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Pilgrim's Pride Corp

4693 County Road 636
Enterprise, AL
Robin Stevens
Plant Mgr
(334) 347-0515
(334) 393-0868
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Tim Bradley - 39 d 5 h ago


Can you guys development an app for paperless paycheck stub the website sometimes will not load to see my check PLEASE FIX THIS Thank you

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Connie Lehew - 246 d 3 h ago

I can't seem to find the Pilgrims Blazin Chunks. I live in Huntersville NC close to Charlotte.

Can you please tell me where I can buy them... please don't tell me they have been discontinued..

We love them...

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Anonymous - 233 d 5 h ago



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Wendy D Sanchez - 1 y ago


I worked in douglas ga got hurt payed 310$ out my pocket to get back to wrk so they was sopose to keep me in x cutting but put me in brest area i told the suporvisor i got into trouble and they told us if we went to hr no matter what we get fired so i have leasons on my hernia couldnt go to bathroom a week backed up they told me to come back i did to fire me after my shift douglas plant dont like whites all of them are on drugs and drinks on 2 shift but nobody wont do anything i havd proof of the drug sales but they didnf do crapp so im sure this is why there hire rate is so bad but nobody wont look into it

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DeQueen Ark worker - 1 y ago

To add to my post, USDA are fully aware of the roach and rat infestation but do nothing about it.

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DeQueen Ark worker - 1 y ago

I work for pilgrims pride in dequeen ark. The building is disgusting. We are forced to work with the biggest rats I've ever seen running across our feet and all around us. The building is infested with roaches and the bathrooms are ALWAYS FILTHY. The floors in the bathrooms never dry and are always disgusting. They work us like slaves fr 10 hours or more every night in this nasty rat and roach infested place and tell us "we can't sit down on our ten minute break". Lastnight our last 30 minute break was over at 8:50pm they made us work until almost 2:00am without a 10 minute break. When people were givin their 10 the plant manager came out and told everyone they "don't get to sit down get back to work" We are not slaves we deserve to be spoken to and treated with respect and should not have to be afraid of being OVERWORKED OR RATS BITING US while we are at work.

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Tenika Mcdonald - 1 y ago


MY NAME IS Tenika McDonald. I worked 3rd shift at the Marshville Plant for almost 7 months. I became pregnant in August of 2018 and of course hr my supervisors and the nurse new and ended up having a miscarriage on the night of December 3rd and so I called in to let the plant know. The miscarriage required a surgery of a d&c and my doctor signed for me to be released back to work on the 28th. I went to work that Sunday night which was my scheduled day to go back and the HR lady says I'm fired so being out. I never thought a company would fire a women for getting pregnant and having complications. I wish someone could contact me and discuss this matter with me.


Rockingham NOrth Carolina

(hidden) ext 130

Thank you

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Adrianna - 1 y ago


They need to be taken down. They're letting chicken growers go broke by sending them sick chickens that are dying by the thousand for over a year, every flock BUT ONE!!

Netflix wants in. I have a meeting with them soon.

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Jimmy Daniels - 1 y 242 d ago


Hi my name is Jimmy Daniels I've worked for your company for 9 years from 9/11 2009 until 3/28/2018 I got into a fight with a manager they fired me but not him I would like to have my job back if not I'll will file a law suit and have your company name on the news. I need to hear from you this week. thanks for your help

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DJ - 1 y 225 d ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loser! They will chew you up and spit you out!

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Megan - 1 y ago


You're a loser. Netflix is on their tail

They're gonna pay..... I know exactly what kind of person you are (ethnicity). Makes sense with your message.

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Larry Lamont Washington - 1 y 214 d ago


My name is Larry Washington and I worked at the Pilgrims Marshville nc plant for over a year. I came in early to give human resources paper work informing them that I would be out of work for a couple of days when they decide to drug test me because the security guard said i seemed under the influence. I was not on the clock and simply asked security to let me in so i could drop off the paperwork so naturally i refused. I feel i was unfairly targeted and I am not looking to become reemployed by said company. I just ant you to release my unemployment benefits that i earned. Thats all I want. If there is no response from you i have no choice but to take the next possible course of action. Thank you Larry Washington employee number 594111

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Adrianna - 1 y ago


I hope you did!

