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19601 N 27th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Philip Francis
Chairman of the Board
(623) 580-6100
Annual Sales Est
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DMF Long Island - 16 h 38 m ago


I am no longer grooming or boarding my dog at any Long Island PetSmart, nor will I purchase dog food at any store because of lack of care at the Farmingdale, NY store. Had a problem with my dog after boarding was returned with sores on her neck. When I called to discuss it was given very rude responses and obvious that the employees are not trained in customer service. Very disappointed in quality of care my dog was given. Was not even asked to bring the dog in so that someone could look at her and evaluate the situation. Poor store supervision or training or both. Corporate should take a look at what is going on.

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Hi Philip This Is Cynthia Taylor I Used too work for Petsmart on Perimeter Pkwy in Charlotte NC. 5 years ago. And while I really enjoyed working there . worked at others as well I started off at a Petsmart in Pearland Texas . which was 10 years ago . Well the reason im writing you is becauce I have an NR on my work record and would like too get it removed. totally from my record once and for all. The supervisor who put it there was a little on the mean side anyways . Plus i felt at the time she didnt care for me anyways and I felt I was disrespected me as well along with other employees at that store. But its very personal why this happened and nothing too do with commiting a crime or stealing from the store so I feel like she discriminated me totally anyways.I need this off my record plese help with this I would really appreciate it THANK YOU CYNTHIA LYNN TAYLOR 704 481 0043 PLEASE CALL ME SO I CAN EXPLAIN WHY SHE WAS THOUGHT SHE HAD TOO PUT THIS ON MY PETSMART WORK RECORD.

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Another Ex-Customer - 3 d 13 h ago


ANOTHER EX-CUSTOMER! I took my dog in for a grooming appointment & was told not to bring him back on a weekend when they were busy because he barked at the other dogs too much. This was at the Taylor, MI store on Eureka Road. I left with a half assed haircut on my poor dog. He looked like hell. Wont be returning there.

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Now an EX-customer - 3 d 17 h ago


I was just in your store #1291 shopping for cat food, Iams kibble, Temptations cat treats, and cat sand. I noticed that the prices for each of these items was cheaper at Ralph's, where I already shop. I didn't buy all those things, just a few cans to get me by until I went back to Ralph's. Then I get to the check out stand and there are large plastic bins hooked on the edge of the checkout counter blocking any customer who wants to put their items on the counter. Whose stupid idea was that? You never ever want to block that counter for people! Fire the person who came up with that stupid idea. Also, a month ago I needed a new cat fountain, but left after seeing them for $50. Really?! I bought exactly the same thing on for $35.Why in the world would I ever want to shop at your store again. I'm cutting up my card and never going back. You are a large store that sells only for pets. Your prices should be cheaper than anywhere else. Get a grip people or your business is going to fail.

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Anonymous - 6 d 16 h ago

I went to your Howe Ave., Cuyahoga Falls Ohio location today to buy some pet food. When I was waiting on line for the cashier to scan my coupons I noticed one of the groomers being rough with a small dog she was attempting to trim the nails on. She held onto the dog's foot and she would not let go when he was in obvious distress and panting and very upset. Then she grabbed his other leg and pulled his other leg and she wouldn't let go! I understand dogs pull back sometimes when they don't want their nails trimmed but this was excessive and the dog was under 10 pounds and she could have hurt the dog if she hadn't already. This was very upsetting and distressing to me so I let the manager know and she went back to the grooming area and took both the groomer in the dog in the back I don't know what happened after this. But this is no way to treat an animal that is scared and in obvious distress period I will no longer be shopping at your store and I hope this owner is notified of what this groomer has done she should no longer work with animals and any capacity after what I saw this morning

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Etta's Mom - 7 d 14 h ago


Etta's Mom

I wrote a previous review....and it disappeared on my computer. In the event you received the found that I had given an excellent review on my recent visit to your newly located Encino, California location. I have been loyal to Petco for over ten years....never wanted to take a risk with their grooming effort....bought food etc.

The groomer should be noted as impressive and professional....Esmeralda....the rest of the staff very gracious and engaging....I liked that.

