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Pizza Hut

14841 Dallas Parkway
Dallas, TX
(972) 338-7700
(972) 338-6869
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Darrissa - 3 h 10 m ago


Y'all scamming in Memphis on Frayser Blvd why would you charge my card online but when I arrive not give me my pizza then tell me I have to wait 3-4 days to get my money back I was at work trying to feed my family I sent my husband to get the pizza that's PAID for and he get there they tell him because he don't have MY BANK CARD he can not get the pizza so why take my money ?????

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Francica reyes - 13 h 34 m ago


Eloy toltec az 85131 we always order alot tofay 3'27-2020 at 7pm family dinner box wss half dinner box cold small very little 29.00 very upset we just thru it away (hidden) my number eloy az 85131

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Anonymous - 2 d 10 h ago


Best pizza in town. But they refuse to honodr my Reward point because I do not drive and it is a mile and a half walk and I do not drive.

I always have to fight to get my reward points with the corporate office, then they change managers and I have to fight for them again.

Now the La Grande Pizza Hut has totally removed all of my log in information because I have complained about not being able to redeem my reward points!

Pimple faced 20 something year old managers do not value a regular customer who orders 3-4 pizza's a month!!!

Punks who think they are god's do not value repeat business!

Do NOT waste your money!!!!!!!!!

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John S - 2 d 14 h ago


I ordered pizza and wings from the Plano store at Preston and Park, and I was surprised at their blatant disregard for COVID. No one was wearing gloves. The cashier refused to let me retrieve the boxes, and she insisted upon opening the boxes. They ordered me to leave when I balked at accepting food that they had opened. I asked why we couldn't comply with the "social distancing" that has been suggested by the media. They then said I could never order from them again.

How would you feel?

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Tee - 3 d 48 s ago


I will never Orr from Pizza Hut in country club hills Illinois the staff is all Special can never get my order right and it don't be a large order.Stop smoking before work than maybe orders will be right

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Jon Doe - 3 d 8 h ago


The issue that I have experienced was: I work for a national media conglomerate. I was recently waiting for an order placed at the ashley phosphate store here in North Charleston South Carolina. Tho there was an error in my order, The General Manager (Gwen) was efficient, polite and charming, helping to resolve the situation. However upon waiting for the order to be fixed I conversed with another employee outside. I was horrified to learn of two things: 1. The General Manager is paid Less than everyone in the store!! Literally paid less than the drivers, cashier etc. When asked why this person thought that was happening i was told that it was because the area coach was SEXIST towards females and enjoyed exploiting them for titles and hours while keeping their pay as low as possible. And this is all occurring during the PANDEMIC!!! Furthermore I learned that the sanitary procedures were way below the standard after 2 employees have gotten Covid19 while working there in the last 2 weeks, and only since the new GM has started have they began to follow procedures! This is unacceptable treatment of employees and puts the public at risk. In the modern climate I am appalled at the level of incompetence displayed by corporate and local services. I will be completing a report and submitting it for editorial review by My Media employer in an attempt to make the public aware of the situation. I will include this transcript as part of public record in an attempt at remedy.

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Murn Miller - 5 d 15 h ago


As a Pizza Hut rewards member my account was hacked & my 550 point were used without authorization. I'm asking the Pizza Hut Corporation there in Dallas to as additional security procedures for purchases via the I can't stress this enough. I totally feel violated that this Steven PO from California broke into my account & used my point to get 3 free medium pizza's.

Pizza Hut Corporation in Dallas/ Please add an additional password approval before purchase or Points redemption submittal. This would really be a helpful protocol to keep this from happening to other loyal Pizza Hut customers.

Thank you & Most Best Regards

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Eric Webb - 6 d 13 h ago


Pizza it's not keeping up with COVID-19 protocol. My delivery person wanted me to open the door take a pen out of his hand and a piece of paper all requiring me to be less than 6 feet from this person that I don't know. Other delivery companies like DoorDash don't require a signature they'll just leave your food at your doorstep,Which is what I wanted.

Learning things quickly as a sign of intelligence. The leader ship at Pizza Hut does not seem to be very intelligent.

Eric Webb


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Anonymous - 7 d 25 s ago

My pizza was dry

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Anonymous - 7 d 12 h ago


I made an order late but still don't be rude over the phone and think I will let it slide!

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Cristian Olivas - 7 d 13 h ago


We ordered 2 pizzas at 6:35 and the lady on the phone said the wait would be an hour and since we're reasonable we said okay that's fine , at 8:40 we called and multiple employees kept hanging up !! They didn't want to respond but they did take our money , finally we got an answer back and they told us that they could rremake it and they can deliver . We said no that well pick it up and then we go and they said the order will not be ready for another 10 minutes and when it was ready they made us pay again because they said they refunded us our money but the money has yet to come back !! Gainesville Georgia on brownsbridge road !!

