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Pep Boys

Manny Moe & Jack
3111 W. Allegheny Ave
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 430-9000
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Anonymous - 17 h ago


I had my car serviced at Pepboys in Bartlett, Tn. And that big tall man has the nasty attitude I ever seen from a man. He is so freaking rude to his coworker at the front counter he seen like he didn't like her. He came from the back and was yelling and hollering at her and took the computer away from her just loud in front of the customers waiting. She was short black woman that was nice to me while ringing me up but that big white man was so mad at her with a nasty attitude I hope he's not a manager. I will not get my car service if I see him only when black lady up there. I was so disappointed how he treated her that I wanted to say something. I don't know if he doesn't like her cause she's black but she greets you and have prettiest smile just she has great customer service skills just like she's knows you with warm welcome. I had to write a review because shouldn't nobody be treated so rudely in front of customers I would have left embarrassing the lady or cursed him out. The big tall man needs angry class I know she fills bad around him who wouldn't

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Doug - 2 d 16 h ago


After taking my vehicle in for a noise, I was told it was the motor mounts, after this noise persisted after a week, I took it back today, being told the shop manager won't be in till 1130 then after leaving I checked under the hood again and found my power steering fluid was low, went and bought some new fluid the booster totally ceased. Im livid with this misdiagnosis. My father always went to Manny Moe and Jack thought the 80's never thought that with the name still assigned that the name is mostly tarnished with horrible reviews in my area. NEVER AGAIN PEEP BOYS. Aurora, Co

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Jimmy Gutierrez - 6 d 14 h ago


I want to post a bad customer service comment I experienced with pepboys location in Rialto,California location on 505 foothill Blvd . I came in to get a oil change for my Dodge ram with an appointment I made the previous day. An employee by the name of Jeff started helping me, he left to do a vechile inspection left at counter waiting, comes back asks me if I still haven't got written up I told him no. I have an appointment for 11:00 am it is now 11:20 , so he just gave me a ride smile and tells me I have to use the restroom and walks away. So I asks to speak with general manager Rick made a complaint againts employee Jeff and he said he will talk to him. I don't think that was enough disciplinary action towards the rude obnoxiously employee. Please don't come to this location for car service, go to other location 484 w valley Blvd Rialto ca 92376.

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Anonymous - 127 d 15 h ago

My name again is Sylvia Wilson I'm in Michigan. I been dealing with pep boys for years now. It seems to me that your pep boys repair shop can't seem to get the right alternator parts for my 2006 trail blazer. I have got this alternator replaced 3 time and still have the same problem. Tell what kind of parts do your company order. I'm very up set because this is 3rd months in a roll I been getting bad parts. Something has to be done about this problem and I'm paying for a charge card with you guys.. Bad Business.. Thank You Mad Customer. Sylvia Wilson

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L. Brett - 116 d 13 h ago


No longer "pep boys" but Soy boys.

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Anonymous - 116 d 12 h ago

Don't let these guys intimidate you just because they don't have to prove their masculinity. Be proud of eating your salad at the Trump/KKK rallies.

Flagged for review. 
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To, anonymous - 105 d 7 h ago

To the creep who brings politics to a fucking pep boy page.

You're nothing but a racist, bigot, scumbag. Yeah Trump rallies are kkk alright. Only someone who's evil and full of hate would say something like that. You're jealous of Trump and the people who support him and his America first agenda. I bet your one of those who wants to put illegal aliens before Americans? Typical brainwashed Democrat.

Flagged for review. 
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To To, Anonymous - 105 d 6 h ago

Hey Girl Scout I will take a few boxes of cookies, thanks sweetie.

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Im An Insider - 18 d 13 h ago


Thank you. Maybe he can hire an "out of towner" to fix his car.

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Im An Insider - 18 d 13 h ago


What the hell does pep boys have to do with trump and salad? You dont own a firearm do you?

