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19601 N 27th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Philip Francis
Chairman of the Board
(623) 580-6100
Annual Sales Est
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NLK - 1 d 12 h ago


I have been bringing my senior dog to day camp at the Petsmart Potomac Yard for almost a year. With Phil as the manager and his fabulous staff she was well taken care of, we were greeted when we walked in, and I felt a sense of being comfortable with her there all day. Recently I found out that Phil is no longer with this Petsmart, he was apparently walked out. I also understand there is a new manager in the house. I don't pretend to know what happened only that they lost one of their most valued employees. The sense of comfort is now gone. It feels very strained, there are new folks so check in and check out takes much longer, and I worry about my dogs day.

I cannot change the circumstances but I can protect my dog. I will be moving her as soon as I can make alternate accommodations.

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Cookie - 2 d ago


I have been going to Petsmart for some time in the past. I will never go back to the grooming dept any more. My dogs were to get a bath; however they did not. One of my dogs came back wet and nails were not done nor his ears. I paid for the Top Dog package however I feel that I and my pets got a raw deal. Not only was my pets not groomed they were treated badly. If you are going to do grooming, you need to invest in persons who have a good reputation and at least knows how to groom. My kids could have done a better job. Please don't advertise in Bwk GA your grooming services stink. They would give me the names of the groomer, but I thinks they should be fired.

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Denese - 2 d 14 h ago


I have been going to your Maple Grove MN pets hotel for 8 yrs. 4 yrs ago i became disabled and could no longer walk all the way to the hotel and out again. they would come out and get Macey in the AM and bring her out in the PM with no problem and when i started having her grooming appt the same day as her day camp this was not a problem. For 4 yrs not a problem. They all new i could not walk to where they were and out again. Then on a day when her grooming was first thing so she did not go to camp first, they tell me i need to walk her in as i am sitting with her in my car in the prkng lot on the way to work. I argued with them for 20 minutes before you store manager Todd, told me they would take care of it. I asked if just for this time or only for today and was told don't worry he would take care of it. He lied. I got a call that afternoon as was told if i could not walk her in to the back of the store for grooming or 3/4 of the way back for camp, they could not help me. Not help a handicapped person. What kind of business does this to people at the drop of a hat or at all. Very, Very dissapointed in how they are treating t

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Shelly - 3 d 1 h ago


Once you're enrolled in the wellness plan they make it very difficult to cancel it. They never tell you that it rolls over and you can't cancel at the store location

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This is wrong! - 3 d 6 h ago


This is a bad company. The location in Amherst, NY shaved my collie dog! They were not asked to do this. I've called many times and I even filled out a comment form. No one has called me back!

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Ceitha Steele - 5 d 8 h ago


KUDOS to your Buy a Bag/Give a Bag program!!! Thank you so very much for this wonderful endeavor. It appears that it is highly successful to date, with several months yet to go.

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Anonymous - 67 d 13 m ago



I was at the store in Mt Prospect Illinois on Saturday April 15. I was near the hotel when I heard two women arguing. Actually it seemed one very mean woman was yelling at the other. I also heard that the one woman's dog has bitten twice in the day care, drawing blood. Why would pet smart let a dog back at day care if he has bitten twice. After 1 bite they should not be aloud to come back!!! Open your eyes and change your rules. Let's get back to these ladies, they were drawing a lot of attention, but I never did see the manager. The girl behind the counter did her best to stop the fight, she was by herself with know help. I wish someone would have called the police. There was a lot of threatening going on. After that I decided I will never let my dog back in your day care. I will also tell my friends and family about how you allow dog biters back to your facility. So very sad.

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TheDogBiter - 14 d ago


They actually banned me after I bit a third dog. But come on, I get so hungry in there!

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Susan - 6 d 10 h ago

They allow it because the almighty dollar comes before any pet. Take the Petsmart that allowed a guy to work there after he strangled a dog to death when the pup was in for a nail trim. Charges were brought against him and he was AQUITTED! I'll never use these jerks.

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Sandra Gottlieb - 7 d ago


Please! Fix the air conditioning at the Petsmart in Fairway Plaza, Fairmont Hwy., Pasadena, Texas 77505. My husband and I went in this afternoon around 5:30pm and we had to leave before we were through shopping! It was stifling! A clerk told us the Manager cannot get the AC repaired without Corporate approval, and Corporate won't approve unless a patron complains to Corporate. It was almost 100 degrees here in Pasadena, Texas today. I cannot shop in a store that has no AC. Additionally, no one should have to work under those conditions.Please have the AC repaired! It was too hot in there for man or dogs!

Thank you,

Sandra Gottlieb

713 724 5458

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Deborah Davidson - 8 d 1 h ago

Shame on y'all! My daughter, Stephanie Carpenter, who is an NCO Air Force Veteran and had worked for your company as an associate and pet trainer since separating from the military. Was forced to quit her position with the Abilene, Texas store, because your company was giving her only 5 hours a week after she had to go from a full time, to a part time position because she has also been going to veterinary school since separating from the military. When summer came around she assumed she would be able to get more hours, instead she was taken from part time to a measly 5 hours a week. For a company that claims to support our military veterans, you have proven to our family that is not, in fact, the truth. Shame on y'all. I have been telling all of my friends and family about how you truly treat veterans.

