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PETCO Animal Supplies Stores, Inc.
9125 Rehco Rd.
San Diego, CA
(858) 453-7845
(858) 784-3489
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Billy H - 12 h 50 m ago


Keep getting emails, which I never sunscriibed to, even when trying to unsubscribe on line. Finally called and after extremely long wait, someone answered whom I couldn't hear or understand. Can only hope message was received.

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LINDA TYRONE - 2 d 30 s ago


I have had problems with my orders for over a month. I was shorted on my order for over a month. It got so far as I had to go to another company to get my orders. I went with and got my order within two days. I refuse to use this company ever again. they say they are here for the pets, but they can't deliver my pets food. They sure can charge my card for it and not deliver.

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Bsbake - 2 d 15 h ago


Petco has stopped selling Made in America Bulley Sticks. Now they say made in South America. Do they think the public is stupid and we don't know the difference? No more shopping at Petco!

General profile image - 4 d 4 h ago


Petco is the worst place. Find a company with customer service help before buying anything. Petco offers no email support, and all they have is a number. Your on hold for hours. Every time I call, it says," because of the large number of calls you will have to wait on hold. All phone calls are important to us." Every time I call them it sounds like the same foreign man. You can even hear him answering other calls while your on hold. If he doesn't put you on hold correctly you can hear him answering other calls and putting them on hold. So if you have a problem with an order, don't expect Petco to help you fix the problem. I'm sure this is a company memo we're they pull this crap, where you get tired of looking for email, and tired of being on hold, so you give up trying to get a refund or your money back.

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Melle - 4 d ago


Same here. I will be using from now on. They are reactive, polite and efficient. All the things Petco isn't.

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Pissed off customer - 5 d 21 s ago


Petco is not owned by American company. Their main office is in Europe and Toronto Canada. So our complaints will fall on deaf ears.

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Mike - 5 d 4 h ago


I ordered a self cleaning litter box on Saturday Dec 2nd. Was told would be here on the 8th of Dec. The sorry asses waited 3 business days to process and send my package. Now I'm being told I have to wait until the 12th. Very bad business will never do business with lying customer service agents or Petco again.

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Missy - 5 d 5 h ago


I would love to see supplies on the shelves at the store in Amarillo, TX. Tim, the reordering "manager" certainly isn't doing his job, EVER. We've been waiting 4 months + for some hooves, this time. We have a 60 and 90 lbs dog that eats lots of food and treats. We've asked several times to get stuff restocked but it never happens.

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Kikubut - 5 d 12 h ago


I brought my new puppy for grooming she had come from a shelter and was heavily matted. When I went back to pick her up and her personality was off. Every time I went to pick her up she would cower and pee. I alerted the manager who stated he would check the tapes. He said nothing was seen on the tapes. I took her there about six months later to get her toe nails cut and she cowered and peed. WTF did they do to my dog? Well every time I went in for food or treats I would stop by the grooming section, I was angered at the way they treated and talked to the dogs. Grabbing them smacking them saying bad dog. I wanted to jump over the counter and do the same to them how dare they treat a dog like that, one little guy was tied to the table with about a foot of leash. It has been a year and my dog still cowers and pees when you try to pick her up. I am hoping one day she'll grow out of it, I can only imagine what they did to her and it makes me sick. She already was put into a shelter then this. If I ever catch one of them doing that again I will do something about it.

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Max C. Keffer - 6 d 5 h ago


I am very unsatisfied with our local Petco here in Walterboro SC. They never have What I need and service sucks. Staff is immature and rude. As far as I am concerned, they should close their doors here.

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Raymond Trevor Martin - 7 d 10 h ago


Following an order on the PetCo site I received two large cat litter boxes and the order was approx $60. One litter box did not have the cat flap to attach to the front of the box and the litter mat that I ordered was absent. In its place was a pet groomong tool that I did not order or want.

I spoke to custokmer service and they said they had put replacement item in the mail - I never received it.

