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PETCO Animal Supplies Stores, Inc.
9125 Rehco Rd.
San Diego, CA
(858) 453-7845
(858) 784-3489
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Harold Sims - 1 d 9 h ago


I operate Catman2 Inc. a non-profit 501 C3, cats only shelter located in Cullowhee, NC. In April of 2017 I opened The American Museum of the House Cat, in Sylva, NC. It is one of only two cat museums in America and one of only a few in the world. The museum is operated under the Catman2 Inc. cooperation. It displays my 30-year collection of cat related items. All income from the museum, after expense for rent and one employee, will be used to fund the Cat Shelter. I will not take any money for myself. Last year the museum attracted 5660 visitors. We'll open again on April first of 2018 and we hope that this year we will make a profit and be able to help fund shelter operations. In 2017, set up costs and expenses, such as rent and salary for one employee, caused us to end the year with a deficit. The museum needs help attracting cat lovers and letting them know that we are here to: educate them about the history of the house cat, its relationship with man over time and to entertain them as they enjoy a guided tour through the more than 5000 cat related objects on display.

I'm not asking for a grant now but, would be interested if something were possible. What I would like right now is for you to help me attract visitors to the museum by displaying information in your place of business and to help me advertise the museum by any other means. The museum has information on social media, travel guides, magazine, and other publications. "Mental Floss," a publication for millennials, recently listed the museum as "one of the nine best cat museums in the world". Will you help us? Please check out The American Museum of the House Cat and Catman2 Inc. on Facebook. Info: (hidden)

Thank you,

Harold Sims Founder and President of Catman2 Inc. since 1996.

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Debi KY - 2 d 8 h ago


I took my dog to Petco in Crescent Springs for grooming. I was extremely dissatisfied and will never return. On my way, my dog got car sick. I cleaned him up fairly well before I took him in the store. Once I got in there, the "manager" if that's what you want to call him was standing there and I held him back and told him he got sick. His exact words were "we have seen much worse." The groomer came out and said they can't groom him because he got sick! WHAT! You are a groomer. I was extremely angry and this was the worst service I ever remember. How can you not take a dog when he got carsick. The manager then stepped in and was extremely rude in front of other customers. He then agreed with her and said they couldn't groom him. He yelled and told me to get out and never come back. I called Petsmart on my way home and spoke with the groomer. I explained exactly what just happened. She actually chuckled and said this isn't the first time they have heard from an unhappy Petco customer. I will never step foot in that store and will make sure everyone I know knows what happened. I would be so embarrassed to have someone like that manager representing my store!

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MaryMD - 3 d ago


I purchased two dog collars at our local Petco. I was unsure of the size and asked if they were returnable. I was assured they were ... no problem. I returned with the collars in less than 24 hours. The same gal that sold them to me the day before, waited on me for the return. She asked me for my receipt. I could not find it. (It had been stapled to the back of my puppy training receipt and out of view.) She said the best she could do was store credit. I told her I wanted my money back not store credit. I spent the next 48 hours checking every place I could for that receipt, eventually finding it stapled to the back of the puppy training info. I returned to the store for the THIRD time now. She asked for the ORIGINAL credit card used. Well, my husband paid for them. He was there for the first two visits, but not the third. So away I went AGAIN.

Now I am facing Petco's policy about needing rabies shots for puppy classes. According to the vet, rabies shots are killing many small pups. Apparently there is a 12-year shelf life and only one shot size. So each shot has to have enough adjutants in it to last 12 years and still adequately service a husky on shelf-life 11 years, 364 days ... while allegedly being available from day 1 for a young Chihuahua.

My dilemma, do I risk killing my pups to satisfy Petco's policy ... or forfeit my class payment?

FYI: Petco ENCOURAGES "puppy time" KNOWING the puppies do not have ll of their shots. So why is a class different than playtime? Why am I being asked to risk my pet's health/life? .

