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Rite Aid

30 Hunter Lane
Camp Hill, PA
(717) 761-2633
(717) 975-3754
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Vincent M Citarella - 3 d 6 h ago

I would like the contact and number for regional manager that covers stores in East Windsor, N.J.


Vincent Citarella


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Tom - 32 d 17 h ago


Looking at my Sunday ad for Rite Aid, I see if I use my store card, all the items advertised, cost more to buy???

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Roy Egger - 38 d 5 h ago


The Rite Aid Pharmacy on Navajo and Highway 18 in Apple Valley California needs to clean up their call in and robocalls. I called into prescriptions this morning for my 89 year old mother we went to her doctor and she sent in three prescriptions I had set mine up for pickup tomorrow and since we've been home the pharmacy has Robo called her house for x every time they fill a prescription they call and tell you your prescription is ready for pickup. She's 89 she doesn't need to run to the phone every time somebody up there blows their nose. This is happened on more than one occasion they call and tell me her prescriptions are ready for pickup I drive up there and find that they've only filled one of them they call back and say they're filled I go back in and they've only filled one again I have to make 3 trips. And when I complained about it to the pharmacist he said we didn't call you it was a robocall. And I said well someone needs to fix it that stupid to make 3 trips and for you guys to call every time you fill one prescription when we've called in for 5. I have Walgreens and I don't experience that at all I guess I'm going to have to switch my mom over there where the pharmacist aren't rude and they tell you if they're out of something or if there's a delay. This Pharmacy sucks the rest of the store functions just fine but if it was up to me I'd fire about half of these folks in the pharmacy

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Not To Happy in Fallston! - 41 d 8 h ago


My complaint is for the Rite Aid Pharmacy in Fallston, MD. The employees in the store are nice and courteous but the pharmacy is very disorganized and not customer oriented. This is the 3rd time this past year when the doctor sent over a new script or I was refilling a script, they didn't have it in the store. they DO NOT call you to let you know it has to be ordered! My husband's heart medication, my sons antibiotics and my sons script that he needed to start this morning for a procedure next week, which is now 5:30 PM. I told the pharmacist twice about this previously. A procedure needs to be put in place for these situations. The least they can do is call the customer and let them know. These prescriptions are very important and need them ASAP. You can go to another pharmacy and have it transferred. This is totally unacceptable!

We are done with Rite Aid prescription service. Will go to CVS 3 miles down the street! So CVS will get my business for the other miscellaneous items that I normally purchased from Rite Aid.

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Anonymous - 42 d 18 h ago

I don't know what has happened with the rite aid store in frostburg, md. It use to be that I could call in our prescriptions, and they would be ready at the time I was told. Now I can call them in, go up the next day and they aren't ready. There is always a line of people (5-6) waiting to get to the counter to get their prescriptions. People are waiting up to 1-2 hours for prescriptions. I had prescriptions to

get one day this week. I stood at the counter after I was waited upon go over 40 minutes. There use to be really good pharmacists, and now they change almost every day, and a few of them, one especially, act like they don't know what they are doing. I called two prescriptions in day before

yesterday on automated system. Went to pick them up yesterday and they said they didn't get them. Called them in when I got home and talked with a clerk. She said she would get them ready

right now. My husband went to get them several hours later and one of them they didn't have. This also happens a lot anymore. The store was remodeled and as crazy it may sound, the service quality has gone down. I'm almost to the point if changing pharmacies, which I hate to do.

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Anonymous - 50 d 13 h ago

I dropped off a script at my local Rite Aid pharmacy in Surfside Beach in South Carolina and at the time there was no other customer in line behind me. I asked the female pharmacist how much it would cost me. As I was waiting for the cost another pharmacist named Josh told me to move aside so the female pharmacist could take care of the woman who came in after me. He made me feel like my concern didn't matter. He was arrogant cocky and so unprofessional. Josh you need to learn how to deal with let alone how to speak to customers.

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Bonnie Key - 50 d 13 h ago


The worst thing that has happened to Stamford NY was the day the your company decided to buy out the two very efficient pharmacys that were here and became the sole pharmacy in this small town. Rite Aid holds us at there mercy for our prescriptions. This is as wrong as it gets. They almost never have the drugs needed to fill a script. They have to order it and it won't be in until 5pm friday, or they tell you the doctor's ordered hasn't come in, and the pharmacist takes it upon themselves to decide on their own to cut off a prescription even though there are refills left and the prescription company approves of it , has no problem what so ever with the prescription.

Many people have nothing good to say about your Stamford, NY Rite Aid pharmacy. I have a suggestion : Why don't you send someone from your company out here. Have them go to a local restaurant called TP's "or your choice of a public place here in town" and have them ask What do think of the Rite Aid Pharmacy? I guarantee you you will not like the feedback if you do your a crap company.

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Amy - 50 d 17 h ago


I have never complain so much to this corp office in the last 3 months after they got all new pharmacists and techs in the columbiana oh pharmacy!!!!! They do not have enough help! You have to wait for every in line just to get your prescription weather it's in the drive thru or walk up!!!! The techs are so rude and the female pharmacists is rude too! I'm not sure how this pharmacy stays in business!!!!!! I'm not sure why nothing is being changed at this pharmacy!!!!

