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PETCO Animal Supplies Stores, Inc.
9125 Rehco Rd.
San Diego, CA
(858) 453-7845
(858) 784-3489
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Clarence Johnson - 1 d ago


I am Clarence Johnson the inventor of the Johnson fish feeder patent application #15/906/659 would like to know if your company would be willing to license my invention email me at (hidden) thanks

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Richard L Koplin - 1 d 6 h ago


Again the Lugoinia Ave store fails. The supervisor Josh (this is the second problem with him), wouldn't do anything and the groomers are horrible. Scheduled an appt for my dogs a week ago, go to take them in and people are assaulting my dogs, the one groomer is taking forever to check people in, customers are cutting in line. Josh is worthless and cannot control his store. I will never take my pets back to your horrible store again.

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William Benbow - 2 d 19 h ago


I drove over 45 miles following the wrong directions from this girl KRYSTAL when I travelled over an hour to get there. I even talked to your Manager on duty to get there: John told me the directions I was given by his employee was wrong! Lol it wasn't Krystal's time, gas, or car!

At any rate, my BIG PROBLEM is that-


I DID NOT WANT "ANY OF HER HAIR CUT" and her looking me in the eyes and reiterating that she was NOT to me, she cut her beautiful tail off my BICHON FRISE! OMG, OMG, OMG!

Why did she tell me she was ONLY going to trim around her paws and around her eyes!!!!

Also, I assumed that I would be able to see my puppy Bichon Frise Marilyn Monroe through the window: No, Marilyn was out of sight for over 40 minutes before she came into the room where they put her on a table where she had a noose on her neck from the top while tied to the bottom...I waved to her as soon as I saw her and she just had that look like, "I don't remember who you are!"

I also DID NOT APPRECIATE (being a new customer) that I was NOT informed about the different things that you could have the Groomer do for a little extra like "upgrades" for example special shampoos, conditioners, facials even!

When I found out, I was told that it was too late after another employee went back and asked her. When she said that, That was when I blew up and said, " Look, Krystal just took my baby back there and she has just started ". She came back, and said she could have her special shampoo and conditioner after all!

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Mariann - 3 d 10 h ago

I received excellent customer service from Maegan at the Alpharetta, Ga store yesterday. She is an asset to your company!

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Nicki M - 4 d 4 h ago


I was at the Palmade Petco 39522 10th St W Palmdale Ca. When I exited the front door I was assaulted with the smell of dead animals. There was a paneled truck parked next to the handicapped spot with a gaging smell. I have smelled and been around dead farm animals so I am not a wimp. The temperature was about 90 today. I thought it was very rude of the dead waste disposal man to park his truck with dead carcasses in it in front of the store where the general public walk into the store. So I thought I would call Petco as I had just left with my dog food. I explained to the clerk my experience. She did not care said oh well. I suggest he park on the side of the building or the back of the store she said oh well. I couldn't believe this. I am still gagging 3 hours later .

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Lee - 7 d ago


Today, Kai, one of Lakewood Petco's team helped me and my sister out a lot by giving informations on how to take care of fish(es) and I would like to thank her for that because it was a big help.

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Anonymous - 8 d 17 h ago


I was ask to Leave the Store By the So Called Manger and Refuse to allow me to purchase my items Flat Refused Said he can Refuse Anyone as I'm in Line Ready to Pay for my Items the Petco Store in Santa Ana Ca on Wednesday evening. Because I had an argument with another Customer who insulted me first, Can the Nerve to Confront me in front of all the Customers in Line, So I left the store. And this is my Neighbor Store. Unacceptable Bad BUSINESS

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Linda Sandy - 9 d ago


I was very embarrassed today at your Petco La Quinta location I was purchasing some things for my cats when I stuck my hand in my purse to get my debit card and this little long dark haired skinny girl came up to me and asked me if I was going to purchase the item that I just stuck in my purse I did not stick an item in my purse I was reaching into the side zipper for my debit card and I hadn't quite finished shopping yet I grab another bag of treats for my cat and went up front to pay I do not appreciate being treated like a criminal in your store I go there quite often and for her to approach me like that was very degrading I hope you will do something with this employee a teach her how to treat customers

