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San Francisco, CA
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Anonymous - 4 h ago

Hello my name is Fina Moorehead enriched i purchased from Burger King in Lansing Michigan on S Waverly Phone number is (hidden) spoke with employee named Chris claim order was picked up at 4;04pm and now its 9;40pm didnt get order nor a refund unfortunately no one is trying to contact me im so disappointed in the fact that your company is supposed to be professional and yes i cried because i was very hungry and i lost on both ends i want my money refunded back on my card immediately please or i will take matters further postmates are suppose to be loyal to customers but i did not receive that customer satisfaction im displeased with everything your company stands for investigate my order and my complaint because im missing out on my money. I ordered a whopper with everything and double bacon cheeseburger youll know investigated please and definitely refund my money back on my visa card now

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Tiff - 163 d 18 h ago



Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 163 d 11 h ago

They asked for your SSN number when applying for a position as a driver. Would never go there online. That's confidential informatio...

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Anonymous - 145 d 5 h ago

youre applying for a job, no fucking way? they are asking for your info? thats sketch bro

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Ash - 23 d 6 h ago

You do know that you have to give that to literally any employer, right?

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Mike - 11 d 13 h ago


Thank God someone has a brain!!! Lol

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Ace - 21 d 7 h ago


You cant work without giving your social for theirs and yours tax purposes

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Postmates rocks - 159 d 19 h ago


POSTMATES SUCKS! They constantly screw up my orders or even go to the wrong building, make no effort to contact me and then complete the order and drive off!! Has happened multiple times! This time it just happened, probably the 5th time, they go to the wrong building and then drive off! I called customer service and they said since I have previous orders with refunds they can't refund me anymore! What bullshit! It's not my fault YOUR DRIVERS can't go to the right building or make orders correctly and they deliver wrong or missing items! So now I'm fucked $20 because your driver was too stupid to go to the right building AND READ THE DETAILED DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS I PROVIDE TO GET TO THE RIGHT BUILDING! What a joke! The drivers

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Postmate are Fraud - 98 d 10 h ago


Postmate charged me $50.89

For 4 tacos and asada fries...poor quality of food. Better yet few weeks later I was charged without any authorization a membership fee in which I don't even have account with Postmate. My coworker had a one time use my card to place order. Postmate is Fraud first and last time I use Postmate!

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Keo - 84 d 8 h ago


They do not cook the food, why is that a complaint against them? You're the one that ordered from the restaurant; so who's the real fraud here?

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Anonymous - 77 d ago

Same experience here

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Mike - 11 d 12 h ago

What a JOKE. The people ordering from Postmates.. in fact ALL the deliveries I have done were screwed up by the customer.. Either they order from a store that's closed and the Drivers Lose on gas and their pay... ohh, hmm and let's go back to what YOU said, "AND READ THE DETAILED DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS I PROVIDE TO GET TO THE RIGHT BUILDING!", although I do admit, there are people out there that just don't care so I'm sorry on their behalf.. you must live in a highly illiterate area if YOU are getting so called "screwed" so often.. But here is the thing, the MAJORITY of drivers do there jobs exceptionally well because they depend on their Tips.. no tip and a driver ONLY makes $2-$6 a delivery.. it's more often the customer who screws the driver over by NOT PROVIDING CORRECT INFO!!! So, who is REALLY Losing money? The DRIVER.. big deal, you lost $20! But guess what? Every single driver (I can guarantee you) has lost way more then that in just 2hours of deliveries.. so lady/guy, IF YOU DONT LIKE POSTMATES, then KICK ROCKS kiddo.

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Fed up with thieves - 154 d 20 h ago


They are a bunch of thieves. After encountering problem after problem while ordering, we cancelled our order, just to be told they were still going to charge us because they have to "pay the merchant". Pay the merchant for WHAT??? The order was cancelled. No food is being made. The order wasn't even completed. Is this how you make money??? You screw over customers and then steal their money????

