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Petsmart, Inc.

19601 North 27th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ
(623) 580-6100
(623) 395-6517
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Stacy Riddle - 25 d ago


This afternoon I was in the Greensboro NC PetSmart located on 2641 Lawndale Drive Zip Code 27408. I had a Visa Debit card that I used and asked cashier if I could do cash back as I sometimes do at some big box stores. She ran my Visa thru Three time's and there was never a prompt for me to enter my pin code for cash back. Nothing was wrong with my card as I had been using it earlier. She called a lady who She called an asst. manager to help me. Still no prompt for my cash back. Here is where the real problem lay. She decided to call what was as he claimed your store manager. He had the name Steve on his tag. I told him my Vise has been run about 4 times by your cashiers and still no option for cash back. By the way was told customers get cash back here all the time with a visa debit card. When I tried to deal with this sorry excuse for a manager he became loud and aggressive with me To say he was unprofessional would be an understatement! I am the customer and any manager worth working there would not have been yelling at me in front of several of your customers-He started yelling hatefully "Ma'm, Ma'm, Ma'm" I told him not to Ma'm me and that I would never do business there again unless I got satisfaction thru corporate. He said "good call Corporate". This person should lose his job-he is a pathetic disgrace!! He didn't even try to rectify my problem-also I'm sure his foul unprofessional mouth was heard by many of your customers as there was several in line. I plan to call your corporate headquarters on Monday. I will take this higher up the latter if he is not held accountable. This managers name is Steve-The incident occurred on 6/22/2018 at 4:30 pm. Thank you for you attention to this-Stacy Riddle

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Richard Watson - 26 d ago


I was excited to begin my new adventure with an aquarium purchased at Petsmart 10 Traders Way Salem MA 01970, I bought the tank and kit, also as instructed bought product for water treatment and decorations, I waited the time 48 hours before adding any fish to the tank, Well I got my four fish and within a day they were dead, I had no Idea you can return the dead fish ( a 14 Day Store policy) so I went an got 5 more fish, the next day 4 were dead, I went back to the store took the associates advise and got fish that are meant to swarm together, Mind you the Associates are very helpful and kind, But the next day again 3 dead fish, I'm frustrated and returned again, to buy more expensive fish and as advised more water product, The Manager Kevin Morris and John Parker another manager came out and made me feel less than, and stated that they were not going to let me return the dead fish any longer, Really a 14 day policy, and I was a district manager and The Customer Is Always Right!! Mean while as he is talking down to me, Behind him in a fish tank were 7 dead fish and a dead turtle in another tank?? Oh wait that is right its me?? I explained I'm doing everything instructed by the employees and He states to me "Well don't listen to them not all of them know what they are talking about!!!!This has been the worst shopping experience ever and mind you I also bought another tank so I started with one and now have two? (Sucker) I went so far to call corporate and all they would do was take a complaint, I have spent over 250.00 in a four week time frame,,, And I'll never shop there again, never mind buy anything alive there, Thank God they don't sell dogs and cats, Imagine? Petco, helped me and all my fish are alive and well Do Not Shop Petrsmart 10 Traders Way Salem Ma 01970 until they get informed Managers on customer care and service!!

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Joanna - 107 d ago


The worst returun policy ever. I recently purchased 60 gal aquarium from Petsmart, and was very excited to start decorationg. I have purchased decoration worth over $170.00 in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Unfortunately , because of no proper packing materials, during trasport home , one of the decoration got broken so I went back the next day to return it. I was told by the Manager THOMAS, that they will not accept return and maybe its better if i go back to the branch were it was purchased. So, im stuck with the broken aquarium decoration worth $50.00. I have been loyal client for years. This guy was not helpful, very rude, and argumentative , because of this I will not go back to PETSMART again. Buy online, at least it will arrive in one piece.