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Lesley Anne Smith - 26 d 16 h ago


This is an addendum TO MY PREVIOUS COMPLAINT....My car is at my car dealership AT THIS VERY MOMENT. PEP BOYS ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED MY CAR. The car dealer called me and told me the I need an oil change IN ADDITION TO EVERYTHING ELSE. I was supposed to have had an oil change on 09/14/19 @ PEP BOYS....they advised me that "NO OIL WAS CHANGED ON SATURDAY" (09/14/19). Pep Boys charged me for something they didn't even do AND NOT TO MENTION DOING UNAUTHORIZED WORK ON MY VEHICLE. I am so disgusted right now it's unreal. I am reporting this to the Attorney General's office as well. PEP BOYS JUST ARBITRARILY STOLE MY MONEY AND NEVER DID THE dare you treat customers like this....??

Let me start by saying, I called Pep Boys on 09/07/19 (to make an appointment for a simple car inspection). This was store #0029. I was given an appointment of 09/14/19 @ 10:00 am. I could not get an earlier appointment because the Service Technicians don't come in until 9; however, the Pep Boys associate said for me to come in about 9-9:30 am and they would take me in earlier; and I stated OK, I will be there. I arrive at 9:15 am, was checked in by Belinda (who was extremely dismissive and very condescending) and was asked to take a seat which I did. Belinda told me that I should be there about two hours. Well 3 hours later, my car was not even taken back to the service bay; it was still sitting in the parking lot. I approached Belinda to tell her that my car is still in the parking lot and she ignored me because she was on her cell phone with a personal conversation which I had to interrupt to tell her I had been sitting for 3 hours, I had an appointment for 10 am, I got there at 9:15 am and my car is still in the same spot I left it in. I had a birthday brunch to attend at 12:30 pm which I never made it to. Belinda arrogantly said she would check to see what was going on with my car. She disappeared and never came back to me with a response.

Fast forward to 2:45 pm and I am still sitting waiting for my car to be inspected. At this point I am livid. I tracked down Belinda again and she tells me she can't help me because she is leaving for the day in 15 minutes but she can call me an Uber to take be home and I would not have to pay and an Uber will come pick me up to bring me back to Pep Boys. I had no intention of spending an entire day waiting for my car. Well, 30 minutes later an Uber came to take me home. Prior to Belinda leaving she came to tell me that the cost for my car would be $963. I almost had a heart attack hearing that. She proceeded to tell me that they started the work on my car already and I would not be getting my car until I paid that fee. I just stared crying because I did not have that kind of money plus I didn't need the EXTRA stuff they were doing to my car but they had started the work already and I couldn't get my car without paying that price gouged amount. I CAME FOR A SIMPLE CAR INSPECTION. I took the Uber home and just cried. She said they would call me when my car was ready. Per Boys never called me when my car was ready, I had to call them and I spoke to Chris who said "oh yeah, your car is ready and I'll send you another courtesy Uber". I waited and waited and no Uber showed up. I had to call back again about 30 minutes later and spoke to Michael Rich who mumbled something about calling me back and just hung up. He never called me back, I had to call back to Pep Boys again. I was sent another "courtesy" Uber to be transported back to Pep Boys.

I was finally checked out at 6:02 pm from an appointment at 10:00 am. When I asked what was the purpose of making an appointment, I was told "I don't know". Making an appointment is a joke with Pep Boys. While I was waiting after my trip back, another customer called and the call was answered by Michael Rich who just put this poor lad on speaker phone and walked away...periodically he would walk back to the phone and say "um hum" and walk away again. That poor lady was crying about her car. this whole experience has been a disgrace.

While I was waiting the 5 hours for my car at Pep Boys, I saw service technicians sitting down laughing and joking with each other not doing any work and at least 2 of them were on their cell phones while customers were on their cell phones. This entire debacle was a horrific experience none of which I have ever experienced before ANYWHERE. Also, when I got my bill, I was charged for the two Uber rides and they were supposed to be a courtesy which they were not. Michael Rich stated he discounted my bill by $150. That was a bold face lie. My bill was minused $150 because he made a mistake out loud in my presence and had to honor his mistake. He then went on to say that he was going to charge me for the Uber rides because of his $150 mistake and refused to take the Uber rides off of my bill after telling me in the beginning that they were a courtesy.

