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Rheem Manufacturing Co

2600 Gunter Park Dr E
Montgomery, AL
(334) 260-1500
(334) 260-1323
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Rheemed out:( - 1 d 20 h ago


I have had to replace my water heater 3 times in less that 6 years. Poor quality of WATER HEATERS. Then, getting the reimbursement for the repairs is an act of congress. Annual sales of $574,400,000.00, and gave me "hell" for a reimbursement of $250.00 for the initial repairs, that later resulted in me having to get a new water heater for a defective water heater. Their customer service department is the worst. I sent them all my paperwork 2 times for the reimbursement, and it is still missing in action. I just got a letter requesting that I send the paperwork again:(

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Viking 55 Mom - 2 d 13 h ago


I want a call from corporate, 1(hidden) Beth Crum. I purchase a 17 sEER comfort Air Conditioner 2016 it was installed in June. Now the fan 3 speed motor has went bad, my a/c man installed it and now cannot get a replacement motor. He has called several times.

The other issue is the A/C man says I have to get A coil cleaned and said it would be 450.00 to clean because the entire unit has to be taken out of my house and cleaned. It has a 10 year warranty.

I am Very disappointed with this unit. I had a Rheams back in 1979 and it lasted 20 years, this unit is a piece of junk to know how costly it is to get parts for and then it has a motor that lasted only 2 years. What a piece of junk, I feel y'all need to send a corporate team out and replace the entire unit and send a unit that is much easier to care for on maintenance.

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Matt Mahoney - 4 d 16 h ago


These people are corporate thieves and should be prosecuted. I have a defective water heater in my basement, i am concerned about my family's safety, it is still under warranty and Rheem wants ME to pay $500.00 and take two days off work just to replace it with another Rheem product! They also want ME to pay the $125.00 difference between the "pro-rated value" of the defective water heater and the replacement! DO NOT BUY RHEEM PRODUCTS! EVER!

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Anonymous - 9 d 17 h ago


My name is (hidden), my land lord bought a brand new rheems water heater, yesterday, 8/7/2018. We installed it, and couldn't get the indicator lights to work. We called the ph. Number on the water heater, they said they would have someone come and look at it. Today they told my land lord they werent going to send anyone because they werent going to pay that much to have someone look at it. It is under warranty. We have no hot water. Please look into this matter. Not a happy customer.

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Very unhappy customer - 16 d 12 h ago


Totally dissatisfied with both of our Rheems, we had 2 units installed in 2010 and have had nothing but problems with both units. It was still under warrenty when the compressor went out and that still cost us 600.00, now once again its out and its something else , they tell us its going to be 1200.00 After having 3 estimates. All 3 of them told us they wont even sell rheem or install them. The company that originally installed it said they are done with rheem. The bad part was we didnt even want rheem but they offered a good rebate, guess thats the only way they can sell them. Never ever again will i own rheem and i warn everyone i talk to. The money we've spent fixing these we should just junk them and buy something reliable.

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Anonymous - 26 d 45 m ago


Absolute worst! Rheem water heaters seems to be built to fail. Water heater started leaking 1 month after warranty ran out and the customer service rep I spoke with, Michele, told me "if you read your warranty, you would know we couldn't do anything to help you after the warranty expired". And then she told me "Adios". Wow, amazing. I will never buy another Rheem product. Ever. And I will tell everyone I know what I think of Rheem. They don't stand behind their products and their customer service people are the worst. RUN!

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Very dissatisfied customer - 100 d ago


