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Outback Steakhouse

OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC
2202 N West Shore Blvd
Tampa, FL
(813) 282-1225
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Anonymous - 27 m 53 s ago


Went to the one in cuyahoga falls and never again will i go there. I got told that there would be a 45 min wait and it turns out to be 2 hours and then another 30 mins for our food to come. Being fathers day was no excuse, they could see that they were busy but insisted that it still be only 45 mins. I had a 10 year old with me who was hungry and get frustrated like the rest of us. What upset me we got told that they were waiting on bigger tables to come available and when we did finally go in there were actually 4 tables that would have been sufficient for 5 of us. Also a party of 12 were called well there was no 12 people they had not made a reservation yet they turn up 30 mins after us and went in before us

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Mary - 4 h 23 m ago


Went to Outback in Mentor, Ohio and it was the worse experience ever. I made reservations for 6, they fine 30 minute wait. Our party arrived and they didn't have us down. They said 20 minutes, we waited. It was extremely busy due to the fact it was Father's Day. I was standing in a packed room across from a elderly gentleman with a walker, who was also standing. I asked if he would like a chair, he responded no. A half hour later, I ask how much longer to be seated. The receptionist stated 30-40 minutes. I said you really should seat this elderly, handicapped gentlemen while he is waiting, this is a disgrace. She totally ignored me, then her manager with a red sweater came up and the receptionist told her what I said she totally ignored her and did nothing. After another 15 minutes , our party just left. Outback should really take a good look at themselves because with this type of service they are not going to be in business long. What a disappointment!!! Corporate, please train your people in kindness and common sense!!!!!!

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Steve soloff - 8 h ago


Outback is a great place to eat. Made a reservation for dinner. The manager said it will be 30 to 40 minutes wait. What's the point of a reservation. Restaurant is located in San marcos,ca. Not very pleased

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aaron - 9 h ago


We were treated horribly at the Madison heights location. We were seated at 6:40pm. We were spoken to at 7:30pm mind you a booth directly behind us was bussed and people were sat down and their orders were taken and they were served their drinks. We were spoken to and or order was taken by the manager Bianca. First Bianca doubted the validity of the time that we were waiting in front of my family. I asked Bianca how does she plan to remedy the situation and she said "I feel you have something in mind do you want an appetizer or a dessert? " condecindingly with a smirk on her face. I just made my order and tried to forget this slap in the face. Bianca did not remedy the situation she treated my family and I like children basically telling us to deal with it. We came here to celebrate me on Father's Day instead I'm hurt and angry about my experience.

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Beth - 9 h 40 m ago


Fathers Day, today:

My mom and dad have frequented the Ann Arbor, Michigan Outback on Oak Valley Drive for many years on special holidays. My mother called to reserve a time for lunch today at 1:00. She was told to have all 7 of us show up at no later than 1:00 if we wanted to secure a table. Another family also came a little after 1:00 and said they needed to add 2 more people to their group last minute meaning they would need a bigger table. They were accommodated with the larger table after a 45 minute wait. I approached the greeters and asked why we had to wait so long. She explained that my mom had not made a reservation, but something called "call in seating." That still didn't explain why the family who did not plan for a larger table were, essentially given ours. My son went to the restroom and noted at 50 minutes in that all larger tables were at the start of their meals. My elderly parents were becoming increasingly more agitated. I told the greeters my parents were regulars there for years spending in excess of $150 each time we all come. Call on deaf ears. My Dad insisted we leave. I called the Outback manager on the way to TGI Fridays. Got the same story, but he offered for us to come back and he would squeeze us into a less comfortable booth with a chair on the end and give us a free appetizer. Dad said no. They gave our table to a family that came in later than us and added on people last minute. I don't know if my parents will ever want to come back. My father is a proud man and we were all embarrassed by such poor treatment.

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Sally Fields - 17 h 42 m ago


I live in Erie. I happen to be passing by and stopped in the Boardman Ohio store. The place is dirty. The owner /partner whatever you want call her was a royal bitch to my family. If she is representing you I will never go to another outback again. She should not be in that position. She's not very nice to her servers either.

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Current outback delivery driver - 1 d 7 h ago


I have to tell you that as a delivery driver for Outback Steakhouse, the pay is the worst. If one driver takes 15 deliveries and another driver takes 5 deliveries , each of them gets the same percentage of the pot of tips at end if day, and that's splitting it with the to gopeople. This is almost employee abuse. Also in what Bizarro world this anyone on the earth think that the go Carryout Service people deserve more than delivery driver? A waitress gets 15% no matter what for walking 15 feet across the room but you don't take care of your delivery drivers?

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James utrie - 2 d 7 h ago


You have a store on junction road in Madison wi. The driveway IS full of large DEEP POTHOLES. Road has been this way for months. I am a rewards member. Complained to the manager again today. He blames Corporate. WILL NOT UTILIZE UNTIL THIS DANGEROUS SITUATION IS RECTIFIED.

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Anonymous - 4 d 15 h ago


Address: 1801 SE 10th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316


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Anonymous - 3 d ago

You think you have to move to the head of the class. Get real your nothing specialr dd's

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To racist Anonymous - 2 d 20 h ago

You just proved how "special" you are.

