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Rite Aid

30 Hunter Lane
Camp Hill, PA
(717) 761-2633
(717) 975-3754
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Amanda Musante - 1 d 6 h ago

I was just in your Monroe location on Applegarth Road. I politely asked the gentleman that was stocking the shampoo aisle if he can unlock the perfume for me. The man got up and we walked two feet away where the perfume was located and unlocked it. He seemed very bothered by me, I felt the need to apologize to him for interrupting him. He has nkt said one word. I saw the legume was on for 15.99$ and it was the same one (I thought) , so I asked him if they price match. He. "no!" Right away. I then showed him which one I wanted, he grabbed it and when I brought up price matching he grunted about going to get the device they use to scan items . The item was ticketed and rang for 44$. I asked him very nicely why online is it this price and showed him my phone. He barely looked at it and said "it's the wrong thing, I don't know what You have pulled up!" Look, I work in retail and I understand that everyone has bad days and sometimes it can be frustrating to deal with the public however, this man did not want anything to do with me! I left there feeling very belittled by him. And will not be shopping at Rite aid anymore. That was a prime example of poor customer service

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Joshua Yourex - 3 d 5 h ago


Upon talking to the receptionist at my local Rite Aid (Cooper point blvd, Olympia Wa. 98502), i asked her to remove my phone number from the system due to repeated calls. Marcella, a tech that was in the back ground listening, then laughed at me when i asked if the tech had my number and info still. I asked if she laughed at me, and she said "Ya. You think she's dumb or something?" I said "No. I just wanted to make sure she still had my info on hand." EXTREMELY RUDE STAFF!!!!!

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Anonymous - 3 d 20 h ago

When I went to rite aid on 1/10/18 at 8:37 am I bought something and tried to pay with two different credit cards so the cashier said that I cannot pay with 2 different cards and that it must be with cash and 1 card payment when I talked to the supervisor the next day they told me that i can do that that cashier ID# 54900425. I don't know why she needs to harass me.

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Ms A - 5 d 7 h ago


Rite Aid Store #02351 302 W Robb Ave Lima, Ohio 45801 419 2295846 Linda is Very Rude and Obnoxious! I said excuse me and asked her a question about Western Union and she ignored me and when I confronted her she walked away and muttered something under her breath. I told Karen and she said she probably was busy and just passed it off as if the issue wasn't important enough to address. When you work in the public, you should know how to treat people but Linda does not know how. She is very unprofessional and her asst manager, Karen is too. That is why Linda acts as she does bc Karen lets her act that way and she is no better! The Corporation should read these reviews and act on them accordingly! Sometimes, we can think our jobs are so secure that we can treat people bad in the process. Very crappy service and Customer Service has long gone out of the window at Rite Aide. Nasty! I will never use that store again and hadn't used Rite Aide in at least 10 years and it will be another 10. I see why I changed my rxs from another Rite Aide years ago!

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Jacob Cook - 8 d 7 h ago


Well I have waited to see what if anything was going to be done about the profiling and defamation and slanderous treatment I recieved on new years eve at your store in yakima,WA and if I dont get a call or figure this out This Disabled Veteran Eagle Scout is going to start telling my fucked up treatment I recieved at your 5th AVE store. But first I will appoint the best lawyer I can find and see you all in court. My phone # is (hidden) I hope I hear from you all real soon

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Anita Bushman - 11 d 7 h ago


I was a loyal Riteaide customer spending 25 to 150 a trip Often I would go into the store while the employees stayed outside smoking On one visit i had to get them to ring me out.{:oh we thought you would be longerAnother Incident i bought a money order and "she forgot to give it to me " Had to prove it with my receipt then she tore it out of the machinee My son is autisitc they say inapproriate things to him. "I was there one night as we were leaving we said goodbye Then the woman started yelling "Why dont you call Omaha and then started screaming she killed my baby there had been a incident[ we were walking away] I had lost a grandchild. The other employee was I feel afraid of the one yelling and said something I didnt go in there for several months I went in there last nite It was tense Why and Where is this tolerated at Fearful customer

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Livid Mom - 16 d ago


I am disgusted with how the rite aid corp has no regard to the safety of their employees! In our area of South Carolina we are under an extreme weather advisement and Rite aid , unlike any other business , has decided to remain open. We are expecting 6 inches of snow and have absolutely no equipment to keep roads safe. News channels are telling everyone to stay home or where they are due to safety issues. The roads and bridges have already iced over. They could have sent our family members home early enough to not get trapped or endanger them. Instead they are staying open for all those customers that WONT BE COMING in to spend their money ! THUMBS DOWN TO RITE AID!!! They better hope my daughter makes it home safe!!!!

