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19601 N 27th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Philip Francis
Chairman of the Board
(623) 580-6100
Annual Sales Est
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Peter - 3 d 7 h ago


I invented a totally new idea in the dog leash industry. It will change the way people walk their dogs. I am not in the leash business and have zero production desire and zero distribution means. I am looking to partner with you and sell very possibly a million leashes in a year. If you are open to the idea I would need a NDA signed and then I would forward the prototypes, video, and description. I have a patent pending and functional prototypes.....I just need 5 minutes of your time. I know this seems incredibly ridiculous but I promise you that you will be happy. This leash will change your life!

Peter Vallorosi



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DJ - 4 h 37 m ago

were you able to get through peter? Did they reach out and contact you back?

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Unhappy customer - 3 d 14 h ago


Dear Petsmart corporate office Philip Francis,

I understand for senior dogs, grooming has changed appointments to express for time to an hour and a half instead of drop-offs of 4 hours. Drop off was very convenient, therefore I am outraged that you will be charging 15.00 extra for your Corporate decision to your customers which will cost me personally $80.00 for grooming a 15lb dog. Why don't you designate certain workers just for the senior dogs?

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 5 d 10 h ago


I went to the Petsmart in Colorado Springs to buy some algae eaters for my fish tank. I bought a plecostomus . The next morning all my fish were dead and the plecostomus was covered in white ick. I did not have a problem prior to this and have had my fish for a couple years. I it's smart and talk to the girl that is the head of the pet department in the fish department she pretty much told me that I didn't know what I was talking about I kept trying to explain to her what it happened that I didn't appreciate putting a fish in my tank and then finding out the next day that they're all dead . She made me feel like it was my fault it happened. Please beware if you buy fish from them, as I noticed that their fish do not look healthy.

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Penny. Burrell - 6 d 4 h ago


I took my 2 year old Bichon to PetSmart in Rochester, Michigan on December 17, 2019 for a private training class. I arrived at my assigned time and asI opened the door to the training room a large dog grabbed my Bichon. I ended up at the Emergency Veterinary clinic where my dog underwent emergency surgery with three drains placed and many stitches to close the wounds. The recovery has been a real process and I have been shocked at the attitude of PetSmart. They have informed me that they feel the owner of the dog was responsible therefore PetSmart is not liable. This attack happened in the LetSmart store and I feel it is their responsibility to pay for my dogs emergency surgery and follow up. I would be interested to know if anyone has had a similar experience. I plan to pursue this.

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Dianne Pou - 6 d 7 h ago


I want to send out a special thank you to your store manager and 2 very special sales associates at the Tupelo Mississippi Petsmart Store. Today 2/17/20, I was at this store making a purchase for my daughter. While I was there all 3 of these employees were so helpful but it was after I checked out that they went over and beyond to help me. I locked my keys in my car and was unable to get in touch with any member of my family to come and help me.

One of the young ladies called a locksmith for me, the 2nd associate asked me if she could get me something to eat or drink and the store manager gave me extra cash to pay the locksmith. The locksmith said that it would cost me $30.00 and all I had was $27.00. These ladies went out of their way to help a complete stranger and for that I am truly thankful. Also, I am not from Tupelo but a town about 25 miles away. Without their unselfish attitude I probably would be still sitting there. Thank you for hiring such thoughtful people.

Dianne Pou, New Albany MS (hidden). Email (hidden).

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Robert - 15 d 5 h ago

My wife and I have been taking our dogs to the Petsmart in Eugene OR for approximately 10 years with minor issues at the groomers. Today we left our English bulldog the for it usual bath and nail grinding and we received a call about two hour later from the bather telling us they will not grind her nails because she has dermatitis on her paw which is a chronic issue with English bulldogs. This is an issue my wife tells them about every time we take her in. They have been doing her nails for at least 5 years with this issue. In order to have her nails done we had to spend more money to take her to Banfield to have them ground something that the groomer should have done. We believe we should be reimbursed for the cost of having to take her to the vet. There was really no reason for us to have to take our dog to the vet other then the fact that your company has hired inexperienced groomed.