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common sense - 132 d 8 h ago


would YOU want to be paid for DRIVING someone for no reason??????

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Mark - 103 d 8 h ago


Scammers are creating ways to scam drivers. Scammer places order, scammer has info of delivery driver who is assigned to the order, scammer calls driver ACTING like Postmates tech support. They state the order was canceled and often try to get driver to log in so they can get paid "something". If the driver falls for it, they log in, get put on hold while the fake support drains their bank account, then tell realize what happened after the transaction. The scammers are the ones who placed the order so the driver thinks they must be legit since they know what was ordered, and where etc. The fake scammer cancels the order with the merchant before they call the driver. It's a real thing....big scam. You drivers are being worked by creepy scammers.

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Nana - 8 d 15 h ago


This is soooo true this just happened to my cousin. On Sunday. They stole $800 from his account.

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Anonymous - 89 d ago


Right smh I was On my way! Home wen I got an order tht was 10 miles away I went there and went I got there they said tht I had to order it so I called the customer and she didn't understand ether cuz she already Ordered it but long story short after almost 45 mins of waiting she canceled and she told the food place tht her husband would jus come pick it up I was pissed tht I had to leave wit no money after I waited so long and on top of tht o was on E my car ran out of gas smh after I already had put 20$ before I did all tht

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stupid - 85 d 4 h ago


you're fucking stupid. postmates is a scam and you're a dumb bitch for standing up for them.

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FU - 43 d ago

Shut the fuck up and get a different job. THIS company POSTMATES!!!! BLOWS!!!


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Cloaking james - 144 d ago


as working with you guys for months now kept on having issues with the servers basically when I go to pick up an order in I try to order and pay and then go to continue on to my delivery to drop off I end up having to cancel my order because of your servers not acting right and then the 1st time I got suspended for an hour now I got deactivated and there's no money left in my account um I had $9 something cents in my account from yesterday and now you guys took the money and now I'm unable to get it back because now I have to go through you guys I find that up most ridiculous and is just wrong I'm tired of this on tired of dealing with an E mail I want to deal with somebody over a fallen walk and talk to them because the way yo

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Anonymous - 96 d 6 h ago


I had the exact same problem and was fired also. They expected me to hold up a line with 6 people being me to call them. Ridiculous

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Anna - 9 d 8 h ago


Postmates is the absolute worst company in the world it only took 1 order for me to never use this again! I never write reviews because i dont care enough to but this company pissed me off and refused to issue me a refund on an order that i placed more than 3 weeks ago totaling $91 it was incomplete and incorrect and i was told point blank i will not receive a refund fuck you postmates!

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Lorianne Geraghty - 12 d 7 h ago


First if all, I've been working with POSTMATES for 3 months their pay is very UNFAIR, specially during the Coronavirus !!! Secondly, POSTMASTES needs And if your lucky you may get a tip! !! Lastly, if these customers and the Company POSTMATES don't appreciate our hardworking delivery drivers, POSTMATES needs to have our back, and stop putting us a in a situation that we have no chose to deliver these low cost pay deliveries!!! And, on top of all this....POSTMATES is not paying their delivery drivers enough money for all these risk we take and hard and extra work we are doing!!!! POSTMATES WHAT ARE YOU THINKING???????????

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Anonymous - 11 d 12 h ago


Lorianne, I'm totally with you and I live in NYC!

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Anonymous - 33 d 19 h ago


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Anonymous - 27 d 11 h ago

I ordered off Postmates and got food from Popeyes. I spent $18 on the order total but DID NOT get to eat any of it cause not only was the meat raw, the mashed potatoes were spilled in the bag. It was delivered poorly and was a WASTE of not only the food, BUT MY MONEY. They tried to solve the issue but giving me a $5 CREDIT. Like $5 ?! This is blasphemy. I emailed them back demanding a better solution but have not received a res. . . . . .

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