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Pep Boys

Manny Moe & Jack
3111 W. Allegheny Ave
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 430-9000
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Anonymous - 6 d 14 h ago

My name again is Sylvia Wilson I'm in Michigan. I been dealing with pep boys for years now. It seems to me that your pep boys repair shop can't seem to get the right alternator parts for my 2006 trail blazer. I have got this alternator replaced 3 time and still have the same problem. Tell what kind of parts do your company order. I'm very up set because this is 3rd months in a roll I been getting bad parts. Something has to be done about this problem and I'm paying for a charge card with you guys.. Bad Business.. Thank You Mad Customer. Sylvia Wilson

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CAROL Mclendon - 32 d 10 h ago

We are in Freeport One of the fastest growing cities in the USA right now. A straight shot from 10interstate fl. The center of the eamerald coast. Leads from the center of Freeport main rd. From , Destin , Panama City, Fortwalton, Santa Rosa Beach, Pensacola . Need oil changes. Tire service, auto service, Pep Boys would be great .860_307_7016 for Carol Mclendon P.S. You can also contact RussBarley Mayor of Freeport Walton Co.He can help you with all your business needs. Come look at a traffic count

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Yma "Bianca" Pearson - 38 d 17 h ago


Today is May 9th 2019. @830am

Today i realized i needed an oul change. I have a Fair car that pep boy's has a contract with. I called to see if space was available at the La Mirada California store #1440. The supervisor Naddy says come in as walk in & she fit me in. I got there less then 10 minutes. One person was here in front of me & i was told only one mechanic was there & it woyld take an hour before it would b able to b worked on. Which wasny the problem. The problem was the tone & attitude of the supervisor Naddy i believe is her name. Told me just like this, Next time make an appointment. Well it shouldnt matter if i have appointment no one is here ready to work & pep boys excepts walk ins. Its early enough to get seen plus nobody even here. I feel discriminated against cuz i just walked in & she began yalkn rudely from beginning. Yet othe person here who was of different race was not spoken to lime thar. I mentioned it to other worker & was told others have complained as well& nothn has been done apparently cuz she did it to me. I would like to b contacted if possible cuz would lime a report of action taken. This is unacceptable k nobody should b treated in this manner, customers or workers. Then she began ask8ng me to provide her with info that ur company should already have. U

Your company has contract with fair that means i bring in care u look up get info needed fix car & i drive off. I got interrogated about what stores ive been. Where & when ive been there. Ok i use pep boys only for fair uber purposes. I dont have record of which stores ive been to most times im on the go. This is not my job to keep track of that but she spoke to me as if im uneducated & a nobody. Which she will quickly find out i em someone. This is only store ive been to that this has happened. This is her job to figure out this info not mine. Also nothn else was being done so have nothing but time to find the info. I hope to here for some one soon cuz will certainly b hearing from me if not. Thank u. (hidden) is how u can contact me initially. If easier to talk plz ley me no.

Sincerely, Yma Pearson

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Jo Anne Hall - 42 d 8 h ago


I'm a Female Disabled Combat Army Disabled Veteran, and this email pertains how, for the3rd time now I have been robbed of my hard earned money, as I understand that Technicians are paid by the job and my tech is being paid well off of me. At this point you all have a Master Technician at that shop that needs to be fired, a very jittery-frail man from New York is my recollection. On a Sunday with tiring hot heat coming in through my vents, I seen that Pep Boys was the only hope to have my A/C unit at least looked at. So that was a month ago I came in and was diagnosed for needing a new blower motor, so then I CAME IN A LITTLE OVER A MONTH NOW FOR A HOT AIR, A/C PROBLEM and here it is past a month and yesterday 05/04/2019 I'M BACK AGAIN!! Only for me to AGAIN ride around with NO AIR circulating in my Buick. There is nothing wrong with my Buick other than needing 2 new tires, of course being offered 4 while going thru difficulties.

