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Robson Communities

9532 E Riggs Rd
Sun Lakes, AZ
Steve Robson
(480) 895-9200
(480) 895-5455
Annual Sales Est
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General profile image - 97 d 15 h ago



As a 14 + year loyal Pebble Creek Resident, we are understandable most saddened by the consistently poor and careless and barebone job that SUNLAND ASPHALT DOES IN MAINTAINING THE TADS ON THE EAGLES NEST SIDE. For starters we have had a gapping wide crack directly in front of our driveway which Sunland has failed to correct in two previous service calls in the area. Specifically on October 9 this week in their resurfacing of our area, your Workman fron Sunland allowed their vehicle to leave deep tiretracks in front of our driveway. A supervisor viewed this terrible quality work and promised to make the repairs but obviously what I learned subquengly from a Sunkand worker is that while the supervisor blamed non existent rain in the area that they consider these deep tire tracks minor a consider us a nuisance, that whomever is responsible at Pebble Creek for offering Sunland this lucrative contract is some how comprimised. Obviously Sunland does not care and even with the re sealing, the roads in Eagle Nest are a discrace. Suggest you visit Eagles Nest and view the terrible work that Sunland offers. And make management changes to allow a reputable contrCtor to maintain the streets at Pebble Creek. I have little hope tgat our particular damaged street situation will be corrected as long as you allow the Pebble Creek management to remain in coohouts with Sunland. Sorry for being so brutal but you should take a good look at the situation in front of our residence and the entire street condition situation on the Eagles Nest side and AI am sure you would wonder why you retain Sunland Asphalt.


Erv and Phyllis Stein

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Christie L Cochran-Lowe - 128 d 6 h ago

Gabe Schmid Vice President of Sales - Robson Ranch Texas Dear Sir: September 11, 2018 As the construction time draws near on my recent purchase of a Robson Ranch home I was looking forward to the building process and anticipating a new phase of my life. However, the 'sparkle' of this dream is lost on the recent events of discovering the 'hidden agenda' and unethical practices in the sales process at Robson Ranch. I have attached a timeline of events so far in this questionable process I believe you have been told erroneous information of what I was told or discussed with anyone including Mr. Drinkwater. What you have been told is not true. As a single, working woman making this decision on my own and navigating the Buyer / Seller jungle I wanted to be sure to have representation of my realtor Greg Douglas to protect my interests and explain to me the avenues of the process. After all, 'your' sales team is looking out for Robson Ranch and themselves as they should be however, what about me? These seemingly underhanded business tactics make me not trust anyone or anything regarding this purchase. You continue to go back to my first visit. My friend and I were merely curious and out on a Sunday drive. We stopped in, but little did we know that by signing what we thought was a guest list would negate our rights for representation! Furthermore, when I visited the property with my sister there was never any conversation regarding commissions at all! This should be an exciting time for me and you and your team have turned it into a big disappointment! Please let me know what we need to do in order to move forward. I do not accept your recollection of the 'facts' and I am not agreeing to no commission being paid to my Realtor. What can we work out? I will anxiously await your response. Sincerely, Christie Lee Cochran RESPONSE: Good Afternoon Ms. Cochran, I appreciate your e-mail, letter and timeline document. Robson Ranch has a CoBroke Registration program which outlines what is expected of an agent that is representing a client. We also have a sign at the front desk that also states that an agent must be with them on their first visit. I have attached a copy of the CoBroke Registration form and if you read paragraphs 3 A, C, D & F, none of these were met by Mr. Douglas. Furthermore, I will not sign a falsified document provided to Mr. Drinkwater on 8/28/2018 stating that Mr. Douglas was with you on your first visit. As you and Mr. Douglas stated, he was not with you on this visit dated 6/4/2017. Mr. Drinkwater's discussion with you about Mr. Douglas was during your Preferred Guest stay, he states that you were not happy with his answer but that the conversation indeed happened. I know this isn't the answer you were seeking, however all Realtors know they much be the procuring cause. Our program is outlined and posted at our front desk. Robson Communities Marketing was the procuring cause in your initial visit on 6/4/17. Robson is more than happy, and does, cobroke frequently with Realtors who properly register their clients. We are excited to build your new home and I know you will greatly enjoy life here in Robson Ranch. Sincerely, Gabe Schmid Vice President of Sales Robson Ranch Texas - Active Adult Resort Community Office: (hidden) (hidden)

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Agents- Beware Saddlebrooke Luxury Villas - 204 d 1 h ago


We have been living in Saddlebrooke for 13 years and have recently decided to downsize with the intention of purchasing one of the new "Luxury Villas" to be built in Saddlebrooke. We have been working with agents from Realty Executives and they have been wonderful. Several visits were made to SB Ranch to view the Villa models with our agent who has been co-broking with a Robson agent. They are ready to release the villa lots on Monday, July 2, 2018 . We were ready with pen in hand to sign on the dotted line when our agent was informed that Robson is not going to cobroke with anyone who has a client currently living in Saddlebrooke. This came as a complete shock to everyone!! If this was Robson's intent, the company should have been upfront with the agents and not allow them to cultivate the clients with no chance of completing the deal. These deceptive practices are morally unacceptable and should not be allowed. As potential buyers we do not feel that we can trust future dealings with the Robson company. Agents & Buyers Beware!

