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Payless Shoes

Collective Brands Inc.
3231 SE Sixth Ave.
Topeka, KS
(785) 233-5171
(785) 295-6049
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Debb08 - 18 h 20 m ago


I ordered a pair of slipper for my daughter from November 25 that was supposed to arrive three days later in the store for me to pick up. It's been two weeks now and still no call and no shoe. I call and the representative that spoke to me was not even trained on how to check the order on the computer, I had to way for hours for the manager to come and call me. Only to tell me that the shoe is no longer available at the warehouse. So sad right now. My daughter needed that for tomorrow.

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Jeanette Wood - 6 d ago


I am at my wits end at this point. I ordered $130+ in shoes. Said shoes were shipped to a Kathy Houtz in PA, as I received her shipment of shoes. It took me 2 weeks and a very angry disposition to have said shoe resent to me. Let me indicate now that her shipment was picked up from me in less than 12 hours. It took twice as long for me to receive the second shipment, than it did the first, which was 3 days, and it was suppose to overnight fedx. The invoice inside the box, indicated that the cost was $81+. and it was minus a pair of tan moccasins. I am sure my account indicates this! With all this being said I, I am still missing a pair of shoes and or refund!!!! I have been a loyal client of the Gloucester, VA store and spend approximately $200-$300 every couple of months. I feel your customer service has been to say the least, every synonym for the word horrible!!! I work in retail and never in my life have I had to prove, follow-up and yell and scream to get what was and is rightfully mine. Also at this point I don't believe there is anything that your company can do to make this situation any better!!!! I guess now I can understand why your company is failing and closing stores!! I will do any and everything to bring this situation to whomever I can!! This is not a threat, this is irresponsibility on your part that, that you cannot take the time nor get a manager on the phone!!! I will climb the corporate ladder as high as I can get to make sure all involved are reprimanded or at the very least I get what is rightfully due me.

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Pamela A Kaylor - 37 d 15 h ago


I parked and walked into the Payless store to buy a couple of pairs of tennis shoes - a brand I like. When I get to the store, there was a sign that only cash was accepted because the cash register was offline. I thought this may be a temporary problem but I was told it has been offline for a week. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard and I am not surprised Payless is having to close stores. The corporate office is a joke if they cannot ensure their stores can take credit and debit cards on the weekend. Ridiculous. I started to order the shoes online but I have decided that I will not do business with a corporation that is so inept and does not care about the customers. Good bye, Payless. You are losing a long time customer.

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Anonymous - 28 d 17 h ago

That's just ridiculous that they had a sign only accepting cash. Just as yourself, the store/co will loose money. Every store should know how to do handwritten receipts and get a verification code by calling the company number of whichever card visa, mc, discover, ae and merely giving them our merchant code. It takes maybe a min longer in checkout, but customers are generally pretty understanding of the tech issues if we are still trying to help them use their choice of payment.

It's a shame that happened to you, as a current store manager in AZ I apologize for your inconvenience.

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Naacp - 32 d ago

I have been trying to get through to someone in corporate regarding placing a bulk order. This has been for the last 4 days. Couldn't reach anyone. Finally i get someone in person and before i could finish talking he hung up on me. I just need help.

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Anonymous - 28 d 17 h ago

Payless has been outsourced to another country and it's extremely hard to communicate with some of them. I am a manager and I usually put that I need to speak with someone that speaks spanish because you will be transferred to corporate office that is still in Kansas.

I'm sure you had the Customer Support number but if you had something different, try


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Anonymous - 60 d 19 s ago


I am beyond pissed!! You people meaning CORPORATE need to really look into who you hire as District managers and whom they hire as store managers and assistant managers! They are lazy and expect store associates to open and close the store by themselves without proper training! Its not just one store its all of your stores!! Open your eyes and WISE UP CORPORATE!!

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Anonymous - 35 d ago


As an associate of Payless I can confirm all of this. Within 3 days of working for this company I was told to open by myself without really know what to do. Along with that I've worked open to close with no lunch breaks and am currently on an 8 hour shift with no real lunch break.

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Gina - 39 d 1 h ago


I placed an order for little girls boot as Christmas gifts. When my delivery came it was addresses to me with someone else's order in the box. I called customer service to have them straighten it out. I was told by the person i talked to that I could get a refund for my order which was not acceptable to be as they are a gift. He also told me that i would have to contact the person who'd order I received and let them know I had it. Absolutely absurd this the package was addressed to me! The wrong package was delivered to my work address as was indicated at the time I placed the order, however they sent a UPS pickup order for my home address. When I contacted UPS they told me that they could not change the address. I told them they should come back to the same place that it was delivered too but customer service put my home address in. They were supposed to reorder my boots and rush the order and I have yet to see them. As it stands I guess I have new sandals since I have no way of getting them back to Payless not to mention the countless hours and days I have wasted trying to get your mistake rectified.

