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Rent a Center

5501 Headquarters Dr.
Plano, TX
Mark Speese
Chairman and CEO
(972) 801-1100
(866) 260-1424
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Leonard - 17 h 16 m ago

I was just wondering why your corporation does not report to the three major credit bureaus. I believe it is unfair for those who pay on time and have purchase multiple merchandise from Rent A Center. What really alarms me is that I go online to pay my account once in awhile and find out that my contract does not add up to what I actually pay in the store the store is actually charging 50 dollars more. I don't know if many people who use your services are aware.

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Kristi - 5 d 41 m ago


I'm pissed, I got a laptop for school I start on Thursday 17 th. This week. I'm tired of calling the store and being told they will call me back. I made first payment on 10th. Was told I would have it that night or first thing in morning. Didn't get it till 3:30 pm yesterday the 11 th. Won't start says updating 0% for hrs I had it going cause they told me it might take couple hours before it loads. Then I check model number on my papers and computer and they Dont even match. My papers also say blue laptop but its black. I call the store and was told it would be made right. Its now next morning and haven't heard a damn thing. I have to have my papers for school all complete by Monday. Even trying to get my money back from them they Dont want to do it, just told we'll make it right. Its going to take about 5 days before money back in my account, so won't even have time to get a laptop from pawn shop or another store cause it will be to late. So I'm going to have no choice but to drop out of school. And if I do that I have to pay full tuition back its $67,982. So now I think I have no choice but to get a lawyer. I've saved everything messages, phone calls, pictures, ect.. Just because from the beginning I've been feeling like I was getting screwed around. And nice thing is I have a lot of people that where outside with me when I kept calling yesterday and being told they would be here in 30 mins or in a few minutes and I had to keep calling. So today will be day 3 of waiting around my house when I have important stuff to do waiting on them. I'm done having my time and money wasted. Top it off this is going to completely ruin my life having to pay all this school money back since rent a center is the cause of my having to drop out. Thanks. No body is making it right. Now I'm out money n stuck with a laptop that Dont work, that Dont even have right model number.

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Lisa - 6 d 19 h ago


Called the corporate office to request the district manager over the Taylor, MI location to call me back and DeMarcus indicated that he will not call me. What kind of customer service is it for a corporate office to tell a potential customer that the district manager will not call them back about a question?

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chanjones - 8 d 21 h ago


I was renting to on a 50-inch television had to put payments on hold due to financial issues. I was told I could pick it up when I was able to pick up on payments. The television was also cracked. I was told it could be fixed but instead they threw out the television and claimed that I just didn't want it anymore after almost paying it off why would I do that? This issue still exist I am still fighting to get another television compatible to what I had and get this issue resolved. I've called corporate and still no resolution why would I give back a television that I almost paid off. The fredrick ave store put false info in their system saying they returned it to stock. Yet its really no where to be found.

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J. Burnette - 9 d 11 h ago


"First Time" doing business with your company and after I finish paying everything off You can guarantee it will be the last. I came into your store Friday 8/4/17 to purchase furniture, was told I would have to wait until Monday 8/7/17 to receive merchandise. My scheduled delivery time was set for (4:00 p.m) which was fine because I explained to the gentleman that I got off work at 6 a.m and had to go back in later at 10 p.m. So Monday has come and no one shows up. I called after 5:45 p.m to see what the hold up was. The guy who answered cracks a few jokes (instead of taking me & my time serious) the gentleman then gave me the run arounds stating they would be there at (7:00 p.m) So 8:30 hits and still no one has shown up. I call the store again, by now I'm upset! The guy explains there loading up and will arrive in 20 minutes. Once again, I've gotten the run arounds! Because no one came. I should be treated like a valued customer, the gentleman gave me his word and I expect to have my things at the scheduled time! I left home at 9:50 p.m no one ever came by or called. I'm highly upset with this company, because this is not how you conduct business! Your company was QUICK to take a down payment Friday but can't deliver my merchandise as scheduled! This is very poor customer service and I don't wish to continue future services with your company! I will warn everyone I know, to NOT do business with Rent - A - Center.

