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Outback Steakhouse

OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC
2202 N West Shore Blvd
Tampa, FL
(813) 282-1225
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Anonymous - 1 d 19 h ago

No one ever returns calls or emails,

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Faith - 2 d 2 h ago


Just had dinner at Outback in Queensbury NewYork, service was horrible, our waiter spent more time in the back cooking his own meal. We waited over 40 minutes to be served after we were seated. Food definitely was not worth the $80 that we paid. Do these chain restaurants not care any more about making the customers happy. People want to be paid more than $15 an hour, for what? Their thumbs up their ........ Could be a nice place to eat if people cared! Stay home and cook over going to this restaurant!

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Michelle - 2 d ago


Our server Cami G was very helpful. I need to move from a booth to a table with chairs and she accommodated that request right away. There was a need for sugar for my tea and she went and got it right away. There was no fries brought out for my dinner Cami stayed on it as well as drinks the whole meal. I was very impressed with her professionalism and service. The only negative I have is that I called your (hidden) number to do my survey and was hung up on twice after putting my survey code in. Very frustration as not everyone has access to a computer. Thank you for taking time to read this review. I will be forwarding to your corporate office as well.

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Mary B. - 3 d 4 h ago


We ate at the Outback here in Aiken, SC this evening. They were out of Baked Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes and only had mashed potatoes and French fries. The restaurant was very cold and we asked to have the air conditioner shut off. The manager was not available. The manager used to come around and ask how things were. We have been back numerous times and have never seen the manager.

This area has another steak restaurant and there is always a manager overseeing the service, etc.


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worst dining in the world - 6 d 9 h ago


worst dinning experience went to out back vero beach waited for lunch at our both long time for waiters ... ordered then both steaks were under cooked not the first time .... manager offered to comp the meal we declined ... would never eat there again you need to teach your cooks how to cook the right temperature kind of stupid to order well done and it comes to the table rare .... unreal it is apparent that the customer dose not matter in outback dinning experience....

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Derrick Westfield - 10 d ago


My name is Derrick & I was dining at the Outback Steakhouse in Ankeny, IA. First off I had a server by the name of Sabrina and I was not happy with the way she greeted me. I am not a teenager I'm a gentleman &when I asked for a sprite I was given water instead. I noticed her cracking jokes with a boy coworker as I was trying to get her attention to have my drink changed. She was very unprofessional &when I confronted her about the mistake she laughed in my face like it was a joke & given a sprite after 30 minutes of sitting there. I will NOT be visiting that location again & please educate these servers with some manners towards elders.

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Disappointed and hungry - 7 d ago


My experience exactly. We had to beg for water from a very annoyed server. The hostess was rude, rude, rude.

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Disappointed and still hungry - 7 d ago


Last Wednesday my two sisters and I celebrated one of our sisters birthday. It was around 04:00-04:30 and the restaurant was almost empty. The hostess was visiting the bartender and the servers were visiting with each other. We three stood in the lobby area five minutes before the hostess came picked up some menus and started walking. I said 'do you want us to follow you' she replied Yeah. The service was extremely poor we were going to the bar ourselves to get our drinks. And unfortunately our sisters Casadia was burned.

I reached out and received a reply from Mr. Strange telling me how sorry he was and he would be sending out coupons through fedex that day. He also stated that he would reimburse us for the horrible meal. We have not heard from from again. Not email or fedex and the card we used was not reimbursed. I have always loved this restaurant when the only one in town was on Lakeshore almost 20 years ago. I have been a faithful customer but I am very disappointed in the way the restaurant is headed.

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David Quick - 7 d 13 h ago


Last night my wife, granddaughter, and myself decided to check out Outback's of Hagerstown, Md for dinner. Tierra H. our assigned waitress was very knowledgeable about Outback's menu and listened to what we enjoyed eating. Everything we ordered was piping hot and tasting great. Tierra stopped by our table periodically to ensure everything we requested was to our satisfaction. Not only was Tierra's appearance and service highly impeccable; we felt honored to be treated with such royalty. Please pass our comments on to her district and cooperate managers that Tierra is a great role model of how employees of any restaurant, especially, Outback's should perform their duties in a highly professional manor. Tierra really made us feel welcome like we were family; an experience we can't wait to return for more good food and friendly service.

