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Outback Steakhouse

OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC
2202 N West Shore Blvd
Tampa, FL
(813) 282-1225
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Anonymous - 14 h 42 m ago

Bring back rice... I'm not a steak and potatoes type person, I love steak but it's the potatoes that I can do without. Recently went out to dinner with my family and was told rice has been removed from the menu. Disappointed outback....

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Cathy - 3 d ago


After reading the news, this is pertaining to the family your manager rushed out (Glen Burnie, MD location) for their 4 yr old having an issue he was born with, meaning the child nor parents are able to control it.

Why does it state in Google search of Outback that it's a place for kids?

People need to have more compassion (manager, guests) If you are not cabable

to tolerate a special needs child, you need to work/dine at the corner bar. I believe children are still not allowed, or you yourselves grow up. The ones involved with this incident or agree this was the best plan, should feel ashamed of themselves. You want to give a certificate? Give it to the rude guest that should be thanking God he was born capable of speaking and using his voice for a shameful act and not controlling what comes out.

There is a boy I'm guessing in his late 20s to early 30s near our home that we see out with his mother, he is very loud and cartoonish. If I were in a public place and they were asked to leave, first I would be shocked, and then I would have to ask what manners their parents taught them to belittle someone for being born different.

Anyway, Outback near our home was awful the last time we were there, and the manager did nothing about our food (which he did have control over) I will not miss going to your establishment ever again :)

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Clopas - 2 d 10 h ago



Talk is cheap.

"....There is a boy I'm guessing in his late 20s to early 30s near our home that we see out with his mother, he is very loud and cartoonish"

Question: How many times did you invite them to your home for dinner or a family get together?

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Cathy - 2 d ago

To: Clopas

I have sat at tables with them. I can't bring them to my home because I have small children and his mother has warned me that children are attracted to him, he however does not like small children near.

Before you start thinking nasty of people, you really should think twice.

Yes, your words were cheap, just like what Outback will put on your plate.

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Clopas - 1 d 16 h ago


@ Cathy,

"...If I were in a public place and they were asked to leave, first I would be shocked, and then I would have to ask what manners their parents taught them to belittle someone for being born different."

Cathy, how do you spell "hypocrite?

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Coolafrican - 1 d ago


We share meal with them twice a week. And my kids go and play with him all the time. So please spare us

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Anonymous - 1 d ago


To whom it may concern,

My name is Abou, I visited your store in Abilene(0383), Texas this night for dinner. As, I travel for work and at most time on Saturday night I go to outback for dinner( been doing it since 06/24/1993) when I first got introduced to your chain restaurants. I ordered a PORTERHOUSE ( which is a combination of NY strip and filet mignon from the short loin of the cow; I was serve a TBONE( which is the very end of the short loin compose of the New York strip and barely the tail end of the filet). So ? I know what I ordered, then the mgr came n try to make me believe that there is no difference of the two and in this part of the world that's what they serve(bull@#$&). I know for a fact that the meat gets cut daily in the store inside the cooler by a professional meat cutter from the whole short loin.

Why do people think that , if u got an accent that u r ignorant? I visited so many of your restaurants and only have problems twice( Wilmington NC and tonight in Abilene TX). What a coincidence of states. I also have pictures to prove it. Oh, by the way I didnt make the pork discovery till I arrived back in my hotel room, because I asked it to be to go; because I was so so upset by the atmosphere there so I decided to take it bck to the room. Now, I will have to settle for a bottle of H2o for dinner. This is so so wrong. Thx

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Marlene-Norwalk - 1 d 8 h ago


Dear Sir,

My name is Marlene Boldman and my husband and I along with our grandson visited your Sandusky Ohio store for dinner last night. As most people know Sandusky is a tourist town and has a lot of great restaurants but we chose Outback. First I'd like to say the waitress had an outstanding personality. She couldn't do enough for us but the FOOD!!! That was a different story....I ordered a medium prime rib and I could not believe it when it came to me. It was so thin and hard it looked and tasted like a BURNT PIECE OF SALTY FAT!! When I mentioned it to the manager all he said was, yeah it's hard to get those 8oz ones done medium. Well for 19.99 I certainly expect more than that!! My husband and grandson ordered the sirloin with endless shrimp, neither of them were offered more shrimp. My grandson drank ice water and my husband got charged 5.98 for coke because they refilled it once!!! Needless to say we were very disappointed and will be going to Outback from now on! Honestly, I think $ 81.87 + tip is way too much for three people!!

