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PETCO Animal Supplies Stores, Inc.
9125 Rehco Rd.
San Diego, CA
(858) 453-7845
(858) 784-3489
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Katharine Knight - 19 d ago





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Get over the beta - 19 d 48 s ago


Wow the same person over and over. That's amazing. What do you have against beta fish. They live in mud puddles naturally so what's wrong with them

Being in a cup until they find a home. To be that's much better then a mud puddle. Sorry your opinion is worthless but it is exactly that. Do some

Research before posting under 20 different names

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FREETHEBETTA - 3 d 15 h ago


Wow, you are the ignorant one to think that the same person is going through all that trouble to post comments under different names about the abused betta fish in your stores.

One reason there are so many comments about the poor fish right now is that many people belong to PETA who has informed us about the dreadful treatment of these fish. I have shopped at Petco for years and years and everytime i go into your stores i can barely look at those poor betta fish - i have commented about them to employees many times about how awful to have a living creature in that situation. I actually had an employee say to me, "you think that is bad, you should see the way they are delivered to us!" This is unacceptable. Even mud puddles are better than your stupid water cups; at least mud puddles (if that is true) is better if that is how they live in nature and flourish. In those stupid cups and bags and whatever idiotic containers you use they are tortured to death. One does NOT have to go to school to learn about betta fish in order to see how cruel a situation you have put them, and all of the crap they have to go through from the catch in Thailand. You guys are pathetic trying to make us think that they are fine and happy. They aren't little plastic toys, they are living beings.

You have been investigated and here is just one little sliver of information:

PETA's investigations of the pet industry have uncovered appalling neglect of betta fish even before they reach stores. They're often starved for several days during transport and are confined individually to tiny bags that are stuffed into boxes stacked up high in massive wholesale warehouses. Many fish die before and during transport to retailers, which can take days, as they're shipped all over the country. Industry insiders have confirmed that this system is common practice for some retailers.


Stop selling betta fish like this Petco!!! I am stopping my business to you until you free these poor betta creatures. I have been thinking about this for years.

Here is a link to information on it:

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HelpAllTheAnimals - 8 h 39 m ago


If you think the bettas are the worst about PetCo, you're wrong. Check their "Wellness" room. I use to work for PetCo. The wellness rooms are small and all the sick animals are caged side by side. Not only that, but at my store, the employees would only just sign the treatment papers without medicating the animals, or not even sign and treat them all together. Then when you take them to the vet. PetCo employs some random vet office in their local area to "treat" the animals but they all come back with the same medicine given over and over again. On top of that, the vet that was employed with the company for my store didn't even know how to treat and medicate sick reptiles so she treated them like she would a hamster. Most reptiles died because of a bad vet and the only ones that lived were due to employees who knew enough about reptiles to take the steps to care for it even if it was against company policy. And oh yes, we got written up for doing that as well. If you treat an animal against the vet's order you're in violation of company policy and can be possibly fired for trying to help the thing. But it's okay for a manager who favoritized an animal that got sick for them to break policy and home remedy it back to full health because they know the vet is B.S

Look closer into that PETA

- An Ex Employee

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A Former Employee - 4 d 16 h ago


The store I use to work for never flushed dead bettas and their water was changed once, sometimes twice a week. The bodies are stored to be sent off and properly disposed of. As much as I don't like PetCo anymore, what you said was a lie, at least for my store it was. I can't speak for every store. Either way, I share your thoughts that bettas could be in bigger cups at least before being purchased. But there's nothing we can do about that sadly. Corp. companies will do whatever is cheapest yet makes them the most money. Minimum work for maximum payout.

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Tiffani - 1 d 17 h ago

I need an email address for corporate!

I am so frustrated with this company!

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JJ - 2 d 9 h ago


Please stop selling Betas, and all fish for that matter. Fish are often cramped. And uncared for. Please end these cruel practices.

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David A - 3 d ago


Today, I took my pet for an ear cleaning, brushed hair and teeth cleaning at your store in Hampton Virginia. Your representative at the door stated I would need a rabbi letter from my vet to have the work done. I asked her to contact my vet office and she stated I would have to pick up the letter. I explained to her that I was in here two weeks ago and the lady at the appointment desk said they could have my vet fax over a copy of the letter. Two days ago I was at your Newport News Virginia location and asked about the services provided as referenced above. The girl stated that if I didn't have a copy of the rabbi letter she could have my vet fax over the letter. What kind of message is your company sending to their customers. Poor customers relationships!.

