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3300 Publix Corporate Pkwy.
Lakeland, FL
(863) 688-1188
(863) 284-5532
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Hector Lopez - 1 d 18 h ago


My name is Hector Lopez and I have been a happy customer with publix for many years except for yesterday 02/18/2019. I have an infant that recently grew out of her size 1 diapers so I decided to return 3 boxes of diapers to publix as I have in the past with newborn diapers for exchanges and/or store credit with no issues. I have many different size diaper boxes that were gifts from a baby shower and we find our daughter growing out of them quickly so I went to the publix store in lake Nona (Store Number: 1430) to return 3 boxes of diapers and two other unopened items that I recently purchased at publix in saint cloud. When I walked up to the customer service desk I first asked the cashier if they would take back unopened diapers for store credit and the cashier stated "yes". After the cashier scanned 3 boxes of diapers, a pack of unopened razor blades and also an unopened battery pack the amount came to around 95 dollars. The cashier then called the customer service manager for approval. When the customer service manager (Amber Day Fernandez) arrived she said I'm sorry but we cannot give store credit because the dollar amount is too high. I then asked "OK what if I just came back on 3 separate occasions to return each diaper box, would you then grant me store credit then?". She then said "no because it's the same thing". At this point I told her that I was confused because I was just told that you took diapers back for store credit but the only thing that was preventing this was because of the high dollar amount of 95 dollars. I then asked is there a store policy stating what the max dollar mount is to receive store credit? The customer service manager then stated there is no store policy, however she felt it was too high of dollar amount to grant store credit but instead she would only exchange the diapers. Needless to say I was then very furious and stated "if you have no store policy in writing how can you deny me store credit"? She then said if I had a receipt then she could issue store credit, but I said that would defeat the purpose because if I had a receipt I would just take my money back instead, therefore store credit should be honored if you don't have a receipt. In the past at publix and every other retail store I've done business with I received store credit with no receipt but unopened item. After clearly trying to understand this manager she could not clarify the difference and/or justify why she stated the dollar amount of being too high and refuse me store credit, so I stated never mind I will take these diapers back to another publix, however would you at least grant me store credit for the razors and batteries which I clearly bought myself at another publix. She then also refused me store credit because I did not have a receipt for these items either. After she refused I was even more upset and I mentioned that she just refused me store credit for the diapers only because of the total dollar amount being too high, and not because I didn't have a receipt. By now I felt she kept contradicting herself and clearly made me feel that I was being stereotyped as a thief or criminal as if these were not my items being returned. I then mentioned these diapers were gifts again and that I should at least be granted store credit even without a receipt because the money was not leaving publix and the diapers were unopened, however she disagreed. I then asked what if I received something else like "pots and pans" as a gift therefor obviously not having a receipt but would I be granted store credit if then? She said, "well yes but that's different". By this point I felt I was seriously being stereotyped and/or judged for whatever reason so I walked away and mistakenly stated she was either a racist or just plain ignorant because she was denying me store credit only because she felt at this time of day the dollar amount was too high, however she had no store policy to back her up reasoning. After all said and done I eventually went to another publix (Store Number: 1045) and they took everything back with no problems and granted me store credit of 96.80 dollars with no issues and/or questions. I want to go on the record of stating how bad the customer service was at Store Number: 1430 and how badly mistreated and/or stereotyped I was with the customer service store manager by the name of Amber Day Fernandez and I plan on giving multiple negative reviews on many different social media sites and the BBB.

Store Number: 1430

13900 Narcoossee Rd

Orlando, FL 32832-6960

Customer Service Manager: Amber Day Fernandez

Store Manager: Alan Veith

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Anonymous - 4 d 19 h ago


I have never met Matt in the pharmacy at the Twelve Oaks location in Savannah Ga. He is always rude when I speak with him over the phone.This morning,I thanked him for answering a question for me and he simply slammed the phone to its base without responding. Someone should speak with him. Unprofessional. Thank you.

