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Lakeland, FL
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Lee Rosenthal - 30 m 34 s ago

Store #1050. Pharmacy Manager Michael Hawkes. My wife and I are loyal Publix customers for over 30 years (but only recently became pharmacy customers). We will no longer be using your Publix Pharmacy due to treatment we have suffered as the result of our dealings with Pharmacy Manager Michael Hawkes. Mr. Hawkes is arrogant, aloof, and thoroughly uncooperative. Waiting for his service is unnecessarily long. His willingness to go the extra mile for his customers is sorely lacking and as a result, I have had to utilize a competitor to obtain a rebate on my non-covered drug, which I had been receiving for the better part of a year, beginning before I switched to Publix Pharmacy.

Mr. Hawkes took it upon himself to argue against my eligibility for a manufacturer's rebate, ignoring the written language that allowed a rebate for my prescription so long as no part of it was paid by Medicare. Specifically, the Aerospan is not covered by, nor is it a part of the Medicare formulary. In spite of my history of successfully being rebated, Mr. Hawkes took it upon himself to argue that anyone on Medicare cannot receive the manufacture's rebate. His main concern appears to be that Publix will have to "eat the cost" of the rebate. However any normal person reading the conditions can see that the company will and has rebated anyone who has no coverage for their drug. This is my case. When I explained to him that his actions could cost me thousands of dollars more per year, he dryly replied, that I should see my doctor for a different medication. This medication has been prescribed after obtaining poor results with a number of other inhalers.

Other instances of Mr. Hawkes' anti-customer attitude abound and my wife also no longer wishes to deal with Publix for her prescriptions. You need a people oriented manager to run your pharmacy, not an anal compulsive, callous one.

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Publix's shopper - 5 d 17 h ago

I agree 100% with Publix's policy for not allowing dogs .

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DjBC of Long Island New York - 6 d ago

I have been buying Hawain Wedding Bar cake for several years from your story to take back to New York and I find out today you do not make them anymore a good product gone by the wayside bring it back to the Port Orange Store I take alot of them back Thank Otherwise everything is a ok

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Anonymous - 11 d 23 h ago

Store# 1444 has got to be your most inconsiderate store . It takes 45 minutes to get a sub from your deli. There's only one person who makes them. It would be nice if two people could make them. When I confronted Pat you're manger , he just said yeah only one and he didn't have time. This store is the rudist one I've been too.

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Katie - 12 d 2 h ago


Customer service desk employees are incredibly RUDE! This last visit was the final straw. Publix is a boycotted company in my family from now on.

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Publix for life - 13 d 19 h ago


You know this is not a Publix affiliated website. Complaining here will do you no good. Publix does care about making things right but you have to give them a chance. I have been a Publix shopper my whole life and its the walmart mentality of customers that is ruining retail.

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Melody phillips - 14 d 12 s ago


Melody Phillips. I. Just. Saw. ad. About how the employees help customers find the products. They need. What. A. Lie. Every time. I. Go. Into. Publix. I. Have. To beg. Someone. To help me and then they treat me. They are doing me favor just for shopping 7n their store. Dont they know people like me are paying their salary. I. Know that one person is not going to break. This company but my hard earned income will not be spent on a store that insults me

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Mary - 18 d ago

Why have you started blocking your websites from overseas? I work on a US AFB in Europe and I would be ordering Publix gift baskets and food for delivery to family and friends. This is not a very smart move on your part.

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Anonymous - 55 d 5 h ago


61 year old disabled shopper bitched out by Manager Kevin Piper in front of lines of patrons at checkout for having his small 10 lb therapy dog in the shopping cart on a blanket. As disabled physically he cannot walk, shop and hold a dog leash at the same time. I also have the dog for PTSD that started when as a former NY firefighter he responded to WTC on 9/11 to remove bodies in market below subway concourse. He had previously provided doctors certification of disability and therapy dog that also alerts to asthma triggers. The manager would not give his business card and lied and said Health department said he could ban service dogs from shopping carts. In touch with Florida DOH today that states ADA gives absolute right to service dog and it does not need to be on leash if disability does not allow. Says dog must be under control which his is sitting quiet on blanket in cart. This store bullies and uses intimidation for personal pleasure. Filing this with Publix Corp in Lakeland Fl. No such problem at Winn Dixie and Publix manager said he would rather lose my 10k a year in business than have a small service dog in one of his carts. .. Said and quoted "Don't you ever let me catch you with a dog in one of my carts again". Ground Zero disabled firefighter senior and should not be abused in this way. James Thomsen

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Carmine - 29 d 36 m ago


I have encountered the same type issues at my local Publix in Naples, FL. Felicia, Donald, and Leon continuously harassed me for bringing my service dog into the store. One of their staff even demanded that I show proof that my dog was a service animal. The assistant manager, Leon, tried to tell me the same thing, that the state says they don't have to allow dogs in carts. His boss, Donald, has been continuously rude to me, and follows me around like a shoplifter every time I enter the store. Ultimately, Publix has grown into a company that doesn't care about "the little people". They're becoming more and more like Walmart every day.

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B Cole - 22 d ago

Put your doggie on the floor.

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Beverly Cole - 22 d 24 s ago


My dear Mr. Publix.

We have choices. In Bellevue Tennessee, we have ALDI, Sprouts, Kroger, and then there is Publix my favorite shopping place for groceries. But, wait just a minute. Today I was informed my Publix will no longer be carrying fresh turnip greens in the produce department. Come on now Tennessee is a southern state and most of us grew up on the tops and bottoms of the turnip plant. I had several other barnyard greens to choose from, kale,collards, spinach and even beet and broccoli tops. No turnip greens!

I'm crying and will now shop for greens at another source or just stay mad because Publix has let me down.

