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Pep Boys

Manny Moe & Jack
3111 W. Allegheny Ave
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 430-9000
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Rob Vasquyez - 10 d 17 h ago


I have shopped with you guys for years and have never had so many issues ordering anything from you. 1st your website was down (I couldn't add anything to my cart). I then chatted with your support line which was helpful and instructed me to sign on as guest and it worked. The site then wouldn't allow me to add the coupon codes that it provided so then I called your customer service numberspoke to the rep she did everything right then when attempting to give my credit card number, the call dropped after she gave me a total of $83.02. I called back and spoke to different rep she was able to find my order but when she entered the same coupon code, the total came out to be much higher. I spent at least an hour of my time just trying to order rear rotors, and wipers online/by phone. Your site is supposed to make everything convenient and it turned into a nightmare. I will never buy anything from you again. I will also never recommend your store again. This in completely unacceptable!

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Pat - 14 h 23 m ago

I'm going to contact a news station about it

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Anonymous - 14 h 24 m ago

I just buried my father and went to Pep Boys to get some air in my tire on my van it quit it that time they did things to get it started did not work I had to wind up leaving my Bandera Pepboys shop in Bakersfield California on planz and Stine they said they will look into the matter and see what's wrong with it I told him that to let me know before you things done because I just buried my father and I didn't have finances to fix my van they put a starter on my van without my permission and they told me it cost $1,800 to have Tire two tires rotor and brakes put on my van the band called me back and told me that put a strain on my back without getting my permission is going to cost me $364 I told him he's not completely won't work on the bed and was going to contact your office to get a donation for my vanity fix because I have a man that beats a homeless and I used your ministry I have two children I'm taking care of her from using her mother and father and a Down syndrome daughter requires medical attention I need my van to go to medical appointments and also give you shopping and take care of the children who I have here in my home iPad Mini letters an email to your store N2 your CEO's seeking help and information to fix my van Pepboys have since told if I couldn't move it they're going to have it towed away for abandonment electricity for storage in which I cannot afford it this time you have a liver condition requires me to go back and forth to the dr. Please help I'm asking someone to take note I can be reached at 661 493-3987

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Pepboys employee 007199 - 14 h 42 m ago

My complaint is I have been working for Pepboys for 20 years and I get 500 dollar pay checks every two weeks because of pay. Scale restructure and

Making 80 percent just is not feasible my flat rate was 22.63 per flat rate hour last time I was able to look at a pay check it stated 11.53 that's wrong what's up with that

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Anonymous - 1 d 6 h ago

I felt that as o was treated with no Compassion. Or care or Tespect i just felt the wanted money my Van was fixed with oot my permission ..explaing i had jst buried my Father the week before i would be grateful if I can get contact with one of your one head CEO and Explain my cincern and matter ..Iam a Single Parent .with my children Father would be grateful and thankful someone could contact me concerning this

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L Brown Satisfied and grateful customets from Marietta ,Ga - 3 d 15 h ago


My car broke down yesterday Jan 11,2017 in a supermarket parking lot I did not know what to do thinking of the worse I looked across the road and saw a Pep Boys Auto Shop ..I called and spoke to a gentleman named Aaron I told him I thought I had a battery problem and was not able to move .I asked if she would be able to come and give me a jump start and I would come and purchase a battery he told me what the batteries cost but first he would check to see what was the problem...So he checked with his manager and got the OK to come and help me...I went over and he checked my car it turned out that I did not need a battery but one of the cables to the battery was bad....I would like to comment the staff at the Pep Boys and especially Aaron for their professionalism and care that was extended to me in my time of need.They could have told me that I need a battery as well and let me buy it but they did not......As a woman that's what I thought would have happened ....Thanks to all of them at 5029 Floyd Road, Mableton, GA. 30126 Store # 1428. I will surely be going back and recommend them to others..

