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General profile image - 1 d 10 h ago


I purchased a vacation package and travel plans were ruined by Hurricane Irma. I've been in contact with the hotel and the airline which are willing to refund my money, but Priceline has been giving me the runaround, transferring me from department to department. I've spoken to countless supervisors. I've even disputed this with my bank. Priceline's chargeback department still refuses to issue me a refund. I have documented proof that priceline was sent a waiver code from the airline, two days before my trip, to issue a cancellation. When I speak to supervisors there they tell me there's nothing they can do. I was even told there's no corporate number for me to call. I come here to the site, and of course the number listed is a non-working number. No one responds to the Media or Investors numbers when you call. Customer relations has stated everything I told them was correct, so I don't understand what the hold up is on my refund. Now that I'm seeing all these poor reviews here and on their social media sites, I'm going to contact my local news company to expose them, unless I get my refund. My display name is my email in case anyone here wants to contact me or even file a class action suit.

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Daniel Shapiro - 7 d 15 s ago


I purchased a car rental on a few months ago. They have a price match garuntee andI like that. I found a price that was much cheaper. I spoke with two very nice agents to help and then spoke with their supervisor and he advised he was going to give me the price match. After about 7 minuets later he got back on the phone and stated, he was not able to process the price match as he did not have the name of the rental company. I advised it was He apologised and stated he was no able to do it. I then asked for them to cancel my reservation and give me my money bacso I could book the rental on the other site. I was advised they could not do that as well. This is the LAST TIME I WILL USE PRICELINE. I have a chat session that my wife chated with a customer service agent that stated if you find acheaper rtate on line submit it to us and we will price match it. Buyer be ware!!! I will be calling corporate or if they would like to contact me they have my number

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Tara - 3 d 9 h ago


UPDATE: after PAYING the fee for the correction, and them processing the payment I was now told that there is still NO guarantee they will allow me on the plane for the funeral. I will have to just go to the airport and see what happens. TERRIBLE company, they will not allow any kind of refund for me to re-book.

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Tara - 3 d 10 h ago


I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH PRICELINE!!!! I had a unexpected and tragic death in the family. I had booked with priceline for my flights to the services. They sent me the confirmation and I had noticed that my last name was spelled completely wrong. I had called for them to correct the mistake THEY had made and they refused to fix it, without me paying an extra fee. I had literally spent everything on the ridiculously priced flights and didn't even have enough to cover the fee. It is right before the holidays and they did not have many flights left to offer. They insisted that I either pay the fee or cancel the flight. i had requested to speak to a supervisor and the woman had informed me that she is the highest person I was allowed to speak too. She also refused to give me a cooperate phone number or anyone else I can contact to assist me. I am now trying to make sure that I make the funeral tomorrow and NO ONE will assist me with this issue at all!!! I will NEVER use priceline again and would not recommend it to anyone.

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Position from Oregon - 14 d ago

They are thieves.

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Sacha Levein - 20 d 14 h ago


Disgusting behaviour from a large corporation.

They use back street methods to avoid paying hard working driver contractors

Totally lacking ethics or morality.

Share price and profit first

Customer service and safety last.

Impossible to reach management and many broken promises

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Mike Pommerville - 22 d 10 h ago


I am so irritated with your company. When I call to ask about my bill you keep giving wrong information causing me to get more late fees and finace charges. When I call you out on it you tell me yes we gave you wrong info but your still late sorry. Wtf you are reporting to my credit And charging fees that are not suppose to be there for balances that I didn't need to pay with your error. Then when my daughter and I Call and talk to manager Raymond 35422 say we will add my daughter so she can help on my account and then I get transferred again to another rep and she won't let my daughter talk even though i verified and said ok. And still cannot get her added she said a manager gave me wrong info AGAIN!!!!!! I am reporting your guys to everyone I can!! I just want truth is that so hard to ask for anymore.....

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Cara Smith - 26 d 19 h ago


I am a victim of hurricane Harvey as I had over 6 feet of water in my home. I lost everything and needed a room to stay in. I booked on priceline for the same night at Double Tree Houston by Him yt? on. When I was able to finally start to make my way to check in, I realized that all the streets were flooded in my route. There were no detours from the area I was coming from to make it to the Double Tree. I then went to price line where I was directed to an agent via chat. I explained my situation . that I wanted to cancel my reservation and the agent refused my request. I even spoke with Doubletree's General Manager and he said he would have refunded my payment, had price line granted my request for cancelling my reservation.

