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Pep Boys

Manny Moe & Jack
3111 W. Allegheny Ave
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 430-9000
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Jasmine - 3 d 9 h ago

I constantly have an issue with them and I did some research. Other mechanics and articles are putting me on to game. They always have excuses, I always need them to relook at their work. Other things all of a sudden start needing to be replaced after they get their hand on your vehicle and there is always something else they want to add your bill. They will also give you the run around, big time. They tried so hard not to give me information or their regional directors contact. If yall can report them to the BBB or whatever applicable department. There is no redeemable parts.

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MR Lee - 3 d 17 h ago


Tyoical Pepboys Corporate Managers none of them ha sthe courage to call back an IRATE customer , I'm always told the same thing a Manager will get back to you ih approx, 24 hours , I've heard that about 6 times since August 2019 never have they called me back WHAT SORRY CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mr. Lee - 5 d 9 h ago


Where should i start . I have a situation with a store in Orange Park Fl. since August of 2019 my car was worked on for a water leak nothing else ever since my car was repaired it has leaked oil ever since my car never had an oil leak.The Service manager at this location has refused to repair the problem also has cussed me out , Falseified Pep Boys receipts which i have copies tried to charge me 500.00 dollars for an oil leak they caused . I have other numerous complaints beside fender shirts not being reinstalled, broken brand new headlights engine and front crossmember had to be repainted because of greasy fingerprints which could not be cleaned off . Beside oil leaks the Mechanics involved told me he had to remove my exhaust system now it leaks too. I have so many complaints about your Service Manager and the way he treats people, also it is possible that your area Director is protecting this guy because they are friends. It would be nice if the Corporate Managers had enough nerve to call back a customer to intervene with this but as of 02/18/2020 not one has ever called be back. You have a PROBLEM in Orange Park Fl. but you don't seem to care Case # 664508

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Joy lance - 12 d ago


I went to pepboys in hiram ga.they over charged for things i didnt tell them to do .then asked my tires and he said they were already gone.i havent left the parking lot.u said need them for spare then i looked at my invoice and noticed he charged me fo r taking them.almost 3000 for a tune up oil change and four tire.can u please explain where my money went.

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no idea where you got my information - 13 d ago


Take me off of your list, I do not have a car in your service department and I never have. I took time out off my day to tell you this and your response was to continue to email me about this fucking truck that I do not know anything about. You sent me this survey and I answered it honestly, you would not accept my survey because the responses about your service were stating that your service was bad and your staff doesn't seem to care that they are breaking privacy laws by sending me info about someone else's truck and someone else service. On February 10, 2020 at 10:04 PM, Pep Boys wrote: Pepboys Logo Dear Susan Benincasa, Thank you for your recent service visit to Pep Boys. To ensure we provide the best customer experience, we would love to get your feedback. Please take a moment to complete our online survey. In appreciation of your time, Pep Boys will present you with coupons for $10 off a purchase of $50, plus 10% off auto maintenance and repair. Please rate your overall satisfaction with your most recent service visit to Pep Boys using a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 means very dissatisfied and a 10 means very satisfied. Por favor califique su satisfaccin en general con respecto a su reciente visita de servicio en Pep Boys en una escala del 1 al 10, donde 1 significa Muy insatisfecho y 10 significa Muy satisfecho. Very Dissatisfied Very Satisfied Rate 1 Rate 2 Rate 3 Rate 4 Rate 5 Rate 6 Rate 7 Rate 8 Rate 9 Rate 10 Muy insatisfecho Muy Satisfecho If you no longer wish to receive e-mail communications from Pep Boys go here. , Si no desea recibir ms correos de Pep Boys haga clic aqu. Pep Boys 3111 West Allegheny Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19132

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Wrong opening hours posted on website - 25 d 14 h ago


I recommend that you either change your hours to 7 am, or your website to an 8 am opening. Right now the store in Nashville opens at 8, but website says 7 am. I watched 3 potential customers try the locked doors before 8, and leave in disgust, probably to go to Walmart 1/4 mile away. I understand that the management at that store has asked your I T department to make the change, but they have been ignored.

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No nones - 27 d 10 h ago

Change the merchant # ending in 0007105.

