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PETCO Animal Supplies Stores, Inc.
9125 Rehco Rd.
San Diego, CA
(858) 453-7845
(858) 784-3489
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Bobby - 8 h 13 m ago


I buy at least two thirty pound bags of Blue dog food at Petco monthly. I had larvae all in my dog food. I did not have the bag because Petco actually sell containers to place your dog food in. The sales clerk told me they could look up the receipt from my rewards card, but the manager who disappeared really did not want him to do that. He told me that I could take the dog food back home because it would not hurt my dogs. Are you kidding me? Seriously... I understand how it could happen that you might have some critters in your dog food but take it back into your house. Nope.. 54 dollars down the drain and am no longer a customer of Petco. This was in Hot Springs, Arkansas..

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Maddy - 2 d 18 h ago


Hi, I would like an email immediately to go over the care of your reptiles, snakes specifically. I recently visited your Vancouver, WA location at 130 SE 192nd Ave, Vancouver, WA 98683. Along with other locations in the Washington area I was unimpressed with how you guys care for your snakes. But specifically the location addressed above. When I came into the store on 10/15/17 I went to go look at your Ball Pythons. When I looked into the enclosures I was shocked to see 2 tanks. One with an albino and one with 3 normals all tangled together. Both tanks with a 0% humidity and very low temps and two bright lights that are not substantial for snakes! One has a severe stuck shed due to the non existent humidity in the cage. Ball pythons need a humidity of 60%-70% and a temp of around 80-85 degrees with a basking spot of about 90. This was not the case for ANY of the tanks. I was very saddened to see such neglect. I suggest your reptile employees be better educated and more focused on the animal health or you should not be having snakes in your stores. You are doing more harm than anything.

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Christine - 3 d 11 m ago

I would like to address the care of Gecko's at the Petco in Totowa NJ, this time I have pictures of them. Unreal this facility is with the poor care and management of animals its horrendous . This facility I think needs to be reported to animal cruelty in NJ. I'm not sure what kind of people are there taking care of the reptiles but they are clearly not qualified. Please let me know if you would like to contact me as I will give you my info , if not I'm not just reporting this to the authorities, at least I care about the welfare of these animals.

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Terrible groomers - 4 d 5 h ago


Petco in Mansfield massachusetts traumatized my dog and gave him half a hair cut. He was there over 5 hours before they called me to.tell me they can't finish him. Not once ever apologized. They claim he was aggressive. My dog has been to a groomer for 9 years and never once had a problem. He is 9 years old.and 5 pounds . Now hi is petrified of a razor or scissors when he was never afraid before.

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Stunned by rude Staffers - 6 d 41 s ago


Customer Service at the Grooming shop at Petaluma Petco was beyond rude.

From trying to schedule an appointment ---the person answering the call was definitely more interested in sharing information about the "lunch break time" than in anything else...

To the unbelievably hostile reception (I accidentally set the dog down on the counter over the "don't set the dog on counter" sticker to get out vaccination records, so I did not see the "don't set the dog on the counter" sticker) and then the downright meanspirited tone both Staffers displayed because they "determined" my dog might nip .....For context- I had shared over the phone that once, several years ago the Petco Groomer was not superhappy with my dog- he never mentioned why-just that it wasn't a good day----so ,since then I always share that info with my groomers, because I want to be responsible.

The Groomer then gave me a lecture after I shared the length of cut that I chose, because apparently my answer was not correct...? I said several times that I would trust his judgement and to go ahead and do what he felt looked best, the Groomer continued his disapproving attitude by rolling his eyes and abruptly turning away....The reception staffer made me remove the leash and asked that I take it with me, as if she had no idea what to do with a leash.Then when my dog displayed a few reverse sneezing/ snorts reception staffer made a large deal about my having to initial another part of the liability agreement...Due to their being something "wrong": with my dog....

From a client service point of view- all of these things---- especially when the customer is wrong- let's say the dog is a nipper, the owner doesn't know what they want,,,, can be framed graciously.