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E. Moore - 39 d 4 h ago


Payless does not understand the definition of "Rush Delivery" I placed an order expecting to see my product within the next business day. As a result, I did not received it until 3 days later. The expected delivery date is bogus. Rush delivery refers to the shipping method ONLY instead of the entire order process. There is no sense of urgency when it comes to online ordering. False advertisement. Customer service is scripted and left on hold for an hour before they hung up on me. I am still fighting for a refund for the rush delivery that never occurred.

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Anonymous - 39 d 4 h ago


739 Store the manager is rude.. she is never at work.. she leaves all the time.. someone should look into this young lady hours.

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ReinaB - 48 d ago


The worst customer service I have ever seen,. Reps specialize in giving customers the run-around. Had to file a dispute with my bank in order to get a refund. I Am officially done with Payless.

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A well-satisfied customer - 55 d 24 h ago


Today my husband and I visited the Payless Shoe store in Abington, Pennsylvania. I had purchased a pair of shoes that were a half size too big, and I was hoping to exchange them. The young woman who waited on us was named Lila. I suggest you keep her, mentor her and promote her, because Lila is a gem. I'm well aware of what good customer service looks like, and she exemplified it. She checked your system for the shoe I needed, and told me that unfortunately the Abington store didn't have it. She went on to explain that she'd found it at several stores nearby, however, and then she printed out a list of those stores for me to choose from. When I identified the store that was closest to me, she called them, ascertained that they had the shoes, and asked if they'd hold them for me until I could get there to pick them up. She was bright, efficient, friendly and an absolute delight. I walked out of there with a huge smile, saying to my husband, "Wow. How often do we get customer service like that these days?" Answer: Hardly ever. Thanks to Lila for a great experience and for representing Payless Shoes so beautifully. Sincerely, C. North

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Terry Shunk - 59 d 22 h ago


Today I bought shoes at a store in Springfield, Mo. They are safety shoes. I also presented an on line coupon for 25% off. The first scan attempt didn't work, so the sales lady typed it in and said 'ok' then gave me the total. As I was leaving I checked the receipt and there was no discount. When I went back into the store and asked about it. This was when she said there was a problem with the discount. I did tell her that she should have told me that rather than have me believe that the discount had been applied. She then started it was probably because it was safety shoes that the discount didn't apply. Which I told her, I do have a coupon specially for safety shoes in the car. I presented the 15% coupon and she refunded the money.

However, I will never purchase another pair of shoes due to the interaction of the sales lady. I felt deceived by her not telling me there was an issue with the first coupon. Secondly, it wasted my time. Had I driven home to found this out would have meant another trip to the store. If she had been forth coming at the time of check out, I would have told her, I had a safety coupon and gotten it then.

I also feel there was no genuine sincerity for the wasting of my time or decite that the original coupon wasn't applied as implied. I would have thought company policy was to be clear about transactions. As with the customer after me was informed how much she saved, but I wasn't.

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Mr. Lewis - 63 d 4 h ago

You all need to take a perfect look into 7874 St.Kitts Store as it seems as though there is no proper management, it is clear that the staff doing as they like and they always lurking .... i miss the first year payless open doors in SKB that was the best but now it gone down hill please pay some attention to that store as i can see it near closure.. customer service need improvement as well.

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Cindy - 75 d 2 h ago


Two days ago, I took my granddaughter to our local Payless shoe store (Ontario Oregon) to get some new shoes. She fell in love with a pair of boots. They were on the bottom shelf, the only pair like them and the box clearly had one of their stickers that said $20.00. She wanted to wear them right then and there. The sales clerk cut off the tag and she was so happy with them. When I went to pay they rang up $24.99 so I pointed out the sales sticker on the box. I was told that somebody else must have put that sticker on the box because they put all tags on the other side and refused to give me the correct price. I became very upset but bought them anyway. The more I thought about it, the madder I got so I called the next day to speak to a store manager and was told that she was on vacation but the asst. manager would be in the following day so I called today and was told by what seemed to be a teenager that someone else probably put the sales sticker on the box and there was nothing she would do about it. I know it's only $4.99 but that's not the point. They both made me feel like I had put that sticker on the box! I don't go in that store very often and I will never set foot in a Payless Shoes store ever again!

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Jessica - 71 d 13 h ago

Oh huge problem with this today with major attitude from the "sales associate" worker whatever she was! She would ring something up and say this isn't the price it's so and so price and keep ringing g I said well then I don't want them and I'll find something dif .. which then I did for her to have an attitude again I'm not the one putting the tags on it! The prices shld be validated excsp since there were multiple of the SAME SHOE!! The same clearance price! That's on them to check the shelves I didn't change any tag. I handed her unprofessional self my stack of shoes and walked out they don't deserve my business

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Carrie - 105 d 6 h ago


I received a $10.00 off of $20.00 coupon in my email. The coupon CLEARLY states "Take $10.00 off of ANY purchase of $20.00 or more" "In-store only" "offer valid thru 08/28/2017" "not valid on prior purchases or gift cards limit one coupon per customer valid in U.S. locations only".