I called to day and spoke to another CSR. She was unable to understand anything I said and could not get to the bottom of the problem (it was simple: litter mat(s) never arrived and one jumbo cat little box (of two ordered) did not have an entry flap for the cat to enter and exit.

When I was unable to get to the bottom of the issue with the CSR (30 mins!) I asked to be put through to the supervisor and I spoke to a customer service manager named Sara and the case ID # is 834 6986.

I have worked in sales and marketing for 31 years and I have never, never, ever spoken to a sales/customer service professional who was so rude and unprofessional in all of my career. She had a brusque and 'irritated' angry tone from the first second she was put through to me. She interrupted me at every juncture and I simply could not believe it. The first rule of sales and customer management is that you do not rudely and arrogantly and loudly and angrily interrupt the customer when she or he is trying to politely explain the problem with an orer.

I shall not be ordering from PetCo again and I will get my items refunded (Sara the 'customer service so-called manager refused to refund the faulty litter box).

I cannot believe the attitude of said CSM - she was utterly unbelievable and should be retrained or replaced. Unbelievable.

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Tricia718 - 6 d 12 h ago


I have recently had the same issue. My order has not been delivered. After numerous calls to CSR they sent me a feedback survey. I naturally rated them negatively, and I think they have since blocked my phone number as I cannot get through. I have no way of getting my money back or my product now. Never ordering again from Petco.

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Tricia718 - 6 d 12 h ago


In case anyone at corporate reads these, please contact me at (hidden).

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Vera Riker - 9 d 6 h ago


I found a 30" crate on Petco's website which was the size I needed. I called the store and read the item description straight from the website to the girl on the phone. She said she had one left. I asked about the price, if it was the same instore because online it was on sale from $99 to $21; she said it doesn't matter because they would pricematch it and just show the cashier my phone. So i asked her to hold it and i would be right there within 30 min; she agreed. I got to the store and the cashier said she couldn't mark it down, because the discount was too big. I explained that i called and the employee told me to just show my phone. As it turns out, she held the wrong item for me. The one i asked about the store didn't have, she grabbed an almost identical one (it appears as though the packing was just changed, probly a "newer model") but the same you know. anyways, a manager (i assume) came over and gave me all these corporate answers about how the register wont allow a markdown, and she's physically can't or she totally would, etc. I explained to her i was very upset because i dragged my two toddlers out of the house based on the information the STORE employee assured me; which was incorrect and that wasn't fair to me and they should honor the price. She refused. So i left, unhappy with no crate. This is exactly why i shop at PETSMART. I have never once had an issue there. So i promptly went directly to persmart and hapily gave them $40 for a different crate even though my budget was $25. Their store atmosphere, product selection and customer service is ALWAYS top notch. The few unfortunate times i've gone into a Petco i get the feeling that the employees are only their for a paycheck. Your brand is suffering because of lack of talent, training & customer service skills which is pretty unfortunate because that's easily controllable with the right leadership.

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Lisa - 10 d 5 h ago


Just had the worse experience with Petco and the repeat delivery customer service! I have been waiting for my order to ship which consisted of dog food and two different cat foods, the order was a repeat delivery and although the add on orders shipped and already received the actual pet food has not. The manager was rude and explained that she did not know what to tell me, other than to go to the store and buy dog food. Nice and she wonders why I got upset. Great work and a loss of a customer who has been with you since 1992! Good job Petco customer service, repeat delivery and Sara the manager.

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Mike B - 10 d 11 h ago


Not very happy. The store by us in Mira Mesa advertises on their site and store signs that grooming opens at 8. We get there at 8:30 and arectoldcthey can't help us until 9:30 because of lack of staff, but worse we are told they can't help before 9 anyway because that's when the store opens and we can't pay until then. If that's the case don't advertise you are open at 8 you really aren't open until 9.

