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Arnie - 3 d 30 m ago


Worst store ever.Royal Palm snd University in Coral Springs.The store managers just do not care that they are selling bad ice cream.i worsted Over $15.00 on Ben & Jerry. The freeze been broken for 2 years per the store manager Jeff. I could not his last name. The freeze is total ice up and the ice cream is the same way.shame on you Publix for letting this go on for this long. This store was an alberbson that was never right. I'm s Regional Manager and I would hesds roll for letting this go on your freezer looks like in plan woods like shit. Your regional is st blame slso

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Concerned - 37 d 12 h ago


I shopped at Publix while living in Florida. I was very excited when it came to Virginia and couldn't wait for the "Hot Wings, Tuna Hoagies and Roast Beef Hoagies". The Food Bar is less than eye appealing. On the Tuna foot long they put only enough tuna that would cover a 6". The bread was hard, I had to nuke it for a few second to soften it to eat. I spoke to the manager and it was like talking to a 6year old, no concern. I went back this week because I didn't want to eat a burger and looked at the Hot food bar, the Mac & cheese was dry looking and over piled over the top of the pan, very little green beans, dried up black eye peas with potato wedges in the pan. The pork flavored season pork looked dried out and sitting high above the pan. So I made the decision to get the pull pork and corn. I purchased Hot Wings 7/11 wings tasted better and I love Publix Hot Wings. once and they were so hard and didn't taste like hot wings, When I went through the like to check out, the cashier took the meal and was turning it half way up and I asked her not to because of the corn she asked why? I stated to her because of the corn she stated "they drain it" no understand of nothing. When I got home You couldn't see the meat. I had to throw away. I call the store manager and she stated, I am sorry, when will you be back to the store, I will give you, your money back. She didn't even ask for her name or nothing. This is the Publix on Laburnum Ave. If 'Cooperate don't step they in will soon closing that store. The hot bar and take out food is not up to the standard that I know Publix's stands for. The store is nice and clean

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TotallyGoingToTraderJoes - 12 d 13 h ago


To Concerned, 30 yrs ago I used to think Publix was wonderful. My mother-in-law introduced me to them in the early 80's in Miami. Over the years, I have seen the quality and service fall tremendously. When I have expressed my concerns to management, I have been ignored, marginalized, and patronized. I have truly missed the Ukrops model I was raised with in Chesterfield, Virginia. At this point, I drive out of my way to go to Trader Joe's because, if something is not right, they actually care about keeping you as a customer. To prevent major disappointment, find somewhere else to shop.

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Mr Randall Jensen - 24 d 19 h ago


To whom it may concern I would like to file a complaint against Publix supermarket in Hidden Valley Boca Raton Florida and it is about a pitbull that a customer brought in while I was standing at the pharmacy at point of sale and the dog came up behind me and the owner had to tell it to behave itself and by then I was already in fear as I turned around and saw a pitbull snaring at me he the gentleman that owned the pitbull or had him said he was not a working dog and I had no right to tell him to have the dog to stay away from me also the man was belligerent to me as I was upset and shaking my I have PTSD anxiety disorder and other issues and that's why I was there picking up my medicine now having said that I asked for a manager I did not receive one I taught I spoke to Eric and Eric told me if I go over there and talk to that man and he says it's a work dog there's nothing he can do the man that already told me it was not a work dog I am however very upset very distraught by this incident and I would like a report made to that store and investigation and if nothing is to be done and I may consider filing this with an attorney for further investigation so please you may contact me at Jensen Jensen 4560 at or 561 558 4560 I am very still upset and would like someone to contact me and tell me what they're going to do about this situation as it was not a work dog it was not a companion dog and that was his words not mine and besides that it doesn't matter the dog was very frightening to me and I am allergic to dogs and I am fearful of especially pitbulls so I hope you cooperate with me and contact me and investigate the situation at Hidden Valley set 74031 North Federal Highway Boca Raton Florida 997-6265 phone number again I do not want to experience this frightening situation again in your store I understand people have little companion dogs and people have work dogs and they are marked this guy was very belligerent to me and I'm not going to that is unacceptable to me I'm still shaking and it has been since the point-of-sale was at 11:46 a.m. on 1117 2017 today Friday I did not have my phone on me to call the police so I went out to my car and return to the store to look for the gentleman with the dog and he was nowhere to be found in the store that I could see and I left the store and could not get a picture a name or anything respectfully mr. Randall Jensen

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Brad - 27 d 17 h ago


The made to order fish meals are very good but the last 5 times I have ordered them on-line I get a call saying that they are currently out of them but they have pre-made meals in the case. Can you all please either get serious about doing this right or stop offering them all together.

