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Outback Steakhouse

OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC
2202 N West Shore Blvd
Tampa, FL
(813) 282-1225
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Susan H. - 1 d 28 s ago

Had a terrible experience at the location in Lewisville, Texas. My husband and I met family after work and our server was not attentive and the food came out cold and didn't look fresh. We have tried this restaurant several times hoping that it was just one bad experience but it appears that it's just not a good location to dine in. Very bad choice...

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Grant Greenwell - 2 d 22 h ago


i've been a regular at Outback Steakhouse in Bowling Green, Ky for the last few years. I've watched Alton McLean run the store to perfection. I must say that since Ashley Lawn has taken over the store, there has been many occasions where the store has ran out of Wheat Bread. Ashley gave the servers dinner rolls from Kroger's and told the servers to bring them to the tables. A week or two later, the entire store was out of Wheat Bread (again), 6-10oz Filets, 10/12oz Ribeyes, Prime Rib, Mash Potatoes, Coke-Cola, Green Onions, and 9oz and 12oz Sirloins. A server once told me that they're currently out of coke, but has to wait for Ashley to get back to the gas station with 2 liters of coke. I have seen Ashley Yawn and another manager, i've later found his name to be Logan Barnett, yell at their outbackers in the dining area on multiple occasions. I've sat and over heard Ashley and another employee talk about deleting her hours in order for the certain employee to work more for her. I've also noticed Logan and Ashley on their cell phones in the dining area. I've sat and ate my food at outback while Logan sat at the table next to me and eat mexican food while I'm eating.The Outback Steakhouse in Bowling Green, Ky has completely went down hill over the last year or so and I strongly believe that Ashley Yawn does not have the mental strength or capability to run a store. My family and I came in to eat on a Friday night, watched Ashley Y come up to the host stand and tell hosts/hostess to not sit the right side of the restaurant because the cooks aren't able to cook the food fast enough. Ashley Yawn has ruined my experience eating at Outback Steakhouse in Bowling Green, Ky. My family and I will no longer be eating at Outback Steakhouse in Bowling Green, Ky.

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Beth - 2 d ago


Most of these are false complaints. Please do not believe these are this consumer is giving inaccurate information b

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Tracy Atwater - 2 d 48 m ago


The outback in highpoint NC off of Parris ave had lately not been the best and we have been going there for years, but this last time that we went last week during furniture market was the best time and the best service that I have ever had. Are server was Kagejha hope I spelled that right but she was great friendly curtiois fast knowledgable. There was also a server named Jim which I thought was a manager the way he carried himself but was also great he got dirty plates and things off of are table when he brought are food he would stop and fill are drinks up if he was walking by all in all it was the best service between those two that we have ever had there before. We ask to speak to a manager which is now Jessica omg she was so sweet and warming . Outback we really like the new help that you have going on there just seems and fills like everyone works together and things are run so much smoother and that it can't get any better. Thanks you guys so much for the great experience Kadjha Jim and Jessica because of you three we will definitely be back!!!!

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Will - 2 d ago

To whom it may concern, I am writing in regards to the lack of participation when outback steakhouse runs nationwide promotions. I live in San Diego with an Outback Steakhouse right across the street at 4196 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92117. Who never honors of the promotions I find it to be very misleading to consumers. I understand it says in small print at participating locations. So I decided to visit the Mission Valley location 1640 Camino Del Rio N, San Diego, CA 92108. Which is about 8 miles from me because of a promotion Outback recently had for $15.99 and I was told they don't do that promotion at that location either. So now I'm frustrated because of the commercial being shown causing me to want to eat at the restaurant to only be told they don't honor those promotions. Any smart business would take a couple of dollars difference and honor the promotions understanding the psychology behind it that you will have a happy customer who is likely to return, and even during the visit would tip more. It's not about the money I personally feel lied to when I told two separate restaurants don't honor promotions. Simple math tells me if my average bill there is around $60-70 the $15.99 isn't the problem and if I wanted to make up for the business not honoring the promos I could simply not leave a tip. I bringing this to your ATTENTION because I like outback just not sure I'll be returning anymore. Thanks for your time.

