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Philip Francis
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Anonymous - 19 h 50 m ago

Hi my name karina I worked at petsmart grooming went to the school did my 2 years contract and still never got my my certificate so can you please email me @ (hidden) or (hidden)

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Harassed and refused my rights - 17 d 10 h ago


Man they did my fionce and I dirty, they had her crying her eyes outs! Let me re-cap:

I went in today to return some dog food that we were over charged for and one of the receipts had been bought with an old debit card that I no longer use and she told me that in order to get my money back I would have to have the oringinal card it was purchased with(although she had already marked out my item, I told her to reprint my reciept and she said she couldn't so she wrote on it "return canceled and signed her initials". So I went home found the card and came back. Since my fionce was already going back in she deicdes to take care of the return for me. She comes back crying saying that the manager and the employee were being mean to her saying they knew what she was up to and calling her a liar when she said she that it hadn't been returned. So I immediately just up and run in there explaining how I had came in earlier to return some things and that this item was never returned due to said cause and this grown man continues waving his finger in front of my face telling me "don't think you two can get away with stuff like this here, it's already been returned! It's been returned! It's been returned!" And as I try to explain to him the situation again he continues talking over me saying repeatedly "it's been returned!"

WTF petsmart!!! What the fuukkkkkk! I've never been so pissed over such shitty service to the point I am called a liar and had my fionce in tears!!! Someone needs to do something about this! And the crazy thing is, they refused to even scan the reciept!! What's wrong with petsmart? 150 east blackstock rd Spartanburg sc. this was a complete act of shaming and slandering us in front of a group of customers and I will get what's owed to me. I will not forget this and I will continue spreading my word until manners are handled. #nevershopingagain #petdumbasses #worstcustomerservice

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Petsmartsux - 1 d 19 h ago


If that was me I would have called the cops for real!!!

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Pissed Off Grand Mother!! - 8 d 26 s ago


I am still mad at the way I was treated by the Aquatic's "Manager" Lina at the Skibo Rd store in Fayetteville, NC, on Oct. 9, 2017. I bought 3 fish in September 25, 2017. My tank had no issues with fungus until we put the fish and the water from Petsmart into our tank. We have cleaned the tank 3 times since the 25th, and now one of the new fish has already died. It was covered in the white fuzzy stuff floating in the water and on the plastic plants. Lina was absolutely no help. Rude and downright UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!! Instead of being a help or offering up some solutions to my issue, she instead argued with me about saying the Petsmart water causing this sudden infestation of white fuzzy stuff floating in my tank. We have had our tank for 2 years and never had an issue with white fuzzy stuff taking over the tank. NEVER!! The ONLY thing we did differently was put that dirty infected water in our tank. If Lina is the best Petsmart can do when hiring manager, I suggest you all use a professional hiring agency cause you missed the mark with Lina the non-Manager with absolutely no communication, customer service, or people skills.

I left your store pissed off with no answers for the little girl who the fish tank belongs, and who is now afraid her other fish will die. Petsmart, I will never use your services again!!

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Anonymous - 8 d ago

my name is Ursula. I live in Fayetteville, NC

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Ursula from Fayetteville, NC - 5 d 23 h ago

Still waiting on a reply!!!!! Now, 2 out of the 3 fish we bought are dead!! If this is the Corporate site then a reply to your customers is definitely expected.

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Courtney Smitj - 5 d 9 h ago


It makes me disgusted to learn you give your reptile business to Reptiles by Mack. He is awful!!!! I will slander Petsmart name on every social media that you give business to a known animal abuser! It will be my life's mission to to tell everyone about Reptiles by Mack and that Petsmart continues to buy from him! Your company should be ashamed of itself. Total greed over what's right

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TOM - 8 d 11 h ago


I am really upset about the way me and my dog have been treated by your store here in Riviera Beach on Congress. Manager David was very rude along with Nina the Groomer. I am filing a complaint with the local Humane Society regarding the treatment of my dog.

I need a call please

682 551 0514

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Linda Hamilton - 10 d 17 h ago


Tried to return a door hanging bells for my dogs and the manager talked to me very rude practically calling me a liar in front of a line full of customers. He stated he wanted a DVD that came with the ringer but I did not receive one. the ringer was hanging loose on the rack and when I checked out they had to look for a price. Where was no package, DVD or anything else except the loose door ringer. I called him back the next day and told him I did not appreciate the way rude way he spoke to me in front of all those customers. He never apologized when I call and denied being rude. I spend a lot of money on food and toys for 4 dogs but I WILL NOT spend another penny with them.

