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Lakeland, FL
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Opal - 1 d 14 h ago

I purchased 2 tide items on my visit to publix of which the rang up for a different price.i followed up with customer service spoke with chris .chris took a pic of larger bottle of tide not the one I purchased .I informed chris of his error and showed him which Tides i purchased. Chris informed me very calmly that when he took said picture the shelves were full.I replied with please don't insult questioning my integrity or ethics never have i ever been humiliated in such a borish manner.i followed the above info with manager Jordan .whom asked if i wanted my money refunded.i replied no to this .ultimately nothing nor anyone remedied this very avoidable situation. I even offered both cs and manager the ability to view camera thus alleviating this upsetting to see employees fall below the value and standars of Publix. Please feel free to follow up with me Opal Vachier 954 3801462

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Anonymous - 3 d ago


mr. publix :

I'm a senior citizen, and I have been shopping at publix since may, 1955,

since I was discharged from mac dill afb

I have a suggestion that could raise your florida bottom line of profit

1/10 of 1%

there are thousands of retirees here, most are on low sodium diets

why not have a designated area in your ad flyer----low sodium items ? ?

respectfully submitted,

Charles gallant

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Anonymous - 17 d 12 h ago


I've often used PUBLIX, a company founded by George Jenkins in 1930, to be the "everyday example of customer service", but today, Mr. Todd Jones, Publix CEO, one of your PUBLIX EMPLOYEES, in your Doral Commons PUBLIX, headed by Store Manager Octavio Arguello, really did something...... very, very especially different:

1. She listened to what I had to say.

2. Resolved my 4 issues.

3. Accompanied me the entire time.

4. Deflected another issue from another source, and took care of me, first.

5. And most important........ Made me want to come back to PUBLIX .... Always!!

The employee's name: Ms. Sumbal Zia.

The best customer service I have ever experienced!!!!

Manuel Torres.

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Bert smugar - 1 y 181 d ago


I have been a loyal publix shopper since I moved to Boynton Beach 17 years ago. The customer service has always been excellent. However, the disappointment I am now feeling is very frustrating. How could your stores in Boynton Beach, which has a strong Jewish clietel, not have matzoh, matzo meal, potato starch before the holiday even started. Am I to think there is a bias or just poor management. Also, I am not the only person very upset. Please note, there are people when do not want to buy their Passover beds until the day before or the day of.

I would like an acknowledgement and a reply yo man letter,

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Judith Boyd - 1 y 182 d ago


I am so upset I can't believe what just happened at the Publix Pharmacy in the Pavillion at Fayetteville, GA.

I have been paying $10.95 for 100 enalapril for my dog Zorro. Today I paid $54.00. The pharmacist said it is just the cost of the drug, it went up 400%.

I just went on line and I can get it 100 tablets for $8.41, 100 for 10.50 and 100 for 12.25. I am sick I paid this much and this was because your distributor increased it 400%.

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DLC - 1 y 254 d ago


I love Publix but I think it is over the top to be so militant with your employees. I was told by a cashier about a strict uniform policy. Your company came from Florida and I live In Georgia. It is 2015 and I do not understand why you have the cashiers dressed as if it were 1975. It is hot and would you like going outside with an apron. Better yet how about a vest. The uniform should make the dress code and be cool for your employees. I see no other company going outside with a 3 piece suit. Further more if you are a cashier why are you outside getting carts. Also in the winter why do the cashiers and baggers have to have a coat without a hood on it. You should provide the necessary uniform for whatever the season. I have seen baggers outside without a coat because they did not have a coat without a hood on it. I am not sure Mr. Jenkins would approve of the new ways of doing things.

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Lavelle - 1 y 254 d ago


I am a regular shopper at Publix and I think that the company has enough money to hire a cleaning crew. I shop at store 560 in Peachtree Corners Georgia. I think it is a disgrace seeing your cashiers and baggers on there hands and knees cleaning. This should be done during closing and not while people are shopping. It is very embarrassing for them and for me to see this type of behavior from a billion dollar company. Walmart has a cleaning crew that cleans the store why can't you guys stop abusing your employees?

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Pat Potesta - 1 y 291 d ago


I went into Publix to place a food order for Christmas dinner. When you walk into the store where they take the orders, there is a 5 ft. banner with a huge piece of prime rib. It looks that good it'll make your mouth water. Instead of having turkey and ham, I decided to replace the turkey with the prime rib their advertising.

I asked the young lady who was taking orders to right me up a order for the prime rib. She went through their brochure and said it's not listed. I asked her to turn around and look at the banner she was standing in front of. Is Publix advertising Prime Rib. Her answer is, "yes".

