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Petsmart, Inc.

19601 North 27th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ
(623) 580-6100
(623) 395-6517
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Tommy - 7 d 14 h ago


After several years of getting my dog groomed here they all of a sudden change the breed of my dog to charge me more. It was 11.00 more and didn't contact me. Here is their moron customer service excuse. Comparing my dog to a human. Thank you for contacting the PetSmart Grooming Salon. I appreciate you reaching out for clarification and I am very sorry to hear about happened at the Lewisville PetSmart Grooming Salon. If there was a price change, you should have definitely been contacted right away. I definitely understand your desire to seek other options. I would do the same. In 2020, we are working on accurately updating each pet to the correct breed, or the closest breed by weight and coat type, and PetSmart follows the standards set by the American Kennel Club. Per the American Kennel Club web page, a Chihuahua should not exceed 6 lbs., and a Standard Dachshund should be 16 lbs. to 32 lbs.; at 24.9 lbs., your pet should be listed under a Standard Dachshund. The Bath & Full Haircut price for a Standard Dachshund is $42 and you were charged for a Beagle at $34. Even with the price change, your groomer still undercharged by $8. Undercharging is a serious offense as it is considered theft from the company. Thank you for bringing this to our attention as we need to know if our Grooming Salons are not charging appropriately or undercharging. This is extremely serious and important to us as we wish to have everyone on the same page to prevent situations such as this. There is another Brush/Demat/Scissor fee for $8. This is applied when there are tangles and the groomer has to take longer to finish a cut. Mats and tangles pose a higher risk for injury. If you go to a human hair salon and your hair needs extra work done, they will charge more as well. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but I hope it helps explain the matter. Thank you for choosing the PetSmart Grooming Salon. Sincerely, Cristina PetSmart Customer Care (hidden)

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Beagle - 112 d 19 h ago

Legal Beagle is back B-A-A-A-B-B-B-Y-!-!-!-!-!

The Legal Beagle team has been hard at work for you behind the scenes taking on PetSmart and PetCo. We appreciate all of the complaints against these god awful corporations. The files on these two monstrous companies are a mile high and require their own room alone. The animal and employee abuse cases are the majority of what we see and are tackling. It's been rough and very time consuming going through every single case file and complaints (hey never end). It seems as though these corporate bigwigs skulls are way too thick to get this into their pea sized brains, hence the Beagle team of fighters that is fighting for you, your pet and those employees. Keep in mind, it is a long process and takes time, like impeaching a president you need all your ducks in a row. Once we do, we'll strike like a cobra with our fangs full of deadly venom. Some cases are harder to tackle while some are a breeze. Please, stay tuned for some big changes as we put an end to animal and employee abuse in the work place. The Beagle fights for those without a voice and for those that were abused whether you have 4 legs, 2 legs, scales, gills, crawls or slithers. Please feel free to submit your complaints or concerns on any PetSmart or PetCo complaint sight and the Beagle Team will investigate or look into it.

Thanks Animal Parents,


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Happy - 49 d 18 h ago


Yeaaaaa LEGAL BEAGLE!!!!!!!!!!! Sickem

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Angel - 40 d 3 h ago

Please contact me regarding dogs being sold by a pet rescue every weekend at PetSmart. PetSmart has an arrangement with this group and they are selling highly contagious dogs that die and are a health risk to all involved. PetSmart has some sort of arrangement with this rescue and allows them to sell the dogs at their store. I bought a dog that was highly contagious and died from Distemper. This has happened to numerous families and will continue to happen if not stopped. Orange County Animal Control will be investigating immediately.

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Rebecca Marshall - 11 d ago


I have been a groomer for 22 years! I have NEVER had a pet die in my care. The groomers who are trained by the Petsmart corp. are not properly trained in all breed grooming, restraint, or proper animal handling. They go to a 6-8 week class and then they are allowed to groom. Pet grooming is more than just a hair cut, there is so much more that goes into it. I can spot a Petsmart groom from a mile away, because their grooms are horrible. Some people just go because they are a national chain and do not know any better. They need to stick with animal food and supplies and should not be allowed to handle live animals!

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Anonymous - 11 d ago


I posted a previous comment, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help

General profile image - 162 d 13 h ago

As a loyal PetSmart customer, I was very surprised to see that you are one of the sponsors on Fox news. Because that news station is so politically biased and inaccurate, I am surprised that you respect them enough to support them. This does not speak highly of your company therefore I will no longer be supporting PetSmart.

