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3300 Publix Corporate Pkwy.
Lakeland, FL
(863) 688-1188
(863) 284-5532
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Mary M - 1 d 49 m ago

I like your employees very much but I am considering a boycott due to the fact you continue to sell fake news to people. National Enquirer and Star News are examples. They are terrorizing and miss informing people. Incredibly some people don't know these publications are for entertainment and not for information. After this tragic election it's become apparent corporations such as yours must take responsibility for your part in the spread of hate speech and misinformation on their headlines. I will take up a petition.

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Dolores Peterson - 1 d 9 h ago


There is a problem with your website for 2 weeks I have not received your flyer. I cannot get it by going on line to research Publix and open from there. Several people that I spoke to are having the same problem. I spoke to a few different people at Publix, but apparently, no one knows how to fix a technical problem. Any and all companies through out the world could & would fix the problem within 15-20 mins. Not Publix. How very sad.

Its good bye Publix,hello Trader Joes,Walmart,Winne Dixie.

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Carole Barber - 9 d 20 h ago


I visited your store on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge and was overwhelmed when I found EVERYONE so kind & helpful ....Bob was stocking shelves & ask if he could help us find something & sure enough he went right to what I was asking for ....Lori as we were checking out ask if we found everything we wanted well ....I had found a certain wine that I liked but only had 1 she said let me check & see if we have more ....when she returned she brought the manager Tim with her saying it can be ordered if I'd like to ordered it ...I did order it & gave him my phone number stating if you will call me when it comes in I'll come right over & pick it up ...well 2 hours later Tim calls & lets me know the order was placed & it would be there tomorrow ....I know I probably should have make this a wee bit shorter but I just want you all to know how impressed I was with everyone in this store .from ..the greeting as you walked in to the check out leaving ..I live in Marietta Ga. & I shop PUBLIX there but never found the kindness or willingness to help as I did in this store on the parkway ...your very blessed to have so many people that pull together & have such awesome team work ...

I'm a very happy coustomer


Carole Barber

Marietta Ga.

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Mrs. Patricia Johnson - 15 d 20 h ago


I was pleasantly surprised today when I went to your Antioch TN store # 1235. I have been having a difficult time finding the type of dog food my dog likes and now only Publix carries it. However when I went in today even they only had 2 cans of it on the shelf. Employee "Tammy" asked if she could help me and I explained my problem.She offered to have a case of this particular dog food ordered for me and took my information saying I would receive a call when it came in. I was very grateful and went on to finish my shopping. A few minutes later she found me in the store and had five more cans she had managed to find somewhere!. This employee went above and beyond for me. You guys always hire the nicest people! That's what makes shopping at Publix a pleasure.

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Juanita - 16 d 15 h ago


Juanita L Typing this letter regarding the bad experience and poor very poor customer service I received at Publix at Reedy Branch Commons here in Jacksonville Florida I place an for one of your turkey dinner for $ 82.99 with the fixing the lady who took my ordered assure me it was placed at the time I ordered it called back the day I was going to pick up my order to confirm I was going to be at the store a 9pm no record of a order ever being place ask to speak to a manager... his name was Cody who absolutely useless .. no log was kept on who took my order ... his only suggestion was to give me two 49.00 deals for the price of the 82.99 why would I CHOSE this ... that was what he suggest really now I have to worry about heating double of everything which is why I pick the larger meal for easier assess...never the less this far worst experience I have ever had and very disappointed in the service I received at this store..:(

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MJ Norris - 18 d 18 h ago


When you call in to the store to get a prescription filled most people aren't feeling very well and they certainly don't feel like listening to blaring loud music. I have called many times and ask that you play something soft or none at all, with no response. this is another reason why I am getting turned off to your store and changing pharmacies.

