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PETCO Animal Supplies Stores, Inc.
9125 Rehco Rd.
San Diego, CA
(858) 453-7845
(858) 784-3489
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Catherine - 1 d 11 h ago


Grooming. I live close to the Forest Hills NY location which is relatively new. I used to bring the dogs (I have two) for grooming every 8 weeks. But when I tried to make an appointment I would phone and NO ONE in the PETCO grooming area would pick up. Several times I went to the store to make an appointment (and pick up a few things) only to find the groomer (yes I used the singular tense) was only available on specific days which did not work for me. FINALLY I switched to PETSMART which is 13 miles away from my home. But they (PETSMART) allow me to make an appointment on line with the choice of a number of groomers. Technology has provided a competitive edge with making appointments with PETSMART (a 13 mile commute) vs. the PETCO location less than 1 mile from my home. I am now planning a trip upstate and would like the dogs serviced while attending a ball game and the PETCO in Oneonta grooming center is not answering the phone. While I am not surprised - I had hoped that my experience with Forest Hills, NY was an isolated event - the fact that they are too busy to answer the phone - the cashier takes your phone number down for a return call and no one calls. You are truly DRIVING ME AWAY from PETCO.

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Anonymous - 3 d 6 h ago


What a nasty man named ADAM at Petco in Palm Beach Gardens. He refused to price match the dog food I buy which has always been matched before with a store in the same city. He proceeded to tell me they never price matched with the other store and I kept telling him that's not true as I have always done that with my pets food. I proceeded to tell him about the other managers who would call to verify the price and then honor it at their store. He told me they never did that. I didn't appreciate him in essence telling me I was lying. It was terribly unprofessional and insulting that he treated me the way he did. I finally said he had no idea what he was talking about and I left the store so angry. I called the other Petco in the next city and they told me of course they price match and even knew the store I mentioned. While on the phone I walked back into the Petsmart with this rude ADAM to let him speak with them on the phone. ADAM told me all the Petcos only price match online which is absolutely not true. I hope ADAM will be fired. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I have been shopping at this store a long time. Won't anymore. My other family members and friends have joined with me and we will not be giving this store our business.

I wonder if any executives or district managers read these comments, or even care.

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browntrout - 5 d 3 h ago


This comment from a current or past employee does not surprise me at all! Makes perfect sense and backs up my comment in my PetCo requested review! "Corporate office is highly toxic, scandalous, unethical" StarStarStarStarStar Current Employee - Corporate Office Associate in San Diego, CA Doesn't Recommend Negative Outlook Disapproves of CEO I have been working at Petco full-time (More than 8 years) Pros None. It will steal your soul. Not that they pay competitively, but no amount of money is worth spending a day in the horrid environment. Cons Leadership does not care one iota about employee morale, which happens to be critical for a company's success. Not in the corporate office or stores. Aside from the stripping of aspects that makes working here "fun", (holiday parties, summer picnics, onsite cafe, employee club), greed has led to huge portions of the company being outsourced to India and the Philippines, including payroll and HR functions. And it's Show More Advice to Management Your greed is completely transparent. No one at HQ is fooled. Everyone is disgusted. You are running this company, that once had a heart and some of the most loyal, dedicated employees, into the ground. You should all be ashamed. Self-destructing in 3, 2, 1...

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browntrout - 5 d 3 h ago


By the way, my post a moment ago was my reply to a request from PetCo to review my visit yesterday to the Poulsbo, WA store! It could not have been must worse! You guys are terrible.

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browntrout - 5 d 3 h ago


Actually have people to help - there were literally NONE! You have alway had slow and custom service, to the point of it some times being painful to wait, and I have walked out twice before.

The other day, I am nearly certain there was very literally only one cashier/helper, and no one else! That one poor girl had to deal with all checkouts and all help, for every person in the store. The dog grooming people finally helped out a bit! I waited for over 20-30 minutes to try to find ANYONE on the store floor to get help from, as I wanted to buy a few fish. Finally, the check out girl pushed a button asking for help in the aquatic area. So, I waited at least 10-15 more minutes wandering around trying to find someone to help me, as I was trying to get fish. There was still not a single person walking around on the floor to assist customer, other than the girl trying to pull double duty while checking people out, and so finally took matters in my own hands, found pens to write down the SKU numbers, and prices and numbers of fish, found the bags, rubber bands, and the holders and funnels, and fished out the fish myself. Then, when I went to check out, the one girl who was checking people out was gone, and a very nice older woman from the dog grooming area was checking people out! It took another 5 - 8 minutes to get checked out... All in all, it took me about 1 hour to get a few fish! Terrible, and I highly doubt I will ever go to your store ever again, here or anywhere in the US. There are plenty of other stores I can go to about an equal distance away in Port Townsend, and a bit further in Silverdale, and I suspect there is another place in Poulsbo if I check too. Your customer service has always been slow, but this was ridiculous, inexcusable and beyond unprofessional! What kept going though my head is, "You have all this massive inventory, but your excs are lining their pockets with so little regard to service by trying to save money on employee time! Ridiculous and absolutely anti-customer service originated for a VERY customer service oriented industry.

