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Pep Boys

Manny Moe & Jack
3111 W. Allegheny Ave
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 430-9000
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Milewski Michael - 1 h ago


I bought a new tire on fri of last week for 70.00 dollars in Crestwood il so i went back there today to get the other tire yhey were booked so i went to pep boys in Chicago ridge il to get the other tire done i ask them if they can match the price i payed friday they told me no so i walked out i will never ever use your company again and i will not recommend pep boys to no one

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Kia K - 5 d 9 h ago


I have a tire changed at the pep boys in Norristown, Pa and a few days later the tire flew off on the highway because it was not secured, resulting in the bolts and lug nuts snapping off of the hub. The damage done was extensive requiring body work. Poor service could have cost myself and others our lives.

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Steve - 11 d ago


I had my truck serviced for an oil change at the store in Tampa on Gunn Hwy. I was very disappointed that none of the fluids were checked such as the windshield washer fluid. Also about a month after service I noticed oil leaking from my truck. I brought it to a different oil change place and they checked for any leaks. What they found was my oil cap had not been put on tight. If I hadn't notice the oil, this leak would have continued until my engine was ruined. This kind of service is unacceptable and I will never trust your company to work on any of my vehicles again.

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Denis Gagnon - 22 d 11 h ago


Contrary to many reviews, i would like to overall give a 5 rating to pepboys for resolving my issues in a professional manner. They made me feel as a valued customer and that they solved my concerns in a timely manner.

I will be seeing them again when need becomes an issue.....

Thank you Pepboys.

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Anonymous - 16 d 4 h ago


Good Luck with that

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STEPHANIE - 12 d ago



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Brendan Poole - 13 d ago

are you guys kidding me, went into store #1792 to get my tires and oil changed. asked to have my oil changed also. technicians drained all of my oil then said they couldn't change the oil because " it was old and leaking" ok cool changed myself he was apparently the only tech that ( 2018-02-10)

went to change my tire today and said tech apparently put LOCKTIGHT ON THE NUTS OR, USED HIS PNEUMATIC GUN ON ULTRA HIGH. because I've already broken one lug wrench and bought a new one and still can't crack the lug nuts. I weigh 240 pounds and can't crack them buy basically " dancing" on the tire iron. fix this NOW.

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Liz - 17 d 7 h ago


I was traveling to San Antonio Tx from Corpus Christi TX with my 79 year old father when my air condition went out and I took my vehicle to the nearest pep boys in San Antonio and they did an evaluation and told me it needed an accumalator I paid about over 600.00 dollars,. As I returned to Corpus Christi from San Antonio The AC started to cut off again. I took the vehicle to pep boys in corpus christi and they told me it was a hose that would cost me another 600.00. I took it to for a second opinion to a certified mechanic and he said it was the thermostat that the ac would cut off before the engine would overheat and that solved the problem.I called the Pep Boys in san antonio to tell them what the problem really was and the person on the phone got really testy and told me that the ac was what they evaluated not the thermostat so I told him I paid 600 dollars for nothing.

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Tom - 19 d 12 h ago


Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your email, we have documented Case 559151 and sent it off to Senior Management at the store to reach out and assist you further. They have a maximum of 48 hours to reach out and resolve. Should you not hear from anyone within that time frame, please contact us by calling our Customer Relations department at 1(hidden). We do apologize for the poor experience you've had.

Thank you

James J

From: Tom OHara

Sent: Monday, June 4, 2018 9:44:54 PM

To: Contactus

Subject: Poor service

I recently had my oil changed at your store in Moreno Valley California. I had an appointment for 10am. I arrived 5 minutes early and checked in. It took over 2 and a half hours for them to complete the oil change. This is unacceptable. That is issue 1. After leaving your store and getting on the freeway I heard a horrible noise. I pulled over and found the belly plate was no secured. We drove back to your store and asked them what happened. I was told the car came in that way. Well no it didn't. Had the plate not been secured I'm sure it would have been dragging when I drove their, which it wasn't. That's issue number 2. Issue 3 is, why did they let me leave the store knowing the plate wasn't secure? It seems to me that driving down the freeway at 65 miles an hour with an unsecured belly plate is hardly safe. Issue 4, when I brought the car back why wasn't the issue completely fixed? I had to bring the car to the dealership the following day to have them complete the work costing more money. Issue 5, when I got in the car the interior of the drivers side door was covered with grease. Another expense to have it removed. I have attached pictures of the door. All of this equals very very poor service and I would really like an answer to these problems.

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DisappointedCustomer - 20 d 16 m ago


Store #1522 in Orlando, Florida, not only adds a cost for "Miscellaneous Shop Supplies" that they somehow cannot account for, but they add the "Pepguard Extended Warranty" to our bill every time we have anything other than just an oil change done. Doing this without telling the customer is unethical. Any warranty that the customer pays for is supposed to be disclosed and explained, and the customer given the opportunity to accept or decline. I've had this experience at 3 different Pep Boy locations in Orlando. Looking for a service that isn't trying to take advantage of you!

