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Dale - 3 h ago


I ordered a crate online for Iin-store pickup at the Brier Creek Raleigh NC location. The order was paid for and placed two days ago before I became ill. When I called to ask if they would hold it till next week when am better, the clerk who answered told me no, they send it back after five days and refund the money. I can understand if no one were to call, but the item is paid for, what is the big deal to just hold it a few extra days if the customer is ill?. I will bet it came right from the stock in their store and couldn't cause them much trouble. I may just buy it somewhere else since Petsmart doesn't care about there customers any more than this.

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Angie in Port Saint Lucie, FL - 3 h 26 m ago


BANFIELD PET HOSPITAL (Tradition store in Port Saint Lucie, FL especially) is a company out for money ONLY!! Petsmart promotes this outfit in spite of all the negative publicity and even a class action law suit brought against them(2013) due to all the consistent complaints nationwide They take advantage of pet lovers.There is no regard to the wellness of animals. Only profits!!! PLEASE BEWARE TO ALL THOSE WHO LOVE THEIR FUR BABIES!! PLEASE RESEARCH FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR ANIMAL BEFORE YOU GET TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF OR WORSE YOUR PET SUFFERS! DO NOT RELY ON PETSMART TO BRING TO YOU WHATS BEST FOR YOUR ANIMAL, ONLY WHATS PROFITABLE for PETSMART! I have not seen any stories that had any type of resolution for the customer or well being of the pet. If anything the more people you are transferred to or recommended to, the more clear it becomes no one cares except for their getting every dollar they can from you. This is strictly a corporation acting in many shady ways to sucker their prey into signing a contract they can then extort you and your pet for a year! No customer resolution needed, they are big enough to take advantage you!! Petsmart employees can only offer an apology. Banfield will apologize for "your" misunderstandings, not theirs. Shame on all these who prey on the emotions humans have toward their pets. I'm lucky I only lost money versus my beloved pet.

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Former Employee - 1 d ago

Where can I call to actually talk to a human being instead of an operator with ten million options?

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Anonymous - 14 d 19 h ago


Indianapolis company is down right bullshit. Kate, their little known it all, gave me horrible advice on treating for Ich, killed my fish, then proceeded to tell me that's not good. When I asked her to replace the fish I bought from that location she remained silent and repeated that's not good. Will NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM HERE AGAIN. Will be calling corporate again in the morning.

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Corporate Office Responds - 1 d 3 h ago

We sincerely apologize for your dead fish, but seriously, these things do happen and we are not accountable. But thank you for shipping at PerSmart!

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Hill - 14 d ago


Hill-So I'm writing about my store here in port huron mi I was shopping there today and getting my daughters gerbils some chew toys and the clearance sign said 1.97 but when the girl rang them up they said 2.99 so I let her know and said he sent someone to look at them and said there was no clearance on that item bit magically the tag disappeared even though my daughter and I both saw the sign and the girl that helped me along with the cashier were very rude to me and argued about the price. THANK YOU

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Corporate Office Responds - 1 d 3 h ago

We request that you no longer bring your gerbils into our store. They are diseased and frightening to our staff. Thank you so much.

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Gerald hall - 10 d ago


Was at a petsmart location in saginaw mi yesterday. Drove a 5 hour round trip to visit this location to come buy some clown loach fish that their Web site said was in stock. I get there to buy some of them and I'm told one of their employees put them in the back that this employee was buying them after his or her shift. I told them I just drove 2.5 hours one way to purchase some and the worker laughed and told me sorry about your luck you might want to ahead next time. I find it discusting that they would allow a employee to stash inventory and leave it on the Web there still available .wasted day wasted trp wasted money lesson learned about shopping at these box stores never again.

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Corporate Office Responds - 1 d 3 h ago

Clown Loach are popular with our employees so they get first crack at them. Thank you for your feedback!

