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Pep Boys

Manny Moe & Jack
3111 W. Allegheny Ave
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 430-9000
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Pep Boys Ring Scam Busted! - 1 d 5 h ago


I was returning back home after house seating my daughter residence for an 7 days vacation. As I loaded my personal travel bags and food items I hit the road. As I am about 1/3 on the road trip back home my brakes are down to the floor. I am immediately looking out for a mechanic shop and planning on pulling into the first shop into my hometown of Harlingen Texas I spotted a Pep Boys. As I drove into their empty open brake garage slot the mechanics immediately raise my vechicle it's up in the air. They say they need to keep my vechicle for two day I arrived at 3:30 p.m. for brake work only the brake fluid is leaking they say everything has to be replaced. .They purposely set me up for THIEF, they do not accommodate me to retrieve my personal bags. ThE manager, mechanic, all employees are out of sight or busy. I stand waiting at the counter for assistance nobody comes and I am the only one waiting. Well on the next day to pick up my vechicle I immediately check for my GPS under the seat its MISSING and my jewlry in my personal travel bag Missing ! I made a police report immediately of approximately GPS $450.00 and $5,000 33 karats amethyst stones jewelry set. I live on the road constantly. I transport airospace equipment I am a female truck driver travel 150,000 miles across the USA to the launch centers in Cape Canaveral Florida and Air Force Base in Vandenberg. And for the management to conduct themselves as thievies is way UNPROFESSIONAL they ran shank my vechicle dropping my items on the floor keys, logs, paperwork, as if rushing thru my vechicle. I immediately notice things were out of place and turn over in my vechicle. I help put satellite in orbit and rockets built for space and for these small mind individuals to think they will get away is a real joke. Remember I had put eyes on my vechicle while I was away and you and your buddies friends that are in your scam ring will be caught. The location of #760 Pep Boys is 2321 North Expressway 83, Harlingen, TX 78552 it's by Dixieland Rd. and Harlingen Texas Shopping Mall

Store Manager Jose Galvan

Asst. Manager Joel

Ph. (hidden)

Ph. (hidden)

Call those phone numbers let them know among Pep Boys management and mechanic and staff they are unscrupulous individuals (thieves) that works on their customers. It's an inside job ring they tip off the main target hits on vechicles as they sit parked. Vechicle hAve been stolen within 30 minutes its a big SCAM ring going on nation wide in the USA. Your vechicle is made available to the thief! They are made to have access to the driver side & passenger side door. My vechicle doors were locked at all times and the doors were locked only can open with use of key and my vechicle doors were all unlock when I pick up my vechicle. So who gave access to my vechicle? Well next store video capture all the action on my vechicle. It's a matter of time and these employee and friends of Pep Boys will be visiting each other in prison for auto thief. Trust me nobody will get away from your wrong doing my vechicle. You will be seeing me in court cuz of this injustice and I am seeking justice for your wrong doing! I want my GPS returned and my jewlry. You stole something that belong to my deceased husband his GPS he was a truck driver for 30 years worked transporting airospace equipment for NASA and United Launch Alliance. Your only mistake here I am NOT gonna give up and you pick the wrong women to mess with. A District Judge got my story so pessure will come your way. You best hire the best town attorney is my advise to Pep Boys emplyee's.

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JRH - 37 d ago


Pep Boys in OKC on Memorial Ave. lost our vehicle. After a service check - No record of it ever being towed or removed from their lot. They have not responded to repeated calls to their store or corporate office, where their customer relations staff have repeatedly told me I would receive a call within 24 business hours. It's been 3 months since this started. No response to social media messages, etc. I have done everything I can, which I should not have to, to reach out to them to give me an answer and yet they can not be responsive. It is now time to go to the local news stations and post everywhere I can think of so that customers quit using them!

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Pep Boys Managers are thievies. - 1 d 8 h ago


It's a scam from within inside!