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ExEmployee - 20 d 11 h ago

I worked for Pep Boys a while back. They treated me horribly. It was 98 degrees outside and I worked in the shop, which has no A/C because the bay doors are always open. I was getting dizzy due to dehydration and had to sit down for a minute or 2. My boss told me to get back to work. I told him what was going on. He said, "I don't care. Die on your own time." There were a few other guys who seemed to be able to go take a half hour "bathroom" break every day ( or a FEW times a day) and were actually texting their girlfriends. I know because they are my 100% WHITE friends. ( I am biracial). I got yelled at every time I came back from a quick bathroom break. I was promised a certain pay rate and didn't get it. I was Moved to the desk by one manager and then given some lame excuse by another as to why I was back in the shop. My hours got cut. I was talked to like a piece of garbage. I was accused of things I had no involvement with. I was accused of mistakes on cars I didn't work on. The list goes on and on. I was discriminated against. I quit after the incident where I almost passed out in the heat. Enough was enough. I worked in a south Jersey Pep Boys but won't list which one for fear of backlash. I wouldn't work for Pep Boys again if it was the last place on earth.

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PepboysMoron - 23 d 7 h ago

Pep Boys in Frisco, TX. Their lead mechanic, Dash, is an absolute moron and should never touch a car again. He is going to get someone killed from his incompetence. The story involves a clutch cable and clutch. There is so much I don't have time to write it all, just don't use DASH, he's a total idiot.

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PissedEmployee - 23 d 19 h ago


Stay away from this company the charge way more than dealerships especially in Tennessee, they treat employees like shit and don't care about them having a life outside of work. They destroy marriages and don't care about employees family emergencies unless you are in management or a part of the GOOD Ole BOY clique. They allow employees to fat shame big boned customers and harass other employees and sweep under the rug.

If I could rate it a negative number then it would be infinity to the negative.

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sam - 25 d ago

the service of the pep boys located at 1200 w washington its terrible and horrible , i was there a while ago for state inspection ,they have horrible service, they will not if you need help unless to talk to them they make you wait till you leave, i tried to talk to the maneger name SAL , i found out he is the worst, he treated me bad,even saying the F words , unbelievable, i left. i will never be back to any pep boys again.

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Tom - 25 d ago


I scheduled a state inspection on-line four days ago. Forty minutes before my scheduled appointment, I receive a phone to say they are cancelling it because the person who does the state inspections leaves at 5:00 PM. They knew about my appoint 4 days ago and had the gall to cancel on short notice. I will never step inside another Pep Boys store. I have 4 cars that will never be services at any Pep Boys store again! Their workmanship is poor at best!

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1000% Dissatisfied Customer - 30 d 4 h ago


Pep Boys located at 2633 E. Tremont Avenue in The Bronx is horrible! I had an 8am appointment for oil change and estimate on brakes. Five hours past (12.42pm) I have not received a call, so I called in. Pep Boys had me waiting 20 minutes just to return to say "someone will call you with an estimate." I refused and made them give me an estimate which was $531.00. I was going to approve the estimate until I asked, how long will it take for my car to be repaired and ready for pick up? Pep boys said "we have to order the pads for your car (MDX) and could be ready around 4pm." I declined the service and went to pick up my car. When I got there, the manager was so disrespectful and made all types of excuses and went on to talk about me to another customer. And to top it off, the person who changed my oil, failed to reset the oil service reader and did not place a sticker on my windshield so I know when I'm due for another oil change. I'm so freaking upset with this place and should have listened to my gut to take my car to Acura which I made an appointment. I'm going to write corporate office about this poor service!

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Linna - 30 d 9 h ago


My car broke down a few weeks ago. It took them over one 3 to order my parts because they kept ordering the wrong part. A manager had to then deal with the problem. It was so bad he got frustrated! Then almost 2 wks later the engine light comes on which didn't make sense. I bring it today to a pep boys already knowing the problem but the guy didn't listen. So now I have to leave it for another hour and pay another 89.99. Why do i need to pay for bad service????

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Angel Rodriguez - 33 d ago


I came to the pep boys in Redlands CA to do I return and the manager Marvin told me that he couldn't return my itels because he had no store credit cards that the customer in front of me just took the last one now if I was not Mexican he would of did it

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AntelopeFiremist - 36 d ago


Location: 7715 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85207

I have never experienced such horrible service in my life! I made a 9am appointment for 5/18/18, got my vehicle there on time, and was told it was a 4.5 hour job. Didn't hear after 5.5 hours so I called, was told they found another issue that had to be fixed and it would be another 3 hours. Got a call after 3.5 hours to be told that there was ANOTHER issue, the tech had gone home, and I would not be getting my vehicle until the next day. I was told, after asking, that the tech would be in at 10am and it would be a 2.5 hour job. Again, after not hearing for 4.5 hours, I called and was told there was still a problem and it wasn't ready. I have been stranded without a vehicle from 9am Friday morning unitl now, 3:45pm Saturday. My entire weekend is ruined. I missed a concert because I had no transportation, and no one cares. They have a la-dee-da attitude like it's no big deal. This company is a joke and I personally don't feel I should have to pay for ANY of this work, because I was over promised, and under served multiple times.

