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Pep Boys

Manny Moe & Jack
3111 W. Allegheny Ave
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 430-9000
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MG - 20 h 7 s ago


My experience with Pepboys as an employee for 4 months with my manager (Enrique ) , was not professional in his part. I had to deal with him saying stuff behind my back and hearing it from other employees. When i brought it up to him he did not deny it , i dont think thats professional on his part as a manager. In the 4 months i was there im the 3rd person that has left. I always did my job but but he said i was "lazy" while him and the other advisors were always sitting there on their phones.

General profile image - 1 d 7 h ago


I am most displeased they sold my Mom drums rotors wheel cyl. ect.for over 800.00 when all I wanted is pads and shoes because that is all it needed she is an elderly hdcp.on a fixed income I will never do any biz ever with pep punks.

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Jim w - 12 d 17 h ago


This place sucks!!!!

I took my Mercedes in for a Full Synthetic Oil Change. I sat and waited for over an hour. These guys walked around talking about customers bad mouthing regulars. It was terrible. Than I leave and had to drive over an hour away. And just as I'm about to reach my destination my car overheats. I pull over to find out the Moran who did my car did not add all the oil back to my car. My car takes 9.5 quarts. They put less than 5 in my car. And than when I looked at my invoice I was charged for things not even done. Than they reported to car fax they did a ton more things than they did. They felt it was ok. I worked with the guy Mark at the lakewood location on Coalfax rd. He is an idiot. He thinks he is gods gift. All he kept talking about was his girlfriends car and how he has to work on it so much. I don't care. My thing maybe if he knew what he was doing he wouldn't be working on it every week. I cant believe this place. Than I spoke to the area manager who said he was taking care of it all. NOPE. NOTHING GOT DONE!!!PERIOD!!!! Apparently its ok to screw customers over. Mark is a dumb ass and people need to quit supporting them. They deserve to be unemployed. So I'm going to do them a favor. Every phone call I have spoke to them on was recorded. In turning everything over to the news stations. Lets let them answer to the public on why they keep screwing people over. Lets shut them down. I have also contacted BBB and chamber of commerce and also Visa for fraud on my card. The company lied to the bank to try and keep my money. But thankfully I trust know one and had the recordings to prove them wrong in their lies.

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SP - 14 d ago


I had my passenger side actuator replaced on my 2012 Ford F-150 back in May of 2018 in my Virginia Beach, Va Store. It soon broke again in January. My wife and I moved up to Alexandria, Va, so we had to take it to another Pep Boys in the area to get replaced...this where it went very downhill.

I scheduled an appt to have my actuator and the work done replaced under warranty. The truck sat on their lot (Pep Boys - Capitol Heights Maryland) for 5 days. It was supposed to be done that day as I made an appt and spoke to guy named Christian at the service desk. Not only did it not get done that day, I waited for 5 days and then decided to call to get an update. They didnt know where my truck was, didnt have a ticket, and told me they hadnt looked at the vehicle. Addionally, they said the replacement would take another 1-2 days before they can look at it and another week to get the part, in the case they didnt have it in the store.

Frustrated, I spoke to corporate and got the location that does this repair. It was 20 miles away in Marlow, Maryland. I brought my truck there for a 9pm appt. Same thing happpened. Days went by and no feedback so I called. Once again, at a new location, they didnt know where my truck was, didnt have a ticket, and havent looked at it. I spoke to the Assistant Manager who seemed like he was completely confused and had no idea who I was (even though I had spoken to him a handful of times the days leading up to me bringing my truck there). I got the actual manager on the phone and he has them fix it that day.

Now, I get it back and have been driving it for about a week, and the heat/ac is still broken and underneath the passenger side dashboard, the ceiling is coming down where they took off my front to look at the dahsboard.

This ENTIRE expereience with both of these location has been a nightmare. I have no idea how a business is allowed to be in business with the customer service, professionalism, and quality of the work being performed is so terrible.

I am requesting an immediate fix (once again) of my actuator, and for them to fix the lowering dashboard on my passenger side that they installed incorrectly. I will be going to my congressman and the BBB to lodge a formal complaint if this doesnt get fixed asap.