Now we get to make another trip

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Unhappy - 10 d 14 h ago


I took my puppy for training at Petco in Wauwatosa, WI. It was such a joke and the trainer was so inexperienced. For the first 6 weeks of training he stomped in front of my dog and said you need to gain dominance over him. In that 6 weeks of puppy class 1, the only thing I learned in one of the classes is sit, come using treats. That should not have been the first thing he learned. He had me walk him around the store to tell him this way while the dog was going crazy pulling me. When my daughter took her dog 4 years ago, to Petco for puppy classes the trainer was qualified and you went in once a week for training with the same dogs in the classes. This trainer was more interested in getting new dogs in that he forgot you were there. It should have been everyone worked at the same level in class and that is not what happened. I even saw him kick a dog in the face once which is not a way to train a dog. My dog already had behavioral issues towards other dogs. So I was working on that, but having me go in the first class where the other dog was going crazy after my dog intensified it. He had me come in as he told me he was going to fix my dogs behavior issue. Yeah he fixed it alright my neighbor was in there with there dog also and there dog bit my dog in the side of the face. He already knew there dog had issues as he told my daughter I this and made comment I didn't think the dog would bite yours. I am not a professional trainer, but having dogs all my life, you could tell that dog was going to attack mine. The hair on the dogs shackles were up and that right was a sign. I had no control of my dog as the trainer took the leash out of my hand and bam the other dog bit mine. My neighbors were so upset that they were going to put there dog down because the trainer told them their dog needs to be on meds. In return, I told my neighbor please don't do that, the trainer does not know what he is doing and I blame him for what happened. ANY INTELLIGENT PERSON, OR REAL TRAINER WOULD KNOW YOU NEVER EVER INTRODUCE DOGS FACE TO FACE. IT IS ENCOURAGING THEM TO FIGHT! The trainer even went as far as telling me he wanted to introduce him to a pit bull so the dog can put him in his place. I said no way am I doing that! So thanks to that trainer and how uncertified he is I am taking my dog to two different trainers. A behaviorist to help with his reactive behavior and a real trainer that is super qualified to actually train my dog. I asked the manager to sit and watch one of his classes and she promised me she would be there, but of course she lied. I asked for my money back even before the classes ended and she ignored it. To anyone out there that wants to take your dog for puppy classes at Petco I highly recommend finding a real trainer qualified to train your dog. I went through a lot with my dog and now I am spending more money out to help my dog and he learned zilch. Your wasting your money for training UNLESS PETCO CAN PROVE TO YOU THE TRAINER IS CERTIFIED. Here is one more thing the trainer was suppose to have quit and gone back to a different state, but he's back. I am sorry normally I do not degrade anyone this way, but this puppy is part of my family. I went to Petco thinking I would have a qualified trainer as the trainer 4 years ago, was a behaviorist/trainer and she was good. Anyone out there that owns a dog and knows there dog when they are happy they wag their tail in excitement. Tell me why a little black lab puppy who is such a sweetheart and shows he is happy by wagging his tail, why the trainer would stop this dog from doing this. If you know your dogs, this is telling you your dog is happy. Why destroy that? It is like your punishing him for being happy,

