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Petsmart, Inc.

19601 North 27th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ
(623) 580-6100
(623) 395-6517
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Angry - 45 d 11 h ago


Petsmart wants it's employee's to be prostitutes if they don't they get fired you better get that email or your fired yes if you dont get that customers email then you haven't done enough if you know what I mean

Now you know where to go

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Angry disabled emp - 7 d ago


I know the feeling they are doing it to all the petsmart they don't see all the other good things there employees do but emails get those emails off those customers or your looking at a termination didn't think it was possible to lose a job over forcing customers emails this needs to change fast or employees will leave

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Jill Barry - 10 d 9 h ago


Can't believe PetSmart of San Luis Obispo, CA is not warning it's customers, especially ones with young children and toddlers, that there is an adult ball python loose in the store going on over a week now. I have been in the store multiple times with my two toddlers and ten year old who likes to go off and look at the cats and other animals and fish while me and my toddlers are shopping for our pets. I learned from overhearing a conversation between employees and confirmed what I had heard from three people. This a lability waiting to happen. And I don't feel safe bringing my children to that Petsmart. Why aren't they telling the public who shop there? Danger, Will Robinson!

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unhappy customer - 15 d 16 h ago


just went to petsmart this morning for a nail trim they say walkin are welcome I have been taking my dog there for over ten years on sunday morning this morning in Monroe mich petsmart the woman came out and said they don't take e

walkin until the store is open which is 10am I have always gone there at the same time on sunday morning and have never had a problem must be under new management in the groomers and they need to remove walkin are welcome she was rude to us and we will never go there again and I plan on spreading the word about the salon sorry girls but the customers are always right and I have been in retail for 50 years

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customer but not anymore - 20 d 16 h ago


Won't be doing business with them again at the 4601 Outer Loop store in Louisville Kentucky . I got a e-mail saying Sunday April 29,2018 that Tucker and Snoopy grooming appointment is getting close for May 1,2018 at 7am with Adrian. Then today April 30,2018 at 2:45pm I get a e-mail saying that Snoopy grooming appointment is at 11 : 30am on May 1,2018 with Robyn. So I called to see why his appointment got changed. They told me it didn't get changed it was for 11 : 30am on May 1,2018 with Robyn and Tucker was at 7 : 00am with Robyn too. I said no it was not it was for 7am with Adrian and I have a e-mail from you to prove it. So the female manager say bring them both in at 7am but it's going to take longer to get them groom now. And I said that's not right. You want 24 hours notices for cancellation so I should get 24 hours notices for changes you made with my schnauzers grooming appointment. Some customers have certain groomers they like and don't want other groomers touching their fur babies. Manager hangs up the phone on me. Know wonder the employees don't stick around long enough with a manager like that. Corporate needs to take a look at that female manager ! Hanging up the phone on a customer is not very management like. Grooming Department went downhill when they lost Jessica ! ! All the business I've given them and donations they can kiss it goodbye. HELLO FEEDER SUPPLY !!

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Nimer - 40 d 14 h ago


The Pet Smart Grooming Salon in Dearborn Michigan are the most unprofessional group ever. I called to book an appointment for my Maltese dog to be groomed but was told that he is NOT allowed in their Salon on Saturdays due to his hostile attitude that was caused by them in the first place by not being tender with him. Then 10 minutes later, a lady by the name Misty called me to offer me her services to groom Max at her home. Her credentials are that she worked at Pet Smart in the past.. It was obvious that Pet Smart Grooming Salon are diverting business to their associates, maybe for a reward. First I find this offensive that they have the indecency to give my telephone number out without my consent and refer someone else's services that are not insured or bonded for a service they are getting paid to do. How despicable and greedy can anyone be?

