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19601 N 27th Ave
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Philip Francis
Chairman of the Board
(623) 580-6100
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Clair - 2 d 2 h ago


Heads up Petsmart Corp: I was in the Palmdale calif location earlier today& cashier ( a women) gave me that bs about having a blessed day. Not into her religion push: your employees need to keep their religion bs to themselves!

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Danae - 2 d ago


Clair, Before you sneeze, warn everyone not to say "Bless You" because you will find it extremely offensive and will need to write a letter to the head of the corporation responsible for hiring such a horrendous individual to assault you with horribly egregious comments.

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Rusell - 17 h 31 m ago


wich you can also keep your bs to youself. there nothing ofensive about someone caring for you.

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Aron Miller - 17 h ago

Dear Clair: as a primary Doctor let me say to you, do you want me to care for your health? or Just do a sloppy job and care more about stealing your money and not caring?

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S.Gomez - 17 h 21 m ago


corporate... plz train your staff....rudeness is not good customer are losing money as i myself Will take my business some where else.

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Carl - 1 d ago


Customer serviceless cashier at Rohnert Park.

This rude and inconsiderate cashier let me go through my diatribe of questions before he finally took one of his earbuds out of his ear and said, "What?". It took all of my inner strength to remain polite and calm and simply go to a different cashier. But I could not let it go; hence this review. By the way, if anybody wants to call him out, this was on February 20 at approximately 3:15 PM.

I have a large dog and spend right around $140 every month. You can be sure that it will not be at Petsmart anymore.

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Glenn Daly - 1 d 9 h ago

Hello, my name is Glenn Daly .i feel compelled to write you this letter as a result of myself excitingly trying to work for your company in a management role.i am in your system .i am so discouraged as to how my interview process was handled. It all started back in December .i applied and your store manager from the port Jefferson store here on Long Island ny who by the way was one if the few positive things you need to know about. He reached out to the dm. His name is Kevin I never got his last name. Time went by ,weeks . Finally I met with the store manager Gail at your lake grove location great lady . The interview went great. More weeks went by still no call of contact from the dm Kevin after me attempting several times to meet with Kevin I finally got a call from the store manager Kristi. From your north Babylon location. That was on february6 nearly 2 months after my first application. That went well also. I called Kristi on 2/20 to follow up . She was very cut and dry and said. The salary is between 50 and 55 and Kevin is not going to budge. That was a huge let down for me . I'm shocked that I wasn't even given the courtesy of a call from the dm. I still have never met him or spoke to him. Is this how your company handles string candidates for management .I have deep experience in management as stated in my resume . also my experience with pets and the animal kingdom is vast and quite extensive. But this was never looked at by your dm. As I stated Ian deeply disappointed in the way this was handled. Your missing out on a passionate and deeply trained management person. I'm hoping this letter gets into the proper hands I get some kind of response . I'm not giving up I truly want to be employed by your company .thank you for your time .

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Tim - 2 d 41 s ago



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Laura - 2 d 7 h ago



NOTE: We are not asking for Donations so if anyone says other wise it is not for this cause!

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Max - 2 d 13 h ago


Last Friday on the advice of my vet, I went to Pet Smart in Pea Ridge, Florida, to purchase a protective collar for my dog. Only one register was in use so I was second in line. Soon three other people joined me in line and we waited. After about 10 minutes someone came and opened another register. Those in line behind me moved to the newly opened register, but I stayed at the first register. Soon the others that had moved were all checked out and gone and others had moved to the second register. I was still waiting at the first register, still second in line. After about 20 minutes the person ahead of me finally was able to check out and I arrived at the check-out. I said to the clerk, "I have been waiting over 15 minutes in line". The clerk made no reply at all, just gave me a look. I seldom made comments about service, but this was not acceptable or polite. The clerk could have at lease express her regret that the wait was so long. This is not the way to keep customers.