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Natalie - 15 d 7 h ago

I share your sentiments. I am in New Jersey. I find it outrageous that there is such a huge lack of concern for employees safety. Everyone has been advised to stay home, even huge banks like Chase & Santander are closing. RiteAid's money hungry mindset doesn't allow them to see & protect the value in their employees' safety. Disgusting is an understatement.

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Beverly Gibb - 18 d 6 h ago


Just want to let you know I have filed a complaint with NBOP and ADA against Lisa Kohnes at Rite aid at 810 E. 29th, Spokane, WA due to discrimination and unethical medical practice.

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Unsatisfied Shopper - 19 d 14 s ago


I needed a new deck of Bicycle playing cards and went to your Liberty, OH location on Sat. 12/30 at approx. 7:30pm. I knew something was off when I noticed the blue sticker off center, but thought, no real problem there. However, this No.92 deck has rough edges, and the cards aren't as sturdy.

How can you not be aware that you're selling counterfeit merchandise?

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Wrong Aid not Rite - 31 d 13 h ago


Rite Aid Holt Mi 2263 Cedar. Sold me wrong prescription.

I have a heart condition. On my prior visit to pickup a new medication my doctor had called in i told the pharmacist that my doctor was discontinuing ( Metoprocol) and starting me on this new medication. She filled the new medication. I return to get my refills, pickup and then return home. In the morning i discover they had gave me the medication i had told the pharmacist the doctor had discontinued. After work i returned the prescription and they did not apologize or reimburse me. I had to pay my copay again for the right meds.

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A Wilner - 37 d 6 h ago


In the nostrand ave riteaide which is in a Jewish neighborhood, there is not one thing they have about Chanukah, everything is about the Christmas and that's it, which I think is very rude and not right at all, that's discrimination against an entire religion, plus my holiday is eight days long while the other so called holiday is one day.

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Cannot see how they are still in business! - 38 d ago


The pharmacy I'm speaking of is on Mathistown Rd and Center in Little Egg Harbor , NJ 08087. Yet the one on Route 9 LEH , NJ , is not much better !

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Cannot see how they are still in business! - 38 d 3 h ago

The Rite Aid in Little Egg Harbor , NJ has a new tech every week! One manager is the only one who can fill prescriptions! They now have a tech named Chantel that is the rudest ever!!! I tried switching but the one medication I'm taking is now coming from China, in Walmart. Chantel treated me as if I was a drug seeker ! The people who fill pills don't know what conditions you have, or how serious! If your getting a Controlled substance it's for a good reason . Please stop labeling everyone who has a pain medication script! Learn some manners and professionalism! They are the worst pharmacy I've dealt with , Corporate better get a handle on this store as they are losing customers on a daily basis!

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Angry Chad - 40 d 11 h ago


Northampton, PA

EVERY single time I go, I am greeted with attitude. I am sick of it!!! I am there with health issues and they stand there making $65,000 a year and they act like filling plastic cups with pills is the end of their world?! The main Pharmacist there actually yelled from his desk to speak to me about my Rx. There was a customer behind me and one sitting on a chair next to me!!!! This is a violation of HIPAA!!!!! I was so angry I slammed my palms on the counter and said, "Keep your VOICE down! These are personal issues I am having!" Yesterday I was greeted with an older woman that actually rolled her eyes at me when she saw me waiting for help. When she was "kind" enough to do her job. I was explaining something that MY doctor...a REAL doctor...not these make believe doctors playing with pills all day...told me to explain something FIRST to avoid any costly errors. I kept trying to talk to her but she kept cutting me off!!!! I got so furious I just said I am leaving now because I can feel myself getting ready to make a scene. This is the Northampton, PA 18067 Rite Aid, this happened @ 2:15pm on December 9th 2017. I will NEVER work with them again. I have had it!!!!!!!!!

