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Procter & Gamble Co

2050 S 35th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Carl Goit
Plant Mgr
(602) 269-2171
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Nana - 4 d 16 h ago

Could you please start reselling Olay Purely Pristine! It is awesome!

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Anonymous - 24 d 19 h ago

hi i m a gagandeep singh from v.p.o tepla teh rajpura distt patiala i m a superwisor P&g compny my boss ik fassi ahmad unho ne muje job se nikal diya hai

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Anonymous - 44 d 15 h ago

I need to order 2 cases of the tropical mist. what number do i call in phoenix

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Ish Thomas - 50 d 18 h ago

Your product, Mr Clean magic eraser is a great product . I have shower doors that get soap scum on them. I tried everything under the sun to remove it without any luck. I used you product and it took it off great without much effort . Thank you

Ish Thomas

Knoxville, Tennessee

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Peter Fleitas - 51 d 23 h ago


For many years I did used Deodorant Gel type Gillette,, but I pay for only half of the contents,, because by turning the roller at the bottom,, the product DOES NOT COME OUT,,, please make the turner bigger,, widdddder and the product will be able to use,, my number (hidden) if you do not understand my suggestin please call me,, thanks,,Peter Fleitas

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Barbara A Watrous - 161 d 22 h ago

I find the LUVS commercial with the mother taking the baby to the shower with the father DISGUSTING!! t

Why is the mother taking a little girl in the bathroom with a naked adult male. The door is open exposing the male to the little girl.

Then the male says, "Is mommy coming in too?"

Highly inappropriate!!

You are selling diapers not SEX!

I would suggest you remove this "commercial".

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Acai Berry - 157 d 12 h ago


Barbara we need less people like you in this world. I am assuming then you believe the father of the child should never EVER change the baby's diaper. Good Grief Barbara, you need to turn off the tv if this commercial offends you and go get yourself off because you apparently need it.

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Lorrainedekenipp - 90 d 17 h ago


Barbara I agree with you totally I am not a prude but I do think that that commercial is inappropriate they are selling Diapers not sex.

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RICHARD FELLERMAN - 122 d 8 h ago


You repeated commercials for crest toothpaste have caused me to never buy crest again!

I am playing this poker game on . My smart TV and every 4 or 5 hands it is another identical crest commercial.

How sickening.

Makes me want to vomit

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Bingo - 146 d 18 h ago


I would like to know why it's so hard to find the BIG black bottle of liquid Cheer anywhere in Lancaster,Pennsylvania. I have been through 4 stores that was carrying the product. No notice about not carrying the product.... I go there to buy and oh we are not carrying it anymore

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ko - 211 d 18 h ago


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Nancy S. - 216 d 5 h ago


Secret Clinical Strength- Clear Gel.. This is an AWESOME product... My problem is paying $7.96 for half a container . After you twist to push up deodorant- and it finally comes out... You have paid almost 8 bucks for half of product. This is really ridiculous. Yes , I can buy a different kind, but this works really well. So maybe this is something you could talk about at next board meeting ..

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Anonymous - 211 d 18 h ago

buy it online

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