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Ron G - 7 h 24 m ago

I signed up for the rewards program which seems okay so far seeing that as a customer and a disabled veteran. That is until today when I received a call from an unidentified Petsmart employee at the Old Town/Point Loma store who used my sign up information to make contact with me and tell me that she has vidoe of me backing into her car and causing major damage for which I was unaware or because when I looked at my car there was no damage and I don't remember hitting any vehicle. She told me to report myself to the police as hot and run, wouldn't identify herself and told me she had the same insurance. Sounded like a scam so I called my (our) insurance and they didn't have any claim filed by anyone with the name and number that showed up on my caller ID. Then she says that insurance told her she couldn't file a claim because she wasn't in the car at the time of the incident. Insurance told me that was not pllicy and they wouldn't have told he or anyone that. Two hrs later insurance called me and told me that she (whoever she is) had just called to file a claim. That's two hours after she told me she already called it in and they see when I filed my claim 1st. Just wonder about company policy that allows an employee to use customer info the way she did. I will be following up on this for complaint.

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Charles Ferreira - 28 d 6 h ago


Pet Smart Sedona offers seniors and the military a 10% discount on Tuesdays only.. I guess the other days in the week they're not worth it. Don't be so cheap Pet Smart.

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Anonymous - 14 h ago

You're right, old people need all the money they can get right? Not the younger generation who can barely feed their families - we need to make sure the elderly who ruined this generation get everything handed to them. Absolutely.

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Dee Winton - 44 d 17 h ago

Petsmart sells Marshall Pet Products, owned by Marshall BioResources, which breeds Beagles, hounds, and cats for inhumane animal experimentation! I will never shop there again.

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Bill S. - 1 d 11 h ago

Petsmart (chewy) just partnered with Bullmastiff Rescuers Inc rescue inhumane to breed. Very disappointed Do not order from chewy owned by Petsmart

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Anonymous - 14 h ago

Still waiting on the description of why they're "inhumane"

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Anonymous - 14 h ago

You were probably writing this comment while shopping at Walmart weren't you

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On a recent trip to Boynton Beach, Florida we contacted the local Pet Smart to find out the cost of baths for our (2) dogs. (West Highland terriers) we were told it would be $27.00 per dog which we thought was excessive, but decided to do it anyway. We have shopped at your store in Akron, Ohio for many years and felt that you were a reliable source. When we went to pick up our dogs, we were given a bill for $100.00 for (2) baths! After that experience, we doubt if we will continue to shop in your stores.

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Anonymous - 14 h ago

Don't pay and never shop there again. You took a simple situation and turned it into a fiasco.

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MikeSam - 6 d 10 h ago


I tried calling stores in San Francisco and was put on hold and no one ever picked up. Tried setting up an online account. Everything fine, but could not put in my e-mail address. Tried calling cororate HQ put on hold. Must be all those really happy customers calling to let them know what a fantastic job they do, can't receive 'service' like this anywhere else.except a government agency. They finally answered and placed me on hold again but did get back within a few minutes.They are calling San Francisco locations,low and behold they connected me me to a store located fifty miles away. It has only taken fifty minutes They deserve the big zero..

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Anonymous - 14 h ago

If I was as vague as you I'd probably be put on hold as well.

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SJT - 6 d 13 h ago


PetSmart store across the street from their HQ sold me dog food that had been recalled months prior to my purchase! Outrageous! Beware - check for recalls and do not trust PetSmart!

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Anonymous - 14 h 7 m ago

Do you not check for recalls prior to feeding your children? Blame yourself before you blame others.

