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Papa Johns

2002 Papa Johns Blvd.
Louisville, KY
(502) 261-7272
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Pizza lover in OS Ms - 4 h 40 m ago


Been a customer for some time now. I live in Ocean Springs Ms. most of the staff in this location is pleasant except for your female manager always barking orders at her staff and other managers Almost yelling at them Seems like she brings the moral of the staff down! The new night manager is very pleasant and professional. I'm giving you three stars only because of the pleasant night manager. She brings my ratings down

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Warner Robins Georgia - 4 d 3 h ago


Hello I have been a costumer of papa johns for about 8 years. I love their pizza and prices but this past few months they have been awful! I am a great customer and faithful. I have children and my family loves pizza. So I ordered about 45 bucks worth of food two weeks ago the xl with extra topping and the honey chipotle wings and other items. I was charged for the extra toppings when I received my pizza it had hardly anything on it also it was cold and hard. I immediately called the store to tell them and they sent out another and it was the same way and cold mind you I live maybe 7 mins away from the store. So today I ordered another xl with two toppings of Italian sausage and pepperoni I told them extra toppings again this time I went inside the store to order when I got the pizza I looked inside and there were hardly any meat but I was charged anyway I ordered the honey chipotle wings also again and they were dry with NO sauce on them what so ever I was so upset I wanted to scream! But I kept my cool and asked her does this look like extra toppings to u she said wait one second walked back into the back came back and said yes I told her they have just lost a customer they did replace the wings. Ok I was so upset because I left and went home and found that the wings had no sauce I wished I would have checked them beforehand but I was focused on the children's pizza. I usually order papa johns or little Caesar I prefer papa johns but now I will not be buying anything from them I will stick with little Caesar oh well fair-well the past 8 years and about 5 or 6 pizzas a month was good but now I must move on lol

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BJ - 7 d 13 h ago

What happened to the garlic butter that you used to include with pizzas? What is this "Dipping Sauce" made of that it doesn't solidify even over night in the fridge? I once loved the garlic butter, but what is this stuff??

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Kim - 8 d 18 s ago


I never had a problem with Papa Johns and I love ordering here but today the website was having some technical difficulties and I had to call and order. When I ordered I wanted to use a coupon I had and my papa dough which was going to be $10 off and the person told me that I couldn't use it. The pizza I ordered was supposed to come out to $11 and I ended up paying $20 for pizza. Very disappointed in the service today.

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Gerald Mitchell - 11 d 9 h ago


I ordered a pizza from papa johns 8/4/19 at 7:15 pm from store number 550

940 south Military trail West Palm Beach fl 33415

We waited and call the store for 2 /1/2 hours to find out where are pizza was it's on the way they said two times so at 9:40 call and talk to a manager and canceled the order and was refunded the money then it shows up at 9:45 Pm we refused it

I never had problems like this from papa john ever hope this store can get help to learn how to get the food there in a better timely order

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Anonymous - 12 d 4 h ago

Sorry about the last comment I wrote I'm upset I'm the one from Arizona but if you read this you pretty much guess why I'm upset

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Anonymous - 12 d 4 h ago

Where is Cedar Rapids from my husband's father's passing we are Pizza day before we went back to Arizona we had called the restaurant where we got it from and told him that the pizza was just cold the breadsticks were terrible dry and now today we're still trying to get our money back getting nowhere we have called corporate twice we get runaway island with them after we've called the restaurant twice what do you do with a place a business that does this to a person I don't see how they stay in business Papa John's I really hope the are against us this is not a way to do people it's just not

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to - 14 d ago

Papa johns pizza cheese sauce bread something diffent kinda spicy hot sorta

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Bill R - 14 d 9 h ago


I have been a customer for a while now, I always have used the coupons they send out. I have tried to order they say the don't have the codes in the store you have to order online. Tried to order item it was under $20 so they would not take the order. I then called the store to place my order, Order the Superhero wanted meatballs and sausage. They then said no meatball. They didn't have.. This location and management has really gone to shit!!!

He is very rude. Corporate needs to investigate this location..

