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Pizza Hut

14841 Dallas Parkway
Dallas, TX
(972) 338-7700
(972) 338-6869
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Jamie - 3 d 24 h ago


Placed an order online. Needed to make a change to the order since I apparently shorted a pizza off my order. Called the number listed and the call center transferred me to the store. Waited on hold for 15:26 minutes before I hung up to contact the call center again. While on hold I placed a second order... correctly. Once someone finally answered I explained that I needed to cancel an order....the girl who answered stated they do not cancel orders and she would have to transfer me... mind you ... I explained that I was on hold for 15 minutes and no one at the store was answering. She continued saying I would need to call the store and she couldn't help me. I then asked to speak to her supervisor as I assumed this person would have the ability to correct my situation. NOT AT All!!!! The girl came back to the phone and said the supervisor said they can do nothing! And then she cut me off and transferred me while I was speaking! I want my card credited back for the charge as I do not plan on eating from any Pizza Hut ever again. Incredibly poor customer service. They could have easily fixed the issue. They made a choice to ignore the customer's concerns and deliberately ignored my request and therefore will lose my business! On vacation in Atlanta just looking to feed my family something quick as we were out exploring the city and finally made it back to the hotel. May I add that I have written this while still on hold a second time waiting to cancel my order!! Guess what... to add to our frustration... someone just answered and it looks like the call center transferred me to the wrong location... surprise surprise. Feel as it that was a deliberate attempt to cause more frustration!

General profile image - 3 d 20 h ago


I ordered pizza though no show and my card wasnt charged, ordered over the phone 10:34 she said ok order placed not sorry but were closing and our drivers wont be able to deliver to you at this time no. So im sitting here an hour later nothing no call nothing. I just got stood up from pizza hut.

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Jay Riley - 4 d 7 h ago


I ordered a pizza for delivery, Saturday, July 13. 2019 The driver backed in my driveway and into the garage door making it inoperable. I reported this incident to the store general manager. while the driver was here. The driver sent a picture of the damage. The manager said he would submit an incident report and that Pizza Hut was responsible. Today is Thursday July 18 and haven't heard anything! Pizza Hut Hardscrabble Columbia SC 29229

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Melinda Brice - 6 d 3 h ago


I just ordered 2 pizzas light sauce. One Pepperoni' and one sausage. Well needless to say that's not wat I got. I called immediately and was approached in such a defensive way by the manager. Some black person that sd she's the manager. Called me a liar and told me I gotta wait till tomorrow for some other manager to come in. First of all u don't talk to the customer that way. Nor are u to b confrontational. I'm appalled to say the least.

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To Melinda, us superiors stick together - 6 d ago

You should be appalled. How dare they allow a black person to be manager in this day and age. That black bitch should have been kissing your white ass on demand.

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Charlette - 5 d 10 h ago


How do you know it was a Black Person? People, please stop stereotyping people by the way they sound, and the color of their skin. This is why the Baby Boomers of today are so mean, angry and disrespectful to one another. Life is so simple; life would even more simple if people stop and take a look at how they approach one another. Like Michael Jackson states in his song, "Man in the morrow," "Take a look at yourself and make that change" .Hope this help those who are so angry and mean with one another.

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To Charlette - 5 d 7 h ago

I think MJ sang about the man in the mirror, not morrow.

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Anonymous - 12 d 5 h ago

I ordered a pizza from the pizza hut on edgebrook in Sugar Land Texas over the phone, right after I placed my order my credit card was charged $210 and sent to a paypal account of the name Ramon Lazano.

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Tina - 22 d 3 h ago

I orded a pepperoni and sausage pizza and i got my food it also had onions and mushrooms in it. I am highly allergic to onions. I bit into my slice of pizza and an onion came with it. I now have had to use my inhaler and i think this is b.s.. Then when i went into pizza hut they told me that it must of happened when they cut my pizza because they dont clean thier cutter before they use it on other pizzas.. Thats ridiculous that they dont clean there utensils after eache use... After i bit into my food and the onion came with it. I put it on top of my slice so that you can see it

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Gary W Smith - 23 d 10 h ago

Gary w Smith I wanted to add I was able to go online yesterday your website was available it was just when I tried to order from the splendora location that was unavailable as well as the phones I was very disappointed not to eat the pizza of my choice on my birthday but at least I got to eat pizza on my birthday thanks to Papa John's

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Gary W Smith - 23 d 10 h ago

Yesterday was my birthday I turned 52 I wanted to order delivery from my favorite restaurant Pizza hut of course I grew up with a company my family sold property to this company and Missouri in my hometown of wentzville anyway yesterday I went to order pizza here in splendora Texas I want online it was unavailable so I tried to call that was unavailable also so I settled for Papa John's it was good but it was more expensive anyway I thought you should know and also would like to add I applied for a job with the company but much to my disappointment I had an interview I thought it went very well the manager there was somewhat nice and she said she would get back with me and let me know something in a week or so it's been way more than week and I never received anything so much as a text anyway I thought you should know what's going on in splendora thank you and have a great day my phone number (hidden) feel free to text me or call me Pizza hut always been one of my favorite restaurants thank you and have a great day

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Anonymous - 28 d 5 h ago


I live in Ravenswood WV and called Pizza Hut ti order. While on hold the advertisements was for large 2 topping pizza for $7.99 call in or hang up & jump on line either pick up or delivery however I want it! When I try to order this I was told they don't have this?! This is false adverti

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Gloribee - 28 d 8 h ago


My husband and I went to pizza hut on March 9, 2019. We tried the $5 menu and ordered 2 pizzas and breadsticks. The pizza came with favored crust which we did not ask for and the pizza had absolutely no flavor as well as the sausage on it. I wrote a letter to the location we were at (Sault Ste Marie, MI) and as of this date...June 24, 2019 I have yet to hear from them. It's pretty obvious that the corporation does not care. Why do people continue to go there? The pizza as someone else said is greasy and tasteless.

