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Rent a Center

5501 Headquarters Dr.
Plano, TX
Mark Speese
Chairman and CEO
(972) 801-1100
(866) 260-1424
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Anonymous - 14 d 8 h ago


I was an employee for almost 5 years starting back in 2009. I had an incident with a member of management who was making sexual advances to me. I contacted my district manager who then reported it to corporate. I provided text messages from this person who was making these comments daily. I was removed from the store and this person got to stay employed with the company. I still don't know why I was removed when I was the victim. This company does NOT take sexual harassment very serious. I have since been laid off and would like to purse this matter but would also like to encourage others to come forward if they too are being harassed. Absolutely NOTHING was done to this person even with my proof.

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Anonymous - 14 d 3 h ago

I just got an email from this corporate office proposing a data entry position. Is this company worth leaving a far but $20/hr job I already have? Live in frisco...looking to work close to home. Worth it??

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Judy - 14 d 41 s ago


Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Don't do it!!

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Employed here - 1 d ago

Hell no!!!

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Anonymous - 1 d ago



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Dee - 14 d ago

Yes persue it and good luck

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Beverly - 14 d 3 h ago

Don't let them get away with it, and file for unemployment, show them the text

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Anonymous - 14 d ago


It happened a few years ago I am currently employed and I did show them the text messages and they still didn't do anything about it.

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nalin montez - 2 d ago


Rent a center is unfair and shady. I was a good customer and so we're my parents. My location out of bell ca, wouldn't even replace my squeaky box spring with one of equal value from Thier store, and instead, wanted me to wait a month to get a new one from the manufacturer because it was "defective." But the manufacturer didn't sell me the bed, RAC did. The store manager didn't even have the guts to call me. Unreasonable and unprofessional. And the customer service didn't help resolve anything either, even after they said Edgar, the store manager was going to call me. He never did. And then, the customer service no longer answered my messages. And wouldn't give me a district manager contact number. Shame on you rent a center.

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Robert Wood - 13 d 6 h ago



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Laura Ingmire - 7 d 3 h ago


I took my laptop to them a week ago and they're saying it has liquid damage. I told them BULLSHIT that computer has never been around any liquid. Now they can't find replacement and gave me a loner desk top with less speed but still charging me the amount for the laptop.

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akuehner - 2 d 7 h ago


they also do not repair phones laptops or tvs.

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akuehner - 2 d 7 h ago


rent a center that I rented from there management has screamed, cussed at me and disrespected me. I will not tollerate this as a customer. I told them today to come get there things. The particular managers name is justin. He has drove by my house in personal vehicles at eleven oclock at night. your hundred percent guaruntee is a bunch of bull. I love being a renter but, i can not afford 200 a week.

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BA - 2 d 19 h ago


I worked for Rent A Center for over 2 years and in the middle of my notice o need a weekend off to travel 4 plus hours to a different state because my Uncle passed away. I got a text saying call me. So I call my DM and he says I am making this the last day of your resignation. You do not have to come to work for me on Monday. I said seriously my uncle died he said yeah I am your fired. I called my assistant to tell them what happened so he would be prepared and he says yeah I've known since about noon and this took place at 3pm...... So I filed unemployment and i spoke with my Assistant as I was getting my belongings and during our conversation I found out the DM told him I filed for unemployment and was pissed then said haha it's ok I denied it.

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Anonymous - 3 d 10 h ago

No vuelvo a conplae ms. Porque me atrase una semana i eso k esttoy al da con los pagos no me an grado nada bien. Los empleados k haban antes eran los mejores lllegava uno y muy buena atencin ahora no pensaba ceguir conplando ms pero. Ya no. Nunca ms conplare abro de la tienda de renta centre k esta en dove ni soy david vargas

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Chauntel Smith - 4 d ago


I hate rent a center they are the rudest people you can rent from I paid out my laptop and turned my ass back around and got a stainless steel stove and a regular dryer and that was the worse mistake ever it would be ok if they where like dixon furniture

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Chauntel Smith - 4 d 10 s ago


I understand when you sign an a agreement it's an agreement but if you don't have that money at the time you don't have it I'm located in the lufkin tx area and rent a center is the absolute worse company to rent or buy from they will call you 60 times a day when your do and pass due they beat on your front door for hours and hours

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Jane NoDough - 4 d 11 h ago


Im in district 348 in Texas. I am inundated daily with non-stop texts from the DM. I am trying to do my job, I know my job, I know the end goal. I do not need to be wasting my time answering texts, it takes away from my job! He sends 70 PLUS texts on a daily basis. If Rent-a-center expects to text constantly then we should be given a phone or an allotment for using my personal phone. This DM frankly "sucks". Its time he was transferred and new blood moved in to revitalize employee morale. Store managers communicate with one another and I know each store has its own issues. We need to have a meeting with Mark Speese where we can speak openly without fear of retaliation. We are on the ground, we know what works and what doesn't. Just a few issues in our district: Being stuck with employees that are always sick on Fridays or Saturdays does NOT work. Why aren't these employees being demoted or transferred? Employees that are hired to lift but suddenly develop back issues. Employees that owe money to the store and are still hired. Employees that say "its not my job", employees that repeatedly show up late. Some store managers themselves need a wake up call. Visit the store managers Mr. Speese, have a frank talk with them on how to improve the store, that's where the solution lies, NOT with a DM that visits each store now and then.

