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Pep Boys

Manny Moe & Jack
3111 W. Allegheny Ave
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 430-9000
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COWBOY DAVE - 3 d 13 h ago


Since 2010 Pep Boys Rewards has sombody elses name on MY Rewards account. I have phoned, emailed, and noted it at store level! Still screwed up. THE YUMA STORE AND MANAGER ARE OUTSTANDING IN SERVICE AND OPERATIONS! Too bad corporate IT is sooo lousy!

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Manager "Alan Sanchez"and "Joseph" in service department - 7 d ago


Pep Boys#866 Hemet store in California. I would also like to add the fact that because the bolt is broken on the front rotor. The bolt will just spin in place with the lug nut still on the bolt not being able to remove it. So if I was to get a flat tire, I am unable to remove the rim to fix the tire and etc. The rotation was free but because they damaged my truck when trying to rotate my tires. Now the expenses are unknown because they are unwilling to fix the damage that they are responsible for. I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau too. Pep Boys should not treat customers this way.

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Alan Sanchez and Joseph - 7 d 4 h ago


Alan Sanchez manager of the Hemet store #866. I brought my truck in to have my tires rotated and the broken one of my lug bolts. They told me that they are not responsible because my 2006 Nissan Titan Truck was to old.This was said by one of the employees Joseph that was sent out to talk to me by the Manager. Originally my truck was brought in on Saturday but when it was damaged the employee Ventoure that was working the service desk. He call the Manager Alan Sanchez and he said for Ventoure to roll out my truck from the lift in the shop for me to come back on Monday to talk to me. But instead of the Alan Sanchez to talk to me he had another employee Joseph talk to me out in the parking lot also using foul language. This is not how a business should be. If they brake a part even if it is a bolt they should replace or repair the issue. Let it be said that I asked Joseph for his last name or last name initial and he refused to give it to me. But he does work in the service department.

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Shon - 14 d 12 h ago


Well, I just had a horrible experience at Pep Boys. I bought a battery and it died the 1st time and they replaced the battery for me and not a problem. So, now the battery has died again so I took it back for the 2nd time. I spoke with the Manager(John Eric Wright @ store #160) and he told me that they only have a 1 time replacement on the batteries. I said "Fine" then you need to prorate the cost of the original battery. He told me that he could not find anything in the system of when I bought the original battery. Well, hold on partner. You replaced a battery for me the 1st time but now you can't find the original receipt in your system when I bought the original battery? So, he tells me to call the customer care number at 1-800-Pep-boys because he can't do anything for me. I call them and after being on the phone for 1 and 1/2 hours the customer care specialist finally gets someone that can find the information at the store and prorate the cost. But this was after the store manager(John Eric Wright) hung up on the customer care specialist the first time because he didn't want to deal with the problem.

This is absolutely horrible that a store manager doesn't care about losing customers over the cost of a battery after I have spent over 2k in the past year or 2 at their store on getting more work done on my vehicle. Pep-Boys might want to do a better job of interviewing professional managers and people that know how to deal with customers. I would have gladly went on my way if this guy would have just done the "right thing" in the first place without giving my wife and I the run around.

I tried to get the store general managers number or email but they would not provide it for me.

Thanks Pep-Boys!

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kr-shottycompany service - 27 d 9 h ago


For those of you waiting to get your long over due w2 form from Pepboys there is another way. The IRS is aware of this problem and you can file an IRS Form 4852 when you do your taxes. The IRS will contact then and they have 10 days to legally produce it. There is also a fine for this. Share this!!

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Kim - 14 d 13 h ago


My son has not got his w2 and has called and called and they say we will send it and won't

General profile image - 19 d 8 h ago


I came in for oil change and got holes..sales of brake by a tech who put the brackets on wrong so the rotor s needed to be replaced by Goodyear tire company. This cost me 475.00 at Goodyear tire plus brake s at pep boy s..I will never go back and I will tell all of my veterans not to use this place again I was sending veterans to this place.I needed a refund for bad work by ase tech.

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Niki - 28 d 8 h ago


I will never use pep boys again. Your store in Jupiter Florida refused to help us with 25 minutes left until closing because they had to be out art 6pm. That left my family stranded for over 3 hours inn your parking lot and taking over 15 hours to get my family home safely.