Yours Truly,

The cheated customer

Contact Info: William Cromwell

Email: (hidden)

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Anonymous - 2 d 19 h ago

The Outback Steakhouse in Columbus Ohio specifically the Bethel Rd. location has a reputation of hiring individual's with and on drugs. Feminization amongst employees visible Tatoos and basically discriminatory practices amongst the duties and responsibilities. Pam regularly loud talks certain staff members and does not know how to diffuse and connect the sites. Also in the AM hours there's know dish washer scheduled and employees regularly walking around on their phones and the glasses are a disaster waiting to happen just a few glaring concerns from a former employee

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The Lost a Great Customer - 3 d 18 m ago


My husband and I drove up to The Outback Steakhouse in Miami Lakes at 9:30 p.m. last night. as we were approaching the door, the hostess locked it. because they do not close until 10 we knocked and finally she came back. She told us that we couldn't come in because they had a back up in the kitchen and they were closing early. She then sent us to eat at a sports bar in the same plaza. We told her we really wanted Outback but she insisted that we couldn't eat there and we should go to the sports bar. After getting seat at the sports bar, the incident did not sit right with either of us so I called back to the restaurant.

To our dismay, the hostess LIED!, the restaurant was open and according to the manager, there was never a problem with the kitchen. The manager apologized profusely and gave us a gift card but the fact of the matter is, we were discriminated against and no gift card can fix that.

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Marnie - 3 d 12 h ago


We ate at the Orland Park, IL Outback the other night. I'm not writing to specifically complain but as long as I'm writing I might as well. I had the 22 ounce bone in ribeye. It was tasteless and tough. I didn't complain about it. The real reason I'm writing is to find out where you purchase your black pepper grinders. It is the best black pepper! We loved it but there is nothing on the bottle regarding its production. If you can please get back to me I would appreciate it.

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Anonymous - 4 d 5 h ago

Deptford NJ Location is where we had a problem with our order. My girlfriend ordered 6 oz sirloin medium it came out dryed up looking like a heel off a dress shoe! They brought out another one for her and they tried to charge us for twice for it! We tried sirloins at Cracker Barrel that were MUCH better and cost less! No more Outback for us!

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Samuel J Donato Jr - 5 d ago


I live in Saint cloud Florida . And I have noticed that since the 1st time going to the Outback in Saint cloud that the quality of meat has gone down . We still go occasion Only because you're the only steakhouse in town. The service is still good but I'm a steak guy and have been disappointed a lot.

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Anonymous - 7 d 11 h ago



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Michael Nemeth - 7 d 18 h ago


I was at Outback on Linton Blvd. in Del Ray Florida last eek. Tnere was a slight mix up in our reservation and we met the Manager Rick McKenzie. He was really helpfull but more important he was charming and made us feel special. I rarely comment but in this case he and our waitress Malissa changed on upsetting time to one of our best experiences. We wanted to share a positive moment and will be going back again.

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Kathy - 9 d 18 h ago


Visalia California Outback has no atmosphere and the prices of beer $7.00 for a coors light . It is not worth going there when the food is not that good and the beers and drinks cost more than the dinner for one.

