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Rite Aid

30 Hunter Lane
Camp Hill, PA
(717) 761-2633
(717) 975-3754
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Daniel Perlini - 20 h 20 m ago


I received my W2 and the box #2 Federal tax withheld was blank ..... please contact me with the correct amount... thank you

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JudeThom - 1 d 9 h ago


The Rite Aid in Port Richmond, Phila. I have lived in the neighborhood near the 2500 block of Aramingo Avenue in Philadelphia's Port Richmond section for fifteen years.I have always had very good relations with this store and its staff. Lately, however, there seems to have been a change. Security guards from other parts of the city have been hired in the store, and apparently they have no--absolutely NO sense of who to watch and follow around the store and who to "ignore." I have been shopping in this Rite Aid for a long time--14 years-- and I must say that I do resent it when a security guard follows me around the store as I shop. This is unsettling and offensive. The hiring process for security guards should have a solid groundwork in customer relations. The Rite Aid night shift here seems to be a particular problem--after 10 PM--where the woman at the cashier counter doesn't even make eye contact with customers and seems very unhappy at her job. But this is only a minor problem compared to the male security guard who followed me in the store on the night of February 16. This is unacceptable. You need to tell the manager, Bob, to hire more customer sensitive guards. Thank you. . I am an area writer and I write a number of regular weekly and monthly newspaper columns.

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ramona - 1 d 19 h ago


i have been trying to order on line the calcium citracal slow release 1200 that you advertise on line buy one at $10.49 get second for 50% off for the last week. today the sale will expire 2/16/19.and your webside doe not honor your advertisement. i am very disappointed

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Susan Mabry - 3 d 6 h ago


I haven't received my W2's yet? I need them mailed to mail, please Susan Mabry

151 Fernwood Dr 169 D

SpartanburgSC,29307 ASAP

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Esther Fisher - 8 d 17 h ago


I am disappointed with the service and attitude with the manager (weekend) at a Rite Aid location in New York City (97th Street & Columbus Avenue). My family had been buying cases of water (Poland Spring or Big Win) at this location for years and today, I am refused service in returning Poland Spring bottles. The manager was rude and claimed that I am a liar stating that I had never bought these bottles from that location.

I have the circular (ID #Manha 3771 Manhattan) that shows the sale of water (Poland Springs,Deer Park & Arrowhead) for the price of 2 for $7. The sale date for this was from January 27th through February 2nd.

I had been disrespected and called a liar for something that YOUR STORE advertised and sold. I have the rights to return the bottles from where they came from.

Please investigate and look into removing this manager. Also I will report this incident to the BBB. If this is not taken care of,you definitely lost my business.

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Upset use to be costumer - 10 d ago


2801 foster st the manager lied on a employee to have her fired i over heard her talking about it to another employee... That's not right i hope she sues the shit out of y'all for this I'll be her witness...They we're laughing about it that's defamation to lie on somebody like that I'll never shop here again...In i will be finding out who that employee was so they can take action...