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I spoke with an Ebony Johnson at a store in my area who kept calling me a bitch. Then when confronted by my husband she claimed I called her a bitch when I have witnesses to my conversation who say otherwise. We received a USED mattress with bedbugs then a replacement mattress with bedbugs. We NEVER had a bug problem before this. The tried to get an extra $200 out of us on a $350 contract. We have been getting calls 10 times a day for 2 weeks straight. Law states 1 call a day or its harassment. We told them a good time during the day to call and they completely distrgarded it. Then the MANAGER accused my husband and I of lying when we told him his store employees were harassing us daily. - 9 d 15 h ago


I spoke with

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Raymond B Willis - 9 d 19 h ago


I had call the store 2 months ago,complaining of bed bugs! They only hassled me about making a payment! I've been paying on this used mattress since November of 2016! I was just told last month ,my outstanding balance is $342.16! I had to pay $250.00 to have the 2nd sprayed! And just made a payment of $107.00,that leaves me a balance of $234.00! I told the store,I'm set up to pay the remainder on e-z pay! Why would the district manager& store manager disrespect me with threats of them coming and reprossioning today! I told them unless you have a Court order,can that happen! The threating phone calls is not how to run a company you promote clients are family@ at he staff needs a training class of what's legally allowed by the state of California!

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kf - 10 d ago


I have never been so mad at a business in my entire life. We have had the mattress from the bed replaced because the original had bed bugs. Then we discovered that the replacement had bed bugs. We get phone calls from them 10+ times a day in the middle of the day when we've asked them to either call a different number or not call until 5pm due to work schedules. The employees have called me derogatory names (b****) and have claimed they can't help me with my husband's account when they have before. The manager has pulled an attitude when we told them to pick up the furniture due to harassment. No customery service representative should EVER call a customer names or a liar. We have filed reports everywhere and are considering legal action over the harassment.

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ALARMED & Concerned Citizen - 10 d ago

A Rent A Center employee contacted my phone (I did not answer) and the employee thought he hung up however, it went on to my voice mail. The Rent A Center employee was talking to another employee and went on to say how him and his uncle cut off a black guy with their car and scared the fu*k out of him by pulling a gun on him. I am afraid for my life, being a black woman, and will be reporting this to corporate....As well as the police.

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shequita - 11 d 11 h ago


hello m name s shequita moore you know i have been dealing with this store for a number of years i left for a long time came back to the same mess this time i am not ever doing business with this company any more i am so sick and tired of being harassed well before my freaking bill is do as of 8/04/17 i tried to get thru paying my bill all the way out the sales person told me before i pay my bill off i had a 33 dollar late fee am still tryng to figure that out so i was a little heated i left came back 8/5/17 my late fee went up to 34 dollars HOW i am not into just giving m hard earned money away fix this ratchet freaking store n clarksdale ms