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Family is everything - 31 d 20 h ago

Good morning my name is Mrs. Penn

and i live in the Bahamas. I am writing to enquire about the publix thanksgivings commercial which i noticed were not aired or i have not seen this holiday. I look forward each year to seeing the publix holiday commercials as they show the warm and loving gatherings of families and how something so special is still appreciated in this day and time when people are to busy to even get together or just to even check for others as life is so hectic just trying to make a living. Please continue to air these family commercials as i am sure that they may mean a lot to many others like myself who believes in family and reminds me that the holidays are now here once again thank God.

Thank you so very much and i miss them this year.

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Mrs. Beasley - 33 d 18 h ago


I have been shopping at the Publix in Lakewood Ranch Market Street. I tried to get some bread there last

Sunday at 7:30. I asked this clerk for English Muffin Bread and she repliled to me that it was much to

early for the bread. Really folks, you wouldn't last long in New York City, people there eat bagels at 3:00am

in the morning and the baking goes on.. I have to say get your s--- together! Your store sucks. and so

does the service, the help is rude, rude.

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Anonymous - 34 d ago


I just moved to the Lakewood Ranch area in Bradenton. Closest Publix is on the corner of Lakewood Ranch and State Rd 64. I have shopped there numerous times and they only have 1 or 2 cashiers working most of the time. This area is very busy!! It is always crowded and people wait in long cashier lines. Now it is close to the holiday's and still the same thing. I mentioned this to a manager there who said well, if I put too many people on the cash register's, they stand around and do nothing when it slows down!!! How stupid! There is a way to manage the front end of a store! Give some suggestions to your leaders!!!! I decided to go in early a.m. to stay out of the busy times, well other people think the same way! There was about 6 or 7 of us trying to check out this morning and 1 cashier!! They started lining up at the customer service desk to get out of there! I talked to the Customer Service Manager there and she blamed it on Corporate and the hours!! BS!! I will shop at Wal Mart and have self check out! I will get cheaper prices too!! Also this store's meat dept. and deli is always understaffed!!!!

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Andrew A. - 39 d 12 m ago

So I regulary shop at publix right, was thinking of getting a part time or even a full time job there. I'm currently an international student which brings me to my question, does publix provide H!B visa for potential foreign employees?

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Prophet Stephan Steyn - 41 d ago


Please can you assist our Church in South Africa to help our white citizens,namely the elderly,women and children affected by the genocide against our white folk. We are a non profit church dedicated to help those entrapped in severe poverty. (hidden)

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Anonymous - 206 d 20 h ago

I have leukemia and it is hard for me to control my immune system. When I go to the grocery store to see children and sometimes grown people even dogs sitting in the shopping carts. Do you know how much germs that are contributed to our food in this carts. Dirty shoes that step on dog and human feces collected under shoes are place in those carts. Other germs carried in children under clothes even adults. Please make it mandatory that people do not sit in shopping carts. There are people like me who are sick and have to peotect themselves. I have to wash even the bread in the plastic bags in order to feel comfortable to eat it. It should be unsanitary for this to happen. I look forward to see something done to correct this matter.

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Anonymous - 203 d 12 h ago

wow you are one enititled ass bitch

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 163 d 8 h ago

Anonymous - Ref: leukemia customer. People with an attitude such as yours will burn in hell.

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Anonymous - 58 d 16 h ago


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Respectfully Yours - 137 d ago

I agree with you about the animals in fact they are not supposed to have animals in the store unless they are certified as service animals. To help people with disabilities. People have taken advantage of this policy. Sorry that you suffer. Although i think you're being unreasonable to think that children should not be allowed in shopping carts.Hardly think that would be the same. I do think lately it has gone way to far with the pets. Pet fur and other problems related to pets in the supermarket environment is unacceptable.

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larabee - 68 d 15 h ago


My Publix has hand sanitizer wipes at the entrance. Would that work for you?

