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Pep Boys

Manny Moe & Jack
3111 W. Allegheny Ave
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 430-9000
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Miss V. - 1 d 7 h ago

I had check engine light come on after I paid over $500 for a canister purge valve so I stop in Pep Boys on 6811 W Grand ave Chicago, IL. The manager told me it would cost 99.99 to pull a code ( that was ridiculous). I've been a loyal customer of the"Boys" for a very long time and I have NEVER been charged for a check engine code to be pulled. I believe he tried to scam me into paying for a diagnostic when I knew that wasn't correct ( I'm a woman but had too many vehicles in my lifetime to not have learned quite a few things). I think that manager should be reprimanded because if I had paid again for him to tell me what I just paid over $500 to fix just 2 days before I would have been very angry because I trust Pep Boys with my vehicles. It's only this particular Pep Boys.

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Corporate - 17 d 31 m ago

Pep boys in Burien Washington is the most unreliable disrespectful office i have ever experienced my car has been in the shop for three weeks now. i have paid my 2900.00 dollars repair and due to their non communication i still dont have my vehicle. I have been patient enough about this long enough. the repair is done. one of the staff didnt put my car inside the shop on a Saturday night and my window was broke out and my stereo system was stolen after they promised to keep my car locked up inside.

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No Name - 18 d 6 h ago


This has nothing to do with customer service but more on how poorly the employees are being treated. I dont appreciate how the stockton pepboys is being runned in the mechanic department. Having their employees feel like slaves having an employee try and talk with someone whos been there longer that hes being worked to hard and theres to much being expected of him to get told "I dont care, you work here" how can someone that is in charge of his employees talk to them that way having their boss call out all the time and not get in trouble for it.... Having them take car after car after car when they have a specific time to close oh but they can get over time.... What if they dont want the over time working in the heat they just want to go home theres more but I'm done....

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Baby Girl - 18 d 8 h ago

I tried to drop off my car in the morning, before the Pep boys store was opened in Eastwick at Lindbergh Blvd and Island Ave. There was no drop off slips,I went back to the store when they was open so I can drop off my car the following day. They told me they was out of drop off slips,just put your key in an envelope and put a note telling them what I need.this is so unprofessional, I rather have the proper drop off slip

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Anonymous - 21 d 10 h ago

Waiting for regional manager to call me back very poor service in Dedham I have went there two days in a row for tired but they were supposed to send for my day is just as important as anyone else's service horrible trying to go on vacation had to find somewhere else to get a tire I will never return poor poor service

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Suzanne Martin - 19 d 19 h ago


I took my car to 6801east first street prescott valley az 86314 pet boys i guess it was repaired however after they retuned my vehicle to me in the evening i discovered i had no head lights. So this issue gets unresolved to my satisfaction or i file a complaint with the state of Arizona i will be certain that all i know in this town knows not to do business with pet boys pet boys can not be expended on. And the state of Arizona takes a dime view of seeing their senior citizens taken advantage of. I am Suzanne Martin and i can be reached at (hidden). It is in your best interest to contact me. The residents of Arizona do not need your company.

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Marcelo - 25 d 8 h ago


Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. 3 oil changes. 3 leaks.

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Jaime - 40 d 6 h ago


they want to charge me for the air check that was free they waited for 2 hours and that design appointment and to complete they never told me that I had

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Brittany O. - 44 d ago


There's nothing like going on vacation and having tire issues when you reach your destination. However, after looking online for tire shops, deciding to go with one that allows you to make appointments online and you start thinking this was easy enough. Well, not at this Pep Boys location. After receiving a confirmation text and a confirmation email, when we showed up for that appointment we were told they don't honor any appointments made online. The guy working the counter stated that's a corporate thing. Are they not part of the Pep Boys corporation? Then after finding this out, it's also upsetting to have the guy working the counter acting like he might be able to fit the needed service in then all of a sudden saying nevermind we're already done for the day. What a great way to treat people who are from out of town and dealing with car issues while on vacation and far from home.

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Jessica - 44 d 10 h ago


The other employees are ok but Kevin is not to be trusted in my opinion. Happy 4th of July I had reservation to go camping if he would of did his due and find the problem I would of happily paid for it to get fixed there or take it to Kia it could of been the fuel injector regular maintinance but no he insisted everything is ok and now my engine is severely damaged.

