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I am writing to express my outrage at the way PetSmart runs its "pet hotel" and" care for pets whose pet parents must leave their pets in your care/.My grandson is going to be married and go on his honeymoon, so I told him I would pay for his little dog Ruffles to stay at your hotel in Anaheim. When he was there before, ti was fine. Today, my grandson was told that it would cost an extra $250 to allow the poor little dog out of his cage outside of feeding time. HOW DARE YOU!!!! You claim to care about animals, yet you keep the pats in cages for weeks at a time and charge extra for play time!! I talked to the person at the store and was told this is common procedure. Therefore, this is a matter to be reported to the SPCA as it is animal cruelty and exploitation in any sense of the word. It is too late for me to do anything as Ruffles is already in the hotel and the wedding is in two days. I am beyond outrage at this policy. I talked to a person there who told me this is standard procedure. The recorded phone call will prove your company charges a very high fee to lock a little dog in a cage every day and not let him out without extra charges. Cruella DeViille is alive and well and managing PetSmart. I will not shut up about this outrageous policy.

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Anonymous - 2 d 9 h ago


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disappointed - 8 d 16 h ago


I was shocked to find "string like" material in my dog's food. I brought a sample to the Pet Smart in Macedonia Ohio where I purchased the Pro Plan Savor Chicken and Rice for puppies. The employees working at the time told me it was larva from bugs.

When I spoke with the manager. She refused to give me a refund or a different bag of food even though she could tell it was bought at that store because I have a rewards card. I was told that I had to make another trip home, get the bag (that weighs 34 pounds) and bring it back. I will also note that the time was 5:57pm on a Sunday and the store was closing in 3 minutes. I am not sure why I have to be inconvenienced 2x because I unknowingly purchased poor quality food at this store. Furthermore, I am shocked that the employees and manager acted so casually about bugs being in dog food that they are selling. The manager actually told me to contact Purina myself versus taking any ownership of the situation.

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Lor - 3 d 2 h ago


If I was an employee or manager of PetSmart & you came up to me with this problem of yours re bug in dog food!! I'd certainly be acting shocked to hear about it & not acting so casually like I don't care!! (But different strokes for different folks).. But to get refund usually you have to have item, unless they'll give you a bly & refund you your money & not have you make an extra trip home to come back with it!!

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Laurs - 4 d 9 h ago


Petsmart spends millions to contract FedX twice the FedX driver has delivered to the wrong place. First he dumped the box in front of a tree and the box broke it was to left asvststed on shipping at unit 1. Today same driver delivered it on the wrong street four houses away. Again clearly the shipping label provides the correct address and what unit. I'm 62 and can't carry those four doors away. Hey PetSmart FedX doesn't care about your customers even when your pay millions on that contract. Lazy Board Of Director and a CEO and to make matters worst there are NO Corport phone listed and your customer service is not allowed the have them. Per customer service today 1:37pm when can only forward your feedback we Do Not have any corporate numbers. Great business your running there. Finally if you corporate CEO VP and other higher ups are scared to give out phone numbers then you all should resign with billions your making off your customers and go find a job you can be good at.

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Laura - 4 d 9 h ago


Petsmart has a million dollar contract with FedX for their deliveries therefore Petsmart is Fedx's employee by contract. Twice now the boy that delivers here in in Loch Lomond has delivered to the wrong address. First he threw box under a tree and the box broke open Today same kid delivered my supplies to a house 4 doors down and the wrong road. Clearly the correct address information is on the shipping label. I called Customer service and they have no corporate phone numbers at all. They can send only feedback. When a Corporations refuses to give the corporate phone numbers their hiding something. The supposed corporate number listed under the CEO name is the customer service phone. If Petsmart doesn't care about its customers and how their products are delivered by FED X then Petsmart Board Of Directors should all reign for sitting on their fat money salaries profits and their pensions. They only care about their pockets. Not the customer.

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Disabled employee - 6 d 18 h ago


PetSmart's new way of Custumer service policy email please or I get fired!

That's what happened to me today after my shift was going to end in 30 minutes the all new managers of this store throws you a paper to sign stating that your email capture each week fluctuate up and down and that if it's not at 45 or 50% it results in termination the paper states that you are not asking every single customer to put down there email when in all truth and honesty your asking all your customers to add there email and got yelled at for asking them so much they don't care if those customers don't have an email they don't care if the customers say no I don't want my email down I have enough junk in my mail already with all due respect (((((( IF A CUSTOMER TELLS YOU NO THEN THEY MEAN NO!!!!!!!!))))))). Do not force your employees to force there customers for emails or puppy guides if they don't want to respect cuz after all like what the managers like to repeat this is not a non profit organization this is a profit business so treat your employees better and STOP badgering them about email capture and puppy guides if they constantly ask every single customer or they will leave plus it's completely wrong and stupid to terminate a hard working disabled employee over emails

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Dan - 8 d 4 h ago


You people don't have any idea what will l happen to you because of your ban of a pitty pup at a party . I am not a pit bull owner and hundreds of thousands of people finding out about your policy will stop shopping and grooming and you will see how much of a mistake you made..

