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Procter & Gamble Co

2050 S 35th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Carl Goit
Plant Mgr
(602) 269-2171
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Robert - 6 h 18 m ago


Thank you P&G. I've been wanting to try the Dollar Shave Club. Now I have a reason to try them !!!

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David - 20 h 59 m ago


I will never buy your products again after watching your ad. What gives you the right to lecture us on how men should behave.

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Ernie - 1 d 25 m ago


As a small business owner, my worry is not the customer who voices their concern. I can realize my mistake, apologize and change. The customer who is vocal is giving me an opportunity to fix the problem. The real issue is the customer who is upset and doesn't say anything. They just quietly go away. My gut tells me when it comes to P&G...the silence will be deafening. So I too will be moving on to another company...and raising my son without your influence.

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Gail - 1 d 4 h ago

I was moved to tears by the new Gillette ad. It was so very beautiful. I love the idea of an ad showing men being noble and doing noble things. Indeed, the best kinds of things men can do and men can be. Good on ya, Gillette!

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Men Aren't Evil - 1 d 17 h ago


So men are evil violent and toxic, eh? Yeah I wont be purchasing ANY of your products for THE REST OF MY LIFE. What genius came up with this ad guaranteed to lose a ton of customers-they should be fired immediately. I'll be watching your stock - pretty sure that will be satisfying.

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Moral Compass - 2 d 6 h ago


Dear Mr David S Taylor,

I have been a user of Gillette razors for over 40 years and have many different products from the P&G family in my house. I recently viewed your toxic masculinity commercial that I felt was condescending, insulting and appalling.

Since when is it a good marketing strategy to insult the users of your product(s)? I will not be purchasing your razors or any other P&G products in the future.

Since you have gotten on the high horse to push moral compasses to the masses, I have some ideas for your upcoming campaigns, let's campaign about the violence, sex and demeaning of women in rap music, there is so much material you could have a field day.

Another campaign you could start is embarrassing teenage girls for getting pregnant and becoming single parents ensuring they stay in poverty the rest of their lives.

Then after all these successful marketing strategies maybe you could take on abortion, either pro life or pro choice the decision is up to you.

Good Luck in the future.

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Diane - 2 d 7 h ago


The "War against Men" continues with the Gillette ad. My husband uses the sensitive skin products (razor and shaving cream)

but I'm the one who purchases them. NO LONGER! This offended traditional female will buy from the Dollar Shave Club.

Keep hiring radical feminazis and see what happens to your company!

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Dennyji - 2 d 7 h ago


I've used Gillette blades and razors for more than 40 years but will no longer. What an idiotic marketing strategy to alienate such a large sector of your client base with an ill-advised but very trendy social re-engineering experiment. What genius thought this up?

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American Veteran - 2 d 8 h ago


If I use a Gillette razor is it guaranteed to shave my toxic masculinity away?

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Barbara A Watrous - 223 d 9 h ago

I find the LUVS commercial with the mother taking the baby to the shower with the father DISGUSTING!! t

Why is the mother taking a little girl in the bathroom with a naked adult male. The door is open exposing the male to the little girl.

Then the male says, "Is mommy coming in too?"

Highly inappropriate!!

You are selling diapers not SEX!

I would suggest you remove this "commercial".

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Acai Berry - 220 d ago


Barbara we need less people like you in this world. I am assuming then you believe the father of the child should never EVER change the baby's diaper. Good Grief Barbara, you need to turn off the tv if this commercial offends you and go get yourself off because you apparently need it.

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Lorrainedekenipp - 153 d 4 h ago


Barbara I agree with you totally I am not a prude but I do think that that commercial is inappropriate they are selling Diapers not sex.

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Jon Dunn - 2 d 11 h ago

Maybe they figured out without sex they wont have any way sell diapers,,, think about it

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Kassie - 3 d ago


I'am totally in awe of the new commercial of boys becoming real men. What a Wonderful Respectful and Generous thing to do. It moved me to tears to see your company acknowledge the problems that have been so prevalent many many years .To have a Huge business step up and place them self's out there for such an important issue. With so many negatives in this world of ours today I 'am so proud of you . I commend you as a awesome company, Thank you

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MJ - 3 d ago


Seriously? It appalled me completely.

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SrMan - 2 d 11 h ago


Kassie, seriously, this is a sales campaign.

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OWM - 2 d 11 h ago


I DO NOT need a large company that is trying to sell me products tell me how to be a Gentleman, or Masculine. That's what my Father did and did very well! What gives you the right to be the arbiter of proper behavior or masculinity?

After many years as a customer, there will no longer be any Gillette Razors/ Products in my house. Not sure who you are Pandering to but this looks like simply another Ad Campaign. If you are lucky women will start shaving every day. As I have seen in other posts here and on the internet about your inclusion statement, I too DO NOT feel "included" rather a target of your anti male bias.

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Mick - 3 d 35 s ago


I have been using Gillette shavers since the Gillette cavalcade of sports, it was a top notch product then. Are you guys crazy, insulting us men. I read your "diversity and inclusion" statement and I don't feel included, and I'm sure most men feel as I do. I will no longer use your products.

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McGirvan - 3 d 24 h ago


I just saw your new add about toxic masculinity. I don't know who gave the ok on that add but he she or they are idiots.

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Anonymous - 3 d 7 h ago

So your CEO of Gillette thinks that male masculinity is toxic? You can take your Gillette products along with all your P&G crap and shove it. You are nothing more than a Politically Correct ASSHOLE!

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William Rodney Davis - 3 d ago


iI tota[[y agree with anonymous. Gillette has lost it'e collective minds; they can switch to the women in the metoo movement and sell their razors and mens products to the pink hat crowd. I will never purchase another P&G product. The idiots that are running your company and the Gillette division, are far off the mark and need to quit listening to the brain-washing liberal, politically correct people. Get out of social issues and stop becoming socialists, I demand an apology for the video and it be removed from circulation.

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Greg - 3 d 1 h ago


Guess I won't be buying any of your products. You do have competitors.

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MJ - 3 d ago


P&G, I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. If I am offended (and I am) by your commercial, I cannot fathom what you expected the reaction to be from men. I assure you that my grandfathers, my dad, my husband, my son, my son-in-law, and my grandson need no lessons from YOU on manhood. Take the log out of your own eye.

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Jim - 3 d ago


How can you make such a stupid commercial? I own PG stock and it moves me to sell it all.

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Anonymous - 3 d 46 m ago

After hearing about your Gillette razor commercial (I have not seen it yet.), I will no longer be buying any of your products. I just printed a list of your products and will encourage my friends to do the same.

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