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Khomotso Thoka-Mogari - 26 d 17 s ago

i am writing to complain about your employee Anthony Vivinetti . he is claiming to ru an aircraft parts supply business. He received the money and the parts have not been supplied more that 2 months. He is not an honest person, watch him out . He might just do damage to your business as well

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Tom - 26 d 13 h ago


I Am Writing This Because I Think The Customers Are No Longer Important As They Were At One Time

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Louis Donawa - 32 d ago


I am writing this complain about Publix Bakery department. We live in Tamarac Fl. We shop at the Publix on McNab Rd &Ft lauderdale Ave. My wife and I have been shopping at Publix over the years. We have seen the (Chicago hard rolls--Water rolls--and other bread) get smaller and the price gets higher. We are both retired and on a fix income. The only reason we continue to shop at Publix, is because we like the freshness of the produce and the daily baked bread. I have complain to the manager about the size of the bread and he even agree that its small. We would really appreciate it you can do something about this because, we are not getting the value for what we are paying.

Thanking you for your time.

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Marion Irey - 34 d 19 h ago


We moved to Amelia Island 4 months ago. I am disappointed in this Publix and the service. It is time for an upgrade!

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Rocco Favata - 36 d 6 s ago


On this day, my wife went to Publix located at 8160 Wiles Rd, Coral Springs, FL. While at the deli, my wife ordered two subs and asked for bleu cheese dressing. The deli employee (name unknown) asked the deli manager (name unknown) where she could find the bleu cheese. From across the counter, my wife heard the deli manager loudly say, "I'm not going to get her no bleu cheese." My wife didn't like the way she spoke to her employee or her, in front of other customers. She was so turned off by the customer service that she left the deli and walked to the front of the store to flag down a store manager. She met with Jim, store manager, who assisted her right away. He was quick to respond and paid for our subs and bleu cheese. But even with his kind gesture, I'm still disappointed at the lack of professional courtesy displayed by the deli manager. With two small kids, my wife and I are there 2-3x a week and have never been treated that way. Any attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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E T Maher - 37 d ago


Store #0274 Williamsburg Downs - Manager: Justina Fiocco

When I was shopping Nov 2, I had mistakenly picked up at the wrong frozen chicken item at the meat cooler. My husband went back to get the right item, but was unable to find it. At this time a young man, Mitchell, from the butcher department was passing by on his break and asked if he could help us. I told him what I needed and he said he would check in the back. After a little while, Mitchell returned and Voila! - had the item I was looking for!

It's service and commitment like this which makes Publix the store where "Shopping (Truly) is a Pleasure!"

Please extend my thanks to Mitchell for his help in going out of his way to make my Publix shopping experience a pleasure - once again!

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Niki - 52 d 17 h ago


I think publix is a great place to work. Moving soon to TN sure hope they open a Publix in Waynesboro TN

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liz - 53 d 19 h ago


over @ the Publix in Britton plaza the store has an employee named Wanda who is a real rude and nasty person in customer service of all places.On 09/03/2016 went to Publix to return or exchange a crystal light, well looked pissed off and banged the plastic container on the counter huffed and puffed. very rude over an exchange.

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Sharon chiapetta - 55 d ago


I am at Publix in town and country in miami fla I came in to get fried chicken they told me 20 minutes 45 minutes later they told me they had a problem with the grease and would have to start again the manager in the department must not speak English because he would not acknowledge me.he had the girls do it I have never been treated this bad in this store and I'm here almost every day I guess it's time to go back to winning dixie.I hope you fix this problem and find some one to speak English when we need help its a damn shame my mom dad daughter and nephew worked for's a shame the way it is now

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India Kurtz - 60 d 21 h ago


I want to thank everyone at Publix for going above and beyond to ensure their shoppers had what they needed before and during the Hurricane Matthew. I shop at the Publix on Monument Rd and McCormic Rd in Jacksonville Florida. Mr Ray (his first name) did an outstanding job as did everyone else there. I consider them friends and they really deserve a shout out. Thank you again.

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India Kurtz - 60 d ago


I want to thank all the wonderful people ( friends) at Publix for again going above and beyond to ensure their customers had what they needed during and after Hurricane Matthew. I shop at the Publix located at Monument Rd and McCormic Rd in Jacksonville , Florida where Mr Ray (his first name) is manager. Your employees are the best

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kevin - 60 d ago


YOUR WEBSITE IS TERRIBLE!!!!! I simply wanted to look up a product to see if it was carried in store 1131 and your store locator couldn't find your store! Couldn't find Orlando, Florida or 32801. Sooooo annoying!!! I had to go to Wal Mart!! I hate that place but their website is functional!!!!!

