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3300 Publix Corporate Pkwy.
Lakeland, FL
(863) 688-1188
(863) 284-5532
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jerry wiley - 8 d ago

weve heard that your going to open a store hear in nashville tn at the k mart location on galltin rd is this true hope so

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LochNessi - 16 d ago


Hello. We live in the UK and I am trying to get a Gluten Free List from Publix. Can you please advise me how I am to receive this when I can't access your website from England!!!! We are going on holiday in approx. 6 weeks time. HELP please.

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Mr. Santiago - 19 d 16 h ago


I am beginning to not at your market due to your employee don't know how to take care of your customers that would like to shop there. Your store is the closest for me to shop at but your employee are making it hard to. So I guess the one who answer the phone didn't care about my issue. I did not get her name so I ask for it again and was told don't worry who I'm taking to what your problem. I explain and she told me if you got charged that, then that's the price. It was just .99 cent but was charged 1.05. She said I guess they forgot to change the sign so that the price then hang up the phone on me. I walked to your store what they need is a little more customer service. The store is located at Shoppes of Beacon Light 2450 N. Federal Hwy Lighthouse Point Fl. 33064. Phone # is (hidden) manager on duty Lee Wrenn. I did ask to speak with the store manager when she just hung up the phone on me.

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Anonymous - 90 d ago

I have leukemia and it is hard for me to control my immune system. When I go to the grocery store to see children and sometimes grown people even dogs sitting in the shopping carts. Do you know how much germs that are contributed to our food in this carts. Dirty shoes that step on dog and human feces collected under shoes are place in those carts. Other germs carried in children under clothes even adults. Please make it mandatory that people do not sit in shopping carts. There are people like me who are sick and have to peotect themselves. I have to wash even the bread in the plastic bags in order to feel comfortable to eat it. It should be unsanitary for this to happen. I look forward to see something done to correct this matter.

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Anonymous - 86 d 19 h ago

wow you are one enititled ass bitch

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Anonymous - 46 d 15 h ago

Anonymous - Ref: leukemia customer. People with an attitude such as yours will burn in hell.

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Respectfully Yours - 20 d 4 h ago

I agree with you about the animals in fact they are not supposed to have animals in the store unless they are certified as service animals. To help people with disabilities. People have taken advantage of this policy. Sorry that you suffer. Although i think you're being unreasonable to think that children should not be allowed in shopping carts.Hardly think that would be the same. I do think lately it has gone way to far with the pets. Pet fur and other problems related to pets in the supermarket environment is unacceptable.

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Enquirer - 23 d 4 h ago

Publix 4101 on Hood road , Palm beachgardens blocked tottaly the ENQUIERER magazine . They have a very biased atitude , confuzing their comercial activitatea with political favoritisme . I don't understend , since they have a very hateful atitude toward our American chosen president, what they do bring here the Enquirer mag. Would be more fair just to refuze to get it , then covering with white plastic locked with metal .

The managers at this radical publix store should keep their private opinions at home , not to general public .

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Ex Employee - 27 d 25 m ago


I worked at the Publix Distribution Center in Deerfield Beach Florida for a month as a Produce Selector and that's the most unprofessional environment that I have ever worked in. The employees are very ignorant and rude to each other and they use lots of profanity and play lots of loud disrespectful music that shouldn't be played in the workplace. Because of the unnecessarily loud music and noise going on you can hardly hear in your earpiece at times and it also interferes with the computerized operator that you communicate with to complete your orders (It confuses the system). Most of the employees hired in this position drive the Pallet Jack very reckless and care less about anyone else. I have seen many near misses and accidents where someone was driving reckless on their Pallet Jack and weren't paying attention causing an accident where they run into the other person and their whole pallet fell, there have also been reports of many people getting hurt within short periods of time. The Managers don't make it any better because some of them are just as ignorant and careless as the employees, they'll talk to you any kind of way and carry themselves in a very unprofessional manner. When I was hired I was very excited and couldn't wait to work for Publix because I had been wanting to become a Publix Employee since my High School days. Unfortunately, I ended up leaving because I got tired of going to what seemed to be a High School and being bullied by everyone, having to defend myself every day. I still think Publix may be a great company but I seriously think that there needs to be some investigation done at the Deerfield Beach Florida location because the same stuff that I am writing about is the same stuff that you see on the News but in most cases it's too late because someone has already snapped due to the pressure of constantly getting bullied and picked on by everyone. I am stronger than that and that's why I just said "Forget it" and left but everyone isn't the same.

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Savvy shopper - 45 d 6 h ago


Generally I love Publix . they have higher quality food than your average store and are much cleaner ! Two things that really matter to me when shopping for things to eat.

However I do not approve of them selling FIREWORKS .. it starts to make the store look like a walmart and much more lower class ...

If Publix becomes a dirty smelly generic store then it just makes sense to go where I will save pennies since there is nothing better about the time spent in the store itself.

