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One Panasonic Way
Seacaucus, NJ
(201) 348-7000
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Dh - 8 d ago


Panasonic called my phone according to your rude associate,Ivy, no one from Panasonic called me. My carrier said it was Panasonic so obviously they are lying. Tried every number could find for Panasonic snd other that the tech could not get thru. Complained to Better Business Bureau. I have no account with Panasonic and after today i don't want one. I intend to throw out the Panasonic phones i have after that service. Used to love Panasonic after today am totally disgusted. Your company should go out of business with rude employees and extremely poor service.

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SCS - 92 d ago


Your disgusting idea of customer relations and how to treat your customers just took a well-deserved nose dive!! You want someone in need of your tech support to pay $1.00 by credit card for a live chat???? After calling the so-called Customer Service number at the back of the product manual, you want to charge me $9.95 by credit card for tech support????? ARE YOU CRAZY!!!! What a terrible mistake you have made. Panasonic USED TO BE a premier company with quality products and "customer support and service." NOT ANYMORE!!!!! I will tell everyone I know to never, ever, ever consider purchasing any Panasonic product. Are any of the corporate brass looking at these feedback messages????? What a terrible, despicable and pathetic way to treat customers who have bought your products. I will do everything I can to make your stocks tank. NEVER AGAIN!! SHAME ON YOU!!

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Sick of this CRAP - 106 d 20 h ago


YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, Panasonic! You know - YOU KNOW - your products won't last a year. BUT YOU MAKE THEM ANYWAY - wasting resources and taking up landfill space. All for a quick profit. You suck so hard you probably contribute to climate change by exhaling excess CO2 afterward too!!!!! How can you sleep at night? Have you no shame? I'm telling everyone I know they'd be better off - and doing a favor for the planet - if they'd set the money they are considering using to buy a product from you ON FIRE!!! It's less wasteful - and far less frustrating - than dealing with the TRASH you INTENTIONALLY mis-design and manufacture. Apparently, you also treat your employees like crap. I hope your BAD leadership is in the front of the line when the guillotines come out!!!!

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MAS - 117 d 20 h ago


I have spent half a day trying to get defective phones still under warranty replaced. I have sat on the phone for at least 30 minutes, only to be told to go online. Went to the online chat...totally worthless! After 4 hours I have not had any results. I have NEVER dealt with a company so seemingly trying to make the process so miserable that you will just give up, in my opinion . So...will I have to throw out my defective phones that I have only had since November. Well, maybe. But...I will never buy a Panasonic product again, I will contact the attorney general's office, Amazon, and I will Yelp!

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I don't see how Panasonic is still in business. Customer service does not work at all in solving problems. Their microwaves are littered with problems and I only had it for a few months before it quit. Also, their service network does not exists, I triesd to contact one of them and Panasonic didn't know the place had gone out of business.

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DR JAY - 2 y ago


DON'T BUY PANASONIC! I ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT THEIR PRODUCTS WERE EXCELLENT, BUT THAT WAS THEN AND THIS IS NOW. Their microwaves, they SUCK, BIG TIME! Just brought mine in for service and was returned to me broken! Panasonic says i have to bring it in to this guy 3 times and have him attempt to repair it. Not gonna happen. And i'm not going to buy Panasonic again. STAY AWAY!

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DL - 1 y 218 d ago


I agree on their micrwaves & the customer service is even worse

Don't do what they say they will

If I get no response the 3rd time I am off to the BBB my micro was

Under warranty when I started with them

I have never heard of the glass turntable breaking into 3 pieces

While in use. Won't buy again

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Anonymous - 301 d ago

That is what I am dealing with now. My plate snapped in half and they have now sent me 2 of them wrong size plates. They will not do anything about it

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Kcin117 - 186 d 15 h ago


You are correct sir! Worst phones on the market. Receiving and sending are garbled underwater conversations that are terrible! Panasonic use to be the best are now the worst! Avoid buying this crap that Panasonic won't take care of! Won't be seeing ya later!

