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Outback Steakhouse

OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC
2202 N West Shore Blvd
Tampa, FL
(813) 282-1225
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FALSE ADVERTISING - 1 h 35 m ago


Your bloomin onion offer. The post states that it is offered with "Any purchase". NOT SO according to my server. I was told that it "had to be in connection with an entree". VERY BAD ADVERTISING! I would even go on to say FALSE ADVERTISING! I am surprised that the company is allowed to falsely represent this offer. You should be ashamed, BAD BAD BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Amy Walsh - 1 d ago


I've been going to the Outback in Commack, NY since it opened. I stopped going and went back recently twice in 1 week. All of your grilled meat (chicken, steak and porkchops) have the same spicy seasoning making all your dishes taste the same. Unfortunately, the seasoning isn't even good. Although, I didn't complain and I took home my meal, I just threw it out. When I used to go, I really liked the food not it's just awful.

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Phyllis - 1 d 12 h ago


Four of us dined at Outback in Sausalito, Ca. tonight. We waited a long time for a server to approach us & ordered drinks. We waited again a long time before they came & they were not good. Three gin martinis & one vodka tonic. The martinis had ice floating in them & were really watered down. The vodka tonic too was watery. We encounter really slow drink service every time we go there but this was the worst.

Your food is so good but most of the staff is really incompetent. I don't know if this a corporate problem or if the trouble lies with the local manager. This restaurant needs help before it goes out of business.


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Disappointed Patron - 4 d 51 m ago


To whom it may concern,

I am emailing you about my experience at your Outback Restaurant located in Mechanicsville, Virginia. I dined in with two of my colleagues on Tuesday May 23, 2017.

Our server came to take our drink orders, upon her returning with the drinks I noticed her hair as it swung across my drink as she reached to give someone else theirs. I also noticed as she leaned to place the bread on the table her long ponytail swung close to the bread. Not knowing if it touched the bread or not, I cut the end of it off and sat it on a plate we were not using.

She came back to take our orders and when she returned with the orders I noticed the aioli sauce that I always get with the tacos was not there. I made her aware that the aioli sauce was missing and she took her finger and pointed almost touching my taco saying, "it on it right there" I had to stop her by saying don't point at my food. She quickly snatched her finger back. I said it normally comes on the side in a little saucer like the butter is in. She told me "no I have never seen it that way". I said to her " I order this all the time for lunch, I go to the one on Broad St. most of the time, but have gotten it here and it's always on the side." She then says well I never worked at the one on Broad but I have been there for something else. (That was her getting smart ) Then she finally say would you like me to get some more, (this is implying already had some, which I did not) I said no thanks I don't want anything. We ate my chicken Taco was not the same without the aioli sauce on it, but I ate it anyway. At the end she brings our checks, three separate as we requested. I paid with cash and my colleagues paid with cards. My total was $9.47. I gave her a $20.00, in which I should have gotten back $10.53. She decided to steal my change and just give me $10.00. At this point I am a little upset that she chose not to give me all my change, which is STEALING from a customer. I was waiting for her to come back and one of my colleagues reached in her pocket and gave me a $1. I gave it back and said you don't owe me anything she does, and I want it from her. You don't just keep what you want from what was paid by a patron. I was in disbelief that someone would do that. I should have called the police to have her arrested for stealing and who know how many customers she has done this to. I am glad I paid with cash and told my colleagues to check their account to make sure she didn't take more off their cards at this point. My colleagues suggested rather than wait and confront her, not to tip her and leave her a not saying the .53 cents she took from me was her tip. Her name is Brooke. I will never patronize this location ever again even though it's closer to my home. I will also pass the experience along to others.

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Helaine - 4 d 18 h ago

We are regular customers of Outbac on Long Island NY. The closest Ourback is in Lindenhurst, the next closest in Huntington. When we heard that you delivered we we thrilled however, neither location will deliver to us because we are told that we're too far, We are in a heavily populated area , not secluded at all. I don't understand how you can advertise delivery, when in fact you can't. Please advise

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Felice McGriff - 5 d 19 h ago


Hi My name is Felice McGriff I recently ate Dinner at your Establishment on Independence Blvd. ( Charlotte NC. WINDSOR SQUARE Shopping Center. It was freezing cold which made the food cold

The steak wasn't done. The chicken was done and we didn't get our dessert.. Very vary very bad dinner experience.. The bread was the best hot thing on table.

