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19601 N 27th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Philip Francis
Chairman of the Board
(623) 580-6100
Annual Sales Est
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michael gill - 21 d 14 h ago


signs in store say 1 thing go to the cashier they try and rob you buyer beware pay attention

then they give you the run around

pay for it full price then embaress them with sign whatch what happens

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Ember - 11 d 14 h ago

I'm sure it's not the casier. All they do is scan the item and read the price back. Sometimes old sale tags are accidentally missed so the old sale won't ring up but if you show them the expired sale tag they will fix it or have a manager fix it...

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martha - 11 h 31 m ago


Yes, it is the case, I have my bill in front on me, I confronted the manager and he said he was looking up my bill on the computer, He was reasding one that was a week old, so I showed him the date and where the money was stolen and all he did was shrug. BOY are Corporate getting a letter from me.AND I used to spend over 500 a month.

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Bonnie Croxton - 4 d 14 h ago

I am a cashier at Owings Mills, Md. Petsmart. I have worked there since 9/2015. I realize this time at our store has decreased needs due to decreased sales. I understand that hours have to be decreased for us now. The thing I don't understand is that I have worked there longer than any cashier that works there. All cashiers are part time. In the last three weeks I have been given four hours to work. The other cashiers have been given hours every week and obviously more than I am getting. I have spoken to management several times and get the same answers every time I ask about my hours. This company is retail sales and that's how our employee hours are based. I understand that but I still don't understand why I am the one that gets zero hours to work. Also amazingly on line there is a cashier job posted for hire- part time. Why would we need more employees if none of us are getting the hours we want.? This is extremely frustrating to me and I would like an answer to this since the management we have is not helping me at all understand this. I love my job. I truly enjoy greeting customers and seeing their animals and helping them with anything they need.

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Martha - 11 h 35 m ago


Humm, isn't there another company to work for. I was treated horribly last Friday, cheated out of money, lied to by the manager and am writing a letter to corporate. Not going to ever shop there again, Get a new job!

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Sheila - 16 h 27 m ago


I have 6 animals and frequently visit our local Pet Smart in Bee Cave , Texas. I have been interested in becoming a groomer for some time and began to research grooming schools. I went straight to the grooming section of the store and expressed my interest. I was told to apply online and so I did. I didn't hear anything for a week or so and decided to stop in the store to check on the status of my application. The manager was not available , so I left my name and number. I did not hear from the manager for a little over a week. I finally reached the manager and he told me that I had not progressed through the application process because of a 'personality test'. What shocked me the most is that the last couple of times I've been in the store, I've overheard a couple of employees talking about how they were dissatisfied with their jobs or managers and at one point, one of the employees said "I'm just waiting until something better comes along" Another time, I directly asked a cashier if she liked her job. I know that she has been an employee for quite some time and felt comfortable asking. She immediately told me that she didn't like her job and went on a tirade about not getting paid what they are now paying newly hired employees. Reading the online reviews of this store are discouraging. I am employed with the local High School. Working with children of all ages. I couldn't land a job at Pet Smart? I feel Pet Smart should do away with this type of pre-employment assessment. It is lazy management. Pet Smart not only lost me as a potentially great employee, they've lost me and my pets as their customer. By the way, I studied how to 'beat' these online assessment tests and , for giggles, applied to the Best Buy across the street. I was called for an interview.

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Marie D. - 16 h 44 m ago


I take My 2 dogs to Bloomingdale IL. Apparently they have been doing something to my dog, in the chart for grooming, they have documented that we cannot go in on Saturdays because ZOEY is dog aggressive, she is just playful she is as sweet as pie. Since the last time she is always scared and has her ears back, it's very suspicious, I'd love to have a camera in there. Maybe I'll call channel 5 investigates on them.

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Anonymous - 19 h 49 m ago


I worked at the PetSmart Hotel in Michigan. I was amazed at how some of the employees treated the animals. Customers paid for certain extra services and I was told to "mark it off" even though we didn't do it. I was told "We don't have the time". Also, some of the girls were mean to the dogs that were staying there. I quit because I could not handle watching how they treated the dogs and the customers. If they really only knew how their animals were treated. I told those that I know never to take there dogs there again. I would never take any animal there and leave it overnight/extended stay. Don't get me wrong...there were some nice girls....but the majority could care less.

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cee dee fran - 1 d 15 h ago


New to Bakersfield. Took my Shih Tzu for several years to the PetSmart in Lancaster. Brea in Lancaster was GREAT with my bud. Made an appointment with THIS PetSmart. Not impressed AT ALL. First of all, the place smells like shit....animal and human. It's dark and un-inviting. The girl set to groom my bud was un-inviting as well. Nasty attitude and bad energy, which is not compatible with the job. She took my dog in the back, as if my dog was going to get a bath. I left, but intuition told me to return. I returned to the store 4 minutes later to find her ROUGHLY using cotton balls on my dogs ears. I watched how she handled my dog: COLD and CALLOUS. Chills ran down my spine. I ran in and told her to GIVE ME MY DOG! I let her know that I was not pleased with what I saw and that her personality did not make me feel comfortable, let along my dog.

