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3300 Publix Corporate Pkwy.
Lakeland, FL
(863) 688-1188
(863) 284-5532
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Kickback - 9 d ago

Please put a stop. Coral Gables Florida. Store 84. They have a security in their parking lot. Which is great if only they would do their job. They are supposed to advice the public not to park in the Publix lot , yet they're allowing people who are doing business elsewhere to park here. Then calling a towing company to receive kickbacks. I have witnessed this on a daily basis. Security is receiving kickbacks from cars been towed. Dont allow this to continue on your premises. Please....

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Norma Fucito - 43 d ago

I have just seen undercover footage, online, which shows the disgusting treatment of cows and baby calves by Fairlife Farms, a subsidiary of Coca Cola. It is horrendous. You should not sell their dairy products. The films will make you cringe. I believe this situation will gain traction and you should get ahead of the curve on this. I love Publix, but I can shop elsewhere if I have to.

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Anonymous - 21 d 14 h ago

wow, what a jackass

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Danny Tillis - 21 d 14 h ago

maybe you're so upset cuz some of your relatives have been slaughtered

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Faithful Shopper - 37 d ago


Regarding your newly revamped store in New Smyrna Beach on SR 44: It is too confusing, and the manner in which the aisles are set up is idiotic! You should keep all the food in one place and not interspersed with magazines, cosmetics, pet food, etc. Also in the old store the main BOGO products were right when you walked in the door- now I have to search for them in their regular counters. Bad. And I knew we'd be paying for the "improvements", 10 to 50 cents more on things. Hard on us on Social Security budgets. Also, the enlarged parking area is nice, BUT you need more handicapped spaces! Most of your customers are older and need assistance walking, etc. Please get REAL! I have shopped here for 28 years and the older store's employees were friendly. The new ones here are very strident and uncaring, it seems. Your founder would be unimpressed!

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Anonymous - 21 d 14 h ago


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Anonymous - 21 d 18 h ago

the store at 2431 South Woodland Boulevard in Deland Florida as a management problem, the managers look the other way as Shoppers bring dogs into the store on a daily basis, and I am not talking about service animals, a pet store opened next door, and the customers come with their dogs into the store and Shop, more than once I have brought a dog in the store to the attention of a manager, and they will not go talk to the person with the dog and tell them they cannot do it, this is against the health department laws and it's ridiculous, this is an ongoing problem that needs to be addressed it is a health hazard and a violation

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Madeleine F - 21 d 14 h ago

OMG oh, I use that store and I see people walking dogs in there all the time, not service dogs, and plenty of management standing around ignoring it. I'm only in that store twice a week for maybe 30 minutes. And I'm catching dogs in there oh, this tells me there's plenty going on all the time, I for one am disgusted by it. I'm going to see what the health department has to say about this

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Wende - 53 d 17 h ago


I went to Publix on Wickham road , Melbourne Florida. I wanted a rotisserie chicken but the price was not on the package I asked how much? Three men totally ignored me.. than ok I got in line to be next customer to ask the price.. while waiting in line a pretty girl walks up and gets immediate service .. i work hard and I'm not pretty but all I wanted was a chicken to go home with after my 12 hour day. I will never step inside your business again and everyone I can tell .. I will.

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Anonymous - 21 d 16 h ago

Try Aldi, they speak your language

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Anonymous - 50 d ago


went to chuch hill square in ocala A lady left her dog in car when it was 98 degrees out window open a little . i went in to tell manager he just looked at me . i ask him 2 times to call police and he didn't and didn't seem to care. I'm mad and disappointed when i didn't get any help. A real shame i don't want to shop here anymore.

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Ken Harp. De land fl - 21 d 16 h ago

why didn't you call the police, where you afraid, do you have open warrants for your arrest?

