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Pep Boys

Manny Moe & Jack
3111 W. Allegheny Ave
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 430-9000
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Lisa Ward - 6 d ago

I made my appointment for 10:00 AM CST, and I arrived on time. I express that I did not know what was wrong but the check engine light was on also a indicator for the electronic throttle. I first called at about 3:00PM since I had not been contacted previously to see how things were going. The manager, Joe assured me that when they knew they would call and tell me what was wrong, what the insurance would cover and how we would proceed. At about 3:30PM I rode by to see that my truck was in the bay alone, no service person. I then stopped in at 5:30 PM to express I needed to be notified before the shop closed for the evening because I was not leaving my vehicle, it was still in the bay, alone. At 6:45 I arrived back at the shop to which they had it up in the air in the bay, for 8 hours the vehicle was there with no progress, to which the manager says they fell behind, I asked him to take my truck down, that I would be leaving. No service was performed at all and I'm sure they would have 1. left without calling about a status, and 2. charged me for nothing (something that was done previously). My extended coverage is through this company so I am very dismayed that your company employs such despicable practices. If he was looking at it 15 minutes before closing, if at all and was going to charge me like work was done. I am just furious.

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Cat - 10 d 9 h ago


i was at the pep boys in freeport, ny yesterday and an employee there by the name of Jeff (P) was very nice. he went out of his way to help me with what i was looking for. even when it appeared they did not have what i needed, he kept looking....and he found it! thank you Jeff P.

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Anonymous - 11 d ago


I'm writing to you from Miami regarding the store located in 2301 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135. I come to the store to do a return and the employee tells me that she can't help me due to the fact that there is no manager this was at 6 p.m. your store closes at 8 p.m. I asked her if there's no supervisor or manager in the store she says no she usually leaves early she said to come back the next day and catch her in the morning I just thought you guys should know your store isnt being supervised

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Anonymous - 13 d 5 h ago

I'm writing this from long island, ny was driving around and my alternator belt broke, went to the store on the corner of rte347 and rte25, the cashier, her name is Cynthia, was so helpful and friendly, and it was close to closing, she lent me tools, found a belt to fit, truly my best experience@ pep boys to date.

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Darryl Lee - 16 d 7 h ago


Pep boy is messing my sister and us around and have been waiting to have my sisters car fixed. They dont want to work on it so they are messing around. Knowing my sister is on diolisis. And needs to get home. We put the car in before mew years and told them the car needs to be checked out and it needs a altenator. They told the car to pepboys on gratiot roseville mi. Got the car in and said they car needs a battery. So they sold my mom and sister a battery. Now the car broke down in toledo before we got it to Pep boys at the beginning and the car drove to toledo from sadusky ohio. So they sold my mom and sister a battery for nothing and didnt check the car out. They my mom and sister dibnt get 5 miles and the car broke down at quin rd. So my brother n law had to jump it and it woundnt keep running. Finally we pushed it to my moms and pepboys came back and got it. The car is still sitting there after a day and a half. Management keeps telling me lies about getting it in the shop. There putting other cars in front of it. All they have to say is that we dont want to work on it. That way we could have taken it to some where else.. Management us no help to us and they keep lieing saying that we are about to get it in. Man called me last night and said we were going to get it in first thing in the morning and its 12:30 pm when i called them to find out if they have taken the car in and the answer was no yet. I will never us pep boy again. Because of the lies and bull from even management. And im writing reveiws on the situation with pep boy.

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Mr. Derwin Spruell - 16 d 11 h ago


Hi my name is Mr. Spruell I have purchased some tires from Pep Boys online through eBay they sent the tires on time like they said they was but the tires was the wrong size I was getting them for Christmas present I notified Pep Boys customer service that day was the wrong size they was real helpful and helping me to return the tires they sit there for return labels like they said and he told me that I will get a refund because they couldn't find any tires that was comprable to the ones that I got or we're on the same price so I agreed they told me it would take 3 to 7 business days so 3 to 7 business days has came and gone and when I call to find out what happened to my refund and I told everyone that they had their merchandise back and it been 3 weeks since they received them no one seems to know where my refund is I have been told so many different lies Buy customer service it is ridiculous and now I am fed up and I'm going to have to take legal action because I'm tired of being lied to all I want is my money back and they will never have to worry about me ever going to any of their stores or ordering anything else from them ever in life or anyone else that I know so be aware that you're going to go through hell trying to get your money back from Pep Boys it takes just two seconds for them to take you from your account but a lifetime to get it back so be aware consumers

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Mickey - 34 d 8 h ago

The manager at Pep Boys on McCain Blvd North Little Rock Arkansas has a service manager so rude I wanted to leave. He was very condescending as we filled out the service order and when we presented him with a coupon asked where we got it, said they are HIS. Said they are not valid unless HIS signature is on it, they are numbered and it's a VERY BIG DEAL. Extremely rude in front of other patrons. I expect a follow up on this. I am now concerned about the care of my vehicle.

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Manager Pep Boys McCain - 34 d 3 h ago


fuck off i am not rude you where being a little bitch about the whole situation

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Anonymous - 33 d ago

And you're a manager must be typical of Pepboys management. Was just in Howell NJ store and saw manager screaming at another employee. Needless to say I left really abusive environment.

