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PETCO Animal Supplies Stores, Inc.
9125 Rehco Rd.
San Diego, CA
(858) 453-7845
(858) 784-3489
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Danielle D - 8 h 50 m ago


I recently visited the Waterfront location in Pittsburgh. I was greeted by the young woman at the register. She was very pleasant. I was approached by an employee who asked if I needed assistance or had any questions about nutrition. I did. She took me around the store and was explaining nutritional info. The next thing I know, I heard an employee on her phone behind us complaining about staff. It made me feel uncomfortable. When I was at the check out, the cashier was exceptionally nice. She asked if I found everything and if I had any questions. I did and I had received the info I needed. At the end of the transaction I noticed the employee who previously had been on her phone complaining about coworkers. I asked the cashier about who she is.

She is the dog trainer. I was appalled. I had previously considered bringing my puppy in for classes but after that display, I will not. Absolutely disrespectful. She should be ashamed of herself for using that language in regards to coworkers while working. In front of coworkers and customers.

Petco should be embarrassed by her lack of respect and disrespectful disposition.

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Ashley W - 3 d 39 m ago


I will never be returning to any Petco after today never Flint again. I come in so often I buy food I get my dogs groomed my mother and husband's mother use the grooming salon our family was going to get a chameleon I buy crickets for my spider. I will be a faithful PetSmart shopper from now on since they're next door with a salon I'm happy to recommend. I was SO RUDELY badly treated in your grooming today I simply needed a nail trim and i'm told is a walk in service and that I shouldn't have to call upon visiting and ive never called the salon, the two ladies didn't even acknowledge me until I said hello after standing at the counter for 5 mins, I asked if I could have a nail trim my dog is a wonderful 8 years old beagle lab mix and it's not hard for them ever I've never seen him put up a fight or have been told he's bad, the lady said no sorry we can't do that you can try and come back around 5 but I doubt then I can help you. She didn't even look him up I explained that they were really bad he's usually really good and she cut me off to say no nothing we can do today. I really hope loosing my family and myself as customers your salon will raise it's customer service bar. -ashley w.

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Mandy kiefer - 3 d 12 h ago


Petco in Shrewsbury Massachusetts should be closed down forever. In 4 years I have bought several animals. A hamster, 2 fish, a guinea pig. I JUST LOST ANOTHER GUINEA PIG. WE HAD HER -KHARMIE 4 YEARS I CALLED THURS THEY SAID BRING HER SO.EWHERE ELSE. THE NEXT AM SHE DIED. IM STILL CRYING. BOTH MY GUINEAS N HAMSTER HAD COME HOME WITH RESPITORY INFECTIONS.


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Anonymous - 4 d 1 h ago


The petco in Wauwatosa on 124th should be shut down forever. They're all fucking morons and never can provide basic services within there posted service hours.

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Linda Kersting - 22 d 9 h ago

I shopped at your Petco Unleashed store on Yulupa Ave in Santa Rosa Ca yesterday.i have shopped here in the past but I must say I've never had a very good experience with the employees at this location. However it was very different yesterday. My clerks name was Adian.sales associate 50. What a helpful and pleasant person to deal with. I was so impressed. Perhaps your other associates could pay a little attention on how to work with your customers. Everyone takes the time to complain about a bad shopping experience, mine was quite the opposite, so thank you very much Adian!

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ADisappointedCustomer - 4 d 2 h ago


Linda, it is great that at least YOU had a wonderful role model employee. Congratulations.

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John Mc - 92 d 4 h ago


In early April I went to the Sandusky, Ohio Petco store and purchased some tropical fish. The young woman that got the fish for me had to stop twice to go to the front register to check out some people because she was alone in the store except for the manager who was in his office. She finally got the fish for me and in the confusion she shorted me one fish. She explained that the fish were guaranteed and if any died to bring the dead fish and a water sample back. One did die so I returned and the woman that talked to me was working on some thing and she is heavy and her pants were so low I could see almost the whole crack of her ass. She was nasty, rude and gave me a very bad time. So I said BS on this and went to the manager's office and I told him what happened and he just gave me one glance and continued to play on his PC and ignored my complaints and never spoke to me. I am retired business owner myself and I have never seen such unprofessional and rude people in any store. As I left I told them that I would never ever come into that store again, nor will any of my friends and family after I tell them how Petco employees treated me. John Mc

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Anonymous - 30 d ago

You are nasty and rude and giving the internet a bad time.

