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PETCO Animal Supplies Stores, Inc.
9125 Rehco Rd.
San Diego, CA
(858) 453-7845
(858) 784-3489
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Anonymous - 18 h 43 m ago



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Jacqueline Young - 1 d 19 h ago


I will NEVER do business with these people again!! EVER!! I ordered my dogs medicine from Dr. Foster for years never had a problem. Petco finally takes over and all hell falls apart. My account was wiped out, all my information on pet, vet, meds gone. I ordered medicine on March 6th, called everyday cause I didn't receive and email from them yet, They keep telling me they sent fax and vet kept saying they did not receive anything. Then finally on the 14th the vet got a fax and sent it back to them. Dr. Foster never took out them money for anything until it was filled and shipped. Petco took the money as soon as they got the ok from the vet. It is now March 20th I called today to finally be told it has been shipped. Never again!! And they will not cancel nor refund money until 14 days. For now on I will be trying at least with them you can cancel any time with refund. And its hard not to get angry when your trying to talk to someone who can't speak english worth a crap.

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Tina Hill - 1 d 9 h ago


I have been experiencing the exact same thing in trying to fill a prescription I had on file at Drs. Foster and Smith. I am now in week 3 and my dog must have it filled in less than 2 weeks. I have spent over 5 hours on the phone and am on my 3rd "supervisor" - still can't get it shipped. I even had a representative from Express Scripts (the pharmacy provider for Petco, call me to tell me how Petco can get my info from Foster/Smith. They are FAILING at upholding their legal obligation to fill it. So much for the email Foster/Smith clients received telling us how we will continue to have great service. It has been ANYTHING BUT - it has been horrific.

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Ellen - 1 d 9 h ago


Submitted my order on 3/13/2019 - received e-mail on 3/14/2019 that my order is on its way. No track number, 3 phone calls to Customer Service, no answer what happened to my order which was paid for on 3/13/2019! Today - 3/20/2019 - still no sign of my order, no track number given (requested 3x), almost impossible to get someone to answer phone at the Customer Service. What happened to Petco?? (25 minutes on phone, still waiting for someone to pick it up!!!)

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Rebecca Bene - 3 d 15 h ago


I just spent over an hour on the phone with Petco customer service only to be told they will not honor any agreements made by Foster & Smith in 2018, even though they have owned F&S since 2015. I am stuck with expensive flea and tick medication that is the wrong dosage for my cat. I will not shop at Petco again, it is not worth the hassle.

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Jamie - 1 d 20 h ago


I'm having the same issue with them. My recurring orders were transferred from Foster & Smith and since then (3 weeks) I have had nothing but issues. The order renewal time was changed from 4 weeks to 8 weeks, they "lost" the vet approval, they refuse to cancel my order, they charge my credit card weekly and customer service keeps saying they "forwarded my request to their team" and they will follow up with me by email - yet I've heard nothing from anyone. I'm sorry you're going through this too and I, like you, will not shop at Petco again.

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Mary B - 5 d 14 h ago

FINALLY!!!! You have a new addition to your salt water fish in Oneonta NY. Just had the pleasure of meeting Jack. He is a wealth of knowledge and really doing a great job of cleaning up those disgusting salt water tanks. In the short time he has been there the tanks have taken a dramatic change for the good!!!!! The ones he has worked on look pristine. I hope he is recognized as he should be! I will be shopping there again now that I see things going in the right direction.

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Anonymous - 5 d 17 h ago

I recently went in to the Petco location in Liberty mo to see if they had ferrets in. They were out when I went in last.

The store refused to take any out so I could decide. They said they we're susceptible to getting sick as it is glue season I guess. I'm perfectly healthy and have had pet ferrets over the years.

I then asked if they were for sell then, she said yes. Well how are you going to sell them if you won't let people handle them. Her response waste sell to people who are going to buy one. Well, that's my intention. Soupy are not letting choose one ??? No

I try to support businesses in my home town but not this one now. Thank goodness we have another pet store locally owned just not in liberty but Kansas City. Miles of exotics , great place for ferrets and they had them for sale.