Thank you,



23 Oakwood Dr

Norwalk Oh.44857

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Carr - 2 d 8 h ago


Outback - Johnson City, Tennessee

My family of 3 visited the Outback in Johnson City last night, 8/14/19. When we entered the facility there was no one in front of us waiting to be seated. A girl took our name and told us to have a seat she would be right back. After about 10 minutes she had not returned. Another guy came up to the front and started seating people who arrived after us. We went to him and told him that we had been asked to have a seat but no one returned and people who arrived after us was being seated before us. He seemed confused. He said he didn't realize we were waiting to be seated and the girl who told us that was not a hostess but a server..... He seated us immediately and apologized. Things just went downhill from there. The guests seating in front of and behind us (who all were seated after us), had their drink orders taken and their meal orders and no one had been to our table to take even our drink orders. The waiters at these tables would look over at us because we were obviously getting aggravated but no one ever said a word to us. We finally saw the gentleman who seated us and asked if he knew who our server was because no one had been to our table. He apologized again and said he did not but he would find out. A few minutes later a girl came out, didn't even bother to stop at our table, just tapped it and said I'll be right with you there's been a mix-up, and kept walking. After waiting another 3-5 minutes we decided to leave. This was ridiculous terrible service from start to finish!!!!! We eat this restaurant on a regular basis but the past two times we have visited the service has been terrible and last night put the icing on the cake. I emailed the Johnson City location immediately after we left and have yet to receive a response! We will not be visiting this location anytime soon. We left, went to Aubrey's down the road and received excellent service and food from start to finish as it should be. Your menu items are not cheap and if someone is going to spend that kind of money there they should at least be treated with some courtesy. The one guy is the only one in the entire place that cared enough to try to help and he seemed to have his hands full doing the work of others!

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customer no more - 2 d 9 h ago


The employees/criminals at the take out dept stole my money on my gift card. Horrible service they decided to give themselves a big tip. I told the manager she researched it found my receipt and the tip was filled in and my NA was scratched out! THEIVES!!!

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Ben - 2 d 15 h ago


Quality of your steaks has dropped dramatically. I feel sad your company feels the need to place profit over quality now. I won't be going to your restaurant anymore.

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Mary Ellen - 4 d 11 h ago


there are some places that it is selfish to take children to, disabled or able... Both for the child or for the other patrons !

I have been in the position of saving up for a lovely time out, only to have the evening ruined by being seated next to a family with children who are out of control (mama, mama, mama, MAMA, MAMA and she ignores them as they get up and run around the table, knocking in to my table, having our drinks spill onto our laps... throwing food around, slipping on food on the floor before the staff can clean up after that family, having a handful of macaroni & cheese smeared down my back from the booth in back of me, and even more incidents, and getting a nasty look from the waite person when we asked to be moved to a table farther away !

And as I am also disabled, I do NOT try to go to every place and make THEM set it up for me !!! (since my walker or wheelchair can be an obstruction to other diners !) etc. Where this idea that EVERYONE is allowed to go EVERYWHERE and do whatever they want, act however they want... ignoring the other patrons !!! I just do not know where that came from, since in the past a family did NOT take their kids to restaurants UNTIL the kids could or would behave appropriately for the venue... I would not expect the restaurant to set me up with a table and extension cords so that I could go in a wheelchair, a noisy and heat projecting oxygen compressor plugged in, etc... There are family restaurants, like Chuck E Cheeses, and a million other places that are more age appropriate, and I bet a million $$$ that the kids would ALSO rather be at them !!! ) Common sense, people ! That is also why people put on wedding etc. invitations "No children"... Kids do NOT have to be taken EVERYWHERE. If you are dying for outback food, gotta have that bloomin' onion, then order it TO GO !!! Ambiance is for EVERYONE, and if you destroy it for others, what point have you proven? When the child grows up he will be able to decide where he can go... I do not want to sit next to someone yelling obscenities or just shrieking, even if that is his disability. I would NOT want to go sit in a restaurant next to someone like me with a noisy oxygen compressor so everyone around me has to shout to be heard. So COMMON SENSE says I get my Outback food TO GO ! And those I love who want to be with me that night, can join me a one of our homes !