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Alexis oni - 28 d 18 h ago



CEO: Michael R. Odell

CFO: David R. Stern

COO: Christopher J. Adams

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Former Employee - 56 d 10 h ago


Been waiting for my W-2 forms called the associate help line and they're no help I need them April is coming and I should of got them a month ago

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Stacy Delacruz - 56 d 9 h ago

my son is also a former employee and has not received his W-2.

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Stephanie - 54 d 11 h ago


I'm a former employee too! I've been waiting to get my W-2 for a while. I moved from my old address and when I talked to the store manager, he said that they should be to us on March 2nd at the latest.

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Mrs Crowl - 39 d 10 h ago


My husband called with our new address and was told they would send it to him, still waiting, how long does it take to push a button and reprint.

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Robert Haywod - 30 d ago


well they call it a monkey wrench for a reason thats because even monkeys can turn a wrench. your dealing with idiots mam that is the problem.

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Tamara Peterkin - 105 d 12 h ago


Currently sitting in the lobby awaiting my HUSBAND to come and pop the hood on my 2005 Audi A4. I brought the car in simply asking that the hood be popped so that I could add water since the car was running hot. Couldnt drive the car any further and was also late for work. Was told it would be too difficult a job and they could replace the cable, with an hour wait, and was told the price would be $168+ tax. I agreed and gave the mechanic the parts (hood latch and cable). Upon seeing the latch, the mechanic asks if the cable was nroken under tge hood or under the dash? I reply, unde the dash. He replies, oh that sjouldnt be that hard yo get open. After waiting approx 15 mins, a service tech at the counter comes back and says again, it's too difficult to pop the hood and the price will go up due to added labor of popping the hood. I immediately get upset as my husband (who is NOT a mechanic or service tech) can pop the hood in 5 mins! I tell the service tech, no. I will call my husband to come and pop the hood. The service tech replies, ok I'll go see if the mechanic can get it open. Unbelievable! I really feel like these guys see a woman coming and immediately start seeing dollar signs. My husband watch a 45 sec YouTube video on how to get this hood open and these guys act like I was asking them to perform brain surgery!

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TheDevil - 95 d 8 h ago

Simple piece of advice sweetheart. Don't knock it till you've tried it. If your husband needs 5 minutes and youtube to open a hood, he's a moron. Plain and simple. Its idiots like you that break your hood release latch, then show at a shop for an oil change, use the situation as contingency to try and squeeze a free repair out of it. You dirtbags are dime a dozen. Nothing in this world is free, nobody owes you a damn thing. Fabricate all the stories you want

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Spaz - 88 d 10 h ago

you are a complete jackass. get out of your mothers basement and go out into the real world.

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jrjac - 63 d 9 h ago


High 5 Spaz.......that fool missed the point entirely

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Robert Haywod - 30 d ago


he works at pep boys lmao ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha and he is a tough guy on the internet

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BIG JOE - 38 d 8 h ago



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Rocky - 35 d 6 h ago


"Nothing in this world is free,"????

How much are you paying for the oxygen you breathe jack ass????

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Anonymous - 87 d 8 h ago

I'm glad I am not the only woman who feels this way.

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your daddy - 68 d 6 h ago

we got better things to do then watch you tube...... drink beer

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JD - 43 d 13 h ago

I had work done on my Jeep Liberty in Manchester Ct. Charged me $1300.00 . My husband took my jeep done for emission and it failed. Brought my jeep back to pep boys to find out that they changed every part on my jeep that my husband changed 6 months ago. Sensors, coil pack, plugs. Problem is still not solved on Jeep.They had in shop another 4 hours and can't diagnose the problem. Now they have wasted my time and money. I will never recommend pep boys to anyone unless they need a oil change. Your technician are part changers, they only go by what the machine says. That's a shame. Someone needs to make this right by me because i am $1300 in the hole right now and my truck still can't pass emission and pep boy techs do not know the problem

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Mac d - 33 d 6 h ago

Stop being a whinny bitch

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Zorro - 33 d 5 h ago


@ Mac d -

Get back to work.......fag boy.

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Robert Haywod - 30 d 24 s ago


anyone know what pep boys the Mac d fag works at ? cause i promise I will go there and smash his forehead in and yes Robert Haywood is my real name Robert M Haywood go ahead look me up in New Jersey DOC I have 13 years in and am on parole right now but I still like kicking the shit out of smart ass punks lik Mac d you better watch boy cause now Im trying to find you

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