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Franc d - 4 h 21 m ago


The worst customer service ever'

Calls are rerouted to Philippines and trying to

get a resolution to a problem, is nonexistent!

Ask them for. US phone number and they won't give it out.

I am totally done with Priceline.. this has happened 3 too many times. I'm goung to continue booking with HOTEL. COM

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Taanyka Terry - 1 d 20 h ago


I booked a package through for me and my husband and was told by the rep Donna that my husband and I were covered for the resort but when we got there they told my husband that he had to leave if we did not pay extra for him to stay I told them that said that me and a guest were covered and we called them together said yes we will cover them and then 2 days later they took it back and sent an email saying that they will not cover my husband and he has to pay extra or he has to leave so I had to spend an extra $1,100 for my husband to stay and that was at a discounted price for the resort because the resort manager said that it was unfair for Priceline to do that to me she would offer me a special price which I appreciate but I would never work with again I've been with them for over 15 years and they ripped me off they told me that they would cover me and my husband and they did not and then they said also if I have to pay anything extra that they would reimburse me and then in the same conversation the lady that I spoke to name Veronica said that she never said that that it would be put up for review and that she never said the anything about me being reimbursed I know that these phone calls are recorded I would like to get a copy of the recordings because I'm going to the Better Business Bureau and I'm going to report I called several times to talk to a manager and a supervisor and was told by representatives from that there are no managers or supervisors on the floor ever that they don't have those I know that they're lying because I work at a call center and there always has to be a manager on the floor at all times as well as quality control people monitoring the calls so now I have a negative amount in my bank because of ripping me off don't go to they rip off people

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Daryl Houser - 6 h 52 m ago


Was going to be transferred to that department and the phone connection mysteriously dropped. I called back to told that my money would not be refunded because I did have a car in my possession for a short while. I even tried to compromise for paying for one day and being refunded the difference. I'm not through with this matter yet. My attorney, the state attorney general, BBB, TV station and of course being in the military I will be bringing this to their attention as well. As a long standing customer who always used priceline you can be assured "NO MORE MONEY FOR PRICELINE FROM ME EVER!" Even if it cost me more money to do business elsewhere.

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Daryl Houser - 6 h ago



I as a long standing customer of priceline know that o have totally been taken advantage of in the case were I recently rented a car which was supposed to be full sized and ended up with a compact when I brought it back to swap it out my priceline voucher was inadvertently closed. Priceline was immediately noticed of this matter by the rental car manager. Priceline over the phone States to me as well as the manger that the voucher could not be reopened on my week long rental. This matter would be turned over to proper department for a refund in 5 to 10 business days. So I had to come out if pocket to rent a car still in order to facilitate my trip plans. I was sent an email stating 5 to 10 for refund. I never received any notification so i called them. First i was told that Alamo never replied. I responded with priceline in 2 weeks time did notbdo there due diligence, can I speak to the person or persons in charge of checking into this. I was placed on hold several times to be told that i

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Taanyka Terry - 1 d 19 h ago

Not only did they cause my husband and I to spend extra money we really did not have the stress of going through all of this stuff having to borrow money from my bank in order for us to actually let him stay the stress in the anxiety from the situation has caused me to miscarry my child and I'm thinking of getting a lawyer to sue because of his son just actions and service they are con artists do not trust them

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Anonymous - 2 d ago


Never ever book any airline tickets through Priceline!!!!! My son booked in January a trip to Germany out of Chicago, 3 hours away. We got to the airport yesterday to find out they never booked two legs of his trip which would have led him stranded in Iceland. Called Priceline, on hold for 1 1/2 with nobody ever checking back with us or offering to help us. Needless to say, we made our own arrangements to Germany. Best part is, I called today about a refund, they said we would get an email in about 6-8 weeks about a "possible" refund! You have had my sons Money since January!!!! Never ever! I will flood social media now and always about the total lack and disrespect for people!

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V. Gopaul - 2 d 7 h ago


I will never use priceline again. They outsource the calls out the country to reps who don't listen, are talking to other people while you're talking. I wanted to change a credit card for a reservation and they didn't let me. Its crazy! I wont be using their site again.

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Wanda - 3 d 5 h ago

You can't be customer centric and solve problems if you don't listen to consumers to understand 1) the questions they're asking. 2) If you don't understand that problem how can you find a solution.

