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KHinTX - 2 d ago


I booked a hotel with the "name your price". I bid $55 which came to a total of $68.70, they booked me at a Super 8 Hotel. That particular hotel was already listed at a rate of $44, so when I called to state my issue with paying $70 when I could have easily got it for $44, the customer representative told me that it was not on the site for $44. When I disagreed he stated he would give me a refund for $2. I said may I please speak with a manager, he hung up on me.

Called back and then this representative tells me there's nothing they can do because I have to complain 24 hours prior to check in time. I informed her I had just booked the hotel that morning, I was again told rhe policy on a lower price guarantee refund. These people are a joke and I will be taking this further than just posting this comment.

Sincerely annoyed with companies who are liars & bullies.

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Murray Pinkus - 2 d 9 h ago

I made a reservation via Priceline to rent a car in FLL from feb 17 - 22 with Economy. Upon arrival, and after waiting more than 15 minutes to contact the company to find how to get to their location, I was told that their computer was down and they would not honor the reservation. The Priceline trip # is 140-865-882-91. Fortunately I was able to locate a rental at the airport at more than twice the rate. Obviously I have suffered damages, both ecomically and time. The purposes of this email are to highlight the horrible service provided by Economy, and the second is to find out what remedies Priceline can provide. As background, I am a Pennsylvania attorney, but my associate is s member of the Florida bar and we are working in Florida on a matter. Therefore not inconvenient to pursue legal action and only cost would be filing fees.

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Anonymous - 3 d 23 s ago


I booked a hotel as one might when needing a room. Priceline partner micro hotel in Raleigh nc. The hotel was a drug trafficking establishment and in the center of a crime infested area. I tried to stay although everything screamed run away... in the night 3 people were shot and a lady run over by a car. I called priceline looking for someone to take my family's safety in to, nothing. The rep was rude and basically said not her problem. I will no longer spend my money through priceline.

If you have no interest in your customers safety I have no more interest in your company. I would love to speak to someone who cares. (hidden). Dana medrano

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Disgruntled Dad - 2 d 15 h ago


Priceline is deceiving and sucks my balls.!

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Mike - 4 d 17 s ago


Absolutely horrible customer service. Priceline is misleading and you're not getting what you think you are. Then when you call they tell you nothing you thought you were getting was garuanteed. I've used Priceline multiple times without issue but they screwed me on this simple 1 night hotel stay and lost a good customer forever.

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shlomo orbach - 7 d ago

A simple date change took me 5 hours and 9 call over 3 days. Each time a different price. Like some bazaar in a third world country. Egads!

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K.L from Arkansas - 7 d 17 h ago



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K.L. from Arkansas - 7 d 17 h ago


I booked a reservation for our Grand Sessions for our Masonic group that's held every year . I have always used Priceline for all my trips . I received a letter for Jury duty for Feb 21 on today I booked my reservations In February I was told by 1 representative I could not refunded and 2 supervisors the samething due to a discount rate I was given for Days Inn I am very disappointed and I will no longer use Priceline and will spread the word to all my fellow Masonic family that use you as well. I was highly upset and cannot afford to throw $247.62

I have proof of my jury duty letter and no one cares . My husband can't use the room because he cannot get off and we also explained that . No one cares . My trip number is (hidden)4.

Again I will make sure I share this with all our area fraternity family and there is always a attendance of 2,000 members that attend and posting on our Facebook page I am stressing g to those that use priceline yearly to consider not using them whether Travelocity or some other forms for travel and hotel accommodations.

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Bob - 12 d 4 h ago


what a scam!!! i called to reschedule my flight and agreed to pay the penalty and change fee presented to me, however, the agent forgot to change the ticket. Really, it's not a joke!! i found out the day of the flight when i called worried that i did not get an email confirmation. The request was in the computer, as the agent noted, but no action had been taken. They gave me another quote which was double of the original and this point i was alarmed and disappointed so i canceled my ticket at a cost of $400.

There was no one i could talk to States side. I feel ripped off and will never do business with Priceline again.

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they are telling me there is absolutely nobody in the company that can give a refund, NOBODY?? What kind of customer service is this. Seems like this company really is a scam. I called corporate lets see if they actually call back

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Scammed consumer - 13 d ago


How on Earth did Priceline think it was reasonable accommodation for 4 people, one being a disabled 14 year old to share one king size bed?! Then tell me that I can pay additional fees to get that changes! What kind of scam are you running?

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Concern Customer - 14 d 5 h ago


Mr. Fogel,

I have been using Priceline for years. My experience with your Customer Service yesterday was totally unacceptable. Please have someone in your corporate office call me. My number is (hidden).


Samuel Mayson

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Disgruntled customer - 14 d 16 h ago


Cannot book a flight unless I pick the more expensive flight.Took my info including credit card but no flight.Keeps circling back to the beginning. No one answers the phone when you call, just a recording. So so so done with this company.

