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PETCO Animal Supplies Stores, Inc.
9125 Rehco Rd.
San Diego, CA
(858) 453-7845
(858) 784-3489
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Beverly - 4 d 2 h ago


Ashley at Store #1492 in Austin, TX mutilated and butchered my Yorkie on Mother's Day 5/13/2018. I had a 10:30 a.m. appointment for the Spa Package, which included shampoo, but, teeth cleaned, nails trimmed and pads buffed. Upon arrival, Ashley was not there, so I spoke with another groomer and specifically said do not cut him around his groin area, because I do not want him razar burned. THIS INFORMATION WAS PUT IN THE NOTES FOR ASHLEY. DID SHE READ? NOOOOOOO! After approximately 4 hours, she called for me to pick up my dog. Petco does not give change at the register, so I went to Petsmart to pick up some prescription food, got change and drove back to Petco to give Ashley a tip. I regret not checking my Yorkie. MOMS AND DADS, CHECK YOUR BABIES BEFORE YOU LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rowdy has a tendancy to lick his feet after a trim so I thought that was what he has been doing since the grooming. Wednesday night, I turned him over to start putting the balm on his pads and to my surprise was a razar burn where his meat is showing. WHERE? IN HIS GROIN, OF COURSE. RIGHT WHERE I SPECIFICALLY SAID DO NOT TRIM. His nails were not trimmed. ASHLEY DID NOT HAVE THE COMMON COURTESY TO TELL ME THAT SHE DID THIS TO HIM. SHE DID NOT NOTIFY HER SUPERIORS, TOOK THE TIP AND WENT ON LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED. WHAT A SORRY INDIVIDUAL. On 5/16/2018, I immediately called the store after my discovery. The lady who took the call said she would make a note for the store manager to call me first thing on Thursday 5/17/2018. On 5/17/2018, by 9:00 a.m., no one had called me so I called the store and explained to the morning person, who happened to be the groomer who put the notes in the computer for Ashley, what transpired. I asked her could I send the photos to her phone so that when Annamae. morning manager arrives she can call me. Annamae arrived while I was talking and we spoke. She asked me to send the pictures to the groomer's cell phone that I was speaking with and the Store Manager, Justin would be contacted to advise how she should handle the situation. By 3:30 p.m., no one had called me back. I called the store and Justin, the store manager, said he had just arrived. I explained Rowdy needed to be seen by my vet to rule out infection. He contacted my vet and made arrangements for Petco to pick up the bill. After the vet visit, I drove over to Petco and Justin was very direct. He reimbursed me for the grooming cost. He insincerely apologized as though "@#$% happens" and was not sympathetic to our pain and my pets suffering. I asked for corporate's contact information. He basically told me I can call corporate, but they are only going to turn around and put it back on him because he is the Store Manager and he feels like he did his part. He told me to have a good evening and good night. Well, that's a real high and mighty attitude. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET TO PETCO, IF YOU VALUE THEIR LIFE. IT'S A PLACE WHERE ABUSE AND NEGLECT IS NOT EVEN A FAIR DESCRIPTION OF THE TYPE OF WORK THEY PUT OUT. OUR LITTLE ONES CANNOT TELL US WHAT IS DONE TO THEM.

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Marc Rooney - 29 d 5 h ago

Dear CEO

Your Groomers in Titusville Florida permanently blinded my Shitzu when they negligently stabbed him in the eye with a sharp object (vet indicated something scissors like). my little boy suffered in pain and went through months of treatment but the end result is the eye is blind due to scar tissue. Your store did pay the vet bills for the damaged caused by your groomers, but when we request compensation for pain and suffering and possible future need of eye removal we were denied by your provider. They indicated that pets are viewed as personal property and would not be entitled to pain and suffering.

This seems to violate your own Code of business conduct

I will make sure to warn all people i know and have them notify all people they know to be overly cautious when dealing with petco . as your loving pet is viewed as a inanimate object with no feelings. Petco Does not Take any responsibility for damage, pain and suffering they caused.

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Brian - 25 d 14 h ago


Holy cow. I am so sorry. I just had a bad experience as well about 2 weeks ago. My dog was groomed there and was accidentally cut under her eye. She now has to have eye drops in her eye long term so I guess the rest of her life. I agree they should be paying for damage, pain, and suffering. I'm losing income each time as I have to call them so the know when I am going in or picking up medication. They have to be there with me to pay for it. All the trips there are taking gas, wear and tear on the car, time, and loss of income as I could be working instead of doing all of that. They don't seem to understand that. They even tried to get me to buy some treats that are supposed to calm the dog and thus make it easier to put ointment or eye drops on her. I'd say the treats should be given for FREE. I won't buy them.