I have now to this point paid $800 for a total of 3 parts (a blower motor, actuator,and expansion valve) for one central location for my A/C to get fixed plus changed diagnosis fees as well. WHAT WHERE THEY DIAGNOSING? its very safe to say that I was severely discriminated due my race as well as my gender! After they told me on the 2nd visit that cant and don't check the ENTIRE A/C unit area in one visit and that only certain parts at time may go and that's the only focus. I asked if every time I come back in can there be a new part needed, he says: "Yes that can be s" That is incorrect to a large extinct and it is not my Part Time job I for free at to come into Pep By to get things done that weren't caught on the first trip. I am taking off the work to come in every time I call stating an issue I must drive across town after taking off. I cannot keep paying Uber. Or, I have to stay there for 3-4 hours waiting , if not. I'm missing money from my job that I cannot get back and that I need as a disabled person.

I could've gone to my dealer and just paid $200 extra dollars to have it dealt with but figured I'd go where I started the service. I should've known. Everyone else knows you only go to Pep Boys for brakes, oil changes. state inspections and maybe tire rotations. Why would you take someone's money if you dont specialize in A/C work?!! Are you all hiring crooks here? Those with drug addictions? he sat there looking right in my face on that 2nd visit and told me that this is all that I needs t be done and hey maybe it'll be something else he wouldn't know now. Then yesterday I double back to that hop and was told by the same technician that I should drive at highway speeds in the heat to see f the col air would kick in, guess what? It rained all the rest of the weekend!!!! No heat to even test his theory. Now what? NOW I go back t work this week and have an out of town visit to visit my sick Grandma states away and I will have this hot air automatically blowing out of my vents during the heated summer weather, which we are getting summer heat on some days here already.

SO BASICALLY: I dress up all nice for my job, hair done a little makeup I have leather seats in my car and the A/C is blowing in hot air up to 82 degrees!! WHY DONT I LEAVE MY CAR AT HOME AND JUST RUN TO WORK!! I pay a good amount on my car already, and car insurance and my personal bills and my healthcare AND helping my family...NOW I am shelling out $400 every time Pep Boy snap their fingers? WHY! Now see, I don't have no money to get real mechanic to fix my car, this summer will be so hot and I will be pouring down in my car and everywhere I go, showing up drenched in sweat. Would you want this to happen to you and your nice vehicles? But see you probably would go to your dealer for your service to be done and correctly. And, that says a lot! So a person is making the wrong move going to Pep Boys? I cant do this, I just cant keep things. I've essentially missed 3 days of work at this point, a planned visit down south to see my Grandma now, 9 hours collectively of my time, and approx over $1000 out of my pocket and I STILL AM HOT!! What is this issue.

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Anonymous - 45 d 16 h ago

I am a regular local business customer at the Pep Boys Moreno Valley, CA on Sunnymead Blvd. It is very noticeable the lack of Black employees at this store. It is prodominately Hispanic employees, supervisors and managers, although, the community is largely Black and Hispanic. I have seen the difference in treatment and how they speak/order to a new Black employee by the female Supervisor. What happened to fair & equality?

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Pamela - 46 d 12 h ago

For the pass 6 months I have had a terrible experiences with Pepboys trying to get an oil change before when the company was Direct Tires I had no problem whenever I got an oil change in Memphis TN the first location on Frayser Blvd and Hollywood st. And second location at Shelby Drive and Riverdale Rd. Both in Memphis TN. The problem is both locations hired white Prejudices Managers in mostly (75%) Black neighborhoods every time for 6 months I have been told they can not get to me or their appointments come first but there were NO cars are in the stalls. Someone is lying to their Corporate Office because it's No way these places are making the money that was made under the Black Managers when the company was Direct Tires I can never use my coupons because I can't get any service even after I have moved from the Frayser location to the Hickory Hill neighborhood please check into this matter because both Managers spoke to me with a very NASTY ATTITUDE in both locations this type of behavior was unprofessionally and un called for

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Anonymous - 47 d 16 h ago

I wanted to write a review for Pep Boys (San Jose, Story St.) but after reading ALL the HORRIBLE Reviews, I wanted to go to the Corporate Office to wake them up........they are HORRIBLE as well!!! Who has a vested interest in this Company? No one cares about all the incompetence? Three strikes and you're out, managers. Unnecessary revenue lost, all do to No One is Minding the Store. ????? There are good people out there who want good jobs, this place is a disaster, layer upon layer. Woe to the good ones, guess you'll have to look for other employment, too bad, running off good ones. No confidence here, really a terrible waste. Shame on the lazy, uncaring people in charge. Bad karma.

