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Quick Lane Oil Change

P.O. BOX 11400
Huntsville, AL
Cathleen Anderson
(256) 539-9441
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Dreux Lawes - 55 d 16 h ago


The Quicklane's in the Houston metro area are an EPIC FAIL! Mac Haik Quick Lane is ridiculous. Russell & Smith Ford Quick Lane is the absolute worst. Helfman Ford Quick Lane I just don't understand. Planet Ford Quick Lane in Spring is okay and McRee Ford Quick Lane is probably the best I've been to. I've taken my 2008 Ford Explorer to 4 different Quick Lanes and they have all failed me. The only Quick Lane I haven't had an issue with is McRee Ford Quick Lane in Dickinson ,TX. However, since they are closed due to damages from Hurricane Harvey I've had to travel out to the other locations for horrible service and zero performance. I brought my Explorer which is in good condition to Helfman Ford to have the complete brake service done for $180 per axle. I was driving home and as I had to make a hard brake I noticed and heard this knocking and rubbing sound coming from the front. I thought it was my imagination but when I attempted to brake again I heard it even louder. By this time Helfman Ford was close since I brought my truck in at about 4pm and it was out a little after 6pm and they close at 6pm. So the next day I returned back to Helfman Ford which is over an hour from my home in Houston on a good day to bring it back to them and let them know of the rubbing and knocking sound I heard when applying my brakes. The technician test drove it and indicated he didn't hear anything because he only drove it through the lot and didn't get the truck up to speed. So we both went for a test drive so I could point out to him the exact noise I was referring to. Eventually, he heard the noises I was referring to so we went back to the dealership. He then inform me that I would need to have to bring it back to let the rotors cool off so he could give them a better cut and finish them because that most likely was the issue. He said when I brought it in the day before the rotors were too hot and he tried to cool them off but they were still warm while he was cutting them so that can have an affect on the finished work. :/ Why wasn't this mentioned before hand and you told me that everything was okay. So he told me to bring it in after the Christmas holiday which was Monday 12/25 and preferably Wednesday since they are always busy on Mondays and Tuesdays. On Wednesday 12/27 I brought my Explorer back to Helfman to have the correct the problem with my brakes and rotors. I arrived at 10:30am and did not leave there until 6:30pm. After waiting all day they still did not correct the issue. They handed me my keys and told me that the problem was fixed and it wasn't making any more noise or rubbing sounds. As I drove off of the lot and made my way onto the freeway and had to apply my brakes guess what I heard?? The rubbing and knocking sound they just told me they had fixed and had taken care of. So I am furious and pissed at this point. I've made 3 trips from The Woodlands, TX to Stafford, TX to Helfman Ford Quick Lane for the same issue and you all still have failed me after telling me my truck was okay. After paying $370 for the for brake service they finally recommended just replacing the rotors to see if that was the problem. So now I have to spend another $200 for the front rotors to be replaced to see if that will address the issue of the rubbing and knocking sounds heard when applying my brakes. The service manager expected me to come back again on Thursday 12/28 to have the technician look at it again. So after I had to go off like a mad man they finally put me in a rental car and covered one day rental after I told him I wasn't missing another day of work and driving that distance again because you all can't fix the issue. He was reluctant to offer assistance at first but he finally agreed to paying for a rental for one day.

I received a call on Thursday 12/28 that the technician heard a popping sound which he identified to be the front upper right control arm needing to be replaced. ARE YOU SERIOUS? IS THIS A GAME? You've have my truck multiple times and we both test drove it together and never was there a popping sound. However, all of a sudden you hear a popping sound because you had to move my truck from one rack to another at the shop and you heard a popping sound and now you're contacting me to have this replaced for another $584 on top of the $570 I'm paying for brake service 3 days after Christmas. I'm just trying to understand how this works.

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Angry & disappointed - 1 y 163 d ago


On August 22nd, I took my 2013 Hyundai Tucson in to the Quick Lane in Springfield, MO for servicing. They checked the brake system along with everything else and said everything was fin e. The next day, my car went in to a garage for some warranty work. The garage called and said that my front brakes were bad and needed to be replaced. I thought they were just trying to get some money out of me and read them the riot act telling them that my brakes had been checked just the day before and told they were fine. After getting my car back, I took it back to Quick Lane and told them what had happened. They put my car up on the rack and checked the brakes and, guess what, they were, in fact, bad and needed to be replaced. The Quick Lane manager said he would give me a 20%a discount to replace the brakes since it was their mistake.. That's all well and good but I don't feel like that's good enough. I am willing to pay for the parts but I do not feel like I should have to pay for labor at all. They are the ones that initially said my brakes were fine. What if I had been in a bad accident because my brakes failed. They would be looking at a law suit then. I have had every bit of my service work done at Quick Lane in Sunbury, PA and was always extremely pleased. The management there was always very friendly and, most of all, very honest. I never had a single complaint. Since I moved to Missouri, I wanted to stick with Quick Lane because of my very positive experience in PA. Now, I don't know if I want to trust my car with Quick Lane in Springfield, MO or not.

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Eddie Gosier - 1 y 241 d ago


410 N patterson st Valdosta Ga 31601 date 6/04/16 R/O number 1003257/1 mileage121138 service advisor Brent Crisp Time10:19 am total amount 41.20

I was not happy with my service waited over an hour for a oil change I was told that they were short of help and he can give back my keys I can leave or you can come back with a attitude I did not feel like I was a customer felt very uncomfortable( not wanted). now the first time I visit out in 30 min with a oil change I was very please and customer service was awesome what happen? Eddie Gosier (hidden) (hidden)

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Anonymous - 2 y ago


Quick - Lane rebate credit card/debit card it's a scam you can't use it to get cash-back, you can't take your cash out from A ATM machine. so you're screwed. Just send me a damn check. I was wanting to use that rebate to pay off the charge for the items I bought to get the rebate like I said screwed.

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