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Marc rooney - 6 d 5 h ago


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Anonymous - 6 d 12 h ago


Rude Groomer!!!!!

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Sandra - 6 d 13 h ago


Petco groomer was very rude and told me to take my dog to another groomer down the street

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camelot361 - 7 d 13 h ago


I purchased a Good2Go Cooling Cot for my dog at my Cleveland, Ohio Petco store and the box clearly stated that you can separately purchase the Good2Go Cooling Mat which slips into the cot. That store did not have the mats and I have checked other stores and online but cannot locate the cooling mat. Since Good2Go is a private brand for Petco you cannot purchase the mat anywhere else. Very frustrating to buy the cot and not be able to buy the cooling mat for it. Petco Live Chat and their Customer Service telephone reps were not able to give any information as to whether the mat will ever be available or if it has been discontinued. Not a very "cool" cot without the cooling mat!!!

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Chris - 10 d 9 h ago


League City Petco. I had a problem 2 weeks ago that has still not been resolved. The manager RJ stated that he would keep in contact with me until the problem was resolved. This was a blatant lie. He called me twice and then it stopped. Shows the customer service from a store leader. Due to this I rated Petco 1star on Google.

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Joanne - 11 d 9 h ago


OMG...! The Petco in Palm Springs CA SUCKS OUT LOUD. the manager is MIA. RUDE CASHIER. PHONE OFF THE HOOK FOR TWO DAYS. I eventually called the Corporate office to complain. Spoke with a nice rep named Amina. Besides AMINA this Manager CARLA - who had no excuse is ridiculous!

Someone needs to stay off the business phone and talk on their cell.

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Anonymous - 12 d 12 h ago


Returned items to the store instead of getting refund got double charged which over a month later still haven't got charged or refund and we have no merchandise

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Paul Peterson - 14 d 22 h ago


I frequently shop at the PetCo on Riverdale Rd., in Riverdale, Utah. I have raised and bred bearded dragons my entire life. I have bought two dragons from PetCo as I wait for them to be big enough that I do not need to provide around the clock care, Recently I sought an employee as my daughter and I watched a larger dragon totally dominate her and I told a new employee to get her out of there or the dominant one would kill her. Her said (hee, hee) and told me they would watch the little one. I went back the next day to adopt her (only to protect her) and was told she died mysteriously. I went back the next morning knowing that this sweet baby was in danger. I am a Vet Tech and am not talking out of my ass!!!!

I woulld have actually liked and bought the tough one. He was awesome. I wanted instead to protect the one being bullied that ended up dead.

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Anonymous - 14 d 10 h ago

Somply horrible

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ladypants2018 - 16 d 4 h ago


According to my receipt, miss heather t., was apparently my cashier today, cinco de mayo, at 6:25pm and, i could tell, she'd rather be anywhere but there, ringing me up. She was abrupt, terse, and just seemed generally put-upon, that i was forcing her to do something, besides leaning on the counter. I am of diminutive stature and, although, she could see, i was having trouble seeing over displays and such, AND was carrying 2 heavy bags, but she still refused to direct me and actually waited for me to ask, on which side i needed to go, in order to be rung up! I can tolerate her stupid, blue, green or purple hair, or whatever ridiculous color it was, if she could at least yave offered me a bag, or a bit of help out to the car, or SOMETHING!

I have a pretty severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome, and though i'm normally quite independent and can pretty much get done what needs doing on my own, if she's not even gonna offer me a bag, to make things just a bit easier, a little personal help would've been nice. So, I'm in the parking lot, futzing with these heavy, awkward bags, dropping my car keys, i mean, if she could just act like she cares at all about any other humans, besides herself, that might give your customers a glimmer of hope for humanity.

Plus, i didn't realize what i had bought was going to cost as much as it did, so, when i questioned the total, thinking perhaps a mistake had been made, by the apathetic, misanthropic, little, goth brat, she basically just stared at me. She could have helped me out, by just taking a few extra seconds to go over why the math was correct. normally, i try to mentally calculate the total, before i even get to tue register... I guess my brain glitched out for a second, i figured it out, but, she was just kind of a snotty, entitled, little punk, the entire time, and clearly knows nothing of customer service, and lacks any sense of basic compassion for other humans.

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Andrea Porter - 16 d 7 h ago

I have been a loyal customer and Petco in Spartanburg South Carolina. On Friday I went and had my water tested but my fish the young man said he was fine when I got to the cash register David told me from now on I need to not only just bring my water but bring the fish so I said OK then it was time to check out a check my receipts and said he could not find the fish that I already hand even though I had all the receipts. I decided to go on the Pay for the fish and the filters I tell him I have a rewards on my telephone but he said he could not use it. As I was leaving he share of the bag to me. Totally unacceptable to me.

