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Corporate backs bullies and abusers. - 5 d 14 m ago

To all of those employees that are or were victims of an abusive store manager like the ones I've been reading on a lot of different sites, why put up with it????? I've read abused employee stories that goes back years. It's not just the animals that are abused it is also the employees. Surely, animals are worth complaining and fighting for, they cant talk after all. Still, these vulgar displays of power by store managers and having them getting away with abuse is nuts. They hold thousands of employees livelihoods in their hands as thousands of hard working people try to pay their bills, take care of their families on an income. No one deserves it, no one. Wheres the rights of all of those people. On today's society we look down on bullies and bullying. Yet, it goes in in the work place. While corporate turns a blind eye on these situations they're losing valuable hard working employees that are trying to make ends meet in this screwy world. This huge corporation needs a wake up call. There has to be a solution before it gets way out of control. It already has from what I've been reading. From the east coast to the west, the stories of store manager abuse is popping up everywhere. This may seem funny to those who are stable and are well employed but, it's no joke. This is a job/career like any other. This is a travesty and an out right dirty shame. We all know that corporate doesn't read one lick of these postings nor do they care. If they cared one iota than this would of been stopped along time ago. When a video of a dog being abused by a groomer went viral then they stepped in to correct the issue. Is that what needs to happen here???? Does an abused employee need to capture it on video for it to be resolved???? Does it have to go to that extreme???? Well, sorry to say this, I hope it does happen. If it fixes the problem, which it is, a problem then great. What about all those that either got fired, quit or just plain walked out on their jobs due to abuse???? What about those poor people???? Just to be clear here, this is not made up nor a witch hunt. Its merely a true horrific thing that's happening today and that's been going on. For those across the US and in Canada that lost their jobs or fell victim to abuse at the hands of these store managers I feel your pain and you've opened my eyes to the evils of the world and possible evils in the work place. Count yourself lucky if you're store manager is one that doesn't act in this fashion.

Best of luck to those that are going through this nightmare and for those that did already.

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Anonymous - 19 d 9 h ago


I work at a store in janesville WI. The store manager is a monster. The trainer before me quit because of how horribly she treated her. I was hired for pet care and then became a trainer myself. The store manager constantly confronts everyone and actually screams, yells, throws things, VERY unprofessional. I went on maternity leave and when I came back, they had replaced me with a new trainer with no experience. Ever since I've been back, they have had me on cash register only (even though I'm trained to work in pet care) and they've cut my hours down to 4 hours per week. I'm losing everything over this job where I'm treated like shit as if I am completely disposable. I'm about to lose my car and my apartment and I have 2 kids under 2 because they refuse to let me work more than 4 hours per week. I'm starting to look for a new job. Never work at the janesville location. This horrible person gets to treat people however she wants with NO repercussions or consequences. The rest of the staff isn't much better.

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Corporate needs an awakening - 5 d ago

Why is this happening???? I lost my job in the Moorestown NJ location due to a store manager. I worked there for a year got promoted to full time and loved my job. This store manager whom I'll keep anonymous came in from another store where he transferred from caused issues there. He started showing the same aggression he displayed at his former location. He had me work past my scheduled shift without pay which is illegal. I couldn't take it anymore and was over worked. I lost the job I loved and enjoyed. Like you I have bills to pay. I wrote to corporate and the district manager without a response. The way the employees are treated are unfair and biased. This store manager is no longer working there (he quit). I've tried to explain myself and the whole situation but, no luck. I'd be happy to work from the bottom up again but, no luck their either. I see more and more of employees in this situation. I'm sorry you're going through this. Corporate wants you to contact them in situations like this but, they dont do anything or they'll side with the store manager which makes you a target now. I wish I stayed there and put up with the abuse so that way I could pay my bills and pray he'd be replaced but it was too much. Corporate unfortunately doesn't look at these sites nor care. If they did care as they claimed they do, then this wouldn't happen. You're replaceable in their eyes, they'll just hire some inexperienced kid that will work part time for minimum wage. My advice is to look for a job that will appreciate your skills before your situation gets too out of hand. No one is going to correct this issue or bring it up to corporate. Good luck. I'm still having it hard, just saying.

General profile image - 6 d 11 h ago


Don't buy fish from this place. I had healthy great fish in my tank and after I bought fish from petsmart my tank developed ich from their fish being sick. I should have known it was weird because any time I go to any petsmart near me there are always dead fish in their tanks. Needless to say I had a lot of money put into my tank with about 25 fish and I am down to 5 fish and still unsure those few will make it. I've spent money on treatments to maybe save a few.