When I came to pick up my dog, I asked how everything went- no responses--- the groomer then made a point of saying to the staffer- "let's get her out of here". Again the lack of hospitality, or customer fluency was staggering.

When I returned with receipt, the change in demeanor was remarkable- a smile was forced and my pooch was treated like it was special. I was Not Impressed. It would have been significantly more authentic to continue the rude behaviour.

Sadly,I will not return to the place I have used for 10 years...

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Gina - 6 d 5 h ago


I had to take my little bichon Henry to the Keene ,NH Petco 6 weeks ago to be groomed because his normal groomer had shoulder surgery.I gave "Gabby" the groomer a healthy happy dog.Upon my return 3 hours later ,she returned to me my Henry who was obviously injured.I asked "what did you do to my dog,what happened?" .She felt that with her veterinary license...NOT,that "I think it's an ear infection ".After 4 visits to our vet,numerous phone updates weekly ,multiple tests,xrays and 5 different meds my little guy is still lame with a cervical spine injury.Petco told me they would cover all expenses,which at this point are close to 1,000$, which has not happened after numerous phone call and faxes to them.No one has felt the need to reach out to me.When I call and talk with anyone they don't even have the compassion to ask how Henry is doing.There has been horrible stories in the media since then including a Massachusetts store that had poisonous insects stored in the public bathroom(look it up) .I am taking legal action and do plan to contact the media.Our animals are part of our familys.They are helpless and cannot advocate for themselves.A coworker told me of a kitten that was adopted from Petco that turned out to be rabid and needed to be put down.Some Petco employees are animal abusers in my eyes.Keep you babies safe and avoid Petco at all costs

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Chilkoot Chick - 7 d ago


Received palsrewards coupons in the mail October 11. The coupons expired October 8. What a waste of a good tree. After reading the prior reviews, at least I can say the people who work in the Juneau, Alaska, store are responsive to clients.

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Nicole - 8 d 13 s ago


Tonight I went into the Richmond Ave store on Staten Island, NY and the clerks were very nice and helpful but the manager Michelle was a nasty person and just walked away yelling at the clerk "take it off". Take what off? The clerk had no clue what it meant then told me she couldn't take "it off" because the register won't let her do it.

I have a picture of the sign which states $14.99 for gene pails and 2 refill packs with pal rewards. But when the clerk rang it up each was discounted to $14.99 each. The sign does not state that and there is no small print. I would like this to rectified by giving the discount what the sign states and the manager get an attitude adjustment and whatever you feel she deserves. You should t have nasty people working for a company that does so good for animals.

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Jill, Maryland - 8 d 4 h ago


I had terrible service in the Frederick, Maryland store. Employee "Mike" berated me while the "one of the store manager's Adam" stood 2ft away and let his employee berate me. I asked Adam for the District Manger contact information and was given a handwritten scrape of paper with customer service number on it. I only got Adam's name by looking at his name tag because he did not introduce himself by name. I was able to get the District Manager's name from another Petco store associate at another location. I called the customer hotline Monday and was told there is a 24-48hr call back, but today is Thursday and I still have not received a call back in regards to my complaint. This is terrible customer service. I am still trying to resolve my complaint with your employee "Mike" . An employee should never talk to customers the way he did. Disgusting......

General profile image - 12 d 12 h ago


So i have bought two different types of fleas killers from petco . i have already returned the flea collars within a week they did not work . so i bought sentry pro xfl . its been on my dog for almost 24 hours and he still has fleas. Why does petco sell this shit that does not work . we waste our time in trying to care for our pets . they is crazy . a lawyer has contacted me concerning these matters.. Petco needs to be shut down. If any law suits on petco call or text (hidden)

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Jan, Seattle - 9 d 4 h ago


I bought a set of cat dishes - white with black ornamentation. I soaked one bowl in ordinary dish soap

and water to clean it. When I went to dry the dish, the black came off on the towel! I took the bowl to store number 1236 in Tukwila, Washington on SouthCenter Parkway Blvd., where I bought the dishes.