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Don't go to Redlands Petco! - 17 d 6 h ago


I have been a loyal Petco customer for years, taking my pets in for veterinarian and grooming services and have always been satisfied. Until today. My dog was denied service, even though she goes there on a regular basis. The grooming dept. manager was so rude and disrespectful to me I will never do business with you again.

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Lori - 18 d 7 h ago

Went to buy two small gold fish for my 10 gal tank and was told they would only sell me one because of the size of my tank. I had to tell my kids that the pet store would not sell me fish for them. REALLY!! These were 35 cent fish. Give me a break.

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Charles Adams 804-608-1715 - 23 d 5 h ago


I really hope you read this and do something about it? Reading some of the complaints it looks like you just trash them? We have been taking our dog Bo to your grooming dept. in store #2741 since we had him which is about 7-8 years....I even stuck with you when your store in West Chester Commons Midlothian, VA .. Ok I had a 1:30 appointment today Saturday 4-28-28 @ store 2741 arrived at 1:15 PM.....The groomer # 21 said it will be 4 hours and that's about normal maybe 3.5 hrs. Well 5.30 came with no call saying Bo was ready.....I called the store and the said they hot really busy and it would be 6.30, well the never called at this time either so we got in the car and drive there well wouldn't you know No was ready and back in a cage.....I asked the lady why it took 5 hours to groom our dog....she stated they were really busy which should not affect grooming my dog in 4 hrs I had a set appointment at 1:30 and I don't expect someone making a last minute appointment or walking in to interfere with my grooming appt.....The First Lady that told me 6:30 said we had some older dogs come in and we did them and older dogs take longer still what does that have to do with my 1:30 appt? This to me is not a way to do business...Like I said your the only salon that's ever groomed our dog and I think I deserve better than that.,...I am the customer! I checked out and spoke with the manager who was working the register on my receipt it says Gorden...He acted like it was no big deal and finally said I might walk over and chat with them...I really don't think it was the groomers fault???? I actually think it was the salon manager.....I have never seen send a coupon in your store or had any special grooming price, always paid full price and I as a Petco customer deserve better than this.

I really hope you take this serious and not just let it go.

Thank you,

Charles Adams

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Non Pet Owner - 25 d 13 h ago


Corporate stewardship. I am not a pet owner. But I live near a Petco and your store does adoptions as well as selling pet food, etc. Are you playing an role in up training pet owners to be RESPECTFUL of people walking and jogging on the sidewalk especially in evenings? I find that only about 20% of pet owners pull their dog to the side or curb the dog when I go by. Some act as if the dog has the same right to the 1/2 of the sidewalk that I do as they walk in the other direction. (i.e. hogging the whole sidewalk)

Clearly pet owners love their dogs (and other animals). But I don't know your dog and I don't have to like your dog. I just have to be safe walking or jogging by your dog. Can you help me be safe? Control your dog, shorten the leash, pull the dog to the curb side or side away from the pedestrian. Avoid contact, lurching, and bites.

Can PETCO play a role in educating and training these common sense suggestions so that we can all share the sidewalks and streets more safely and comfortably? Our society desperately needs training in social norms, getting along, respecting the other. Can PETCO contribute?

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Max - 26 d 11 h ago



I took my pet in for a grooming at your Clarksville store, the groomer gave my dog a " lions cut" I did not know what it was, nor did I order it.. I called , was told someone would call me back( they did no) I called store manager, we did not get in touch with each other.. I wrote a review online.. Manager called me back, left a message.. No call back.. I called in and was told that they no longer will be grooming my pet..

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Honorable Citizen - 55 d 9 h ago


Supposed customer service IN THE PHILIPPINES! They are rude, can only follow a script. I repeatedly tried for 8 months to update my profile when I moved. Changes didn't stick. I have 3 business degrees & a law backgriund, so I'm intelligent, detal-oriented. I'm now sr citizen, disabled, with service dog. I paid for, but never received 2 July orders I paid in full. I tried Petco over a month ago, again paid in full, but am still waiting for delivery. Their foreign reps are useless & not very fluent in English. BUY FROM CO. WITH U.S. REPS CUSTOMER SERVICE, BOUND BY U.S. STATUTES & VALUES. T H A T. I S

N O T. P E T C O! Lack of ethics, honesty, competence, communications is the least of their liabilities. Remember, 1/3 of the price you pat for national brands is paying for advertising. Early last summer I bought a few clearance items. When I got them home I found they didn't work. I went right back to the store to be told "well, why do you think they were on clearance." No signage stating items were not working, or No returns or exchanges. They told me they could not refund or exchange the defective items they sold me. I'll find elsewhere my service dog's food & supplies. I'll ensure my new supplier is fully vetted with U.S. employees, who supports the U.S. economy & gives our citizens jobs, who practice U.S. ethics & obey our laws. Don't support Petco criminals, & their practice of taking away U.S. jobs.