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Ms.Mira - 63 d ago


Good Day. My name is Veronica Williams. On Friday, October 7th I called your Miami Shores Publix to order a cake. I was put on hold and hung up on 4 times. 4 times. On the 5th call I asked to speak with the store Manager. I spoke with Chris who had to leave what he was doing to find out the problem. This is the worst service I have ever gotten at any store overt the phone. I don't mind being put on hold but to hang up without even ask how you can help us beyond rude and shares a negative light on your customer service. I hope this reaches the Corporate Office and they contact me.

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Opal - 71 d 15 h ago

I purchased 2 tide items on my visit to publix of which the rang up for a different price.i followed up with customer service spoke with chris .chris took a pic of larger bottle of tide not the one I purchased .I informed chris of his error and showed him which Tides i purchased. Chris informed me very calmly that when he took said picture the shelves were full.I replied with please don't insult questioning my integrity or ethics never have i ever been humiliated in such a borish manner.i followed the above info with manager Jordan .whom asked if i wanted my money refunded.i replied no to this .ultimately nothing nor anyone remedied this very avoidable situation. I even offered both cs and manager the ability to view camera thus alleviating this upsetting to see employees fall below the value and standars of Publix. Please feel free to follow up with me Opal Vachier 954 3801462

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Anonymous - 73 d 17 m ago


mr. publix :

I'm a senior citizen, and I have been shopping at publix since may, 1955,

since I was discharged from mac dill afb

I have a suggestion that could raise your florida bottom line of profit

1/10 of 1%

there are thousands of retirees here, most are on low sodium diets

why not have a designated area in your ad flyer----low sodium items ? ?

respectfully submitted,

Charles gallant

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Anonymous - 87 d 14 h ago


I've often used PUBLIX, a company founded by George Jenkins in 1930, to be the "everyday example of customer service", but today, Mr. Todd Jones, Publix CEO, one of your PUBLIX EMPLOYEES, in your Doral Commons PUBLIX, headed by Store Manager Octavio Arguello, really did something...... very, very especially different:

1. She listened to what I had to say.

2. Resolved my 4 issues.

3. Accompanied me the entire time.

4. Deflected another issue from another source, and took care of me, first.

5. And most important........ Made me want to come back to PUBLIX .... Always!!

The employee's name: Ms. Sumbal Zia.

The best customer service I have ever experienced!!!!

Manuel Torres.

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Bert smugar - 1 y 251 d ago


I have been a loyal publix shopper since I moved to Boynton Beach 17 years ago. The customer service has always been excellent. However, the disappointment I am now feeling is very frustrating. How could your stores in Boynton Beach, which has a strong Jewish clietel, not have matzoh, matzo meal, potato starch before the holiday even started. Am I to think there is a bias or just poor management. Also, I am not the only person very upset. Please note, there are people when do not want to buy their Passover beds until the day before or the day of.

I would like an acknowledgement and a reply yo man letter,

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Judith Boyd - 1 y 252 d ago


I am so upset I can't believe what just happened at the Publix Pharmacy in the Pavillion at Fayetteville, GA.

I have been paying $10.95 for 100 enalapril for my dog Zorro. Today I paid $54.00. The pharmacist said it is just the cost of the drug, it went up 400%.

I just went on line and I can get it 100 tablets for $8.41, 100 for 10.50 and 100 for 12.25. I am sick I paid this much and this was because your distributor increased it 400%.

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DLC - 2 y ago


I love Publix but I think it is over the top to be so militant with your employees. I was told by a cashier about a strict uniform policy. Your company came from Florida and I live In Georgia. It is 2015 and I do not understand why you have the cashiers dressed as if it were 1975. It is hot and would you like going outside with an apron. Better yet how about a vest. The uniform should make the dress code and be cool for your employees. I see no other company going outside with a 3 piece suit. Further more if you are a cashier why are you outside getting carts. Also in the winter why do the cashiers and baggers have to have a coat without a hood on it. You should provide the necessary uniform for whatever the season. I have seen baggers outside without a coat because they did not have a coat without a hood on it. I am not sure Mr. Jenkins would approve of the new ways of doing things.

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