If you want to maintain your higher status then follow the lead of the drug stores that stopped selling cigarettes .. and stop selling items that cater to the lower class public.

such as FIREWORKS .. really please .. I hate Kroger and the huge holiday selves devoted to seasonal merchandise .. I want to shop for food .. good food .. I want the store to reflect that quality food it their most important concern .. not high sales of cheap chinese crap .. and I consider their fireworks display to be a symbol of that ..

please Publix .. do you imagine that Whole Foods would ever sell fireworks?? >> never!

Shopping for food should not be a trip to some third world freak show - or like the stress I endure at walmart when I am compelled to spend my money there ..

please consider the experience of being in your store and stop selling fireworks and consider stopping cigarette sales as well .. why does everything in this country have to do with greed and quality of life is dismissed? .. upgrade you mission statement please!

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Publix shopper - 27 d 19 h ago


Being able to buy what you want where you want is what everyone's desires. That's what shopping is all about. If you don't like what is being sold, you don't have to buy it. If you don't want to see it, don't look for it. CVS stopped selling cigarettes and their sales went down. Besides, they are focused towards medical, not groceries. Go to Publix, find what you want, pay for it and leave. Stop complaining. Life is short. Stop by the floral department and smell the roses.

General profile image - 30 d 50 m ago


I used the online delivery application for the last 2 months, I'm a sick women and I think is very helpful. Last Saturday the 16TH I orden a total of $119,00 in groceries, but they charged me a $149,00 amount the same day. This one is wrong. Please fix this problem a.s.a.p.

I need this money back to my account.

My name is Beatriz Zurita. Miami FL 33177


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Genevieve - 35 d 19 h ago


I would like to finish my suggestion for my local Publix. They are very friendly and more than eager to walk our groceries to the car. What about unloading my grocery cart at the check out.? That would really be more helpful to most shoppers including me. I never need help pushing my cart out to my car but what about putting my groceries on the counter while I am

getting my self ready to pay for my groceries. Thank you for listening and hope that you will pass this on to your grocery baggers. Then I will give you a rating of 5.

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Publix Market, Knoxville, TN - 35 d 19 h ago


I would like to make a suggestion for your

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J. W. - 58 d ago


Shopped at the PUBLIX # 418 CAPE CORAL, FL. many years and last few weeks I


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Anonymous - 36 d 18 h ago


We do too! Only made in AMERICA!

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Sofia - 37 d ago


I shop at this Publix in Bird Rd & 114 Ave. since the opening about 30 yrs plus. I was a very happy customer. NOW because a Deli manager that is sooooo! rude not only to some customers but with young employees. being their first working experience . is sad to see someone sooo rude teaching them to be that way. I am so afraid of her I don't shop at this Publix anymore since I don't know what this bitter person can do to my family food. I spoke to the manager's and to Jim and nothing is done...IF? that is your way fine. How sad the lady happened to be black/foreigner and the managers are afraid to do something about. NOW I will shop someplace else because a manager is rude, nasty plusses everything wrong! What have we become in our country? I already spoke to a lawyer that will do something. Thank-you for your attention/ Sadly nothing will be done. Until the public will be aware and in action.

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sally - 41 d ago



You have "improved" a pharmacy refill process I have been using without a problem for almost 15 years. Today I struggled with your new process. I do not want to register. I do not want an account. I do not want to give you all sorts of information. I simply want to fill in my prescription number and pick the prescription up in three days. Your "improvement" is tedious and has made me realize that Walgreens and walMart are just up the road

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Rosemarie - 42 d 20 h ago

I have a concern for Publix employees. My husband presently is working as a bag boy at Publix. He loves his job and works very hard. My concern is, they are outside in this glaring Florida sun day in and day out and I wish it were possible for the bag boys to wear hats. I'm sure someone could design a nice looking Publix hat to at least shade their eyes and faces. Thank you.



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George Jenkins - 46 d ago

I always make sure when I shop at any Publix my purchases are rung up correctly,their policy is when an item is rung up incorrect that item is free,even if 10 items are incorrect then those items are free.

I spoke to Kelly Arnette(Store 885 manager)at the time and discussed this policy with him.

I asked if we could 'negotiate',his face dropped and replied 'You're getting the best of both worlds,because you're getting the item for free and the rest at the sale price'.

I always write down the price on the item I purchase.

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Rod - 149 d 4 h ago

Terrible,I was having heart problems, atrial fib relation at Publix at 58th Ave. in Vero Beach Florida sat on a chair next to the pharmacy, pharmacy manager Alex walked by I asked him if I could speak to her for a moment, he said no and walked off ! Would like to see him fired!

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Anonymous - 86 d 19 h ago

yes we will fire him, happy now before you die old man?

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Anonymous - 46 d 15 h ago

Anonymous - REF: Rod: You're a real loser..

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Janet - 82 d 21 h ago


I'm visiting orlando florida and I stopped in today 5/27/17 at Publix's Super Market at Summer Bay in Clermont . I spent the last hour waiting to order a sub. There were only two individuals preparing subs, one of which appeared to be new. Several customers left because of the long wait

This is a very congested area and to only have 2 employees working in such a busy area does not make good business practice. Please do better.

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Anonymous - 46 d 16 h ago

Janet - you don't have much of a life if you can wait an hour to order and receive a sub sandwich at the deli section.

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