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Rite Aid

30 Hunter Lane
Camp Hill, PA
(717) 761-2633
(717) 975-3754
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Jan West - 2 d 7 h ago


I have chronic pain and have for more than 15 years. I recently moved to the other side of town. I changed my prescriptions from CVS to Rite Aid, big mistake! At the time I had turned in a prescription for Hydrocodone and told the pharmacist This would be a monthly prescription. For five months there was no problem. This month I took my monthly prescription in I was told they would have to order it. I turned this in on a Friday, I was told they would order it and it would be in on Wednesday. On Wednesday I dropped by the store after having the weekend from hell going through withdrawals, with the pain so severe I could hardly walk. I checked back on Wednesday, then again on Thursday, and again on Friday. On Friday when I went in the pharmacist Who was a woman would not even talk to me. She kept telling the young man that they didn't have it. I got the impression they never would. She was rude and not customer service friendly. Told the young man to have me call the head pharmacist onSaturday. What does it take to get a prescription filled at the store. This is a San Bernardino store on Kendall drive.

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Anonymous - 5 d ago


Rite Aid at 513 Perry Highway, Pittsburgh, Pa 15229 PHARMACY has the most disrespectful, irritateable (crabby) people working there. Most of the personnel, including the pharmacist, make you feel like you are bothering or putting them out. I have been a customer there for over a year so I am not making a hasty comment. I understand people having a bad day but come on, a year???

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Pissed off Mom and Caregiver - 18 d ago


The Pharmacist Akash at the Camden DE store has no problems discussing info on your personal info with people he has never laid eyes on. Still waiting to hear from someone above the local area. I guess it's OK the local bosses will CYA

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Josie - 18 d 3 h ago

I just picked up a script from Rite Aid 27 N 7th street Allentown PA (hidden). I was in the ER last night, I picked up script and cant find the instructions on the pamphlet. I have called Rite Aid over 7 times it rings till it hangs up. No Answer! What kind of a business is this,m

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Jordan - 26 d ago


Rite aids on 4733 westland blvd Baltimore md . Is under management of wayne johnson and he treats his employees very unfairly. He over works them . Makes smart remarks to them . He just treats them over all bad . And it needs to stop . I really hope somebody will see this and help them cause they need it !!!! Please .

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Susan Barber - 22 d 20 h ago


I think all rite aid stores need to be closed down maybe a class action suite againts them for varius reasons will smarten them up.

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Susan Barber - 22 d 20 h ago


For the life of me I will never understand why Rite Aid likes to play God with my daughter's medicine they refuse to refill a new prescription that the doctor writes when he says to take 2 in the morning and 2 at night no they keep it at 1 in the morning and one at night so I continue to give her 2 in the morning and 2 at night she runs out and they refuse to fill the new prescription why do they do this they like to play God they are not God and they are not doctors they are supposed to fill medications meanwhile I get to watch my daughter have seizures Rite Aid sucks big-time on one of these days somebody's going to sue the living hell out of them and I'll be glad.

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Nick Johnson Enumclaw Washington - 31 d 6 h ago


Been going to Rite Aid in Enumclaw Washington for over 30 years the last four times I've been there. My prescriptions are never ready anymore they always say they have to call my doctor or computer glitches. Always knew people behind the counter very sad you don't even get recognized anymore. Which is okay with me but when my prescription aren't ready and when I call the night before to verify I have prescriptions ready the next day they say yes when I show up they say they have to call my doctor again or as well the computer glitches again changing pharmacies

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Nancy Washburn - 32 d 23 h ago


After reading all of the enclosed reviews not sure why I should even waste my time, but here goes. I have been getting my prescriptions from the Rite-aid in Federal Way WA, for over twenty years. Now their drive through is constantly closed, with a piece of cardboard covering the window. I was told that 5 people quit. First question why ? Second why aren't they hiring ?

Supposedly the people working in the pharmacy aren't even assigned to that store. It takes days to get a prescription. If you wait it is well over two hours.

I have a broken femur and am 68 years old, not to be able to use the drive through or have to go inside more than once to get prescription is extremely hard. I guess since they don't care time to move to Walgreens or CVS.

