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3300 Publix Corporate Pkwy.
Lakeland, FL
(863) 688-1188
(863) 284-5532
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Anonymous - 10 d 12 h ago

Hi my name is Kathy Bryant, I live in Alabama and I just want to know why did Publix stop doubling on .50 cents coupons we never shopped at Publix until I saw sales item and the store is clean and nothing picked over. I'm praying that Publix Corp come together and try to get the double up to .50 cents please come to agreement. God bless and thank you

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Anonymous - 1 d 12 h ago

They are losing money that's why

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Rita - 5 d 16 h ago

HELP, The Palmetto store,(visited 2Xthis week)Seems to be a disaster...shelves are not stocked or disorderly, frozen food areas, the shelves are dirty,dried or melted substances.I am a steady customer at this store but I think the manager (NEW??) needs some help fast!! Thanks for letting me bring this to your attention!! It used to be so clean and well stocked,,,,,,service still very good ,very polite cashiers and young people.

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Mrs Dykes - 13 d ago


I shop at Publix's on Aloma Ave Winter Park. I'e beena customer for many years. Aways fine the help pleasent and helpful.

Just recently the Produce Assistant Manger was transfer. I always enjoyed this kind gentlemen, Serviano Cuban. Went out of his way to be helpful.I wish him the best. He has what the world needs more of, kindness.

Mrs Dykes

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Anonymous - 13 d 5 h ago

AFFIDAVIT OF DISPUTE TRANSACTION I'm sorry to inform you that I found my visa card has been charged in your website without any permission from me. Two charges from your website was made on 01/06/17(DD/MM/YY) by my VISA debit card. I as the cardholder hereby declare that this transaction is fraudulent and without my authorization, This transaction is fraudulent and here are some details of this transaction. DATE Merchant Name AUTH CODE Transaction Amount 2017/01/06 PUBLIX #1217 223459 USD 531.83 2017/01/06 PUBLIX #1217 110288 USD 404.51 If you need more information to confirm, please let me know. I just want to cancel above deals and get my money back as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your help. Best regards, NAME WANG XUAN WAN

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Opal - 111 d 14 h ago

I purchased 2 tide items on my visit to publix of which the rang up for a different price.i followed up with customer service spoke with chris .chris took a pic of larger bottle of tide not the one I purchased .I informed chris of his error and showed him which Tides i purchased. Chris informed me very calmly that when he took said picture the shelves were full.I replied with please don't insult questioning my integrity or ethics never have i ever been humiliated in such a borish manner.i followed the above info with manager Jordan .whom asked if i wanted my money refunded.i replied no to this .ultimately nothing nor anyone remedied this very avoidable situation. I even offered both cs and manager the ability to view camera thus alleviating this upsetting to see employees fall below the value and standars of Publix. Please feel free to follow up with me Opal Vachier 954 3801462

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Anonymous - 15 d 19 h ago

None of what you wrote makes any sense at all!

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dee - 18 d 17 h ago

You are reacting to a few unhappy people who lost an election. I will no longer shop at your stores

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Mary M - 41 d ago

I like your employees very much but I am considering a boycott due to the fact you continue to sell fake news to people. National Enquirer and Star News are examples. They are terrorizing and miss informing people. Incredibly some people don't know these publications are for entertainment and not for information. After this tragic election it's become apparent corporations such as yours must take responsibility for your part in the spread of hate speech and misinformation on their headlines. I will take up a petition.

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Terry - 18 d 19 h ago

I have contacted Publix recomending removal of the National Enquire. Instead they decided to cover up Donald Trump. While Kim Kardashian is showing her butt. She is not covered up.