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Could be Better..... - 3 d ago

There are many businesses that are equipped with cameras. Petsmart has cameras too...BUT, who is monitoring these cameras. There should be cameras in play areas (all of them), at registers, in area where pets are housed. Someone should be watching and taking notes. With the complaints of abuse, there would be huge problem if my dog was not being treated as she should be. Petsmart can certainly afford to pay someone to monitor the cameras and to check the employees, especially at night. There was something I wanted done at Petsmart while my dog was there overnight. I will handle this myself. The employees needs incentive and willingness to work there. I could so handle the situations that customers are complaining about, with ease.

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Horrible - 6 d 20 h ago


What happened to the Moorestown NJ PetSmart lately? Within 5 months or so it went down hill fast. New management is killing that store, they don't care and are rude. The store is dark, empty and there's no employee around to help you. It's like corporate wants that store to fail. 5 to 6 months ago there were employees and managers everywhere to help you and they cared a lot. Now that store is a ghost town. From what I was told from an employee, all the good ones either quit or got fired due to new management. Corporate is nuts.

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Joann Clark - 4 d 4 h ago


Agree with you there. I noticed a huge difference as well. There used to be such a great staff there. I don't know why or what happened there at that store. Someone should petition to get rid of the new store manager which is the cause of the former employees and managers to leave. At least they cared and did their jobs.

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Doreen Christian - 4 d 7 h ago

I writing to let y'all know this is not good for customer service they nipped my poodle still saying they didn't. He has a bubble on his leg,now the rub him down when he come he was perfect, they said they would remove when he got his teeth clean while he was asleep. Well the grooming department changed up never communicate with banfield in Towson. What are y'all going to,because every time I look at my dog I feel for him.I sent him there to look good and in two days they did this..

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Linda - 5 d 7 h ago


Went to 4 PetSmart in Florida and they said this weekend for adoption is only cats. On TV you guys said dogs and cats. False advertising

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Ari Flores - 5 d 8 h ago


I've been shopping at Petsmart in Pinole CA for several years now & I never really had an issue until now because I usually mind my own. I usually go in, get my cat litter & food and I'm done. For several months now, I would say approximately 5 months, the litter that I purchase is priced differently from what it rings up as. Mind you, there is always two bags stacked on the shelf. I've told the cashier many times that its priced incorrectly & they have done nothing to correct the matter. Well yesterday the cashier, cashier #590580, store #2223, decided to give me attitude when I told her about the price difference. She said she would give it to me this one time, and when I told her that this price has been there for months, she looked at me as if I was full of shit. I even took a picture of it. First off, for as long as that litter is incorrectly priced because the employees there are to fkn lazy to do their job & make weekly price changes, that is the price I am going to be charged. I don't care if its a dollar difference, its the principal of the matter & the fact that this cashier had the audacity to give a customer attitude about her stores inefficiency to do their job properly! Maybe Nancy, the manager, should get off her ass & actually roam the store to ensure her staff is actually taking care of what needs to be addressed. I was a manager in the pet industry for many years and nothing irks me more than a staff with a poor attitude towards their customers and a staff that acts as they are incompetent of doing their job to ensure proper customer service. Pet Food Express is right around the corner from this Petsmart, perhaps they'd appreciate my business a lot more.

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Rose - 6 d 6 h ago


I used to shop at a different PetSmart before I moved out of state and the employees were always extremely friendly & helpful. The new location that is closest to me os the Jensen Beach, FL store. I have been there 3 times so far and every time the employees are very rude, not helpful and act as if they hate working there. Customer Service is very important in a store where you see customers on a daily basis. Today the manager (I guess) was the worst so far. I was told at my old PetSmart that they price match the online price. Today I told the cashier and he called the (who I assume) manager over. At the other store the cashier was always able tp type it in. When the manager came over she looked very annoyed. Then when I was waiting for the product to come up on my phone, which took under a minute, she sighed and acted aggravated. I really wish corporate would talk to the employees at this store about good customer service.

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Renee Vanvalkenburg - 8 d 2 h ago


I tried to make a return for an online purchase and a store purchase in the Cartersville store but was met with forces that went against trying to help the customer as well as your return policy it clearly states past 60 days a merchandise card will be given I was met with no no no from store managers.