It's several player as scammed that are in position to disrespect your personal space and your vechicle.

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Shashikant pandurang dhongade - 5 d 6 h ago


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Kristina Adams - 7 d ago


We went to store #162 to get a patch for our tire that got a nail. We checked in at 12:45 and were told it would be done in the 30 minutes. 50 minutes later I waited in line to inquire on the new ETA since my vehicle had not even been moved yet. They told me my oil change would be a whole. I reminded them that I was only in for a patch and had been told 30 minutes. They pulled my car around and said they'd do it right away. 30 minutes later and they still hadn't touched it. There was a sign on the counter saying that the store managers card had his cell phone number. I tried calling but it was actually the store's number and nobody answered. I went into the service bay and told them I wanted my cat back and we left with no service after waiting more than an hour and a half with 3 young kids who were very disappointed. If they had only been honest with us from the beginning we could have planned our day.

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Walmart For The Win - 7 d 4 h ago


Addison Texas horrible!!!!!!

I ordered a tire online July 20th to be delivered the same day. I get an email saying the tire was delivered at 16284 Midway Rd, Addison, TX 75001 only to be told it never arrived. I called the next day, Saturday in the 11am hour and was told by William it was in. I arrive around 6:20pm to be told the tire is not there. William found a comparable tire at another store which I agreed to purchase. The store employee didn't arrive back with the tire until 7:25pm. William said they couldn't put the tire on because they closed at 7pm and technicians were already going home. "You don't know how to put a tire on?" I asked which he replied he did. After hearing him say he knew how but didn't offer to do it, I no longer wanted to do business with Pep Boys, namely this store. As I walked to the car I saw at least 2 techs still working. Being inconvenienced for both Friday and Saturday, one would assume 1 of the 3 employees could've changed the tire. I had been there 40 min before closing waiting on Pep Boys to come up with a tire that an email said arrived the day before, Friday. I did my part as a customer and was inconvenienced by this store. I emailed (hidden) over 2 weeks ago and I never received a response back. No wonder this store lacks professionalism when the service manager doesn't even return complaints from potential customers. WALMART FOR THE WIN!

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John, Joy Mudry - 7 d 6 h ago


Obviously, the head corporation at Pep Boys never reads these comments or ratings, or there would be change. We had a similar incident as many of these people at Pep Boys in Tallahassee, Fl yesterday. They put in an AC unit in our Buick, and it kept going out on us. We have a son who has Cystic Fibrosis and can't handle the heat without getting sick. The Pep Boys on Apalachee Pkway did great - stayed over to finish, very polite and courteous. But yesterday the AC guy there was out, so we took it to one on Capital Circle. STAY AWAY from that one. The manager was supposed to call us to tell us what was wrong. He never did. When we called we learned that it had never even been looked at. The assistant manager (who should be manager!) apologized over and over. We left it there with the assurance that it would be first in line this morning. I called the manager at 8:00. "They're looking at it now. I'll call you back in an hour." No call back. We called at 10:00 and got a counter girl. "I'm swamped with people in front of me. Call back." We did 30 minutes later, and finally talked to the manager. Told us the problem, and wanted us to leave it. By then though, I had read all these reviews. There was no way in hell we would leave our car at Pep Boys. We will also NEVER take a car to Pep Boys again!!!!!!! Head guys, start reading these comments and get a clue. You are losing money by trying to get rich off everyday people. Never again!!!!!!!!! (rated one star because of the other store - however, they obviously missed something since this is the 3rd time we've tried to get it fixed.)

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Craig Hilton - 8 d 7 h ago


This is Craig Jones or my real name is Craig Hilton, 613 Market st. Sunbury, Pa 17801.

I have written you before. As a child they drilled it into my head to call the Pep Boys if I ever needed anything. That was about the year 1964. Well I am finally asking for the help.

Can you rescue me from where I am and get me in control of investments?

Remember I hired Howard Hughes to work for me at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

Pres Eisenhower was my legal guardian, he told me that I owned the NFL.