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Julie Williams Hooksett, NH - 11 d 11 h ago


Petsmarts policy excluding all bully breeds ... and most nonsensically .... all mixed breeds that "have the appearance" of a bully breed is shocking and disappointing. I will not spend another cent with a company that is so ignorant and blatantly discriminatory. Petsmart can have my business back now ... you should be ashamed ...

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June LaVine - 12 d 8 h ago


Attn:. Corporate officers

I'm President of Friends of Elk Grove Animal Shelter and the City of Elk Grove will be opening a new animal shelter in Spring of 2019. They have always enjoyed a great community relationship with local merchants. They set up an adoption event some time ago outside of your Elk Grove store. Your manager was extremely rude to their employees. Since thenI have heard nothing good about this manager. They have wonderful adoption events monthly with Petco. Nothing is more important to Animal Services and our non profit than to help rescue animals finding their forever homes. I was hoping to enjoy the same relationship with your company. Unfortunately as long as he remains in this position, animal services is not welcome.

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Dissapointed - 12 d 14 h ago


My family has always been a loyal customer of petsmart. Love the people and products. Just found out that military discounts will no longer be given to those men and women who so deserve at least a little bit of consideration of their service. This is what I loved about petsmart. Now they are like so many other places where a simple military discount becomes such a burden. This was a petsmart corporate decision. They did leave it for Tuesday only for grooming, at least they are acting generous with that. So if you where in the military or still are take advantage of that before they decide that families like mine are simply not worth it. Don't worry petsmart our business is going to your competitor who are now giving military discounts. You know the one thing i loved about your company is that you cared enough about our men and women in our military ative or not through your store. Sorry you no longer feel that way. I guess those military families where tapping into the coperates millions. Later!

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Anonymous - 12 d 14 h ago


Excluding breeds from specific things in your stores is unfair , until it's changed we will support places where all pets can go !

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Anonmymous - 14 d 13 h ago


I have a registered & certified service dog for my medical condition. I have never been in this particular store (Location - Spanish Springs) in Nevada before as I recently moved into the neighborhood. The store was very crowded and I met several people outside the store and was talking to them. When I went in, I was told by someone to go first. Several people followed. One had a Pit Bull, one had a puppy St. Barnard, and there were several small Chihuahuas and Border Collies along with other breeds coming in. There were at least 4 or 5 people with multiple pets coming in behind me and I wanted to get out of the way. I chose not to stop to get a cart until the doorway cleared as people were wanting to come in - maybe for a class - maybe because of the celebrations going on for May 5 - Cinco De Mayo festivities going on; or just out doing the shopping for the week or month as it was the first Saturday of the month.

As stated there were several people there and one of the employees asked if I needed any help. I told him that this was my first time at the store. He then asked if he could pet my service dog and I said yes. My mistake. He gets down on the floor cross legged and entices my service dog to come into his lap. Wow! She loves it though so I didn't say anything at this point because I am new to the area and I thought that this would be a nice way to say thank you for the welcome. A few seconds later, other dogs are coming around and want to be petted also so I give him my opened bag of treats that use for my service dog when we are done shopping and she has completed tasks at the registers. I brought the opened and used bags in so I could find more of the treats that I like to give her as they have a great nutrition value. I then give him several of my treats for the other dogs.

There is another group there that has was showing off the tricks the dogs are trained for in the back of the store. I went over to them to talk to them and I asked if I could give them a treat as they are well trained. I was given permission. This happened to be the same group of people that I talked to outside but since I had more questions for them, I was talking to them when the floor manager came up to me and told me: "I told you several days ago to leave my store." Isaid, "I am sorry, I don't know what you are talking about. This is my first time Ever in this store as I am new to the area. I have never been in here before". She then turns to an assistant with her and she said something that was not clear. She then tells me to leave again. Again, I tell her, I have never been in your store and I asked her: "Why?" She refused to answer my question. Before the argument accelerated, I threw up my hand and said, "I am out of here! I am leaving." I took my service dog's leash and held it close to me as I walked out.

I can only assume that because she did not answer my question as to "why"; it was because I had my service dog with her tags clearly showing that she was a registered and certified service dog. It was against my service dog and not me. If people cannot tell me why I have to leave, I then get out and call it in. This store has refused to talk to me over the phone although I have three case numbers. This is only my personal opinion, but I feel that the store floor manger and some of the employees are prejudice against those who are medically disabled such as myself.

Do to this, I cannot recommend this store to anyone who is disabled or has a service dog to patronize this location of Pets'Mart. My sister is totally blind and she has her guide dog with her at all times also, but she will come to this location for her dog's shopping needs.

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Anonmymous - 13 d 13 h ago


After speaking with the district manager and the manager at the Spanish Springs location, I received my answer as to why and that it was a big misunderstanding on who and what was going on in the store that day. I was happy with results after the calls. Apologies were given and accepted all around. I hope that the manager is not terminated now that know the reason of why she thought what she did. We also spoke on what the policies are concerning service dogs.

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Cassie - 12 d 14 h ago


There is no such thing has a certified service dog!

