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Rent a Center

5501 Headquarters Dr.
Plano, TX
Mark Speese
Chairman and CEO
(972) 801-1100
(866) 260-1424
Twitter IDs
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Anonymous - 10 h 20 m ago

Place is a rip off .They make there money off poor people who can't afford the cash up front and rob them blind and take it back and resale

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Alicia - 3 d 10 h ago


RENT A CENTER 549-551 NE 81st STREET MIAMI DO NOT RENT. ALL RENT A CENTERS SHOULD BE BOYCOTTED. nothing but a bunch of loan sharks. Unprofessional employees who act as bounty hunters. Rent a center preys on the poor and takes advantage of people in low situations. A company who enjoys kicking you while you are down. A company who enjoys stealing from the poor and taking advantage of hard working individuals. I would be embarrassed to have such an establishment. I am ONE week late on a payment and have REPEATEDLY told MULTIPLE employees DAILY of the situation, I have been threatened, harassed, they will call me, SPEAK, to me, and then call my work place, my family, my references. What is wrong with you people????????

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CupCakes82 - 2 d 9 h ago

So for that Boycotting . California

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cupCakes82 - 2 d 9 h ago

Question? If you have a credit from Rent a center . Does it expire and what if the store moves ?

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Thateous Nigerous 2580 - 8 d 13 h ago


Working at rent a center has been horrible. Management do not appreciate there employees. You pretty much have to use your vacation time when they tell you to. Store manager is rude and hangs up on her co workers. Also store manager wants you to be rude to customers and harass them by calling customers on what she call a side line in order to make her credit goals instead of practicing exemplary customer service And following company protocol. I don't feel comfortable committed crimes like harassing customers beyond the company's standard. Being force to threaten customers with the police and lawsuit.

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Alicia - 3 d 10 h ago

So can rent a center actually call the police or file a law suit if you don't comply?

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Terry Mitchell - 3 d 14 h ago


I rented a washer from the Mebane location I had it for two weeks and now I am in a position to return it back to the store.I called the store and ask them when can they come to pick the item up the guy named PHIL that manages there told me it would be between 3 and 4 but after I talked with him the first time after he hung up the phone with me he sent somebody right after and I wasn't home then because he first stated to me a specific time which was the 3 and 4 p.m. time. I had to call back after 3 p.m. to ask him now I am at home waiting for you guys to come back and pick up the washer he then tells me they is out doing deliveries but the first time I spoke with him he quickly sent someone out but didn't ask me was I at home first before doing such an unprofessional move as that he is a terrible person to reason with apparently he has issues dealing with people I PRAY for him he needs Jesus!! He is so unprofessional! I would not recommend no one to rent from them this is my first and last time to rent from them. PHIL need to get a life.

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Anonymous - 3 d 19 h ago

The rent a center in kittanning pa absolutely rediculous ..they made me feel very uncomfortable..asked questions that that had nothin to do with renting anything

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Anonymous - 4 d 10 h ago


I will never come into your stores again I'm in the hospital and you're managers from the store here in lansing Michigan on Saginaw and Waverly yes I understand about our rental but when I say I'll talk to my husband about the issue he works 2 jobs I only see him when he comes to visit me in the hospital in the morning then he off to work every day I'm getting calls about this issue you people have his number use it I'm not talking to anyone from rent a center fyi we have a attorney also

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Anonymous - 4 d 17 h ago

I would not tell anyone to shop at rent a center in staunton va. They come with all these hidden fees and expect you to pay. They have no manners with the customers. You ask them a question and hope for an answer they have none. NEVER EVER SHOP AT RENT A CENTER. Sorry I did.

Kimberly Milton

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william J hulsart ii - 7 d 3 h ago


They are very poor with customer service they never came out to fix are couch and loveseat they put a hole in the wall we called them up and asked them if they would come out on the 21st because of my wife had surgery done and they turned around and said no so it looks like I'm going to have to go higher up cause we have had nothing and I mean nothing but problems with rent center here in Chicago they suck go to AARON'S and never once called us back anything happens to my wife I will be Suing Rent center

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Unsatisfied customer - 7 d 14 h ago

We tried and tried to reach management from their corporate offices and was told they were unreachable. This is the worst company ever. I will never recommend any one to buy from rent a center. No wonder so many of their customers are unsatisfied. The receptionist for their corporate offices was rude and not helpful at all. Customers should be able to be reimbursed if unsatisfied with service. Please what ever you do don't go and rent from this company. Instead have faith and shop around. I've found even some thrift stores with better quality furniture for less money than the ridiculous prices they trick people into spending.

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Kay - 14 d 12 h ago


Paid in full many accounts with rent a center have one now after after I pay this off never again worse company ever for working with customers.I see I am not only one not surprised!!!

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j - 20 d 13 h ago


Gainesville, Georgia - No matter how many times they are told not to contact an individual, they continue to do so. Harassment is the only game they know how to play. If they are not careful, someone will institute a harassment suit against them.

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Pissed Off - 22 d 18 h ago


On Saturday September 21,2019. 2 of your employees arrived to pick up a gas stove. Upon exiting the vehicle my dogs began barking my wife told them to stop they did not they continued to enter on my porch and proceeded to open my backdoor my dogs exited the house and ur employee end up with a scratch. You're employees were told to stop right where they were at but refused. If your damn employee's would of listened nothing would of happened. Now I got the health department calling and I can't wait to tell the dog warden. Next I will be going to the State Police and pressing treaspassing charges.