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Kathy White - 10 d 15 h ago

Rite Aid Pharmacy in Angels Camp, California is the most horrible company I have ever dealt with. I had my husband's three prescriptions with this pharmacy. My husband has dementia/Alzheimer's and needs his meds. I was told that this particular prescription would be available for pick-up on Jan 31. I went into the Rite Aid pharm to pick up prescript. The pharmacist on duty said no it could not be picked up. Had to wait until Feb 6. The morning if Feb 6, I called to confirm I could pick up prescription. Pharmacist answered phone. I gave him my name, advised him I was calling to confirm that my husband's prescription was available. He asked for prescription number. I gave him number. Seems he was preoccupied. Asked me to give him number again. I asked him for his name . He refused and hung up. I called back and the person who answered the phone identified herself as Michelle. Not knowing Michelle, I asked her if she was the young lady that had long dark hair. Michelle said "I don't know". I said "u mean you don't know if you have long dark hair?". She laughed. I asked to speak with the pharm mgr. A person identified himself as "John". I advised him that I wanted to speak with the pharm mgr. John said Cynthia, would be in on Feb 7. I had Confirmed thru automated system that I could pick up prescription. I. confirmed thru automated system that I would pick up prescription on Feb 7. I arrived on Feb 7 only to be advised that the med prescribed is not manufactured anymore. I was told by Cynthia, store mgr... not pharmacy mgr, that I would have to take prescription elsewhere to be filled. Legally, Cynthia has no authority to be in pharmacy area and advise customers regarding their pr scriptions. Rite Aid has a big problem here!. Rite Aid continually gave me incorr ct information. Hilton, Michelle and Cynthia played games with me. The stress I have to endure each day with my husband's diagnosis is incredible. I do not appreciate the added stress caused by the staff at Rite Aid Pharmacy in Angels Camp.

Rite Aid pharmacy needs to clean house!

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Pebblez75 - 31 d 19 h ago


Rite Aid in Pleasantville, NJ is EXTREMELY unprofessional! They send out automated calls and emails stating I can pick up my prescription on a certain date, but whenever I try to, they ALWAYS say it's too early, by 2 days. Then why the lies? I am so sick of using Rite Aid! I will be switching to a new 'professional' pharmacy after this month..

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elaineinqueens - 42 d 9 s ago

I have shopped and filled my prescriptions for years at RiteAid on 188th Street in Fresh Meadows, NY. There have been countless times that the pharmacy has not done its job properly, but it seemed to be getting a bit better recently. Then Walgreen's took over the pharmacy and my app, which had been so convenient to use, scanning the prescription to refill, no longer worked. I was told there was no info on whether Walgreen's would have one available. So I had to call and talk to someone every time I need to refill my husband and my prescriptions. It wasn't so bad. But about four days ago, the store's phones stopped working (maybe it was going on for longer before that) and there is no way to call the store. Which means no doctors can call the store if necessary for their patients. it is hard to believe that in the year 2019 a store would have their phones out for this long. I think the time has finally come to go to CVS instead, although not as convenient, the service has to be better!!

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Anonymous - 55 d 17 h ago


The Pharmacy on Cane Run Rd, Louisville, KY 40216 is the worst pharmacy I have ever had to use in my life. Sadly it is the only one in my area and I have no choice but to get my medicine at that location. The pharmacist Yogush Salvio, has been shorting all narcotic prescriptions from every patient I know that goes there. Even his boss Travis Probst knows all about this pharmacist. The DEA has proved that this guy does short people on their medicine and though it is still an ongoing investigation, they were able to inform the patients of the situation. Once the patients were informed that Salvio is the one stealing, Rite Aid contacted the patients they knew helped in the investigation and kicked them out of all Rite Aid Pharmacy's. Now we are unable to get prescriptions filled at any Rite Aid locations but Salvio still is employed and the Corporate Office put out a statement saying that they closed their investigation and found no proof of any foul play. Now we have nowhere close to get our medicine, it is at least a hour drive to go to another pharmacy. I live in an elderly community, most of us do not have vehicles so we are unable to get our medicine. Please, please let us be able to get our medicine filled at any Rite Aid's with out having our medicine stolen from us???

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Michele - 61 d 12 h ago

I am a frequent shopper for many years at Rite Aid in Howard Beach, NY. I am very disappointed that this store has minimal Christmas products. From what I hear from other shoppers that this is your new policy. This is a VERY unpopular decision.