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americaltc - 126 d ago


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Media hater - 49 d 18 h ago


Hats off to (hidden) All the media are liars and nothing but liars

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Sharon - 70 d 22 h ago


Grooming problem at your Petsmart, Lincoln Highway, Lancaster, Pa. 17602.

Dear cooperate,

Perhaps the groomer was following rules however I was not told of your ritual when I made my appointment.

I called x spoke with someone in the grooming department. As my vets office was closed on a Sunday, ( she needed rabies confirmation) she told me to call back on Monday . I called on Monday x asked for an appointment for a bath, nothing else, only a bath. The girl told me she would call my veterinarians office up. She continued asking me questions; name, age, breed of pet, etc. She had a 6:00 pm appointment open which I took. The girl also told me, he ( our dog) would have nails clipped, ears cleaned, bathe x brush x blow dry. I didn't need all of that x I told her so.

Okay here's the problem!

Got to Petsmart x the clerk had NOT called vet for rabies confirmation. Then she continues to feel the dog x she said, he has a few mattes but with a $21.00 extra shampoo x conditioner, it will 'help' relax some of the mattes. I said, " no, thank you just a plain shampoo.

She told me, then she can't wash him. I was dumbfounded. I said, " you can't just give him a bath unless I spend an EXTRA $21.00?.

The groomer said, "no".

At which I walked out.



No explanations, not courteous. Think she just wanted to go home. Oh well, I guess Petsmart is NOT interested in their customers nor their employees.

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Worried customer - 49 d 18 h ago


Yeah be careful when getting your do groomed there, they have burned 2 of my dogs faces and had to have their vet give me Medicine to make their faces better!

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Unsatisfied customer catchup - 49 d 18 h ago


I got three dogs train there to be service dogs and the only standard poodle that I had, the trainer, Brenda told me she wouldn't finish training her and less I got her spayed. Was a targeted as an individual or did she do that to everybody?? Also I can't figure out how a lot of my dogs names got put on my account without my permission or me doing it and sounds to me like someone was investigating me and put quite a few of my dogs names and birthdates on my account without my permission and then they had a phony address on there, I have no idea whose address that was but the rest the information was correct. And I just talk to them and they said no one could've done that that me, well I did NOT so WHO did?????I just talk to the person he's over all the stores in Salt Lake and she was rather rude to me said that I made the choice to spay my dog (and that What Brenda did was common giving people that she trains her dog the option to spay and neuter while she's training them which is a lie because she didn't give me the option she basically told me either get her spayed or she's not training her and that's what I told corporate and the district manager whom I just talk to).And she basically told me that anyone could've got on my profile on the Petsmart website and put any information on there so another words they're not to blame. They have burned my dogs faces a few times in the grooming salon there which they had to pay me for because I sued them. I just had a lot of problems with the Petsmart there. I believe that I was a targeted individual because I was a breeder in Taylorsville Utah. And The district manager also brought up media lies about me at the time I was talking to her about the issues I was concerned about which is a bunch of crap because obviously that had nothing to do with the issues I was talking to her about she just wanted to be rude and try to intimidate me, Was sorry lady it didn't work :-)