I told them the problem, that paint on the dishes comes off in water or when damp, that if they continue to sell that product, customers should be advised the dishes are not safe to use for consumption of food or water.

There were just a couple of bowls left when I talked to them. They kept the bowl, never said a thing, and now have ten more bowls in. The original problem was addressed 4 or so months ago and they continue to sell those very dishes - in two sizes! It is clear Petco places no value on the lives of animals - only on the dollars their customers bring in. I wasn't even offered a refund! Shoppers beware!

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Anonymous - 9 d 4 h ago


Jan Hangland, Seattle

Flagged for review. 
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Monica Hickson - 16 d ago

I was treated terribly in your store in Murfreesboro Tn on October 4 2017. My dogs name is Mags and your Manager Rob didn't seem concerned whether I returned or not. Poor service never had this before sadly finding new groomer and place to by pet food and supplies

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Anonymous Petco Associate - 23 d 20 h ago


To Whom it may concern, This company used to operate like a well oiled machine. Not any longer. In the past year or so after we became subjected to new ownership, the stores are declining. As highly dedicated and loyal associate, I am always needed in 3 places at one time due to short staffing. I understand it is part of my job to assist customers and perform retail work duties, but it is no longer feasible in the current situation to be able to perform all of the above mentioned tasks with a skeleton crew. Corporate does not give us the hours needed to run the store efficiently nor do they care. It's all about the bottom line, metrics and selling more widgets or services like dog training. grooming up-sells, etc... Profit and keeping stockholders happy is more important to this company than anything else. Sure I get it,- you are in business to make money. However, you are actually losing money and customers due to the way corporate shortchanges their managers and associates and leaves them without a way to maximize those sales/profits which keep the stores from running efficiently or succeeding. Employee morale is down... If you have overworked, underpaid employees who need to do the work of 3, while customers get angry at us for something they have no control over, like empty shelves or no staff to help them on the floor, sick and filthy animals on the floor and in the wellness room, your workers will slowly stop caring and cut corners just because they are overwhelmed and need to finish all the unending tasks that are piling up and spiraling out of control. Heck, we are so short staffed there are days/nights that some of us cannot even be covered for breaks. Our 30 minute meal breaks are automatically deducted from our pay. However, we have so few people working and lines of customers out the door, phones ringing, customers needing fish and crickets, stock needing to be placed on shelves, planograms to be completed, merchandise re-sets, sales signs put out, truck unloaded, small animal care, customer questions, complaints and concerns, services needing to be sold, janitorial duties, etc, that we do not have enough employees to cover other employees to take their breaks. There are nights I have been so sick to my stomach from not getting a break so I can get my meal break, I feel dizzy, sick nauseous and am shaking. I often get so nauseated that I throw up in the garbage can behind the register when no one is looking from being so hungry. Now, I can call up Human Resources and complain, but I am afraid to because my store's General Manager is a sweetheart and she will be fired. Many days I see her so stressed that she is ready to break down mentally because she wants the store to succeed but she cannot manage with the little resources that she has. She will be punished even though corporate only gives her X amount of hours for staff per week which isn't enough to get anything accomplished, let alone staff breaks. So many co-workers are fed up with that and they keep quitting and we keep searching for new candidates to work for us who end up being hired and quit soon thereafter. It's a revolving door here. The small animals are being neglected and so are the fish. We do not have enough people to handle all these responsibilities and the animals are often left in filthy quarters and on some days are even left unfed or have no water unless a customer points it out. Our managers are so overwhelmed with an imploding store that is getting more and more decrepit by the day that they are unable to even oversee the care of the animals because there is a mountain of tasks are too great to count and other associates falsely sign off on care sheets even though they had no time to care for the small creatures. More times than I care to admit, I have worked off the clock after my shift ended to quickly run into the wellness room (sick animals are kept there) to medicate and feed the animals that need special care. My co-workers try their best to do this as well. Customers constantly walk up to my register, extremely irate and angry because they see this and are livid and want someone to explain to them why for example the ferrets are laying in piles of their own feces