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Outback Steakhouse

OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC
2202 N West Shore Blvd
Tampa, FL
(813) 282-1225
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Mohamed - 12 h 20 m ago


The worse dining experience I have ever had with the worse service food and cleanness .servers are rude,there was no wait and restaurant had few tables full,but we still had to wait 20 minutes.The food had no taste and was overcooked.Will never go back there or recommend it to any one. Dont waste your money by going there.

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Ethel Mae Johnson - 2 d 11 h ago


My name is Ethel Mae and I am 83 years old. I went to visit my son in Fort Lee, Virginia last week. The highlight of my visit was spending time with my baby grandson who serves in The USArmy. We had only had 6 hrs per day and our last day seeing him, we set went to our favorite restaurant Outback. Lord we waited for over an hour to be seated. We waited almost another hour to be waited on. After I finally received My potato soup, it was cold and so was my grandson's soup. It took forever for us to return it. We NEVER received the soup back. I ordered a kids chicken tenders because I have dentures and can't eat hard food. The chicken was burnt. I had it reordered, but we had to leave because my grandson had to report back to base. My grandson did t get a thing to eat and I had to take mine back to the hotel to eat. I am 83 years old, I don't know when I will see my grandson again because he's going to Qutar, Saudi Arabia. To think my last visit with my baby grandson was awful and not memorable.

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Ronda B - 3 d 4 h ago


Traveling 6 hours we stopped at your waynesboro location. We had seen the commercial for the 3 point bloomin onion advertised heavily in an area that has no outback. We ordered and were told the restaurant was completely out of fries and could not make any adjustment(per manager) as it was against corporate policy. A suggestion was made from the customer next to us that they cut and fry a potatoe as fries forn theb bloomin onion was rejected. The food we received was very good but we chose not to order large meals because we feared theyd be out. Ordered a bake potato to end the meal and the waiter said chives but it came with green onions. Waiter seemed afraid to ask for changes.

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DoEat@Outback - 4 d ago


To Whom it May Concern,

My boyfriend and I dined at your restaurant a few months ago and the service and food was anything but exceptional!! The manager at this location (Burbank Empire Center 1761 N Victory Pl. Burbank, CA 91504) was very rude and short with us. When the food that we ordered arrived there were several problems. First the food was cold and my potato soup had a long black hair in it (please see the attached photo). That is extremely unsanitary and unsatisfactory on every level. We will not be dining at the location ever again. Very disgusted with the service and the quality of food or the lack thereof. The hair in the soup put us over the edge.

Thank you for your time,

Alyssa Tibbs

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Diana Lynn - 5 d 16 h ago


We have been going to outback for many years. It has been our favorite restaurant. But the last couple of visits were awful. We went again last night because it was our anniversary.

The service was terrible and the food was worse..again. The waitress was slow and misinformed us of a new product. Our order wasn't right and was overcooked. When our order was correct, it was still overcooked. And that was only the appetizers. We were going to have a steak dinner as well but with the higher prices we weren't taking the chance. We also had to take our own bill to the cashier. Our waitress could not be found. Needless to say, we did not leave a tip and we will never be back to outback steakhouse again!

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shirley c. - 6 d 8 h ago


outback is truly getting over on the public, they can mess up your food, serve insects with your food and give you a 10% discount. meal should have been free. But they are getting rich off of the bad experiences. You can believe that.

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shirley collins - 13 d 11 h ago


i had gone to eat at the one on Union Ave in Memphis Tenn. come to find out the roaches liked my dinner better than I did. One Roach came out of my bread and y u never know how many other dining utensils I aws using because I was looking at the Tv while sitting at the bar enjoying my suppose to be steak and lobster meal. When I finally tuned when I saw extra movement it was a big brown roach going around the bread paddle in and out of the bread,.My knife and salad fork was laying there and he was having a good time. I motioned to my serer at the bar and she quickly took the bread away. I mad mention I hope I didn't eat from anything he had crawled on and around. She said NO you did not. How do you know were you looking at the roach at the same time I saw movement on my plate,. She went to talk to the manager who came around 5 minutes later to apologize for any inconvienence this may have caused and wanted to know if I needed any thing else HELL NO to get the hell out of here,. I was given a 10% discount from my meal that I should have acted a damn fool over it. I left as a lady should have and now I am blasting their tails on line. I should get me a lawyer and sue their asses instead I had to pay for a discussing meal. I threw up in the parking lot and has been ill every since thinking about I could have put that thing in my mouth. any body know a good lawyer in the Memphis Tenn area to sue them.