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Celeste - 11 d 11 h ago


My boss and I where going to patron the Outback Steakhouse, River City Marketplace. My boss and I arrived in different cars and was waiting in the parking lot for others to arrive where witnessed two of your employees partaking in illegal activity in a grey car a male and female (female had a bun with curly hair and gold earrings), as we came into the restaurant we where waiting to be seated and the female was a server and the male went into the kitchen and the aroma of the smell marijuana from the two of them was absolutely deplorable.... My boss and I was waiting on others to arrive so we left and went back to the parking but not before asking for the manager and the district manager name and was given Jason and Brent. We went to the parking lot waiting on others to arrive and made a call to the location to speak with Jason about the incident and Jason assured he would speak and take care of this issue and after describing this person he (Jason) advised that he was going to handle the situation and well that is not at all what happen, he did go speak with the server in question but she was not sent home or anything. Our other guest arrived so we went back into the establishment and the server in question happen to be our other guest server and her name was Kelly and still smelled of weed aroma. During the service she was not attentive nor friendly spoke very harsh and as if she wanted to be heard over everything. Server Kelly and another server with a blue headband and a pony tail stood around talking about patrons of Outback and other server while pointing and laughing. Very unprofessional, on behalf of individuals that up hold the law everyday in Camden County we where half tempted to call our contacts in Duval and have them come search the car in question and the person's involved in this deplorable act of employees of Outback. I have contacted Brent to advise that Jason was made aware of the situation and did nothing at all, but stood there and joked with the server Kelly like it was big joke, but the joke was it was witnessed by two court apportioned state employees and the incident was brought to his attention with no actions taken.....I will follow up with Brent in the am about this incident and advised how the Manager Or DM is not running his establishment correctly nor having accountability ....something needs to change there IMMEDIATELY

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Jason - 10 d 17 h ago

Does it make people like you feel better about themselves to write long reviews? I don't even work for outback I just hate little sissies like you who jump to the internet because they feel like they weren't heard. Stop being a wah wah baby and go enjoy life

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Anonymous - 10 d 15 h ago

you are disrespectful and you do work for outback

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Diamond - 10 d 15 h ago

My family and I went to the outback at the bronx location, and it was the worst experience we ever had at a restaurant. The servers were extremely unprofessional, the bartender who was a guy was cursing and acting like he forgot where he was. Not only was that a issue, my mom over heard a server saying " they will spit in someone's food" if they asked for something else. When we got our food it was cold, and the steak was not cooked to order. Then when we were leaving i asked the host whats the GM name, they told me it was Jeremy Brown and in the same breath said he won't do nothing if I complain because I was "black" i will never go back to another outback, especially if their unprofessional, racist, and rude.

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Betty - 10 d 17 h ago


My family of 7 thought we would try something new, we have always loved longhorn but wanted to try other places. We came to the outback on Creedmoor Rd in NC. Not sure if it had a Creedmoor address or Raleigh but it's the only one on Creedmoor Rd. We wanted to try different things, we ask as we always do what has pork because we don't eat it at all. We got the prime rib quesadilla, along with many other things. I ask if any had pork and was told no. When the quesadilla arrived I began to eat and it didn't taste right. I ask the server if it was pork and he said no. I went on to eat and still tasted weird, I opened it up and it was pink looking and I took it out and showed the server and said this looks like bacon, he said no it's not, he said it's the way we cook our prime rib, I ask if he was sure cause we don't eat pork due to religious reasons, he said I swear it's not pork. I went on to eat but the more I eat the more I knew something was wrong. I got a menu and looked to see what's all in it, and to my surprise the one we were given was the chicken and bacon. I called him over and told him and once again he said I was wrong, I told him the prime rib don't show it has chicken and he said it don't, I showed him the chicken and he said oh, they must have gave you the wrong one. I was very upset because he should have took my word from the beginning. I reached out to the company and have not heard a word back. That was 3 weeks ago, the only thing they did was take off the quesadilla which they should have. Our bill was over 100 and we left it on the table because we couldn't trust them. Very disappointed in our first trip there. Other places we go respect our beliefs and treat us with respect.

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Wanda - 11 d 12 h ago


My family and I received the WORST service on Easter at the Lewisville, Texas location. This place was horrible! so bad that some of the family left. The manager didn't even offer an apology at first for the 3 hour wait, plus when the food was finally served, the waitress and the Manager didn't know what person's ordered what because they started serving the family members that came in late instead of serving the one's that was seated on time. Never will I go back to this location again!!

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Lisa Lammers - 14 d ago


Went to the Outback on highland oaks drive in winston-salem N.C. Sat April 7 , This was a very good experience good hostess, good service and good food. People in the restaurant were actually engaing in conversation not cell phones. had our 13 year old granddaughter with us and she even commented how nice and polite the staff was . thank you staff and Manager who runs this place .hope you know what a great staff you have, which i felt you did when you came around to our table and asked how everything was. Lots of smiles and a pleasant atmosphere.

