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Petsmart, Inc.

19601 North 27th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ
(623) 580-6100
(623) 395-6517
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Bombon - 5 h 21 m ago


My pet was groomed at the Bloomingdale location last Saturday the 6th. I normally cut his hair short for the winter to grow long, Dog was healthy playful and normal before his grooming on Saturday 10/6/17. I picked him up Saturday normally he will be itching because the short hair I requested not to do very short on the face ears and tail. Took Bombon home and by the afternoon the dog was acting scared and seemed in pain shaking his ears. Saturday night I notice Bombon was shaking and very cold w his head down to the floor, I cover him and watched him all night he was shivering and vomiting I was worried.

Sunday my dog would no eat or drink and he was crying it seemed like he was intoxicated or in pain from his right ear. I checked his ears and notice the right ear was completely red and it had lacerations in it and the left ear was not cleaned at all still had some hair and some wax in it.

I waited till Monday to call the Petsmart Grooming. I gave my dog another when I saw he started eating and drinking water day figuring he was just in shock from all the cleaning in the ear and grooming.

I called Petsmart on Tuesday morning they and explain Bombon's health status they said he had his ears quite dirty they had to use aggressive cleaning and most likely he was sore and not able to tolerate sound or could not hear from the noise process in his ear drum, they said they found flees and they had to use medicated shampoo for him so he must of not tolerated the shampoo as well tey stated. Groomer said to give the dog another couple days till Thursday if he did not get well by then to take him to the DR.

I notice Bombon my dog was still in much more pain he was eating but he was screaming w pain now. I took him in on Thursday to Benfield they said he had and infection on the ear that was cleaned and they had cleaned the other ear, gave me two meds to clean both ears and drops to put in the infected ear paid $180.00. took Bombon home put the meds on that day and next day morning by Friday afternoon my dog was on the floor shivering screaming and crying he did not tolerated the liquid meds he was in very bad shape. I took him back to the DR to get Blood tested and paid for oral antibiotics pain meds blood work and dr visit.

I believe I need a total refund from the groomers place for not completing the grooming for injuring my dogs ear and causing an infection that spread to both ears refund me the 180.00 for the first visit and the total for the second visit

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Annette Dercole - 4 d 11 h ago


Where is the help for the abandoned pets in Puerto Rico and the distribution of cat and dog food for the abandoned and injured pets there. My friend is there and no sign of any help from Petsmart or donations and he is spending his own money to help these animals. Yet you collect money to help in these disasters?

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Stephanie from Munising - 12 d 8 h ago


The Marquette PetSmart is a joke.Went in to get 10 feeder goldfish.Everytime I go in there I get interrogated. Well Jennifer started in and I said I just want 10 feeders."It's part of my job" So I told her a 55 gallon."Do you realize it will be overstocked?"Are you #$@@$@ kidding me? Only fish store I have ever been in with that treatment.Unfortunatly it's the only one left in Marquette!!!! Ridiculous!!!!

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Harassed and refused my rights - 16 d ago


Man they did my fionce and I dirty, they had her crying her eyes outs! I completely understand why everywhere I'm posting they have ratings of 2 stars or under! Let me re-cap:

I went in today to return some dog food that we were over charged for and one of the receipts had been bought with an old debit card that I no longer use and she told me that in order to get my money back I would have to have the oringinal card it was purchased with(although she had already marked out my item, I told her to reprint my reciept and she said she couldn't so she wrote on it "return canceled and signed her initials". So I went home found the card and came back. Since my fionce was already going back in she deicdes to take care of the return for me. She comes back crying saying that the manager and the employee were being mean to her saying they knew what she was up to and calling her a liar when she said she that it hadn't been returned. So I immediately just up and run in there explaining how I had came in earlier to return some things and that this item was never returned due to said cause and this grown man continues waving his finger in front of my face telling me "don't think you two can get away with stuff like this here, it's already been returned! It's been returned! It's been returned!" And as I try to explain to him the situation again he continues talking over me saying repeatedly "it's been returned!"

WTF petsmart!!! What the fuukkkkkk! I've never been so pissed over such shitty service to the point I am called a liar and had my fionce in tears!!! Someone needs to do something about this! And the crazy thing is, they refused to even scan the reciept!! What's wrong with petsmart? 150 east blackstock rd Spartanburg sc. this was a complete act of shaming and slandering us in front of a group of customers and I will get what's owed to me. I will not forget this and I will continue spreading my word until manners are handled. #nevershopingagain #petdumbasses #worstcustomerservice

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Pamela N Mandryck - 19 d 9 h ago


For a firm that SUPPOSEDLY cares about animals,

you really ARE NOT doing a great job of screening employees!!!


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Jay Mann - 20 d 8 h ago


Unfortunately, I have just had the most terrible experience this past weekend. My dog was injured while staying in the Potomac Yard, Alexandria, Va. store's Pet Hotel. The service was deplorable, and very upsetting. Ultimately, the store manager stated I was going to be Banned from ALL Petsmart stores services. I have been retaliated against and want this handled please. Help me get this resolved.

