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Procter & Gamble Co

2050 S 35th Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Carl Goit
Plant Mgr
(602) 269-2171
Annual Sales Est
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Anonymous - 26 d 7 h ago


I would like to send my sincere thank you to Procter & Gamble for supporting the Women's Soccer team. I read how P&G stepped up to the plate to compensate the Women's Soccer team for salary discrepancy. I am a member of the Women's Sports Foundation and we have been fighting for equal pay for years. It's gratifying to see a company so compassionate about this subject. Thank you so much.



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Sambo - 208 d 7 h ago


Is there a feminazi cunt running P and C? Sure seems like it. No longer using your products until you apologize and feature WHITE men in positive roles.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 149 d 7 h ago

They are currently trying to find a decent white man.

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Anonymous - 117 d ago

They still haven't found one but they're not giving up yet.

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Anonymous - 118 d ago

What does the P and C stand for?

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Gangy - 117 d 9 h ago


@ Anonymous ,

Pavlov Cunts.

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Bob B - 209 d 6 h ago


As a long time shareholder or Proctor and Gamble I am very upset with the way your shaving commercial finds fault with masculinity. God gave both men and women each unique traits and attributes for which to proud.

I resent Proctor and Gamble trying to make men less than what we are. I'm proud to be a man!

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Anonymous - 118 d 34 m ago

So which are you, a long time shareholder or Proctor and Gamble?

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W Glover - 118 d 11 h ago

Other companies have wipes for killing bacteria why not make a dawn wipe for cleaning up grease in the kitchen. Dawn is great for that

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Larry Blow - 119 d 4 h ago


I love dawn, it is a great grease cutter, but it don't get rid of smell like fish in plates and bowels. I got the answer.

Larry Blow


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William E - 128 d ago


Re: Gillette ad

"We believe in the best in men"? What a bunch of hypocrites!

You have insulted me and every other decent male.

Who are you to teach anyone about behavior?

In the future, I will buy products from a more socially responsible company.

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Anonymous - 128 d ago

What are you crying about?

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Barbara A Watrous - 1 y 75 d ago

I find the LUVS commercial with the mother taking the baby to the shower with the father DISGUSTING!! t

Why is the mother taking a little girl in the bathroom with a naked adult male. The door is open exposing the male to the little girl.

Then the male says, "Is mommy coming in too?"

Highly inappropriate!!

You are selling diapers not SEX!

I would suggest you remove this "commercial".

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Acai Berry - 1 y 72 d ago


Barbara we need less people like you in this world. I am assuming then you believe the father of the child should never EVER change the baby's diaper. Good Grief Barbara, you need to turn off the tv if this commercial offends you and go get yourself off because you apparently need it.

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Lorrainedekenipp - 1 y ago


Barbara I agree with you totally I am not a prude but I do think that that commercial is inappropriate they are selling Diapers not sex.

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Jon Dunn - 219 d 11 h ago

Maybe they figured out without sex they wont have any way sell diapers,,, think about it

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Definitely a prude - 149 d 7 h ago

Who mentioned sex? They appear to be a normal family. What is wrong with the parents innocently flirting in front of their young children?

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Nice family - 150 d ago

Both of those children are young, too young to even think anything strange about it. When my son was a baby he sat in the tub while I was showering and it worked out fine. This is one of the most natural commercials on TV.

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To Babs - 149 d 7 h ago

The naked man is the little girl's dad. You're sick to even mention sex and that commercial.

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Anonymous - 149 d 7 h ago

What a sick twisted mind you have.

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Save The Children - 139 d 15 h ago

You're missing something more important: The danger to the baby. Dad is holding a slippery infant while he stands in a slippery wet shower. The viewing public must force Procter & Gamble to stop airing this irresponsible commercial before one single baby dies in the REAL world.

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Anonymous - 139 d 6 h ago

Bubble wrap all kids, what a great childhood.

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Posters - Grow some - 149 d 7 h ago

I never realized that men are the biggest cry babies ever until I read these crazy posts.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 150 d ago

Your ad for oil covered birds should be.

"The only bird catches the Dawn"

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Anonymous - 149 d 7 h ago

Do you mean early?

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