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Michelle - 15 h 12 m ago


Hi everyone! Please do not use priceline ever! The falsely advertise! Thank goodness I even took a picture. In one of their flight deals it says "carry-on bag and advance seat selection included" What does that mean to anyone who has half a brain? It means it is included with your package. So I bought it for that reason because I get motion sickness. After I purchased the tickets, I was not able to select a seat. I call the airline that I was flying with and they say that priceline did not get the tickets with advanced seating, but I can pay to get them. I would cx my ticket but I do not think I am able to plus I am going to see my uncle who is very sick. I call priceline to see if they would help. I spoke to three different people. The last supervisor Chris (which I believe the call center is outsourced to a foreign country) Told me that he was the highest person in the company that I could speak to. I told him that was BS and I know he does not own the company so there is someone higher than him. I kept pushing for a number or an physical address. Finally he told me that there is a number, but he does not know the number! Can you believe that? I told him that I do not know if he thinks that I am dumb, but i know he could get the information I need. He finally gave me the corporate address. I am so sick of these companies trying to cheat people. It is such bs that they are allowed to do this kind of stuff and then play word games. Anyway I hope nobody uses them anymore! I will be reporting them to the BBB and posting this information on social media, in hopes that they can not cheat anyone else. I feel that they should have to pay the extra fees that I will now have to pay.

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Leo - 9 d 14 h ago


Priceline literaly gave me cancer. It is the worst company to book through. From the abissmal costumer service to the god awful booking process. I tried booking a hotel through these guys two days in a row and both times in the middle of booking it would tell me mine and my wifes card were invalid, however, Priceline still charhed us 4 times qithout any reservation, confirmation emails or cancellations whenever we did try to cancell. When intried calling costumer service it would send my phone on an endless helpless loop, it was like it would only be by chance that a representative would finally answer. DO NOT BOOK WITH PRICELINE! THEY ARE A SHITTY COMPANY! WITH A SHITTY WEBSITE! AND A SHITTY COSTUMER SERVICE LINE! THEY CAN SUCK MY ASS!

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Jon - 9 d 24 h ago


New customer today! Still dealing with the complete and total FUCKING HORSE SHIT that seems to define these clowns. Tried to book two nights at same hotel and told i have to book each night separate. Not allowed to to speak to anyone all by text. I now have the name and email of their alleged CEO who I will be contacting directly

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Monika - 8 d ago

YES--- Terrible company.. Such a complete rip off... NEVER do business with them.

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Anonymous - 8 d ago


Do NOT do business with Priceline Such BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE... My husband and I both booked a hotel on the same day. We immediately realized it and my husband called Priceline within 15 minutes of booking hotel. We sat on the phone with a Priceline rep and than a Priceline supervisor for over 40 minutes. We explained it was a simple mistake that we immediately (within 15 minutes of purchase) wanted to correct but they would not allow us to cancel. Following this long and drawn out conversation my husband tried to cancel directly through the hotel but the hotels response was that we needed to cancel through Priceline. After all of that -- Priceline finally stated that WE needed to call the hotel and cancel... REALLY.. Never will I do business with Priceline... Be aware...

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Lanny Gardner - 10 d 22 s ago


