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Outback Steakhouse

OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC
2202 N West Shore Blvd
Tampa, FL
(813) 282-1225
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Anonymous - 1 h 22 m ago

I was in Charlottesville outback ... and the service was horrible..

Jamie carter!

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Disappointed - 8 h 33 m ago


We visited your location in Waco, Texas for lunch today January 22, 2017. The hostess and manager seemed incompetent. They were unable to properly accommodate a party of 10 despite a call ahead and a half empty restaurant. Once seated the service was extremely slow, and when entrees were brought we received a raw hamburger and a raw portion of fish. I talked to your manager about the raw food who told me it is how the food is always cooked and next time we should ask for well done. There won't be a next time, after this experience I am done with Outback Waco.

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Nncy and Joe Moose - 14 h ago


Hi I would like to tell you that we are regulars at the Outback in La Plata Md all of the managers there are wonderful thee is always of them walking around checking on your service and there employees they are so helpful polite very caring about there service and customers I would like you to thank them and tell them what great managers they are thank you. Nancy Moose my email (hidden)

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Heather - 1 d 23 h ago


I visited the Outback Steakhouse, in Seekonk, MA, with a guest on 1/21 around 1 pm. It was the first time we had been at the restaurant and we were both excited to try it. We were seated by a very unpleasant hostess, who after I asked where the Ladies room was, I was told "you can't use it now, they are doing maintenance in there". I tried to get some idea of how long I wouldn't be able to use the bathroom, but the hostess couldn't tell me. We ordered our food thinking the Ladies room couldn't be out of order for too long. It was unclear whether they were cleaning it or all the toilets were broken. Our salads were served, and I didn't feel comfortable eating before I used the bathroom so I got up and asked the hostess where I could use a bathroom. She pointed out the window to a gym across the parking lot and said, "you can try and go there". I walked out into the parking lot and tried some of the stores in the plaza and finally found restroom facilities I could use. By the time I got back to the table, the food had been served and mine was cold. As we were eating we saw the man that was fixing the apparent problem in the restroom walk out to the front of the restaurant with his dirty gloves on. He walked to the front of the restaurant to get someone else (possibly the manager?) and walked back into the restroom. Shortly afterward, we smelled very a strong cleaning fluid odor coming from the restroom/s. We both felt nauseous and got out the place as fast as we could. What an experience for the first time!!! I can't even comment on the food due to the cleaning fluid odor! Numerous Health code violations were made during our hour or so visit. Overall the most horrible experience I have ever had at any restaurant in my life!!

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Lisa pendergraff - 1 d 11 h ago


Me and my husband had dinner at your Clarksville Tennessee restaurant tonight service was adaquite food was god awful my ribs were so burnt there was no meat you could eat my husband pork chop was so salty you could not eat it just awful we will not go back you should have never changed the menu

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Anonymous - 1 d 12 h ago


I miss the leg of lamb with the mint jelly

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Tom - 1 d 13 h ago

15 years of Outback dining 100 s of time Always the Lamb I'm in one now just heard news no lamb I'm lost and saddened Tom

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Anonymous - 1 d 20 h ago

Hello. Until recently, I was a frequent diner at Outback. I was so deeply saddened by the choice to remove your delicious lamp chops from the menu. I hope you will return them to the menu especially since lamb is such a big part of Australia. Please reconsider.

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Worst - 2 d 14 h ago



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Anonymous - 2 d 19 h ago


I frequent the outback on cortez rd, Bradenton twice a month. my last 2 visits were terrible, smaller portions (shame) steaks were tough and dry. I will not be going back!!!! Please DO NOT send me any coupons of freebies, that was not the intention of this note. I m SERIOUS!!

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Anonymous - 3 d ago

Had a very disturbing visit to Outback restaurant in Calumet City, Ill New Years Eve. When I sent a formal complaint a few days later, I was advised I would get a response within 72 hrs. Still waiting!!

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mrs. c.a. pressnell - 4 d ago


i had 10 of my friends join me @ outback, jefferson av, nn, va. after reading my receipt, i tried to join dine-rewards. site wdn't allow me entry. very perturbed. called corporate, was on hold an interminable time. the person who finally answered said i had to call a different number. well, the customer service i did not receive will seriously impact my return to your business.

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Jill V. - 5 d 12 h ago


I am a customer who has been eating at Outback for several years. I consider it one of my favorite restaurants. While I have never been disappointed by the food and the service, when I ate at the restaurant on Southern Blvd in Royal Palm Beach last Thursday evening, I was beyond happy with our waitress, Kristine. She was extremely friendly and informative about new things on the menu. What set Kristine apart from other servers was her ability to anticipate the needs of my family. We did not need to flag her down for refills or condiments, as they were brought to us automatically. I don't normally take time to write to a corporation, but I was so impressed that I wanted you to know that you have an exceptional employee!

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Rikiann - 5 d 19 h ago


Last Friday my husband and I went to Outback in Port St. Lucie, FL. The Manager, Bryan Zapata greeted us as we entered. He immediately found a booth for us and even helped clear it off, as the restaurant was crowded and very busy. We ordered and received our food. I had ordered a Steak House Salad and my husband commented to our server that the salad did not have nearly as much steak in the salad as it did in the picture in the menu. The server asked if we'd like to speak to the Manager. My husband answered that he did not need the Manager but was just commenting on the lack of steak in the salad as compared to the picture. Even though we had not requested him, Manager Bryan appeared at our table in probably less than a minute. He insisted that he bring more steak for my salad and did so. He was so courteous and warm and really made us feel so welcome. Almost like dining in someone's home. You need more Managers like Bryan Zapata. He knows his business. Thank you.