She offers to go get a manager because she's confused. A few minutes later she finds me shopping in the store and tells me the manager will order me a Prime rib.........But, Publix will not prepare it.

The manager on duty didn't even have the decency to come talk to me. That was a great form of public relations.

Publix is what it is today because of dedicated shoppers.

The market place and Walmart is where I'll start doing my main shopping. I'll stop in and by things at the bakery, but that's about it.

The Publix in Clearwater Fl. on Belcher/ Gulf to Bay.

False advertising and mangers who hid instead of taking care of their customers.

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Dennis H. Smith - 2 y ago


I have been buying two sandwiches a week from publix in Okeechobee fla. for 40 years and getting them pressed hot. Now somebody came up with the bright idea, to take the press out of the deli so you cant get the best tasting sandwitch like that anymore. Who ever it was to make that decision needs to be fired. You lost me as a customer and you will lose many more just because you removed the hot press for the sandwiiches.


Dennis H. Smith

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Tonni - 2 y ago


Went to Publix to buy my 8'clock coffee and when I went to grind the beans I though something was wrong with me could not find the coffee grinders asked the manager and he said the company that provides the grinder is out of business and took the grinders with them . Now I don't know what is wrong with Publix's but as of this writing they have not replaced the grinders for the coffee beans we know Publix's can afford them but do they care enough about their shoppers to do so . Sometimes companies don't think about some of these little things,but,they should,no coffee grinders,no more shopping at Publix Sorry guys!! The placement of the customer service section in your store's is so wrong,creates such a traffic nightmare in the stores. Tuck them away in a corner so there is not a pile up of carts and shoppers blocking the entrance to and from the store when they are buying lottery tickets,money orders and such. Publix has opened a new store in Lehigh acres who picked out the color of the outside of the building,Yuck and Yuck no class to the colors.while we are at it would be nice if the workers would not speak in a foreign language when waiting on customers,they seem to think it's cute to speak to each other in front of the customers in their own language and ignore them like they were not there,though that only happened in Wall-Mart shame on you Publix though you were so much better than that,this is still the United states ,if they don't want to speak English they don't belong working here.

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Jennye M Baker - 2 y ago


I not quiet sure if you know about this but I answered a survey about Publix on my computer when I had answered my questions I was told I could purchase some skin cream for just ONLY $4.95 shipping

excited I joined in and gave my Discover credit card number and due to not reading ALL the fine print and trusting Publix would not be connected with anything shady. I have since been billed for an additional 89.15 which they grudgely refunded $30.00 . I think this is a SCAM for Publix shoppers !!!!!and should be looked into When I called Avoire company to see what was happening I was spoken to like the scum of the earth by a customer service employee named Courtney. I realize I made the mistake by not cancelling within the time frame. Thank you for checking into this company for me.

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Lowanda Dean - 2 y 268 d ago


I have shopped at Publix for over 20 years and I spend several thousands of dollars there every year and I also get my medication there.The pharmacy manager at the Publix in Sun City Center Florida told me that they would not fill my daughters prescription anymore because her pain management doctor is from a different county.She has been getting her medication there for three years.Her doctor has her on controlled drugs.The pharmacist decided that since her doctor that she has been going to for over ten years was not from Hillsborough County that she was not going to fill her prescriptions.I would like to know since when does your doctor have to be from the same county in order to have your prescription filled.It's not as if she goes to all these different doctors trying to get prescriptions she has had the same doctor for years and does not want to change doctors. The pharmacist said she just wants to fill the prescriptions for the people in Sun City Center that has doctors from Hillsborough County when it comes to controlled drugs.I want to know if this is legal.

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Selena Schneider - 4 y ago


My family and I just got home from Publix. I love shopping there! I grew up going to Walmart for our groceries, and thought it was normal to be ignored by employees and have almost no selection of healthy organic products. I thought that shopping for groceries had to be a chore. But Publix is such a breath of fresh air in my life! I actually enjoy going with my 15 year old daughter after school to pick up dinner! We usually take a quick stop by the baked goods to pick up a couple small pastries to savor on the ride home.

The customer service is so friendly! Everyone has a smile on their faces, and looks genuinely happy to see us. When I ask to get help finding something, they always know where to find it; and have even recommended recipes! Not only that, but they always offer to take our groceries to the car for us. Not because they get tips- they don't- but because it the polite thing to do. I feel like the workers are friends who just help me because they enjoy it, not because of the paycheck. That is becoming such a rare trait in today's customer service.

It's also much easier to make healthy choices! My daughter is a vegetarian, and it can be difficult to find her good protein-filled options. Publix has a variety of meat substitutes. So, I can always make sure she is getting adequate nutrition. Publix may cost a little more, but for the experience, it is worth every penny.

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