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Stephanie - 33 d 2 h ago


Ordered online and went to pick it up to find the order was a mess. Finally after going back to them 3 times they got it right. Got home to find a meat lovers pizza with just bacon and ham a pepperoni pizza with not one drop of sauce on it a meaty marinara pasta totally burned medium buffalo wings 12 piece and 3 wings had sauce others were dry boneless wings were suppose to be sauced also and we're absolutely dry not one drop of sauce. The only thing out of the 55.00 order that was edible were the bread sticks. Called and complained even said I would return the food to the store and was told not to worry about it that to just throw it away and a credit would be waiting for me at the store. Went in tonight to use the credit to only find out instead of the amount I lost it was for 32.00. Then the so called manager Jennifer just shrugged her shoulder and walked away instead of talking to us and being a manager and being professional she refused to come out from beside the ovens. How can a manager get away with treating a customer that way? Mind you while all of this is taking place we are on the phone with corporate customer service and they lady on the phone is hearing how she's avoiding us and hearing the cashier tell us that Jennifer is always like this and treats everyone the same way. Something needs to be done

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Delphine Pillar - 34 d 4 h ago


After being a customer for 50 years, done with Pizza hut, they lost good customers. Made an order, paid for it with visa online, they come with another bill. I told them it was paid for, then they tacked on another $5.00 for delivery. Never in all those years did I pay that much delivery charge. I tipped the driver always. Manager refused to give her name and hung up on me. I told them they could keep their pizza, not like there aren't other pizza places around.

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Heath Mercer - 35 d 6 h ago

I was in pizza hut to day at around 11:30 .saw a Indian,packi, or some middle eastern county guy ask for a bag for his pizza,bit was raining here. The guy behind the counter told him the bag would not fit the pizza he bought... He asked for one anyway.... When they DID fit he said to the man behind the counter see, the Man behind the counter ,told the middle eastern guy that he was going to call the police on him and that he was no longer welcome at that store..... I am discussed by this guy you have representing your store on Dr Phillips Blvd. He was rude, if I could find out the middle eastern guys name is help him sue your ass for racism racism... I asked for bag also and because I am white I got no issue or slack.

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Arthur Mcphee - 37 d ago

I ordered a 40 dollar order at 11:06 and its 12:38. They said it would be 40 minutes. They re closed now so I don't even know if they'll show up. I have kids waiting to eat. I'm gonna go ahead and fix them something. I'm gonna leave this same review on. Facebook, yelp, and goole for starters. Tomorrow I'm going to start with the gm, and than go to the district manager, and than to corporate. I will never order from them again and I'm going to spend the next week blasting them in any way I can. I can be a very detemined person. Worst god damn pizza place in town. Should of gone with papa or heady's smh

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Guenther - 38 d 4 h ago


Okay I send a letter to the corporate office about the Pizza Hut in White Sulphur Springs West Virginia. Apparently nothing was done about it. Right now as I sit across the street from them there is a car that the manager drives Park directly in front of the door of the Pizza Hut. Her drug addict daughter and some Homeless looking gentleman are in the back seat of the car and it appears that she's performing fellatio on him they are both in the back seat and have been in and out of the store about a hundred times today. The daughter and the Guy that she's with are known drug addicts in the area. Is this the type of activity that you would like for your clientele to see? The way the employees look I would never eat anything out of there.

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For corporate. - 39 d 2 h ago

Pizza hut has the absolute worst pizza, its greasy and has way too much sauce. Just look at the bottom of the box at all the fucking grease. Pizza is not supposed to be greasy. I'm Italian and in my 55 years on this planet i never had such Disgusting pie. Oh this was my first time eating you product and the last.

Close your pathetic stores down and go chapter 11.

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Fortier - 39 d 6 h ago


How do you get off charging $7.78 for boneless wings and you only get four little tiny pieces of chicken that is ridiculous. I feel like I have been totally ripped off. Will never order from there again.

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Anonymous - 39 d 6 h ago


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Anonymous - 39 d ago

Next time go to Dominos.

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Anonymous - 39 d 5 h ago

You guys have the worst customer service ever. Really don't care about the customers at all. Please have been bouncing me around to each other and not a single person can help me with a very SIMPLE problem.

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Anonymous - 40 d 9 h ago


I parked in the parking lot of my local Pizza Hut in Scottsville Kentucky on 6/12/2019 waiting on my husband to arrive. Two employees had a bucket and an office chair outside back door as if to be taking a break. I waited on my husband for a good 20 mins and the two employees continued there break. Once we got inside the dinning room was empty. Salad bar was trash peaches looked rotten there were white bubbles in a thick juice and all other side item containers were about empty. The bar had not been attended or whipped of clearly most of the day. So much for a salad. We waited 40 mins to order and i finally got up and told them we were ready to order. The phone rang non stop for twenty minutes and finally a young women yelled would someone get that. Clearly the way to go is drive up because that is the only service that seemed to be moving fast. Just cant imagine that employees are allowed to be sitting in back doorway smoking and taking break all night because the same two employees were at back door when we left. If drive up service is what i wanted i would have went to Domino's. it is clear that they need new management at this facility.

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Holden - 40 d 7 h ago


@ Anonymous,

"Salad bar was trash peaches looked rotten there were white bubbles in a thick juice and all other side item containers were about empty. "

After seeing the filth you still order the pig food?

Did you check the kitchen area?

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