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Outback Steakhouse

OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC
2202 N West Shore Blvd
Tampa, FL
(813) 282-1225
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Rick - 13 h 9 m ago


Was just dining in Outback Steakhouse in Williamsburg Virginia a very problem store is seems like every time I go in there there is a manager named Amber who is the greatest person I've ever met and a wonderful manager she's always putting up with a lot of shit from a black manager in there well today a customer she came up to and try to help jumped up out of the chair and try to beat her up and she trying to call the cops and they another manager had stopped her from going and talking to the cops and pressing charges on this guy who tried to assault her this person should not be allowed in this restaurant anymore but instead the manager made Amber go in the back and still gets to sit there and eat their dinner after being very disrespectful and trying to beat up a woman

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On the fence. - 1 d 8 h ago


Hello to all, l and my wife had dinner in the Rainbow & Lake Mead location in Las Vegas NV. l was told you no longer use Tabasco sause. lnstead you have this burning flavorless substitute. Your refredgeration unit is not working, and your closed til Friday. This sause makes your food taste weak & undesirable. Get your act together soon.

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Bryan Kerr - 6 d 7 h ago


I was at one of your location. It was not wheelchair assessable. Had to get a table of people get up move the chairs just so I could get out.

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Delores Roberts - 2 d 15 h ago


We ate at Outback on Riverside in Tulsa the evening of Father's Day. We ordered two Golden Shrimp Reg. and a Blooming Onion. We were so hungry after the wait. I wish we would have sent it back. The whole meal l was over cooked. Too Brown and that's all we could taste. Will never go back.

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Kman - 1 d 10 h ago

Hey Brian, can you say LAWSUIT ??

File one man lawyer should take on contingency.

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Judith zeitz - 1 d 11 h ago


Went Sunday, June 17th, to your king of Prussia out back. We ordered salads, within ten minutes our meal came sirloin steak was lukewarm the potato was lukewarm our meal was like eating rubber didn't complain which I should have my son doesn't like when I complain about a meal he thinks still spit in it but I want you to know i'll never go back to Outback spending almost $40 which I'm a retired woman is a lot of money and to be served garbage and while you're still eating your salad to get your entre it's like we were in and out in less than an hour horrible horrible horrible Diners have better food than what you served us

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It was the worst meal I've ever had I feel that Outback is going downhill I should've complained but after going to my doctor yesterday the nurse said she ate there also and she had steak and it was horrible and she said she would never go back I don't know what kind of meat you bye but it was horrible - 1 d 11 h ago


Went to outback steakhouse in King of Prussia Pennsylvania on Father's Day June 17 my son and I ordered the sirloin steak and one had shrimp we had salads and within 10 minutes we got our entres they were like Robert the steaks everything was lukewarm It was the worst meal I've ever had I feel that Outback is going downhill I should've complained but after going to my doctor yesterday the nurse said she ate there also and she had steak and it was horrible and she said she would never go back I don't know what kind of meat you bye but it was horrible

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Crowne Prince Doc - 1 d 17 h ago


Bring back the lamb. Longhorns not doing it for me

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Bonnie - 1 d 17 h ago


Please please please bring back the Walkabout Soup!!!

It's been too long!

Everyone I know liked it and wants it back!


Thank you!


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Kathy Bowden - 2 d ago


I filed a complaint with Outback last week and got an email response from Jason Anderson at the Greenville SC location. It was a JOKE. He wanted even more details and the servers name which we clearly stated our servers changed so much we never figured out whom they were. It was like we were the potluck table or something. This attitude clearly defines why the staff act like that as it is from the top down so no wonder the patrons do not matter.

