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Angelica d - 2 d ago


Santa clause should not b in middle of aisle there dog that don't get along with other dogs it should b in private area like last year how is,my dog suppose to get her pic taking Noe your risking other ppl n there dogs not good thinking on your end im at Petsmart in ocean n its horrible

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LaLana - 2 d ago

If your dog doesn't get along with other dogs then maybe you shouldn't bring him/her to Petsmart. Seriously your ridiculous

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Ljblanck - 7 d 13 s ago


I live on LI , went to the local store New Hyde Park to look for Chanukah toys for dogs. There were none. I spoke to the manager, she didn't know why. We have a significant Jewish population here. I am upset. I will tell my friend Jewish and Christians friends alike.

I am going to Unleased where they have a who,e display and that is where I will shop from now on.

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Rachel Cousins - 10 d ago


I am on the automatic order system where they send out food every six weeks, which I was totally pleased with up until this last order. When I received my dog food, I did my normal and emptied the big bag into the bin I store the dog food in. Once I dumped the giant bag into the bin with the remaining food from the last order I noticed that there were worms crawling all through the food! I look in the bottom of the bag I had just received and sure enough the bottom of that bag was filled with worms. I immediately dumped all of the food in a large trash bag and placed it in the garage. I then called customer service, which I thought was very helpful in rectifying the issue... boy was I wrong. The representative offered the solution of giving me a credit for that tainted bag, as well as, sending out a new bag free of charge. Well it was the week before thanksgiving, so I got a little distracted. I never received the new bag so I purchased one from the store directly to bridge the gap. Now, two weeks later, I call Pet smart customer service only for them to tell me that there is no way that they can give the credit and a free bag and proceeded to tell me that I must have misunderstood! No, definitely not the case. She then goes on to tell me that they attempted to email me but the address was entered as ".con" instead of ".com"

If that was the case the email should have bounced back as undeliverable. However, my issue was not taken care of, I was lied to by one of the two representatives, and I have wasted my money! Her only solution was to offer me free shipping (which I already have) and a percentage off that was insulting at best. I am very disappointed with the service and non service that I have received. It is also upsetting that you can't get in contact with anyone in corporate to try and resolve issues like this.

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Anonymous - 11 d 17 h ago

I took my dog into the groomer at pet smart by lakeline mall and when I picked him up I noticed that his eyes looked blurry. I thought maybe they got some spray or shampoo in them but when we got home he went straight back to our bedroom and crawled in his crate he stayed in his crate all week I tried to bring him out and live on him but he went straight back to his crate I noticed on his right eye that there was a puncher in it . I also noticed that he had a placed under his hind leg that had a hunk of flesh out he had been licking it till it was infected. So I called them and told them this was not the same dog I had brought them he wasn't even playing with any of his toys which he always did. They told me that I could take him to my vet or the one there and they would pay for it. I did and the vet found that his eye had been injured and he had other places on his feet that had been nipped and his hind leg. The vet put him on antibiotics and some for his eye. Thus all happened nov. 13th he is still not cured and on the verge of possible losing his eye. I'm very upset over this. He is a pedigree shirking. Please contact me or the store in Austin Texas to get all the info and my name.

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Anonymous - 12 d ago


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Lois Knoffer - 13 d 24 m ago


My daughter and I recently enrolled our 8 mo. and 18 mo. boxers in your store in Arlington, Tx. I had many misgivings about the trainer, but felt we should give him the benefit of the doubt. He was not focused on our class, but jiving with store personnel. Various people stopped by the class and he had extensive conversations with them while ignoring us standing there. At one point, he enrolled 2 new persons during our hour. He was never prepared and did not follow his how agenda of teaching, while witnessing that me boxer was dragging me all over the place. Second class he spent going out in the store to obtain an ox tail and took 25% of our class time trying to saw the oxtail into 2 pieces to teach "Leave it". Last week we went and he wanted us to take our boxers out in the store for "Greet me". I am 80 yrs. old and no way would I subject our undisciplined dogs to strangers. Totally disgusted we left and decided we would not return to this totally unplanned class.

Last night my daughter and I went to speak with the store manager. She insisted that we had completed 50% of the classes and were only entitled to 50% refund.

