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3300 Publix Corporate Pkwy.
Lakeland, FL
(863) 688-1188
(863) 284-5532
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Anonymous - 40 d ago


Your hiring practices need serious adjustments. I speak

for my primary store in Conyers, Ga. Employees unable

to 'work' in the deli and throught the store. Standing

around in the isles talking, swearing and taking up space

Making it difficult to shop. I go to Publix less and less

because it is not a problem leasure to shop there. You

Need to get a grip on your hiring practices!!!

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BB36117 - 8 d 11 h ago


That is Bad management of that store so it is the managements fault not the corporate office. Grant it the store management needs to be reported to the Publix main office and dealt with.

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Anonymous - 1 h 21 m ago

You think management is bad? You ought to try working for them. If your late whether it's car trouble or a flat , they still write you up, no reason or proof is good enough for them. They change your schedule in a matter of a couple of hours, so if your suppose to be off , change your plans, because you better be there or get into BIG trouble. They want to rule you & your life. Then they go from giving you decent hours to just about nothing. Weird ! And they do not care about their employee's!!!!!!!

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I bought a bag of jelly bean from one of your store's and there was not one black jelly bean i was disappointed if you need to contact me my email address is

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Lily Brandon - 6 d ago

Well the Publix wouldn't take $100.00 worth of quarters from me I come over almost every day at least four times a week and they know me here really well except the girl that was in charge today I think that's wrong here on us1 river walk plaza

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Jane bromwich - 6 d 20 h ago


The publix in orange city Florida the subs department the are rude and they mess up your subs I don't think I be going back there I will go to the one on Saxon Blvd and see how that do

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Tonia Clearwater Florida - 7 d 31 m ago


I am writing this review to comment on the good and the not so good. We'll start with the good:

I shop at store 866 three times a week. I shop for myself and the lady I work for. Among other items, I buy 5 cases of yogurt a week. All of the guys in the dairy are more than nice. If they see me in the produce department they run and get me the yogurt. They are always pleasant and seem to be very happy where they are.

Then there is Eirini. What a ray of sunshine. Always a smile. She goes out of her way to be friendly and helpful, a real asset to your company. She's a keeper.

Then there is Kathy, customer assistance manager and the short in stature, short,

dirty blond pharmacist.

I have a diabetic Pug. I often buy surynges from the Publix on East Bay and Belcher but since I was there I thought I would save a stop and get them there. I asked the pharmacist and she asked if I bought the insulin there. I was taken off guard and said no. The tone of her voice and the way she looked at me made me think she thought I was a drug addict and the needles were for me.

I talked to Kathy, she called pharmacy, and told me it was Publix policy. I thought you pride yourself to make all of the stores as closely the same as possible. Then Kathy told me I should go on line and order them.

Thank you for your time. My sister works for Publix in Alabama. I have been shopping at Publix for 30 years.

Tonia Smith

15519 Darien Way

Clearwater FL, 33764


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Stephanie - 19 d ago


I am a faithful Publix customer but I was angered today by the price of hamburger meat. The price was between $7-$9 for one pack of meat. If Publix justifies this due to massive recall of ground beef, I feel this is very unfair to customers. Publix should at least have a sale price on hamburger meat instead of hitting our wallets so hard.

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BB36117 - 8 d 12 h ago


I agree Publix hamburger meat can be high if not on sale. But it is well worth it they don't have the fat in it like other stores do. So therefore it does not shrink up!! Plus the fact it is a lot better hamburger meat!!

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Anonymous - 16 d 12 h ago


I think Publix is getting more worse and Dollar tree is getting better

It is very expensive to eat dinner nowadays prices are sky high As it is this son of a bitch rich president can only eat decent meals rest of us have to suffer for getting even one decent meal and like Publix can make it more worse

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Bb36117 - 8 d 12 h ago


No wonder you posted anonymous if you buy there weekly B1G1 items and weekly ads you can eat good too! I know our family does and we are not rich!!

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We have been duped - 12 d 3 h ago


Publix monopolies south Florida. Probably a political thing. There is no decent variety, meat counter is terrible, lots of product that seems be close or already out of date. Like others have said, watch out for the seafood section, not the freshest.

Recently visited a Giant Store in Pennsylvania, my god you would have thought you went to heaven. I had never been to one before and saw how a Store should be set up and offering to the public at reasonable prices. The variety of food, the general merchandise section, the deli, seafood, just everything was offered like a grocery store of today should be. They had a better seafood section then us here who live by the ocean???? We are paying high prices for absolutely no variety and a lot of outdated product. I can't remember the last time I got a pound of hamburger that wasn't either already turning somewhat brown or would be within 24 hours. Just sad!

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BB36117 - 8 d 12 h ago


I think you must of dreamed this cause this in no way could be Publix you are talking about. None whatsoever!!!