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Worst customer service which took away my car. - 17 d ago


Pep Boys in Bakersfield on F st.. I can't believe what happen to me. I had repairs one by them in May of 2018 with my car at their location from April to May 2018. I agreed to have additional suggested repairs done to my vehicle while I went by home with one of the workers. I use this 2002 vehicle to visit my grand children who live from one part of California to another. I call several times to see if it was still okay to leave the car til I return for another visit. I am retired and a veteran. They had my key and money order for one of the repairs and was contacted on what day I was coming for my car. The day before I was to come I called and was told my car wasn't there maybe it was stolen they had no idea. I found out a few weeks ago the regional manager had it towed away and no one called or left a message. Now the towed company wants over three thousands dollars to give me back my car and they also say the tires are missing but I was never told this during any of my phone calls prior to he day before I came for the car.

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Jamie - 18 d ago

You people are gonna look funny in prison when the IRS comes and takes your entire stolen fortune away.

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Anonymous - 19 d 45 s ago

worst experience ive ever had. i had to hava an alternator put in my car. (which is an 1 to 2 hr job) my car has been there for THREE days!!

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Krystal Bowling - 20 d 18 h ago


Worst company ever! From the actual store in Callaway, FL all the way to corporate customer service. I bought 4 new tires and had them installed at my local Pep Boys. My experience from the start was not a good one. I went in and was told to come back in 2 hours and they could change my tires out. So I left came back in exactly 2 hours and was told NO that they would not have time that its a first come first serve basis. After a discussion they said that fine they would do it that day but at the end of the day, closing time 5PM So I waited the 2 hours and I was the last vehicle they served, it was completed by 545PM. Now this car is not my every day driver, so a few weeks pass and I decide to use the vehicle to drive to the airport for a trip I was making. I get half way to the airport and I start to hear a weird noise coming from the left front of the vehicle. I start to move right to get off the roadway to see what might be wrong, and as I do MY TIRE COMES OFF MY CAR!!! I'm down to 30% breaking power and slide down the side of the road almost killing myself and my passenger, finally coming to a stop on the roadside. I had to call Geico to tow my vehicle, and I had to use an Uber to get to my flight which I almost missed!. Geico towed the vehicle to the nearest dealership. I was then advised that the lug nuts were not tightened onto the wheel and that is why my tire came off while I was driving it!! I try for 4 days to contact my local pepboys via phone since I was out of the state. I could never get them to answer the phone. So when I returned home today I went to the store in person. I was given an "I don't care attitude" when I was asking who I needed to speak to regarding the incident. and told call corporate. When asking for the number, I was told I don't know. Just rude and uncaring that his technician's neglect almost got me killed! So I then call the corporate customer service number where I again got the I don't really care about your problem attitude. And was informed the only thing that I could do was to put in an official complaint against the local store! NOW I have to go through the further trouble of hiring a lawyer so that I can get my care fixed since no one at the company wants to actually do their job!

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Anonymous - 23 d 17 h ago


I want to let you know how wonderfully I was treated at the Pep Boys in Opelika, Alabama. Last Saturday there was a flooding rain in the area and I foolishly drove through a very deep puddle which pushed my bumper guard almost up under my tires. I drove about 15 miles an hour until I spotted the Pep Boys on Opelika Road. Abby, who was working the counter, saw how distraught I had become and, although the store was busy, found two servicemen who quickly took off the broken guard and sent me on my way.

It is rare to find such kind and caring service and I wanted you to know how very much I appreciate Abby and the service people who took care of me.

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Julie Alafa - 37 d 15 h ago


Why won't pep boys accept their own credit card online to purchase something? They will accept Visa, MasterCard and discover but won't take their own card. I don't understand .

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Kelly. - 40 d 14 h ago


Jan 8 2019. I would like to say what wonderful service I received today from Tom Chillin at your shop on Concord Pike Wilmington DE. When I arrived for my appointment there was a little misunderstanding about putting on new hub caps. Tom stepped up and took such nice control of the situation I was a little in shock. His kindness to me was such a great experience . I would like you to recognize his work and his customer relations. He is a real gentleman with kindness too. So Thank You Tom from Kelly

