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Legal Beagle - 2 d 13 h ago

The team at the Legal Beagle loves this stuff. We love how this company is digging their own graves. They're almost at that 6 foot mark, don't worry. They just need that push from behind and dirt thrown on top of them. Keep it up people. This is what the company deserves for treating their workers and our pets poorly.

Party at the Legal Beagle compound when they go out of business. Pop, pop, pop goes the champagne corks.

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Sajova11 - 18 d 18 h ago

Let me first say I've been going to the Petsmart on woodruff road for 5-6 years. Each year I've left my pooch in the hotel doing doggy daycare and all for 4yrs, several vacations a year. Normally he's come away happy&tired out but seems to be ok. This last visit is a very different story. I went to get my pup from the hotel like always. The girl brought him from a back room in the farthest corner, &walked him in a leash towards the window that views all the cages they have. I should have known something was wrong when he cowered down the hall, & I waved in the window excitedly like always & he stopped against the wall, his tail and ears dropped & he look terrified of rounding the corner. The girl dragged him forward on the leash and he came out of the door very disoriented. It took some hugs & soothing tones but he eventually wagged his tail and became more chipper so I assumed he was just upset we'd left him & had been sad. Then we got to the car & I turned to look at him. Underneath near his genitalia & the fleshy parts of his thighs he was red, had scratches, & small abrasions. Angered I didn't know if this was a rash or bite marks or what. I pulled into the nearest spot and brought him back in. I asked to talk to the girl in charge, showed her the marks but she barely looked & proceeded to tell me this was normal and was just dog play that was only slightly rough but that he'd had fun and no fights had occurred. They then proceeded to tell me he was wet from a bath. When I asked why he'd been bathed they said because dogs were continuously humping him. So much so they had to wash the drool & stink. If there's that much on him, shouldn't he have been separated from the dogs?? I was outraged, but to make it even better they washed my dog who I informed them repeatedly has terrible anxiety without asking me! So now they've traumatized him even more. I called back after leaving the store to talk to a manager. An assistant manager Tyler answers, says he's very sorry to hear I had a bad experience but store policy is to wash the dog if that behavior happens, & red marks happen. I told him in the 4-5 yrs my dog's come there, the 5 yrs at dog parks & other interactions, at no time has my dog suffered marks like this. The only time my dogs been left with a mark like this was due to a neighbor's dogs who got loose & physically tried to bite my dog. This is what I told him the mark looked like. Not only that but on our arrival a girl in the elimination room where they let everyone watch the dogs play, allowed a German Shepherd to roughly bite and growl at a smaller dog repeatedly while she shouted stop, once and the dog repeated its behavior. I told the assistant manager all this. He then proceeded to tell me employees arent allowed to physically remove, restrain, or separate animals. I asked what gets done instead, to which he said the following: 1) is verbal command( shouting stop), 2) is a water bottle they spritz them with( I don't mean in the eyes/face until they get the picture I watched the girl grab a bottle & shoot from across the room barely touching animals at all), and 3) they use an air horn. what dog on the prowl and in a locked on hump session or fight is going to quit at that sound?? Upset I asked again why wasn't he separated from other dogs if play was rough enough he has marks & had to be bathed? His only answer was to tell me they can try to give a complimentary vet session. Why didn't they call me I asked, or tell me this when I called twice during vacation to check on him? He said it's policy not to inform owners of anything that doesn't seem harmful or dangerous or life threatening to the pet. So heads up everyone, you might want to think twice about leaving your pets with people who cannot physically restrain if an animal is in danger, and who don't tell the truth about what's going on!! Also I photographed scarred marks which means cuts were deep enough they scabbed over. Rough play huh???!!

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Niko - 13 d ago


I had same thing happen to my dog, been boarding him for 3 years never a problem picked him up and raw spot on his testicle I went back on and they said the floors in suite rub and cause marks on him, this is common, oh no it isn't. I asked about having him see Vet Banfield on premises and he did not only did he have abrasion on testicle but an intestinal virus. I am highly disappointed my dog was treated this way.

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Laura - 4 d 20 h ago


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Anonymous - 10 d 16 h ago


As a Banfield employee I find it horrific that Petsmart employs drug addicts. Destiny in the grooming salon at the Largo Florida location constantly comes to work under the influence of marijuana. She brags about smoking it multiple times a day and myself and co-workers have even heard her say she has clean urine readily available to pass a drug test. Just sad that a huge company can't see through her. Hopefully no more pets become injured in her care.