It was my money that Started Disney. Will you help?

Remember I was shot and kidnapped as a child by Paul Jones of Shamokin Pa and for the last 60 years I would have fought anyone who tried to tell me that I was a Hilton.

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Betrayed - 11 d ago


My recent experience with PEP BOY's has been noting but stressful, misleading and caused severe hardship on me.

I received poor customer service, misleading information and pressure at a time that I was most vulnerable because I needed my car repaired.

After getting mechanical advise from outside competitors, I found that the pressure was only in an effort to get more money out of me that had noting to to do with the repair.

This type of service has tempted me to go into more detail with the Better Business Bureau in an effort to have Pep Boys investigated. This has also tempted me to share my experience with a local TV station to spread the word of the services Pep Boys renders to their customer.

In conclusion and prevent a book about my experience. Note: Pep Boys lost all my trust.

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PEP BOYS TO THE RESCUE! - 11 d 37 s ago


Dear PEP Boys Corporate:

I want to sincerely thank the team at your Bakersfield California PEP Boys store on 4605 Planz Road. They really helped me during a time of need!

I was driving back from my daughters wedding in Palm Springs and was coming down a very steep grade on the Grapevine and suddenly had a tire fail. It did not blow out but just suddenly lost air. I was lucky enough to coast and get off the freeway at the base of the mountains.

I had to wait about 3 hours to get a tow, and as it was getting late I was concerned that I would not be able to find anyone to replace my tire. During my tow across town, I was able to speak with your facility on Planz Road and they promised to wait for me even though they were supposed to be closing soon. As I had another 5-6 hour drive ahead and needed to get home, their tremendous care and service was greatly appreciated. A real team effort. PEP Boys saved my day and helped me get back on the road and make it home.


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Michael Jones - 12 d ago


I would like to commend the manager and bring to your attention the excellent work of Store #1545 in Pensacola Florida. On Sunday, August 8, 2018 at around 4:00 pm I noticed that I had a tire going flat. It was very hot that day and I have cancer, which makes very me fatigued. I pull into Pep Boys right at getting off time. The store manager did not hesitate. Your employees took the truck and repaired the flat in a short amount of time. Please reward these employees for the attention to commerce and their kindness.

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mrs. roberts - 15 d 18 h ago


what happen to the manager in Salem ma the manager that was bald he always help me I think his name was John he is very good to old people . he was very helpful to me. I went in there not one person help me . and the store was not clean , sale person that help me had bad breath I did leave and went somewhere else.

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Jeffrey Rutherford - 22 d ago


Made the MISTAKE,of ordering a trailer hitch, wiring harness and draw bar, online.Was, very promptly e-mailed confirmation,of my order, and even an appointment for installation. Draw bar,and wiring harness were shipped to the store (#1554) in Conyers, Ga, and the hitch, to store #1566, in Monroe, GA. Something did not compute, so I called store 1566,and they new NOTHING ABOUT THIS. NO, they didn't have the hitch, and,in fact DO NOT DO HITCH INSTALLATIONS. Called cust (non) serv - they insisted that hitch was sent to Monroe store - back & forth with Mark (Monroe store mgr) and cust (NON) svc - who ASSURED me, that hitch HAD, in FACT, been delivered to Conyers store, and was there WAITING for me. You GUESSED it - NOT TRUE. Mark, from Monroe,was TRYING to be helpfull, got hold of someone,at the warehouse, and was ASSURED, that it would be on his delivery, for TODAY (FRIDAY, 07/27). NOT THERE ! ! ! Once AGAIN, called cust (NON) svc, explained problem, and asked for someone, in MANAGEMENT, as I was TIRED of being JERKED AROUND! The lovely, and (not so) GRACIOUS Ms Rachel, left me on HOLD, until the line cut off. I WILL get to the bottom of this - IF I don't have a STROKE FIRST ! ! !