Been insales 30 years. Never judge a customer by how they look


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Anonymous - 5 d 18 h ago

i was called by a petco manager who i am a regular customer to. and he said he got a male leopard gecko in, knowing i was wanting one. he told me to come back in 3 days so i did. it was this last Thursday and when i walked in and asked for the man i had talked to. the female manager came out and was standing there with attitude i dont know what for but my mother and i ignored it. we asked to adopt the lizard and she straight up told me, " we dont do that" like come on your Petco you are known to take animals in and adopt them out. yes you do. then i asked if it was still there and she refused to answer that question. that was when my mom and i walked out and went home. we tried again friday ( yesterday) and the same lady was in there who said the man i was looking for would be there on friday. but ok she made a mistake thats fine. we asked about the lizard we were promised to recieve and she started laughing at my mother and i and smiling. she was RUDE. we left again. i called up their phone number and asked to speak with the man i was looking for and the same lady answered . i asked what time he was coming in, ( is that a funny question?) she laughed again and mummbled into the phone. i could not hear her answer i asked again. and she said to me very rudely " we dont give that info out" i said im sorry but what do you mean and she started to laugh and i interupted her saying. " why is everything funny to you? you have been rude to me and my mother for the last 3 days now" i hung up because she wouldnt reply. i am going in later today and going to call corporate and complain about this woman. she has no respect for her different colored custmers. i dont appreciate this disrespect. i never once was rude to her.

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Lynn R. - 7 d 2 s ago


I have ordered from Petco for years and loved their service and delivery. Sadly, now that my cat requires prescription food I have found the service to be beyond bad. We are not talking about pain meds or antibiotics people. This is high priced food shown to have positive impact on animals with health issues. To be held hostage waiting for shipment when approval has been given days ago is shameful. Calling customer service is useless as all you are told repeatedly is that a "follow up will be issued" and your item will ship "as soon as possible". Don't offer a service that you cannot provide.

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Dana - 6 d 7 h ago


I'm having the same issue. It's beyond frustrating.

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Dana - 6 d 7 h ago


I ordered prescription dog food online. It's now 9 days after I placed the order and it still has not shipped. I called the call center and it's located overseas. I am keep getting the same response. "We just received your order and it should ship in 24-48 hours". It's beyond frustrating. I don't think they understand what I am saying and I know for certain they do not care. It is such a shame that there is no way to remedy a situation. I either want my food shipped or my money refunded and you can't find anyone to help you. Petco has lost a customer in me. I will never shop here again and since I work in animal rescue I will be sure to inform others of their unreliable, uncaring service.

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Claudia - 26 d 8 h ago


Tried to place an order from Fosters and Smith at Petco, called last week no transition, called tonight vet not listed. It has been a week and not able to order meds. Been with Foster and Smith for 10 years, going elsewhere to long to try and get my dogs pills

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Eric Elliott - 13 d 16 h ago


They just gave a big middle finger to all the loyal customers they had. I feel the pain.

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SSSS - 9 d 10 h ago


The middle finger on your hand?

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David Handy - 6 d 8 h ago

I understand exactly how you feel. The decision are being made by paper pushers who wouldn't know the different between a Great Dane and a Teacup Poodle! Its all about making money. Good customer service has went down the toilet.

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was a Customer - 6 d 13 h ago