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Anonymous - 30 d ago

You gotta be careful bud

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customer but not anymore - 77 d 9 h ago


Won't be doing business with them again at the 4601 Outer Loop store in Louisville Kentucky . I got a e-mail saying Sunday April 29,2018 that Tucker and Snoopy grooming appointment is getting close for May 1,2018 at 7am with Adrian. Then today April 30,2018 at 2:45pm I get a e-mail saying that Snoopy grooming appointment is at 11 : 30am on May 1,2018 with Robyn. So I called to see why his appointment got changed. They told me it didn't get changed it was for 11 : 30am on May 1,2018 with Robyn and Tucker was at 7 : 00am with Robyn too. I said no it was not it was for 7am with Adrian and I have a e-mail from you to prove it. So the female manager say bring them both in at 7am but it's going to take longer to get them groom now. And I said that's not right. You want 24 hours notices for cancellation so I should get 24 hours notices for changes you made with my schnauzers grooming appointment. Some customers have certain groomers they like and don't want other groomers touching their fur babies. Manager hangs up the phone on me. Know wonder the employees don't stick around long enough with a manager like that. Corporate needs to take a look at that female manager ! Hanging up the phone on a customer is not very management like. Grooming Department went downhill when they lost Jessica ! ! All the business I've given them and donations they can kiss it goodbye. HELLO FEEDER SUPPLY !!

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Anonymous - 30 d ago

Are you real? "Know?" And why does it matter that the manager is female?

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unhappy customer - 72 d 9 h ago


just went to petsmart this morning for a nail trim they say walkin are welcome I have been taking my dog there for over ten years on sunday morning this morning in Monroe mich petsmart the woman came out and said they don't take e

walkin until the store is open which is 10am I have always gone there at the same time on sunday morning and have never had a problem must be under new management in the groomers and they need to remove walkin are welcome she was rude to us and we will never go there again and I plan on spreading the word about the salon sorry girls but the customers are always right and I have been in retail for 50 years

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marie - 30 d 12 s ago

lmao customers are rarely right

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Angry - 102 d 4 h ago


Petsmart wants it's employee's to be prostitutes if they don't they get fired you better get that email or your fired yes if you dont get that customers email then you haven't done enough if you know what I mean

Now you know where to go

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Angry disabled emp - 63 d 14 h ago


I know the feeling they are doing it to all the petsmart they don't see all the other good things there employees do but emails get those emails off those customers or your looking at a termination didn't think it was possible to lose a job over forcing customers emails this needs to change fast or employees will leave

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Disgruntled af - 30 d 47 m ago

I just put in fake ones. I've been told by two managers, so if I get fired, they'll go down too.

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anonymous - 36 d 6 h ago


we have been good customers since the store in enid oklahoma opened. no more!!! the manager is very rude to her employees. this is a small town but there at least 5 other places we can shop for pet supplies plus online. petsmart need to review this managers practices in how she treats her employees, petsmart has lost the business of at least 6 families with multiple pets over this issue

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Ricky Toomey - 39 d 23 m ago


It didn't take a second for this company to take money off my card , but it's going to take 3 days to see who canceled my order. No food for the people that will not ship my dogs food. Worst company ever. Customer service will tell you anything to get you off the phone.

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Ricky Toomey - 39 d 28 m ago


PetSmart canceled my order and now they are saying to go out and purchase more food until they figure out who canceled this order. I hope the people responsible for this mess cant eat for 5 days or until they hire better employees. Never use this company again.

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Anonymous - 42 d ago

What a terrible shame it is the way this company has gone so far downhill. There used to be decent quality aquariums available for sale. Now the only thing I find is cheap, worse than Walmart and Dollar Store quality products available. This company needs a overhaul of corporate decision makers. Step up the quality and this company may not lose to Amazon. As of right now it looks like you already did. Sorry.

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Donald Bellasario - 47 d ago


Oh and by the way I forgot to mention in my previous comment that you guys charge my Visa for a pet medicine that you never delivered. The representative stated that you never charge anybody's part unless the medicine has been sent out from the pharmacy. So that is a lie you are charging people for products that you are not even delivering. That's called stealing

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Donald Bellasario - 47 d ago


Your website sucks. The employees that you have on your website or not helpful, or not properly trained, and are worse than Walmart employee door welcomers. I ordered a pet Med online 2 days ago, I called today to only to find out that it was never even sent out overnight as ordered and then Ronnie who I got today told me that the pharmacy said that they need a original copy of the prescription. I live in Pennsylvania and your places in Phoenix Arizona. Why didn't the lady you took the order tell me that you need the original prescription. That will take a week to get to you then another week to get the medicine. My cat is sick and needs the medicine and obviously you don't care about animals or you would have sent the medicine out overnight I faxed you all the information and the script. It's not a narcotic medication it's a simple year medicine and there is no reason why it can't be shipped with the faxed prescription. And by the way your stores suck too because you don't sell any Specialty Foods for animals with allergies. Only sell as junk with grains in it and meals, so I don't go to your store anymore. I hope you guys go out of business cuz there's never any cars out in front of the PetSmart near my house.