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Ashley - 9 d 8 h ago


Petco, Bandera Store #403. This store has gone downhill since the remodel. It was the same employees for years, and I'm not sure what is going on. I do however know you have employees there now, not animal lovers. Unfortunately, I went in today to buy treats from the treat bar. I came home and found maggots in my treats. I told the store manager and brought one of the maggots in to show him. I grabbed a photo and video for corporate and the manager provided me with a refund and I got a different, packaged item. I asked if they could cover the treat bar containers like some of the other Petco locations, but he did not seem to concerned. We have had a heartworm positive dog. The manager didn't really seemed concerned about this at all. Would someone at corporate please do something about this? It's sad that no one is concerned about this diseases and just plain nasty!

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London - 10 d 8 h ago


Petco shame and shame on you stop selling Betta fish they live in a little plastic cup with no room to swim and these fish are dying or already dead. l used to shop at Petco many many and many years ago the reason why l stopped shopping there is because you people do not take care of all the animals, the dogs and cats area where the people can adopt them some of them were big dogs and they were crammed in a tiny place and they could not even move. The best thing that the CEO should do is to close Petco for good because the CEO and the employees have no compassion and heart for taking good care of these animals, there is no point having an animal store when you guys do not take good care of these animals it is heartbreaking to see these animals not in a good shape close Petco for good.

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Con - 11 d 49 m ago


It's awful that Petco doesn't take good care of the animals in the store especially the poor betta fish that live in tiny soul draining environments and barely survive only a few days. It seems like Petco lost their humanity and morality and mainly care for the profits they make rather than living beings that breathe and feel. The fish get taken away from their lovely home only to live in a tiny cramped cup and then sold becoming profit for Petco. Fishes aren't cute dogs but that difference shouldn't create the reason for fishes to be treated this tormenting way. They shouldn't be exploited at all especially if they're going to be living a depressing life that leads to a painful death from ill treatment that can be avoided. Fishes play an important role in the marine eco system. They might not seem important or worthy and therefore don't make you feel guilty about hurting them but everyone should look into how important fish really are.

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Priscilla Martinez - 11 d 3 h ago


Animals are God's creations, and we need to take better care of them.

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Anonymous - 11 d 6 h ago

I recently was in the Petco Calumet City, Illinois. I was very disappointed and will not go back. Every aquarium had no gravel, or decor, it is a necessity for gravel for bacteria, feces etc.. I also found dead fish in tanks and also dead betta fish. No stands for the aquariums. I was looking for adding a few more since the ones we have had are five years old and love them.. I would be looking for someone for corporate to check on this store.

Judith Lorenz

4028 Sheffield

Hammond In. 47327

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Todd - 12 d 30 m ago


West Hills Petco on Fallbrook in West Hills, California. I stopped in to pick up some fish. After standing around for a bit, then searching for an employee, I found one who was just about to begin a one on one dog training session. He was kind and asked if he could help me. I responded by saying I needed some help in the aquatics department. He informed me that it was only he and the girl running the register today. He apologized to me, but that did not help me make a purchase and I left the store. I wonder how many other customers needed assistance today, July 10, 2019, and were not able to be assisted. That will definitely hurt business and cause customers not to return.

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Pam - 12 d 12 h ago


I ordered medications. They continually stated they dont have a fax fron the vet. The vet sent 3 faxes. I went somewhere else for the medications and CANCELLED my order. The next week I recieve medications from PETCO. I call and state i cancelled this order. They eventually tell me they do not have a return policy on medications. Then they say in order to get a refund i have to return the medications. They will not give me a return label, he just said NO. I asked to dpeak with a supervisor they hang up.

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Jraf - 13 d ago


Absolutely horrible customer service at They use a call center in the Philippines that is totally inept! I even asked for a supervisor who was also useless. Their prescription drugs look suspicious to me. The heart medication I ordered for my dog came in strange packaging and were a lighter color than they usually are. I loved Drs. Foster and Smith and since they became Petco it has been a huge disappointment. I will never shop there again and warn others to not do business with them.

