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Pep Boys

Manny Moe & Jack
3111 W. Allegheny Ave
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 430-9000
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Marcus - 2 d 7 h ago


Pepboys Company Is Terrible I Took My 2008 Chevy Malibu To They Shop. Cause My Car Wouldn't Crank Up Soon I Took It To Them Told Them The Problem. The Next Day They Said My Car Is Fix. The Guy Told Me The Price $1200 But As Soon I Got My Car Back The Car Slowly Slow Down On Me While I Was Driving Then It Shut Off. I Tried Crank It Back Up It Would Crank Back Up.

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ashok - 2 d 9 h ago


Is any responsible person contact number or email id in organization

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Willie Ballard - 2 d 9 h ago


They misdiagnosed my power steering pump has a problem when they charged me $600 to replace the problem still consist, they won't help to rectify the problem can't get a hold of corporate and they probably did more damage to my car earlier in January brought my car in for oil change and he gave me a full service surprise me when I showed up in the bill was $700 this company is a scam and they need to get shut down forever

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Wrenn - 5 d 22 h ago


We have been trying to resolve our issues with pep boys in Modesto, .California for over a year now. I've read all your stories and I have had a bad experience myself. We have a 1996 ford explorer we took to pep boys because the check engine light came on. We were told the entire EGR system had to be replaced because of restricted airflow. Ok, we paid for the repair and thought the problem would be fixed. Not even close, within days the light was back on. Now it says excessive airflow???? They can't figure it out and we are back again and again. They told us they were taking it to the ford house in a nearby town to get their assistance. The truck showed 4 extra miles on the odometer. The ford house is about 10 miles one way - the lies are getting deep now. The longest we have driven our truck without the light coming back on has been 5 months. Guess what, it's on again and the EGR valve and the EGR sensor need to be replaced again. They just put them on a year ago???

Did I mention they also dropped the hood of the truck and damaged it. Estimate for repair is 1,300 dollars. They told us they patched a tire that had a nail in it but the nail was still there. They told us the air conditioning unit didn't need charged and was full of Freon. We drove it less than a block to a real mechanic and we were told it was 20% charged??? A.C. working great now - thank you Bruce. It goes on like this until they finally give us back most if our money. All except for the parts that are not holding up at all so we will probably be dealing with this again. Don't forget about the hood damage. I can't get anyone on the phone . They don't call me back I need to know how to contact someone and would appreciate any help I can find.

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Moe T - 53 d 8 h ago


This business really sucks. They messed up my van wiring and now say their mechanics cannot fix it. Do not buy from these morons and corporate makes it hard to talk to anyone on the phone. Do not get involved with this business, you will be sorry. They have shoemakers not mechanics.

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Anonymous - 7 d 50 s ago


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Fatima S - 6 d 7 h ago


I had the same results with a pep boys in North Brunswick Nj. My reviews are on YELP. I wouldn't recommend Pep Boys to anyone especially women as they seem to prey on us even more than they do the male customers.

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Anonymous - 53 d 9 h ago

On 2-22-18 I took my car to Pep Boys at 1700 Fruitville Pk in Lancaster, Pa for two new front tires, it cost $308.96. In the mean time they gave me a vehicle inspection that I didn't ask for and messed up my engine. I let them talk me into a tune up and that made it even worse. Now they're trying to change me $800 more to fix their F up. I've already spent over $700 on tires and a tune up. Now I must get it fixed somewhere else and take them to small claims court to recoup my money...

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Anonymous - 48 d 16 h ago


Hi, I'm having the same problem with Pep Boys. Is there anyway I can contect you? I want to take them to small claims as well.

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Anonymous - 7 d 2 m ago

YOU GO ANONYMOUS !! Small Claims court will help you

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Connie Hijar - 47 d 6 h ago


I tried to get some service in the Atlanta area today on my car-spark plug and tire rotation. I would of went anywhere, any location in Atlanta. Tried 3 of them.. Not only did I have the worst service ever at all locations, but no service at all. Not anyone wanted to assist me. They were suppose to call me back-they didn't, they had the mechanic get on the phone, he was not able to help me so I asked for the manager and mechanic said there was no one here that could help me. Pep Boys I give up! You should be closed on Sundays. If cannot staff properly and train people properly, I don't know how you stay open. I have been a customer for many years! FYI.....

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

Pep Boys needs TO CLOSE UP for good !!

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Theresa Marz - 44 d 8 h ago


Last night at about 7:45 pm we pulled into the Pep boy located at 1802 Hempstead Turnpike in Elmont New York.. We were coming from West Harrison NY when our truck carrying 5 people, was not driving properly, and loosing transmission fluid. The Hose had cracked. We asked if they could repair the hose so that we could get to our destination in Brooklyn (Coney Island). We had two teenagers in the car, a woman with MS, myself a diabetic, and my husband. The response was we are too busy, we close in an hour and you can leave it and we'll check it in the morning. We attempted to talk to the mechanics themselves and one of them seemed to have more heart than the I guess manager in the white shirt that still insisted there was nothing they could do for us. It was very sad. He said if you would have come an hour earlier we could have helped.. I found that funny because if I could predict the future I would have stayed home. With that said Pep boy left us stranded. We called an Uber to take us home $70 and my husband was stuck there till after 2 in the morning waiting for a Tow truck. He got home at 2:53 am.

