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2101 Webster Street Suite 1650
Oakland, CA
(510) 451-4100
(302) 655-5049
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Anonymous - 21 d 17 h ago


These people took my money off my card . Now I have to wait a whole months or 2 probably longer just to get freaking $51 back on my card. Their attitudes were very nasty in regards to my money . I had to end up filling a Dispute hopefully I get to see my money by the end of April. I will never try & order from them again nor would i suggest anyone to order from them .

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AC - 50 d 19 h ago


We went to the pandora store located in Woodbridge va (Potomac mills mall) absolutely terrible terrible customer service you walk in the store no one acknowledged us a few minutes pass by n we are standing waiting to be approached, nothing! Another customer walks in and is immediately asked if they needed help again we are still standing there waiting to be acknowledged. Finally one of the employees says I'll be with you soon and another 5 min go by when finally we are helped needless to say they were rude looking the other way etc. couldn't even tell you her name because she was not even wearing her name tag..we did NOT buy anything n will NOT be buying from This location in the future,terrible experience!!

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FELICIA SMITH - 56 d 20 h ago


i visit the Pandora store @835 N. Michigan Ave in Chicago when I walked into the store I spoke to everyone. I requested to upgrade the Sparkling Strand Bracelet, Clear CZ because not only that I lost my bracelet twice but it broke on December 16th and January 25th. I was advised that the bracelet has too many charms on it., I advised the rude customer service rep Joanna Johnson that they should have offer that information before I spent over $600.00 worth of charms on my bracelet that you can only put one or two charms on the bracelet. I ask several of times can I upgrade the bracelet to something a little more secure and several of times she repeated herself yes I understand but you can on;y get the one that you purchased. Not only it was an up sale but due to her rudeness she lost a customer. Than before she was in the process placing the charms on the new bracelet I advised her that I wanted the charms on the bracelet in a certain order the rep waked away.

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Josephine adams - 82 d 12 h ago


Hello my name is Josephine Adams I love pandora charms . However it seems as though they do not make charms we like . I would like to see a Mimi charm . A nana charm or some other things . Please make it happen . Also name of your kids .

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Styler - 85 d 3 h ago


- [ ] To who it may concern, My name is Saeed Tyler I had a terrible and very disappointing experience that I feel it necessary to contact someone in higher office. On December 24th,2018 at the Pandora store located in Queens Center Mall. I arrived at the store location at 6:25pm only to be told by a employee stand by the front door that the store was close as I was walking in. I proceeded to walk in because I was told at the information desk in the mall that all stores was to close at 7pm except Macy's and JCpenny which closed at 6pm. I walked in and stood on line. There was still 4 customers in the store being attended to some purchasing and other trying stuff on. The very next moment I'm being approached by female name Sophia who told me her title was store manager. She begins to tell me I have to leave the store they are close. I told the young lady that I was told by the information desk that all store will be open until 7pm to make purchases. and that I needed to purchase a gift for my mother who I have bought many other pandora charms rings and necklaces for in the pass for birthday holidays and many other occasions and I know exactly what I want. She goes on to tell me that she is going to call mall security and immediately I told her to do so because I felt so humiliated and felt I was being treated as I was doing something wrong which I know I wasn't. Especially when all I was doing was trying to get my mother a Christmas gift that she wanted a lot. So then I stepped off the line I was on and waited for the mall security to get to the location. Once he arrived he understood what I was saying and went to go talk to the lady who said she was the store manager. He immediately came back to me told me he couldn't help me and wanted to aware me that the store had contacted police. Which again I told them go right ahead and do so. Please just know through all this I never raised my voice not once or ever appeared as if I was putting any employee or customers in danger. By this time it was 6:45pm and the young lady who had told me her name was Sophia the store manager leaves as all the other employees was still there either attending to customers or cleaning up. At 6:50pm the police show up. I told police exactly what happen and they try to talk to someone and ask if I was able to make a purchases for the item that I knew I wanted. They told police officer I was unable to make the purchase at that time. At that point I was embarrassed humiliated and disappointed. I am writing this letter hopping it reaches someone who will be able to address this issue and make sure any future store hours are abide by especially during holiday season.

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Anonymous - 293 d 14 m ago

Helo today I went to ask for job but the manager over there told me that Pandora is going to get close within 2 month

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

I was in the shop at Lenox mall an had the worse experience I've ever had every evening was great but the manager she needs training an to be relocated I don't think she like black men

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

Hello i was just reaching out to you guys to let you know that i was at a Pandora location and the sales representative was highly uneducated and i had a very bad experience i just came in the store to get my bracelet cleaned.Also i noticed that my bracelet is all scratched up now and i dont appreciate this service.I was very upset and all the young lady told me was she cant do anything....... very disappointing.

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Good laugh - 1 y ago

This site is for Pandora Radio Station, not the jewelry.

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StacyB - 1 y ago


I noticed on a recent advertisement for Sara Evans that the location for her Oct 12 show was listed as Hanover MD. It is actually Hanover PA. I sent an email and the response I got was LOL ridiculous:

Thanks for writing in and sharing your thoughts. You are a valuable part of our listening audience, and we do respect your opinion. We also hope you understand that occasionally there will be ads delivered to a wide audience at the request of the advertiser that may not be relevant to each listener who receives them.

Pandora is an advertising-supported business. Simply put: no ads, no Pandora.

If you think this ad is out of place on your station or if you have a paid account and are still receiving ads, please reply back and let us know.

We work very hard to deliver the best music discovery experience and hope you will continue enjoying and listening to Pandora.

Hope this helps. Thanks very much

Can you say "SCRIPT EMAIL?" I did not state an opinion? Oh well, I guess they read emails as well as they proof ads.

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Tricia C - 1 y ago

Pandora is so desperate for advertisers that it is running disgusting FAKE news political ads calling for Hillary Clinton to be jailed for various ridiculous right-wing conspiracy theories. Time for iHEART or iTunes!

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Abdule Hakeem - 1 y ago


I feel I have been Robed bye pandora.i paid for unlimanited skips and playback it's stopped in 3days after I paid .then a note too repay saing my unlimated skips is up.I guess 4days is all .

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Kerry - 1 y ago


Be careful when you place an order with Pandora and DO NOT USE pandorasusco because it is a fake site and after almost a month I still do not have my order and no one is updating the tracking information. I must say that I have had nothing but co-operation with the site. I thought that the other site was a genuine pandora site but I was wrong and now I have the job of contacting the authorities for internet fraud. Please stay away from this site because it is a scam.

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Desirae - 1 y ago


Hello i was employed with pandora in fort myers fl at edison mall. I left the job and never reveived my check for the hours i worked while being there. Its been over 2 months i havent receiced a phone call nor a check in the mail. My phone number is (hidden).

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