My choice for Petco was purely location initially...and that loyalty continued.

There were no Petsmarts in my neighborhood. zip Petco it was.

The store was great looking....the staff....great...the service...great.

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Anonymous - 7 d 15 h ago


Etta's mom.

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hooli - 16 d 19 h ago


frkn applying for a job there .. like applying for NASA

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Petsmart Corporate Responds - 9 d ago

We have checked, its actually more extensive


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concerned customer - 10 d 17 h ago


Today I went to drop off my dog for grooming service. I requested a short cut but not close to the skin. Last time they shaved him close to the skin, it became irritated. While giving our request the groomer named Scarlet had a negative attitude and

was not willing to hear about our concern. All she wanted to do was shave him. She said it would be extra to brush out his knots which we were willing pay. After leaving the shop we were called back because they noticed some skin irritation . He did not have those red marks when we dropped him off. They returned our dog to us and refused to work on him today. I'm very disappointed with the service I received today.i recommend the staff get training on people skills and on grooming. It was clear that the groomer only wanted to use the Clippers and not use scissors .

Flagged for review. 
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Groomer is Scarlet manager names Laura - 10 d 15 h ago


Store location is 2458 Central Park Avenue Yonkers New York 107 10...

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al - 10 d 14 s ago


Maybe we should call channel 12 news guarantee corporate will do something then ........I'll give them a day or two I will proceed action.....

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FagFucker - 9 d 16 h ago

Hey cocksuckers, why do I have to fill out a motherfucking "online profile" to work for your shitty, puppy chow slinging corporation?!! Fuck your lame ass job. This is garbage work, but I am willing to do it because I have no pride and I need the motherfucking cash to by formula for my baby momma and keedz. Y'all niggaz need to wake the fuck up and realize that literally NO FUCKING HUMANS ON EARTH want to work in your smelly cocksucking tienda, aight? So just give a nigga a job and let him get his money, and peace the fuck out on yo bitch ass online sheeyut. Knowhutimsayin?!!

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John - 10 d 11 h ago


My wife went and bought dog bowls, when she got home she saw one was missing and they said "they didn't see no bowls" and she had to come buy a whole set or she could go back there (at 9pm) and search the parking lot. Its a metal bowl, she would have heard it fall. When she called a girl answered - after 6 attempts to call with no answer, and after insisting she was lying, she simply handed the phone off to her "manager"

I'll b e headed in there tomorrow myself to handle this. Buffoons.

Stamford ,CT Location.

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Vinnie - 11 d ago


Went in to buy some fish got told my 40 gallon tank was to small for 2 fish kid was very rude about it. Reading Pa. Store. That was 2nd time I had problems with them being rude.

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Anonymous - 12 d 14 h ago

I had a appointment for 10am for the grooming department then I find out they didn't update or updated the information incorrect so I had to call the pet clinic were my dog received his rabies shot. So I finally got that info which they relayed to pets mart in concord CA. So they took my dog in about 10:25am the appointment I set on line says basically it say 10 to 1pm. Didn't receive a phone call so I called at 2 pm. The employee told me it would be about another 1 hour or so. So now I have to cancel a meeting I have scheduled for 3 pm because of there mistake and also because it's going to take them about 5 hours to groom a dam chihuahua mix that weighs 12 pounds. This is BS.

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Anonymous - 12 d 15 h ago


The employee named Nikki who works at pet smart at 1673 Wesleyan Dr Macon Ga in the plaza was very very very disrespectful, we simply asked for a fish and her responses were very rude. Definitely was not gods service.

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Anonymous - 13 d ago


I have to agree with the horrible and rude customer service in the grooming dept at the Dothan Alabama store. The assistant manager Stephanie has NO people skills and NO concern for her customer concerns.She is quick to say NO before offering a solution.The staff usually carries the same attitude as the Manager.I have heard several people complain about the rudeness of the managers in the grooming dept.