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Susan E - 19 d 9 h ago


My large dog was approached by a small dog in the groomers area, and growled at him which provoked a fight. Although, my baby (Kobe) is a large dog he is very gentle and rarely pays any dog any attention. Long story, my dog didn't harm the little, and he was the one left bleeding. He slung the shit, literally, out of the little dog. Because of this incident, Kobe was banded from returning. We found that out on the day of his appointment. I wanted to know if the other dog was band as well. They said so, but I truly don't believe. I hate to say doggy discrimination. PetsMart, I would like you look into this matter, and I'm going to our local news reporter, John Materese, investigator reporter. Kobe really enjoyed going there and so did we.

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SMS - 25 d 10 h ago

Last year my dogs groomer was out on maternity leave and I was given another groomer. When I picked him up it looked like he had been run over by a lawn mower

I complained and the manager agreed along with another groomer how bad it was. They offered me to have the same groomer "fix" him and I declined. They gave me a refund and I started going to another Petsmart 40 miles away. Yesterday I called our local Petsmart and made an appointment. I just received a call from the groomer that she was canceling my appointment because she didn't have to groom if she felt uncomfortable and she felt uncomfortable because I had complained about his grooming. She also stated that a manager (Liz) had put in the file that Megan was to groom him from now on. Very unprofessional, inappropriate and could be considered discriminatory. How do you choose customers by how comfortable you are because they complained about bad service. You must have too many customers to turn the away because you're uncomfortable.

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Cheryl Barbour - 26 d ago

To Pet Smart I bout my dog a Dentley's Hoof Chew because it was on the shelf, offered as a safe chew toy in your store. My dog is a 106 pound lab. Three days after giving my dog the chew he was in the hospital having surgery to remove a large part of that chew from his intestine. I nearly lost my dog. My poor pup is now recovering from a very expensive and very unnecessary surgery because your product wasn't safe for him. You need to understand how horrible it is to watch a beloved pet suffer because he was given something to enjoy....not something that could kill him.

I have always been a happy customer at Pet Smart, however; I am a very unhappy customer right now.


Cheryl Barbour

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Robert J Miceli - 27 d 12 h ago


Dear Mr. Chairman I have been a PetSmart Customer for many years and am a Pe= tPerks card holder. On Saturday January 25, 2020 I went to the above locatio= n to purchase Fluval supplies for my Aquarium. I utilize a Fluval 306 Canist= er Filter which I purchased from this same store over 18 months ago. I was a= bsolutely shocked that this store had NO replacement supplies for this model= filter, yet you sell this filter! There were NO Bio-Foam Pads, NO Water Pol= ishing Pads, no Foam Insert Pads and NO Bio Mix. In fact this store didn=E2=80= =99t even have a Fluval 306 Filter in stock. I went to the Store Managers of= fice and asked him for assistance to find these items and he could not find t= hem or explain WHY they were not in stock!! How is it possible that you sell= the Fluval line of filters, yet you dont have these supplies in your invent= ory??. In fact, this store only had one Fluval Filter model 207 on the shelf= !!! I can assure you Mr Chairman that after many years of shopping at PetSma= rt this was my LAST TRIP!!!! I will now use PetCo for my supplies and will a= dvise the other members of our Aquarium Club to do the same. I will be sendi= ng a copy of this email to the Fluval Corporation( Rolf C. Hagen) to let the= m know that PetSmart has failed to represent their products in an appropriat= e manner.