I just talked to a woman named "Trish" that hung up on me. Pull the call placed today 04/23/2018, 2:24 PM - to mentor and coach your employees. She couldn't answer a SIMPLE question relative to car insurance for an overseas reservation.

I called back and have Brenda on the call. Lets see where this goes...

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Janet T. - 5 d ago


I am so frustrated with Priceline I could scream! I rented a car for the END of JUNE for 12 days and put in the wrong dates. Within two days, I realized my error and contacted Priceline customer NO-SERVICE. 95 days out from my trip and NO ONE WILL HELP ME. I don't want to cancel the car. Just change THE DATES. ALL I GET IS A RUN AROUND. I have been charged $600.00 and no one will help me! How can you treat customers like this? Mr. Bill Jose, you are in charge of rental cars on the management team. I beg you, please help me! This is a huge amount of money for me to loose!

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Tracy - 7 d 2 h ago


I booked a flight from JFK to Edinburgh. Priceline decided to have the layover at a different airport in London, landing in Gatwick and flying out of Heathrow. Luckily my friend saw this, as me nor my goddaughter, who the ticket is for would expect something so heinous and stressful for the patron! I am currently on hold with a woman from India reading off a script who told me that I would be wasting my time by speaking to manager. Its wonderful to know that speaking to a manager at Priceline is a waste of one's time. I am thoroughly disappointed that Priceline would do such a thing.

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Cindy Jones - 8 d 3 h ago


I thought I was booking a 2.5 star hotel and instead was given a 2 star motel. Priceline refuses to acknowledge the definition of a motel and a hotel are totally different and there is a reason people try to book cheaper hotels. Anyone can find a cheap motel to stay in. Being as I travel alone and am disabled, I only stay in hotels. I have contacted the BBB and I will be disputing this with the hotel and the credit card company! I have used your company several times and always pleased, this time, you were dishonest and guilty of false advertising.

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Mrs M. - 8 d 19 h ago


Wow it don't even make sense for me to write my complaint. Dishonesty from what I'm reading on all of the other reviews seem to be common practice for Priceline. But here we go. I was booking a hotel for 3 people, I clearly click on 3 people they charged me extra for the 3rd person online. After I put my credit card information in my reservation was confirmed for 2 and it said for another person there would be an additional charge. I immediately reached out to customer service. I was connected guy by the name of Pete on live chat after explaining to him what happened he told me that maybe next time I should consider the regular rates. I had no idea inregards Priceline that they were this horrible. I will be sure to check the stats before booking with any other site now that I have the 411 on Priceline. Bad Bad business.

General profile image - 14 d 12 h ago


I booked a room for one night using name your own price for a 2.5 star hotel in Orlando for $52. I was given a 3 Star hotel, which was advertised on Priceline for $40. I was also charged a resort fee of $17 which was not disclosed. After calling Priceline twice, the customer service reps will not honor the "best price guarantee" because the booking was made for the same day. I am a daily Priceline user and have spent over $20,000 on this site in the last 8 months. It is ridiculous to me that Priceline would cause so much grief over a $12 difference on rate which they advertised lower on their own site. I will not be making any future bookings through Priceline if this is not made right, and am downloading the Hotwire app as I write this review. A company which so desperately wants an additional $12 from any customer, especially one of my level, and after having made multiple calls to customer service regarding it, does not deserve my business and shall not have it.

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priceline rip off victom - 9 d 5 h ago


this happen to me as well!!!!

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PRICELINE Rip off victom!!!! - 9 d 5 h ago


Express Deal rip off alert! They add "FEES" to express deals almost 20% per booking! They put it in the catagory of Taxes and fees. I used Priceline for years, NO MORE!!!! Shame on you!!! Call your hotel direct and they will almost always match the priceline quote, then you will not have to worry about "FEES" being added. The hotels are more than happy to work direct, I'm sure they have been ripped off by these corporate thieves!

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B. Bryant - 9 d 8 h ago


I will NEVER book with these ridiculous losers ever again (and these words are very out of character for me). Same issues as everyone else and I JUST found out that I have multiple charges on my card from a two night stay. There are five charges of over $150!!!