I am very dissatisfied with my current situation involving a Rheem hot water tank and the lack of service providers Rheem offers. We recently purchased a Rheem hot water tank in Oct. 2017 from Home Depot in Oklahoma City, Ok. On 05/07/2018 the hot tank quit working we called the 1-800 number on the tank and it was determined that the hot water tank would require a service technician to evaluate the issue. Much to our surprise Rheem does not have a service technician in are "zip code area" and per Carole the customer service rep Rheem will not even look 5 miles outside our "zip code area" to try and locate a service technician. This is unbelievable and unacceptable not to offer service to your product. What is the point of the warranty if you don't offer the services and terms in the warranty ? Carole informed me that it the consumers job to ask at the time of purchase "how and where will I get this product serviced " even if it is under warranty and Carole said this happens "all the time". Rheem has limited services technician and most outside providers will not accept 3rd party checks so it is now my responsibility to find a plumber and PAY a plumber to FIX your faulty product. I find it very hard to believe I am the only person in Oklahoma City, OK with population of 1.31 MILLION people that has needed a Rheem service technician. More unbelievable that Rheem won't even offer to HELP find a service technician. But Rheem will reimburse up to $125.00 for the plumber that I have to hire that is going to charge me a minimum of $250.00. I called the 1-800 back and ask if they had a service technician in a "zip code area" that is 2.2 miles from my home/zip and THEY DID have service technician available but since it is not in my "zip code area" Rheem cannot authorize that technician cannot help me. (only 2.2 miles away) thanks. As of today 05/10/2018 we have not had hot water in 4 days and so far Rheem has only offered to ship to part to us, I had to beg to get it shipped overnight. Have you ever gone without thot water in your home ? for 4 days ? with your 73 year old father and husband ? Try boiling water for everything from BATHING - COOKING - CLEANING because I made the mistake of spending $700.00 on your product that failed and then your company failed to deliver on the service. This has been a huge inconvenience for our family and I can only hope and pray that this email makes it way to someone within your company and it becomes an inconvenience for them because they have to explain this bad situation to their boss and someone has to answer for the unacceptable customer service of this company . You should be ashamed you are a national company who sells all your products to national stores. Once this is remedied this will be the last Rheem product I ever purchase and will stop shopping at Home Depot. FIY - Carole was very nice and tried her best to help but was limited again by Rheem policies.

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Unrheemme - 29 d 17 h ago

I went through the same crap as you did. Except ours would not work after installation . No one in our zip code for their authorized tech to come out and fix it. They kept telling us hat someone WILL contact us to come out and fix it 4 days later I spoke to supervisor and no one was scheduled to come out. 5 days without hot water! They don't care!!!!Sent a new part. We end up paying 250.00 for all the installation and repair from our local plumber.

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Angryashell - 29 d 19 h ago

*****BUYERS BEWARE!!!*****Rheem has known faulty products. Their customer service is the worst. Home Depot should not carry this company's products. They won't support it! Especially do not buy their Rheem Hot Water Heater. Piece of crap. Company should be out of business.

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Jerry Ott - 31 d 19 s ago



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Alex G Sundberg - 75 d 11 h ago


I would like to send you a picture of my Rheem air conditioner. It died last week. That's not bad considering it

was installed in 1975. I think that's 33 years.. Not bad for an air conditioner..

I thought you would like to hear about an air Conditioner that provided such admiral service.

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John - 63 d 20 h ago

Good luck- the new ones are are maybe 8 years service and Rheem doesn't back their products warranty.

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Chris - 61 d 22 h ago


I agree with John, we bought a new house with a Rheem unit and after 14 months the AC stopped working and turned out to be leaky parts, we spent over $2,000 fixing the problem and all we got was sorry our units are only warrantied for 12 months, way to stand behind your product...

I would steer clear of Rheem

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Valinda J Schmalfeldt - 67 d 18 h ago


I have a new house .i keep the temperature at 65 the air conditioner freezes up then it get to 70 in the house and they told me that it was to cold for the unit to keep up! Are you kinding me! It's1 month old! Does any one have any answers? Do you think the unit is to small and it can't keep up? Frustrated!!!

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Garland Osburn - 65 d 19 h ago

Central air conditioning is not really designed to go below 68f.

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Joyce Carmody - 69 d 17 h ago

A few years ago I purchased a home with a new air conditioner unit - it is a Rheem. This unit was one of the reasons I felt the house was well represented. Afterhours Air Conditioning of 6651 SW 25 Street in Miramar, Florida did the work. The permit he applied for was originally filed on 11/2012. I have discovered that he never registered the warranty and now my coil is burnt out. The coil should have been under warranty IF it was filed. What recourse do I have with this provider? How can I get a coil for my unit? I have been without AC for quite awhile now and I find it difficult to function in my own home. Did this happen because I am an older person and they had little respect for me?

The unit is: Model RHLL-HM24171A

Serial # W301217347

Address: 2318 North 28th Ave. Hollywood, Fla.

I am presently unable to live in the house because of the heat.

