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PETCO Animal Supplies Stores, Inc.
9125 Rehco Rd.
San Diego, CA
(858) 453-7845
(858) 784-3489
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Debbie - 8 h ago

I understand that everything is a little crazy with the situation that is going on. I have tried to do on-line order and curbside pickup. In order to do that I had to get into my account. I have tried twice and have had them send me temporary passwords and it still didn't work. Thank goodness for this wonderful associate that works at the North Kingstown store in RI. Her name is Alison. I explained the situation and she was kind of enough to get me everything I needed and had it at the front of the store so I didn't have to spend time in the store. She should get a raise. She was wonderful, friendly and didn't complain at all about doing it for me. So as far as the website site goes. It is terrible. As far as that associate goes you is the BEST! If corporate is reading this please please do something nice for her.

She has done this twice for me! She is an awesome employee and a keeper!

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Joseph Owens - 1 d 4 h ago


I used to work for Petco. A big part of why I quit is that i couldn't stomach how the company treated the live animals in their stores. Reptiles, fish, birds and small mammals were not properly cared for, not taken to a vet if they got sick and frequently died and were thrown out in the garbage. Cheaper to replace them than to care for them properly. Petco please stop selling live animals including Betta fish! You will regain me and many others as customers if you do.

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NL - 3 d 6 h ago


So, today April 6th 2020, went into the eagle Petco store to buy a petsafe drinkwell product for my pet. In a time when we truly want to help stores keep their employees working and we go there to buy a product.. Would it be to much to ask that the PEOPLE they employ could be nicer and not treat a customer like "How fricking dare you ask us for help" If I didn't need the item and if there was another place close by I would have purchased elsewhere. I am so sorry that your website showed a different lower price then what was on your shelve, but your company says on web-site they will match the lower price. I am sorry you had to push an extra button on register to do this for me... Oh, and in your "hurry up Bitch I am busy" You didn't even bother to ask if I was a member of PETCO!!!! Because of this associate bad manners and F-You attitude, The first thing I did, before typing this, was take my Petco Card and shred it and I have told my kids to not do business with this store or any other store called PETCO. I am truly sorry Chewy and Petsmart for not purchasing through one of you instead....

For the other Petco employees, sorry but you want to work and have people do business with you, get rid of Mr. Personality or put him in back where he doesn't have to help customers....


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Leah - 10 d 13 h ago


Please stop keeping Betta fish in tiny containers, if you can't keep them in a humane way then it is better that you don't sell them at all, please.

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Dingus - 3 d 9 h ago

It is humane, they're made for tiny places

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Anonymous - 13 d 5 h ago

Please stop selling betta fish in all your Petco stores. Would you wanna live in a small bowl,? Put yourself in the betta fishes place,

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Dingus - 3 d 9 h ago

That's how beta fish live lmao

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Petco State Violations - 3 d 11 h ago


I am a regular shopper at the Petco Bristol Plaza location in Orange County (3327 S Bristol St, Santa Ana, CA 92704).

This past Sunday, April 5th, I shopped at Petco and immediately noticed that none of Petco's employees were complying with state and local official guidelines for Southern California and Orange County communities. Those guidelines clearly include: "anytime you leave your home, regardless of whether you're in a public area or not, a protective mask should be worn.

Prior to entering Petco, I shopped at two other Bristol Plaza retailers; Trader Joes and Rite Aid, both of which were following state and local official guidelines. In fact, both retailers went beyond the guidelines to ensure public safety.

At Petco, none of the checkout staff were following county guidelines. I spoke to the Petco manager and his response was; if checkout clerks do not want to wear masks, they didn't have to.

The big picture at hand is that Petco leadership has apparently not provided its employees with current government guidelines, and allowed each employee to make their own decision as to whether Petco Company is compliant or non-compliant.

That's nothing less than irresponsible, and as a regular Petco shopper, I find that entering Petco may be putting my family and myself at risk.

I have already contacted the Governor's office, as well as ABC 7, Eyewitness News. I am not certain whether you follow current news, television broadcasts, etc., but I can tell you that state officials have literally lost their patients with non-compliant retailers, and look for ways to make examples of guidelines continually being ignored. Simply put, they have publicly said they are fed up, and they are not afraid to call out violations and warn consumers of the risks when retailers put families at risk.

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CLP - 5 d 13 h ago


On March 24th I placed an online order for a prescription food. A few days went by and they had not contacted my vet. I called them and waited 45 minutes to speak with customer service. He said they were very busy and that my vet would receive a fax in 24 hours. I relayed the fax number to him to make sure it was right. The weekend went by and I contacted my vet on Tuesday, no fax. Called them back and waited 45 minutes. The person entered the fax number wrong. I told them I was not going to wait again for them to contact my vet so he put me through to the prescription food department. Waited another 15 minutes. I asked that department to contact my vet directly, which he did. The next thing I know I get an email saying my order was cancelled. Now I was really angry because I had to call them back. First time-hour and a half, hung up. A while later called back-45 minutes, hung up. Third time-one hour, hung up. Later that evening-20 minutes, finally answered. Could not see a reason for the cancellation. He placed the order again. It is now April 4th and I get an email that the food should be here by Wednesday April 8th. Three weeks to receive an order?? I get that everything is taking longer because of this pandemic but there is no reason to be sloppy at your job.

