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19601 N 27th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Philip Francis
Chairman of the Board
(623) 580-6100
Annual Sales Est
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Henry Hicks - 2 d ago


I truly wish your company would stop attempting to sell betta fish or take care of them properly today was my worst visit there I found 3 dead today and several more on the verge of your Clarksville Indiana store. This is just up right neglect there is no excuse for it at all. And I do take pics of the conditions of animals there and they will be posted to every website and social media page that I can. This neglect needs to be stopped.



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Horrible Experience in Littleton! - 3 d ago


Good Afternoon

I wanted to take a moment to write to you regarding a very sad negative experience I had at your Littleton location off University and Countyline Road. I was in shopping when saw one of your store managers treat his employees very poorly. It made me uncomfortable to the point that I didn't purchase my items. A young blonde man I think his name started with a G and another young man with tattoos on his arms were rushing around cleaning, running the registers and trying to get things done for the night when one of your managers walked over to a stand that the blonde boy and straightened, grabbed a bunch of the bags and threw them on the floor and told him it looked like crap (not in those words). Then proceeded to tell the other young man that he wasn't working hard enough and didn't have the sense of urgency he did. He was very demeaning to these boys and disrespectful. They had been working very hard, and they assisted me with questions all while trying to multi task in the store. I have to say for this reason I will not be shopping at your store again. I will be writing additional reviews. I am not sure what the managers name was, he was fairly new to the store as I have been shopping there for a very long time. He was a taller man, messy brown hair. NO one deserves to be treated in that manner especially kids. I feel that they were taken advantage of knowing those kids won't say anything back. Unfortunately for him I was there.

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natm - 5 d ago


STORE 1487 SECAUCUS NJ I take my dog to get groomed every 5 weeks by Dawn L. i booked my november and december express appointments in october in person with no issue. i get a call november 3rd saying they cant accomadate express appointments on holiday weeks. no where in the grooming policy does it state this. i called corporate they agree with me that they just made this up. i was supposed to hear back from the district manager and never did. what a shame i had even bought my groomer a christmas gift she doesnt deserve it

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Cupcake7 - 13 d 3 h ago


I have left 3 reviews on the PetSmart website in regards to a Halloween pumpkin pet dress you sell with a bow on it. After buying the dress for our dog, the bow fell off and we searched everywhere for it, and a week later our other dog a Pomeranian started to become ill, stopped eating, drinking, pooping, was vomiting bile, and became very lethargic. After taking him to the vet and having an X-ray done, we were told he had a blockage in his intestines and needed emergency surgery to remove the blockage. We had to immediately leave our Vets office and take him to a Veterinary Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery, inside was a bow lodged in his intestines that they removed. He spent 2 nights in the hospital and when they showed me the bow they had removed I saw that it was the bow that was on the pet dress. We think it had been lodged approximately a week. Instead of the bow being SEWN on, it was only GLUED on the dress!!! It cost us over $5,000 to save our beloved dog, and thankfully we caught it in time, otherwise he would not be with us. PetSmart please make sure you sell items that have stuff securely attached to the clothing you sell so another family doesn't have to go through what our poor pet did. You have a responsibility as a retailer to sell items that don't have the potential to harm or kill an animal. Also, don't pick and choose what product reviews you'll only share with the consumers if they are a five star review. I would like my review posted as to help any potential buyer of that dress to beware that the bow is only glued on and will fall off.

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Vettech - 6 d ago

This was not on petsmart. As the pet owner you should be watching your animal more closely to ensure he isn't consuming things he shouldn't have. Don't blame someone else for your mistakes.

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Anonymous - 7 d 8 h ago



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Kathy - 8 d 4 h ago


We took our 3 dogs to the Rehoboth beach store salon (starting when the store opened) for grooming. We were satisfied with the service and showed this in the survey sent to us each time. The last time we went for grooming for the three dogs we experienced problems which we noted on the survey sent to us. At the time of service we asked if there was a change in staff or any other issue that would cause the normal level of grooming to decrease. We were told no. We called for service this past week and were informed we were no longer welcome at the store for any grooming service due to our survey response. We had always considered a survey as a means for a company to improve, change, and grow their business. This situation doesn't make sense to us because it was our dogs that didn't get an appropriate cut and on that got small cuts on his body but yet your company choices to ban us. When discussing this with the store manager that called our home for a follow up we were polite and did not ask for anything from them nor the store in the way of reimbursement or restitution. We would like an answer as to why polite, considerate, paying customers can be treated like trash due to honestly answering a survey sent to them by Petsmart. A response would be greatly appreciated.