and have no food or water. We are so short staffed with me ringing up non-stop lines of customers and a manager on duty with no other workers on shift, taking care of a never ending barrage of customers seeking assistance on the floor, that we cannot find one minute to walk off to check on and care for the animals. The minute any one of us walks off to care for the animals we are accosted by an angry group of impatient customers looking for service who complain that there is no help on the floor every time they come in to the store. The store has become a filthy mess and the shelves are always barren and things are thrown all over the place. Everyday it looks like a cannon shot merchandise all over the place or like hurricane Irene came barreling in. How can you stock shelves when a shift consists of a manager on duty and one cashier? More times than not, the manager will spend 70 percent of his or her shift on register as a glorified back-up cashier while the line snakes around, customers yell and complain and there is no-one on the floor to assist customers or handle important things that need to get done to have a store function properly. Customers are constantly fuming mad, walking out empty handed in disgust, no longer coming back and sales are dropping. When they do a store survey and they complain, guess who gets yelled out and threatened by corporate? We do. Even though we are not able to make the store more successful due to the limitations that we are handed by corporate, we are to blame. We can't win for losing! We are expected to do so much with so little tools to succeed. It's never enough profit for corporate. They are constantly upping the expectations and expecting so much from a skeleton crew who tries so hard that all of our needs fall on deaf ears. All of us work our hearts out, but the lack of associates and manpower has the store looking and operating miserably. Instead, when the DM walks in to grade our store we fail and get yelled at and threatened. Good, hard working managers and associates keep getting fired or written up because of un-empathetic, clueless corporate bosses. We try to explain that we need more staff/hours but the District Managers tell us to basically suck it up and get it done and that there should be no excuses. We cannot effectively operate a store like this and everyday the mountain of unfinished work, filth, uncared for animals, tanks filled with dead fish, and un-stocked items piles higher and higher spiraling out of control. It is not the department managers faults one bit. They cannot operate a store with a skeleton staff and it is ludicrous to expect them to do so and be an effective manager. Petco has been bleeding all of it's workers dry because the bottom line and profit is their goal.The animals are suffering too for it. This company is failing miserably and needs to give the associates the tools to keep the company successful in order to prevent it from heading to bankruptcy court. I hope an empathetic person from corporate reads this and give us aid to make everything run better and to become more profitable. I am not the only store associate experiencing this on Long island in Nassau and Suffolk County. I speak to many other associates in other local Petco stores who are dealing with the same issues and this is a system wide problem. I will no longer work for free everyday when I am not compensated for the 30 minute breaks that I have earned and am giving you a warning and a grace period to have this issue rectified. I am remaining anonymous for fear of reprisal or getting the wrong people who do not deserve it being fired. If other associates and I do not get our state mandated breaks and this illegal practice of not getting paid for those 30 minutes continue, It will leave me with no choice but to start a class action lawsuit against Petco Animal Supplies Inc. I have already contacted a few attorneys who are very interested in my case and I have scores of associates very interested in pursuing this along with me. All you need to do is have the DMs in Nassau and Suffolk County New York, get right onto this as soon as possible and fix this issue before I am forced and left with no choice but to go ahead with consulting attorneys and bringing this out to the public and media. I will give you 7-10 days to send emails to every Petco Store in Nassau and Suffolk County explaining that breaks are mandated and that workers will be mandated to take them and to follow up and make sure this will be the new policy. We also need more hours to be able to have more associates per shift to effectively run these stores. If I do not see a change, my hand will be forced to pursue legal options. Thanks in advance for trying to rectify this situation and I look forward to seeing a rapid solution to this problem. Best wishes, Anonymous Petco Associate

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GUEST + - 16 d 7 h ago

Please continue to watch this site. I would like to hear more from you. ;)

YES I thought my name reflects how I feel we are not, and what you were speaking to as well.

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Dobermandodmom - 17 d 4 h ago


I can understand why this company has such a bad rating. Worst customer service ever. I will never step foot inside another Petco. Thank God for PetsMart and all the awesome stores to chose from. Petco SUCKS!