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Jennifer - 27 d 10 h ago


I'm letting you guys know that your pep boys merchant # ending in (hidden)007105 has been compromised. People have access to it and are able to attain acct balances with them

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Veronica Eddy - 28 d 17 h ago


Well, once again I am here to tell you about the best service that anyone could hope for. I had a tire that kept losing air. I made an appointment to see if it could be fixed. The store manager and entire crew were more than just about selling, they were concerned about my safety. They showed me the inside of the tire and explained why they couldn't fix it. I had driven it when it was almost flat and the tire was shredding. If they would have just "fixed it" the tire could have blown and who knows what might have happened. This is the second time I am writing about this Pep Boys and their excellent service. This store is located at 12043 Lincoln way, North Huntington Pa..The store managers name is Sam Curotola and if I knew names of the crew that work there I would mention their names as well. Pep Boys is not just about selling tires.They are about their customers. I would never consider going anywhere else for my cars needs. Thanks!

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Ricky Shepherd.... - 35 d 9 h ago

I went n2 pep boys n Callaway with aboutvflat tire only needing a plug n they Refused to even do it today...Will Never Ever use a peppy n will refuse Any work 2 Anyone using pep boys....

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Anonymous - 39 d 34 m ago

today at store on ft worth ave in dalllas, tx. 75211 i encountered an employee mechanic. his name is frederick and he threatened to " beat me down". those were exact words to me when i took my car back to show them scratches plus missing paint from rear bumper. it got to a point to shouting and getting heated. i originally asked for a manager but nowhere to be found. i did not see the point on Frederick coming out to discuss the matter with me at all. I did not appreciate the threat, the rudeness and arrogance especially to a customer.

i would appreciate a response to this concern,

thank you.

Juan Espinoza (hidden))

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Jim - 41 d 7 h ago


14411 Hawthorne Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260

This place is a joke. Darnell is an idiot. Along with an oil change there is supposed to be a tire rotation. I told them when I dropped off my car that my tires had to rotated. When I picked up my car they didn't rotate my tires. Their " policy" is to have the best tires on the rear. I told them my Chevrolet Equinox is front wheel drive and the front tires wear faster so they need to be rotated. He refused citing their "policy". Then he had the nerve to tell me the mechanic has recommended 2 new tires on the front. How stupid is this guy?

***Due to a front-wheel drive vehicle's front tires' responsibility for transmitting acceleration, steering and most of the braking forces, it's normal for them to wear faster than rear tires. Therefore, if the tires aren't rotated on a regular basis, tires will typically wear out in pairs rather than in sets.

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Pissed off - 54 d 16 h ago


What a joke make a payment on your commercial account and they freeze it ..piss poor management hope they go out of business

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Anonymous - 57 d 11 h ago


You wouldn't think that a routine oil change could go wrong. Well, think again. I took my 20014, BMX, X3 to Pep Boys in Monroe, GA. Normally, I use Hometown Tire in Monroe; however, they were booked until after Christmas. So, I called the Pep Boys in Monroe, GA on Friday, December 20th at approximately 1:00 p.m. They informed me they could perform an oil change on my vehicle. At approximately 4:00 p.m. on Friday, December 20th, I receive a phone call from Pep Boys informing me that the routine oil change was no longer routine. They stated that the previous place had stripped a bolt and went on to explain, in mechanical terms that I could not understand, that to change my oil would now cost my $2000.00 minimum. The listed numerous parts that would need to be replaced. The only part I understood was the oil pan. Also, they said that the work was labor intensive and would take a minimum of eight hours of labor. They assured me they were giving me the best price and had even discounted some of the parts. I told them I could not authorize a $2000.00 oil change. So, I asked them to put my car back together, and I would take it to another facility. At this point, they informed me that I would not be able to drive my car because it would no longer hold oil. So, I called Hometown Tire and relayed the information to them. Hometown Tire agreed to tow my vehicle back to their facility and work past closing time to see what was wrong. After about an hour at their facility, Brad, from Hometown Tire, called to let me know my vehicle was ready. I am extremely confused as to how Hometown Tire was able to change my oil and have my car ready to go in about an hour, and it did not need the numerous parts that Pep Boys said that it did. What I really think is that Pep Boys saw two women walk in and proceeded to take advantage of us. Pep Boys should reimburse me for the cost at Hometown Tire. You can be assured that I will never use another Pep Boys facility; however, at the very least Pep Boys should reimburse me for the towing expense I incurred. If Hometown Tire could change my oil, then there is no reason that Pep Boys could not have done the same. I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the Attorney General's Office and post this information on social media. It is extremely discouraging that Pep Boys allows this type of behavior. Furthermore, as I was looking for contact information, I happen to find other reviews that referenced where vehicles had to be taking to other facilities because Pep Boys had destroyed their vehicle. I am not sure how a facility with such a reputation continues to stay in business

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Lisa B - 76 d 6 h ago


Pep Boys is the worst place to take your car for service. My daughter has taken her car to two separate Pep Boys

locations. Both locations had her name, address, and make of car incorrect. So you never really know what work was completed. This last visit, she specifically told them not to do a certain brake service because it was done in August and they said they completed the service anyway at no charge. But amazingly, performed other brake services that were not mentioned when the service person called to say what was wrong with the vehicle.

