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Cautionary Tale - 2 d 19 h ago


My experience with Priceline has been unconstitutional and outside of the statue of laws enforced in American ... namely their falsely advertised motto that deceives the public, not are they will to refund money to a credit card and when the person states they weren't authorized to charge such an exorbitant Amount of money to their card and they aren't even on the itinerary within the trip. The representative were rude, unsympathetic, and had a we couldn't careless attitude towards said situations. I will never use this company nor their sister companies in the future and advocate whenever possible for other to be Leary when conducting affairs with Priceline and affiliates. I may seek legal representation on the matter, that's just how iterate I am with their services.

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Salvatore - 39 m 44 s ago


Priceline is the best, I worked with them and I learned that the people who will take the time to read the terms and conditions before booking are few. After they found out the terms and conditions are nothing as they expected, they will come to claim that the rates are not fair, that they were not aware on the policies and so... All the problems the customers can save themselves just by reading the terms and conditions BEFORE buying... People expects to have a flawless customer service and received anything they ask for, but never rely on their responsibility as customers as well. This is something you learn only when you are at the other side of the counter. Just read the contracts on anything you buy!

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Edward Gross - 4 d 15 h ago


This is the worst scam ever known to man. These people will lie to keep you with your reservation and then once checked in they lie again. Priceline is a joke and Marie the shift supervisor for customer service is rude as fuck.

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Peter T - 5 d 4 h ago


your service is horrible. I was trying to purchase a ticket, not be able to go through the process. Two agent Crisan 5260552 and Kelly 5260286 did try to help me and but still did not go through the process.

When I called again tried to get a life number for the CT HQ, and discussed with an agent Arron, he stated that he could not provide his ID and he was not very helpful and he transferred my call to Supervisor Summer, TG, I was on hold for more that 1 hour.

Total time I was on the phone is 3 and half hours. Finally, I purchased the ticket from different website.

Previously, Priceline is always my web site of choice for my traveling. This time my experience is horriable.

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gwen - 6 d 11 h ago


fraudulent practices.

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Mercedes - 8 d ago


I have always been a Priceline go to person, for all my travel needs. After my expierence today with the supervisor Princess RW3 and her Manager Mikayla 4Q. I will never use them again. I have an upcoming trip actually 2 and the my tab section in my profile shows no past/present or future trips. The reps were not helpful, rude and argumentative. Mikayla kept interrupting me and not letting me finish my sentence. I am so frustrated and will no longer be a member.

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Brian Fuller - 9 d ago


We have been loyal patrons of Priceline for years. After a call to a customer service representative, that ended today. If you want to compete in a crowded market, make sure your pricing process (taxes and fees) are not excessively exorbitant. On our last deal with you they were--30% of the purchase price. Enough said! Kayak, Expedia, Hotwire, Trivago, Travelocity, Hotels, Cheapoair, Trip Adviser, Agoda, Booking or one of the many others--here we come. I trust my point has been made.

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HoboJohn. - 10 d ago


Avoid this company. Repeated illegal acts of being thrown out of hotels. Not refunding money spent. Avoid the Magnuson Hotel in New Port Richey.

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Shawn K Johnson - 10 d 6 h ago


I have not heard one word from you since June 28th 2019 ( 2 Weeks AGO) I have waited the 7-10 business days and I have not received any resolution from anyone! Not Spirit Airlines (who cause all this trouble that dominoed to my other reservations) THEY WERE LATE BY 1 HOUR from DENVER TO LAS VEGAS , and then to add insult to injury offer me a $50 voucher for future travel NO THANK YOU NOT AFTER ALL THIS ! all they did was refund me $17 ( AN INSULT !!!!!) for a portion of the ticket they gave me in lieu of my cancelled connector flight from Las Vegas to California. SERIOUSLY !? when I had to pay $185 with another airline for the same damn flight ??? (SEE MY ATTACHMENTS !) Priceline has been refunded by the Ramada INN Hotel for the 4 days I paid for in advance for the hotel stay during my travels (6/19-6/23) that was cancelled due to the Spirit Airlines cancelling my flight and I never got to stay at the Ramada hotel - I called the Priceline Reservations at 10:30 - 11:00 PM (hidden) (I am certain the call was recorded) on 6/19/19 to inform them of what happened and they told me "it is not a problem just take care of it at the desk , your reservation is fine" I have had to make 4 separate calls to Priceline Customer service. Each one telling me a separate story. I have personally spoken to the Ramada Inn Hotel (Torrance) manager Nicole Booth, who informed me that they refunded the money back to Priceline. and Customer Service refuses to call to speak to the manager during the hours she is there. In my last phone call I asked to speak to a Supervisor , and was sent to a Sr Agent , who flat out REFUSED to call at 3 pm when I said I would stay on hold until he spoke to the Hotel manager and confirm the refund to priceline. His exact words were: "This is not refundable and I cannot call , unfortunately since this is past the travel time it is not refundable." It is NOT okay to keep my money for services not rendered.! I paid $390.68 for my Hotel stay in advance but never stayed there . I paid in advance: Flight $120.29 Travel Insurance $21.10 Car rental $176.08 Hotel $390.68 all through PRICELINE a total of $708.15 as a result of what Spirit Airlines did with cancelling my connector flight I had to pay additional Hotel $ 99 and $185 for another airline ticket a GRAND total of $991.15 I DEMANDED my money BE refunded !!! This is the most absurd , unprofessional customer service I have ever dealt with from Priceline, whom I have been booking travel through for many years. Get told we are working on the issue and you can expect to hear back within in 7- 10 more business days only for me to have to contact you again ! I have already contacted my Lawyer regarding all of this. Staff who merely disregard proper Customer Service and display rude behavior causing my personal Loyalty to wane and not want to do business with you ever again