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Marco - 11 d ago


Petco Mxico is imposible Sigo sin recibir una sola comunicacin de su parte por lo menos como respeto al cliente. El telfono 01 800 que tienen nadie contesta nunca, no sirve. Habl a la sucursal que habitualmente voy, hable con el gerente, qued de ayudarme y nada. Si esto es un juego para ustedes, para m no lo es, parece que no les importa y que simplemente no van a atender ni mandar lo comprado. Estoy copiando una direccin de soporte en USA a ver si ellos si atienden esto, mientras tanto buscare otros correos electrnicos de servicio a cliente en USA. Es una burla If at the emails in Petco United States need this email in english, I'll be more than happy to translate it for you. But YOU need to know how they are treating the customers in Mxico, is your name after all. Best Regards, El 28/11/2017, a las 19:45, Marco Antonio Iragorri Romay escribi: Por favor que alguien como atencin a sus clientes tenga la amabilidad de contestar algo. El 27/11/2017, a las 20:00, Marco Antonio Iragorri Romay escribi: Buenas Noches, No he recibido una sola respuesta por parte de Petco, ni llamada, ni correo y mucho menos alguno de los pedidos. Realmente es la imagen que quiere dar Petco en Mxico? Fui criador de labrador muchos aos y trabaje mucho con Petco USA y no creo que este es el servicio que quieren dar en Mxico. Por alguna razn hasta desabilitaron mi cuenta, ya no puedo entrar, espero que no sea para no poder ver mis pedidos, tengo imagen de todos, pero aparece esto: login.error.account.login.disable Ojal alguien se moleste en contestar, todos los pedidos estn pagados y cargados a mis tarjetas. Atentamente, El 23/11/2017, a las 16:57, Marco Antonio Iragorri Romay escribi: Por este medio les pido si me pueden informar o dar una explicacin del por qu en mis pedidos aparece una gua de FedEx (hidden)9999 en todas mis rdenes que son los siguientes nmeros: 02092738 02092894 02095244 02095324 02095428 02101609 02101666 02101796 02103090 Gracias por su atencin,

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SUSIE - 11 d 10 h ago


I received an email that the dog bed that was out of stock was back in. I went online to purchase it and it said it was in stock and I added it to my cart, when I went to check out all of a sudden it was out of stock. I called customer service and I was told it was in stock and it must just be a glitch in the checkout and he would be glad to help me checkout. A few minutes went by and he came back on the line and said that is would be out of stock soon and then it was changed to out of stock now. The whole time he was talking to me he was trying to talk me into buying more items than the one I wanted. He said he would help me get an item similar to the one I wanted at the same sale price. When I found one he said he would get me a discount. At the end of 25 minutes on the phone he was trying to sell an a $99.00 item when the one I originally wanted was $49.00

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scrapper4955 - 12 d 9 h ago


Let me begin by saying thank you for the full credit on this order in light of what happened. However, I feel strongly that what did happen should NOT have happened and would like to detail the issues - there are several. My order was for two types of prescription dog food, one canned, one dry. It was placed on Nov. 19. When I had not heard anything by Nov. 22, I checked the order myself on the website and discovered that it was indicated the order was on backorder. This is a combination of issues one and two - first, the website indicated BOTH items were on backorder when in reality it was only the dry food, which I found out later. Second, the very instant that a backorder was indicated, I should have been contacted and given a choice of waiting or cancelling.

Issue number three was that I was billed IN FULL FOR THE ENTIRE ORDER including the backordered item. That should NOT have happened. I should only have been billed for the item that was being shipped.

Issue number four was that when I called about the backorder, there was no definite information available. It could be filled in a day or a few weeks. I was told IF it went longer than 10 days (I think) it would automatically be cancelled. This is not acceptable for two reasons - first, this is my dog's food and how do you know if I'm about to run out? Second, with no definite information on whether or not it would ever be fulfilled, why would I continue to wait? Third, how would I even know if it was being "automatically" cancelled since your company doesn't believe in communicating with customers? Therefore I simply cancelled the order myself and purchased the food from my vet's office.

Finally, my last issue was with the shipping. The remaining portion of this order was for 3 dozen (3 shrink wrapped trays) of canned dog food. It was heavy. Probably 20 pounds at least. By the time it arrived on my doorstep, the box was so badly damaged I could hardly get it into the house intact. When I unpacked it, I discovered the trays of food had been put in the box vertically (not smart) and the box had obviously been dropped more than once. Several of the cans were badly damaged to the point where I'm not sure any can opener would be able to open it! This heavy order should have been put in a much heavier-duty box and the trays laid flat (horizontally) which would probably have saved some of the damage.

It will be a very long time before I order from Petco again.

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Need pet food - 29 d 14 h ago


I sat in front of your store in Orange City Florida this morning from 8:17am until 9:12am waiting for your store to open, and I left because they did not open the store. There are no hours of operation posted anywhere, so who knows if your store is even open on Sunday. Another customer came up and had the same result. Why do you not post the hours of operation on the front of your store? Is it a secret? I have a lot of things to do this morning and wasting an hour standing at your store front was not one of them.