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Michael H - 11 d ago


regarding Pet Smart store located at 7777 Dr Martin Luther King St. St Petersburg Fl 33702

This store should be named PET STUPID!!!

No one that works there, has any product knowledge at all.

I think you have to sport a nose ring to work there, as several girls that work there wore nose rings in their noses. The creepy beardo manager is rude and will not even provide any help at all.

I simply wanted to know a good, no carb dog food for my Yorkie Poo, who is diabetic. The manager told me he wasn't allowed to even recommend any dog food or sell me any food now at all, because I simply stated that my little dog had diabetes.

I just wanted him to tell me a few brands that were low carb so I could make a choice and the rude creepy looking manager refused to help me and said he was not allowed to even sell me any food now at all because I said the dog had diabetes. seriously!!

I left their store fuming.

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Marlene Phillips - 14 d ago

I was told last year by a store associate that Petsmart store #1215 had stopped selling canaries because they couldn't take care of them. I was glad of it because there is not enough room for them, and I would buy them because I felt I could give them a better home. I recently lost a Petsmart canary that I had for 2 1/2 years and when I went back to store to returned unopened bird seed, I happen to see these 2 beautiful canaries of a greenish color flying around in the small space, but seemed healthy. That was 5-6 weeks. Today, I went back to get some millet and to see the birds. I was shocked to see the same 2 birds looking horrible and sickly with no color. I asked the associate about them and she said these were the same birds I saw a few weeks ago. They said the birds can be checked by a vet and hopefully they are. Will keep a check on them. Am also not happy with the small spaces the canaries and finches have to be in. Think all birds should have more room, but at least the parakeets have a little more room. Don't think Petsmart should sell canaries. Also they are expensive for the people that live in the area and won't sell or not fast enough.

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Anita Spahr - 15 d ago


I took my dog to get groomed in Hendersonville Tn. A groomer Lynette notified me that my Shih-zu was difficult to groom. She was yelling telling me that she doesn't like baths, doesn't like getting her face dried, her toes done and on and on. I told her to finish her up and she didn't have to worry about us bring her back. I then called a manager and let him know the way the groomer spoke to me and he told me he would take care of it. 10 minutes later we got a call that they had rushed her to the animal clinic due to be cut by the groomer. After rushing there, we found out that a chunk was hanging from her leg and they couldn't fix there. They sent us to an Emergency clincic where she had to be put a sleep and stitched up. She has to wear a cone for 14 days. She told me how Maggie wined the entire time, I can't even imagine the way she handled my dog. She has no patience to be in this business and I want her fired!!

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EVIL COMPANY - 24 d ago




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Karl - 23 d 8 h ago

Ok, I get it. You'd like to murder Petsmart execs, particulary Philip Francis, but why bring their children into it? You need professional help (for your brain, not for the murders).

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Beagle Representative Ms. Santa Claws - 22 d 18 h ago

The Beagle Team is enliven when we see stuff like this. We love and feel it. KEEP IT UP !!!!!!! I'd love to hire you on in our fight against companies like this that ABUSE animals and EMPLOYEES.

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Legal Beagle - 49 d ago

Hey everyone. Its the Legal Beagle back again. We've been hard at work behind the scenes, working harder than ever on the case. The world .vs PetSmart is still going on. An update, With all of the stores closing lately; Toys R Us, Sears, K-Mart, Game Stop, ACME, etc, etc, etc, etc. Its only a matter of time before this dump of a company goes down. Theses imbeciles at PetSmart Corp. ruined something good. This company and the horrors of those that were effected by them will soon be a memory. They are barely afloat, spending billions on Chewy (flopped), wrongful terminations of employees, animal abuse and animal murders, they're close to closing their doors FOREVER. That puts a huge smile on the Beagles face. I know it is putting a smile on those effected at the PetSmart store in Moorestown, NJ that were screwed by a one Mr. L'erin Gaines and one Angel James back in 2017. As I look back on those poor people, I can now say "Justice Served". As online shopping for dog squeeky toys and cat liter boxes continues to grow, it puts another nail in PetSmarts coffin and I'm loving all of it. So, tear down all of the PetSmart stores and PetSmart corporate headquarters and let's build a Amazon warehouse already!!!!!!! It will happen soon anyway!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 44 d 17 h ago

Thanks Beagle for aiding us on our cause.

