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3300 Publix Corporate Pkwy.
Lakeland, FL
(863) 688-1188
(863) 284-5532
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Unsatisfied - 1 d 4 h ago


The Publix at the Hillsboro Plaza in Tampa Fl has a new cashier Calasia that is not friendly at all. She didn't greet me and I had to basically make her speak to me. And the manager Jason will argue with customers in front of everyone. I have shopped at the Publix for over 10 years and the customer service now is declining, thanks to these two. I will not set foot in this Publix again and I will let ALL my couponers know that Publix is not honoring coupons and being inconsistent about what they will accept or not.

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Megan - 4 d 12 h ago


I would like to know if there is any possibility you might open Publix in Green Hills,Nashville,Tn

Need one there desperately. I hate Kroger

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Mary Ellen Tacy - 27 d 11 h ago


Good afternoon! I've never been treated by a Assistant Manager @ the Publix store on Anna Maria island so rudely his name was Eric! I applied for a job as a bagger I'm 60 and a widow, I had a appointment to meet with the manager on a Monday and I couldn't make it so I called the store and spoke with Cindy and said Eric would be calling me to reschedule the next interview, never got a call so last Saturday I went into the Store and saw Eric so I approached him and said , Eric I never received a ph call from you , His reply was Oh we r taking a different direction and that was said between the entire door and then he turned his back from me and walked away not saying well let's see what I can do for you or let's schedule another appointment absolutely nothing . He needs to be retrained on how u treat people I will not step into this store again and I will bad mouth how rudely I was treated and maybe I'll call a lawyer this is so unprofessional! Very unhappy customer!! Mary Ellen Tacy

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JB Snyder - 32 d 18 h ago


My husband and I have been Publix customers for years. The last two times I have purchased meat there it has been inedible. One purchase was chicken breast nuggets which were nothing but gristle; the other purchase was stew meat which no amount of cooking could fix...they were like shoe leather. The last time we purchased cantaloupe it was extremely unripe. We hate to leave Publix, but we can't eat food of this low quality. Hope you can upgrade your stores.....

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JB Snyder - 33 d 5 h ago


My husband and I have been Publix customers for years. The last two times I have purchased meat there it has been inedible. One purchase was chicken breast nuggets which were nothing but gristle; the other purchase was stew meat which no amount of cooking could fix...they were like shoe leather. The last time we purchased cantaloupe it was extremely unripe. We hate to leave Publix, but we can't eat food of this low quality. Hope you can upgrade your stores...

General profile image - 35 d 8 h ago

Soy una frecuente customer de Publix. Con sorpresa estoy viendo en Kendal miami registradoras sin cashier. No puedo Que una compaa MILLONARIA como ustedes eliminen empleados. OJO he visto grandes empresas quebrar por desmotivar empleados bajando salarios y eliiminandolos. Yo no estoy dispuesta a scanear mis productos y ponerlos en bolsas y pagar por mi cuenta. Estoy pagando productos para ser atendida.What a shame! Vayan a FRESco supermarket, eso SI es customer service, da gusto entrar y ver tantos empleados ayudando a los clientes..

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anonymous - 37 d 9 h ago


Store 658 is at DADELAND , Miami,fl

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anonymous - 37 d 9 h ago


I just had the best surprise at the Publix store #658 ! your International aisle has always been mediocre to say the least, lo and behold as I strolled by today I could not believe, what use to be maybe 1/4 length of one side of the aisle is now the entire length with a variety unseen at any store in Miami, no need to go different stores for products from around the world, who ever had the idea and foresight to bring all these products had an eureka moment that Miami is an international city and Americans eat, shop and try all foods. My recommendation is that you follow this great move with a lot of ads about it, make it known in your weekly ads with emphasis on the variety and availability all in one store. Please let the employees at the store know what a great International section they now have so they pass the info to your customers, so can explore it !!

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Anonymous - 37 d 15 h ago


I shop at your store #775 in Ft Myers and wanted to give credit to your flower department. Lisa without fail is always willing to assist and help us in any way she can. I say us because I often buy flowers for our church altar through the year. Always give credit where credit is due.