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Petsmart - 2 d 5 h ago


I went to the store in Alison Viejo and I was basically yelled and stared at the whole time..They employees made me feel uncomfortable because I am Muslim and we're a scarf. My kids were looking at the dogs in the glass playing and they were told that they are making the dogs to energetic and if they don't stop the dogs will be sent to the vet. Thirty minutes later no dogs were sent to the vet and I was told again to calm..There is no sign up that says kids cannot interact with the animals..This is ridicules and I will never walk into PetSmart again..I can't believe there would be a group of people who are so mean and prejudice this is not okay

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Corporate Office Responds - 1 d ago

We apologize for the treatment of your Muslim dog. Our internal investigation reveals that the animal was not wearing a birka or a turbin so we are not techniclly obligated to care for the dog, especially since your kids turned our grooming area into a dangerous circus pit complete with rabid animals foaming at the mouth. We are sending you a free coupon for a return visit, conpliments of PetSmatt!

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DOG KIDNAPPERS - 2 d 13 m ago


This is the worst grooming service in the WORLD!!!! 5 hours for pet grooming is un acceptable in the LARGO, MD PETSMART by Carline the grooming manager. It's impossible to describe the incompetence of the staff and the manager and for that matter the customer service department that only wants to take my name and number and have someone from corporate call me back so they can offer me a coupon or a discount on my next grooming for my pet. UNACCPETABLE!!!!!!! I SHOULD CONTACT THE LOCAL POLICE FOR KIDNAPPING for the amount of time it takes for this location to groom my dog. You people are the worst I have seen of since DONALD J TRUMP! Ignoracet running rampid!!!

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Corporate Office Responds - 1 d ago

Thank you for your kind words regarding our PetSmart groomers. We are proud of our track record, having lost just six pets a day in your location. This was mostly due to filthy conditions because of former employees/whistleblowers. The situation has been rectified. Should you continue to threaten us with police action, we will secretly unleash Doberman in your house while you are sleeping.

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Gunsmoke Texas - 1 d 4 h ago

We recently purchased two Nylabone chew toys, barcode 18214 84098 and 18214 83028. Both products are sold as nylon type, extreme chew bone style items. Within 10 minutes of there were small chips that came off the items, I immediately removed these products from the dog.

The product says, "Vet Recommended" I would not trust my pet to the vets endorsing this product!!

I phoned the company today and relayed the information, I was told that these chips will pass through the dog. Great, what? A very poor response, I explained that this is a man made item and no matter how big or small the debris is, some will be broken down by normal digestive processes, while some larger pieces will pass. Either way, the pieces of a chemically, injection molded item are not to be ingested!

At the end of the call, there was no effort to ask my name or identification. The person asked were the item was purchased and the zip code. I asked if they would like to follow up with me etc. the answer, Oh yea, I voluntarily gave my contact info and asked for a follow up call. I also mentioned that I have photos etc.

Needless to say, Pet Smart, Kroger or any company purchasing dept. should be more informed before they buy items for animals that might harm the pet. In this case, they failed miserably in getting reliable info from the manufacturer.

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NYLABONE RESPONDS: We apologize for the injury to your animal. Good luck on your dog intestines. Please accept a free stuffed animal. Thank you for your patronage.

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Carolyn green - 4 d 2 h ago



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Luke - 5 d 43 s ago


My wife just called the grooming saloon at the Delavan Wisconsin store 53115 they told us they were to busy to help us and ask if they could call us back. Is this how you guys handle calls from customers, if I did this where I worked not only would I be fired but I would lose many customers. It's okay I'll go to PETCO.

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D Seelick - 7 d 7 h ago


I shop in the Petsmart in Boynton Beach, Florida. As you walk in the store, to your right, you can see the animals being groomed. In this

particular store, there is a groomer who is extremely rough with the animals. This is a person who should not be caring for animals!!!! The dog was almost choking itself as it was trying to get away from the pain. I have reported this person to the manager 2 times but I always see

her doing the same thing. This is abuse!!!! How hypocritical of a company who helps so many animals!!!!!