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ccladyrider - 3 d 4 h ago

I took my 4 month old puppy to your store in North Myrtle Beach, SC for 1pm play time. The web site said it's for puppys ages 0 to 6months old. At 1, all the puppies are walked into the secured area with one of your employees and once the gate is closed they are all free to play. No one was asked about their pets age. Apparently there was a 2yr old growling terrrier type DOG in the group. Once they started to play, this mean DOG who we are told has NEVER socialized was snapping and growling at the puppies. At one time it actually attacked another puppy that was trying to play with it and the puppy screamed in horror and pain for sometime. Another employee who had come in and joined the group grabbed the mean DOG and held on to it. This was a DOG, NOT A PUPPY. We dog owners know puppys anoy older dogs. That's exactly why you have an age limit for your groups!!! If the dogs old owners wanted to socialize their DOG, it should have been brought to the appropriate time for it's size and age. It even snapped at my pup once and we yelled NO. I am very upset about this and will NOT take her back, nor will I shop in your store again.

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SS - 5 d 5 h ago

You need to give proper training to your staff about the care of small animals. I will be contacting the local ASPCA about you starving guinea pigs and leaving guinea pigs and hamsters sit in disgusting cages with no food, dirty water bottles, and obvious skin diseases. The store number is 4013. I realize you are a business but don't you think its wrong to have the animals you sell so sickly--or maybe that is your model to sell animals on death's door to drive continued business? Bad idea and the animals are the losers. I won't be buying from your company again.

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G.M. - 7 d 8 h ago


Lasership is leaving my dryfood in boxes out by the road at night and are stating they are leaving on our monitor secured porch (which they are not). Animals have carted a box off already, and you are wasting your money using this company as they are not truthful. Our neighbors carried a box from the road that was left out for trash pick up by our garbage men today and told us about it. I called Petco to find out that it was dropped off 2/13/18 PM in the dark, and they never approached our driveway or house, even though they are putting on record that they delivered on the porch.

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Nancy Estes - 9 d 10 h ago


Racist working register! Never in my life have I ever had to walk out of a store, last night me and my boyfriend had to return one of 15 fish we bought cause it died before we got home with it! Had the nicest man in fish department help us get other fish cause they had no other like the one we bought. When we got to the register there was Peter the racist ! I watch him interact with the customer before us. We approach Ed the register he said nothing, told him we had a credit due to a dead fish! Still nothing , he rang up the other fish we bought said the total, my boyfriend handed him the money he goes in drawer for a form and hands it to me as I am standing behind my boyfriend. I said ok signed paperwork handed back , he hands me fish and is standing there looking at me and I said can he have his change he goes in drawer gets change and tried to had to me . I asked what his problem was I was not buying the fish nor did I give him the money and he walks away! Really ! Never will I ever step foot in another store again that disrespects people like he does !

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Richard Bourassa - 11 d ago


I recently made a purchase and returned it the same day to be told I will not receive my credit for 7 to 10 days. That is ridiculous. I will find elsewhere to shop. Amazon is next day or that hour.

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Tom - 37 d 4 h ago


I have never been more disappointed as I am now about Petco groomers at the San Antonio Texas, Austin Hwy location. My pet Weimaraner has gone every two weeks for the last three years only to have an ill tempered, bad mannered grooming manager. About a month and a half ago, when I took Dixie in, I was told that a groomer had called out sick and it might take a little longer than normal. After 2 1/2 hours I called to check on the status. I was told she would be ready in about 45 minutes. When I got there to pick her up I noticed that the groomers had written 10% off for the delay. I payed and that was all that was done about that. Two weeks later when I brought her in I was approached by this woman saying that the 3 hour time ya a normal wait time for the weekend and that they will not give any discounts for it taking long. I asked first, who are you? She said she's the new manager. I said, you might want to introduce yourself before she goes on the attack. Needless to say, from that moment I didn't much care for her. The next time, two weeks later, I was greeted in the front of the store by a groomer saying that didn't want me to have to see the manager. I thought that was of but I just did the drop off and carried on. All of this leading to yesterday. When I went in to drop off Dixie I noticed that the smell of cigarettes was so strong in the drop off area that I said @it stinks of coin here". Then I dropped off Dixie and went to eat breakfast. 2 hours later I got a call saying Dixie and Jax (her brother) we're ready. When I got there a young lady named Marci was in tears. She say Dixie was acting fussy. I said, in what way. Then she asked the strangest question I've ever been asked. She asked if anything was going on in my home that could've affecting Dixie. At first I thought she was joking. It she continued to cry. I said, of corse not. I then said, I don't care for this new manager but I'm sure Dixie doesn't care. I meant it as a joke. Then Marci says, that's probably it. She's picked up on you not liking this manager. (Who was sitting down watching all of this awkwardness take place. So I said, you're saying my dog has picked up on the fact that I don't like her (piintung at the manager(. Then the manager said she has the right to refuse service to anyone. I said I like to see that in Whitting and I'd like to see the manager too. So, in walks the same manager I complain to about this groomer mgr when the incident first occurred. Things got heated and in the process I called that groomer manage Smokahauntus. She then started yelling and telling me that I'd i cane back in the store she would call the police and have me arrested for trespassing.