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A disappointed customer - 16 d 7 h ago


I am highly disgusted with your Altamonte Springs store that have the manager Doug. His staff is so unprofessional especially manager Joshua and store clerk Mercie. How dare Publix allow Mercie to be at customer service and be as rude as she is? She got into a huge altercation with me over some baby coupon books, called me stupid, screamed at me (YOUR LONG TIME CUSTOMER) to the top of her lungs in front of the whole store full of customers and manager Joshua who allowed her to do so and refused to apologize to me. She refused to write me a rain check as well and walked away from helping me screaming like a maniac, calling me a liar, YELLING, SCREAMING AND ACTING FOOLISH. Dont publix put your staff through customer service training? There is not 1 job that dont tolerate rude service to their customers. I have informed Douv 2 times about his rude staff and he does nothing about it so its time for publix WHERE SHOPPING IS "SUPPOSED" TO BE A PLEASURE to truly evaluate your staff. Rude service to your customers shouldn't be allowed or tolerated. I will spread the word not to go to that store. Yall are pathetic....the whole store!

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Tamyzan Dunlap - 26 d 11 h ago


Love the Greenwise rotisserie chickens from the deli. Also love all the greenwise fresh meats in the meat dept., would love to see a bigger selection. We shop at 1507 and 1347. Keep up thegood work.

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Enviro Lady - 27 d 12 h ago


Did you know that the use of plastic grocery bags are bad for our environment?

Most end up in the oceans and harm our wildlife.

Please consider only using paper bags and educate customers through promotions to purchase and use cloth ones instead.

Thank you , a concerned citizen for the environment

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Anonymous - 191 d 13 h ago


Your hiring practices need serious adjustments. I speak

for my primary store in Conyers, Ga. Employees unable

to 'work' in the deli and throught the store. Standing

around in the isles talking, swearing and taking up space

Making it difficult to shop. I go to Publix less and less

because it is not a problem leasure to shop there. You

Need to get a grip on your hiring practices!!!

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BB36117 - 160 d 5 h ago


That is Bad management of that store so it is the managements fault not the corporate office. Grant it the store management needs to be reported to the Publix main office and dealt with.

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Anonymous - 151 d 18 h ago

You think management is bad? You ought to try working for them. If your late whether it's car trouble or a flat , they still write you up, no reason or proof is good enough for them. They change your schedule in a matter of a couple of hours, so if your suppose to be off , change your plans, because you better be there or get into BIG trouble. They want to rule you & your life. Then they go from giving you decent hours to just about nothing. Weird ! And they do not care about their employee's!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 142 d 18 h ago

You work for the wrong Publix. If you are always on time responsible and do your job without having to be reminded of what you should be doing no one will write you up for rarely being late due to car trouble.

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Anonymous - 131 d 16 h ago

You are right, I do work for the wrong one. I'm always on time & do what I'm told to do.

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AB - 131 d 14 h ago

That happened tome and my husband too when we worked there also. Changing people's hours without telling them thinking that the employees are just going to wait by the computer to check. Stupid if you ask me.

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Anonymous - 88 d 7 h ago

If you are part time, your screwed! Christmas is coming up, I usually get at least 20 hours or better a week, I got 10 hours this past week. They give extra hours to other departments & fulltimers so they can get overtime. I am single & struggle to pay my bills. I've let them know that I will come in any time they need someone. One person just quit in my department, well did those hours go ? To the managers, they forget it's the little people who does a lot of dirty work. Of course , Publix is a dog, eat dog company.

Managers have their favorites also.

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Anonymous - 87 d 17 h ago

It is stupid ! They have stupid rules. They have younger people who work in my department, they are no faster than I am, they're kind of slow also..I think everyone there should be treated fair. I thought when I got this job, I wouldn't have to worry about bills or money, what a joke!! They will not give me full time. They want you to live & base your life around them. I've NEVER seen a work place like this one in my life!

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Anonymous - 31 d 9 h ago

Since George W. Jenkins passed on Publix is NOT the same ! The workplace sucks !! I do not like Publix anymore. They treat their employees like they are in the Army.,Publix is a part of the Illuminati ! You people who don't know who they are or represent need to look it up. They are REAL & of the Devil. Publix is NOT a good work place anymore !! Manager's suck, your supposed to live & breath Publix, if you don't, your going nowhere with the company, I guess you have to Kiss ass & be a freaking robot for them !!

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Floral Fresh - 32 d 12 h ago


I attempted to submit this request for help on the instacart site, however, your board would not allow me to submit my response. The rating provided below is for my experience today January 19, 2018. My previous order for instacart delivery was exceptional. I was not accustomed to the severe lack of customer care I received today. A definite training opportunity.

