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Prudential Financial

751 Broad St.
Newark, NJ
John Strangfeld
Chairman, President and CEO
(973) 802-6000
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WS - 90 d 13 h ago


I have 5 policies with Prudential, they are all paid up whole life . I'm supposed to get dividends on the anniversary of each policy. for the past several years the dividends have been taking 2 weeks to receive, How much interest do you think they are making and keeping by not paying on time? The policy says I would get my money on or before the anniversary date.

The checks are dated with the proper date but the envelopes have no time or date stamp as they are mailed by Pru's mailroom. When I call to complain I get no explanation and no help from cust service. Sure wish I could have a piece of the interest that they gain on millions of dollars from everyone else they do this to

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Anon - 12 d 5 h ago


WS....count yourself as least you have received some checks.

So many of us are STILL WAITING

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Ted S - 26 d 10 h ago


EVERYONE who writes here that Prudential Customer service is the absolute worst, most disorganized and inept entity in the UNIVERSE is telling the truth. I have spent 6 months and dozens (30? 50? 100?) hours with various clueless people after my father died. Ever call a number you were told to call and get transferred to 7 people (getting disconnected halfway there) to finally get to someone who tells you to call the number you originally called? YES!

They contradict themselves constantly. They lose faxes. They send the wrong forms. They spent 45 minutes (much of it on hold as EVERY call will be mostly on hold) SWEARING I was a beneficiary and trying to get me to fill out a form saying that. I kept objecting and pointing out all the ways it didn't make sense and finally got myself transferred to someone else who IMMEDIATELY told me I was NOT a beneficiary.

Nobody knows anything except how to transfer you after putting you on hold. They can't tell you anything you can understand (we had two claim numbers which I had to puzzle out over weeks as to what they entitled us to) which they mistakenly mashed together. When I call with questions, they give me the wrong info because they don't know what claim goes with what.

One lady told me something very important and, a month later, said she didn't recall telling me anything and someone else told me something else. IMPORTANT info about our survivor benefits. My father died, for goodness sakes. My mother has NO idea what is going on so I am doing all the work and Prudential is completely inept in EVERY possible way. I should not have to spend 60 hours a week dealing with utter, complete ineptness.

Worst, I've written to several "Complaint" committees at Prudential that should at least be interested in hearing what a mess exists and NONE OF THEM have had the decency to even REPLY to me! 7 weeks for one and over a week for the next place. I'll keep trying. I've been on hold to this (hidden) number for 20 minutes now and this is a MAIN number! The last person I spoke to this morning, who was very nice and whom I've spoken with before, said she will get someone to call me about all this but, at this point, I don't believe ANYTHING they say.

I could give you hours of examples and yes, I have my notes and proof. DO NOT DEAL with them if you don't have to and SO SORRY if you do.

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Anonymous - 16 d 27 m ago

I totally agree an have hired an attorney an have started legal pursuit!

When I'm done I'll own prudential life insurance an they will all be out of a job!!!

I've contact Phillip McGraw who is a Texan ABC, CBS, NBC dateline are all making appropriate time to come an listen to my experience with prudential an their horrible customer reps!!!!!

What a disgraceful bunch of crooks!!!!My mother passed 4 months ago ms. Renee Rhem keeps telling our probate attorney she won't release the policy money to the Estate without probate?????

The probate attorney told her personally that there is no probate an no probate necessary!!!!

An asked to release the check?????

I have called an reported this company to the Texas Department of Insurance

TDI takes this shit serious

So if your a Texan call adap

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Anonymous - 16 d ago

Call an report all of this to your Department of Insurance government officials!!!!

They Must!

An will get results!!!!


It's Law !

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Anon - 12 d 6 h ago


Is this the Law in all 50 states? I'm in NJ. Who do I need to call.

We are all in a mourning period and their service or Lack of it, is a disgrace

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Anonymous - 16 d ago

Ted do not write prudential!!!

Call your Department of Insurance in the state where you live!!!!

Mine is Texas Department of Insurance!!

They are going to investigate an bring suit against mr.John Strangfeld an his band of crooked employees!!!

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Steve - 212 d 9 h ago


I recorded the claims rep lying. When I informed her that this call was being recorded she lost her marbles! LOL. If anyone could use a copy to see how they do business please email me @ (hidden)

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Sam - 182 d 4 h ago


What was she lying about? You didn't say.

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Anonymous - 16 d ago

My mother passed 4 months ago ms. Renee Rhem keeps telling our probate attorney she won't release the policy money to the Estate without probate?????

The probate attorney told her personally that there is no probate an no probate necessary!!!!

An asked to release the check?????

