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Rite Aid

30 Hunter Lane
Camp Hill, PA
(717) 761-2633
(717) 975-3754
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Loyal (but P O'd) Customer - 4 d ago


Also we need to consider that NORCO is probably now the most widely used narcotic pain medication in use today and with that being said; There should NEVER be a store running out let alone, NEVER having any in all the local stores. This is totally UNACCEPTABLE!!!

in several years I have always needed to take ALL my wife's pain control needs to Walgreens!!! This too is totally UNACCEPTABLE!!!

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Loyal (but P O'd) Customer - 4 d ago


I've been a Rite Aid customer for about 2 decades and at the Center Line Mi store for more than THREE getting hundreds of scripts filled anualy. My experiences there have nearly all been good ones with one exception, I CAN NEVER GET A DAMN NORCO SCRIPT FILLED AT ANY LOCAL RITE AID STORES!!!!!

If I must take my norco scripts at Walgreens, then it only makes sense for me to take ALL my business to Walgreens!!!!

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Disguised Customer - 8 d 3 h ago


Two weeks ago you the Cosamin on sale buy 1 get one, my Son to the Rite-Aid at 10 Snyder Ave. in So. Philadelphia, they only had 1 box so my Son got a rain check and kept going back to see if they received more. As of yesterday, they still had the same box, my Son asked the cashier if they had anymore she said no and wanted to sell him the 1 box for $53.00 and not get the other. My Son told her she was crazy when you the rain check said buy 1 get 1. So, it's on sale this week, my Son goes in this morning and still the same box. If, they are not going to have the merchandise, then what advertise it.

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clara stephenson - 22 d 18 h ago

I turned in a prescription on 4/27/17 with the manager Loc Le . He stated that they didn't have the medication at that time. He took my prescription and said ge would call me. I didn't hear from him so, I went in on 5/6/17 to see if it was ready and his reply was they don't carry the medication. This was a waist of time and I needed my medicine. If they didn't have it he should have let me know and I would have went to another location. I was out of medicine and needed it for my health. If my health get worse because, of this I am going to have to hold the pharmacy manager and rite aid accountable. This happened at tje pharmacy on crenshaw and imperial. (310) 531-0579

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Anonymous - 22 d 18 h ago


Clara Stephenson

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jackie - 37 d 46 s ago


I have had so many issues with the Rite aid pharmacy in Central Square, New York that I have been considering switching all of my family's scripts over to Walmart.

My visit yesterday was so unpleasant that I feel it needs to be reported. On Friday around 4:30 pm I stopped to pick up my refills. There were multiple customers waiting for scripts. The pharmacist was inept, rude and disrespectful to the other 2 employees trying to help her, the person she was on the phone with and the customers waiting.

When I arrived she was obviously frustrated. A father was trying to get a new Epi pen for his child and she was having issues with the computer system. There was an older gentleman who was visibly I'll waiting for his script. He must have been there a while as an employee told him to remove his jacket as he was sweating and brought him a glass of water. She asked if there was anything else she could get for him and apologized for the long wait. His reply was just get me my scripts so I can go home. the pharmacist said "this is why they should never put a new pharmacist on in a store that doesn't have real pharmacy techs". Really? As this was going on more people arrived and waited....Including a young woman who appeared to be battling cancer. Only 1 of my scripts was ready and I was told it would be at least an hour if I wanted the other one. As I expressed my frustration with the employee trying to help at the other register the young woman with cancer approached the counter. She was told her script wasn't ready and she would "just have to wait". Her doctor and sent it in over an hour prior.

The pharmacists at this location have never been good....Since Harold left. But yesterday was unacceptable. The pharmacist has no right to be rude like that and can not handle her job.

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MONROE - 91 d 20 h ago


This conserns the rite Aid in Lansford Pa. We droped of a script off. Gave it ample time to be filled..only to be told they "LOST THE PERSCRIPTION. ".. The's are serious meds. For mental health...the name on the script is Josiah Mechling, ...please look into this...I will still try to contact someone by phone..Monroe Mechling..1-(hidden)....

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lorriefinkel - 4 y 281 d ago

@riteaid this great way to stack up on gifts and pictures.down load the application or sign up.

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LiquorValues - 4 y 281 d ago

VODKA: @Finlandia_Vodka, Original Unflavored, 80 Proof, 1.75 L .... $19.99 @RiteAid thru 8/23 #finlandia #vodka #liquorvalues

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LiquorValues - 4 y 281 d ago

BEER: Pacifico Clara, 12 oz. Bottles, 12-Pack .... $10.99 plus CRV @RiteAid thru 8/23 #pacifico #cerveza #liquorvalues

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LiquorValues - 4 y 281 d ago

BEER: Beck's, 12 oz. Bottles, 12-Pack .... $10.99 plus CRV @RiteAid thru 8/23 #becks #beer #liquorvalues

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RaymondVincent - 4 y 282 d ago

RT @riteaid: @katv916 Customers in test markets found that after giving Load2Card a try, they like the convenience. We hope you'll give it a try, too.

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DateMeDCBlog - 4 y 282 d ago

Dear @CVS: I have been a loyal customer, but your pharmacy prescription system is so screwy that I can't stand it anymore. Hello, @riteaid.

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BetsysBFF - 4 y 282 d ago

RT @riteaid: It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. - Ghandi

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KrazyCouponLady - 4 y 282 d ago

@riteaid You fine folks need to come join in the fun @KrazyCouponLady. We're having all kinds of literary hijinks with #CouponHaiku.

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TreataDay - 4 y 282 d ago

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