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PETCO Animal Supplies Stores, Inc.
9125 Rehco Rd.
San Diego, CA
(858) 453-7845
(858) 784-3489
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Idaho - 1 d 1 m ago

Grooming was fine till our puppy reached 10 months....65 dollars? I dont even pay that for myself and my husbands haircuts! Today when we picked her up after 3 almost 4 hours! All she wanted to do was to get the hell out of theer and she was a mess...clean...but not what we had experienced before...shaved not hand scissored...a freaking mess,,,never again!!!

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Kevin Allen - 7 d 22 h ago


I expect a call first thing Monday morning in reference to the abuse my dog suffered at the hands of your groomers at your East York, PA store. My chocolate lab was there to get a nail trim and grind. She slipped on the table and was nearly hung by her collar. The groomer didn't lift her back onto table or release the neck strap. She nearly killed her. When called out on their negligence by my daughter they were rude and defensive. She asked for the manager who could not be located. In addition, we observed on this visit a deceased chinchilla who remains were not removed from the cage, even when the employees were advised their was a dead animal in their in rescue Pet cages! One employee even acknowledged it was dead, and had been all day. Please call (hidden). Ask for Kevin. We will provide the name of our attorney.

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Irene - 9 d 10 h ago


Natalie, a groomer at the Petco on Havana in Aurora, has to be the very best groomer ever. Our cavalier is almost seven, and she does an incredible job. Plus, Winston, can't wait to see her.

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Vickster - 14 d ago


The petco in Arden Sacramento California sold us iguanas with mites.. We've contacted them for over a month about my blue iguana... They would not help. Linda the store manager was VERY RUDE whenever we called. My iguana kept ketting weaker and weaker.. She said she told the district manager and gave him our number but he never called... And now as of today my iguana has passed away.. Im very upset.. We are going up the ladder to do what we have to do.. I will NOT let petco get away with this... We will fight it until the end.

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CW - 13 d 15 h ago


Im sorry about your loss. I support your fight.

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Mrs. Aquatic Educated - 13 d 15 h ago


Today i was in store 2783 Fort Myers Fl. I wanted to purchase aprox 5 fish three plattys and two gourami. After the manager caught and bagged the first three plattys i asked for the the other two. The manager assumed i didnt know what i was doing and began to educate me on water quality and straight up REFUSE to sell me the other two fish unless i braught her a water sample. The education was appreciated, but how dare she assume she knew more than me???? I have had aquarium's since i was 17 im 42 now. Its is not her place to decide what i can or cannot have in my tank. I could see if i wanted agress fish with the plattys. I will never go to Petco again, i was disrespected and treated as if i was uneducated about aquatics. I will share my horrible experience with EVERYONE I can. Thanks Petsmart for selling me what I wanted.

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Alice alton - 18 d 6 h ago


Purchased a bag of Blue dog food and when arrived home saw it expired a month ago. Will be returning and heading to Petsmart

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Carmin - 18 d 6 h ago


My mother just called me extremely upset. She took her two cocker spaniel dogs to get groomed to Petco located at 1370 Holiday Lane in Fairfield, CA. When she picked up her dogs, she noticed they had sores and were in pain. I told her to take pictures and notify the store manager. I also suggested she also call the corporate office and complain. If you don't know how to treat animals you should not work at Petco. It's a shame.

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Marietta - 20 d ago


Worse experience ever!! My 4 year old grandson was so excited when he won a goldfish at a party. However it was in a bag like you get at the fair. We went to Petco after the party to get a fish bowl and fish food. We didn't realize Petco would turn this lovely experience into a nightmare. We were told by Ed, the employee that the fish bowls you sell for goldfish are crap and that goldfish need filtered tanks in order to survive ( which I no is a lie since I have children who had goldfish when they were younger that outgrew the fishbowl to where I had to get a tank) I was then told the 24.00 fish tanks didn't have filters and we needed one. So we decided to get a bigger tank with a filter for my grandson's little goldfish. We grabbed rocks to go into it but my grandson didn't want his goldfish to be lonely so we decided to get another one. We had the goldfish with us so we asked the employee to get us another goldfish he told us it was AGAINST THE LAW to sell us a goldfish unless we bought a tank with a filter, waited 48 hours and when we returned to the store we could then and only then buy a GOLDFISH. I was in disbelief, especially since I have had fish before I then asked for a manager who told me the same thing. My grandson was devistated we ended up leaving but before leaving we were followed to the door and interrogated about the 2.00 bag of rocks we put BACK when we left the Fish tank with the filter. This was the worst experience ever, it was 9:00 we spent 30 minutes in the store and now had nothing to put his fish in and no companion. Thanks for killing a 4 year olds joy.

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Crystal hall - 20 d 2 h ago

I called corporate again today and was lied to again the supervisor. Said i would get a call back today...NO CALL they are not taking this matter seriously! I would lile to take to the CEO of petco..maybe just maybe something will be done to help me!!