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Disgusting - 27 d 8 h ago

Casper Wyoming rent a center store

We we're walked in here about 1week or so ago to find some furniture we desperately needed.. First off we stood *there it seemed like forever waiting for someone to help us. Finally after waiting for about 1o minutes after watching a girl with long black hair on her cell to someone in Spanish on her cell phone and we understand Spanish and she was having a heated conversation with someone complaining about her job and her boss!! a guy think his name was kodi approached us and said hey what can I do for you? We told him what we we're looking to do as far as our home. But he kept looking on his cell phone and texting someone it was hard to keep his attention so we became even more annoyed. Then we just said give us a few minutes. After about 20 minutes we had to hunt Kodi back down again. We asked some questions about the products we were interested in he kept getting distracted with his cell phone or making us feel disgusted due to he was spitting tobacco/ chew into a empty bottled that looked disgusting. My fiancee finally had enough and said you know what apparently you have other things that are more important than assisting us.

If that's how you treat perspective clients where one person's cell call was more important and the guy kodi playing on his cell phone as well being unprofessional by carrying a spit bottle on your floor and spitting in in front of your customers we can't imagine how we would be treated as customers. So thank you but no Thank you we will go else. It was very apparent we weren't valued as perspective clients. I hope other people are treated better in the future.

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Anonymous - 28 d 12 h ago

I need to know how I could get ahold of headquarters that would be over Rent-A-Center in Coshocton Ohio

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Anonymous - 35 d 11 h ago


So I went to rent a center today to talk to them about it a bed now the closing time said 7 pm Monday thru Thursday Friday n Saturday till 6 any ways so finally after driving 20 min I got their at 6:30 pm tell me why they was closed Bs I call the lady told her I would be their shortly it was the rent a cent in Garfield hts in Turney road Ohio smh she should b fired at my job a person got fired for tell our customers we was closed 30 min early.

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Moshi - 38 d 23 h ago


*****The U.S. will be dangerous for a while and then it will be little more than a petty dictatorship with no grandeur.

Flagged for review. 
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Christina Yantorn - 38 d 14 h ago


I spoke with the scotty from Edwardsville pa and told him that I would be in at 6pm today to make a payment on my account. Instead of doing his job and informing his staff of such they show up at my abusive boyfriends house so when I go home and I now have a problem I can thank them for causing it due to lack of communication at that store. I run my own store and I would never treat people the way that these employees do as if your a thief if you need an extension for a payment or if you are a day late calling 100 times a day harassing the people. I have 2 payments left on my TV and when they are paid needless to say I will never return as a customer to such a rude I'll mannered company!

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Teuby - 41 d 10 h ago


One of your customer service reps is THE WORST. Her name is Jillie she works at the Fairless Hills store in PA. I have had nearly 10 accounts over the years with Rent a center. They are my go-to place. Fast forward 5 years, and a move to the other side of the country. I contact a store to try to get a laptop, and they tell me they can't rent to me because there's an open account that was never paid. So I contact the FH store in PA. Jillie answers the phone, I explain the situation to her and begin to ask some questions to see if I can get some answers. Turns out there was a single account for a video game system I don't even remember getting that was never paid off. One account. I had paid off everything else. When I try to ask how much is it, she gets an attitude and tells me it's too late it's been written off, and people get all these accounts there and then do stuff with them and don't pay them off and don't realize it comes back to bite them. Excuse me? Do you or do you not work in customer service? That is not the way you talk to people who have been paying customers at your store, and then when I tried to explain to her that's not what happened at all, she got loud yelling over me that she can't help me and slammed the phone in my ear. I have sent dozens to rent a center for business over the years, and will never again speak their name because of her. One associate totally ruining your business, I hope it's worth it.

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Anonymous - 45 d 19 h ago


want to compalain about your center in Niagara Falls I have told them time and time again do not call me yesterday they called me about one of my grandson I told them he does not live here so not call back so what did he do called right back. I told him don't you understand English do not call here he does not live here. HE said I am from Rent a center I told him i do not call here was the king of england do not call here he asked me if my problem was tha I; have not had my liquior today. That was not called for I want it to stop or I am going to call a lawyer is ihasserment. there number is (hidden)

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-* - 49 d 4 h ago


I believe the employees at rent a center pulled a IRS / Googleplay card scam out of the Roswell store in the amount of 600 dollars. All of which should have gone to pay rent on the house so we didn't have to be homeless .

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Seven - 52 d 9 h ago


wp9 It is extremely difficult for anyone to view his image objectively. Some young men have whores for mothers, and criminals for fathers, and only a few of these men have the courage to admit that to themselves. On a national scale, very few are willing to admit the atrocities Americans perpetrated upon prostrate peoples and prefer to believe, out of inner protection for their useless egos, the Hollywood version - and pulpit version - that Americans are all angels sent to spread good fortune over the earth. Thus, we are at a point of insane national hypocrisy, perhaps unknown in modern times. This intellectual failure is what makes us jews in spirit. We are another variety of "God's Chosen," leading symbiotic lives with those bloody hands of the "French" and "Russian" revolutions.

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Anonymous - 52 d 14 h ago


Amanda Johnson

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