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Papa Johns

2002 Papa Johns Blvd.
Louisville, KY
(502) 261-7272
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jenveltsos - 4 y 104 d ago

@HonestToddler Have you heard of @PapaJohns Cinnapie? #BestDayInTheHistoryofDays #EvenBetter

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powerinva - 4 y 104 d ago

Tried Buffalo Chicken Pizza. They forgot the buffalo sauce and the chicken looked like cut up chicken nuggets. Not so good. @PapaJohns

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eurekasue49 - 4 y 104 d ago

@PapaJohns =GOP affiliated corporation sponsoring #GOP Mouthpiece, Rush Limbaugh. Also has lousy reviews for pizzas.What's 2 like? #stoprush

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13m5 - 4 y 104 d ago

Oh my @PapaJohns phone app has been updated... any deals lurking inside?

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bishop_clint - 4 y 104 d ago

@PapaJohns When your server times out repeatedly on your mobile site, honor the discounts in store. So frustrating.

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LindaSwanholm - 4 y 104 d ago

RT @Brutalfacts: @eurekasue49 @papajohns T wouldn't pay .11 for a #PapaJohns pizza. In fact I wouldn't eat Papa Johns if they paid me.

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LindaSwanholm - 4 y 104 d ago

RT @eurekasue49: RT @Brutalfacts @papajohns T wouldn't pay .11 for a #PapaJohns pizza. In fact I wouldn't eat Papa Johns if they paid me. #stoprush

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LindaSwanholm - 4 y 104 d ago

RT @eurekasue49: Me neither! :) RT @PennTexx @eurekasue49 @papajohns Noooooo! Oh, wait...I don't eat their pizza anyway.

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eurekasue49 - 4 y 104 d ago

Me neither! :) RT @PennTexx @eurekasue49 @papajohns Noooooo! Oh, wait...I don't eat their pizza anyway.

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