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3300 Publix Corporate Pkwy.
Lakeland, FL
(863) 688-1188
(863) 284-5532
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Yvonne - 2 d ago


I am new to the area ..

I have been here only a week and the store is near my house so I went

there to shop .... I am professional and the treatment I received at the

Homosassa store iis very disappointing ...

There should be a resolution to how the staff treated me because I am a woman

of color .... I will personally pursue Pulblix to remedy this type of discrimination

on customers ... I am certain I am not the only one that has been treated negatively

I am ashamed at your employees ...

I am a retired Human Resource Director and I am ashamed of the Pulblix

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Anonymous - 153 d 7 h ago

I have leukemia and it is hard for me to control my immune system. When I go to the grocery store to see children and sometimes grown people even dogs sitting in the shopping carts. Do you know how much germs that are contributed to our food in this carts. Dirty shoes that step on dog and human feces collected under shoes are place in those carts. Other germs carried in children under clothes even adults. Please make it mandatory that people do not sit in shopping carts. There are people like me who are sick and have to peotect themselves. I have to wash even the bread in the plastic bags in order to feel comfortable to eat it. It should be unsanitary for this to happen. I look forward to see something done to correct this matter.

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Anonymous - 150 d ago

wow you are one enititled ass bitch

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 109 d 20 h ago

Anonymous - Ref: leukemia customer. People with an attitude such as yours will burn in hell.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 5 d 4 h ago


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Respectfully Yours - 83 d 8 h ago

I agree with you about the animals in fact they are not supposed to have animals in the store unless they are certified as service animals. To help people with disabilities. People have taken advantage of this policy. Sorry that you suffer. Although i think you're being unreasonable to think that children should not be allowed in shopping carts.Hardly think that would be the same. I do think lately it has gone way to far with the pets. Pet fur and other problems related to pets in the supermarket environment is unacceptable.

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larabee - 15 d ago


My Publix has hand sanitizer wipes at the entrance. Would that work for you?

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Olga Lobe - 15 d 22 h ago

Hey Publix, please bring back your delicious Lemon Drop cookies! Can't find them because they have been substituted by the "seasonal" pumpkin or squash with something-or-other ingredient. Ugh! Lemon is year round and everyone likes it. And the Publix ones are even better than Pepperidge Farm's. An employee mentioned that sales go up when the Lemon Drops are available and go down when this strange "seasonal" flavor is offered instead. I have been a customer for about 20+ years and my store is on Miller Road and 96th Ave, Miami, Florida 33165.

C'mon guys... bring the Lemon Drops back! Thank you, Olga Lob (hidden)

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sarabee - 15 d ago


I shop at the Lake Ella Plaza store in Tallahassee Florida. It is always clean. Except the night before Thanksgiving the lines at the registers are kept to a minimum by opening checkstands as the crowd grows. When I can't find something staff walks me to the item I need. I have to use the handicap carts. Once there wasn't one at the entrance I used. A staff member went to the other side of the store and brought one to me. I had a question about the quality of an item in produce after they had started purchasing U.S. products instead of imports. I liked the imports better. I talked to the local produce manager, who put me in touch with the corporate manager. He spent about 20 minutes on the phone with me. Then he had the U.S. producer call me to answer my questions more fully. I still like the imported product better, but understand the economic and environmental benefits of the change. I was satisfied, more than satisfied with the effort to explain everything to me. Add to that, carryout is always available and tipping isn't allowed. I'm 70. I've shopped at a lot of grocery stores, this is the best one.

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Harry C. - 18 d 9 h ago

Publix supports the Miami Dolphins and other NFL teams. I just watched several Miami Dolphins Players kneel during our National Anthem while in a foreign country. I shop at a public in Sebastian, Florida on a weekly basis. I want to inform your company if you continue to support these teams I will find another store to support.

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Anonymous - 20 d 5 h ago

It is really deplorable that on our Jewish holiday the new year none of your stores have the candles for the Dead they're sold out that never happened before it seems that anything Jewish or kosher is not relevant any longer

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Disappointed but not surprised - 24 d 3 h ago


Made several calls about my mother's death benefits to no avail! The people answering the phone at the corporate office have zero interest in helping you get connected to the right person!

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Dawn Johnson - 31 d 6 h ago


After reviewing hundreds of comments on Facebook in reference to Publix supporting and providing donations to the Red Cross, it appears the majority of your loyal customers are upset and requesting Publix to reconsider the choice of Red Cross. Publix has ALWAYS been interested and concerned about their customers and I truly hope you are listening to the many pleas for Publix to stop moving forward with this decision and research into the Salvation Army or any other organization. Your generosity is beyond words and deeply appreciated by the communities in need. We ask that you please listen and hear what your customers believe and are clearly sending a message to Publix.

I have shopped with Publix for 43 years and truly believe in your slogan "Where shopping is a pleasure". This is is true on some many levels.Thank you for all you do for your employees, your customers and your community.

