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Pizza Hut

14841 Dallas Parkway
Dallas, TX
(972) 338-7700
(972) 338-6869
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Disappointed - 1 d 23 m ago


Good evening,

I hope you are having a great day today. I usually go to Pizza Hut at least twice a month because my daughter loves the food. The reason for my writing today is due to the pizza I received from my local Pizza Hut. Please understand the young ladies that retrieved my order were very nice. I have always had a pleasant experience with the employees. However, my pizza, was absolutely terrible this go round. I believe the cook must have been new. I usually order my pizzas with extra cheese and sauce. The order I placed this time was similar with extra cheese and sauce, but the pizza had so much sauce on it as soon as I tried to pick up a slice all the toppings fell completely off along with mounds of sauce. Now I am not a chef but don't believe that should happen and my pizzas before were never made so poorly. My daughter and I did not eat the pizza. Usually the pizza I order is very well made. My daughter and I just could not eat the pizza I ended up throwing it away. I tried reach out to Pizza Hut by phone, but when the young lady answered she immediately placed me on hold. I was on hold for over 10 minutes eventually I hung up. My daughter and I look forward to our "Crave Food Friday's" as we call it and our favorite place is Pizza Hut. I have to say I was very upset.

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Frustrated - 1 d 11 h ago


I am a High school in Hutchinson Kansas. I am tired of being scheduled to work on school days during school hours!

This must be illegal . The general manager doesn't seem to have the ability to work out a schedule.

Frustrated student / worker

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Lisa Hampton - 3 d 8 h ago


Dear Pizza Hut,

On two occasions this summer I ordered Pizza from Pizza Hut. One store in Savannah Ga, and another in Farmington, Mo. On both occasions the Pizza was horrible. I grew up eating your pizza and I can tell you that the quality of your pizza has went way down. The Pizza I got in Savannah was partially burnt and hardly any sauce. The pizza in Farmington tasted so different. I can tell that the beef that was used was of poor quality. The cheese was a cheap imitation. You can not use cheap ingredients and expect the keep the same quality product. Not only that your prices compared to other pizzas are very high. I also was told that you no longer use fresh dough, but frozen. Your competitor Little Ceasars makes theirs fresh daily. And I never thought there would come a day when I would say that their pizza is better then yours. But, that day has come. It is a sad day, when I have to say I will no longer order your pizza. Unless you make some drastic changes to fix this issue. Sincerely Lisa Hampton.

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James J. Castleberry - 7 d ago


As a former Pizza Hut employee (1987-1989) I'm saddened that Corporate pulled Priazzo from sales. Though I understand why it had to go it was the most sought item Pizza Hut offered. The 45-min from the take of order, to plate the customers were causing complaints. In a salute to Pizza Hut, I created a Roma minus the ground beef and substitute it with Canadian bacon. I want you all to know that I still have the "Perfect Pizza" touch. I will be providing photographs of my Roma soon. This month will be 30 years since I left Pizza Hut.

Semper Fi,

James J. Castleberry

30-year retired Marine

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King Vladeyushyi Mirom - 14 d 15 h ago



008 ** The plans for massive global population reduction are no longer a "back burner" issue.

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glo - 15 d 5 h ago


I had a children's Birthday Party on Wed. The 4th. THe children wanted Pizza so I always use pizza hut. I ordered 3 pizza 2 I would pay for and 1 I would use my points since I had 270 points. I sent on line at 12 pm to be picked up at 4:30 pm When my sister picked it up there was only 2 pizza that had been paid for the only with my points were not there. I called to fine out what happened . Spoke a women named Falicida who told me she was the manager and that if I wanted the free pizza with my point. It would cost $11.00 for delivery I asked why or the charge would be $7.99 we said ok because the childre wanted their pizza.We gave him a number to call to open the gates. About 45 minutes later THe phone rang 2 times One of the ladies went down to get it . She was out there in time to see the driver who saw her roared around the corner and out the gate. We called Pizza Hut again and was told that the guy was his best driver and would not do that an dthat they would not deliver the pizza again.