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John - 7 d 15 h ago

I just ordered a pizza from your location on lexington ave in Mansfield Ohio I waited 5 minutes longer than the text I got because it is Friday but due to the virus there was not a lot of business. The dining are was closed due to Ohio regulations. I pulled up to the pick up window and no one was there I blew my horn several times and no one came. I saw a guy come in from the side door with his girl friend and she went and sat in the dining room while I watched him clock in on the computer I beeped my horn again and he ignored me. Walked away back to the dining room. Finally some came to the window after i laid on my horn several times. I can see your your people moving around in the back but have no interest in customer service. I will never buy another product from your company!

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Anonymous - 7 d 16 h ago

Victoria L.

I use to order every wknd but not anymore can't redeem my points and I hv plenty cz my orders are usually over 50$

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Dre - 7 d 17 h ago


With all the uncertainty and fear, the CA Pizza Huts Distric Manager are saying that they will do everything in their power to deny any EDD claims. Pizza Hut is not what it use to be under the Larry Fugate Corp. Many of the store managers are verbally abusive to the employees. I think Corporate needs to re evaluate all CA store before the labor board is called in.

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T-Relly - 7 d 19 h ago


Y'all stores in Milwaukee WI so horrible y'all need to shut them mfs down!! They never delivering, then when they do you waiting 2/3 hrs to eat. I ain't even hungry nomore!! They don't wanna discount you but expect you to still pay for that pizza 3 hrs later. Them mfs be in there lazy, rude & looking stank. I hate y'all stores nbs

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jspin895 - 7 d 20 h ago


There are plenty of sick employees there and people in the employees homes are sick too. With this COVID19 going around it is unsafe to be open. Whether its a rumor or not it needs to be handled seriously. So they imply the employees are "quitting" but theyre really getting fired so this way the company doesnt have to pay unemployment. This is coming from a RGM!!! I refuse to be treated like this because its unfair! Theres bills that need to be paid and what not but this deadly ass virus is going around. No one wants to stay home when theyre sick!!! I guess they want to spread the germ!!! This ALLL NEEEDDDSSS TO BE HANDLED BEFORE MORE PEOPLE GET SICK!!!

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Not The One - 8 d ago


Pizza Hut in Adel Ga is very Nasty. From the druggies that work there and the sores all over their face to the way they keep that restaurant. They Steal from Company and customers and DO NOT wash Hands Like they are supposed to

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A Concerned Customer - 8 d 11 h ago


To Whom It May Concern, The purpose of this email is to inform your cooperation that as a concerned citizen, the Pizza Hut located at 2750 S 14th St. store number #028791 needs to be closed immediately for a mandatory customer service and sensitivity training. This training needs to occur instantaneously in order for this location to remain in business. On March 19, 2020, I entered the Pizza Hut location listed about to pick up my order. As a Pizza Hut rewards member, I decided to use my 200 of my reward points to order a medium, cheese, pan pizza with light sauce, extra crust oil, and under the special instructions, my comment was not to over bake pizza. After I paid for my pizza, I opened the pizza box to review the finished product. Unfortunately, the pizza was not made even closely to what I ordered. I paid $1.55 for extra cheese and did not receive extra cheese, I ordered light tomato sauce and the tomato sauce was oozing next to the crust. Additionally, I asked for the pizza not to be over baked so that the pizza would not try out and create bubbles in the dough. The pizza actually looked as if it had been baked longer. As I communicated these concerns to General Manager Robert E. Lapointe, to my surprise, he was extremely rude and passive aggressive. I was shocked that this was the individual that Pizza Hut choose to hire as the leader of this store location. As his customer service skills were disgusting and repulsive. When I communicated these concerns to the General Manager, he stated "so you want a raw pizza?" I informed him that I did not want a raw pizza due to the pizza needing to be cooked appropriately per Health and Safety guidelines. Mr. Lapointe then stated "well if we re-make it, it's going to come out exactly like that, so what do you what me to do about it?" I informed Mr. Lapointe that first I wanted the extra cheese that I paid for, and that I would like for the pizza to not be raw in order to refrain for getting sick, especially with the widespread epidemic of the Coronavirus. With the nastiest attitude, Mr. Lapointe then stated "fine we will re-make it for you, but it will come out exactly the same". As a loyal Pizza Hut customer since 1998, I have NEVER been informed this information before, as I consistently place the same order, with no problem. However, what was the most disappointing trait that I observed from this piss poor General Manager was his complete and utter lack of customer service! I can still not believe this is the General Manager! What's more disheartening, is that this behavior was displayed among other Pizza Hut employees. So now, they think that it is acceptable to speak to customers in this tone, and as a fellow General Manager, I am using my platform to speak up to say that this customer service is not acceptable! Nor shall it be tolerated. As previously mentioned, as a fellow GM, I like to use negative experiences as a teachable moment for my staff. Below are steps YOUR GM should have taken to ensure customer satisfaction Smile, and apologize for the inconvenience Ask the customer what we can do to make this experience better for you, as we value your business Offer a solution and inform the customer of the necessary steps that will occur such as to complete the order successfully, such as: o Less sauce will be applied to pizza. o The pizza will be removed from the oven one minute before completion of baking time to ensure the pizza is not over cooked. o The extra cheese that I paid for, will be applied to the next order to ensure a much better product. o Offer a free drink or snack while the customer waits for the re-make of the original order Did the GM Robert Lapointe complete any of the above stepsNO! Did he apologize for the inconvenienceABSOLUTELY NOT! Did GM Robert Lapointe exhibit a sicking, horrific, and appalling attitude, YES! Next, I waited for a total of 30 minutes for my order to be remade only for the second order to look worse than the first order. It was almost as if this GM wanted my pizza not to be made correctly on purpose because he reiterated to me multiple times that the second pizza would come out exactly like the first pizza. It was almost as if he intentionally made it worse to prove a point, due to me confronting him about my concerns. Purely Disgusting! Additionally, the GM knew I used my reward points to purchase the order, so revenue lost was not a concern for him. I then smiled and informed the GM to just give me a refund because at this point, I concluded that this GM did not care about customer satisfaction and made the decision to take my business elsewhere. Due to me using 200 of my reward points, he informed me that in order to get those points, I would have to call the 1-800 number to get those points re-credited back to my account. Could this GM have offered a store credit equivalent to the price of the order I placedYES, did heNO! Because it is apparent that General Manager Robert E. Lapointe does not care about customer service or customer satisfaction. As previously listed, I outlined steps that the GM could have taken for this entire situation to be avoided. However, since those steps did not occur, I will then complete the below steps to ensure that next quarters sales at this location decrease significantly, until the customer service at this location improves. Below are the steps that will be taken if this issue is not resolved in a timely fashion: I will use my professional and social platform to ensure that local Abilene community members are aware of the sordid customer service at this Pizza Hut Location Communicate with local policy makers of Abilene to make them aware of the disgusting behavior in our local Christian community. Discourage anyone I come into contact from wasting their time, money and resources at this establishment. Communicate with other local business GM's on how we can improve our customer service in order not to model the poor customer service displayed by GM Robert Lapointe Please use this as a learning experience to help your staff improve. It is vital that other team members at this location know that this type of service to customers should NEVER displayed in anyway shape or form. I am a firm believer in reform, teaching, and training; therefore, I am available to discuss additional options for improvement at this Pizza Hut location.