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Anonymous - 5 d 14 h ago


I would rather not do it this way but without and email option . . .

I find it a bit disappointing that the employees @ the Redmond Or location use the shaded parking for their personal use when there are dogs without the option of a/c and have to make their appointments by riding and waiting in the back of a truck.

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Anita - 5 d 18 h ago

This is in reference to store 2869- Gibsonia Pa. We were called this AM to reschedule our grooming appointment that had been scheduled for several weeks. Our groomer called us from the store asking us to change our appointment due to a call off from another groomer. When I called her back at the store I told her I scheduled specifically with her on this day because of my work schedule. She told me that she apologized and could get me in later in the day with another groomer, I was hesitant and requested her for our puppy because she does great work (Annette). She said she was likely unable to stay that late in the day because the manager does not permit overtime. I then called the store manager Sammy - she proceeded to tell me that Annette was the one calling off for the day and she was making the calls from her home to her customers. That simply can not be true - I called Annette at the store number and talked to her myself - how would she be calling from home? The store manager Sammy was rude and "huffy" on the phone stating she couldn't predict things and it was just too bad. I asked why there was no plan in place for a call off - she didn't seem to care. I do not appreciate being treated this way by a manager, I am a manager myself in a nonprofit organization currently finishing my degree in Organizational Leadership and in all of my years of leadership training, I was never taught to huff at someone and basically say too bad that's how it is. The customer should be the priority - If Annette is willing to help me and stay to groom my puppy on my scheduled day because I trust her and know my puppy will be in the best hands, why is that so bad?? If the company truly lives by their Mission, Vision and Values and integrates that into every store, you will be successful, however, this seems to be lacking in your Gibsonia PA Store. Overtime should not drive your organization, customer focus should. Leadership training for managers should be a requirement as a 6 month orientation to management.

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Prefer not - 6 d ago


Unbelievable. This store opened in Lexington, SC in 2016. I became a petco rewards member, signed up for 2 individual dogs puppy level 1, puppy level 2 and independent training. This is for each dog. I currently have 2 in training. I am a very responsible, very well mentored and trained breeder hoping to get these two not only as the outstanding qualities this particular breed is known for, but to continue their training to a higher level to become service hogs to work with Vets, especially the those with PTSD.

There are so many levels of incompetency that I could write volumes. The very last encounter was about a complaint filed with the corporate office on Monday. The lady told me wait would take 24 - 48 hours for someone to contact me back. Today s Thursday and I had to call back. This time, I did first and foremost apologize for my terseness, but...

1). Every time I call, I get the Philliphines. Nothing against the Philippines, BUT I live in America, and pay my taxes in America. If I were a Petco employee, I would not be happy. No job security and half the time I cannot underdtandcthem!

2). The promised phone call from the Rehional Manager NEVERTHELESS came. Even after I was promised 24-48 hours, after 96 hours... nothing? And he gets PAID to do what?

3). Their products are cheaper on- line, if you have 45 minutes off your day to waste on hold.

4). My dogs are TERRIFIED of this store. One individual in particular has made it extremely unpleasant, the dogs sense it, all is lost.

I'll never darken the door again. Ever.

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Karen M - 6 d 34 m ago

I have been a loyal Petco customer for many years. The store I am referencing is Route US 46, Totowa N.J. My beef with this store is they are transferring a competent,well liked groomer, who was also the Manager! the Groomer called us herself to inform me that she was being transferred. This girl did not elaborate on the situation as she is a professional. I got the distinct impression that this was not something she wanted.

The following week I went up to the store and asked the manager why was she being transferred? She told me it was mutual and something the employee wanted. I do not feel this is the truth and why would you transfer a hardworking employee? This is someone you can trust with your Pet. Remember the 2015 incident where the dog died while being dried because the heat was too high?

