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PETCO Animal Supplies Stores, Inc.
9125 Rehco Rd.
San Diego, CA
(858) 453-7845
(858) 784-3489
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Lee Ann Wisconsin - 1 d ago


Very angry...and I am speaking on behalf of a large group of people that I know that have shopped at Foster and Smith for over 20 years! I was selected to be the "spokesperson!" Petco purchased Dr. Foster and Smith in Rhinelander Wisconsin. They are shutting down the facility in less than one month. I just found this out 4 days ago when i was calling to place an order. They are leaving everyone at that facility, 100 or more people, which is in a very rural part of the state where jobs are few and far between..unemployed. Many of those people were raised in that area. For many of us, this was "one stop" shopping via catalog for our pets. Their customer service is awesome..and located right in Wisconsin. Their prices unbeatable! Free shipping as well. Petco's customer service is outsourced..out of the United States. I don't much appreciate speaking to someone that can't speak or understand English. Petco doesn't carry the majority of what Foster and Smith carried. NOT GOOD!!! And, no answers when the question is asked, "will Petco continue the same above standard level of customer service and products that Foster and Smith provided." I myself have begun the search to find everything I need to support the health of my pets. I will have to be ordering from several different places which have much higher prices than Foster and Smith had, along with high postage rates. Many don't understand especially when you have older pets, especially in the exotic variety change is NOT good it can be catastrophic. Petco, do you really care about your customers and their pets? Doesn't seem like you do. Maybe you should have done your research before shutting down Foster and Smith. SO you have now not only left people without jobs, but pet owner's without a good source for their continued appropriate health care. SHAME ON YOU!!!

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Robert Olson - 1 d 6 h ago


I just wanted to take the opportunity to compliment and thank your groomer, Luiza, in your Statesboro store. I was visiting Statesboro and dropped in for a groom. Never before have I had a groomer sit on the floor with my dog to check him over and love on him before grooming. Unlike in the past, he was comfortable and relaxed. And, she did an outstanding job. Not looking forward to the drive from Savannah for future grooms, but Luiza makes the trip worthwhile. We will definitely be seeing her again!

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jayne - 4 d 5 h ago


12/2/18 I took my black lab to the s76th Greendale WI location at 8:00 am for a bath and nail clipping. 1 hour and 50 minutes later the dog could not use his back legs. It took my 5 weeks to get my dog to the vet because he is a big dog and he could no longer jump into the back of my saturn. I had to remove the back seat and put down a small step to get him in. You want me to reales his medical records and in return I asked your corporate guys to release the video of how he was fine walking in and could not walk out. He has a torn ligiment and surgery is not an option because it is expensive and because of his age. He is now on pain killers for life. You people have done nothing to resolve this and are forcing me to go to social media and the BBB. I expect something to be done or this week I will post on every social media, every news station I can possibly can. I have time on my hands to do so. Jayne Camarillo (hidden) dog name BUD.

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B - 13 d 19 h ago


My standard poodle was taken in for grooming. I asked for a bath and brush. When I picked him up he had been totally shaved down to his skin and there were nicks (cut on his skin}. I was totally shocked in that my poodle had no hair and cuts. I asked why did they not give me a courtesy

call to tell me that they were going to shave all of his hair off. I would have told them at that point not to do so (to do nothing) and that I would pick him up immediately. When I asked to talk to the store manager, they said that he was gone for the day and to call the next day. I called and when I talked to the store manager and told him about my disappointment, he was very rude and defensive. He said that he would give me a refund and put in the computer that I could never come back to Petco again. That was not my point, I was not calling for a refund. I wanted to convey my disappointment about Petco's grooming service. There was no resolution with the store manager due to his defensive comments during our conversation. I feel that there should be better training given to store your managers, on customer service/relations. I typically use another well known pet store for grooming but could not get an appointment at all, they were booked for days. The treatment that I received at Petco would have never happened at the other pet store because that Pet Store provides great grooming service as well as great customer service. It's no wonder that they had no openings for grooming. I would suggest that you better train your groomers and store manager. My standard poodle has no hair and here we are at the start of winter, getting snowy days and cold temperatures. The $91.00 that I paid to Petco to have my dog groomed was a waste in that my dog was not groomed, he was shaved to his bare skin. When I asked the manager about the cuts on my dogs skin he gave no apology but said that it happened because of the blade that the groomer used and he stated the number of that blade. How was that helpful to me, I don't need to know the number of the blade.

