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Outback Steakhouse

OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC
2202 N West Shore Blvd
Tampa, FL
(813) 282-1225
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Anonymous - 1 d ago

I would like to have Richard Callanghan contact me, or give me his e-mail address. I met him a couple of years ago and would like to contact him. He gave me his personal card and I have misplace it. He indicated at that time if I ever had any concerns to PLEASE contact him, personably. Now, I am requesting this happen. I am JoAnne Burrill in the Lansing/Okemos area. He may contact me at (517) 485-0441 or on e-mail (hidden). Rich, we will see how truthful you are in wanting to have feedback. Thanks, JoAnne

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Gmom - 1 d 7 h ago


The service, the quality of the food and the ignorant staff, are enough to make me go to O Charlies or Applebees, come on Outback fix the problems that you created by simply not insisting on old fashion common and good manners

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Anonymous - 3 d 32 m ago

I love you food and restaurant but your issues about steak sauce bother me. Your a steak restaurant, there used f2f o be steak sauce on the table. Then it disappeared. Your now ready to bite into your steak and realize there is no steak sauce. Now you must wait for your waiter to come back to ask for steak sauce. You finally get the bottle of steak sauce! Now your restaurant refuses to allow you to pour your own steak sauce! Yes, you now regulate how much steak sauce I can use and deliver it in a tiny pre poured dish! What Will you r e regulate next? Salt and pepper? These changes have cheapeened your restaurant and have made me, your customer feel unimportant and has showed that what is most important to you is the all mighty dollar! Profit is important but with out satisfied customers you won't have a restaurant! Take your head out of your asses and give back the steak sauce! - You cheap ass!

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David Walters - 3 d 5 h ago


I visited the OB in Golden Colorado and had a very poor experience. My tip reflected my disappointment but when I looked at the bank statement the amount I authorized was altered to an amount that was well above my desired amount. I called the location and someone took down my information but never called me back. I called the regional manager and left a message. If this is the way they handle their customers, I will not be returning.

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Babs - 4 d 44 m ago

I always loved Outback. The filet mignon would just "melt in my mouth ". On Oct. 17 I ordered prime rib at Ledgewood NJ Outback. Very disappointed. It was not at all tender, actually tough. I was sad because where I live there is no Outback and I look forward to visiting my family in Roxbury NJ.

Yours truly,

Barbara Frantino


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SST - 4 d 5 h ago


I went to Outback only because my son loves their kids mac-n-cheese got home with out takaway order

and found that the Mac-n-Cheese was spoiled, opened the container and this foul order filled the room. I immediately took it back and had the manager smell it and he said please close the lid I'm going to be sick.

so I asked the person who packaged this up couldn't tell that this was spoiled? they offered to remake it. I demanded my money back. last time we will go there!

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TONY - 4 d 7 h ago


Morning guys:

WOW I can not believe the horrible reviews.

I ate at Commack l.i. outback, prices on the ribeye were high. I deceided to treat my self to a juicy ribeye.

I will not complain, because no one cares. The steak was 1/4'' thick dry to the bone nasty taste in flavor.





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Gee - 4 d 9 h ago

My daughter of mixed ethicity was fired from the Outback Steakhouse in San Angelo Texas for no good reason. The reason the manager LUKE gave, was another employee said my daughter wasn't happy working there. My daughter wasn't there no more than 4 work days. This out back steakhouse has only one other black employee who is treated poorly. There is a very unpleasant racially bias in this establishment that all should be aware of.

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Anonymous - 4 d 9 h ago

This is GEE and I would like to add. The only other black employee has nothing to do with this post. The mistreatment spoke of is from my own personal observation. I wouldn't want them fired from my observation. This is 2016. It is ludicrous that this kind of behavior still exist. No only in this state but in this multicultural country. Smh.

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Gee - 4 d 9 h ago

Pertaining to the outbacksteak house in San Angelo post. I would like to add. The only other black employee has nothing to do with this post. The mistreatment spoke of is from my own personal observation. I wouldn't want them fired from my observation. This is 2016. It is ludicrous that this kind of behavior still exist. No only in this state but in this multicultural country. Smh.