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Terry Bordonaro - 12 d 7 h ago


My yorkie was recently stolen and when I tried to post a flyer in your store in Conroe Texas I was told it was against policy. Pet stores should be the 1st place a poster goes up after shelters vets and groomers. Those places all took my posters and I will not set foot in another pet smart until I am personally notified that missing pet flyers will be permitted to be posted in side your store s! Have already posted my dissatisfaction on Facebook.

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Dee - 12 d 17 h ago

I really don't want to comment this story about my bad experience. But just know Sam in the chico ca store doesn't really know their policies. I have contacted corporate and they are working on issue. I feel the issue is unfortunately,places have a hard time hiring good managers. We have kids running these businesses.

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Nathan - 14 d 8 h ago


Petsmart Monaca- groomer Rachel Wagster has been photographing multiple dogs while they are there for grooming services, and posting them to her personal Facebook page. This is unprofessional and unethical behavior while our animals are there for services. I have the photos to share upon request.

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JT - 16 d 4 m ago


I took my dog, a Pembroke Welsh corgi to the Seabrook, NH location for their grooming services. My poor baby! The groomer literally shaved off her entire coat! It was the most awful appearance! I almost made them give me a sweater for free to cover her up as that was how embarrassed I was to take her out of the store. Yes, I did receive a refund, but it was still terrible! This store has THE worst grooming staff. They are rude, they argue with the customers and have no clue how to properly groom the different breeds of dogs. Will NOT return for any reason, not even to buy dog food! Will be buying online from now on. Will be finding a new grooming service as well! AWFUL!!!!!

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Donna Nardozzi - 18 d 20 h ago


I am a 75 yr. old widow with a wonderful cat comping. The usual litter has been causing me breathing problems, so

I was advised to buy a litter such as walnut or pine little logs. This change has been great,HOWEVER. This week I went to get another bag of the walnut pegs that was in a small bag. There wasn't any and the only litter that was there was the pine pegs. The problem for me is the size of the bags available in the pegs. 20 lbs is so difficult for me . Can you please make this product available? I weigh 98 lbs. am 4 ft 11 inches and walk with a cane because of muscle disease.

thank you respectfully

Donna Nardozzi

3901 Bowen Rd. Lancaster New York 14086.


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Anonymous - 20 d 11 h ago

The Lea comment is at the Gainesville ga store. The groomer! I go there all the time! But after today I will go else were!

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Anonymous - 20 d 11 h ago

I have never never had any trouble on getting and appointment for my poddle with Lea but she is the only one she likes there but here lately she will not help me out I go there all the time! But after today I will go else were I have had a broke arm all summer and I have been unable to drive and to take her. She is the top groomer there and she needs to be there for her customers! She isn't working with me at all. Iam a paying customer

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Mochi - 20 d 19 h ago


Big shout out to Sabritia at store #3016 Tempe AZ.

Always gives me 100% of customer service, can locate anything I need in the store, always willing to check website for deals or other store's if they are out of my regular supplies.

Keep up the great work.

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Animal Lover - 21 d 17 h ago


Not happy with the new Pet Smart in North Augusta, SC. Two weeks ago, I asked a sales associate for some help and she gave me the impression I was bothering her. Today, I went back to the same store to make a purchase. I took my item to the check out. After waiting for several minutes, with no employee in sight, I left my purchase on the counter and walked out. It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY I will ever shop this store again

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Kelly - 21 d 18 h ago


It is horrific in Puerto Rico since the hurricane. There is an organization in San Juan called SAVE A SATO who takes care for the many homeless dogs and cats. They patronize Petsmart with donation money in hand. Yesterday the store was open for only an hour and it did not afford them time to make their purchases. Your company's annual sales are such that you should be ashamed. The island has many homeless animals and now the situation is horrible with the passing of the hurricane. Their shelter was literally destroyed and the volunteers showed up and worked under arduous conditions so that they could at least provide shelter for these poor animals. To turn these volunteers away and to open only for one hour makes us sick. If you do not care then you should not be in the animal business. The news is all over Facebook so hopefully this will send a message to others that Petsmart is all about the money.

