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Singtoheaven - 1 d ago


I purchased an item from KAARTFUL.COM recently and the product turned out to be a flimsy piece of plastic with two pieces of rubber - none of which fit anywhere and it was supposed to be a sink plunger - it arrived in a garbage bag. I paid $58.95. Paypal told me to work it out with the seller who never made any sense when I tried to explain to him what the problem was. I have no idea what transpired between the seller and Paypal but Paypal decided to rule in favor of the seller while I'm out of pocket $58.95 and $120. from having to pay a plumber to come and unplug my sink. I've been dealing with Paypal for over 10 years and I've seen their customer service gone downhill over the years and I can't see myself singing their praises any more as this has left a really bad taste.

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Pat Shalhoob - 1 d 18 h ago


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Glenn aka ANGRY CUSTOMER (Former). - 2 d ago


You ABSOLUTELY do not want to do any type of business with PayPal. Their customer service department (if you can get anyone to help you) is beyond horrible. Apparently, their policy is that your money is THEIR money and they will do everything possible to make sure that doesn't change. STAY COMPLETELY AWAY FROM THIS OUTFIT.

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PatShalhoob - 1 d 18 h ago

Too bad cuz I own stock in this company. . . might decide to unload and let EVERYONE KNOW ...

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Billy Buchanan/ Coastal Billiards and Services - 2 d 14 h ago


I am a Business Owner out of North Carolina called Coastal Billiards and Services. I have been lied to by this company several times on when my money would be released. I have had times where they wouldn't even allow me to talk to a supervisor.

I hope that this will reach all of you well this is not a customer friendly company. They will lie to you and play with your money. Now that I had 3 payments all paid by another company we service for all the same day and time, i'm being told that i would only receive 1 of the payments within the 7 days. This company is a SCAM PLEASE CHECK YOUR OPTIONS BE FOR USING THIS COMPANY.

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Cynthia Bruce - 4 d 45 s ago


If I didn't need PayPal to sell things on ebay, I would never use the company again. They charge fees for service they can't provide and refuse to give back the fee they took even though they never provided what was promised. They took money out of a bank account that was removed from my paypal account a month before the charge and basically called me a liar. They are dishonest and customer service is EXTREMELY unhelpful...and the icing on the cake is that I couldn't understand what most of reps were saying due to heavy accents.

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Fedup203 - 4 d ago


Worst company I have EVER dealt with!!!! You call and leave your phone number they never call back. You send an email and they copy and paste some stupid reply and you never hear another word!!!!!!!!!! Been trying to get my money refunded for weeks!!!

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DAN NITESCU - 19 d ago


RE: Nov 14, 2017 22:10:39 EST Transaction ID: 3Y941141J44077524 PP-D-5765973 claim denied

You have failed to identify fake merchants that defraud customers using PayPal services,than deny their legitimate claims for refunds.

Merchant He yan / (hidden) is a fake merchant. He got paid trough PayPal services and never delivered the merchandise.

He never answers my emails and his telephone is out of order.

Shame on you PayPal !

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Anonymous - 4 d 24 h ago


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LUCA - 4 d 3 m ago


This motherless bastards won't let me use my own money, its been 5 days now. I HATE PAYPAL. AS SOON IM DONE WITH MY TRANSACTIONS ,I WILL SEND THIS FUCKING COMPANY TO HELL ! GOD DAMN YOU !

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Jake Yun - 6 d ago


not refund money.poor service

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

This company is a joke

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Anatoly Sarser - 7 d 19 h ago


For PayPal's inability to send money for more than half a month, and its inept Tech Support, I've already closed my account. Why do I still receive your unstoppable stream of notifications? Please stop it immediately.

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Robert Matulich - 8 d 17 h ago



customer service (INDIA) knows less than I do about how it works. She directed me to a site to retrieve my money, says available, ended up charging my credit card $1.99 twice. And was not able to retrieve my money =$2,877.70

She then wanted me to call my credit card company to see if charges were there, they were! By then she had hung up.

I'll fly to the paypal co. headquarters and try to obtain my money. Seems the only way.

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My name is Jeff (not really) - 8 d 19 h ago


For the past three weeks I have been trying to speak with an intelligent paypal representative for paypal credit. My spouse has had zero issues with their account, but heaven forbid there is consistency across the board! Nobody can seem to explain why paypal credit is not an authorized form of purchase for me, but when my spouse attempts the exact same transaction, it can go through just like magic. There are no limits or failed purchase attempts on my account, and nobody seems to have an answer. I called once and it fixed it for one purchase, then nothing. Nobody can pass me off to a supervisor, and nobody can pass me to the security department. I'm beginning to think that I need to pay my bill and cut ties with paypal.

