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Rent a Center

5501 Headquarters Dr.
Plano, TX
Mark Speese
Chairman and CEO
(972) 801-1100
(866) 260-1424
Twitter IDs
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shannon back - 2 d 2 h ago


They do not live up to what they tell you on payments I had agreement if I missed on Saturday I could come in on Monday because of my job with Marcus the store manager now they're trying to start a new policy stating if you're one day behind they charge you for two weeks if you read the little sign they have out there states that your contract has to be ended in order to reinstate it you have to pay two weeks so now I guess they need to learn how to read their own stuff I am really aggravated with this store since the new assistant manager come on a month ago and the new employees it seems like they have an attitude with all their customers based off these reviews I would believe it if anybody needs it I have the home office's number I will post it on here district manager is named Brian here is the home office's number (hidden) no offense to Marcus the store manager but he needs to take back over his store the ones running it for him are very rude to customers especially the account manager and the assistant manager when they refuse a payment they do not have no right for repossession because they refused the payment and I will take that to court when you give it to the judge but they refuse the payment he will ask them why they are supposed to set the payment even if it's for $1 I do repossessions for a living I know the laws on this them fuse in the payment can hurt them because in the state of South Carolina I have 30 days to make that payment in they have to send me a registered letter how to write to care if they want to repossess my stuff stating how much I'm behind so as of right now nobody has lived up to their agreement I have asked for a part for my tools that I bought from them it's a charger I cannot even use the tools I hope this post goes on up the chain to everybody that they Spartanburg SC Rent-A-Center it's very rude and everything they will not let you speak to the store manager the only person I will talk to is Marcos or Brian so when one of them decide to call me I am waiting my payment date but $26 it was due on Saturday today is Monday

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Anita walker - 3 d ago


Really disappointed..I paid premium payments..several times i called n reported issues with my equipment..dryer would not turn..sent to be repaired a month later it was returned..low n behold first load n dryer did not work..washer clutch was going out asked to be repaired..never showed up..last payment n washer has been in shop 3 months now..costing me $20 a week to do laundry..i am now at $240 spent on laundry i would not have spent providing my equipment was repaired in a timely manner..not happy..this is detering me from ever using rent a ceenter nor at this point not recommending anyone to this company.

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Star - 42 d 17 h ago


I have missed a payment. I've been on bed rest from major surgery and they have called me 2-3 times a day even after store hours. They have came to my house 3 times a day and harrassed my family and friends. They ring my doorbell over and over and over. I believe in any collection process they do have to follow the FDCPA guidelines. Not ignoring them just can't get up from my bed right. Such jerks.

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Anonymous - 36 d ago

I feel ur pain i lost my dad and the just wouldn't let me mourn

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Anonymous - 36 d ago

Did you explain your situation?

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

Why does no one get it? It's RENT a center. THEY DO NOT CARE. It's like a "buy here pay here" car dealership. If you miss a payment they want their stuff so they can sell it to someone else. You are RENTING their stuff until it's paid off. It sucks because life happens, but they don't give a shit. Everyone has things. Everyone has dead people, I'm sorry about your dad, that's awful. I have lost 4 people just this summer, but all my bills still got paid. If you don't want a situation like that, wait until you can afford it and go buy furniture instead of RENTING it. RAC DOES NOT CARE. All they want is their money, and the moment they don't get it, they will take their stuff. Have no illusions here, that furniture you have, is not yours until you have paid the inflated price you are paying, it still belongs to them until you have made that last payment.

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Anonymous is a B$&@ch - 3 d 51 m ago

Hey anonymous you must suck off RAC as you sure are dick riding them hard to the paint. What do they pay you a mouth full of wiener to slob on their nob with dumbass replies to every complaint on this form?

Your a little bitch and really should stop sucking off your people no one wants a dicksucker that replies to every situation ol fag.

