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Payless Shoes

Collective Brands Inc.
3231 SE Sixth Ave.
Topeka, KS
(785) 233-5171
(785) 295-6049
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Anonymous - 2 d 17 h ago

You all really need to look into store #120.. 7675 N. MacArthur Blvd. Irving, Tx. Just FYI!!

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Dawn - 4 d 47 m ago


Several weeks ago, my companion and I went into the Payless on state road 100. There were two girls behind the counter. My companion is a disabled vet with service dog. We have been in other Payless stores and have had no problem. His service dog did not have on her vest as the heat index was 102! My companion always carries her papers and when the two girls were shouting that she could not come and didn't care about his disability, she was allergic and we had to get out. Now I understand allergies however I dare say she could have out back while we were shopping. We will not patronize you stores in the future. Please look into this as I would hate to see another Vet humiliated in your stores

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Payless sucks - 9 d 12 h ago


I do not get paid for the hours I work due to other employees messing with time sheets. GO PAYLESS!! I see why y'all went bankrupt

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Disappointed & Disgruntled - 22 d 19 h ago


To Whom It May Concern:

I placed an order on July 11, 2017 for the following pair of shoes.

Women's Legacee High-Top

- 40% off one item!

Lot No: 169971

Color: White Canvas

Size: 8.5

Width: Regular

On July 14, 2017, I received an order with the correct receipt and the wrong pair of shoes. There were brown suede gladiator sandals size 9.5 in the box.

Immediately, I called customer service and was told that I would have to ship the wrong shoes back before I could receive the right pair of shoes and that I would not have to pay for shipping because the error was not on my behalf. The wrong pair was received back to the warehouse on July 20, 2017. Yesterday, July 24th, I called customer service to check on when the correct shoes were shipped out. I was informed that the shoes would not be shipped out and that I would receive a refund instead. After checking my credit card activity, I see that I was only refunded $16.19 when I paid $22.62. WHY WAS I CHARGED $6.43 FOR A MISTAKE BY THE WAREHOUSE? I have been lied to several times during this process. I originally ordered these shoes for an event that my daughter is participating in. I have never experienced a problem like this before when ordering online with your company. Yesterday I requested to speak with a supervisor who had me convey my whole experience to her. After doing so, I heard nothing. The "supervisor" merely held the phone for about 30 seconds until I finally said, "Hello, did you hear me?" The supervisor told me that I should just check for my refund and try to order the shoes again. I told her I was in a time crunch to which she stated that I could order the expedited shipping. I should not have to pay for any rush shipping when I placed the correct order and it was filled incorrectly. Now I must attempt to run to different shoe stores to try and find an acceptable replacement. I most definitely will not be patronizing Payless because of the way this situation was handled....unprofessionally and with apathy. It is my hope that NO other customer is met with this type of customer service or rather lack thereof. I would like for someone to give me some type of feedback on this issue as soon as possible because the two people I spoke with today were not helpful at all.

Disappointed & Disgruntled

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wendy - 25 d 14 h ago


The online customer service was rude and very unhelpful. I tried to place an order online for 4 pairs of women shoes. M order was not going though after several tries and trying 5 different payment types. I have tried Paypal, my debit card, capital one Mastercard. Citibank Mastercard and Discover. After I hit submit it bounces back and says please verify your payment and try again. When I check my credit card account online there is a hold on the amount and then immediately released. My Paypal gave a transaction number too and Discover held the amount and up the time of writing this, that's still not released. I called the online service and I am don't know of Payless transferred their customer service outside of the country but it sounds like it and the people are very rude. The guy told me the problem is my card and there is nothing he can do. My card? I called Capital one and they said nothing is wrong with me card , They authorized it but Payless is kicking it back. The CS agent with Payless told me only two people are working that night and he cannot help me he is busy. When I asked his name he Yellled out "BRUNO". I wish Payless will look into this ASAP. This is unacceptable! I could not get those 4 pairs of shoes.

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MARTINE BESSON - 27 d 15 s ago


Why the hell has the air conditioning at Payless in Broadview not been fixed for 3 fucking weeks! Its over 100 degrees outside. Poor associates and customers. Poor move corporate asswholes!!

