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Linny B - 3 d 20 h ago


Visited a Petsmart location in Trinity, Florida yesterday to hopefully adopt a kitten. Was told I was too old to adopt the cat. There were so many rules and regulations before being able to adopt. Surprised they didnt ask to see my financials along with everything else required. Guess I better pick out my burial site soon. That's just how I felt when I left the store. Kitty could have had a wonderful home. Thanks for making me feel like crap.

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Gabrielle Balkenbush - 4 d 17 h ago


I was just in the wentzville MO location and I have to say that was the worst experience of my times being in PetSmart. I was purchasing multiple different tanks. I do not know the gentle men's name who was helping us but he was terrible. Was completely rude in his tone of voice and refused to sell me more than 3 fish. I have multiple tanks at home and I was purchasing a 55 gallon tank at the moment as well. He told me I couldn't get any more than 3. But before I could even tell him I have more tanks already set up at home he wasn't going to sell them to me at all!! But not only that when he checked out my mother in law he didn't have printer paper she simply said "that's okay I don't need one" and his response was "well you weren't getting one anyways" very unprofessional and I will not be buying from pet smart anymore!

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CTS - 5 d 13 h ago


Today I shopped at your 7727 E Broadway location in Tucson. There were no sanitized baskets, a worker without a mask and a customer without a mask. I asked the manager what could be done to enforce the Manditory Mask law in Tucson in the store. I was told the worker had a breathing problem and was exempt. And Petsmart can not make people wear masks. How about this....You can not ENTER your stores without a mask!?!

Your social responsibility should surpass your sales totals. NOT shopping with you agiain! CTS

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John - 5 d 4 h ago

STFU you whiny pussy. If YOU have a mask what are YOU bitching about?? I don't wear a mask due to the same reason. Not everyone is a paranoid ass like you! Hahahahahahaaaaaaa

Flagged for review. 
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Kimberly Lundy - 8 d 12 h ago

A beautiful healthy Shelty died at the hands of one of your groomers today in Hermantown Minnesota (Duluth) she was immediately rushed to a vet because she was struggling to breath when her owner arrived. X-rays showed she had been strangled and she had water in her lungs! Her organs were shutting down and she had to be put down!! What kind of monsters are you hiring!!! Justice for Daisy!!!!!

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Sue Mevissen - 10 d 13 h ago


Brutal... i don't know where you find your dog groomers at but this is absolutely horrible. You don't just charge someone up front and then shave their dog without any consent. Worst business practice and dog grooming I have seen. Did not even receive a phone call that her fur was matted and that they were just going to shave her. There are other ways around getting matted fur out... maybe try training your employees and not charge for terrible service beforehand. I showed her pictures to multiple professional groomers and they were disgusted that someone would do this in such an unprofessional way and without a phone call!!!

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Sheila Jarman - 11 d 18 h ago

I took my Albino Peke to Pet Smart in Morehead City NC this past Saturday for a grooming appt. She has been going there for a year now, but when I picked her up she jumped in my arms and dig her nails into my shoulder. She is hiding under the bed, shaking, yelling if I get out of her sight. I called the following Monday , spoke with an Asst. Manager and ask her to review the tapes to see what may have happened. No call back as of Thursday and can't get anyone to answer the phone. Figures! They will never see my dogs again.

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Baby blu - 13 d ago


We used to take my dog to the doggie care in Delray Beach Florida petsmart

We brought her on Monday to doggy day care June 29, 2020 she is a 20 month Old French bulldog

She's a very sweet dog she just has very very bad anxiety when I first signed her up and explained that she had bad anxiety not to ever lock her in a separate room not to put her in a large dog room since she is small I don't trust the large dogs not to put a harness on her for any reason she's petrified of it