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Brett C. - 3 d ago


Mary Ellen,

Seems like everything is black and white to you. So what you are saying is that a family that has a special needs son has fewer rights than you do and cannot try to give their son an experience he can learn from with parental supervision. I have no polite words for your lack of compassion for those who have challenges,

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Cathy - 3 d ago

To: Brett c

I agree with your comments :)

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Cathy - 3 d ago

To: Mary Ellen

Where I come from, children go to weddings, well heck, they're in them. Haha

If you want to go where there are no children you need to go to a fine dining establishment, not a steakhouse or anywhere with a children's menu. You will need to save more $$$$$ ;)

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not saying name - 7 d 13 h ago

Hi, I'm employed in an outback in New Bern, North Carolina. It's located by down town and I think something needs to be done about the management there, or an evaluation about how they're doing things, Outback Steak house is suppose to be a friendly, welcoming place. They've refused to give employees their money on several occasions, they play favorites, treat people like they're lesser or not important, talk to them like they're children, and always give people employees and costumers attitudes. Respect is given where it is received. Something really needs to be done, they're short staffed because people keep leaving because of the management there.

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Cathy - 3 d ago

To: not saying name.

If you're unhappy there, don't wait for them to change, they may not ever change.

Greed and selfishness are taking over the world. All you have to do is look in your rearview mirror, see the ones tailgating, hear them honk because you didn't have your foot on the gas as soon as the light changed? They don't care about anything but you getting out of their way, they are the only one that matters. Don't let them bring you down.

Take control over your happiness and find a place that values you and their customers.

I wish you the best on the path you take.

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Mike McKnight - 4 d 13 h ago


Guys, as a former Outback manager who has a child with autism, this is not who Outback is. Obviously this manager made a mistake. Their very bad decision does not reflect the company's principles and beliefs.

Outback has always been inclusive to all and I hope the founders are working hard to rectify this situation and equipping all Outbackers to be aware of the struggles families with disabilities have and to handle them with compassion and respect.

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Brett c - 3 d ago


So where is the process that provides training and where are the hiring practices that prevent a "bad" hire?

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Brett C. - 3 d ago


Oh yeah, see you at Longhorns.

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Brett C - 3 d 1 h ago


Disappointed in the manger in Glen Burnie Maryland for a poor decision to have the wants of a complaining family over the challenges of a special needs family. Apparently he did not even ask the special needs family to quiet down or even ask what the issue was. What is the hiring process that allowed this guy/gal to be a manager? Where is HR and there effort to promote diversity and inclusion. Outback team has a lot of work to do.

There are three kinds of folks regarding special needs.

1)People who get it and go with the flow.

2)People who don't get it but are willing to learn.

3)People who don't get it and don't want to get it.

Looks like the complaining family and the manger fall under category three. I am boycotting Outback until something positive is done. I doubt you will even reply or address the issue corporately. I expect a few pathetic attempt to make amends.

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DEBBY - 3 d 3 h ago

I just read about the family that was asked to leave a Glenn Burnie, MD. Outback restaurant because their special needs 4 year old boy was too loud. SHAME ON YOU!!! Surely there were other alternatives beside this hurtful and embarrassing treatment.


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Brett C. - 3 d ago


Atta girl Debby.

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Anonymous - 3 d 11 h ago


I went to outback steakhouse in Metairie, LA my husband and I half fish and half shrimp and the food was cold and I would a gift card

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Jimmy - 4 d 3 h ago


Been to outback steakhouse at venture drive in Morgantown WV twice in the last month and it was a terrible experience. First time our food order was all wrong and this time there was only 5 table with people eat and we sat for over 20 minutes and no one came to speak to us. A party of 2 was seated right beside us after we had sat there all that time and they got serviced immediately while we still sat there with nothing to drink or even anyone even acknowledging we was in the restaurant. If it was busy I can see this but when there is only 5 table being used in the restaurant this is unacceptable. Won't be back there again

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