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Payless Shoes

Collective Brands Inc.
3231 SE Sixth Ave.
Topeka, KS
(785) 233-5171
(785) 295-6049
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Elisha - 2 d ago


I purchased shoe for my daughter the non slip work shoes and when she started her job they gave her a coupon for 15% off the retail price when I went to the store 2620 in Cleveland Ohio I was told I could not get the 15% percent off the shoes because they where already purchased she said that on the coupon it says can't be redeemed after purchase no where on the coupon does it say that I will be contacting Corp because not only was the lady rude to me but started yelling at me that she was not going to honor the coupon said could use it at another time to purchase another pair very poor customer service

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Iris A. - 6 d ago


Payless refused to honor their own valid coupons.

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Fuck off - 11 d ago


I was recently fired from Payless for something I did not do. When I asked HR what proof they had against me, they simply said they had "evidence" to prove me wrong but would not tell me what it was. They then told me I wasn't allowed to tell anyone why I was fired and that I was banned from the store. I told them nothing but the truth but for whatever reason that wasn't good enough for them. Managers are treated like shit in this company and I don't appreciate being falsely accused.

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Columbus, GA - 15 d ago


This company is terrible. I applied for a part time position in Columbus, GA. The manger (Roderick) told me to come in to have a interview. When I came for the interview he seemed just out of it and not prepared. He told me my information was not in the system and he told me to go home and re-apply. When I went home of course my information was in the system. I called him back to let him know that he overlooked my application in the system. He reschedule another interview for me Friday today. When I called to confirm he told me there may or may not be an position open for me. I started this process three weeks ago and you have been cancelling and reschedule my interview. If you did not have a open position for me just let me know so I could move on. Dont' keep scheduling interviews and telling me the job im interviewing for is already full. Why interview me? He was basically telling me he wanted to interview me just in case the other guy didnt work out because he does not have any faith in the person he already hired. This place is just for college kids and people working their first job. This company is terrible when I called to put in a complaint someone from India popped up.

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Anonymous - 24 d ago

I visited the Payless in the Virgin islands and the manager was so rude not to mention the way she spoke to the employees like she was so much better than them. I went to the store on two separate occasions and they both were unpleasant. This woman had the employee work her butt of while she just stood there telling her what to do. That is not how a leader works. I'm sorry but you guys need to deal with that because that's slavery not team work.

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Anonymous - 25 d ago


l just visited the Payless store in Schererville,IN. The employee that waited on me was RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL AS HELL! Her sorry ass outtake be FIRED! I was exchanged some shoes I bought four months ago. I expect shoes to last longer than that. She told me if I didn't like it to go somewhere else. Who the hell does this bitch think she's is? Then threaten to call the police. I'll be calling corporate on her sorry as and I'm done with Payless!

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Fix the register - 27 d ago


So went to my local payless store on Queens Chapel RD in June around graduating to get my Godddaughter a pair of shoes to graduate in and discovered the register was broken they could only take cash now as a consumer I was appalled due to this crazy world we live in who carries cash any more but it was last minute and I was desperate so off I go on a mission I swore I would never go on again fast forward to today 7/22/18 So I discover that I have a huge order for some shorts I have to fulfill my in-laws are coming and when I was visiting them I had on some shoes I got from here and they want a pair well It's about 10 pair that I am going to need so why wouldn't I put that money back in my own community so get to the door and what greets me THAT DANG CASH ONLY SIGN REALLY PAYLESS . This is Rediculous. You all have got to do better you have awesome employees at this location who take the brutal cursing out that they should not have to take fix the DANG register or here is a solution by a new one. Hopefully going to get my shoes tomorrow

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Elaine Lee - 28 d 4 h ago


I'm so disappointed in Payless Shoes this past couple of years. At least five (5) years ago you had boat type style shoes in pretty plaids and I purchased a few pairs which I found so comfortable and have worn often even tho' I'm an ol' 81 yr. old.

I check out any Payless store I pass here in London, On and a couple weeks ago I had a pair of the shoes mentioned in pretty plaid colors of white/blue/pink. One of the friendly young staff remarked how pretty my shoes were and where did I purchase. Was most surprised when I told her PAYLESS a few years ago. She was surprised how old they were but I have always looked after my shoes and clean frequently. I noticed you have the style in stores I've checked but they were a taupe color and not a choice of mine, unfortunately. I'm sure it's too late this season, HOWEVER, is there a possibility of you bringing back the nice plaids again for next year?. .A reply at your convenience would be so appreciated. Thank you.