I ended up paying $813.77 when all I went in for was a simple car inspection. My car was held hostage, no permission was given for any additional work other than a car inspection, I was treated horribly, I was lied to, I was price gouged. I DID NOT approve any increase in the original price of the simple car inspection but because they had started the work, I was told I had to pay what they said or I could not get my car back. Also listed on my bill was a $35 "shop fee" and not one person could really explain what that fee was for. Also, during the inspection, Pep Boys never topped off any fluids which they told me they would do. The service technicians were too busy on their cell phones. I don't believe Pep Boys did anything they made me pay for unauthorized. I can't believe Pep Boys held my car hostage and refused to release it to me unless I paid.

I will give Pep Boys a chance to make this right for me within 5 working days and if I don't hear back from you, I will be contacting the BBB as well as filing a lawsuit against this store #0029 located at 2298 Ritner Street, Philadelphia, PA 19145. I want all my money refunded with the exception of the cost of the yearly inspection. I want a refund of $734.38. Please be advise, that I have forwarded a copy of this email to my attorney to proceed with a lawsuit if I don'y hear back from you within 5 business days. This Pep Boys is a disgrace and the people working there are not professional, extremely dismissive, condescending and extremely rude. I also heard Michael Rich say he doesn't care if I ever come back as he was going outside to smoke a cigarette.

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Bobby Jasso - 36 d 13 h ago


Mr. Daniel A. Ninivaggi September 9, 2019 CEO 3111 W Allegheny Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19132 Re: Pep Boy's Store 1747 E. Apache Blvd. Tempe, AZ 85281 Dear Mr. Ninivaggi: On August 28, 2019, I took my car into Pep Boys at the locations mentioned above. I spoke with Rudy Tovar, Manager, at which time reviewed everything that was wrong and needed repairs. He proceeded to ask for a deposit of $750.00 for the repair of the clutch. This amount was for the parts only and not for the labor. The many times that my family and I had been there, I had never heard of Pep Boy's asking for a deposit up front. I paid the moneys to cover the parts of the clutch for my 2010 Ford Mustang. I am also going to mention that my car has a warranty, which does not cover the clutch. My car also has a problem with the motor, which is covered by Shields Warranty. It is my understanding that Pep Boys needed to call for an approval. Which was never done. After ten (10) of waiting, calling periodically to check on the status, which I was told that Pep Boy's was waiting for parts of the car I decided to go by the store and check on the progress of the car. On Saturday, September 7, 2019, at 7:30 a.m. I went to the store and much to my disappointment; my car was still at the same place where I had parked it ten (10) days prior. NO WORK HAD BEEN DONE or moved from the original spot. Even after a deposit of $750.00. This is unacceptable Mr. Ninivaggi. Rudy Tovar, the Manager, a Renee co-worker had not done anything to the car. At that point Rudy tried calling the warranty company for approval, which there was no response. He also proceeded to blame, the co-worker, Renee, for not calling to get an approval from Shield Warranty. I demand that Rudy Tovar be terminated from his present position. There is no room for someone as irresponsible, unreliable, negligent and none caring of customers at a Corporation as this. It is because of Rudy Tovar that I am forced to take my business elsewhere. If this is not initiated, I will go to the social network and media to let people know what kind of a company this is. Sincerely, Robert Jasso 2311 E, Maryland Dr. Tempe, AZ (hidden)

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Sheila Jones - 46 d 14 h ago


Had 4 tires put on my 2015 GLK that's in excellent condition. Picked up car and found all four rims were seriously damaged by tool used to pull tire off. Store Manager at 2830 S. Hamilton Rd. accused me of being unethical and stated, "the damage could have already been there". Store Manager went on to be dismissive and displayed a reckless disregard for getting the damage taken care of.

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Shannan & Tyler Jeffers - 52 d 15 h ago


Called corporate to get assistance with the incompetent a$$holes at the Waukegan IL store. I push the prompts to get to customer service then it rings again and tells me number can't be completed with error tones. FIX YOUR PHONES!! HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS!! HAVE SOME ACCOUNTABILITY FOR INCOMPETENT EMPLOYEES AND POOR SERVICE!!