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Jan - 19 d ago


Vent away, RAC doesn't care about their own employees much less their customers. Have you ever resolved an issue using this website? NO, that's because they do not care.

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

Also, this website is not really a corp website. This is just were people go to bitch and other people go to read and laugh at some of the ridiculous things that get posted. You will never get help from this website ever.

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Jan - 4 d 3 h ago


Absolutely true.

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Sharon green - 6 d 21 h ago


I have spent thousands of dollars at this company and thought I was a valued customer Miguel store manager took payment on a bed I enforced I need a firm mattress he sent me a pillow top back problems so he said he would get me a new one didn't and according to staff that's all they had so I reversed this month payment and requested reverse of first initial installment on something I can't even sleep on begging them to come get it turn on my second on top of that he said a message to an employee that I wasn't getting my money back you throw in the fact that they got roaches and not unheard racial and discriminatory conversations in that office I have never in my life is so offended but you throw a party and invite me as a valued customer I no longer feel like a value customer Miguel's went so far as to welcome me to go to anywhere else to purchase my stuff like Rent-A-Center's corporation didn't need my money and if I give you information and you pulled my history you will see I have spent thousands of dollars at Rent-A-Center more than thousands it's ridiculous that I can't get respect and if I tell you to come pick your stuff up you still want to charge me at offer a product that I didn't want in the first place so I reverse my my last payment and now I'm being denied my first initial payment no longer where to send a client and I might just put y'all business in the street so can you call Miguel at 3500 international boulevard Oakland California 94601 I believe it's it's it's in the phone number is (hidden) yeah and ask him why did he call that black man donkey in the movie Shrek it's ridiculous what I have to experience as such a reputable company my phone number is (hidden) and my name is Sharon green feel free to call me with a follow-up

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Terricashdollar - 38 d 18 h ago



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Anonymous - 6 d 40 s ago

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Amy - 8 d 5 h ago


Amelia Ohio location is not understanding when real life things happen and we gotta be late at times. But our payments are always made. We already paid DC one set off. And got another set. We have tried to change the day to make the payments and they want more money. It's frustrating. We have not been late yet on our new set until now, I tried telling em we our outta town with proof of a family emergency and can't make it in til Wed. They are being hateful and don't wanna work with us! Heartless employees. Non understanding things do happen. And rude about it! Wat kinda business is this?! My mom and a friend from work rents from em. We are all mad and ready to go elsewhere and let em have their stuff back and lose 3 good customers. All over a late payment that will be made.

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Anonymous - 7 d 20 h ago

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Anonymous - 6 d 48 m ago

what makes u think a place like that cares about any of the things you just said?

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Pissed in Chicago! - 6 d ago


I'm pissed! I bought a Refrigerator last year and can't use it. It's Frozen over,food gets stuck frozen together. The bottom is barely warm and all the food in the bottom spoiled. Freezer un-froze or died out and all the frozened foo

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Christina Newland - 7 d 6 h ago


I have been with this company since they were Rentway!!I recently asked for an A 70 Galaxy phone and got brought an A7 phone.I don't like being deceived like I was.I was going to be charged over a thousand plus dollars for a used last years model.I have spent over 15,000.00 dollars in merchandise in your Newport Vt store.If this happens again I will return everything I have!!

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Anonymous - 8 d 12 h ago

I got a bedroom set from these guys. Well took when it finally got to me I'm informed they cracked the corner off my dresser and would have to order a replacement. Which I was totally understanding not knowing that it would take almost a month and still haven't gotten my dresser I've called guess what no call back. The least they could do is offer sometime if dresser to have in the meantime, No nothing on where the fuck my dresser is or when it I will have it. I'm living out of suitcases and now I'm pissed off

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Anonymous - 9 d 19 h ago


Brad King at 427 should be fired ASAP

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James bond - 18 d 48 s ago


This company is completely crap. They are disorganized and the employees they have dont care about the customer they only care about making a stupid sale. I have had my stuff for 2 months and they already are treating me like shit. Im fed up with there customer service that they dont have. If you can get away with renting to buy somewhere else please do it! Youll save yourself the trouble of dealing with these uneducated people. The inglewood locations store manager is a piece of work and only shows you there true color as a company.