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Anonymous - 48 d 18 h ago

Well I just left the Publix at 8701 West Hillsboro Ave. Very disappointed at the customer service today, June,2-2019. I was there to return a bag of rabbit food for $5.99 total with tax was $6.50 unfortunately I didn't have my receipt by time it was over with my wife had texted me the receipt and we were able to clear the matter up , in fact they did sell me the bag of rabbit food so here's where the problem comes in. I do all my shopping 99.9% of all my groceries at Publix at that location exclusively. The first person I talk to was Julian a white male employee that look at me and treated me like I was trying to cop a couple of bucks . He told me that they didn't sell rabbit food there in that brand and that I must've gotten it somewhere else because of not having my receipt with me made things a little bit more complicated,He did condescendingly say that he would get his manager over which I don't know her name but she was just as rude as they come. So I left the store went and got the bag of rabbit food out of my truck- of course this is after my wife sent me the receipt. I went back into the store and I found Matthew, he looked and was dressed like maybe the store manager or assistant manager. I can't say that he didn't help because I was refunded $6.50 maybe he's just not a people person I can't say today that shopping was a great at Publix because it really wasn't. I plan to take all my shopping somewhere else I wonder how much marketing Publix does ,I'm sure a lot more than $6.50 to keep there customers. I wasn't even looking for cash by the way ,I just wanted store credit and had some shopping to do. So I'm actually at target right now and things are going pretty good looks like they have just about everything that Publix has so I think I found a new store to shop at I just have to make sure from now on that I keep my receipts and put them in a box. So just in case you're wondering the whole thing with the rabbit food was my wife is trying to nurse a squirrel back to good health and I thought that rabbit food would be good but she wanted something else instead so that's the end of the story.

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Dewayne - 48 d ago


Obviously this person is claiming this is a race issue "julian, a white male". Really????? Just keep on using this excuse see where it gets you. I guesss you poisen your children with these rediculous accusations of racism. Look, i was chared 11.99 for a few potatoe wedges, it was an accident, an error thats all.

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Anonymous - 21 d 16 h ago

Everything is not about race , whyner walmart will accomidate you, liberal

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Anonymous - 57 d 28 s ago

My daughter serves in the Army and is here on leave and went to PUBLIX in Largo Plaza in savannah ga.And purchased a bottle of Barefoot Rose and the plastic bags they put the wine in slipped out of here hand and it fell and broke and PUBLIX with such and awesome reputation wouldn't replace it, CHRIS the manager at Largo Plaza refused a refund, That's so disappointing and very distasteful giving PUBLIX a very bad rep hi

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Jb - 48 d ago


Maybe youwere already drunk.....drunks drop drinks.....

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Anonymous - 21 d 16 h ago

Bravo the last comment

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Anonymous - 140 d 33 m ago


Hello, I am at produce warehouse 4501, I am a warehouse worker and I feel that I'm being targeted by my supervisor, I complete my tasks and I dont take extended breaks or take a bunch of breaks out of break time but I do go outside and smoke for a few minutes when I'm cold or stressed out, mind you that other associates are taking multiple breaks and nothing is said to them, just me. I dont feel it's right for a supervisor to take an hour and a half lunch, or sit in the office and play candy crush on their phone or watch a football game.. but I cant take 4 minutes to get myself together? That's not right and I hope someone higher will see this and address it.. thank you..

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Pissed off - 138 d 17 h ago


Question do Publix always call you in on your off days?

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No one - 97 d 21 h ago

Not if they need u

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... - 138 d 16 h ago

producer at warehouse 4501 do you guys always get called in on your off days?

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... - 138 d 12 h ago

No they ask for volunteers, I've never been called to come in on my day off.

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John Egner - 21 d 16 h ago

Be lucky you have a job ! Crybaby

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Jack - 48 d ago


No job is perfect / find a job that accepts smokers with open arms. Many smokers i have worked with take "smoke breaks" all the time, meanwhile we have to pick up the slack.

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Dean Forest - 21 d 16 h ago

Go work at aldi, snowflake

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