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Rite Aid

30 Hunter Lane
Camp Hill, PA
(717) 761-2633
(717) 975-3754
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Carl the Truth - 13 d 13 h ago


I can't believe that Rite-Aid won't do anything about old Reward for Points program. They just created a new program and I just lost (2) two $25.00 coupons. GIANT CONSPIRACY. I might just go to BBB, N.Y. Times and the American Medical Association.

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Renee - 13 d 14 h ago


I was in your Store #04361 GRATIOT AVE. Chesterfield MI 48051 and I have always came to this store because it is close to my home, and every time I come in I get ask for my ID, of course I would show it to the man or woman, but today I was told that by Aussie,that she would not wait on these people! What was that I said and the woman just step away from the counter but to my dismay I couldn't believe that when I ask for the store general manager,this man named James come to ask me can he help me I said I am waiting for my daughter to return he then say that the woman he's working with don't want to wait on me and that he is the store gm,I was shocked that he was willing to let her get a way with treating a paying customer that way the time of day it was 1:27pm on 09/07/2017.

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Anonymous - 14 d 8 h ago


Went to store on crenshaw L A e make a one return with the receipt manager wto mas the cashier he scans and tells me item not found and went back the same day a different cashier he scansr it and the return was no problem so your store manager lied to me. Is that how you train your managers to lie to your customers very disappointed myself and my family . relatives and friends all very disappointed hopefully you look into this matter very series

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Anna - 17 d 5 h ago

I was in the Rite Aid in Barrington NJ for almost two hours at the photo kiosk. After finally uploading the pictures took an hour and a half I finally could choose the three pictures I wanted. Proceeded to check out and filled in the information then the machine said it could not complete the order. Are you kidding me. Apparently this isn't the only time it has not worked. Two hours what a joke. Why have it if you are not going to make sure it works. Well off to Walgreen I guess

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Patricia Reid - 23 d 19 h ago


Store #10975, Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania is the worse pharmacy I've ever had. They are not helpful in getting prescriptions on time. I have heart issues and need my meds. When I have no refills left it takes days to get a refill. I'm told it's the doctor. But when I contact my doctor. They say it's the pharmacy. Rite aid tells me it's my responsibility to call my doctor when there are no refills. Seriously!! I'm new to Pa. and this pharmacy is conveniently located for me. But I can't deal with the rude and incompetent staff.

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Garolyn - 17 d 12 h ago


Same here in Ky. My FULL prescription would be there Friday, rite aid pharmacist even told this to my CASE WORKER. Guess what I went today (Sunday) & I get half a prescription. I'm sick of these businesses acting like they are doing US a favor, if it wasn't for US they wouldn't have a damn job. I HATE! HATE! HATE! LIKE HELL BEING LIED TO. Now I gotta make another trip out there, thank you a lot rite aid for wasting MY damn gas!

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Garolyn - 17 d 12 h ago


My prescription is ENSURE. NOT a narcotic. The employees & pharmacist ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOBS AT ALL! I wish they'd get these lazy people out & get someone in these positions that WILL DO THEIR JOB & DO IT RIGHT! This rite aid in mount Vernon Ky needs to shut it's doors until they can get some RESPONSIBLE people there to work.

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Millie - 24 d 14 h ago

Requesting a copy of the store video for the morning of 08/27/17. From the Rite Aid store located at 101 S Main Street Forked River N J.

While in the store I purchased an item that was $9.99 buy one get one free in a yellow sign that was attached to the price. Got to the register and the woman said it was not on sale, I told her what the sign said, she said let me check and came back and told me there was no sign. I told her that I was not crazy it was there. She then said show me. ( of course she first removed it ) Followed her and of course it was gone. She was the last one at that sign.

Well all hell broke lose, no one will make me think that I didn't see something that I really saw and try to call me a liar or crazy. She ripped it down and then liars. I want proof of her lye. This isso wrong on all levels. She will not get away with this.

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Tonya hazan - 24 d 14 h ago


I went to ur nmb sc location and tried to return a item,but I had lost my receipt .I was told I would only get the sale price...problem is it hasn't been on sale in the 30 days since I had bought it. Ur employee proceeded to yell at me,even after I had asked him to stop and told him he's being very intimidating...he continued to yell at me....needless to say I left my wellness card ill no longer do business here.

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Annie - 52 d 4 h ago


To be fair other than rude clerk (improved after complaints), it's been okay. My big complaint was if script is written wrong they either intercom or call my personal phone. If script is written correctly but insurance or other problem, no call, nothing. So you don't find out till go in to get it. Now on top of that, pharmacist told me it's the law that we pick up from not filled date on bottle but date you pick it up. So now my rx that has 2 separate pills on it must be picked up 4 days apart. The issue that caused me to get one rx late has never been explained ( until I finally contacted various parties and finally one realizednwhat rite aide employees were doing) so it's late from on their side by errors.

