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Tiggy's Mom - 2 d 5 h ago


I was at a Massachusetts location that i go to on a regular basis to get crickets for my beardie (who i bought from THIS location over 3 years ago). Every time i go in i stop by and say "hello" to the beardies in the tank. This time, i saw that there was an abundance of feces in the water bowl and out and if that wasn't bad enough... there was the sweetest little baby beardie "dancing" at the front glass. As he walked away i noticed a blue strip on the base of his tail. I asked the "cricket" girl WHY there was a blue marker strip on this little cutie's tail. She said it was so that they would be able to tell the regular beardies from the fancys.

THAT IS JUST WRONG AND INHUMANE!!!!! If you cannot tell the difference between a regular and a fancy bearded dragon then you DO NOT belong working in a pet store.

I WAS AND STILL AM HORRIFIED!!!!!!!! Shame on you Petsmart.

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PETMART - 2 d 6 h ago



I made an appointment yesterday, Monday, April 24 at 4:00pm for grooming for my yorkie: BEBA.

They promised a yorkie cut, instead they shave my yorkie looking like a cat.

I very upset and disappointed with Petsmart.

I will NEVER return to Petsmart, neither reccomend them to anyone.

The Grooming staff seems to be unprepared to do pet grooming. Lacking of pet grooming experience. I still can not believe what they did.

I spend $45.00 expecting a yorkie cut, instead they shaved my yorkie completly.

I so angry.

Eben & Wilma Ortiz

Petsmart North Garland, TX

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JuneBug55 - 4 d 20 h ago


The Acworth Ga Petsmart in the Acworth Crossings 3335 Cobb Pkwy #400 is the nastiest store I have ever shopped in!

I have never heard of a pet store that allows people to let their mutts defecate all over the floor like that! I almost stepped

in dog waste just today! They were never that filthy before! Suppose someone's small child steps in that mess or pick it

up not knowing any better!! If they don't stop this dumb policy, I am shopping at Pet Supermarket or some other pet

store that practices cleaniness in their stores!

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disappointed Customer - 6 d 5 h ago


I am so displeased with Petsmart. I have had two cocker spaniels last one close to 16 when he was put down that I groomed there. Currently have a 15 year old that when I said I don't know why I don't get the $10 coupon on my phone fell on deaf ears and no one know the policy of coupons in Cortlandt NY location.

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Bunnylady - 6 d 5 h ago


0 out of 5 stars!!! Pet smart sent me a discount of $15.00 off of a $50.00 online purchase. But every time I try to access what I want to buy, the website says "this item is not available for purchase on line"! Then it says "this item is not available to purchase at your selected store!" Then it says I can go 20 miles to another store!!!! Forget it. I'm going to PETCO!!!!

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Julian granado - 6 d 17 h ago


On the 17th of this month I took my dog to the hotel there a PetSmart in Cerritos California before that I made a reservation and I brought the dogs vaccination paper and suggested I should go to a doctor and get the vaccination without an appointment and I had limited time I pretty much do it there the whole day waiting to see the veterinarian I showed her the dog's papers which who did the vaccines and the dog had all his vaccines so that was the beginning then when I picked up my dog today which is the 20th they took my dog down to groom and I cut all his hair off which is a Cocker Spaniel I did not give any consent for the dog's hair to be cut and the the haircut was done very poor I was humiliated in the way my dog looks like he just came out of a meat grinder someone needs to get hold of those people at PetSmart and put them into check I will never never take my dog there again

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Kathy P. - 7 d ago


PetSmart Charities??? I am sick to tears when I have to watch your latest commercial regarding, "If I purchase a BAG OF FOOD at one of your stores (Now, What size bag?). 20. 40. 60 or more Your generous Corporate Charities will DONATE ONE BOWL OF FOOD TO A HUNGRY CAT OR DOG? Have I got that right? I BUY A 60 Pound bag of food at one of your stores & YOU (PetSmart) DONATE ONE BOWL OF FOOD? DOES THAT SEEM RIGHT TO YOU? Perhaps you MEANT TO SAY A BAG OF FOOD & NOT A BOWL?? I no longer shop at PetSmart, nor does anyone I know. I'm GLAD. YOUR PRODUCTS ARE OVERPRICED! I shop online. Much better prices & service. I HOPE you can part with your many millions & DONATE A SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT OF FOOD TO THE SHELTERS YOU SUPPORT! MORE THAN A BOWL!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 9 d ago