If you would care to respond to this, you can call me at (hidden)

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Greg - 9 d ago


Just wanted to let you know about my experience in your Towson Maryland store....I took my 2 4 month old lab puppy's there to get groomed and nails trimmed when we picked them up my dogs 2 nails were bleeding and the girl said they must of stepped on something.....I sent a email to that store. A few weeks back and didn't get a response. ...I will never go to that store again...just wanted to let you know maybe someone should check up on that store..thanks

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6/15/2017. Yesterday I took my 2 small dogs to PetSmart Higgins and 59 Hoffman Estates Il for grooming. On my way to the grooming shop in the back of the store my one dog was attacked by a large dog (both were on leashes). I was able to pull my dog out of the large dog's mouth and get away. Although my dog appeared unharmed she was to traumatized to leave for grooming. Upon leaving the grooming area which is next to the Vet area another very large dog lunged at us in an unfriendly manner. The lady with that dog had a hard time restraining it.

I would like to think that I could safely bring my dogs into the store. From my experience I feel Petsmart should establish that any and every dog over a suggested weight of 20 pounds be muzzled before entering the store.

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Gloria B - 10 d 11 h ago


PetSmart had a promotion for All About Cats June 10th from 12-3pm -- Well when going into the store for the promos, no one was there to represent this promotion. Management at Short Pump location in Glen Allen, VA stated the person was running late. No products were on the shelf for the buy 1, get 1. I obtained a product for Purina Cat Chow only to be told it wasn't part of the promotion. The promotion was not clearly marked and there were no booklet with exclusive tips from Jackson Galaxy. If you are going to have a promotion, why not have products, people and promotions properly executed? Poor excuse for a promotion and a total waste of time.

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Steve p - 10 d 20 h ago


Worst cust serv.ever....tried 2 make return and was denied ....i spend aproxx 150.00 mnth there not anymore i highly suggest petco..insteat trust me better products and serv

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Dissatisfied customer. - 69 d 6 h ago


I use to spend approx. $75-100/mo at store in Pembroke Pines, FL, but never again. On a very busy Sat. One of the female managers had to take the cash register. I had been the the next in line after a lady with a problem. On that particular day I had about $200 of products in the basket. She took everyone before me and when she finally got to me she was nasty. All I asked of her was to put the cans in bags instead of boxes and she threw all the plastic bags in my face. I had paid for everything so I thanked her very much and left. By the way, I picked up the bags and left. That was three mons ago and I still have the bags.

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MenHaveLessRightsThanDogsButMoretThanCatsNGoldFish - 14 d 1 h ago


If they had men manning those registers you wouldn't have had these problems. Amiright buddy? Say no more!

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Julian granado - 64 d 19 h ago


On the 17th of this month I took my dog to the hotel there a PetSmart in Cerritos California before that I made a reservation and I brought the dogs vaccination paper and suggested I should go to a doctor and get the vaccination without an appointment and I had limited time I pretty much do it there the whole day waiting to see the veterinarian I showed her the dog's papers which who did the vaccines and the dog had all his vaccines so that was the beginning then when I picked up my dog today which is the 20th they took my dog down to groom and I cut all his hair off which is a Cocker Spaniel I did not give any consent for the dog's hair to be cut and the the haircut was done very poor I was humiliated in the way my dog looks like he just came out of a meat grinder someone needs to get hold of those people at PetSmart and put them into check I will never never take my dog there again

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ILoveMyDogTooButSheez - 14 d ago


Look, lets start with one word, punctuation.

Second, if you are "humiliated" by your dogs hair cut, I'm thinking you two need a break. That relationship is just too damn close. Do you think your dog wants you judging him by his hair, his breath, how well he kisses? No, a dog just wants to be loved. I just think you are taking it a little too far.

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disappointed Customer - 64 d 7 h ago


I am so displeased with Petsmart. I have had two cocker spaniels last one close to 16 when he was put down that I groomed there. Currently have a 15 year old that when I said I don't know why I don't get the $10 coupon on my phone fell on deaf ears and no one know the policy of coupons in Cortlandt NY location.

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DisappointedInYourWritingAbilities - 14 d ago


15 year old Cocker Spaniels can't hear well, perhaps you should have repeated yourself.

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JuneBug55 - 63 d ago


The Acworth Ga Petsmart in the Acworth Crossings 3335 Cobb Pkwy #400 is the nastiest store I have ever shopped in!

I have never heard of a pet store that allows people to let their mutts defecate all over the floor like that! I almost stepped

in dog waste just today! They were never that filthy before! Suppose someone's small child steps in that mess or pick it

up not knowing any better!! If they don't stop this dumb policy, I am shopping at Pet Supermarket or some other pet

store that practices cleaniness in their stores!

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YesIWentRightUpTheBungHoleWithThatOne - 14 d 14 s ago


In fairness, have YOU ever tried to stop a dog from pooping? I did once and almost didn't get my arm back out.

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PETMART - 60 d 8 h ago



I made an appointment yesterday, Monday, April 24 at 4:00pm for grooming for my yorkie: BEBA.

They promised a yorkie cut, instead they shave my yorkie looking like a cat.

I very upset and disappointed with Petsmart.

I will NEVER return to Petsmart, neither reccomend them to anyone.

The Grooming staff seems to be unprepared to do pet grooming. Lacking of pet grooming experience. I still can not believe what they did.

I spend $45.00 expecting a yorkie cut, instead they shaved my yorkie completly.

I so angry.

Eben & Wilma Ortiz

Petsmart North Garland, TX

General profile image

YorkiesThinkTheirSoGreat - 14 d 7 m ago


We are so sorry for your pain. But to be honest, who hasn't wanted to shave a Yorkie completely?

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