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John Sheppard - 48 d ago


Having problem signing in to Petsmart web sight to apply for a job with organization. Don't remember user name or password. Have requested many times to have email sent to reset user name and password; however request has not been sent to johnsheppard0321@ Gave location in Houston my resume, but still need to apply at Petsmart online. Please HELP! Really

Want to work at Petsmart Hotel, Please send email to reset information.

Also can be reached at (hidden).

Thanks Again!! John Sheppard

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Teresa Maness - 54 d 11 h ago

STOP selling animals! In some of your stores through out America, your management does NOT make sure the animals, etc are taking care of. That is a form of abuse! Petsmart if you as a company DO NOT take care of this, don't be surprised if you start having many lawsuits against you! Animals have NO voice, WE are their voice.

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Debra ingels - 49 d 49 m ago

I made an appointment to have my choc lab groomed on tuesday, may 29. When I arrived, they had no record of the appointment. Made excuses of computers being slow, didn't seem to care about my needs, so I took my dog and left. I will never associate myself or my dog with pet smart, ever again. U people need to get it together this happened in bel aire, Kansas.

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Dorothy Teague - 49 d 6 h ago


I was just in Petsmart in1921 Gulf freeway South League city, TX to get my dog Troubles to get his nails cut and grinded. When I paid did not receive the senior discount. When I inquired why the cashier says you only get dicount in the mail. All the signs on doors says Tuesday only senio discounts. I want to know why put out signs and not get it. my name is Dorothy Teague .

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maggie - 49 d 11 h ago

I have been using Pet Smart for years. I live in Cicero NY and use the Clay location. In the wintet we are in Florida and i use the Wesley Chapel location. I pay $45 in Fl. When i went home this year Clay storr is charging $54. I always tip my groomer and i dont understand why the price hike in the Clay store. My dog is 18 pounds and $54 is way to high when you include a tip. Even without a tip it's too expensive foe a senior on a fixed income. Sorry i will only be using your Fl. Location.

Disappointed Customer

Pat DelBalso

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Jill Barry - 67 d ago


Can't believe PetSmart of San Luis Obispo, CA is not warning it's customers, especially ones with young children and toddlers, that there is an adult ball python loose in the store going on over a week now. I have been in the store multiple times with my two toddlers and ten year old who likes to go off and look at the cats and other animals and fish while me and my toddlers are shopping for our pets. I learned from overhearing a conversation between employees and confirmed what I had heard from three people. This a lability waiting to happen. And I don't feel safe bringing my children to that Petsmart. Why aren't they telling the public who shop there? Danger, Will Robinson!

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Nimer - 97 d 7 h ago


The Pet Smart Grooming Salon in Dearborn Michigan are the most unprofessional group ever. I called to book an appointment for my Maltese dog to be groomed but was told that he is NOT allowed in their Salon on Saturdays due to his hostile attitude that was caused by them in the first place by not being tender with him. Then 10 minutes later, a lady by the name Misty called me to offer me her services to groom Max at her home. Her credentials are that she worked at Pet Smart in the past.. It was obvious that Pet Smart Grooming Salon are diverting business to their associates, maybe for a reward. First I find this offensive that they have the indecency to give my telephone number out without my consent and refer someone else's services that are not insured or bonded for a service they are getting paid to do. How despicable and greedy can anyone be?

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Anonymous - 101 d 9 h ago


I am so angry with petsmart that sold me a sick reptile when I called the store to find out what I could do for him they told me it was past 14 days so they couldn't replace him , I hung up so frustrated called the vet and brought brought him in the vet took one look at him and noticed multiple problems have him medicine out him on antibiotics that I gave him ed every morning. My beloved water dragon passed yesterday so with this complaint to corporate will be complaints on my other social media to stop people from purchasing from petsmart

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