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Mike fowler - 23 d 2 h ago


Pepboys on south Cleveland ave fort myers Florida, really poor customer service i will never deal with them again they are extremely rude and just a really horrible store I don't know who the manger is but in my opinion I would fire every staff there and start over

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Lyndon Abbott - 31 d 6 h ago


Pep Boys,

I take my work vehicle to Pep Boys at 3490 E Sunset in Las Vegas, friendly counter staff, helpful and generally just a great experience. My wife's car need a brake inspection and work so since she's disenchanted with the garage we've been using, I talk her into driving to the closest Pep Boys to our home this past Saturday, it is at 4155 S Jones Las Vegas. We walk into a small line but have an appointment not an issue, we observe a Caucasian male about 40 and a Hispanic male about 35 with huge pissed off attitudes. They were grumpy and rude, it seemed like they didn't want to be there and there were a lot of funny looks being exchanged by the other patrons. We leave with the assurance that it will take 20-30 minutes to diagnose and we'll get a call. Two hours later I call them and wala, she needs pads all around and rotors all around, can't be machined. It's a relatively new Honda Accord with 21,000 miles and I"m more than suspect of the rotors and the info that they're worn out and can't be machined but I suck it up and tell them to do the work. Two hours later I call them back and the guy on the phone says that he was about to call me and it's all done. We return and are waited on by a black man in a white shirt he appeared to be the manager. I attempted to make small talk with him and he acted like I wasn't even speaking. He never greeted me, answered any of my questions or thanked me for my business. I was not loud, argumentative or disrespectful at all, total normal conversation and I got crickets. I have no idea what the problem is at this location, its very large and very busy but I have no idea why. We will not be back and fully intend to get the word out to our friends on social media about the horrible customer service. You gentlemen have a real problem at this store.

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Anonymous - 32 d 8 h ago

Many Americans have visited your store's upon entering and request for services we've discovered thatas an American in America we are the minority while the latino nation whom your businesses employs appears to show favoritism to

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Anonymous - 38 d 19 h ago


The pep boys in Chino at 11980 Central Ave. claims to close at 8:00 PM. Myself along with three other customers were here at 7:45 PM lights are on employees cleaning up. Doors are locked. And did not allow any customers to come into the store before 8 PM what kind of businesses. Another customer just showed up at 7:55 PM stores closed at 7:45 PM maybe corporate should take another look at Store hours. And change their store hours on the door and on their website. Go to AutoZone people!