So now here it is Monday, June 29 3:50 PM I walking to pick her up she's not in the front room I tap on the glass and I asked the guy where is blue he says that she is in the back room that she threw up and they had to bring her back there I waited for the girls come out to the front desk I asked her what happened After getting another lie and another runaround story she told me that she was panting so hard she was now in a room by herself after they were told never to do thatI knew the girl was 100% lying I told her to have a manager call me immediately and next day the manager called after speaking with her and letting her know that I know that there's cameras there and they have a recording of everything timestamp at all I told her I want to know what happened to my dog they gave me seven different stories that afternoon I spoke to the main manager he gave me a whole Nother story Also a lie not true It went from she was sick too she wasn't sick because she was panting very hard to she was versatile and a large dog room to a small dog room and they switched her back-and-forth and rotated her knowing they're not allowed to do that to her being locked in a room and nobody can tell me how long she was in there I took her immediately to the vet after we picked her up her vet looked in her mouth and checked her if she had thrown up he said they would've been some particles there was absolutely nothing which I knew for a fact it wouldn't be because she eats dinner at 10 at night and has nothing in her stomach through the day so they change the story when I notified them of that It went from she was sick too she wasn't sick because she was panting very hard to she was versatile and a large dog room to a small dog room and they switched her back-and-forth and rotated her knowing they're not allowed to do that to her being locked in a room and nobody can tell me how long she was in there I took her immediately to the vet after we picked her up her vet looked in her mouth and checked her if she had thrown up he said they would've been some particles there was absolutely nothing which I knew for a fact it wouldn't be because she eats dinner at 10 at night and has nothing in her stomach through the day so they change the story when I notified them of that Now she is so scared she's afraid of any room to walk into she shaking she has such bad anxiety all because of what they did to her and I'm not understanding why they did this I'm not understanding why they would treat such a sweet dog who is the sweetest little thing she wouldn't hurt a fly why they would take her and lock her in a room and cause all of the problems nobody has an answer but the manager did say that she can't tell me On the timestamp of how long she was locked up now let's remember I'm available to pick her up at any time so again be careful don't bring your dog to doggy day care over in Delray Beach I'm going to notify the newspaper I'm going to notify the media I'm going to take this as far as I have to for them to investigate over there I'm also going to contact every Better Business Bureau consumer affairs I'm going to let everybody know what happened and then I'm going to fire legal action

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boy do they lie!

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HAD ENOUGH IN TORRANCE - 13 d 21 h ago


I got mt rescue 2 years ago and why I kept my relationship with Petsmart is a question I must ask myself. Two years ago, I mad the mistake of going to the Torrance CA store on sepulveda Blvd. I had to go to Orange County and on my way back the freeway was shut down. I called to tell them at the grooming salon to let them know I could b a little late due to a situation beyond my control. i get thete and they want to hit me with a $25.00 fee for like the 10 minutes late. I refused to pay it, and told them I would be cancelling the 10 day boarding and training - close to $1,000 then they waived the $25.00 fee. The store manager was rude as could be her name is Amy - when she saw the business she was loosing she gave me my pet. This is not the first time with this rude POS. While my pet was boarded and me in the hospital they call say the dog needs medical attention, and took her to emergency where i got hit with a $252 bill and she was okay. The vet gave her food (not special food but from Just for Dogs. Why they I was not consulted is beyond me. Then after I took a cab two ways to pick her up they did not give me the food, I could not drive and they wanted me to come back to get it - I told told them to deliver it. They finally did. Then to top it off the training that wa supposed to be done wasn't - her behavior on a leash was the same - they credited me back.

On two occasions I had booked training and they cancelled first time not enough dogs and the second time an emergency - again got a refund.

I had a court date and always brought my pet in for the special events at doggy day camp - Imagine they told me they didnt have room for her when I showed up - I had a confirmation they did not care and would not take my dog. i got contempt of court and could have spent 3 days in lock up - thanks to petsmart.

Then I have to go to the store for grooming once they are open again after Covid-19 and wow id all I can say - they again had no appointment - that aPOS of Amy comes out tells me to leave (I am on th street) and will call the police. I cursed that POS out and filed a complaint. The district supervisor Dave calls and was just as rude. I go there to finish up my 20 Easy pass over $400 and they tell me to leave the store I am not welcome there. Wow do I get my refund find another doggy day car for the same price but I don't have to buy 20 in advance. What a store - I am banned from Petsmart - but have a grooming apt at their other store where I brought my pet for like two years after the first experience, I called again to complain they said a regional manager would get back to me no one did. I found a local place, don't need to go there anymore and I suggest you don't either what a store. The mismanagement of this AMY IS A JOKE. Stay far away there are other stores that treat customers like they are golf. What ever happened to the customer is always right. Not according to AMy - that see you next tuesday~

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carlean - 14 d ago


i will not buy anything or services from any petsmart store - horrible customer service - was treated poorly and disrespected - tried calling customer service 2 days in a row - was on hold for over 30 minutes each time - DONE - will never spend another penny in any of their stores or online

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Ben - 19 d 16 h ago


There shouldn't be 20 people in one line. Wtf

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GRACIE and CONNIE dont do business with or at paetsmart at all. - 17 d 11 h ago


