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Petsmart, Inc.

19601 North 27th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ
(623) 580-6100
(623) 395-6517
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Mike Whaley - 12 d 22 h ago


Went to Pet Smart In Lyndhurst New Jersey.... Had a confirmed appointment for 2:30 we were there on time... were told our appointment was for 2:00 even though we clearly had an email stating 2:30... we were told "sorry" and told we were welcome to wait around they would TRY and fit the dog in. the situation was not handled appropriately in store and I am being Nice.. WE WERE MADE TO FEEL THIS WAS OUR FAULT !!

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RJ - 22 d ago


Today, July 21st, 10 AM. I visited the Petsmart in Gastonia, NC and was greeted by dog poop everywhere on the storefront/front door area and parking area. It was disgusting! And, you can tell the poop has not been picked up for several days due to the dried up poop and some that may have been a day old. The manager should be fired. Dogs stepping in poop passes on parasites. I will be posting on facebook and other social media all of the photos. I even stepped in the crap! Shame on you Petsmart Gastonia NC!! You should be FIRED!

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Clinton Thomas - 35 d 3 h ago


Good Morning America. I am posting this review from Pennsylvania. I went to my local store (Uniontown, PA) last evening to get some f/t mice for my ball pythons. What started as a normal trip turned out to be a very heart breaking evening. My local store haven't had any reptile babies due to this crap virus going around. I used to go check in their little ones for sale everytime I went in. But haven't been due them not having any. My fiance called for me to come look at what she found. When I got over to her, here was this ball python hatchling. He was glass surfing trying to get our attention. He was very small, his spine was showing, and his skin was literally hanging off him. I had to walk away several times cause it was tearing me apart that the employees would put a baby like this out on the floor in the shape he was in.. I was not leaving without this little guy. I paid what they wanted for him without hesitation. I asked when he last ate and the one sales lady told me he came in Last Friday but they haven't fed him yet. She also included that the breeder does feed withing 3 weeks of shipping. 4 weeks no food for a hatchling?! Really. He rode on my hand to entire way home. He was so weak that I had to help him wrap his tail around my hand to hold on. I got him home and into his new enclosure. He ate 2 fuzzy mice and went into his new hide to relax. He still isn't out if the woods yet. He was so severely dehydrated that when he wrapped my hand, his scaled were sticking together. Like come on guys. You want to sell these guys, you need to learn how to keep them first. This is totally unacceptable by any means. I was even over charged for items that I bought. Well guess what. I was up all night doing what I have to as a RESPONSIBLE pet owner and checking on my new scaled baby constantly. I will be going back to your store today for one last and final time to get my money back from being over charged and to let the store know how I really fell about this shit. I was not in a good way last night to say a word. It would have been very ugly. And today isn't going to be any better. After today I will no longer support your abusive ways. My little guy is going to have one hell of a fight. But we was lead to each other for a reason. I will not give up on him like you dumb fucktards did! He has 20 grams of weight to put back on to get back up to his birth weight and I will do everything in god damn given power to make sure that he does! I hope you guys go out of business. You do not deserve to even able to look at a creature ever fucking again .

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Upset - 43 d 2 h ago


Horrible service by your own corporate headquarters. You cannot get a person on the phone to speak with so I guess you do not want to handle any complaints. Your store at Lincoln center in Arlington, Tx is not listening the mask ordering by the county. Masks are to be worn when you enter a store and all store employees MUST wear a mask. People were entering the store with no mask and no one is telling them they MUST. At checkout the employee was not wearing a mask and I think he was the manager. What type of operation are you running? I am a senior with health problems and I wear a mask to protect your employees! You should do the same!!! Very Disappointed in PetsMart.

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Beagle - 1 y ago

Legal Beagle is back B-A-A-A-B-B-B-Y-!-!-!-!-!

The Legal Beagle team has been hard at work for you behind the scenes taking on PetSmart and PetCo. We appreciate all of the complaints against these god awful corporations. The files on these two monstrous companies are a mile high and require their own room alone. The animal and employee abuse cases are the majority of what we see and are tackling. It's been rough and very time consuming going through every single case file and complaints (hey never end). It seems as though these corporate bigwigs skulls are way too thick to get this into their pea sized brains, hence the Beagle team of fighters that is fighting for you, your pet and those employees. Keep in mind, it is a long process and takes time, like impeaching a president you need all your ducks in a row. Once we do, we'll strike like a cobra with our fangs full of deadly venom. Some cases are harder to tackle while some are a breeze. Please, stay tuned for some big changes as we put an end to animal and employee abuse in the work place. The Beagle fights for those without a voice and for those that were abused whether you have 4 legs, 2 legs, scales, gills, crawls or slithers. Please feel free to submit your complaints or concerns on any PetSmart or PetCo complaint sight and the Beagle Team will investigate or look into it.

Thanks Animal Parents,


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Happy - 253 d 19 h ago


Yeaaaaa LEGAL BEAGLE!!!!!!!!!!! Sickem

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Angel - 244 d 3 h ago

Please contact me regarding dogs being sold by a pet rescue every weekend at PetSmart. PetSmart has an arrangement with this group and they are selling highly contagious dogs that die and are a health risk to all involved. PetSmart has some sort of arrangement with this rescue and allows them to sell the dogs at their store. I bought a dog that was highly contagious and died from Distemper. This has happened to numerous families and will continue to happen if not stopped. Orange County Animal Control will be investigating immediately.

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Rebecca Marshall - 215 d ago



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Not ignorant - 147 d 29 s ago

First of all you're wrong. Second you're full of it.