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linda caughman - 11 d 5 m ago


You are the worst company for security ever and i am writing the federal government today to complian... Trying to put a hold on my deceased husbands accounts (who has been gone for over 2 years) since i do not know what email(s) he used and your service people will not assist. Also do not know what personal shared accounts are linked in your system. They will not get me an address to mail in the death certificate so your Security is not acceptable. At least a hold should be able to be put on until i get where to mail in the death certificate.

Also purchased 16 EBAY items for Christmas where the credit card put 10 on hold then reordered but the purchases went through twice so i am out ~800 dollars you are really fraudulent.

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Angry PayPal Customer - 11 d 12 h ago


PayPal sucks so bad. DO NOT use them thinking you will have any protection against unscrupulous companies or sellers. They will do nothing to help you get your money back; they accept fake and falsified documents and don't even check their veracity then tell you there is nothing they can do even when you have proof the information provided by the seller is falsified. They make you jump through hoops just to contact them and act like indifferent when you do. I have to say I have spoken to some nice people who have wanted to help me, but it's obvious the company policy is to fuck over their customers and the CSRs hands are tied. Call your bank instead and have your bank deal with PayPal.

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Ken - 14 d ago


Non-working number? Figures. I called the 1-800 on their site and have been hung up on 3 times now. I never had so much problems out of one company. If this is not resolve I will see you in court. I have all times, dates, and recordings of each phone call.

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Ken - 13 d 16 h ago

Same here!! I got hung up on 3 times and each time I had to call back I had to wait 30+ min. I HATE this company!

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nunyabusiness - 13 d 10 h ago


You're NOT alone. MILLIONS do. They must be the most hated country in america. Nasty disgusting people.

I bet Mom & dad would be proud of that owner hu?

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Your worse Nightmare - 13 d 10 h ago