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Nancy - 25 d 7 h ago


I just visited your store in Greeley CO. When I went to the register the sales clerk asked for my email address. I did not want to give it to her but I was told she had to have in order to complete my transaction. I told her I didn't want to give it to her. She said I have to have it. I told her I have never had to give my email before and she proceeded to tell me it was a new policy. I wanted the items I came to get so I gave it to her. She then said if I had not given it to her she would be fired, she needed to keep her numbers up. I was furious. I stated to her so I didn't have to give it to you and she said yes or I would be fired. I left the store and called from my vehicle and asked to speak to the store manager. I was told there wasn't any management on duty at that time but she would help me. Her name was Amanda. I asked if it was a policy now that in order to make a purchase you had to give your email address and she stated yes. She let me know so they could let me know about weekly special's, sales, etc. I then told her I would not return to the store with the lack of respect for me as a consumer in not wanting to give you my information. Your first email I will unsubscribe like my check out clerk told me too. That is quite the pressure you put on your employees which in turn they give horrible customer service! Oh and you need to scrub your store down, it smells terrible.

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Anonymous - 36 d 4 h ago


I worked for Petsmart for over 13 yrs and was one of the employees that helped open the Apple Valley Ca store. What was once a clean and fresh smelling store is a thing of the past! Last month when I was there it smelled like a very dirty kennel I thought it was just a bad day however it was the same today if not worse! Floors were filthy, a gas station bathroom is cleaner and it was way understaffed at the registers. I' ve been a customer for over 20 yrs and it's just sad the lack of pride the management and employees have for that store. I once enjoyed shopping at your store now it has become a chore. Will be looking for a new place!

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Concerned Customer - 38 d 6 h ago


The Petsmart in Lawton OK is a joke...they hardly ever have crickets...the bathrooms are filthy...out of hand soap, really doesn't your workers have to wash their hands after using the bathroom before returning to work???...out of toilet paper....HUGE roll of paper towels sitting on top of holder, really how long does it take to put them inside the holder?...the water fountains have cobwebs....the staff act like sluggs.......the fish tanks look dirty....the shelves are empty of basic things sometimes such as cat litter....I feel sorry for the animals in that store....Something needs to be done!!! Disgraceful and disgusting!

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Anonymous - 46 d 7 h ago

I want to say that every time I go into petsmart I always have to tell them that the guinea pig cages are filthy and they never have hay and sometimes they don't have food, I have repeatedly told them about this, and every time I go back in there i

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Kathleen Lopez - 53 d 9 h ago


This place is a joke. Military highway va.

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Anonymous - 64 d ago

I'll feed you too the animals

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Anonymous - 64 d ago

I will fuck u guys up my plan is to go to where ever pet smart is and fuckim kidnap all u fuckin retards first I will make u sit on spikes and while your doing that I'll rip your finger nails and you toe nails then I'll but acid on them I'll cut deep cuts in your skin and put shit in your skin then I'll scoop your eyes out then make u eat them after you have eaten ur eyes I will pull your teeth out one by one then cut your tongue of and leave u to die

Flagged for review. 
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Eva Woods, Cause For Paws in Ohio - 68 d 7 h ago

Would appreciate knowing why this rescue was abruptly dropped from food donations. We have been partners with PetSmart since 2000 and have received pet food for 12 years. On Aug. 8th, I was told my the supervisor at the Groveport, Ohio Distribution Center, just 2 hours prior to going to pickup food, that we would not be getting food any longer. You can imagine the devastating news for all the pets we have in foster care and senior/hospice animals. I would have made a 50 mile trip for nothing if I had not called to see how much we were to receive so I would know how many vehicles to take. We have been very blessed to have gotten food for the homeless pets for many years and feel we should at least get a reason it has stopped. I have also written and requested paperwork for proof of Cause For Paws as a precipitant for this food and specifically the July donation. I need this paperwork as I am filing legal action against a volunteer who pickup food in July and has stolen that food from the rescue pets.

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Bungholio - 69 d 11 h ago


The store manager for the N Macon, GA store is a cuck. He yelled then hung up on me when I made a business related call.

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Unhappy - 70 d 6 h ago


I am trying to find a phone number for Petsmart so I can register a complaint on how my wife and I were treated. The published phone numbers are automated systems that don't work.

Please help me find a phone number for the executive offices so I can speak with a person.

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Beyond Basics dog training - 76 d 9 h ago

I am a dog trainer and I'm going to tell you right now for out of 6 of my clients right now paid lots of money for PetSmart to work their dogs guess what they came to me I then turn to watch these trainers I started hitting the stores watching them and talking to them first of all these freaking kids go there for a job gets sent to training school for 2 weeks and then put in the bullpen with dogs really it took me years to develop what I've developed you can't do that in two weeks and these aren't the first four I've ever had these have been numerous numerous people and I am disgusted at what I saw these trainers telling these people to do disgusted they're recommending spiked collars really not only will I never ever ever shop at a PetSmart again but I'm going to do everything I can to stop the training there

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Lynn Donovan - 81 d 44 s ago


I have to complain about an assistant store manger Dawn Tape at the Danvers store in MA. She has been exceptionally rude to her associates. It is very disheartening to witness this as a customer and a manager myself. There is no reason to be sarcastic,rude and dress down employees on the floor in front of customers. This is not constructive nor helpful for employees . If I as manager treated my associates this way I would be written up. I would hope this is not your policy or how your corporate office train your managers to treat their employees. It was totally disgraceful almost on the verge of harrassment.