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Sheila - 5 d ago



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Patti - 5 d 4 h ago


Outback in Edmond, Ok WAS our favorite place to eat.

The last few years it's been going down hill. We went from 1x a week to every 3-4 months. Management is ALSO bad. They were out of tomatoes last time , today they were out of salmon,and It's rarely cooked properly.

In July there was no A/C. Gary the manager said" you better be glad you're not me, at least you get to sit and eat while I'm working in the heat"

Too bad Outback is not a good place to go. We miss the Outback.

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Leslie - 5 d 9 h ago


Beware if you live in California!! This restaurant likes to partake in "bait and switch!" I can't tell you how many times I have been told "we don't take that coupon in CA"! Insane and makes for a very disappointing end to my very expensive dry steak! Ask for Medium and I barely see a line of pink and it is tough to cut! LAME!

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MBD - 6 d 8 h ago



I have been to Outback many times. I enjoy the tuna appetizer which is always good. Let's face the fact that this is a chain restaurant not a fine dining establishment. I have had some very good dinners there and some not so good. I do like the fact that they take 15% off your bill if you have an AARP card. That said this has happened to me more than once and I felt I needed to share this experience.

When you order the filet mignon they substitute it with the sirloin. It has happened several times to me so it makes me wonder.

Being the foodie that I am I know the difference immediately and they have always apologized for the "mistake" and replaced it with the filet mignon.

Due to the fact that this has happened several times I wonder if it is truly a mistake or are they pulling a bait and switch.

I would be interested to know if anyone has experienced this problem.

This is not the only location that it has happened.

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Barbara - 7 d ago


I haven't eaten at Outback for several years. Today I decided to give them another chance. It was not a good decision. I ordered curbside pickup. I got there before my food was ready. I ordered two dinners, sirloin steak, baked potatoes, and asparagus. I only live about three miles from the restaurant. When I got home, I served the food immediately. The steaks were totally cold, as was the asparagus and did not taste good at all. The only thing we could eat were the potatoes and the tiny loaf of complimentary bread. I will never eat at Outback again.

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Anonymous - 8 d ago


Firing employees for false accusations without a proper investigation is absolutely ridiculous and that is exactly what this corporation did. RVP's and JVP's must not be doing their job correctly if their stores are doing so terrible. This is a horrible business to work for and to eat at. People, I suggest you do not involve yourself with this business.

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Concerned citizen - 7 d 9 h ago


Are you a minority?

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Anonymous - 8 d ago

It's amazing with the type of service you received according to the store location you visit! I'm on the way home from work, thought I would call in my curbside dinner ahead of time so that I wouldn't have to wait long. So I'm calling, pressing the curbside prompt and the phone continues to bounce around to other extensions that weren't being answered, this went on for 15 minutes. When I arrived and asked why no one was answering the phone, everyone ignored me and rudely asked what would you like to order. I'm noticed a gentleman on one of the phones as to why the phones weren't being answered. Now I have to wait 25 minutes for food. Also, I noticed there was only one other car at curbside when there's usually many, humph, so much for an unprofessionally run Establishment! Carlita Ballard at:. (hidden)

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Anonymous - 8 d 7 h ago

Our visit to outback on Tamiami trail east Naples fl. ordered the best filet mignon. came out flat like serlion. Your rest not giving what your menu shows. filet are round 2 inches hi. i asked them for the steak thats pictured on menu and on TV., no satisfaction answer.. your showing one thing, and giving something else. not satisfied,

Richard gassner naples fl 239 774 1722

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Anonymous - 9 d ago


This used to be my favorite family steakhouse up until this past weekend. We went to the Queens, New York one on queens blvd. I went with my mother and friend on Saturday and waited over half an hour after we were seated to just get drinks and menus. After placing our order we waited an additional hour to have the manager come out and say the was no more sauce to make the fillet medallions I had ordered. After all was said and done we got our food an hour and a half later and my mother and friends food were both cold and hard from waiting for mines to be done. So disappointed terrible customer service skills and way to handle the situation!!!