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no name - 12 d 14 h ago



I have never written a review in my life against a company, so here goes. I have been a customer of Rent A Center on and off for more than 20 years starting back in 1994. I have purchased to date a stereo, washer, dryer, two laptop computers and a queen mattress set., as well as renting a bed, couch, dryer and recently a small computer pad. I had until recently gone to my local store in Everett Washington on Evergreen Way, a store that I have also used this entire time (two decades). I worked for a company for years, and I would provide the then manager of Rent a Center with promotional items for their employees many times, and was treated like a loyal customer, back then. In addition if I could not follow through with my agreement or I did not enjoy my item I could return it. I however, as you can see have completed thousands of dollars in contract. The last time I called I once again received service from Chris who had been the delivery guy at my house and had always been pleasant, On this day I arrived and felt as though I was being profiled , I had to fill in so much information and my references did not answer the phone so they were not considered viable. I left, not yelling or using profanity with an exclamation of "this is ridiculous. I once again rented on line and used the Everett Mall location, where I dealt with Hank who was fair, and my references were never called, however I had some unforeseen bills, so I returned the item. Flash forward to two weeks ago, I once again am ready for a computer after taking care to fill out Rent a Centers Online forms , I am approved and I make my first payment- back to the Evergreen Way store. I provide references. I am told by all three of these references that they were called and my parents who are in their 80's may not have understood, what the call was about I know my other reference confirmed my job,location and phone number and the other call was to my eldest son. Rent a center called today while I was at work and asks for three more references because" I got mad at their store." on the above mentioned visit. Remember at this point I have already paid for this item, my first payment , and am being told I need additional references including the fact that they have my credit card on file, and I have been a twenty year customer, the store manager hung up on me twice, I was not using profane language, or yelling, she let me know when I wanted to calm down she would talk to me and immediately started to recite their company policy. By my calculations I have spent close to 10,000 dollars with Rent A Center over the years. I am a customer service professional who was at my last job 27 years, and am now in an executive position at my new employment. I have never spoken to a customer the way that I was treated today or been hung up on twice or for that matter hung up on a customer. . Unbelievable in this day in age that you have a valued customer, that has purchased so much from you, that you would treat this way because they said something was" ridiculous", remember, I never swore or raised my voice nor would I ever. I proceeded to call their corporate office and Issac was very kind and will reach out to the district manager. At this point I just want my money back which they have had for two weeks. Rent a center- you have lost a customer that has been renting, as well as purchasing items from you for over two decades! I have paperwork for all of the aforementioned items, I know that you deal with people with less than perfect credit, however It does not give you the right to treat people disrespectfully and or profile people. I have lived in the same house for years, and was asked again for the name of my lienholder which has been the same also for this entire time. After reading these other reviews on this site, I would say that their company needs to do some training on customer service. We are hard working people, who ultimately pay your salaries!!! I will never spend another penny with this organization and am going to Sears tonight, where I know I will receive amazing customer service, in addition they have a lease to own program, which took all of 10 min to complete the form and the payments are pulled out of your check, and guess what I was approved on the spot. Remember Rent A Center, you are only as good as your front line employees. Here ends my 20 year relationship with your company. You might train the trainer, that it is not appropriate to hang up on customers, that are being straightforward, have already made a payment, and are not yelling. I really hope that upper management understands this is a true account , from someone who has spent a great deal of money with your organization. Thank you for reading this post. Everett Washington.

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NetworkingQueen11 - 14 d ago


Absolutely horrible and less competent since the Rent a Center in Yankton SD bought Aarons. I thought Aarons was poorly ran but RAC takes the winning price for super &%# Supreme Management Integery and Customer Care. It took 3 months for them to them to contact me about the Aaron selling to RAC ( by sending someone out to my house.) I paid what was due to the Worker and request that I have my payment set up online due to it being convenient and the best way for me to pay. Weeks roll by and nothing was set up. I live outside of time limits and the cell phone service is in and out.(worse with the construction) So I decided to email requesting correspondence for a form of actual solid communication and more clear from of communication about the MAJOR concerns about my account (since 2015) I have sent 4 emails as well as tried to call when I can get a signal over the past month... And the only email I revice is a generated generic one each time. I have the copies of the emails and will be submitting them with a formal complaint! And for I will also discuss in great detail how they not only refused a payment in May but also charged me 50 bucks on late fees. Aarons charged a one time flat rate of 5. Bucks. Are you guys that bad off from buying our Aarons you have to charge 7 plus bucks and for late fees? When I had request an online payment method and when the kid came out to my house received the payment and so I had to figure out a way to get a payment to the store. Glad I was able to pay on it even witn it being later hints to why I have to pay online. I can never get my payment in at a decent time. I just don't understand why the GM couldn't email me back personally so I could ask some questions and get some clear answers and having it in writing form would of been wonderful compared to a static filled phone conversation! What ever happen to Customer care of even The concerns of the ones who keep that company afloat by buying and referring customers NEVER again this is going on FB and all my social work and school live feed I may even put a rant in the paper this is BS!!!!!!

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Kim - 15 d 22 h ago

Very bad experience told them gonna be late continuous phone calls told them come get it twice still sitting in my living room instesd harassing phone calls to refrences now jeesshh they can't listen to anything will never recommend them to anyone i know

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Vicky - 31 d 33 s ago


Very Upset customer. I have been renting from my local Rent-A-Center, for over a year. I have been late several times, but always pay the late fees. So I was due Saturday and when they phoned I told them I would make the payment on Thursday they informed me they would have to pick my items up. Then I could pick back up on Thursday. This happened one time before on one of the same TV's I have now. 3 Months ago I owed less then $100.00 as of today I owe $133. not real sure how this has happened. Yes I understand they rent to people with bad credit, but If I continued to pay the late charges why do they need to pick up? In the last year I can not tell you how many different people they have had in collections. Yes I am upset I am quite sure I am not the only customer they have that this has happened too. If I wasnt in contact with them it would be different but I am. Joel the store manager is Amazing and the lady that works with him is GREAT i just feel treated VERY unfair. I have lost several hundreds of dollars but because of this I refuse to rent anything else from Rent A Center in Millersville, PA