Edward in San Jose did his job, we appreciate the info re: batteries. Also, kind & polite.

These managers would never be able to keep their jobs with us.

MCH, former Host for Clint Eastwood, Carmel

PBH, former Head Pro/GM for Pebble Beach

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Just a good 'ol boy from Kentucky - 53 d 9 h ago


Reading these reviews is like keeping up with the Kardashian's reviews. A lot of disgust over a lot of greed. Luckily, I saw the red signs during the Pep Boys $1800 quote in the Denver, CO., store on Broadway and only had a little work done ($580 little) just so I could drive the car to get the rest of the work done for $400+ at another place. Still not cheap, but about $1000 (580+400) is better than $1800. Do NOT get your car towed here, that really sends up the $$$ smoke signal signs to Corporate in PA. I believe it is "We got one on the hook, boss"

Really a shame. Probably some good people who work there way up a little, then get told by the area managers and VP's "push sales $'s" gotta meet those ridiculous monthly, quarterly and annual budgets and forecasts or else find another job or get fired. And the rest of us are on the other end of it feeling that push I used to work in Corporate greed accounting in manufacturing. My guess is we are nearing month end and maybe they are a little behind on that April 2019 forecasted/budgeted sales $? Sounds like they are behind every month based on the reviews. Come on PEP Boys. Where is the pride for good, fair work? Make Manny, Moe and Jack proud.

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Taken advantage of - 55 d 10 h ago


Back in June of 2018, I brought my car to Pep Boys in Manchester, CT to have the brakes looked at. They informed me that I needed new brake pads, rotors and calipers for my front and back brakes and it was going to cost me 1500.00, which I thought was OUTRAGEOUS. At the time I did not believe I needed back brakes so I told them they could replace the front brakeswhich cost me roughly 850.00which I also thought was OUTRAGEOUS. I wasn't in a position to shop around since I knew they were bad and I needed them fixed right away.

Fast forward to February 2019, 8 months later. My brakes are making a grinding noise. I'm thinking it's probably the back brakes since I just had my front brakes done at Pep Boys only 8 months ago. I took my car to the Hyundai dealership in Manchester and they informed me that not only did I need back brakes but I also needed front brakesI said, "No way! I just had my front brakes done. Pep Boys replace the pads, the rotors and even the calipers in June!" The Hyundai mechanic told me he would call me back. He checked the front brakes. He said the front brakes hadn't been touched and the calipers were the original calipers to the car. He also said that my brake pads had been worn down to 2mm which would be impossible to do in only 8 months, and it didn't look like my rotors had been touched either. It sounds to me like the mechanic at Pep Boys, who worked on my car, charged me for absolutely nothingand I am not happy. I am a single mother with two children and I trusted that Mechanic to fix my brakes. If something had happened and those brakes gave out and if I had injured someone else or myself or my children due to faulty brakes, Pep Boys would have been responsible.

I have contacted customer service. They responded with an apology. They requested any documentation I could offer along with dates and addresses, which I sent. I sent over the invoices from Pep Boys and from Hyundai. I also sent them the name, email address and number of the mechanic at Hyundai who said he would speak to them on my behalf. Pep Boys said they would get back to me within 48 hours. That was weeks ago. Since then I have emailed them 4 times and I have received no response. I am only asking to be reimbursed for the work they didnt do, which I think is more than fair.