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tromeo1984 - 9 d 14 m ago


We just adopted a cat from the store in Shawnee, Oklahoma. We paid our fees for her shots, spaying, and deworming. This was 2 days ago. Today the cat has bad diarrhea and worms in her poop. We called the store and they said that they couldn't help us. So we called the place the did everything and they won't help. They say it's Pet Smart problem. So one needs to do something because this is crap. We adopted another cat last year from the one and Yukon Oklahoma and have had no problem. Some one is going to pay me back for having to deworm both my cats now.

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MARK ferris - 9 d 18 h ago


Went into the store in Abilene TX and the fish aqaurium's smelled like sewer water , I ask the girl working there , Don't y'all change the water in these tanks and she said "NO" , not Anymore , so left the store and I've bought ALOT of aquarium supplies in there and probably won't be going back if they can't take better care of their Aquariums .......

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Maria - 13 d 2 h ago


Ever since Petsmart was bought out, the quality has gone down drastically yet the prices are going up. I loved Martha Stewart brand of dog clothes, harnesses and toys. I just went in today to see the Ellen Degeneres's new products and they are very cheaply made. The harnesses do not have an adjustment for my dogs length and they are made in China. Toys look flimsily made and the beds are for 3-6 lbs dogs. Many of the food items are made by Mars candy? I guess parents are more astute about dyes food additives in candy so now they have to market similar crap to us pet owners. Yuck. You lost my business. I have been going there for years. Change is Good!

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Chris - 13 d 8 h ago


Now over a month of trying to get $13.50 back o nmy gift card so I can finish my dog food purchase!!! COMPLETE INCOMPETENCE in your Customer Service Dept. Have spoke to two supervisors who tell me different things on different days..."Oh we see the money on the card"...It will take 3-5 business days for it to go back on your card"....Complete has become the principle at this point, not even about the lousy $13.00!

Taking my $150.00 per month food purchases to company to work with!!! Great customer service! Real shame too as your local manager here is fantastic and I love going into the store...too bad your online business and personnel suck so bad that you lose customers in spite of the local employees being fantastic!

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Kimberly Gibbs - 14 d ago


I am very upset with you doing away with product: Great Choice Purrrely Divine tonga tuna. My cats love this food. Please bring this back.

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Mike D - 14 d 4 h ago


I know you sometimes receive negative comments, but I'd like the spotlight to shine on a particular store and manager. I live in Manteca, CA 95336 and the Petsmart manager "Sean" is probably one of the best managers I've ever dealt with.

I've been working on my 55 gallon fish tank for some time now and have lots of money invested into this fresh water tank with plants and fish mostly purchased at this Petsmart. I ran into a dilemma with my new tank where I needed a hood for one side. Sean was professional the entire time and really helped me out when needed to get what I needed quickly. He honestly saved me a HUGE headache. Not only this but Sean helped me the entire time with a smile and I really appreciated his patience and great attitude!

Honestly if ALL managers at Petsmart and other companies could be professional, friendly and as hard working as Sean is the companies would flourish!

I'm very happy to say I have a wonderful place to buy dog food, cat food/litter and fish supplies at my local PetsMart! Do me a favor and please pass this down to Sean as he deserves to be recognized!

Thank you very much please feel free to contact me with any questions.


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Regina Young - 14 d 19 h ago


The petsmart doggie day camp in BeavertonOregon are the worst ! After 30 minutes on the phone registering my puppy for day camp they told me at the end that he was not allowed due to the 25% mix he was .my puppy is shared pai ,mastiff ,and pit bull dog ,they told me its because they don't know how to unlock his jaw if he were to get into a puppy fight . It's the same way you would unlock a German shepherds jaw or a chiwawa! Now mind you they never seen my puppy ! He actually looks like a beattle ! He knows the basic commands and he's being trained to be a licensed crevice dog ,he's 11 weeks old and they won't even observe him , they are being judgemental and racist due to his mix , and not willing to give the Lil guy a chance , they are so ignorant in thinking that all pit dogs are mean n vicious ,but they admitted to me that other dogs do fight and attack other dogs there and that they have even asked certain owners not to bri g there dogs back , it's all about how you train n treat you puppy !!! I will never nor will my family n friends ever shop at any petsmart again ! We get better customer service ,advice and professionalism at pet-Co !

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