Paypal are up to their dirty crooked tricks again. Suddenly 2 days ago, they started to "take" the funds form ALL my sales! Wonderful, right in the middle of cyber Monday. I can't stand these crooks. It started with the sale of a 3 piece luggage set in the amount of $236. They promptly "stole" the funds and put the funds in Paypal jail. I then promptly refunded the buyer with a very detailed explanations to what paypal are doing and copied the email they sent to me, stating that the transaction was a "higher risk" transaction. I was niave to think that was it. The next day another sale come is at $122 (for 2 bags, 1 buyer) and change. Paypal put their dirty paws on it also. Then 2 more follow. Same abusive over-reaching treatment. I call Paypal on 11/28/ (morning) to find out what is going on. The first rep I talked to was nothing but a LIAR. She attempted to convince to me that they were placed on hold due to the "amount" of the sale, and went on to say the amounts were higher than my usual sales amount. What a bunch of BS! I Bought it to her attention that that was definitely incorrect and to check the monies received in my account over the last 2-3 days, such as: 1. I had a sale of ANOTHER 3 piece luggage set 2 days prior. NO problems receiving funds 2. I had a sale 1 day before in the amount of $146.00 (for one bag). NO Problems reeving funds. 3. Sale #3 in the amount of $46. LOL definitely LOWER amount than my norm. She realized her LIES were not washing with me so then went on to say: Well once you marked it shipped your money will be put n your account. Called her out on that. NO. that's not true either, because you hold it for 3 days AFTER it has been delivered then US sellers have to run after you to pay back the money you so quickly took from us. She backed up and stated well yes I meant to say 3 days afterLiar. Such Liars. Paypal wouldn't know how to tell the truth if their life depended on it! After the THIRD sale in a row, and the funds being STOLEN by Paypal I called AGAIN. This time the male I talked to was even worse than the first rep, if that is possible. I inquired as to why my sales funds were 'suddenly being "held in paypal jail". He gave me a long string of excuses including that it was determined a "high risk". Again, I asked him, what is the high risk, the seller. I will contact the if need be. At which point he says, No I didn't say that". So I then ask, OK, so are you telling me there is something wrong with my account? He states "No, I didn't say that either"??? At this point I am loosing my patience wit this cat and mouse game they all play. I said to him, "well it has to be one or the other, which is it"? He then decides to plead the 5th, stating that he cannot divulge that information to me! Excuse Me?? You are taking my money and can't tell me why?? I believe this is an issue that was supposed to have been handled during one of the numerous class suit actions against Paypal. I have the RIGHT, Legal RIGHT to know why they are taking my funds!! He then admits that there is nothing wrong with my account, by the system the system???! I informed him don't blame the system because mans codes that system. The exact same thing happened about the same time last year. Paypal STEALING account holder's funds. This time they blamed it on a GLITCH which apparently is yet to be fixed. I then contacted Ebay to discuss the issue with them. During that conversation they of course clarified that my account with them is in good standing (this I already knew) and that there was NO reason for Paypal to be withholding funds as I do Not fall into any graduation phase! The rep I talked to also informed me that a lot of sellers were leaving Ebay because of Paypal, doing the same thing. My response was Ebay need to make that call to Paypal, tell the to quit, and suggested they look for an alternative because Paypal are doing nothing but hurting Ebay and its customers. I PrAY they will look into this. A separate Ebay rep had told me that they had many sellers complaining to them and that they had contacted the provider. If Ebay got rid of this SCAM paypal company and replaced with an alternative, people would use it because like SCAMpal, it would be the only one avail to use. I will call Ebay everyday and voice my opinion. they KNOW they are loosing customers because of Paypal's abusive practices!!! They don't need Paypal and We don't want them!. These people are Nothing but corporate THIEVES and BULLIES. They continue to abuse their position, hiding the Truth from account Holders and STILL do not provide full account statements to the account holders so they can track their fund adequately. I HAVE EVERY INTENTION OF DRAGGING THESE DISGUSTING CORPORATE THIEVES INTO "FEDERAL" COURT. THEY THINK THEIR NON SUIT CLAUSE WILL PROTECT THEM. IT WON'T ESPECIALLY FROM RECEIVORSHIP!!! Something drastic has to be done, for the protection of millions of consumers. I PRAY the state of CALIFORNIA (lawsuit) deems them a BANK! They won't last 3 months after that. They think they are too big to Sue and Loose. There are some States that have BANNED PAYPAL and for Good reason! I want their ACH authorization/line pulled! I will be seeking class suit action with that Primarily in mind. Consumers need to be aware of this SCAM company who hide behind their sham policies and little computers. Their needs to be "genuine" accountability here, not the slaps on the wrists the courts are happy to dish out, knowing full well that it has no effect on Paypal and its abusive practices. Pulling line/ACH Authorization, billion dollar fines, not the measly few million after 7 years of litigation (wow 7 years, come on judges get a grip) and yes JAIL TIME! And Corporate veil pierced aggressively by the CFPB. Paypals crooked Executives need to start going to jail! I want a TRUTHFUL ( I know htat's an oxymoron when it comes to Paypal) explanation why they have "Targeted" my account. Telling me the amount of disputes will not cut it. We refund when orders are out of stock (well there's a notion). I bring this up, because the first rep I talked to, after I exposed each and everyone of her lies, stated well the number of refunds and disputes. Again, PAYPAL. STOP looking at numbers get of your ass and do some work. READ what the Refunds were for and any disputes, such as received wrong color, but then were reshipped correct color. You people are nothing but disgusting corporate bullies and liars. If it is the last thing I do, I will take this all the way to Supreme Court!! Smirk if you must, but you will wipe the smirk of your corrupt faces when the government say enough is enough. . You and your corrupt legal department don't bother me in the slightest. Being a paralegal for 27 years, I am well used to Courts of Law, Judges and CRIMINALS like yourself. I am in the midst of filing the CFPB, FBI, BBB, my state's Attorney General's office, as well as the FTC. It's Time something is done about this rogue company. They are Not a bank, indeed they are Not even FDIC insured! Who actually regulates these thieving idiots?

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Jimmy Bird - 13 d 13 h ago

Very bad on refund on products that don't work that is under warranty

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Tracy - 17 d ago


Tracy Delevie

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Anonymous - 17 d ago


Tracy Delevie

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Kelley - 17 d ago


I have had a Paypal business account since 2000. I have always had 2 cards attached to this account and they send me new ones periodically. One of them was stolen last March, I called to get a new one. We activated it and used it and no cash back in April or May, so I call and they say you now have to ACTIVATE cash back when you get a new card?!?! Okay, well please activate it then - okay. Come July, no cash back, I call again and same thing - no cash back, okay I assure you it is now fixed but we can't give you the cash back from the previous months, yes, we have a record of your call and if YOU give me the exact day and time of the call I may be able to send this to my supervisor for review (in VERY broken English BTW) okay just go ahead and activate it then. Come today, I finally have a minute to call them again because guess what - NO CASH BACK YET and she (very hard to understand - Grizelle) tells me that she will not be able to give me the past months funds and that if I can tell her the exact time and day of my last phone call she may be able to forward it to her supervisor for review. This is BEYOND frustrating!

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