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Shay - 15 d 15 h ago


Store #1364 Horrible Customer service. I totally take ownership for being 10 minutes late for my appointment under estimating how far this location was and the traffic at the time of the day. When I arrived I stood waiting to check in an additional 10 mins while the employees search for a missing leash. Finally, when I was asked can I be help, I said I had an appointment. I was reminded of my appointment time and was told that I can reschedule for 2 hours later because "my doctors are going to lunch in 10 minutes." Meanwhile, I waited 10 mins for them to assist me and if someone was at the front desk less than 20 mins the puppy could have received her vaccinations and the poor little doctors could have had their lunch. I wish I had some ED techs to look out for us at the Hopkins this way we could stop seeing patients 10 mins before our scheduled lunch breaks. Seriously? That was distasteful , unprofessional, and poor customer service!! Do NOT go to this location until they have training on customer service too many like reviews!

Additionally, I had a grooming appointment scheduled right after. Woman in there appeared to be nice. I canceled because the puppy needed rabies shots that she was suppose to get but the doctors"were going to lunch in 10 minutes" but I later learned from them that even if she receive the shots that she still was not able to get groomed for 48hours after the shots. That was not told to me when I schedule the appointment. This was just a horrible experience. I even called to see if she would be able to be transferred after her shot and was told no I would have to come carry her over. NO One said anything about 48 hours until today. Stay in Columbia or any place other than this Laurel location because are not properly trained. I blame management not them.

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Lilly - 16 d 7 h ago

I am overwhelmed and sadden by the choice of music in the store tonight. Hardly anyone was there. There were few employee s as well. The choice of music was horrendous head banging music. It was turned up loud so one could talk without shouting, it was something for a concert not for shopping. I have rescued many cats and d ogs so everytime I go there I spend over $150.00. But tonight's music was so distressing I walked out as soon as I could spending only $22.00. Please place more soothing music for the animals, employees, and guest. Isn't it your goal to encourage shopping? Heavy metal, rock n roll music in your store will cost you money. Please consider changing it to soothing light music.

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Janej - 18 d 7 h ago


Unethical. Fraudulent. Shameless and begativr customer service

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Anonymous - 18 d 16 h ago


Hola mi nombre es maribel , escribo para dar un complain de su tienda en davenport , #2500 , debido a que vine a comprar la comida de perro purina one que esta una y una gratis , y la cejera Grechel y la manager me dijeron que no podia usar los cupones para la comida que es gratis , increible por que todas las tiendas lo estan asiendo y que casualidad que en esta no , de verdad que cada dia entiendo menos , por favor no nos hagan la vida imposible por algo que a ustedes le pagan, lamento mucjo este incidente de verdad , creo que no volvere a su tienda , es increible unos si y umos no , wao. Espero su respuenta en cuanto a este incidente.

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HELEN - 19 d ago

AFTER USING 2/3 CAN OF BLUE BUFFALO PUPPY FOOD, I FOUND A SHARP PIECE OF METAL IN THE FOOD. IT HAS SHARP POINTS ON 2 SIDES, AND HAS AN ATTACHED PLASTIC WITH "7" ON IT. It was purchased at Pet Smart in N. Lakeland, Fla. My son, who several years ago was asst. mgr of a Pet Smart suggested I send you the bar code from the can. Sorry, I can't see how to enclose a photo of can which I have posted on FB. Bar code is 8 40243 10573 1 .

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Michele - 18 d 16 h ago


I would also contact Blue Buffalo so that company can mayb issue a recall or warning to all people who have purchased this brand of dog food so we all know to watch out for it when we feed our dogs. I use this brand to feed my dog. It won't change my mind of changing brands But definitely will open my eyes when feeding it to what to look for. Thank you- and good luck with everything!

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ana - 19 d ago


Re: your application process ..

perhaps the people that come up with the questionnaire you have to go through to apply for a job at your establish has way to much time on their hands. Its a job application for a corporation that deals with all things animal related. It not an application to become a rocket scientist. My god I lost almost 1 hour of my life that I will never get back answer questions that HAVE NO relevance as to whether or not I can take care of animals or clean up after them or their habitats.


a chick looking for a job working with people and animals.


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