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PETCO Animal Supplies Stores, Inc.
9125 Rehco Rd.
San Diego, CA
(858) 453-7845
(858) 784-3489
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Gus and Mac's mommy - 1 d 23 s ago


I've never been happier when having my dogs groomed. The staff at Petco is so caring and treats customers and their extended family (dogs) like family. Delphina is such a welcome, delightful new member of the staff and treats my dogs like they are her own.

Management, under Dennis is, by far, excellent. He is so customer oriented. Everyone seeks him out for his input because he truly cares about both staff and customers.

Going to Petco in Redmond, OR is a joy. My hubby complains that I spend too much time in the store, while he's waiting in the car. But I so enjoy my visits there - playing with pet customers, talking with their owners, and staff in Redmond, makes it a delightfully fun visit each time. I always look forward to shopping at Petco, Redmond, OR. Feels like "home."

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Bella - 29 d 18 h ago

I wanna know who i can call to get my job back working for petco i was a very good worker i got a raise the first 6 months i was there.I got rewards and raised money for the animals.i loved my job. i was sexually harassed by one of my mangers and i felt uncomfortable working with him. We had new mangers come in and take over our store she really didn't care what he was doing and she was only caring about getting her own people in there to run the store and got rid of all old workers. so know when i try and apply at any petco they said i abandoned my job when i never did that i didn't!!! she just messed Every ones career and left the company.

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Sclar - 28 d 32 s ago


What store was this at? I was recently terminated from a Petco for "attendance" after being told by my salon manager that my tardy points had reset and I was in good standing with the company. The whole situation seemed like retaliation to me because I was terminated two days after I complained about another managers sexual harassment

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Jessica - 1 d 17 h ago


The same thing happened to me, im very upset because i can not get a hold of anyone higher than a manager! this is so unfair.. my manager refused to show me my time sheet of how many tardies i had... i feel like if he was right about the times i was late he should've gave me a warning... i called in sick... because i was really sick i had the flu.. and i still got terminated... they still owe me a week of work..

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Rose - 2 d 19 h ago

Dear Bella,

Please read this:

File your report here:

You have to file report to clear your name, when you would have right to go back and work at any Petco.

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Very unhappy - 40 d 13 h ago


I have unsubscibed on at least two dozen emails, and have called and spoke to a "Customer service person" three time. If anyone else cannot get Petco to stop their constant emails and would like to call this harasment I would proposed a class action lawsuit. If the management of Petco do not respond to asking to be removed from their emails. I feel as the customer this is harassment. Petco sends 3 to 5 emails everyday, during Christmas time sometime more.

**********give a phone number that works to correct this***********************

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GB - 38 d 11 h ago


I too am having the same issues with the emails! Tried to send an email to there corporate offices, it comes back as invalid email!

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Rose - 2 d 18 h ago

Add domain to spam.

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Rose - 2 d 19 h ago


Be aware!!

1) If you returning items and buying something ease in same transaction, they wouldn't return your taxes for return items, do return and buy in different transactions, if you ant your many back.

2) Sale items: aquarium original price $39.99 sale $31.99, but they charge taxes from original price, when subtract $8, which is bringing sale price up, it's not much, but they are not allowed to do that.

Going to call them to bring these problems to their attention!!!

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Kathy Wilson - 7 d 20 h ago


I was in the local Petco yesterday and a couple with two dogs were ahead of me in line to pay for our purchases. One of their dogs peed on the floor. A Petco employee had to clean up their dog's mess. Another dog had shit on the floor in front of another checkstand. When I commented to the cashier that people who have dogs that uncontrollable should leave them at home or in their vehicle, she said "well the dog gets nervous when it's in public". So, if the owners know that, shouldn't they keep their dogs at home and not let them shit and pee in stores? And shouldn't the manager of the store request that those people NOT bring their ill-mannered dogs into the store? I'm thoroughly disgusted and am looking for another source for my pet supplies.

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Anonymous - 11 d 14 h ago

I ordered dog food online and when it was delivered a van with handyman information ont the side of the van delivered the dog food I'm so irate petco does not have repetable delivery service do not order online from them . How do I know what happened to that dog food in that van. I called corporate to get this resolved they sent me a new bag . It came in that handyman van again. They don't care about pets as far as I'm concerned. They will give your pets food to anyone. It's all about money with petco not your pet.

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Evelyn - 17 d 15 h ago


Sorry, my bad experience was with Pet Smart in Pinole, CA. I just wrote my bad experience but mistakenly use the wrong store name. Sorry.

Petco in Vallejo is the best. I always get my dog food there.

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Evelyn - 17 d 15 h ago


I took my dog to be groom and I was denied service even though I had schedule an appointment. My dog wasn't misbehaving or anything like that. It was just because the people there did not like me or my dog. They practically told me that.

The lady at the reception was rude with me since the moment I entered the establishment and told me that she wouldn't groom my dog. She asked the other groomer that was there and he said that if he do it he may charge over a $100.00 but he did not have the time.

I told them I have an appointment schedule and I live far from this Petco. I go there because it is close to my work. They did not care. They asked me to call some other day to schedule my appointment with the person that has done my dog before.

I was so upset and frustrated that when to the front of the store and asked for the store manager. I was told the store manager doesn't manage the grooming part of the business.

I had to call in sick to work because I was so upset and did not want any one see me in tears!

I don't do business there anymore. I found a better groomer that treats me and my dog with respect and professionalism.

