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Rent a Center

5501 Headquarters Dr.
Plano, TX
Mark Speese
Chairman and CEO
(972) 801-1100
(866) 260-1424
Twitter IDs
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Callie - 18 m 1 s ago

We are from Utah and we have been late before and I totally get it but taking it right out of our account and then telling me that I signed up for auto pay which is bullshit you have to sign shit for that That is so illegal as shit so maybe you should have an employee meeting that's why we have late fees we always pay and next time I will be going to Arron's they never treat us like this and they always work around anything that need to be worked around so and if we signed up for auto pay they wouldn't still be calling us get real rent a center your alittle twisted get your shit together I may just tell them to come get my shit thank you!!!! Have a pleasant day!!!!!

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Patricia Page - 1 d 2 h ago


I work 3rd shift so I have asked for my entire contract not to call before 2 , due to I'm SLEEPING , well they put 1:00pm in the computer, and still CALL at 10 and 11 am !

I go through this almost every week and they don't listen or obviously don't no how to read because I still get woke up from them wanting $30 because it's due you

no. I don't no what else to tell them I feel HARASSED every week ! I no I owe $30 ! I have talked to the MANAGER 10 times or so about this but it still happens ! PLEASE JUST LET ME SLEEP UNTIL I WAKE UP !

I will never purchase another thing from RENT A CENTER ! Change your calling policy a little , because if I pay late that's my fault . Isn't that what the late fee is for ?

Maybe I'll just go to AARONS next time !

We are the customers and the further you get into the contract the more pushy they get , because you no they want that product back to make the full amount off of it 2 or 3 more times !

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DISGUSTED! - 45 d ago


I dont know if you even read these judging by the amount of negative comments on this board and the years go by and still rent a center hires the most uncooperative, nasty, rude, disrespectful people on the planet. People like to do business with a good company. trust me if your locations continue to do business this way you will go under. I think you need to go on UNDERCOVER BOSS and try to fix what is going on in your company!

No one is perfect. life happens. yes i have been late but always pay and with late fees within a reasonable time. I have also had a death in the family which too a hit on my finances and placed me out of town for a few weeks. my daughter was home and called me crying that your employees were banging on the door and screaming and threatening through the door thinking i was home when i wasnt. I have paid alot of money for this furniture and just from being a few days late they look to pick it up no matter what the circumstance. I am in a rent to own bedroom set and will not lose all the money i have put into it just because im a few days late and my payoff is close. it feels as if they are trying to beat me out of money cause im close to my pay off.

the way they speak, act and treat people is disgusting! if you want you business to succeed to need to put a stop to this mayhem!

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Disgusted - 38 d ago



My brother and his was 20 days late on his agreement due to the weather and a death in our family resulting in him not getting paid. His wife, a retired veteran. They forced her to give everything back while my brother was at his first day back at work. They took the entire house. Now they have had to contact VA service for help getting something for her to sit on. She's disabled. I have never seen so much disrespect from a group of commission based jerks. Now that the VA is involved who knows what's going to happen. I do know that they just release everything and get triple paid.

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LP - 34 d ago


Yes in my recent dealings with rent a center I started reading the reviews there seems to be a repeating pattern with this company.They seem to count on people getting tired of trying to contact them. Well I'm not going away! It really amazes me that they have stayed in business. I think we should all get together and make them be accountable for their actions or lack there of

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Anonymous - 3 d 19 h ago


Love to talk to you more


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Jenny - 33 d ago


I have been an excellent customer never missed a payment. Paid out on two occasions and today I went to pay out on an item I have and I was told I could not do so until the manager returns....UNBELIEVABLE.... My review today is for the following.... People be aware of these scam artist I mean the local stores and head quarters they are a bunch of I don't know anything....




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Stephanie Harty - 3 d 19 h ago


Well, I understand how you feel. I have done business with Rent A Center for almost 10 years, and I must say, I also have paid off at least 15 items. Most of my experiences have been all right but a lot to be left for improvement.

Sadly with my current issues with the Woodburn Oregon Store, I am now on the receiving end of all the things mentioned in this comment section. Poor customer service, sarcastic and rude comments, harassed over a monthly payment before it is even one day late, and I pay early most month's!!!! My washing machine has the problem now of being scratched and dented where there was no damage before they took it to be repaired three times. I would love to be able to put them out of business but as long as the public needs this kind of an option, they probably will be here another thirty or so years. How sad, that they can get away with all of this crud. If anyone has been successful in fighting them please let all of us out here know. Thanks.