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Matthew - 205 d 16 h ago


I'm a disabled senior and on a fixed income I saved up several months to buy a microwave a good one it quit working just a few days before christmas I couldnt find any one who cared to help me I think I bought the extra warranty but they kept sending me to different depts I dont have long left on this earth but I will never buy another Panasonic product of any kind they are rude to seniors and dont care but when it's time for us to spend our money they have time but any sign of trouble they dont have time for us I'm tired of companys treating us like we dont matter I want all seniors to stay away from panasonic products they dont care about us I have a product I cant use and no one will help me or check my warranty I will never buy any thing else tryed online also but they make it so hard to even talk to any one but they want our money I dont know what I'm going to do

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George T - 194 d 21 m ago


Hi Mathew Sorry to hear about your microwave My Panasonic TV stopped working. I have a SHARP TV for twenty years still going great..Report yourm problem to the BBB Betterr Business Bureau}

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Anonymous - 224 d ago

this is the most unhelpful company i ever encountered

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Michael northrup - 238 d 15 h ago

to Bad we're all beneficiaries of corporate greed. We know not what we do and because of that children suffer.

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Bruce E Richardson - 238 d 17 h ago


I just saw a disturbing tv report about child labor used for mining mica in Madagascar. I can't with good conscious buy your products anymore. I know just my stopping buying your products can't make you stop this ungodly practice, but I will spread the word to my place of work, my church( Northland ) located in Longwood Fl.; look it up, we have a sizable worldwide congregation. I will not stop talking about this until your company treats kids the way kids should be treated, they are not cheap labor!

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beezneez - 238 d 17 h ago


per tonight's nbc evening news, your company has little children working under horrific conditions just so you can get mica for your expensive products, while they get just a bowl of rice a day. i believe in karma and know you will sorely pay for your greed and lack of compassion. I will never purchase from your company again, and am ashamed I ever did. shame.

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GKat - 1 y 88 d ago


Worst Customer Interface. Punitive hold times (2-3 HOURS), with a recorded-loop message "for faster service, use our chat feature". Broken Chat support never produces a representative. I posted a chat 3 hours ago, that still has had no response.

There's either a massive strike of all its public-facing departments, or Panasonic hates its customers and doesn't want to deal with them.

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Worst Customer Interface. Punitive hold times (2-3 HOURS), with a recorded-loop message "for faster service, use our chat feature" - 1 y ago


Worst Customer Interface. Punitive hold times (2-3 HOURS), with a recorded-loop message "for faster service, use our chat feature"

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Boston girl - 253 d ago


Go in their twitter page and complain

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Paula weaver - 253 d 18 h ago


I believe i own one of the first microwaves panasonic made!!! its at least 50 years old and still going strong!!! i love the panasonic brand!!!

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Penny - 256 d 20 h ago


Terrible terrible NO tech or customer service by phone. Chat help wants you to pay! A lot of negative comments not just mine. Panasonic products lost my business and will tell friends of my awful experience

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John - 278 d 13 h ago

Difficult to get help in TV setup

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Lisa - 301 d ago

I have never in my life dealt with such nonsense. I was informed that customer service does not get paid enough for this shit and they do not care about my issues. Then when I asked to speak to the supervisor I got told it was not their place to give me the name of the person and they were out of the building and laughed at. Panasonic just lost all mine and my families business!!

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rick - 309 d ago


When I bought my PANASONIC KX-TGF370 phone the text message alert was on and I turned it off how you turn it back on. So, when I get a text message on the Samsung galaxy s9 it alerts me on my PANASONIC phone. I tried "Turning text message (SMS) alert on/off" and also download Android phone Application Alerts manager and it did not work. Thank you! (hidden)

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Poor customer support - 1 y ago


I just wasted 2 hours trying to contact your support facility. There is NO phone support for oral irrigation devices. I attempted to use the chat facility but that did not work at all. After more than a half hour, there was no response. My problem... I purchased the EW-DJ10 oral irrigator in February of this year. It has a 2 yr. warranty. Warranty service is mail in but I was unable to find where it should be sent. I used to have faith that Panasonic offered good products and support. My experience today says otherwise. Does anyone at Panasonic care??

Rl Lewis


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Zorbs - 1 y ago


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