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Anonymous - 21 d ago


61 year old disabled shopper bitched out by Manager Kevin Piper in front of lines of patrons at checkout for having his small 10 lb therapy dog in the shopping cart on a blanket. As disabled physically he cannot walk, shop and hold a dog leash at the same time. I also have the dog for PTSD that started when as a former NY firefighter he responded to WTC on 9/11 to remove bodies in market below subway concourse. He had previously provided doctors certification of disability and therapy dog that also alerts to asthma triggers. The manager would not give his business card and lied and said Health department said he could ban service dogs from shopping carts. In touch with Florida DOH today that states ADA gives absolute right to service dog and it does not need to be on leash if disability does not allow. Says dog must be under control which his is sitting quiet on blanket in cart. This store bullies and uses intimidation for personal pleasure. Filing this with Publix Corp in Lakeland Fl. No such problem at Winn Dixie and Publix manager said he would rather lose my 10k a year in business than have a small service dog in one of his carts. .. Said and quoted "Don't you ever let me catch you with a dog in one of my carts again". Ground Zero disabled firefighter senior and should not be abused in this way. James Thomsen

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Disappointed - 22 d 21 h ago


I spoken with the store manager about the appropriate age for hiring. Kim Kyle informed me that the company hire at the age of fourteen years old, but she personally don't like to because the minor has so much going on and their a liability if the minors doesn't receive their breaks on time; the company would be fine $10,000. I thought this was very rude of this manager expressing it to a parent that's trying to find equal opportunity, which she flat out stated that she wouldn't consider my child application!!! Publix in Rome, GA 30165, store number 1403.

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Game changer - 34 d 4 s ago

My wife and I have shopped at Publix for the past year and a half every day.Aug15th2016I was followed home by an Gs4security guard..Being harrased..This publix security guard followed us home through an alley way w his hand on his gun after we were shopping.Dec 15th I was standing outside after using the ATM ONLY TO HAVE MANAGER HUGO..COME AND ACCUSE ME OF BEGING FOR MONEY AND HARRASING OTHER.A SALVATION ARMY WORKER STATED THAT I SAID I MAKE THE MONEY AND MY WIFE SPENDS IT..JE HARTASED ME THREATED TOBCALL THE POLICE IM LIKE FOR WHAT HE STATED HARRASING PEOPLE I SAY SIR MY WIFE IS SHOPPING.HE WAS VWRY RACAILLY MOTIVATWD.SO THIS MORNING I WANT THE PUBLIX COMMUNITY TO KNOW HOW RACIST YOU'RE STAFF ARE..SO IM ASKING FOR HUGO'S REMOVAL FROM THAT STORE IF NOT THEN PUBLIX YOU CANT SAY I DIDNT GIVE YOU A NOTICE.If this situation is pushed under the rug..Then I'm going off record my way...

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Dolores Peterson - 41 d 8 h ago


There is a problem with your website for 2 weeks I have not received your flyer. I cannot get it by going on line to research Publix and open from there. Several people that I spoke to are having the same problem. I spoke to a few different people at Publix, but apparently, no one knows how to fix a technical problem. Any and all companies through out the world could & would fix the problem within 15-20 mins. Not Publix. How very sad.

Its good bye Publix,hello Trader Joes,Walmart,Winne Dixie.

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Carole Barber - 49 d 18 h ago


I visited your store on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge and was overwhelmed when I found EVERYONE so kind & helpful ....Bob was stocking shelves & ask if he could help us find something & sure enough he went right to what I was asking for ....Lori as we were checking out ask if we found everything we wanted well ....I had found a certain wine that I liked but only had 1 she said let me check & see if we have more ....when she returned she brought the manager Tim with her saying it can be ordered if I'd like to ordered it ...I did order it & gave him my phone number stating if you will call me when it comes in I'll come right over & pick it up ...well 2 hours later Tim calls & lets me know the order was placed & it would be there tomorrow ....I know I probably should have make this a wee bit shorter but I just want you all to know how impressed I was with everyone in this store .from ..the greeting as you walked in to the check out leaving ..I live in Marietta Ga. & I shop PUBLIX there but never found the kindness or willingness to help as I did in this store on the parkway ...your very blessed to have so many people that pull together & have such awesome team work ...

I'm a very happy coustomer


Carole Barber

Marietta Ga.

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Mrs. Patricia Johnson - 55 d 18 h ago


I was pleasantly surprised today when I went to your Antioch TN store # 1235. I have been having a difficult time finding the type of dog food my dog likes and now only Publix carries it. However when I went in today even they only had 2 cans of it on the shelf. Employee "Tammy" asked if she could help me and I explained my problem.She offered to have a case of this particular dog food ordered for me and took my information saying I would receive a call when it came in. I was very grateful and went on to finish my shopping. A few minutes later she found me in the store and had five more cans she had managed to find somewhere!. This employee went above and beyond for me. You guys always hire the nicest people! That's what makes shopping at Publix a pleasure.

