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Bruce Hunt - 1 d ago


I tried to book through priceline and it told me it could NOT make the reservation for one leg of the trip I planned. I decided to book that leg my self and then made arrangements through priceline for the last part of the trip. Turns out the attempt I first made actually did go through and the confirming email was sent to my office email. I was not available to read that email and find that I was double booked. Priceline was very unreasonable with me and would not refund the mistake. Their poor reservation system caused this issue and they would not admit any problems.

This is a lousy company to use. Customer service was very bad.

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Janice Perry - 4 d 5 h ago


This is the worst company ever. There is no such thing as a price guarantee and the customer service is awful You stay on the phone forever listening to an obnoxious recording and when you finally get customer service they are foreign and you can't understand them. My airline ticket dropped with 36 hours dramatically and when I called to get an adjustment they passed me from one incompetent person to the next. when I asked for the corporate phone number they purposely gave me a number that leads me back to their customer service number so I could wait some more and talk to the same incompetence customer service. Nothing resolved. They are liars and I would give them no stars if possible. I will never use them again.

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Fed up hotel owner - 10 d 4 h ago


All the customers having problems with Priceline or PLEASE know that we too as a small owner hotel have very BIG problems with

This type of company overshadows others ($20 billion a year in reservations vs, expedia $5 million

Companies such as this too big to get it right.

BTW CEO makes $ 22 million a year

I believe they relish the fact that consumers on both sides must accept their inabilities because they have no alternatives.

BTW the CEO was fired for chasing women in the office

Ohhhh maybe thats why its such a inept company....great leadership

What a joke you are

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Taylor - 12 d 24 h ago


your customer service is non existent. Her live chat rep disconnected on me twice rather than resolving my issue-- after my having waited over a half hour for her to appear.Plenty of other sites offer the same prices or better. Why would anyone in their right mind want to do business with you? Spend less on ads and more on being responsive to your customers.

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ken grubb - 15 d 16 h ago


i have tried many,too many times and all i get is a message saying Priceline website is non responsive..i know you have lost revenue with my experience.i ask are you at all concerned with others who have had the negative service that is being presented.

i send this as a courtesy..someone is taking money under false pretense,claiming to be an employee doing a good job..

deal with it..

tks, ken grubb

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Victoria H - 18 d 24 s ago


Another military family kicked to the curb! I booked last minute travel to attend my daughter's graduation from Marine Corp boot camp upon hearing she had completed all of the requirements to graduate (2/28). On 3/5 the USMC contacted us to say that our daughter had been involved in a crush accident and she was in the hospital with a fractured hip and she would not be able to march for graduation on 3/11 as planned. She will be in the hospital for a couple of weeks and cannot have visitors at this time due to her training status.

I contacted Priceline to notify them my family would not be able to make this trip and that we would like to "suspend" the transaction until we can see her in a couple of weeks.

I was told that Delta charged a $200 cancellation fee and nothing could be done. I called Delta, spoke with Erica who stated that due to the nature of the incident they would waive any fee and hold the funds for future travel. I called Priceline back and requested that they place the dollar amount I was charged onto my ticket itinerary with Delta in place of the BT code so that Delta could issue their credit, I was then told that there was nothing that could be done. They were not able to verify my comments re: Erica because they were not documented, per Andrea (SO) from your Manila office.

You are a very large Corporation, this travel itinerary (#123-xxx-xxx-xx) is a drop in the bucket for you, it is however significant to my family. Since this has occurred I have invested more than 4 hours of my family's life attempting to resolve this within your guidelines along with compassion and common sense being applied.

I would like to file formal complaints at this time. Please contact me regarding your process.

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Christopher Breitinger - 18 d 4 h ago


I am very unhappy with my service I received at your company. I feel like your company isn't being reasonable and unwilling to make exceptions. I have an unfortunate circumstance and it should be accomandated

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Melissa - 24 d 15 h ago


I booked a suite in vegas on ..before I submitted my payment I made sure all the room info was right.. when I got my receipt it had booked me a standard room ..not what the site showed me ..I called customer service explaing what happened...they said the room that showed on there site was no longer available..but to this day that exact room is still showing ...I feel that it's false advertisement..they said it shouldn't be showing on the website but it's still there.. I was in tears I booked that one bedroom suite for my wedding ..and my bridal party all had to cancel there mess !!! And they did nothing to make it right !!! Horrible..I will never use this site ever again !! My point is that my payment should of never went through for a room i didn't book..if the room wasn't available..what right does that site have to decide to pick a room i didn't order ..and then give me a standard room for the price of a suite ... straight scam !!

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Leanne - 36 d 4 h ago


Booked and paid for a car, yet upon arrival the company didnt have any so the reservation was not used. Now customer service states they cant verify if the reservation was used or not???? Are you kidding me???? Call Hertz and ask them for the contract...THERE ISNT ONE BECAUSE THEY DIDNT HAVE A CAR FOR ME!!!!! What I thought was a very simple request has turned out to be a very frustrating situation all because of seemingly incompetent customer service agents. All I want is a refund!!!!!

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Pissed off - 49 d ago

I will never use this company again. Completely horrible and reps don't truly understand English. Everyone states they don't have a corporate office and gives you the run around. I was overcharged and when I contacted them for refund no one would help. Every rep tried to put the blame on the rental car company instead of taking ownership for the mistake of this company. Worst experience ever. I do not recommend at all!!!!