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Linda Williams - 27 d 16 h ago


I want to personally thank salesman #2832,Sears Mall, Anchorage, AK for finding 2 pairs of shoes that fit my cranky old feet (and all of me is truly old, creaky and cranky) as well as the type of socks that I need. He greeted me, waited on me, answered my 1 ker-zillion questions.

He greeted each customer as they come into the store. He knows each brand and has product knowledge. He knew exactly where the shoes were that other customers' were looking for.

He was personable, professional, a very pleasant person and would probably blush if I had told him that he is a gracious person (and he doesn't even know it.)

Suffice it to say, I do not hand out compliments often: I had (truly have) drop-dead, handsome boys...yawn...and due to one son's disabilities-I deal with a lot of professionals and I'm not impressed so I want to make sure that I express my appreciation and personally thank #2832, Randy Santos for the excellent customer service.

You now have a new customer.

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amonymous - 28 d 16 h ago


They selling in the store one of the workers in the Payless in Clovis nm get cameras in the store because you need them in there

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Anonymous - 29 d 20 h ago

Hii i am Hiren Ami i was work in Payless shoes but when the company close that time they don't send me my payment summary so I want my summary as soon as possible so please guide me what should I do.

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LEE - 31 d 5 h ago


hope from levittown store new york ROCKS!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 32 d 20 h ago

Went to jupiter fl store which is closing in ten days and guess what no air conditioning for customers and especially employees. Did not purchsse a thing . You deserve the one star rating. Treating your employees to such reprehensible treatment when it is 95 degrees to save a few dollars. Have you no shame?

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Ur closing ia not my problem - 40 d 4 m ago


Tried to return an item today to find out that since the storsiis closing i can not return the product and must drive to the next closest store for return next closest store is 35 min away so whos paying for the gas ur passing off on ur customer. All stores should except returns till the day the store closes its doors inventory is not the consumers issue it a business loss and all part of a business i will be calling on moexpectnd expect some compensation outside if a stypid payless credit or gift card.the staff wouldn't even let me exchange the shoe for a different size.

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Anonymous - 42 d 19 h ago


These stores are full of rude employees and crape products no one must work at headquarters i would tell others go elsewhere

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Anonymous - 197 d ago


Called the Pasadena, .Ca store at 1245 N. Lake. Asked for a lace up oxford in wide. Put me on hold for 8 1/2 minutes, then was disconnected. Called back twice, busy signal. Called

a third time...busy signal. Is this your customer service?

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Kicking Knowledge for FREE!!! - 146 d 9 h ago


The workers are very busy sometimes alone to handle multiple customers!!! Stop being lazy and go to the store and check yourself or get on find the shoe you want and push find a store near me. It will tell you any shoe that the store has in stock!!!! Remember you ate not the only customer in the world!!!

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Stand up to bullies - 141 d ago


You are a smart mouth SOB.

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Sally - 56 d 21 h ago


If they can't even answer their phone because some customers in a store, they should hire more stuff. You have no idea why this person was not able to go to the store. I can't say this person is being lazy, but i can certanly tell you that you are being a big A-hole!

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Not happy - 42 d 19 h ago


Can we tell you must work there and might that attitude be the exact reason why people are going elsewhere

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George Campbell - 43 d 1 h ago


Now I see why payless is rated 1 1/2 stars out of 5..customer service is bad I call 3 times was on hold for 18min .nobody will help me.. the last person I spoke to (bage # int5896143) hung up on me while I was explaining my problem ..I ask for somebody thats in charge or a manager but wuoldnt put me hope mybe channel 7 news will exspose the bad customer service they have

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Anonymous - 45 d 18 h ago

To the corporate manager for Payless Shoes,

I had the pleasue today of meeting one of your Payless employees, Lee at the Payless stores in Colorado Spgs. It is the store next to Safeway grocery. We are vacationing in the area & my husband needed a pair of water shoes for white water rafting

While Payless did not have them, Lee checked on her phone at several other area stores for them

THATS REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE ! She wrote down the addresses close by & we told her how much we appreciated her help. Lee didn't have to go to the effort to help us but she did. Please acknowledge your great employee for serving her customers in the most caring, professional manner. Sincerely, C.Schutz RN

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Sally - 56 d ago


Does anyone get a response from the Headquarter by posting a comment here?