Not a happy camper, Beverly Cole

General profile image - 24 d 4 h ago

Venetian isles publix is not performing as it should. I've been going to the publix for 22 years. It performed better. The deli is very slow. Many of the food items I would get, are not kept in Stock. The atmosphere I was used to is just not there. Many of the other stores I've gone too seem to be performing better.

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Nigel - 29 d ago

I don't know if Publix corporate monitors these post, but I want to let you know, that you have a problem at your Berkshire store in Naples. Whether or not you take this post seriously is up to you but I'll tell you this. The two managers in charge of the store, Derek and Leon both have serious drug problems. How Publix allows this is beyond me. I have information about both of them that proves more than recreational drug use. Sad.

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Louise Anna - 31 d ago


I love Publics! I grew up in Louisiana where my father and mother ran a family grocery store. Everyone that visiited. our store felt like Family! Fast forward 70 years . I'm now living in Milton, Georgia. Each time I go to Publics, I am always reminded how the people that are working there remind me of Family'! You have the most kindest, smartest, and caring people working at your store. From the minute you enter to check out every employee is so kind and helpful! Just today I met a young man in produce named Gerald who was born in France. It was wonderful talking to him in French. You have the best employees who make shopping for groceries such a pleasure. I love your store! Louise McCannn

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Mrs Dykes - 47 d 10 h ago


I shop at Publix's on Aloma Ave Winter Park. I'e beena customer for many years. Aways fine the help pleasent and helpful.

Just recently the Produce Assistant Manger was transfer. I always enjoyed this kind gentlemen, Serviano Cuban. Went out of his way to be helpful.I wish him the best. He has what the world needs more of, kindness.

Mrs Dykes

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Heavenly angels - 31 d 5 h ago


On Saturday we went to Publix on Congress Avenue and Boynton Beach Blvd. for a charity event for the Special Olympics Florida the customer service manager crystal bruder it's one of the nicest person I have ever met she set us up Chairs for our handicap athletes gave us a table in the middle of a very busy store and made a the event very successful thank you publix. Gary Greenstein coach of the heavenly angels bowling team

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paula - 32 d 35 m ago

On Thursday i shopped in your Saint Augustine store on 125 Jenkins st. I purchased Boars head Spiced Ham and some other lunch meats, the Spiced Ham when i went to make a sandwich it had the Plastic on it this is the SECOND time this has happen from this store First time i called the store they said they would replace it so i took it back to Palatka fl store and they replaced it for me since i live in Interlachen fl,,I have a disabled husband and he can not be left along right now so i can not return it to either place . PLEASE train your DELI people to remove the Plastic before slicing , Thank God i found it before anyone ate the meat .twice is enough for me will Not Visit the ST Augustine deli again

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Kay Sutton - 32 d 5 m ago


I was at Publix Bellevue Tennessee on Friday Jan 20 . I was going to purchase the Bogo item Ocean Spray cranberry juice . The manager rung me up . I'm on food stamps . EBT . He said I could not get the ocean spray drink with pineapple. It said on the ad assorted flavors . Never had this problem before . Also I have to go to service desk to do purchases . I'm degraded because I'm on EBT . Mr Sims in formed me yesterday to go through the line . They bounce me around like a ball . They need to train people on how to key in EBT . It's so embarrassing to get moved around every time I go in the store . Kay Sutton (hidden) .Still need my juice for medical purposes.

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Anonymous - 44 d 20 h ago

Hi my name is Kathy Bryant, I live in Alabama and I just want to know why did Publix stop doubling on .50 cents coupons we never shopped at Publix until I saw sales item and the store is clean and nothing picked over. I'm praying that Publix Corp come together and try to get the double up to .50 cents please come to agreement. God bless and thank you

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Anonymous - 35 d 19 h ago

They are losing money that's why

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Rita - 40 d 5 s ago

HELP, The Palmetto store,(visited 2Xthis week)Seems to be a disaster...shelves are not stocked or disorderly, frozen food areas, the shelves are dirty,dried or melted substances.I am a steady customer at this store but I think the manager (NEW??) needs some help fast!! Thanks for letting me bring this to your attention!! It used to be so clean and well stocked,,,,,,service still very good ,very polite cashiers and young people.

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Anonymous - 47 d 13 h ago

AFFIDAVIT OF DISPUTE TRANSACTION I'm sorry to inform you that I found my visa card has been charged in your website without any permission from me. Two charges from your website was made on 01/06/17(DD/MM/YY) by my VISA debit card. I as the cardholder hereby declare that this transaction is fraudulent and without my authorization, This transaction is fraudulent and here are some details of this transaction. DATE Merchant Name AUTH CODE Transaction Amount 2017/01/06 PUBLIX #1217 223459 USD 531.83 2017/01/06 PUBLIX #1217 110288 USD 404.51 If you need more information to confirm, please let me know. I just want to cancel above deals and get my money back as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your help. Best regards, NAME WANG XUAN WAN

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Opal - 146 d 42 s ago

I purchased 2 tide items on my visit to publix of which the rang up for a different price.i followed up with customer service spoke with chris .chris took a pic of larger bottle of tide not the one I purchased .I informed chris of his error and showed him which Tides i purchased. Chris informed me very calmly that when he took said picture the shelves were full.I replied with please don't insult questioning my integrity or ethics never have i ever been humiliated in such a borish manner.i followed the above info with manager Jordan .whom asked if i wanted my money refunded.i replied no to this .ultimately nothing nor anyone remedied this very avoidable situation. I even offered both cs and manager the ability to view camera thus alleviating this upsetting to see employees fall below the value and standars of Publix. Please feel free to follow up with me Opal Vachier 954 3801462

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Anonymous - 50 d 8 m ago

None of what you wrote makes any sense at all!

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