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shirely - 6 d 8 h ago


no one has tried to contact me period about this low down shame to have to eat with the insects and end up with a 10% discount. petty people

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Alia Johnson - 6 d 9 h ago


My mom, 4 month old, and I were at the outback in Alexandria, LA and it was an awful experience. As we were being seated at our table there was a waiter so close behind me when I went to set my baby down he ran right into us just about knocked both of us over, I can't imagine what his hurry was but it was very disrespectful. Then our waitress Pam, took 15 minutes just to get to our table and take our drink order. Once it was taken, it took an additional 10 minutes to receive the drinks. While we were waiting for our drinks my mom received very upsetting news causing her mood to go south. When Pam brought us our drinks my mother asked if she could have hers in a to-go cup. Pam then said umm do you need to see a manager is there a problem. I then responded there is no problem my mother has received bad news. I shouldn't have to explain a personal situation to a stranger. Pam then went to the table behind us and stated loudly thank y'all for being so sweet and patient with me. After that I then went to go find a manger to explain how our experience was going and that we were leaving and we will never come back. The manger could have cared less and just said sorry. He didn't really care about losing a customer. The outback in Alexandria, LA is the worst place to eat because the workers nor managers care about there customers.

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Diane Hodge - 6 d 15 h ago

We are at an Outback yesterday in Bristol, VA. We were very unhappy. When we ordered our food it took 10 minutes or better to get our salad. We ordered sirloin medium rare with loaded mashed potatoes. When our order came they were baked potatoes and one sirloin was like shoe leather. Past we'll done. I normally would have eaten but it was so over cooked. When the waiter came by and asked how our food was I did tell him about the meat. He had me put my baked pototoe on a salad plate that Wes already on the table and put an order in for another steak. By the time that steak arrived, my husband had already finished his meal so I asked for a box to take my dinner home. When the check came they said the manager was going to comp my meal however when the bill came that comp meant they were not charging for the third steak that was cooked correctly. They said that was Outback policy. We will not return that Outback and hope that is not your policy. That meal that we paid for is currently in a box in the refrigerator.

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Anonymous - 7 d 4 h ago

Just had the worst service and meal I've ever had at the Outbacks in Pensacola Florida. Ordered the cheese fries with bacon bits as an appetizer and it was almost 20 minutes before it arrived. And that was after we haf to say something to the waiter. I ordered the surf and turf with house salad and potato soup when the soup and salad arrived the soup.was luke warm as was another persons with our party. Then when the meal steak was dry and there was no lobster tail. Again we had to ask the waiter about that. I also asked to speak to the manager and her attitude was like, Oh well. Even after I told her that this use to be one of our favorite places to eat, but no more. All told we spent close to a hundred dollars and it was a waste. Singed Wayne McGlothren, 150 Sprague Dr. Pensacola Fl. 32534. Email (hidden). Thought getting this off my chest would help, but it didn't. Guess I'll go to Facebook tomorrow. An exfan

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Anonymous Tulare customer - 7 d 4 h ago


