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Preferred Homecare

PO Box 40700
Mesa, AZ
David Schaben
(480) 446-9010
(480) 446-7695
Annual Sales Est
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Tess - 195 d 12 h ago


What a joke this place is. I call to let them know my joystick won't turn on. They come pickup my chair, I am a Paraplegic. 6 days later they return it to me and I go to plug my charger in to joystick and it completely goes dead. This place did not even fix it. Returns it to me and states it needs a new overlay. What does that have to do with the joystick literally goes dead. So I call and the person I spoke to tells me that it is the overlay that needs replaced. What does that have to do with the joystick going dead. Really people,are you that stupid. Then she tells me my insurance won't cover a new joystick. What......that's how the chair can move.They are really incompetent employees there. Then she has the Gaul to tell me to bring it in. OMG...and how would you like me to get it there. My transportation needs 72 hour notice for all rides. The wheelchair is dead. Come on really,your that dumb. Ask to speak to Guy,supervisor in repair. He is not In yet. So I call my case manager for her to handle this. It's way too much stress with these people and all the time they don't repair everything and send it back . This place really needs to get with the program. Maybe your too big and not enough employees and does anyone ever do the final check before it's returned. I have documentation of everything and every time I talk to this place. Pages and pages of notes,repairs,chair breaking down. Wow....Really Preferred Homecare open your eyes and take care of the disabled people. Stop doing half ass jobs. Get your heads together and give better customer service. Cause your employees are incompetent, unreliable,horrible customer service and the repair department needs a adjustment on better service.

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Tess - 6 d 12 h ago


This is so true.....this place makes my blood pressure high

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ANNE - 84 d 7 h ago


This company is a JOKE. You can't "contact" the President, David Schnaben...if you try the phone number that's listed here for him it just connects you to a normal line where you'd order supplies. How clever. What a disgrace.

I go to the Tempe location. Haven't been there more than a few times so far. The receptionists there are very nice, in my experience. But the people you meet with to go over how to use your equipment aren't nice. At least not the the two I've met.

They plainly had a passive-aggressive dislike of customers. They seem to hate their jobs and they take it out on who they interact with. During my most recent visit, the man told me how much it annoys him when patients slow him down when they want to take notes on the info he's giving them. What a PETTY attitude !

That sort of rotten attitude SHOULD NOT EXIST ,especially in a medical setting. The woman there who I'd met with {the first time I ever got a cpap machine},several years ago, was the same way. Hostile for no reason whatsoever, as if she was so sick of her job and thought of patients as idiots she was forced to deal with.

It's highly creepy to realize the person you depend on for some medical info is actually passive-aggressive and clearly has no respect for you. I've read reviews that said the office manager is rude too. Well, no surprise because a manager will have a definite influence on any office. Her poor attitude might explain why the other employees are so comfortable displaying their poor attitudes. Maybe they all complain about their jobs to each other, mutual support for disliking customers/patients. Hard to trust people who are like that,especially in a medical setting. I'm looking into getting my supplies elsewhere. This place deserves to go out of business.

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Cindy Williams - 103 d 7 h ago


For the past 3 months been trying to get supplies for my c-pap but they claim they were not getting the fax so I scheduled an appointment with my Dr. again just to make sure its done they sent itb2times yesterday during my visit and i got a paper prescription from my Dr. Just in case. So today i call and they are still claiming they haven't received it so i ask them for a E-MAIL address so i could sent it but the guy Orcao ( customer service) pisses me off because they don't actually listen to you they make excuses then when asked for his name he says it fast then quickly puts me on hold when he returns i asked him to transfer me to his supervisor and he want to start explaining his bad customer service and i tell him please sir just transfer me he still wants to explain himself i tell him I'm not interested in his excuses just transfer me QUICKLY like you did when you put me on hold at this time i did yell becausebit was my 3rd time telling you to transfer me so he DISCONNECTS my whole call. I call back and spoke to a James. He refuses to give me an e-mail address tobmail it to i asked to be transferred to the supervisor whom he said was Lisa he comes back to phone saying she's busy so i asked to speak to who ever above her ( chain of command) but same thing he puts me on hold then comes back and say no answer they are busy i asked him for their number he says can't give me that so now i asked to call Lisa again... Her voicemail picks up... Go figure... Now I'm trying to reach CORPORATE OFFICE...Wish me luck... All this just for new C-PAP SUPPLIES which should have heen delivered to me in AUG. ... They need to be ashame of themselves what exactly are you doing at work?... Oh NOTHING.

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Mike4879 - 1 y 217 d ago


This Company Is So Unorganized And Don't Know How To Run A Company. Don't Do Business With Them . they lose there faxes. and still make you wait 2 weeks for repairs.

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Jeffrey P Dickman - 1 y 175 d ago


August 28, 2017

Dear Sir,

Is it Company policy to go in the office with empty tanks to be told to go around to the back of the building to pick up tanks ? I'm disabled the ground is not the best in front and the back isn't better.. I am telling you from my heart and soul I felt like cattle being herded around. I think I am going to shop around. Don't people think before making changes ?

Jeffrey P. Dickman

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Tess - 195 d 12 h ago


This is so true....I can't tell you how many times things had to be relaxed cause they loose them.

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Anonymous - 305 d 6 h ago


I am a former employee of Lifecare Solutions and Preferred HomeCare bought Lifecare. Everybody thinks it will be a better company because they are bigger and expanding to the West. Lifecare employees were dispersed department by department. I am in need of employment certification; called to be transferred to Human Resources and was put on hold

for the longest time. I can symphatize with the patients calling and put on hold or be sent to the back of the building for his oxygen be refilled. This is not good service.

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Anonymous - 1 y ago


this place is a big big big joke nobody answers the phones and when you have an issue as in needing oxygen tanks it is impossible to get them when you need them unless you pick them up yourself well I know if we run out and they don't deliver that is against the law cause now they are letting me go without a life needing oxygen to live so I suggest if anyone is looking into or needing oxygen they run far far away from this company as they don't care about your life just the money they get from your insurance company

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Rob - 1 y ago


I have called 16 times trying to purchase a new battery. No calls back. What TERRIBLE customer service.

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Disappointed Customer - 1 y ago


This has been a very bad experience. As I am writing this review I have been on hold for 15 min. Trying for 4 months to reorder cpap supplies. Because insurance changed to Medicare the very first conversation was how hard It was going to be to get my supplies and made no effort to provide me any information to resolve it. No return call or followup. Very unprofessional and really didn't want to deal with Medicare. Ask to speak to a supervisor so they transferred me to the clinic to make an appointment. Don't need an appointment need to resolve the problem with my Supplies.

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Frances Williams - 1 y 112 d ago


I'm appalled at the treatment and service you should I say provide. I called to reorder oxygen refills then am told they cannot fill them!! They turn me over to collections now Thats another story. So after being on hold got 20 minuets she says I'll transfer you to order that was another 20 minuets of hold actually I think they blocked me tried to call Corporate that's another block. So I'm going to finf another company to assist me.

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PISSED OFF - 1 y 189 d ago


PREFERED HOME CARE, that is a laugh. All they want is a pay check, so lets cut it off and put them out of business and quit causing people more problems.

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Diana - 1 y 201 d ago


This place is a joke!!! They shipped out the wrong size blood pressure machine to an elderly patient and expected the patient to drive herself to their location to return it. I have called their supervisor multiple times and she does not return my calls. I asked to have my call escalated and they have no clue who to transfer me to. I have been on hold every time I call for more than 20 minutes each time I call. Will definitely be researching another DME company to order supplies for my patients.

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