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Rooms To Go

11540 Hwy. 92 East
Seffner, FL
(813) 623-5400
(813) 620-1717
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Anonymous - 1 d 6 m ago


incompetence is the only word I can use when describing personnel at the Boca Raton store

In addition, their lack of customer service and the way they talk to the customers is attrocious

When I asked to speak to the store manager I was put ON HOLD for 20 minutes and I was told they cannot locate her (the name of a manager is Carol!!!)

I times when the customer facing service is the key to success, Rooms To Go has a long way to go to meet customer expectations.

NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO TO THE STORE!!!! I will also tell my story to as many people who are considering to shop there

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Joseph Forsythe - 1 d 8 h ago


I would NOT recommend this chain to anyone, they are incompetent at the very least, by any retail standard. Currently, I am Post Op with an order from doctors to not lift anything over ten pounds for at least three months, I went in only because the fact that there was a radio spot stating the closure of the store and that as of a preset date, they would be closing the store due to loss of lease, as of this date, the store is still open, false advertising. I then picked out a piece of furniture and paid cash for it, and arranged for delivery ($100.00) due to my Post Op surgery, got a receipt for it and was promised a Tuesday, 01.09.18 delivery date, I balked but the individual stated that there was only Tuesday deliveries in my area, so I cancelled my standing appointment with my medical practitioner on 01.09.18, stayed home and waited, number on the mailbox and house, two phones at the ready, cell and land line, front door open, light on as a beacon, and a six dog alarm alert system in the event that anyone even had the possibility of coming into my driveway, and I waited some more, despite a few calls and a plethora of promises, the only thing I received was a slip of paper stuffed into my mailbox they had attempted to deliver at 1324 hrs , my wife arrived home at 1330 hrs. and the six yapper dogs out on the porch never eve uttered a peep until she pulled up at the house. This was repeated on Thursday, 01.11.18, of that week, another day sitting around the house for an all day delivery, and again on Friday, 01.12.18, yet another day, waiting around the house. On Monday, 01.15.18, the following week, I called the store again, and was told I was scheduled for 01.16.18, and that once again, it was an all day delivery, so cancelled my appointment again, and waited, when I called in the morning, I was assured that the contractor had been and gone, loaded my piece of furniture and that it would be delivered within the day, at about 1730 hrs, still no delivery, so I called again, I was then told that the contractor had NOT picked up my furniture and they would be doing so at or about 1800 hrs. and delivery was imminent. this was the fourth, actually the fifth promise of delivery and the fourth cock and bull outright lie I received from the store. To date, still no piece of furniture, three cancelled treatment dates, four dead and useless wasted days waiting for empty promises of delivery and no apparent chance to ever get this resolved in a timely manner. Tomorrow (actually today as it is 0220 hrs in the morning), losing sleep because I am so freakin' mad, I am calling corporate, and siccing my wife on the store, no more Mr. Nice Guy, now they have to deal with my wife. In retrospect, I now see a pattern, twice now, they have offered to cancel my order and refund my monies, NOT immediately in cash, but with a drawn out credit process from a store that will supposedly be closing and all records lost and no means to appeal to a responsible individual. So that IS NOT going to happen. Good luck Rooms to Go, Outlet in Gainesville, Florida, Address: 2305 NW 13th St, Gainesville, FL 32609

Hours: Closed Opens 10AM, Phone: (352) 415-4727, you have lied to me and pissed off my wife for the last time, and just drawn the fury and ire of my wife, and like and good pissed off Rottweiler/Pitbull, she is going to have your ass in a platter. Mr Nice Guy tried and was treated like shit, NO MORE!!!!!

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Anonymous - 1 d 16 h ago


I was really disappointed when I went to the store .I was looked over no greeting at the door are inside the store no Friendly Smiles. the things that supposed to been on sale wasn't on sale they were selling them single they didn't express any interest in my business are my presents it wasn't a pleasant visit at all so I just left...after i couldnt get any assistance it wasn't like the store was full or crowded it mybe 1 couple was persons was unattentive and very sale person finally approach me on my way out whata you need i said nothing an walk out......