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Anonymous - 3 d 15 h ago

It was Thursday Jan 12 and not the 11th

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Anonymous - 4 d ago


They discriminate against seniors that work there once you start your Social Security they treat you like crap they cut your hours they don't care about their employees

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Tamara Peterkin - 8 d 21 h ago


Currently sitting in the lobby awaiting my HUSBAND to come and pop the hood on my 2005 Audi A4. I brought the car in simply asking that the hood be popped so that I could add water since the car was running hot. Couldnt drive the car any further and was also late for work. Was told it would be too difficult a job and they could replace the cable, with an hour wait, and was told the price would be $168+ tax. I agreed and gave the mechanic the parts (hood latch and cable). Upon seeing the latch, the mechanic asks if the cable was nroken under tge hood or under the dash? I reply, unde the dash. He replies, oh that sjouldnt be that hard yo get open. After waiting approx 15 mins, a service tech at the counter comes back and says again, it's too difficult to pop the hood and the price will go up due to added labor of popping the hood. I immediately get upset as my husband (who is NOT a mechanic or service tech) can pop the hood in 5 mins! I tell the service tech, no. I will call my husband to come and pop the hood. The service tech replies, ok I'll go see if the mechanic can get it open. Unbelievable! I really feel like these guys see a woman coming and immediately start seeing dollar signs. My husband watch a 45 sec YouTube video on how to get this hood open and these guys act like I was asking them to perform brain surgery!

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Mr.Rodriguez - 13 d 17 h ago


I am an employer trying to do a jobs background check on a Anthony Yanotti, who was employed by you ?? I just need Year and month of employment?? Please forward this info to my number Mr. Rodriguez of With Pride Con . (hidden) thank you !! Or (hidden)

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El Paso, Texas pep boys suck - 14 d 13 h ago


6 years ago, I took my pick up truck to Pep Boys because the engine light was on. Pep Boys could not fix the problem and they charged me close to $500 dollars. this past month (December 2016) I gave them a try one more time with a different truck (the engine light also came on). It is January 2017 and after 4 tries and around $1000,dollars the engine light still on and the pick up truck still presenting the same problem.

This is very sad for a company of this size. i usually give a second chance to everybody but Pep boys is ridiculous bad. and the managers think the know everything, they do not even want to hear you!!

Perhaps are only the shops in El Paso Texas but advice to you is: DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO pep boys!!

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Staten Island Pepboy - 15 d 9 h ago


first, i was very happy that Pepboy do price match, so i can get a deal with Pepboy, after that everything went down hill, i spend more than $750 for 4 tires with installation, then i have to wait for a day for the tires to deliver, the day for the installation the manager told me it will take 5 hrs and when is done they never call, and when i call to check on my car the manager told me that 2 of the stud at the rear wheel were broke off, he charge me $24.00 x2 for stud and $60.00 for replace the studs, that come out to extra $108.00, so now my bill come out to $838.00.

i have my car less than 3 years is 2015 model, i don't think the studs will break that easy, i think when they put the nuts on they put too much power and break the studs, also i have to took the car back the next day, because they did not adjust my E-brake right after they replace the studs.

i will not go to PEPBOY again, they do not care about what they do and they don't care about cutomer

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Dennis Baumgardt - 17 d 7 h ago


Over the Internet I purchased 4 tires buy 3 get 4th free I received 3 after 7 call and 4 hours on phone lot of on hold time pep boys will not make it right or even let me talk to a supervisor its snowing here in Wisconsin I've been stuck twice this week and still need my tires pep boy you should be ashamed I will NEVER do business with this awful company again

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Anonymous - 18 d 15 h ago


My mother has been through hell and back she is 69 years old and Pep Boys has ripped her off charging to fix her car and did not fix or replace any parts and she still does not have a working car. The sad part they now telling her the motor is gone is that how you make your money a bunch of thieves you will be hearing from a lawyer so sad Pep Boys on Laurens Rd Greenville SC will not get away with their deceitful action towards a helpless elderly woman.