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Jaime Rimer - 8 d ago


For the past 6 years my family and I have been patrons of Outback on Colerain Ave in Cincinnati. We attend monthly Family Birthday Parties, as well as I have held my company Christmas dinner''s there for the last two years. We EASILY spend well over $100 dollars for our family gatherings, and for my work parties we average $600 every time with food and adult beverages. Each time we come however; the service becomes worse and worse. We decided after last month's dinner that we would give it one last try, and we wish that we hadn't. It was CLEARLY a birthday party (birthday balloons, and presents all over the table...and NOT ONE employee stopped to say Happy Birthday. There was no offer to sing, and no birthday ice cream offered until I FINALLY asked. As we were leaving, we asked for 3 iced teas to go (what we had been drinking all evening) in the large carry out cups. I understand it's not typical to give these 5 cent cups for to go beverages; however because of all the money we spend, the management has always made exceptions. Tonight the waitress refused our carry out cups and proceeded to bring us kid's cups to go. All of this was after the already terrible service we once again received. Now, I have been in the food service/bar business for 22 years and this is terrible business, especially after spending WELL over $100. I asked to speak to a manager, and a manager named Bo came to our table. I explained that we frequent the location for large parties, and have NEVER had an issue getting our large iced teas to go. Bo proceeded to tell me that if we wanted the carry out cups we would have to pay an additional 2.99 per iced tea!! He was very rude, and at one point began to tell me that he wasn't going to argue, and that's just the way it was going to be. I couldn't believe it, and was/am extremely disgusted in Outback and the service and treatment that we've received the last year that we we've been going. We will NEVER again patronize OUTBACK, and I will blast Coleraine Outback and their manager Bo all over social media, as well as spreading the terrible service to my hundreds of customer's that follow me in the greater Cincinnati area. I sincerely hope that the 15 cents worth of cups we were refused is worth losing customer's of many years! I will also be cancelling the work Christmas party I have planned there next week, and move it to Longhorn! Extremely disappointed!

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Carol - 8 d 9 h ago


I was in Terre Haute Indiana for Thanksgiving and we always go Black Friday shopping and go to the Outback for lunch. Well this won't happen again!! There were 11 of us. They were not busy at all. We got there at 2 p.m. The waitress could care less that we were there, never around to check on us. We had to stop staff members to get refills, or anything else that we needed. We ask for the manager several times and that really didn't help at all. They split are bill to begin with, but for some reason it got lost. Orders were messed up and steaks had gristle in them. When the manager did come out, he apologized and said he would take care of it. 20 minutes later after everyone else was done eating they brought them out. We told them we wanted our bills. 20 minutes later they came out and we ask where are bills were and they said they would be right out. 20 minutes went by again and I said get the manager. By this time I said this is RIDICULOUSLY. I HAVE NEVER HAD SUCH BAD SERVICE. Finally manager came out again and said he wasn't for sure what went on, but it was on him. WELL THAT WAS THE LEAST THEY COULD DO. We were there for 3 hours because of this. Unfriendly, unprofessional staff. GET IT TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!

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Steve - 10 d ago


Just went to Outback for Dinner and to get annual gift cards for my employees for Christmas, but Outback wouldn't let me purchase more than $100.00 in gift cards with my business credit card and even when i provided my drivers license to prove my identity, the manager said corporate wouldn't allow it. They required that gift cards over $100.00 be paid in cash or be purchased online. Well I've been in business for over 26 years and faithfully purchased Outback giftcards for my employees, family, and friends repeatly. I do not understand how providing a credit cards online is any different from purchasing directly at the restaurant? This makes no sense! I am a successful business owner and as part of my business I interact with perspective clients all the time. I believe that people need to interact face to face. Interacting is something too many people aren't doing anymore! Going out to dinner as a couple, or family, or with friends requires inaction and creates memories. Whatever information that is provided online could have been requested in person. It's a shame that I won't be getting these gift cards now or in the future.

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Elizabeth - 11 d ago


Absolutely the worst experience ever at the Concord NC Concord Mills location. From the general manager Jared. Me and my family came into this location on Friday Nov 30th my and my moms steak was over cooked and entirely too much seasoning. We let our server know our steaks were over cooked and too much seasoning. She was very nice and apologized offered to make new steaks. We both declined because we didn't want to wait for new steaks. The bill came out and nothing was discounted or taken off. The manager on duty just said next time you come in I got you. So tonight my husband and I came in thinking it we would be better. I even ordered my steak light seasoning still over done. Told my server my steak tonight was supposed to be free. The owner Jared came over told me he was NOT comping my steak off. He is VERY RUDE and doesn't deserve to have his own store. His boss needs to know that this is how he treats his guests. I will never return to his store again. I hope he gets fired

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Happy - 10 d 12 h ago

I called with a complaint with my takeout order today at my local Outback and that was my response next time you come in, I take care of it... who says I'm coming back!!!!!!!!

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Never again! - 10 d 14 h ago


As a faithful customer, now ex customer I would highly suggest and recommend that someone in the corporate office make a trip to Southaven Ms asap! The apparent store owner is completely running ur franchise and company name in the ground! He has no desire to assist the Patriots that are paying GOOD money for poor quality service and food!! When I attempted to speak with him he blew me off and said if I wasn't satisfied I didnt have to return. So I WILL NOT BE RETURNING! all over a steak that was over cooked and the fact we had a group that he separated instead of pushing tables together because he did not want to.... wow what a loss for them and our family!

