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Rite Aid

30 Hunter Lane
Camp Hill, PA
(717) 761-2633
(717) 975-3754
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Bonnie - 3 d 16 h ago


Dear Rite Aid. I have been getting my subscriptions at my local rite aid at 23 Mile rd and Van Dyke in Shelby Twp Mi. 48317. I have had back surgeries and take pain medication. I can always count on them for having them in stock but they recently changed brands of generic Percset. They were oval for for a long time now changed to round white I think by Rhodes pharmaceutical. Well I have to tell you these pills are POISON! They have the worst side effects. Headaches, nausea, I don't think the strength is right either. Sometimes they stop my pain others they do not work at all!! I have complained to the pharmacist there several times about how bad these are. She says she has no control of what the company sounds she just orders them. Please someone look into these I have been reading on the Internet negative reviews about these pills also apparently I am not the only one that is having this trouble. Please please go back to what you were paying before these pills until you are poison. I do she says she has no control of what the company sends she just orders them. Please someone look into these I have been reading on the Internet negative reviews about these pills. also apparently I am not the only one that is having this trouble. I would love to take one of these poison pills to have it analyzed to see just exactly what it is. The filler is not right. I really don't think the proper dose is in that pill too. Please please go back to what you were getting before these pills. They reall are poison. I'm not getting them any longer from RITE AID. I have been going anywhere But there. I could always depend on them for years now not so much. It's very Disappointing.

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Bruce - 5 d 14 h ago


Dear Rite Aid,

I parked in Rite Aid at the Corner of Normandie Ave., and Pacific Coast Highway, Harbor City, CA today at approx. 10:30 AM to shop. An incident took place between myself and a CSI patrol person, and I think he was acting strange, considering the circumstances of a parkin correction; in an empty lot, 25 yards away from the entrance. See below.

C.S.I. Patrol Service, Inc., 3605 Long Beach Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90807

bruce bacon

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Heavy handed treatment by the CSI individual who continued to harass me, even after the fact I followed his directions carefully, and park my vehicle, as he demanded. I sensed something was wrong with this guy, as he chooses to target me, who just happen to park incorrectly. After I had already moved my vehicle, I felt a strange foreboding; then noticing his firearm, I then sensed this was a man under pressure, who can possibly use poor judgment, and not react to a situation properly.

Afterward, I contacted LAPD, and also the supervisor of CSI. LAPD is very easy to get along with and took down the information I supplied. On the other hand, CSI office began claiming I was the problem; they were not interested in any objective information, or how they could have improved their response; afterall we are just talking parking enforcement. Instead, this company became extremely defensive; likely they have heard such a complaint before. My advise is to be very careful with individuals carrying a weapon, who may not be civil enough to determine the circumstances and environment; and then act appropriately-scary guys!

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Frances Augustine - 6 d 8 h ago


I just want to thank Rite Aid for making feminine care Thin Pantiliners.

It says on the package, ` compare to always ' believe me, there is NO COMPARISON !

I have been using panti liners for many yrs. I'm in my 70's and don't need a thick pad, but like to feel fresh.

Just about a year ago I purchased Always Panti liners, on the third day of wearing them I was in the Dr's

office with blisters because of the plastic covering on there liners. Apparently, I have an allergy to plastics

and latex. Always was notified. Since your brand of thin pantiliners have cotton, they do not bother me.

I have been shopping at Rite Aid for almost 7 yrs here in Warrenton, VA. The folks that work in that store are the BEST ! Always so helpful and kind. I do buy other Rite Aid brands also. Please keep making your thin liners with cotton. I cannot be the only person that has allergy to plastic. Thank you for your time.

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AA Fashions - 9 d 9 h ago

We are a vendor of garments to Rite Aid and shipped our first order in Nov-Dec 2017

We were told the terms are 60 days and review period is 120 days. 60 days passed as well as 120 days passed but we have not received any payment/returns or any kind of communication from Rite Aid.

Looks like Rite Aid is just taking advantage of the vendors and want to get free merchandise.

I would request that before we give this to our legal department for lawsuit, please look into this and resolve.

I can be contacted at (hidden)

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Tanya - 9 d 15 h ago


I have shopped years at ritade was gold member but recently changed my number when i called customer service lady was rude said i cant get gold unless i have receipt i dont keep them im mad i been gold forever

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Lisa Moretti - 10 d 20 s ago


I was hired to do pharmacy technician work without any previous experience. Now Rite Aid is telling me I'm not meeting the qualifications to be ready to take the test required to be certified and by no means am I ready for this test. I was hired before the new year at a crazy time and had no training with exception of stupid programs on their computer. The place is so busy that noone has time to train and your winging it. Expectations are to answer phones, answer questions about insurance, fill prescriptions and pull prescriptions and wait on customers. The entire system is a joke. Now that Rite aid corporate wants me tested and pushing the store to test me, they are offering me a position at the front desk saying I'm not prepared for the test BUT they'll take me as a front desk associate waiting on customers but will be a cut in pay because that department makes less money then the pharmacy. What kind of a company is this that doesn't prepare their people or train them appropriately and wonder why all the negative comments on this site by unhappy customers. TRAIN YOUR PEOPLE APPROPRIATELY AND YOU WOULDN'T HAVE THESE ISSUES! No wonder its a revolving door with staff in certain locations.

