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Rheem Manufacturing Co

2600 Gunter Park Dr E
Montgomery, AL
(334) 260-1500
(334) 260-1323
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Bobye - 1 d 38 s ago

Rawd 100 AZ serial number 6239F270311720 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,It also says

Rawe -122CAZ Dry 10 ton Condenser s # SF491501187

We purchased this unit for $5191.00 with instillation. Installed Feb 29 2016 and purchased Feb 17 2016.

6 months after we got it the compressor went out and a new one was installed. A year later the compressor is out again

We are now told this compressor only has a one year warranty because it is commercial and I have to pay to replace it. I was told his cost on the compressor is $1742 plus the freon plus instillation.

WE are a small non profit school and cant afford that. When we opened in 2004 our 10 ton unit had a 10 year warranty on the compressor so we are shocked to be told this one only has a one year. But we have to have air conditioning for the children.

This unit is only 1 1/2 years old.

Can someone call me asap? (hidden) 361 758 2028

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Anonymous - 175 d 18 h ago

Rheem is the biggest joke they are a piece of shit I have been jumping from tech to tech telling me I have to be the one doing the trouble shooting on the unit so they know what parts to send me. Don't ever buy from Rheem...

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Babyro - 156 d 13 h ago


I will stay in touch with you. I am filing a Civil Suit here in Plano, TX. against both Rheem and Home Depot over a defective hot water heater. I had to take the system out of my house after it failed to work. This caused me major physical injuries.

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Frustrated in Florida! - 1 d 13 h ago


Purchased a Rheem XG50T12DU36U0 gas, ultra low Knox natural gas water heater. It stooped worked shortly after two years. Trouble shot with Rheem tech, tech said needed a pilot assembly. Plumbing company installed it when arrived, did not work. Plumber trouble shot with Rheem tech, diagnosed to be another problem so shoipped a new controller. It was installed by the plumber, unit did not work. Plumber trouble shot with Rheem technician only to be told water heater had to be replaced. Fortunately a three year full warranty. Did the dance with Home Depot, plumbing company and Rheem to finally get ordered. Now at six weeks without hot water and no empathy from Rheem or Home Depot. New water heater arrived today, Rheem sent the wrong model and Home Depot never checked if model number. Rheem technician said Home Depot's fault for ordering the wrong model number, emphatically. Turns out Home Depot ordered the correct model number, Rheem sent the wrong one. Home Depot ordering the correct model number but since it is a special order will take another two to four weeks. Home Depot working with me as best as possible but now being told if I install the incorrect model to have hot water until the correct unit shows up, I will have to pay to have it installed. How do you tell your wife it could be another four weeks without hot water or we have to pay $350 to have the correct model installed? Rheem customer service does not respond to on line correspondence. Any suggestions on getting Rheems attention to do the right thing?

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Dioscuri - 156 d 13 h ago


Why did you not call a plumbing co.????

Rheem does not have service tech to take care of plumbing problems. That's what service plumbers are for.

Furthermore, stander water heaters have 5 yrs warranty on the tank and one yr on parts. That is the reason one needs to call a plumber. All the information is on the heater tag.

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Babyro - 156 d 11 h ago


That's why its on the tag. Rheem wants to sell hot water heaters and walk away when problems arise. Not with me. A plumber did install it, they don't remove and take the system back to Home Depot, I do that. Plus, most of the plumbers I talked to would not have bought a Rheem to start with. What does that tell you.

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Dioscuri - 156 d ago


@ Babyro,

Rheem/Ruud are high end heaters.

The plumbers you spoke to in my opinion are "want -to- be plumbers" Not real plumbers.

How old is your heater???

Is the tank leaking??? (If it's older than 5 years you need to buy a new tank)

Is the tank gas or electric??

Parts: one year warranty. (older than one year you buy new parts)

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tom - 25 d 9 h ago

I tried to register unit's on website, it found condenser ok but serial #' for gas furnace keeps coming up with error on website and # is correct,

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Elsayed Aly - 44 d 18 s ago


Please provide to us clarification for VRF units in which Factory and Country of origin it is manufactured.


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Michael - 134 d 4 h ago


Absolutely the worst hot water heaters I have ever had the misery to deal with. NEVER will I own one again in any of my five rental homes, my home, or my mother-in-law's. The company has the very worst policies, warranty department, and horrendous customer relations. They should not be allowed to stay in business. Their products all suck.

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Todd in Wisconsin - 301 d 9 h ago


Absolutely pathetic service. I'm on my third tankless hot water heater and they last about 2-4 years and turn to junk. Please avoid using tankless. I'm heading into Thanksgiving weekend (4-days) without hot water. Repeated phone calls, e-mailing photos, and customer service treats you like they don't believe you are without hot water. Heck my unit is dripping water out the bottom. Place on hold again only to be disconnected FOUR times in a row. TERRIBLE product and TERRIBLE service. I'm done with Rheem!! WARNING You should be too!

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Babyro - 156 d 13 h ago


Join the Civil Suit. I am suing them here in Plano, TX for damages and injuries I sustained having to de-install the system. Major physical injuries.