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ADisappointedCustomer - 4 d ago


July 13, 2018

I am very troubled by the abhorrent customer service I received, and the way PETCO seems to handle (or not) a call requesting the CEO's name, and address; as was done with me. 1) PETCO's "888" number does not/or refuses to provide the name of the CEO, and Corporate address where one could send a Certified, Return Receipt Letter advising of the issue that took place in their store. 2) With the ilk of some of the people in the South Florida area, I understand how difficult it must be to hire employees who know how to provide, as least decent customer service. But, based on my experience today, Does PETCO care? To be fair, I have not read any of the above reviews, so that they won't taint anything I say. PETCO has given me no choice but to contact the State of Florida (Consumer Affairs) directly (easier to reach than PETCO Corporate, apparently), and I am going to file a complaint against the company via that route. Does PETCO make it easier for customers to reach them? If so, perhaps they could get a heads up on some of the more serious things (in my opinion) that occur at their stores between their employees, and customers. Ignorance is bliss. Many brick and mortar stores are closing down, and the ones that aren't place customer service as their first priority. Does PETCO?

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Totally fed up with Petco online! - 9 d ago


Have attempted multiple purchases of dog food online and very disappointed with results. Initially the orders were on time and as requested. Of late that has changed. The canned food received recently delivered on THREE different occasions arrived with severely damaged cans and some were so damaged as not fit to give to pets. In addition two orders arrived much later than Petco said they would be delivered requiring additional purchases at stores, one order was missing some items and arrived in a box that was wide open on the lid and had obviously been tampered with. The latest and last straw was an order placed about 10 days ago for some dog food that was shown on their website as in stock but after payment had been processed was advised it was BACKORDERED ??? and availability date unknown ???. Contacted their live chat this evening and was told there was NO delivery date available? Wow. Outrageous. Will in the future purchase all food directly from stores and since I have never had a problem with Petsmart they will likely be the recipient of new business as a result of this nightmare. Enough.

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Linda Norton - 21 d ago


Wagging Tails of Las Vegas pbrought a dog to our house & approved of the house & adoption & left the dog with us. After 2 weeks the dog became aggressive & bit me causing me to have a tetnus shot. I spoke with Jodi from Wagging tails & they picked up the dog. I ask about the $250 fee & Jodi told me to come to the adoption & it would be applied to the next adoption fee. When we arrived at the adoption this weekend as I was holding a puppy, Jodi approached us telling us "they" had decided because of our age & because I had a knee replacement "they" decided we wouldn't be allowed to adopt. Just FYI, our dog we just lost was 14 years old & the previous one was 16 1/2 when we lost him & I recently went to Best Friends in Utah to volunteer. I have worked in customer service in a large corporation & training people who represent your company is very important. Jodi from Wagging Tails may not work for Petco directly, but she represents you indirectly. We have shopped at Petco for years & can't imagine your corporation supports the policy of discriminating against age & because of a knee replacement. I believe the laws prevent this.

I have never been so shocked & hurt. Because I asked the question about Wagging Tails being negligent in not disclosing that the dog had bitten me, Jodi at Wagging Tails decided to discriminate using age & the fact that I had a knee replacement.

We will be happy to provide the name & number of our vetinary for you to check on just how capable we are to adopt a dog. Also, my knee is great & I have no problems.

Since Jodi represents Wagging Tails, she also represents your corporation by being inside during adoption.

I wanted Petco to know about this before posting on social media, AARP & the Board Members of Wagging Tails. Hopefully you will look into this. Unfortunately Wagging Tails prevented a dog from getting a great home full of love & great care. Hopefully you will look into this so noone else will be v go thru the disappointment & hurt that we did.