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Ron Barrera - 15 d 6 h ago


I just called to place a takeout order from the Papa John's on Mechanicsville Turnpike in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Person taking order was rude and unhelpful. I told him I would be using coupon "Savings2" from a recent mailed circular I had received. He told me that the coupon was only good on online orders. I told him that I had the advertisement in front of me and it said nothing about coupon only valid with online orders. In fact it stated download app, pick up the phone, or order online. When I pointed that out to him he insisted it wasn't valid for telephone orders. Either he was wrong or the circulars need to be more specific. Will never use Papa John's again. Worst representation of Papa John's I've ever experienced.

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Tina - 15 d 8 h ago


The last few times I went to papa johns in Goshen on pike st I been treated like crap to be cused and and told they was not my slave is bull crap. I spend a lot of money in that place. Every week. Pluse I pick up orders for my job. To have people talk to you this way course they had to make the order is not right. This is what happens. I went to pick up the order two people was in they seemed to have been aruging. Told the the name she said its in the oven I'll waitout aide till its done yeah ok. I went and sat in my car right out side the door. She came to the door and said I am not your fucking slave you can get your own damn order. I went in to get the order the guy brought it to me and I ask for the 2 littler and he said get it your damn self we are not your fucking slaves. I got it and ask for the number for the corpret office and he said fuck you and your not going to get any where with it so dont fucking come back . I left.

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Faye Green - 16 d 46 s ago


I have always enjoyed my Papa John's Pizza.... however the most recent order I made on July 25th from your Hanes Mill Road location in Winston-Salem NC reminded me why I No longer have them in my contacts..

I placed an order around 8:30 on for a Large Works minus pork sausage, Thin crust, cut Chicago Squares..... about an hour later... I asked the delivery guy to read me what kinda pizza I had before I accepted it & handed over $25 cash $22 plus with tip included....he said what I had ordered so I accepted delivery.... upon opening my box.. I could immediately see all this pork sausage & these itty bitty pieces of pizza... upon further examination I could see that not was my pizza not what I had was apparent they had cut it in Slices & then went Back over it to attempt to make it Squares...I was I have a pizza I didn't order & on top of that it's in pieces the size of a Puzzle....

I immediately called the store & of course they offered to mail me a coupon for a free replacement...

But sometimes that just isn't enough.

Had it not been so late I would have immediately taken it back to the store right then to receive what I Paid for.

Furthermore I have never taken the time to send such a complaint...I was just so Done....

Deleted Papa John's again from speed dial... cause if and when I do receive coupon...I will be placing my Last order in Store... thank you for your attention to this matter.

Faye Green

2222 Nettlebrook Drive

Winston-Salem NC 27106

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John - 27 d 10 h ago


Let me begin by mentioning i have been a PaPa John's customer for several years. Pizza's & service was great until the last 2 yrs. or so. A few months ago i ordered a large pizza & it only had half the toppings on it! Last nite was unbelievable! We ordered two small pizzas & the driver handed a large box & sais my two small pizzas were in it. I paid him (with tip) only to find someone elses large pizza. Well, we called the store explaining the situation & was assured another driver would deliver our pizza. About 45 min. later another driver showed up again with the wrong pizza. Finally after another hour another driver ( the third) came with 4 small pizzas & a qt. of Pepsi

Something is terribly wrong with your management & training! Afraid i'm done with Papa John's

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Mike - 18 d 10 h ago


My name is Mike and I've been a delivery driver on and off for almost 30 years and what's wrong with the company is the you know what's have taken it over and everybody has got cheap as fuck. Papa John's is trying to go cheap to compete with Little Caesars hot and fresh $5 pizzas. Thanks

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MV - 19 d 9 h ago


The manager called me at 11:06 am and said she gave me a 20% discount on my bill and was sorry for the inconvienece . Of course the food arrived a 11:25 am almost an hour late and they we not really hot. The driver said im sorry but i don't have a receipt for you because the system was down. Well that doesn't work because i have to keep an expense report with the receipts of what was spent. Thanks for the discount but i don't believe we will use you again.