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Mother of Blue Fawn Pit Bull Rowdy - 9 d 8 h ago


For PETSMART in ANCHORAGE ALASKA I give a 0 that's right I really like the first person but the girl burned my dog with the perfume soap he is a pit blue fawn full breed $3500 worth of dog and he is the biggest baby but in my account it tells them he has allergies and what ever else we have found out is eyes were so bad he blood tears and the hair fell right off of is body and all over it looked like a raw rash all over all around his eyes were cracked that were bleeding. So the manager was notified of course and he was trying to be helpful until I showed up 3 months later for the check that he said he would reimburse me for the vet bills and the wash. his eyes are still filling with pus in them and he has special shampoo so Marcus the store leader took the receipt that was the cheapest and was going to pay for 1 bill from the vet it has cost me over $400 dollars and he wants to give me a $100 and his helper Rachael what a wreak of young people running a store I will never take my pure breed there for nothing he was yelling at me on the phone like some how this was all my fault that he burnt the hell out or my dog can some one please tell me how did this become all my fault well I will tell you I made the mistake to take my dog to a store that really don't care about dogs at all its just a job for them and not customer service at all any one else to comment. This all junk telling me to buy some more junk I am still taking him to the Vet for Steroid shots. Then they used and account for someone in TX and tried to say that is the account I used that is not true but again I the liar ant again this is my fault again where is the customer service at here right not here at this store if you are smart and care about your pet you will not bring them to pet smart ever. Oh and the check was not made out to me. so now I guess I have to wait again for 4 more months to get a measly check from them I have spent a lot of money in that store at least $100 every month that is just for dog food but no service no customer.

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Anonymous - 14 h ago

They may have charged you extra for run-on sentences and misspelling.

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Vonda R Roedel - 22 d 8 h ago



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Anonymous - 14 h ago


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Mary - 10 d 15 h ago




Petsmart National Adoption Event,

If someone ahead of times likes a cat from the Everyday Cat Adoption Center.

Is there something someone could do ahead of time so noone else at Petsmart National Adoption Event adopt the animal instead.

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Anonymous - 17 d 13 h ago


The PetSmart in Albany, NY at Crossgates Commons is a wreck. The grooming salon is disgusting, they treat the animals horribly and don't seem to care. The manager Karen seems to hold a position that isn't fit for her, I've been in a couple of times while she was talking to employees about the animals being sick and she brushed it off and had nasty comments to say. I noticed the snake tanks had crickets in them, that just goes to show some of the employees obviously do not know what they are doing because snakes do not eat crickets. The cashiers are rude and show no emotion, one of them always reeks of alcohol and is insanely rude. In the amount of times that ive been there to pick up food for my animals ive only noticed friendliness and professionalism from a lady named Melissa, Zack, Kim, and James.

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Astrid - 24 d 16 h ago


Horrendous Customer Service for a simple password reset. I started with trying to get into my account online and forgot the password, so I clicked the link to reset it. I never received any reset link emails. So, I tried to create a new account thinking that due to the age it had dropped off, but when I entered the same email, I received a message that there is already an account with that email. So, I contacted Customer Service. I have now spent 3 days sending emails back and forth with numerous customer service representatives who can only provide me with "canned"/"scripted" responses. I keep getting responses to the effect of "an email has been sent with a link to reset your password", but I have not received a single one of those emails. I am, however, able to receive ALL of the emails to the same address from the Customer Service reps! I also am more than frustrated with the responses telling me to reset my password on the social media account linked with my account as they cannot reset those passwords. I keep responding telling them that I HAVE NOT, AND NEVER USE, ANY SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS FOR ANY OF MY ONLINE ACCOUNTS ELSEWHERE, and still they keep repeating it. My account is very old and it was originally set up, IN STORE, and uses my phone number. How can I get a simple password reset or have my email associated with the account deleted so that I can use it again.

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Anonymous - 25 d 12 h ago


I just had the worst, most disgusting interaction with your employees at the Guilderland, New York branch. The female put me on hold and instead of actually putting me on hold I heard everything that they were saying to the dogs they were telling the dogs to "shut the F up" that they were going to "break the dogs neck if they didn't stop barking" that "the owner needed to get there immediately otherwise she was just going to let the dog the dog run off in traffic". This went on for 10 minutes while they completely forgot about me on hold. I hung up and called back and asked to speak to a manager her name is Stephanie and literally the only thing she said to me is "I'll look into it" and I asked the names of the employees working at the moment so I never had to bring my pups in again while they were working and her response was "I'm not giving you the names of the employees that are working right now". I am disgusted and out raged and I think that's absolutely disgusting that you have people working for your company that treat helpless animals in that way.

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Anonymous - 25 d 11 h ago

I hope the dogs were talking amongst themselves and not paying attention to such language.