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Crystal hall - 20 d 14 h ago

I need a call back from someone soon cant believe i was treated this way and no one has called me back... Very bad business

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Crystal hall - 20 d 14 h ago


So i brought a guniea pig from petco and had him for two weeks then noticed he had hair missing and dry spot so i took him back and the manger Richard said it was ringworm and that i could leave him but i wouldnt get him back i said NO and the next day i took him to the vet petco use's and Mandi said i shouldnt have to pay for his vet visit so she called petco and Matt answered the phone and he told me Richard shouldnt have told me he would be shiped off. So i take nibbler back to petco for everyday to check on him they said he doing good...then i went to get him and tommy had shiped him out so i called another petco to see how things would be done and the manger told me he should have never shiped out my guinea pig he should have treated him and sent him back hime to me....tommy was so nasty to me and very rude. I've been calling corporate and they keep saying that I've talked to somebody and I haven't talked to anybody and I would like to talk to somebody now! I will get the news on my side im done playing games with petco!

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Anonymous - 20 d 14 h ago

They shouldn't have shiped nibbler back to where they got him from i cried like a baby.. They where being lazy and didnt want to take care of my baby boy i want justice for my boy

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Anonymous - 25 d 3 h ago

I'm very sad I went to pet co in laffayet la.they had a bird name Cooper who was the most sweetest bird but he was locked in a cage with no attention or water..broke my heart Cooper was in a corner buy himself I just wanted to save him but he was 489.00$$$ I feel that if u can't love him in the store lower the cost so someone could afford him...poor baby was a flood victim so he prolly misses his home..and needs some one to save him if you Care about animals so much Cooper out. P.s Jessica long (hidden) #savecooper

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Bella - 62 d 5 h ago

I wanna know who i can call to get my job back working for petco i was a very good worker i got a raise the first 6 months i was there.I got rewards and raised money for the animals.i loved my job. i was sexually harassed by one of my mangers and i felt uncomfortable working with him. We had new mangers come in and take over our store she really didn't care what he was doing and she was only caring about getting her own people in there to run the store and got rid of all old workers. so know when i try and apply at any petco they said i abandoned my job when i never did that i didn't!!! she just messed Every ones career and left the company.

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Sclar - 60 d 12 h ago


What store was this at? I was recently terminated from a Petco for "attendance" after being told by my salon manager that my tardy points had reset and I was in good standing with the company. The whole situation seemed like retaliation to me because I was terminated two days after I complained about another managers sexual harassment

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Jessica - 34 d 5 h ago


The same thing happened to me, im very upset because i can not get a hold of anyone higher than a manager! this is so unfair.. my manager refused to show me my time sheet of how many tardies i had... i feel like if he was right about the times i was late he should've gave me a warning... i called in sick... because i was really sick i had the flu.. and i still got terminated... they still owe me a week of work..

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Anonymous - 26 d 8 h ago

GET A LAWYER A And file a Complaint with the State Labor Board NOW !!!

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Rose - 35 d 6 h ago

Dear Bella,

Please read this:

File your report here:

You have to file report to clear your name, when you would have right to go back and work at any Petco.

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ArchAngel Michael - 26 d 8 h ago


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Anonymous - 27 d 4 h ago


Just saw a male groomer at petco abusing a dog. Told the manager and he could care less! DO NOT take your dog to petco for grooming!!!!!

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malleybeamer - 31 d 10 h ago


2/21/2017....I've been shopping at the store in Chapel Hill, N.C. (Eastgate shopping center) for about 6 months, and yesterday put the icing on the cake. Restroom filthy especially toilet...this is a Health Code Violation. And when I reported it, the cashier 'scolded' me. Also, rude, crude and obnoxious...couldn't/wouldn't ring up items properly. This isn't first time I've caught the cashiers ringing up items incorrectly. Judging by the comments on this page, this lack of professionalism and courtesy is a nationwide problem. Rest assured I'll be contacting the corporate office in writing ( as usual no emails available!)...directly to the CEO.. Brad Weston. Typical corporate agenda...$$$ in the bigwigs pockets!!

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Gus and Mac's mommy - 33 d 9 h ago


I've never been happier when having my dogs groomed. The staff at Petco is so caring and treats customers and their extended family (dogs) like family. Delphina is such a welcome, delightful new member of the staff and treats my dogs like they are her own.

Management, under Dennis is, by far, excellent. He is so customer oriented. Everyone seeks him out for his input because he truly cares about both staff and customers.

Going to Petco in Redmond, OR is a joy. My hubby complains that I spend too much time in the store, while he's waiting in the car. But I so enjoy my visits there - playing with pet customers, talking with their owners, and staff in Redmond, makes it a delightfully fun visit each time. I always look forward to shopping at Petco, Redmond, OR. Feels like "home."

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Very unhappy - 73 d ago


I have unsubscibed on at least two dozen emails, and have called and spoke to a "Customer service person" three time. If anyone else cannot get Petco to stop their constant emails and would like to call this harasment I would proposed a class action lawsuit. If the management of Petco do not respond to asking to be removed from their emails. I feel as the customer this is harassment. Petco sends 3 to 5 emails everyday, during Christmas time sometime more.

**********give a phone number that works to correct this***********************

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GB - 71 d 23 h ago


I too am having the same issues with the emails! Tried to send an email to there corporate offices, it comes back as invalid email!

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Rose - 35 d 6 h ago

Add domain to spam.

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