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Rite Aid

30 Hunter Lane
Camp Hill, PA
(717) 761-2633
(717) 975-3754
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Anonymous - 2 d 19 h ago


August 2018. Rite-aid Pharmacy in Perrysburg Ohio, has delivery for patients medicine. James delivery man came to Abundant Life of Perrysburg Ohio to delivery medicine for two customers. I buzz him in the building and then the manager set off the FIRE ALARM for a fire drill for all residents in the apt. Complex. James did not leave the building when he heard the alarm, and causing me to be late on my patio for the fire drill. Rite-Aid Pharmacy talk to James about the whole situation. Plus, he has violated the Hippa Law concerning my medicine. Rite-Aid Customer.

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Angry Parent 1,000,000 - 13 d ago


My daughter works at Riteaid, as a "Shift Supervisor," has a manager in need of 2018 managerial training, and has "The Most Entitled" as customers. I've given up hope on Riteaid corporate relieving store associates from the rigors of in-store, bad management--another nightmare in, and of, itself--but would like to address, as I see it, Riteaid Corporate Nonsense 101: Why Riteaid Corporate supports albeit nurtures associate-abuse by self-centered, entitled, customers. Giving any person/group such power over other persons/groups is unjust, unfair, and immoral.

We live in a depressingly, rural area with tourism as the major livelihood. Riteaid here serves as more than "ust another drugstore," but rather ice cream parlor, medical facility, pharmacy, Kmart, Walmart, Niemans, and Lowe's--as a start. If cars could be sold at Riteaid, this store could pull it off. Locals and toursts frequent this Riteaids store; the former, because it's the only, multi-merchandise store in town; the latter, because it's the only multi-merchandise store in town. It's no surprise the combined customer block feels associates must "kneel and spread" should they need a Coke from the clearly-marked store refrigerator. At what point, in America, did it become habit for DRUGSTORE CUSTOMERS to DEMAND an employee look though 5-10 totes, FULL OF MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS, food to makeup, during the busiest time of the day, THEN, talk trash about them, publically, wirh threats to "report them?!?" Riteaid Corporate is responsible for this. Customers should be considered, I get it; bottom-line and all that. But to give credence to such childish, intimidation toward your own employees break down eventually. Respect given is respect served.

Give your employees more latitude when dealing with nasty customers. Make the tenet store-based. Agreeing with someone doesn't make them right--or entitled. Newsflash: SOME PEOPLE DON'T GET THIS!

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Truth - 7 d 17 h ago

Said it best.

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Anonymous - 7 d 19 h ago

Greetings, just wanted to inform you that I had a severe case nail fungus on a finger. I tried everything to bring the nail back, nothing worked. So I tried your soothing aloe gel. I applied it to the nail three times a day faithfully and within nintey days the infection healed and the nail returned fully healed. Hard to believe but it's the truth. That was the green gel (reneval) thanks for your time.

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Alan Fernett - 10 d 18 h ago


Store # 31 Mule Road

Toms River N.J 08757

I want to say that the Manager and her staff do a great job with the Pharmacy. I have been going there for over a year and to go to a new pharmacy you expect some problems to come up I have to say that some did and that was in the first month or two and they took care of it fast. I'm a very happy customer to be with Rite Aid Pharmacy I put my health in their hands and they have been nothing short of great in taking care of me. I'm sure they do a good job with most of their customers my daughter goes to Rite Aid also and she said they are great also.

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Phoebus - 16 d 14 h ago


I am a customer at rite aid on Baltimore national pike I been going to your store for 13 years and I seen store mang come and go... But if you want my opion nickerson is by far the best store mang I seen be is a hard worker and great asst.... I think he should be the store mang....cause just by going in there and noticing how much of a hard worker he is.... He always nice and I see how he helps people find things...customers seem I really like him...