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Carol Kelly - 14 d 9 h ago


Since PetCo is now handling Foster & Smith's RX pharmacy orders...they need to know that it's totally unprofessionally & in very poor business sense! I have spent since June 19th trying to get my RX filled & talking to a person in the Phillapeans is gotta be the most frustrating, ridiculous situation! They apologize & transfer you to a supervisor who makes you think things are being taken care of, but it's not! You need to change things & quickly! Good luck, cause I won't ever be using Petco for any reasons ! And will pass on the unprofessionally run business on social media! Wake up corporate

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That guy Deano - 19 d ago


After moving to a neighborhood with a Petco store nearby, I decided to give them a try. We have three large dogs two African spurred tortoises and an ancient finicky cat. I needed Timothy Hay this trip, it was $11 on the Shelf, $21 at the register. She told me I had to join their Club to get this price.

Immediately across the street is another pet store. I looked up others, there are three others within 3 miles of my house. Guess where I'm going?

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Larry - 19 d 7 h ago


My wife and I were disturbed and uncomfortable when we checked out at the register in our local Petco (store # 1723) at Burke, VA. The cashier had a large snake wrapped around her arm as she was checking us out. My wife is deadly frightened by snakes (as are most people). To experience a snake wrapped around the cashier's arm with its head darting back and forth was alarming and unnerving. If my wife was by herself she would have walked out the door. We called the manager and were told that snakes have to held everyday. Fine - but do they have to held at the cash register while serving customers?

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Sara - 20 d 15 h ago


The way that you treat beta fish is DISGUSTING. I thought it was just at my local petco and even with how disgusting I thought it was, I let it slide and still supported your business. But looking further into it, no living thing deserves to die that way. You have these fish on display in tiny containers. Sometimes dying in the process. If you truly care about animals and value the people that you sell to. CHANGE YOUR WAYS.

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bruce kozlin - 23 d 6 h ago

you have worst customer service !!! and lack of concern!!!!!! your web site not accurate !!! spent 2 hours on phone first waiting for supervisor to call back

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Whatastink - 28 d ago






Will never visit this store again. Filthy, smelly store. Everything is dirty, cages, fish tanks, floors, shelves. Smells very bad like dirty animal cages. Bad smell hits you in the face right as you enter. Close this place and clean it up. I will not go in there again until it gets totally cleaned up. Never smelled anything as bad as that. Shame on district manager.

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Cristina Economides - 28 d 12 h ago

PETCO, please consider that beta fish have nervous systems like you and me, mistreating them is unethical! Thanks!

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Petco is the best. - 61 d 8 h ago


Petco hands down has the best beta fish I ever see. I have only bought fish from Petco over the last 10 years because I constantly see they take better care of their fish than any other store. It is sad to have fish loss but it is part of the business when you ship fish that far.

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Barbara Pennington - 60 d 14 h ago


You must be kidding!!!!!!! 5 stars for PETCO? Have you read PETA's report against PETCO after they did an investigation of the neglect and horror against PETCO after PETCO was reported? And you gave them a 5 star rating???!!!!. I am assuming you have not read PETA'S report against that company. They let their fish lay there for days with no care to help them til they die due to neglect. That's only part of the issues. Please show some compassion and help these beautiful fish. Read the report and then if you still feel the same way, then i feel sorry for the fish and you.

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Petco is the best - 60 d 12 h ago


PETA doesn't think anybody should have any pets period. They are opposed to the No-Kill shelter movement and euthanize most animals they collect but that is something I bet most of these Beta posting people had no idea of.

Im sure there are some Petco stores that don't take care of their animals like others but when I compare the care my local Petco stores provide to Petsmart or Walmart, Petco absolutely has the best care.

google "planted 20 gallon long aquarium" and you will see what my tank looks like and how my fish live.

Every person here because of PETA is a tool. None of you understand PETA's core goals. Humanity lives hand in hand with animals but PETA would prefer to euthanize every pet you have and make it illegal to have animals.

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Petco is not completely innocent - 60 d 10 h ago

Thanks for posting this. I always thought I was anti-PETA but after seeing your post I did some research and from everything I could find they disagree with the things you stated here. They realize that pets have been domesticated and cannot survive without humans.

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Amy - 40 d 19 s ago

Amy Spark read my comment above and if you think Peta is doing lousy by animals then you should do better by them.

And btw humanity does not live hand in hand with animals. We ALWAYS HAVE the UPPER hand and do what We want when it comes to them.

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