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A - 30 d 21 s ago


I have gone to pet smart on multiple occasions and have been harassed every time I have tried to buy a fish or multiple fish. Now I know they have to do their job and inform you about the said fish you are buying. Completely understand and respect that. I however do not appreciate being told I can not buy a fish because it will "just die" is what I was told. I have two tanks set up at home one which has been up and going for awhile and one we just recently set up. We were at petsmart and one of my children had gotten two fish for his tank. My daughter likes the feeder goldfish so we went and asked to get two of those. We were told we could not buy two feeder fish because of the amount of ammonia that would be in our 10 gallon tank with two small feeder goldfish. But it's ok for someone to go multiple of them and feed them to a fish and "just die". We are also told we can't buy certain fish because all they do is hide. The employees are very rude. I had noticed all of the fish in one take were at the top trying to get air and the water was not moving like the other tanks so I knew the filter or bubbler wasn't going. I let the lady working the fish department know the fish were all up at the top of the tank and they needed air. She says to me no it's on there fine and argued with me. Petsmart will not have my business anymore as I have dealt with to much ingrnace from them.

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Theresa Patrick - 31 d 7 h ago


On January 8th I was contcated by Pet smart Oaklawn , Illinois 95th street to solicit a grooming appointmebt fir my dog Tressa. I did not call them. I had sent her uodated Vaccination papers in December around the 2nd to have on file. When I arived Jan 12 I was denied grooming because they saud they had to record of the vaccination papers.

I am 71 years old and no easy task to get my 30 lb Shihtzu in the Suv, It has stormed the day before and was bad roads.

The manager on site was sorry but offered nothing. The girl in the grooming salon got so flustered she forgot to enter the updated papers I brought in for my other dog,

It has been over10 days since I filed a Pet Smart Compliant. I have been a loyal cusotmer over 10 years and to not offer anything for my effort to come in after THEY called me to get an appointment and the silution was unacceptible. Please train your staff to reply to complaints and to offer free grroming whenthey screw up. I am still awaiting an answer. Cusotmer service in America is at an alll time low for response, care, concern and concessions for bad service. Please reply.

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Animal lover - 32 d 11 h ago


Alura Barrett is with Ashlyn Drollette and 3 others at PetSmart (67 Consumer Square, Plattsburgh, NY).

20 hrs Plattsburgh

So today me, along with other family stopped by pet smart to see some animals and the environment they live in and have to live in until they're adopted. We came across a cat that was not only pusing out of the nose but bleeding from it too. His mouth was wide open, panting because it's nose was so full of the pus and blood. We attempted to bring it to a workers attention (even two) but they said that "nothing could be done" because it's "not their responsibility" because it's not their "animal". They not only neglected the animals, but they neglected their health knowing so that they are in their store, which does make it their responsibility. After a long 5 minutes of looking for a worker and a long 10 minutes of trying to get some help for the poor animal, Ally cat, nothing was done. They left him in the cage together with the other cats who could also potentially get sick because nothing being done in the first place. The poor thing was licking at its own nose trying to clear it, just to have the ability to breathe out of his nose again. after about three minutes of talking with all of us as we're trying to help. They walked away and continue to do what they were doing. He looks like he won't make it past a week. we're bringing this to Facebook to bring attention to the lack of care to the animal(s).

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Stefanie - 31 d 11 h ago


I just read this as i was posting my review right above yours. This is terrible.

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Reptile lover - 32 d 17 h ago


I'm wondering if you can stop an event from taking place in my area on Jan 25th, 2020. I live in Upstate NY and the temperature lingers around 25 degrees on a good day. Add some wind and we are well into below zero weather. Our local Petsmart is having an event where, if you bring in your reptile, you can get a free hat. Being in the "animal business" I am sure you know that, not only would removing a reptile from it's habitat stress them, there is also no way to keep them adequately warm as many need to be under warming lights. Please don't encourage people to bring their reptiles out in this kind of weather just to receive a hat. This is for the Latham, NY Petsmart....

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Reptile lover - 32 d 17 h ago


I'm wondering if you can stop an event from taking place in my area on Jan 25th, 2020. I live in Upstate NY and the temperature lingers around 25 degrees on a good day. Add some wind and we are well into below zero weather. Our local Petsmart is having an event where, if you bring in your reptile, you can get a free hat. Being in the "animal business" I am sure you know that, not only would removing a reptile from it's habitat stress them, there is also no way to keep them adequately warm as many need to be under warming lights. Please don't encourage people to bring their reptiles out in this kind of weather just to receive a hat. This is for the Latham, NY Petsmart....