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A very Disatisfied Customer. - 6 d 8 h ago


I live in Atlantic Beach.Fl. I have dealt with the RAC location on Mayport Rd.for many many years. I have outlived many prior store managers but the store is now managed by "Ira" who truly has no buisness running the store. Set aside the fact that he has "ZERO" people and communications skills. He can not even properly complete or oversea the completion of a REPAIR ticket. My complaint is actually too lengthy to type but I just felt the need to make all the customers of Atlantic Beach aware of a store that has no respect or appreciation for its customers. My regret is EVER doing business with them and truthfully I do not expect any resolution to ever become of my complaint. Management in Texas is every bit as unconcerned as store employees. The only real training that any employee ( including management) receives is from The RAC University of Excuse Making!! Please think twice before deciding to do biz w/The poorly trained store.

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anonymous lake alfred fl - 9 d 38 m ago


Hey Mark i rented from acceptance now which it was rent a center ashleys furniture november of 2015 i made 2 or 3 payments the entertainment center door would not stay closed and it was made very cheap after many calls finally your guy came out from lakeland fl to try and fix it .... it still was not right i ask the store to come pick it up i talked to the lady i purchased it from and the ashley store manager and rent a centers distric manager they all told me there delivery driver and pick up guy was out on medical leave this went on for 6 months i told them i did not want the furniture and i was not going to be charged while waiting for this furniture to be picked up due to your driver being out on medical leave.... i even offered to deliver the furniture to your lakeland store with a moving service ..... i was told i could not do that if anything was damaged i would be charged..... your distric told me i would not be billedafter my last payment and as of jan 2016 because i told them to come pick up my rented furniture do to it was defective. they sent me a letter on my email in june 2016 asking me to keep the furniture at a 50 per cent cut in price 1166.00 again i told them i have been waiting for you to come pick it up as they promiced as soon as the driver got off medical leave . they threatened me and said i would be turned in to credit if i did not settle. i told them i would not be bullied like this then they said they would be out on the following monday july 2016 they never showed again..... i called them they said your driver was still out on medical leave ........i told them there is a rent a center 3 blocks from me to come get the furniture they said tampa had to pick it up...... they called again trying now to make me buy the furniture for 1400.00 again i said no pick it up. since then they have not called i called them after learning they turned me into bad credit at 3 times the purchace price almost 7000.00 dollars i called your corp they had me call distric manager she would not answer my calls until after i called corp. i told her the credit report was a lie i did make payments and they failed too pick up damaged furniture . and she was the one i spoke to come get it in 2016 january she said they would not take this off my credit i told her again come get this furniture now she said she had no one to come get it this was on 12/01/2017 again i told her rac is 3 blocks from my home she then told me ok they will come monday 12/04/2017 i called her 8 times today 12/04/2017 left many voice mails even called her on a second phone she ignored me and never called and never showed up again to pick up furniture it has been two long years and i am being charged for this furniture. i even called the better bussinedd beaur and ashley furniture said due to their guy being on medical leave 19 people were waiting on furniture to be picked up and i would not be charged all of this was un legal will be all over this and the news. rent a center does not work like this if i was a customer not paying they would be blowing my phone up beating my door down...... not once have they contacted me to pick up this furniture they just went behind my back turned me into credit . trippled what i purchased this for and i contacted you many times to come get your defective furniture. handle this.....

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anonymous - 9 d 3 h ago

hey mark i rent from rent a center an i was wanting to know if i could start making my paments some where beside the store i rent from

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Odie - 10 d ago


Dear Mr. Speese,

I was a loyal customer for several years and also paid off many items in that time. I found myself in need of a bed and stopped by my local rent a center to see about getting one. The gentleman that was working that day tried to sell me the entire bedroom suit. At that time the entire suit was above my budget, so i told i only want the bed for now and i also told him to let me get the complete bed ( headboard, siderails, and footboard ) along with the mattress , boxspring, and rails. He agreed.

$144.00 per month and i didnt even get the whole bed like i wanted, but i relented and let it go . then i i found myself needing a washer and when i tried to get the same gentleman to help me out in my situation,

I was rudely told the they couldn't help.

So now i have dropped rent a center for Aarons and got the entire bedroom suit and a washer for about the price i was paying for just the bed from rent a center.

In case you are wondering the store is in frankfort Ky.

Never going back!!!!!

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Anonymous - 10 d 18 h ago

Norman Wibble is my district manager. The store I work for has no management. I love the job, I just cant work is such unorganized unprofessional environment like that .

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Anonymously Sad - 12 d 3 h ago


Dear Mr. Mark Speese,

For the last 5-6 months, my dad works very long hours and comes home late. He is even forced to work on his day off. He leaves for work around 7:15 and is now coming home between 9:15 and 9:30. And his boss is very, very cruel and mean . He didn't even had vacation at all so far this year. And I never get to hang with him anymore. I have younger siblings who misses him very much. I thought if someone was a manager they would have a better life, but we never get to see him, and he's always tired and grouchy even though he doesn't mean to be. He spends about 70-84 hours a week at work, and we get to see him about 3 hours and 10 minutes per day, only because we stay up past our bedtime to see him. Thank God he's off on Sundays. I hope you take this to heart and come up with a more reasonable solution for not just my family, but for all families who work for your company.


Anonymously Sad

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Wise Willy - 11 d ago


Overworked is a way of life at Rent-a-center, all they care about is the bottom dollar, how many deliveries did you get that day. Worst place to work, their idea of an incentive is a "pizza" lunch, woohoo!

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