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Anonymous - 10 d 5 h ago


I was over charge for 3 rooms when I only needed one room I been fighting and fighting with Priceline and I'm still waiting on someone to get back with me about a refund

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Louisa Gerrits - 10 d 6 h ago


On 4/10, I rented a vehicle from Enterprise through Priceline. I went to Enterprise and they wouldn't accept my Chase visa debit card. I cancelled my reservation and on 4/11 I received the $33.00 refund for the car insurance I purchased through Priceline. On 4/12, Priceline took $33.00 out of my account without my permission. On 4/13 I contacted Priceline and they started to play the blame game. The customer service tells me Priceline did refund you the $33.00 and don't see the extra charge, they tell me to call the Alliance Global Insurance company that they use for the car rentals. Alliance Global told me "No, its Priceline who charges and refunds the customers". On 4/14, called Priceline again and talked to Mike who told me that he will escalate the issue. Now my account is negative due to charge from Priceline. So, Priceline when will you refund me the $33.00 and pay my bank fee of $25.00.

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Leilani - 11 d ago


I'm a travel agent and was following up with one of my clients reservations that I booked for her. I contacted the customer service number and the representative, Steph was purely incompetent. I provided her with the itinerary number, Confirmation number, Customer Name, Dates of Travel and location of pickup. She told me she didn't have a reservation available and that it must not have gone through. She kept telling me to call back once I had all the information. I let her know that the information I was providing her was directly from the email that was sent from Priceline as a confirmation. She kept telling me that she couldn't find it and just to send an email. I decided to call the rental car company directly and in less than one minute they were able to confirm the reservation. It is so frustrating as a travel agent especially when we utilize these third party vendors. I'm contemplating not using Priceline anymore for future use.

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Paul Steinmetz - 13 d 6 h ago


Hi there: I rented a car through Priceline Easter weekend in Rochester NY. The car smelled very badly of cig. smoke. We had to keep it because they didn't have what we ordered and we needed the bigger vehicle. It was a cold weekend so when the heat was on the smell was unbearable. My niece has allergies and had to roll her window down and get out as soon as we stopped. We asked Avis for our refund and it was rejected. Don't know why. They didn't say. Can you please ask your corporate office for a refund for us. The res no. was 14496476-US-1. The Avis car no. was 80607866. It was a white cadillac. Thank you so much. We plan to rent often as our 2 daughters moved to Rochester for 6 years. Thank you so much for looking into this. Cheryl

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Joseph - 13 d 10 h ago


I booked a room under the pay later rate i was charged instantly decided not to stay at the hotel tried to cancel after selecting free cancellation i was told you will not be refunded repeatedly contacted my bank and reported the charge as fraud the customer service was terrible ive been upset at times in my life but this was to another level please re train your reps to just not read from a script i deal with costumers appropriately terrible experience i'll never use Price-line again

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Tami - 14 d 17 h ago


Booked a hotel through Priceline express deals. Was told hotel would be similar to courtyard or Hyatt. Also, it is said to be a 3 star hotel. The site page said that this hotel would offer solid service, extra amenities, and well decorated public spaces. I booked the hotel. Then it is revealed. I proceed to check reviews. Mostly all reviews are terrible. The hotel is said to have broken toilets, leaky roofs, horrible customer service and theft among the house keepers. Upon seeing these reviews on all travel site as well as the holiday inn site. I immediately called to cancel. I am a single female traveling alone and I don't want to stay in shady hotels. Priceline deceived me. I want a refund.

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varsha - 16 d ago


. I purchased a room at the Dunes Manor in ocean city Maryland via your website . I contacted the hotel to check on my room. Upon speaking with Rachel at the Dunes Manor, I was advised my reservation was booked with the Dunes Court Motel. I called priceline and spoke with Chip, then Myles and ED the supervisor. I was advised that I had to keep the reservation because it was part of the same Hotel. Which it is not it's a motel- and my reservation states Hotel. I am very disatisfied with the service and the blatent fraud and false adversting. I will be contacting the BBB and the attorney general to have a investigation started for this company. I was not given what I paid for .......