I ask you. Does this seem normal? To keep my dog in a cage for 2 hours, but bathe her and make up some weird story about something on in my house that's affected Dixie. I've lodged a formal complaint but I feel something must be done. At the minimum, I deserve an apology

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Here in Rhode Island, two girls were grooming a dog, left it unattended and the poor dog fell off the table and strangled by the loop around his neck. I would not even walk into their stores anymore. those people do not have any training what so ever. very, very , sad.

Yes, there is a lawsuit, but that won't bring the dog back. My heart breaks for the dog and the owners.

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Elizabeth - 13 d 4 h ago

That was at a Petsmart. I am not a Petco fan but you need to be careful not to spread false information.

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Chai - 26 d ago


The supervisor in Friars SD, Ca. whose name is Shannon D. was very unprofessional. We just want to buy 1 small fish for a 10 gal. tank with , 6 small fish in it, and hshe refused to sell us, because she said the 10 gallon is not enough for 7 fish!!!.

We all have mollley's and they are really small fish, and I know from another pet store that we go to, that we can put 1 fish per gallon. She just gave us the attitude coz I told her, we were waiting for 15 mins. after I approached the cashier for assistance with the fish and no one came and we just chanced upon her to assist us.

So I told her I have a 3 gallon tank in my room that we could set up and put the fish there. She said, we have to set it up and just come back the following day to get the fish, because the tank should be set up first.

Why can't we just buy the fish and temporarily put it with the 6 fish in the 10 gallon tank while we set up the 3 gallon one for my room?. Should we have to waste gas money and our time to come back for 1 fish???.

There is not even a policy regarding this coz we asked customer service. She shouldn't be a supervisor because she suck at customer relations!!!!

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Hobbyist - 13 d 14 h ago

So I was on here for other reasons and saw your post. I have been keeping fish for a long time. General rule to follow for freshwater is 1 gallon of water per inch of fish. That said, mollies are usually 2-3 inches full grown. Your 6 fish require a minimum of 12 gallons if each is just 2 inches. So your tank is over stocked.

As for buying fish before a tank is set up... You can buy bacteria additives for the tank to speed up the nitrogen cycle to help maintain water quality. However, it can also take a new tank time to reach proper temperature. Why put the new fish through the stress of sitting in a bag while you set up a tank. Adding it to the other tank first and then swapping it also adds stress to it.

Seems to me that employee was concerned for the well being of the fish but poorly articulated the situation.

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Lee/Joyce Michelfelder - 13 d 17 h ago


After taking my Maltese/Yorkie in December to be groomed in your Menifee "new" store, I was very disappointed when I picked her up. The cutting of hair on her body was so uneven and not cut to the length I requested. I thought, OK it will grow. So this month, February, we thought the groomers will have more experience and we would give them one more try. Well, was that a terrible mistake...... we picked Bella up and mind you, she is a Maltese with long hair on her ears and tail. The groomer SHAVED the hair off her ears....Her statement after we mentioned it said, Bella's hair was matted and she didn't like being combed/brushed to get tangles out. NEVER......SO, you shave her ears instead of calling me to tell me that and I can either give the permission or say not to go ahead and shave!!! Are you serious? Bella is 10 years old and I don't know if she has enough life to even grow the hair on her ears back. . She sure doesn't look like a Morkie anymore. So, needless to say, Bella will Never See the inside of a Petco again. And what a shame because the groomers in your Beaumont/Highland Springs store do beautiful work but we couldn't get there. And we are hearing stories about PetSmart now? Well I guess private groomers are the best!!