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Anonymous - 19 d ago

Pep boys store#1523 2525 north Monroe st.Tallahassee,fl customer service 12/28/16 7am under a younger desk clerk then I originally deal with,which is an older professional gentleman,has no sense of professionally.rude and we can't do your work truck attitude. Telling him I have customer invoice from previous services but.....attitude suck

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Anonymous - 20 d 13 h ago


Pep boys suck

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helfire - 21 d 16 h ago


i dont know how or why pepboys is still in business!! how does corporate people not care or allow customers to be treated so badly i cant even begin to say what i really want to !! but it will get handled i will never be treated like that again and my vehicle is still not running at all and is parked and pep boys was paid a very large sum of money thousands!!! you are the worst company and i am a widow disabled without a vehicle cant make to doctors stores ECT. i am so devastated no family no help the emotional and physical toll that im going thru is beyond belief. i will find help somehow to get this takin care of !! i was raised proper morals respect ECT. when i worked i owned a business never in my life could i treat anybody no matter what the way i have and still am ..i get to look at my vehicle pepboys you are horrible .im to be going into hospital in jan. it is very important to my health but now i might have to cancel my emotional state is not good which effects what needs to be done in jan. i cant eat sleep handle normal day tasks !! disabled low income still making payments on vehicle!!! you are the worst company ever and to be told its my problem !!! I DONT THINK SO !!! ITS GOING TO BE YOURS AND YOU WILL TAKE CARE OF IT

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glam - 24 d 11 h ago


To whom it may concern. Dear this is quality service &mech inc.l am a commercial customer with pep boys since 2008.Just to inform you that commercial service on store no.0823 is getting from bad to worse. I had some issues with the parts that l purchase ed.first of all they coded me for one price and then they sent me witch l didn't ask for, so l had re tune it to the driver's. I called and I bright it to their attention, So they send me the right one.they don't do their jobs. I personally informed the store manager month's ago.still didn't get get any issues fixed.

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Ripped off Female - 75 d 16 h ago


Your company price gages and takes advantage of women I will never spend another cent with this rip off females company

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Julio Davis - 27 d ago

Close them all down

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customer - 72 d 16 h ago


Bessemer alabama store

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Julio Davis - 27 d 8 m ago


All those people working there should go to jail and Trump needs to put them out of business. No one there can tell the truth.

Tell everyone you know

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Mary 100 - 27 d 20 h ago

Went to Pep Boys today to pick up some tires that I order on line I had to find my own tires everybody standing around doing nothing the worst experience of my life this shit is effed up in Compton it everywhere pep boy gets a F today

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chris - 28 d 14 h ago


recently visited your store to purchase tires as ive done many times before on 2303 cortez rd bradenton fl 34207 .they would not sell me tires because i didnt have a phone number in your stystem i gave them my name and they refused to let me purchase the tires the guy had a 3 foot long beard and was very rude i will never and a repeat never purchase and thing from pep boys very poor customer service they found it to be funny as i walked out of the store.sams club sold me the tire i was in and out in 25 minutes they value me as a customer unlike pep boys ive never been treated like this to purchase tires you need to teach your employes how to treat there customers with respect ive never been treated like this to buy tires

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Sandra from Elgin, IL - 32 d 15 h ago


On the door, it says open 7:00 a.m., I needed my oil checked my engine was making a knocking noise. I sat outside until 7:15. the "open" sign, still not on. I saw some movement inside. when I went in the man inside asked what I needed. I asked him if he could check my oil cause it was making noise. He said he would have to schedule an appointment because there was no mechanic working. I was worried about driving it and needed to go to work. I asked him if he could just see if I was low and I could pay to add oil. He said no. He does not do that. I would need to schedule an appointment for another time. Being a 63 year old woman should not be an excuse for not understanding cars, however, it is a reason to be fearful of getting stranded on the way to work. Pep Boy ads should state "if you are currently experiencing a problem, we can't help you." I will never go there again.

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