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Reginald lincoln - 1 d 7 h ago


It is terrible my girlfriend sent me money through paypal and they are holding it and all i gey is a security policy it is the worse thing that they have come up with i hate it its faster safer and quicker to use moneygram/western union i will never use paypal for anything ever again unless the review and revamp there entire policy there is no way it should take 24 hours to 3 days to transfer money from paypal to my bank this is the worse invention post its

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LifeisGood76 - 5 y 58 d ago


Paypal is one of those things that, at first, seems like I major inconvenience. When first seen, it stands in the way of a transaction. "This vender only accepts payments with Paypal." It's first impression is that of unnecessary hoop through which we are being forced to jump. Yes, it is safe. But as we know, especially in the U.S., people are usually willing to trade safety for convenience. That is why we have to threaten people with traffic tickets if they refuse to buckle up in their cars. Paypal can definitely appear similar: An uncomfortable, online seat belt we are being forced to put on our bank accounts in order to use the web.

However, It really is a faster and better way to do business online when you get an account. Though some venders still accept it as well as traditional credit cards, it is actually quicker to put in a Paypal name and password, than it is to put in credit card information. It's like a quick key to your wallet. Speaking of wallet, with the mobile app, it's also just as easy pull out a phone to pay friends for pizza or movie tickets without having to get cash out of the ATM. Great Company. Great Service. Even if it does seem inconvenient at first.

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Neveragain - 117 d 6 h ago


Stfu u probably work there

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Anonymous - 73 d 7 h ago

That would not be a surprise.

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Dee - 71 d 1 h ago

Probably does

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Anonymous - 61 d 2 h ago

The biggest ripe off artist in the world!!!!they use your money for weeks before they pay you!!!!

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Denise - 71 d 6 h ago

Thieves, liars, NO one to contact...use fraudulent sellers then don't back the return...just ripped me off for $240 with 30 pictures and emails for proof!!!

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Anonymous - 71 d 1 h ago

They ripped me off $8.01, thats nothing compared to you above but, still, its the point. They suck, they lie and are full of shit!

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Anonymous - 69 d 11 h ago


Maybe I'll decide not even to pay on my PayPal credit for the money that they owe me

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Jennifer - 59 d ago

They did the same thing to me. The sent packages I ordered to another person across the US and then blamed me

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R. Rocca - 69 d 9 h ago


They are khazar-jews from Russia. The gargoyles.

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Pissed off - 69 d 11 h ago


Exactly they instructed me to return a product I got the emails to prove it but yet they keep coming up with excuses oh you are past the claim date. then why did you instruct me to send it back and tell me I was going to be getting a full refund

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Chris - 36 d 13 h ago

I had the same issue. They cancelled my claim twice before the 20 day limit even though I had provided an email from the retailer promising a refund do to missing parts and poor quality. The resolution center is either incompetent or protecting unscrupulous retailers. I have since taken it up with my credit card company. Next time I will skip PayPal.

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Jan - 1 d 9 h ago

Im jan they told me i owe them after people

Stole from me then a seller stole my money order postal that is FBI now they are theifs

Crooks but im glad i got a postal money order

PayPal is responsible as well i hope they

Fine them im not giving them a penny

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Anonymous - 61 d 2 h ago

I'm glad you had good luck with them !!! They have held my money for WEEKS I'M SO PISSED OFF!!!THEY ARE FORCING PEOPLE TO WAIT FOR BANK TRANSFERS THAT NEVER HAPPEN

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Jan - 1 d 9 h ago

They owe me money if i do get a credit they take it dirty dogs

Thiefs with sellers

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Missymouse19 - 40 d 6 h ago


Had money transferred into my PayPal account. Tried to transfer MY MONEY into my bank, rep stated that my bank is "Blacklisted" so he told me to go and get a GreenDot prepaid Visa or MasterCard so that I would be able to transfer the money onto that. Instead what happened was when I try to transfer status says pending and they had to send an email to their back office for review and that it could take anywhere up to 24 hours. After seven different phone calls, seven different representatives, I was told that I needed to learn how to be patient and wait for my money. Now I call for a status update mind you this makes call number eight and I have been told that now it could take up to 72 hours and that their hands are tied there's nothing that they can do and they are waiting for their back office and they have no other way to contact them except through an email. This is the worst experience I have ever had and it is neither convenient nor is it safe because they are holding my money hostage and they will not release it. I will never use PayPal again!