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Oj - 2 d 10 h ago

My family went to the sick site. We were told it would be 15-20 minutes. Over 30 minutes later and after a manager came and asked why the table was not seated, we finally got seated. Now the fun began. Our waitress did not appear to be h a spot to be we working. She took our drink orders and about 20 minutes later we got our drinks. The sweet tea was terrible. We asked ddg or new drinks. About 15 minutes later we got our drinks. She took our orders and when I asked what kind of vinagret dressings she had I picked o e. The brought out salads with honey mustard. They said they don't carry what as t we requested. Sent out salads back with as dressing we wanted. Guess what, we got our salad with our food. I HATE that. They also messed up our orders. The waitress got pushed and took longer than I can can count so I asked for a manager. We never saw our waitress again. We fin as lily got our correct food, dri is, etc. Not one discount was fo e fir the service. Needless to say no tip as n would not recommend this place. I will not6go back as it appears the way we were treated ment our patronage is not needed. Very disappointed. (hidden).

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Vickie - 2 d 16 h ago


Worst dinner ever! Went for fathers day. The waitress bad an attitude right from the beginning!! She ended up walking away from our table and leaving us. One of the managers finished waiting on us. Our orders were messed up. Even the sweet tea was stale. We weren't even offered a dessert or discount for such horrible service. This is the one in Okla city on i240 and Penn. We wont be going back. My husband said McDonalds would have been much better.

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Bridget Sandoval - 5 d 25 m ago


My husband and 2 sons went to eat at outback. My older son Daniel ordered your $30 ribeye. It came out and it smelled and tasted like blue cheese. The steak was bad. The waiter brought him out a new one. That one also tasted horrible. My sons stomach got so upset he almost threw up at the table. He only took one bite of the second steak.

The waiter brought us our ticket . They charged us for that rotten steak. I finally complained to the manager and he took the $30 off our bill. None of us enjoyed our meal. The smell was so bad our stomach's got upset also. I've never had an experience like this at outback. I am so disappointed in the food. And also with the first manager who came out. She barely even apologized. The second manager came out and talked to us for 20 mins. He collected my sons info in case he got sick. This was one of the worst experiences we've had eating out.

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Monteen blocker - 2 d 18 h ago

This is the same experience we had last night the meat came out and it smelled and tasted horrible my daughter got violently ill and we also had a fried cockroach in our blooming onion will never eat it Outback again

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Dave Valentino - 3 d 10 h ago


Spring Hill, PA. Baltimore Pike. The worst Outback so far. The manager has no travel path through the restaurant. Wrong orders being delivered. Argumentive staff over steak and how it should be cooked. Beat up and dirty. Regional manager should get in there and see what's going on. The only reason the place is busy is because there's no real steak house to go to. And so the manager offers us free dessert. Stick your dessert up your ass and go work at McDonalds, if they'll take you.

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Scott Kaminsky - 3 d 12 h ago


I went to Outback Steakhouse in Louisville KY (6520 Signature Dr. Louisville KY 40213-35558), I had a 600pm reservation. I ordered a Fathers Day Steak and Beer I drank the beer a piece of glass came off the beer mug and cut my lip and a piece of glass lodged into my I began to bleed I noticed the beer mug was cracked/broken and a huge piece of glass cut my lip and lip began to bleed...the manager was notified and she brought a glass of soda water and it took 10+ minutes in the bathroom to get it to stop bleeding. The manager was very gracious and didn't charge my wife and I for our meals but charged us my beer and her

wine...Really charge me for the beer and the broken glass that I ate and cut my lip and finger...I Retired Army...this incident made the meal awful..the food didn't taste that good because my lip was scabbing up...They charged me $13.78 for this terrible experience

My name is Scott Kaminsky (hidden)...I want to talk to someone in charge...I want my money back

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Bdibart - 4 d 11 h ago


Ten empty tables and still have to wait for a clean tables store number 600 Route 42 Turnersville New Jersey

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Herge M. Jansen - 5 d 9 h ago

A friend (male) and I (80 year-old female) ate at the Outback tonight. We were greeted

with you guys", escorted to the table with you guys". The waitress wanted to know, what you guys" wanted to drink. Three you guys" before we even sat down! It continued

throughout the entire meal, even though I had more than once commented on it. And

The food was okay, the waitress did an excellent job. When I commented on you guys"

she admitted, her Mother would be very upset about her manners., if she knew.

