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Rent a Center

5501 Headquarters Dr.
Plano, TX
Mark Speese
Chairman and CEO
(972) 801-1100
(866) 260-1424
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Omar rosales - 1 h ago


This is the worst place to rent from I been having sofas for 8 months paying on time sofas started tearing up call 3 months ago to fix it they never did what's the point having insurance said part I think I'm going to pay and its trash why would I waste my money lie after lie never fix it just wanted the money I took all pic of it too. So I wanted to trade him for another couches to solve the problem and he didn't want to he wanted me to keep paying for them they will get a law suit this is ridiculous. Worst manager Gerardo Peralta okc 29 st

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RJefferson - 2 d 18 h ago


To Mark Speese,

I was a customer at your Shelton Washington store, You have an employee named Katilyn that works at this store and I am writing to you to express my concern with her. When I was a customer there she was informing people that I knew out in the community about what I was renting and what I was spending on my merchandise. Also I went into the store and pulled the manager Kristin aside to talk to her and that did nothing to help the situation. I am completely in awe of the bad customer service and breach of confidentiality with you employees and your company. Please do something about this. I am not the only one that is upset with those two employees.

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rob_walker13 - 4 y 115 d ago

#RMHire @RentACenter a great company doing their part to help #veterans get back to work. Looking forward to this partnership with them.

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Jim - 6 d ago


Screw rent a center and vetetans who fight political wars that are destroying our freedoms...misled idiots

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Does Not Like Rent A Center - 4 y 111 d ago


I believe that Rent A Center preys on those that are most vulnerable, the young and the poor. They draw you in with the promise of allowing you to own things that you otherwise could not afford to purchase. Their "low" weekly payments are very attractive to those who are just starting out and trying to outfit a new place. It sure looks like a good deal but if you really do the math on these items, you would find out that you have paid way more than what the things are actually worth. On top of that, there is not guarantee that the "new" laptop or living room set are actually new. The way Rent A Center works is that if you can not afford the payments any more or you just don't want the item, just give them a call and they will come right over and pick it up. They have to do something with all of the "used" items that get used and returned on a constant basis. I know they sell used items that they can not mask as new, for a discounted price. Even with those discounts, you are still paying way to much for the item. Then beware, once they get your name in their system, they will call you non-stop.

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Jana - 4 y 100 d ago

Hi - I work at RAC and I'm sorry you feel this way. Our cash prices are comparable - but at Rent-A-Center you have flexibility you can't get at other stores. You can choose to make small, manageable payments without relying on a credit card or a store's financing program. And there's no long-term contract, so you can return the item if you need to and owe nothing more. So you're always in control, and you don't get stuck with a payment or big credit card bill you don't want. If you want to own your item, we offer 90 Days Same As Cash and other money-saving early purchase options. All of our products are clearly marked as "New" or "Used" on their tags and then again on in the rental agreement, and we even include delivery, set-up and maintenance at no extra cost. You can learn more by visiting Thanks!

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john - 207 d 18 h ago

What about store delivering busted item when they set it up and still making people pay for it making up excuses wont give me a new 1 but makes me pay on it

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nancy - 6 d ago


And you don't even keep your payoff prices you quote. What a rip, keep kissing ads and ripping off people for your paycheck.

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Local Resident - 3 y ago


Yes Rent A Center is a good way to own something you may not be able to afford right off hand. Yes the poor and low income are who this company is set up for. The option to purchase merchanise is the best one. Those who rent weekly or monthly are just throwing your money away. There service is poor and there guarantee they do not stand up to their commitment to consumers.

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Jerri Witherspoon - 16 d 13 h ago


i bought a chair for my husband from rent a center in Port Angeles Washington before they closed, Aaron bought them out however since I bought my chair and paid it off before rent a center closed they will not warranty it. We have tried calling District Manager he gave us the run around He is going too try the chairman tomorrow but the chair is leather but it is pealing. Did not think leather peeled but his chair does..