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Shannan & Tyler Jeffers - 52 d 15 h ago


BEWAREB! DO NOT GO HERE!!! Horrible service. They not only overcharged a lot then screwed us out of our military discount. Couple days after oil change had to refill all fluids tires started having issues, messed up alignment so bad the car is barely drivable. Didn't complete proper car inspection or tire rotation. Refused to fix their issues had no care there employees do half ass shoty work and messed up our car. All this and they make you wait 5hours or more each visit even when it's their screw up. BEWARE!! MILITARY STAY AWAY!!

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Sharan Douglas - 54 d 13 h ago

My name is Sharan, I went to get my car maintenance at Pep Boys located on Lafayette Rd in Indianapolis, IN and this turned out to be the worse thing I have ever done. I returned to get my vehicle on Monday, Aug.19th only to be told my car was not repaired and that they needed more time, that all I was told regarding the status of my vehicle. After being led to believe they were "working on it" I extended my rental car for another day in hopes of receiving my car the following day. Well, that never happened! When I called they lied and said the part did not fit and to placed another order with another company to provide to get the right size. A day later I called again, Mike who informed me and was my primary contact, then said, the part had to be ordered from the KIA dealer because none of the parts fit. Please keep in mind, by this time I still had the rental car I was now paying for as a result of the delay. On Wednesday, I decided to return the rental car because I could no longer afford the cost to rent it. With that, I contacted Mike again to inform him that needed to be provided a rental car, since they could tell me when my car (Kia Rio, 2013) would be repaired. What happened next is just plain careless and disregard for a paying customer. They called and said they would in fact provide me a rental vehicle, but it would be through Hertz, not Enterprise (that is literally 7 minutes away from where I live and about 5 minutes away from the Pep Boy location). So I took a Uber to Pep Boys, and the paid for Lyft to get me to the Hertz to rent the vehicle. I called on the way there to ask if they could forward the reservation since the commute was long and traffic was heavy, the guy said just to give them my name. When I finally arrived to Hertz, nothing was in order and they then ask me to provide my drivers license and credit card, shocked as to why I needed my card (when Pep Boys suppose to have called a took car of the bill), the rep stated they never provided any payment and they needed a card on file to even rent the car out to me. So I called Pep Boys again, only for them to not have what was necessary to rent the car. After this, I asked if they could send a Lyft so I can go home, at this time I was crying and upset and did not have words to say. The rep informed me the store would be closing soon, and I would need to leave, still crying the rep decided to call a Lyft for me to get home because the Lyft that was suppose to come either took too or they never called it in on-time. Devastated as to why I am now car less, without a rental or transportation to get back forth, I just cried on the way home. I called Pep Boys again, and ask why they were doing this to me or is it because I am a female? The guy just apologized about everything, but of course I can't do anything with an apology at this point. When I got home, I just cried myself to sleep because I have not been in Indianapolis a month, I just moved here from Chicago and do not have any family here, and no one to defend me from this type of abuse. Today, I missed their call this morning at 7:42am, thinking to myself, this must be good news! Of course, Mike the rep answers the phone, only to continued to orchestrate this charade! He stated, my car is being towed to the Ray Skillman Kia Dealer so they can put the part on. So I reminded him, that he told me the other day the part purchased from the dealer did not fit, so why are you towing my car over. He said, they have other ways of getting the right part. By this time, nothing was made sense, meaning, I was dealing with an habitual liar that is continuously discrediting himself, and the Pep Boy Corporation. part. And, when I asked if my car was there, as Mike suggested it was, he said the car was not towed to the dealer. So the Kia rep took my number and said he would call Pep Boys to get me car over there for repair. About 20 min later, I get a call back from the KIA rep and he said he would put the part on immediately, but who would pay for the services, because Pep Boys just dropped the carWith that, I hung up and called the KIA Dealer, only to be told Mike had lied about the entire ordeal. The owner stated they never bought the part from the dealer, nor did the inquire about a without discussing payment. I informed him that Mike is the one causing all this trouble, and if he would call to speak with Mike. The cost of the service was only 345.00, and I am totally upset that they would even go this far to save a few bucks on part, instead they do a botched job on my vehicle I'm currently still paying a note on. Unreal!!! At present, I am still without a car rental and have not even received a call, after calling twice and being told " we're working on it" by Mike the rep who is unapologetic and have no remorse for the consequences of his acts. I hope I can pick up my car from the Kia Dealer and they will not return it to PEP BOYS! I will never get my car repaired again, because psychologically, I have been ruined as a result of Pep Boys actions. I warn you DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO PEP BOYS ON LAFAYETTE ROAD! you have been warned in advance.