Placed an order today and the shopping experience was terrible. I asked to speak with a supervisor who would only identify herself as Kimberly and would not provide an employee ID#. So I requested the call center of her location and she refused to provide it for me. I asked for her last name she refused to provide it. Ms. Kimberly went on to say to me " just so you know calls are recorded." I stopped ordering and picking up at WalMart, but it looks like I will have to return. I shared my first experience with family, friends, and co-workers, expressing what a joy it was with the instacart shopping experience. Today your representative changed my mind. Looks like I will have to post this experience on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I am appalled of the lack of customer service. The order was in the pending status on my debit card. I asked her to cancel my order and refund my card. Her response was it would take 5 days for her to cancel my order. There should not be any charges given the order was not delivered or left the store for delivery. Kimberly if that was her real name, opened her lack of customer service skills for a definite training opportunity. I called back and got someone by the name of Ari, who state he was in California. I would like very much to speak with someone in the corporate offices.

Best Regards,

Ms. StringerJohnson

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dead customer - 84 d 19 h ago


I am continuing to have extreme problems with the pharmacy. Orders and never ready and now they tell me that it takes 9 days or longer to fill orders that they have past order for. I hear a different lie every time I contact them. They blame the doctor, the publix system, the delivery system, medicare. never their fault. I rely on this medication to survive. Publix is a joke and I may contact legal help before you kill someone.

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Ambushed At Publix Pharmacy - 43 d 7 h ago

Out of the medicine we needed as well. They offered to call another store, when we asked if they could check the store in Clermont, Florida as we were headed in that direction - the pharmacy tech said they couldn't because they didn't have the store number to that Publix. The pharmacy tech turned her request to help us into a big production. Next thing you know the pharmacist arrives and ask if she can help us. Her arrival is a bafflement, as she had not been requested by us. The pharmacist proceded to say, she needed the store number to look up the store phone number so they could call and find out if they had the medication we needed.

You would think, they would have ready access to a list of Publix store pharmacies, in the same county organized by city. This attempt at customer service came off like an ambush. Went to Walgreens, no hassle and medication in stock.

This was an off experience as Publix has normally been a very good shopping experience for me.

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Please consider - 54 d 12 h ago

Love your store- shop there weekly. Could you trial a no background music. I am very distracted by the tunes and disrupts my thoughts for food prep I have spoken to a number of other shoppers who feel same way. Even if you played a soft instrumental would be better than vocals that are old jumpy and distracting! I live in Brookhaven GA

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Gwen S. - 85 d 14 h ago

I have a suggestion that is worth considering.

Please issue gift cards that say FOOD ONLY. Users should NOT be able to purchase alcohol or tobacco products. Gift cards for homeless or those in need should be for FOOD ONLY.

Would be great if they were available for this Christmas season.

General profile image - 92 d 10 h ago

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Lily Brandon - 157 d 19 h ago

Well the Publix wouldn't take $100.00 worth of quarters from me I come over almost every day at least four times a week and they know me here really well except the girl that was in charge today I think that's wrong here on us1 river walk plaza

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Anonymous - 142 d 18 h ago

Why would you be rude enough to bring $100 in quarters? Don't make peoples jobs difficult.

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Anonymous - 92 d 13 h ago

To be honest its kinda rude to do that but then again money is money

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David Rusher - 96 d 17 h ago


At 1130 today I was at the 1880 S. US HWY 1, Rockledge, Florida 32955 store purchasing Sherbert. I used the Express Lane and the cashier was very friendly. There was no bagger there to help me bag my 1/2gal sherbert so I looked for a small bag to bag it with. I double bagged it but the sherbert did not fit. Instead of assistance, I double bagged the large bag to help insulated it with. I was awkward but I made out. As was leaving, there was a lady standing and I asked her if she was the front end mgt and she replied "yes." I told her I wish there was someone there to help me. She replied they don't provide baggers on the Express Lanes. A random act of kindness would have been nice to help me but was "Not her job." I don't shop much at all at this Publix. I'm retired USAF and usually shop at the Patrick AFB Commissary. Guess that was my mistake.

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Anonymous - 92 d 13 h ago


I worked as a cashier at Publix unfortunately the company is not what it use to be I'm about to write them telling them how I feel about this company I can tell u Mr Jenkins who founded Publix would be disappointed in this company any bagger who came to help on express got sent to another register to help bag

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