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Rite Aid

30 Hunter Lane
Camp Hill, PA
(717) 761-2633
(717) 975-3754
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B.J.Hooker - 2 d 15 h ago


Welcome to ZOGland where the denizens destroy their families in order to protect the country. Haven't you noticed the massive numbers of soldiers who left their preschool children in order to serve (the interests of the jew)? What sort of people are these? One protects the country in order to preserve the family for that is the basic unit of society. Without it, you are not much better than maggots fighting over what to feed upon, or copulate with.

If you love your family, you don't leave it. If you love your country, you don't leave it. Of course, the whole world loves America because they all want to come here.

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Concerned Camden Resident - 3 d 39 s ago


To whom it may concern. The Rite Aid parking lot in Camden Nj on Mt.Ephairam Ave. is a discrace. It is filled with trash and has been for months. Management was made aware of it and nothing has been done. Please correct this problem. thank You

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Anonymous - 2 d 16 h ago

What does discrace mean? Is that a race involving throwing discs? Why are people participating in this sport in the parking lot?

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Lost in NY - 3 d 10 h ago


Rite Aid store 7 Madison Street, New York, N.Y. 10038.

I really hate coming to this store because the Cashiers and workers seem to have a "in your face" bias against Whites, Hispanics and Asians. On the checkout line you can clearly see the Cashiers friendly to other patrons and as soon as an Hispanic, White or Asian person approaches, the Cashiers immediately change their expression from friendly to sour, avoiding eye contact with the customers and give little to no conversation. Not all Cashiers do this, but most do. This is a well known reality of this store for many years, and even though numerous complaints are directed to the Manager through customer service line, all is ignored. I am white but often taken for Hispanic so I experience this personally. I asked a worker where was a item and her verbal response was so crude, I actually thought she was going to hit me. In order to avoid the cashiers at the front of the store, many patrons seek refuge at the Pharmacy counter which is unfair to these employees who are often polite but overwhelmed by the long lines of non-pharmacy customers. I'm sure this complaint will be ignored as RiteAid actually doesn't care for its customers at this store.

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Stanley - 8 d 7 h ago


Rite Aid @2E.rt37 Toms River NJ I've been a customer for over 30yrs. I never asked for anything but, when I needed

a prescription delivered, due to them not having it when I ordered it and me unable to go to them now. They weren't helpful and told me next week! I needed it yesterday when I ordered it! NOT NEXT WEEK.

I have 8 other drug stores next to me. I could've gone to anyone else. I would hate to pull my 34 prescriptions out, but I'm

gonna start moving them out as they get renewed.


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Jchrist - 8 d 15 h ago


The Manager at a store in Ohio was very rude to me as a vendor. He was using curse words and had a temper.never go to this store!

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Anonymous - 12 d ago


My husband has been out of his BREO for almost 2 weeks. His doctor today called in for a 90 day BREO. HOWEVER, Riteaid in Seaford Delaware West Stein Hey called again still telling my husband they are STILL PUT OF BREO. WHAT is their problem. He's surpose to be on an Auto refill monthly. We had this problem over a year ago and I contacted the main offices. Things were going pretty good until now. He is out of so many or close to being out. If this problem can't be solved he'll have no other choice but to find a pharmacy we can depend on getting his medications. This is causing a GREAT HAZARD TO HIS HEALTH NOT HAVING THE MEDICATIONS AT RITEAID. I'm sure not everyone uses BREO.

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Susan Barber - 13 d 10 h ago


RiteAid is the worst Pharmacy I have ever encountered ever ever in my entire life I've been using RiteAid for many many years and every single time every single month they screw with me they make me go without my medication for at least one to two days they've done the same with my epileptic daughter and I think they suck and as soon as I possibly can I will switch I've been trying for several months now but every time I go to a different Pharmacy they are out of the medications that I need so low and behold I have to go back to f****** Rite Aid I hate RiteAid they suck and as far as I'm concerned they get an F for failure and would I refer them to anyone else no not ever in my life