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I have seen things with my own eyes in your stores. So has my daughter. We were mortified. Never went back there again. How can you sleep at night? Is the money really worth it? Are you really happy with yourself? - 3 d 14 h ago


Shannon Clement

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A Former Employee - 4 d 16 h ago


I am a former employee now. I worked in a store in California.

Working for this company has made me quit feeling overworked, underpaid, unappreciated and abused. I now go see a psychologist because I have PTSD over working retail after leaving this job and dealing with my management. Apparently cleaning cobwebs in random places of the store is more important than tending properly to the animals. I got in trouble and lectured all the time whenever I took my time to open the animals and make sure they were getting what was needed. Then I'd get a warning or write up because I was rushed so I tried to hurry and overlooked something and got in trouble for it. You can't have it both ways, especially when it comes to the reptiles. You either let us take care of the animals as intended without rushing our job or you let us do a half-baked job. There were many times when my task for the day was pertaining to the animals that I was simply told "Don't worry about it, so that later" to do another task less important than the animals. The only task somewhat as important as the animals is making sure the front end of the store always has a cashier and the lines aren't long. I shouldn't be pulled away from animals to be lectured about cleaning windows. Not to mention that no one took my knowledge on behalf on Service Animals as something for them to do their own research on. We would have customers sign up for dog training classes believing just because they got a CGC they can impersonate a Service Dog, and many customers LOUDLY admitted this in front of the trainer. Whenever I stepped in to correct them I was always waved away or told: "No that's not true." Service Animals in the United States are not required by Federal Law to have a CGC, it's not that hard to google the ADA law and see that on the official website. But I felt like this was a white lie for people with that interest to get them to sign up for a class, even if the trainer didn't lie, they never corrected the owner of the dog to tell them how federal law works and that impersonating an SD is a federal offense. Not to mention how liable the store would be if that person got caught and said: "Well the people at PetCo told me I could do this!".

I feel I was also treated with bias by management and falsely written up a few times as well. I always did as I was told and tried to do my best. Yes, I did forget to do some things, I'm only human, and I make mistakes. I'm not claiming I was the perfect employee, but I did a decent job. I always got top in Donations, Customer Satisfaction, people always quoted me for good Nutritional Advice and dog advice. But at the same time, when I make forgetful mistakes like forgetting to fill the treat bar, I get yoinked into the office and threatened with write-ups or I do get written up, versus someone else who gets a light pat of the back and a laugh saying "Oh dear it's okay we all forget sometimes! hahaha!" I just feel if you're going to be hard on one person, treat everyone else the same. And the management team is an absolute mess. All the managers talk bad about each other when they're not around to customers and employees alike. I've overheard one manager bad-talking another manager to a customer multiple times and other co-workers. I've heard management bad talk to ME when they thought I wasn't in earshot. I've been bold-faced lied to yet they lecture me about us being honest and forthcoming. They tell us not to be late and how to properly do a task, yet they show up sometimes 40 minutes late and do those same tasks half-baked and expect others to do it perfect. LEAD BY EXAMPLE. And having a nasty attitude all the time doesn't help either, nor does hiding in the office just to complain about everything (Yeah, they talk so loud you can hear them complaining and doing nothing) and when someone calls them out or knock on the door they act annoyed and I've only been greeted with a "What?" when I wanted to ask for a phone or keys, or just to ask about what they want me to do for my shift in general. It's a very hostile work environment and even new workers feel it. I've been approached by people and asked "Are they always this frustrated and upset? Everyone seems really tense... I dunno if I can handle it."

I wish everyone at that location well and no ill-intent. But at the same time, change your ways and your attitude. And treat your employees with better respect, we're people too. I was always told everything I did wrong, but never anything I did right. The only praise I ever got were emails from the District manager saying I was top of this and top of that and thanking me for good sportsmanship, etc. Only a handful of times I was told "Thank you" and "You do a good job".

Good luck, and treat your animals with more priority, otherwise fate and law are gonna catch up to you.

P.S - The only reason the review got 1 star was that of the few great friends I did make working there + the employee discount. Gonna miss getting those deals, but oh well. Thanks again.