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Steve - 43 d 17 h ago


Traveling from Venice Fl. To Cincinnati Ohio in Dec. 2018 I had a battery light flash red on dash. I was near McDonough, Ga. And stopped at Pep Boys store # 1559. They put my car through a test and reported a bad alternator. They wanted to charge me $699.30 for the part and labor and $19.55 for a warranty. They indicated it would take 2 days to get the part. I thought the price was outrageous considering I could get the part from Auto Zone ot whatever for a out $135.00 retail. Since I could not wait in Georgia for 2 extra days I declined the "offer". Paid my $17.99 fir the test and left. I never saw the red light come on again . I turned off radio and heater and headed out. 500 .miles later in Cincinnati I took my Alternator to Auto Zone to. Buy a new one and the store said they would test the one I took off the car. You guessed it. Alternator was good. I have since returned to my Fla. Home driving the same car back with same alternator and have experienced no issues. Giant attempted RIP off of a guy with out of state plates. I first thought this might be an isolated instant but after reading other complaints on this website it appears no isolated but part of the corporate culture at Pep Boys to screw the public at every opportunity. Use them at your peril.

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Ron - 47 d 18 h ago

I had made an appt.(not a walk-in) to bring my wife's car in for a tire rotation.

At the service desk I told the manager that, for that day, I wanted only the rotation. I got the impression that this did not please the manager, but he took the keys.

But I indicated that, depending on other needs (brakes, suspension, tires, battery,etc.), I would be definitely be addressing other needed work soon, as the only time my I can get the car is when my wife is out of town. I STRESSED this.

1 1/2 hours later, the car was still sitting in its parking spot. I finally gave up and asked for the keys. The manager made no apologies or explanation. This indicated he wasn't interested in taking up a service bay for 15 minutes, when it would have definitely led to other needed other work (My wife drives it, so I am certain that, even at only 50 thousand miles, the brakes are about shot. Also, the battery is starting to fail on cold mornings, and the tires are getting thin).

A little work, alotta bucks his attitude pissed away.

Plus the future loss of a customer and anybody I can tell about this

I see the average rating the company has gotten. Well deserved, from my opinion.

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Anonymous - 48 d 17 h ago


Attn: Brian Bailey,

My name is Phil Broadnax (hidden))and my cousin Frank Harris purchased a set of tires for me over the phone from PEP BOYS at.... 9515 Chapel Hill Road, Morrisville, N.C. On 12/31/18 I was told to come into the store and have my tires installed, however; upon arrival and after waiting for (2) hours I was told that my tires were not delivered yet from New York. Even though I called the store prior to verify that my tires had been delivered and ready to be installed on my car. After the mix up Michael Carpenzano (Store Mgr... Store #6539) offered me a free oil change in the future for this mix up. I in term responded that after driving (12) miles one way and waiting for (2) hours in the waiting room that an oil change was an insult. He in turn offered to give me a free alignment check, this too was insufficient because my cousin already approved an alignment check if my car needed one. What upset me the most is that Michael NEVER apologized or communicated to me that he was sorry for the mix up regarding this issue. If it was left up to me I would CANCEL the tire order and PEP BOYS would never have to worry about me purchasing anything from them in the future. What would make me happy as a customer is a $100.00 deduction from the total on the tires, and nothing short of that.

PS.....Have a Blessed Day and Happy New Year

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Rico - 49 d 8 h ago


Worst service I've ever had!! Brought my car early around 10am today and the guy told me he would call me for the diagnostic results and estimate. I waited and waited the whole day but did not receive a call. I decided to go to the shop and the guy told me he didn't have a chance to check it. Damn, at least make a call to let us know.

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Anonymous - 53 d 16 h ago


(I am not a person to leave reviews, and with that said, I must warn a fellow review reader: DO NOT BRING YOUR CAR HERE). I brought my car in for a simple tire and oil change. No problems were reported then, (everything "looked good"). The very next morning I noticed a significant amount of liquids under my car (day after day the amount grew larger). I took my car back to Pepboys and asked them to take a look at it. To my surprise they stated I needed to replace the car's oil pan (gasket), costing roughly about $745. WHAT!

I asked one of the service guys if he thought it was bizarre that my vehicle was experiencing serve leaking the day after it gets an oil change from them. He just talked in circles. He explained the charges and even stated that I would have to pay for another oil change!

What a coincidence? No, what a joke! This Pepboys is shady and untrustworthy. They obviously damaged the thread of the oil drain plug in the process of reinstalling it back in the oil pan.

Bottom Line: The mechanics at Pepboys damaged my oil pan (gasket) and asked for $745 to repair their mistake. I will be taking this to corporate.