Before finding out what real issue is, I went in on Monday to speak head pharmacist as none others can help. One on Monday (primary was not yet at work) said he could adjust the pill amount so I can pick up both today and as have been over 10yrs. He said wait hour for him to fix and help me. Wait the hr, I ask same clerk if head pharm knows my problem. "No" she says, head guy comes and knows about it(or assumed he does) he tells me he doesn't know why rx goes through than rite aide refuses it( no one knows there) he says well You picked up different days in June n I say yes I came into get both, one ready other wasn't. N I need to call dr. Friday afternoon so must call Monday. I do,dr office say they told me it's okay and filled. So now I pick up both on different days and despite happening last 3 months I still was using bottle date and working. HP(head pharmacist) said it's the law last year that we go by actual pick up date not date filled on bottle, I reply well been doing it for over year, always so ??!!! He says I move pills around so in August I can pick up together. I'm thinking in my head narcotic schedule 2 he can play w/pill amount?!! Also rite aide has no clue who's called in the narcotic rx why reversed than okay. Think they'd followed exactly every employee who works on narcotic RX's!

So he says he won't fill today he can't even though other pharmacist said he could! Don't argue since he's trying fix part. So it be ready Friday. I ask why am I suddenly having problems and HP doesn't have clue. So I figure just document what transpired and call state pharmacy board. I

Go in Friday assuming it be ready as HP said it would be and he was working on it with me watching. Any problems could intercom or call. Not ready on Friday and he's gone for weekend. So I know this clerk knows issue but she acts dumb. But offers to call and see if it go through. She does and says when I call her back they insurance want to know why you're on such much morphine( not on that, oxy and 15mg low dose. 1 pill day) she says it like drug addict and says they said it just like that.

I aks for name of person she doesn't know and I can hear fear now, was it m/F? Say female and I said going call now so anyway to indentify her. No and so many doubt you can(fearfully) I say it's Friday nite 9pm pt so doubt very few, working.

I called and my rx insurance open 24/7. I had called Monday before speaking so I know their side of it. Was very nice and did help.

I'm frustrated as the HP at rite aide didn't bother to call when insurance said that( was new excuse n tired how if ion pain drugs you're addict which not) point is he didn't care to follow up and say a problem.

Long story is it needed pre authorization. What happen is rite aid ran through, say statement about need to know why on this amount since it's forever. Insurance gives this help ph # and some rite aide employees been calling it which since been on same amount for over 5 yrs it's approved by insurance and done!

If got lazy or not trained fully they just did nothing but either another employee would check after I've come in and told to call my doctor(never insurance) and it go through. So my dr office was confused same w/me.

So I've called riteaide on Saturday to see if she wanted to send rx through( woman pharmacist) understood totally but she didn't think okay to move OxyContin pill amount different than rx said. She was nice made note so if same problem happens what to do and note for HP but said for me to call him. No more assuming. She's the one who should be in charge! Nice, knowledgeable and hopefully did all she said did.

I'm calling corporate after hearing what Head Pharmacist says me does. Also called my dr office to fix pre authorization. I just said repeatedly over the last 3- 4 months how can I fix this problem? Rite aide kept saying they didn't know why insurance refused than approved. They had no ideas or answers. No now I supposed to pick up on few days apart because rite aide ignorant employees plus their boss. Head pharmacist lied to me and couldn't make simple ph call. Or better just did what other employees of his did and call supplied help # no would been ready on Friday!!

I just resent when boss leads by lying and has lousy customer service!!! Sorry long but hope might help someone else.

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L. Bender - 26 d 12 h ago

OMG where did you go to school? Got a suggestion..........go back for another couple of years. You write on a grammar school level......hard to read and make sense of what you were trying to say.

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Linda Bender - 26 d 12 h ago


Had 3 prescriptions filled at the Belvidere NJ store. Store # 00220. After waiting 30 minutes for them to be filled I shopped and spent 50.00 at the register up front.(Not at the pharmacy).Came back to the pharmacy and they were ready(Prescriptions) but was told I needed to wait for the lead pharmacist to get back from lunch because he needs to clear all filled prescriptions. These were only for vitamins and an antibiotic. No controlled substances. I told them it was outrageous to make a customer wait for prescriptions while someone is eating lunch and I wanted my paper back, the original prescription paper. Then the lady pharmacist Linda asked me for my birthday in front of everyone to be a nasty pharmacist. I told her I wouldn't say out loud my whole birthdate and took my driver's license out to show it to her. She then threw my paper prescription back at me which I called her out on. I said don't throw anything back at me. This store should not even be in business. Take your refills and originals to any other pharmacy but a Rite Aid. Somewhere where they appreciate a customer and don't treat you like crap.

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Rick F - 30 d 18 h ago


After surgery, my doctor wrote a prescription for oxycodone. My doctor is located at UCLA in Santa Monica. I live about 100 miles away near Palm Springs. The pharmacist , in the Banning, Ca store, refused to fill the prescriptions....and she gave me several bogus excuses. First, she said the prescribing doctor was out of the area and she couldn't fill the prescription. Then she gave me another excuse. She said that the pharmacy was "out of stock" and that it could be a few months before they got it back in stock. Really? Sounds like BULL..... to me. I took my prescription to Walgreens and they filled it immediately. I have moved all my prescriptions to Walgreens and Rite Aid will never see my face in their establishment again.

