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Pulte Homes Corp

15111 N Pima Rd # 100
Scottsdale, AZ
John Chadwick
(480) 551-7450
(480) 391-6000
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Cheryl - 3 d 16 h ago


Pulte Homes built out home in the over 55 community of Bridgewater in Brownstown Michigan. I should have listened to all of the complaints i had heard and all of the terrible reviews I read. This has been the biggest mistake of my life. The complaints are too numerous to detail here but suffice it to say that the workmanship is shoddy at best with no accountability by anyone at Pulte. We built last year and are now along with our neighbors, watching our lawns and landscaping plants die because the infrastructure for sprinklers was not put in place by Pulte as it should have been. Proceed with great caution if you are considering Pulte to build a home for you.

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Not Intimidated - 15 d ago

I recently complained to Pulte headquarters about the service I received from their Del Web location in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. This was followed up by the sales manager at the Lakewood Ranch Florida location calling me and asking why I contacted the corporate office and logged a complaint. She knows exactly why so I can only assume her goal was to intimidate me. If Pulte wants to lose track of the quality of service that is proliferating throughout the Pulte organization then they will not take any action to such unprofessional conduct. Bill Pulte built a successful company that Lakewood Ranch will destroy for personal gain.

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Deborah - 18 d 11 h ago


I have lived in the lakes of waterway, Vero Beach, Fl for almost two years. I was not told by the sales woman that they would be clearing land for 500 more homes.. they chose to wait until people moved in befor doing this. We have lived with large dump trucks and heavy equipment speeding past our homes 10 hrs a day 6 days a week. Pulte chose not to have a construction road and decided to use the community roads. We have lived with blowing black dirt and smoke covering our porches and patios and actually blowing into our houses (the cheap windows and doors were not installed properly). I had someone look at the front door and was told it was not installed properly. I was told by the Pulte costumer service person that during storms I "should put a chair under the door handle " to keep the wind from moving the door and then he complained about his limited budget ( I gues if he went over it he would get in trouble. I believe he is more responsive when there is a man present.

I think Pulte is not concerned about people. Money is all that matters. Customers who have already paid for their ipoorly built homes certainly don't matter. They got the moneythat's all that matters.

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Donna Matarese - 120 d 13 h ago


I would not recommend a Puilte Home to anyone. Although, they have tried to fix the many problems the problems continue to surface, and their huge problems. It has been one exhausting year. We just recently learned that many of our problems would not of past code.

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Ken - 129 d 9 h ago


I own a home at Laurel Point in Vista Ca. We have received letters from Fire Systems Inc regarding the VK457 fire sprinklers installed in our homes. According to them some of these sprinklers are activating without cause and are causing extensive water damage. The letter goes on to say that the Viking Corporation has agreed to replace them at no cost to us. Is there any truth to this letter or should we ignore it? If it is true, why hasn't Pulte contacted us?

The company sending the letters out is:

Fire Sprinkler Systems, Inc (hidden)

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Disappointed - 1 y ago


We purchased a home just two years ago in Illinois. We went with Pulte because they use to be considered a high end builder. Not anymore. Love the house design and our lot. But, we do not have one straight wall, nails are popping and the linoleum is separating at the seams. We had have our front door totally taken out and reinstalled. Walls are cracking. The deck was a joke. Two years and we had to totally replace it. All during building we checked the house every couple of days and told the site manager about visible issues. Fell on deaf ears. The main support beam was even improperly installed. I will NEVER recommend a Pulte Home.

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Jim - 136 d 3 h ago


And the builder inspector from your county found everything OK and passed the final inspection.??

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Anonymous - 136 d 4 h ago

my name is larry fuller,i looked at homes in stetson valley in phoenix arizona, the rep by the name of lynn owens talked me into leaving a 1000.00 deposit,she told me it was 7500.00 deposit,,,i gave her the thousand dollars with a promise to think about the purchase,since then ive had a heartship in the family,which i can provide the information.I JUST WANT MY 1000.00 BACK.IT WAS LESS THAN 30DAYS ALSO,PLEASE CALL ME ...BAD BAD BUSINESS

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high blood pressure - 1 y ago


Bought a house new 1 1/2 years ago in Estero, Florida... I am still on the first page of the punch list. No one returns your calls. Bad windows, bad electrical, bad Plumbing ( they drove a rebar through the p trap in the shower..I had methane gas coming through the trap for over a year ) I had taped it. Pathetic tile work....pathetic cinder block work....I drywalled the walls in the garage to cover the bad tired of looking at it. All I can say is buyer beware....

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pissed at pulte - 1 y 59 d ago


completely dissatisfied. pulte lies and lies and lies again. watch for pulte to change your covenants and leave your neighborhood in a disaster.

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MAD - 1 y 63 d ago


I keep leaving messages for over a year!!!! When I have reached someone my complaints are acknowledges but still NO results. This is about extensive cracks in my stucco.

I am going to get an attorney to assist going forward. This ridiculous that there is no customer service. I asked for an electrician to add electricity to an island that should have had it. I was stood up OVER 15 times and still no show. Although I have purchased additional tile to replace.

I am very frustrated and disappointed.

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Arcadio - 1 y 125 d ago

Sabanah ranch community, my name is Arcadio, and6i will like to know if you have a company that repairs argon gas windows, my restroom's exploded ,at 2638 oasis st imperial ca 92252

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Jo Lambiase - 1 y 165 d ago


We are still having a problem with our back wall in Stetson Hills, Phoenix, AZ.

You fixed the wall and even built another will in front of the orginal wall.

But we are still have quit a problem with the water staining our back wall.

I have a 20 foot wall behind my home that is just stained with water stains.

Can you please help us figure what needs to be done.


Jo & John Lambiase

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Anonymous - 1 y 293 d ago

I am Melinda Morgan. On August 9, 2016 I paid cash and purchased a home in Tucson,AZ at 6088 S. Lily Magnolia Way, in the Sierra Morado development. After repeated calls to Cox Communications and requests from Pulte's personnel, I have been unable to obtain Internet, cable or a land line telephone. Each party tells me the problem lies with the other.

I am hearing impaired and require a cap tel telephone to conduct business and communicate. In addition, without a telephone, I am unable to active my security system.

The lack of service has gone on long enough. Communication services should be installed immediately.

A response as to the date when service will be installed would be appreciated.

Melinda Morgan

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