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Rent a Center

5501 Headquarters Dr.
Plano, TX
Mark Speese
Chairman and CEO
(972) 801-1100
(866) 260-1424
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Anonymous - 13 h 21 m ago


Have been paying on a washer & dryer set for about 3 years got a few more items been paying them every week cannot receive a receipt by now something should be paid off, Dennis the manager has no customer courtesy then to boot they came knocking at the door every week before 10 am

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Mark Speese/CEO - 2 d 11 h ago


*****"To a Jew, there is only one thing of value: money.

How he gets it.... makes no difference."

- The Eternal Jew, 1940...f20

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Alfred Abbott - 5 d 15 h ago


Rent a center placed a judgment on me on 11/6/2012 and said they had signed documents that I was served court papers that I had never received. Only way I found out that I had a judgment against me was recently when I started the process of buying a house. I have been trying to contact them just to find out how I get a pay off statement so I can send them the money that they are saying that I owe them so I can put this behind me and stay with buying the house. Well after several attempts to contact the district manager named Dave and waiting the 48 hours twice that they said they have to respond back to me a week and a half later still no Dave or anyone. They keep saying that he is in a meeting or he is unable to speak with me and will call me back in a hour or two. I ended up taking this to the attorney general office and filing a complaint with them because now today rent a center corporate office told me it's now in the hands of their paralegal department. What the fuck is so complicated about giving me a pay off statement so they can get money that they are saying that I owe. So now it is gone into legal action against rent a center corporate headquarters office. If anyone else has this issue please let me know and we can make this ANOTHER class action lawsuit against rent a center sorry ass.

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Chief - 2 d 16 h ago


Im dealing with a very similar situation feel free to contact me. Ischris116@gmail

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carmen d colon - 3 d 10 h ago


i will never go back to them again after being with them 15 years just got two items and the dinner set was new in the box the the sofa i was told was slightly used bullshit it had a hole underneath that they stapled it and to top it all the wood is broken and the sofa is not level. the store manager til this day has not even picked up the phone to talk to me and to top it all they calling me now for payment bitch please im not paying nothing you can come and pick it up im done with you...

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David K - 3 d 15 h ago

RAC? Haha... More like CRAP... FUCK RAC and ALL of their employees... They can ALL go suck a fat herpes infected dick, for all I care... Die you fucking roaches...

Flagged for review. 
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harlemmama - 5 d 8 h ago

Genovia at the rent a center at 2202 3rd avenue in east harlem is extremely rude First off she does not have command of the english language, so how she got the job of manager is beyond me. The young man Donte is very polite and he knows how to speak and deal with customers. This Ginova lady is so rude. 2 days after opening my account and providing RAC with my credit card info, my cc info was compromised and several unauthorized charges appeared on my card. Anyone with sense knows once that happens the bank puts a stop on everything and issues you a new card. So while waiting for my new card my payment was late. This woman told me that they would be coming to get the merchandise because obviously I couldn't afford it. We are talking about a 95 dollar missed payment. I told her that she had all of my income information and If she could read she would see that not only can I afford the payments. I would have money left over to open up 10 more accounts. This is the 2nd time I had to deal with this woman who speaks like she is 3 years old! Get rid of her

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Anonymous - 7 d 10 h ago

Rent center in Manning, Sc needs to take a crash course on Customer service. Treating people who are helping y'all stay employed like sh** is a bad business plan.

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Bobby Curtis ward - 8 d 7 h ago

Bobby Curtis ward

Rent a center in Kannapolis NC done me wrong my wife and I went in pic out a 65"tv and 2 recliners and every thing was good they said wensday 5th of Dec at 9am they would deliver but it never came my got out of bed sick as dog waited on them never showed up then I called them that evening the said Friday December the 6st the didn't show mind u all they still owe me 350dallars there bad people