Was excited about going to Outback Steak house Visalia Ca 93277 for the first time. Got there got seated,waiter came and took our drink order delivered drinks.our order was taken . The waiter never came back to the table. 20 minutes past no waiter, waited 5 more minutes no waiter. I finally had to flag another waiter down after 25 minutes to get some service, right at that time food came out but still not our original waiter. Never once were we told he was on break and another would assist us or anything. Proceeded to eat our meal myself my husband and son. 20 minutes later still no waiter or anyone to see if we needed drink refills or anything. Finally an employee noticed me looking around and came to see if I needed anything. I started to tell her that the waiter never came back the entire meal just about she didn't seem to care she said is that all you needed ,I said no I would like sauce for my meal she said ok and she brought me sauce. After the meal wanted to order dessert still no waiter so hit the service button on the kiosk and the manager walking around came over and took that order not very tentatively. He seemed as if his mind was everywhere else but on what we were asking for. We ordered two cookies with ice cream and we only received one. The busser from the kitchen had to flag him down to confirm and order the second one. This was extremely poor service not just from the waiter and staff but from the direct manager as well. I was so unhappy with my service. The food was great and I couldn't even enjoy it because of the terrible service that we received. I have to say this was my first and last experience I will have with Outback Steak house which is a shame.

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Adrienne Cash - 7 d 7 h ago


I called the take-away line twice on Sunday evening at the Spartanburg,SC location. Someone would answer the phone and then hang up the phone. I called back to speak with someone else and girl name Haley answered the phone and I asked her to speak with the manager, on hold again for 5 minutes. I called back and she said that she told the manager. I asked her what the manager name was and she stated he believe his name was John, they really did have a manager at the moment. She said that they were busy. No success on getting a take-away order. I called the Gaffney SC location no issues. Took my order, with no problem.

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Lemetrius knapp - 8 d 5 h ago


Outback Stockbridge GA

Ok.......where do I start? I went on Monday 3/13. I had a long day at work so I took my mother, my four children and girlfriend. There was only a 5 min wait, because they weren't busy(8:35). We placed our drink orders and appetizers. We then placed our dinner orders (8:45). Honestly speaking, there were no more than 30 people in the restaurant dining at that time. Fast forward...salads made it to the table 9:15 with an apology from the waitress that she has no help. Fast forward....(Drinks empty @ 9:45) I asked to speak with the manager. The waitress spoke to the manager, who instead of coming to the table, retreated to the kitchen. 5 min later, she emerged with our dinner. Steaks were not the correct temp and unimaginably tough. I asked for steak sauce, which never came. I asked for the manager to inform her that I didn't want my steak because it was barely warm and tough. She said, " warm?!! I just checked those", as if to doubt my my information. I then replied that I'd gladly pay for it if there was a problem because money is no issue. She did discount my bill, but I am deeply turned off by this experience. I usually eat Longhorn, but decided to venture out. That was a big mistake on my behalf. Step it up Outback!!!!!

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Disgusted in Brooklyn - 7 d 8 h ago

The mangers did the same to me retreat to the kitchen and sent the bill and we weren't finish dining as if to say leave......

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Disgusted in Brooklyn - 7 d 8 h ago


I just went to the outback restaurant in gateway center,Brooklyn ny and the sevrice was terrible the racial profiling was a surprise to me I will not be dining there again I have gone 4 time prior to this and service was fine today was the worst ever.........

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Misael Garcia from Lowell MA - 7 d 13 h ago


I just went in today Sunday 3-19 to the Lowell MA Outback. We sat at the Bar area and sat there for 15 minutes and the Manger, Bartender greeted us BUT no staff members came to our table so we devices to leave. We are very disgusted with the service. No wonder the Company is CLOSING the Restaurants. We ended up at Chilis next to the Restaurant and waiter came over within seconds to take our drink order and they were busy and you restaurant was dead

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Emily Rosenbaum - 8 d 6 h ago

To whom it may concern..Outback in Plant City has THE WORST manger/owner. He is very rude and makes excuses I work in a restaurant full time and have for the past four years and the one thing I learned is the customer is always right! This store will not have my presence as long as it stays under the same management! He treats is employees like trash and I know this from a personal stand point my life long friend works there. Something needs to change I will be spreading the word to this small town just how inconsiderate the manager really is. He should not have his own store let alone be a manger.

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BR Fresno - 20 d ago


. on 2/25/17 me and my GF went to outback in Fresno ca. and we were not impressed the stake i had was burnt on the outside and they put some kind of strange seasoning on it and it did not taste good my GF had chicken and it was so hard it was like a brick and it had the same strange seasoning on it. the food was abnormal and it took the kitchen forever to get the order out and they were not that busy the food quality has really gone down hill. it seams like they are taking short cuts. i probably will not go back.