Linda Norton, Las Vegas

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Em - 10 d 24 h ago


Never adopt from Waggin Tails. I was going to adopt a puppy from them and had to go home to get more money. I had $200.00 in my pocket but was $50 short in cash. I didn't tell them this. I was told "If you can't afford them (the puppies) maybe you should go to the Animal foundation. They are only fifty there." When I came back from my house, the lady was still there. I asked if they (The pups) were all gone. She said yes, hurriedly shut the back of her SUV and jumped into her car and locked the doors, like I was going to rob her or something.

I had to stop and remember that there were other dogs in Las Vegas that needed to be rescued. I had to remember that if someone wants to act a certain way towards you because you just got off work and came directly to their organization to adopt a dog - that's their problem. If someone wants to act a certain way because you are different from them in one way or another - that's their problem.

It's really sad to hear that I was not the only one this organisation treated like this.

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J. Customer - 28 d 12 h ago


Petco is losing a lot of business because paypal link is inconsistent.

Email to Petco with no respons:

I have been through this before.

I have also contacted paypal and my account is in good standing.

I have bought my pet supplies elsewhere during my last issue with

petco website.


I thought that I would give it another try but since your technicians cannot

resolve the issue, I will go elsewhere.

If paypal works for me with everyone else on the web, it is obvious that the issue is with your link.

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PISSED CLIENT - 11 d 7 h ago



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Anonymous - 11 d 19 h ago


We bought a ferret here that had been returned 3 times and she ended up jumping out of the bathtub while playing in it and had broke her arm.

At the request of petco we "sold her back" because they said it would be cheaper to use their insurance "since they get a discount"

We had waited till after the 4th of July to give them a call to see when we could take her back home with us but they didn't have any idea when because of the break in the arm and that she may need more time at the vet.

So today, my girlfriend gets a call from someone from corporate and he jumped right in accusing us of mistreating the animal because she had a broken arm. He then belittled her and wouldn't let her explain how it even happened and continued to be rude as fuck by yelling at her. He kept "insisting" on knowing how she got injured and every time she would try to reply he would yell over her and then finally said " you sound paranoid. What did you do to her?" Then said that "you'll never buy another animal from petco again. He kept complaining about the $1,000 vet bill and that is his reasoning for being rude and yelling at someone who ended up crying on the phone trying to plead her case against these accusations.

This "regional manager" is a complete piece of shit and We will be filing a complaint against him and the company and best believe this is just the beginning!

This poor animal finally found a loving home and will most likely be out to sleep because someone in corporate doesn't like getting the answers that were asked.

Fuck him and fuck petco!

He is right about one thing tho. We WONT EVER buy anything from this company again.

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Leslie Daley - 12 d 5 h ago

I was treated very nasty by a so called female mgr. My Golden and I always walk up to this particular location for the cookie bar. A few month's back this person was very combative and rude to me. My husband and I talked to the GM. He promised he would speak at her. I even told him to watch the security video on how RUDE she was. We hadn't seen her since and I thought perhaps they let her go. Well...we go in Petco again today and this miserable person that's full of hate, never acknowledged us. She put her back to us on the customer side of the register and wouldn't budge or say may I help you. Just pretended to be busy. I walked to the other register waiting to pay as she was the only one there. She completely ignored me. I said, can you please ring me up. She never made eye contact nor did she budge or answer me. She yelled for a girl to come all the way back from the store to wait on me. Real rude she wanna wait on her !!! I am shocked that she is still employed here after telling the GM.

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Antoinette Lazzaro - 51 d 6 h ago


Brick, NJ. I just went there for 2 dogs nails cut. They turned me away saying the groomer could not leave a dog on the table to cut my dogs nails. Well if you can't do the job you should not advertise walk in for nail cuts. I will no longer even shop at your store. I have 3 cats and 2 dogs, I was a very good customer. This is not good business. And you lost mine and if asked I will tell everyone.

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Anonymous - 30 d ago

Ur dog is probably batshit insane

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Anonymous - 14 d 10 h ago


I sound like she was impatient and did not want to wait for the groomer to fishing the customer she was working with.