I was at the store in Mt Prospect Illinois on Saturday April 15. I was near the hotel when I heard two women arguing. Actually it seemed one very mean woman was yelling at the other. I also heard that the one woman's dog has bitten twice in the day care, drawing blood. Why would pet smart let a dog back at day care if he has bitten twice. After 1 bite they should not be aloud to come back!!! Open your eyes and change your rules. Let's get back to these ladies, they were drawing a lot of attention, but I never did see the manager. The girl behind the counter did her best to stop the fight, she was by herself with know help. I wish someone would have called the police. There was a lot of threatening going on. After that I decided I will never let my dog back in your day care. I will also tell my friends and family about how you allow dog biters back to your facility. So very sad.

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Judy - 9 d 4 h ago

Please, please, please don't mess with They have fantastic customer service, very competitive prices and are the go-to source because of this.

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Dissatisfied customer. - 11 d 5 h ago


I use to spend approx. $75-100/mo at store in Pembroke Pines, FL, but never again. On a very busy Sat. One of the female managers had to take the cash register. I had been the the next in line after a lady with a problem. On that particular day I had about $200 of products in the basket. She took everyone before me and when she finally got to me she was nasty. All I asked of her was to put the cans in bags instead of boxes and she threw all the plastic bags in my face. I had paid for everything so I thanked her very much and left. By the way, I picked up the bags and left. That was three mons ago and I still have the bags.

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dbsm - 13 d 18 s ago

Do you allow your employees to post photos of your customers pets and post them on their personal Instagram account set to public. Are the employees suppose to report if a customers dog bit them and thought it would be a good idea to post that dog and a statement about being bit by that dog. Petsmart in Fort Worth .Tx.

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Anonymous - 14 d 9 m ago


Took my dog to Garden Grove, CA facility today for grooming. After 4 hours they had only bathed her and said another 45 minutes before they get to her to groom. I took my dog and left. They acted like I was shit on their shoes. I'll never go back nor would I recommend to anyone. Awful, awful service.

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Jake Aubut - 14 d 19 h ago


Good evening,

I have been a Pet Smart customer since you opened in Orleans Ont.

I spoke to Nicole, your store Mgr. before X-Mas regarding my daughter's interest in pet grooming.

When i called tonight, I was told that Nicole no longer works here and she now works for a construction company. When i asked your staff what Nicole's last name was they told me they did not know. This is when i got upset.

You can Ideal Roofing anytime and ask what Jake's last name is and you will be told Aubut. I was not asking for her home number or email.

At one point the girl in the grooming salon told me " not to fucken call back and I can fuck myself"

I am no longer dealing with your company and I posted on my facebook account the treatment I received from your staff.

I am 58 years old and a field sales manager for a large company, if we treated our customers this way, we would be out of business!!

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Sherryl Miles - 17 d 4 h ago


I am looking for some kind of credit with your store we had to go back 3 times to try to have our cats nails clipped and every time we were told not to bother calling because cat groomers would be there and every time we went back they

said sorry manager is sick and the other employee was having car problems. They told us to come back a third time and the cat groomer still wasn't there. Every time we took cats they were traumatized them now I finally have a card to call Madeline but their policy should be to contact customer not have a hit or miss of when someone is working. The groomers really acted like they couldn't care less so I had to just waslk out while my roommate handled getting information.

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Anonymous - 18 d 12 h ago

Sounds like everyone has to "complain" about things that are truly "trivial". Has it ever occurred to you all that these "people" are only making minimum wages. YOU can afford to get your animals "groomed"...expect them to pickup your animals feces...complain because your dog is "misbehaving" and they can't complete the "groom"... the store is "dirty" have a bad selection of fish...there is only one cashier...etc....