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Rina Esher - 6 d 4 h ago

Please do the right thing and stop selling betta fish. Thank you

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HAZEL M PETROSKI - 6 d 6 h ago



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AndersonMilwaukieOR - 6 d 10 h ago


I apologize if I spell the name wrong, but Leilah at the Clackamas Oregon store was the best today. I tried to order online to pickup at that store and could not find a way to do that online at this store, so I called. She was friendly, very helpful, looked up the product I needed for my cat, pulled the supply for me to pick up. She actually remembered who I was from picking up myself in the store. It felt very hometown and I have to say, made me happy at a time when we all must be more observant of caring for others right now in this time. Thank you Leilah!

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Hayley - 6 d 14 h ago


The most inexperience customer service representatives I have ever spoken with. I was finally able to take to a supervisor who didn't help but promised me pals rewards. I spoke to another supervisor a few days later who called me a liar and was an absolute jerk. I sent emails to no response. I have made 7+ phone calls (which the supervisor made a big deal about to make me sound crazy) because I would ask to speak to a supervisor and was on hold so long I was hung up on. Never had a problem with Petco before, but that goes to show you what happens when you put clowns in the customer service position. Get your act together Petco.

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barbara - 8 d 10 h ago


our local petco stopped carrying Purina Pro-Plan Focus for small dog breeds in 18lb size. It was the only store in our area that carred it. I'l like to k now why. I've tried calling, but after being on hold 16 minutes, I gave up. I hate Petco

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Jojo - 9 d 10 h ago


Today I went to Petco in Lake Grove New York. I bought a Seresto collar which I was charged 84.99 plus tax.Thereafter a $27 coupon was taken off the total. Now I paid $7.33 in tax for an item which should have been $57. Since when do you pay tax on original price when the item is on sale? As a consumer I feel ripped off. When I called the manager she told me just bring back the collar and would not give me the tax overcharged. Now I know why I don't go to Petco the prices are high and now I'm being ripped off by taxes. I'm going to pay taxes to the government for something that was on sale? There's something wrong here and I'm pursuing this. And I don't like the fact that your manager told me just to bring back the item instead of trying to work it out. All she said was well that's what the computer does. This is not the last of this complaint possible class action lawsuit. Petco might be paying everybody the overcharging tax.

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purpletoast - 9 d 11 h ago


Absolutely impossible to contact by phone.

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Clara - 9 d 13 h ago

I went into Petco in Hillside Il to get food for my cat. I was was waiting a while before someone came to the register. The young man final came rang me up I handed him a coupon and he said it starts tomorrow. I said really you can not give it to me today I have to come back and he said yes. So I left I will never go to a Petco again. I would not have even gone out but my cat needs to eat too.

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Anonymous - 13 d 7 h ago

Stop selling betta fish !! This is cruel !!

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Javed - 13 d 9 h ago

Don't sell betta fish

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Anonymous - 13 d 9 h ago

Stop selling Betta fish!

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Andrea Aguirre - 13 d 9 h ago


Stop selling Betta fish

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Jean - 13 d 14 h ago

Please stop selling betta fish !!!!

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Properlyconcerned - 14 d 7 h ago


Why is your grooming services still available is Washington State when it is mandated that they be shut down per the Governor? All small business with grooming or grooming salons must be closed and have done so. Why are you operating illegally at this time?

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Brian - 16 d 7 h ago


Quality of customer service and to follow through with their obligations is worthless. I will not be ordering from anymore and I dont recommend anyone to use their services.

I ordered on Friday two boxes of Frozen Pinkie Mouse - 10 Count online for the in store location didn't have any in stock. I requested overnight delivery which means it would be at my front door sometime on Saturday. Since my package did not arrive Saturday, I called the customer service number on Sunday requesting an explanation to why my package had not arrived as supposed to. The representative (rep) told me that they do not deliver on the weekends and that is why my order was still in progress. The rep told me that it would be processed on Monday morning and he guaranteed me my order will be delivered to my front door on Tuesday. I advised the rep that I had paid for the overnight delivery. Asked what could they do since their obligation was not met. The rep was able to give half of my delivery cost back. Before hanging up, I asked again to make sure my package would be delivered on Tuesday. The rap once again guaranteed that the package would arrive sometime Tuesday.

Well well well! It is now Tuesday and my order still has not arrived. I check the status on the site and it still says in progress. Oh I am not a happy pet owner. Once again, Petco has not fulfilled their obligation. I called and talked to another rep who apparent didn't understand a lick of English, so I requested to speak to someone else. They transferred me to another rep where again, they kept making excuses saying that they sent it off to the third party vendor and now its up to them. I told them exactly what the conversation I had with the rep on Sunday. They again told me that there is nothing they can do for its now in the hands of the vendor. I told him they were the vendor for the order was placed through them. I told the rep that regardless of the third party, Petco is still responsible, making sure they follow through with their obligations to fulfill the orders placed through them. At this time, I requested a full refund and to still receive my items ordered for they are the ones who failed to follow through. The rep said they would put in a request and that I should receive a call back or a email.

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