This place is more like a morgue. If you stand there and watch these so-called groomers for even ONE MINUTE, you will observe how cold and uncaring these people are.

I believe the 3, 4 and 5 stars people have given this place are FALSE. Or perhaps people in Bakersfield are used to substandard service and a store that smells like shit.

Oh yeah: Then witch then took my name out the system.

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Anonymous, Do something about this... - 2 d 23 h ago


I have worked at the petsmart in Skokie, Illinois for about a few months now. Manager here really have no clue how to run a store, I was not even properly trained just tossed on the floor after a couple of hours on a desktop. There grooming salon girl's always have the most miserable faces ever walking pass there is like walking in a high school hall wall nothing but bad looks at me and sour taste in your mouth. There are a very few friendly coworkers that work there but off and aren't recognize for it, Very disappointed with there work ethic, I hope someone reads this on a higher level and something is done about this. As for myself I will be leaving this company in about a week.

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Bruce Reader Sr - 4 d ago


Pet smart is redicuios.. I will be calling corporate on Monday the 16the January and it will not be nice on your side

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cass - 6 d 13 h ago


petsmart in Niles Ohio has changed for the worse. the cashiers and other teammates are unfriendly. while shopping no one wants to help you, also they are not very clean. I understand its a pets store. but there should be someone to clean up the pee. been there multiple times and they have sick small animals. needs to be taken care of, I will no longer be shopping here.

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Debbie - 8 d 13 h ago


Since Petsmart was bought out things have changed for the worst. I have some friends that use to do adoption events and the new corp people are all about the money not help saving cats and dogs lives, They want more adoptions and just want rescues to adopt alot out not that they are in good homes, I have a friend that they are making her move her cats out of the store where she has been for over 10 years. You need to leave the rescues alone, they are experienced in these areas not big corp people whom dont know anything about rescue. I am boycotting Petsmart and going to Petco for that reason, Its a shame i use to love Petsmart til it got taken over,

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Clifford B. - 12 d 16 h ago


I have been buying fish and dog supplys from your Lake Park , Fl. Store on Congress Ave. and Watchower Rd for about 12 years. There isn't or wasnt until recenty a pet store that had the quality of fish that store had. I have 2 goldfish ponds and 3 foot wide by 16 inch deep stream for 80 feet between, roughly about 1400 gallons of water. I use sand filter water from a shallow well. Recently cleaned out and was starting to restock, One of the reasons I liked Lake park was employees would tell if there was a fish problem and when not to buy. I live out west of town and loose fish to wild life so always buying more.

On 12/28/016 I purchased 44 feed fish they arrived on the 27th and 10 Plecos. The following day 10 were dead and another remaining 16 within days. I really didn't think much about it , figure store would replace , I would buy more plus another 10 Plecos. They refused, I also noticed almost all the large goldfish were gone. Left disappointed. Next day was thinking mabey they had a ammonia problem and DISHONESTLY was the best policy.

I purchased 10 more goldfish from a Pet store in Jupiter ,just too see what would happen. It's been 3 days and they all have survived. Another 5 days and if fish are still alive will be buying 30 more goldfish ,10- 4 inch Kois and 5 more Plecos,.

Need less to say a happy customer will tell all his friends but a unhappy customer with the help of the internet will tell millions Lake Park Petsmart is only interested in DISHONESTY with its customers

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Online job applications just want to sell you overpriced college - 14 d 19 h ago


Tried to apply for a job online, just got a sales pitch for an expensive college!

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Sandra King - 15 d 13 h ago

I am totally outraged at the abuse going on at the grooming salon of Petsmart in Johnson City, Tennessee. A friend of mine witnessed an animal being hit in the throat with clippers, as well as other abuse. I hear these stories so often that I am sick and tired of them. Also, a friend of mine's daughter quit her job in grooming at this location because she couldn't stand the abuse going on there. As large a company as Petsmart is, it would seem to me this would be stopped immediately and that wouldn't be soon enough!! It makes me not want to even enter one of the stores again. I took my

dog to the Kingsport, Tennessee location one time and when they started to bring her out to me she "pooped" in the girl's apron pocket because she was so upset. Now I can understand why this may have happened. This has to stop!!! I would appreciate your remarks. Why are you allowing this to continue??

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Mary Beth Siddons - 16 d 8 s ago


What I witnessed at the Crystal Lake Illinois store yesterday was NOTHING less than animal abuse. While in line I saw one of the groomers completely abusing a small dog. I watched for about 5 minutes before I demanded to speak to a manager. The assistant manager Guy Wroblewski went into the grooming area and spoke to the groomer. She then GRABBED the dog and threw him/her in a cage, grabbed her coat and went outside to smoke. This is the WORST treatment of an animal I have ever seen and have every intention of alerting the local paper, ASPCA and anyone else who will never shop again at Petsmart. Additionally I have learned that a friend of mine, and I did not know until we discussed the events from yesterday, that her dog was unable to WALK for a week after being groomed at Petsmart. I will be reaching out to Philip Francis the Petsmart CEO IF he will take my call. I am also a CEO and if any one of my employees EVER treated a client the way that poor animal was treated they would be immediately terminated. Petsmart generates over $2B a year in revenue...I wonder at what expense to the animals that have no choice or voice. Disgusting, disgraceful and we are not done with this yet.