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Anonymous - 10 d 13 h ago

As a former employee there were times where a pet care associate I worked with came in high. They dont random drug test unfortunately. They do a test for hiring you but not after. Not much you can do about it really. If it affects her job then there's much concern. I agree, i hope no pets get injured due to her bad habit. You can talk to the store manager or call corporate. Only do that if you want repercussions upon yourself from this person. If you dont then you gotta just deal.

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Laura - 4 d 20 h ago


Banfield is a damn joke too! They are so F'ing

incompetent they kill animals all the time with BS guesses and cover up for the grooming shop don't tell me they don't People can prove it! Banfield SUCKS and should be shut down right along with PetSmart!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Laura - 4 d 20 h ago


As we ALL know Pet Hell is a completely selfish greedy joke in Everyway! There are so many issues with their animals and employee care Banfield and the Grooming Shop! We have been working to make a difference in the grooming industry especially PetSmart! I just saw this in our group it is a trailer of a piece due to be out in just a few days! I'll post the full piece as soon as it comes! PetSmart Must be Shut Down!

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

I can't believe that you're company is so worried about make a $1 that you are putting your employees in danger due to flooding and trees coming down from the wind of hurricane Florence! You have your DM's harassing store managers to open and making excuses like "it's not that bad". They don't even live by the stores they want open! They have no idea what is happening at the locations! They would rather risk people's lives so the can make the "oh heavenly dollar." They stores are being looked after. The animals are being taken care of but thats only one person that is doing it and that the people live next to the stores. One person cannot run a store if opened. If the DM thinks it's fine to open then have them drive to the locations to open them! North Carolina is under a state of emergency! They do not want anyone out driving! If big stores like Walmart can close and little family stores can close and Petco can close why can't you? You and your DM's should be ashamed of yourselves!

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Anonymous - 5 d 17 h ago

This is just another fine example folks !!!!!!

The way this company treats its employees is ridiculous !!!!!!! The company only worries about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !!!!!!!! I'm glad that things like this are going to viral and that exposing this company for the low down stinking rats that they are. Our hearts go out to those poor people and pets that went through this horrible hurricane and still going through it. God be with you all.

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RIP Chardonnay - 11 d ago


RIP Chardonnay,

My beloved Chardonnay of 14 yrs passed in May 2018. I unsubscribed from the Petsmart site multiple time & as of today mid Sept I am STILL receiving emails. How inconsiderate, inexcusable. Then today I hear from a friend who orders from Chewy, & who's dog passed this month received a condolence card from Chewy. Anyone considering where to buy their pet supplies I hope you go with A COMPANY WHO CARES.

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Former employee - 10 d 13 h ago

PetSmart owns Chewy now, same company. PetSmart bought Chewy for 3 billion. Try mark the email as spam that way it goes to your spam folder or change your email address. That's the only way of stopping them. Sorry for your loss.

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Anonymous - 12 d ago


Had poor experience on 2 occasions at the Mt Pleasant SC location. Was told we could not purchase certain fish for a 10 gallon tank, when those fish lived in a 10 gallon tank in the store. On the second occasion my teen daughter with her own money drove to the store and tried to purchase a fish. They told her it was store policy that they could not sell her a fish because she was not 18. We will be shopping at Petco from now on. Thought you should know.

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Lee Bancroft - 24 d ago


I just wrote a review about disappointed I was In Petsmart and the way they treated me with their rudeness and I started reading everyone else's complaints. Every single one has a complaint about how rudely they were spoken to, by employees, but also MANAGERS. I was treated rudely by someone in the CORPORATE OFFICE!!!!

My question is how do they stay in business? Why doesnt anyone on the corporate level care? They not only don't care, it starts with them! They feed and promote bad manners, rudeness, and treating the customer as an annoyance. I wont be shopping here anymore but I will be badmouthing you all over town because that's what you deserve. And EVERYONE that works in the corporate office needs to explain themselves and justify WHY THEY HAVE A JOB ON THE CORPORATE LEVEL. Shame shame!!!!

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Legal Beagle - 23 d 13 h ago

Dear Lee, PetSmart has been sold over and over again. Finally a bank purchased the company and their plans are to milk every penny they can out of the PetSmart name then fold like all of those big name stores we lost over the years. Of course they dont care one iota about you, their employees or your pets. Once they made their millions or billions off of you they will fold or close their doors forever. They bought in hopes to rake in the benefits that the former Chewy creature did. That plan back fired and now they're out billions. It's not about, IF they'll go out of business, it's about WHEN. IT will be soon. Word is spreading fast about them and how they mistreat the animals, how they mistreat their EMPLOYEES and how they mistreat their customers. We at the Legal Beagle team predict that they will be out of business by 2020. Petco will be the king of pet stores WHEN this happens. Still, it's a dirty shame that those cowards at corporate allows this to happen and ruin a good store. They are digging their own graves and dropping dead in them. Too bad no one will be there to cry over them. You are right, they need to explain themselves but, why should they? They are sitting on a fat wallet and we're sitting on our horrible experiences with them. They're laughing all the way to the bank.