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Anonymous - 5 d 19 h ago

We've been to Outback Steakhouse in Pinole twice and for the second time in a row last night we walked out before we were even seated big big problems at that restaurant need to be addressed

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Richetta johnson - 6 d 16 h ago


Hello my name is Richey's Johnson # 313 5232223 is my contact number.....I went to the outback in livonia and had the worst service ever in the curbside take away department!!!! I sat in my car for 20 mins and no one still hadn't come to my car to take my order...So I went in the curbside door and no one was inside...So I went to the bar area and the bar tender had to go find someone just to take my order....Finally the waitress took my order and then asked me if I wanted her to bring me my order out to the car!!!! Of course I do I am in the curbside department right!!!!! Getting my food was the longest wait ever and she was rude...I will never go back

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Jennifer - 7 d 8 h ago


I usually don't mind Outback but tonight I didn't. The chicken was really dry. We order our food and when the waiter brought us our food (which took forever) that's when he decided to tell us they were out of mashed potatoes but we could wait 10 min for them to make new ones. Um you just brought us part of our food and want us to wait 10 more minutes for the other half. BAD SERVICE if you ask me and to top it off it was on my fiance birthday dinner and it was his food. So much for a nice dinner when visiting Mission Valley, San Diego, CA.

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Anonymous - 7 d 12 h ago


Went to the one off Dunns Avenue in Jacksonville FL. The service was terrible. The manager on duty was very rude. Had reservations still had to wait 20 minutes to be seated. We was seated at 430 did not get served our food until 530. Then the food was sooooo nasty. I will never ever ever go back and eat there. We had a party of 15 people thats why we made reservations a week in advance and stull had to wait.

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Anonymous - 7 d 13 h ago

I was a big fan but this chain has gotten so bad I mean so bad after 20 years This food place knows how bad it is they make it now so hard to complain . DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME Bad bad bad bad

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Mike Turner - 7 d 17 h ago


I just got back from the Outback in Danville, VA. It was the worst experience that I've ever had there. Our steaks weren't close to being cooked right, it was the worst Mac n Cheese I've ever tasted. My daughter and I didn't even eat it. My wife's baked potato was wrong, the salad was wrong, we had to wait to be seated for 25 minutes with 11 tables on one side of the restraunt empty, the waitress never refilled any of our beverages, she brought us Hienz 57 bottle almost empty and I had to get her to remove the mushroom marmalade charge because it wasn't even provided with my steak. I was sorely disappointed in the whole experience and it was my daughters birthday lunch to top it all off. VERY disappointed. My check number was 0042.

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Gerri E. Fernandez - 8 d ago


Miss my Outback in Torrance but I do have a message for you. I did not realize the Outback in Torrance on Hawthorne was closed. This past week I tried to call them to order my great salad they make and the Phone rang and rang and then my line went busy non stop. Called back about fifteen minutes later the same thing. Yesterday I decided to drive from Hermosa Beach to Torrance thinking I was going to inform them they had a problem with their phone system only to find a large sign saying they were closed and would reopen in the Summer in the Del Amo Mall. While I was at the Restaurant at least 5 cars came by and were doing the exact same thing I was.

My question is simple: Why not leave a message on your telephone saying The Outback will be closed and will reopen in the Summer of 2017 inside the Mall? That will save a lot of people driving there just thinking something is wrong with your telephone.

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Anonymous - 8 d 7 h ago


Today I purchased some items to go, very disappointed on the lack of staff riding lunch time and specially the meal. Not a place I would recomend in Saint Cloud.

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Beth Westall-Littler - 8 d 11 h ago

Went to outback steak house in Aiken SC tonight. It was suppose to be for my husband and I 19th anniversary dinner. I ordered the sirloin and steak on the Barbie and he ordered the porterhouse pork dinner. We sat down at the same time as two other couples. Those other couples had salads and appetizers on the table before out drink order was taken 18 minutes after we were sat down. WE got out food pretty fast after that with deep apologies by two different waitresses who both had excuses at each table. Our one waitress for the night also could not get tickets to the correct table. To make matters worse my husbands porterhouse pork was raw after several bites into it. the grilled shrimp was horrible also. We were asked how they could make it right................there was no making right a raw pork material. I will NEVER go back to outback again...the experience was horrible and up until this time I loved outback...I'm just praying my husband doesn't get sick from it.

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Laura - 8 d 13 h ago


I just went to Outback Steakhouse in Staten Island on Marsh Ave. After seeing the commercial for the new bloomin onion Aussie cheese fries combo. We drove in the snow to come get it and paid $12 and change for it. We get home and to our surprise, it was a full bloomin onion with maybe 8-10 fries wedged in the middle. The commercial showed such an amazing full portion of both. I am very disgusted with Outback. We had stopped going prior to tonight's disappointment because the food quality/portions completely plummeted and the prices stayed the same or became very overpriced. We are done with Outback for good. Second chance was given and they blew it. Do waste your time or your money.

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Wendy - 8 d 20 h ago


I am a review about the Outback steak house in Albany, Ga. We had 13 people in our party. We went for my Birthday. Out waiter was very nice. When he brought our food out he only brought out the steaks with no sides. He did tell us that the cook told him to bring to food out like that because the sides were not ready yet. He did not want to bring it out like that. We had almost finish the steaks when he bought out the sides. I never got my chickens that I ordered. When we asked to speak to the Manger she was very nice but said she had been putting out fires all night due to people mad. She did state the problem was the kitchen. I will say this as being a Manger. Customer service is what keeps your business alive. Your company will never grow without great customer service. People have choices now. Plus you have social media that people look at.

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