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Frank - 3 d ago


Last night iwe went to outback on butterfiekd and finley road. I ordered a cobb salad. I could not believe what came to my table. Iceberg lettuce a handful. Tomatoes and cheese. This is not a Cobb salad. If the derver is the one who makes it he had no clue. For 12 dollars i could buy 10 heads of iceberg lettuce. I remember when Outback took pride in there restaurants.

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Sheila Nelson - 4 d 10 h ago


I eat at Outback at least a couple times a week! The food is always delicious, presented , and served quick and cooked just right! Very busy and waiters very nice and courteous!

I had an issue with a gift card and Sergio Dehelean, managing partner at Outback, Lockwood Ridge, Sarasota, Florida went out of his way to resolve my problem! He was wonderful! He had to go through months of receipts and eventually solved my issue with the Gift Card! Outback is my favorate place to eat! Mr. Dehelean is a wonderful manager,

And the food is always exceptual!

Thank You, Sheila Nelson

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Christina Morton - 5 d 7 h ago


The services for the food was the worst the restaurant ran out of mashed potatoes and the manager stated that everyone could get what they wanted because of shortage of cooks the put back in Philadelphia on old York in Jenkintown Services in horrible.

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Rhonda - 5 d 11 h ago


I visited the restaurant at 11700 Princeton Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45246 and the owner was there. I was very uncomfortable and embarrassed for her staff as I heard her talk to them in what I consider to be a very rude manner. I also feel that she should have been cognizant of me as a patron and ensured that I would not have to witness her behavior. For example, she asked a server if a specific table belonged to her (rather loudly which drew my attention while eating) in which case the server said, "No, I have taken care of all of my tables.". The Owner then proceeded to say in a loud voice "I did not ask you that." The server responded I said no and the owner turned and stormed away. It was an unnecessary scene in my opinion.

Again I believe her tone and manner were condescending and rude and I strongly feel that I should not have had to witness it.

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anirukenn - 6 d 10 h ago


My 7 friends and I arrived at 11 am when the doors opened. We were informed that our server was not ready to seat us. We waited until 11:20 and a person in our group hailed the manager (Rudy) and asked why we were being kept waiting. Rudy said that we should have called ahead to reserve a table because they're busy. His tone/attitude was rude. (The restaurant remained mostly empty during our stay.)

Our server, Jocelyn, was barely adequate, with many long disappearances during our stay.

The food was good and everyone was super hungry by the time it was served. I suspect the kitchen had something to do with Jocelyn's disappearances. However, we had to wait a long time to get our checks and get carryout boxes. I won't be going back and it has nothing to do with the food.

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Anonymous - 6 d 12 h ago


On Friday June 7 2019 my husband, 3 year old granddaughter and I went to Outback in Vienna West Virginia for dinner. The receptionist was not friendly, the girl that seated us acted like we were bothering her because she had to seat us. Our waitress finally took our drink order. We ordered an appetizer and took approximately 15 minutes to receive it. She finally took our order. We finally received our meals approximately 35-40 minutes later.

When our steaks arrived (supposed to be medium well) they were terribly over cooked. And cold. I ordered a sirloin. It was sliced very thin and I could only eat a few bites because it was so tough. My husbands was the same way. We didn't have time to wait another 40 minutes to wait on another steak. But our waitress never even asked if she could do anything.

I kept asking for some paper napkins and had to ask several times before she brought them. She never kept us supplied with bread nor drinks.

This is the worst service that I have ever experienced at your establishment and it will be a long time before I go back if ever.

Our waitress was horrible and was not willing to assist us at all. I didn't want to make a huge scene because we had our granddaughter with us

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Outback Monroeville, PA - 6 d 16 h ago


On 4/18/19 around 1630 I called the Outback steak house in Monroeville PA to inquire about paying for a table check VIA telephone. My cousin & her mom (My Aunt) were currently in the Monroeville PA Outback, as I seen a picture posted by my cousin on Facebook. My Aunt has been having some ongoing health issues & is on portable oxygen. I thought as a nice surprise to them, I would call in & pay for their meals, as I live in Waynesboro PA, about 150 miles away. I spoke to a few different people, until I got to the Manager Becky. I explained what I would like to do, she politely explained it was not possible without having me there with the credit card in person due to the possibility of fraud. Becky explained that this is Outback policy, so feeling a little defeated, I said thanks anyway & ended the conversation. About 20 minutes later my cousin texted me that Becky had decided to "Comp" their meal. I never expected that, it was not my intention to score a free meal for my family. This is the type of thing that will keep people like us coming to your restaurant. I do not personally know Becky, I have never met her, but she is someone I would want working for me if I ran a business. Of course you can't give away free meals all the time, but you have someone working for you that understands how to treat customers and that type of attitude is contagious. It will rub off on the rest of the staff & will show dividends in the retention of customers & employees. I thought the corporate office should know about the kindness Becky showed to my family.