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Anonymous - 5 d 8 h ago

I am so sorry to hear about your poodles experience.

I am waiting for Petco headquarters to open Monday.

What the groomer did to my dog was pure cruelty and traumatising.

My family and friends are all standing behind me in making sure this groomer (who also happens to be the manager of the grooming department) is terminated from her position.

My cousin and his wife had their own K-9 business in Arizona. I know my rights. Petco WILL be held accountable for the person THEY HIRED and the injuries she caused to my dog.

Feel free to look at the pictures I have posted on my Facebook regarding the issue.

Mishelle Wooten

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Mary Lou Pazik - 8 d 30 m ago


Hi My name is Mary Lou Pazik,

I would just like Petco to know how mad and upset the parrot community is about the closure of Dr. Fosters and Smith. There are millions of parrot owners let alone all other animals serviced by this company. I for one and if you read across the internet are so mad I will never shop in Petco again.

Good day,

Mary Lou Pazik

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David - 8 d ago


Hi Im David Lailson from Esgro Textil in Mexico we manufactured leashes, collars, toys and shampoo for pets, if you are interesting please send me the purchasing contact to send our cataloge an samples to look the quality.

my e mail: (hidden)

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kali - 9 d 7 h ago


I love the customer service I get when I go into the unleashes in Boston but recently what I have been seeing is people working while being on drugs this person I have seen them in two different locates

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Happy ending to the crate door! My husband contacted the company that manufactures the crates. The Customer Service Rep of the Gardner Pet Group in West Bend, Wisconsin. About 45 minutes after my husband had told the story of the incorrect crate door, he received a call from the of the company. The company was genuinely sorry for the trouble. A representative drove an hour to our home to bring the correct door for the crate. NOW THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! The company gave us a large package of puppy pads, which I am sure will come in handy.

Petco would not even contact the store that is 2 miles from my home to see if there was a crate that I could even exchange for the proper size. Petco offered to pick up the defective crate and ship a new one. But that would take up to a week to accomplish.

Happy that the Gardner Pet Group took responsibility for the error, and the company made it right.

We are now ready for when the latest addition to our family comes!


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Closed early 845pm on 01/3/2019 - 14 d 19 h ago


Very upset Petco close early on 1 3 2019 at 8:45 p.m. couldn't even pick up the pooper scooper very upset

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I ordered a dog crate for a new puppy that will be arriving on 1-4-2019. I ordered the appropriate size crate to accommodate the dog as she grows. The order was placed on 12-23-2018. The crate arrived on 1-3-2019. When we began to assemble it, the door for the crate was TOO SMALL for the crate. I called customer service and told the agent what the problem was with the order. I asked for a replacement door to be overnighted so that we would have it for when the puppy arrived. I was told that it was my problem and I would have to return the crate to Reno, NV and wait for at least another week to get another crate.


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Very angry - 18 d 16 h ago


At a petco located in San Diego County, CA I was treated like a criminal and had my id taken from me by the manager and not returned. For no reason, I did nothing wrong . This can't be professional by any means and legally he was not supposed to keep my id.