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P1 - 19 d 24 s ago


Rite aid is a horrible place to work. I would tell anyone considering a job there to read the reviews. Always understaffed, the manager has shift supervisors who shouldn't be acting as managers. My store, if lotto machine ran out of tickets, the shift supervisor would put out of order sign up. Same for the photo machine. She would also turn the front end phone ringer down to not have to answer the calls......not to mention she kept her job and worked WHILE she was on probation. The store manager covered it up and it was not reported to "corporate" I have quit my job because of very rude coworkers, rude treatment from the supervisors and them telling me of my faults . Horrible place to work. Read the reviews.

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U - 18 d ago


100% agree with you my manager would clock in and do nothing but sit in the office and video chat the entire shift get nothing done and blamed the employees, She was known for doing this and she got many employees either fired or made them quit. I had to quit also because she tried to get me fired by framing me saying i stole something i clearly had a receipt for and tried to get the rest of the employees to take her side. rite aid is terrible

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RK Wagner - 23 d ago

Yesterday I sent you a major concern and would like a response please to that concern if I do not hear back will contact the Corporate Office and also going to send a letter to the Corporate Office and my reviews of Rite Aid Customer experience will be posted as well

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RITE AID SUCKS - 23 d 19 h ago


Rite aid you are the worst really you are you never have the medication and everything in your store is overpriced and you have some of the most insincere people working for you how you have survived so long is beyond me I think you should merge with CVS or Walgreens I am so dissatisfied with your store

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Butterfly - 26 d 38 s ago


I went into a Rite Aid store in DeKalb County, Georgia on 7.22.18. I had my 4 year old granddaughter with me who was squirming and said, "Mommy I've got to use it now." I asked the clerk, "Where is your restroom," and she told me that the pharmacist has the key and it cannot be used. (So what should I have done? Let my baby suffer?) I have never been to an establishment in that doesn't have restrooms available for patrons. When I called the store the next morning and asked for the manager, I was transferred to someone (after holding for 15 min) who did not even know the Company's corporate phone number. I doubt if I will be going to that store again. I will probably go to Wal-Mart where the restrooms are open during the operating hours of the store.

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Amirah - 27 d 19 h ago


Rite aid recently had a sale on Gain 50oz for $4.94 and a $2 off load2card coupon. I loaded the coupon to my card to find out that load2card coupons are not working for any of the customers and that there was nothing that could be done. I called customer service and spoke with a Jeanine and she basically did not help at all I asked coukd she transfer me to someone else and she actually just left the phone off the hook for 20 min while I can hear her talking to other people. I have been a loyal customer frequenting riteaid atleast 3 times week, but now I will no longer be shopping at riteaid such a disappointing experience today

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Jake - 29 d 16 h ago

I call it in and meds was filled this is life threating meds for copd and it was ready to go . rite aid wanted me to sign a form for rite aid to determine whether or not i need different kinds of meds instead of what the doctor prescribed . yous are not doctor's you have no right to judge a doctor's orders and you have no right to with hold my meds now for your nonsense action

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Lorraine Hazzard - 30 d 19 h ago

My name is Lorraine Hazzard and I made a phone call to store #03483 in New Jersey today 7/18/2018. I was helping a patient with a Prescription and the Pharmacist by the name of Jessica answered the phone. Pharmacist Jessica was very rude,condescending and not helpful at all. The patient explained he dropped his script off on July 6 th and all now I was told very rudley by Jessica she could not find and she was "subing there was nothing she could do ! " So I said so you are telling the script is lost ???? And once again she rudely told she does not have a glue where the srcipt is. So therefore no with script is lost at this pharmacy and no one has a clue where it is . Jessica the pharmacist needs not to be in customer service , subing or working with the public !!!!!

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Anonymous - 32 d 20 h ago

We live in Oscoda Mi and our Rite Aid Pharmacy is getting worse weekly. A year ago we switched from another pharmacy and Rite Aid was very helpful. Now the bill scripts wrong, fill them incorrectly, have to back order but send a voice message saying the script is ready for pick up. Last week on Wednesday our Dr faxed them two scripts and we still do not have them. We tried four times on Thursday to pick them up and find out that they hadn't even checked them yet from the Dr and then said a new form had to be filled in which in turn our Dr's office had no idea what they were talking about. I got a voice message yesterday telling me the the scriptssss were ready and our Dr's office phoned us this morning and woke us up to tell us she just spoke with them and were assured they were ready and had been billed incorrectly the first time. So we drive 8 miles to town to find out that the one script was still on back order since Thursday. It is simply iron pills. They show no respect and leave people in store and at drive thru waiting and waiting and waiting and then we still do not get our scripts. I think it is time that all pharmacy staff including pharmacy managers get retrained on the proper way or get rid of these people and start over. We live in a very small city and do not have a lot of choices. Please send person to observe this Rite Aid and get things working right.