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Anonymous - 6 d 15 h ago

They are full of shit

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John Franks - 7 d 1 h ago


I am not one to rant or rave on social media considering the fact that I am business owner. I believe all people should be treated with respect no matter their race,origin ,or gender. My family and I were having lunch at Outback Steakhouse yesterday inTexarkana

, TX it was the most unpleasant situation in which I have witnessed. We sat in the bar area and we were greeted nicely and in a prompt manner. Approximately 5 minutes later two older respectful African American couples came in to dine and they were not greeted nor acknowledged for at least 20 minutes. Finally a manager came around offering apologies to them and the only other person who came to their table was another African American server. If this is how people of color are going to be treated when they like everyone else, just want to have a nice meal then this is very unacceptable. We are not living in the Civil Rights Era. This problem needs to be addressed or it will shine a very negative light on this restaurant and it's team as a whole.

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Dorothy Beason - 7 d 10 h ago


Friday, May 19, 2017, six of us ate at the outback restaurant at East park place Blvd, stone mountain, GA. Two of us ordered the Victoria filet. (This has always been my very favorite steak. ) Unfortunately, both of them were tough and chewy. Very disappointed. With drinks and appetizers this was a very expensive dinner. Just wanted you to know so you can get better grade beef or correct the problem.

General profile image - 7 d 15 h ago



I had the worst experience ever at Outback Steakhouse 1110 Germantown Parkway, Memphis Tn. on yesterday, 5/20/2017. I live in downtown Memphis, however, I happened to be out in Cordova shopping and decided to place a call in for dinner. I called the restaurant and spoke with Melissa who was very polite. She took my order over the phone and told me it would be ready in 20 minutes. I placed my order at 8:50 pm. I was right down the street so I arrived at the restaurant at 9:05 pm. I pulled into the curbside parking space and waited. I watched several employees come out the side door of the business and walk to the rear of the restaurant taking their smoke breaks. Those smokers went back inside and several other employees walked out to smoke. I noticed it's now 9:20 and no one has even approached my vehicle. There were very few cars on the parking lot which indicated they weren't extremely busy. One of the smokers was wearing a nice blue dress shirt with black slacks. I pulled to the designated smoke area and asked him if he was the manager. He replied no. I drove back to the side of the building and pulled into the curbside parking space again and still no one approached. Now it's 9:30 pm. I called back inside the store and asked if I could speak with the manager. I was placed on hold. Finally it's 9:35 and the waitress comes out with my order. I took the order and she hands me my ticket which was $50.21. That's what I normally spend weekly at Outback because I order the same meal for my spouse and me all the time. I told her I would like to see a a manager. She said ok and took my check and credit card. The manager came out with my credit card and receipt. I expressed my concern about the service. The fact that I had been waiting in my vehicle for 30 minutes and no one ever approached me and that I had called inside to speak with a manager and as of right now I'm still on hold waiting. I also brought it to her attention that I was missing my loaded mashed potatoes. She asked me if I ordered it? I showed her the reciept that was stapled to the side of the bag which clearly reflected I had ordered it. She told the waitress to go inside and get me some potatoes. She never addressed my complaint about the service or the wait. The manager just stood there. The waitress returned with the potatoes and the manager turned to walk away. I said excuse me ma'am..... you haven't said one word about my concern about my experience on today, The manager said in a very agitated voice, "I got your order right!". I said to her, "I just spent $50 in your restaurant and as a courtesy you don t feel the need to apologize for the service or offer me a cold courtesy glass of water?" She looked at me and said no because you haven't been out here sitting 30 minutes....??? I was floored. I said to her I'm the customer and instead of you acknowledging my complaint, your concern is whether or not I am lying about how long I have been sitting in my car??? She looked me in my face and said, I was RUDE and UGLY!!!!!! I said UGLY???? ( as I gripped the steering wheel to,prevent passing out).....she said yes you are rude, I guess because you're aggitated about the service and your food. I was speechless. I said to that as a manager she should understand my frustration and I am not rude and certainly not ugly. She said, I didn't call you ugly. I was outdone. I said ma'am now you're denying calling me ugly? I told her I was going to contact corporate immediately Monday morning. And I asked her for her name she said Allie as she walked back into the restaurant. I was livid!!! I called back inside the restaurant and of course she answered the phone because now she's gone back inside to check the phone to see that it's still off the hook. I told her to bring my receipt, void my transaction and come get her food!! She complied and never said a word. I was floored and speechless. I will never patronize that outback ever again. I really like their salmon so I called the store on Union Avenue and placed the same order and everything went super smooth. Allie has no business working with the public. Never in my life have I had such a terrible experience with a restaurant or business manager. She has zero people skills. The location on Union was super busy but treated every customer as if they're important. That's where I normally go and I do not plan to ever go to the Wolfchase location again. That's probably why their business is slow because of the manager! I hope to hear from someone in corporate regarding this encounter.