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Cathy Colbert - 27 d 8 h ago


I have dealt with Priceline for YEARS... until today. I made a purchase for a hotel (non-refundable), realized that it was the wrong hotel, and re-purchased the correct hotel (also non-refundable) within a minute or two of the first purchase. I called Priceline within 10 MINUTES of purchasing the hotels, and asked if they could assist me in getting a refund on the initial purchase.

Obviously, I wasn't trying to scam them nor was I trying to be deceitful, but they completely denied me a refund. I can't stay at 2 different hotels at the same time!!! They should have a waiver or something in cases like this where they can override their system to refund a customer. So now I am out of $122.00!!! I will never deal with priceline again... I am deleting the app off of my phone immediately...

I am sure that my letter to corporate will fall on deaf ears...

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Anonymous - 27 d 18 h ago


They havw horrible customer service they will take your money from your account before your stay but won't refund if you are unable to stay at the hotel

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C. Andrews. - 32 d 10 h ago


I have had an absolutely terrible experience with Priceline today and yesterday. I tried to check in at the hotel I booked through Priceline yesterday and the hotel was absolutely disgusting. The door to the room wouldn't even close, the drawers to the dressers wouldn't close, the furniture was so stained it was black, the walls were only half painted and it was just not safe. I've been told I cannot even find out if I get a refund until Monday morning due to the hotel management not being there until then. Unacceptable! I will never be using Priceline again and I will be sure to tell everyone I know!

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Thoroughly Pissed Off! - 34 d 8 h ago

0 "SUCKS"! This morning I tried several times unsuccessfully to change my reservation dates. Each time I checked my itinerary they still had not changed the dates! So I cancelled and allegedly got my refund back! Well I tried calling back to find out when will my refund be posted to my account so that I can rebook! I CANT GET TRHOUGH TO ANYONE! THAT DAMN VOICEMAIL SYSTEM WONT ALLOW ME TO TALK TO A REAL PERSON! DON'T USE PRICELINE.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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krystle - 37 d 9 h ago


The customer service robots are a joke. Our company has spent over $3 million with them and they treated me like trash this morning. Nobody wants tot ake responsibility and do their job... they just read scripts all day for fun. "Customer Care Team" does not care at all.

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richard - 37 d 16 h ago


Just got off the phone with Priceline Customer service - a "TERRIBLE" experience. Attempted to reserve a car using an email link sent out by Priceline. Dates requested were for Nov 21 through Nov 24. During the process I entered my credit card information and then the system defaulted to the time and date that I was entering the information (Nov. 6 at 1:14 am). I was not allowed to enter the correct information but was then brought back to the main page. I contacted Priceline via chat and was given the booking information obtained by using my phone number. I then called Priceline and spoke with 2 different individuals who indicated that the reservation could not be canceled because it was after the pickup time. I explained to them that the pickup was for the time and date that the reservation was being made and was not only a systemic error, but an impossibility in that I was currently 870 miles away from the pickup location. The only responses from the Priceline representatives were that the reservation could not be changed or canceled regardless of the circumstances. Eventually I was told the issue would be forwarded up to the next level and I would hear within 10 business days; to which I responded (to no avail) that this would be well after erroneous pick up time and date. The representatives would not provide me with any contact information for persons in upper management or a corporate office address. HORRENDOUS customer service.

General profile image

rick - 37 d 16 h ago


Just got off the phone with Priceline Customer service - "TERRIBLE" experience. Attempted to reserve a car using an email link sent out by Priceline. Dates requested were for Nov 21 through Nov 24. During the process after entering my credit card information the system defaulted to the time and date that I was entering the information (Nov. 6 at 1:14 am). I conatacted Priceline via chat to obtain the booking information and then then spoke with 2 different individuals who indicated that the reservation could not be canceled because it was after the pick up time. I expalined to them that the pick up was for the time and date that the reservation was being made and was not only a systemic error, but an impossibility in that I was currently 870 miles away from the pick up location. The only responses the Priceline representatives were that the reservation could not be changed or canceled regardless of the circumstances. Eventually I was told the issue would be forwarded up to the next level and I would hear within 10 business days to which i responded, to no avail, that this would be well after erronous pick up time and dateThe representatives would not provide me with any contact information for persons in uppermanagement or corporate office address. HORRENDOUS customer service.