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Anonymous - 13 d 19 h ago

The way they treat the dogs in grooming plus the way they treat their employees, with all of the lawsuits over abuse, they may close sooner than later. We need this. Our pets are family, our families work for these people. They want you to believe they do it for the love of pets. Huh???? What??? You are a bunch of liars. You dont care one cent about people's pets. You dont even care about your hard working employees. You allow bullying and threats to go on in your stores. God bless the Legal Beagle for standing up for those former employees that got screwed by you.

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Anonymous - 16 d 6 h ago


Your Chewy fulfillment in Wilkes-barre Pa is the worst place i ever worked, All the leads just walk around doing nothing the purple vest scream at them (pickers) when they do something wrong and talk to other employes and see nothing because they think they are so sexy in the purple vest . The blue vest just text and talk see nothing if they can have a cell , why cant they (pickers ) ? Hr ( team ninja) is a joke they know nothing .it is so dirty and hot in there, Dog and Cat food all over the place cans opened that place is such a disgusting place .If your not there for more than 5 months they pick on the new hires. They have husband or boyfriend working with wife or girlfriends working next to each other that they talk all the times separate them you have to find someone that cares and knows what they do. So sad no one wants to work there .I really liked working there when i first started there,then this happened employers steal your stuff movex and your wrist rocket tell someone in charge and they tell you oh well we cant do nothing about it ( Lead ) they steal you merchandise they put it down there pants and bra i seen it happen, someone doing drugs in the mens room.

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Anonymous - 16 d 12 h ago

The video above demonstrating the poor care and mistreatment of a dog in the care of Pet Smart in Katy Texas is terrible and I will never buy any further products from this company

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Anonymous - 21 d 10 h ago

Angel can hide behind your Twitter and Facebook accounts and avoid the situation all you want. Someone out there will contact you somehow via one of those and you'll have to answer to what you've done. You need to resign as the district store manager. You can hide, you can run, the guilty always gets caught. Your DNA is all over this situation. Good luck dodging all of America. There's too many eyes and ears looking for you, you need to answer for this atrocity you caused in Moorestown. It's a witch hunt and you're the wickedest of the wickedest. In one word "RESIGN".

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Anonymous - 22 d 17 h ago

A few of those bullied Moorestown NJ employees now unemployed are struggling to find employment due to a shoddy work history thanks to L'erin Gaines. We at the Beagle Team wants to thank him and Angel James personally for ruining people's lives and careers. So on behalf of those still looking for work, thank you.

We hope you're happy with your idiotic choices and we hope you can live with yourselves. I know I'd feel awful because I'm human with feelings. You on the other hand? Naw.

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Valerie Rodriguez - 26 d 17 m ago


I took my Pomeranian to the petsmart in Harlingen and it was my first and last time going ! I took my Paco for grooming with a set appt at 3... he was there until 8pm we went at least two or three times I even had to buy him food so he could eat there and the groomer tried to tell my husband to pay for the services first in order for our Pomeranian to be groomer first in line his words were "Well what some people do is they call dibs and they pay for the services as soon as they drop off their dog so once the dog is paid the people in the back start with them first regardless of who got there first. Something you could do." ... yah I don't think so why am I gonna pay for the grooming of my Pom when his appt was at 3pm and it was already 6pm and they hadn't even started him yet and to top it off they were mentioning what "we could do" for him to get started... that is not right and the service was horrible they were bothered bc I kept Checking up on Paco like are you serious? You've had him since three and when we asked if we could get at least a discount or somthing they said no there was nothing they could do... I literally researched petsmart and went throu the entire website to make sure I was making the right choice. And I end up with This experience? What happened to "This is our promise to you that you'll love how your pet looks after a visit to our salon, or we'll do whatever it takes to make it right." my Paco's nails were not even clipped completely and his fur was still wet and still had some matted hair they also forgot to do a sanitary trim along with his feet trim I had to request it to be done even though it was part of the package I paid for the groomer even tried to tell me non of these services were part of what I paid for when it was clear that it was on your website! I paid almost $70 and the job was not even done right.... it's freaking ridiculous.