Pep Boys has been a scam for years. I am sorry my daughter did not realize that when she brought her vehicle to be serviced. Never take your car to Pep Boys at 770 W. Route 70, Cherry Hill, NJ or Pep Boys at Route 130, Pennsauken, NJ. Pep Boys is the ABSOLUTE WORST for service. Consumer beware.

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Anonymous - 82 d 2 h ago

Got 4 tires on Saturday, paid for them the day before . On Sunday I see I was charged twice and was told , Oh it will kick back the second charge and be returned to your acct. well it's Tuesday night still not returned. The problem is there's nobody in corporate that I can call. There's everything else from products to jobs here. Manager probably didn't even call to check on it they just sit and bullshit about who gets paid for what.

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Unhappy Customer - 84 d 9 h ago



I'm writingbecause I was very unhappy with the lack of customer service that I received when I arrived on Sunday to pick up my BMW atthe Pep Boys Store in Lawrenceville, (589 W Pike St, Lawrenceville, GA 30045). My son and I came in to pick up my vehicle that I had left to have a lifetime alignmentcompleted. A service provider named Brandon totally ignored us. We stood there patiently for 10 minutes without being acknowledged. As we stood there without being greeted nor acknowledged Brandon shuffled through work orders. Then the phone rang and he still did not have the courtesy to acknowledge our presence, he proceeded to answer the phone and assist the customer on the phone. By then, my patience was wearing thin because I have worked in the customer service industry for over 30 years and would have asked him to clock out had he been one of my employees. A guy walked in from the bay area named Lewis and startedassisting one of the customers in the waiting area and explaining his findings. My son and I was stunned that neither one of the guys spoke, acknowledged us, nor took the time to at least say, "I will be with you shortly." I asked Lewis if anyone was working because I was there to pick up my vehicle and he started to assist me, but only after I demonstrated my frustration. Brandon continued to demonstrate his rude, nasty, unprofessional attitude by continuing his phone conversation and shuffling papers. Two white gentlemen came in the door and within 3 to 5 steps of them entering, Brandon said, "How can I help you?" to them. Now at this point, not only did I feel like I had experienced the worst customer service ever, but it felt like Brandon had demonstrated a clear sign of racism. As an African American Male/Paying Customer, my son should have never had to ask me why we had been ignored when Brandon was so attentive upon arrival of the white men. I served in the military for over 20 years and have been a Federal Employee for the last 20 years of my life and I have never tolerated this lack of professionalism and disrespect in the workplace. It is obvious that Brandon needs some type of sensitivity training and a lot of customer service training. I chose to come to Pep Boys as a consumer and had several other options and I don't feel like I should have had to experience this type of behavior, especially in front of my son. It's unfortunate that I had to waste my Sunday to file this complaint but I felt that it was important enough to escalate so that others won't have to experience this poor customer service. Good news travels fast but bad customer service travels even faster.

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Linda & Tre - 84 d 13 h ago


The Madison Tn. store gives you the run around , i have tried to get my oil changed three times and has been unsuccessful. Because i get free oil change through my car lot they don't honor them on weekends now after i drove there. I went to store early Friday morning then was told oil changing person wouldn't be in till 2:00 pm. I called to make a appt since i dont live in the area , I live like 25 minutes away. I was told i can't make appt. for the oil change. Mr. Thomas which needs improvement on his customer service skills pretty much told me it wasn't his problem it was between me and my car lot. Pep boys something needs to be done bc if you going to to do business with the car lot American car center , then we as customers just want what we were told and that's free oil changes without hassel and run around.

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Anonymous - 85 d 9 h ago


Came to the location on Zelda red in Montgomery Al

To get a oil change I was told we want have oil until Monday what type of business that are running

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Lesley Anne Smith - 157 d 11 h ago


This is an addendum TO MY PREVIOUS COMPLAINT....My car is at my car dealership AT THIS VERY MOMENT. PEP BOYS ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED MY CAR. The car dealer called me and told me the I need an oil change IN ADDITION TO EVERYTHING ELSE. I was supposed to have had an oil change on 09/14/19 @ PEP BOYS....they advised me that "NO OIL WAS CHANGED ON SATURDAY" (09/14/19). Pep Boys charged me for something they didn't even do AND NOT TO MENTION DOING UNAUTHORIZED WORK ON MY VEHICLE. I am so disgusted right now it's unreal. I am reporting this to the Attorney General's office as well. PEP BOYS JUST ARBITRARILY STOLE MY MONEY AND NEVER DID THE dare you treat customers like this....??