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Joshua Brown - 14 d ago


Went to your new Outback in Millenium park in Livonia, Michigan I believe that's store number 362 maybe? First, they greeted us warmly at the front and told us our wait was 20-25minutes, but it was ONLY 10 that we waited!

The highlight of our night was when we met Kimmie our waitress! Her greeting made me leap inside! Her attention to detail, timing of refills, and love of food items had us exited to eat! Most of all-Kimmie was genuinely warm! We celebrated our 7th Wedding anniversary with you, but Kimmie made it one we'll never forget! I am FLOORED by her professionalism, and her love for her customers! If I was a rich man, she would receive the headline tip of the century!

To whom this may concern:

Make Kimmie a corporate target! If you want a model for how 5 star service should be, promote her, and any other top rated servers you are infomed of and use their talents, gifts, and abilities to train others how it should be!

I am not sure if you do this, but I can spot great assets to a Company-Kimmie is the best I have ever experienced, so far. I would love to be a mystery shopper for you, and give you any positive, or negative feedback you need to make you the BEST steakhouse in the world! I would GLADLY take a full time position with Outback to make a difference for your brand, for undeniable talent within, or cancerous agents that can pollute a whole store that you may need to address!

If you have any more questions for me:

(hidden) is my number you can reach me!


Joshua Brown

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Ellen Vartain-Vavak - 14 d 19 h ago


Went to Outback in Port St Lucie on Tuesday. We arrived rather late (8:15) after an exhausting trip to Miami from Vero Beach.

It took forever for the help to get our table cleaned. It took more time to get our order taken. This meal was also to be a birthday treat.

We received out salads about 15 minutes later and waited a long time for the meal. BTW, the restaurant was NOT crowded at all.

As this dinner was to be a birthday dinner for my friend, he and I were very very disappointed. (hidden))

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Marcia - 14 d 20 h ago


Went to Outback Herndon VA last night. Ordered cub side as I always do. Asked for 2 grilled Lobster tails. Both cam out steamed and had a weird Ammonia taste to them. Needless to say my husband and I stayed up all night taking turns in the bathroom trying to rid our bodies of this awful feeling. I will not support Outback any longer after numerous complaints all they want to do is say sorry and never really fix the issue.

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Tia Holt - 16 d 7 h ago


I just tried to place a curb side order at the Germantown, Md. Outback Steakhouse. My kids wanted Ledos, and I decided thought I would give the Outback another try. Poor service in the past kept me from visiting for almost a full year.

Notice I said tried to place an order. I was transferred back and forth on the phone for 20 full minutes. When my call was finally answered, I tried to get the person on the other end to acknowledge that my wait time was extremely long. Instead I was asked, "Do you want to place an order or not?" I inquired if there was a manager available, and guess what...I was already talking to a manager. Since I was in the parking lot already, I decided to go inside. The place was dead. Almost all the tables were empty. Servers were just standing around as you can see in the photo I took (could not post my picture here). The manager came out and explained that curb side and delivery was swamped and only two people were working back there. I am not Einstein, but is it too much to consider having the employees standing around in this picture maybe go help out the curbside workers? I asked, but...

I was right to stop giving them my money. Better service at Carrabbas, Long Horn, and even Ledos for that matter (and I can't even eat Ledos). I will never order or eat at the Germantown Outback again!

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Lindell Ray Luther - 16 d 18 h ago

I was told that your store in chatt. Tenn ask an on duty police officer who was wearing a gun to leave your store, if that's true me and a lot of my friends will no longer eat there. Waiting on your reply.

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Outback Corporate Responds - 16 d 18 h ago

Dear Mr. Luther,

We have had to ask police officers to leave our locations as they tend to upset the large herd of dingos that we maintain on our patio. These animals, together with a modest sized collection of marsupials, become frightened when they see men in uniforms. We apologize for the inconvenience. G' day.


The Outback Restaurant Corporate HQ

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