Even after explaining we had not received 50% instruction, even according to the instructor's course description, the manager refunded 50% of our $109.00.

I explained that we have a total of 4 dogs and buy all the most expensive food you sell and have spent hundreds of dollars with her, she had a totally deaf ear,

and claimed she had never had a complaint on the trainer. So you, Pet Smart have lost a valuable customer over $60.00 plus the negative advertising you will receive from all of us. Have a nice day. Lois Knoffer,

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Janice B - 14 d 5 h ago

I was that PetSmart in Leesburg Florida on 11/27 2017 around 3pm it was disgusting to see those cats with no food no water and and litter pans full of feces went to the manager ask the manager why the cats are living like that and he said very rudely we don't have the help to take care of them. well that's on excusable and they should be ashamed of themselves to me that's abusive I will continue on going in that store to check on them and if I have to I will report them to the county. I have noticed going into PetSmart that it's a very disorganized saying that I hope someone will contact this store and get it taken care of

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Appalled - 13 d 3 h ago


Seriously?? Okay, maybe hire people then? That's crazy.

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Dissatisfied former customer - 17 d ago


Terrible in millbury mass store. Representatives give WRONG info about pets, think they have the right to tell customers what they can buy. You might think with all of this bad feedback that soeone in their corporate office would DO SOMETHING to correct their awful customer service!

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Sara - 13 d ago


I just finished writing a long letter about our horrible experience with a Bearded dragon from their store. Sick with a disease that elderly dragons get. Just a baby. Too late to return. Tried to give the little girl a chance. Was so hopeful. $800 dollars later, she died anyway. This store and company are terrible. The vet said poor breeding causes these problems in young lizards. Had a hamster from Petco that died a few years ago at 3 months old. The vet said most likely heart disease from crap breeding, as well. People yap about puppy mills, but these small animals at pet stores basically come from small animal mills. It's terrible. I'm so done with these large pet stores. Will be getting supplies online and pets from breeders or rescues after they are determined not to be sick.

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Janice B - 14 d 5 h ago

I was that PetSmart in Leesburg Florida on 11/27 2017 around 3pm it was disgusting to see those cats with no food no water and and litter pans full of feces went to the manager ask the manager why the cats are living like that and he said very rudely we don't have the help to take care of them. well that's on excusable and they should be ashamed of themselves to me that's abusive I will continue on going in that store to check on them and if I have to I will report them to the county. I have noticed going into PetSmart that it's a very disorganized saying that I hope someone will contact this store and get it taken care of


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Jennifer kirk - 16 d 29 s ago


I just went threw hell with the online black friday sale I got on at midnight got my order in and got the confirmation number tried calling the south bend store their manager Chris did not want help me. Called customer service a very amazing lady tried helping s h e even called them and they told her since one of the items is out stock they won't do any of the order so she tired helping cancel the order and send it to the Mishawaka store bit couldn't because Chris said he doesn't know what wrong with computer and can't cancel sooo my expensive Christmas gift for my kids are in limbo and I have shopped alot at this store I have never ever seen a manager ever be soo disrespectful but your customer service was so amazing trying get it taken care of.

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Anonymous - 16 d 12 h ago

Your HR in South Texas is the worst, nobody seems to their "requirements" for employment, when myself and a number of others have over 10 years of work experience with retail, customer service, and in sales. That HR of yours needs to get off their high horse!

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Kenneth - 17 d 6 h ago


People like the manager in largo, Florida is why big box retail is suffering. I will be shopping on Amazon next year

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Dee - 19 d ago


I have been taking my dog to the same groomer at Petsmart since I moved here. All of sudden this morning I was told that she could no longer take care of my dog because she is a groomer and not a bather. My dog is old and very fussy and is used to this groomer. I called customer service at Petsmart and was told basically "too bad". I am taking my dog elsewhere because there is no reason for this change all of a sudden. Now I will have to find someone who I can trust again. So unfair, why do businesses feel the need to continually change policy...this doesn't effect me but it will certainly effect my pet...nice move Petsmart! I am giving a good experience for my time with them up to today. After today, a 0 for their lousy customer service at supervisor / corporate level.