Internet hours on petsmart website indicated they were open in fountain valley california till nine p.m. i showed up a few minutes after eight p.m. to be greeted by an employee in parking lot collecting carts HER NAME WAS CONNIiE who was very rude and unempathetic to me and stated emphatically we are closed. I continued to explain to het the hours posted on the internet said they were open until nine p.m. but she didnt care that i had driven all this way based on their posting of internet hours. I asked for the managet and she said O SHES

V ERY BUSY. Very disappointed in these human beings. Managers name at FOUNTAIN VALLEY CALiFORNIA store is GRACIE. If these lowly piece of shit of a human beings dont care about the customer why would you want to shop there? Consider better options where the people that you spend your hard earn money on treat you better. Several other people also showed up baded on the internet information and didnt appreciate the fact that petsmart was contradicting the information they provided the internet with. I will consider my options more closely also

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Jessyca Blythe - 18 d 22 h ago


This has nothing to do with the virus and everything to do with customer service and taking care of my dog!

Per Casey at the grooming location at the Mount Juliet, TN location and the online appointment booking details that explains the services provided - with the FURminator package that we chose, Eli (dog) should have gotten a low-shed shampoo bath (making sure to clean the ears and eyes), a de-shed solution with up to 20 mins of brushing, blow-dry, nail trim, teeth brushing and the pads of his feet shaved ending with a blue bandanna for a boy. What we ended up getting is a half bathed dog with dirt on his nose which tells me they didn't make sure to clean his ears/eyes, no nail trim (took off $6 because they knew I would notice that), didn't brush his teeth, didn't shave the pads of his feet, and threw him in a kennel to dry because they couldn't keep him still - and they put a polka dot bandanna on a boy! I took home a half bathed, still wet and not brushed at all dog, without a teeth cleaning (or anything else) and paid $62 for this service! I could have done better than that for free at my house, but I wanted him to get the "pampering experience". Absolutely unacceptable & we will NEVER have him back to the groomer because of this experience. I will continue to take care of my baby at home and I am Really considering changing where I get all his stuff too (food, treats, toys, bedding, leash/collar, etc). I AM SO FRUSTRATED! I trusted you guys with my fur baby and you didn't hold up your end of the deal and then threw him in a kennel to dry (and he wasn't even dry)! We spend entirely too much money at PetSmart for this type of service and my mother warned me about her bad experience at the Lebanon, TN location but I figured maybe because it was a different location that we would be fine. I WAS SO WRONG!

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Rebeca Davis - 34 d 21 h ago


I am very concerned that PetSmart has not followed the same practices as Costco. You should be requiring your patrons to wear masks, especially here in Arizona, and other places where the cases of Covid 19 has risen exponentially. Covid 19 cases has, in the past 3 days, after Governor Ducey opened up the state way too soon, increased at an alarming rate!. Already, our hospitals in both Maricopa and Pima Counties are overwhelmed and the virus is spreading uncontrollably. The PetSmart near my home, is basically in the middle of huge retirement communities of older susceptible people. I went to this PetSmart this morning and they are not cleaning or disinfecting their carts. and while the workers are wearing masks, no masks are required for the customers. While in the store this morning, I observed customers NOT keeping social distancing and all of them NOT wearing masks, except for a few ederly people, who were wearing masks, but they had to navigate through these totally unconscious and selfish unmasked people, To top it off none of the ederly people were wearing a N95 mask (which are still hard to get), so their masks would not stop the virus. This is totally unsafe and putting your patrons at risk!!! The masks are to protect others! I no longer feel safe in your store! So what does that mean? It means I now have to stop taking my animals to Banfield, and stop shopping at PetSmart entirely! Please be responsible to your patrons! It could mean that some could lose their life just for shopping at Petsmart!!! Please, while the pandemic is going on, require customers to wear masks! Is it not worth it to do as it may save lives? If you have customers that won't patronize your store because of a mask requirement, then they won't be putting other patrons at risk. Those people are utterly selfish and don't care about other people, whether they live or die, due to their actions. Is PetSmart going to be the same? Or will PetSmart be utterly selfish and uncaring about the lives of your customers. So far, PetSmart's policies basically shows you do not care for those people who shop at your stores. PetSmart is contributing to that kind selfish thinking "I,I, Me< me thinking where another person does not matter as long as you get what you want In PetSmart's case it is corporate profit. So when you set a policy that doesn't follow public health/CDC guidelines, you are basically saying, "Our profit is worth more that your life!" If it were possible to trace back to someone getting infected at your store, and if it were me and I survived the virus, I would sew the bejesus out of you for irresponsible policies in practice. Keep people safe! Save Lives, Change your policy, Make people wear masks at your stores. No mask, No shoes, no shirt, no service!