So.... why don't you shop somewhere else and hopefully it will be better. After all YOU have a "choice".

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Dioscuri - 18 d 11 h ago


Hey Dickhead,

Are you blaming the customers because "these people" are only "making minimum wages"????

Are customers paying outrages prices or "minimum wages" for the "services"??

If "these people" are not happy being payed "minimum wages" why take it out on the customers???

Why not take it out on the jew bastard that is making all the money???


Flagged for review. 
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Eat my dick "like you did your moms" - 18 d ago


No you vocksmoking faggot. Maybe if you let go of mommy's tits for a second you would see the world for what it is. We give shitty service because you "customers" are rude mindless foreign retards. You gotta pay me at least 40 bucks an hour to give a half a shot about your queermo feelings. In the meantime.....choke on daddy's balls and die slow. Kay??

Flagged for review. 
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Rob - 18 d ago


Hey faggot. We work for this shitty company to pay our bills. Your wealthy secure ass thinks you have the right to judge Ys? You're terribly wrong and if you have the balls to argue me then you better have the balls to fight me. Ya see people like us that weren't handed success in a mommy flavored dick have to bust ass in shitty jobs to scrape by. This is our life so your "daddy sucks my ass" lifestyle needs to stay in your cousin fucking family. The rest of us tat have to v actually earn life, will find our way. In the meantime, go choke on your mother's fat black cocktail and don't worry about us real people

Flagged for review. 
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Eat my man clit you savage fuck - 18 d ago

Btw. You have a tiny dick and I'm the best dog groomer you'll ever know. I'm glad that a flaming pig fucker such as yourself is taking your business elsewhere cuz honestly....your dog is a reflection of you and if I ever saw your dog ... I would take a runny bloody corn filled shot all over its mouth because that's all you as a person are deserving of

Flagged for review. 
General profile image

Still me bitch fist - 18 d ago

The fact that you even had time to get online with daddy's dick firmly shoved in your ass is mind-boggling. As backwoods gross as your life is....I wish I was a little closet to my family. I mean....not that I wanna get butt fucked like your mo. Keeps calling me about but the closeness is admirable. You guys would be an awesome family. If only you could keep your tongue out of daddy's stankin brown eye

Flagged for review. 
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Dirty dick Derek - 18 d ago

No one loves you. You were adopted. Your fake patents are just waiting for you to die for the insurance money

Flagged for review. 
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Darlene Strudwick - 28 d 13 h ago

My husband and go to the Greenway Shoppers store in Greenbelt, Md., close to where we live. We go faithfully every two weeks if we can. But we have been noticing how they leave the kitties up front and the cages need cleaning out, as well as look presentable to the public eye. Some of the poor animals look like they need treatment. Also they do not pay attention when the check out lines start to get longer. Instead of calling another cashier up front, the line constantly gets longer, they should have called for help right away. When a dog makes a mess on the floor, they do not clean it up right away but instead customers when walking down the aisle may not notice right away and end up walking it it. They put little caution signs around it which doesn't completely help, it needs to be cleaned up as soon as someone mentions it to them, this way no one slips and fall.

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Carolyn - 23 d 6 h ago


The pet owner should clean it up. Really.

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Anonymous - 18 d 13 h ago

If you are a responsible pet owner why would you go in to a store and "expect" other people to clean up after YOUR pet? Your lucky enough to be able to bring your pet into any store without it being a "service animal". Seems petty to me.

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Anonymous - 20 d 21 h ago

I love Pet Smart but come on you are having a promotion customers buy 1 Bag of pet food and they donate 1 meal. Your CEO is a billionaire and all he can spare is 1 meal!

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Anonymous - 18 d 14 h ago

Does Walmart, Koger, etc... even donate "a meal"?! If you think it is stupid then buy at those places and shut up!!!

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