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Rent a Center

5501 Headquarters Dr.
Plano, TX
Mark Speese
Chairman and CEO
(972) 801-1100
(866) 260-1424
Twitter IDs
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Mays - 2 d 4 h ago


Rent a center on Garth road has had me wait all day at home for a pick up for a TV to be fixed. They were supposed to come between 2pm to 4 pm. When I called I was told they went to the wrong address and would then be here between 4pm to 6pm. Tara also stated the wrong information and was very rude. We personally went Into the store over the weekend and gave them the new address. They were also supposed to pick the TV up and bring a loaner the week before we were told the reason they didnt come that week was due to them not putting it in the system.

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Anonymous - 2 d 6 h ago

What a joke you change your stupid policy's every stinking time

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Jeannie Marshall - 10 d 9 h ago


Hi my name is Jeannie Marshall. Account number (hidden)1. I have been renting from your company since I was 21 and the last name was Matheny. I am 49 now about to be 50. The reason I am writing is that I will never rent from your company again as soon as I pay off what I owe you now. Reason being is that the 50 inch TV and Laptop that I rented months ago and am paying on was stolen the week I rented them. I had called the police and filed a report and brought the report number to the store I rented from in Horn Lake Ms. Samantha is the Managers name. Left the number on the counter and was told that it would have to be looked into and approved before the insurance would pay if it paid and later told I needed the actual report, which I could not get due to leaving the number on the counter. But the items I am paying for I do not have. Now I found out after I said I don't need the insurance, benefit package months ago since I was paying for something I don't have and did NOT need the insurance I was still be charged for it. RIP OFF!!!!! Also, I work on the weekend, always there before closing but still receive rude messages for a reminder call, which I ASKED NOT TO RECEIVE. I am not a child and it charges my phone. I hope your company makes a killing off of people like me and are happy.

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Nancy - 3 d ago


Nancy here read my comets whether a believer or not I am not here to turn you into one think about the morals and ethic behind what you just said. I have information to share in regards to the whole concept of look at the employees are the similarities???? is there common personalities perhaps read others comments and look at that for awhile yes there is i traveled the 40 route 4 times investigating odd things I studied 25 years truth of occultist behavior keep all your animals in doors if they leave beware they are still around watching you. Screw them I would not fear them but watch them go into a store they will disappear for a while and reappear very odd presence in stores and the people are odd not fitting in and morals and ethics are gone.The Devil are they and I believe you should call and lets prove this theory I have for 25 years not just this company but many including the other fields be aware I am scooting out of here soon landlord is on the same team there is a presence of a person that will tell your soul the good and the evil listen listen listen 234 706 5260 .Nancy ask for this my code.

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Stephen - 9 d 16 s ago

7 days late and they want to harass me texting me from a personal cell number any ideas what should i do ?

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Nancy - 3 d 49 m ago


Call me 234 706 5260 ask for Nancy my code. I will return your call I shared with other post i study companies and corporations and other higher positions i cant state that i have discovered in 25 years of research have a occultist relation to demonic behavior. I have lectures of secret meeting location disclosed on personal level only. i have written articles published in some very off the wall publications and emailed over 3 000 people on proof including university of UCLA. i am a gypsy no place to long even the landlords find me out and evict me on grounds of non payment then weird ass rent a center shows up at my door last days now till moving and my supposed new landlord suddenly text me I Cant Rent To You I already signed wow how odd is that the day Rent a center shows up at my rental place and the new supposed landlord dose to how dose the new landlord know where i lived I lived here 3 months only and never disclosed physical address because I never signed a new lease ??????? I live in Akron Ohio I can share more till I am safe and gone.

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Anonymous - 6 d 6 h ago


Its easy to say its new, but is it really?????????????????I rented a queen-size bed only to find they lied. It had been used and had bugs. They wanted $159.00 a month. Help me understand the logic of lies. I paid $53.98 for two weeks, and I have the receipt. The next two weeks , they wanted $73.00-----------------What is that all about. I have sent the bed back, only to wonder where will I sleep because Rent-A-Center lied.