I don't think I can go to this store any longer. I don't feel they are being truthful. How can you trust your precious pet to a store like this? Hope I'm wrong. Karen M

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Tracy - 6 d 15 h ago


Just called the Naperville, Illinois location for grooming and they had no idea when their groomers would be available. She kept laughing in embarrassment. Very uncomfortable. You, and they, just lost a great repeating customer!

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Anonymous - 6 d 15 h ago


Incompetent grooming staff in Hendersonville, NC. Wasted 20 minutes attempting to have my dog's nails clipped. Done successfully in the past.... Three groomers on hand too. Lost my business. Thank goodness a PetSmart opened locally. Yay!

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Marsha Johnstone - 7 d 19 h ago


My granddaughter has purchased two hamsters from the Petco in dubois, pa that have both died within a few days of purchase. Their deaths were not the fault of my granddaughter (who is 11) These animals had a nice clean cage, water, food, and even fresh vegetables. When you go into the store, it does not matter if you are the only customer in there, you cannot get anyone to wait on you. You have to track them down and they always say " I will get someone to assist you." Then you wait anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes for anyone to come. I don't know who owns the franchise for this store or I would contact them and make them aware of the problems. You should know who it is and you can contact them. If they wish to speak to me , they have my information. I will never buy another animal from them and I will tell everyone I know that they should not either. With the first hamster, I thought maybe they were unaware that it was not well. After the second, I think they just don't take very good care of their animals. My grandson has one he got from Pet Place in Dubois, pa. It has survived for two years and is still going strong. From now on, we will be going there.

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Thomas Spear - 8 d ago


Hope this does not sound trivial. I called to make an appointment for my 2 dogs to be groomed. (A cockapoo and an English Cocker Spaniel). The groomer told me they needed separate appointments. Why I asked. Last time they were very bad when they were together. I was never told this, she told me it is noted on their records. Well, I felt very embarrassed, but I asked when the next appointment available was, and she told me 2 1/2 weeks away, and only 1 appointment was open, they couldn't do them together. Well, I am no longer a PETCO shopper, or will use any of their services again.

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Larrylee - 9 d 6 h ago


My wife had took my son in Petco today to get him a fish, and the dummy starts telling a 7 year old he can't have the fish unless he got a 10 gallon tank or bigger, then the idiot ask if they was able to buy a tank that big. As if she don't have any money. So when I found out I told her to buy a 100 gallon tank with all the stuff, and before she could he proceeded to tell my son that his fish would eat the others and Petco don't guarantee the fish. So I directed my family to Petsmart and now he has 600$ worth of tank, plus , a stand , all the stuff and fish. I hope when I get home from work his sorry excuse is in there because I may decide to buy some fish.

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Larrylee - 9 d 6 h ago


After reading all the other comments I realized I didn't inform the growing list of people the store this was in is Alexandria,Louisiana store #1583. And I don't see any replies from the company back to the people. Perhaps Petco needs to look into new management from corporate to the store management. I know Petsmart is enjoying your sales.

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Anonymous - 9 d 6 h ago


I did my first order on and planned doing the repeat delivery to save money but after my 1st experience I am not very happy. The delivery company that petco uses is horrible!! they put up that my package was out for delivery at 9am and its 9pm and still isn't here!!! very discouraging to a first time customer to NEVER want to use again!!!!!!!

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Robin Borgognone - 10 d 15 h ago


first, very frustrating to find the link on their website other than a phone number to complain about their website. has to be the worst website whether it's on the laptop or mobile for any kind of navigation. it's slow, it doesn't allow you to sort amongst multiple categories, it's slow

I donate to a lot of different rescues and I still end up going on Chewy and Amazon because it's so quick and easy. You really need to get it together. Had to be one of the worst websites I've ever had to navigate. I do so much online ordering and it just defies reason why a company as large as yours still has such an archaic horrible website. you're losing money on me because I would spend the dollars.. I go to your stores for many of my supplies and I like to be loyal and spread that around for all the ordering I do for the rescues but I can't because it has to really be about convenience as well as value.