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Neil Teichman - 58 d ago

I took the day off from my an appointment with the Absecon store for tires 195/65/r15 ohtsufp7000 tires at $42.49 for rack I need 4 I get the place is a mess chick fly box on on the service desk my appointment was 10am and I was there 9:30 the guy that did not want bothered with this sale he said well edgwater park pep boys has it but we don't .my question is why would they make the appointment and not have the tires not mind you I took the day off so I'm not feeling pep boys I've been in the automotive industry for 40 years we as a dealership would never have customer come in and you don't have the product that's not right I can't wait to tell everyone how you guys do business you me as a customer

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Grandpa C - 67 d ago


Worsed service I have ever had . Service writer rude and argumentative. I'm done with Pep Boys,just for a simple oil change

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Robert Schmit - 58 d 18 h ago


I have had the same thing that happened to Grandpa happen to me. Not only way over priced but they screwed it up .supposed to go to moms for xmas but dont know if I can go now fuck pep boys.

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Greg Harris - 69 d 10 h ago


I own a 1979 Ford F150. I left it at your sbop this afternoon. I told the young man at the counter that my brake pedal went halfway dow when i put on brakes, and i hear a ro a ri g sound when the truck us moving. He said they would check it out. I waited about about 30 minutes and he tells me it the Master Cylinder and it would be about $250.00 and would take about 2 hours. I left and came back about 3 hrs later. He gives me a bill for $316.52. When i asked about the roaring sound he said they just did the brakes. This is not the same guy that checked me in. I pay with my credit card and go to my truck. Wben i started it up i noticed the vibration. I drove the truck home the brake pedal worked better but there was a vibration that wasnt there when i dropped it off. When i got home i called the shop. The young man that had waited on me answered the phone, when 8 explained to him the problem with my truck his reply was "we did the breaks, u know it is an old truck," and told me to bri g it back in and they would check it. I just spent $300 and the mechanic Jose A Rivera Colon did something that he was not suppose to do.

Now i dont trust leaving my truck at your store. I don't know if RACE or envy had something to do with or what, but i do know PEP BOYS F**ked with something on my truck that they had no bussiness messing with.

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El poblano - 70 d 18 h ago

Nut mal servicio

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Miton Nunez - 72 d 20 h ago


Your store in Los colobos puerto rico is ripping people off. I took my car in to have 4 tires mounted and balanced and when I got it back all of a sudden I get a low pressure tire light on. When I took the car back they tell me that two sensors are bad! They were not bad before. I am seriously disillusioned with this matter and not recommend this store ever again for services. I can be reached at (hidden) and my name is Milton Nunez

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Charlene Haris - 75 d 14 h ago


Had a lot of problems here ! From start to finish ! Still upset cause I spent 800 hundred dollars for some bull when I get the car still running the same ! Then The manager couldn't give explanation! Then The Area mangers was no better ! I need to speak with some one higher !

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Art Cunningham - 78 d 15 h ago


I give Pepboys a 0 rating. Went to get tires which were ordered, and was told could not be put on from Saturday at 4:30 pm. Until Monday afternoon. How can you not have people for almost 2 days to install 4 tires and nothing else. My cell number is (hidden) I hope someone from the corporate office can call me.

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Al - 84 d 13 h ago


Wow! Very disappointed at Pep Boy's at 6110 Sepulveda Blvd,Vannuy's,ca 91411 (hidden)." Do Not Use This Facility" They charged me for a Transmission Flush that they did not do. They ripped me off by only Changing my Transmission Fluid and adding Fluid to top it off. The Service Managers encourages his Technicians to steal when they can.I feel sorry for every Senior Citizen that goes to this pep Boy's because you know there mot getting what they pay for. Stay away from the Service Manager,a Salvador Rodriguez. Refer to case #601153. Note* We have reported them to the Automotive Repair Consumer Affairs if the State of California. See Case Filed on 9-15-2018. Hopefully this Facility gets shut down. So please do your home work and look at the pep Boy's Reviews and you'll see they have hundreds of cases filed against them for Fraud and Misconduct.False ,Fraudulent Work Orders. Again Stay away from Pep Boy's at 6110 Sepulveda Blvd.Vannuy's ,ca 91411. Telephone:(hidden). Refer to Case#601153 from 9-15-2018. There all Fucking Thrives at Pep Boy's. ( Where's Trump now? What happened to make America Great Again?

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