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EGR.CC - 18 d 13 h ago


As I sat and waited a woman walked in with her young son and a huge bag of Church's Ckn, served her son and her self on the table where the Sales Associate had just finished getting up from when assisting a customer with paper work. Proceed to serve mash potatoes biscuits, the whole nine. Neatless to say, she sat her son at a desk that as being displayed for rent/sale there at RENT A CENTER and she sat away from him at a sectional sofa set and glass table that was also on display. I have picc that I would love to post and you will see how she is not only eating in front of other customers like she's home but with her sandals off and wiping her grease hand on herself and furniture. She spoke to one of the associates as if she knows him, could be a customer. But if you ask me, that's some nasty stuff. Horrible!!! And people are suppose to rent/buy from there? I have left 2 messages at the CORPORATE OFFICE and here we're going on 2 weeks and no one has bothered. Guess that's why employeees run the stores the way they do!! Pictures will be posted!

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R. Carter - 21 d 16 h ago


Very unhappy with the process that rent a center takes when it comes to taking care of bedbugs that they brought into my home 2 weeks still no pest control for my home their store and truck was taken care of last week and today treatment for their truck but nothing for my home. Very inconvenienced and unhappy with them. Will never refer or use rent a center, again.

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DONNIE maldonado - 24 d 17 h ago


The people in longview on 300 and loop are use less they roped me off andcheated me out of 4 month of rent if one deals with gladewater they were great but closed now it should of been 300 fat ads lying Mexican had to go to Gilmer to get customer satafacthion

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M.j.g - 41 d 21 h ago


The management and the staff that's at the rent a center colton is bad the manager Brian is a horrible guy Ruben needs to be replaced he forgets to update the computer when a payment is done this store is full of liars

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stella - 46 d ago

Rent a CENTER is a joke. You are right the managers do take advantage of their customers, they advertises and never delivers on their promises. When you speaks to the District Manager he is like let me contact the store manager but listen she (Monica) lied from the beginning saying that she had already talked with him but he have no recollection saying she (Monica) took care of the matter. Well you are going round and round never getting any thing resolved. The Riviera Beach Store stay away lie lie lie. again stay away

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Anonymous - 49 d 3 h ago

I ended up getting involved with a rent a center manager and BOY did he take advantage of his position...not only that but everyone was very unprofessional and thanks to him I not only can't go to that rent a center anymore but I have to drive 40 minutes from my house to another rent a center. My phone that I rent has a crack and its battery is SHIT...this is the 5th phone that you guys have giving to me that has giving me a center corporate should really look into north Adams, ma sstorebecause the manageruses his authority to contact his woman customers to ask them out and then tell them that hell pay theirrent a center bill...I want a new phone soon!!! I will be making a call after work today because I'm done getting horrible phones and dealing with unprofessional people

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Carrie - 56 d 5 h ago

Christmas advertisements already??!?! You have got to be joking. There is no way I would shop at rent a center after seeing that ad today. It's not even mid October! Ggrr

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Victoria martinez - 64 d ago

Rac Auburn new york sucks, you get dumb and rude, zak ebers told me he was the owner and all the merchandise was his. When I needed my washer fixed, again. I ended up in a wrestling match with him and ended up calling the management is bull.

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Hate rentacenter - 75 d ago


Rentacenter is a horrible company with non professional employees that are rude.We have paid over 2 years down to they very last payment to have the item paid off and they are threatening harnessing us we had and issue with our bank card now they because we down to last payment they want to take it so they can re rent it they would have triple the money I told them hell no take me to court we only owe you 152.00 and you think you going to take it ill go to court first and you know you won't win and it will cost your company that to file the papers so you can wait till my pay week or go to court those are my options.

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Natasha ward - 82 d 17 h ago


I do not like rent a center your employees are rude I went in on the 9/2/2016 wanting to rent a washer and dryer I had everything they asked for but I had to leave and called back and they said NY application did not go through but they did not even run my application cause they did not call the people I had on their and it was the one in Birmingham Alabama on first ave north

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Local Resident - 3 y ago


The service at the Rent A Center in Far Rockaway is poor. They don't stand up to the agreement with customers. They treat customers as if they a poor and stupid. Thumbs down to the Rockaway Rent A Center. Management it there sucks.

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mjreed213 - 4 y 109 d ago

@RentACenter way overpriced they rip u off

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evilvampbabe - 4 y 111 d ago

@RentACenter left us high and dry now my children don't have beds. But its ok I called corporate. #BreachedAgreement #Unfair #Unsatisfied

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_andrewstull - 4 y 111 d ago

I rented @HulkHogan from @RentACenter for $25 dollar week brother! #supersavings

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evilvampbabe - 4 y 112 d ago

@RentACenter is there by any chance a corporate number near or around Cary NC I can call? Thanks.

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