My granddaughter needs a new pair of ballet shoes and I drove 15 miles to the nearest Payless Shoes Store at the Meadowbrook Mall in Bridgeport WV to buy her a pair of ballet shoes and use this $10.00 coupon. We are at the register and the lady states to me that I can not use that coupon on ballet shoes. I leave the store. I walk down the mall and pull the coupon up again and read the coupon. I go back to the store and ask the lady to double check because the coupon clearly states "Take $10.00 off of ANY purchase of $20.00 or more" "In-store only" "offer valid thru 08/28/2017" "not valid on prior purchases or gift cards limit one coupon per customer valid in U.S. locations only". The employee takes my phone and scrolls and scrolls and scrolls and scrolls all the way to the bottom of the email to find some fine print with an exclusion. The employee has an attitude with me because I came back and ask her to double check the coupon. As I was walking away, the employee told be in a very sarcastic manner to "Have a nice day dear".

ABSOLUTELY NO WHERE on the coupon does it state that there are more exclusions and that I should scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll to the bottom of the email to find the fine print that states that the coupon is not valid on American Ballet shoes.

Everything about this is just wrong. I drove 15 miles each way for a coupon that said "Take $10.00 off of ANY purchase of $20.00 or more" "In-store only" "offer valid thru 08/28/2017" "not valid on prior purchases or gift cards limit one coupon per customer valid in U.S. locations only". The employee had an attitude with me and did not seem to care about customer service.

I am beyond disappointed!!!

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Anonymous - 81 d 4 h ago

most coupons are not used on safety step or dance shoes anymore

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Anonymous - 83 d 23 h ago

payless sucks

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Nicolas Hites - 88 d ago


Dear Sirs, Dear Sirs, First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Nicols Hites, commercial manager of Importadora NNA, company representative of brands like Rugged Expedition Footwear & Apparell Co, Banana Jack, Nautical Footwear, among others. We are a distributor, designer, and manufacturer of footwear and clothing for multiple areas, with more than 20 years of experience in the market. Hoping you are very well, I am writing to see the possibility of scheduling a meeting, since we would be very interested in being able to show you what we do, and expand the marketing network of our brands and products. We currently cover large points of sale in the Chilean, Peruvian, Bolivian and Colombian market, but we consider that we could creat a great comercial Alliance with your Company. Best regards, Nicolas Hites Importadora NNA SpA. Alonso de Cordova 5320, Oficina 1801 Las Condes - Santiago, Chile +56 22 902 3023 +56 99 848 0117

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Anonymous - 90 d 6 h ago


Never again will I buy show from payless

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Anonymous - 97 d ago

It is inportant that the payless employees known the policy and procedures when answering a phone call at the corner brook nl location. I call to ask for the mailing address of the store the person that answered the call said she could give me that information then hung up on me.

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Becca Murphy - 101 d 18 h ago

if you are employed at the longview Washington payless shoes (98632) store and you call the police upon witnessing child abuse (a crime punishable by law), the employee who called the police is reprimanded and written up for it (being told corporate does not like doing the paperwork over it.

if an employee calls the police after catching a shoplifter and is also assaulted by that shoplifter (also a crime and punishable by a court of law) that employee is also reprimanded and written up (being told they do not like the police called and do not like dealing with the paperwork).

if you are the store leader of payless, you are given the same responsibilities as a manager (hire/fire, interviews, creating and maintaining the work schedule for all employees etc...). you are mandated to work 45 hours per week. No employee receives the mandated by law 10 to 20 min breaks before nor after their lunch hour (even if you are working open to close). if the store leader is the only employee trained to work the cash register they do not get a lunch break even though they work from open to close.

I will do whatever means necessary to be sure payless is investigated for unfair employee treatment as well as any illegal activity including aiding and abetting criminal activity thereby reprimanding and writing up those who follow the law and call the police when a crime is committed

it is against the law to witness or know of a crime committed and not report it to the proper authorities. It is considered aiding and abetting by allowing the crime to go unreported, thereby unpunished by a court of law. Payless is mistreating their employees who follow the law in regards to calling and reporting the proper authorities and payless is mistreating its employees when they over work them and deny them opportunity for legal amount allotted of time for rest periods. That in itself is reportable to the US Department of Labor and merits an investigation into the aforementioned company

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Martha - 103 d 3 h ago


I witnessed an argument between the manager of the Payless store off rockfield blvd. in Lake Forest, California her employee. The supervisor was screaming and taking fast, acting aggressive with the employee while ignoring customers that were in store, myself included. The employee seemed to be treated unfairly and in my opinion, was on the brink of tears from the abuse. It made my shopping experience uncomfortable and I decided to take my business elsewhere. It's a shame managers like the one I saw last night work for your company. I describe the manager as a large Hispanic female, possibly Cuban or Puerto Rican by her accent, and very rude. I won't be visiting this Payless location again.

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