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Nicewhileitlasted - 33 d 17 h ago

Please continue...

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Paul A - 29 d 27 m ago


I am in complete agreement to this persons viewpoint on Pet smart employees wearing masks and following better social distancing practices. I am a Pet smart Employee, and I'm very concerned about the other employees I work with that do not wear a mask, and yes, they to do not follow the social distancing practices laid down by Pet smart company. I take my health and the health of the employees and customers that come in to our store very seriously. I wear a mask every shift I work, and none of the other employees wear a mask, or even seem to care at all about protecting themselves and others shopping in the store. I recently got a Covid 19 test done, and I am negative for the virus. I did the test because, one of my family members has a compromised immune system, and is in the recovery process from Acute Myloid Leukemia. She is due to come home this week, and I worry about my exposure, and the exposure of other employees not wearing masks. I take all necessary sanitizing at my home each day, and after I come home from my work shift. I am a custodial associate, and get a minimum of 15 hours a week to try to keep on top of all the cleaning that is necessary.

Before I came on board with Petsmart, they did not have a custodial associate to my knowledge prior to my arriving for employment. The place was disgustingly dirty, and I work very hard to sanitize all the surfaces that a customer or employee would touch. Every shift I work, I start with sanitizing every single shopping cart, and baskets. I then work on sanitizing all the register work areas, to include, the counter, the shields, the phone, the code reader, the keyboards, anything that an individual would touch daily. It doesnt stop there for me after the doors open up for customers. I clean the bathrooms thoroughly, I walk around on my shift sanitizing everything through out the day, as best I can do. None of the other employees really do not even care much, about there own work areas, and sanitizing regularly. Whats really disturbing, is how hard it is to get sanitizing supplies, which of course is a problem for a lot of business, but I even made a list of items, for my manager to get, example some toilet bowl cleaner, a new vacuum, and other items I felt necessary to have on hand. I couldn't get those items, but only a box of gloves. What really disturbs me is the constant radio announcement over the store speakers, saying that Pet smart is constantly practicing social distancing and stepping up there cleaning of areas to protect the customers and the associates, That is just not happening, Im the only one doing the cleaning, and what about those days, that I am not working, do these areas I cover, get cleaned, nope they do not. Often times I feel that our store managers have there hands tied, and do not really want to comment on these issues that I as an employee have, very sad. I love my job very much, and I enjoy working there, but I do not enjoy the harshness I feel on my work shift, with other employees not wearing a mask. This needs to be a priority!!! Pet smart!!! Please listen!!!! Arizona is now the hot spot for Covid 19, and since the reopening of business, the problem is getting worse. What does it take to get peoples attention to wear a mask? To me it seems that when the lives of a family member is lost, only then do people understand the severity of the problem. I am very afraid at times to work there, but I am grateful for any hours of employment I can get there as well. I wish they would put me on full time, but I do not see that happening. I could then at least be on top of the cleaning and sanitizing and providing a much healthier and safer environment for customers to shop, and for our employees to work from. I see alot of other business making there employees wear a mask and or gloves, but not us, and I just don't get Pet smarts policy.

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Elaine - 20 d ago


I live in Polk County in Florida and am extremely disturbed with the employees lack of wearing proper PPE and sanitizing methods in the Lake Wales and Davenport FL stores. As a senior with two dogs who bought everything from Petsmart, I will now shift to your competitor PetCo. It is shameful how these teens and twenty year olds are working there oblivious to the risks. I have just stopped going to Petsmart now.. Shame on you Petsmart. Wake up! Just because the Florida Governor is clueless doesn't mean you have to put at risk your employees and partons. I just retired from Central NY to Florida and Petsmart employees in CLay NY all had on masks. Get your act together please.