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Diane - 28 d ago

Today 8/25 I took my Lab (Coda) in to get groomed at Hurst, TX. This is not his first time there. I also take my two Shih Tzus there regularly. When I went to drop of Coda, he resisted going to the back to get groomed. He usually does and they can usually coax him to go back. This time I was watching from the window as I exited and their were about 3 or 4 people trying to pull him back, he was not aggressive he was just resisting. One of the ladies there, and I am sorry I did not get her name because she angered me with her attitude. While I was watching through the window, it was evident that she was getting frustrated that he would not listen to her. I feel like he was responding to her attitude and frustration. She noticed I was watching and motioned for me to come in. When I did, she would not even look at me. She said in a snarky voice "you need to take him, if he does not go back willingly then he can't be here". I explained that he had been there before and that I have never had an issue. She said "well today you do and he can't be here", all the while NO eye contact. So I told her fine than I wouldn't bring him back, she said "that's fine". So with the way she acted I was really hesitant about taking my other two dogs in and told her that I won't bring any of them back which she responded, "that's fine, don't bring them back, have a nice day!" Here is the thing, I have been taking my dogs there since we moved to Hurst. I have spent over $1000 on grooming alone and that does not include the $10 tips I give the groomers each time I go. I love the groomers Lupe M grooms Coda, MJ G grooms Omar and Desere S G grooms Emmitt. I had actually cancelled my appointment for earlier this month for Coda and I got a call from Lupe M stating that she had not seen "our boy" and that she noticed I cancelled my appointment and she then rescheduled me. My work hours have been nuts but I was able to come in on 8/25 @ 2pm only to be turned away by a rude woman with a nasty demeanor. I was also told by this person that you all have a policy that is new, it states that if a dog does not go back willingly then they have to go home. This was the first time I have heard of this policy and as many times as I have been there, i have seen numerous (usually large dogs) hesitate when its time to go back and leave their owners. I do have to say that Coda does not like the dryer and gets nervous when it is used, so he is usually manually dried, which has also never been a big deal. What frustrated me the most was not the fact that I needed to take him home but that I watched the unnamed women and her demeanor with my dog and then coupled with her attitude with me, really made me not want to go back because these are animals that are being left by there owners and they get nervous, they are supposed be reassured and the employees should calm them, not add to their anxiety. She lacked the compassion I have seen in all the people I usually deal with. I won't be taking my pets back to the Hurst, TX Petsmart groomers because she made it clear that your company does not really need my business, so I guess I will find somewhere else that does. I will miss Lupe, MJ an Desere and the other compassionate staff that I usually deal with, they could teach this woman a few things about how to treat dogs and their owners. If I am going to entrust my dogs to strangers for 3-4 hours, it will not be with someone like this woman, I will go somewhere else. Thanks for listening.

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Helen Caddick - 28 d 14 h ago


This Company has appalling Animal Welfare Care .

But the good part is We now KNOW how dreadful PetSmart is . It gone Viral .

If you want to avoid using a PetStore that puts Animal Cruelty at the Top of its Priority List , DONT use PetSmart .

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erick roorda - 29 d ago


PetSmart Stapleton 7505 E 35th Ave Bldg 3 Unit 3 Denver, CO 80238 (hidden) As a grooming customer I was allowed early admission this morning at 7:00a,m .. this is common because the grooming dept starts scheduling customers 2 hours before the actual 'doors' open to the public at 9:00am. .. the Banfield Vet Clinic also takes appts at 7am .. if you're headed to the groomer or vets, you have to press an entry button and someone eventually comes and unlocks everything manually by prying the electronic doors open with his/ her hands. People then proceed to the very back of the store with their pets in tow. .. I've done this several times in the past and didn't think much of it. After being let in today, I noticed the manager closed the doors behind us (again manually) and locked them . It made me a tad uncomfortable (I'm a former cop), but not enough for me to make an issue of it. Having checked my dogs in with the groomer, I proceeded to walk back to the front of the store so that I could jump in my car and leave for my 7:45am appt. However, the doors were still locked .. I tried opening them every way I could think of with no luck. Now I'm literally by myself in this big store .. the groomer has disappeared, the manager has disappeared and the stock person has disappeared. Checking all the offices and finding no one, I went back to the front and started asking for help in a loud voice. 'will someone let me out please" .. " this went on for 5 mins .. finally a Banfield employee felt sorry for me and we both struggled with it ..bit the lock was still jammed from inside. Now here's where it gets worse -- the manager showed up and also was unable to open the doors. She told me if I had some kind of emergency that I should leave via the fire exit at the back of the store. However, every time I turned down an aisle to get there, I was blocked by huge pallets of dog food and forklifts . .. When I finally made my way through the obstacle course and pushed the emergency exit, there was no alarm of any kind like you would hope to hear. I've spoken to someone in corporate at PetSmart .. they have reviewed the case and now have the audacity to say that the store was in complete compliance with ordinances/ codes. The local manager is now lying .. she says the door was wide open the whole time; however, she was the one who sent me running to the fire exit. I understand from corporate that there is video of this entire 15 minute incident. .. so it will show my struggle trying to leave the business Thanks so much Dennis for hearing me out .. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if someone died due to unsafe conditions and I didn't report it. Best Regards,