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Loyal (but P O'd) Customer - 56 d 13 h ago


Also we need to consider that NORCO is probably now the most widely used narcotic pain medication in use today and with that being said; There should NEVER be a store running out let alone, NEVER having any in all the local stores. This is totally UNACCEPTABLE!!!

in several years I have always needed to take ALL my wife's pain control needs to Walgreens!!! This too is totally UNACCEPTABLE!!!

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Loyal (but P O'd) Customer - 56 d 13 h ago


I've been a Rite Aid customer for about 2 decades and at the Center Line Mi store for more than THREE getting hundreds of scripts filled anualy. My experiences there have nearly all been good ones with one exception, I CAN NEVER GET A DAMN NORCO SCRIPT FILLED AT ANY LOCAL RITE AID STORES!!!!!

If I must take my norco scripts at Walgreens, then it only makes sense for me to take ALL my business to Walgreens!!!!

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Disguised Customer - 60 d 14 h ago


Two weeks ago you the Cosamin on sale buy 1 get one, my Son to the Rite-Aid at 10 Snyder Ave. in So. Philadelphia, they only had 1 box so my Son got a rain check and kept going back to see if they received more. As of yesterday, they still had the same box, my Son asked the cashier if they had anymore she said no and wanted to sell him the 1 box for $53.00 and not get the other. My Son told her she was crazy when you the rain check said buy 1 get 1. So, it's on sale this week, my Son goes in this morning and still the same box. If, they are not going to have the merchandise, then what advertise it.

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clara stephenson - 75 d 6 h ago

I turned in a prescription on 4/27/17 with the manager Loc Le . He stated that they didn't have the medication at that time. He took my prescription and said ge would call me. I didn't hear from him so, I went in on 5/6/17 to see if it was ready and his reply was they don't carry the medication. This was a waist of time and I needed my medicine. If they didn't have it he should have let me know and I would have went to another location. I was out of medicine and needed it for my health. If my health get worse because, of this I am going to have to hold the pharmacy manager and rite aid accountable. This happened at tje pharmacy on crenshaw and imperial. (310) 531-0579

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Anonymous - 75 d 6 h ago


Clara Stephenson

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jackie - 89 d 13 h ago


I have had so many issues with the Rite aid pharmacy in Central Square, New York that I have been considering switching all of my family's scripts over to Walmart.

My visit yesterday was so unpleasant that I feel it needs to be reported. On Friday around 4:30 pm I stopped to pick up my refills. There were multiple customers waiting for scripts. The pharmacist was inept, rude and disrespectful to the other 2 employees trying to help her, the person she was on the phone with and the customers waiting.

When I arrived she was obviously frustrated. A father was trying to get a new Epi pen for his child and she was having issues with the computer system. There was an older gentleman who was visibly I'll waiting for his script. He must have been there a while as an employee told him to remove his jacket as he was sweating and brought him a glass of water. She asked if there was anything else she could get for him and apologized for the long wait. His reply was just get me my scripts so I can go home. the pharmacist said "this is why they should never put a new pharmacist on in a store that doesn't have real pharmacy techs". Really? As this was going on more people arrived and waited....Including a young woman who appeared to be battling cancer. Only 1 of my scripts was ready and I was told it would be at least an hour if I wanted the other one. As I expressed my frustration with the employee trying to help at the other register the young woman with cancer approached the counter. She was told her script wasn't ready and she would "just have to wait". Her doctor and sent it in over an hour prior.

The pharmacists at this location have never been good....Since Harold left. But yesterday was unacceptable. The pharmacist has no right to be rude like that and can not handle her job.

Flagged for review. 
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MONROE - 144 d 7 h ago


This conserns the rite Aid in Lansford Pa. We droped of a script off. Gave it ample time to be filled..only to be told they "LOST THE PERSCRIPTION. ".. The's are serious meds. For mental health...the name on the script is Josiah Mechling, ...please look into this...I will still try to contact someone by phone..Monroe Mechling..1-(hidden)....

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lorriefinkel - 5 y ago

@riteaid this great way to stack up on gifts and pictures.down load the application or sign up.

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LiquorValues - 5 y ago

VODKA: @Finlandia_Vodka, Original Unflavored, 80 Proof, 1.75 L .... $19.99 @RiteAid thru 8/23 #finlandia #vodka #liquorvalues

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LiquorValues - 5 y ago

BEER: Pacifico Clara, 12 oz. Bottles, 12-Pack .... $10.99 plus CRV @RiteAid thru 8/23 #pacifico #cerveza #liquorvalues

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LiquorValues - 5 y ago

BEER: Beck's, 12 oz. Bottles, 12-Pack .... $10.99 plus CRV @RiteAid thru 8/23 #becks #beer #liquorvalues

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RaymondVincent - 5 y ago

RT @riteaid: @katv916 Customers in test markets found that after giving Load2Card a try, they like the convenience. We hope you'll give it a try, too.

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DateMeDCBlog - 5 y ago

Dear @CVS: I have been a loyal customer, but your pharmacy prescription system is so screwy that I can't stand it anymore. Hello, @riteaid.

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BetsysBFF - 5 y ago

RT @riteaid: It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. - Ghandi

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KrazyCouponLady - 5 y ago

@riteaid You fine folks need to come join in the fun @KrazyCouponLady. We're having all kinds of literary hijinks with #CouponHaiku.

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TreataDay - 5 y ago

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