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Anonymous - 34 d 6 h ago

Drs Foster & Smith

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Carol T. - 34 d 9 h ago


Angel Howard is the most excellent dog groomer we have had at Pet Co. I have taken Rylee to Angel for over a year. Rylee is a Golden retriever. I always was impressed with Angel's professionalism from our first visit. She gave Rylee the paper report card, with marks on fur condition, shampoo used, any problem areas. No other groomer at petco has ever given us a report card. Angel also speaks in a very professional, intelligent manner. She takes her job seriously. I ti snot just a "quick buck" for Angel. I see Angel leading others, in the area of having leadership skill. That is, I would see Angel training others on proper dog grooming techniques and care of dogs. My Rylee loves Angel, and always comes out with the most wonderful bath and grooming. We are sad that today was our last visit with Angel. She is moving to Arizona. The Petco in Arizona will be quite fortunate to have her working in their grooming department such a skilled and talented woman.

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BC - 35 d 5 h ago


Tried to place an order Webpage stated Free Shipping over $49. Total was $55. Checkout listed shipping and tax. Called "customer service" and after 10 minutes of horrid hold music some guy I could barely understand said that was because wild bird seed was not included in free shipping. Told him Yes, but this is Parrot Food. He goes off to check it, comes back and says he removed shipping charge. I place the order. It gets an Error message to call customer service. 15 minutes more of scratch ear assault and some bimbo comes on. I had to explain it twice. She finally gets it, completes the order on her end. Waited for confirmation number on email, finally said just give that to me. She reads off the Order number. What? Oh it is the same. They are apparently in the Phillipines somewhere. By the time I got done with all this crap I could have driven to the store, bought the food, stopped for a burger and come home. Website is junk, customer service sucks. Otherwise, it is a great company.

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John Mc - 35 d 11 h ago


In early April I went to the Sandusky, Ohio Petco store and purchased some tropical fish. The young woman that got the fish for me had to stop twice to go to the front register to check out some people because she was alone in the store except for the manager who was in his office. She finally got the fish for me and in the confusion she shorted me one fish. She explained that the fish were guaranteed and if any died to bring the dead fish and a water sample back. One did die so I returned and the woman that talked to me was working on some thing and she is heavy and her pants were so low I could see almost the whole crack of her ass. She was nasty, rude and gave me a very bad time. So I said BS on this and went to the manager's office and I told him what happened and he just gave me one glance and continued to play on his PC and ignored my complaints and never spoke to me. I am retired business owner myself and I have never seen such unprofessional and rude people in any store. As I left I told them that I would never ever come into that store again, nor will any of my friends and family after I tell them how Petco employees treated me. John Mc

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Lynn - 38 d 6 h ago


I purchased a Fluval Chi at your Green Valley Parkway location three weeks ago. A week in, after bringing in my water to test prior to moving my fish and snails over, a young lady manager took a look at the Chi filter than I brought in and we determined there was some issue with the Chi filter itself - it only filtering 1/4 of the filter pad.

Due to space constraints, I went with a swap for the Imagtarium 6.2 gallon bow tank. Lovely item! Beautiful in fact. But - yes, there is a but, I was NEVER advised that you NO LONGER SELL FILTERS for the item. This was only found a week ago, one further week in to my new tank experience, when I tried to purchase replacement filters.

I was livid, and called in to the store speaking with the female manager who advised me then to purchase a mesh media bag and some charcoal/ammonia granules. Thing is - I actually asked her to confirm that my 6.2 tank enclosure would work with it. I received assurance that it would, and came in that night after work.

Well guess what? Now three weeks in to my new tank experience, and several visits with my water to test, I realized that had the young lady manager checked she would have noted that the mesh bag even with "hot dog" fold will not work since there will be no water flow over the granules as they in the media bag will be at the bottom of the 8" filter enclosure where there is no flowing water, that being at the top of the 8" structure!

This is ridiculous! Why would you sell anyone a unit that has been discontinued and then hope they never find out the filters are also discontinued!

Please offer resolution. Thank you.

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Lynn - 38 d 6 h ago


I called my local store speaking to the General Manager, who was aware of the filter issue and has provided me with alternative option. Going in tonight - fingers crossed! Happy with the immediate resolution.

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