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Phyllis Marks - 9 d ago

To Phillip Francis.Chairman of the Board for Petsmart:

I live in Vancouver,WA and have been on line looking for a dog to adopt. I have been in in a site called"something "Paws" and is sponsored by Petsmart. They are in Winchester OR. and I called about a dog they listed on their site. Well he asked me what site I had on the internet and when I told him, he said that was not their site, but rather a company who advertises the dogs from them in OR. Well the dog has been adopted and I was told that The internet site by Petsmart does not take the dogs off the site when they are adopted. So is why I called them about adopting the dog.

I would believe that Petsmart should not be advertising the dogs from another business and would bet that has caused much problems from Petsmart. No one has said much negative to me but they sounded sorry about my call and they had nothing to do with not having the dog advertised,as it was not their advertising for the dog, but rather Petsmart.. Please do something about how you advertise these dogs as they are not there now for adopting.. Maybe just advertise your own pets instead.?

Thank you

Phyllis Marks


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L Lindfstrom - 15 d ago


adopted a cat last night at this location. manager inept. cat bit me and scratched me as he was handing her to me. manager didn't know where alcohol, antibiotic ointment and band aids were. bled all over their store, creating a health hazard. went to another employee at the check out for assistance who was engaged in a private conversation with a customer who had finished his purchased. I was dripping blood on conveyor belt. told employee my problem is urgent, save the personal chat for another time, I need immediate attention. employee threatened he wouldn't help me at all if I was "yelling at him".

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J land - 11 d ago

I'm sure your cat scratch was sooo bad that it needed IMMEDIATE attention lol have you ever owned a cat before? Jesus Christ.

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Laura - 9 d 9 h ago


J land you missed the whole friggin point a customer was injured no matter how serious at least someone should of tended to the matter that is just RUDE customer service and bad for business! I am sure she knew she wasn't dying or nothing like that but after being ignored and then the 2nd employee feeling personal chat is more important than a customer in actual need of assistance is bad service PERIOD! If you were at a restraint and your food was up and ready but the waitress decided a convo about a party last night was more important you'd be pissed this is No Different!

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Teri - 9 d ago


Are you kidding me, have you ever heard of Cat Scratch Fever?? Its real and can be VERY serious, and YES... I currently own 6 rescue cats and have had many more over the years!!

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Dromero33 - 10 d 7 h ago


I was a constant shopper at your Lafayette, La location. But I will never be going back there. The fish tanks always have dead fish in them, not newly dead but fungus on them. I set up a 65 gallon tank from there several months ago. I went in to purchase more fish to fill my tank. I spent over 60 dollars for fish, against my better judgement. I picked out some in tanks that didn't look infected. Well within 1 day all my fish in the tank, over 350 dollars worth of fish were in infected, so then I had to spend money on chemicals to try to save them and they all winded up dieing. Then I had to empty and treat the entire tank. This whole incident cost me over 600 dollars and killed 4 months of getting my tank together. You lost a customer of over 10 years and 6 tanks.

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Anonymous - 11 d ago


I had such a bad experience at one of your locations that I feel compelled to write this. I call the grooming dept. to ask if they were busy and did they have time to trim my dogs nails. The gentleman on the phone said to bring them on in and they were not busy. I arrived 30 minutes later 6:15 pm there was only one dog there that the groomer was finishing up. I told the young lady I was there to get a nail trim only and she told me they didn't have time. The other young lady walked in from the back room area and told me they were closing early. I explained how I called and was told to come in. She didn't seem to care and just said sorry. I then spoke to the store manager, I think her name was Carrie, who told me they were closing the grooming early. I told her how I called and also pointed out that the store hours are posted and also on the website that grooming is open till 9pm and it is only 6:15 pm. Her only reply was I could come back tomorrow. She was extremely rude and the two young girls in grooming were laughing when I left the store. I will never shop here again and will share my experience with everyone I know so they don't have to endure this type of rude and unprofessional experience.

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