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Dee mertes - 53 d 13 h ago

Took our Hyundai in for an oil change #1544 3/18/19. After driving home there has been oil on our garage floor. Took it in to Chrysler in Winona they drained the oil and refilled it. Still leaking all over the garage floor. Took it back an found out the pan has been cracked.. we are now disputing the charges with our credit card. To fix what your young kid did to our 2 yr old car is $445. Actually the manager was also rude to us. What would you like to do with this problem.?

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Fred Sager - 55 d 6 h ago


I posted the following comments on Nextdoor, Fort Worth, TX 76135 to Greenfield Acres and 43 nearby neighborhoods:

"JEREMY and ALEC deserve to be recognized. They are a Great Asset to Pep Boys. Thank you both for the concern and immediate attention you gave me, replacing my tail light bulb and saving me from a ticket."

Employees having the Customer- I Care attitude like JEREMY and ALEC make a corporation GREAT. They are PEP BOYS.

Thank you! Fred Sager

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Anonymous - 59 d 24 m ago


I went to Pepboys as my inspection was due in two weeks and I had three lights on my dashboard (engine, VSC & 4WD). I was told that my car would pass inspection after changing out the sensor for the engine light and that replacing all three would be very expensive. Just to replace the engine sensor the estimate was $529.00 which was more money than I had at the time. The technician assured me that it would fix the engine sensor and even called out to a fellow employee to confirm that fixing only the engine sensor would allow my car to pass inspection. I agreed and charged the repair on a credit card thinking at least I could get my car inspected even thought the cost was more money than I actually had. However, in less than 24hours...ALL THREE LIGHTS ON MY DASH BOARD CAME BACK ON!! I was so angry knowing I had no more money to take the car any place else. I called Pep Boys and they said..oh, yeah I told you the lights might come back on..didn't you do your research?? But you can bring it back and and we'll do another diagnostic and see what codes come up this time and not charge you the additional $89. So, I'm out $529 and I have the same issue..and now I have to find someone else to look at my car. THANKS PEP BOYS WHAT LIERS!!!

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Miles hooper - 62 d 15 h ago


I went to pep boys on 3550 el cajon blvd, san diego and they said I needed a rotor job with brake job and my mom suzi at (hidden) paid 600$ and then I got my new tire as well and was called 2 hours early to pick up car and the brake job was left undone and were squealing the next day and brakes were still stuttering/jumping/catching.

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sonya - 75 d 14 h ago


worst company ever I called and gave them the type of car I have for oil change and they gave me the price with a discount!! i made the appointment and when my husband got there they gave him a different price and told him it would be an hour wait, but if he paid the full price they would do it right away, he told them never mind you guys are bunch of scammers and left. I will never go back and will tell everyone I know how horrible they are, nothing but liars.

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Michelle - 79 d 16 h ago


I'm at pep boys in Tilliams corner in Mobile Alabama came in for oil change at 9:30 am and I'm still here now they just told me they have to go get oil filter this is unacceptable and will never come back nor will I recommend.

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Anonymous - 79 d 16 h ago

Leave, that's ridiculous.

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Anonymous - 81 d 8 h ago

and this is why I Pep Boys commercial accounts are finding other places to go yesterday I picked up an alternator before a vehicle that is in Panama City where we're done some work I gave the wrong information got the wrong part called my commercial account person and told them what happened and I would be on my way from Panama City commercial accounts was fixing to close she said she would pull it for me I made it back with 7 minutes to spare but I guess it was too close to closing time nobody wanted to look for it and said they couldn't help me that's a load of crap

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M. Matthews - 83 d 15 h ago

Went for an oil change told them I was a reward member, they claimed they knew nothing about it. My car they claims my car takes synthetic oil. Years ago Jiffy Lube changed my oil and they also ha coupons, But I did locate my coupon, I also had a coupon for my brakes but it was home and I needed the. When I located my coupon, it was not honored because it was the next day. I am a senior citizen and you would think they would extend a courtesy. Not happening.They dont even offer it.

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MARC - 89 d 12 h ago


had my small pick up get front brakes ; after 3 days of waiting ,i finally got in my pick up ,drove home .only to find my hoo! release cable had been broken and that no one filled up the brake cyl reservior ! unaceptable workmanship and customer relations (after talikg to the mgr&to the district mgr /I GOT NOWHERE!

