridiculous and the manager wasn't helping the waitor fix the tickets or nothing she was rude and we seen her outside smoking instead of helping fix all of our tickets we will never go back again my papa was very disappointed with the whole mess .

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Jayson - 4 d 8 h ago


Outback is a disgrace and should be shut down the management is piss poor

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Jayson - 4 d 8 h ago


I visited the Akron outback in Akron Ohio this place is awful i went there in December of 2019 the waitress named multiple items off the menu that were not available since none of the items she said was what i wanted i ordered the prime rib, when i chose broccoli for a side she said they were out, so i took a loaded baked potato when the meal came i asked where the bacon was she replied we are out of bacon.So i ate my meal and left but i gave them the benefit of the doubt i returned there on 2-16-2020 i ordered a prime rib dinner after a hour of sitting there i asked the waitress where is my food she said its coming out shortly( i eat that rare) after 15 more minutes i asked again she said they are short staffed in the kitchen i told her that is unacceptable, after that my food came out when she brought the bill i asked to see the manager after i sat there for two hours in my booth the manager never came out so i payed for my bill and left i would never recommend this place to anyone and i am telling all mt family and friends!

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Terry - 6 d 48 s ago

My wife and I went to the south Elgin outback steak house, we go there every time we have a taste for a steak. But this time the service was so bad, are Waiter was talking to friends for 5 minutes at a time, then he would check on are food, then go back to his friends again. The people in front of us where there before us, ending getting there food after us. They looked mad to. We Like this place, but this happens again, if no one does anything about this, it could be my last.

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Cs - 7 d ago

Can't believe they took the tassie bites off the menu. That was the best thing on the menu. I don't understand why they have to make such ridiculous changes. Get rid of that nasty bloomin onion or the "shrooms" that nobody orders. Even the regular wings are terrible no meat at all. Will not be returning to outback anymore!! Very disappointed!!

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Carol - 7 d 4 h ago


My husband and I were looking forward to our date night we chose Outback in Vancouver WA we had terrible service it wasn't that busy couldn't understand why we had to wait so long for service. It seemed as though we were bothering the staff for service. The restaurant was dirty tables were not bused. The food was just ok we don't plan on returning.

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Max Humphreys - 7 d 7 h ago


My wife and I stopped at the Outback, #1813, in Fern Valley Kentucky just south of Louisville.I am diabetic, and during our wait for a seat I experienced a problem concerning my condition. I was able to speak with Tiara the manager and explained my concern. She immediately asked my name and took me to a table to sit down and informed me she would have a waitress bring me something to eat and drink. Our waitress,Hagan quickly brought me something and I was able to feel better and enjoy the rest of my stay at the restaurant.

I would like to commend both Tiara and Hagan on their quick action on how they handled my immediate need. Please convey my wife and my gratitude for their compassion and concern. Their quick action helped in me getting my blood sugar quickly under control. If Outback offers any kind of employee recognition or award for service above and beyond, I am submitting their names for recognition.

Max Humphreys

Morgantown, WV

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Terri - 7 d 11 h ago


My husband and I went to Outback in Palm Beach Gardens last Saturday night. when the waitress brought our bill, we told her we had our dine rewards card we wanted to get credit for dining there and we had $10.00 bonus for buying gift certificates at Christmas. We actually had 2 $10.00 bonuses and they were expiring the next day. We had an extra one because when we had gone to Carrabba's the week before and the waitress there had a problem and gave it back to us because she was trying to put in the AARP discount and the $10 bonus so both would not go in. The waitress at Outback said to us give her both bonus cards because you can use up to 2 bonuses . I said to her I said to her I don't want to use the 2 if it puts me under the $20 in food I need to get a dine rewards credit. She said no it wont because dine rewards does not hold the bonus cards away from what you are spending. Needless to say dine out most certainly did and we did not get credit for going to outback because our food total went below $20.00. My point of all this is why do Outback and Carrabbas not train their help so they know how to treat these discounts that are offered. I did call the Outback in Palm Beach Gardens Florida and complain to a manager who told me a higher manager would call me or email me the next day but no one got back to me.

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Tester - 8 d 5 h ago


I was at the laurel md locatio 2/12/20 at beginning lunch period. I ordered. Mushroom app, a 16oz prime rib with extra 8oz= 24 pz.. medium rare.. I recieved a 16 oz medium well cold fat was still white.. sent it back cuz cold , not right weight and to well done.. they ten brought me a second cut of 8oz and was still cold and over done, . Then they brought the same first steak back just warmedcup.. cuz I cut into it 3 places.. was even more over done.. the manger came I showed him the steaks and he brought another.. still was a well done steak.. I never recieved my mushrooms till after all this happened and had to remind them.. this was a 50$ meal that was absolutely horrible.. And this is not the first time this has happened.. Absolutely horrible food!!!!

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Brianna Faria - 9 d ago


I placed an online order on Valentine's Day at the Rock Hill, SC Outback on 1319 River Run Ct. at 6:11pm. Not only was my food ready within minutes of me arriving (at 6:45), the entire To Go team was kind, helpful, and organized despite other rude guests. I have years of experience in the corporate restaurant industry, and I was blown away with how great this team was. Huge shout out to all of the To Go staff tonight. I truly appreciate all your work this evening. You guys are phenomenal, and I will definitely be back. Thank you!!!!

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David - 11 d 7 h ago


I was at your Waterford lakes location in Orlando, the side salad was excellent, just have one suggestion, how come in all the years I've been coming to outback, you guys never have a 2 for 1 special on draft beers or bottles, ever??? Why is that??? Also noticed food serving size starting to shrink, you used to get decent portions, but not anymore, service was good for a change????