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Good Bye Priceline - 13 d 6 h ago

Imagine my surprise when I went to cance my car reservation, only to discovere that it was non-refunadable. Customer service said it was in the contract......correct they the bottom, not highlighted in any way, So when I called and asked for some "real customer service", there was none. Imagine me...daring to expect consideration for years of loyal booking and no record of ever having booked a non-refundable car before! Ah....what a wake up call---the customer serevice model vs. the business model. Guess which prevails?

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GOD - 13 d 7 h ago



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John - 15 d 4 h ago


Bait and switch . Reserved room from their site , decided to follow up with hotel only to find room being held was not at all what I reserved . Bounced around to a couple trained monkeys to no avail. They saw the original reservation but refused to honor what they advertised and also refused to give me a legitimate explanation . Buyer beware , don't know how they get away with it

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Should be shut down - 17 d 13 h ago

Worse service ever!!!!

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Carrie - 19 d 9 h ago


FALSE ADVERTISING & terrible customer service!!!!! I have never used priceline before and never will again. After pricing trips to vegas through several sites I decided to use priceline over other choices because they advertised that the hotel I was booking had free breakfast. After I made my purchase I noticed the free breakfast was not on my itinerary. After several attempts to contact priceline I finally got someone on the phone. They said the hotel would not honor the free breakfast although it clearly stated on pricelines site that breakfast was included. After an hour of being transferred and put on hold they would only compensate me $80 for two people on a 5 day trip. I was not happy with that being breakfast at the Aria will clearly cost more than that amount. 5 business days have passed I have not yet received the credit and again spent an hour on hold and being transferred from one department to another. Priceline is taking customer from other companies with false advertising. Do not use this company!!!!

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Dr. Steve macdowell - 22 d 12 h ago


You charged me $165.00 to rent car, debit my account, change the location I requested, tell my oh well, and because I can't pick up car, because I'm late, I now had no rental car , that's a crime you breached the contract...

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CONSUMER FRAUD!!! BAIT & SWITCH!!! I purchased an express deal advertised as "downtown area-state capitol-UW Area" further described as "between the lakes". Priceline put me in a hotel that is none of those areas, the Sheraton Madison Hotel. The Sheraton's own website describes itself as NOT being located in the downtown or UW area. I have repeatedly contacted you requesting that you honor the deal you offered and I paid for. You have refused, referencing an arbitrary outline on a map. You refuse to acknowledge that nowhere does it say the hotel is "within the outline of the map" or similar language. Nor do you acknowledge that you state that it will be in the "downtown area-state capitol-UW Area", and that the area referenced is between the lakes. There is no disclaimer that you have redefined theses areas to mean what is shown on the map. Not only will you not correct this, your staff will not let me speak with anyone other than general customer service reps who are extremely insensitive and rude and they will not allow you to talk to supervisors, management or a legal team. They are purposefully blowing me off because they know my options of recourse are limited given the timeframe.

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Totally Pissed Off! - 26 d 8 h ago

I booked a hotel room through Priceline and the room/stay was horrible! Got worse with each day. I requested a full refund but was told I could only get one night refunded. Here is the kicker. They will only apply the credit to the card that I paid for it with and that bank account has been totally closed. They insist that the bank will still process it and give me the refund. I called the bank and they said they will reject the payment. I called Priceline back and they kept saying the same thing over and over like they were reading off a script. So I don't get my refund. I will never use Priceline again. I would rather pay full price!