This morning we took it to our local mechanic that took 30 minutes to change the hose and add transmission fluid $80..

Just like Pep boys abandoned us we are now abandoning them. We will no longer use or recommend them to anyone.

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

I have TOTALLY stopped having my friends or myself using Pep Boys !!

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Dezzz nutz - 40 d 40 m ago


Veronica from pepboys in north las vegas worst manager ever charged me 697$ for a wheel bearing and brakes left my car worst (never changed my wheel bearing) !!!!! I never in my life been more upset no one ever reached out to me??

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

Call Rose at corporate, you would get help . Corporate is in Pennsylvania.

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GREGORY GAUSE - 39 d 6 h ago

I am writing this complaint to you about work that was done on my 2011 kia soul in October of last year.I had all 4 of my rotors replaced.The mechanic that did the work said he was having problems with getting the caliper back on correctly.I told him make sure you get that done correctly,because I travel a lot.He said he would definitely get it done.I paid for everything,the manager said everything was ok.I did mention that I travel,I got a call to my next job in Hillsboro,Oregon around a month later.My job starts on the 28th,a Tuesday.On the 27th,that monday,I was driving on interstate 5.It was raining off,and on.That's the northwest,anyway I heard some noise,so as I was getting off at the next exit,I applied the brakes,it went all the way to the floor.As I approached to the stop sign I was going to fast,so I bad to pump the brakes.Finally the car stopped,there was a convenient store (76 Truck stop),in Albany,Oregon.When I got out to see what was wrong,there was brake fluid all over the ground.I also noticed that the brake caliper was hanging by the hose,resting against the wheel. This was the right (passenger side)rear wheel.I was around 80mi.from Portand,so they towed me to the dealership.Kia-beaverton.When they opened that morning,The Mngr said give me the keys,he will let me know what all was wrong.Later on that day(27th),he told me the brake caliper came off,and they would have everything done by tuesday (28th).I told them ok,go ahead,even though,my job started that day.Anyway they replaced the right rear caliper,and the fluid.Anyway I do believe Pep Boys was at fault with this repair,I believe I should be re-imbursed,because of your employees negligence.I could've lost my life.All the winding roads,I could've went off a cliff in those mountains.

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

DO NOT give up !! Sue them and I promisre you will be rewarded !!

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An attacked customer - 32 d 14 h ago


I was the victim of a Hate Crime, 4500 Saint Barnabas Road, Maryland! Your employees attacked me, called names as managers watched, and a week later I am still waiting for Pep Boys to respond. Managers have confirmed everything I said by WATCHING THE VIDEO. The work on the car was never completed, even after waiting 6 hours plus - my car key was even lost & found. I am getting the run around. This case number 560994 is doing nothing for me. Would Manny, Moe, and Jack allow this? From the top to bottom, PEP BOYS SUCK, and the W O R L D will soon find out My Story / Experience!!!

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Anonymous - 7 d 14 m ago

Go get them !!! They are a deceitful NO GOOD company . Will NEVER give them another pemmy .

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Anonymous - 38 d 5 h ago


On March 13, 2018, at 7:26 PM, at store number 725, located at 1212 North Collins Blvd., Arlington, TX, Aiden the store manager, denied me an all change service. The reason for denial is because he needs to close the store at 8:00 PM. When asked for a telephone number of the regional or district manager he stated he didn't know the number, then he stated his boss Scott said not to give the number out. I walked over to the store side and was given the number and names which was posted in the front of the store by two other gentlemen. This is a horrible display of character and integrity for a store, which generates its dividends by receiving money from customers. Horrible service, Aiden needs to be trained properly as a business professional.

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dont mention this - 29 d 13 h ago


(hidden) director

shhh didnt hear it from me

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

Are you kidding ? He has been trained , Pep Boys way !!

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Katy B - 29 d 12 h ago


I went to store #1794 on N. Druid Hills in Atlanta, GA, 3 days ago because I had a nail in my tire and the check tire pressure light was on. The salesman came out looked at the nail and said "that's in an unrepairable place and I wouldn't feel safe plugging it for you. You can take it to a used tire place but I'm not going to do it". Mind you, I only have 20,000 miles on these tires since it's a new car. Anyways, what he could do was sell me 2 new tires for $385 dollars (not including install fee). So I end up buying new tires online and take them to the Discount Tire store on Chamblee to be installed.They said I still had 20,000 miles left on my tires and all it needed was a plug. So I guess I'll save my new tires for when I really need them. They use scare tactics to sell and they're dishonest and I think this store is a bad representation of the Pep Boys Company.

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

Totally agree !!

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