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Anonymous - 12 d 6 m ago

i got a hamster there on monday July 7th it looked fine when i got it but as i looked closer there was brownish white we made a doctors appointment and the vet took a sample and it turned out that my hamster had parasites so my mom called petsmart and they took the other hamsters that were with mine and it turns out they had it to and one had a scratch. the person we worked with did not tell us the food they used and there bedding was all dirty and the vet said she had a 75% chance that she would survive she died the night of tuesday july 9th and it is a good store and all but they just need to take better care of the animals and my hamster that i got she seemed happy to go with me i don't know why but please just take better care of the animals please i don't like to see other animals suffering like that it is just not fair. and we would like a refund

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Corrina regarding south hill dunrise petsmart - 15 d ago


I was never so humiliated as i was at the meridian and 160th sunrise location . I have been shopping petsmart for 20 years and i need you to look at me and my husbands contact # it will show my buying history . At one time i had 27 dogs . I have done pet rescue with peta and have spent more money on sick dogs in a month , than thier salary. I get bored so i came down tonivht bored And maybe lonely to

The manager renee came up to me and said you never buy anything which is a bold faced lie i purchase every time i come in mYbe not extravagantly as i once did but i still get something . My fish i bought here all died

My life isnt what it once was but the level of humiliation from this manager was un called for. I didnt k ow thier was a dollar amount that had to be reached my number is (hidden) my number for rewards is (hidden) and i exzpect this person to be fired for umprofessional conduct. I can be verified by clover park vetrimaroan tim gantz vca dr riecter and i have a long list of refreenves i exspect an apology and im going to let all my vets know that petsmart employees are rude and base and that im boycotting along with the people i work with at peta

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Jane Lauter-Katoskie - 16 d 15 h ago


I am extremely disappointed and literally appalled that PetSmart, who has always supported rescue animals in the past, has hired an out of touch individual, Roger Haston, as their spokesperson. This man supports breed specific legislation, opposes shelter animals, insinuating that there is a risk in adopting them, and supports purebred dogs and breeders. What were you thinking? Not only this, you banned a four month old puppy from one of your activities because of his breed. Unfortunately, I have to go into one of your stores weekly to care for rescue cats housed there, but I will never purchase anything from your store again. I am also spreading the word about your company. Would you please explain to me, why you have chosen such an egregious individual to represent you? I would like to know. Also, why did you discriminate against a four month old puppy? Surely this animal could pose no danger to others. This is blatant prejudice. PetSmart Charities has been wonderful in the past with regard to homeless animals.. Why on earth would you stain your good name by hiring a man who is stuck in the fifties? My email is jlauter1@cox. net. I am looking for answers.

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Huntley Haverstock - 17 d 15 h ago


About a week ago, I purchased a stuffed animal toy for our new puppy to play with. Later the same day, my wife heard the dog gagging and when she went to see what was happening she noticed that the puppy tore the material on the toy and was gagging on the toy stuffing which he tried to consume.

We went to the Petsmart store to suggest that this toy might be unsafe and should not be sold. The manager indicated that this was the first time she ever received any complaint about the item. She also indicated that she would have to send a note to "corporate" since she was not in a position to do anything about this.

That she never heard a complaint about the item prior to ours is almost beside the point. Granted the toy was cheap, but at on the same day we made the purchase we also purchased close to $100 in toys for the dog, so money was not the issue.

Since it is obvious the store manager will not act, other than send a "note to corporate," we decided to find other places to shop for our pet. Quite frankly, the toy is dangerous and Petsmart has no business selling something that can cause a puppy to choke. There are many other sources to purchase all of the things we purchase at Petsmart. Shame on them.

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Amy - 22 d 5 h ago


Our Brunswick , Maine Pet Smart has no idea how to take care of rabbits! They shouldn't even be selling them. Two big rabbits are in a tiny cage with no hay and hardly any pellets. In my opinion it's abuse! They need to be in a big space where they can move and without hay they will get GI Statis and die. These people need better training on how to care for rabbits!!