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2nd home in SBR - 1 y 185 d ago


The subject of this formal communication is to address numerous issues regarding the property located in Saddlebrooke Ranch. Our reference point is the experience we had on the purchase of our first home in Saddleback Ranch. In our first home issues were few and regardless of the magnitude, they were handled professionally and in a timely manner. Our experience on this purchase is a severe disappointment on the quality of construction, working with customer service and the resulting resolutions of problems. At contract signing we voiced our concerns to Matt on how the construction quality of a Robson house had deteriorated significantly. Experiences of multiple recent new owners and the general trashy conditions in and around the job sites question the wisdom of buying again in this community. Matt assured us that he was correcting the numerous concerns and we would again have a positive experience. This was so far from the truth. The only thing anyone cares about is how many houses they can close each month - no concern of the quality of work or for the buyers happiness. During construction, the outdoor fireplace height was initially a huge impasse. Finally, Robson saw the error of their ways and our fireplace mantle was lowered, fireproof materials installed and is now the reference design on further construction. Although, the stucco and paint of the fireplace looks worse than any rehabbed home. At our inspection prior to closing on May 18th the house was a disaster. This house frankly was in disrepair. It looked like a house that should be rebuilt before putting it up for sale. Customer service took their notes and gave the standard "we can take care of that". John Reed started to center the light on the front of the house that was not centered and left it with the wires open. We had to pay the appraiser two additional fees and get into heated discussion for John to complete this task so we could get appraiser approval. On May 25th we closed and go to house for an after closing walk through to find nothing else on the list had been done except for a painter came in to touch up trim with a spray gun - almost ruined an entire house of tile with overspray on a textured tile service. We went up to the sales office to get our keys and voiced our extreme disappointment. The only way we got this off dead center was our salesman visited the house and was shocked to see the condition that it was in. He contacted Chuck and he joined us. He agreed that trim/paint/floors had to be redone. This process nearly took 3 weeks out of our life. Customer service no follow up, no updates on numerous other issues. Chuck took care of getting tile cleaned up, replaced the refrigerator for us, which had scratches on the handles and it looked used as the shelves were dirty with some green leafy substance in the bottom of the freezer. The walls were repainted (excluding closets) and the floor trim was sanded and repainted but they were so bad that they still look worse than any rehabbed or flipped home remodel. Two different representatives from the countertop company inspected the bathroom countertops. The last representative agreed that there were numerous areas where the top gloss coat was never applied and touching up would be nearly impossible . Back splashes were haphazardly installed. The last representative agreed that ALL the backsplashes were to be replaced. In the discussion their representative told us that each job was in essence a custom job. I then questioned him on how he could possibly guarantee that the replacement pieces would match the sink tops since they are custom job runs. He agreed with my logic and he said he would get with his people and arrange a time to replace the entire assembly. Today we hear from Marc at customer service said that the countertop folks are going to come in and try to apply the gloss coat on the bare areas. I have a very hard time accepting that a ultra-high gloss coat could be patched on and look like a quality master bath in a new Robson house. I did not buy a house that looks like it was made from the odds and ends section of a big box store. If we allow the patch job to take place and we can see the patches, the only recourse is to rip it all out and start with fresh material. You will not pacify us. Can you guarantee after repairs, these surfaces will be the same as new material properly manufactured? We paid top dollar for this NEW home and we expect quality components installed professionally. We got neither in the bathrooms. Start fresh with a new countertop assembly, customer is happy, supplier saves manhours. I truly feel like Robson's first concern is to keep their subs happy and pacify their customers. Guess that has to be the plan when volume rules. Quality and happy owners are a distant second. There are many homeowners who have similar or worse experiences. Below is a timeframe showing the lack of "Customer Care": 5-18 - Pre-closing walk through. 5/25 - Closing 5/30 thru 6/2 - Chuck had paint cleaned off tile. 6-13 thru 6-17 - Chuck had walls repainted and floor trim sanded and repainted. 6-14 - Marc called to schedule 30-day walk thru. I asked him why he had not followed up on any of the other repairs. He commented "oh, hasn't John done that". John was notified of every mistake during construction and NEVER had any repaired. What is "Customer Service" for if they do not follow up on these issues? 6-19 - Chuck had tile grout sealed due to the cleaning stripping the color from the grout. 6-21 - 30 day walk thru. Marc promised he would get hole in stucco on west side of house repaired that day and get the other repairs done. 6-29 - guy came to look at baths countertops, took pictures and said someone else with his company would have to come out. 7/6 - Second guy came to look at bath countertops and said he would have to get with "his people" but he did agree with us that for a quality job the bath countertops would need replaced. 7/7 - oakcraft scheduled between noon and 4:00 to look at cabinets. Two guys showed up at 8:00 am for first work order - nothing regarding other issues. It was not a pleasant experience. I called Marc to discover his was on vacation - while not only us but others are waiting on repairs. 7/13 - Marc and oakcraft showed up to review cabinets. Joke! When I asked Marc when things were going to get done, his reply was it was on his "to do list". Another horrible experience! Marc repaired stucco hole, which he promised to do 6/21. Still no cabinet shelves for master bath. Marc has done nothing except give excuses and get upset with me because I'm upset. The heat just keeps growing because nothing is getting done. We closed on our second home in Saddlebrooke Ranch and cannot enjoy it because of the rush for Robson to make money using cheap rushed labor giving us lousy quality of work! Yes, we are upset. Anybody that bought a new home anywhere with the quality of work that we received would be upset. Every gathering and every dinner out with other ranch people who have built in the last year spend the time talking about the errors made in their homes! We feel we should get replacement of the bath countertops, doors, all cabinet doors - all should be done in a quality fashion instead of us shutting up and receiving band aid jobs! See the attached pictures, which are not all!

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Tucson's Realtor - 1 y 125 d ago


As a realtor I can tell you that Robson is not agent friendly! They don't want outside agents representing clients in their communities. After reading the horror story above I am no longer surprised why they don't want agents protecting the buyers.

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