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Satiella - 48 d 19 h ago

They should also not allow those carts to go outside where birds can poop or other animals could crawl all over them.

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Yvonne - 55 d 14 h ago


I am new to the area ..

I have been here only a week and the store is near my house so I went

there to shop .... I am professional and the treatment I received at the

Homosassa store iis very disappointing ...

There should be a resolution to how the staff treated me because I am a woman

of color .... I will personally pursue Pulblix to remedy this type of discrimination

on customers ... I am certain I am not the only one that has been treated negatively

I am ashamed at your employees ...

I am a retired Human Resource Director and I am ashamed of the Pulblix

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Olga Lobe - 68 d 10 h ago

Hey Publix, please bring back your delicious Lemon Drop cookies! Can't find them because they have been substituted by the "seasonal" pumpkin or squash with something-or-other ingredient. Ugh! Lemon is year round and everyone likes it. And the Publix ones are even better than Pepperidge Farm's. An employee mentioned that sales go up when the Lemon Drops are available and go down when this strange "seasonal" flavor is offered instead. I have been a customer for about 20+ years and my store is on Miller Road and 96th Ave, Miami, Florida 33165.

C'mon guys... bring the Lemon Drops back! Thank you, Olga Lob (hidden)

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sarabee - 68 d 15 h ago


I shop at the Lake Ella Plaza store in Tallahassee Florida. It is always clean. Except the night before Thanksgiving the lines at the registers are kept to a minimum by opening checkstands as the crowd grows. When I can't find something staff walks me to the item I need. I have to use the handicap carts. Once there wasn't one at the entrance I used. A staff member went to the other side of the store and brought one to me. I had a question about the quality of an item in produce after they had started purchasing U.S. products instead of imports. I liked the imports better. I talked to the local produce manager, who put me in touch with the corporate manager. He spent about 20 minutes on the phone with me. Then he had the U.S. producer call me to answer my questions more fully. I still like the imported product better, but understand the economic and environmental benefits of the change. I was satisfied, more than satisfied with the effort to explain everything to me. Add to that, carryout is always available and tipping isn't allowed. I'm 70. I've shopped at a lot of grocery stores, this is the best one.

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Harry C. - 72 d 9 s ago

Publix supports the Miami Dolphins and other NFL teams. I just watched several Miami Dolphins Players kneel during our National Anthem while in a foreign country. I shop at a public in Sebastian, Florida on a weekly basis. I want to inform your company if you continue to support these teams I will find another store to support.

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Anonymous - 73 d 18 h ago

It is really deplorable that on our Jewish holiday the new year none of your stores have the candles for the Dead they're sold out that never happened before it seems that anything Jewish or kosher is not relevant any longer

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Disappointed but not surprised - 77 d 16 h ago


Made several calls about my mother's death benefits to no avail! The people answering the phone at the corporate office have zero interest in helping you get connected to the right person!

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Dawn Johnson - 84 d 18 h ago


After reviewing hundreds of comments on Facebook in reference to Publix supporting and providing donations to the Red Cross, it appears the majority of your loyal customers are upset and requesting Publix to reconsider the choice of Red Cross. Publix has ALWAYS been interested and concerned about their customers and I truly hope you are listening to the many pleas for Publix to stop moving forward with this decision and research into the Salvation Army or any other organization. Your generosity is beyond words and deeply appreciated by the communities in need. We ask that you please listen and hear what your customers believe and are clearly sending a message to Publix.

I have shopped with Publix for 43 years and truly believe in your slogan "Where shopping is a pleasure". This is is true on some many levels.Thank you for all you do for your employees, your customers and your community.

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Ken - 89 d 17 h ago


Re your store at West Shopping Center on Charlotte Ave in Nashville, TN

I would like to compliment the personnel at this store....they are so friendly and helpful. It is a pleasure to shop there!

Also want the Deli to know that their baked beans are great. Very tasty.

One complaint......they do not stock "Gold Peak Lemonade Tea"..... this is the best iced tea, but you do not carry this flavor. As a result, my wife has to go to Walmart to get it!

I realize that with all the space that Wines now take, you have to cut back on some things.

My wife does not like to shop at Walmart, but because I like that LEMONADE TEA, she has to go there! Any chance you can start carrying it?

Thanks, Ken Witt

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