DO NOT BOOK THROUGH PRICELINE!!! I have made a dispute with my cc company and this is my complaint to the BBB: Complaint Detail / Problem Complaint Type: Billing or Collection Issues Problem: I booked a room through priceline for 2 nights on 9/7/2018 arriving 9/8/2018 departing 9/10/2018. Upon check in I informed the Front desk clerk that my schedule would not be able to stay the second night and canceled it. (24 hours prior to the second nights stay. He wasn't sure how to do this. So at 5.30 am the next morning I spoke to the night auditor upon check out to make sure the cancellation was processed. She looked at my folio and said she would make sure it gotten taken care of and checked me out of the hotel which I have a detailed folio stating i did check out that morning. Several days later I noticed that Priceline had charged me for two nights. I contacted Priceline 5 times. 2 times were on a chat helpline...agents disconnected both times. Called by phone 3 times 2 times the agents simply disconnected. the last call The gentleman told me he would would personally take care of it and would be back with me within 24 hours. It's been 48 hours now. I keep getting itinarrary emails from priceline but no contact in the refund of 1 nights stay. I am sure they are trying to make this as hard as possible for me to just make me give up on this refund of 1 night stay. This is unacceptable and should result in action taken against this company. I cancelled 24 hours prior to the second night. Pricelines policy: Refund and Cancellation Policy Any cancellation received within 1 day prior to the arrival date will incur the first night's charge. Failure to arrive at your hotel or property will be treated as a No-Show and will incur the first night's charge (Hotel policy). I cancelled 24 hours before and I paid for the one nights stay. I would have been charged less if I simply wouldn't have shown up. This is not right and needs to be resolved because I did nothing wrong to occur the second nights stay. The total bill was 150.70 and should have only been 75.36. Priceline stealing from me. Desired Resolution / Outcome Desired Resolution: Billing Adjustment Desired Outcome: I simply want the second night charges refunded back to my account in the amount of 75.36. I have made a dispute with my CC company and they will also be persuing this matter. I did everything possible to do what I should and I did nothing wrong to occur the second nights charge of 75.36. Complaint Background Not all of these questions are required. Please provide as much information as you have. 1. Product/Service Purchased: hotel 2. Model Number: 3. Contract, Account, or Policy #: 4. Order #: 227162022 5. Purchase Date: 9/8/2018 6. Date Problem First Occurred: 9/9/2018 Dates you complained to the company/organization 7. First Date: 9/10/2018 8. Second Date: 9/11/2018 9. Third Date: 9/12/2018 10. Payment Made: In Full Name of Sales Person 13. First Name: Priceline 15. Last Name: 17. Purchase Price: $150.72 18. Disputed Amount: $75.36

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Pissed - 11 d 20 s ago

Priceline sucks so much good luck talking to a real person never again I will pay double not to have to deal with this again

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Kanthi - 11 d 15 h ago

I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM PRICELINE!! I have been waiting for 8 weeks, gave about 35 calls, holding more than 50 hours to get my refund. Still waiting. They are very irresponsible! Is anyone know the supervisor or head of priceline's contact information? Please share it.

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Kanthi - 11 d 15 h ago

I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM PRICELINE!! I have been waiting for 8 weeks, gave about 35 calls, holding more than 50 hours to get my refund. Still waiting. They are very irresponsible! Is anyone know the supervisor or head of priceline's contact information? Please share it.

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Jess Salsman - 19 d ago


I was double charged for my travel of $2500 When I called to complain I spoke to someone in the Phillipines and they refused to connect me to a US representative. Price line does not have any representative in the USA??? Thats what i was told by 3 different Priceline employees. That is a travesty in itself, but now let me tell you my real issue.

My trip amount is rouphly $2500 that i gladly paid for through your site. Today i went to use my credit card and it was declined. After further review I was charged twice for the same trip....One was an actual charge the other is a pending auth that will take 3-5 business days to come off. No where is it disclosed that would happen and now I cannot use my credit card that has inconviniencied me tremendously. I need to speak to someone in regards to this ASAP

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nadia - 12 d ago


did the charge drop off? please let me know . I am facing the same issue

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That bitch - 39 d 16 h ago


I booked 1 room on 8/3/18 cancelled that day . They charged me for 2 rooms and it's been over 10 days I've not gotten my money back as of yet. 2 rooms at 245.22 which I didn't use and know oh Me. We only c one room and we refunded it back on 8/4 and they also took it back out on 8/4 and the beat goes on. This is crazy they just straight out stealing. I buried a sister that was the purpose of being their. And to come home to thus us worst not only I'm i grieving for a loved one know priceline us straight f' ing over me at this time I'm so pissed if I knew anyone one from priceline id probaly catch a case u work hard im sinhlr and shit aint cheap and fir someone to just dismis u as if you did something to them and holding on to your money us ridiculous.

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FedUp - 15 d 20 h ago

I am experiencing the same thing. The purpose of my trip was my brother m's service. I booked last month, the date changed on the reservation when I booked it. I immediately cancelled and rebooked. No refund yet. I hope that a class action is brought against them soon.