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Rio - 18 d 9 h ago

Petcos General Manager named Kim at the Rogers, AR location is harassing employees and associates. You guys call yourself corporate but you only sweep issues under the rug abd deal with it. Kim is letting her husband in the break room while other employees cannot have family or friends come in the store to catch up while shopping there. Kim calls herself a manager, heck no, she is nothing , but a bad manager! She should be fired and replaced because there are too many complaints here from employees and customers. She is letting favoritism play at hand with mosy employees who open, but is getting on to only one certain person who is my brother, alex meza, who she does not like because he is hispanic-american or because he sees bullshut clear as day . He clocked in early bc he had to open and get stuff ready and kim got on to him But its okay to let the other person and let them help and clock in early who is not the manager but just a reg. associate as he is??????? Your Rogers Location in Arkanasa sucks BECAUSE OF YOUR MANAGER NAMED KIM . FIX THIS ISSUE OR ELSE.

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Judy - 19 d 4 h ago


I had been using your store in z Robinson Pa to groom my Springers these last 2 years have been a nightmare. I changed to another groomer just to find the women that had been messing up my dogs had moved to one of your competitors so I attempted to have your store groom my dog the woman totally butchered her cost i came in to find she has shaved her all over and in some spots cut down to her skin this is horrible shaggy areas remain in her uneven chopped off cost she stated she didn't see any reason to attempt to comb her out first i am heart sick

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Jim - 20 d 4 h ago


I ordered $27.82 of an item on line. I was told 3-5 business days. After 2 business days at 3AM I received an e-mail stating my order had been successfully cancelled. ????? I called the customer service number and asked a man with a very heavy accent who cancelled it. He put me on hold for 2-3 minutes, came back to say they will look into it and send me an e-mail. What about my money I asked? Oh you'll get a credit 24-48 hours. Why wasn't all this included in the original e-mail.? I have many choices as to where to buy pet supplies and a large family I will pass this experience on to.

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Rebecca - 26 d 6 h ago


I enjoy taking my dogs for walks though all petstores. What i dont enjoy is when an employee is noticibly talking bad about me or my dogs. Not that we did anything wrong but when an employee holds up something to block her mouth while talking to another customer and keeps looking at you, you know that employee is being rude and unprofessional. This is directly related to the currly haired lady that "trains" dogs.

Store location 330 Orchard Park Rd, West Seneca, NY 14224

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Betty - 29 d 5 h ago


Purchased large box of Milk Bone dog biscuits as well as a large bag of dog food. After emptying my SUV and bringing everything into my house where I put the dog biscuits into my food closet, I saw these wormy things all over. When I examined the dog biscuit box I saw that it had yellow worms all over it. Then I realized that they were in my food closet, the counter where I set them down and in the back of my car. I had a cleaning lady clean out my closet the next day after I spent some time cleaning it that night, as well as, having my car cleaned thoroughly. I immediately called the store the next morning as it had closed for the evening and was instructed to throw out the box. I decided to go into the store to speak with the store manager. I took him to the shelf from where this product came, and saw that the entire shelf was infested as well as the other food around it. I did save the box outside my home even though I was told to throw it out by the store manager himself. I was offered $40 by the manager--an insult, as it was $30 just to clean my SUV. The worst of this whole situation was when I was called back by the same store manager. Then to add insult to injury he lied and said that I should have brought the box back to the store and said there was no longer an offer. I do still have the box in a plastic bag out side my home, by the way. This is how Petco treats their customers!!!!! Inexcusable.

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Anonymous - 134 d 6 h ago

You can check my records I spend a lot lots and lots of money at Petco I have 3 pets and I buy them the best food but because of your manager who refused to give me her name long hair in a ponytail overweight on 3591 Washington Boulevard in Halethorpe Maryland you had a Miss price on one of your items unbeknownst to me she charged me the incorrect price she said it was Miss price by one of your employees or one of your helpers that are special needs I feel sorry for the special needs people but it is the responsibility of your employees to check on those special needs people and make sure they're doing their job properly not my fault she would not give me the items at that false advertise price because of that I will no longer be coming to your facility I will now shop at my Organic Market where in fact the prices are better than your store anyway so goodbye and good luck with your rude manager

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Anonymous - 30 d ago

Wouldn't give u my name either, if I were her

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