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Anonymous - 22 d 18 h ago

Petsmart in Coral Springs Fl located In Turtle Creek Plaza are knowingly selling sick fish with Ick. They say it happens and if the fish dies they will replace it. Yes that's fine but when I now have to treat my whole tank and replace all my filters it is now costly. The manger says it happens, yes I know it happens but to still sell them and say it happened to you too doesn't ease the financial burden they caused. I would have never bought the fish if I was told there whole tank was being treated for the disease. It's one thing for them to sell sick fish unknowingly but to say yes you know your fish are sick and your treating your whole tank is not acceptable. There is a sign by one set of fish that's says not for sale and doesn't say why also it is not on your whole selection. After 3 rounds of treatment and hell my other fish are healthy and thriving. It just doesn't sit well that they know they have sick fish and will only cover just that fish not the whole tank they contaminated knowingly. Today I went in there for my new filters and the Glow fish currently have ick present on their tails at the location as we speak. Never buying fish from them again. Be careful very deceptive and saying "Since COVID19 ALL their fish have been coming in sick", the manger said. BUT THEY ARE STILL SELLING THEM!? Why!?!

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Sharon Swartz - 27 d 9 h ago


I can NOT believe that I just saw that extremely DISTASTEFUL commercial with the condecending teen and the seemingly clueless mother who, apparently doesnt know how to use an app on a smart phone> "Ughhh? WHat? " She says as if she is soooo clueless.

well hey Petstupid! let me speak for many that I know: YOU are the clueless ones! And I hav CANCELLED my 72.00 per mnth subscription zservice because YOU SUCK.

HOW DARE YOU speak to me (in your assinine commercial ) in such a demaeaning , condescending way.

YOu idiots!! DONe with you. and my MONEY is DONE with you .

How. Dare. You.

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True - 27 d 10 h ago


I just saw your new television ad for your pet grooming service app. As an educator of 25 years, and the parent of three sons, I found the ad to be distasteful. It portrayed a disrespectful daughter and an unknowledgeable parent. Today's kids and teens need better examples to follow, and since adults are the ones paying the grooming and cell phone bills, it would make more sense to not degrade them. Thank you.

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Rebeca Guajardo - 34 d ago


I totally support PetSmart posting Black Lives Matters! There is systemic racism out there, regardless of whether you want to blinders on, and say in a posting that Black Lives Matter is racist or that it is the Black Panther movement. People like that should go see the actual video of George Floyd getting his life snuffed out. This is not a one time incident! This happens all over the United States! Everyone, regardless of their color, race. religious preference, should be treated equally under the law. And the police should also obey the laws that they are enforcing! That poor 75 year old white guy in Buffalo NY, was clearly assaulted by the police. The police are out of control! Reform is definitely needed. Good for PetSmart for supporting the Black Lives Matters movement. Any complaints about your support for the Black Lives Matter Movement are coming from disassociated white people who have not experienced the violence perpetrated upon the U.S. citizens of color. They need to educate themselves, and if they are unwilling to do so, then yes, I would call them racist. I say that as a white woman who has a Hispanic partner, who has been pulled over by the police for no damn reason whatsoever, except for harassment.

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CCW - 28 d 18 h ago

Systemic racism is a convoluted liberal idea intended to create division in this country. If whites came out with WHITE LIVES MATTER there would be protesting and rioting in the streets! Let me tell you what's systemic. Social injustice that comes in ALL colors! RICH privilege that comes in all colors! Racism comes in ALL colors! BLM and ANTIFA are nothing but terrorist organizations and their job is to create as much chaos and division within our country so we can't unite to fight back against the communist takeover of America. I can not support a corporation that is hell bent on supporting BLM. As for scholarships, how about help out people based upon NEED, economic hardship. Race shouldn't ever be a factor PERIOD.

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PetSmart Bye Bye - 28 d 15 h ago

CCW -- Well said!

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Too mad Patriots - 33 d 13 h ago


So I'm wondering how stupid you have to be to e-mail your customers with a hashtag and a song and dance about blm, a subversive, divisive and often criminal organization and your support of said organization. Are you at all aware that the blm contributions are going directly to Act Blue to support democrat socialist communist candidates? If you were genuinely concerned about inequality and wanted to support issues that you care about, why not just DO IT and not send our emails to show how "woke" you think you are? Have you looked at the stats at ALL? Like all of the social justice bs, the numbers don't support the hate and violence. In fact the statistics show the opposite. So in essence you're supporting a false premise, built on lies, and carried out by thugs - and you're willing to sacrifice OUR PETS IN THE PROCESS. Educate yourselves to the newest scam and lies, all in an effort to destroy this country, courtesy of the democrat socialist communists. You, Mr CEO, are a cowardly gutless idiot. And no one I know will ever spend another dime to support lawless criminals in this country, who by the way, could CARE LESS about animals or our pets. Hope you find it all satisfying and rewarding.

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S - 31 d ago

Very well said. I stand with you.

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