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Outback Steakhouse

OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC
2202 N West Shore Blvd
Tampa, FL
(813) 282-1225
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Kathleen - 7 h ago


My husband and I have been regular Outback customers for decades for lunch and dinner, birthday celebrations and in memory of. We have especially enjoyed our relationship with Manager Keenan Henry and Server Joseph Steele. We are always glad to see them and feel especially welcome. During this time of social isolation and unable to enjoy their in house hospitality, we have gone to take out. Joseph is able to complete almost all of our order by memory and Keenan comes to check on us. Although out of regular mushrooms for our fried shrooms order, they improvised with battered slices to complete the meal. They also offered vegetable options for items that were restricted on the menu due to limited delivery operations. These men, along with all the valiant staff, highlight the immeasurable accomplishments they achieve during an unexpected emergency, the outstanding value they all are to the community and their commitment to the continued success of their Outback Steakhouse restaurant.

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Burnt beyond hope - 15 h ago


Yesterday, 04/08/20, I ordered the Alice Springs chicken (my favorite) from my local Outback. I used door dash to have it delivered. When I sat down to eat, I was extremely disappointed because my chicken was extremely overcooked. The edges were burnt and charred. Because of the situation with the current pandemic I was not able to return the meal back to the restaurant. I have never had a bad experience with Outback, but this was really unedible. It will be a long time before to an Outback if they can't do better than this.

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Do Better - 3 d 10 h ago


Outback Aspen Hill - Sunday placed an on-line delivery order, provided information on each specific item - Pasta All Chicken, Pasta All Shrimp, Sandwich No Bacon. Delivery of food everything listed on the receipt as specified, but not done. Contacted store, advised two options - receive a gift card or return food. Mind you we are in the middle of a pandemic. Drive to Outback for corrected order. Return home, put dinner for my spouse in fridge, he's an essential worker. Later that night go to get the chicken sandwich so he can have it for a late dinner when he gets home and notice it includes Bacon again. Mind you this is an order given to me by the Manager on Duty to correct the first order.

Since Outback is now closed, I contact the store on Monday at 11:49AM. Advised Manger just stepped out to get some things, provide my info. No return call. Call the store one more time at 2:51PM call placed on Hold for 7 minutes.

Once it's a mistake, twice is that food allergies aren't taken seriously.

Disappointed in the fact spent over $75 on a meal that was incorrect TWICE, and no Manager could take the time to follow up on this.

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Laura - 4 d 9 h ago


I work at outback and they are haphazardly making us wear "masks" during this co-vid crisis. Instead of providing masks they are FORCING us to use the black napkins we put out for customers with rubber bands. Its disgusting and unsanitary.

My store is in Northern Virginia.

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DrRealtor - 11 d 12 h ago


PLEASE leave the clam chowder soup on the menu!!!! PLEASE don't take it away!!!!!

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POAT - 12 d 8 h ago


Outback was running a gift card scam. They declined my order unless I would provide more personal information. They would not say what the problem was, They just seemed to want to fill out more personal info in my file. No one from Outback replied to my email. Looking at their 1 star rating on the own page, should explain a lot.

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Lisa - 41 d 9 h ago


A friend a myself went 02/22/20 to eat in Montgomery, Alabama. So sorry service took forever to get drinks, appetizer then finally got our food.... steak was tough the sent it back the lobster they brought back was full of dirt. Waiter needs to find another job people came in way after us ate and was long gone before us

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Anonymous - 32 d 9 h ago

Maybe cook at home and stop complaining about a steakhouse . If you're so professional about the food then go to a higher quality restaurant. There wasn't dirt on your lobster it's called paprika .

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grow up - 15 d 20 h ago

You don't have to be a professional to know Food is BAD. High quality restaurant or the greasy spoon on the corner. good food is good and BAD food is bad. If you pay for something you want it to be at least what you pay for.

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Geri - 13 d 1 s ago

You must be staff at Outback...who puts paprika on lobster?