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Don - 12 d 14 h ago


Rent a center in Greenville Tx is the worst store I have dealt with in 40 years of dealing with Rent A Center. The store manager never deals with customer issues or deal with customers at all. I filled out a survey a few months ago and he didn't care enough to call. He had a sales person do it. Seems the area manager doesn't care either. He didn't bother to call on the issue. He is the one I was expecting to hear from. I guess I'll take my business to Aaron's

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Anonymous - 8 d 15 h ago

Fuck them

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One pissed off customer - 9 d 9 h ago


Here is a head scratcher! Was marketed to by Rent A Center in Ohio as being a convenient, hassle free way to do business! Tried to help them out with their numbers, and am now being charged an NSF fee for a payment I HAVE A RECEIPT FOR! Then the district manager tried to say he called my bank and they told him it was a valid NSF fee. To which I called my bank and was told no payment had EVER been rejected that was processed. Remember, I already have a receipt. Now I'm being told I'm liable for said NSF fee, and the PAYMENT RECEIPT I have, is not in fact a receipt of payment, but a receipt of payment attempt sure wish other places would give me a "payment attempt receipt" before I leave the store

.....oh, that's right, those don't exist. You only get a payment receipt once you have PAID for your shit!

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Anonymous - 10 d 13 h ago


Do not go to rent a center. Especially in Houston Texas. Both stores lied about my verification. My supervisor said they never called her and they tried to say i do not live where I say I live even after i submiited my lease. I called the property management company and no one called to cerify this is my actual address. They just lied and lied some more. They set me up for an agreement and delivery twice and then told me i couldn't get what I wanted after i went into the store during delivery to make another payment in which they requested. No real explanations were given. I go to another location and they say they couldn't verify my very truthful infirmation. This was the store on Fulton and also on Crosstimbers.

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Steven Blackmon - 11 d 10 h ago


This is the biggest piece of work ive ever seen. I have used them twice and always paid my bill .they didnt tell me about after 6 mos charges i thought i had paid in full its the santa maria store we exchanged words 12 went from oweing 200 now it will be 2290 i ask them to help me and to them i was on a fixed in come ssi and va disability he told me i should have died and called me a racist. What kind of place is this

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Anonymous - 19 d 7 h ago


Your store in santa maria california is horrible. Get your shit together

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Clara Jackson - 19 d 8 h ago


Your drivers in Florence South Carolina are careless! I had one of your drivers follow me from Irby street in Florence, SC to Third Loop in Florence. He almost ran into the back of me from speeding around a curve and not paying attention. I believe your workers need a refresher course on how to drive a work vehicle. I don't think you want your company to be sued for damages caused by your employees.

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Anonymous - 21 d 14 h ago


Try again I got some furniture in Peoria Illinois on Harmony Highway and they have bed bugs in my furniture and now I'm without Furniture is been 3 days I've been trying to contact you all y'all have not got back with me then they said they're going to send a pesticide to come in and spray my house down and I have not heard nothing from anybody and I'm pissed off and I want my money back for the two months I had this furniture cuz they have bed bugs