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Disgusted - 20 d 20 h ago


Your morally questionable company scammed me out of money and we STILL had to sleep on the floor of the Denver Airport on Saturday July 20, 2018.

My two children and myself froze as we tried to sleep on a dirty airport floor. I had attempted to get a room through, which is part of The Priceline Group. I was pleasantly surprised when a room was available, so in a panicked state while sitting on the floor of the airport trying to console my tired & hungry children at 10pm, I hit the button for purchase.

Little did I realize that the date changed without my input.

I immediately tried to cancel the reservation, but to no avail. I called the hotel 3x, and was told they could not find my reservation. I have written the hotel & multiple times trying to remedy this situation.

I am a teacher & a single mother. Your company took advantage of my situation and essentially stole from me.

I will be happy to share all emails, phone records & my of my children curled up on the airport floor.

I will also be happy to share said correspondences & photos to your competitors, my social media pages, BBB, FTC & lastly, a lawyer for future class action suits that will most certainly come about.

I see from The Priceline Group website that you are doing very well in the market.


Even more despicable that you are profiting from your hustle of not refunding people's money.

The public trust factor is a big one. You are screwing that up for yourselves. Bravo!

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FedUp - 15 d 20 h ago


I am having the same problem with getting a refund after the date changed on my reservation. I immediately cancelled, but cannot seem to speak with anyone that can assist me. This was for a funeral travel. Please let me know if a class action is brought against these thieves.

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KIFAH - 16 d 20 h ago


AGAIN AND AGAIN PRICELINE keeps dropping the ball i made a reservation for a hotel and put in the wrongs dates so i called priceline a few minutes after and explained that i needeed to cancel the reservation and do another one cause of the mistake.they did nothi ng just kept telling me the rules which i knew and then ask for a supervisor (stacy 5260109)and basically said no right off the bat.i recommed to everyone use COSTCO OR GOOGLE FOR ALL UR TRAVEL NEEDS

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Heather - 19 d 41 m ago


Does anyone have a contact for corporate? To call you literally have to wait on hold, talk to & repeat your situation to multiple people & usually spend 2 or more hours for very little resolution. They are NOT willing to help you, they are extremely inconvenienced by your call & all around, are a poorly ran with low ethics company & employee standards. I was scheduled to arrive in Scottsdale, AZ on Friday early afternoon only to find out that my hotel was closed. I spent over 2 hours on a holiday weekend on the phone w/ them, each person I spoke to more unwilling to help than the last & they were counting on the fact that I was just going to accept no for an answer. They don't know how to think outside of the box, they are true scammers & will go in circles with the same answer trying to wear you down (hence the 2 hours spent on the phone) they are such a horrible company I regret booking with them and hope that others too see these reviews and BOOK ELSEWHERE, ANYWHERE! This company needs to shut down or work on better practices & learn how to treat the CONSUMER more fairly. Hopefully they read these reviews and have reached out to people, to rob people of their money & inconvenience them, not call to cancel or replace their hotel, make people sleep in airports or be left w/o a room while they're supposed to be on vacation is just wrong.