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Benny - 6 d 19 h ago


I work for this company about 7 to 8 years now I never thought a Company that supposed to handle and take care of people's pets could be so irresponsible when it came to their pets and their employees I started out as the Mayweather within the first year and a half I've became the salon manager they offer you know kind of training, which to me makes no sense why do you hire managers are not train them I've been a salon manager for for years almost my store used to be a top and sales in my district they brought in some Home Depot store manager along with another manager who did not allow me to do my job properly all paperwork that should be done by the salon leader they did sell a lot of the stuff I didn't even know in the end these two managers were taken over time for me I was called a crackhead when I had pneumonia and he knew it I was also harassed No one did anything now before he left he made sure to tell me that he needs a new manager that was coming in their and that they were going to fire me in a whole bunch other BS the new manager shows up turns the whole store upside down people are quitting that's been there for years aquatic specialist had been there for over 10 years since the store opened she left so that should tell you how they treat their employees Went to the district manager to tell him things that were going on he said he look into it when you went back to ask him he always said I don't remember keep in mind this manager took overtime for me and other employees every week and no one has done anything about yet you coming to me well now we have a new store manager Who's may the store I think even worse than it was before yeah you improve some policies or you're not gonna have any employees to work those policies because they are all quitting I have busted my ass to make that salon look decent then before they came in to remodel the salon if you want to call it a remodel I had already read did the whole salon because there was no space for our groomers to work I threw out bags and bags of trash move the front desk to make the space bigger I rewired the phone lines and stuff to run to the new desk me in another manager they had their life they ran away this company does not appreciate anything .. I believe that I have said harassed a racially profile because I have never been written up nor has anyone said anything bad about the way around the salon until this new manager came in and I have been written up six times within the first week for stupid shit I would do my schedule yet assistant manager asked to see it so that he can put it in my time management I will give it to him before I even put it in my computer he will not give the schedule back until weeks later which is one of the reasons they wrote me up because I said I don't have my schedule in 12 weeks so I got written up for that then all of a sudden it was just like they were finding little things to just write me up to try to get me out of my position even said you can give up your position if you like and I told them I'm not a pushover see you not getting my position I like what I do If there's something you want different tell me what send me out another store let me train no they never did it now have been sell harassed I'm so stressed out embarrassed I actually had to walk out of the store because they call me in to the office once again trying to take my position and told me if I stay I will do nothing but make things worse for myself so I walked out pissed as hell thinking what am I gonna do now The assistant manager has walked around the store saying all sorts of things about people lying to people say is Vinny whatever you need will help you didn't help me they didn't even do the daily walks they would sign off on that clipboard outside the door and no one is ever walked grooming to see if the dogs had water if the dryers were being properly used The only time they walk the store is when the district manager came in to walk with them I am putting all his hair because people need to know what goes on in Pako let's move to my last few days at Petco when I was harassed more about my job telling me that and the sales and the numbers on up but remember I'm sure groomers because they've all Quick we had one groomer that smoked pot in the grooming salon during business hours shouldn't get fired for that I seen a lot I'm not gonna let this company takes the Enjoyment I have for grooming animals and dealing with customer service there are a few things that I have not put in this but they also had a rescue group for greyhounds that came to the business Who sit out there and collect money from people I don't know what this lady did tell one of the dogs but the dog turned around and bit her I think she try to take something from it and when the dog fed her she repeatedly beat this dog on top of the head over and over I would say I went on a good 1015 minutes if not 20 before anyone did anything about it I am a salon later this was happening right outside my salon door I called the assistant manager told him he needed to come over And stop this woman from beating this dog and tell them that they should not be he says to me oh God but never once did he come over there to confront this woman he stood at the front registers texting coworkers telling him he needed to see it in you to see it where they're telling him to walk his ass over there never dea and stop this woman from bead and this dog and tell them that they should not be he says to me oh God but never once did he come over there to confront this woman he stood at the front registers texting coworkers telling him he needed to see it in you to see it without telling him to walk his ass over there never did so we video record it walked over showed it to him he was still slow to respond not acceptable And I have video I don't want to work for a company who allows people to these dogs outside of the store the only reason I said nothing I was told that I'm not allowed to handle customers complaints even though I'm salon later and other coworkers could not see anything with that would lose their jobs another incident that happened The customer had him bring his dog there for over five years dog was great we all love that dog he got a new dog a Maltese and he called it Khujo heat through this dog into the arms of one of my employees and the dog tried to bite her we told him he was no longer allowed to bring the dog back his backlash was he called his name said we abuse dogs And my response was that's not True if we abused dogs why did you come here for five years this customer proceeded to come behind the counter make threats at me wanting to fight me and when I learned management nothing was done he will still allowed to come in the shop and tell me I won't be here next year I will be fired by the beginning of the year do you know how uncomfortable I was working there and have an a customer that threatened walking in and out of the store with Shay I've never been embarrassed to be at my job in all my life I employees in the past that were insubordinate and they just let it go I have employees that have cut dogs had not been written up why I don't know I am an African-American they were car Kasian have had employees razor burn dogs No write up I have employees there that were late multiple times and saw them all the time never been written up I was late once I was written up these are the things and reasons why I had to walk out of this company