Let me start by saying, I called Pep Boys on 09/07/19 (to make an appointment for a simple car inspection). This was store #0029. I was given an appointment of 09/14/19 @ 10:00 am. I could not get an earlier appointment because the Service Technicians don't come in until 9; however, the Pep Boys associate said for me to come in about 9-9:30 am and they would take me in earlier; and I stated OK, I will be there. I arrive at 9:15 am, was checked in by Belinda (who was extremely dismissive and very condescending) and was asked to take a seat which I did. Belinda told me that I should be there about two hours. Well 3 hours later, my car was not even taken back to the service bay; it was still sitting in the parking lot. I approached Belinda to tell her that my car is still in the parking lot and she ignored me because she was on her cell phone with a personal conversation which I had to interrupt to tell her I had been sitting for 3 hours, I had an appointment for 10 am, I got there at 9:15 am and my car is still in the same spot I left it in. I had a birthday brunch to attend at 12:30 pm which I never made it to. Belinda arrogantly said she would check to see what was going on with my car. She disappeared and never came back to me with a response.

Fast forward to 2:45 pm and I am still sitting waiting for my car to be inspected. At this point I am livid. I tracked down Belinda again and she tells me she can't help me because she is leaving for the day in 15 minutes but she can call me an Uber to take be home and I would not have to pay and an Uber will come pick me up to bring me back to Pep Boys. I had no intention of spending an entire day waiting for my car. Well, 30 minutes later an Uber came to take me home. Prior to Belinda leaving she came to tell me that the cost for my car would be $963. I almost had a heart attack hearing that. She proceeded to tell me that they started the work on my car already and I would not be getting my car until I paid that fee. I just stared crying because I did not have that kind of money plus I didn't need the EXTRA stuff they were doing to my car but they had started the work already and I couldn't get my car without paying that price gouged amount. I CAME FOR A SIMPLE CAR INSPECTION. I took the Uber home and just cried. She said they would call me when my car was ready. Per Boys never called me when my car was ready, I had to call them and I spoke to Chris who said "oh yeah, your car is ready and I'll send you another courtesy Uber". I waited and waited and no Uber showed up. I had to call back again about 30 minutes later and spoke to Michael Rich who mumbled something about calling me back and just hung up. He never called me back, I had to call back to Pep Boys again. I was sent another "courtesy" Uber to be transported back to Pep Boys.

I was finally checked out at 6:02 pm from an appointment at 10:00 am. When I asked what was the purpose of making an appointment, I was told "I don't know". Making an appointment is a joke with Pep Boys. While I was waiting after my trip back, another customer called and the call was answered by Michael Rich who just put this poor lad on speaker phone and walked away...periodically he would walk back to the phone and say "um hum" and walk away again. That poor lady was crying about her car. this whole experience has been a disgrace.

While I was waiting the 5 hours for my car at Pep Boys, I saw service technicians sitting down laughing and joking with each other not doing any work and at least 2 of them were on their cell phones while customers were on their cell phones. This entire debacle was a horrific experience none of which I have ever experienced before ANYWHERE. Also, when I got my bill, I was charged for the two Uber rides and they were supposed to be a courtesy which they were not. Michael Rich stated he discounted my bill by $150. That was a bold face lie. My bill was minused $150 because he made a mistake out loud in my presence and had to honor his mistake. He then went on to say that he was going to charge me for the Uber rides because of his $150 mistake and refused to take the Uber rides off of my bill after telling me in the beginning that they were a courtesy.

I ended up paying $813.77 when all I went in for was a simple car inspection. My car was held hostage, no permission was given for any additional work other than a car inspection, I was treated horribly, I was lied to, I was price gouged. I DID NOT approve any increase in the original price of the simple car inspection but because they had started the work, I was told I had to pay what they said or I could not get my car back. Also listed on my bill was a $35 "shop fee" and not one person could really explain what that fee was for. Also, during the inspection, Pep Boys never topped off any fluids which they told me they would do. The service technicians were too busy on their cell phones. I don't believe Pep Boys did anything they made me pay for unauthorized. I can't believe Pep Boys held my car hostage and refused to release it to me unless I paid.