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brenda - 59 d ago

the manager shannon perkins of petsmart danville va is the most horrible person I've ever met everyone there was to quit and some has left because of her she is terrible to girls that work there dont half way show up leaves early all the time cause she lives in Lynchburg she needs to go there stay everything she does wrong or mess up she blames on other employees she heartless she rude ugly to customers she needs to go cause she is not good for this store know for a fact she is also a racist cause she told me that herself I'm a female employee we cant stand her I've been here long time I'm now also looking for new job to get away from her

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Droni - 48 d ago


So sorry you had this experience, I too have had a manager who was similar to what you described. I hope that you find a job that treats you how you deserve to be treated. They need a better process in how they choose who will be promoted or steps into the manager shoes.

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Anonymous - 42 d 7 h ago

Similar things happened in the Moorestown, NJ location where dozens of employees lost their jobs to Lerin Gaines. Nothing was done about it.

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Former PetSmart Manager - 31 d ago

Dear Brenda, tread very lightly. Be careful. I worked at PetSmart in Moorestown, NJ and a former manager there. A new Store Manager was put in place September 2017 and like the problem you're having I had but, worse. His name was L'erin Gaines and he came from another store where all employees threatened to quit due to his behavior. He ended up being transferred to the store where I worked and loved. I lost my job there because of him. I haven't been able to find a decent job since. Pleas to corporate and the district manager went unanswered. You have to be extra careful on going about it the right way. I miss my job there and the pet parents. Good luck and I got your back if you need to talk.

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Leslie H. - 26 d 7 h ago

I believe they need an overhaul of managers as the manager in Sandy Springs, GA was the SAME horrible person after THEY lost my dogs toys, nipped his testicle in the groomer, jacked up his haircut and didn't even put any "smell good" on them and want to charge $45! The manager says "what do you want me to do?". Nothing ma'am but go find another profession that does NOT deal with the public!

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Leslie H. - 26 d 7 h ago


PetSmart 0290 -

128 Perimeter Center W

Atlanta, GA 30346


1st experience there in October 2018 - Pet Hotel LOST my dogs toys, meds, AND bag they came in!

2nd experience there in Jan 2019 - Pet Hotel DID NOT give them the treats I sent (they were still in the bag) and they were there SIX whole days! I paid for grooming and they NEVER got groomed!

3rd experience April 2019 - After stay at pet hotel and I PAID for grooming AGAIN, my dogs had freaking URINE all over their WHITE fur! So, that tells me that they DON'T clean the cages! The manager (FRANK) said that THEY (the hotel staff) gives baths and I PAID for their nails to be cut and that wasn't done! So I had to SIT there another HOUR (which I'll NEVER get back) to wait for a bath and nail trim. Needless to say they came out still very damp.

The manager was RUDE and kept asking me what I wanted HER to do?

I'm going on a trip and opted to give them ONE LAST CHANCE and made the reservations over the phone.

2 hours later I get a call that says there are notes in my account to NEVER take my dogs for grooming OR hotel stays! I have a trip planned for 6/27/2019 and I have less than 24 hours to find them another place!

I have been a PetSmart parent for over 15 years and this location is the WORSE one I've ever had contact with!

Save your money and NEVER go back!

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Michael - 27 d 29 m ago


I wanted to post about exceptional service received from Simi valley Petsmart. Petsmart employee Anthony educated my girls about guinea pigs. He showed Michaela and Aubrey how to properly hold a guinea pig and gave them a very wonderful experience with the guinea pig and bearded dragon. He was very warm and sincere in his service and left a lasting impression on my girls. No hard sale and only good comments about Petsmart and the proper handling of animals. I wish all employees showed the passion that I felt was there with Anthony. I normally do not post comments but I wanted to spotlight excellent service that made an impact on my kid's appreciation for animals. Thank you.

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sharon rose - 28 d 6 h ago

My rant is about the Longview Petsmart on the Loop, I took my dog there and when I picked him up. She had told me he has some blank spots on his body . I said that was a while back his coat stop growing in one or two spots. So when I was there earlier I tried to kill this spider and she said don't he is good for the bugs or something. I told her I don't want this spider to bit my dog. She said it want. So he was bitting in the area were the spots was. And it turn colors so I started putting some cream on it. And i will not go back as long as that same lady is there . They can never keep anyone in there.