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Anna A - 12 d 14 h ago

This is a total disappointment for me. I am long longer a Pet-co customer, reason being I just got fed up with groomers quitting on them. I have been a Pet-co customer for a very long time and our Pet-Co in Lake Geneva, WI informed us that our appointment we had for our dogs needed to be rescheduled do to them only having one groomer. The issue I have is I called a week ago to make sure our dogs appointment was still on because our groomer called is a week prior to that to let us know she was quitting., We had a confirmation that our appointment was still good for next week. We just got a call to say that they had no groomer to groom our dogs on our appointment because they were now down to one groomer do to the fact every groomer they get quits. So I talk to the store manager and all I got was an I am sorry, corporate knows about our situation and they are trying to resolve it. Bluh,Bluh, Bluh. I know when it isn't going to happy. Just wanted to let corporate know they lost a very valued customer because I will never shop at Pet-co or go to any of there grooming facilities again. I just booked with another grooming place. Bye Bye Pet-co

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Jerusalem garza - 13 d ago

Hellow my name is Jerusalem l saw a picture uf a gray kitin he looks so cute lisen l always wanted a little kitten eneyway l am 7 ears old my dad is triying to get me a little kitten and how much is it qust for the gray kitten

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Sandy - 15 d 6 h ago


I have been going to the Dover NH PetCo for years. Actually since they opened.. I have purchased many things from the store and have used the grooming department for bathing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming.. Today I was given what I feel was real bad customer service I knew the grooming department had different hours from the store, so I called the Dover NH store at approximately 6 pm and I asked the grooming female who answered what time they closed. Explained I wanted to get my dog's nails trimmed. Was told 7 pm. So I then left work early and went home and got my dog and proceeded to the store. Arrived at 6:35 pm and the grooming tech was wandering around the front of the store, she approached me when I was about to enter the grooming dept.. I then asked if I could get my dog's nails trimmed and was told she was on lunch break and by the time she was done the department would be closing. Asked at that point why I was told they were opened until 7 when I called a little earlier and why she didn't know a little earlier they would be closing earlier then 7. Asked for the manager and Beth VanGelder came up front and I lodged a complaint. I said her sign showed the grooming dept was open until 8, and I explained I called and was told 7 pm. She quickly showed me in very small print the grooming dept on Tuesdays and Thursday was only open until 7. I then mentioned it was 20 minutes to 7 and explained I had called earlier and was told by the groomer they were open till 7. Mentioned again I had called 1/2 hour earlier and why at that point I wasn't told they were closing earlier. The manager didn't have an answer to the question. Asked Beth if she knew that her employee was leaving earlier than the 7 pm closing and she stated she was elsewhere and busy and did not know. All I got was she wasn't going to discuss her employees actions in front of me. Funny another person came in and the employee who was on lunch, left us and went into the grooming area to help that client. But still on lunch break. I asked for a manager over her and got I have been a manager for 7 years. She had a real snippy attitude. Now I see why they can not keep help!! So I said I would now go elsewhere and they have lost my business. Not very good customer service. Would not recommend that store to anyone!!

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Anonymous - 15 d 13 h ago


My name is Ronald Freeman, I've been using the Petco in West Orange NJ. For years and you can verify your records. I get my dog grooomed there. I booked a reservation twice and having it for today at 1:30pm. Unfortunately , I was stuck in traffic and asked for an extension on time. I was told no by Tiffani , that she couldn't extend it unless I arrived in 9 minutes . That's was the purpose of my call! Needlesss to say she was unable to accommodate me whatsoever. Being a long time customer, I'd expect better treatment from PETCO

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DOGMOM - 16 d 8 h ago


I went to Petco in Clark NJ to get my dogs nails cut. It was 6:45 and the groomer was suppossed to be there until 8. I was told they left early. I then went to Petco in Watchung and that groomer left early too, You need to hire employees that actually want to work.

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Thank you Allon & John of Riverhead Petco - 22 d 11 h ago


two of the employees at the Riverhead, NY location were extremely kind and helpful to me. On Saturday, June 3 at approximately 7 pm, my car would not start. When they saw that I needed help, employees Allon and John, stepped in to help. They walked over to my car and very quickly jump started my car battery. After that, it worked great! I am very grateful that they were there to help me, especially because I was traveling with my two dogs and the young girl that I was taking care of.

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mad customer - 24 d 6 h ago


Terrible customer service and employees were very disrespectful. Two female employees went on to tell me I was a liar and had no idea what I was talking about when I asked them questions about my previous purchase of a gold fish. Will never shop here again!!!!!!!!

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Raul Lopez - 25 d 16 h ago


June 2 2017 7:30 Am, I took My 5 year standard poodle for grooming north Redondo beach location, Ca, and requested special attention to ears, and feet. Cleaning, and hair removal of ears was not done, the feet hair removal (paws) was not great. Also dog suffered a lesion to his head. Employee said the dog hit his head in the kennel, while waiting to be Pick up.?

Dear corporations please take special attention to this matter. For the health of all pets and the trust one has en petco.

Thank you

Raul Lopez

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