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Anonymous - 37 d 5 h ago

Rite aide at sandersi And Sanderson Hemet California. I go through the drive-through and one it takes a very long time whether I drive-in through the drive-through or I actually go in in person it's always slow they seemed to they don't seem to handle stress very well and they need more help and I can't believe a pharmacist can be stressed out over helping customers they get distracted in they don't they're not very helpful or very friendly he need to review that store

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Anonymous - 47 d 13 h ago


Flagged for review. 
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Customers - 39 d 14 h ago


Shame on Rite Aid in Buchanan,

MI ! My doctor faxed a prescription to be filled immediately for my husband to prevent an admission to the hospital. They did not have it-said it would be 24 hours at least. We called the doc. He faxed another script and said we should be able to pick it up in an hour. I went 70 minutes later. It was NOT ready. The pharmacist had just walked out as I walked in. This is incompetence, as I was told to wait at least another half ho,,,

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Anonymous - 40 d 6 h ago

Shame on Rite Aid in Buchanan,

MI ! My doctor faxed a prescription to be filled immediately for my husband to prevent an admission to the hospital. They did not have it-said it would be 24 hours at least. We called the doc. He faxed another script and said we should be able to pick it up in an hour. I went 70 minutes later. It was NOT ready. The pharmacist had just walked out as I walked in. This is incompetence, as I was told to wait at least another half hour!

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Customer - 45 d ago

Rite Aid in Ansted,WV literally just called the police because I carried a purse in their store. An officer checked my belongings and clearly seen I had no store merchandise in it. Hope they feel good about themselves, public humiliation at it's finest.

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Anonymous - 49 d 10 h ago

I went into the Oregon Ohio store ay 8:05am asked to buy a pack of cigarettes the girl was rude and would not sell them to me because I didn't have my ID which was in the car but I am 55 yrs old and look it I could see it if I wasn't as old as I am and I would of went out and got it but she was so rude

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Rita Salas - 54 d ago


Last 9/16/19 I went to the store located in 9864 National Blvd. Store #05441 La CA 90034. I bought some beauty products. I saw people in the ice cream line and decided to buy one. The attendant did not want to give me the ice cream in a cone and a cup, she told me" I can give you in a cup ,the cone you have to buy it, we sale them in boxes"

I offered to pay extra money then she said "I am sorry that's the policy company". I asked for the manager and she said "I am the manager" I read her name " DAWN". I left the store and went to my car and realized I had been given someone else receipt . This happened about 5 pm. I never had any problem with any employee, they are always nice good customer service. I hope the other employees DON'T followed this so call Manager. Please she needs a complete instruction about CUSTOMER SERVICE. I hope DAWN

don't treat other people as she did with me. I really feel sorry for her she needs more education.

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Linda Miller - 57 d 7 h ago


I wrote a review for the Rite Aid pharmacy on Clinton Keith in Wildomar, CA. The review was changed and on top of that the recap was way wrong. What is happening? Would you please look into this? I would love a response from someone. My name is Linda Miller in Rancho Bernardo CA (hidden).

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Anonymous - 58 d 8 h ago


Belding rite aide the one pharmacist she is of forien resent is terrible very rude to customers made me feel very uncomfortable picking up my handicapped daughters meds she treated me like I was overdosing my daughter . I wish there was another pharmacy cause because of her I would leave rite aide and I would take a bunch of people with me

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Anonymous - 58 d 23 s ago

What the hell kind of language are you using? What does forien resent even mean? She may be trying to save your daughter's life, how horrible of her.

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Tina - 64 d ago

I was extremely dissatisfied with my service at the pharmacy my last two visits. First I was given the excuse my prescriptions were not ready due to the pharmacy being busy although most were reoccurring prescription. Today I come to pick up my prescriptions and ask about the Good Rx coupons and the pharmacist rushes the association through my service because a line started to form. I was the only person to begin with and to be rushed is extremely annoying. The pharmacy should be staffed more than 2 people if customers are not going to have their questions fully answered. I have waited The store is on west high street Portsmouth VA.

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marie cristello - 199 d 5 h ago


I hate your telephone system. I am trying to speak to someone about a complaint with a prescription that I am taking called AMLODPINE BESYLATE I ordered this medication 5 mil. some how the medication had 5mil. and 10 mil. mixed up in the same bottle. I have been so swollen and in pain because of it. Who can I speak to to rectify it. My name is MARIE CRISTELLO (hidden)

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Anyonymous - 144 d 50 m ago

Call the pharmacy commission in your state

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Anonymous - 68 d 4 h ago


rite aide in newtown square pa readiclinic worse place never go there again .they never answer the phone.

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Good bye Rite aid - 70 d 10 h ago


I have been trying to contact your customer service line, but every time the call just ends. I now understand why Walgreens will be buying out your entire franchise by 2020. I had the worst experience last night in your store in Queens.

04866. There was a gate on the cosmetic side so I was prevented from buying a $5 lip Balm. Duane Reades, here I come.

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Renee Emmett - 73 d 6 h ago


Your store at 975 E. Cypress Ave Redding CA was robbed for the 3rd time since February of this year, in broad daylight, with staff and customers in that store.

When will the decision be made to protect your staff, and customers , by hiring armed security? Not making that decision puts ALL lives at risk.

It is our community's hope that something is decided on to protect all that uses that business. Would be shameful for the staff to lose their jobs because current customers go elsewhere due to fear of safety.

It is a different world we live in.

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