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Reptile lover - 33 d 5 h ago

I'm wondering if you can stop an event from taking place in my area on Jan 25th, 2020. I live in Upstate NY and the temperature lingers around 25 degrees on a good day. Add some wind and we are well into below zero weather. Our local Petsmart is having an event where, if you bring in your reptile, you can get a free hat. Being in the "animal business" I am sure you know that, not only would removing a reptile from it's habitat stress them, there is also no way to keep them adequately warm as many need to be under warming lights. Please don't encourage people to bring their reptiles out in this kind of weather just to receive a hat. This is for the Latham, NY Petsmart.

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carry richardson - 33 d 8 h ago

I stopped shopping there cashier was rude and tried to over charge me and I have showned my slips for price match but will not do it every time I come in stopped shopping there this one is in gilroy and their price are way to high

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gsdmom - 63 d ago


ok this complaint is for your location in abilene,tx. im a volunteer for a local pet rescue that works closely with this store and has for sometime. however! somebody needs to come off their freagin high horse! i was informed that the previous volunteer who has been the petsmart santa has been informed that she can no longer be santa because of her gender. now am i dreaming? cause thats DISCRIMINATION DUDE! she was fantastic at it as well. i also heard that for a volunteer to play "chance" the mascot must now pass a background check??? what the hell?? are you afraid we might dog nap an animal and leave with it?? geee wouldnt we stand out dressed as a 2 legged dog?? are you freaking serious right now??? gotta say, any respect i had is now totally GONE BUBBA! right along with my biz! and i just deleted my chewy account too! ill take my biz to petco! they might have a high horse too but least they are closer to reality then you are! get a grip!! im also gonna tell all my friends about your discrimination problem! might wanna tread carefully, someone might slap you with a lawsuit!

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Anonymous - 34 d 5 h ago

The Chance mascot background check was sanctioned because a Chance touched a child. He had a record and didn't perform a screening on him. Before you go exploding pls have all the facts.

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Desstinie - 57 d 8 h ago


PetSmart Greenbrier Chesapeake Virginia I'm a loyal PetSmart rewards customer but after today I don't know if I will be going back. I was told that I could not purchase any fish today, after I just saw another group of individuals purchase fish. I was also told that I had to have a 5 to 10 gallon tank in order to purchase goldfish. After I told the Petsmart employee that I do have a 10 gallon tank it just wasn't set up yet she still refused to sell me any fish. I tried to speak to the manager she was very rude and nasty not professional at all.

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Anonymous - 34 d 5 h ago

Goldfish need AT LEAST a 30 gallon tank to live in they get anywhere from 8-14 inches long depending on the species. As far as your tank not being set up goes its recommended setting up your tank water and everything including chemicals, plants, decor, gravel, etc. first. Then wait about a week so you know your water is cycled and BOOM. Perfect recipe for a fish tank.

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Anonymous - 36 d 5 h ago


I took my beagle to the 3739 William Penn Highway Monroeville store to get a nail trim. He was nervous and trying to pull me out. The woman in front of me was originally there to get her two dogs nails cut, however, she took the second one home due to the woman in the grooming salon being aggressive with the first dog. I handed her my paperwork and she I insisted that my dogs current rabies vaccine expired in July. As my dog was pulling me and nervous, I left and reviewed my paperwork at home. The paper I handed her clearly stated "next rabies vaccine by 9/12/22. This was a highly frustrating experience. The corporation should hire people that can tell the sequence of months in a year. Highly dissatisfied and would never recommend.

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tina - 36 d 11 h ago


the new manager at the goldsboro nc area is rude to alot of people, you have rescue facuility who come an set up in that store been doing it for years she has been rude to them and disrespecting them and sometimes rude to customers she needs to go or ill make sure noone goes into that store again very un happy the other staff are amazing and very helpfull but not the manager

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