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Nancy - 3 d 22 h ago


Wow Bugs. They are occultist I believe there is a similar resembles between the people I seen work there tattoos maybe hair smell not sure I do know I had a real hell moment today i wrote a complete description of broken window at rental and windshield on SUV and most of all when the cops came i was the bad guy. I believe there is a hell and today i thing Satan advocates were at my house seriously no joke I believe in demonic beings guys. I would not state this unless I know what a bit of information is to be released to the press on Rent A Center symbols mean and what kind of people there hire look at your local rent a center people there are specific features and details and the assault animals as another person states. Get back to me people I have a email and do secret lectures on corporate satanic clubs Reply i will be at a location for listeners I cant use my real name but you can call my hotline 234 706 5260 . Beware.

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Anonymous - 3 d 7 h ago


Horrible... Absolutely horrible. I am filing a complaint with the BBB. How is it okay for your employees to give out MY private information to a GUEST at my house & then when they come out again, they are seen KICKING my dog?! DISGUSTED!!!

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Mad as Hell Nancy - 3 d ago


Man that pisses-me off hurting a dog man hear me now I want to put them out of business let me ask you to contact me and please everyone lets file civil i will do the forms for free lets man do it.

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I have contacted Customer Service 5 times. Rent a Center is trying to charge me for furniture that was not delivered yet. TGIS IS OUTRAGEOUSE. On top of that District and Regional Managers REFUSE TO CALL ME BACK. - 14 d ago


Leron Fielding

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Disgusted customer - 3 d ago


The regionals dont do anything. I have tried in my area.

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Nancy - 3 d 42 s ago


I feel you I called today after 3 goons were terrorizing me by beating on all my doors cracked my window in dinning room area cracked my unattended SUV in driveway also ran around my rental house yelling I know your in there This was in Akron Ohio I called Headquarters seemed nice ??? but I feel you I am filing a class action suite for a whole lot of reasons I was not home get called at work to go home three people dressed in rent a center uniforms are climbing your house and pounding on all the windows I was terrorized OUT THEM OUT OF Business please people don't shop there my landlord is kicking me out.

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Disgusted, disturbed, and disapproving customer - 3 d ago


I went into the Rent A Center in Bluefield Va (college ave) with all intentions of making a purchase. Walk in see noone..look around see something I like yet noone is there. No store manager, employees, not anyone. I am unsure if they were "taking a smoke break" or what. I work in Retail as a manager and you yourself as a manager should be on the floor and available at all times. Yet Bluefield Va... I see noone. This is a tale of customer service in which Bluefield VA RENT A CENTER does NOT have. I even looked on the front door to see if I could get the name of a manager and it just has hours on it. My purchase will go to a different company even though I have made several purchases in WV with Rent A Center. This experience has left me in awe.

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Taylor spencer - 3 d ago


Horrible so unprofessional

We went in and got a new bed

My husband was off work a month later and we went in and told them to come get the bed cause we didn't have money to pay for it right now until he got back into his job they then told us oh no don't worry we will work with you

So we thought ok hubby went back to work on June 22 about a month after being out of work and about a week in a half after they told us they would work with us at the store. Anyways they show up to my husband work his very first day back

The guy walks up to my husband at the service desk infornt of other workers and costumers with his hands in a fist and say where my bed we told them come the next day to get it

Hubby ended up getting called into work early and wasn't able to be there at the time he said to come get it so when we called to tell them to come get it they said he didn't keep his word. I told them sorry work is more important but that besides the point come get your stuff

They also wouldn't take a payment on my fathers stuff they told him they wouldn't take a payment until we gave them the bed. Mind u we already tried to give it back a few weeks ago

Idk what my fathers account has to do with mine we aren't on the some one or anything.

Very very very annoyed and unhappy. I will be filing a report with the bbb over all this

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annonymous - 9 d 5 h ago


Be aware that background checks are not done on their employees. A person I know who is a neighbor was hired by them who has a felony conviction for car theft as well as 9 misdemeanors for tampering with a motor vehicle, domestic assault, disorderly contact and driving with a suspended license multiple times.

Apparently the company hires non credible employees and that is why they have so many customer complaints by customers.

