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Pizza Hut

14841 Dallas Parkway
Dallas, TX
(972) 338-7700
(972) 338-6869
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Layfett terry - 1 d 13 h ago


Their customer service is terrible their bosses are terrible they don't respect the customers and I'll never order from them again

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Ann - 2 d ago

Is the stuff on line, true

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JK - 2 d 11 h ago

I am filing a complaint about Pizza Hut: 8900 Biscayne Blvd, Miami Shores, Fl. I have ordered via the phone many times. Manytimes I have waited many minutes before anyone picks up the phone to take my order. Tonight was another issue again! I was at 125 th St, the Pizza Hut is at 89th and Biscayne Blvd. I was on the line for 15 minutes, NO ONE picked up the phone! I actually came faster to the store and I was still waiting to order. When I walked in two guys were at the front counter. Two customers picking up their order. Finally, I was acknowledged. I told him I was on the phone for 15 mins and actually drove to the location faster! He said "Oh we are very busy and can NOT PICK up the phone or take anymore orders! Really, and I walked out! Then I came back in and said I wanted to speak to the manager. Enrique appeared and said he was the manager. I said to him about being on the phone, how rude and abrupt the guy(tall Spanish guy) behind the counter was, as well as the POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I said you certainly did not look busy to me! Even one guy came from the back an older Spanish guy with glasses, just stood there doing NOTHING and listening to my conversation. In the mean time the first young Spanish guy behind the counter started to speak to me, I told him I was SPEAKING to the manager now NOT HIM! I told Enrique I was filing a formal complaint b/c NO ONE deserves this kind of treatment! Plus, if this franchise wants to stay in business they better have a talking to from your regional manager and get better representation! Obviously, Enrique is NOT a good manager b/c I even asked him, IF you all are so busy, can't YOU, pick up the phone and take an order? He didn't reply but he knew what I meant! DO YOUR JOB and if the young guys are OVEERWHELMED HELP THEM! YOU definitely have lost a good paying customer and as far as I am concern a LOYAL Pizza Hut CUSTOMER!!!

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whitney vinalay - 2 d 13 h ago


I am very very very disappointed in the way I was treated at store on 206 C S loop 336 W, Conroe, tx 77304.. i order my pizza online. i got to the store and my pizza was freezing, they guy at the counter was very apologetic and remade my pizza. i even added one more thing to my order. he said it would talk about 15 minutes which i was okay with, i waited patiently for my pizza.. then a girl comes out with my pizza and slammed my boxes on the counter in front of 2 other customers and stormed off, the other 2 waiting for there pizzas were in shock just as much as i was because of it. there was no reason why she should have done that because i didn't know the young lady and never had exchanged words with her, my order # 00090. even the manager was standing right there and i said did you just see what customer service she just provided??? he said no. and the other customers were like i cannot believe she just did that.. honestly i came home sick to my stomach with the way that i was treated and threw out my order because there was NO need for that whatsoever. i will continue to write letter and post reviews about this situation. this little girl made pizza hut a wrap for me. i will never go back and eat there again, this is beyond disgusting if i say so myself.. she had red hair with glitter rhinestones on her face....she had an attitude towards to staff and customers. pizza hut needs to do better.

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Anonymous - 3 d 19 h ago

Someone in another state stole all of my pizza reward points! Nobody can help me. I refuse to patronize a company that allows this.

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Jack A Garchow - 4 d ago

The store in Elko, NV cannot make an ORIGINAL pan pizza. Every time we order a Deep Dish Pan Pizza it gets to us tasting like a Hand Tossed Pizza. Has the process changed? If not something needs to be done at this store. I'm 50 years old and remember the original pan, these are nothing like the original. The only answer we get from the store employees and manager is "That's OUR Deep Dish Pan Pizza." What can be done about this?