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Jonny - 21 d 19 h ago


Very upset with pizzahut in Culpeper va the big slob manager there just walks around with nasty hair sticking out from chin and dirty clothes on drinking soda out of a cup eating pizza with employees from buffet bar that they started to clean up at 220 pm when buffet is over at 130 pm they made my pizza wrong but redone it making me wait even longer this is way unexceptable someome needs to go here from corporate fire the slob manager he does nothing there at all but stand around and eat and drink

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Anonymous - 21 d 12 h ago



Did the filthy manager have fat nigger lips and buck teeth?

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Child of the 80s - 25 d 14 s ago

Quit trying to use "throwback" logos to sell your crap pizza.Pizza Hut will never be the same as it was in the 80s!

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Anonymous - 29 d ago


Never have I had a business turn down revenue until I called Pizza Hut to place an order. Employee told me they were to busy to accept orders

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Vitty - 33 d 7 h ago

Who ever is in charge of marketing! You guys really suck! I work at Pizza Hut and it's been extremely slow! And with all the price hikes and even having to charge customers for cheese and peppers! People are choosing other pizza places! Also you need someone new and young to be in charge of your social media! You guys are loosing sales!!

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Greg - 35 d ago

I sure wish you would bring back the priazzo. I had tried the florentine and although I am not a fan of spinach, it was the only one I have ever tried and had it many times in the mid 1980's. I would love to have the opportunity to try the others if they were ever brought back.

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James - 48 d 11 h ago


I visited the Pizza Hut location in Belleview Florida on 8-3-2019 at 8:47 pm to pick up a pizza i ordered over the phone with a coupon i got out of the paper....the coupon was for a large 3 topping pizza for $7.99 but when i arrived to pick it up it they wanted me to pay $10.16...i asked why and the lady manager had no explanation for me. I refused to pay the extra money and even though the pizza was ready....she refused to give me the pizza....also...the guy making the pizzas was not wearing a hair net or gloves. I was very upset. I will be calling Pizza Hut Corporate monday morning to complain.

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James - 46 d 10 h ago


My name is issue with the store had been resolved by the daytime manager at the Belleview, Fl. Store. Thanks Pizza Hut...I now give this store 5 stars.

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Lori W - 54 d 9 h ago


Well after looking at the 1 star review listed its apparent that Pizza Hut could care less if they are taking care of their customers. But I will however want them to know that after my experience with the local Pizza Hut in Florissant, MO I will not be going back. I usually always order through the internet so Friday I tried and the location I go to stated they were closed after 2 -3 attempts. I called and confirmed they were open and explained what was happening. The first person I talked to couldn't help so a manager got on the line I explained to her she said there was not anything they could do. So I restarted my phone and tried again and the same thing occurred. I called back and this time was annoyed because I would now be forced to pay approx. 8-9.00 dollars more for the same thing. I decided my family was hungry and would pay the extra but let the manager know I was not happy about it. I screenshot the proof that they showed closed for when I arrived I could show them in hopes they could offer a discount of sorts when I arrived. So when I got there I told the young lady I was sorry I seemed annoyed on the phone and genuinely apologized and showed the screenshot. She basically blew me off with no sorry, no empathy, no I understand, I mean nothing. SHE could care less I had to pay more and just said 26.xx is the total. So this upset me thinking that she could of at least acknowledged the fact I was clearly paying more than I should since it said her location was closed. So I said to her as a customer service rep for your company are you not even gonna say sorry or anything??? she looked at me and immediately walked away and sent the manager to me who was on a cell phone when she got to the counter. So I told her I just I was going to pay for it but it would have been nice if her employee could have at least acknowledged my concern. So I tossed down my debit card and then she said I was throwing stuff at her, I am livid by now because I just said I want to pay and leave. She is still on the phone cell phone and I said I didn't throw my card at you!?! So I will say I should not have said what I did but at the time it felt like I was being treated wrong. I live in a predominately black town and I am the minority and I said " let me guess your looking at me like I am a crazy white racist lady" !?! then she just walked off... So then I said what now you are not going to sell me the pizzas? She said I am on the phone with MY Manager and she told me not to give you the food.. I said fine and walked out. I ended up at a competitors and have awesome customer service and the pizza was great. I will not be bothering to go back to Pizza Hut Ever again.