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David Pine - 28 d 8 h ago


It has been a long, long time since I've had a rant. My rant now is aimed at Pets Mart on Loop 250. I have literally spent hundreds of dollars in this store and I will not return because I believe they practice UNFAIR sales techniques. I was trying to purchase an item for my photography work and as I was checking out the clerk asked me for my phone number. I told her I did not want to give her my number. (I consider it an invasion of privacy). She said then I will have to charge you full price because you are not a member. She didn't ask me if I wanted to be a member and I don't want to be as it is again invasion of privacy. I don't know what they are going to do with my phone number and they can literally sell it to some service for all I'd know. The manager was called by my request and she calmly told me that it was corporate policy. I walked out of the store. Here's a message from me to you kiss off because I won't be back because I can buy the same thing elsewhere! I will not allow you to invade my privacy and your corporate policy should be against the law. How do you feel about stores that make this invasion of privacy a policy?

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Al Sontag - 29 d 4 h ago


When is petsmart going to open a store either in claremore ok or pryor ok.

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Laura - 40 d 17 h ago

Petsmart is still carrying Pet Ag products even after the companies CEO lied to them about being investigated over their products killing animals causing more animals to die. How can you still deal with a company you can not trust and is known for lieing to protect their own interest no matter how many animals it hurts?

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Shelly Maxwell - 44 d 10 h ago


J.K., Stacia & Brain,

I am trying to send you a letter, It is TOO Long for this format, Where can I reach you?


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Taking my money elsewhere as well as my great customer service skills. Shame on you petsmart - 48 d ago


Petsmart store 1416 manager Rosa Cortez will do anything in her power to make herself look good with the company, even if it means that she has to lie on other people's name. She sleeps with associates and then once promoted to the store leader role makes him leave the company so she won't get in trouble. She can get people fired for breaking dignity in the workplace policy, but sleeping with associates is dignified?? Since when?! She schedules like crap unless a visit is coming up. She would constantly schedule people at a time that no one else is scheduled. Which is a safety issue at four am ! When a harassment issue was brought her way she hands it to an asl who also does NOTHING about the situation to protect its employees. I was one of these employees who was being harrsssed by a disgruntled x employee of the company and asked it to be handled as harassment and nothing was done. The associate then left the company on his own and continued to harass me and slander my name and my work ethic and with no help from HR, assistant store leader and store leader I reached out to this person and asked them to stop. By doing this what petsmart did to me was get rid of me. I was with this company for 5 years! Had the ASL filed the harassment that I asked while the person was still with the company I wouldn't be in this position. I am still in awe that this even took place and that this manager with no experience has continuously gotten away with breaking policies and sabotaging people's careers and lives just so they can make their way to the top. So many employees work past their 5th hour with no break or lunches because scheduling is not done correctly and not enough people are hired. The pantry isn't ever filled unless the DL is coming and she has to "look" good for them. She sits in her office all day long and doesn't lift a finger to help. She also smokes marijuana outside of work which may be a reason why she doesn't have any energy to help and associates at work. Lots of employees have left the company because of her lack of knowledge and how rude she is. She talks bad about pet parents constantly and laughs it off like it's funny. I don't think a deceitful person like this follows the policy's and character petsmart stands for. She says how she cares so much for the associates, but yet in this situation she worked hand in hand with the person who was harassing me and even asked him to "be her spy" while she wasn't at work. This is disgusting.

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Ron G - 61 d 9 m ago

I signed up for the rewards program which seems okay so far seeing that as a customer and a disabled veteran. That is until today when I received a call from an unidentified Petsmart employee at the Old Town/Point Loma store who used my sign up information to make contact with me and tell me that she has vidoe of me backing into her car and causing major damage for which I was unaware or because when I looked at my car there was no damage and I don't remember hitting any vehicle. She told me to report myself to the police as hot and run, wouldn't identify herself and told me she had the same insurance. Sounded like a scam so I called my (our) insurance and they didn't have any claim filed by anyone with the name and number that showed up on my caller ID. Then she says that insurance told her she couldn't file a claim because she wasn't in the car at the time of the incident. Insurance told me that was not pllicy and they wouldn't have told he or anyone that. Two hrs later insurance called me and told me that she (whoever she is) had just called to file a claim. That's two hours after she told me she already called it in and they see when I filed my claim 1st. Just wonder about company policy that allows an employee to use customer info the way she did. I will be following up on this for complaint.

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Charles Ferreira - 89 d ago


Pet Smart Sedona offers seniors and the military a 10% discount on Tuesdays only.. I guess the other days in the week they're not worth it. Don't be so cheap Pet Smart.

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Anonymous - 61 d 7 h ago

You're right, old people need all the money they can get right? Not the younger generation who can barely feed their families - we need to make sure the elderly who ruined this generation get everything handed to them. Absolutely.

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