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Don Loder - 37 d ago


Cinnaminson store has a dysfunctional service manager. My name is Don Loder. My vehicle was towed to store 3 days ago to have several lug studs replaced. It is not done.

My phone is (hidden)

I am a Desert Storm Veteran, honorably dis charged, disabled from gunshot wound, PTSD, and combative store mgr has my wife on the edge of hysteria.

Though disabled, letter writing, persistence, and network, have been useful in getting both positive and negative situations scrutinized publicly.

I suggest that someone call me, before i start an avalanche of discussion within Military community as well as social media.

Discrimination against the disabled, is against the law. Better Business Bureau is being contacted now, if you want to know the story beforehand.

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Pissed off female in the bay area - 38 d 27 m ago


I called for towing services more than once and I wish I would've been better off listening to the signs of a faulty company the first 3 xs when I did get a tow my car was taken to the wrong location lost for almost a week getting it to the right one then told it would take 5000 for a engine and all I went in for were the basics oil change hoses replaced brakes ect after almost two months of back and fourth with your macahic they refuse to do as I asked when getting the car their was garbage beer cans my windshield was cracked speakers missing and parts to my engine are now missing such as my throttle body my engine cover and still looking to see what else I have fixed my own car with the help of only Google and exactly what I said was wrong was wrong other than the now missing throttle body I was on the road driving when my car needed tow had been for more than 12 hours this part was not missing before or I wouldn't have been driving I have a 03 jetta and any complications will not allow car to move period your company stinks and if these are not your practices u need to look into revises of policy staffing procedure and a over haul of your company in a complete all pissed off female from bay area

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Sr. CSR - 38 d ago


On 1/27/18 I had a scheduled oil and a front headlight change at your location on 1739-41 E Joppa Rd Baltimore, MD 21234. My car is a 2004 Black Lincoln Town Car ultimate in excellent condition. About 2 weeks after my oil change, I noticed my oil light flickering and my car would over heat. This was scary, because I didn't know what was going on, so I popped my hood. I notice fresh oil all around my engine and other parts. I had my car towed to the dealer and my engine was totaled due to losing 4 quarts of oil and severe internal damage. I called the service dept. and spoke to Sunny, once my dealer advised me that a filter/cap was left loose during my most recent oil change. I freaked out. I'm now out of a car that I have to pay monthly payments and insurance that I can't drive. All due to a faulty oil change. How am I going to get my kids to school and work now? Sunny advised me to contact customer service and file a claim. I did and when Brenda Bay left a message 3-5 days later and denied my claim, I cried. My heart was breaking. No one wants to take any accountability to my oil change nightmare. How can you deny a claim with no claim# after I sent the results from the repair shop and pictures of the fresh oil in front of my door? Ms. Bay was a highly unprofessional customer service rep, rude and wasn't trying to understand my issue nor cared. She pointed fingers; lied on husband, never returned any of my calls after the 1st one and she didn't give me any options. How can a supposed to be good company do their customers so wrong? Easy, just like they did me with no problem. I paid $3500 for a replacement engine, $1500+ in car rentals which includes lyft. I filed a case at my district court and it was denied after paying for certified papers to be sent to your corporate office. I submitted my issue on the BBB website. I contacted your office and someone was to get back with me in 5-7 business days and as of today, no one has contacted me. I need all my money back for a problem your company caused. I trusted you with my car and paid deeply and you lost a good customer. This has been going on too long; please would someone contact me asap to compensate me. That's all I want.

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sad friend - 41 d ago

why is so important to care about the customers when the employees are not happy? do you know that a well payed employee works a lot better than a mad disgusted and mad one? and what is this about in P.R. the PIR asosciate earned a few cents more than a regular cashier or sales asociate what is that?they deserve better

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C. Burgoyne - 41 d 10 h ago

This Sunday, Mothers' Day, I noticed that I had an almost flat tire. I drove to the Pep Boys in Warminster, PA and the first person that I encountered was one of your service agents. His name is Michael, a young and very knowledgeable representative of your company. I was very pleased that he walked me through tire types and reasons for balancing etc. and then gave me a discount. He was just so pleasant to deal with, a friendly person in what was a not so pleasant flat tire!. He is a credit to your company. I am writing this so that if there are any incentives or citations you could give him, he would be truly deserving.

Catherine Burgoyne

PS They also fixed a brake light and I asked for windshield wipers too....very reasonable!

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