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One customer who has lost confidence. - 42 d 7 h ago


I have used the Rite Aid pharmacy on Jamestown Road in Williamsburg, Va for years and always experienced excellent service. A new pharmacist is now on board. However, after placing orders for three renewals, I received the "Your order will be refilled" from the automated response on the phone. The next day I received the automated call saying "Your order is complete and is ready for you to pick up" message. My husband went by and was only able to get 1 of the 3 ordered. He went the next day and could only pick up the 2nd prescription. I ran out of #3 meds last night and called to see why it was not renewed. The pharmacist on duty said their equipment did not pick up that order. Then she said they needed to call the Dr. to renew that Rx - something that always worked before. I suggested she should check into why the #3 Rx did not come thru her machine at the same time #1 and #2 were called in. I am not buying that the machine failed to get the 3rd Request (all placed at the same time) . She said she had another call coming in and hung up. Am left wondering if I will get a call that the 3rd Rx is ready today. This is VERY sub par service for a faithful customer of over 30 years! CVS is just across the highway. Seems a good time to switch.

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Anonymous - 45 d 6 h ago

I need to change pharmacies, after years of loyalty. While at rite aide in Hampton, VA . My finger was smashed between two doors, one the outer steel door to the ladies room and a stall door. When i informed the pharmacist of my injury and told her it needed to be fixed, her reply was, " the manager knows all about it. Its been that way for months" Please forget ever going to Rite Aide at Willowbend in Hampton, va. Im lucky it didnt cut my finger off at the knuckle. JM /Hampton, Va.

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Fox chapel pharmacy inept - 46 d 7 h ago


Fox chapel rite aide. Staff wonderful twonee hires in the pharmacy are rude unprofessional. The pharmacist has limited knowledge and rolls her eyes if she is asked to talk to patient. She eats in the back while filling prescriptions. The other helper yells at the staff and demeans customers and staff. Our community is talking about their behavior and are lucky that we can go to cvs or giant eagle. These two never should have been hired. The quality you had previously made me loyal. The quality you have now makes us want to leave

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Soon to be former customer - 48 d 6 h ago


The store that I was describing below is on Newport Avenue in Rumford RI. They never did come back to the phone.

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Soon to be a former customer. - 48 d 7 h ago


The Rite Aid used to be a good dependable pharmacy until they changed pharmacists and some of the pharmacy staff. I have been sitting on hold on the store line because the pharmacy is not answering their phone. The line rings and then is disconnected. It had so far taken the person answering the general line over 12 minutes and holding to ask someone in the pharmacy to take my call. I have been with your pharmacy since it was Brooks. Since the staffing change the pharmacy is a disaster

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Jennifer - 64 d 19 s ago

My husband received the wrong vaccination yesterday as well as the information from the pharmacist was incorrect she had no knowledge in regards to the vaccine being given. This is both wreckless and terrifying. We have since contacted our doctor and another local pharmacy in order to figure out correct dosage etc. to think that rite aid would hire a pharmacist that is ill informed is unethical and frightening. Babies seniors and people of all ages rely on the expertise of the correct medicines and vaccines. One slip can be permanent. Shame on your system. Twice I got an email got my number and no one called. Shocking that this is not being addressed with asap. We will be notifying every doctors office and families to inform them of this situation.

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Anonymous - 54 d 5 h ago

I too have received the wrong medication from Rite Aid I have been withheld my medications due to their errors or them not having the medicine and having to order it and it taking 3 or 4 days they have no respect for their customers they're rude and disrespectful and don't even try to call on the phone because good luck you won't get through as far as I can see on all these comments even from the employees themselves it looks like something needs to be done and done quickly for the protection of ourselves and our loved ones possibly calling the news crew and getting them to investigate and make some reports and some public notification will allow the state to step in and do something about the way they treat their customers

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Anonymous - 53 d 4 h ago

Its wrongaid

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Jen - 50 d ago


Lol true

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Frances Pepper - 53 d 4 h ago


The South Charleston Rite Aid in WV does not Value Customer service. The store should be called the " I DON'T KNOW" store or better yer the "I DON'T CARE" store. It is a shame that you have to call corporate rite aid in PA to get something simple fixed that thst the store manage didnt want to fix but kept saying I DONT KNOW. Thank You CORPORATE OFFICE

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