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Anonymous - 44 d 16 h ago


I am so angry with petsmart that sold me a sick reptile when I called the store to find out what I could do for him they told me it was past 14 days so they couldn't replace him , I hung up so frustrated called the vet and brought brought him in the vet took one look at him and noticed multiple problems have him medicine out him on antibiotics that I gave him ed every morning. My beloved water dragon passed yesterday so with this complaint to corporate will be complaints on my other social media to stop people from purchasing from petsmart

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R King - 48 d 12 h ago


This is the second time I have contacted Pet Smart regarding issues with fish have ick. We live close to this store so we frequent it almost every week plus have a very large fish tank. Unfortunately, all the fish we get from Pet Smart have ick and end up dying. Yes, we have treated the tank several times but it does not good if the fish we buy already have it. Please note I will be contacting the Corporate office as well and lastly file a complaint with the BBB.

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Joanna - 50 d 8 h ago


The worst returun policy ever. I recently purchased 60 gal aquarium from Petsmart, and was very excited to start decorationg. I have purchased decoration worth over $170.00 in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Unfortunately , because of no proper packing materials, during trasport home , one of the decoration got broken so I went back the next day to return it. I was told by the Manager THOMAS, that they will not accept return and maybe its better if i go back to the branch were it was purchased. So, im stuck with the broken aquarium decoration worth $50.00. I have been loyal client for years. This guy was not helpful, very rude, and argumentative , because of this I will not go back to PETSMART again. Buy online, at least it will arrive in one piece.

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Angry Custimer - 70 d 13 h ago


We took our dog to the Pet Snart in Lawnside NJ on 3/10/18 and my credit card was charged twice fir the total amount of the bill . When I spoke up to the cashier she said the machine does this sometimes. I said correct the transaction now and she said she could not. Why have someone working the registers if they do not know what they are doing. I called corporate and cannot even get through. Something is really wrong here.

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Disappointed - 172 d 13 h ago

I took my two dogs to the Petsmart dog hotel in coral gables Florida. Paid for baths and nail trimming for both dogs. When I picked them up they didn't appear to have been washed. And one of my dogs didn't have her nails cut didn't think the other did either. Called the pet salon to ask what was done on the dogs. They have no record of the dogs being in the grooming salon on that day. Called the strore manager explained the situation. He told me I needed to come in for a refund. Told him I couldn't come in cause I work and I live clear across town. He said he couldn't do a refund by phone. He told me to call back when the hotel manger comes in I asked for the district managers name and phone. He gave me the name but couldn't give me the phone number and hung up on me Thanks Ryan. Now trying to call the Corp office to get assistance.

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Sharin - 72 d 8 h ago

Sometime groomer just forget the nail happen its life .

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Anonymous - 108 d 9 h ago


I visited the Petsmart in Santa Fe, NM, it is abysmal, the poor animals, most looked highly stressed, on two seperate occasions I saw that every single parakeet in the cage was very sick, I have worked with birds for several years, and I could see plainly they were all suffering, on the floor, puffed up, eyes closed, I reported it to the manager, who was nonchalant about it. About 2 months later I went in again, and was horrified to see the exact same situation, every bird was very sick.I reported it t the manager yet again, . All the employees there are clueless about animal welfare and obviously had received no training. So sad and so depressing to see helpless animals of the disgusting pet trade in the hands of idiots.

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Shari - 72 d 8 h ago

Did think could be cold . Yes there should have some kind heating for them . It cold in there store .like ice berg .

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Shari - 72 d 8 h ago

I trying get grooming job petsmart i had do video . I was in lunch room wear a (winter jacket ) and still cold .that why bird puff up . COLD

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Shari H - 72 d 9 h ago


I used work petsmart back in 1996 lot easyer . One groomer had bather bath the dog