I will give Pep Boys a chance to make this right for me within 5 working days and if I don't hear back from you, I will be contacting the BBB as well as filing a lawsuit against this store #0029 located at 2298 Ritner Street, Philadelphia, PA 19145. I want all my money refunded with the exception of the cost of the yearly inspection. I want a refund of $734.38. Please be advise, that I have forwarded a copy of this email to my attorney to proceed with a lawsuit if I don'y hear back from you within 5 business days. This Pep Boys is a disgrace and the people working there are not professional, extremely dismissive, condescending and extremely rude. I also heard Michael Rich say he doesn't care if I ever come back as he was going outside to smoke a cigarette.

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Randi - 86 d 7 h ago

My car was destroyed by PEP BOYS too!!! They seemed to have forgotten to put the proper fluids in my car and after driving off the last of my residual fluids my car overheated and destroyed the engine. I have two reports saying my car had NO OIL LEAKS and WAS NOT BURNING OIL. Therefore, the only logical explanation was that fluids were not put into my car. Not only that, the manager Ceasar at the service center lied to me and the person that referred me there and said he personally serviced my car and guaranteed all the fluids were put in my car which was a double folded lie. Managers DO NOT do the servicing on vehicles and somebody else's name that did the servicing was printed on my receipt. The district manager BILL WATERS refused to take responsibility and told the inspector from the Bureau of California Automotive repair that if my car had an oil leak, they would have taken the responsibility. That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever because if my car was leaking oil, then they could fall back on that and say it was the fault of my car why there was no fluids. Complete idiots. Now they're telling me at corporate, that my case has already been closed. REALLY??? They don't even have all the evidence in!!! Complete bullshit!!! I have evidence from 2 places that inspected my engine and both said my car was perfect condition and had no leaks!!! If they dont want to settle out of court, I will have to file a law suite. They can and will have to explain to the judge how it was possible that there were no fluids in my care if I had no leaks or burning oil???? The only explanation possible is; fluids were not put in my car when it was in for servicing. Not only that, the engine cover was not screwed in and floating around on the top of my engine. I'm also going to file a complaint at the BBB and post on :Yelp etc...I'm so pissed of.

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Ron Guerin - 99 d 6 h ago

I did have some serious issues to discuss,.. but now.... now i have nothing to say other than this site being of "Corporate" is an absolute Disgrace! As is (of this day) the store that I will No Longer be shopping at. Nor will I EVER, after 37 yrs of buying parts from Pep Boys, step foot into any other establishment! If this is Corporate,.. I can understand why your stores are complete debacles! Manny, Moe and Jack are turning in their graves at your rundown of such a (atleast at 1 time) Great, Trustworthy and Professionally ran organization. IMPEACH YOURSELVES IMMEDIATELY!!!!

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Michael Drinkwater - 100 d 6 h ago


Recently purchased tires online and made appointment online, got to store for my appointment and was told they would not be giving me the appointment and I would need to wait for the walkins that were there before me. Because I already paid, I left the car, when I got the car back, they had not filled the tires fully, I had to spend another $1.50 to use a gas station pump to fill these, because the service department was closed when I was told the car was ready to be picked up. Then I see I am charged for valve stems that were not replaced because the car has TPMS sensors and they are integrated into the valve stem, they didn't even try to put a new cap on it to pretend it was done. So, I filled out the survey and the guy that took my car and refused to honor my appointment called me??? He told me that the tire pressure was not their fault, it was due to the weather. I asked for a store manager and was told there is no store manager there. Pep Boys took my money and performed sub standard work and refused to resolve it, never again will I go to a pep boys for anything, and Orland Park Illinois Pepe Boys STAY AWAY.

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Anonymous - 105 d ago


My daughter's car supposed to have a transmission put in it. They half did it. Her car will not incline hills like it was before she bought it to Pep Boys and it still making same crazy noises. They charged my husband 1,900.00 for transmission. Ripoff, needs to be fixed asap. Now, she has to rent another car, she doing internship, she can't keep on affording this, she can't now. This is ridiculous, it is like they make something go wrong for you to bring it back. Not another penny coming out his pocket.

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Illbuytiresfor30vanselsewhere - 105 d 3 h ago


I am a fleet manager for a fleet of Mercedes sprinter vans. I have now lost two rentals because of the terrible service at your sunset rd Henderson NV store. I asked them to rotate the tires and perform an alignment if possible but to at least rotate the tires because of a shimmy. I told DALTON if nothing else please rotate the tires. I left it there at 11am. At 5:30 pm I arrived again to some child telling me they didn't do anything again! Then when I got mad I was told to fuck off by your mechanic with all the gang tattoos. Enough is enough! You have the laziest staff I've ever seen in your tire dept. unless the tire manager is there watching them they screw off and tell your clients pound sand if we don't like it.

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