This horrible experience was at PETCO, in Pinole, CA

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Kristi - 18 d 15 h ago


I took my 6 year old grandson into the concord ca store to get him a hamster. They only had 2 to choose from and one had pink eyes that he didn't find so cute. so he picked the black one. It was a bit bigger than the other one but we were told he was really sweet. We got him home and he bit my grandson 3 times and bit his other gramma. He was determined to give the little guy a chance but ended up giving in after the last bite. My daughter took him back to the stor and was told that this hamster had been a proble. He had eaten 2 other hamsters in his cage and was known to be VERY aggressive. What the hell kind of place sells a sweet little boy a pet that bits and has killed 2 other hamsters. DONY BUY ANYTHING FROM PETCO.

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Lisa Madrid - 18 d 19 h ago


I went to Petco in Middletown Connecticut and I have had a great experience up until the day one of their employees dragged by 4lb dog by the neck to bring her into the grooming area. She clearly didn't want to be there, she was very unpleasant when she came to greet me.

Once she put the blue collar around my dogs neck to bring her in the back, my dog was frighten and wasn't going with her in the first place but to drag her by her neck and was choking her was crazy ! I immediately took the collar off my dogs neck and asked her nicely why she wasn't just carrying her in, like the other girl that cuts my dogs nails does. She said ti was company policy that all dogs get walked in but for the past 2 years the same girl has been cutting my dogs nails and carrying her in.

So at that point I'm angry. If their company policy is to drag a dog by the neck for what is suppose to be a pleasant experience then this is not the store for me.

I filed a complaint and 3 days later Jess called me (the one that ALWAYS carries my dog into the grooming area) she didn't even know what she was calling for just that I asked for a call back.

I went over the whole story with her. She began to tell me that it is company policy, that they have to walk the dogs in.

Never apologized for the employee that dragged my dog by the neck. And lied and told me the last employee was fired for carrying a dog in. That is a bunch of lies. She herself has done it.

My next stop is the store so she can tell me this lie in my face.

This is the kind of employees you have working at your establishment. I have referred so may of my friends and now none of them will ever shop there !! You have a bunch of liars and unemphatic kids working and managing your stores and I can't wait until you go out of business in my town.

The store is


Washington St

Middletown CT

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Anonymous - 21 d 40 m ago


I've been to several Petco's and the one in Apple Valley MN is by far the poorest excuse for a pet store that I have ever seen!! The animals are CRAMMED into enclosures that are far too small and when I mentioned this to a female Manager named Jessi I was treated rudely and in a very condescending manner, I also overheard said manager barking orders at the young employees in a very unprofessional manner. She was not only rude and very "unmanagement" like but she smelled so strongly of smoke that it was ridiculous. This is not an isolated incident as I used to frequent the store and every time I found it to have a really bad vibe attached to it. I have since taken my business to Chuck and Dons where I am greeted in a professional manner and they put the animals first!

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spadafore - 35 d 19 h ago

Steve Lossing SVP, Operations; i am trying to find Steve email address

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employee - 24 d 10 h ago


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glenn - 25 d ago


up until today i was a very good customer of had an ad for 1 dollar per gallon for tanks.i went to purchase 3 tanks for the va hospital.i was told that they were sold out and could not get more. i called 2 other petco stores and was given the same story.all that you had to do was honor your made a bad decision.

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Anonymous - 25 d 18 h ago


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John - 28 d 14 h ago


Ventura Store

Went to buy a simple dog bone with a price of $7+clearly maked on shelf.

Checkout price was $8.99 plus tax

Asked for manager - clerk named Spencer said he was manager.

He asked for Petco card which I had - this reduced price

It seems only fair that the shown price on an item should be what is charged irrespective of a card or not.

Dont need this - besides Petsmart is cheaper for same items

They charge for a paper bag!!!!!!! Can you believe this????

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Savannah Zacker - 32 d 15 h ago


I am extremely disappointed in Petco. Yesterday I went to the one in Edmond, Oklahoma. I found two guinea pigs at the front of the store. They were in an extremely small cage. I looked at their fur and they both have hair loss. They had NO hay in the cage and hay is 75% of their diet and it keeps their teeth filed down. The food bowl was placed up high for some reason to where they could barely reach it. I talked to a lady that works there and she said the hair loss was from "stress" and that is completely untrue. They obviously have some type of health problem like mites or a vitamin C deficiency. So, obviously they don't care about the pet's health. You shouldn't sell guinea pigs who are sick. Since they are in the front of the store little kids could open the cage and easily take them out. The cages that they have for rodents are way too small and crowded. I have seen birds and guinea pigs that look genuinely depressed. I also saw a bird recently and he would just hide in the corner. He looked so upset and terrified. The store never looks clean and some of the employees are very rude. I won't ever buy anything from them again. I hope they get shut down soon!!

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Sarah - 36 d 18 h ago


So I was in the petco located in south portland maine and i have to say im very upset i went in looking to purchase items and while looking i noticed that in that location the parrots are in too little of enclosures and they were filthy. Water dishes were disgusting and it didnt look like it had beeen cleaned in a couple days at least... maybe longer.. the parkeets which had 4 in the enclosure was bigger than the one for both the conjure and the other bird who were FULL GROWN thats animal endangerment and frankly quite cruel the manager said they were fine... theyre not fine... i just feel that the parkeets and the bigger birds should be switched theyd be much happier as far as the ferrets at the location theyre was like 8 in the same small cage. Not okay. Something needs to be done im never going to that location again. And customers service at that location is lacking...

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frustrated - 38 d ago


your website is HORRIBLE!! Ordering is horrible. I have complained for months. It says ahn on-line chat. Well there is none to be found. free shipping? try and apply the code and get it. was on phone waiting for over 20 minutes-finally hung up. If I could find my cat food somewhere else I would be there in a heartbeat. Question is why dosen't the company give a care???

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Concerned - 41 d 12 h ago

Management team in Cleveland TN store is crappy at best. The GM is worthless and the head groomer needs manners.

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