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Female business owner - 22 d 32 s ago

Your response says it all. Nothing more needs to be said.

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Anonymous - 21 d 5 h ago

Shame on you and your head office for allowing such a response from a manager.

General profile image - 21 d 9 h ago


I have been trying to order this item "larin engine testing station since the begining of December of 2017. The SKU # IS 844859 and the promotional code is MMJ30 . I called the store on the first day it was offered and they had no clue on this item. I called your customer service line with no help..

I guess the price of $ 205.30 minus promo code MMJ30 $61.59 for a total of $ 143.71 is just a mirage. Please don't offer something and give a promo code which expires on 12/31/2017 which never existed. This was a Christmas present and I tried ordering it from day one. Not happy. I want this escalated head office

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Concerned with respect - 22 d ago

I'm,pregnant an went to pep-boy in daphe Alabama. I was called a spook.the n word by the manager Jeremy Barnes.he also said he will keep my car after I have been to pep -boys for this service,this is the 4th pep -boys this man must be fired ASAP

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Michele - 79 d 12 h ago


On October 31 I went into the Chattanooga pep boys needing my radiator checked because it was leaking. I was told that I needed a new one, not only that but I also needed a new thermostat and new hoses. For parts and labor it would cost around $1,400.00. I thought omg I can't afford that. I consulted my husband. He called a parts store and found a radiator for $198.00. pep boys was gonna charge me $283.49. so my husband installed it himself that only took him an hour. I think it's ridiculous that y'all think you have to make that much profit off people. You should be ashamed of yourself. One day you will get yours. After all karma is a bitch.

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Lazeye - 78 d 24 h ago


I took my dad's truck to the pep boys in louisville Kentucky off of Dixie hwy I took the truck in on a Saturday they didn't give it back to me until Tuesday late afternoon. They had my dad's truck for four days charged me a bunch of money and didn't really do much of nothing I'm highly upset I'm calling corporate office and getting them to explain to me why they kept it for four days and didn't do hardly nothing and charge me a bunch of money that's bull if I knew that they was going to do me like this I would have never took it to them. Now I took my other truck to the pep boys in Orlando Florida they did great work fixed what was wrong with my truck now this shop I would recommend it to others. So now that I finally made it back to Orlando with my dad's truck I'm taking it up to this pep boys and see if they can straighten out the mess that the one in louisville Kentucky pep boys made.

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Dawn - 63 d 7 h ago


You have to understand EVERY shop has a mark up on parts. EVERY one. The labor pays the technician doing it. I needed a water pump. $400 for a shop to do it. I bought it for $40.

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Anonymous - 23 d ago

And you can go to rock auto and get the parts cheaper and they are better quality with a great return unlike pep boys!

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Dawn - 63 d 7 h ago


And I am a female.mechanic!

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Anonymous - 27 d 31 s ago


They left store 149 in Nashville, TN unfinished from a refit. Whoever it was doing the phone & cat 5 wiring just dropped the ball for commercial accounts section.

It's hard to do a job when there is nothing to work with & someone needs do dig in as to why they did not

finish the job that they had more than enough time to finish.


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Mr Gregory Watters - 30 d 5 h ago


I had my car repair at store 797 in Austin,Texas and pick it up on December 16 17.When i took it on December 20 to my repairman he pointed out the reason the car was not holding a charge was because one of the battery post was broken.I was not informed that an employee had broken the post are that it would be replaced.This is not good .

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Anonymous - 30 d 9 h ago

ok for tires and batteries, that's about it, very few expert mechanics, not knowledgable about cars aND TRUCKS, SAD.

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Anonymous - 31 d 10 h ago


hello my name is Derrick I visit Pep Boys on Airline Boulevard in Portsmouth Virginia for an oil change after leaving I discovered no oil was in my car it's all went back to the business they provided me with oil way too much

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George Leclair - 36 d ago

I brought my truck to pepboy Nashua New Hampshire purchase for tires and front end alignment Dodge Ram 2500 diesel they tell me my truck can't have a front end alignment it needs major repairs tie rods ball joint gearbox pitman arm the one problem they didn't realize upper ball joints were replaced less than 2,400 miles and a tie rod was replace 300 miles pitman arm nut was loose needed to be tightened I decline having the repairs of $2,400 done took my truck to a truck mechanic told the mechanic and find me a problem with the front end I get a phone call my truck is all set what parts do I need your front end is tight you need nothing pepboy in Nashua New Hampshire will lie to you and then I do that your mechanic who is a DOT certified is wrong

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no more busness - 39 d 9 h ago


im a comerical customer and own a shop i get parts from them ever week and they changed the manger in my store wich is patchouge the mangers name is scott the guy is contantley fucking up my orders and jgiving me wrong parts and wasting my time im so done with the bull shit im droping my acount and never coming back they lossed a very good customer no more shit for me they suck and i will not go back im taking my busness else were

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Anonymous - 43 d ago

I'm very upset with how my daughter was treated,I paid around 600 for a thermostat and housing,and her car is still over heating,thinking of call news and paper if this isn't resolved

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