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Randy Parese/ - 22 d 20 h ago


I have been a long time proud customer of pet smart for years and over the past 5-6 years .. I have purchased all Diffrent types of reptiles , bearded dragons, a few Diffrent types of fancy Pythons from uz all types of pet produces and tanks and supplies , including a wide verity of fish ....!!! Last Tuesday about 4-415 pm I came into ur Amsterdam store when I walked in there where 4 of your employees up from speaking w a family cashing out.!! I when to the back and wanted to add a bearded dragon , another fancy Python I noticed u had in ur stock and wanted to buy a few fish and some feeder mice for my reptiles... I was n back of ur store for over 5 minutes , than walked to the front n the same 4 employees n customer where still there just talking.. So I asked lady's can I get some help in the back in your reptile area .. One women employee very rudely said "I'll be right w /you" walk towards the back and waited about 8 - 10 minutes n still no help !!!!! I left it store and all the same 4 employees n people where still up front , then I said ty for nothing you have been extremely rude!!!! And left , I was unable to get my son his Birthday present I promised him , well mine , too I love all reptiles!!!! There are usually a few lady's whom work there who are always so nice and helpful but they where not at the store "1 that's always so nice and helpful is the young lady w tattoos and shoulder length hair " A really nice employee!!!! But I haven't ever been treated so badly as I was on 9/19/17 n not sure if I will return again !!! Feeling extremely upset !!!

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tom - 23 d 13 h ago


I find it difficult that Pet smart decided not to sell rats because people were feeding them to snakes. If you do not believe in the natural way snakes eat then stop selling snakes and making money of them. I own a snake and since you decided to stop selling the live rats, I try buying the frozen ones. This does not work because you are always out of stock and there are none to buy. I guess that you could not figure out if I stop selling live ones then I need to order more frozen ones. I decided to stop being mean to my snake by letting him go hungry since you can't supply the food for the pet I bought from you and am doing my business elsewhere. I'm going to let you in on a secret. Just because you purchase rats already dead and frozen does not mean they were not killed. They suffered being murdered all the same. This time by humans not the snake.

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Alex M. - 23 d 15 h ago


Re: Petsmart Willowbrook - Houston, TX Store#1358


I called to see if I could get a same day appointment to get one of my dogs groomed, I was put on hold for 15 min, kept getting bounced back and forth between the grooming salon and the front of the store every 5 min, Finally I asked the girl in the front (Nayelie) to get me a manager, but after she said ok she transferred me to the grooming salon again who put me on hold for another 5 min segment again, finally I get back to Nayelie again and this time I asked her firmly to get me manager, once again she said ok and transferred me to the grooming salon again, this time a lady named Michelle picks up I asked her if she is manager and she said no "what can I help you with", I asked for a manager and she said "what can I help you with", okey I said, I need a manager, are you a manager? she once again said "no, I am just a regular employee what can I help you with" and I told her I need a manager and that is the help she can give me, she asked if I was holding for the grooming salon, I replied yes and told her what was going on and that I needed to talk to a manager and she once again totally ignored my request for a manager and said I have been standing here and the phone hasn't ring (which was a lie), our grooming is fully booked today and our next appointment is for Wednesday (today is a Sunday), obviously at this point I hung up all upset (this was waste of almost 30 min of my life that I will never get back)!

Now I just want to know, does PetSmart go out of their way to hire the most dumbest people on earth or are they hiring the most stupidest people all at the same time by accident??? This was my choice of pet store on regular basis for several years but now they will never have my business again, with all of the competition and the internet suppliers accessibility online no one should endure what I endured today because we have so many other options, my household has 5 dogs, that is a good amount of loss for their business, maybe they don't care but I do!!!!

I called back after an hour finally got a manager named Wayne, who just told me "I will find out what happened (which is a total bs just to brush me off), but don't insult my employees they are not dumb and while I was venting off to him he tells me you need to cut this conversation short, what do you want me to do???"

Are you guys serious?? this is how you run a business, train your employees??? train your managers to deal with customer service issues???

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mike - 23 d 17 h ago


my dogs have never had fleas Ever !! Took my Poodle to 4721 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, NC. She came home FULL of Fleas. Called the store, they say.. they will give the dog a flea bath for free... what about the ones in my house that i been trying to get rid of ??????

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Anonymous - 26 d ago


I am an associate at store 2193 in Bessemer, Alabama. I just wanted to make someone aware of all the shady thngs that are going on in my store. I have previously contacted the District Manager but he just does nothing. Our store manager, Gwen Brown, is never at work. Since she took over the store several months back, she had missed at least two or three days a week, always paying herself for the time,. not just with sick time, which I don't know any company that has that much sick time, but she fixes her time to show that she was actually at work when she was not. This happens quite frequently since all associates have access to look at the signoff sheet for the previous week, everyone knows what she is doing. Even the DM, but she still continues to do it. Also, the lack of present management in this store has associates and managers are in chaos. We have an associate that has been caught steeling twice, but he is still employed, and he works the register! Now all these are very serious issues which need to be addressed by Loss Prevention. I am just wondering how this has gone on for so long?

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