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Rent a Center

5501 Headquarters Dr.
Plano, TX
Mark Speese
Chairman and CEO
(972) 801-1100
(866) 260-1424
Twitter IDs
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lyndawaterhouse - 19 d 16 h ago


If you are considering renting anything from Rent a Center RUN TO ANOTHER COMPANY. They will blie to you, over charge you and screw you every chance they get. I have been with them for over 10 years on an of buying piece of crap computers until I demanded one unopened n sealed in the factory box. Most of their computers are refurbished at out of the box prices.

My latest complaint is their new epay company. With no proof rac is contacting customers saying their payments have bounced. I went to my bank they show no bounced payments to rent a centerIn fact my payment was never applied to. my account. When I refused to pay bounce fees the damn manager informed me I needed to bring in copies of my bank accounts-not happening. an argument took place n I was not nice. Damn if not two days later he called again to say another payment bounced. He decided to add another payment to my account. I had four flipping payments on my contract now I have 5.Not happening,

I tried calling corporate-they refused to call me. I AM going to try a legal service for seniors. I am so done with this company an hope if you are reading these reviews you also chose another company

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Cherri - 16 d 10 h ago

Hard to take your complaint seriously with all the misspelled words and continued run on sentences. Sometimes unintelligent customers are hard to please because they just don't "get it". Good luck

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Mr p - 17 h 20 m ago


Phi in az I know just how you fill not pleased with the service out here either going too another company

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BigRed - 19 h 15 m ago


Montgomery, AL: Ordered a laptop online that had to come from warehouse cause it was new... great! Did all the agreements online and paid the first payment online. The laptop laptop came in and they said i had to come in to sign all agreements, etc, that I DID ONLINE! I did them online so i wouldn't have to do it at the store! Thought that was the reason you do it online! So, went to store to do everything over, with proof of income, proof of residency, and my ID. Because i live in my travel trailer at an rv park, where everything is paid for, they wouldn't let me get the laptop because i can just up and move any time i want. Guess what! Anybody can move at any time no matter what they live in or where they live! So, i had to cancel the order and won't get my money back for 3-5 days. It shouldn't matter what you live in as long as you pay the damn payments! Yes, I'm ticked! I need a laptop. And while cancelling my order, she says, 'I'm gonna talk to the district manager about your situation and see what we can do to keep you as a valued customer'. I am not a valued customer because there is no value in rent a center!

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Anonymous - 1 d 4 h ago

Rent a center in Celina Ohio is the rudest ppl I have ever come across calling me at 831am this morning when I answer hangs up on me don't think so come get ur shit I'm done

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R.k. - 2 d 13 h ago

I paid cash for a stereo that has broken. Since then they have refused to fix. I wasted $539.00 and they didn't care to help me period. All because I bought it in Ohio and now live in Kentucky. I tried to find a store to rent from since I had been a customer for years and since they refused to fix my stereo and no store manager called me back it meant they didn't want my business. So I went to Aarons where they was happy to help me and wanted my money. Too bad this company doesn't seem to think their customers mean anything and they don't stand behind their products they sell.

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Jeff - 2 d 16 h ago


I've dealt with 2 different RACs here and have been extremely disappointed with both. The most recent one has put me on hold for more than 45 minutes and wouldn't come and pick up the sofa I told them I no longer wanteft. Its been about 2 months now.

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help please - 2 d 19 h ago


I am a employee of m0514 we have a store manager stealing money and merch at store 1954 he has been caught on camera and stealing customers payments and extending them after he takes the payment . The dm doesnt do anything cause he has no one to take his place , so he let him keep his job ,as the store mgr never works and leave a woman asst mgr to run the store 90 percent of the time ,She feels powerless as a woman to get anything done. Not suprising he be littles all his woman employees and doesnt care . . He iss more worried about going ton his ptw trip instead of taking care of all this things happeing PLease help

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Marchello Manning - 3 d ago


I purchased a TV that was sold out in full cash. I own it. Then the backlights goes out. So I contacted the store I purchased it from and asked if they will service it, they agreed. Now, while in I'm thinking that they're fixing my TV, because weeks have gone by, I come to find that it was damage. Over $700 worth. Very long story sort, it has been four months and I'm still waiting for a resolution. I was promised a replacement. Smh!!!!

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Not happy - 4 d 16 h ago

I had to help move my entire bedroom set because the guy came alone and said if I didn't help, he would have to reschedule. Then he left my box springs and mattress downstairs for me to carry upstairs by myself. Then said that he wanted to come back after he got off of work and "hang out with me and my family". Uh, no thanks!

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Tanya Allen - 4 d 16 h ago


Well I bought a dryer and a week before I paid it off it quit working. They came and got it to fix it. And when they bring it back it is bang up and they messed the legs up on it. They tried to get me to take it and when I told them no they took the other dryer leaving me with out one I never missed a payment. And I owe them nothing. So they made money and got there dryer back as well. I am talking with a lawer to fill a law suite on rent a center. I would never tell anyone to do business with them.