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Disappointed - 12 d 17 h ago


Went to location in Wesley chapel and they was not very knowledgeable of where items was. Guy tries to help but abandon me in the wrong place. Not help full.

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Dinah Donovon - 13 d 3 h ago


This is about the Pet "smart" in Texas that had a doggie party and did not allow a two month old little puppy in because it had pit bull features. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE TRAINED AND KNOW BETTER!! My Staffordshire Terrier wouldn't have been allowed in, although the year of her birth her breed won best in show. All thirty pounds of her would scare the labs and great Danes and other huge dogs!?!? You think giving Blu's owner a party package would shut her up!?! A PARTY NEEDS FRIENDS AKA OTHER DOGS TO PLAY WITH? ARE YOU PROVIDING THAT FOR LITTLE BLU!?!

Your too little too late move had lost you soooooo much money? Oir house has three and between my in laws we have eight dogs and two cats.

I would rather spend more than give you people one more cent. But thank goodness for CHEWY. WHEN MY PITTIE was in the hospital BARKBOX sent her a get better box and a birthday box for My service dog?

There are over twenty five thousand members of the pit bull advocates site I read about your staff turning Blu away.

Yeah, Christmas bonuses will be smaller this year..... Just a gut feeling.

Goodbye it's past My three furbabies bedtime.



This!!! Fur parents are a serious bunch and when you assume things about our babies we get damn intense.

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Upset customer.... - 13 d 6 h ago


I now know with 100% certainty that I will NEVER shop at Petsmart as long as you refuse to let pitbulls attend events, or be inside the store. This absurd ignorance has led thousands of other people to the same boycott conclusion as me. Segregation based off of breed is barbaric. If you want people to change their minds about boycotting petsmart, issue a public apology to Blu and his owner.

General profile image

Jody - 14 d 1 s ago


I picked up my dog Mr. Brutus this afternoon from the salon in Sedona and I have never seen him look better. Jody did an amazing job with his cut and especially his face, which he is normally very fussy with. Additionally, Brutus always shakes on the way home from the salon, however this time he was relaxed and has never been that calm on a drive. I have never been more pleased by any groomer! -Mathew & Jan Cox

General profile image

Anonymous - 14 d 13 h ago


Your refusal to allow Pit Bulls to attend events at Petsmart is heartbreaking, disappointing, and very ignorant. I believe it is your job as Chairman of the Board for Petsmart to fix this outdated, misleading, and ridiculous rule. Today I saw a tweet about how you didn't let a Pitbull puppy named Blu attend one of your "parties" and it was heartbreaking, not just for me but also for the 112,000 people who retweed the tweet, and the 302,000 people who liked the tweet. I know you have to provide for whatever the public wants in order to be profitable, but that is a large number of service to lose for a rule that was extremely idiotic in the first place.

General profile image

Ldrummer-Amstaf - 14 d 10 h ago

I would love to tell the beautiful owner of that Pitbull "Blu" that that hat and that puppy face is the most adorable ever, I own 2 American Staford Terriers (they are confused with pitbulls all the time) and they are also the most amazing dogs. The owner makes the dog, they are not "of violent nature" I was HEARTBROKEN to read that twitt and see the picture.

Not going to PetSmart ever.

PS: If anyone knows the name of Blu's human, I would love to invite her to a all-inclusive party just to see Blu wear that beautiful hat.

General profile image

Debra Bailey - 15 d 4 h ago


Mr. Frances,

As chairman of the board for Petsmart I believe that it is your duty and responsibility to review the decisions of one of your stores refusal to allow a dog to participate in an event today simply because the dog was a pit bull. I have tried to forward you the link but have been unable to. What I can tell you is that it was about a pitbull named Blu who was dressed up and ready to go to the party when her guardian was refused entry. I believe that this archaic "witch hunt" type of attitude needs to stop. The attitude and actions of your staff in this case is shameful and you need to review this further.

Of course you realize that Petsmart relies upon the support of the public who patronize your stores and if people stop shopping at Petsmart it would not be profitable for you. I am requesting that you take an immediate interest in this matter and address this discriminatory practice. I have four dogs and frequented Petsmart. Based on the hypocrisy that your store demonstrated I am boycotting Petsmart and shall make the same recommendation on Facebook where many, many others will read this. If you take appropriate action and make changes to this ridiculous policy (or protocol) I will reconsider buyng products from Petsmart. Until that time I suspect you will continue to see a drop in customer patronage.

General profile image

Anonymous - 15 d 13 h ago


I,m really think a pet store would somewhat have little knowledge of the most breeds. The open ignorance of the American Pit Bull Terrier is insulting too owners of the APBT. No normal owner of a APBT that was not trained and socialized.well would not bring dog to a store. I will not

shop at another PetSmartand will get everyone I know to stop shopping at your store, What a bunch of D*%#-Heads .

Chuck GoffChuck

General profile image

BOYCOTT today - 16 d 18 h ago


National boycott of petsmart today. Come on people, show this company that us the customers are done. No one from PetSmart reads these reviews, they don't care about the customers who shop and spend their hard earned money at PetSmart.

General profile image

N/A - 16 d 4 h ago


Here Here. It takes a village........

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