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Mary V. Bedry - 5 d 13 h ago


A few months ago Pay Pal closed down my account. At that time I had accepted a position on line as a biller and collector of payments by a company claiming to be involved in servicing computers. This involved billing an individual or company using their tech services and accepting payments from same. I did not question the validity of this company or position as I had used them myself to serve my computer and evidently that is how they got my name and phone number to call me to offer me this position. In this position I accepted payments for the services rendered through my Pay Pal account after which I would transfer the money to my bank account and from there transfer the money to the bank account used by them which was Capital One Bank. The only money I retained in my Pay Pal account was the payment made to me by the company, which was a 10% commission for services rendered. However, Pay Pal decided that the transactions were fraudulent thereby blocking me from transferring any more money to Capital One Bank, blocked me from transferring the fees belonging to me to my bank and closed down my account. I certain was not aware of this position being a part of any type of fraud. Closing my Pay Pal account has caused me some difficulty as if I sell anything on Ebay they cannot have my payment made to my Pay Pal account and thus I have lost any sale that I had made and could no longer attempt to sell anything on Ebay. I would, therefore, appreciate it very much if you would reinstate my Pay Pal account so that I once again can attempt to sell anything on Ebay as well as transfer whatever monies are mind in the possession of PayPal to my own bank account. Please notify me ASAP of your decision. However, if you choose not to reinstate my Pay Pal accuont I would really appreciate it if you would transfer my monies to my bank, that is, Wells Fargo Bank. However, I would have to give you my current account number is my bank had closed out my previous account inasmuch as they suspected that someone was fraudulently trying to do something with my account. The only change in the account would be the account number as all else is unchanged.

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Jan - 1 d 9 h ago



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Sean Becker - 5 d 7 h ago


Somehow beetween Paypal,Draft kings ,and transcard cc company i have been scammed out of a 12 dollar payment i made to draftkings.or tried to make.i'm very irritated and disappointed in all 3 of the companies and their responses to my plight.

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Earl - 13 d 12 h ago


There is no way I will deal with PayPal again. I had 8 fraudulent transactions processed through PayPal. My credit card company caught the transactions after the second one and put a hold on the credit card, cancelled the card and started the process. I never heard a word from PayPal on how this happened, what they were doing about it or even if there was an issue. I unfortunately sold several items and collected funds through them and was surprised that my balances did not reflect the my sales. Well, I found out that PayPal put a hold on my funds because of the above fraud transactions. Now I am in the horrible process of finding out what is happening. Trying to talk to PayPal is next to impossible. First of all, they issue a number to expedite your call which no one ever asked for. Next, they wanted to call me back so I would not loose my place in line, didn't work, they never called me back. Calling in the morning. Finally got someone, but they did not want to deal with the issue, now on hold again to get to talk to someone in security to tell me what is going on. There has to be a better organization in the US for exchanging transactions.

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Anonymous - 12 d 5 h ago

i had an account opened in my name 8 fraudulent tries to withdraw money from my bank FUVKERS

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Alejandro Espinosa - 14 d 7 h ago


well I must say that after 2 years of doing business with PayPal it will come to an End in the coming weeks,

unfortunately I bought an IPhone 7 which does not come with an Audio plug so I cant use the swiper for credit card transactions. so the geniuses at PayPal have put all my transactions hold over 1000.00 dollars for 30 days. I called customer service to resolve this issue and they respond they cant do anything for me. I asked for it to be escalated to a supervisor just to be told the same thing. Again I asked it to be escalated to his manager the response I got was crazy as hell, ( the managers phone does not have the ability to receive or make phone calls) so then I asked for PayPal Corporate phone number they responded that they are not provided that number at there office. I was like are you kidding me I really hope nothing happens at the satellite offices because they are in a position to take care of themselves, no back up from corporate.

so in the short of things since I own a small business and I rely on my funds being available to continue doing business PayPal rather have my company close down than to help out a customer. and releasing the funds they have

by the way I have it card Authorization's from every transaction done they did not want that,

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Paypal is a waste of time - 15 d 11 h ago


I put in for a dispute for almost a month ago and I have been jerked around by customer service ever since then. I got someone that seemed like they may help and then I got transferred to a very rude, insignificant, little man who offered zero help and basically told me it will be taken care of when they feel like it. Paypal offers NO protection from fraudulent sellers! Buy everything with your personal bank card and DO NOT use paypal and expect any level of protection.

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Karin - 15 d 12 h ago


Sychony is ripping people off with such ridiculous interest rates. I have other store cards which are also sychony. I filed bankruptcy after my husbands sudden death. Yes pay pal extended me credit, and have raise my limit several times. Instead of raising the limits, why don't they lower the interest rates for customer, which pay on time, all the time. Keep the middle class down, if indeed there still is a middle class. You either have money coming out of your ears, or you are collecting all the freebees. I say give us a damn break! Lower interest rates. They have collected a heck of a lot of money from me. It is time these big corporations give back. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Pay pal needs to change fianc companies to support their customers. Pal Pal itself is great~!

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