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Vicky - 30 d 17 h ago


My problem was corrected the same day. Thank You Joel and and Normarris you are the BEST!!!! You need more employees like you two.....But I understand you can do so.much in a day's time.....


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Karen Fletcher - 15 d 9 h ago

I agree..they gave me some lame options when I called the store to complain that the rocker is 8 weeks old it looks like it's been sitting here for 3 years or more they did give me the option of they're going to have a have a pair of and come here to look how can you repair something and it's it's so screwed up it says useless material material and plywood it's horrible anyway they gave me one option the guy can come here and then they said they can't do anything they could send it to a place where they could do something and give me a loner chair till the other one gets fixed you cannot fix these chairs there's no way the material and the plywood that's built with it's a shame what happens if she just quit paying them what are they going to do knock on your door I'd like to have take this piece of s*** out of here I probably should have researched more about the store but I thought at okay let me go see it look good from the sidewalk window but damn they sure got me roped in it's nice to know that they don't work with the Better Business Bureau and I bet the CEO's probably sitting on furniture. I'm going to make sure I recommend them to my friends as how bad they are I see that you can even write them with no Stars I did how can a place get any lower Deluxe furniture store not just piece of s*** that he has

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Karen Fletcher - 15 d 9 h ago

Unfortunately I was quite stupid and I am leasing to buy a rocker recliner from your store in Hermitage PA this thing is starting to wear and tear and I've only had it seven or eight weeks it is built with such inferior merchandise it's like you can feel the plyboard it's made out of material on top I'd like every penny I gave your store back you can have this piece of crap chair horrible horrible horrible

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darrell - 15 d 11 h ago


i have had A very bad exp with this conpany, I fill like i am trap and they are taking advantange of me, not sure there has to be countless others at this desoto tx store, Now i am woundering is this common pratice at all there stores.offering used aquitment as new. they are more expensvie than any other rental store. they employees are poorly trained , driver are uninformed cant answer question, not uniformed, in most cases one person on each truck who are sureing up 6;30 pm employees speck to customers with job security with the atitude what can you do to me, my manager is my friend

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Larry McGhee - 16 d 14 h ago


Name:. Larry McGhe

The Rent-A-Center located in Conn's in Colorado Springs,Colorado came to my home and beat for so hard and so long until my grandkids thought someone was breaking in the townhome at 11:30 am in the morning. I was not at home therefore my 3 grandchildren were frightened to death. When I got home I saw how broken the door was from beating for 20-25 minutes I did call the police and file a complaint against that store and they influenced us to let corporate know about the abuse and to send you pictures of what they did to our door. We have been with Conn's for about a year now and we have never had problems like this until now. If I had known Conn's was associated with RAC, I wouldn't have purchased anything from them ever. Btw this did occur on Saturday morning, July 29th around 11:30 am. Call me if you would like those pictures sent to you and I can also give the Police Officer you can contact as well.

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Raymond B Willis - 29 d 10 h ago


Don't shop at their stores! Rent A Center encourages a immature unskill staff to contact your references from3-4 times daily with unnecessary phone threats and will release any of your personal business with your references! I'll never use their stores again! After talking with the General Manager of the Bakersfield stores,it shows where the lack of leadership& respect lies! They feel ,since it seems like there's no corporate structure in employment training! They don't have to give you their last name and attempt to talk with clients with a total lack of disrespect! I'll higher advise to not shop at the store in "Bakersfield @ Chester& Columbus,under the manager of Mario and a non trained district manager of "Daniel"! As you can see,they only give out a first name after talking so disrespectful to clients,so any complaints,they can say,someone else in store is using their names! I had a issue with " Bed Bugs"! I tried to resolve,and they can't hear you then,it cost me $250.00 to have this bed treated by a pest control company! At no time is their a resolution to your payment arrangement& willing to quickly pickup item to resale to another victim! My mistake was accepting a used item from this store! I'll shop Aaron Brothers or any other store! I only used this store because I'm a "disabled person" and thought this will help me,in not setting up the bed! Hindsight,it's a $1,000. More expensive with a no trained staff to deal with! STAY AWAY FROM BAKERSFIELD STORES under the guidance of General manager "Daniel",as he seems to encourage the * hassling of clients* as a form of settling any disputes with Rent A Center products@