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Anonymous - 68 d 8 h ago

My name again is Sylvia Wilson I'm in Michigan. I been dealing with pep boys for years now. It seems to me that your pep boys repair shop can't seem to get the right alternator parts for my 2006 trail blazer. I have got this alternator replaced 3 time and still have the same problem. Tell what kind of parts do your company order. I'm very up set because this is 3rd months in a roll I been getting bad parts. Something has to be done about this problem and I'm paying for a charge card with you guys.. Bad Business.. Thank You Mad Customer. Sylvia Wilson

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L. Brett - 57 d 6 h ago


No longer "pep boys" but Soy boys.

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Anonymous - 57 d 5 h ago

Don't let these guys intimidate you just because they don't have to prove their masculinity. Be proud of eating your salad at the Trump/KKK rallies.

Flagged for review. 
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To, anonymous - 46 d 9 s ago

To the creep who brings politics to a fucking pep boy page.

You're nothing but a racist, bigot, scumbag. Yeah Trump rallies are kkk alright. Only someone who's evil and full of hate would say something like that. You're jealous of Trump and the people who support him and his America first agenda. I bet your one of those who wants to put illegal aliens before Americans? Typical brainwashed Democrat.

Flagged for review. 
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To To, Anonymous - 46 d 24 h ago

Hey Girl Scout I will take a few boxes of cookies, thanks sweetie.

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Gary - 46 d ago


After buying 2 sets of tires for my Tahoe and my sons car with my pep boys credit card I went to order some tires for another car online to find out they won't take there own card online. I live about 100 miles from any of there locations so to get the same tires they offer online it's going to cost an additional $25 per tire plus the drive to and from what a way to take care of your customers.

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To Gary - 46 d 22 m ago

Gary, check out tires plus, they have a credit card you can apply for and great service and tires. I've been using them for years and never been disappointed. If you looking for good deals, be sure to mention when you check in around how much you want to spend per tire. Appointments can be made online and oil changes are like 35/45 min or they take a percentage off the bill if it takes longer, I never had that problem. They stand behind their tires. Hope they have one near you.


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Javier.NOT Happy - 46 d 10 h ago

2 days ago I took my Porsche Boxster in for an oil change when the store opened in the morning, I got a call 5.5 hours later that the vehicle was ready for pick up. When I got I my car home, I immediately notice a long 3 foot scratch on the side of my car. I called the store to complain and the manager (Joe) told me they would investigate and call me 2 days later. I told them I wanted to review the video immediately and the assistant manager told me he did not have access to video tapes until Monday morning. I told him he needed to get access because I was coming down immediately. When I arrived the manager (Joe) told me he all of a sudden has access and after fumbling for 15 minutes with a broken computer mouse, we watched a obstructed view of my vehicle being moved into the bay 3 times. The damaged area of my vehicle was obstructed by another vehicle on a lift. When I told him there was 7 video cameras in the bay and he only showed me one obstructed view, he refused to show me other videos. I asked for the regional district managers number and he refused to give it to me until I told him I was calling the Broadview Police, then he quickly gave it to me. However I told him I was still calling the Police to document the complaint. he told me that Police showing up was bad for business. And I told him damaging customers vehicles and not reporting it was bad for business too. I spoke with the regional district manager (Mr. Montani) who explained that nothing could be done for 2 days. I told him I wanted to view the other unobstructed videos now, and he said I would have to wait. I hung up on him after he repeated the same thing 3 times and after the Police showed up. The Police asked the manager if the vehicle was checked for damage during registration of the car in the morning. An assistant responded that he did the walk-around and was too busy to catch scratches. Too busy?? That is the whole purpose of the walk-around. I informed the Police of the other cameras in the bay and asked why we could only review 1 video. I asked him if we could review the other videos the entire issue could be resolved in 10 minutes. When he asked the manager if the other videos could be reviewed, the manager said nothing could be don't until Monday, 2 days. After the police left, I received a follow-up call fro Mr. Mantani who was upset that the police were involved. I told him that is what the police are for, to document a civil complaint. He said I caused a scene infront of his store having the police arrive. I told him I did not care and again asked why the other videos were not available to be reviewed. After texting him pictures of the police at the Broadview store Mr. got frustrated and said that I was texting him on his personal cell number and that I WAS HARRASSING HIM. harassing him? I told him that his store manager gave me the number to reach him for assistance, how could I be harassing him? After I mentioned that his manager would have to explain in court why the damage to my vehicle wasn't recorded during the intitial walk-around he said he would not speak or text with me again. He then said our conversation was being documented. As if that was a threat or something. At 10pm the night before I did a walk around of my vehicle in my garage as I was going to work on the car, but I ended up not working on my car due to my hydraulic jack not working. The car stayed in my garage all night until I drove it to Pepboys, who returned it to me damaged. Not only was I treated unfairly by Pepboy management, I was accused of harassing the regional district manager for communicating my displeasure with how everything was handled. I just want Pepboys to review all videos because my vehicle was damaged while in their care. I'm going to copy and paste this complaint on their Twitter feed. Javier