Sent from Windows Mail

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Dan Gleason - 16 d 10 h ago


I booked two round trip tickets to Rome, Premium Economy, from 3/28 to 4/8. Upon check-in time in Rome, the Alitalia airline site...the flight operator, informed me that my seats would be economy class. I immediately contacted Alitalia and was informed that this was indeed true, and that they had not received a reservation for premium economy. I then contacted Priceline support which insisted that I did in fact have premium economy seats because that was what their records and the records of Delta...the ticketing airline...reported in their system. I then contacted Delta who were good enough to get on the phone with Alitalia and confirm that I was not receiving premium economy seats. Alitalia looked to see if they could move me to the next day's flight which DID have premium economy seats and informed the Delta representative that there was availability. The Delta representative informed me of this but said that they could not make the change because their contract with Priceline disallowed it. I then called back Priceline who at first repeatedly insisted there was not any problem, then repeatedly suggested I have Delta change the ticket though I repeatedly informed them that Delta felt they could not do it. Priceline told me that they would assess a $300 fee for making the change. After many hours I spoke with a supervisor (this was at approximately 12:30 AM Sunday morning, who told me they would investigate but that I'd need to take my flight as-is, which was at 3:05 PM that day. I've subsequently exchanged a few emails with Priceline customer service, some of which are included below. They have told me over the phone, subsequent to these emails, that my loss is due to an airline flight change (IMHO not my problem but THEIR problem with their vendor) and have also told me that because I used the ticket (as instructed) they could do nothing. The bottom line is that Priceline left us hanging in Rome and at no time then or since has made any attempt to make good on our contract but have in fact informed me they have no obligation or intention to do so. Here are the final email exchanges (the refuse to send an email stating their declination of responsibility). I'll be sending this all to the BBB and the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection and will also try to encourage the Boston Globe and others to look in to Priceline's business practices. EMAIL CHAIN: Dear Daniel, We are sorry to know that you did not get what you paid for. We understand that you would like to be reimbursed. We would like to assist you; however, we only have limited access via email. Based on the information you have provided, your question or issue needs to be reviewed by our Travel Services Specialist. Please call us at 1(hidden), and be ready to enter your Trip Number, which is (hidden)8 when prompted. Our phone service agents look forward to assisting you and resolving your issue. Sincerely, Johanna M. Customer Care Original Message Follows: ------------------------ From: Dan Gleason To: Customer Service Subject: Re: Recent Travel Inquiry (KMM69760245V14348L0KM) Date: April 9, 2018 9:09:40 AM EDT I'll call again later today, but my bottom line question is how am I going to be reimbursed? I did not get what I paid for. Dan Gleason Sent from my iPhone > On Apr 8, 2018, at 3:06 PM, Customer Service wrote: > > Dear Daniel, > > Thank you for taking the time to send us an email. > > Our records show that our Air Travel Specialist contacted Delta Airlines > regarding your concern. Alitalia has downgraded your ticket; however, it > was originally booked for premium economy. > > The reason behind it was that they had to switch aircrafts and the new > plane doesn't have premium economy available. If you would like to > discuss this further, please contact us at 1(hidden) and an Air > Travel Specialist will assist you. > > We look forward to hearing from you soon. We apologize for the > inconvenience. > > Sincerely, > > Derek R. > Customer Care > > Original Message Follows: ------------------------ > From: > To: (hidden) > Subject: ***AIRLINE - About Airline Tickets > Date: April 8, 2018 4:08:00 AM EDT > > > Subject: Left without support > Product: AIRLINE > Category: About Airline Tickets > Name: Daniel Gleason > Email Address: > Itinerary :139-047-794-28 > Comments :My wife and I are flying home from Rome today. I booked and > paid for premium economy seats, but in the end Alitalia is putting us in > economy. I have spoken to Alitalia, Delta, & Priceline at length. > Alitalia & Delta have confirmed this is the case and neither one is > taking the blame. I spent hours trying to get Priceline to help get this > straightened out. Delta told us that they'd allow a flight change > because of the screw up, but Priceline wanted to charge us $300! I am > beyond disappointed that Priceline didn't even try to help us out. They > could have called Delta on our behalf and gotten things fixed but thy > refused to do anything other that quote policy and repeatedly tell me > that THEIR records showed our seats to be premium economy. It seemed > that no one could get their head around the fact that an error had > occurred somewhere in processing, even though Delta could confirm it, > Alitalia could confirm it, and I even offered to send screen-shots of > the Alitalia check-in page as proof. I just don't understand why you > were unwilling to advocate for a customer and assist in fixing this > issue.

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Jonathan Robbins - 18 d 39 s ago


Worst experience every. Priceline site advertises hotel had "Lake Views and a Pool". Once booked no pool. Then when calling to get help they said they could not do anything because it was final. I said I understand but you can't falsely advertise admenities. They didn't care. Said you have to read the fine print during booking. Nothing there.

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