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Donna - 42 d 6 h ago

I just quit Petsmart because of the way they take care of the animals, I complained and the more I complained the less hours I was given the employees that were not trying that we're not taking care of the animals were given more hours and I have been there seven years and they have only been there a couple of months but they just don't want you to complain animals were not being fed correctly they were sitting in their own filth, I found bird bedding and one of the guinea pigs food bowls and the managers just left I was just fed up

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Legal Beagle Law Firm - 42 d ago

Sorry Donna on losing your job. It's difficult to work in an environment where no one listens or cares. The managers shouldn't be employed there. If you love working around pets theres plenty of places that shares your concern such as kennels and animal hospitals. PetSmart says they care and love animals as well as their employees. They've proven time and time again, that's not true. They dont train their employees and managers like they should. They are biased when it comes to who they promote and who they hire. Shame that happened to you and you'll land on your feet soon.


Legal Beagle team

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UmmaCatta - 28 d 28 s ago


Hey Legal Beagle I just found out our local petsmart manager has a bunch of cats in cages in the front of the store from the local county shelter. .This backward county doesn't test these cats for feline leukemia and just brings them in. It's airborne and contagious. The store is dirty and stuffy smelling as it is. This is above and beyond the poor kitties in the built in cubbies so I wonder if the manager is just trying to boost her bonus by getting credit for more adoptions. I wondered if you knew what corporate says the rules should be. Probably they don't even care but shoppers and adopters could be taking that virus home.

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Anonymous - 22 d 18 h ago

Can you tell me where this store is located? This is what we've been fighting for, to put an end to this nonsense. Every time I read things like this I throw up in my mouth. This company has their blinders on way too long. We encourage people to capture these things on video or take photos. Evidence is "key" to shutting this s#%t down. Please people, try. The team has eyes and

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Anonymous - 22 d 18 h ago

The Beagle team has their eyes and ears out for things like this. We cant cover every location since this is a worldly occurence at pet stores.

(Sorry if this message is in two parts)

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Don Buy All liiving things - 29 d 20 h ago


All Living Things product line is cheap and not worth the plastic wasted

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Blue2uneek - 35 d ago


Customer service for online deliveries is the absolute worse! I placed an order and selected for it to be delivered next day. I got an email saying delivery was on the way through a third party company called "Deliv" and another email saying the order was delivered. I got home and there was not a package at the door. I call the customer service number and they tell me I have to call the store where the order came from. At the time I placed the order it did not say my order was coming from a store way out Greenbelt let alone it didn't list any store. I get the number and call the store and they say I have to call customer service because they don't deliver orders from here. I call customer service back and they tell me that I need to call deliv because they can't give me a refund over the phone. I stead of them taking the initiative to own the order from beginning to end, I had to act like I was customer service for Petsmart. Will never place an online order again and this has turned me off from giving them business period.

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Smemus97 - 35 d ago



Today I was in your Danvers,Massachusetts location around 12:45-1pm this afternoon. I purchased an online order to be picked up in store because this was the ONLY LOCATION who had it available. I drove an hour just so the manager Anthony can cancel my order because "the item wasn't available" which I was okay with but didn't make any type of sense because if it wasn't available in stock it wouldn't let me place the order just like the one in Salem,MA said. So I asked the sales associate who was at the register if she can please order the product for me she was ok with doing so until Anthony said rudely "it's the same as doing it yourself" ... So I just walked away and went to the reptile tanks so I can purchase another tank and there was the tank! The one that I specifically ordered and when I mentioned that to him he said "oh I had missed it" I asked if I can just buy that one for the price I paid for it to pick up and he refused. Which I'm super frustrated because he was not helping me out. I've been a loyal customer for year with my 4 pets and buying merchandise this is how you treat a customer? Why did he lie to me and said it was out of stock but canceled my request right infront of me. There is cameras around that store he was not being helpful at all with his manager title. I asked if there was anyone else I could speak with and he said that the store manager wouldn't be in for another week. If I paid for something online at a certain price to be picked up I should be able to purchase the item at the same price while it being in stock when he lied and said it wasn't. And online does say THAT YOU CAN PRICE MATCH THE ITEM!!! And it's not even price matching it's the fact he lied said it wasn't in stock canceled my order and tried having me pay the 200 when I paid the 16.99. It's the companies fault if something isn't listed properly not the customers. I would greatly appreciate someone to contact me back.

Thank you

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Anonymous - 43 d 6 h ago

More petitions popping up

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We need your help to fight PetSmart and to help those effected by being bullied out of their livelihoods. A petition awaits your signatures to help a dozen or more associates and department managers that were bullied out of their jobs/careers at a New Jersey location. Please copy and paste the link into your search bar. Please help and let's put a stop to bullying. The link is,

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