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Legal Beagle - 30 d ago

Below is a statement from an attorney that works cases that involves wrongful termination from employment. Since Angel James isn't coming forward to remedy the Moorestown, NJ situation, it looks like the Legal Beagle and team has to go to this extreme. We tried to solve this case without going to such extremes. We tried a peaceful and polite way to end this. They want this problem to go away and quietly as possible. They hoped it would be forgotten or swept under the rug. Sorry, it won't. You broke the law, now the law will fix it. We gave Angel James the opportunity to come forward to fix this and she hid like a coward. Too bad that we have to go this route. The Beagle team has been working with an attorney and discussed the details and went over our complaints. They are as eager as we were when we took on this case. So, stand by people. For those effected, we will get you back to work real soon. The Legal Beagle and team. Employees who have been wrongfully terminated may be able to recover their job, back pay, compensatory damages, and other expenses in a successful lawsuit or wrongful termination settlement. Wrongful termination claims allege that an employee was fired in violation of an employment agreement or the law. Because wrongful termination claims can be difficult to prove (and also risky for employers), many claims are resolved in settlements. The value of a wrongful termination settlement depends on a number of factors which vary from case to case. See FindLaw's Wrongful Termination section to learn more. Why Wrongful Termination Settlements are Common The majority of wrongful termination claims don't reach a courtroom. Rather, many cases are settled beforehand. Often, settlement is seen as the best option for both parties, given the potentially unpredictable nature of civil trials. For the terminated employee, one of the main obstacles is showing convincingly that the employee was terminated for impermissible reasons, such as his or her race, gender, whistle blowing or reporting harassment. Employers often respond with evidence of supposedly valid reasons for the firing, such as poor performance. A review of wrongful termination trials in the 1990's found that employees win just about half their claims. Employers too, often have reasons to settle. In addition to the uncertainty of a trial, even when employers successfully defend themselves, wrongful termination trials can reveal potentially damaging information about a company. How Wrongful Termination Claims Are Valued The monetary value of a wrongful termination is based on several components, which seek to determine how much loss was suffered as a result of a firing. Some factors commonly examined to determine the value of a claim are: Wage Loss The amount, in wages, the employee lost from the date of termination until the present. A plaintiff has a duty to mitigate these damages, through, for example, seeking another job. Any interim benefits, such as income from a new job or unemployment benefits, are deducted from the past wage total. Future wage loss may sometimes also be calculated, such as when the employee has been unable to find new work by the time of trial or settlement. Lost Benefits The loss of benefits is also calculated when determining lost earnings. For example, if a fired employee must fund their own health insurance after termination, the employer may be liable for these out of pocket expenses. Benefits can also include fringe benefits, such as the loss of stock options. Emotional Distress The cost of mental anguish experienced as a result of wrongful termination. Employees who have experienced anxiety, depressing, or other emotional suffering as a result of their termination may seek compensation for this emotional distress. Recovering for emotional distress is most likely in cases where the alleged actions were especially egregious, as in claims of harassment or discrimination. Other Factors Influencing Wrongful Termination Settlements Besides the monetary value associated with a wrongful termination claim, settlements may be influenced by additional factors. For example, many workers also pursue claims to see justice or personal vindication, not just to recover lost income. Workers who have been fired due to discrimination or retaliation may see a successful settlement as providing validation and closure. In addition to monetary damages, some pursue changes in company policy to prevent similar wrongs in the future. Similarly, employers who believe they have done no wrong may seek to avoid settling, on order to discourage similar claims in the future. Employers whose insurance covers the cost of legal expenses may be more willing to litigate such cases. Get a Free Initial Claim Review If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated the assistance of an objective third party who understands your state's employment laws can be very helpful in determining how to proceed. Their advice can help you avoid costly errors and guide you through the complexities of negotiation and litigation. Contact a local attorney for a free initial claim review to discuss how they can help you get a fair review of your termination.

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To The Legal Beagle - 30 d ago

WOW! Keep up the good work, my friend! By the way, I STILL think you're a Superhero, despite your humble protestations to the contrary! God bless to you and your team!

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