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julai chung - 3 d 19 h ago


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Anonymous - 27 d ago


The manager that works at 4805-B Buena Vista Road location in Columbus, Georgia is very rude, unprofessional, has a nasty demeanor, lacks customer service and talks to her employees any type of way in front of customers. I wouldn't recommend this store if they were giving their items away free. I went to another rental place and got a television. I didn't want to deal with any other RAC due to my first impression in that one.

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@sharkacenter rip off!!! - 25 d 18 h ago


Same at all their locations. Worst customer service expirence I have ever seen. All they are doing is stealing your money. #rentshark!

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Stephanie Harty - 3 d 19 h ago


Well I am a Rent A Center victim, my self I have worked with several different Stores over the years, and while i did experience,un informed staff, and periodic wait times for things, I chalked it up to stuff happens.

This current and will definitely be the last time I deal with their ridiculous and sarcastic, uncaring attitudes.

I have only six payments left on a pre owned Washer/Dryer set, and in the last three months, they have had to give me a loaner to use, currently happening for the fourth time. Interestingly no one wants to do the right thing by the customers. We rent at their pricing and monthly agreements, on time month after month. First time a major issue arises they fall back on legalese and loopholes. Employees, and Management get away with being rude and very personal and sarcastic. Making comments like the ones I have been seeing here. I agreed to a pre owned set, accepted some light scuffing on the finish of the top of both the washer and dryer. Now, with them man handling the washer back and fourth three times. I am not going to get the value of what I am paying for. If I had not made this many payments prior to the repair issue I would have told them to take them and chalked it up to the low class business they are running.

I have gotten angry but appropriate in stating my upset and displeasure with the whole thing. I am so heartsick that this happened so late in the contract. The washer is dented and scratched so much more than it was when it was first delivered. Glad it is not something that sits in your living room for everyone to see. right?

They tell me they are outside the legal guidelines of how a person would normally get some legal relief. I am not behind in payments, we have not moved the machines even once. This is all their horrible practices and money grubbing policies. Too bad not enough people can get together for a class action suit.

I do not care if I am putting myself out there. Please contact me at (hidden). If anyone has had any success, resolving these kind of issues please let me know. I wish they could be put out of business.

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Stephanie Harty - 3 d 19 h ago


By the way, the comment from Stephanie Harty is from the Woodburn, Oregon Store.

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Melissa - 6 d 19 h ago


Once my matters is paid off, I will never buy from you again, I will tell all my friends to never buy form here no matter what. Edgewood Maryland Store. I will post on face book and I will tag you !!!!

your store has terrible Customer Service.

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

The store in Fort Wayne Indiana on Rudisill Blvd really needs to be looked into. The guys in there are crooked and dishonest as hell!!

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THE WORST - 7 d 29 m ago


I got the furniture a couple months ago and the furniture had a bad smell. I was told numerous times that I would have someone come out and clean it but they never came and this has been about two months. I called to pay my bill today and I get charged a late fee but they never sent anybody to come clean my furniture. I also was told to call back on Thursday so that I can get someone to clean my furniture. What kind of customer service is that where the customer has to call to get merchandise serviced after numerous attempts? This is a big problem and horrible customer service. You can call to make sure I make a payment but cant call to tell me when Im supposed to get my merchandise serviced. Makes absolutely no sense to me. Definitely will be looking for the corporate number to make a complaint asap.

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Anonymous - 7 d 4 h ago

I just paid my bill at the Kirksville, MO store. I don't know the employer name and didn't feel comfortable speaking to Quentin, the store manager in front of him. He had a blast g was of chewing tobacco in his mouth. This is as un professional as chewing gum, especially when dealing with the public. Something needs to be done.