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Anonymous - 215 d ago


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Anonymous - 100 d 28 s ago

Look into the Las Vegas stores. Horrible conditions for both employee and customer. Large groups allowed in with no regard to size or safety practices. Management has let most staff go and has the few remaining working in unsafe conditions regardless of their risk factors or disabilities. You either do what they say or you were threatened with your job. No PTO or vacation time, too bad your problem. You can't tell me people really need to be buying gold fish and parakeets right now, how are these essential? It's just about them trying to save their ass from bankruptcy.

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Cyn - 77 d 10 h ago


Good luck, but how about not talk, say or incite bad manners. We all know what we may be thinking, but we should still 'lead by example' not follow by bad behavior. That only passes judgement, but doesnt change the negative in the atmosphere. Send a better message, but let it be worthy for the good!

General profile image - 1 y ago

As a loyal PetSmart customer, I was very surprised to see that you are one of the sponsors on Fox news. Because that news station is so politically biased and inaccurate, I am surprised that you respect them enough to support them. This does not speak highly of your company therefore I will no longer be supporting PetSmart.

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americaltc - 1 y ago


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Media hater - 253 d 19 h ago


Hats off to (hidden) All the media are liars and nothing but liars

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Margie - 89 d 19 h ago


Hey sgpie6--so I suppose you watch CNN & MSNBC and they are not politically biased? LOL The left is so full of it--everything they do they blame on the right--I think it speaks very HIGHLY of PetSmart if they wish to sponsor Fox news--last time I checked we were still a Democracy, the DemoRats suck

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Cyn - 77 d 10 h ago


Why not, use your 'Plain old common sense' & then research the REAL thruth? It doesnt have to be political, Left or Right...simply think about what makes sense instead of trying to be so 'Right'!

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Bruce - 83 d 1 h ago


There is no way to talk to a real person higher than the store manager. District manager or corporate is just not available. I can tell that PetSmart no longer likes Current or past Veterans that have fought for the right for PetSmart to even be around. One day Veterans discounts are available the next day they are not. Constantly changing store managers makes it real tough to follow up with the last manager you talked to. In the past to years I have spent $1000 a year for dog, and fish supplies and when i talk to a cashier about Veterans discount I get a flat.. NOPE! Store manager says discounts to vets were never given out on days other than Tuesday. HUH? I was the a month ago and was given a 10% discount and that was on a Sunday. I guess PetSmart has a floating policy that can change any time an employee or manager decides to change it. Well guess what because of yesterdays snippy cashier, and a manager that seems to only care about herself and offer information or who above her I can talk to You lost a loyal customer.. You are not the only pet store around and they will get my money rather than you .

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Cyn - 77 d 10 h ago


Support small business, big stores/business dont give a d--n! Too many big business promoting greed instead of gratitude to the customer/employee that supports their business...Only way to resolve this & get the respect is stop patronizing their business. Small business is usually happy to get a customer & the smart ones understand how to treat their faithful customers.

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Bill unhappy - 78 d 17 h ago


PetSmart is running a scam to increase their profit they are not honoring returns for defective items they keep the money don't give you anything in return no refund no exchange for broken items I bought a flea collar and one hour later I brought it back cuz it was defective and they told me they would not replace it or give me my money back what is scam to keep the profits up beware of PetSmart

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Amelia - 105 d 15 h ago


I went to the Petsmart location in Spartanburg,SC. I went to support a locator retailer. I will not return because the customers nor the store personnel were not protected from the virus. No disinfectant at door , no mask on employees, no gloves on employees, no plastic between cashiers and customers. Terrible ! I will be buying on line from a different company . You as a corporation need to make it better for your customer and employees!

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Anonymous - 107 d ago

Just tried to return items and the manager would not have it.

He said he was "following CDC guidelines"

Not only did he scream at me from across the store, approach me aggressively, but when I asked him why I wasn't able to return the items I purchased recently that on my receipt says I can return,

He flat out and blatantly told me "If you don't like you can you leave my store"


I immediately was disgusted by his overall demeanor and approach.

Not only did he stand 2 feet away from me while under social distance guidelines,

He himself not any employee had a face mask on!

Thrown out of a store because you challenge your legal rights.

I will never give pet smart another dime.

Incident @ Petsmart In Pooler, GA with a 30 year old white guy manager with tattoos.

Mike? Jim?

What a horrible customer service approach from coming from someone who literally trains rite level customer service.

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Anonymous - 114 d 12 h ago

There is nothing safe right now unless the change there policy!! No carts were clean,and no one was wearing mask!!! And distance anyway from them at check out !! I feel this place is very unsafe big time !!!!And I will not be back .

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Screwed Over - 115 d 9 s ago


I requested at curbside pick-up a PROPHYLACTIC canine flea medicine. I was given a medicine for FLEA INFESTATION. When I went into the store to exchange it I was told NO RETURNS ON ANY ITEM AT ALL FOR ANY REASON. The box was unopened and the seal on the bottle inside was still in place. I refuse to pay $54 for the charge on my credit card. I spoke to the manager who said NO RETURNS. PERIOD. ON ANYTHING AT ALL. Law suit.

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Anonymous - 133 d 19 h ago


It's interesting the company found a way to use the COVID-19 situation not to take returns but keep the stores open to sell stuff. Hmmm is it a safety issue. No because if it waS they would close the doors for selling stuff.

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Esbe - 116 d 11 m ago


Yes, Anonymous. We have also had that problem. Nowhere is the change in return policy listed except on the facebook page - and you have to LOOK for it. This place is HORRIBLE!

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