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Disgusted - 67 d 17 h ago


Store #10615, 23 E.Park Avenue, Long Beach, NY 11561. This is a neighborhood where homes are selling for $900,000 and up. However, this store is located in a small strip mall in the "undesirable" area. Last year I got involved with a shoplifter there. I confronted him, while a store employee was in a heavy conversation with a male that was trying to date her. Again, that was last year. This year, Sunday evening (Dec. 9th) against my better judgement I decided to run into this place again and get a few things I was in need of, Wow, they have a security guard-theft prevention! Great! As I stood on line, the security guard played on his cell phone, danced and sang, while only 5 feet away I observed a male stuffing his coat with DVDS. This is the worst store in town. I know I will never ever step foot in this place again. Just thought I'd let you guys (corporate) know, your wasting your money paying for a loss prevention officer.

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Jean - 74 d 17 h ago

Email Jean at (hidden).

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Jean - 74 d 17 h ago


Rite Aid's voice mail is very badly organized, e.g., there is no way I can change my Rite Aid alert status. I am receiving someone else's alerts over and over, apparently a wrong no., and Rite Aid won't fix it.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 78 d ago

My husband and I went to the Rite Aid Pharmacy on Penn Ave., Sinking Spring, Pa, store #01975. My husband went inside with 2 prescriptions; one for me and one for himself. We had just moved in to the area. The Pharmacist didn't believe his insurance card was valid because both our names were on one card. My husband told him it's been valid for 35 years! He also gave a big sigh......when my husband told him he was hard of hearing and he couldn't hear what he had just said. My husband came out to the car to await the Pharmacist making a call to make sure we weren't scamming him, I suppose and I went in. I said I was waiting for the price on the 2 prescriptions. I nicely told the Pharmacist that my husband has a hearing problem (he's 80) and that his insurance cards are valid even though the Pharmacist said "he's never seen a card with both husband and wife's name on it." The clerk was standing there at the counter. also. I told them that my husband had terminal pancreatic cancer and the female clerk laughed!!!! I said, "do you think that's funny?" and she answered that she was laughing at something the Pharmacist said................I said he must have said something in sign language cause his mouth never opened - he was standing 2 feet from me. I will never use that Pharmacy at that location - 2 minutes from my house - again! Ann

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ANILSA CEPEDA - 82 d 21 h ago


Im writing to report an issue.I have been calling store #07906 for over a week now and all i get is a busy signal. How is it possible for the phones to be down for son long.

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Anonymous - 82 d 18 h ago

I go to the rite aid in Bristol Pa on pond street and every time i go there i have issues either with the pharmacy or in the front of the store. A few weeks ago i bought a 4 pack of the monster java and when i got home i went to put them in my fridge and the date inside the package was from 2017 so i returned it so i just bought another 4 pack and again it's dated December 2017 this is bs so once again i have to go out of way to return it and this is such a inconvenience to me and i have things to do and I'm waiting for a package to come. Do you think they would give you a gift card or something for the inconvenience? Of Course Not!!!!! I shop here like every day if not every other day and they know me that's how much i go there. FOR HALLOWEEN I SPENT OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS JUST ON HALLOWEEN STUFF AND THEN SOME AND THEY CAN CHECK MY REWARDS CARD NUMBER. I'M REALLY STARTING TO HATE THIS STORE..... AND THIS IS NOT THE ONLY ISSUE I BEEN HAVING HERE AND THEY REALLY NEED TO GET THEIR SHIT TOGETHER.

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Amanda Ford - 85 d 16 h ago


I went to Rite Aid in banning ca on Ramsey to use my care credit for gifts , I got to the check stand and had about 500 dollars worth of gifts for my family . I have care credit card app with my account number but I never received my care credit card in the mail . The assistant manager rang up all of my merchandise and when she did she was rushing and sort of tossing my stuff at me I asked her before hand if they accepted care credit she replied yes but sometimes they don't go through the cards . After she finished ringing me all up she told me my total and I pullled our my phone to show her my card and code so she can punch it in . It had my name and account info . She got very defensive and said we don't accept that I've been here 9 years we don't punch in cards she was yelling at me she was very angry and upset . I understand that she can't punch in the card that I have on my app . But she didn't have to be so mean about everything, I really think that they need a new assistant manager . She wouldn't even let my husband and I talk to her . She acted like we were Scum bags . I ordered my card in the mail so when I receive it I will come back. We deserve a apology.