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MAD Woman - 44 d 30 m ago


I reserved 4 vehicles back in April 2018 for Pickup on 7/28/18 at the McCarran Airport in New Orleans. The vehicles were reserved with Enterprise Rental Car w/a pickup time at 5 pm local time. Cool, so I thought! The day of departure, I noticed we were booked at TWO different neighborhood locations NOT the airport location like I opted for. Okay, not a big deal RIGHT? Try again......we arrived at the neighborhood location which was 35 mins away from the airport location, via 4 different LYFT vehicles as it was a party of FIFTEEN at 5pm - ONLY for the location to have closed and locked the doors - quitting time is at 5 pm! How in the H@%^ can a vehicle be picked up at a location at the SAME time they close for the day?! This should've NEVER happened! Now, we were stranded! We ended having to catch 4 more LYFT vehicles BACK to the airport and rent vehicles which cost of $45 more per vehicle! Not to mention the $30 ride each way times 4 Lyft's - because of Priceline's "sophisticated reservation system" it cost us an additional $420 before we could even check-in to our HOTEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pissed is an understatement! I contacted Priceline via chat once I arrived back home several days later - this mofo had the nerve to tell me he couldn't do anything for me because I didn't call when I was standing outside the rental car agency! Oh, so NOW this is MY fault?! I 'politely' explained to him that had I called while standing outside those locked doors, I would've ripped the poor person a new a$$hole. My concern was getting a car for 15 ppl as we were STRANDED! After an hour of getting nowhere on chat, I asked that the issue be escalated to management, a few days later - I received the following email: On Fri, Aug 3, 2018 at 6:51 PM, 'Travel Support Team wrote: Dear Ms., Thank you for contacting us regarding your rental car reservation with Enterprise Rent-A-Car with trip numbers I am writing to let you know that we received your email in our Executive Offices requesting for a refund of the difference in rate because when you tried to pick up the car, the rental car counter was closed. I have reviewed your case, and we will be unable to refund the difference in rate. I am sorry if I was not able to give you the resolution that you were looking for. Sincerely, Erwin Navales Executive Offices _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I never told these people that the office closed early - but at 5 pm, they are closed to the public! I asked it further be escalated. Here is the further response. Dear Ms., Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding your rental reservations with Enterprise Rent A Car for Trip Numbers I am writing to let you know that we have received your Better Business Bureau concern in our Executive Offices. I understand that you are requesting to be refunded for the additional charges you incurred because the counter was closed. Your record was reviewed and we see that your issue was already addressed by our Executive Care Team. It has been confirmed that the counter did not close early on your scheduled pick-up date and we are only able to guarantee the counter will be open at the scheduled pick up time. We truly understand the need for the refund; however, we will be unable to refund any difference in rates if you have purchased new rentals for a higher cost. I know you expect a different answer; however, there are no further options that I can offer. Sincerely, Jeron Seguira Executive Offices _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is crazy! I am definitely taking this as far as I need to! It is unfair to the customer period. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and copied the CEO in the complaint.

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Also Agry - 20 d 20 h ago

You have the email address of The Priceline Group's CEO?

If so, please share.

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Sickof Runaround - 20 d 20 h ago

Terrorism by Priceline

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Angry customer - 22 d 8 h ago

The fact that your own website contains nothing but negative reviews and consumer affairs reports thousands of complaints, says everything there is to know about Priceline. Time to go go viral and let social media compete with your ad budget. I wonder if the media will pick it up eventually.

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Coreen - 23 d 5 h ago


Priceline cancelled my plane ticket reservations without any notification. Luckily I checked my itinerary a week prior to my trip only to see that my trip was cancelled. I called to ask what happened and they not only did not have a valid answer but they were unable to rebook my flight for the original quoted price. I ended up having to book through Expedia but because the trip is a week away I still paid over $250 more than the price I was garunteed 2 months ago from Priceline. I then found a better car rental deal through Expedia for this same trip and when I called Priceline to tell them, they told me they were unable to meet the Expedia price and my car rental reservation was non refundable. Absolute disgusted with the lack of customer service I received and will NEVER book another reservation through Priceline. And will be sure to share my negative experience with everyone I know.

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Anonymous - 26 d 3 h ago


I just called Priceline regarding a refund for my son who had a reservation at Extended Stay America inDallas. They were running late so they called the hotel at 7pm and were told the hotel was already booked so they just stayed at another hotel. Priceline will not refund his money which was $69.57. In reading the other reviews regarding Priceline, my son is one of the lucky ones - losing only $69.57. I told Marsha at Priceline that I hope she gets a raise with those $69.57. I will certainly tell my son not to use Priceline again as well as the rest of the family and friends.

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Unsatisfied Custoer - 24 d ago


I agree. I rented a car and Budget sent me their actual price and it was $70.00 lower and they said you shouldn't have gotten it. Too bad, we aren't giving you a refund. I would NEVER do anything with such a slimy company and am telling everyone I know about this.

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Hope y'all burn badly - 26 d 16 h ago

I'm filing on you all , a bunch of dam panties waste...There a special place in Hell for you son of a b's you get the picture...can wait for that law suit to come for ya...

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