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Rite Aid

30 Hunter Lane
Camp Hill, PA
(717) 761-2633
(717) 975-3754
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BB - 5 d 11 h ago


I have been using the store at 4188 Broadway, NYC 10033 much to our great displeasure. There have been several occurrences over as many months, they never get it right. The pharmacy manager Henrietta, pleasant as she maybe, does not know how to manage her business. I've been told prescriptions would be ready and they are not, they don't even have the meds in the store. I call and ask to speak with her and you can be on hold in excess of 8 minutes and no picks up and no one asks you to call back or may she return the call (customer service, nah not there). 12 noon is the cutoff time for delivery after 5 PM that day, do not call a minute after 12, you won't get it. If there are multiple scripts and they only have 1, they do not inform you prior to your arrival or delivery. Each time something happens adversely to your order and you ask Henrietta why, all I get are excuses and she talks over you. I am now looking for another pharmacy.

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Blonde pharmacist - 7 d 17 h ago


I went Friday to rite aid in Towanda pa on Reuters blvd.over an hour after my doctor's appointment over an hour and a half after our doctor's appointment no one else was around and was told it would be another hour the young blonde girl was working the entry way says she's the head of the pharmacy man oh man did you make the wrong choice on that one I'll just go with out or medications till Monday when the other pharmacist is on the dark haired nicely dressed one is on never have a problem when she's on you guys need to find another one like that

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Disappointed customer - 10 d 11 h ago


Rite Aid in Connellsville, PA. I would like to discuss a complaint with this pharmacy. I have had prescriptions filled here for years and the past year to year-and-a-half, their service has wend downhill. After six months (or longer) they still could not coordinate all of my scripts to be picked up on the same date/to eliminate having multiple trips to their store. There has been a higher than usual turn-a-round with their employees. My prescriptions were so messed up. I had duplicate of the same medicines, medicines filled that were not needed, medicines which were not filled, to say the least. I also had several attempts to get them to correctly use a company coupon for a discount. I would get several text messages telling me this was my last message to pick up my medications but had no previous message telling me they were ready. I have also left scripts to be filled at the end of the day or faxed over first thing in the morning and they were NOT READY by 7:00 p.m. To make things worse, when I had questions about duplicate refills, I watched the new employee walk over to ask for assistance THREE times to the three folks working in the back, one being the pharmacist, and she could never answer my questions. Eventually, the pharmacist came over and started yelling at me for being rude and accused me of taking my frustration out on the new employee. He then proceeded to tell me I should find a new pharmacy, without ever answering my question about my medication mix-ups. Needless to say, we no longer go to this location. Passive/aggressive and very disorganized. They went downhill in a very short amount of time.

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MarvaB - 12 d 7 h ago


Rite aid at Jefferson Blvd. in Culver City-I would like to issue a complaint with this pharmacy. My doctor sent in a prescription to this Rite Aid on Sat. Feb. 8th, 2020. On Tues. Feb. 11thI still didn't get a text message that my prescription was ready. I tried calling them on Tues. morning for an hour and the phone just kept on ringing and ringing. I stopped by at 12:30 and they said they had the prescription but they did not fill it. They didn't know why it wasn't filled, but said they had floaters over the weekend. It was put in my file and put on hold. It never would have been filled if I didn't stop by. They told me to come back in 40 minutes as the pharmacist is on her lunch break. It is now two hours later and I still haven't heard from them. This store has the absolute worst customer service.

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Dave - 36 d 9 h ago

you rite aid in blaine sucks

nice, friendly staff, but drive thru closed for months at a time. when asked they say its a safety issue cause of a leak. they also said they have reported it to corporate on several,times. still nothing jas been done for over a year.

TJATS BAD BUSINESS!!! especially when a big chunk,of customers like myself have hard time,walking due to back issues. wouldnt be as bad,,but the damn pharmacies are at very back of store.. tou put a real hardship on disabled people. obviously a company that does not care about there cusromers, especially there disabled ones!!

Time to change pjatmacies i guess.

just a lack of compassion for the disabled!! LIKE I SAID BAD BUSINESS WORKING THAT WAY!!!