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Jane - 86 d 16 h ago


The manager and employees at the rite aid on Elmwood ave Kenmore, buffalo ny, is probably the most horrible people ive ever met. Items that are CLEARLY on sale the manager would fight against giving you the sale price. One employee her name is Melanie, always follows you around like if your about to steal something. She have no customer service and no smile or greeting when you enter the the store.

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thomas wilkinson, "I've been burned 2 times" - 90 d 18 h ago


The harbor city rite aid is the best example of public thievery i've ever seen, went to them for a medication the cost for 3 pills was $102 dollars, i was charges for the brand name medication but given the genetic medication without even being asked if i would care for a substitute rather than the brand name medication, 2 weeks after the 2 RIP OFFS by rite aid, i called Ralphs Pharmacy and got the generic brand medication 10 pills for $12.00 So if you don't check around and your rite aid pharmacy won't tell you can get the same drug else where for 90% less, your dealing with Black market rite aid, So how you can trust them with anything at all?

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Pete - 94 d 14 h ago

The manager Liz at the Etters store left early st 1:00 pm on 11/15 because she was scared of the weather. My daughter was to work till 6:30pm but was forced to stay till the store closes at 10:00pm. This made for over an 11.5 hour day. The manager lives 3 minutes away but refuses to go relieve my daughter. This is very poor management. A manager is afraid to work but makes young females work over their shift. Does rite aid not care for the safety of their employees? There are no customers going out in this weather. My daughter better get home safely or rite aid will have to answer. This manager often leaves early. Does not work weekends and leaves during her shift to buy alcohol and not during her break.

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Faye - 101 d 5 h ago


I get so tired of the unprofessional demeanor of their pharmacists. Every single time a nice one shows up, who actually acknowledges you (and by name!)or smiles or says have a nice day, helps with a problem, etc, a few months later, they are gone, like a revolving door. I had a problem recently with insurance and the pharmacist never once looked up or at me. Yes, He acknowledged that I was standing there, but he never once looked AT me, and he wasn't interested in the problem. The assistant, actually was polite, called my insurance, had a conversation with me... the pharmacist? All he could mumble was I don't know what's going on, or I have no idea. The other pharmacist, (I think they only employ two??), who seems to only work weekends, alone, with no assistants, is also very polite, calm, well mannered. One Sunday morning I went in, the phone was ringing, he was setting up the register, someone was at drive-thru and he never flustered or got overwhelmed, he took one thing at a time and was polite to boot! Some of these younger twits they hire are so absorbed in when their lunch time is, are rude and have no interest in the customer. Do they realize, those of us picking up Rx, are not feeling well, dragging ourselves out of bed, or live a half hour away, to retrieve our meds. We don't want to stand around in a not very clean environment (there are three filthy chairs in the 'waiting area', I wouldn't touch for my life! You're waiting around with other sick people and then you get a pharmacist with an attitude or doesn't care about the customer. The assistants have more interest in you. I know his job is stressful and all, but if you can't handle the job, you are in the wrong profession! It doesn't take any more to be polite than to be a dick!

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Anonymous - 104 d ago


very UNprofessional company to work for...Manager Judy Bailey at the bottom of the barrel worker..will not help employees through crisis only thinks of her days off....Hope Walgreen's cleans house soon.she deserves a big boot.

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Suzy - 105 d ago


The pharmacist , Petra Brown, at our Oceana, WV Pharmacy is quite an awesome lady. I received a flu shot and Whooping Cough shot there today. She prayed over each shot and was extremely accommodating where I had my two grandchildren with me. Excellent!!!

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Anonymous - 114 d 15 h ago


Jana, pharmacy manager lied to my doctor. Told her she would honor a coupon and she didn't. You have lost my business and I will not return to your store.

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