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good neighbor - 28 d 15 h ago


use wal-greens they are much nicer and they will do what need to be done so you can get your medication and feel better i will never go to this place rite aid again they are rude and ignorant at the holly spring NC store hope they close it down cvs and wal-greens are the good ones that treat you right boycott rite aid

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good neighbor - 28 d 15 h ago


you all need to do more drug testing on your employees at the Rite Aid in holly springs NC at the 215 main street store there is employees there that uses pot on a daily basis and by you all giving 24 hour notice before you drug test them they can go get the fake urine and pass the test so please check them better there is one for sure that smokes everyday she is my neighbor and i have seen it many many times

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Anonymous - 33 d 9 h ago

I went to pick up prescriptions at Rite Aid in Rancho San Diego. Ca. I said my insurance carrier, Humana stated that their pharmacy was on the list of pharmacies to be used by policyholders. The pharmacist said NO and the price was what he stated. I did not want to argue then and agreed to pay. I also purchased to candy bars listed at .69 cent on the shelf and the box. He charged me $1.15 each. I want you to know that I will never again go into a Rite Aid and do business. This store was very convenient but I will go out of my way to another pharmacy

Janice Schurig

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joe - 35 d 10 h ago

Dont understand how a bussiness that promotes health care can sell cigarettes and alcohol maybe it should be called riteaid party store.

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Lyndy Kinney - 33 d 18 h ago


I completely agree with you! However Joe It never occurred to me cuz by the time I got out of the Pharmacy I was so upset I never shopped I bolted for the door! You have a great point!

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Anonymous - 34 d 12 h ago


I just read ALL the complaints on this site why am I not surprised our rite aid at 4011 cottman ave in Philly is turning in to a disater the pharmacy anyway they never seem to get prescriptions that are sent electronically it's really inconvenient the keep calling out Drs and call back to rite aid over and over used to be a good store but keeps going downhill time to change I guess Joe Bucci

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Anonymous - 35 d 15 h ago

I was just in the Wolcott St store in Waterbury . .One of your employees who must have just finished her shift (had her work jacket and name tag on ) proceeds to put items on the check out counter . I am right behind her . She tells the cashier she will be right back and goes outside . I a Rite Aid customer for many years is still waiting to check out , The cashier then starts ringing the person who is still outside up . I waited a few more minutes then left my purchases in the basket and left the store . The store employee that went outside was just coming back from the parking . I find this totally disrespectful to a loyal customer . I will not hesitate to pass this on to everyone I know , and also post this on social media

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Sylvester Crowell - 36 d 9 h ago

Went to riteaid to purchase some beer casher asked for My ID she's not but 18 isn't that against the law she is not old enough to sell or purchase it once again that's against the law

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Fed up with being ignored - 37 d 6 h ago


I know this won't do any good but maybe if I complain enough, you will actually listen to me and do something about this problem. I just picked up a prescription from the Argonne Rite Aid, and again it was missing four pills. This has happened 8, yes.... eight separate times. Why is it so hard for your pharmacy employees to count out the correct amount of medications that our doctors prescribe to us? I say us, because I'm one hundred percent sure this is happening to others besides myself. Obviously the corporate office doesn't give a shit or this problem would have been addressed months ago when I first contacted you.

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Al Gibbs - 39 d 17 h ago


My name is Al Gibbs and I live in Abbeville Al 36310. I have been a Rite Aid customer for over 20 years, but as of this date that has ended. The reason I am leaving as a customer is the new pharmacist at Rite Aid in Abbeville Alabama. She is rude, uncooperative , and is the prototypical angry black woman. She appears to have a real chip on her shoulder for old white people. I can no longer tolerate being treated like I am some lower form of life that she detest. I assure you that she will cost you a lot of customers in the future.

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Maria - 40 d 8 h ago


Went to the Rite Aid in Roselle, NJ horrible customer service the manager there is very rude very matter of fact. I came in with coupons for 4 toothpaste when the cashier called him to get an approval he was just walking around the store on his phone. When he finally came he had a horrible attitude and was insulting me with his horrible sarcasm. He then continued to portray more of his anger on the cashier talking to her in such a rude manner in front of me very disgusting. I would not go to that store very poor customer service.

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CouponMadLady - 44 d 8 h ago


Went into New Haven,Ct DOWNTOWN Rite Aid and was totally pissed when I left. They need to teach their employees about the coupon policy!!!!!! I went in to purchase the Arm n Hammer liquid laundry with my older child he picked up 4 sensitive and I picked up 4 regular bottles proceeded to the cash register where the cashier rung up each item separately,and then answered the phone in which she proceeded to tell me I can't buy the other 4 bottles . I told her these were 2 separate transactions she said THE MANAGER TOLD HER NO, I ASKED TO SEE HIM ,BUT HE WAS BUSY SO I TOLD HER TO GIVE ME MY $$$ back and let her know I will be calling corporate!!!!! It seems like they all make up their own rules with people that coupon and I will now take my business to Walgreens or CVS ....waiting for a call back from someone now, they can keep their items and points, I like to coupon in peace so I will go elsewhere!!!!!!!

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