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Devoted employee for 11 years - 15 d 40 s ago


I live in South Orange County In CA.. I worked for Petco for all most 11 years. I retired June 2017 when are store closed there doors. I waited for my W-2 from to come in by 1-30-2018,did not receive. Called HR to inquire they stated they sent and was returned on none address. I stated same address you all ways send to. They gave me the run around talking to a person out of country with a very heavy ascent so hard to understand. If you work for Petco you now they do not hire with in the state???? He read my address to me they had it incorrect they reversed 2 numbers. I asked to please send again can't do that go on line went on line put in my data came up no information. Know I'm required to write to corporate to request to get my address corrected. HR that is there job to help you NOT Petco?????? What a run around, I worked all those years to be treated in this matter. You are just employee number to them and make money for them through sales. Petco you need to revaluate HR department and treat you employees with respect

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Camille V Cato - 16 d 7 h ago


let me tell you about my experience w Petco. They use cheap labor in the Philippines who don't give a rat's _ss about customers. Their shippers and warehouse people don't care about customers. My order sat in the warehouse they never had it shipped and I had investigated it TWICE. Third time I called a US customer service escalated department that told me it never left warehouse. BUT she did tell me she credited the order back to my credit card. Well of course I didn't get the items. I used Amazon for the same products and will get them in 2 days. No difference in price.


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Lisa - 20 d 19 h ago


i have been taking feeders to a baby snake to keep it alive so tonight i went up to drop of live feeders and seen what shape this baby was in and pissed me off i could not leave it there to die ...but i will not be supplying live feeders to petco again to see how they let them go this far in this condition and had it out on display for sale ... we decided to take it home and they was going to refuse the sale because i made them plz ppl stay out of petco ....poor baby is dehydrated stuck shed eye caps are still on witch could amd will lead to blindness very under weight very sick little snake

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Anonymous - 22 d 10 h ago


I think you need to replace your dept. Managers at Foster & Smith!

They are always advertising jobs, but if you interview with one manager that doesn't want you, can't get anywhere else with this company. Your recruiters call you, and you STill can't get your foot in the door. And there must be a reason why you are constantly posting jobs for this company...can't keep employees for some reason!

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Anonymous - 23 d ago


Mike Napolitan.

Why do you hire people that only some knowledge of animals. I have 10 guinea pigs. 8 I purchased from petco

Yet when I go there I get no answers to questions I have. I'm told "I don't know anything about guinea pigs. I groom dogs or I only know about reptiles or birds. I wind up going elsewhere. I have been shopping at petco for over 3 years. Not sure after tonight. This is Hadley Massachusetts there are 2 pet stores right across the street.

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Justice Seeker - 23 d ago


This company hires unethical managers. They have Brian Cappelletti working for them in Loss Prevention Management out of Chicago who was fired from his previous job for sexual harassment, gross misconduct, unethical behavior, and a bunch of other things. He was sending pen** pictures to female subordinates, then tried to fire everyone who knew about his actions. It is a shame that a company like Petco would hire such a pig. It is probably not their fault though. Knowing him and his lies, he probably didn't divulge this information to them on his application.

General profile image - 24 d 47 s ago


I took my dog in for a grooming! The Gromer, refused to do anything to my dog because "he was too old in their eyes, and did not know how to trip nails???