General profile image

JMP CFE - 128 d 9 h ago


WARNING WHEN USING PRICELINE.COM!!!!!! I tried booking a flight on Priceline on 08/06/2017 at 11:30pm for $159.00. I entered the payment information 3 times correctly for the flight and kept getting the message "Payment Rejected. Please check information entered or try another credit card". I called the 1-800 number at Priceline and a young man told me to wait 30 mins and retry. I did as he requested HOWEVER the price for the same flight was now $189.00. I entered the same payment information and paid $189.00 for my flight. I logged out of my account and looked up the same flight without logging in my account and the same flight was $159.00. I called the Priceline 1-800 number and customer service was useless. I called Priceline Corporate Office at (hidden), Option 3 and left a message with Priceline CEO, Brett Keller on 08/07/2017 at 9:06 am. I noticed during the reservation process the screen will show "2 SEATS REMAINING" and when I went to choose my seat assignment there are 6 or more seats available. I called Priceline Customer Service and they said they could not make a reservation or change a reservation. All they could do is read a scripted answer to the situation at hand. I asked if they could transfer me to someone who could make a decision or discuss the online process and the Customer Service Rep said they were not able to do transfer me to anyone in management. That is when I contact Priceline Corporate Offices. To be continued

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I need the corporate phone number to priceline - 127 d 4 h ago


What an absolute joke

Sick terrible customer service

ROBOTIC workers you would save more money setting up robots/ having automated messages come forth.

General profile image

Anonymous - 110 d 4 h ago

can you please share with me what number you used to get in touch with Brett Keller - I am having an even worse of an issue and am trying to escalate. Priceline is seemingly a fraudulent scam of a company- this is very far from over.

General profile image

Sarata - 38 d ago


How did u conctact corporate. ? The scam me on my money twist!

General profile image

Debra - 44 d 5 h ago


I have been a priceline customer for 20 years. I called to receive assistance yesterday when a hotel charged me after I had already paid Priceline for the room. Priceline was initially helpful; they called the hotel. They said they would promptly issue a reimbursement. They did not. I called Priceline again. They called the hotel again for me and were told that it would take 8 business days to see this resolved. That was the extent of Priceline's customer service involvement. They did not seem concerned at all about the fact this hotel repeatedly overcharged its customers (another customer in line at the hotel was having the same problem). They basically said that they would continue to use this hotel in future bookings! If it only took one day for a pending charge to appear on my credit card, why wouldn't it appear that a pending adjustment to that charge be visible? Unless the hotel had no intention of issuing a reimbursement? I now have to deal directly with my credit card company. I'm sure they will be more helpful. By the way, the Priceline's customer support "specialist" was William 1480034. When I asked to speak to his manage, he informed me that he didn't have one. Is anyone really in charge at Priceline?

General profile image

Pw - 38 d 12 h ago


No they can not help at all

General profile image

Anonymous - 43 d 9 h ago

Impossible to get any human to answer and web site routes to service provider which is of no help. The service is not worth the savings.

General profile image

Mary Ann Dodson - 44 d 6 h ago


This was my first time using Priceline, but never again. In July, 2017, I found out that Priceine had cancelled a hotel reservation that I had paid them for. They refused to send me a refund. After weeks of emails and submitting proof that I had paid them, on August 24th, Priceine informed me that I would be receiving a refund in the amount of $260.21. I still have not received the refund and Priceline has stopped answering my emails when I inquire about it. I can be reached at (hidden).

General profile image

Myra Warwick - 46 d 5 m ago


This is my first time using Priceline and never again. I booked a rental car and now do not need it - trip is 4 months from now but they say you cannot cancel and have to pay whether you use it or not. I have never heard of that - pay for something you don't use? I have had many rental cars in the past and pay when I get to pick up at the counter or pay a small deposit. I will send a registered letter to the headquarters. I am surprised that priceline isn't shut down by now. I should have read all the complaints before I began.

General profile image

Isak - 55 d ago


How could priceline offer flight which can not be cancelled, or changed??? Total disaster!!! I find it hard to believe an American company would have such a policy, oh that's right, it's no longer an American company, the Chinese bought it!

I guess, this is what Chinese customer service is like!!!!!!!!!!!

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