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Ken - 36 d 4 h ago


Re your store at West Shopping Center on Charlotte Ave in Nashville, TN

I would like to compliment the personnel at this store....they are so friendly and helpful. It is a pleasure to shop there!

Also want the Deli to know that their baked beans are great. Very tasty.

One complaint......they do not stock "Gold Peak Lemonade Tea"..... this is the best iced tea, but you do not carry this flavor. As a result, my wife has to go to Walmart to get it!

I realize that with all the space that Wines now take, you have to cut back on some things.

My wife does not like to shop at Walmart, but because I like that LEMONADE TEA, she has to go there! Any chance you can start carrying it?

Thanks, Ken Witt

Phone: (hidden)

Email: (hidden)

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Mari - 40 d 6 h ago

Publix gave me the information to report incident to Tyco Security but I also see it has merged with this Co. I live in Homestead, Fl on a very busy Wend. late afternoon in the mist if Hurricane Irma approaching this Security Gaurd assigned to Publix located at Campbell Dr was disrespectful, rude and a disgrace to a uniform even the Security one he was wearing representing "Capital Security". He continued speaking through the passenger window of his wifes car whike he allowed her to be illegally stationed with her flashers on under a stop sign inside this Publix stores parking placing customers in harms way while cars had to continuously go around her stopped car at this busy time when customers were already frantic about the approaching storm and wanting to get their supplies. I was one if those persons waiting for him to advise her to move the illegally stopped car but it never happened, I saw him talking and thought he was doing the right thing but unfortunately he was not, after going by the car against traffic because she would not move (verified later by his own admission that it was his wife) she was giving me the middle finger and yelling "go f---k"after parking I went up to him where they were still holding up traffic talking I approched them saying she was illegally stopped and that she was rude....he Alex Caracas yelled at me and I quote " No, you are the rude one. I hope you drown in the floods of Hurricane Irma, go buy your little water and get the f---k away from here." I was so ashamed for him, people were watching while I took my phone out to take his picture and ge was yelling upset at that too. I confronted him saying he was allowing that car to be illegally stopped thats when he continued with conversations I told him he should do the job being paid for and not add to the destruction. He then started saying if I didnt like it to call Homestead Police...I advised him that I would gladly do that seeing that he had no intention of doing what wad right I also informed him that my husband along with other family members are police and do serve sbd protect unlike him. The response I received from him was appalling and I quote..."Then you should know better" he repeated that 3 times us a barking tone of voice. I definitely responded to that with....thats why some people dislike Police because of individuals like you thinking that because you wears a uniform doesn't matter if its a security and are armed are above the law and can manipulated to your own wants. Your a shame to any Police, Fire, Marine etc..that do wear a uniform and do serve and do the right thing. What a pathetic person and a job given to the wrong person. He was condescending and full of himself. I proceed to speak to the Publix manager on site that night "Maria" then returned next morning and spoke with the morning manager Carlos Gascon 2959 NE 8 St he assured me his supervisor would be contacted and said he did not want anyone like that working with the public at his location. He also was the one that gave me the name Tyco Security he mentioned it was the Co which services Public and Wackenhut. I am also sending my experience up Corporate Offices for Publix. I told both managers that I was willing to provide documentation and complete a report but he assured me that it was not necessary which seemed odd to me. If this is or is not the correct site to report this incident please advise me at (hidden) Individuals like Alex Caracas in a job as this is shameful for any descent person and company.



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Upset Customer - 43 d ago


Today 09/06/2017 at 3:20 pm, I visit the Promenade Publix Store Pharmacy in Silver Palm, 23300 SW. 112th Avenue,Homestead, FL 33032 to pick up a prescription, the person who attended the pharmacy told me that the prescription was not ready at that time to come back at 6 pm, which I agreed to, I went home and went back to the store to pick up the prescription, which she told me was not ready, she tell me to waited 5 minutes, I waited about 30 minutes, before she handle me the prescription, that took her, 1 minute to prepare, it was only 4 pills inside, which I paid $ 13.95, is not about the money I paid, but about the careless service.

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Cathy Hall (Ogden-concerned Person) - 43 d 8 h ago