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Shan - 17 d ago


Buckhead ATL, is terrible. Rude staff, and unprofessional manager (Laura). Staff was literally asleep when I came in and when I came back to pick up my dog from grooming they had up-charged me for things I didn't ask for! The manager proceeds to argue with me in front of others and seems to value over-charging customers instead of trying to have repeat business. I, and everyone I can tell will not be shopping at store #0287 ever again.

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Gerry - 18 d 12 h ago


I brought "LICKS" product for dog itching. Brought at you Mililani, HAWAII store. Writing on here because when I called the store and talked to a manager she didn't seem to care or concern about what happened to dog. Gave dog ONLY 1/2 of the liquid packet with food. Dogs weight is 17.8lbs. After giving the dog the Licks it was in the evening. That night the dog acted lethargic before going to bed; while in bed(dog sleeps with us) I put my hands over dogs heart more than once and was really SCARED because her heart beat was extremely SLOW. Kept waking dog up because of the SLOW heart beat. The next morning the dog was back to scratching. LICKS product DOESN'T WORK AND IT SEEMS; IT CAN KILL THE ANIMAL. VERY DANGEROUS.

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Tori - 19 d 14 h ago


I purchased a hamster for my nephew for Christmas 2016 (Catonsville, MD). The store leader (William Lerstad) was kind enough to put the hamster cage together for me. It was Christmas Eve and the store was extremely busy, but he took the time to assist me. I greatly appreciate his willingness to help. THANKS Mr. Lerstad!!!

General profile image

Michael J. Russom - 19 d 17 h ago


Michelle Renee Janson (RUSSO, of Northern Cal, ... Whose CA License Plate says "QwnAs")...

For Not Being A Rat??!!

It would Behoove you, To Fix That Immediately! That's Character Assasination, of a Citizen of the Year, of Everything, since she was Born! 1 more apostrophe About Her, Should Be All Positive. DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN.

Now fix it. This Is Not A Joke. Find a Supe @ the Top, and Don't Discard This Untill you Do please. Thank you.

Michael John Russo (510) 927-8129

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Sheryl - 22 d ago


Jesse and staff at the Wylie, TX store are amazing! They truly ARE pet- and pet-owner friendly and work very well with each rescue group there. I am MUCH less impressed with regional managers and corporate personnel who show one face to the public but quite another to Petsmart employees and rescue groups. How can you say you're promoting adoptions when you, in truth, are doing everything you can to run the rescues off? A Texas regional manager lost his composure IN PUBLIC at the Wylie location and I believe a similar scenario occurred in Rockwall. Oak Hill Animal Rescue has been a partner with Petsmart for many years, having regular adoption events at the Rockwall and Wylie locations and occasional events at Rowlett, North Garland, and North Dallas stores. All of a sudden, OHAR is becoming a nuisance and is being allocated to inadequate spaces in the stores, random rules that change from week to week, and told that we are infringing upon sales. I personally have had customers tell me that they come in to the store to view the adoptable animals, which usually ends with them making a purchase - either for their pet or making a donation of food or supplies to the rescue group. How does this INFRINGE on your sales?? Sure, one or two displays are moved but they are never pushed to the warehouse area when no one can see them. I, and other OHAR volunteers at the Wylie store (and the Rockwall store), have helped customers find items in the store or find an employee...which also ADDS to your sales. Why is a regional manager in North Carolina so hospitable yet the North-Central Texas managers are difficult (at best) to work with? I'm wondering if you quit caring after the 6,000,000th adoption? Was that YOUR magic number?

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Ms White - 26 d 15 h ago


My sisters dog was viciously attacked by a pit bull in your Jacksonville Florida store #0299. These dogs are banned in many communities due to their aggressive temperament. Why would you allow these dogs in your store without a muzzle? These attacks are common in your store yet you continue to allow these dogs to enter without any safety measures in place.

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Gary - 28 d 20 h ago


On Sunday December 20th I was accosted in your Bakersfield East Side store by a man with an empty shopping cart and dog on an 8 inch leash. My wife and I were in line to pay for our purchases when this man pushed his empty shopping cart into me, hoping to move up in line. I told him to stop pushing the cart into me for the second time but he did it again, so I pushed the shopping cart out of the line and away from me. The man then got in my face to express his anger, so I pushed him back away from me where he fell onto the floor. Your employees Failed to address my concerns when this event was taking place, only after the man was on the floor did they holler call the police, and seemed only concerned about him. This guy was off the street, got $2.00 from someone out front to buy a can of dog. I was a good customer, using all of your services, but now I have been RED flagged in your system, this is unacceptable as I was not charged with any offence. I will not use Pet Smart services any further.

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Anonymous - 31 d 17 h ago


Never shop at the Petsmart in Durham NC. Sales associate Juwan was rude and was completing a associate availability form while checking me out store manager wanda looks like she is on drugs and looked high when I asked for a managers assistance. What kind of people do petsmart hire?-

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