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Jamie - 64 d 23 h ago


Placed an order online. Needed to make a change to the order since I apparently shorted a pizza off my order. Called the number listed and the call center transferred me to the store. Waited on hold for 15:26 minutes before I hung up to contact the call center again. While on hold I placed a second order... correctly. Once someone finally answered I explained that I needed to cancel an order....the girl who answered stated they do not cancel orders and she would have to transfer me... mind you ... I explained that I was on hold for 15 minutes and no one at the store was answering. She continued saying I would need to call the store and she couldn't help me. I then asked to speak to her supervisor as I assumed this person would have the ability to correct my situation. NOT AT All!!!! The girl came back to the phone and said the supervisor said they can do nothing! And then she cut me off and transferred me while I was speaking! I want my card credited back for the charge as I do not plan on eating from any Pizza Hut ever again. Incredibly poor customer service. They could have easily fixed the issue. They made a choice to ignore the customer's concerns and deliberately ignored my request and therefore will lose my business! On vacation in Atlanta just looking to feed my family something quick as we were out exploring the city and finally made it back to the hotel. May I add that I have written this while still on hold a second time waiting to cancel my order!! Guess what... to add to our frustration... someone just answered and it looks like the call center transferred me to the wrong location... surprise surprise. Feel as it that was a deliberate attempt to cause more frustration!

General profile image - 64 d 19 h ago


I ordered pizza though no show and my card wasnt charged, ordered over the phone 10:34 she said ok order placed not sorry but were closing and our drivers wont be able to deliver to you at this time no. So im sitting here an hour later nothing no call nothing. I just got stood up from pizza hut.

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Jay Riley - 65 d 6 h ago


I ordered a pizza for delivery, Saturday, July 13. 2019 The driver backed in my driveway and into the garage door making it inoperable. I reported this incident to the store general manager. while the driver was here. The driver sent a picture of the damage. The manager said he would submit an incident report and that Pizza Hut was responsible. Today is Thursday July 18 and haven't heard anything! Pizza Hut Hardscrabble Columbia SC 29229

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Melinda Brice - 67 d ago


I just ordered 2 pizzas light sauce. One Pepperoni' and one sausage. Well needless to say that's not wat I got. I called immediately and was approached in such a defensive way by the manager. Some black person that sd she's the manager. Called me a liar and told me I gotta wait till tomorrow for some other manager to come in. First of all u don't talk to the customer that way. Nor are u to b confrontational. I'm appalled to say the least.

Flagged for review. 
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To Melinda, us superiors stick together - 67 d ago

You should be appalled. How dare they allow a black person to be manager in this day and age. That black bitch should have been kissing your white ass on demand.

Flagged for review. 
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Charlette - 66 d 9 h ago


How do you know it was a Black Person? People, please stop stereotyping people by the way they sound, and the color of their skin. This is why the Baby Boomers of today are so mean, angry and disrespectful to one another. Life is so simple; life would even more simple if people stop and take a look at how they approach one another. Like Michael Jackson states in his song, "Man in the morrow," "Take a look at yourself and make that change" .Hope this help those who are so angry and mean with one another.

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To Charlette - 66 d 6 h ago

I think MJ sang about the man in the mirror, not morrow.

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Anonymous - 73 d 4 h ago

I ordered a pizza from the pizza hut on edgebrook in Sugar Land Texas over the phone, right after I placed my order my credit card was charged $210 and sent to a paypal account of the name Ramon Lazano.

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Tina - 83 d ago

I orded a pepperoni and sausage pizza and i got my food it also had onions and mushrooms in it. I am highly allergic to onions. I bit into my slice of pizza and an onion came with it. I now have had to use my inhaler and i think this is b.s.. Then when i went into pizza hut they told me that it must of happened when they cut my pizza because they dont clean thier cutter before they use it on other pizzas.. Thats ridiculous that they dont clean there utensils after eache use... After i bit into my food and the onion came with it. I put it on top of my slice so that you can see it

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Gary W Smith - 84 d 9 h ago

Gary w Smith I wanted to add I was able to go online yesterday your website was available it was just when I tried to order from the splendora location that was unavailable as well as the phones I was very disappointed not to eat the pizza of my choice on my birthday but at least I got to eat pizza on my birthday thanks to Papa John's

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