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Lorraine Wimberly - 17 d 2 h ago


My husband ,Frank Wimberly, got our hotel through your site. I am at the EconoLodge in Tampa,FL. I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED anything like this. I can not have a bath because there is NO HOT WATER, NO HEAT, NO Wi-Fi, NO extra covers to keep me warm either. Last night I heard men urinating upstairs and running, arguing in the parking lot, cars screeching in the parking lot, doors slamming before daylight. I don't know who you have to visit these sites, but he/he needs to be fired. This property needs to be torned down. Then to this property is so near to the major stadiums. How could you approve it? The CEO

needs to stay here.

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C R S - 18 d 4 h ago


This company is a piece of schist. They can't even provide a phone number to speak directly to customer service. HA! Customer Service, what a joke. I hope their dog dies a miserable and horrible death, but that's just me.

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Daniel Shapiro - 76 d ago


I purchased a car rental on a few months ago. They have a price match garuntee andI like that. I found a price that was much cheaper. I spoke with two very nice agents to help and then spoke with their supervisor and he advised he was going to give me the price match. After about 7 minuets later he got back on the phone and stated, he was not able to process the price match as he did not have the name of the rental company. I advised it was He apologised and stated he was no able to do it. I then asked for them to cancel my reservation and give me my money bacso I could book the rental on the other site. I was advised they could not do that as well. This is the LAST TIME I WILL USE PRICELINE. I have a chat session that my wife chated with a customer service agent that stated if you find acheaper rtate on line submit it to us and we will price match it. Buyer be ware!!! I will be calling corporate or if they would like to contact me they have my number

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Tara - 72 d 4 h ago


UPDATE: after PAYING the fee for the correction, and them processing the payment I was now told that there is still NO guarantee they will allow me on the plane for the funeral. I will have to just go to the airport and see what happens. TERRIBLE company, they will not allow any kind of refund for me to re-book.

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Kaye from Minnesota - 19 d 8 h ago

Same thing happened to me this morning. I should have read all the comments before booking with them.

I'm only out $2.15 and spent an hour talking with three people in the Philippines to no avail.

It is sad when companies lose site of who made them a big company in the first place.

Good luck!!

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Kaye from Minnesota - 19 d 9 h ago


Was on the phone for over an hour with Priceline (Customer Service), located in the Philippines, this morning.

I booked a car through them for one night. A few minutes after booking and confirming the date, I found Hotwire had the same exact car deal for $2.15 less then Priceline did. They always say, "Best Price Guaranteed!" Priceline promises to give a refund for the exact same itinerary if a lower price is found.

It was only $2.15 less that they should have refunded. I spoke with three people from employee to supervisor to higher supervisor and none of them would refund the $2.15 difference.

They just lost a long time customer for $2.15.

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Shari - 21 d 16 h ago


Horrible experience tonight with and the WESTIN in Crystal City - I booked a room through for a colleague and within less than 4 hours, due to a cancellation, I was unable to get a refund.

I even purchased the TRIP PROTECTION, which they recommend on the same page that you enter your credit card information and learned that hotel rooms are not covered.

I called Priceline after our rude experience at the Westin and after 30 minutes of holding, talking and having to be on a 3way with the Westin, I asked to speak to a Manager and was transferred to BOOKING.COM???

...I called Priceline back to try to understand why I was transferred to BOOKING.COM and also to understand what their TRIP PROTECTION protects!

One would think that if a hotel room was cancelled within four (4) hours and TRIP PROTECTION was purchased that that would provide SOME SORT of insurance through PRICELINE - but IT DOES NOT! Not only will I never book with the WESTIN chain again, but will never be used again for any trip of mine or my families. Ugghh

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Pete Russell - 25 d ago


Peter R Russell

I called Priceline 1 week ago. I have misplaced the name of who I spoke to. I have unsubscribed from your emails between 30 and 40 times. I want my email address removed from your files. I now have a record of it and if you don't remove my email address, I will take further action.

My email is : (hidden)

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Anonymous - 29 d 18 h ago


Literally the worst customer service ever. I booked two trips for my upcoming wedding and found that the wrong email was listed. I signed into my account and updated my email only to find that now I can't see my trips at all because they had been unlinked do to differing email addresses. I called customer service and they told me there was nothing that could do other than email me the iternerary, but they can't change the email on the iternary so that I can access them from my account. When I asked to speak with the customer service lead's supervisor she told me that wasn't possible, she's the highest person I could speak with over the phone.

I find it very hard to believe that a multi-billion dollar world wide travel agency doesn't have the ability to update an email address! Let's just say I will be choosing a different company for my future travel needs. Poor customer service kills companies Priceline...enjoy the fall.

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Anonymous - 33 d 7 h ago


I have tried several times 2 get a refund on an unsatisfactory motel room 2 no avail. I don't have the 11 digit they requested but my phone number is (hidden)...katie from 'customer support' says there is no such phone # in their system.we stayed in a laquinta on 1/6/18 room was disgusting. Spoke 2 Mgr who said Reservation was made by u...i want my $134 refund immediately, Chris radz

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Dortha E Conley - 40 d 16 h ago

Trying to book Trip and it will not let me!!!!!!

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Marie - 41 d 42 m ago

I understand policies are in place for specific reasons. However, when you have zero control over something (death, etc), something should be able to be done! I have been a customer for many years, including referring tons of family and friends, but NEVER AGAIN!! Customer service is a joke! DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY ANY MONEY!

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