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Pissed - 18 d 6 h ago


I just visited a rite aid in Richmond va on laburnum ave. First off the item I purchased was placed in wrong space on shelf making my think I am getting for less until I get to register. 2nd. I used this location for 20 years and never had a problem using restroom until today when I was told they have none for the public. 3rd some girl named Maryann address me as dude as she was telling me she has been there for six years and never had restroom for public which is a lie. Totally sorry ass location to patronize. Get training

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Kathy Cheer - 21 d 12 h ago


I have been a customer of RiteAid #05979 at 901 Soquel Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062

for over 20 years. I patronize this store for its outstanding bargains and the lovely, long-time staff people, some of whom I consider friends. I have sent these comments to you previously due to the conditions that exist today. . .inadequate, poorly stocked inventory. In some cases, vendors have not replenished their merchandise in months, if not years. I don't know if there is a current manager and I have seen several and something must be done to better serve long-time customers as well as making life easier for RiteAid employees. They can see the barely stocked to empty shelves and they are the ones who explain to people why certain items are, once again, not available. The shelves for summertime fun merchandise are mostly empty. Are they planning to close this retail outlet or what! I would like a personal response to my inquiry.

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Blue Jay, CA Rite Aid Pharmacy Sucks - 22 d 6 h ago


The rite aid pharmacy in Blue Jay, CA is the WORST outfit that I have done business with. The staff generally are very incompetent, the management and pharmacist, including the middle eastern lady suck and this is putting it mildly. This place is so crappy that we are now driving 40 minutes away to the closest CVS pharmacy to get our medication. If you can't effectively run a pharmacy then close the friggen place and let someone else who knows how to do things come in. Closing this place would be THE BEST community service.

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Tammy Miglionico - 26 d 4 h ago


I transferred my scripts 7 times & I still dont have my meds

Yr location in duncanna pa have the most disrespectful ppl working for u. I will not be with out my meds because yr store can't get it right. If I dont start receiving meds meds I will call the new channel let them know just how bad rite aid is. I have been running back & forth for 2 months. Now I want my meds or it wont be nice. Yes I called her an idiot.

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Tammy Miglionico - 26 d 4 h ago


Rite aid sucks

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Anonymous - 32 d ago

There is drug tampering in the store 19 23 Utopia Pkwy. Whitestone 11357. A customer is doing it and I as the consumer had to call the police. I have been in touch with the corporate office every day. I was suppose to get a call back everyday from a supervisor . I don't want to mention his name. He still has not called me . I am the consumer and should not have to be the only one that cares about our neighborhood . The police have a name and address . Why is Rite Aid not doing anything about this . I will call the FBT and the news. People are in danger with this drug tampering . You can contact me at (hidden). Thank you

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Didi - 47 d ago

I was on July 1 sitting in my car and was rHarassed by a unarmed security guard who then called the police had me to give the them my keys for no reason

I was looking at you tube in my car and then pgco police harrassed me for no reason at all I will never come back to rite aid for nothing at all

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Anonymous - 56 d 8 h ago


your stores do not enforce limits on gift card buying even though local police precincts education managers other chains like cvs stop and shop Best buy have signs limiting cash customers can pay towards gift cards particularly Google play used in frequent scams please put up signs educate your employees or you are facilitating criminals to take advantage of unwitting customers who.are prey to such schemes J.L.Forest Hills

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marie cristello - 113 d 9 h ago


I hate your telephone system. I am trying to speak to someone about a complaint with a prescription that I am taking called AMLODPINE BESYLATE I ordered this medication 5 mil. some how the medication had 5mil. and 10 mil. mixed up in the same bottle. I have been so swollen and in pain because of it. Who can I speak to to rectify it. My name is MARIE CRISTELLO (hidden)

