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Outback Steakhouse

OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC
2202 N West Shore Blvd
Tampa, FL
(813) 282-1225
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Anonymous - 31 m ago

This sucks !!!

I spent 70.0"

Got 1/2 my order. !!!!!!!!

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Kim Tyree - 1 h 45 s ago


Yesterday my husband, daughter and I took a 1 1/2 hour drive to Eugene Oregon. Our primary reason was to go and wnjoy the steak and lobster special that has been advertising non-stop on TV. We got t9 the restaurant and that special was not available, as the waitress said they chose to not participate. They did have the steak and lobster, however it was more expensive. At that point, we had been looking forward to it all day and decided to pay the higher price. It was definitely a bait and switch tactic that seems illegal to me. When the meal arrived, the loyster was no bigger than a crayfish. Seriously no bigger than my pinkie finger. Next time, we will be smart enough to go to Red Lobster. We will NEVER go to Outback again. I hope the Eugene OR franchise will be out of business soon. They are doing nothing to help the Outback reputation!!

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Tammie Orellana - 4 h 11 m ago


This is Tammie Orellana my father Jerry Freeman reserved a table for 1:30 at the outback in mobile, Al. We arrived at 1:30 an where told we would have to wait and people where walking in and getting a table an we had a reservation on line for 1:30 we told them that and we still had to wait for 18 minutes for a table can u tell me what the purpose of a reservation if you still have to wait and people without online reservation could walk write in an get a table ??

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Kathleen - 4 h 27 m ago


Our family dining experience on February 25th 2017 outback Pensacola Florida or son just got in from California the Marine Corps coming home went out to celebrate at outback or experience was horrible our food was not edible due to the fact it was so highly seasoned and when we went to get a manager she suggested that corporate a change all the seasoning at outback and they would now be heavily seasoned and that they felt no need to inform your customers we had a blooming onion outback wings Alice springs chicken and a 9 ounce sirloin with an extra salad and we also dining out back all the time it's my son's favorite restaurant I'm sorry that the manager on staff did nothing to help the situation and suggested that it's too bad for us because that's the way Outback Stkhs in a be serving their food from now on wow!!not a good way to run a restaurant

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Hope Blake - 7 h 35 m ago


Whet to one of your locations yesterday for a nice meal and the waitress seemed like she didn't want to serve us. We had 2 dine in meals and one order to go. She brought the salad out for the take out order which was wrong. When we were finished eating....i could tell she placed the take out order with the dine in order. She brought me a half salad and the cold food. The ticket was inside the container with the steak and lobster touching my food. Unsanitary. No eating utensil no bread no dressing for the salad no butter for the lobster. That was the most expensive meal I ordered. When I as something to the waitress she immediately said her manager would help me going forward. The manager came. I showed her the order. She took it came back nd said they added more salad and all the condiments. Than gave me a comp desert. I have worked in restaurant management for 10yrs and customer service for 30. What happened yesterday was so unacceptable. I did not eat the take out order. I through it away because it was not fresh and was contaminated by the receipt paper touching my steak and lobster. Unfortunately I will never frequent your establishment again.

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Anonymous - 14 h 9 m ago


Mechanicsville, Va location is a joke. Waste of money.

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Sharon - 1 d 29 s ago


We went to Outback on S. Florida Ave, Lakeland, FL several weeks ago. The food was terrible, steak was supposed to be medium and was WELL DONE, French Fries were LIMP and COLD and the Cookie in skillet with ice cream was so hard around the edges we could only eat the center! I filed a complaint and Mr. Jim Lacey called left me a message to call and I have called and left him several messages.....have heard nothing from him. Last weekend my daughter brought me Potato Soup and Bloomin Onion. Soup had 3 small pieces of potato and the Onion was almost to the burned stage. My nine year old Grandson can eat on all by himself if allowed.....he turned this one down...said it taste awful, so it was thrown out!! I left another message for Mr. Lacey this evening and as of 10:30 PM have heard nothing again. Guess we can understand why the place has complanints....