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Juanita - 56 d 13 h ago


Juanita L Typing this letter regarding the bad experience and poor very poor customer service I received at Publix at Reedy Branch Commons here in Jacksonville Florida I place an for one of your turkey dinner for $ 82.99 with the fixing the lady who took my ordered assure me it was placed at the time I ordered it called back the day I was going to pick up my order to confirm I was going to be at the store a 9pm no record of a order ever being place ask to speak to a manager... his name was Cody who absolutely useless .. no log was kept on who took my order ... his only suggestion was to give me two 49.00 deals for the price of the 82.99 why would I CHOSE this ... that was what he suggest really now I have to worry about heating double of everything which is why I pick the larger meal for easier assess...never the less this far worst experience I have ever had and very disappointed in the service I received at this store..:(

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MJ Norris - 58 d 16 h ago


When you call in to the store to get a prescription filled most people aren't feeling very well and they certainly don't feel like listening to blaring loud music. I have called many times and ask that you play something soft or none at all, with no response. this is another reason why I am getting turned off to your store and changing pharmacies.

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Khomotso Thoka-Mogari - 66 d 29 m ago

i am writing to complain about your employee Anthony Vivinetti . he is claiming to ru an aircraft parts supply business. He received the money and the parts have not been supplied more that 2 months. He is not an honest person, watch him out . He might just do damage to your business as well

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Tom - 66 d 11 h ago


I Am Writing This Because I Think The Customers Are No Longer Important As They Were At One Time

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Louis Donawa - 72 d ago


I am writing this complain about Publix Bakery department. We live in Tamarac Fl. We shop at the Publix on McNab Rd &Ft lauderdale Ave. My wife and I have been shopping at Publix over the years. We have seen the (Chicago hard rolls--Water rolls--and other bread) get smaller and the price gets higher. We are both retired and on a fix income. The only reason we continue to shop at Publix, is because we like the freshness of the produce and the daily baked bread. I have complain to the manager about the size of the bread and he even agree that its small. We would really appreciate it you can do something about this because, we are not getting the value for what we are paying.

Thanking you for your time.

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Marion Irey - 74 d 18 h ago


We moved to Amelia Island 4 months ago. I am disappointed in this Publix and the service. It is time for an upgrade!

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Rocco Favata - 75 d 20 h ago


On this day, my wife went to Publix located at 8160 Wiles Rd, Coral Springs, FL. While at the deli, my wife ordered two subs and asked for bleu cheese dressing. The deli employee (name unknown) asked the deli manager (name unknown) where she could find the bleu cheese. From across the counter, my wife heard the deli manager loudly say, "I'm not going to get her no bleu cheese." My wife didn't like the way she spoke to her employee or her, in front of other customers. She was so turned off by the customer service that she left the deli and walked to the front of the store to flag down a store manager. She met with Jim, store manager, who assisted her right away. He was quick to respond and paid for our subs and bleu cheese. But even with his kind gesture, I'm still disappointed at the lack of professional courtesy displayed by the deli manager. With two small kids, my wife and I are there 2-3x a week and have never been treated that way. Any attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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E T Maher - 76 d 20 h ago


Store #0274 Williamsburg Downs - Manager: Justina Fiocco

When I was shopping Nov 2, I had mistakenly picked up at the wrong frozen chicken item at the meat cooler. My husband went back to get the right item, but was unable to find it. At this time a young man, Mitchell, from the butcher department was passing by on his break and asked if he could help us. I told him what I needed and he said he would check in the back. After a little while, Mitchell returned and Voila! - had the item I was looking for!

It's service and commitment like this which makes Publix the store where "Shopping (Truly) is a Pleasure!"

Please extend my thanks to Mitchell for his help in going out of his way to make my Publix shopping experience a pleasure - once again!

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Niki - 92 d 15 h ago


I think publix is a great place to work. Moving soon to TN sure hope they open a Publix in Waynesboro TN

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