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Sherrill P - 48 d ago


I have just had the single worst customer service experience of my lifetime (I am 73)! Pep Boys Store #815 in Vallejo, CA. Less than a year ago I bought four new tires for $800 at a Pep Boys Store in Rancho Cordova. I was out of town house/dog sitting for friends, and my TPMS light came on indicating low tire pressure. I also wanted to have the tires rotated. I attempt for 45 minutes to call the store in Vallejo to find out about service. No one answered the phone, so I traveled to the store. I was told it would be a four hour wait, someone could take me home but I would have to get a ride back. I decided to make an appointment, thinking that would give me some service priority. Thursday, June 28, at 11:00 am arrived for appointment. Service requested was tires and valve stems to be checked, rotate tires, reset TPMS light and I added an alignment. Sat in store for almost 4 hours. Paid and went out to my van, and the driver front tire looked low. I asked to speak to the mechanic, who assured me he checked pressure, valves, etc. Five minutes down the road, the TPMS light came on. I called the store and was told I would have to come back, and that there was a 50/50 chance they could reset it, it might need to be done by a dealer. I informed him I would come back the next day. Went out to the vehicle on Friday and front tire was totally flat. Called AAA, their driver insisted on towing me to Pep Boys instead of putting on the spare. Called to let me know I was coming in. Arrived at 11 am. Waited 3 hours for them to look at my tire and tell me it was ruined and I would have to buy a new tire, but they didn't have my tire in stock and would I buy one with a different tread. I said no, can't you call a sister store to see if someone has my tire. He will have to send a manager to get the tire. I sit there for two more hours, no update and no info. It is now after 4. I said why can't you put on my spare and I can come back when the tire is here. Took another hour. JR said to call him at 10 on Sat to see if the tire had arrived. During this time I asked another employee who is the manager of the store? He said he was one of them? (one of them)??? Repeated my story to him he said he would look into it, he went into the back and never returned. On Saturday called at 10, on hold 30 minutes, informed the tire had not arrived but should be on the 11 delivery schedule from that store. I took my van in and left it at the store at 10:20 and went shopping with a friend. No one ever called me during that time to let me know if the tire had arrived or not. Returned to the store at 1:30, tire is not there. Waited until 3:30, no one comes to give me a status, talk to me, etc. Went to the back area and asked if my tire had arrived. Was informed it was there. at 4:30 still no update. Went to check out, six people in line, no one taking care of them. I found my envelope, took my keys, and left. Although I know that this was wrong, I can't tell you the anger I had.over 13 hours wasted and three days just to be a tire fixed/replaced? The phone rings and rings and they evidently don't have the staff to answer it. They never explain to customers what is happening or why, they just let me sit and stew. They lied to me numerous times about the new tire coming from a sister store. They have no followup and no customer service skills. I believe they have very poor management, poor to minimal customer service training, and they just flat don't care that customers are so unhappy. I listened to one complaint after the next in the waiting room. We have choices when it comes to buying tires or having maintenance work done and I will never enter another Pep Boys, and I will tell everyone I know to stay away.

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Sharon - 48 d 4 h ago


Very Poor is my rating for Pep Boys located at 3780 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, Ca 95117. (hidden).


I had new set of tires put on and aligned in April 2018. Sam the service manager helped me. I explained that my air conditioning unit needed to be done and fix, the 100,000 mile tuneup and all the struts and shocks needed to be replaced. I explained to him that I would come in, in approximately 6 weeks to do it all. He assured me that the would do it, well, timely and no appointment was needed or required. I came in at about 9 am on June 9, 2018 for the work. I said up front I had to be done and out of there by 4:30 PM no later. Alejandro and Sam assured me that this was plenty of time and not to worry. Sam was there working on something but assured me all was in good hand and would be taken care of. Alejandro was very calm and prodessional. My vehicle sat parked for 4 hours and 15 minutes before work started. 2 hours were spent on the shocks and struts. I inquired 2 times as to the progress of my car. Each time assured it was on schedule and that 2 mechanics were working on it. Not true because I could see everything through the waiting room glass. At 4-4:15 they started working on the air conditioning unit. I asked to speak toSam who left hours before. Carlos lecture in a condescending tone about spark plugs, 2 people working all day on it, many cars in front of mine....... I explained my time problem and that the primary reason I was there was the air conditioner unit and why did it sit for 4 hours 15 minutes. Carlos was rude, unprofessional, lecturing and then went behind my back and told the mechanics to stop work without my consent, discussion or approval.

I paid out $1100+ for agrevation, and the main work not even done.

I emailed Sam 2 times and called him 4 times with no response or answer. I should definitely have a refund.