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Ellen - 1 d ago


On Thursday Feb.23,2017 two of my friends & I went to the Outback Steakhouse in Evansville, Indiana & it was the worst experience I've ever had! We ordered our food @ 5:10 & we didn't get it til 6:20! We first ordered an appetiser of fried mushrooms they brought them out & they tasted scorched they took them back & fixed us more, they turned out the same & we sent them back!! We were told the oil needed changing! Then we had ordered the blooming onion with the fried shrimp & lobster & it was the same way & had no lobster bites at all & so again didn't eat it we ordered 2 steak & lobster dinners & they were cooked wrong (steaks) ! People that got there after us & ordered after us was actually finished eating & leaving when we got our food we had waiters & a supervisor to tell us how sorry they were & the Mngr. just acted as if he didn't give a crap he told us the meal was covered & we responded by saying hope so since we didn't eat it & then he gave us 1 coupon for a free desert & I told him we probably won't be in again together & he responded by saying well one of you can use it!! Pretty sad when we had other waiters commenting & also customers commenting about it!! I think the very least he could of done was gave each of us a decent gift card to come back & give them another chance,especially since we didn't cause a scene or anything & actually told us the frying oil needed changing!! Very, very disappointed in our experience & service.

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Carrie McSwain - 1 d ago

Location Hickory NC, My husband and I were at this location Saturday we waited for over 2 hours for our food and when we finally decided it the food was cold,my husband sent his food back and upon its return the food was still cold and rubbery..We were very unpleased with our food and service..

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Dana Monet - 1 d 26 s ago



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Anonymous - 1 d 5 h ago

Servers are being ripped off, my daughter had her taxes done and found Outback didn't withhold nearly enough in taxes, she ended up owing $1000.00, how's that for making under 23,000 for the year.

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Joanne Yount - 1 d 17 h ago


My husband and I went for a belated Valentine's dinner at the Redding, CA restaurant. We hadn't been there in quite some time. Kept seeing the $14.99 steak and lobster special on TV. So that is what we both ordered. The steak was okay but the lobster sure was not what was shown on TV. The lobster was shriveled, overcooked and tasteless. The meal was $15.99 each. We were so disappointed with what we received. We will NOT be going back to Outback EVER. You need to change your TV ads or make the food look more like what is advertised.

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Mad Customer - 2 d ago


Pinole, Ca Outback Steakhouse....My family and I left early after tolerating rude, low class , waiter "Adrian". We have spent thousands of dollars at this outback and the manager did not make our experience any better. Outback really needs to put "Adrian" through a quality service course. -10 z

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Meek - 2 d 2 h ago


Montgomery Alabama Outback horrible customer service and management. Tiffany the manger was very rude and disrespectful to my party.

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Jett - 2 d ago


I went to outback in Vacaville Ca location @ curbside pick up . It was our wedding anniversary, when my husband picked the order which contained , steak and lobster tails.

$ 20.00 or more each, . We received the worst order ever , steaks were dried , lobster tails were mostly the shell and hardly meat (like your ad on tv)nothing like that !!!!and burned . The vegetables looks like were garbage leftover . My husband asked for manager on duty to request mostly for better lobsters . He. Had a terrible I don't care attitude. Then he said I can make fresh but it will take more than 20 minutes . And my husband replied so my the rest of my dinner gets cold? The manager did not respond and walked away . We spent over 54.00 on this terrible low quality meal . We never again will visit your restaurant. We had been customers for many years , thoughts?

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Sea1dcl - 2 d 3 h ago


My wife and I went to Outback in Palm Desert last night at 6:30. We sat at a table in the bar area. "Rocky" was our waiter. I asked if they were stil doing the steak and lobster special and he said yes. Fine we both would like that. Rocky asked New York or filet mignon steak. I said filet. He asked 6 or 8 oz. I said 6 is fine.

All is good until bill came.

We were charged their regular menu price of $28.99 each rather than the $14.99 nationally advertised price. When I brought this to Rocky's attention he said we upgraded our steaks. I said ok but if I say I want the steak and lobster SPECIAL he should not offer me a steak that is not part of the special. He refused to adjust the bill so we paid and left. Rocky must be mistaken as if I upgrade it should still be less than their regular menu price otherwise it's not a frickin SPECIAL!!!!

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Never Again - 2 d 9 h ago


I used to love Outback - never again. Went to the one in Merritt Island, Fl. and waited for service for 15 minutes in the middle of the afternoon. Finally walked out - the place was empty with waitresses standing around. My only concern is how to cash in my gift cards I received for this place - everyone knows I loved it so I have many!!!!