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Fiona - 66 d 19 h ago

I am trying to cancel the emails, coupons, recipes, weekly deals etc.

I left the country and can't get on the website to cancel my subscription. Can't phone the 800 number from outside the USA, unsubscribe tells me I am overseas, can't access any Publix website or link without being redirected to the page that says you can't access from overseas.

Do I really have to fly back to the USA to cancel the emails?


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TGrant - 42 d 18 h ago

I have the same problem ,I am overseas and I am a former employee of Publix and now I have received en email about Stocks and all I get a picture of Publix, there is no way to reach my Publix account !!!

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Trish Love - 46 d 7 h ago


What has happened to customer service that Publix used to be so proud of. I worked for Publix at age 17 as a cashier, both my parents retired from Publix, my Dad was a Market Manager and my Mom a Deli hostess. The customer service skills I learned at a young age followed me with each and every job I had thereafter. The customer was always your first concern. Sadly the Deli has obviously forgotten that the customer keeps Publix in business. The Northgate store in Winter Haven is horrible. Every single visit is the same. Today my nephew and I were at the deli. He was ordering several items and when finished the employee looked at me, the only person waiting ( not subs or hot foods) when she said I will be right with you. She then proceeded to walk to the back then just randomly walking around. This goes on for roughly 5 minutes all the while ive been waiting a good 15 minutes for service. Another customer walks up and start the waiting period. In our conversation about how bad the customer service is he proceeds to tell me his wife works for Publix and tells him customer service is basically non -existent. Seems to me since the new President/CEO or whatever his title is, is not concerned with customer service/care. I met George Jenkins when I was that 17 yo cashier and he was a man with humility. I'm sure he would roll over in his grave if he knew how so many things have changed and not all for the good.

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Darryl Hilton - 50 d 4 h ago


A employee at publix in coconut creek fly liquor store has a call us niggar and he treat us differently from whites his name is Dave without sound he's continued to lie on black people.

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Vet - 52 d 6 h ago


Hello...I'm writing to recognize Grayson at the Publix in Ooltewah, TN. A couple weeks ago my friend of 30+ years went shopping. He's 73, a Vietnam vet, poor health. He left the store because he sometimes blacks out. He had paid for his groceries, but didn't have the bag when he returned home. He remembered paying & had his receipt.

I went to Publix & explained to Grayson.

He was amazingly accommodating & told me to get my friends items without asking any questions. I'm writing to let you know that Grayson made this situation easily remedied & we appreciate him.

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Mike Schreffler - 54 d ago

Shopped day before Christmas Eve at

Store #698. Store Manager Kelly

Anderson and ASM Dana Warner were

both on the sales floor actively engaging

customers. I asked for help picking out

a Prime Rib. They hooked me up with

David Burch in the Meat dept. David did

a fantastic job helping me pick the right

size with some leftovers! Awesome

Service from these three Great people!

Great Job Kelly,Dana and David.

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Wilson - 54 d 8 h ago


I would like to write a commendation for the assistant manager, Tamara Hooper, at my local Publix store # 1491,on Belvedere Rd. West Palm Beach.The weekly add offered a BOGO for Greenwise chicken breast. I had had difficulty before telling the difference between the package marked chicken breast and one marked chicken breast with rib meat. This time I asked the manager of the meat counter to choose the correct ones. They didn't have a big selection so I bought a few there and then went to the Southdale Shopping Center Publix to get the rest, 8 packages in all. Again I asked a member of the ,meat department to choose the correct sale items.I did not check the cash register receipt at each store as I felt confident I had the right items. However when I got home I looked at both receipts and I did not get the BOGO price. I returned to store 1491 and explained my dilemna to the assistant manager, Tamara Hoover. She took care of everything in a careful,efficient way, explaining each step as she went along. I was completely satisfied with the outcome. Well done!

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Fran Zywiec - 57 d 6 h ago


We have a new Publix in my area. I'd never shopped at a Publix and never will again. I purchased a turkey under the Publix name, and it was so pungent that we fed it to the racoons out in the woods. Needless to say, dinner was extremely unpleasant and awkward for our guests.