What happened to Good evening Madam, good evening Sir? I kept asking: DO YOU

SEE TWO GUYS?" what happened to good manners in this Country?

I would appreciate a reply from you, and perhaps a change in training young people

properly? Sincerely, Mrs. Herge M. Jansen

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Lisa - 6 d 3 h ago


Absolutely Awful!!!

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Roberta D - 7 d 9 h ago


We went to store number 1027, located on Pine island Rd in Cape Coral Florida. For the most part karen was a great server, she was extremely busy. Within approx 5 minutes of being sat down, My son and I ordered a blooming onion, and 2 of the wednesday deals. 6 oz steak, 1 side and a drink for $9.99. We added an additional side for my son. It took about 15 minutes to get my sweet tea & his sprite. For how busy she was that was kind of acceotable. It then took at least 30 minutes for the blooming onion to get to our table. A manager came to the table to let us know that there was some sort of mistake in the kitchen. Approx 10 minutes later it finaloy showed up, almost burnt, but still edible, we were so hungry, so we ate most of it. Do to our wait a manager took it off our bill. Our steaks made their way to our table about 35 minutes afterwards. I knew they were busy so I didnt get upset about any of this until, I cut into my medium plus steaj and it gushed blood all over the plate and my baked potato. After almost 2 hours waiting time, I wasn't going to sit there for any more time, waiting for a remake. So I told them to just take my meal off the bill. They trying tonsell me dessert. I obviously didnt want anything else. I kept telling them that I uust wanted the bill. They took off the food and charged me for my tea, which was part of the meal. I'm very disappointed at the fact that they charged me for any of this, after how long we sat there and the mistakes that happened to our order. They gave me an expired $10 manager card for the hassle. When I brought the fact it was expired to their attention, they scribbled out the date and initialed a different date. At my restaurant, if we had made this many mistakes, my patron would have paid for nothing, the entire meal would have been comped. Very disappointing visit n to your establishment .

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Poppa Ray - 9 d 8 h ago


Good day mate, Several of our group frequent the Outback at Cactus and Tatum in Phoenix. We were there Sunday and tour able attendant was an absolute sweetheart and also very attentive. Her name is Matilda. What a marketing dream. I asked if she knew the Australian anthem, to which she replied no. I said it's Waltzing Matilda.

This young woman would be a perfect spokesperson for Outback. She is poised, intelligent, quick witted, and quite attractive. I had never seen her before and she has no idea I'm doing this. My wife, mt son, my cousin, and myself impressed with her. As the saying goes, "She's a diamond in the rough".

Hopefully you can create a relationship that is fruitful for all involved.

I have no dog in this fight, I just see her potential and would like to help..

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Anonymous - 10 d 14 h ago

Your akm at the Williamsburg restaurant is sexual harrasing servers the GM doesn't do anythingng or care. This is a real problem outback.

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Anonymous - 11 d 15 h ago


The experience at the Outback in Roseville, MI was UNACCEPTABLE! The Alice Springs chicken was HORRIBLE! It has so much seasoning on it that the color of the chicken was red. It was so spicey I could NOT eat it. Then the second one was over cooked with NO seasoning.

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Jane - 12 d ago


Web site states a 24 hour response to email. It's been 6 weeks and 24 hours. Where is my response? However maybe the lack of response is also the same attitude that we have experienced while eating in your restaurants and in participating in your rewards program. Very, very disappointing. Long burn us looking better every day

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What? - 12 d 5 h ago


I need an email address to give feedback since your website crashes everytime I get to the part that asks for my contract info. I've never had to work so hard to give positive feedback, but now after my experience in the restaurant, asking for my survey receipt, and being shut out from the website I'm now just pissed, insulted and highly confused why everyone at outback does not want customer feedback. I really want them to put a BJ's in Poway where that Outback is (was, soon to be gone, however you'd like to refer to it).

It wasn't my intention to post publicly, but since you make it nearly impossible to do it privately you left me with no option.

No longer an Outback fan.

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