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C - 7 d 16 h ago


I ordered take out from Outback for my family in Winter Haven, Florida this evening. Not only did I have to wait 25 minutes past the pick up time to receive my food, the order was completely wrong. I think the take out girl gave me someone else's order because my order was placed online. I am very disappointed and will never purchase take out from Outback again.

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martie50usn - 7 d 19 h ago


Very disheartening customer experience today 05/21/17 at Outback 13245 Atlantic Blvd, between Jax Beach and Regency Mall. Poor service was given by our waitress, Brittany, and the on-shift manager (no name was ever given even upon request for the manager). NO Name Tags on any employee anywhere. We had a large 2 person order totaling $80.00. The Staff was so slow that I suspect it's why our food was significantly burnt/over-cooked. Waitress did not check on us well. And, Absolutely, she took extremely long to get everything after we had managed to.flag her down and request. Thank God we did plan to exercize a discount promo for 15%Savings. That was the ONLY Discount received or offered. Manager did not follow up with us ensuring returned food was now suitable. Also, we weren't.greeted, and "oh we thought you were with.them" ended up proclaimed. Yet, nobody.entered at.the same time as our entering. Nobody manned the reception/hostess podium. We were trying to celebrate my birthday. Very sad. Almost alarmingly bad across the restaurant experience. It did seem clean, by the way. I am soon chairing a dinner meeting for 4 persons. We planned to go Outback. But, we will think.twice about.going Outback. Absolutely, we no longer plan the meeting dinner at that Outback location. (Dining.partner today is another whom was being scheduled for the business lunch).

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No more food poison - 8 d ago


Why would an employee say they "will never trust their co-workers or eat food they prepared". On Facebook by Angel Sasser. May help me to understand and wonder why I had food poison twice, on two separate occasions after eating at local Outback and one in Arden, NC. Ms. Sasser was working at the Asheville NC location on the first occasion. I no longer go to Outback. Was once a favorite place to go.

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cdberl - 8 d 31 s ago


My complaint centers on the Outback located in Merrillville, IN. 46410. This location has recently moved to a new building. My wife and I, In fact our whole family loves Outback and visited the old location in Merrillville, IN numerous times. The service was always good, and the food and menu were top notch. However, ever since they have moved to the new location everything has gone down hill. The service is horrible, the seating is crowded and the servers are understaffed. We recently (Friday, 5-19-17) went for lunch and had to wait 45 minutes for a table of three when there were many tables unoccupied. When we finally got seated we waited 2 hours for our lunch (no exaggeration). This is not the first time we have experienced this type of problem. Something drastically has happened to this location since they moved. It is not the same OUTBACK we came to love. At the old location they had a clam chowder option on Friday nights that was actually better then I have ever tasted anywhere, and now it is gone. I know there are growing pains with new locations, but if this location is owned and managed by the same people, there should be no excuse. I can honestly say that we will not be back to this location until things have changed. It is horrible that we will have to drive 30 miles to get to another Outback, where the service is what we have come to expect. We hope you can get these problems worked out. My email is (hidden), I hope to hear from you.

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Leanne - 8 d 15 h ago


my family took me to outback for mothers day because I really wanted to go there. The entire experience was bad from start to finish. My blooming onion was the size of a small onion, and barely fed one person, yet I was charged the entire price and was never informed it would be so small. Second my cheeseburger had no cheese, my daughters chicken came improperly prepared as she had ordered it, and my son's cheeseburger was supposed to be medium with pink throughout, it came very well done. No one was happy, yet not one person tried to make it right for me on mother's day. The manager at the Blasdell, NY store should be ashamed to have served us our food this way. I will not be returning to this restaurant, Oh yeah, I also complained on line, in their contact us section on the website and have not been contacted back and it has been almost a week! Piss poor

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Sunny McG - 8 d 17 h ago


Delivery service is HORRIBLE. 2nd time they've taken over an hour and food arrives cold. Gave them a 2nd chance, no way there will be a 3rd. Called the store and the Manager was no help at all.What does he care right...they've already processed my online payment. I'm screwed.