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Maria - 18 d 4 h ago

I have the same problem going in right now, they've been knowing about these stupid "Bed bugs" and they still haven't done anything about it. When I complained about it all they said was "we'll take care of it" till then they haven't done anything. I'm also still having to do my payments. This is in Oklahoma.

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Kat - 22 d 18 h ago


Can't find a store that delivers to my city even though they are only 1 half an hour away. Have a bedroom set on hold in my old city that I can't even get. Very frustrating.

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Unsatisfactory customer service - 24 d ago


Terrible customer service at the store on orange blossom trail in orlando, FL. I ordered a brand new complete bed set from them with weekly payments. I waited two days for delivery. When the delivery guys finally showed up to my home, I was informed that the dresser was missing a huge drawer. However, the missing piece was ordered two weeks prior to that day and it can only take up to four weeks. I then argued that the set was not brand new so why am I going to pay brand new price. I talked to the store manager Omar and he said I just ordered the missing piece. I said well the other store manager told me he ordered it already. Four weeks later I am still with out a drawer for my bedroom set. I called to get an update but the store manager told me it can take up to six months to a year before I get my drawer and I still have to make my payments on time. I should have just save my money until I can afford a complete bed set or went to Badcock or rooms to go. I feel like I got ripped off by rent a center.

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One mad mother fucker - 25 d 8 h ago


I got a ps4 from rent a center n Alexandria La,on 7-20-17 do to my work schedule an mother being sick was not able to hook it up to play for the first time until 7-23-17 the console turned on the controller would not hook up to it to guess all I no is it would not work I record the whole experience after trying to get it to work for 10-15 Minutes I was so agged I turned it of an put it I couldn't even out it n the box bc it was given to me wrapped n plastic it was a used ps4 that was brought back an there expectingeexpecting to almost 600$ for it I was under the impression that u I received new items from there not second hand junk once I seen it wasn't n a box an was second hand I told him I don't want it he spoke to me like a used car sales man an like a fool I believed him an they advertise 25$ a week my payments are going to n 38$ n total I will spend almost 600$ on a ps4 that does not so u mean if I buy a couch there there is a good chance some else owned an had they nasty feet an dirty ass all over I don't no what kind a back alley business they running but they got the wrong one It took a act of Congress to get they did a back ground check like I was purchasing a fire arm then give me a used piece a cheap that dnt work after 10 mins of it not working I unhooked it an the ps4 console was so hot I could a cooked a pot a grits on

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Tee - 30 d 22 h ago


The Rent-A-Center store in North Miami, FL off of 7th Ave have a bunch of punks working for them. I work for the school system and I'm not working for the summer. I've been a paying customer since December and up until July 1st I missed one payment. The store manager named Christian made threats to me and I really don't like threats at all. Something needs to,be done about that because someone can get hurt behind running their mouths. However, when I first set up an account with RAC there were hidden fees that I was unaware of. I asked for an extension and I was told that their men are going to cone in my house and take the property. First of all that ain't happening. I have paid so much money on an item for it to be taken. Secondly, Christian needs a new name because he's a lousy representative of this company and besides the ratings and business sucks. No customer service skills at all. The next time I get threaten like I was, something will be done and threats will be made back. I talked to him in a peaceful and calm manner and he had to get loud and act like I'm delinquent or have been behind on several payments. This needs to be addressed to the CEO that HR needs to prescreen these people and evaluate them before hiring sleezeballs like him and the other one who can barely speak English.

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Anonymous - 29 d 10 h ago

I'm in total agreement,their needs to be a retraining of employees, as they believe they can address grown adults with no respect& challenge you with threats! I thought it was just in Bakersfield ,Ca! It seems to be a Corporate backed patterns of non-skilled employees of RAC!

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