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GERI - 13 d ago

Island Park, NY Location: THE WORST! At 7:40, I called this location, inquiring if it was possible to have the Bloomin' Onion packed in aluminum foil because it the take-out box itself, it is soggy and disgusting. We ordered last Saturday and we not happy at all. It took the person who answered the phone about six minutes to find out if this was possible. Seriously? Finally, twelve minutes later the order was taken and my daughter and I were sitting in the parking lot and were told 20 minutes. At 7:58, a girl came out to the car and asked who I was. I gave her my name and told her the Bloomin' Onion needed to be in aluminum foil. She stated that she was by the phone when the call came in and they knew. Then she returns at 8:05 with the bill in one of those check cases. Are they sanitizing those check cases? I think not. I asked her if she was packing the order but she said all she does is deliver to car but she'll make sure the order is fine. At 8:30 a skinny guy comes up to the car and states that 'we lost your order.' You lost my order? 'So you are telling me you gave someone else my order?' Skinny guy replies 'yes.' I asked for the manager, he replied that he was the manager. No customer service skills, no even an apology. Now I have to wait for the order to be cooked again. Mind you, I gave the girl $3.00, that's all I had because I felt bad but she never came back to the car and the manager was sent. Finally, the manager comes with the food. I asked for the corporate manager. He said the owners name is on the door. He was holding some cards. I said I'm contacting corporate because this is insane. He wouldn't give me the cards. I got home, there was an ant on my chicken and the nerve to throw in a free carrot cake. Who eats carrot cake? Seriously? This better be resolved because this is unacceptable!

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Anonymous - 13 d 6 h ago


I contacted the Ikea Blvd location regarding replacing an order. The order that I am referencing was wings that were not fully cooked. Jasmine stated that we have 90 days to redeem the replacement, but she had no reference of our order! Jasmine was very nice but unwilling to assist us! I feel as though we frequently visit this location and cater often from this location. Since the order was from January she didn't have my name in the book. Before I even gave her my name she told me my name wasn't listed which means she had already made her mind up that she was not going to find it even if it was there! I am extremely disappointed at the level of service we received and feel as though when you place an order over $100 that your wings shouldn't be bleeding and when you call for the replacement, you shouldn't be given a hard time! Jasmine never offered any accommodation at all not even an apology! I am not writing this to receive any type of handout or to get anything free, merely only what was promised!!!

Thank you

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Michael Ocepek - 38 d 10 h ago


Placed online order. Live about 20 mins away.Was half way there and restaurant called to left me know they're out of two of the three items i ordered. How can a huge chain like Outback be out of chicken and shrimp. The fact that i was driving there already and inconvenienced me if frustrating. I cancel ordered and quickly called Longhorn and told then what happened and asked if they could expedite my order. They did and even threw in a extra loaf of bread. At least Longhorn cared about customer service and uped the game by making up for Outbacks mistakes. The manager at Outback could have at least offered to do something extra for my inconvenience to show they care about customers.

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Anonymous - 15 d 20 h ago


Exactly the reason we will be getting our steak meals from Longhorn or Texas roadhouse and NOT OUTBACK anymore. the service is TERRIBLE and the food quality has truly gone down. OUTBACK has sown they do not care about their customers anymore

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Anonymous - 15 d 14 h ago

I agree 100% they are not the same as they used to be

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not anymore OUTBACK - 16 d ago


ok so let me rant to the corporate office. Yesterday I called ahead for curb side pick up, well of course the order was not correct, I usually don't call back just deal with it because this is the type of service we get from this Outback, but yesterday the order was really wrong and my husband was extremally put off so he wanted me to call. The Young lady who said she was the manager was very condescending toward me. She kept stating she was going to redo the order and bring it to our house. ( this I know is a vise they use when they just want someone complaining to give up) I live 30 miles out of town and I knew she would not really bring it to us. My complaint is I HAVE NEVER called in and complained and the one time I did to be talked to in this manner and offered something I knew they were just trying to get me off the phone. OK you don't have enough respect for customers that put up with your mistakes, so now you don't have this customer anymore. we would get take out every week but not anymore sorry OUTBACK

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Sherry Keenan - 16 d 8 h ago


With the Coronavirus we have not been going out to eat. Lost our reward point don't you think you should reinstate these to people when things get better.