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Anonymous - 14 d 6 h ago

Stores are open 10am to 7pm on Sundays

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angry - 25 d 21 m ago


HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SERVICE! I hit the button when I realized 2 bags of dog food were in the court in lieu of 1 bag...I called within 60 seconds and they can't cancel the order? I just needed to redo it with 1 bag!!! I will have dog food til I die if I get 2 bags! And...I asked if I got two bags can I return one at a Petco store (hassle!!!), but they said NO! Really?

The first person I spoke with basically when dead silent on the line and let me hang...never came back. I hung up and called again and got someone that told me the same but didn't basically put me in orbit.

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! This alone will make me never shop with Petco!!!

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Me Myself and I - 14 d 6 h ago

I work for Petco. The information about not being able to return to store is FALSE. Print out your return to store receipt and go to any Petco and they will refund you. Bring the credit/debit card you used to place your order and they will put it right back on your card.

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Katie - 14 d 12 h ago


I am extremely frustrated with Petco. I have placed two orders in the last two months and both times, I have had issues. The first order issue was solved, but the second was not. I will no longer shop at Petco because of this.

Last month, I placed an order for two items. They were sent in two separate packages, which was understandable. One was a small item, and one was a very large item. I received emails saying both packages were on their way to me and was given USPS tracking numbers. The small item arrived on time, but the large item's tracking never updated. I kept checking, and I was always given the same information: "Ready to go. Tracking details will be available once the package arrives at the USPS facility. Please check back soon!" After a while, I became concerned and called customer service. The man that helped me was polite and he researched the issue. It turned out that the item was actually shipped through UPS, not USPS, even though I was given a USPS tracking number. I thought this was really weird. Why give me a USPS tracking number when the item was not even being shipped through them? Regardless, the man was able to give me the updated UPS information, and the package arrived a few days later. I chalked this up to being a one-time error and let it go. Mistakes happen. No big deal, right?

Turns out, mistakes happen all the time at Petco. On November 17th, I ordered three cat collars. For some reason, Petco chose to ship the items in two separate packages - two collars in one, and the remaining collar in the other. I received two emails on the same day with two separate USPS tracking numbers. I'm not sure why they sent them separately but didn't think too much of it. The estimated delivery date was November 24th for both packages. On November 22nd, I received the package containing the one collar. After I received this collar, I checked the tracking for the remaining two collars. I got the same message for several days as I did with the order I placed last month: "Ready to go. Tracking details will be available once the package arrives at the USPS facility. Please check back soon!" Today (November 27th) I was finally fed up and called customer service. The woman that helped me was polite, but I did not like the information she gave me. She said, "It looks like the package never left the warehouse." Why assign a tracking number and email the customer with the information if the package isn't going to leave the warehouse? The woman then told me she would refund me. I asked her if she could just send me the items I ordered, because I still wanted them. She said no problem and started processing the order. Then she said she was running into an issue - the two collars were out of stock! She had no choice but to refund me then. At this point, I was beyond frustrated.

I am so irritated with Petco's order process. I ordered items a week and a half ago when they were still in stock. I received tracking information for my order. I was told to expect them by a certain date. All of this, only to find out that the items never even left the warehouse and now I can no longer get them because they are out of stock? It's ridiculous! So did everyone who ordered these items after me get their packages and I was skipped over? Or did they never get their items either? Also, the option to resend the items to me once they were back in stock was not presented to me. I ended up going to Amazon and ordering the collars. I never have issues with them.

Based on my experience and countless other poor customer reviews I have read online (while searching for contact information to file a complaint), it seems that Petco doesn't value customer service too much. After placing two orders and having trouble both times, I will no longer shop at Petco. I would encourage Petco to review their ordering processes and make sure the customer actually gets what they pay for.

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