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FD Hagwood - 55 d 14 h ago


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Miss V. - 60 d 14 h ago

I had check engine light come on after I paid over $500 for a canister purge valve so I stop in Pep Boys on 6811 W Grand ave Chicago, IL. The manager told me it would cost 99.99 to pull a code ( that was ridiculous). I've been a loyal customer of the"Boys" for a very long time and I have NEVER been charged for a check engine code to be pulled. I believe he tried to scam me into paying for a diagnostic when I knew that wasn't correct ( I'm a woman but had too many vehicles in my lifetime to not have learned quite a few things). I think that manager should be reprimanded because if I had paid again for him to tell me what I just paid over $500 to fix just 2 days before I would have been very angry because I trust Pep Boys with my vehicles. It's only this particular Pep Boys.

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Corporate - 76 d 9 h ago

Pep boys in Burien Washington is the most unreliable disrespectful office i have ever experienced my car has been in the shop for three weeks now. i have paid my 2900.00 dollars repair and due to their non communication i still dont have my vehicle. I have been patient enough about this long enough. the repair is done. one of the staff didnt put my car inside the shop on a Saturday night and my window was broke out and my stereo system was stolen after they promised to keep my car locked up inside.

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No Name - 77 d 13 h ago


This has nothing to do with customer service but more on how poorly the employees are being treated. I dont appreciate how the stockton pepboys is being runned in the mechanic department. Having their employees feel like slaves having an employee try and talk with someone whos been there longer that hes being worked to hard and theres to much being expected of him to get told "I dont care, you work here" how can someone that is in charge of his employees talk to them that way having their boss call out all the time and not get in trouble for it.... Having them take car after car after car when they have a specific time to close oh but they can get over time.... What if they dont want the over time working in the heat they just want to go home theres more but I'm done....

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Baby Girl - 77 d 15 h ago

I tried to drop off my car in the morning, before the Pep boys store was opened in Eastwick at Lindbergh Blvd and Island Ave. There was no drop off slips,I went back to the store when they was open so I can drop off my car the following day. They told me they was out of drop off slips,just put your key in an envelope and put a note telling them what I need.this is so unprofessional, I rather have the proper drop off slip

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Anonymous - 80 d 16 h ago

Waiting for regional manager to call me back very poor service in Dedham I have went there two days in a row for tired but they were supposed to send for my day is just as important as anyone else's service horrible trying to go on vacation had to find somewhere else to get a tire I will never return poor poor service

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Suzanne Martin - 79 d ago


I took my car to 6801east first street prescott valley az 86314 pet boys i guess it was repaired however after they retuned my vehicle to me in the evening i discovered i had no head lights. So this issue gets unresolved to my satisfaction or i file a complaint with the state of Arizona i will be certain that all i know in this town knows not to do business with pet boys pet boys can not be expended on. And the state of Arizona takes a dime view of seeing their senior citizens taken advantage of. I am Suzanne Martin and i can be reached at (hidden). It is in your best interest to contact me. The residents of Arizona do not need your company.

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Marcelo - 84 d 15 h ago


Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. 3 oil changes. 3 leaks.

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Jaime - 99 d 13 h ago


they want to charge me for the air check that was free they waited for 2 hours and that design appointment and to complete they never told me that I had

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