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Clenetta v stokes - 9 d ago


Not happy with my order at all this the third problem I done had with them I was told I would get some free stuff from them but all lies don't go to the pizzahut on main Street

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MICHAEL E SPELLER - 10 d 5 h ago


On 3/13/20 My husband called in order I went to pick up was suppose to be ready around 6/:15. I left the store mins. before 7:00. While I was there a customer had to come get her owns plates then a few mins later she came and got her own refill. Now the waitress was busy doing the register. I told my husband he needed to find another place to eat I am so tire of this store . There was probably 6 of us in line that I know some said they had been there over an hour. The store was filthy. I took pictures of it Awful. Some one needs to come down on a Friday night anonymously and watch what is happening. If it's up to me I will not order there again. Willilamston NC

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Bigfoot - 10 d 18 h ago


Bring back the 1990s big foot pizza!

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Audrey Williams - 10 d 20 h ago

3/10/2020 I visited Pizza Hut in Augusta,Ga on Georgetown Dr.The worst Ghetto Pizza Hut in the USA..I waited an hour for 2 orders of Bread sticks,and when I did recieve them they were hard ,and the sauce was cold.I called to make a complaint the call center is not any better talking over you ,and yelling.I asked for a manager or Supervisor she said I'am one.I asked to speak to someone else I was told to hang up ,and call back ..Well she hung up..They do not need to be in business. The store employees are Ignorant,and customer service is NASTY..

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Cherail - 11 d 18 h ago


On 3/16/20 I order pizza from online and only 2 of my order I ordered pepperoni lovers a supreme stuff garlic knots and buffalo wings came up to almost $39 and the only thing that came was the supreme and the stuffed garlic knots we called the number we talked to a lady she laughed the whole time that we were complaining about this unprofessionally very unprofessional I live in Kansas City Kansas the nearest Pizza Hut to us is on Rainbow Blvd., Kansas very very very upset that I got treated this way over the phone and your customer service!! This is very unacceptable and unprofessional I will no longer be ordering from Pizza Hut again and I will tell my family and friends and I will be putting this on Facebook book!!!

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I TOLD YOU SO!!!!; - 11 d 19 h ago


The Pizza hut on 25 12 Park Ave in Muscatine Iowa they sell weed the drop food on the floor and put it right on the pizzas they don't never wash her hands the manager Ansonalways stoned twi cooks are always stoned or to the waitresses always known that they said we'd they're nasty and they're very very gross try to stay away in avoid the Muscatine Pizza hut on 2512 Park Ave in Muscatine Iowa their stoners they're nasty and they're disgusting they don't never wash her hands do utensils improperly cleaned if you look at the utensils are stained the place is nasty I work there is disgusting

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Jennifer - 12 d 24 h ago


I called the Alexandria location with a pizza order of 35 LARGE Pizzas for a corporate event.

I talked to the manager on duty and asked if there was a discount price for so many.

She declined immediately and said currently there are NO discounts for Corporate accounts, schools, or other organizations.

So, I called another Company and gave them our business!

Way to lose a high volume account forever!

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