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Cassandra - 20 d 4 h ago

Hi, I had recently rented a computer back in fall of 2018 for online class and after 5 week course was up I returned computer then couple months later rented a television but upgraded and bought one so therefore returned and paid payment that was due upon returning well just the other day went online and they had fabulous deals and I assume was discontinued merchandise and ads were very nice but they never responded to online so therefore called store that allocated to my location which was store has used then sales lady stated that reason why they did not respond to online order was because I owed 218.49 and I am like what? For what ? We cannot rent to you anymore so I am like tell me what and when ? Sales rep stating I'm only telling you what is written so I'm like well you told me 218.00 but not for what do then she stayed can you give me information that we should have so I gave my phone number and address and she was like yes match phone number but still she went a little further and information was all wrong nevertheless I don't owe them anything! So then rep said let me look into for minute comes back what do you want to get but then I was like if I get anything they will be "hounding" looking for something to say I am that person that owe that 218.00 and I truly believe that put that in wrong profile because none of recent information was in as of when I rented tv because had changed jobs and everything but they do not keep accurate information nor accurate books because she stayed they could not pick up merchandise and heck I picked up merchandise and brought back but if they go back and look at cameras they will see with dates they state I owe and merchandise was returned ! Really need accredible people to work just because you are good at data entry/small sales experience and cannot find anyone does not make a person a customer service manager nor customer service rep

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Syndi - 23 d 9 h ago


I rent from Batavia, NY store where my daughter works. I had gotten a 5 PC sectional couch that was previously rented out. To find out the couch is infested with bed bugs. I informed the store immediately and my daughter's response was "I am not fucken dealing with that". She claimed the problem didn't come from their store yet I didn't have the bugs til the couch was delivered. Very disappointed how I was treated when I contacted RAC on the issue. I'm a paying customer and have several things I'm currently making payments on at RAC. Was told by RAC that they will come get all the things I'm making payments on and I can take my business else where's. My payments are current up to date so there's no way that RAC can do that. I called the store again Thursday and was informed by another that isn't my daughter that they were making a report on the problem and I would here from corporate where they will be sending terminex to do my place at RAC expence. I still await to hear from anyone on the issue. In the mean time my home is taking the chances of the infestation going through my entire home. RAC is only responsible to pay if it's proven that it's from their products for terminex does a sweep of the home to make sure it's not totally infested but the area of where the RAC product is stationed at. The longer RAC corporate waits the bugs expand more through the home then it can't be proven that it came from their product. Very unpleased with RAC performance.

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Rene - 27 d ago


Hi I am letting you know that your store on William st in Decatur ill Steve that runs the store is choosing who he rents to he won't rent to me and my husband but he will rent to the people we live with so we won't deal with you guys ever again

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Guadalupe A Asencio - 29 d 17 h ago

I have posted recently how disappointed I am with RAC. I paid off my laptop along time ago, yet when I went to rent a washer 4 my daughter, I was told I still owed on it. When I knew for a FACT that I had paid it off.

Yet when I went to make a payment, the represenitive hand wrote on the contract that the pay 4 the laptop would be $89.50, & only $32.34 would go toward the washer. After he took the money.

Yet, when Steve called he agreed that the laptop had been paid off ALONG time ago.

I made a payment on July 17th of $180.00, told that the balance owed was $151.99. I told RAC that since I was on auto pay I wanted a written receipt that the WASHER was paid off, since they were to withdraw the $151.99 on the 1st of August, that I would NEVER recommend RAC to my family/friends nor anyone who asked. I explained how I paid off my laptop; via $200.00 AT&T gift card, my debit card, & cash.

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