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Maggie V - 19 d 6 h ago


This is my second visit to your Overland Park, KS location and both times I have experienced a loud rude waitress named Lori . Not only was she rude to me she was also rude to a co worker who was in training. I could see the trainee was uncomfortable with the way she was being yelled at by Lori. I will never be back as long as Lori is on staff.

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Felicia - 25 d 10 h ago


I am writing because I had a bad incident happen on valentines day and i reported this incident to and nothing has happened. I was told I will receive gifts cards on two different occasions but haven't received nothing. I am hurt that I had to go through this and nothing has happened

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Tammie - 30 d ago

WOW First of all I thought for sure I would read more positive comments Outback for the last 15 yrs has been my favorite steak house Until about 3 years ago when I changed to evening/overnights my husband and I went there at least once a week. My experience on my last 3 visits has totally SUCKED (sorry) Jan 10 my husband and I snuck out for my birthday to have a late lunch My husband seriously never complains he even complained about how his steak was so horrible he could not even eat it I could not eat mine either our blooming onion was on the major crispy side(yuck) ended up whole meal was compd never asked for that and EVERY plate was left on table when we walked out from eating even though server had been back num,kerous times to table Jan 16 my daughter granddaughter took me and my aunt out for a combined bday dinner for us both there was a total of 7 of us Same outback again steak were at least edible but had to be sent back cause they were cooked wrong both of our blooming onions on the crispy side plates not really cleared but better than previous visit Husband and I gave it another chance (we love the blooming onion) March 7 again steak was awfull I ordered mine well came out medium well my husband ordered his medium well came out rare even if we had sent them back they still were so fatty full of gristle that made them horrible to eat(which we didn't) blooming onion on crispy side AGAIN table behind us even had to send their steaks back for being cooked wrong Server never once offered to even take off the onion (which that is not what we are after we wanted a GREAT dinner ) Again EVERY plate was left on table when we left Heck I am a dine awards participate Are the servers now a days feel so entitled knowing people will 99.9% tip even for bad service that they do not even try to give good service I was a waitress for 15 yrs single mom supported my daughter You are suppose to earn your money Location we went to Indep Mo We are done with outback unless we just go for the blooming inion but that is scary since all the last was were crispy

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Leigh - 32 d 4 h ago


Easley SC Outback is the worst experience we have ever had in an Outback location. It took one hour and 9 minutes for our food to arrive and they were not busy at all, mostly empty. When we asked to see the manager, he cowered at the bar and looked over at us, but never came to the table. (His name is Ryan, at least that's what our waitress told us.). When our beverages were empty, we waited and waited but no one came back and refilled them. We stopped another waitress and asked for refills and she went in the back and then came back out and proceeded to clean her tables rather than refilling our drinks. She didn't care enough to just bring a pitcher over. It is obvious that this poor service attitude starts at the top and has worked its way down through the staff. Corporate Outback needs to clean house In Easley SC and start with a strong service-minded manager, new people, and a good TRAINING program. The restaurant business is competitive and you're not the only game in town. I have worked in this field for years and I am very forgiving when people are busy and trying. But these people were not busy, they just simply DO NOT CARE. Worst experience at Outback I have ever had. Will not be back.

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Dorothy - 32 d 6 h ago


Hi we eat at your steakhouse at least once a month. We ate there today for supper this is the first time we were very disappointed. My daughter and I ordered potato soup it took the hostess a half hour before she came over to tell us they were out of potato soup. I'm sorry but they should of told us before waiting that long. Also our friends both ordered a salad and they did not get them for at least 45 minutes I really don't think a salad takes 45 minutes when they were not busy. I really don't think I will go back for a long time

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Anonymous - 34 d 4 h ago


Went to the Douglasville, ga Outback today March the 6th 2020. Be there many many times. Tonight! The worst ever!!! Food was not as I ordered! It was so cold when I got home with it! Very , very disappointed!!!! Spend $60.00 bucks!!

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Sabrina / Alvina Beverly - 34 d 16 h ago


"Everyone check out this link on how my food was cooked at out back at 1255 fordham Dr Vabeach, Va 23464 me and daughter

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