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3300 Publix Corporate Pkwy.
Lakeland, FL
(863) 688-1188
(863) 284-5532
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Tom Watson - 1 d 5 h ago


Your store and all the employees and management at your location in Clearwater at 200 Island Way

The only COMPLAINT I have is regarding your COFFEE MACHINE.

I was so happy when you installed it .. but the coffee is TERRIBLE

I have never seen even one employee drinking the coffee. I have only seen one customer drink the coffe - I asked how it was / he said TERRIBLE and threw it away

Please provide a good coffee machine

Thank you in advance for addressing this issue

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David Rusher - 4 d 1 s ago


At 1130 today I was at the 1880 S. US HWY 1, Rockledge, Florida 32955 store purchasing Sherbert. I used the Express Lane and the cashier was very friendly. There was no bagger there to help me bag my 1/2gal sherbert so I looked for a small bag to bag it with. I double bagged it but the sherbert did not fit. Instead of assistance, I double bagged the large bag to help insulated it with. I was awkward but I made out. As was leaving, there was a lady standing and I asked her if she was the front end mgt and she replied "yes." I told her I wish there was someone there to help me. She replied they don't provide baggers on the Express Lanes. A random act of kindness would have been nice to help me but was "Not her job." I don't shop much at all at this Publix. I'm retired USAF and usually shop at the Patrick AFB Commissary. Guess that was my mistake.

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Jessie from Florida - 49 d 19 h ago

Why doesn't Public's get more on board with controlling the use of plastic bags? I I have to practically beg for paper. At a minimum, post a sign that explains the benefit of paper versus plastic environmentally. Prompt people with a verbal cue ("paper is best, or would you prefer paper?"). Better yet, don't offer plastic bags. I sometimes forget to take my cloth reusable bags, and in that case I have to really make an effort to get a paper bag, which is stored out of reach to the person bagging grocery and just not an issue on the mind. I am never asked whether I want paper or plastic, it is just an assumption that patrons want plastic. Come on Public's. In so many way you are excellent. Take some initiative here. Please. Be a leader. What would it hurt?

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Mr. Reality - 47 d ago


If you are so concerned about the environment you would not be using paper bags either. Paper comes from trees and trees are part of the oxygen cycle. So use your cloth bag that is made from cotton that is harvested from the earth by machines that pollute the environment by farmers who pollute the environment with chemicals and over cultivate the soil creating dust clouds that hurt the ozone layer. Wow, looks like you should just drive to Publix in your car, oh wait, your car generates pollution, maybe you can walk, Yes, walk to publix, hand carry all of your items home and be happy!

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L W - 40 d ago


In the front of my Publix they have a recycling bin. Use them when you accumulate too many plastic bags instead of whining about paper. Same difference of the environment..

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Anonymous - 10 d 17 h ago

Its Publix. No wonder they wouldn't give you paper bags.

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Julia H. - 13 d 2 h ago


The store in 121 sw 22 nd ave.miamu.33135.Altos's a disaster,customer service is worse you can see,

Every single day haved Long line for lottery & westernunin,you ask for some items and they don't give you the right informaton.Waste you'r time talk with store manager.

General profile image - 63 d ago

I bought a bag of jelly bean from one of your store's and there was not one black jelly bean i was disappointed if you need to contact me my email address is

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Anonymous - 26 d ago


LOL! If this is the only complaint you have with Publix then you are one happy content customer. God Bless You.

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Jerry - 39 d ago


The Publix at Orange City has been a favorite grocery for our family for 6 years. Lately we have notice that on our morning shopping their are an ever increasing number of men loitering and smoking outside the store. The manager has moved the bench away from the entrance but the creepy guys have taken to sitting on the handicapped shopping carts and using Publix regular carts for end tables and a place to set their Publix free coffee. The opposite end of the shopping area has signs stating, "NO LOITERING". Seems that something could be done to prevent these men from hanging out every morning. Doesn't the regional supervisor ever visit in the morning? Reminds me of what San Francisco has become.

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Anonymous - 99 d ago


Your hiring practices need serious adjustments. I speak

for my primary store in Conyers, Ga. Employees unable

to 'work' in the deli and throught the store. Standing

around in the isles talking, swearing and taking up space

Making it difficult to shop. I go to Publix less and less

because it is not a problem leasure to shop there. You

Need to get a grip on your hiring practices!!!

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BB36117 - 67 d 14 h ago


That is Bad management of that store so it is the managements fault not the corporate office. Grant it the store management needs to be reported to the Publix main office and dealt with.

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Anonymous - 59 d 4 h ago

You think management is bad? You ought to try working for them. If your late whether it's car trouble or a flat , they still write you up, no reason or proof is good enough for them. They change your schedule in a matter of a couple of hours, so if your suppose to be off , change your plans, because you better be there or get into BIG trouble. They want to rule you & your life. Then they go from giving you decent hours to just about nothing. Weird ! And they do not care about their employee's!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 50 d 3 h ago

You work for the wrong Publix. If you are always on time responsible and do your job without having to be reminded of what you should be doing no one will write you up for rarely being late due to car trouble.

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Anonymous - 39 d ago

You are right, I do work for the wrong one. I'm always on time & do what I'm told to do.

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AB - 39 d ago

That happened tome and my husband too when we worked there also. Changing people's hours without telling them thinking that the employees are just going to wait by the computer to check. Stupid if you ask me.