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Julie - 83 d 7 h ago


I couldn't stop thinking of my experience at this location on Sunday. I went in real quick to purchase an algae eater and a young lady was in the middle of assisting me then stopped after she got a plastic bag. She turned to me and said "my shift is over but Lauren will be here in few min to finish helping you". She stood in the middle of the fish section waiting for Lauren to arrive. She told me she won't get paid if she continues to help me. Now, technically she did not clock out, therefore, she is still getting paid to stand around. This is the worst customer service and Petsmart should really evaluate how they train their employees.

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Petsmart Bad Grooming Staff - 174 d 12 h ago



I made an appointment yesterday, Monday, April 24 at 4:00pm for grooming for my yorkie: BEBA.

They promised a yorkie cut, instead they shave my yorkie looking like a cat.

I very upset and disappointed with Petsmart.

I will NEVER return to Petsmart, neither reccomend them to anyone.

The Grooming staff seems to be unprepared to do pet grooming. Lacking of pet grooming experience. I still can not believe what they did.

I spend $45.00 expecting a yorkie cut, instead they shaved my yorkie completly.

I so angry.

Eben & Wilma Ortiz

Location: Petsmart North Garland, TX

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triniflori - 84 d 3 h ago


They did the same to my wheaten terrier, who looks confused and her body is now like a greyhound. All the fluff in gone and left with sharp shaven burns which Petsmart had to pay for and the medication to ease the discomfort. The manager and groomer were very negligent for what my dog now appears as, but offered a free grooming for next time. There will not be a next time as they treated me very rudely with comments like "the hair will grow back". It will probably take 4 months before my dog looks normal again. And oh, did I tell you first charge $80 before seeing my dog. Robbery :(

Location: Pembroke Pines, Florida

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ANONYMOUS - 97 d 14 h ago


hello,,,, well,, ive never been so confused on the sale of a GOLD FISH for my neice,,,,we took her to pet smart to pick out her first lil fish,, a gold fish,,, we purchased a 20gal tank with all the necessities for a set up,, the employee absolutely REFUSED TO SELL US THE FISH,, said we had to have a bigger tank or no fish,,,,well we finally had to get the manager out to talk to us about the situation and had to make the employee sell us the fish,,,, well we finally got home thank god... , but i did my research about the conditions for a gold fish and they only need a 10 gal tank to start off with,, i had a 20gal...,, maybe someone needs to have a meeting on the treatment of customers on the sale of YOUR PRODUCTS IN THE STORE

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Maureen - 98 d 10 h ago


I have found out that the Pet Smart grooming department at The Westminster, Maryland store has been over charging me for service for over three years. I moved and when I scheduled grooming for my dog at the store closer to my new home, they immediately told me that the Westminster store was itemizing the services and not bundling them as they should have been. It was a twenty dollar ($20.00) difference. This is horrible, in itemizing they over charged me approximately $660.00 during the three years I had my dog groomed at the Westminster location. I want an investigation and a refund. I am also going to take legal action to recover the money I was over charged plus check into a class action suit as they most likely are doing the same to other no knowing consumers.

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shit ass store - 110 d 9 h ago


the customer service has been the wrost people to talk to been trying to call corporate center all number dont work shitie service

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Nicole Velox - 196 d 9 h ago


My dog king was groomed at the pet smart Pelham location on April 3rd. He came home with his coat shiny and very clean I must say was very pleased about the service. However the complaint I have is the following. My king is 14 years old and is getting Adequan shots at the central avenue location every week which is very costly I must say but it is done cause King is my family. The time I made the appointment I did tell the groomers that his hips are bad and he wont be able to stand for long. My boyfriend pick up king from the groomer this afternoon for the groomer to say King was band from getting groomed at all pet smart locations. Where is that in the rules/handbook that states a dog with standing issues cannot be serviced. This was never stated to me at the time of my appointment. So my question is what happens to senior dogs that cant stand for a long period of time, they just cant get washed cause of a health condition. That is very disturbing and is discrimination. Not only is Pet smart a huge franchise with good credentials. But after today I question if i should continue business with the Banfield Hospital which King is being seen at every week for the Adequan shots every week, as well as every month I am getting a deduction from my bank account for his service package to care for his hips. Pet smart is a huge franchise and this is not a good taste in my mouth for excellent costumer service at all. I will also like the number/ email for the corporate office to address this matter.


Nicole Velox

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anonymous - 115 d 12 h ago


Banfield is a separate company than petsmart. They only share the same location.just a heads up.

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