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Anonymous - 39 d ago


I dealt with the Rent a center in Forestville, MD, Silver Hill Rd. The absolute worst customer service from an entire store that I have ever dealt with ! My experience from beginning to end was awful, I would NEVER SPEND ANOTHER DIME with them and I recommend no one else does either. When I went in on this past Thursday looking for a dryer, I saw one that I wanted and was told it would be delivered Monday November 4 between 12 and 2. I looked @ my watch and noticed it was 1:00 and I haven't heard anything from anyone. So I called to check the status of my delivery and was told by Jakia ( which was the same rep I dealt with Thursday and told me my delivery would be from 12 to 2 ) that I was scheduled from 2 to 4 !!!!!! I told her NO, you told me 12 to 2. Anyway, next thing you know it's 4:20 and still no dryer delivery. I called back, once again, got the same young lady, Jakia who then in turn told me that they could not deliver my dryer because they didn't get my rental confirmation back from my rent office, which was not told to me from the beginning that if they don't receive that information that they could not deliver my dryer ! Jakia then asks me to call my rent office and have them call her back so they can answer her questions. At his point it's 4:30 and the rent office is closed !!!! At this point, I am heated ! They waisted my whole entire day, then I spoke with a man named Mario that told me if I were to set up my online auto pay they can deliver the dryer the same day. I go head and set up the auto pay ( only because I want the dryer delivered ) they deliver the dryer after 6:00pm for them to tell me, we have a problem. The dryer is the wrong size dryer for my house. I need a compact dryer. Ok, at this point I ask them do I have to come back to the store in the morning and do anything. I was told by both delivery men, Mario and Larry, that I didn't have to go back to the store for anything they promised me that they would redeliver the new compact dryer in the morning ( Tuesday November 5, 2019) and that I would hear from someone from the store. Larry goes on to tell me that he will personally make sure someone calls me, if they don't he will ! Once again, I look up at the clock and it is almost 12:00pm. The store opens @ 10:00am and I have yet to hear anything from anyone. I had to call the store AGAIN to check the status of my delivery for them to tell me they actually DID NOT HAVE THE COMPACT DRYER I WANTED !!!!!!!!! They need to work on their communication skills with their customers. It is no way in hell that I should have been the one initiating the calls every time to find where the delivery was or to check the status ! The staff needs customer service classes, they are very unprofessional

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Anonymous - 38 d 15 h ago

Kinda the same thing has just happened to me here in mount pleasant tx I had went in few weeks ago and asked for a compact dryer they said they would have to order asked if I wanted go ahead and pay payment so can get it in 7 to 10 days so I did and still this is goin on 3 weeks I still have no dryer and I was told m day that it would be at store nov 5 so I waited alday then about 6 pm last nite I called sense I didn't hear from them and was told the truck had came but they did not bring my dryer they said they don't know what happen or what to do I told them they have till Friday to get a dryer or I'm comeing up there and want my money back I swear I've never dealt with mess like this before

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Jim - 34 d 17 h ago


They don't care, keep ranting. They know you will still rent because who else you going to turn to that will let you have the item before paying for it.

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Pissed off Customer. - 25 d 8 h ago


Obviously Jim is an employee of the Rent a Center company. He may very well be a Regional or District Manager but whatever he is he is rude and obnoxious. For everyone who has or has had an issue with Rent a Center, I strongly suggest that you go to the Media. Rent a Center is NOT AFFILIATED with the BBB and has many many complaints filed with the BBB by hundreds and hundreds of dissatisfied and abused customers. I myself have an issue with the Collinsville, Virginia store. I have placed several phone calls with the Corporate Office and I am still awaiting some resolve. So, I have actually set up a meeting with three top news agencies that have serious interest in Rent a Center. It's my intention to hit this company in their wallets and there is no better way to do that than to have it shown on Television to everyone who is looking to rent from Rent a Center that this company is a scammer. If your a victim of Rent a Center, please reach out to NBC Nightly news, 60 Minutes and 20/20 as well as ABC Nightly News. You will need to speak with the Department that handles fraudulent business practices and the more that call the better the case is. It's time to get together on this and stick it to them as they have stuck it to you

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Chuck - 25 d ago

Well good luck with that. If you don't like their practices don't do business with them, it's that simple. You sign the contract, you're stuck with it. Read the fine print. Do you really think their lawyers haven't gone through everything thoroughly!

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Abbie Paul - 26 d 15 h ago


I love my rent a center, but I am on the verge of leaving them all because of one employee, who is constantly harassing me about my payments, yes every now and then I get a little behind, but I always pay, always, he has even sent another employee to my house to harass me, that time I was only two days late, and he told the employee to get the money or take the item back, very unprofessional.

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Jim - 26 d 9 h ago


Late is late. If your employer paid you late you wouldn't like that would you!

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Melvin - 26 d 15 h ago


This site is Bogus, when I call this number I was told that there is no employee under the name of Mark Speese and they could do anything about how the name is listed. They aren't responsible for any advertisements

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Jlo - 26 d 9 h ago


Mitch Fadel is the CEO since 2018, he started out making $800,000. Mark Speese resigned.

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