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Donald Saunders - 33 d ago


i went to Rite Aid in Seaford, Delaware on Friday July, 13. I had been diagnosed with Bronchitis.My doctor prescribed Hydrocodone. The pharmacist said he did not have enough units to fill my script., and that it would be Wednesday before it would arrive IF he ordered it. PERIOD ! I called my doctor's office which was closed at that time. I said well can you check another store? NO RESPONSE. Can you give me enough to get me through the weekend i asked? Well if i do that then the script will be void he says. I said well i can call Monday for the new script right? He seemed reluctant to fill this script for me. He said yes though, and brought out a bottle that had at least 6 ounces in it. I was like ok when he said he didn't have enough maybe he had a few spoons full. Bottom line i think it was terrible customer service from the start. I spoke with the manager, and she said it was narcotics protocal MAYBE, but she would check. Then it was a fill in pharmacist, blah blah blah. I called customer service this morning 4 TIMES. On hold, and never got through. Called corporate, and got hung up on while transferring me. Finally got to leave a message, but that's it. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

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Marie Glicksman - 37 d 35 m ago


I am a frequent customer at your Rite aid @ 2532-54 86 street, Bklyn. N.Y.Today I visited again to buy some products and I observed an employee who I just had to comment on. I approached her as she was helping and interacting with another customer and just waited nearby until she was finished helping this customer. I could not help but notice how polite, friendly and helpful she was. My turn came and I asked her several questions about what I wanted to purchase and she was so helpful and again so sweet and courteous. It was just a pleasure to deal with her which you don't find in to many employees these days.

People often complain about bad service but I want to comment on a beautiful, friendly employee of yours. I came to know her name is MELISSA H. I asked for her last initial to not confuse anyone else.She is a definite asset to your store.I could also notice her tidy character as she straightened out some crooked display and picked up some papers from the floor. You could see she takes pride in where she works. My observation made for a happier time in my day.

Again, she was a delight and certainly deserves recognition.

Thanking you for allowing me to express my gratitude for a pleasant experience.




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Maureen - 38 d ago


I am a long time customer and have seen many changes over 40 yrs at my local riteaid/walgreens location. I am super excited to share my knowledge about the leadership team of employees that work in the Kinnelon NJ store, they surpass all others both personally and professionally. The store Manager Dorothy always politely greets and helps customers, the Assistant Manager Jestine is continually stocking and cleaning the store, The Pharmacist Sean is an extremely patient, professional, courteous man who works amazingly (stress-free) in a highly demanding stressful position! These employees are the reason I and my family continue to be loyal customers!! I am encouraging anyone who is not happy with there current pharmacy to come and check out the top notch employees/services you will receive at the Kinnelon NJ store!!!

P.S. The cashier's are also great.


Most Appreciative Customer 2018

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Jamie S - 38 d 19 h ago


I have tried calling your customer service number (1(hidden)) three times in the last week. I was put on hold "for the next available customer service rep". I waited on hold for 60 minutes each time without anyone ever answering!!! You have great music playing while on hold, but unfortunately no one ever picks up the phone on your end. So I then thought I would send a message to customer service through your website - not sure what the normal turnaround time is for responses - but it has now been 30 hours and I still have no response. Do you even have a customer service department? If you do - maybe someone should be monitoring their activity. They are not answering phones or emails. If they are that over-worked, maybe additional trained customer service reps are needed. I'm just very frustrated at this time with Rite Aid and the lack of customer service.