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Mary - 26 d 14 h ago

I was taking my dog to pet smart and getting express grooming so I could get her back faster and the groomer could only do her. $60 for that. I had a girl that really did a good job then after 3 grooms she quit and went to another job. The girl that did her last time and only time cut her nails to the quick, my dog has been limping on her back leg since and has gotten worse. I took her to the vets and got xrays $400. She has a torn ligament, so when she was in pain from her nails getting clipped to the quick the girl was pulling on her leg to clip and hurt her more. The girl is Brooke at Bay City Petsmart. People need to check their pets after grooming any place they go because you don't know what goes on when your not there. OH, the manager said she was sorry and would talk to Brooke, what good that does for my dog. She's in pain for the rest of her life and on pain medication.

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Posting from Facebook - 27 d 19 h ago


Posting from Facebook: "Took my son's 4 month old Labradoodle "Rozy" into PetSmart yesterday in Biddeford Maine for a wash and trim. The first picture is what she looked like the day before. The other pictures are what she looked like when we picked her up! My son and wife were in tears! We are so angry! We brought her in to doll her up for some Easter pictures and this is what they did to her! The groomer never even apologized for this disaster!!! The other groomer in the shop said that Rozy was difficult and was biting and they had to stop for the employees safety. Rozy is a puppy and likes to mouth your hand but doesn't bite, she's a lover. But it is possible she might have bit due to the several razor cuts and digs in her snout and body!!! That's how a dog tells you that you are hurting her!!!!! This groomer supposedly has 2 years of experience and you would think they would understand this!!! I asked the manager how you could let a dog leave looking like this and her response was "well we didn't charge you for the grooming" . Oh, thank you so much, you didn't charge us for mutilating our puppy!!! The manager did say they were sorry in a most unsympathetic way. I asked her how she could make this better and she said "let me speak with my district manager". While waiting for her to return, several other customers came over to us in disbelief and gave us names and numbers for their pets groomer. One lady actually started crying! The manager returns 20 minutes later offering is a $50 gift card! What an insult!! I told her I would like a call from her district manager. I have yet to hear back from anyone. Is this how PetSmart cares about their be customers! It will be a cold day in hell before we bring Rozy back to PetSmart for grooming. They turned our beautiful puppy into a freak show and don't care!"

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Anonymous - 29 d 16 h ago


I have drafted this to voice my extreme displeasure with the training package that we purchased for our dog at the Oshawa PetSmart branch. We were given a curriculum with a list of commands and tricks that we would be learning for both puppy and intermediate. The trainer didn't teach us, take it, drop it, she didn't differentiate verbal and visual cues, didn't talk to us about safe on leash encounters, didn't teach us shake, she taught us pet/don't pet, and leave it incorrectly all during puppy class. During the 5 weeks we have had of intermediate classes so far the trainer didn't teach us, heel, didn't do heel part 1, didn't do heel part 2, didn't do sit with distractions, didn't do heel with turns, didn't do stay with distractions, didn't do on your bed with distance, didn't do spin, didn't do stay with distance, didn't do on your bed with the 3 D's. All of these things listed are in the puppy/beginner booklet, and the intermediate booklet that were given to us as a course guide, we know that things were taught incorrectly because we read through the booklets given. We spent a lot of time working in the aisles without the trainer even checking on us, we have also been letting the dogs all play off leash for about 10-15 minutes per class in the training area which shouldn't be happening in intermediate because of the dogs ages, instead of doing the lessons planned. We are also spending time doing pass the puppy which was only supposed to happen once in puppy class, and has been happening almost every class during the puppy, and intermediate courses. Some people in our puppy class were asked to show proof of vaccinations, which we were never asked. Thankfully, our dog is up to date with his vaccinations. But during the course of his intermediate class he was pinned down on 5 separate occasions, with no concern from the trainer at all. When I contacted the manager I was told I couldn't get a refund for the classes that we took and learned absolutely nothing. And I wrote a message into the customer care on the 11 of April and they told me on the 15 of April that my complaint was being sent up to management and here we are on the 23 of April and have still not heard anything back when they were supposed to get back to me in 24-48 hours. Would definitely recommend not going to the north Oshawa location especially for training.

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