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Dana Vegas - 25 d ago

Very unhappy with Staples mill Rd Richmond Virginia location. Upon making a direct grooming appointment with Tina, the stores' management Dec. 22 2018 for a groom slated to occur Dec. 24th 2018 at 11:30 am. Arrived at store at 11:15 am, entered dog into grooming computer set up and was told 2 1/2 to 3 hours for groom to occur.. no phone calls from store, managing personal. After 4 hours I contacted store 2x to inquire statis...I was TOLD dog was "ready" for pick up. Upon entering store, at grooming salon. .DOG was was brought out UNGROOMED, WITH ZERO EXPLANATION ON WHAT TRANSPIRED FOR DOG NOT BRING GROOMED. Poor people skills, poor salon staff. Very upsetting, to know MY PET WAS "LOCKED" UP IN A KENNEL COMPLETELY UNATTENDED FOR A LENGTHY TIME FRAME. DEPLORABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE

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M A Beckner - 27 d 4 h ago


One of the groomers is great. Her name is Kayla. The other is terrible. Her name is Angela. I have a Pug. Angela made a mess of his claws and did not clean his wrinkles. Kayla always cleans his wrinkles. Angela lied and told me she had. I cleaned his wrinkles myself. I'll continue to buy my pet's food at PETCO but he will never be groomed there again.

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Paul C jr - 29 d 5 m ago


I went to oetco today to get medium frozen rats for my snakes that were purchased from their store in Keene New Hampshire. They were out they haven't had medium rats in stock for three weeks now and my snakes are hungery. Petco is absolutely pathetic and they shouldn't be aloud to sell an animal if I can't even buy it's food from them I give petco 0 stars for their lack of supplies and their bad costomer service

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Standing up for myself and others - 30 d 4 h ago


A few weeks ago, I tried to order dog food and clicked on the ad that offered 50% off orders of $100 or more and free shipping. I didn't see the tiny fine print type that said "Exclusions Apply," somewhere off the ad and nowhere near the "Shop Now" button, and I ordered in good faith. I complained to your customer service department that this was a deceptive practice and there should have been an asterisk before I spent my time ordering, only to find out I was "Not Qualified" for the sale price. The manager of the complaint department spewed out some spoon fed legalese, making it my problem that I didn't search the entire ad page in the email. Congratulations... now I see an asterisk on your latest advertisement and Exclusions Apply directly under the Shop Now button. Since I was never sent a formal apology for the inconvenience a few weeks ago or an override on your Exclusions Apply, I'm on your case. Now, the problem I have with your ad is this: the Exclusions Apply type, although directly beneath the Shop Now button, is tiny white type just above a white snowfall with snowflakes floating around it. The contrast value of this very legal type is only 15 to 20% and its' micro-small size makes it virtually invisible and highly difficult to read. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires a 70% contrast value for all building interior room signage and any outdoor way-finding signage with certain legible typefaces. I don't know if there is a similar law for Advertisements and "The Fine Print" but it seems like you're still taking advantage of your customer's good intentions by ordering with an unscrupulous level of legalese. If the fine print was in the same dark cranberry color as the Shop Now button, the connection of the two would be obvious and the contrast value would be in the 70% range and mostly readable, despite the small size and no asterisk. I hope to see the change I've suggested in your next ad. As it stands, your customers need to hire a lawyer to read your ad to them, if they have poor eyesight, and advise them on what they can actually buy at the sale price advertised in big bold type.

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Anonymous - 29 d 8 m ago

Petco is really bad with this kind of stuff. Every single time I order from them my shipment is either opened or broken. I do not recommend petco for anyone. They don't even deserve 0 stars because that's too good for them

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Lois R - 32 d 7 h ago


Went to the Petco on U.S. 19 in Embassy Crossings/Port Richey, Florida for the picture of your pets with Santa. The young man playing Santa had a great personality, only one problem...actually two...the painted fingernails & lip ring were clearly visible in the picture. Even the place I brought the picture to be enlarged made a comment. I have no problem with what people do/wear on their own time. Common sense is lacking at this store. Will not use again.