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Claude Gaut - 11 d 12 h ago


Hello my name is Claude Gaut from Dallas Texas & i dinned @ the Mesquite Texas location Sunday Feb.9, 2020, my experience on a scale from 1-10 was a 6, service was a little slow, was told it was limited seating & i was a party of 1 & the location was 1/2 full, after paying i didnt not receive all my change back after paying, I would like to speak to Co. rep. @ (hidden), (hidden), about my whole experience!!!!!!!!

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John Smith - 13 d 19 h ago


I've frequented the Danbury CT Outback for a number of years now. I'm concerned it's going down hill over there. The food just isn't the high quality it always used to be. The bar stinks and I mean literally smells bad. Like a wet sponge most of the time and now they've failed their food inspection. I really hate to say that I wont be going back but it's almost at that point. Please do something about this.

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Tamika Mansel - 14 d 4 h ago


My experience for the last 3 times I have went to the outback in greenwood sc has been nothing but horrible!! The hostess in my opinion is supposed to greet you with a smile and welcoming attitude, but here in greenwood they stare at you like your walking into their personal homes uninvited..... they don't say nothing they don't smile don't ask how many is in your group barely even say anything when taking you to the table you just have to know to follow them after you've sat and waited for a table .... lord forbid if you ask for condiments they look at you like your suppose to eat the food dry which by the way takes an hour and a half to get to the table and when it finally arrives it's burnt and cold For a place that only had like 5 tables occupied what was the excuse of the food taking that long or being burnt and cold ??? I'll tell you..... they just don't give a shit !!!! In my opinion they need to shut the greenwood store DOWN !!! I'll never return again and I'll let my family and friends know to not go either (.) if it ever close down it won't be missed

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Alicia in State College - 14 d 4 h ago


We went to outback in State College PA tonight to use a gift card from Christmas. We had great service. The waitress Celina did a great job. There was a small mistake on my sons meal but she quickly took care of it. The mgr Don also took care of the mistake by giving us the appetizer. All the food was hot and great.

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Steven Miller - 15 d 9 h ago

Took you up on your promotion for steak and lobster for $16.99 you emailed me about. Told my server that I had an email about the promotion at witch time she ask if I wanted the filet or strip. I said I preferred the filet.after I finished the wonderful meal I looked at the check she presented the amount was $ 29.29. After speaking with her about the difference of $12.30 she then explained that was because I picked the filet. The promotion has a picture of both steaks and I was not informed that there would be an uncharge of $12.30 or 72%. I never write to companies if I am dissatisfied this is a first that should let you know how unhappy I am about this experience. As a business owner I understand that sometimes we get misrepresented by our staff but I always try to remedy the wrong. Steven Miller

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Brian chester - 17 d ago

Letter to outback

Hello, to whom it may concern. Before I sold my company it was an easy thing for us traditionally to have a Christmas party at the Outbacks. We had 12 satellite offices around the country and it was always something to look forward to, in addition we would give each employee an outback gift card on their birthday. So you're actually part of my family. while I go to many restaurants I my travels and locally, for my sons birthday, he wanted to go to outback tonight. I have not been there in a good deal of years, yet everything was just as great as I remember. I went with the ribeye medium rare and it was delicious. Here is where the "however" comes in. I ordered the mixed vegetables as a side dish and they were served on the same plate, and it was a very attractive presentation. The steak comes with an Au Ju gravy and as I took my first bite I immediately could taste the flavorings from the broccoli, the squash, and the carrots. The wonderful flavor of the steak was predominant but the hints of the juices from those vegetables on the plate migrated into the primary meal. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the steak. However I had to wonder would you serve french fries in that same gravy? I would think not as you would probably put them in a separate dish. But to conclude, this is something you may want to consider. Any Great chef would live in shame to have a wonderful piece of meat tainted by the juices from the vegetables. In the world of design and manufacturing many items move through the design and production process and then a flaw is discovered. I would be curious if you see this as to be an acceptable situation? I won't hold it against your restaurant but I have a feeling that you take great pride in everything you do. I would not be contacting you regarding this issue if I didn't think You cared. At this point I'm only curious what your feelings are on what an amateur food critic would see as an obvious over-sight Thank you for listening. On my next visit I will insist that the vegetables be served on a separate dish ??? My name is Brian Chester, and my cell phone is (hidden) Thank you very much for considering my comments and I will look forward to hearing from you

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Very unhappy grandmother - 44 d 6 h ago


I tried to place a order to go at the Creedmoor location in Raleigh today. I called twice with no answer. Finally the fjord try Kate answered and transferred me to takeout. After ringing and then silence Kate answered again and told me she had to transfer me for takeout orders. After ringing and silence I go Kate again. She again said she needed to transfer me. I told her it just rang and after silence I get her again. She said she would transfer me and "stick her head back there to make sure someone was back there". After much ringing and a long silence finally another person answered. She said "they were really slammed and she could put me on hold and someone would eventually take my order". I told her thank you and she put me on hold. After 1 minute someone picked up the phone and hung it up. I normally would have given up sooner but my grandson wanted the quesadillas so I tried. Now I will go explain to him why Outback would not work with me.

I do not want anything from your restaurant so do not bother to contact me.

I do not know if anyone cares (staff at this restaurant obviously does not) but if I do not make anyone aware then you do not know.

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Anonymous - 17 d 9 h ago

No one would contact you anyway as this is not a corporate site. This is just a spamming site for people to troll and try to steal info from. If you didn't want a response you wouldn't have complained, so you might as well go to their site and try again

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