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Otis Mack - 7 d 7 h ago


Hi my name is Otis Mack and i have a serious issue with a employee by the name of Shamus at the store on Campbellton Road he is very unprofessional and he is harassing me and steady calling my job and everywhere else then i have been told he was over charging me and etc then i was told by another employee that if i paid $15 for a program that if i fall on hard times it would cover me and yes ive been late more than once but i always pay the late fee and etc but this man is constantly harassing me sayin he gone have to take my the furniture bk and all of the above and im bout done paying on several of the items and i just had death in the family and had ran on hard times and i told him i would pay 1 of the items on off and catch it bk on the rest and he is constantly threatning me when he know im not tryin to take anything i mean he over charged me for a bedroom set i paid for everything in the store but when it was delivered you say you didnt charge me for mattresses but u had them on the truck but had me sign another contract for em and i honored it cause i wanted the bed but to be harassed and threatened by a employee im not satisfied and my name is Otis Mack and i can be reached at (hidden)

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Ronette Paul - 7 d 19 h ago


We just got a television from you guys the employees said that it was going to be at our place between 2&4p.m.the television came after 4:345p.m.without the remote control so they had to bring the remote back and when he did bring it back after 7:30pm they try to say we did something to it now mind you this television has no buttons on it and this guy who delivered it had to walk up 3 flights of stairs why they hell we would damage something that we were paying for so now I think their trying to hussle us for their fuck up

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Brian & Lisa Trimble - 8 d ago

Hello, my name is Mrs. Trimble. I live here in Granite Falls NC. I was out of town over the weekend and one of your reps came by and left a tag stating that he was here, but didn't close my storm door and the wind slammed it against the house and NOW the closer is broken!! There was no one else here , we don't and did not expect no visitors from anyone!! How can we resolve this matter with complete professionalism??

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Travis schadt - 9 d 12 h ago


I have been a faithful and ontime customer of rent a center for approx 18months. Last April I fell on hard times and lost my house but didn't want to loose my stuff i was renting. I called the rent a center store in liberty NY and spoke with the store manager whose name was Craig. I explained to Craig what I was going threw and what I was loosing and asked if there was anything he could or would be willing to do for me and he said to which I had 3 witnesses while I was speaking to him on speaker phone.he said since i have been a faithfully paying customer that he would drop the price of my washer and dryer from $500 and some change down to $140 which he did and the price of the brand new flat screen TV from $1300 and some change down to $590 which he did..then i believe he in a short time after that I had paid off the washer and dryer he was no longer employed there but warned me that people in that store liked to over charge renters. I have been faithfully paying $45.63 a week since may of 2017 and here it is February 2018 and I'm still paying this weekly payment faithfully and ontime and today i said to myself I've had enough this has been too long and should have been done months ago..I did some basic math at $45.63x4 is $182.52 a month I've been paying for just shy of a year which comes to $1460.16 which deduct $590 from that and I've been grossly overcharged by $860 for something I was supposed to have payed only $590 for!!!!!!!!!! This is absolutely disgusting to do this to someone who has been such an honest and faithful customer for the last posting this in hopes it reaches someone in this company at the top...and immediately refunds me my $860 before I've got to get a loan to hire my attorney to take this company to court and when a judge and the better business bureau finds this out this company will pay lawyer fees,court costs and my $860 back to done being fucked over and taken advantage of for my back breaking 12-14hr a day money..thank you and may god bless and forgive you for what this company has done to me.

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Malisha C - 16 d 19 h ago

I have been a loyal rentacenter customer for about 8 yrs .i have used the price match in terrell tx had no issue but i moved to farmersville and this year i asked for it from my store in greenville i was gonna buy a note 8 as i had enjoyed my note 5 that i had price matched 2 yrs ago. I was told that due to it being a new item they wouldnt honor it and told me they only matched prices to stores like Aarons. The sign says any competitors ..i use smartpay thru straighttalk which gives u either cash price or installments. I was gonna do same as cash price 90 days . I brought in the paperwork from internet showing phone and price . If you dont honor this u may want to change your signs. I will no longer use this rentacenter as customer service is crappy there ..i would like someone to call me if possible . My cell is (hidden) i work til 4 most days . I hope u understand i love rentacenter but this issue has left me questioning why u would turn down a sale. Ty

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Anonymous - 10 d 23 h ago

Sorry to informed you but yes we price match with competitors, so like Aarons; because we are not a regular retail store.

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Russell - 13 d 16 h ago

Ordered a gaming system for my son in Alamosa Colorado they said up to 6 weeks to get I'm just curious why so long??

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Sale Manager - 10 d 23 h ago


If they r doing a special order it could take that long, but it should of transfer one from another store for u.... the people need to know what they are doing.... best customer service honestly is with the people that have work over 2 yrs in the company right most of them

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