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Not so happy customer - 7 d 5 h ago

Yesterday at around 4:30p, my mother, my friend and myself went to dine in at the outback location in co-op city. The waiter was very nice and attentive. The service was great up until the bill came around. When the bill came my mother paid with her credit card and the next thing we knew the manager came by to tell us that after they used the card in the card machine, the fell behind the desk which unmovable the way it was built. So I asked the manager if our food was on the house. So he said that he would give us gift cards in which he gave only $100 in gift cards when the bill came to nearly $150. So I said to the manager "that's all we get?". Because really should have gotten about $150 in gift cards. He said that's all he can find which I call bs. Our waiter came by and apologized a thousand times about what happened. He even showed us where the card machine was located in which they were attached to a wall. So I said that it's not a good place to put the card machines. I also have a picture to prove that the machines are attached to a wall. As a result of their mess up, my mom had to call and put a block on that credit card immediately. In the 24 years that I've been eating from outback, i have never seen such a mishap as that. I still love outback but the one in co-op needs to re-think about where to put the card machine and certainly not on the wall!

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Anonymous - 7 d 9 h ago

We went to Outback on Independence Boulevard in Charlotte North Carolina for our 34 year wedding anniversary. We spent about $40 and my husband got a sandwich with beef in it when he bit into the sandwich all this water came pouring out of it, clear water we got a Bloomin onion it was all crust with hardly any onion in the center of it . I

emailed corporate , they got in touch with Thr manager of outback ,Mr. Carson called me to apologize I also have a copy of the receipt which he saw as did corporate and he said since it was a special occasion for me and my husband he would send us a gift card so we could come back there and when we did he wanted to meet us. That was April 29 , 2019 ,, I've yet to see the gift card I even called back a second time and left a message for Mr. Carson and told the employee that answered that we had not received the gift card

he never returned my call out back is not true to their word.

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JM - 8 d 9 h ago


We just a wonderful experience @ the Outback Steakhouse in Frederick, Md. It started with nice greeting @ the front door with a nice young lady holding the door open for us. It continued with excellent service from our server, Tommy. He was very nice and attentive to all our needs. He seem genuinely interested in providing us top notch service , and he did!!! When I found out he was new & on his 5th shift, I was shocked. He provided excellent service like he was a veteran. I told him to keep up the great work!!! I mentioned this to his supervisor, Kenny and he was very pleased to hear that. I told Kenny that he has a keeper in Tommy. On top of all that , the food was delicious!!! This is what a true wonderful evening out should be when treating oneself to an evening out. My wife , mother law and myself plan to go back soon & ask for Tommy when we do!!

Awesome Job Tommy & thanks for making our evening so wonderful!!!

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J jones - 8 d 12 h ago


The worst service ever at outback in tri county mall came to get a meal set at the bar the bartender heather starts off bringing me a dirty glass with hair all in it then I order a salad no tomatoes she brings me a salad with tomatoes takes it back forgets to put onions on it then I ordered a steak and shrimp bake potato with sour cream chives and butter steak cook med well she brings my food out cheese all on my back potatoe and side of cheese steak bleeding horrible service then she serves a dirty wine glass to another customer!!!! This will be my last time ever going to any outback periodtt!!!!!!!

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Jose Martinez - 10 d 18 h ago


Showed up to work my bar shift with no hot running water and a stack of dishes that had piled up in the bar and the back of the house during lunch! Asked mgr on duty about the problem at hand and asked when the problem would be rectified? He replied the problem would be resolved in 45 min. When the closing busser reported for duty and brought back my glassware that we're completely filthy that's when I noticed the problem was still not resolved! Spoke with the 2 bussers and the kitchen mgr and they all said the hot water was still out of comission! So when the closing dishwasher showed up for duty the mgr approved the closing dishwasher to wash all the dishes with cold water and mgr wanted me to do the same with all my glassware from the bar. I said I wouldn't do it! Brought up the cocern and got sent home for not obeying my mgr's wishes to disobey health code and got taken off the schedule. Contacted HR and still haven't heard back. Was forced to call Cal Osha now!

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Luvin' Gurnee IL - 10 d 19 h ago


I had the pleasure of dining at the outback in Gurnee Illinois last night. All of the staff, and I mean all! We're awesome. They are the nicest people ever. The service was great and so was the food. Keep up the great work. The managers name was Lindsay and we dined there at about 8 o'clock so the next manager, and our waitress were also great. Even the staff that were not assigned to us pitched in-great teamwork. Thank you.

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Eddie olmedo - 18 d 8 h ago

Hello I'm Eddie olmedo I'm an out backer in Torrance California ! I'm a line cook. I opened the del amo store ! The current mangers in place we have are acting in a unprofessional manner! Not complying with out back codes of equal opportunity employment! Me and several co Workers have been erased from the schedule ! With no explanation what's so ever in a malicious manner ! Aka Sarah at del amo store has taking our work schedule and erased several employees that have been ther since day 1 of opening ! How are there amauture managers not supervised by upper management?

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CHCS - 11 d 13 h ago


Eddie, Eddie, haven't you noticed, there is no upper management!!!!

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