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Brittney - 24 d 4 h ago


Completely disheartened that i even have to write a review because I'm not the type to do so but I've had a heart breaking experience with Petco and something needs to be done about it. I took a leap and about 4 weeks ago i purchased a Guinea Pig from a Petco location here in Henderson, Nv. He was the cutest, super playful and i was attached to him right away as were my two little boys. About 2 days later i noticed a lump on his back and then took him back to the store and they said they'd have to return him, give me my money back and they'd take him to the Vet to see what this scab was on his back. So i was obviously super upset that i had to do that but did it for the sake of the Guinea (peanut). A day later i called for an update because i wanted to buy him back and they had said that the Vet didn't have an update on him yet but regardless of what was wrong he'd need to most likely be on antibiotics and in there care for probably 3-4 weeks. So i decided I'd let him go and take another leap and buy another because my little boys were so upset that they didn't have a Guinea. So i then try another Petco location in henderson and purchased a girl Guinea. Buttercup had been super skiddish from the get-go which as i read is normal. But as the days went on she didn't seem to be getting any more comfortable but we loved her so much. I wanna say 3 weeks pass by and she starts acting different. She stops eating, drinking, being excited when we gave her hay to her, etc. So immediately i take her to the Vet. They say they think it's an upper respiratory illness and or a stomach issue because she seemed to be in pain. I pay $200 and leave with antibiotics. I give it to her as told, hand feed her etc and she didnt get any better. Yesterday morning i decide i need to take her back to the vet, so i come home from my sons soccer game and she was gone. Not breathing. Buttercup died. Unexplainable. As far as I'm concerned, Two different Petco locations sold me two different sick guinea pigs. Something needs to be done.

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musicgurl41 - 32 d 37 s ago



I need to let everyone know that is affilliated with Petco that store 523 in Newport Beach is a deplorable place to work!! I was recently ill and I tried my best to do my job- I even had to call out a couple of times due to my illness. I had a very severe cold that I am still recuperating from. During a violent coughing fit a tore a muscle in my left side. This did not happen at work- however the management was not very sympathetic towards my situation. I had to come in barely able to speak and just deal with the pain for eight hours straight. This was during the holiday season (the most busiest time). Instead of being understanding to my situation they wrote me up for those two days that i was sick. They called them unexcused absences!! They knew I was not feeling well and treated me like dirt!! Just two days ago I tried to explain things to the store manager. He was extremely dismissive and told me that they were actually doing me a favor by not getting me into further trouble!! Can you believe this!! I have never worked for such horrible people ever!! Is this the way Petco treats employees that are sick and in pain!? I am also a middle aged woman who has time and time again been treated very poorly by the management!! I have back problems that I have told them about and they just don't care!! Instead they write their little notes and warn me to be more efficient!! I intend to let Human Resources know about further details at a later time. I just wanted to put my voice out there because I will not be treated this way any further!!

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Tsmith777 - 35 d 17 h ago


The treatment that your store put Debra Saplak through is hurtful, heinous, unmitigated and undeserved. YOU chose to fire an employee before the holidays, which was rather cruel on your part but by doing so, Valerie was no longer an employee of your company hence she could do as she wished with her newfound open schedule. Debra reached out and tried to help the lady out. It wasn't hurting anyone least of all the employee that you chose to release but yet, like a jaded jilted ex-boyfriend, you reacted with a vicious and cruel attack on the 'new girlfriend' ie Debra with slanderous whispers and rumours and even going so far to do what our government is doing to alot of us- withholding funds that could go to help others in need that really need it. Sad that you are doing this to be petty and childish. I would think a company that usually has such good reviews would be adult enough to acknowledge that things didn't work out and both parties would go their separate ways. But, by slandering Debra to others hurts not only her reputation but also her foundation and that can go a long way in a courtroom. You owe her the money. Be an adult and pay her what you owe her and walk away.

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Gloria - 37 d ago


Your manager at the store located on Rivers Ave., North Charleston, SC really needs to go to more training in customer service. Her name is Chris (she refused several times to give me her last name said it wasn't my business). She asked my full name and I gave it to her. She was very rude and hung up on me. I wanted to speak to her to tell her that a message I left asking the groom shop to call me (2 days ago) was not returned and groomer says message wasn't given to her. I believe her and I simply wanted to let the manager know that some of her associates weren't doing their job.

I've done business with the Petco Store in Charleston, North Charleston and Summerville since these stores have been in existence. I've volunteered with a local rescue group and a county shelter by foster (fostered 152 dogs in 10 years). Purchase lots of dog food and other supplies strictly from Petco and that's ended. Also I've let all of my follow rescue volunteers know what happened. I'm shredding your Rewards card. SHAME.

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