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Valerie - 16 d ago


Today I call. The Rite Aids at 164 West Chelten Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a refill of my prescription This is not the first time. I had a problem with my prescription. Last time I was supposed to get three boxes Of an appointment. I was given to when I called the store and complained. They said oh at least you didn't have to pay for the two. But if we ordered the third one for you have to pay regular price. And if I got the two boxes next month, they would only give me two. So why ask the pharmacist? How can you alter? A prescription without my doctor's permission It was no answer to that. So today I called the pharmacy. And I ordered this appointment. I went to go pick it up. And when I got in the car, and I noticed they had gave me. The vaal medicine so I called them. The phone rang for half hour So I decided to go back into the store. I asked the cashier. Was there something wrong with your phones? She could not hear me. Because she had her earphones on. I asked the pharmacist. Was there something wrong with his phone? He said no I said I've been calling here for a half hour and the phone just Rings ring ring. But I'm calling you now in the phone is this ringing? So apparently they have their phone. On silent I explained to him that they gave me the wrong medication. They said that the doctor phone in a prescription for me today. And that's what she ordered. I left and called my doctor. My doctor is out of the country. And I also said no one called anything in for me. I called the pharmacy again. And they told me it was on my profile for March of last year. I explained to them that I've never had this pill ever and I don't know. What is 4 + y you're giving it to me. Even if I had a prescription for March I know that expired by now. I've been having problems at this Rite Aid. For a while and I know now I will have no more problems there. You have no longer going to use that Rite Aid. I will take my prescriptions somewhere else.

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Anonymous - 16 d 5 h ago



I have often wondered why Rite Aid corporations are not following federal law regarding the use of heavy fragrances and lotions worn by employees in a public place of business. I'm concerned for all the people who suffer with allergies and breathing conditions. I myself was close to passing out as my airway was closing fast and could barely complete my transaction. As I struggled to get outside for fresh air I was wondering have they been taken to court over this HUGE issue!!!???

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Nikki - 18 d 13 h ago


Last night, I had the most disgusting experience at the 75 Portsmouth Ave location in Exeter, NH. I frequent this location as well as the Newmarket location at least 4 times a week. And I am absolutely appalled by the way I was treated.

At 9:50pm on 2/4/2020, I pulled into the parking lot after spending 5 hours at the emergency room. I was just diagnosed with the flu and was going in to grab some juice and Tylenol. There was a short, older woman in a sloppy sweatshirt standing outside starting her car. A Sebring, I believe. As I approached, she looked at me with a sour puss and said 'we're closing'. I said 'I know. In ten minutes.' As I passed her to go through the front door, she scoffed at me. I stopped and turned around and asked her if there was a problem. She had an attitude and was extremely rude so I asked for her name and she said, verbatim, 'You're not getting my name. You can go to hell.' This elderly woman literally told me to go to hell and gave me an attitude for coming in 10 minutes before close for JUICE AND TYLENOL. Needless to say, I didn't get her name or what I had come for and left.

I'm so sick and just wanted two quick things. I usually go to Portsmouth Ave on weekdays during my lunch break but I will never go back there again. Walgreens is right up the street and I'll walk the extra minute.

( The no name, rude, elderly woman was short and had short, dark hair with white roots growing in. She also had a face that looked like she sucked on a lemon right before I came in. )

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Name not necessary - 20 d 16 h ago


I cant figure out what the hours are at your store at 890 east michigan Battle Creek Michigan. Sometimes the shades are down at 7:30 sometimes 8:00 sometimes 9:00. It looks like it's closed because only 1 or 2 cars and sometimes no cars, so I don't even stop. Online it says open till 9 No response to me is needed. Just fix this please. I work till 7 and 7:30 this is a handy spot for me but I will change my route home to a different store

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Anonymous - 26 d 5 h ago


I have been a customer with your company in phila,pa,located 5701chesnut st and the driver denied giving me my medication,there was several witness the guy is rude i called the store spoke to ray i believe he is the pharmacy mgr,i also spoke to john the store mgr,i plan on taking thid issue to court because it,s medication i need to stay alive,my name is angela bell,6250 walmut st,phila,pa,19139,my phone is (hidden),you guys have the worst service in the world when dealing with medication and people lives,your establishment should be shut down before your ignorance kill someone love one.

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Anonymous - 27 d 8 h ago

Ive been using riteaid pharmacy for a few years now. I keep being told my insurance wont cover my meds. This resulted in me paying 45$ every 10 days. On a hunch i told my dr. To send my refill to walgreens. Walgreens charged me 16$. So ive been overpaying 90$ per month. I know my ins pays about 8 bucks while retail is about 50. I feel like there is a money motivation here. (hidden) my next message goes to atty general.