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PIZZA HUT - 5 d 8 h ago


Then i called back then she answers eating

My food tells the people oh man this the guys order they start like giggling like oh mann. And my kids here like daddy im hungry. Miami,fl 33142 Pizza Hut 2101 Northwest 17 Avenue. People like that manager shouldn't work at such an awesome pizza place. Mind you she said i can only redeem breadsticks not wings. I HAD 138 points and the wings were 125 im left with 13 points and no wings either. Worst experience. 12:20am was the recorded conversation. Might want to see how they even treated me over the phone. Highly disappointed . RATE : -5 Stars

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PIZZA HUT - 5 d 8 h ago


PIZZA HUT : Had my kids hungry here waiting for the pizza guy. Old man gets to my location with so much attitude and a face like if i did something to him. I asked him if they charging me for the free wings i Redeem he said yes. I said call them let them know not to charge for it cause they free. So while im on the phone making sure they check so guy gets good tip. Mind you im making sure he gets his good nice tip he looks at me says f this in not waiting no more and leaves. Listen my kids were hungry and the manager didnt make it no better. She was eating my FREE WINGS and my other things i ordered. I want to file a complaint with the highest person. They played with my kids. That is a no no

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last visit - 5 d 13 h ago


I wish you would retrain your cooks on how to make a taco pizza. I order mine without the meat and it comes out dry, hardly any bean sauce on it, even when I ask for extra sauce.....

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Jieasha Jackson - 6 d ago

I order from Pizza Hut all the time and today my pizza was cold and im very disappointed Because im a loyal customer to Pizza Hut I order Pizza Hut al least 3 to 4 times a month They also gave me the wrong receipt and their pizza was also late .I have been calling the store to talk to the manager about it but the phone just hangs up.1742 Zebulon Rd

Griffin, GA 30224

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Chip M - 7 d 14 h ago


Went to the Pizza Hut in Wauchula FL for a meal. I ordered off the menu for a Personal Pan pizza and the menu said it came with a drink. The pizza was okay. Upon check out I was charged for the drink. When I showed them the menu they showed me a poster that said that offer was only good until 4:30 pm. That is not what was on the menu. I don't believe I will be using this pizza hut anytime again.

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William Hunt - 10 d 19 h ago


Terrible service I place a order a few days ago paid with debit card$33.37 sents then I received a call back 30 minutes later to tell me they didn't deliver to that address, now I'm getting the run around trying to get my money back

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Seabee Erik - 10 d 17 h ago


I was ordering Pizza Hut about twice a week and I am no longer patronizing Pizza Hut nor will my family or my friends as I share the over charge and how the pizza was gooey raw. So disappointed. Never had issues with this Pizza Hut in Melissa, Texas.

I want to contact Better Business Bureau so that I can get my over charged amounts refunded to me.

I have never had issues with this Pizza Hut in Melissa Texas. They were nice enough to supplement a larger fir a medium as they ran out of medium dough. The large was under cooked and not properly cut donut was a mess and the fact I was over charged still had my blood boiling. I am a disabled Veteran on a very very limited disability I come and the over charge was not good business. Just ordered last night from Dominos and will continue to do so.

Erik (hidden)

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Anonymous - 11 d 18 h ago


From alliance Ne and you have hired the worse person ever to run you business.. she threatens customers if they contact you or they had no large pizza on Saturday night no pan pizza and we ordered a 18 dollar taco pizza and got a chicken pizza instead there are alot of people in this town who would love to see new management in this pizza hut.. she has no idea what she doing. To be out of large and pan pizza on friday or sat night not good. We need new management!!

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Mary - 13 d 12 h ago


I am a very unhappy Pizza Hut customer. Tonight, at 5:49 I called our local Pizza Hut to place an order. My fiance and I are both not feeling well and we wanted a restaurant that would deliver. When they answered the phone they asked if it was for carryout or delivery. I quickly replied delivery. I placed the order for a large pan pizza, easy on the sauce, pineapple and ham. and was told it would be 20 minutes.40 minutes later and we still had no pizza so I called back. It was THEN that I was told that the $7.99 pizzas are for carry out only. I told them from the get go that it was to be delivered. Why was the $7.99 pizza even offered then, and why was I not told it was carry out only. Then, I asked if I ordered some cheesy bread to get the total up past $12.00 could they deliver it. We were told that no, it had to be carryout only. OK, this was on them. They knew I was unhappy yet did nothing to try to correct it or make up for their mistake. They only wanted for me to change my order to a more expensive item so that it COULD be delivered rather then saying something like " This mistake is on us. We'll take care of you.". It ended up with us getting out, in the rain, and both of us unwell to go pick it up. Once there I again said something about it and was told by Kathy that " Oh no! The $7.99 deal is carryout only. I reminded her that I had told her delivery and she still went on and placed the order. We were not offered any compensation whatsoever and barely even an apology. Once we got the pizza home, it was barely even lukewarm and had little to no pineapple on it. This ends my dealings with Pizza Hut. We have 5 other pizza places in town and I will happily take my business to any one of them. .