I have called an reported this company to the Texas Department of Insurance

TDI takes this shit serious

So if your a Texan call adap

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Ricky S - 82 d 7 h ago


Terrible customer service totally incompetent customer service, a week ago I FAXED all required Documentation to cash in my mother policy along with my Power of Attorney, was instructed it will take 5 to 10 business days , I asked if they received the Fax was told YES. I call back within the 5 day period was told they have no documentation, I spoke with a supervisor , I advised her I re fax the Documentation again & if I could have an address to also send the copies overnight. I called again with in one hour to advise that i have sent the Fax NO FAX RECEIVED AGAIN EVERY TIME I SPEAK WITH A SUPERVISOR I ALWAYS GET A DIFFERENT STORY unbelievable NEGELIANCE

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Ms "betrayed" - 131 d ago


For the Recently Widowed, Some Big Financial Pitfalls to Avoid, Then there are the bad actors who prey on the recently widowed. Many surviving spouses immediately crave secure investments offering regular income that never runs out. So you'll no doubt hear from people selling all manner of annuities, which have the tendency to enrich the salesperson at your expense, quote from NY Times

THIS IS PRUDENTIAL, selling me an annuity less than 60 days after my husband of 30 years passed away. She was our regular agent who clearly knew I was ignorant to this type of financial "stuff". Yet, convinced me it was what i needed and there went 20k of mine. This was in 2015, there isn't a day that goes by that I dont think of my husband and what she did to me after.

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carl napolitano - 244 d 10 h ago


Worst damn company in the world to deal with. Have done nothing but screwed me over for the past three weeks with there computershare stock company. No one will help you, no one cares about you, no one calls you back. Real creepy bastards.

Flagged for review. 
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Sam - 182 d 5 h ago


Prudential stock is handled by ComputerShare, not Prudential. Please call them at 1(hidden). You will need to provide the account number, which usually starts with the letter "C". If you require forms, please go to the ComputerShare website and you can download most of the forms.

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William R brosey - 196 d 7 h ago


This message is t mr. strangfeld I have had a pension plan with pru since 1978 and recently have found pru is guilty off bait and saw itch, fraud, breaking a contract and knowingly braking IRS regulations regarding my money purchase plan. I will be in contact with the Florida insurance commissner and the IRS shortly if a through review is not done.

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Kemeelah Fair - 1 y ago


Prudential sucks!! On February 13th of 2018 I lost my mother she had a life policy with Prudential I notify Prudential on February 19th a 2018 and I receive a beneficiary package in the mail I completed it my claim was approved check was issued on February 28th of 18 via regular mail check was sent and lost in the mail I called every day and was told by customer service that I have to allow 7 to 10 business days for Mail Time therefore on March 12th I called back and let them know I never received first check that was mailed out on February 28th for 2018 the representative flame she will put a stop payment on the check and that the second check will be overnighted to me on March 22nd of 2018 new check was cut and placed in regular mail again when it was supposed to be overnighted to me I called and spoke with Rebecca who is the claim specialist she never answered the phone I left her several messages to ask why was she regular mail the check she keeps sending me to voicemail I dance spoke to her boss Joe Banco he stated that he can place a direct deposit in my account on Monday March 26th of 2018 I am so upset and unhappy every time I call customer service I get a different answer I would never ever recommend Prudential to anyone nor will I do business with Prudential again this has been a total nightmare I'm grieving over my mother's death and Prudential think that this is a joke I will follow a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and to corporate office all I want is my claim to be paid out that I am entitled to nothing else nothing more claim number is 11782 0 to 5 my name is kameelah Fair Prudential totally sucks in my book!

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Cynthia - 1 y 61 d ago


For over 50 years I have had a life insurance policy through prudential paid on time and paid a year in advance. My mom passed in 04 and I then payed the policy in my name, I moved in may of 2017 and called and told them right away and asked for them to send a new payment book then nothing came even though calling the number on the book they said it would be sent out, I called again sometime in October again was told the book was sent it was not, I called in December the 11 to be exact and was told they would send out my dividend check and book. I am now on the phone and someone on here said the check was already cashed by me, I never received any correspondence from prudential, she then tried to tell me it is being processed, I told her if she lied to me one more time.i was filing a complaint with the Atty General, I told them I wanted to talk to a manager I finally got to talk to someone who said they are trying to fix this. I have notice over the past several years they are trying to get out of paying my yearly check even tho it's a part of my policy, they want my payment first before they will send anything and said it's late since november, I paid 13 months to have it come due in December and I planned it this way, they are lying and trying to get over on me and it's sad after all these years of doing business with this company. I am going to call the corporate office and let them know how bad this call center of theirs is and what they are doing to long time customers, good paying customers. The head person ell needs to check with their people who call in cause this is bad and they are going to lose you people.

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Lisa - 1 y 105 d ago


Prudential Financial weaseled their way out of a life insurance policy that my father had taken out. When he passed away during a "contestability phase", they sent a creepy guy in to twist things any way he could to keep them from paying. My dad was a Prudential customer over the course of his entire adult life and because of Prudential, we couldn't even afford a funeral. My advice to anyone looking for life insurance from Prudential is to run the other direction. I would never have expected to see such shady practices from a company that my family trusted.

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PAM - 1 y 264 d ago


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