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Lisa - 53 d 17 h ago


My name is Lisa I called corporate office last month an made a complaint about Rite aid in OAK hill Wv the complaint is this. I am a heart patient I am on Brillinta that's a platelet blocker I can not miss this medication my cardiologist as told me if I go with out it I can suffer a massive heart attack an die . Every time I call it in they tell me they have to order it for me to call 3 days a head of calling it in to get it filled an tell them to check there stock an then after 3 days call the scrip in. Now this happens to me every month an it was May 27 when I made this call its Jun 25 of 2018 an I call my scrip in an the lady technician said we have to order it, it should be hear tomorrow. To call in a head of time so we know to order it so I ask her why don't you keep it in stock she then got a hateful attitude with me an said its a high dollar item so we have to order them first of all I ended the conversation an called Corporate office again to day Jun 25 2018 an made the same complaint .The gentlemen I spoke with today pulls up the original call I made last month an said the case was closed I asked how can that be when no one called me or spoke to me at all because I was also told in the first call that some one will contact me in 48 to 72 hours it never happen. NOT getting my meds when I need them scares me to death an that increases my stress level as well as stressing to get some thing dun about . I am also crippled up I can hardly walk I also have Osteogenesis Imperfecta so it takes every thing I have just to go pick my scrip up .So I hope I can get some one to call me from corporate office not the district manager because that's wear my first time calling never got any respond they just closed the case because of the buddy system they have down hear my family has been made a wear of this so if I die because of not having my meds in stock or because there having to order them action will be taken on my behalf an the news an media will know of all this as well

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Lisa - 52 d 19 h ago


Some one better call me because I will not let rite aid kill me

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angry - 53 d 14 h ago

Riteaid denied hubby's pain med today because he didn't PK it up the day it was filled. Can you believe this?? It seems if ones pain meds are filled on a certain date and one doesn't pick it up the same day you are punished by them adding extra days on that make you wait to pk your meds up!! .... well here's the example....My hubby had a pain med filled last month on the 25TH. He wasn't able to Pk it up til the 26th. so this month he went to pk it up today the 25th when it was due. (they fill every 30-31 day exactly depending on how many days in a month) they said since he didn't PK it up last month til the 29th, even though they filled it the 25th. They said Hubby didn't pk it up til the 29th .... their computer is WRONG! He would NEVER go those extra days without picking it up. ... So, not only is their computer wrong, they added extra days on this night mare! So NOW they wont give it to him til the 28th.!!! If ones meds are filled on a certain day and one can't make it in to pk up their meds til another day, one shouldn't be punished for this. By the time he is "ALLOWED" to pk it up his meds the pain level is increased and will be harder to get under control!

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Olympia caring resident..... - 64 d 15 h ago


Regarding your store in Olympia, Wa., on Harrison Street. The issue is the vagrants and homeless that seem to want to hang out outside their store. There always seems to be a mess of stuff left behind by them beside the many days people are sleeping outside the store and begging for money when you try to go into the store. I have complained several times to the management, they say they can't do anything about this, and don't seem to try. They could at least clean up the property around their store. I have called the police several times regarding this matter, but no one seems to care very much. Disappointing to say the least........

Therefore I no longer will shop in this particular store until they show me that they care what their customers think and how they feel when entering their store. Thank you for listening......sad this is the world we seem to be living in out here........

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Cynthia Kraus - 82 d 14 h ago


I have shopped at Rite Aid Sonora CA Store for so many years I can not remember

I am an 85 year old customer and I want to say ..all the clerks know me me//even hug me

They are by far the nicest clerks in all of the stores I visit

I am there about 5 days a week and always greeted with a smile

I know the new clerks and often ask about those that have retired

Lorie has been there a long time and always takes me to what I am looking for

And Laura is the most pleasant person

Just tired of all the complaints

If people were nicer they would have to complain about

Thanks for the store and the lovely people working there

Cynthia Kraus Customer

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Dorothy Schlick - 65 d 8 h ago


Went they give u the run around for a person medi that mentally retarded and say they can get it after getting it there then I'm up set I'm retired and in bad health so I'm trying to help him because he can't get out my him self he need someone with

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