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dianng - 25 d 19 h ago


The RiteAid Pharmacy that my parents have gone to for 30+ years, has for the second time, filled two additional prescriptions that my 87 year old mother (or her doctor) did not call in for a refill. These prescriptions were picked up by me, not knowing she didn't call these in for a refill and now my mother is out $84 co-pay for prescription meds she doesn't need. When we called the pharmacy they said sorry but since I picked them up already, they could not take them back and refund the money. How can RiteAid get away with filling prescriptions and charging people for them when the person never called for a refill? Is this common practice for RiteAid, to essentially scam older seniors in an effort to not only bill their Prescription Part D insurance for unwanted/un-needed prescriptions but also for the co-pay the senior has to pay?

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Anonymous - 10 d 21 h ago

Shes evidently on autorefill where prescriptions get filled automatically. Have them take her off of that but you'll have to keep track of her meds.

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Dan Liszak - 10 d 9 h ago


I recently switched my prescriptions over to your Toledo Ohio store on cherry St for your delivery service I have waited 4 days. I am physically impaired do not drive have a hard time getting a ride. I found your female representative whom I spoke with less than cooperative and uncaring about my situation and arrogant. It seems rite aid is not concerned about costumer service. Dan Liszak

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Tammy Owen - 17 d 15 h ago


I went to the Rite Aid on McLoughlin Blvd in Oregon City, OR on April 3rd to purchase leftover Easter items for a fundraiser. I met Lori who was changing out the seasonal items. She went above and beyond to help me. She dropped what she was doing to make sure that I got the items that I needed in the easiest hassles at all. She made a phone call to the Rite Aid on Sunnyside Rd. in Happy Valley, OR to find out if they had more of what I was looking for. I went to that store on April 4th and was greeted by Lori again (she floats to the various stores). She had already taken the time to locate the items and have them waiting for me. Ron, the store manager, rang me up and helped me take everything to the car. They have made arrangements with the staff that will be working at both of the above stores on Sunday, to let them know that I will be coming back in on Sunday to make additional purchases. I feel that Ron and Lori both went above and beyond what they needed to do to accommodate me. I am VERY impressed!!!

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Curt jarmer - 20 d 14 h ago

16401 Division St., Portland, OR complete employee dearest consideration and rude there is a Western Union station there Western Union tried to contact the store the employees refused to give me the address and I watch them hang up as the person from Western Union put me on hold to contact the store this happened several times when I am trying to pay money to use your facility of your Western Union it was on April 1 and this is No joke I am extremely disappointed and want to response to my email address (hidden) thank you

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Too Embarrassed To Give A Name! - 24 d 17 h ago


II Had A Terrible Experience At The rite aide On aviation blvd. In redondo Beach,Ca., I Usually Donnnttt gggooo There In The Morning, But I Had To Use The restroom & Had To go A couple Of Times Then Freshen Up., There Was A Knock At The Door & There Are Two Restrooms There For People To Use, So I Said Someones In Here, Well 5 Min.s Later The Same Kind Of Knock , Knocked Again & I Said Again Someones In Here & To My Suprise, It Was A Man,s Voice Telling Me That I,ve Been In The Bathroom Quite Sometime & That I Needed To Get Out Of There Or He Was Going To Have To Call The Police!, I Thought It Was Some kind Of Pervert Or Something The way he Came accross, I Came right out of The restroom Quickly! for fear This Crazy guy was Going To Call The Cops on Me & Make A Huge Emmmmmbbbaaarrrrrraaassment Out of me! Well i Wasnt going to Let that Happen & as Soon as i was Walking from the restroom There was a man & he pointed at Me & stopped Me & said, Your Not Allow To Come Here Ever Again! & I Said, You Cant Do That, im A Regular Customer & he said"""I dont Care" & I said well I,ll Call Corporate Then, & he Said " go Ahead' "call Corporate!" & He Proceeded To Tell the cashier as I Was trying To leave, To not ever let me in again! I Noticed His Name Tag Said: Sanhol So, You See This Man Is obviously Is making you loose customers, & I,ve Never Seen Him There At Rite Aide Before, So I Assume He Was New? Perhaps,Even long Time Customers like me! & i had just Made A Purchse There at Rite aide the nite Before, I Tell You I Felt Violated! Because Of The Way I Was Treated Because Of This Man,s Pet Pieve,s! & My Bodily Function,s Is None Of His Business!! Honestly, I Felt Sexually Harrassed! So I Would Like You To Look Into This & Make Sure This Kind Of Thing Never Happen,s Again! At Rite Aide. Thanx So Much.