The company is a scam and they hire scammers to deal with the public. How sad!!!!!!!

Chairman and CEO of the company Mark Speese should be ashamed of the company. The Board of Directors apparently don't care either.

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Anonymous - 12 d ago


How do I report a wreckless driver when the only number on the truck is your 800 number? I was behind a driver today, June 14, 2017, in North Las Vegas, Nevada around 2:30 pm. He was headed north bound on Commerce St. At Commerce & Cheyenne he was in a clearly marked right turn lane only but went straight. He floored the accelerator pedal to beat traffic so he could get in the correct lane. Continuing to travel north bound, he was doing at least 55mph in a 35mph because I was doing 45mph trying to keep up. His back bumper had graffiti with the license plate crumpled and the only numbers I could write down at the traffic light was ?89-YJK. He finally turned left (west) just north of Commerce & Washburn. This type of driving behavior should be unacceptable by your corporation.

General profile image

Crazy - 11 d 6 h ago

No need to report. When you call to complain they send you through all these loopholes to where you get tired of waiting so they really don't want to hear it anyway they're getting enough money to where they're not going to worry about what you think about

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Pissed - 11 d 6 h ago


How about a stove from Rent-A-Center and they were supposed to drop it off the next day but they didn't call me or anything so I called them and they say well we don't have time to drop it off yet okay well I didn't know sorry I screwed up for vacation hours for that and now I get the stove and it don't work so I call him they take a week to come get it no two weeks to come get it and two weeks later omg. I hate rent a center

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Anonymous - 12 d 25 s ago

I have only purchased one item from rent a center and had good experience at that time in Port Arthur Texas. I recently moved to Beaumont Texas ,and my neighbor dates a guy that works in rent a center in Beaumont he shows up several times a week in the truck they use to move furniture either picking her up taking her somewhere or coming back dropping her off. He is very rude bad attitude disrespectful of others.I'm sorry but due to him I will not purchase anything from there again and will let others know of his actions and recommend them not to as well.

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Leah kelley - 13 d 4 m ago


I feel rent a centers business practices are unscrupulous and deceptive.

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NeVeR AgAiN - 13 d 6 h ago


They were told multiple times by the owner and other staff to stop calling my job that we are NOT allowed personal calls. They continued to call multiple time a day every day. Then came to my job. When asked to leave they just sat there. They went to my house while I was at work and no one home to collect what they wanted. However they still continue to call after they have been told and not to.

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Jamie - 13 d 8 h ago


Worst costumer service ever in the whole world, Is watervliet ny store ,I paid off my television with rent a center, but a week after I paid it my tv got a a black line through the screen, so I called them they told me they can send it out to see if it can be fixed an if not they well give me a new tv, they also gave me a loaner so i wasn't with out a tv, which was nice so even tho they told me it will take a week the latest to know if they can fix it they didn't call for a month, then tell me they can't fix it and aren't giving me a New tv that I have to pay for it , they were very rude and that was not what I was told, I just cent believe that I paid double what the selling price is just to have it break as soon as i pay it off, not to mention i don't even believe they could treat a long time customer that actually pays there payments like that, long storey short is I don't even believe it was sent out because I was told by 2 companies that it can it was only a thin black line through the screen, but rent a center couldn't ok yea right, they just didn't want to pay to fix it. I just don't understand how u have a warranty but can't get a new tv, I just don't believe it not for a minute that's a horrible an fake warranty. So glad im bit going to get anything else from there ever again, Aarons is the way to go plus rentacenter calls u non stop starting the day Ur payment is due if u aren't there are soon as they open they are calling by 10 even tho I don't get out of work till 3 or 4, so annoying.

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Vance - 13 d 7 h ago


Well, it is Watervliet. Watervliet is a shit hole anyway. Are they still in the same plaza as Ghetto Chopper? I have had problems with that store too.Don't expect any help from the corporate offices either. None of them give a shit either.

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Upset customer - 13 d 9 h ago


The rent a center in fort Morgan Colorado has very rude managers one by the name Brad who treated a customer with disability very rude and made her cry. Brad is very rude as a manager and should know how to treat his customers better no matter how they are. I will never do business there again

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