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Anonymous - 49 d 5 h ago

Jennifer Williams store manager #505 Rogers Arkansas. This manager truly needs some serious customer service training and how to treat her employees. There's a time and place to discipline employees and not Bully them. Yes she is truly a bully. Not just that but this manager takes sides and text messages instead of talking to her employees face to face about any kind of issue. She picks favorites and never resolves issues with employees that cause drama. A true manager would sit down with there employees and would have them Talk things out and properly take care of the situation. She has since the week of June 24th 2018 lost 3 employees. They either walked out or called in. I'm sure she would give a different statement as to how bad of an employee they were, instead of owning up to her poor management behavior. These employees have tried contacting corporate as there yet to get any help. These employees would love to come back to work for this location if this manager was no longer there. Corporate if your reading this, you need to contact previous employees and get statements from them. I myself will not shop at store 505 in Rogers Ar or 112 as long as this manager is still an employee. Thank you.

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Anonymous - 52 d ago


Oxford Valley PA mall 6/27/08

No employee was in store when we were in there at around 4:30 PM.

Rude Employee when she finally came in. Moved the cart when she saw I was standing near it. No "excuse me" !

Asked if she had a baby shoe size 3 wide. Thanks for not checking.

Answer "Nope

Maybe you should check how many "smoke breaks" taken outside the mall entrance or trips to her car.

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Anonymous - 53 d 4 h ago

My name is Katherine Franklin I work for Spokane treatment and Recovery I work in a facility that has men and women for 6 months treatment program they're all doing wonderful but need a helpful start all the shoes that they can afford are you shoes I was wondering if you would participate in the community by donating shoes to our facility There are 16 men and 16 women in each facility help them get a good start in life make them feel proud

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Nora west - 55 d ago


Your management in the Ontario Oregon store sucks! Need to be replaced with people that treat others with respect but that store has always been rude! Shut it down! People who have a service dog in training get told not to come in the store and I wish to make a complaint about that store.

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Keyon Milligan - 70 d ago


Your customer service dept is a big joke. I called with a simple request to change me order after waiting on the phone for 2 hours getting the same prompt stating they are experiencing a high call volume. I rep could barely understand English, had to repeat myself several times. I spoke with a manager who informed me that the can't change a order once it is placed, and the only option is to return/exchange at the store. THE ONLY REASON I ORDERED ONLINE WAS BECAUSE THE ITEM ARE NOT AVAILABLE IN STORE. I paid extra for 2 day shipping because I needed the items for a wedding this weekend. I buy a lot from Payless, not only for myself but also my children. But may store have closed down, or carry limited quantities. This experience will definitely think twice before ordering again.

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Jay very disappointed - 64 d 2 h ago


Oh my gosh , almost the same problem. We need more proficient English speakers on the line. I teach ESL classes, by the way. I ordered ahead of time for the event I needed the shoe as mentioned above. I always shop at a local store and all is well, but the online and difficulty in understanding the customer service rep will hurt the online business. I just want the shoe I ordered. I feel I should be compensated because of numerous trips and calls to the store and customer just trying to track my package. The Payless warehouse and customer service lines needs more training and some six sigma training to identify whether the problem is a process or people problem, both of which are rectifiable.

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Jay very disappointed - 64 d ago


I ordered a black pan leather 1 inch pump at the store at the East West Connector. It arrived after about a week. I received a call and I informed them to look in the box before I arrive just to check that it was correct because I did not live in the area and have to drive a good ways to pick it up. I would arrive to get it on the Thursday because I would be in the area. I came and I saw the box had not been opened for QC check and they opened it at the cash register. The shoe inside the box was a flat black leather with a bow, nothing like what I ordered. The supervisor stated that he could not do anything but just reorder and wait . I had an event I needed to wear them to in 2 days so I felt it should have been sent overnight at the least. I will be writing corporate and just advise them to check the QC & Quality Assurance department at shipping and also allow their staff to check shipments as in inventory control to make sure orders are correct before calling a customer for pick-up. The invoice had the right shoe but the wrong shoe was in the box. I buy many shoes from the company usually 8-10 per year or more so I have been a loyal customer and I understand mistakes happen , but in QC training you always have QC and supervisors check shipments and invoices before shipping and a second check when it arrives as a QC control before he customer gets it to avoid mistakes. Is this a people or process problem SIx SIgma and other training I have and can teach the organization to help prevent such issues if they would allow me to come and train them.

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Concerned customer - 66 d 20 h ago


I stopped by your broad street extension store in Sumter, SC. I was so shock at what I saw. Your employee had her boyfriend or husband sitting inside the store with a big dog that had a thick silver chain around his neck. The employee was kneeling down in front of the boyfriend or husband showing him pictures on her phone. When I walked in she said on he is harmless or something to that nature. Has i headed towards the purses the area they were sitting in the dog became agitated. I love dogs but that was a bad situation for your customer and the dog. What if he had bit me or someone. Who would get sued the store or the employee. Did she have promises to have the dog there. I have see service dogs before and this was not one. Review your video footage if you have any.