To who ever CARES---My unfortunate experience with your NEW store at Middle Sound Loop Rd. and HW 17 in Ogden (Wilmington, NC) is that WE DON'T NEED YOU HERE IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!!!!!! We have two (2) Harris Teeters, @ Food Lions. And a Walmart (we didn't want ) either. The Biggest PROBLEM is the 100 plus years old Ogden Tree you said you were NOT going to cut down; is probally going to die because of you building your store THERE!!! TO put in a turn lane. Well if you didn't build your sytore THERE, OUR TREE would NOT have to BE MOVED---and therefore not DIE. Even if it lives we don't NEED YOU HERE. Now we have an ALDIs too we don't need. THE PROBLEM is greed ---we have enough food stores here and the surrounding area, 3 or 4 of each of the ones I mentioned within 5 miles. YOU JUST HAD to GET your share of the $$$$$$, that you could get from some where else except right here IN OUR neighborhood. It puts traffic and more danger right HERE with in ONE BLOCK of MY house where I am raising my 10 year old Grandson. His school is 1/2 mile down Middle Sound Loop Rd. where we travel back and forth---school buses and soooo many parents travel and that IS the Main way in and out of the sound area. When bad things happen around that areaa I hope you big shots eat and sleep well while we suffer to cope with all the aftermath of your greed and unconcern for human life and the life of a TREE THAT DID'T NEED TO BE MOVED. Also I have heard that you have isues with employees being treated bad and taking them off the schedile for voicing a legitimate issue. We don't Need that either! THANKS FOR NOTHING! i'll be thinking about you-hope you eat and sleep well, while we contend w/the aftermath of your greed and unconcern for Us AND OUR Tree!

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Terrance, Sallie, Gloria - 44 d 5 h ago


I am writing to give a shout-out to Publx Store 1199!! We were there to pick up a few items while on vacation and it just happened to be one of our friend's birthday. Your employee, Cindy, saw him and he had a dollar bill pinned to his shirt and she asked about the meaning. He explained that it was his birthday! Cindy serenaded him with the most beautiful Happy Birthday song he had heard. She is a extraordinary example of customer service and and creating a welcoming environment for all! When he told us about what she did, we went to find her and she did a repeat for us to hear! Cindy is awesome and we hope that you will recognize her for her spactacular service! We could see that she really loves what she does and what a blessing she is! Thank you for hiring her and please hire more like her! With respect and appreciation, Terrance (Birthday person), Sallie, and Gloria

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Ms Jordan - 45 d 6 h ago

I've been workin for store 1075 in Northport Al since 2012. I have been discriminated against because of the color of my skin! I stated to my managers about the way I felt I was being treated and I was taken off the schedule. I also heard my managers saying they were going to get rid of that black b@#$%! I called and spoke with the store manager about my job and I was told that they are waiting on HR to call back. The situation that is going on is illegal and something needs to be done about it. I was told by managers that this situation has been reported plenty of times before and there is nothing going to be done about it. I was also told that it doesn't matter if the manager is wrong or right or if I'm the victim or not that the managers will be right. It has been six other black women in the bakery department that have went through the same thing but they quit. I didnt know that speaking up about an illegal matter will get you treated so wrong. I have not been notified by HR or managers about this situation. I have a family and bills to pay. This matter needs to be taken further.

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Elle Shelton - 49 d ago

There's rumors that your company is going to build a Publix grocery store in Springville Alabama. Is this true? The closest Publix is about 15 miles away. A lot of people go to Trussville AL to shop there , including myself.

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Rajiv - 54 d 17 h ago


This is A Krishna rajiv from India . I am here to introduce you myself as a supplier of goods which you require in your store.

Goods like dry red chilli, pepper, tameric and all verity of spices available here in India I will deliver them to you directly at the best price not only spices any product you require from India I can deliver to you. I act like a purchasing person of your store here in India.

I can send you the samples of the product which you require.


Mail Id: (hidden)

Phone: +91 (hidden)

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jerry wiley - 71 d 7 h ago

weve heard that your going to open a store hear in nashville tn at the k mart location on galltin rd is this true hope so

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LochNessi - 79 d 3 h ago


Hello. We live in the UK and I am trying to get a Gluten Free List from Publix. Can you please advise me how I am to receive this when I can't access your website from England!!!! We are going on holiday in approx. 6 weeks time. HELP please.

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Mr. Santiago - 83 d 21 h ago


I am beginning to not at your market due to your employee don't know how to take care of your customers that would like to shop there. Your store is the closest for me to shop at but your employee are making it hard to. So I guess the one who answer the phone didn't care about my issue. I did not get her name so I ask for it again and was told don't worry who I'm taking to what your problem. I explain and she told me if you got charged that, then that's the price. It was just .99 cent but was charged 1.05. She said I guess they forgot to change the sign so that the price then hang up the phone on me. I walked to your store what they need is a little more customer service. The store is located at Shoppes of Beacon Light 2450 N. Federal Hwy Lighthouse Point Fl. 33064. Phone # is (hidden) manager on duty Lee Wrenn. I did ask to speak with the store manager when she just hung up the phone on me.

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Enquirer - 86 d 8 h ago

Publix 4101 on Hood road , Palm beachgardens blocked tottaly the ENQUIERER magazine . They have a very biased atitude , confuzing their comercial activitatea with political favoritisme . I don't understend , since they have a very hateful atitude toward our American chosen president, what they do bring here the Enquirer mag. Would be more fair just to refuze to get it , then covering with white plastic locked with metal .

The managers at this radical publix store should keep their private opinions at home , not to general public .

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