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Devilnme33 - 87 d 17 m ago


I when to the 59th Ave PetSmart yesterday was my wife and kids the purchase some aquarium fish he can learn that normally I have four to five aquariums up and fully running, ranging from 10 gal. to 75 I'm the big fish bow if I can work in the fish department at the store it'll blow my mind as well as acknowledge I ascertain To aquitic Life , besides that as I'm looking I noticed that one of their tanks of feeder fish was showing mager signs of ick, that was spreading like wildfire to all the fish from the looks of it!!! There was over a hundred fish in that tank, a PetSmart employee asks us, are you ready? and I said no thank you , you've got ick crawling all over in this tank, and use the same nets on every tank and this facility so every tank needs to be quarantined! he turns around and says oh the water solution we put the nets into has a chemical that kills the bacteria and any parasites!Now honestly he doesn't take and submerge from tip to tail of the nets into the solution or water I see suggested!! I'd like to know , Is that true ? Do they do that ? As well as he was very rude nonreassuring , after his statement. I walked out of the store after we exchanged that small conversation .I was let down, my kids were as well. As well as many more customers,also side note he was very obnoxious and rude to another customer that was before us and instead of suggesting a selection that may be more suitable for the customer , abrasiontly cuts the woman off and says that won't work after stating the fact that she had plants in her aquarium that was for the children to view in her classroom. Yes there is standards of which PetSmart's guidelines suggest people to go but as well as you and I both know the poor care of which most Fish are kept collective healthy feeding daily and proper care of their aquariums in this facility as well as quite a few others that I've noticed the fish are dead within the first day, I in fact if you can head crabs die within the same hour! Also took it back and very same day another one took a dive that one didn't have a chance to make it out of the container in which it is being transported less than 5 minutes away from the house mind you. So please when they decide to push their standards on the customer to coerce their purchase .......please remember the Fisher sickly malnourished and you can like flea shoved in container ships and not kept in a med tank long enough for them to get nice and healthy for the customer and which they would be proud. Like I normally am when I make a purchase also wishfully thinking and hoping I don't croak within the next 3 or 4 days so It can bring it back to health anyway sorry for the rent in which I have going on and on please answer my question and make adjustments accordingly to help that this situation does incur again in the future for our other customers or weather an illustration be used, in which not to do when dealing with a customer thank you

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The Legal Beagle secretary, Mrs. Poodle - 93 d 11 h ago

Hello fellow citizens and animal lovers all across the globe. The Legal Beagle team needs you're help and support. In our fight taking on these corporate giants to put an end to animal cruelty, we tend to put those out of work employees 2nd on our list. We didn't do it intentionally. We are fighting to get rid of the "Do Not Rehire" list that these inbred s.o.b.s put into place. The policy to not rehire someone especially when they were mistreated, under uncontrollable circumstances (like a pregnancy) is a atrocity and unfair to a lot of hard working people. If you remember, the fight we started for the 0574 Moorestown, NJ store for about a dozen workers now unemployed. We didn't forget !!!!!! And we are still fuming hot. We need to hear from you and what you feel about the "Do Not Rehire" list. Is it unfair????? Is it not???? Please though, remember the circumstances and maltreatment involved. Should these people be allowed/able to reapply???? or apply at another location???? Thank you for allowing the Beagle Team to fill your minds with thoughts and your eyes with words.

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Americaltc - 126 d 23 h ago

Contacted corporate about not receiving my refund on an order that was sent to the wrong store spoke with Gentleman Khery, in looking up my orders he found that the refund had never been processed. Khery in trying to contact the store said he called the number 7 times getting a busy signal each time..

End results he contacted district manager for further action and my refund will be promptly expedited.

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Gena Stafford - 1 y 76 d ago

Could an actual person please respond in getting in touch with me this concerns your store in Columbus ms it's urgent thank you

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Anonymous - 162 d ago

If you want a response you need to Google their actual corp. you aren't going to get anything from this website. That is not what this is for; this is not a real corp website.

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Anonymous - 129 d 12 h ago

No duh!!!! Thanks twerp.

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Anonymous - 129 d 12 h ago

We all know noone from corp. reads this stuff. This site allows people to vent and to get things off their chest. It's designed for those that were wronged by a huge corporate giant. So, let people vent and blow off steam for christ sake without pointing out that noone is listening or reading these complaints from PetDumb headquarters. Thank you

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Anonymous - 158 d 21 m ago

DId you ever get a response?

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Anonymous - 1 y 62 d ago

Angel James you're a coward and gutless. You allowed store no. 0574 of bullying and workers to lose their jobs dating as far back as Sept. 2017.

You won't come forward to answer WHY? You are a disgrace to humanity.

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Anonymous - 173 d 12 h ago

Still nothing from Angel James????

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Anonymous - 162 d ago

This is not a real corporate website. No one will respond to you because they don't know this website even exists.

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Anonymous - 129 d 12 h ago

No duh!!!!

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Anonymous - 152 d 12 h ago

Nothing :( I guess shes still hiding behind a rock somewheres. She cant face the victims she created by putting L'erin Gaines in charge of the Moorestown store which costed all of those jobs. She knows she did wrong and refuses to admit it. Hide and ignore it, you female dog. This isn't going away, I'm not. This will haunt you forever.

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