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Bonnie Gochanour - 38 d 13 h ago

You are closing the 300 West Manlius St store in East Syracuse, NY STORE #3424 in February. This store has been a great asset to our community. You are going to move our prescriptions to your Kirkville Road location. This location isn't walking distance for most of the people in the area. The location doesn't have drive thru either. I have copd and sometimes I can't walk to the back of the store so I use the drive thru. If you're not going to reconsider keeping it open maybe our mayor will help get a Kinne Drug store in place there. I'm 100% positive the people in East Syracuse will switch their prescriptions there. I truly hope you reconsider your decision

General profile image - 32 d ago


I hear you bonnie the same thing on main st in Middletown ct .walgreens bought it then closed it. Rite was the best. We are at a loss here. I comment is above yours. Walgreens was scared of rite aid. They bought up what they could and closed them to make us go out of our way to their store. I don't know if corporate ever reads these comments.i hope they do.bonnie in middletown ct we feel your pain

General profile image - 32 d 11 h ago


We need a Rite Aid store back at 10 a Main St in mddletown Ct. Walgreens bought it then closed it. They are nothing compared to what Rite Aid was. The hotel close by gave them a lot of business as well as the Wesleyan college students. We that are walking distance are suffering because of Walgreens leaving us .please sine Walgreens didn't want the space can Rite Aid come back here? We truly miss them. Thank you in advance for your reply.

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Anonymous - 33 d 34 s ago


The rite aid on 601 pine st in long beach California has an employee named "Blanca" that is stealing makeup products and other small items from the store and then selling them on offer up and craigslist, she says she sometimes makes more on that then on her paycheck!!!!!

General profile image - 47 d 9 h ago



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Bonnie Gochanour - 47 d 8 h ago


I have just been informed rite aid is closing thestore at 300 West Manlius St East Syracuse, NY. This is a shame, you want us to go to the store on Kirkville Road in East Syracuse which is much smaller and dirty all the time!!!! I have been using the Manlius St store for 30 years, one of the reasons I moved there was because of the convenience of the store. There are a lot of people who don't drive and may be forced to use Walmart or Wegmans for their prescriptions because they are closer. I am consider

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Marilyn - 44 d 19 h ago


I shop at Rite Aid a couple days a week and love the people that work there. My only complaint is about the parking lot. There are no in and out arrows and it causes problems all the time. I've told a manager about it for years and they've always told me they reported it but nothing was ever done

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Marilyn - 45 d 3 h ago


I shop at Rite Aid a couple days a week and love the people that work there. My only complaint is about the parking lot. There are no in and out arrows and it causes problems all the time. I've told a manager about it for years and they've always told me they reported it but nothing was ever done. Please paint directional arrows in the parking lot

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Bonnie Gochanour - 47 d 8 h ago

I have just been informed rite aid is closing thestore at 300 West Manlius St East Syracuse, NY. This is a shame, you want us to go to the store on Kirkville Road in East Syracuse which is much smaller and dirty all the time!!!! I have been using the Manlius St store for 30 years, one of the reasons I moved there was because of the convenience of the store. There are a lot of people who don't drive and may be forced to use Walmart or Wegmans for their prescriptions because they are closer. I am considering price chopper myself. I hope you reconsider your decision and keep that location open

General profile image - 47 d 9 h ago


Horrible service bought garbage bags everyone of them split tried to get refunded nope and the box say 100%satisfaction GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK bull shit Big win sucks

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Julie - 47 d 10 h ago


Mount Vernon Washington rite aide deserves minus 3 stars.. way under staffed.. very rude to customers.. waiting in the lobby for hours with sick children is boarder line on your part just outright neglect.

Get it together upper management.. how can you stand working for a place like this??

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Tyeasha Locklear - 59 d ago


I just bought similac baby formula from a rite at in Euclid Ohio. It was expired. My 2 week old son consumed one of the bottles before I noticed. When he spit it up me and his father wondered why. Needless to say I went back up there and the employees were no help. It was 25 minutes to closing so I guess they didn't care. I will be calling corporate in the morning. I took the other two packs of expired milk to the cashier. I saved another mom from feeding that to her baby. It is December 26th. The milk I'm expired in October!!!

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Pissed off Mom and Caregiver - 122 d 8 h ago


The Pharmacist Akash at the Camden DE store has no problems discussing info on your personal info with people he has never laid eyes on. Still waiting to hear from someone above the local area. I guess it's OK the local bosses will CYA

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Angry and frustrated - 76 d 15 h ago

The upper levels of management don't care...I tried reaching out to response.

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Anonymous - 67 d 8 h ago

Their web site is intentionally misleading

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