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Gail - 58 d ago


I have shopped at Publix for years and now noticed a big problem with there meats. Pork chops are tuff, chop meat looks good on the outside until you spread it apart and it's dark brown inside. I cooked stew tonight and had to toss it out because it was so tuff. I don't know what's happening but I will not purchase meats from Publix anymore.

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Anonymous - 58 d 4 h ago

Mary Ealy

Hello, I have been shopping at Publix for more than 50 years and later in past 10 years been very disappointed in the way my Publix I have been shopping at and I will type the address to you!!!

South Point

4145 9th Street SW

Vero Beach, FL 32968

Store Manager: Lola Digiuseppi


This Publix has really disappointed me and your upfront manger is totally disgusting and disappointed how she treats the elderly cashier at this store have cut back their hours I have seen her talk down to these ladies this is just awful. I wanted to know what corporate is going to do about this !!!! You have a young black man on customer service desk will no smile at all have no sense of humor when it comes to the customer always complaining about he wanted to move to New York I very disgust the way he always acting out !!!! I shop their each and every day three times a day! Morning, Noon, and Night and at the end of the day Publix Logan is shopping is a pleasure; correct me if I wrong it does not feel like this lately in the past ten years!!!! I not telling you how to run your company its time to take care of business and it starts at the front of the house the manger is over the cashier and her attitude toward elderly people and her elderly help !!!

Thank You

Mary Ealy

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Sherry P. - 59 d 14 h ago


I would like Publix to know that Instacart is stealing their customers debit and credit card information and they are guilty by association. They need to rethink their allowing Instacart to work with them. I have had my information stolen by ordering Publix groceries through Instacart 3 times. It is not a coincidence I set them up with a card only associated with Instacart and boom charges from all over mainly California. Instacart headquartes in California. Please Publix pull away from these identity theves.

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Todd - 65 d 7 h ago

I want to go on record, I am offended that Publix did not decorate for Christmas so not to "offend" anyone. Are you freaking is Christmas! And you can throw in Hanukkah, but the rest...come on! You are letting the a few dictate how you come across to the majority? Well, I am the majority and I can take my business somewhere else. Publix usually portrayed itself as a family business...Guess the political correctness police got to you? That is fine... You are not the only game in town. Goodbye Publix, Store Locust Grove, GA!

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false advertisment and violation of rights. - 66 d 11 h ago


I had a horrible experience at store 1386 today 12-19-2019. I was in the line that Publix has advertised as an express line (10 or fewer items) with my daughter that was sick trying to get her some jello and Gatorade. in front of me there was another customer buying 20 gifts cads in the line that says 10 or less items, she even ask for tape to tape all her receives to each of the gift cards she just purchase and another Publix employees didn't care and didn't resect all of the other customers that where waiting in line and hand her the tape for this customer to do this while holding the line even longer. when the customer finish taping all her receipts and paying for those 20 gift cards she wanted to buy 10 more without making the line again in two different transactions and the cashier was going to allow this to happen just like she had allow the customer to buy 20 in the express line that had false advertisement (10) or less just like she had already done. this is the first time ever that I write a complaint about anything in my life. I feel so humiliated by the Publix employee's that when I complain all she said was relax we are in the Holidays. this is totally unacceptable a total discrimination to my rights and I want this to get escalated to the CEO of Publix if possible. store number 1386 address 1290 W 68 ST Hialeah, FL 33012 Store Manager name Elias Gonzalez and the cashier's name Mirna unfortunately I don't have the name of one of the store managers that gave the tape to this abusive customer to tape all the receives in the line.

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Jane - 82 d 11 h ago


Cashier rang up groceries, bagged them and started ringing up the person behind me. As I stood folding up my receipt, she then rang up the person behind the one behind me!! Still my bags were all over the counter. She never picked them up or walked around to place them in the cart. Looks to me like customer service is no longer important to Publix. Maybe I should stop paying the high prices at Publix and just go to Aldi or Costco.This has happened more than 4 times there so I really think Publix must have changed their policy!!

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Habib - 68 d 15 h ago

Are you kidding me, a censorous Princess!

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Habib - 68 d 15 h ago

Sorry typo, should read, "censorious," not censorous; in other words, the Princess who excoriated Publix management, especially during a busy holiday shift should take anger management.

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