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Quaker Oats Co

409 S 104th Ave
Tolleson, AZ
Kevin Norton
Plant Mgr
(623) 936-8898
(623) 907-1832
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Elvis - 288 d 12 h ago


Boycotting all products for supporting nfl.

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PoisoControl - 3 d ago


Really? And not because they are full of toxic herbicides? Haven't you seen the news, that some of us have known for decades? Cheerios and Quaker oats are FULL OF TOXIC PESTICIDES! WHAT THE NEWS SUBSCRIBE TO Gmwatch, and find out what you are eating. Centers For Food Safety has good info. Our government is corrupt with Monsanto and Bayer, Syngenta and ChemChina, Dow and Dupont. Crap in our air food and water, is what they specialize in!

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Ann Smith - 6 d 18 h ago

I'm just wanting to know why Quaker corn bran was changed. You ruined it. I used to love it and now I can't even eat it. It taste bland and cheap. I've heard alot if people that won't eat it now. This is the only place I could find to leave a comment.

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J. K. BLUME - 66 d 20 h ago



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rhk2la - 251 d 20 h ago


On your web site I tried to find a specific recipe using oatmeal squares cereal for muffins. First, none matched that description. Second, when I did find recipes I thought I might be able to modify to achieve that product, the pop up with merchant info about where I could buy your products appeared FIVE TIMES, and each time I deleted it, it kept popping up! I know very well where I can buy your products!

As if that obnoxious feature alone weren't enough, I can't believe that your site doesn't have recipes for muffins or breakfast breads using oatmeal squares.

Bottom line, be assured that I will NOT be visiting your site again, nor will I buy your products again. The generic whole oats I can otherwise obtain are much less expensive than your products in any case.

Please do NOT send me coupons for your products: They will go into the recycling bin.


Rebecca Harris Kotula

Missoula MT

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Aleta - 254 d ago


Hello, i must say, you are doing such a great job, keep up the good work. The flavors you keep coming up with, is delicious and amazing. I eat your quaker oatmeals 24/7, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in between too. When am out of oatmeal, my day goes bad. I love oatmeal. Maybe folks that dont like quaker oatmeal, they dont know how to cook them. Its the best, QUAKER OATMEAL, no other, but QUAKER OATMEAL. Luv it luv it

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Don - 257 d 14 h ago

Because you pay for ads on NFL games where some of the players choose to disrespect the flag while honoring those in foreign countries, I choose to not purchase any of your products or watch any NFL games as long as this continues.

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Mrs K - 285 d 33 m ago


I've become gluten sensitive... Gene Modification causes it. Grrrr....

I'm eating your Gluten-Free Oat meal. I LIKE REAL OATMEAL WITH TEXTURE - not this baby food pap.

"Old-fashioned" or steel-cut gluten-free would be good.

DO you support the NFL? Boo! Hiss! Bunch of rotters. They'll take the money and perks

but disrespect our beautiful AMERICAN flag. THEY demand "respect" but refuse to give it?

Can the bunch of them & tall then to go to Hades!

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Steve - 286 d 16 h ago


Quaker Instant Oatmeal Variety Pack.

I purchased 3 of these packages at my local Food Lion, I opened the package to make a bowl of the oats. When I opened the box I was surprised to see that there was loose oats in the box which spilled all over the floor my at feet.. What I found was the maple and brown sugar packets were all open to some degree or another. making a mess and wasting four packages of oatmeal per box. I purchased 3 boxes so there is a whole lot of wasted uneatable product.

Please replace this wasted unused product.

Do you have any QUALITY CONTROL? Does not seem so. Also Please stop supporting the NFL.

Thank you

Steven M Kastelic

506 Cockspur Road

Irmo, South Carolina 29063


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John Melvin - 294 d ago


Is there a diferens in the carbs in rolled oats

and steel cut oats in the way it react

when you eat it.

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Leon R Abbe - 301 d 15 h ago


I have been unable to find the Quaker Oats - super grains instant cereal. Is this product still available. I can not find it in our local grocery store. Thank you. Leon

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Proud American - 305 d 17 m ago


Boycott the NFL

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Ed - 1 y ago

Your support of the NFL is an insult to all who have served our country.

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Hopeful - 1 y ago

We have doubled our purchase of oats because we supplement our (3) dog's food as well as breakfast for ourselves. But since Quaker is on the list of sponsors for the NFL we are going to stop buying until you have a representative come out publicaly against the blatant disrespect for our National Anthem/Flag from the NFL.

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Anonymous - 1 y ago

I absolutely loved the puffed rice when I was small. Why are they not available where I live in Kentucky?

How can we get them at the Walmarts here?

Please please please make it happen!!!

Others feel as I do.

If we got a store to agree to order them then would it be possible?

Can they be ordered in bulk from the factory?

General profile image - 1 y ago


We are interested to import your Quacker oats, and hopt to read from you with detail offer at (hidden)

General profile image - 1 y ago

I News to send you some pictures pelase send me an email address

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Ashley - 1 y ago

Just found a tooth in my strawberries and cream oatmeal

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Cathy - 1 y ago

Please assist in my quest for SALT FREE RICE CAKES, I live in Sterling Hts MI. 48314...and have rang your customers service centre 3 times in an effort to locate and purchase the salt free rice cakes but Target, Meijer, Walmart do not have any in stock. I went to my local Target and asked them and they said to contact Quaker or Headoffice! I don't know what else to do to get these Salt free Rice Cakes. The reason it is important to me is that I will be going through Radiation Therapy and I am NOT to consume any thing with IODISED SALT and certain colorings...I'm know the other lightly salted do not contain Iodised Salt but I am to scared to consume them while going through this treatment. The thing is I just love the Salt Free Rice Cakes anyway and they help me during this time as well..Thank you for your time in reading my plight

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Deloris - 1 y ago

I absolutely love the banana and cream oatmeal.

But I can only get it in the variety box which only

have two packets. Why doesn't it come in a box that you can get alone like the others?

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Jacqualine mclaughlin - 1 y 56 d ago


I bought the cinnamon and vanilla flavored life cereal and mixed both of them together with raisins and!! Tastes like a quick rice pudding!! I have cancer and a bad appetite I eat that when hard to eat anything else except soup lol

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Katie - 1 y 87 d ago

Just found a worn in my oats as I feeding them to my daughter. I would like an email, please.

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Bob - 1 y 184 d ago


Life Vanilla cereal is absolutely horrible tasting. Do you people conduct taste testing before putting this kind of stuff out there? My wife and I just threw the box out. Life Vanilla flavored cereal= FAIL

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Steve Baker - 1 y 195 d ago

Dear Sir.

I moved from Vermont to NC and I can't find one store that sell Quaker, Puff Rice Cereal. I have checked with Food Lions store, Harris Teeter and wall Marts. No one seem to have Quaker Puff Rice Cereal. If there is any store that sell the cereal please let me know. My email: (hidden)

Thank you,

Steve Baker

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