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Could have been killed - 29 d ago


That's so funny! I was very upset about being put in a car by Executive Rentals that I found through Priceline. The car they put me in had 3 rope plugs (I found out after I stopped by a tire repair cause the lady at Executive Rentals said "I probably ran over a nail") She was also nice enough to tell me that if I did not feel the car was safe enough to drive then I could have it towed the 1 1/2 hours back to DTW at my expense :) . Not only were there three rope plugs in that tire, all of the tires were bald. I called Executive and spoke to the same lady she assured me the repairs were done at the DEALER! The Tire Repair man said he was not allowed to put that tire back on and that I should put on a new one. Told him I was renting so he put the mini spare on for me. By morning it was nearly flat. I kept arguing with Executive Car rentals to come pick up their unsafe car and finally they did. The Executive Rentals employee had been with them a month. But it took him 3 seconds to look at the tires and say they were bald and the car never should have been rented out. He said it will probably go to auction. And the tires? They were two years OLDER than the 2017 Journey VIN# 3C4PDCAB8HT673704. Naturally after this I looked up the BBB rating, it is 'F' and they have over 500 complaints. A couple of law suits, one with the Michigan Attny General. So my question to Priceline was why they would have a company like this on their web page. "Zack" at customer service said I should have done the research before renting. OK. Then why use Priceline if Priceline may put put my life in danger? Imagine that tire blowing going 70 on the 4 lane highway. Nobody seems to care. Neither Priceline or Executive apologized for the inconvenience and disruption as I was home for a couple of days trying to help out my 90 yr old dad. Guess this is the way the new America is? And then I read all off the reviews below and really understood to my core that no one cares and it is all about how much $ people can take from one another. So sad. Th

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Tbsdds - 32 d 5 h ago


Rented car thru Priceline for full size SUV. None available when arrived and got Small SUV. Charged for full at pick-up and told by Hertz to contact Priceline for refund. Priceline says contact Hertz because they set prices. Hertz offers small refund about half of the Priceline quote differences. Priceline says they have no liability, contact Hertz, and they tell me to contact Priceline. So much for their guarantees and service after the sale. Good bye Priceline. Never again.

Attention Priceline Senior Management- I dare you to call me !!!!!

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J White - 35 d 3 h ago

Bait and switch. Can't speak to a person at the Corporate office and telephone workers can't help. Website says one thing and hides the reality. For a $4 difference in fee you can't cancel a hotel reservation. This information is in regular print. One you pay with a credit card and print out the receipt, it shows in bold letters that you cannot cancel!

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Alex Santiago - 35 d 6 h ago


I booked a Hotel and car rental with Priceline for a trip to Philadelphia. I made sure to check the box that says match hotel and car rental criteria. After entering my payment information and getting the itinerary. They booked me for a hotel in Philadelphia and then they booked the car rental in Trenton. Am i supposed to walk from Philadelphia, PA to Trenton, NJ.

i spent a whole day on the phone trying to just get them to fix the problem they caused.

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Jetro - 36 d 11 h ago


BBB complaint Sending.......... inbound......1-800 staff not helpful. Additional transaction charges and exchange screw around.

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Unhappy Customer - 38 d ago


Never book with priceline! The reps just want to get your credit card number and book you without finding out whether or not there are additional pet fees. I had to pay on top of my hotel room ($122.00 ) an extra non refundable pet deposit fee of $25.00 because the rep would not check on the pet policy. When I called priceline they said they could not refund me even though it was their mistake. Really!! On too of that the hotel told me they have told priceline to update their records to warn customers of this fee. That they get this reaction all the time! Why???? So extremely frustrating and the hotel was not even that nice. Never again!!

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Tammy - 39 d 2 h ago


I have used Priceline for years, this past April I booked a ticket that had a wonderful offer attached for their Credit Card and save $100 off the current ticket plus airline points (which I didn't receive) After I selected my ticket of choice the app for the cc was at the bottom of the ticket info and if approved they will apply the $100 off the current ticket price. After I was approved the ticket either glitches or timed out and my ticket was gone. Well you can only get the $100 off by using the cc so I tried everything to get the info to apply while the ticket was still avail because as everyone who has used PL knows the prices change quickly.

I called Priceline and The Airline they were using about 10 times in total, I kept getting sent back and forth.

I finally gave up and had to book my ticket so I did so only now the price was no where close to what I had.

I ended up having to change the ticket I did book in which case they told me they would charge $200 to do so.

I believe I shouldn't have had to pay anything, when I applied for the CC there should have been a warning that this could happen and I would have never applied. Priceline please stand by your services and refund my $!! Thank you

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Disgusted - 42 d 4 h ago

Hate your commercials. Kaylee is too snippy. I would never use Priceline based on this commercial. She has obviously never had to save chairs using bath towels like the rest of us poor people

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