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HickoryC - 52 d 6 h ago


June 24 11AM appointment at Pep Boys, 1421 Gause, Slidell, LA 70458 to have almost new tire repaired due to a small hole in center of tread. Three hours later observed young female tech looking at tire she has bolted onto SUV without fixing leak. She states that she could not find the leak, mounted tire, was going to tell us no leak found. However, tire losing one pound per minute so she removes tire and looks at it. My wife tells her to Inflate tire, pour soapy water on it, and air will cause bubbles at hole. (My wife had already done this at home but her marks were gone). The tech listened with her ear to the tire, then felt with her finger. She then went to get a drill. She came back, (tire has now deflated some), thinks this might be the spot, drills a rather large hole in the tire. She missed so she states that there are two holes (true: a very large one she made, and the original small hole quite close). Service writer states he will supply a non-matching tire for half price which is his way of admitting that the girl tech has ruined our tire. He goes on to say that our tire was discontinued 3 or 4 years ago. We tell them to put the doughnut spare on and leave with the ruined tire. We take it to NTB where they confirm this almost new tire is ready for the tire graveyard. It cannot be patched or plugged. Our examination of the tire shows it was manufactured November 2016 at Michelin plant in Charleston SC. We bought this SUV January 2017 new. Anywhere one searches on the web one finds that tire Michelin Energy Saver A/S 235/55R17 99 M+S 480 A B is still being made and it is a very popular tire which several vendors offer within 3 days. It has now been 72 hours since this happened. Today, Pep Boys corporate replied stating they will get back to us within 48 hours. We called corporate, were told area rep is Lenin Colon and that he will call us within 24 hours. Anyway one looks at it, it is going to be 7 to 10 days before we are able to get our SUV back in service; and we have no inkling if Pep Boys will make us whole again. I suggested that they simply cut us a check for $220. This will be insufficient to cover all of our costs.

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Anonymous - 52 d 19 h ago

Never going there again. Spent 300 dollars in april to get it fixed for over heated 3 weeks later over heated again got stuck on the interstate smoke coming out. Took it back to pep boys in Hueytown al. Tuscaloosa al they all kept saying theres nothing wrong with it. Its fine. It wasnt fine. That car died. I want my money back. Id love to sue them.

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Pepboys is a ripoff - 53 d ago


I was just in pepboys and witnessed a man get told if he bought his own parts theyd fix his tire.he walked to autozone and got parts came back all to be told they werent going to fix his tire because they had to get parts.i video all of it.i recorded a black mechanic tell the white gentleman that the black manager only did that cuz he was racist..the store location is at. Park avenue near white station in memphis tn..i witnessed 8 customers get up and leave.they were rude tio the customers and all black crew racist as hell..i will be posting this on fb for all to business is cars and I'll never recommend that store to anyone.I'm well known here so my influence brother is a big wig at autozone when i see him he'll see all this.and yes all 8 customers that left agreed to testify on his behalf.i know the most popular attorney in memphis and he will be contacted.I've got proof they are price neighbor paid 110$ for a fuckin oil change!!!!the gentleman they try to screw,i followed him home.he fixed it hisself and pep boys wanted 1100.00$...i will not stop till that racist crew is fired or the store is shut down..i use to send 50% of business I'll never send a soul.i know our local news channel I'm going there and showing the video i have of the sorry black manager.and some black woman who worked there. Cussing.they treated that customer horrible..your store will never get good bussiness here again.i know tons of the rich i do business with...those black racist can piss off and so can yall

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Milewski Michael - 55 d ago


I bought a new tire on fri of last week for 70.00 dollars in Crestwood il so i went back there today to get the other tire yhey were booked so i went to pep boys in Chicago ridge il to get the other tire done i ask them if they can match the price i payed friday they told me no so i walked out i will never ever use your company again and i will not recommend pep boys to no one

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Kia K - 60 d 8 h ago


I have a tire changed at the pep boys in Norristown, Pa and a few days later the tire flew off on the highway because it was not secured, resulting in the bolts and lug nuts snapping off of the hub. The damage done was extensive requiring body work. Poor service could have cost myself and others our lives.

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Steve - 66 d 33 s ago


I had my truck serviced for an oil change at the store in Tampa on Gunn Hwy. I was very disappointed that none of the fluids were checked such as the windshield washer fluid. Also about a month after service I noticed oil leaking from my truck. I brought it to a different oil change place and they checked for any leaks. What they found was my oil cap had not been put on tight. If I hadn't notice the oil, this leak would have continued until my engine was ruined. This kind of service is unacceptable and I will never trust your company to work on any of my vehicles again.

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