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yak - 16 d ago

Outback in Cupertino CA, wins the prize for my worst dining experience in my 50+ year life.

1/10/17 we were seated at 11:50 am; Austin very promptly took our order and asked if we want our appetizer along with main dishes or in advance, I said in advance only if it does not cause a delay, my fiend subbed soup for fries; appetizer arrived quickly by 12:05; for some reason soup arrived separately 10 minutes after the appetizer later rather than along with the meal as ordered

- around 12:30 we asked the food runner the status of our order, she never returned to update us

- we saw our waiter in the dining room and asked him this time, he returned with a someone else's order

- I was getting super annoyed at this point

- I asked to speak with a manager, who never came out

- at 12:44 (nearly an hour after we placed our order) our order arrived

- my baked potato was smothered with fake butter and bacon, I specifically told Austin not to put anything on the potato - that I do not eat the usual margarine Outback serves with bread and on baked potatoes and the bacon, my potato had both

- the manager had a million excuses, such as our order was placed at 12:17 - impossible, we already finished the appetizer and the soup by the time our order was supposedly placed. Basically, the waiter simply screwed up and the manager blamed us for being unreasonable. This is lunch on a work day at low-end concept theme establishment.

- she deducted $9.99 for one lunch

- it took several requests for the waiter to give us our bill.

- we left in disgust at 1:08


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Bella - 9 d 6 h ago


Hickory NC, bad service, stupid curb side people can not take a order with out hanging up on you twice. Food under cooked. Do not eat here or order take out.. just do not do it like Everrrrrr!

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samuel youngs - 9 d 11 h ago


my name is samuel i am a new employee at the new outback steak house in king of prussia and i can honestly say we have 100 managers with no organization my schedule has been messed up since i started now my manager told me since i was off the schedule for almost 2 weeks i called to find out what the problem is i was told it was an mistake that they missed a couple people info i call again multiple time to find out that outback isnt making enough money to keep me that is very unprofessional and i need anwsers

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Anonymous - 10 d 24 h ago

I am a new hire tryimg yo finish courses at home, was told i would receive a call but no

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Gia. Campbell@ iCloud. Com - 11 d 7 h ago


Why are your cooks cheating the coustomers on the food. ON THE TAKE OUT ORDERS. IF I ORDER A FULL RACK IF RIBS THATS WHAT IM PAYING YOUR FOR NOT A HALF. I EAT AT OUTBACK TO MUCH. TRUST ME I KNOW YOUR KITCHEN HELP COOKS ETC ARE CHEATING THE PUBLIC .... In order to get the order correct or your money's worth You have to dine in only... Ms. Campbell. Please call or email me you have my number and email. I have a rewards card with out back. We usually dine in. Sir madden it's your cooks!!!! I have a curllinary arts degree working with the prison meals. (hidden). Thank you

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Management - 11 d 15 h ago


Hello, I'm Ann Foxenberg from Conway SC.

Last night March 14th with a girlfriend I had dinner at store number 4129 in Myrtle Beach South Carolina on 501 or the Tanger Mall. Your manager Anna Kendrick was so kind and thoughtful because I had a bad experience with a waitress who should never of said to someone who's eating that she needs the money to pay her rent. You don't do that and the manager apologized and I told her that it caused me some anxiety and that I would return but please do not fire the poor waitress but she's just should have known better to say that to customers. The manager made up by treating our dinner on them. Which was very thoughtful. The waitress also said to me I'll give you a club soda but I'm jeopardizing losing my job. As i had asked for a club soda and asked if it was like water or did I have to pay for it. Well I did not need to hear that she could lose her job over this. If that was the case she should have not of giving it to me free. And I told the manager the story about this too. Overall I enjoyed my meal but I didn't need anxiety in the very beginning. I'm a good customer of all your Outbacks and I will continue going to them as your food is very consistent and overall your staff is very friendly.

Thank U

Ann Foxenberg

Please text me back to assure me U received this text.



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