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Dawn@04276 - 25 d 14 h ago


I am an employee at rite aid and I am retiring may 11th I am trying to get new insurance and need a letter from our benefits department stating when my insurance will be done. I know my insurance will be done on May 31st. The benefits department said they can't give me one until I am taken out of the computer. I am sorry but if we were to treat our customers the way I am being treated we would have no customers

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Anonymous - 26 d 20 h ago


I want to say that I've been spending thousands of dollars @ the Rite Aid in Kenmore, WA.

Unfortunately one of the employees named Leslie has ruined my shopping experience there. And I will never shop there again as long as that bitch is employed there.

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Mike Abbott - 28 d 12 h ago


I would like to try and understand why when you have a bogo product on sale it is not in the store.The store is the one on broad street in Bridgeton nj.I see a lot of complaints about other stores.This store is great. The folks are polite and very helpful.The problems as I see it are corporate.

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Tanisha - 37 d 15 h ago


I am not understanding why there is always an issue with getting a prescription filled at your Union Deposit Store. If I have set up automatic refills, why would I have to wait for someone to finally send a request over to my Dr office to get a new prescription. Then when I call to see if it is completed your nasty pharmacy manager tells me that I never spoke with someone last month to make sure my prescription was correct from the Dr office and that no person sent the request over on my behalf. He then followed by telling that I was not listening to him during the time he was trying to out speak me. At which I told him I am coming in he advised me that he will be here until 8pm. What kind of customer service training are you giving your employees? Even though it is more convenient for me to use rite aid, then CVS in which is the choice of my employer for better benefits. I like to deal with Stephanie, she is the only employee who appreciates her employment and gives respect when the error is on their part.

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James Vermeulen - 38 d 7 h ago


You are pharmacies are staffed with a bunch of eunuch platitudinal idiots getting to wear white coats spouting out what your policies are having no regard for the convenience of the customer. It's a pills and number game. You can get a train baboon to do that s***. How about some customer service.

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Kristen Sorensen - 40 d 13 h ago

When I call my acting location and can't get the pharmacy to answer the phone, after three attempts, I am ready to move all of my Rx service some where they are able to pick up the phone!!!

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Karen Keck - 41 d 9 h ago

I live in Kent, WA and I'm a customer at your

Kent store on Washington Ave. I wanted to bring to your attention that the drive thru pharmacy window is closed often. I'm not sure if this is a staffing issue or not to deal with both the walk-Ins and drive thru. The reason for the drive up window is supppse to be a convenience for your customers. This is not convient and has been happening consistently over the past year. I would imagine you were not aware of this situation or it would of been resolved. Please contact the management of this store to help them resolve this problem.

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Sandra lott - 46 d 13 h ago

I want to speak to someone in corporate office

About a drug

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Anonymous - 51 d 11 h ago


I found the label. Sorry

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BOB. H. NEW YORK. WESTERN - 51 d 11 h ago


Good day. I was curious why the bottle containing the medicine does not have a chart for the directions for dosage . Am i expected to remember ; or to save the directions from the cardboard box and set them my medicine caninate - confused

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Anonymous - 52 d 20 h ago

We moved to Leitchfield Kentucky we also had our prescriptions transferred from Louisville Kentucky we've been told that no longer can get his medications here because they're distributor does not carry it I've had nothing but trouble since I've been transferred to this store

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Mama D - 54 d 19 h ago

I have been a loyal rite aid customer for over ten years. I buy rite aid brand men and womens overnight underwear. I buy rite aid brand because they were the best out of all the name brands. They fit perfectly and they never leaked. I knew,something was wrong as soon as i took them out of the package. They were thinner. I put one on and they dont fit right anymore. Also the thick wide area of protection is gone as well. For the first time in ten years , these underwear leak. Everyday they leak. Now i have to look for another brand that fits better and doesnt leak. Wish me luck because it took me a while to find these and they were perfect. Please reconsider the changes that youve made, and bring back the old reliable overnight underwear that we know and love .

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Rhoda Bernier - 55 d 17 h ago

I too live in Moses Lake, WA. Husband spent a week at Sacred Heart Hospital and had quite a few new medications to pick up at rite aid moses lake. Upon giving the 2 assistants (both female) our card, the told us we needed an additional card to get his prescriptions paid for. We called Aetna and they told us we no longer needed the other card and the pharmacy staff just needed to call the number on the back of the card. Both girls refused, we extremely rude and basically called us white trash (I'm not kidding.) Husband raised his voice and one threatened to call security. We waited and spoke with the pharmacist and she immediately took care of it and we were able to leave. Rite Aid has always been good to us but these two gals were so unprofessional and rude that I am at a loss for words. Thank God for the pharmacist. Please make sure these two understand that people are under a lot of stress after hospital and Kindness goes a very long way.

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