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19601 N 27th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Philip Francis
Chairman of the Board
(623) 580-6100
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Jstanfill - 3 d 12 h ago


Just tried to return a filter system after being told on. The phone by staff that could bring receipt in no issue. Get there from Camilla ga to Albany ga petsmart they won't take the return I used the filter for 2 weeks , rest of time was giving me heck not working. I have shopped petsmart but never again, the staff doesn't care about the customers at all .

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Anonymous - 9 d 11 h ago


Terrible company to work for. THEY don't value their employees.

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Anonymous - 10 d 11 h ago


Bad treatment of their Betta fish... the Maplewood MN store has the display RIGHT BY THE FRONT DOOR!! Bettas are warm water tropical fish...they will succumb to diseases and death in regular room temperature water... let alone being blasted with arctic air by the front door ... wake up corporate.... you need to treat the fish you sell better....

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Treated like dog Poo ! - 11 d 29 m ago


Went to get dogs groomed. Booked on line and got confirmation. Brought dogs in but no appointment. Then had an appointment at noon not 10 and then it got cancelled and we called you. We have no record of you ever coming here.

Asked to speak to manage and manage wont even come out. I highly recommend you not use there service.

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Jane - 11 d ago


In the Toledo and outlying areas, I have received exceptional service from the staff. They take the time to listen to me and do all they can to meet my pet's needs.Thank you, Pet Smart.

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Marilou - 11 d 17 h ago


I recently had my dog checked as he was hurting and not eating or drinking at the Beaverton, OR locations. I have been on the Senior plan as my dog is 12. I have been w/Petsmart for many years. My dog will not let me give him pain meds...even when I do everything to disquise it. After purchasing the pain meds from Petsmart I returned the next day to see if someone would help me put the tiny pill in his mouth while I held him as I could not do it by myself. The girl at the desk said it would be a fee. I said I pay nearly $50 per month and have never been charged to get a lil help. He rarely needs meds. The girl said I'm just doing my job. I have tried to reach the Manager to talk w/ her but each time I'm told she is in a meeting. This is unacceptable service. I hope Corporate can help them see little acts of service means continued business and goes a long way w/customers.

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Araceli - 18 d 20 h ago


I would like to make a complain about the store 1375. Country side Illinois.The cashier Taylor was very disrespectful whith me,she was rude and had very bad attitude.I bough a promotion of buy 16 cans for 2 cans free Nutro ..She told me to put everithing back because she didn't know about such promotion . I spoke to the manager and she told her that it was ok to give me the discount ,however she ignored me and have me standing there just waithing .I had to speak whit the manager again and the manager had to give me the difference.i am a regular customer bring there for 4 years already .I deserve respect and I ask you to please do something in regards this incident.

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Marsha - 23 d 2 h ago


I have always had the best experience at PetSmart in Belton, Mo. Since, apparently, the corporate office has redone the cat food section, not sure about the other sections, according to the employees they discontinuing the Great Choice, which is PetSmarts own brand, Tongle Tuna and the entire line. Plus, since the redoing, there isn't any Sea Captains and Classic Sea from Friskies available at all. These are two of the most popular flavors at other stores. No Great Choice Tongle Tuna, there won't be any reason for me to go to PetSmart any longer.

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OS1(sw) Samuel T. Towery III USN(ret) - 23 d ago


Last summer I took my two dogs to Pet Smart Newnan Georgia for their occasional bath and haircut. When I went to pick him up I noticed they had nicked his head. He kept scratching it and making it bleed. I tried putting cortisone on it. Took him back to Pet Smart and was told it had been to long for them to pay for it. Took him to Banfield, same Pet Smart, and they cleaned it up. Had me put a shame collar on and gave him antibiotics. Left shame collar on for 10 days as constructed. Looked a little better. Woke up this AM to blood all over the floor. Just took him up and tried to clean it up. He is bleeding a lot! I am a disabled Vet unable to work. Money is short. What in the hell am I supposed to do now? You can contact the Grooming salon at Newnan Georgia Pet Smart and get my phone number. Please HELP!

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Carrie F. - 23 d 20 h ago


Hello, I'm Carrie F. from Chesapeake, VA. I recently attempted to apply for a bather position at the Greenbrier Petsmart location to supplement my fixed income, however, when I put in my address the computer doesn't recognize the address. I keep getting "This address does not exist".

To resolve this issue I have called the Petsmart store and they don't know what to do. I have also attempted to contact your corporate office for assistance and there is a prompt for this issue; I have not been able to speak to a person who can help me todate!

Please advise me on how I can get this situation resolved without speaking to an actual person. Thanks in advance.

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Pixiedoodle - 36 d 20 m ago

Oh by the way the manager is JEREMY

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Pixiedoodle - 36 d ago


I so agree, I am part of a disaster relief team therefore, I travel and leave my home and babies with a neighbor. I have in the past ALWAYS had assistance from individuals in my local store. NOT THIS TIME, their cocky lil manager probably no education insulted me asked WHO helped me in the past as if I would reveal someone of such valuable character. Their website is a joke, not user friendly AT ALL. I simply want to order a variety of dog & cat food. NOT the cases they try and push. I don't have time for their stupidity. l seek my supplies elsewhere also. I too have shopped at this store since they opened in my neighborhood, d'Iberville, MS. Its a shame that they have no customer service. And for those who offer it they want to punish them..... Go figure.

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Rick Oldfield - 37 d ago


I will never shop at a pet mart again ! There customer service is terrible and no one ever returns your call if you have a store complaint !!! I've shopped there for the past 10 years , I have 3 Great Danes and spend about $200 every two weeks / well over $45,000 in the 10 year period of time ! Here my frustration with this company , in just the last three months I've forgot my receipt or coupons for a discount on my dog food ( which I can save sometimes up to $40 ) well the 3 times I forgot them the store personal ( managers ) you would of thought I was trying to steal from them ( lol ) I've called their corp office in Arzonia and advised them my complaint , each time ( 6 ) they advised me someone would call me back lol , well no one has ever called me . Bottom line their customer service is bad their corp office is bad and I will not along with my other members of our Great Dane group ( 150 plus ) we will take our THOSANDS of DOLLORS to another company that feels that we as customers are Important !!!!!!

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shelley lempeegel - 39 d 4 h ago


im not to happy with the way i was treated when i called petsmart to get info on doggy daycare. without ever seeing my dog ,from the 4 breeds of dog my dog is (american bulldog,akita bordercollie,labrador) she decide my dog was a pitbull. i was denied being allowed to bring my dog for a day of play. what traing do these people have. my dog has long furry fuzzy fir. i have yet to see a firry pit.

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Rita wilhelm - 43 d 33 s ago


I recently used Banfield in carmel indiana for my dogs neutering. I regret saying we have had a horrible experience !

My dog now has a horrible hanging skin after his neutering surgery! When I went back to the carmel office the manager and doctor were not there. I have a lovely dog that I paid a lot of money for and I entrusted Banfield with the surgery for him! They actually cancelled my first appointment and had me come a different day which was not convenient fir me but I did it .Now I have a dog with scar tissue hanging from his behind . I was expecting Banfield to say they would fix it and they were very sorry but all I got was wait and put a hot cloth on it . The skin is hanging so far I cannot see how that is going to repair .

I'm hoping you can help me get this rectified in a professional and quality job do I can be proud of my puppy once again .

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Rough housing my puppy - 2 y 56 d ago


I just wrote a review that was erased about the rough housing done to my puppy that I spent thousands of dollars on to prevent this behavior. Everyone is aware it from your laje mead store in henderson nv I am 59 totally disabled and in being ignored by the corporate office

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