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Don - 93 d 7 h ago


Had my car towed in because it died on the road. Tech said I needed new connectors for battery and connector for the chassis because it was grounding out. Took car home and no new connectors and all that was done is 6 in of electrical tape and a $200 bill. Unbelievable.

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MG - 119 d 14 h ago


My experience with Pepboys as an employee for 4 months with my manager (Enrique ) , was not professional in his part. I had to deal with him saying stuff behind my back and hearing it from other employees. When i brought it up to him he did not deny it , i dont think thats professional on his part as a manager. In the 4 months i was there im the 3rd person that has left. I always did my job but but he said i was "lazy" while him and the other advisors were always sitting there on their phones.

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Anonymous - 93 d 19 h ago


Seems to happen to all the good one

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mike asato - 95 d 16 h ago

I brought my 2007 Ford F150 to have my Power steering pump flushed. After the service I drove it around for about 8 weeks. I open the hood to check the battery and noticed that the reservoir cap on the Power steering pump was missing and that the fluid had sprayed underneath the hood staining the fiber board and splashed fluid all over the engine. I live on a dirty dusty road and started to worry about my power steering pump being contaminated with dirt in debris. I made contact with Pep Boys & they told me to bring it in. They inspected the car and noticed that the Power steering cap was located in front of the grill. He sent me to another facility to have it flushed. They flushed the unit and told me that I would need to contact Pep Boys directly in order to have my truck repaired and fixed correctly. My only request was too have the engine cleaned, the fiber board underneath replaced, and a new steering pump installed. The claims department in my area is apparently run by 'Francine'. After weeks of hashing it out the only thing they were willing to do was clean my engine and replace the fiberboard underneath the hood. They would not replace the power steering pump even though there is debris embedded deep inside the pump itself which could cause damage to the seals. I am now seeking to take Pepboys to a small claims court in order to have this fixed appropriately. Pep Boys should be ashamed of themselves for having service techs who are negligent as well as customer service Representatives who are unwilling to help consumers who were wrong by Pep Boys in the first place. For 3 days I have been trying to get Pepboys to tell me their corporate address in order to send papers for a court trial. You can guess the response I got. Nothing. Shame on your Pep Boys. I'm taking your butt's to court.

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Bettyann - 99 d 14 h ago


I made an appointment to get a tire, oil change, alignment and inspection. They did not have the tire and made a 7am appointment for me today (Saturday). I was here and at 9:30 am noticed my car was still in the lot. I went to the desk and asked what was going on and was told they do not do inspections by appointment, it was against the law in Virginia. I pulled up the Virginia code to show him (presuming he could read) that was NOT TRUE. Told him to forget the inspection and just get the rest done. It is now 1:30 and I am still here. The man I saw on the previos day had put a not on the top of my sheet to do an inspection. This jerk said he did not care what someone else did. I do not understand why I was here at 7am. I have been a previous customer and will NEVER come back here. I would not give the 1 star.

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Charles - 100 d 15 h ago


I am writing in regards to a claim that Pep Boys has acknowledged responsibility for but has done very little to resolve this matter. Due to the lack of effort by the Pep Boys claim department, Rhonda Grant in particular, I will be taking legal action against Pep Boys very soon. Pep boys is responsible for my 2017 Sonata engine seizing up. The technician did not properly install the oil pan drain plug and my engine seized shortly after the oil change. Pep Boys did acknowledge responsibility but has done little to nothing to resolve this matter. I now have to come out of pocket to pay for my engine replacement and towing.

I purchased a series of oil changes from the car dealership when I bought my car and the oil change service was to be performed by Pep Boys so I only take my cars to Pep Boys for oil changes. I will never have my cars serviced at Pep Boys again not because of the mistake but because of the lack of concern, care or communication by the Pep Boys claims department. I am hoping that someone within Pep Boys sees this and takes it upon them to do the right thing and contact me to resolve this matter.

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