Grooming dog alot less stress . Now groomer give dog bath ,dry it ,staight through it take ,"long time dry dog ,"and give dog cute cut .groomer do 9 dog a day . Groomer pay for all the supplies .Petsmart all give you shampoo and cotten ball that it . Not easy being groomer . You get bite poop on scatched from nail most dog hate grooming . Because most people really dont take care of there dogs . Till really look ugle or smell bad .Dog See Groomer and hate being touch they remember last time it hurts. Because you as customer forgot about dog till was to late .dogs Can't walk nail have not done for year or more . Coat ugly need be shave . And crab about it . It get clipper burn you crab about that two . Its matted people it's hard get mats out . Clipper get hot we cant tell the casing fine its blade that get hot . Also your dog that has not been done in year or more you want brush out or look like dog it supposed to .I my self as a groomer do not want to hear a dog cry from pain being brush out . It HURTS . Now there ate customer bring in dog more often . dog in ever 4wk and 6wk like there supposed to ."these people care for there dog ". .on news was groomer that fight with dog shitzu get face done look alot worst then it is head going up down so (hand .) Shaving buy eye that is called "nerve racking ." You could hurt the eye cut it . part are job . Groomer not yelling at dog she try control dog . That dog was miss behaving . No not bitting just giving groomer hard time . Should ask customar when last time dog. groomed shitzu . Yes groomer grab the ear i think she tying control it . IF LOOK VIDEO SHE PATS THE DOG SHE NOT HITTING THE DOG. (SHE PATS IT ). The lady with video just see something that just dont under stand about grooming . Ps do work petsmart no

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Anonymous - 74 d 13 h ago

I don't care who LOVES the Petsmart groomers and who wants to defend them....I'm in Anderson getting dog food and they are grooming a little Yorky, she was cutting the hair around the dogs feet and the dog started yelling and another woman that works there GRABBED the dogs hair on the back of it head and pulled it so hard that its eyes were bulging!!!!!!! I stood there and watched in disbelief and they kept watching me. When she got done she jerked the dog off the table mad at it! My point is if you don't like your job then QUIT! I promise my dogs will NEVER come here. I wish that I would've recorded it, I think I was too shocked I will be saying something to a manager before I leave here.

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Anonymous - 76 d 13 h ago

On March 4th we had appt. for 10 a.m. with Odin. We arrived 5 mins. late due to traffic on freeway. We were denied to see the vet for our appt. We are enrolled in your wellness plan. We have not been late the two times prior. Receptionist greeted us when we arrived, went back immediately to the back office. Came back and told us we could not be see as the person/Vet stated if anyone was 5 minutes late they needed to reschedule. She also stated that two employees called in and would not be working. We were very disappointed and unhappy with this treatment. We could have gone to other facilities for the wellness membership, but, chose Banfield at PetSmart. This has caused us to now take off work, losing a couple hours of pay to come back on Thursday, 11:15 on 3/8/18. We have made our appts. and during these times we have waited for each appt. approximately 15-20 minutes past the time of our schedule appt. at your facility on Signal Butte Road, Mesa, AZ.

At the time of our appt. we were to receive the last shots for Odin and have his nails cut/trimmed. Odin is 4 months old. We were going to be charged an additional $14.95 for nail trim (his first time) and this was not done. Next door at the groomers, they took Odin and did free of charge for his first trim. We planned on keep the wellness plan during the time Odin would be with us on this earth. Unfortunately, we are reconsidering due to the treatment we received on March 4th. Very disappointed in what happened and am requesting some reply as well as any type of compensation. We live in another town, approximately 30 minutes away and the PetSmart /Banfield which we are enrolled in is the closet to our home.

Thank you for your time and look forward to your response.