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MV - 19 d 10 h ago


I placed my order on a Thursday for our company lunch on the following Monday. I ordered 12 pizzas and told the person on the phone they had to be delivered by a certain time because our people only have a certain amount of time to eat. She said no problem. I called at 10:45 am on Monday to be told that their system went down so they were not able to open on time. I also called at 10:15 am to pay for the order but she didn't mention that they would be late. When i called back the manager said she didn't realize it would be a problem. If i say i need them here at 10:30 am that is when i need it here. I am sure that is way there is reward program because your service is terrible.

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Robert - 23 d 3 h ago


Papa John's Pizza, Lavon Drive, Garland, TX 75040

On Wednesday July 24 @ 9:37PM local time, I attempted to place a takeout order but was informed that "we" stop taking takeout orders after 9:30 for safety reasons. I informed the team member that the open sign was on and was during listed business hours. No matter no services.

After enter entering my vehicle, another team member ran out and knocked on my window and again informed of the same. I again informed him, that the OPEN sign was on and during normal listed business hours.

If they are so safety minded the open sign would be off the door locked. For safety reasons you would not deliver after dark, the most dangerous time.

If the open sign was not on ui would not have stopped to order pizza.

I have pictures.

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N/A - 22 d 8 h ago


Chill the fuck out they are still open just for delivery not their fault it's corporate policy also I wouldn't want to get robbed bc some asshole wants a pizza after 9pm and why papa johns their pizza is garbage

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Anonymous - 29 d 6 h ago


Yesterday about a pizza for 15.00 which I thought. When i got home they charge me 31 dollars. I went back today to get the difference which they old me. They tell me 5-7days. News people will be calling! This is B.S

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Anonymous - 30 d 21 h ago


Savannah ga....on victory drive...rude poor customer service manager hung up on me and said the driver broke down

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Unprofessional customer service - 31 d 10 h ago


Ordered pizza no garlic sauce no peppers store ran out manager ask me to wait until he sends a driver to another store across town while my pizza is going cold by the second he never arrives back I just ask for my money back and told him I was going to inform corporate about this inconvenience manager then said he didn't care about be calling them shows me that customers at popa johns doesn't matter

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Hinojos - 36 d ago


Papa John's in Albuquerque on coors and central is far the worse place ever. They always mess up orders the drinks are so hot it seems like the drinks are left in a hot car all day and the pizza came out of a fridge. They delivered my desserts and forgot my pizzas. How the hell do they forget the pizzas. This is the worse place ever.

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Angela aldridge - 39 d 3 h ago


Very unsatisfied with the papa johns in Foley Alabama as tonight around 530pm I called to place an order for pickup and after being on hold for fifteen minutes I hung up and called back just to not get an answer at all so I got in my car and drove to the papa johns and placed my order and was told it would be 30 to 35 minutes before it would be ready so I said that's fine. After waiting on my car for 35 minutes I go in to get my order and was told it will be another 40 minutes that they have not even started my order yet. I spent 30 dollars on pizza and do not feel like I should be waiting this long for a pickup order. I could have taken my business somewhere else and already been home eating dinner but instead I'm still waiting on my order to be done. I won't be coming back to this papa johns I will be driving to another city to get pizza next time

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Leah D Snider - 40 d ago


Well, I actually hate doing this but being a restaurant gm myself, I feel it necessary to let you know about my experience. I called to place an order to pick up because I was craving pizza and I love papa johns the most. I called and was put on hold then hung up on before speaking to anyone. I figured well accident. So I called back. Waited and was finally answered and asked to be put on hold. No problem. So I waited....after 5 minutes on hold I figured they are busy after holiday weekend so I kept holding....after 10 minutes ( looked at my phone to make sure I wasnt being impatient)....thought they must be really busy.....after 15 minutes of being on hold I got frustrated. Not because on hold but no one had checked back with me at all. So I hung up. Again, just thought you should be aware that on a monday night, at 7pm, you are either very understaffed or employees arent working like they should on wornall rd in kc, mo. So I ordered my dinner from saripinos with no issues.

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Anonymous - 40 d 7 h ago


Papa Johns Mocksville, NC is the worst Papa Johns I have ever dealt with. The owner and employees are rude and disrespectful bunch of aweful pizza makers there is. I will never ever order from there again. Im surprised they are still in business.

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