Joyce Carmody


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Dawn Daly - 70 d 19 h ago


NEVER EVER buy a LP water heater from Rheem. I came home 3 days ago (June 5) to a strong gas smell in the garage. I called our gas company and reported the leak. They came out and determined that it was coming from the controller on the water heater. This new water heater was install November 2017 and still under warranty. Their warranty procedures are deplorable! They ordered the replacement part with no rush. Said it would arrive in 1-2 business days. The part arrived yesterday (June 7) and was installed but not tested as the gas company locked out tank per their regulations. Called the gas company and of course they had no one available to unlock our tank until Friday morning. So yet another night of cold showers and no laundry done and dishes somewhat cleaned. I had high hopes this morning that all would be back to normal. The gas company arrived and low and behold, the replacement part that was sent also leaked and was defective. I called Rheem and spoke to no last name Mike, the supervisor, who was of no help whatsoever. He said our only option was to have another part ordered and sent directly to me which possibly could get here on Saturday. Do you see the problem with that? Today is Friday, it MAY get here Saturday nobody works on Saturday so it will be a long weekend of cold showers and dirty laundry. Rheem showed no sense of urgency in our situation. When I asked "Mike" what else could be done to get us functioning again his reply was that we could remove the unit return it to the store and exchange it for another one and oh yes be responsible for the installation again! Rheem you fail as a company!!!!!

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GFK - 80 d 20 h ago


In September 2017 I had a service contractor tell me my ac condenser needed to be replaced. I authorized the contractor to make the repair. To replace the ac condenser I paid MID AIR Technologies (hidden) the sum of $655.00. The unit was colling again. In May 2018 the ac unit was not colling, I contacted AC Technologies, Coral Springs to inspect the unit. (hidden)) TAC Technologies also said the compressor had to be replaced. For this repair, I paid Ac Technologies $755.

I contacted the Mid Air contractor and made him aware that the condenser for which I paid him $655.00 had failed in 9 months. Additionally, I asked for a refund. The contractor asked if I was 'smoking something' and added this was a Rheem problem. SO I did not get a refund, however, I did get insulted a by a rude low-level person who represents Rheem.

I am seeking the refund for at least one of the condensers I paid for in full to the two about listed Rheem representative.

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Anonymous - 106 d 11 s ago

We have had one problem after another since we purchased the Theme air condition unit and handler. It froze up while we were on vacation. Each time we change seasons we have to call ARS to get it to work. We have never had these problems when we had the Trane making us wishing we had stayed with that brand.

Linda Zoeller

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C.Righter - 115 d 20 h ago


I bought a Rheem AC unit for my condo based on their reputation.

My unit would drip water which soaked my carpeting. I did not notice the problem until I steped on the carpet and felt the saturation.

I called the company who initially installed the unit and they came out to inspect. After inspecting, the tech noticed that a "P" trap had not been installed and went ahead and installed one. They instructed me to use white vinegar once a month in pvc pipe and use a shop vac to suck out water if it ever happens again.

Well here we are again, dripping and saturated carpet. If I knew I would have to baby sit this air conditioning unit I never would have bought it.

Rheem has been terrible in trying to help me and just keeps referring me to an AC company to come out to fix the problem.

I will never buy another Rheem product again.

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Marilyn Dilly - 121 d ago


Purchased Rheem furnace in February 2013. The heat sensor apparently gets a coating on it and it's necessary to use a nail file or sand paper to clean it. It takes two people who do not have the proper tool to complete this project. Location of sensor is low enough in furnace where one has to lay on floor in order to complete the task. Next to impossible to remove sensor to clean and then it must be reinstalled which is a huge challenge. Had installer here a few times and paid service charges. Finally my he showed my husband the problem so we could do repair ourselves.

There must be a specific tool used to remove and replace the sensor and we need one desperately, all we ask is what tool this would be for this challenge. My husband is 80 years old and we are on fixed income, unable to pay for a repairman to constantly fix this problem. He cannot constantly do this repair due to his age.

Is there anyone in your company who cares enough about this problem to address it?

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Mcg - 162 d 15 h ago


Do not ever buy a water heater at Home Depot that is Rheem. They told me it was covered, but when it broke 5 years after I paid $1,200 for it plus its warranty, when it broke down all I got was a run around. Either service was not available ( over the phone) or they kept me on hold over an hour and never answered the phone. AWFUL, DECEITFUL COMPANY.

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Beth R - 162 d 19 h ago


Sold defective water heater that was recalled. Never responded to recall. Unit broke down and CAUGHT ON FIRE! Only have one crappy repair technician A+Elite Repair. Crappiest technician ever. Waited 5 days no hot water. He Removed water heater and installed a lower grade one And

Charged ME $250 instead of Rheem paying for repair. I welcome a call (hidden)

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Judy - 163 d 12 h ago


I will never by a water heater from you people again I have no hot water and have been trying to contact you all for weeks! Horrible customer service!!!

General profile image - 170 d 20 h ago

need to purchase a/c filiter 16-1/4 x21 x1 no store caeeies this can a major co like yours maf.a ac with a special please call (hidden)r e/mail (hidden) with info.thank you in advance

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