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Athena - 18 d ago


First, I tried the store - 3-2 times for an item that was out of stock. They took my name and phone number and have never contacted me (found item elsewhere online, since). Then, went online today and their website 'failed to take my order', was sent to customer service number (with order number) - which he found and was very nice. However, had a Strong Accent and spoke fast. If you are based in San Diego, why does customer service go overseas??? WHY No Email Address to "Cust Svc" in San Diego?? Phone Numbers do not work as recording says they are Busy! Don't DO Chat, either!! FINALLY Placed the Order but for the Last Time!! Never again into the store, either!!

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Anonymous - 20 d 19 h ago

My girlfriend was given some shirts for her dog that were to big and we went back to the store to exchange them for a smaller size and were given alot of trouble because her id didnt have an experation date on it, and in the state of , AZ the ID cards dont expire so we couldnt do it so the edit e we wont be shopping at PETCO ever again!!!

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Aloysis - 21 d ago


Your advertisements are very misleading, very confusing as to what is for in store or mail order. Went to Middletown, DE with ads, expecting discount on $190.00 worth on merchandise.was told I didn't read the small print. I cannot see the small print!

A Agee said they get many complaints about this..

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Bunny Brockway - 28 d ago


Bad Bad store in Van Nuys,Can on Sepulvesa Bl.DO NOT shop here they are cruel to their animals.Disgusting corporation money grubbing morons who practice animal cruelty If you love animals shop elsewhere.

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Bunny B - 28 d ago


Horrible store in Van Nuys Calif.They allow a "cat rescue"organization to place their cats in-store in tiny cubicle s with barely any air and no places to get exercise.They do not care and when I called the store manager age laughed it off.Shame on you Pet Co

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Kate - 85 d ago


I'm happy to find that I am not the only person totally appalled with Petco..."where the pets go". I will never step foot in that store again. They won't even get a quarter of a "star" from me. This store is located in Sarasota, Florida...8356 S. Tamiami Trail 34238.

The "animal/lizard" at the checkout had 4 fish-hooks in her/his upper lip. In addition "it" had 4 inch, blue fingernails. I felt like I was going to gag. I said "I'm surprised they let you work with customers looking like this". I asked for the manager because "it" was being so belligerent to me. Then all hell broke loose! The homosexual manager called the police on me because I was against "diversity" and wouldn't let me leave the store. He forbid me from leaving his/her stinking store. I hate that place now and will never go back again. Apparently, the "pets" run the place.

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Las Vegas Joe - 84 d 9 h ago

First and foremost I can understand your problem with the way the animals are treated. Yes it is appalling to see a store run that way. But obviously you also have a personal problem. Why would you even point out that the manager was homosexual who cares. If you are disgusted with Petco so be it. But to lower yourself and bring someone's life style up it's time you looked in the mirror and grow up.

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Wolfman - 31 d 16 h ago

That bad people are stupid.

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C U Next Tuesday - 79 d 18 h ago

Wow, what a wonderful person you must be! How in the hell does that persons life style or choice of dress effect you? I'm sure you're an absolute dream to look at right?

The fact that you felt the need to point out the sexual orientation of the manager shows how ugly you are.

I and most other people would have returned your attitude if you feel as though you have the right to make such comments to someone you don't even know.

I'm sure you'll assume I'm some "it" that believes in "devesity" and has fish hooks in me. Actually I'm a normal everyday red state man from the south. Although I'm not so repulsive on the inside that I don't know how to let people live their own lives and live mine to what I see fit.

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a decent human being - 53 d 11 h ago

You are disgusting. Im glad they called the cops. You are rude and ignorant with no tolerance or respect for your fellow race. I feel sorry for whatever animal has to live with you. The fact that you would address another human being as a lizard/creature or even feel the need to specify the sexuality of the manager shows how terrible you truly are. Who even raised you? Because they certainly didnt raise you right and i feel sorry for them too. I'll bet you got off to the nazi riots in virginia you personified sack of garbage.

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