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Anonymous - 59 d ago

Still no conclusive response from Payless Customer (lacking) Service.

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M - 60 d 18 h ago


CC: W. Paul Jones, CEO I have yet to have a reply from Violeta R or Kelvin!! I have yet to hear from anyone with regard to the derogatory treatment I have received and the false information given by your store staff. Your lack of interest seems to indicate you are fine with this atrocious customer service. Perhaps this is why in April it was announced that in the states Payless Shoe Source had filed for bankruptcy, closing 400 stores. I went back to the store and the salesperson told me that he was the manager, not Bobby. Therefore, she lied to me. However, he said he didn't care that she lied and told me she was the manager. He told me that the U.S. refund rules were different. He told me that in Canadian Payless stores receipts must be kept by the store. This is false as I called other Payless stores and they told me the customer may keep it as long as the clerk marks on it that the items were returned. This is logical. The service and the attitude here is atrocious. I will never go back there. I will tell everyone to stay away...including on social media!!! In addition to the trickery I experienced by waiting to use the coupon when in fact Payless raised the prices on the same day as the coupon became valid, I have also experienced argumentative and negative service at Payless. I thought I would have had a response from you by this time. Hello, I still have not had a proper reply from Violeta R or Kelvin. I have posted on the complaint site, customer service site and the Canada consumer complaint site and will continue until I hear from one of you with a proper compensatory response. I went to return the shoes. The store manager, Bobby, WOULD NOT let me keep my original receipt. She was boorish and argumentative. There were other customers watching her behaviour. I have tried the phone number you listed. While I was still in the store, Phil finally answered and he said he does not do customer service for Canada. I called another Payless and they gave me a different number. I spoke with Alexis in Topeka for 50 minutes and she was of no help. She actually hung up on me!! I had asked to speak with a manager and no one came to the phone. I have wasted my time, my phone minutes, my cell phone data and in turn received nothing but exceptionally bad service and terrible attitude from your employees, both at the store level and on the 'customer service' line. While I am writing this, I tried 2 more times to reach someone on the phone line. I reached someone who initially said she was in Texas and then she admitted that was not the truth!! She lied about being in the United States!!!! The second person was no help either. Both of the last 2 attempts yielded no help whatsoever. And even further, they admitted they knew nothing of customer service. . . By the way, I was put on hold and NO one ever came back to the phone. The time I have wasted, the boorish attitude from one of your managers, the lack of telephone customer service and lack of knowledge and the waste of my phone and data should definitely warrant more from you!! At this point social media is the only recourse. I have detailed notes of all of these fruitless attempts to receive service. Later in the day I went back to the store< thinking that a different salesclerk would be more reasonable. This visit was just as bad! The salesman told me that he was actually the store manager, not Bobby. However, he said he didn't care that she told me she was the manager. He told me that the U.S. refund rules were different. He told me that in Canadian Payless stores receipts must be kept by the store. This is false as I called other Payless stores and they told me the customer may keep it as long as the clerk marks on it that the items were returned. This is logical. The service and the attitude here is atrocious. I will never go back there. I will tell everyone to stay away...including on social media!!! In addition to the trickery I experienced (by waiting to use the coupon on June 13 when in fact Payless raised the prices on the same day as the coupon became valid), I have also experienced argumentative and negative service at Payless. I have sent countless emails to Payless and had ! reply from Violeta R. and Kelvin. Their replies were of no use, telling me to call the customer service phone number which I had already attempted without success!! I thought I would have had a compensatory response from them by this time. Connected to Microsoft Exchange Connected to Microsoft Exchange

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Anonymous - 66 d 33 m ago


Where do you guys find your employees at? The Bellevue store has the most rude cashier. Her name is Maggi and she was very rude to me and my daughter because we where asking her questions about shoes in the store. I did not like the way I was treated in the store and hope that the issue be resolved or I will never come back to that store again.

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Anonymous - 66 d ago


Your Bellevue employee is very rude and obnoxiuous, she was flirting with my boyfriend right in front of me. I think it was very disrespectful of her to do that and I would hope this problem will be resolved asap

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