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Francisco Galvez of CA - 8 d 19 h ago



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Rick sanchez - 9 d 4 h ago


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John Kilbury - 14 d ago


Unitah Gardens, Colorado springs, Colorado. Two visits to store. Fish employee and manager not into selling

fishes or one you choose; i.e. Blood Parott Cichlids. Their answer, "They all look alike". Stressed out.

East Cheynne Mountain Blvd. Manager young, inshape, pleasent, helpful in selecting fish. Five stars.

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LISA V. - 14 d 17 h ago


I got a job in Petco thinking I was going to be surrounded by animal lovers and a company that care for their wellbeing but unfortunately I had to quit after I realized that all they care about was money. There was no time to socialize the poor pets and if you took what was considered long cleaning their cages you will get in trouble. They live in tiny enclosure for month after months. We will have overstock animals in the back in small cages and fully stress. The aquatic department had always trouble with the heating and lots of fish will die and all they care about was selling more so we can make up for the ones that died. Almost no one care to properly clean the cages and disinfect them even when their was ring worms on the Guinea pigs. It was a wake up call for me. After being on the inside I can definitely say Petco SHOULD NO BE ALLOWED TO CARRY AND SELL ANIMALS. THEY ARE NOT TRAINED NOR DO THEY CARE FOR THEIR WELLBEING!

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Batavia NY Petco - 15 d ago


I own a betta fish and I bought the imagintarium tank for him for more room. My local Petco in Batavia, NY has been out of the replaceable filters for it for a couple weeks now. My poor fish is depressed and is on the urge of dying, he just sits at the bottom of the tank depressed. I now have to go buy the tank I had him in before and go back to cleaning it once a week so he doesn't die. I'm very very disappointed in Petco.

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Gerald Yowell - 16 d 4 s ago


Although I believe Petcock is the best animal supply and helpful organization established, I noticed that not all stores have a customer litter bin for refill. We hv been a customer for years and couldn't be more pleased. We use to live in north TX and even told our fellow cat lovers about this convenient source. Why isn't this available in all stores? Again couldn't b happier with Petcock. Thank you for this opportunity

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Catherine - 16 d 10 h ago

There are so many wonderful qualities about PetCo. But it could really be top-tier if all animals were considered, including the betta fish. Anyone can see that there is something not right about keeping a fish in a tiny cup of water. Please reconsider selling, or please educate your employees about proper care for fish.

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kenneth serio - 16 d 10 h ago


Stop Selling Betta Fish we know how theyre treated and it cruel , they are very complex fish and deserve much better then how they are shipped and treated , its not funny

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Bettas - 17 d 32 m ago


Please stop selling Bettas at your stores.I do shop at Petco

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Cristina Economides - 17 d 7 s ago

PETCO, please stop selling betta fish. Fish are sentient beings, they feel pain and desperation like you and me! Be ethical, never too late.

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Leonardo Rodrigues - 17 d 23 s ago


Stop killing bettas, they die suffocate because you take them from wild and put on low water. Be human and throw them were they belong.

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Linda - 17 d 19 h ago

Please, stop torturing Bettas!! They may just be fish to you (Petco) but I'm sure taken out of those death cambers! They would be swimming around happy, with other fish they get along with!

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Sandi J Collins - 18 d ago


Please stop selling Bettas whom are sold in small plastic bags with little water in them.

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Teri - 18 d 12 h ago


Stop torturing animals, birds, reptiles, etc.! They belong in the wild! To the person who thinks all these posts are from one person, you are do very wrong! These posts are from the Godly, humane, conscious people who want all sentient beings to experience peace, love, and harmony. They are not mere possessions for humans. Practice MERCY for all living beings and God will be merciful to you when you need it most!

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