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Dale W - 78 d 5 h ago


Let's talk about the service Payless Shoes gives to their customers. Much to my surprise I found a $476.85 charge on my bank card done at 4:30 in the morning. I call my bank who can't do anything until the charge actually hits my account. Right now, the money is on hold because it was only authorized. They recommend I call Payless to inform them and have them cancel the order immediately. This would release the funds on hold immediately. So, I call the customer service center and sit on hold for 15 minutes before "Kat" answers the phone. She first doesn't listen to anything I tell her because she asks me for the order number.(I don't have an order number since I didn't place the order). She never once offered any type of apathy. After some useless back and forth. She takes the last 4 of my CC number and my name, puts me on hold and come back to let me know she sees the order and will notify the fraud department. Customers are not allowed to talk to them and there isn't a phone number for anyone to reach them at. She also lets me know that I should fill out a police report. When I informed, her I wanted the order canceled and my money released she told me she couldn't understand what I was saying. She also told me the fraud department would contact me. How would they do that since all they have is my name and cc number? I shop at Payless, well not anymore. They are not about standing behind their customers. I am glad that "Kat" doesn't feel that $476.85 is a large amount of money and that my situation is not important to her or Payless. I am so full of emotions right now that I am sure the wording in this post lacks my education and may not even make sense but I am IRRITATE. I challenge everyone who reads this to share it on social media. Let's expose their lack of customer care and empathy. I promise you I will never step foot in another one. I am also posting this to their corporate office in KS, funny that page is full of customer service complaints.

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Dolphindaddy - 96 d 5 h ago


I just wanted to let you know about my current Payless experience in regards to your exchange/refund customer service. I received my order yesterday but 1 of my 3 shoes turned out to be the wrong size. I ordered a size 5 and received a size 8 shoe. How the warehouse employee could get those two numbers wrong is mind boggling to me. Disappointed in my order, I called customer service and spoke to one guy with very thick accent who told me that I would have to go to the store to get a refund and that I would have to reorder my shoes all over again over the phone because it was not available in my size near me. Only he could not take my order so I would have to be transferred to another agent. So not only am I taking another chance to reorder my shoes by taking the risk on not getting the right size again (which the second agent mentioned Payless was having a lot of problems with their warehouse staff, not very reassuring), I also had to explain situation all over again to the agent authorized to take my order. After an hour or so, I reordered my shoes, at 50% discount ($12.99) and free shipping, (original order was for $14.99 and free shipping) so no real compensation for Payless mistake, my time on the phone and not to mention having to drive to a payless store to get refund on botched order. So disappointed in Payless and really tired of dealing with online ordering issues, that the discounted prices are really not worth it anymore.

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Anonymous - 80 d ago


I 100 percent agree. Just went through same experience. Just hung up out of frustration from being on phone for 25 minutes. I had to look up USA phone number because when I called customer service about my order it was the Philippines I reached because they outsourced there. The number that the Philippines gave me was the wrong phone number so I had to search it out myself. This is the second time that they have made a mistake with my order. One order didn't get here until 30 days after I ordered it in a box was totally ruined. The second time they shipped me two pairs of girl shoes when I ordered two pairs for my son. There was no compensation except for a overnight delivery which didn't end up getting here for 4 days after the fact I will not be ordering from Payless again.

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Dick - 80 d ago


I went into a local Payless Shoe store to buy a pair of sneakers, size 9, mens. When I finally found Mens Size 9 selection, I was extremely disappointed at the selection and the amount of space set aside for mens sneakers. The space set aside for mens size 9 was 5 feet wide, or less. What a joke. Last time I go there. I brought this to the attention to the manager and she replied, "that she has raised this issue to the regional manager to no avail." By the way the woman's shoe area was 10 times the space for mens.

Note to the wise: I have previously bought men's sneakers at Payless and liked then very well, but this has become a severe disappointment.

Sierra Vista, AZ

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Susanne - 81 d 3 h ago


Awful customer service. Store in North Hollywood, Ca staffed by young kids more interested in their cell phones and socializing with each other than actually doing their job of helping customers. Last time I was in the associate was on speaker phone listening to a conference call while chatting with another associate about her previous night adventures. Neither which should have been audible to customers. If it was a training session for the company it shouldn't have been on speaker for all customers to hear.

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Dette Conley - 106 d 5 h ago


how dare you charge 5 cent for a store bag, if I refused the charge you walk out with bare merchandise in hand. Im angry and that was my last time shopping in a pay less. I have informed all family and friends about you charging customers 5 cent for placing my bought items in your own store bag

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Former Employee - 101 d 20 h ago

With all due respect, the 5 cents for the bag is a county/state thing. It is not a company policy.

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Anonymous - 98 d 4 h ago

With no respect, you're out of your damn mind.

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Anonymous - 89 d 39 m ago

He's right, its a state and county fee, not the retailer.

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