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Mallory Coulombe - 9 d 34 m ago


My fiance and I have been going to Outback steakhouse in Bedford, NH for a night out every once and a while but the last two experiences have not been great, especially this last time and now we may never return due to the lack of customer service. Last visit, the waitress forgot to put in our appetizer and so we had to wait almost 20 minutes just for that. She kindly admitted her mistake and let the manager know herself so the manager gave us a free appetizer. So we decided to come back and use the free appetizer as the food and service in some of our past experiences has been outstanding. This time, the waitress forgot to put in our food order. The food was late and not satisfactory. The vegetables were served with my burger and so the bottom bun was soggy from the moisture of the vegetables that were wet. To make matters worse my burger was overcooked and dry. I thought maybe I could save the top bun but the top bun was burnt and hard as a rock. I patiently waited for the waitress to come ask us how our food was and she only came back about a half an hour later to ask us if we wanted dessert - she never even asked how the food was and my entire dinner was practically still on my plate. She did not even give us time to comment when we said no to dessert. My fiance and I saw the manager asking tables - so we decided to wait until she came over to tell her how the food and service was but the manager did not take the time to come and talk to us or anyone in our row for that matter. We left right away as I was still hungry and waited a long time for a disappointing meal. As we left the hostess asked how our dinner was. We said it was not great this time and we were disappointed. He did not even respond to us or seem to care. Not the way you want to be treated after a bad meal that you spent your hard earned money on.

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Gilbert - 9 d 8 h ago


we have had a lot of trouble at the santa Fe New mexico outback steakhouse, We have been their 3 times in the last 3 months and have not gotten credit on our dine rewards card, management say they cant do anthing about it. Maybe corporate can do something for us thank you

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Mission Valley Outback in San Diego California - 9 d 16 h ago


Disappointing how nobody cares what happens at Outback Steakhouse in Mission Valley in San Diego California people throw food on the floor and put it back on the plates don't wash your hands and literally there's one of the girls she's one of the cooks this has sexual relations oral sex in one of the back rooms where they keep the beer her name is karina Chavez

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K.l.hardy@hotmail - 10 d ago


My husband and I used to be once a week outbackers.However the quality of the food and service has gone way down hill.You can almost always hear the owner screaming at the staff.The other nite is sure to make it our last visit. It was sweetest day my husband took me out for dinner.We sat at the bar because there was a football game on we wanted to see.I was around 6pm and they were not busy yet.There were 3 bartenders all standing around joking with each other the way young kids do.It took a long time to get our salad, finally got the bartenders attention and it came out ,followed immediately by our steak hadn't even taken a bite out of our salad.The manager saw it and offered to remake our food so it would be hot when we finished our salad.I. refused saying it would be ok.I ordered my steak med rare and when I cut into it it was very rare.Again fighting to get the bartenders attention I asked if they could put it on the grill for 30 seconds to a minute.After several minutes had gone by I asked if he would please check on my steak. It came back about as well done as could be.At this point I was just pissed.I wasn't going to eat my steak but thought my grandchild might along with the baked potatoes and mushrooms.Never was even asked about a carry out container. And all bartenders avoided us like the plague.Discussed we got up and left.It was a horrible experience that I don't want to go thru again. Clarkson mi outback

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An amazing time - 24 d 20 h ago


I just felt that I needed to share out experience. My wife, 3 kids and I have frequented the Lake Worth, FL location for the past few years. Our last few visits were horrible and we actually had to walk out a few weeks ago. Well on Saturday 10/1 all 3 of my kids wanted to go to Outback so my wife and I reluctantly gave in. We walked in and it was a semi busy afternoon. There was no hostess (she was seating another table) but a server opened the door for is and welcomed us. We told her that we wanted a good server as our last few times had been so bad. Well the server that greeted us at the front ended up taking care of us. When I say everything was AMAZING it truly was. Rebecca made it such a wonderful lunch. We never had to ask for refills, our food all came out at the perfect time, she cleaned all of our dishes promptly and every request was met with a smile. We almost never came back to this location but because of this experience we will be returning again and definitely asking for Rebecca as our server!!

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Shay - 22 d 7 h ago


You will find some good service some time....

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