Yesterday I stopped by my local Petco to shop. While I was there I stopped into the grooming department with my dog and scheduled an appointment for the following day. At that time I made the appointment, I was told to bring a record of my dog's immunizations to our scheduled appointment. Having moved to NYC two months ago this would be her first time groomed at chain store; it was not her first time being groomed. Today, I left work early and brought my dog in for her 11:30 grooming appointment. As I was being checked in I mentioned that she was on a medication called Proin for incontinence. The groomer then said that they could not groom my dog, that Petco does not groom dogs who are on medication. I understand that this is your policy. I don't have a problem with this policy. This policy makes sense to me. What made me so angry and frustrated is that I was not told about this policy when I scheduled this appointment! What made me so angry and frustrated is that I was blamed for not knowing the policy! As I said, I left work early, brought my dog to the store only to discover that this was a HUGE waste of my time. Doesn't it make sense to tell customers this at the time that they make their appointment? I asked the groomer checking me in, "Why wasn't I told this when I scheduled the appointment?" she said, "Well did you ask?" Unbelievable! I am not a groomer. I had never been to Petco to have my dog groomed. How would I know to even ask?!?! So it was MY fault that I was unaware of the policy? She made it sound like it was MY fault that I did not know! Instead of just saying, "Listen, I am really sorry that we didn't share the policy with you ahead of time. We understand this was a waste of your time and we are truly sorry." That's all she had to say! She just had to be nice about it. Instead, she blamed me. In addition, she told me that dogs don't typically take medication. WHAT?!?! Really? Is this a fact? She made it sound like there was something wrong with my dog! Then she went on to correct herself by saying, "Dogs who are on medication don't typically get groomed?" WHAT?!?! These are incredibly ridiculous statements! Is there any truth to this? That dogs on medication can't and don't get groomed???? Why don't you tell customers the health requirements for grooming WHEN a customer makes an appointment? Isn't that the courteous thing to do? Why waste your customers' time? If you tell people about the required vaccination records when scheduling a grooming appointment, why not also tell customers that pets on medications can not be groomed at Petco? Additionally, what ever happened to kind customer service?! When I expressed my anger and frustration it was clear that the manager did not want to deal with my complaint at all! At one point, missing the point completely, he asked me "How would you like to be compensated?" I didn't want anything more than to be heard and receive a SINCERE apology. Instead it was clear that the groomer could care less. Really disgusting treatment and unbelievably poor customer service! In this case, I, the customer, was wrong on every account! Your store is 5 blocks from my apartment, yet I will never step foot in there again! is way more pleasant and the small groomer around the corner was way nicer and delivered the kind of service that customers deserve.

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Anonymous - 7 d 16 h ago

Terrible return policy and accused of accidently taking something I asked for a price check on.they charged my card anyway.and when I seen the charge I went back he was rude that's when he said I might have accidently took the carrier.and said he would look at the camera.I said yes do that.I mean really how do you accidently take something and then go back.

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David Handy - 8 d 8 h ago


I used to order all my pet's prescriptions and flea, tick and mosquitoes from Fosters and Smith for their great prices and customer service was great. Having any prescription filled was easy and the customer service representatives were great. I would place an order and it would arrive within two or three days and I did not pay for shipping. Any issues were resolved quickly.

The new pharmacy is horrible. My vet has sent in two requests for a refill for a medication (Order #(hidden)987). The customer service has obviously been off-shored and it is horrible. Petco obviously didn't transfer the records from Fosters and Smith before closing down them down and transferring to another facility. If Petco already had my pet's records, they would have already and my pet's prescriptions on record.

Sending customer service to another country outside of the US took away jobs from Americans. Other companies have done this and found out it was a mistake because customers did not want to deal with people whose first language is not English. They are hard to deal with and don't care about their customers. They just repeat scripts. I want my money refunded immediately.

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Lorene - 8 d 20 h ago


I went to your store Murphy Canyon San Diego, to get my canines nail cut.While I was waiting, looking around i came upon your hamsters etc.... They were in filthy cages

you could clearly see the bedding was soiled with urine.Can you imagine how horrible the smell in those cages must be. You have everything at the store to keep there cage in

pristine condition. There is no excuse for this. I brought to the attention of your workers, they said they would get to it. I saw nothing being done by the time i left. Couple months later I went to your store in Clairemont- San Diego, and your hamsters and birds had no water. Petco claims they care about animals-lies

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Joei Ruffino-Fischer - 12 d 18 h ago

Please stop selling better fish! It is cruel!

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Anonymous - 9 d 10 h ago

Yeah don't sell the good ones.

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Animal lover - 9 d 10 h ago

This is disappointing to hear i hate petco STOP selling animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Aaron - 10 d 8 h ago


I bought 8 glow fish n they all died a week later they told me the treatment wouldn't affect the fish n they said they would give me store credit so I go up there they said the manager wasn't available so they took my name n number down n they never called me I called back the manager wasn't conviently available for the 2nd time I would like money back or store credit Aaron Campbell (hidden) contact me as soon as possible

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SSSS - 9 d 10 h ago


so sad

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