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Anonymous - 21 d 4 h ago


1. WASHINGTON One hundred animals from hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico arrived in the D.C. area, and they are looking for homes and forever families. Lucky Dog Animal Rescue flew the animals Saturday and they arrived in the area on the same day. There will be an adoption event from noon to 2 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 19, at the PetSmart in Gaithersburg, Maryland (218 Kentlands Blvd.). Scroll through some photos of these pets' journey. 2. (10/24/17 Two new deaths in Puerto Rico linked to leptospirosis, an animal-borne bacterial disease, were confirmed on Tuesday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Both cases originated from the municipality of Bayamn, Puerto Rico state epidemiologist Carmen Deseda told HuffPost during a phone interview on Tuesday. Deseda on Friday had confirmed the first death linked to leptospirosis in the municipality of Carolina. In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria last month, there remain at least 73 suspected leptospirosis cases on the island, with one person currently hospitalized in stable condition in Ponce, Deseda said. Puerto Rico's yearly average of suspected leptospirosis cases is just 63. More at link

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Sundae - 21 d 4 h ago


The store in joplin mo has this baby Chinese water dragon that looks like it's being starved to death. It's so skinny doesn't move and always sleeping. Went in yesterday and asked about it and they said it came to them that way! They should lower the price from $40 to something else so someone will get it and try to help the little baby! It's very unacceptable that they are that way

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Sam Khalid - 24 d 12 h ago


I recently quit my job at Petsmart due to DISGUST and HEARTBREAK watching all of the undertrained staff MISTREAT and not care for any of the animals properly or with care. It is all about PROFIT. Their promotion "Buy A Bag, Give A Bag" is all a LIE. We threw away HUNDREDS of POUNDS of dog and cat food, treats, clothing, and litter with NO REASON to. We NEVER donated, or gave away any unused food to any pet in need. We kept employees that stole from the store, smoked around the animals, and abused the dogs in the dog salon. ABSOLUTELY SAD, AND HORRIFIC.

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Anonymous - 23 d ago

Whete was this at

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Jacqueline Goo - 23 d ago


My experience with PetSmart was nit a good one. In fact, I left the store really disappointed and will no longer be purchasing from this store again. I have been a long time customer for over 20 years and was treated like I had no sense of what I was doing or talking about. When you have a sign that says, buy 2 get 1 free, then that's what you should get... Both the Cahier and Manager Terri were disrespectful and dishonest when it came to the matter if getting my free item. I am a disabled veteran who lives in a budget. So income is limited to me. So when I see an item that is on sale that my dog can't chew up, and I can afford, I seas the opportunity to buy it. Thank you so much for listening. I hope that you take heart to what I just said, for your future customers, as I will not be one of them, along with my neighbors who witnessed the event. This was at your Feferal Way, Washington State store on November, 18, 2017.

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Mike Briggs, Las Vegas, NV - 24 d ago



9775 W Charleston Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89117

(702) 940-5200


Petsmart has too many uneducated groomers and manager at the above location. We have been taking our two dogs there for 10 years and never had a problem. Today the groomer said that their ears were a little matted and they would have to shave their ears down to the skin. The store manager was also too busy to talk with me. In the future we will be taking our two pets to another groomer and will never return to Petsmart for grooming or purchasing dog food. In the 10 years we have been going to the above store we have spent over $14,000.00 between pet food and grooming. This store also has an over abundance of turnover in the grooming department as well, which now makes sense. Losing too many customers.

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Lucy - 26 d 19 h ago


Run Run. They almost killed my show dog.

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John - 27 d 25 m ago



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Taneka - 27 d 12 h ago


They were short staffed, no one working the fish area or even close by. I had to hunt someone down, twice. Over half of the fish didn't have prices and A LOT of the fish had ich! VERY DISAPPOINTING to see so many fish for sale and already sick. It appeared some of the tanks didn't have constant flowing water. The one fish i purchased that actually had a price rang up $2 higher at the register. I traveled a good distance just for the rainbow fish and 3 different tanks of rainbows had ich. Wasn't very pleased with this visit, selection, or customer service.

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