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Anonymous - 1 d 20 h ago


Rooms to Go Delivery and Customer Service employees are bunch of incompetent folks that knows how to lie to their customers and expect them to ear up their lies. These duo of employee group couldn't deliver my single order as a whole and kept rescheduling. When confronted on their lies they said we didn't said this and that and when asked to pull the recorded phone conversation they couldn't locate it. Why because than that would prove their lies and expose them. Shame on these bastards and shame on their boss CEO if he is promoting these behaviors.

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Underwood - 2 d ago

My issues have not been resolved order number 22103425 since oct 28th I need this resolved ASAP

I can reached at 734 9687755 to discuss the incompetence of the workers at your local show rooms.

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bella prager - 2 d ago


very upset with the type of customer service at the Boca Raton store

Person I spoke to several time ( I believe her name is Jamine) is incompetent and lacks any customer service experience

When I asked to speak to the store manager I was put on a long hold and after awhile she told me that the store manager is busy and cannot talk to me

I will never come to this store and will make sure everyone hears about my bad experience

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Johnny Jackson - 2 d 14 h ago


I am very disappointed in our delivery of our new couch. It was suppose to be delivered between 9 and 1 today. It changed to be coming between 2 and 6. Now we are waiting and it is 8:20. One entire day off work, my husband's dad is in intensive care and the customer service is very unhelpful. I expect the delivery, in the least to be waived, unless Rooms To Go wants to pay for the 12 hours I sat waiting, missing work.

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T. Williams - 3 d ago


Terrible customer service. Purchase a king size mattress from RTG and it smelled like mildew and mold! All three times, and ever the driver said it! Customer service representative really don't care! Teresa's the supervisor no help!

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T harris - 4 d 19 h ago


Today I visited the rooms to go store in Jacksonville, FL regency location and I was so upset. I was in the store for an hour and would you believe that I was not greeted or offered assistance by any of the associates. I feel like I was discriminated against because I didn't have the look as if I was going to purchase anything. I watched 5 people walk through the door and was greeted immediately. I did not realize you had to have a certain look to be treated fairly as any other customer. My intentions was to purchase a living room and bedroom set but I guess my money was not wanted.

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Jason - 3 d ago


I wish I had your experience. I hate going to places like these and being targeted. I prefer to be left alone until I need something

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Julia M - 4 d 15 h ago


I have complains about a leather sectional that I purchased from the RoomstoGo in Greensboro, NC. I have received correspondence & am not satisfied with the resolution. Company only offering me $394. , which I think is unacceptable. I think I should at least receive 75% of price I paid for it. Leather should last/ uphold longer than it has. The pictures are on file & I would appreciate you evaluating further. If you can not do anything please send me another contact person . I plan to pursue this until an acceptable offer is reached. Ticket #50842

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JV - 4 d 17 h ago



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Paul Murdock - 4 d 19 h ago


Worst company ever, no one calls you back. They destroyed my house which had to repair. Tire the railings off my outside porch even after I told them it wouldn't fit. Once they finally got it in a part was missing someone would have to come out. They never came for 4 weeks until I called. Damaged home claims will call, NO one did. When they finally did come couch was defective. They would have to send another sofa. I had already repaired the damage they did before at my expense now they wanted to do it again. Really, they offered me a 20% discount to keep the one I had but get this they would void the warranty I purchased with no refund. Are you serious? This is Rooms to Go. Why are they still open and how can Jeffery Seamon be happy with company he founded that leads the nation in Mediocrity as the worst customer service it will catch up with you Mr Semen!!!

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Disgusted - 8 d 19 h ago


Compared to all the horror stories on this site, mine is relatively mild....expensive, but mild. On August 29 , 2017, I purchased two adjustable twin beds and a king frame and headboard. I was informed by my salesman, Todd in the Naples showroom that if I provided a doctor's note indicating the need for an adjustable mattress, I would not be charged sales tax on this item which amounted to $233....a significant savings! I provided the documentation one day after the order was written.....but due to the fact that Todd refused to "rewrite" the order....I would have to wait a couple of weeks for the refund. Well....surprise.....I still haven't received it in spite of many phone calls and visits to Rooms to Go on Tamiami Trail in Naples ....four months and counting....who knows if I will EVER receive it! !There's no excuse for misinforming your customers, Todd!

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Sue - 6 d 18 h ago

No complaint against RTG is mild. You are justified in being "disgusted" as we all are and believe it or not they have an A+ rating with BBB in Seffner even with 1000s of complaints because of the volume of business they do. Really??