F**k them....letting their growers go broke in Sumter/St George/Bowman/Santee.

Horrible horrible company. Hopefully we can link up because I'm talking to Netflix about it, currently.

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Robert nelson - 1 y 157 d ago


I had work for the pilgrim's pride company in sumter sc and I was fired for protect my self from another person that work there i don't think I should have been fired cause I didn't fight back I have people knowing that that person always start with me for no reason at all he should have been the one that got fired I would like my job back please.

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Adrianna - 1 y ago


Sooooo, my bf is a chicken grower and his chickens come from Sumter. For over a year, my bf has been breaking his back (like usual) and they keep sending sick chickens. I'm talking 600+ a day for over a week and then it slowly dwindles over the next week or two after. He's been making 65% of what he used to.....for a fucking year now. I'm trying to contact corporate but they have an Alabama number to call but that's not good enough for me. WHY IS COLORADO ALLOWING SICK CHICKENS TO GO OUT AND TRY TO BE RAISED?! WHY ARE THEY ALLOWING THEIR GROWERS TO GO BROKE???


I contacted Netflix about it and I have a meeting/interview with them on the 17th.....hoping my bf and all the other growers from his area get reimbursed!!!

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Freddrick g Brown - 1 y ago


My name is freddrick g Brown I worked at pilgrim's and got fired for my badge I turned in didn't work I couldn't get it back before my shift ended. I came to work next day and I couldn't get in the gate they fired me for that I wheel it wasn't my fault for not being able to gain access to the plant.

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James Davis - 1 y 100 d ago

I am interested in becoming a contract vendor to catch and load live broiler please contact me James and lisa Davis (hidden)

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abdihakim A Farah - 1 y 131 d ago

my name is abdihakim farah i was employee in jbs grandisland and become supervisor and i was part of jbs family for a while i had all my experience from jbs i got fire for something that i make wrong and it was something i never do it before and do it ahain that moment i use that think i got fired on i was javing a real bad family situation i loose my own kids my emotion put this situation separate from my family jbs was like family for me and i love it and know am supervisor at amick farm chicken plant but my hr manager told i can het hire again after six months know i have chance to get my kids back thy leave in cloud minnesota and iwanna have one last oppurtunty with family again located in

cloud pilgrims

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Barbara Richert - 1 y 150 d ago

I live and work near your processing plant in Lufkin Texas.

and each day I see your product being delivered. These animals are giving their lives...your treatment of them is simply deplorable. 100+ degree heat, 65 mph and No protection...dirty filthy cages, feathers flying everywhere. I have looked in their eyes...pure terror. If you want my business please do better. These are God's creatures too. Can I share photos?

Flagged for review. 
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Cordaro - 1 y 284 d ago


Hi I work in the plant in Marshville, nc, i felt i was wrongly suspended today, for refusing to do a job

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Barb richert - 1 y 287 d ago


I recently followed one of your chicken trucks to the processing plant in Lufkin. 43 degrees, raining...and NO protective cover for these animals going to slaughter. Flight feathers everywhere. Shame on us that we cannot provide better treatment to God's creatures.

I repeat SHAME.

Bsrbara Richert

706 Chimney Rock St

Lufkin Tx 75904


Flagged for review. 
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Ray Pleva - 2 y ago

Robin, Our Company has developed a natural solution for solving the woody breast issue.

Please call Ray Pleva (hidden)

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Karen Cole - 2 y ago


I have tru almost every brand of produ ts of tempura chicken nuggets until i came upon yours. Delicious, soft, juicy, easy to prepare, and the prices are well on range. Only one thing can you try to get more stores to invesy in your products in their stores. Like i shop always at Food For Less mainly( area wise ) and possibly Aldi's as well. So far i ony found at Walmart.

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