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ash776 - 11 d ago


Recently visited the Outback on Lake Underhill, FL. They were barely busy but the managers had no control in the store. My server had too many tables to fill our need, forgot multiple things and my food took 60 minutes to come out . I didn't see a manager the whole night Would not visit again

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No more Outback for me. EVER! - 11 d ago


Outback was one of our favorite restaurants when they came to my area. Ate there 2-3 times per month. Stopped eating there many years ago because the service and food got really bad. Tried several other Outback's in different states and they were bad too. Now for my real complaint- we haven't eaten at Outback in YEARS because it was always a letdown. Tonight for some odd reason we dined at our Anderson Outback. We sprung for the new entres. Ribeye- over cooked and dry, no salads because they were out (at 7:00 pm), mac n cheese had no flavor, lobster was ice cold, shrimp was ice cold, mashed potatoes had NO flavor and cold, crab cakes were flavorless. We dropped over $73 for this horrible dinner (with tip). If Outback doesn't do something positive soon, it's certainly doomed. They got my last dollar. I will not EVER eat at an Outback Steakhouse again.

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Barbara - 11 d 15 s ago


On 11/29/2018, my husband and I went to the outback in Brick, NJ. As we were waiting for a table, I observed a waiter clean something on the floor with a towel. When he finished he went to clear a table and used the same towel to clean the table. I asked to see a manager and told her what I just observed. She turned and went got another towel and then cleaned the table. She had a half smile on her face and was not apologetic. We were offered that table but I refused. After we were seated at another table another manager came over and apologized. My husband loves the outback, but I'm not rushing back there! Only God knows what else goes on there.

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Cory P - 13 d 9 h ago


My wife and daughter just went to the Outback in Frisco TX and was served moldy rotten squash. She informed the waitress about who took her plate and brought her fresh squash. Only this time the squash was served with hair sitting on top of it. My wife informed the waitress about it and the waitress asked if she would like fresh veggies? So if you want fresh veggies without hair I guess you know have to request that while ordering. They comped my wife's order and only charged my 3 year old daughters meal. Needless to say the local Food and Health inspector will be contacted about this. They left never to be back and immediately went to a nearby chic fil A where the services are far more superior.

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Anthony Gati - 14 d 15 h ago


Why do you put a weight on your chicken breasts? It Makes them super thin and super dry!!! I've been telling your managers all over the country this And they agree!! All the changes you guys have made are terrible. Outbacks was a 4 star at one time Until you went public now your lucky you get a 1 star. You used to have fresh cut fries and And the no rules pasta was great until you changed that. Why would you change how you make The chicken on the Barbie? It's thin and dry You guys ruined your brand. And you should've never closed Lyndhurst Ohio location... I could go on and on you suck now...

General profile image - 15 d 12 h ago


I'm a long time outback customer coming from South Florida , and my 53 years this was the worst and I have never complained I will just make it short, we went to the outback in Hoover Alabama on Halloween night usually not great service but I just deal with it but this night was definitely worse . I was told 35 minute wait and it ended up being one hour and five minutes . Then when I went around the wall 75% of the restaurant is empty and 75% of the bar area was empty . We were told there was a Halloween party and everybody called out . I knew right then I should've left but I honestly felt bad for the waiter himself so I stayed . Of course the general manager was not there either I'm assuming he was at the party , but the waiter was rushed and angry so I should've went with my first instinct and left early . Not knowing that when I went in they should've said something before taking our names because I seen a lot of people was turned around because they were not going to even wait for 35 minutes . That was my last outback experience . And for the last note it has always been run by kids in the Hoover Alabama location.

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Cheryll - 17 d 6 h ago


Do u read reviews of ur restaurants all over the nation? If u did, u would force them 2 close because they r giving the outback name a bad reputation!!! Especially in albuquerque NM

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Angela Carpenter - 18 d 11 h ago

I Love Outback Steakhouse have been going to your restaurant for years, except the only one in our area the place is run down and very dirty, we have lived in upstate New York for 12 years my husband is a Pastor here.

Queensbury NY Outback needs some definite Attention, I've tried this restaurant 3 times now and walked away very disappointed.

The one Manager wrote me but I felt nothing would be done about this.

It needs a good cleaning and some remodeling.

Angela Carpenter

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Keith Nordlander - 19 d 12 h ago


I was having dinner at the Butler location and ordered a well done Steak and I was served a Bloody Steak,this is not the first time that this has happened at this location, I will forward pictures of the Steak I was served and it was taken back and forth to the kitchen 3 times.

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Bob Bamford - 20 d 14 h ago


Happy Thanksgiving. Last night my family and another chose to eat at your Suwanee Georgia location for a pre thanksgiving meal. Unfortunately it was the most horrific food experience we have ever endured at any of your restaurants. First let me say our server was superb. All but two of the 10 meals ordered were cooked or prepared properly. Steaks were unbelievably thin and over cooked, burgers were over cooked as well. Bloomin onion greasy and the chicken for my grandchildren dry as a bone. Together both families spent over $200.00 for great service but much less than desireable food. We enjoy your restaurant but this surely was an awful experience. My name is Bob Bamford; email address if you wish to respond is (hidden). I just thought you should be aware. I thank you in advance. Bob Bamford.

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