Mary J Harper

Ticket #0151


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2317699577 - 14 d 10 s ago


im from muskegon and pizza hut don't deliver in my area that rude

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AmyKay - 15 d 12 h ago


We order from Pizza Hut at least 4-5 times a month and usually have great results. But tonight it started on the phone w/the delivery order...the employee was short, rude, & argumentative. I placed my order finally & We were told it would be 30-35 minutes which is normal. After 50 minutes, I called & was told our Order left 15 minutes earlier but when I questioned that (cause we r 9 minutes away) I was told that it left 6 minutes earlier. When we finally received our pizzas, they were only warm...not hot like they normally are. When I questioned the driver, he said they were really busy & the pizzas had been in "the bags" for awhile cause we r so far behind". I understand that Pizza Hut gets busy but on a Wednesday night... I just think something went wrong like maybe they forgot us & then tried to cover up...I don't know but I don't think we will be ordering from Pizza Hut for a long time!

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Corporate - 15 d ago

How long?

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User - 16 d 17 m ago


I though this was a Domino's

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Shelly Running - 16 d 12 h ago


I was in the Pizza Hut on white bear ave in St. Paul, what a hot mess, the manager Randy was very rude to a customer, I was in there when she came in to try to explain she ordered a pizza on line this past sun and the website referred her to the store so she ordered thru the store and was charged twice, once by website and the store, she said she talked to someone earlier today and was told to come into the store for a refund or in store credit, well Randy was very rude, he was like I need a receipt or see a bank statement, she said can't you pull it up on your computer to see what happen, he gave her such a run around, he said I need a receipt I'm not going to give just anyone credit that comes in and says we owe them a pizza, she said can't you call your boss and see what they say, he may have been the one I talked to, randy said what's the name of the person you talked to, she said I'm sorry I didn't get a name I took his word for it and came in, randy said nothing I can do come back in the morning when my boss is here, then he said your holding up the store, I was the only one in there, then he got on the phone to call the police because he felt threatened, really?.. what happen to customer service,? I'm sure she wasn't trying to get a free pizza, I felt her frustration, I had nothing to do with it but it upset me to hear how he spoke to her, he needs to be retrained or fired, it's a shame, I'm sure your store wouldn't have gone out of business giving her a pizza or credit, that store has issues, not the first time I seen them treat people like crap or having delivery issues myself,

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Brandon Worman - 17 d ago


I just got fired Monday November 18. Over taking an order to someone they didn't have the money for it so i brought it back to the store and cancelled the order the customer then called back at the store to pay with a card so the manager re rong up the order re made the food and i took it back to them. I think its a bunch of bs that i got fired over it. I've been working there for 6 yrs and they fire me over that. Really As of doug that piece he was supposed to call me and talk to me about a promotion never talked to me at all the manager told me i had to work on my attendance and if you look at my attendance is good it's tardiness that was not too good all because of my second job. Only reason i got a second job in the first place was because pizza hut in general wouldn't give me a raise or promote me so i had no other choice have to pay bills. (hidden). I would like to talk to someone about the situation but no one will talk to me about.

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Lisa C - 17 d ago


Those are the kind of managers you don't want to work for,. Chin up and move on . Lessons Learned and keep educating yourself in customer service. If you're working in that industry it's a must learn. And remember Managers especially newer ones are people and are a learning curve as well and don't always make good decisions.

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Nicole - 17 d 11 h ago

Horrible. Can't believe the service. Absolutely unacceptable

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Archuleta - 19 d ago


Customer service at 1449 West Buckingham in Garland is horrible. The lady that answers the phone have no problem with hanging up the phone in your phone. I will never ever use that store ever again. So Damn Rude!!

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Connie Johnson - 20 d 15 h ago


I ordered 3 lg pizza's was told 20-30 min pickup time went there still another 15 min staff and manager was so rude. While I was there 3 more customers came in and was treated just as rude no apology or nothing just here you go won't go back

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