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Rick - 42 d ago


I was on this site trying to get a particular type of salsa ordered. When I began reading some of the reviews I couldn't believe the crying and whining going on. You people don't know when you have it good. I come down for the winter from Michigan and Publix is something I always look forward to every season. The stores are always clean and neat. The employees have always been extremely helpful and courteous. This is like watching a bunch of snowflakes complaining on CNN. The world doesn't owe you a living. You aren't entitled to free things in this life. Treat others the way you would want to be treated or maybe try screaming at the sky.

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Teresa - 43 d 4 h ago


I could hardly understand or make sense of most of the comments. Have NONE of you heard of spell or grammar check? Having your comments be in the form of ONE LONG SENTENCE makes no sense. You do know what sentences are, I hope.

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don - 48 d 17 h ago

Publix Pharmacy, Coconut Creek Florida

I stopped at the pharmacy counter to consult about a medication.There were no customers, two women were working, one approached, but stopped to stack some containers and asked, can I help you. I said I will wait until you are finished. She said I can hear you. I explained that I was on an antibiotic & wanted help with an expectorant. She pointed to the shelf. I wen there & waited expecting her to come to assist. She did not, I then asked the second woman, is this the help I get, pointing to the shelves. She said she was too busy filling orders to stop. We had an exchange, the manager was called. The woman lied & said I had started with an attitude, the manager, Mr Poleon, was cool, detached, & said they were busy filling orders. I said if that's the best service Publix can offer I will go to Walmarts. The staff at Walmart's pharmacy was pleasant, cheerful and helpful. They stopped what they were doing and asked if they could be of assistance. Although Publix is closer Walmart is much more amenable. I live in a community representing several thousand seniors, it will be upsetting for them to know, Publix is too busy to deal with us.

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Lily Brandon - 65 d 5 h ago

Well the Publix wouldn't take $100.00 worth of quarters from me I come over almost every day at least four times a week and they know me here really well except the girl that was in charge today I think that's wrong here on us1 river walk plaza

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Anonymous - 50 d ago

Why would you be rude enough to bring $100 in quarters? Don't make peoples jobs difficult.

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Anonymous - 50 d 6 h ago


Having trying to reach the benefits department science this morning at 8:30 it's being frustrated . No one answers the fhone . Is being an hour and is being impossible to reach them. Is unbelievable!!!! I do not know where your costumes services are. I had very bad experience.

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sue - 52 d 5 h ago


I am writing to you in regard to your store #1300 located in Countryside, Fl. County of Pinellas. I have been a customer for over 20 years and I must say the Customer service and management of this store is a disgrace at best.

The store opens at 7 a.m. and they have one checkout register open and its not an Express line. Plus one person at the Customer service desk. Why?

The store is located less than 1 mile from the Senior living complex known as Top Of The World. There has to be over a thousand senior residents living there. Adding to that population is the newest apartment complex ac ross the street from this store and I have no idea how many people just moved in there. Then three blocks from Top Of The World another apartment complex was just completed 6 months ago.

Having 10-15 seniors on one line and then tell them to go to Customer service to check out because theres no Express register open is a joke. The Customer service ladcy is knee deep in Lotto customers among others waiting to check out. Wow.

I explained to the manager that most seniors rise early in the mornbing. Not after 900 a.m. Try going to that store after 9 amon a saturday. Its a tragedy.

The meat counter for cold cuts is appalling. You sometimes have 8 employees working behind that counter and only one if that is waiting on customers. They're busy making sandwiches for people that aren't there. Those are pick-up orders. Really. So in house customers have to pull a number thats 10 behind the next person. Wow.

The bakery is a disease. On Sunday mornings they have NO rolls. EVER. They don't make fresh or Bagels for Sunday monday. WHY?

I have no idea what they're thinking. And they're rude both at the Bakery and the meat counter. The butcher employees don't wear gloves when handling the meat. WHY? I asked a manager why and her answer was they don't have when handling the steaks and such. REALLY? My response was Men have nasty habits and that fell on deaf ears. I watched an employee bummp into a customer in the aisle with his stock thingie one morning and when the customer said something to him, he replied with a profanity. The customer got a manager from the buthcern shop and he said he wouldn't do anything unless the customer pointed him out. I walked over and said "why don't you just look at bthe security camera." He walked away.

In short, thsi store needs a major overhaul. I challange youi and whoever else thats in charge to do an undercover boss and check this store out. Whatever profit margin you have there could be doubled. Do that for a week at different timees and you'll see what is going on there. FYI. The store manager is never there on weekend mornings. WHY?

Good luck with this place.

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We have been duped - 71 d 6 h ago


Publix monopolies south Florida. Probably a political thing. There is no decent variety, meat counter is terrible, lots of product that seems be close or already out of date. Like others have said, watch out for the seafood section, not the freshest.

Recently visited a Giant Store in Pennsylvania, my god you would have thought you went to heaven. I had never been to one before and saw how a Store should be set up and offering to the public at reasonable prices. The variety of food, the general merchandise section, the deli, seafood, just everything was offered like a grocery store of today should be. They had a better seafood section then us here who live by the ocean???? We are paying high prices for absolutely no variety and a lot of outdated product. I can't remember the last time I got a pound of hamburger that wasn't either already turning somewhat brown or would be within 24 hours. Just sad!

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BB36117 - 67 d 15 h ago


I think you must of dreamed this cause this in no way could be Publix you are talking about. None whatsoever!!!

General profile image

Discontented - 53 d 9 h ago


I agree with we have been duped. I have shopped Publix in Florida for over 25 years. They are getting worse. I now call them the aggravating store.d

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