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Anonymous - 4 d 17 h ago

Rented a fridge washer & dryer the dryer was not hooked up correctly it shocked my husband & the fridge has no shelves on the door glass is missing from the crisper my husband went in & asked them about the shelves & the glass to the crisper & to tell them they didn't hook up the dryer at all & when my husband plugged it in & it shocked him the manager said not my problem then they said oh the fridge won't fit u need to get a different fridge an apt size for our family uggg we got the fridge we wanted there is no shelves really & when my husband asked about it they told him there in the truck & a week later my husband called & asked about the shelves the sales manager said they don't make those anymore wtf really come get ur crap I went to Aaron's better quality better service

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Anonymous - 4 d 20 h ago

Saginaw mi lawndale store sucks! Have two items from them got a couch I didn't want because they lied about the price and got a fridge two sepperate items in two different names they took my fridge because I didn't want the couch!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 6 d 19 h ago


This place is a joke I have items out of Lichfield il store and there new manager is rude and disrespectful I told her to come get my items or I'll take it to them she's nice in person rude over the phone BRIDGET

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Anonymous - 8 d 7 h ago


I'm trying to pay my bill off. I keep getting the run around. I was told I could pay my bill off over the telephone. Never hear of such nonsense. I brought a mattress from your Hempstead store in New York.

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ry un happy - 11 d ago


I have purchased several items thru RAC (Jacksonville Tx) and this time I'm very disappointed..I have a sectional that from the get go was not correct. The pieces do not match. Plus I believe this is where my bug infestation is coming from. And my drier handle broke and they have not been out to fix it yet. I have called and told them several times. But let my bill come due and they blowing up my phone. I will not buy nothing again after this from these guys.

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pissed off in Mobile - 12 d 21 h ago


I purchased a PRE-OWNED Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Note II . Every since I purchased the phones (2) , when I first turned it on it says emergence calls . Could not get the WiFi or the blue tooth to work without going through hours of playing with it just it get it to come for a little while. then it would crash and say that the WiFi unfortunately has stopped working.. Same ting would happen playing games on play store or searching the net. I really love the note II, but this is not right. I have taken it back to one thing done or another, today I left it for a long time. the phone has been factory reset now 4 times. I have talked to live chat on Samsung, had to replace the SIM card due to the phone having a lock on it. But like I said I left it up there at store 3385 Schillinger RD N Semmes AL. He still could not get it to work. I looked up the IMEI # on the net, it said it was on the BLACK LIST and it could not be put on the net or service due to it is locked or STOLEN . I asked for it to be rectified because I am very unhappy!! those 2 phones and another one that isn't working either. please help rectify this , I am out 3 $500.00 phones. thank you Mrs. Curtis M. Thomas

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KB - 12 d ago


Springfield ohio southlime stone street rent a center sold me a bug infested hide a bed. They said they wont give my money back or take it away from my house because we bought it "as is" which our thinking as is should be fucking clean!! Im livid.

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CelticWolf - 21 d ago


We rented a computer, were misled about the charges and when I called to verify what those charges were for, we were lied to. When we called to get our charges explained to us, we were treated rudely and talked over and interrupted. When I asked why I wasn't getting my online receipt, I was told that I had to call corporate to get the answer. He blew us off, refused to help us find the information he claimed we could see on the account and refused to explain the discrepancy of charges on our bill. When we told him that another rep had given us the wrong information, he refused to get us any other information because he didn't want us to someday say that 'he' misinformed us. This was the manager of the place and instead of taking responsibility for clearing up our issues, he basically told us we had to go through an ordeal of calling corporate to get our answers.

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MICHAEL - 14 d 16 h ago





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trish - 14 d 18 h ago


The manager at the rent a center in wilkinsburg, Pa needs sent back to school to learn customer service skills and management skills. First answers the phone with food in his mouth and then im trying to make someone elses account right to get them paid and he is being rude with me. Pretty much called me a liar about where his custimer is and then his tone off the chart like I did something to him. I was trying to make situation better for all but you know what you can have your merchandise and I will make sure I spread the word...especially as to how bad that manager is I plan on contacting corporate office something needs done about him or they are gonna lose a lot of business.

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#Lorcat0516 - 28 d 18 h ago


The only contact I have ever had with these people is as a reference and Josh at the Salem, Oregon Rent A Center is disgusting. He said terrible things to me. I am merely a reference and a mother to the renter. I have no control over who or what was rented. I contacted the local authorities and found out that there is been many complaints regarding your business in this town. From renting used, dirty items, to harassing references. If anyone from your organization comes by my home again to harass me regarding my son, or calls me regarding my son I will file a restraining order. Josh is disgusting and to have him as an employee is a "shame on you" decision for an employee.

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SPARKY - 21 d 14 h ago


Why are people posting their complaints about RAC on another companies web site? This siteis not read by RAC. They have nothing to do with anything about RAC. This site is like a telephone book listing business. All the gripping fall on deaf ears. One might as well go outside and yell at the neighbors cat. Go to the companies web site your mad at, this one is pointless.

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Yo momma - 16 d 9 h ago

You should have raised your son better. I bet he is missing teeth. Next time don't vouch for your irresponsible son. Just a thought

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Cherri - 16 d 10 h ago


I went into the Medford Oregon RAC and was helped by Wes. It was a great experience and felt valued and I was helped but didn't feel hounded or smothered. Wes went out of his way to help our family's needs. We are very happy with our purchase and the price as well. Thank you Wes from Medford RAC!

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