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Anonymous - 39 d ago

i agree.. hate this company now

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pissed off - 39 d 29 m ago

this is a horrible experience with the airlines changed my whole iteranary and had to change dates and times will be missing my funeral of family now and also had to add one dam day to car rental thru them they are useless and cant speak english

they also I'm furious couldn't add a day for the car rental l.... useless useless]i will never ever book thru them ever again

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Melissa alexis - 51 d 13 h ago


I requested for a refund or change in dates for a reservation I booked and before the dates arrived I called to speak with an agent about having this taken care of because my son was admitted to the hospital with a sever case of pneumonia and didn't look to be getting better before the trip.. after speaking with an agent she said they would be contacting me about the refund or change in dates and I never receive any correspondences until after my original dates had past. Partial refund occurred because they said I was a no show...but I called to take care of the date before the actual check in date. This isn't the first time I have had difficulties with this company and money is just going out the window for a no show when I had already tried to move or cancel the reservation.

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Tabby - 54 d 13 h ago


This company is ridiculous an awful they took my money off my card an then I couldn't check into my hotel then once I contacted the customer service an spoke to a supervisor name Rave agent number 5260094 who stated she could not provide me with corporate number an I can't be reimbursed my money because she has to speak with the hotel manager this is the absolute worst customer service I have had in my life i get to the hotel an they ask for a deposit when I show the reservations to the front desk an show there was nowhere on the reservations stating that a deposit is also due at check in I will be contacting a lawyer for false advertisement I will see yall in court

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Shayna - 208 d ago


Awful company!!! They screwed up the date of my reservation and then charged me and will not refund! I am filing a complaint!

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Annoyed - 63 d ago


This happened to us today. They got the dates wrong and won't refund total bullshit. We paid over 1,000 for flight

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ARUN - 63 d 9 h ago





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Woodsmoke jim - 81 d 5 h ago


I reserved a rental car via price line and Pay less cars Seatac airport. Price 269$ . My flightless weather cancelled. I called Pay less to make sure car was available for the next day. Price was then 566 $ . I called Price line back and they said the Price line quote is only an estimate.

So Price line is working a bait and switch with Pay less. Travelers are suprised to find they must pay huge increase in cost or they have no transportation.


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Anonymous - 88 d 9 h ago

Dear Priceline,

My name is nutt from Thailand live in phuket and i need to registration with priceline but i do not know phone number in Thailand do you have ?please suggest


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I will post everyday until I am helped - 89 d ago


This is Day 10 after since Priceline did a pre-authorization on my card and are still holding $1,300 of my money. On December 16th their site kept telling me the flight was unenviable to select another each time I did they ran a pre-authorization on my card. Those funds have yet to expire and I am being told they can not contact their card processor and expire those charges so the funds will go back to my account immediately. They tell me I have to wait 21 days for it to fall off. They have done this to me at Christmas when I was trying to get my kids home from college for Christmas. I missed that opportunity due to this being December 26th.

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Robin - 92 d ago


Comments :I attempted to book a ticket to get my son here for

Christmas. I received messages stating the flight was not available

select another. After 4th time it booked a flight however the dates were wrong. Then I discover me debit card was pre-auth four times $326 each time. This wiped out my account leaving me with no money to book a ticket to get my son home for Christmas. I have been on the phone over the past 7 days and even had a conference call with Priceline and my bank. My bank tried telling you that because they are pre-auth and not charges they can not release the fund that you had to expire them and they would immediately go back into my account. I have been told over and over that there is no way for you guys to do that. I even asked if there was any way for you to book the ticket using the pre-auth funds to at least get him home to me and you refused and I was told I had to wait until 12/26/16 for the pre-auth charges to expire and that was the way it is. This has been a tough year for us after losing my dad and we needed to be together and since you took all my money and refuse to help me that will not happen.

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Sad Mom - 96 d ago


This has been my worst experience ever with Priceline. I have always used them to book travels. I attempted to book flights to bring my sons to see me for Christmas on Friday. I kept receiving a message stating the flights were unavailable select another. On my 4th attempt it found an available flight. However moments later I received a text from my bank that they had charged my card all 4 times. This wiped out my account and I have had no luck getting my money refunded to me and left unable to book flights for my kids to come see me. I am devastated over this and I can not get anyone to help me. Even if I do get the money back booking flights will cost me even more since I am forced to wait last minute.

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pricelinesucks - 118 d ago


How do these people avoid criminal prosecution and/or a billion dollar class action suit.

Their price fixing, bait and switch and overt fraud was staggering five years ago,

Now that they control 86% of all foreign bookings, they are stealing hundreds of millions from unsuspecting people selling uninhabitable hovels at too high or absurdly high prices.

Write to the US Department of Justice

Contact your state attorney general.

There are millions to be made in clawbacks with with the right lawsuit, or criminal prosecution.

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pricelineisascam - 118 d ago

People waste thousands of hours thinking they are searching competitive sites. How many of them know that these companies are part of the same audacious scam cartel that has driven prices way to high and does business with the sleaziest vendors and flly by night property owner imaginable. I know you may not have a choice but if you do business with any of the below EXPECT TO BE RIPPED OFF AND KNOW THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE WHATSOEVER. Once they take your money, you will NEVER get it back.

The Priceline Group is an American-based provider of travel and related online services to consumers and local partners through six primary brands:,,, KAYAK, and OpenTable.

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pricelineisacrime - 118 d ago


How can this hugely profitable scam company be totally unreachable.

What are the phone numbers and emails of the gangsters-in-charege?

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