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Dave - 8 d 19 h ago


Help me I'm at the wiles-barre outback and my reservation was 55 minutes ago and they still haven't seated me. In fact they have skipped my party several times now. Never never never go to this outback!! They "accidentally" bumped my reservation and can't accommodate me. This place sucks! Dave

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Robert - 8 d 18 h ago


I'm absolutely dissatisfied as well, I waited over an hour along with a miserable manager named Edmond Malinowksi. He lacked the ability to compensate any of our concerns and poorly represents your institution as a whole.

General profile image - 9 d 19 s ago


My daughter took me to Outback for Mothers day because I wanted to try the filet topped with crab and hollandaise sauce. It arrived looking nothing like the advertisements .Small potato- lititle flat dry steak with a "block" of low grade crab on top that was real "fishy" smell and taste.Best part of my meal was the salad -HAPPY MOTHERS DAY ! My daughter ordered a chicken dish that arrived with RAW bacon on top .The experience was uneventful to say the least I felt bad for my daughter . We were at the Outback in Wesley Chapel Florida . Our server was very nice .

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Anonymous - 10 d 37 s ago


We love the outback In Salem. Oregon but moved up by Bend Oregon was told outback was closed here we would like you to consider bringing outback back to Bend Oregon. Thank you.

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Gift card reimbursement for cost - 10 d ago

How do I cash in a $50 gift card we haven't used yet?

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Robert Kilgore - 10 d 15 h ago


The resturant in Roseville michigan is awefull manager and servers have no respect for customers its a sad state of affairs when you go to eat and the service is horrible .. Service took forever then food was very cold and when you ask to return your food for your money back they treat u worse. (hidden). Sincerly Robert Kilgore

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Barbara H - 14 d 22 h ago


Corporate needs to hire professional managers for their place of business in the coral springs area store 1072. Let's begin with the attitude that I sensed from a female manager who said her name was Haley. This woman first of all is very nasty. How can a manager just walk around playing with her hair and the way she treats her employees Is unreal. She talks down on them from what I see. No manager should make an employee from this way. I spoke to a server and asked what's up with that manager of yours and their reply was she is like that with everyone. She had no respect. She looks sloppy and lazy. I felt disgusted with this woman's attitude that I decided to leave. I returned this afternoon and asked to speak with her. A server said he'll be right back. Needless to say I waited a long time before she can come out. Someone please correct her or she will end up having to deal with a wrong customer. Furthermore I won't be wasting my time and money at your restaurant anymore. Hostess are lazy just standing around and doing nothing and talking with their peers while customers are waiting to be served. What a shame.

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Joe - 14 d 15 m ago


I had a horrific experience yesterday on Mother's Day. My wife wanted to go to Outback, she loves your food. Great service, appetizers were deliciouis, we waited, waited and after an hour and a half I inquired about our food. Our waiter checked, they lost our ticket. The place wasn't that busy for a Mother's Day, plenty of booths available. The manager apologized gave me a twenty dollar gift card and if wanted our order, it would be another hour to wait because another group was ahead of me and she left. WOW!!! We couldn't believe how we were treated. The table next to us heard everything and couldn't believe it. Extremely poor customer service and she was a manager. Our waiter was more apologetic than she was. Our children lit up social media about our service. Unfortunately, we will not be patronizing your restaurant. I always receive great service at the restaurant down the block, Red Lobster.

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Janice Harris - 14 d ago


I would like to write an about a complaint this weekend we stayed at the hotel Holiday Inn in Tampa on Westshore Boulevard we called it to the Outback to have delivery which they stated that they do deliver however we were out of the delivery range that's the first complaint second complaint they were advertising a special for 14.99. The person on the other end of the line stated that that item cannot be sold because of Mother's Day weekend I spoke to a supervisor at the time and he also stated that again the advertisement was false advertising it did not indicate that it would not be available and yes that was a bit concerned we had a $70 order but felt like we didn't want to do any business with your company

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