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Anyonymous - 58 d 5 h ago

Call the pharmacy commission in your state

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Anonymous - 62 d 10 h ago


I have purchased a blood pressure machine from Rite Aid The brand of Rite Aid The model number is BP3AQ1-Rite ( 0348934 ) Distributed by: Rite Aid Corporation 30 Hunter Lane, Camp Hill, PA 17011 Batteries: 4 x 1.5V AA Made in China Lot No .: 1206190 8 0 0 1 I have spoken to the Rite Aid Manager as well as the Pharmacist they are both as confused as I am me as well being in the medical field. I am looking for The attachment for it to go into the wall. I have called the number that was given to me and have left many messages with Your Corporation. Can somebody please respond to this review as soon as possible to assist me with this ridiculous ordeal? I have never had any kind of problem trying to find an attachment for any other product by any Pharmaceutical Corporation. Thank you I am looking forward to hearing back as well as a way resolve this matter. Nancy IMG_8694.jpeg

General profile image - 69 d ago

Please contact me (hidden)

I had a problem with store manager Morgan hainer at Hudson plaza rite aid New York.

Too much to write in email.

She upset me very much. Would not honor a clairol hair coupon.

Thank you

Mary bologna

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Linda Dayton - 82 d ago


I was just watching the Dan Bongino show. He just stated that Rite Aide has donated $6,000,000 to FOLDS OF HONOR. Thank you. I have been a customer of Rite Aide all my life. I plan to increase my shopping at Rite Aide.

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Judith - 84 d 12 h ago


I have no problem with my Rite Aid store - they have great associates and I enjoy shopping there.

My concern centers around Rite Aid using Aurobindo as a supplier of its generic drugs. Aside from the Losartan recall because of carcinogens in this formulation, Aurobindo has been cited by the FDA for unclean production areas and poor quality of their drugs. I guess Rite Aid orders from this company because the drugs are cheaper but the health and safety benefits are in question. I (and others) have had problems getting the generic Losartan Potassium because of the contamination issue and had to get the much more expensive Cozaar. There were a few companies involved in this recall, but Aurobindo has the worst record all around for dirty factories, pills with black specs, etc. Hopefully, Rite Aid will consider not ordering from this generic manufacturer in the future. Maybe an American supplier as opposed to third-world country suppliers.

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Bmommy - 85 d 8 h ago


The office in canonsburg on West pike street have horrible customer service. I dropped my son's prescription off 3 days ago and was told by the man at the pharmacy that they had to order the medicine but would have it the next day. I waited that whole day and never received a call. I called the pharmacy around 8pm asking if his meds had been filled only to have another man tell me that they wouldn't be there until the next day. I complained because my son has autism and adhd and this medication is very important especially to help him through his school day. I even had the teacher call me because he couldn't pay attention or calm down enough to get work done. So here we are again today 3 days later and I called the pharmacy at 2pm asking if the medication is ready.. NOPE! This time a lady answered and explained (with an attitude) that because of the type of medication it is it takes a few days to order and get ready. I explained to her that both men on two separate days said that it would only take one day. Why wasn't I notified that it would take longer? I could have tried to fill it somewhere else instead of getting the runaround! I'm very frustrated by this because as I stated this medication is very important for my son and his school. I wouldn't recommend getting a prescription filled there! They will lie to you and they don't even have the courtesy to inform you that it may take days longer than they originally specified.

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Richard Martinez - 99 d ago


Dear Rite Aid Office, I would like to give BIG KUDOS to the Rite Aid Store In Rochester NY 1792 N Goodman st. The service from Staff there is amazing and awsome. The pharmacy Staff is fast and full of information on medication and over the counter products. The store is always clean and we'll stock with products.

If there's any award due to them it's a simple phone call just to keep there great store going.

Thank you for your time.

Richard Martinez a very Satisfied Customer.

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Jerilyn DiCostanzo - 99 d 6 h ago


The Rite Aid pharmacy on West Main Street in Hyannis MA 02632 is outstanding! I was so tired of the phone never being answered at CVS, long lines, Medications not ready etc. from the CVS pharmacy, that I took action. I had all new scripts written from our Doctor and delivered them to the wonderful folks at this Rite Aid. I could not be happier!!! They pick up the phone, EVERYTIME, they proactively call me with any issues or questions and there is never a wait when I go to pick up my many scripts for myself and my family.

Wonderful, old fashioned great service...bravo!!

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