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very pissed - 2 d 18 h ago


went to Outback Steak house in Sausalito, California tonight after work and was told we had to wait 10 to 15 min. for a table. WTF it was 8 o'clock at night and only 1/2 full. There was plenty of empty tables so why couldn't we sit down and eat? I do feel that there was racial tension on the side of the manager. He had an argument with one of the waitresses and she walked out. We wound up driving home (45 min. away and without having eaten anything) and having toast for our dinner. There are no other Outback's near us and even if there were we will never eat at Outback Steakhouse ever again. BTW this is also going on social media.

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Mrs Cummings - 8 d ago

We had the worst experience ever with a rude brand new manager Lacey is her name, here at Outback Leesburg where we have been coming for over four years. We have always sat in the bar area and the rule has always been if there is an available table , you are allowed to seat. We already had a waiter take our order and this Very rude manager Lacey, came back and demanded us to get up from our table and told us to give our pager back! Whoa...there was already a manager before that who said it was ok to stay and we have placed our order. She then continued to argue with me, a regular customer , i told her absolutely not, we are not getting up from our table , and i asked her to get awsy from us then she goes well you can leave! I am absolutely appalled this is by far the worst experience I've had and all my life and I dine every other day cuz I make six figures a year and can afford it never been treated so rudely and I think there is a little bit of Racial in her system she looked at me different and treated me different and we do not appreciate it absolutely unacceptable absolutely going to get answers about this service

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Mrs WHITFIELD - 3 d 21 h ago

We went to Cleveland TN outback My husband took me out for valentines dinner a couple day after valentines, my husband is a disabled veteran, so it's very hard for us to get out , he wanted to make a special day for us , we went early so there would not be a crowd. My husband order ribeye that was raw it looked liked a three second steak it had more fat on it then meat . his Broccoli was cold , now for myself I order center cut and bake potatoes my steak was raw and my potatoes was cold and not cooked all the way . The manager fixed our order . But for the amount of money we paid for everything. It was the worst food I have ever eaten We don't go out to eat very often the one time we go out and it was awful .......

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Jerri mason - 3 d 22 h ago


Dinner at Outback in Muncie Indiana tonight was a nightmare. Food was good service was the worst I've ever seen in my life. I own a restaurant in Muncie and this is the worst I've ever seen in my life.

General profile image - 3 d 4 h ago


For the 3rd time, using the OrderUp App, I ordered a grilled chicken on the barbie dinner from the Outback on Boston St in Camton in Baltimore MD. Outback will only refer me to OrderUp to resolve but OrderUp says they cannot have drivers go back for missing items! So.. here we are again, I took another chance (as I am a forgiving person) and tried this ordering service again, and for the 3rd time, my order was incomplete!

I will say the 2nd time this occurred that Outback contacted me and I was very appreciative of this; however, there must be a better way to be sure customers get the items they pay for!

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Gary Jones - 3 d 4 h ago


We recently visited your steak house in Overland Park Kansas. We have been there many7 times but hadn't been there recently. We took two of our grandkids for their Birthday dinner. What a total disappointment . We were seated a good 5-10 minutes ahead of the two closest tables but received our drinks and salads after them. when our salads came , our 14 year old ate 3 or 4 bites, ran to the restroom and immediately vomited. There waws some type of out spice on ours. When my wifes steak and lobster came , there was no lobster and the steak was charred instead of med well. My steak was bloody and all red instead of med well. It took forever to get it right. I have to say we are so dis_appointed that you have lost our business . There are too many steakhouses in this area that cares for their businessa and makes sure that things are done right. I know the loss of our business is of little concern to you.

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Audrey Chatman - 3 d 6 h ago


I visited the location in Southfield Mi on Greenfield Road. Service was lousy . I stood in front of front desk for 15 seconds before the gentlemen acknowledge me being there. The waiter had to come back to my table at least 10 times because of error in order, not receiving what I ordered

the blooming onions looked and taste like they had been setting under a heating lamp for hours and get this NO BAKED POTATOES, Now come on a Steak house. the waiter must have been new with no training cause he didn't seem to work in a comfortable manner, I will not ever go back to this location again if I even go back to Outback at all.I didn't want to even give a tip but i felt the Waiter did the best he could.

Thumbs Down

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Angry client - 4 d ago

Horrible, arrived at the 44l Leesburg Outback, walked into the bar the hotess said you can not sit there we have no servers, (but the table besides us was getting served and there were 3 servers standing behind us laughing and not working??? What is that, asked to speak to a manager and she said I have no servers for this table the last table left in the bar but yet all the tables around us were served. This was at 4:30 pm what is going on here???

I think a cleaning of the front desk and management should take place BEWARE!!!

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