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melissa - 47 d 7 h ago


worst decision ever to have my car repaired there. took it for engine trouble, according to their code, not only did my car sit at the shop for 24 days with myself the only one communicating, they order a reman from up north, then it got snowed in for three days, still no communication, then they hired a private mechanic, how took three days longer to fix my car, i picked it up on thursday(744.00) only to be back on friday for a heater hose (85.00) only to have to call them two months later because the exhaust is not properly connected causing the o2 sensor to go out AGAIN!!

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K. Doylli - 47 d 6 h ago



They are just stupid pigs in human form.

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H.R. - 53 d ago

The Web-Site [ above ] ; " " is Not what Yahoo, or possibly Other Search Engines would Accept as a " Legal Email

Address " !! the Proper way for Pep-Boys to, lets say; " Phrase it would be something like, " https://www.(whatever)@ " !!

No Wonder the Web-Site Address Above Got only a 1/2 a Star !!

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J - 53 d 5 h ago


Im all these same complaints what bull, I waited and still have a problem wanna speak to the owner, he should wana speak to me, call me, im calling you on this one, they suck at NW 82ave miami, will see what they have to say,

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Kristy kelly - 56 d 11 h ago


I took my car to pep boys In saraland al about two weeks ago. I had caliper replaced, rotors and brakes put on the back. My ABS light was on. The manager told me this is what it was reading. The cost for that was over $800. One day later my Abs light comes back on I stop back by the store and the manager hooks it back up and tells me it Is the front driver side sensor and that the hub and all needs replacing. I pay $321 for that. The same day when driving home my ABS light comes back on so I go back the third day and she says I need front brakes but she can clear the code. She clears the code I go elsewhere to get my front brakes and guess what ??? The light comes back on I stop at two other places to read the code and it shows the sensor is bad. I go back to pep boys on a Thursday they was packed and I told her I needed to have that sensor replaced it was bad. She informed me they had several cars In front of me . I said can you go ahead and order the part and put me down for a appointment for Saturday. She said yes.... I show up Saturday at seven she then tells me that the worker lady don't get there until 7:30. I go back to the register at eight and ask how long will it take? I have to work today.... she says we Are waiting on the master tech... the time now 9:00. I've been waiting for two hours and still no show of the master tech. She asks if I can leave the car. I do and I told her this is ridiculous and if they can't fix my car today I want my money back. She was like ok I don't really know what to do. I said well I do I will call the Better business bureau and I will also be speaking with the district manager. I am not pleased at all and will never refer this place of employment to anyone. They should at least refund my money for the inconvenience for the sensor and all of my time spent for nothing.

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Anonymous - 57 d 9 h ago


I had my brakes done in December, (all the way around). I am hearing squealing from the bake brakes, I did return to Pep Boys in Prattville, Al they took my car back and It was returned to me on Sunday, The problem is that the rear brakes have started squealing again. Can I take my car to another Pep Boys to have them look and fix my car, and will my warranties, still be good?

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CAROL Mclendon - 94 d 4 h ago

We are in Freeport One of the fastest growing cities in the USA right now. A straight shot from 10interstate fl. The center of the eamerald coast. Leads from the center of Freeport main rd. From , Destin , Panama City, Fortwalton, Santa Rosa Beach, Pensacola . Need oil changes. Tire service, auto service, Pep Boys would be great .860_307_7016 for Carol Mclendon P.S. You can also contact RussBarley Mayor of Freeport Walton Co.He can help you with all your business needs. Come look at a traffic count

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