David and Deborah Mellado

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Diana P - 76 d 13 h ago


I am retired and therefore, on a limited income. I have been taking my Boston Terriers to PetSmart for the last 6 years and was very grateful to get coupons from PetSmart to aid in paying for their grooming. In fact, the coupons were the ONLY way I could afford to have them groomed. Then everything changed....effective 01-01-2018, PetSmart no longer offered coupons to customers because the coupons interfered with the coupon offerings for all customers. In all my SIX years of partnering with PetSmart, I have NEVER, NEVER,NEVER seen a $10 off coupon online or in the in-store sales. Then, in February, 2018, PetSmart has decided, apparently with NO customer input to put flat-faced dogs, Boston Terriers, Pugs, Pekinese, and other breeds including Boxers, who have distinct noses on an "express groom" which means the dogs cannot be left by the owner because these dogs will not be kenneled (caged) due to breathing difficulties....I would have liked to have had some input regarding this dogs have been going SIX years with NO issues and I would gladly sign a waiver to have them groomed. I love the groomers at my local PetSmart and they love my dogs...they know them by name and me too!!!!! WHAT'S GOING ON WITH PETSMART in that they have cut their nose off to spite their face because they are restricting what kind of dog is groomed and hurting folks like me with multiple dogs financially because of NO MORE coupons...I truly hope someone of "importance" sees this and responds to me with help and a waiver!!!!!

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D. Tasker - 115 d 24 h ago


My yorkie died after boarding with Petsmart at the Belair, MD location during the Christmas Holiday.

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Rachel Flitter - 109 d 8 h ago


im so sorry for your loss may your dog rest in peace.

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Laura - 97 d 8 h ago


D. Tasker please check us out and join us at JusticeforGunnerandOtherFurBabies on FB we have a bill going before legislation soon and are putting into motion many other plans! Pet owners are fed up and we are taking a stand in just the last 48hrs I have got 43 states and 146 pets victimized(killed or injured by these people) We are fighting for them and the road will not end until we are heard! Please share this info You are most definitely not alone! My lil girl was injured at our PetSmart just a couple years ago! At least check it out you don't wanna stay help us fight or just be of support no one will be upset but every chance we get we are spreading the word! Enough is Enough! If they do not wanna take reasonability or make changes so our babies can be safe then they should not be in business of animals! Did you know they do not drug test their groomers, they have to meet a quota each day if they can not keep up they are fired, they are not required by law to be licensed to groom! I don't know what happen when you lost your sweet baby, but 1 thing every owner gets that has been found in common no replies maybe cover vet bills but most the time want you to sign a non-discloser and almost every time they get an email saying they are doing an internal investigation and have found that the employee has followed all safety protocols and policies and they are sorry for the loss or pain that you pet has gone through! You are welcome to join us in this fight for all the fur babies! Thank You for your time!

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Anonymous - 84 d 10 h ago


135 dogs is to much for anyone to take care of at a Pet Smart facility on any shift.

They r severely understaffed and underpaid.

NEVER kennel your animal at PET SMART!!!!!!

Animals r neglected, abused and die when kenneled there.

Received this information from an employee of Pet Smart!!!!

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Anonymous - 88 d 2 s ago

Iam very sadden I took my Shizu to have him groomed in oxford Ala at the oxford exchange I drove 40 min to get there after I left 2hrs later they call for me to pick up my dog saying his eyes were dialatin said the girl that was to groom him my dog has always been nervous around people got to the store to pick up my baby the girl was gone my dog not groomed and if I wanted my dog groom the other girl said she would try but she had 3 other dogs to do and she is leaving at 530 I took my dog there at about 12 noon got a call about 2 pm to me the groomer went home and the did not care about my dog thes actions was very unexceptable no longer will I ever take my dog there nor will ever purchase any more items nor will I ever recommend anyone to them very bad employee grade F

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Cyndi Wegenr - 94 d 6 h ago


I called to make appointments at store #1325 in Orlando, FL tonight & I was advised that my 2 cocker spaniels were banned on the weekends because they take longer. I wasn't even advised of this matter. It upset me & ruined my Friday night. I work during the week. PetSmart, is in the business for services. I pay extra for the weekends & tip well. I was shocked! THE SIGN OUTSIDE STATES "WALK ARE WELCOME". Why not my dogs! I called back to speak with the store manager, Elizabeth & she knows who I am from coming in to buy dog food & supplies from Banfield. If it wasn't for her, my dogs wouldn't be having an appointment tomorrow. I had a former Petsmart groomer that used to come to my house for my dog haircuts. She is a GREAT groomer.

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