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Amanda Downs - 14 d 8 h ago


Hello I'm a loyal customer at publix and I love how I'm always greeted with a smile and the mangers are always helpful Mr Drew Davis is always ready to assist with any needs and make sure I have what I need but followed by good mangers is a great store manger Steven my store #450 rocks where shopping is a pleasure

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My experience today was awesome - 15 d 20 h ago


Hi I visited the Publix on Blue Heron Blvd in West Palm to cash in some coins and the coin machine stopped working and asked for assistance from an associate, I west to customer service and a young lady by the name of Brandy McCoroy came to help me after a long while she was able to get the machine going it was a long process but she stayed with me until until all my coins were cashed in. I just want her to be recognized for the out standing job that she's doing please thank her again for me .sincerely yours Anna Morales

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Steve - 23 d 1 h ago

I bought 2 1/2 pounds of what appeared to be fresh haddock at Publix on West main st in Dothan. Bought all the other ingredients to prepare a nice romantic dinner for me and my wife at the end of the shift around 9:30 or so. Opened the package and was floored from the God awful foul ammonia smell. Ruined that night ended up buying Mc Donalds. So much for paying a little extra and expecting better food control. Very dissatisfied and disappointed.

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Esther Hall - 25 d 15 h ago


I'm very disappointed at thePublix located at Community Drive in. West Palm Beach. When you check out most of the cashiers leave you groceries on the counter for you to put in your basket No no that is not how Mr George would do it very disappointed

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Debby - 26 d ago


Re: Publix @ The Villages, FL-Wedgewood Plaza-- Went to Publix on Saturday, August 25th @ 9:30 am. White Mountain bread on sale in the bakery section of the store. Every other bakery bread was put out but NOT the on-sale white mountain bread. I asked and was told _"it's still baking, we got a very late start. Come back in a few hours." Then I got to the check-out-only ONE lane open. We need a Kroger or Food Lion in The Villages-no more Publix taking over here!

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Publix - 30 d 20 h ago


I normally don't subscribe to writing reviews, but I have had enough! I am so done with Publix seafood department. I have been to numerous Publix locations in GA, because each time I purchase fish (mainly salmon) it's spoiled. I stopped buying fish from Publix for that reason and started buying it from Kroger. For convenience sake today I stopped at Publix and decided to give them another chance...this fish didn't look fresh, but I asked the guy to give me the piece that looked the best. Needless to say I got home and to my dismay it was SPOILED!!! I'm done with Publix....I am not trying to get sick off of your bad seafood!

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th - 33 d ago


i went to publix on friday and that was the 8/17/18,i went to get yogurt for my daughter and it said 7/29/18 and 8/16/18 on the shelves and also bought honey dew and went to eat it saturday and the date on it was 8/17/18 and its spoiled already.people can get sick from this and especially my daughter that yogurt should of been off the shelve last month or atleast a week in advance,the location im complaining about is ,19955 nw 2nd ave

maimi garden,fl 33169 (hidden) store manager:greg stewart,thanks i would like to be reimbursed to for my honey dew that was spoiled.thanks .i have pictures to if there an email i can send them.thanks

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Leyla - 38 d 7 h ago

Guys my name is Leyla .l many times asked to get my compensation to be paid from bladder infection from milk of gallon. It took 10 years. Protest Publix to be paid please!

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Philip - 38 d 18 h ago


I am having trouble getting onto your site as I live in Australia. My daughter has moved to the Lely Resort Florida and is buying a property on Marco Island. She works for Exxon and is currently overseas in Chad but will arrive home for her 50th birthday 30th August for which I would like to surprise her with some nice wine including Champagne. When they lived in Houston I used the Spec's liquor store in Woodlands and they were very helpful. Please pass this on to someone who can assist me with your range of products then I can arrange for her husband to collect in time for the special day.

Philip Arlidge

56 Pacific Drive

Banksia Beach

Queensland Tel. (hidden)5

Email (hidden)

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Anonymous - 114 d 20 h ago

Unhappy to hear that you made the decision to cave to a bunch of ignorant teenagers. Very disappointed. Wish I was there so that I could have stepped over them, and continued to shop! I would not be intimidated, as you apparently have been. I hope that Publixs reconsiders

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Anonymous - 110 d ago

Teenagers who care and are trying to stop more innocent children from being killed. They are doing something where you sniveling gun lovers do nothing better t send more moneyto the NRA child killer organization next time you send your kid to school I hope that this time they're safe

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Bill M. - 94 d ago

For anonymous. That's right hide behind your device screen, child killer ?

I'm sorry to say but GUNS stopped the British from taking our country, guns help law enforcement do their job. A Gun is a tool and if we had no guns we wouldn't have our country.

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slw - 77 d ago


Your darn right !! Good for you... I have a gun and if some fool come in he or she will be facing it.... My rights as a American !!!!

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Anonymous - 69 d 19 h ago


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