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Heidi Williams - 40 d ago


Very disappointed with Petco I went in to pick up a few things for my pup. I was asked from the girl if I'd like to donate I handed her a dollar and she said I'm sorry I can't except that I can only except two dollars or more I was like what ? She said I would like to take a dollar but I will get in trouble . The day I go to donate and somebody tells me how much I have to donate is the day I stop donating whether it's a $ a quarter or a penny goes to the animals at least I think it does? Any denomination should help very concerning!!!

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Katharine Knight - 78 d 8 h ago





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Get over the beta - 78 d 5 h ago


Wow the same person over and over. That's amazing. What do you have against beta fish. They live in mud puddles naturally so what's wrong with them

Being in a cup until they find a home. To be that's much better then a mud puddle. Sorry your opinion is worthless but it is exactly that. Do some

Research before posting under 20 different names

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Wow, you are the ignorant one to think that the same person is going through all that trouble to post comments under different names about the abused betta fish in your stores.

One reason there are so many comments about the poor fish right now is that many people belong to PETA who has informed us about the dreadful treatment of these fish. I have shopped at Petco for years and years and everytime i go into your stores i can barely look at those poor betta fish - i have commented about them to employees many times about how awful to have a living creature in that situation. I actually had an employee say to me, "you think that is bad, you should see the way they are delivered to us!" This is unacceptable. Even mud puddles are better than your stupid water cups; at least mud puddles (if that is true) is better if that is how they live in nature and flourish. In those stupid cups and bags and whatever idiotic containers you use they are tortured to death. One does NOT have to go to school to learn about betta fish in order to see how cruel a situation you have put them, and all of the crap they have to go through from the catch in Thailand. You guys are pathetic trying to make us think that they are fine and happy. They aren't little plastic toys, they are living beings.

You have been investigated and here is just one little sliver of information:

PETA's investigations of the pet industry have uncovered appalling neglect of betta fish even before they reach stores. They're often starved for several days during transport and are confined individually to tiny bags that are stuffed into boxes stacked up high in massive wholesale warehouses. Many fish die before and during transport to retailers, which can take days, as they're shipped all over the country. Industry insiders have confirmed that this system is common practice for some retailers.


Stop selling betta fish like this Petco!!! I am stopping my business to you until you free these poor betta creatures. I have been thinking about this for years.

Here is a link to information on it:

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HelpAllTheAnimals - 59 d 17 h ago


If you think the bettas are the worst about PetCo, you're wrong. Check their "Wellness" room. I use to work for PetCo. The wellness rooms are small and all the sick animals are caged side by side. Not only that, but at my store, the employees would only just sign the treatment papers without medicating the animals, or not even sign and treat them all together. Then when you take them to the vet. PetCo employs some random vet office in their local area to "treat" the animals but they all come back with the same medicine given over and over again. On top of that, the vet that was employed with the company for my store didn't even know how to treat and medicate sick reptiles so she treated them like she would a hamster. Most reptiles died because of a bad vet and the only ones that lived were due to employees who knew enough about reptiles to take the steps to care for it even if it was against company policy. And oh yes, we got written up for doing that as well. If you treat an animal against the vet's order you're in violation of company policy and can be possibly fired for trying to help the thing. But it's okay for a manager who favoritized an animal that got sick for them to break policy and home remedy it back to full health because they know the vet is B.S

Look closer into that PETA

- An Ex Employee

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Anonymous - 44 d ago

Maybe you live in a mud puddle,yourself !!!

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A Former Employee - 64 d 5 m ago


The store I use to work for never flushed dead bettas and their water was changed once, sometimes twice a week. The bodies are stored to be sent off and properly disposed of. As much as I don't like PetCo anymore, what you said was a lie, at least for my store it was. I can't speak for every store. Either way, I share your thoughts that bettas could be in bigger cups at least before being purchased. But there's nothing we can do about that sadly. Corp. companies will do whatever is cheapest yet makes them the most money. Minimum work for maximum payout.

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