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Dioscuri - 156 d 13 h ago


@ Todd in Wisconsin,

Did you purchase the heater yourself at a box store or did you purchase the heater thru a plumbing co.????

If you purchased the heater in a box store you need to have them take care of the problem. If a plumbing co. supplied the heater you need to call the plumbing co. make repairs.

Is the heater gas or electric??

Did you pull PM per Rheem instruction??

What is the warranty on your heater (how many years on the tank, how many yrs on parts)??

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Babyro - 156 d 11 h ago


I purchased the system at a Home Depot and had it loaded into my truck. My neighbor helped me unload the system. I called the plumbing company to install the system and that is where the problems with the system started. It was a new hot water heater that really never worked after getting both the control module and the pilot light assembly from Rheem to try and repair the system. It is a gas system. No technical support here in Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Plumbing company said I had to deal with the system that they only installed it so I had to de-install the system myself and that is where my injuries occurred.

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Dioscuri - 156 d 21 h ago


@ Babyro,

Need more info:

1. What size heater is it??

2. Why did it need a new control module and a pilot light assembly if it was a new heater??

3. What gas heater did you buy--LP or Natural gas??

Do only reason you would need to replace the parts is if you purchased the wrong type gas heater.

And the "plumber" that installed it should have caught it if it was the wrong gas heater.

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Salby17 - 219 d 9 h ago


I have been fighting a battle with these guys since December 2016. I purchased a water heater that turned out to be a huge mistake for what we have gone through. First it went out in December while I'm in the hospital it's 40degrees outside and my wife has no hot water. But I have an 700 dollar water heater sitting in the garage doing nothing cause it's not working. After 4 call outs on the plumber Rheem decides the water heater is defective. So they tell us to send it back and they will reimburse whatever money was spent. Here it is February 13th and they just told me it will be another 4 to 6 weeks before I get anything. I will never buy Rheem products again they look good but boy they Suck. Nobody at the water heater department seems to know what's going not even the supervisors. There systems are always down but not down where they can't except payment. All we can do is play along with they're game but it will definitely be the last game I play with them.

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Babyro - 156 d 13 h ago


I hear you brother. Good news is that once my Civil Suit is settled you can file a civil suit against Rheem as well for damages.

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Dioscuri - 156 d 13 h ago


@ Salby17

If you purchased the heater at a box store you need to have the box store replace or look at the heater.

Question: Is the heater gas or electric??

How old is the heater??

Is the heater leaking??

Is the heater not heating?

Parts only have a one yr. warranty.

Who installed the heater??

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Babyro - 156 d 13 h ago


I purchased a Rheem hot water heater in April 2016. First Rheem has NO technical support in the Dallas/Ft Worth, TX area which means if you have any problems it is up to you to fix it. Oh Rheem will send the parts to fix the problem but you have to hire a plumber to make the repairs. Try getting reimbursed for that. Second, after multiple attempts to fix the problem I was told by Rheem to return the system to Home Depot. Great, how am I, age 67, going to do that. Well, I had to de-install the system myself and as a result suffered major physical damages. Try getting a plumbing company to de-install a how water system. After going back an forth with both Rheem and Home Depot i am now filing Civil Suits against both Rheem and Home Depot to recover substantial medical and personal costs. I will keep this communication open to let any and all others know how these suits end. But I have 6 Physicians and a plumbing company on my side.

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Mike - 2 y 229 d ago

My name is Mchael Witherspoon and I am a Disable Combat Veteran. On Feb 3, 2015 I contacted your Company about my Water Heater not working after over twenty five min on hold I got a tech I tried to tell him that I was disable and that I was at home alone at this time and that I needed someone to come out and check on my water heater.

And he needed me to the water heater and get some information from the tag. I told him that is was down in my basement and it would be hard to get to . I had the Manual and the receipt be he said he needed to get it off the Heater. I got down to it and he stated I needed to troubleshoot the water heater. I did the best that I could and tech open a file for me #4718763 and told me that it was over 2yrs old. I stated that is was installed on 9/25/14 from Home Depot on order ID# 1941-163729 on 7/02/14. I faxed a copy of all paper work to 334 260-1341 with all the updated information. At or about 1:30pm I called back to check on this and I was told no paperwork was on file for me . I asked to talk to the lead tech I was put on hold for ten min. When the lead came on the line he that he would track my request and get back to me later today when my file was update by his staff. I call back and was hung up on at 3:00pm. I tried a few more time that day and I was passed around from dept to dept and was told again it need to be updated. I wasn't called back at all. Today at 8:30am I call and was told we still need to up date your file. last night my wife had to heat water up on the stove so at I could wash up. I am writing you because this was not right the way your people treated me and to date know one has

call of tried to contact me its now 12:15. and I still do not have any hot water. This was hard for me to write because I don't like to ask for help.

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Rheem manufacturing does not listen. - 307 d 18 h ago

First of all Mr. Witherspoon that you for your service !!! I'm having a similar problem that has been going on for 2 months now. We needed a coil for the central unit and they have not sent the part yet. In the mornings it's 56 degrees in the house. My mother has heart trouble and is on dialysis 3 days a week. I will never purchase anything from rheem again !!! I hope your problem has been taking care of sir.

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