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Purchased a Stetson sectional with three electric recliners. After waiting several months for delivery immediately the sofa needed to be repaired for the stitching. After less than 2 years the recliner stopped working. I contacted the corporate office and they sent a repair guy out who promised me that the customer service department would be contacting me in 3-5 business days. Did not happen. It was only after I wrote an email to the corporate office that they replied that they would not repair. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM ROOMS TO GO. Worst product and customer service.

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Jon - 9 d 5 h ago


Me and my family were about to purchase three kids bedroom sets from this company, after seeing the complaints from my neighborhood chat group (there was about 20 complaints in my neighborhood alone) and seeing the comments here me and my wife have decided to go somewhere else. This company seems to just not care about customer service.

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Disappointed Customer - 9 d 20 h ago


The worse experience in the history of experiences.Firstly I bought my dining room furniture and bedroom furniture from the Pembroke Pines store. At first the sales woman Elizabeth seemed very good and promised 1 week delivery, after a week I called and she said there was a computer error the delivery date disappeared. I called the manager Mark he tried to fix it but yet I waited another week. The dining room arrived another week later with a cracked leg and two damaged chairs. I called again and was told that they can send 1 out the next week, the salesperson saw that there were two scheduled for me yet only one came. Those days were now 3 days I had to wait at home without anything and loss of pay. I.m now waiting for my sectional which already took 8 days to be delivered and another day off. The extra dining chair I have to take off another day hopefully it will show up on Tuesday. I'm home all day today Monday 8th January 2018 and nothing yet. I do not know what games Rooms To Go or the delivery people are playing but it works the nerve and if anyone wants to stay calm this place is not where they should buy furniture from even if you are spending thousands which I did and lost 4 days of pay.Horrible experience one that I do not wish to do ever again in this lifetime.The executive office should start monitoring this not (MONEYTORING)

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Awful - 12 d 44 m ago


I have NEVER had so many issues on a $4,000.00 delivery and such POOR customer service. I can't even get the showroom Manager in Daytona to call me back. Although I've purchased thousands of dollars from your company over the years, I will never do business with you again. I'm speechless.

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Mary - 10 d 48 m ago


We purchased a sectional about a year and a half ago and it might very well be the most sorry piece of furniture I gave ever purchased!! Every time I walk by it I have to push it back together, it's piling, and in between the cushions are ripped!! And this happened not long after we purchased it! We too have bought thousands of dollars worth of furniture from this company but I WILL NEVER buy from here ever again! Not to mention the terrible customer service Ashley will get my business from now on!

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Don't Go To Rooms To Go - 13 d ago


On Tuesday, Rooms To Go (worst furniture store EVER!) was supposed to deliver a couch by 8 PM. They called after 11 PM, and still not even on the way yet.

They were going to call me back by Thursday to re-schedule delivery.

Now, Friday, I call THEM back and I am told the couch won't be available until FEBRUARY 24TH.

In what world is that acceptable?


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Janet - 13 d 24 h ago


To whom it may concern:

I have been a Rooms to Go customer for many years. Last night, 4 January 2017, I had the worst delivery experience with the Brookshire, Texas location. My delivery for a loveseat and couch took 6 hours and 15 minutes for me to get. My original time-frame was from 3pm to 7pm. When they did not arrive at 7pm, I contact customer care only to find out that they were closed for the evening. Well, to me, if you have deliveries slated for that late, you should have customer care available to handle calls. So, I contacted the Bookshire location and here's what happened.

1st call: 7pm CST- I was told there were 3 deliveries in front of me and the dispatch driver did not start deliveries until 7pm. Well, if he did not start until 7pm, how was I supposed to get my delivery within the stated time period? I did not receive a call or anything from the warehouse manager, Trey.

2nd call - 8:40pm CST - I contacted the warehouse and the dispatcher told me I had 4 deliveries before me. I then got on the phone with Lee who told me that information was correct and that there was still 1 delivery in front of me. I was beyond livid and very dissatisfied with the way this business was handled and asked to speak with the manager.

3rd call - at 9:07pm CST - I contacted the warehouse again and that's when I spoke with Trey, the manager, to express my disappointment and informed him that I would be contacting the corporate office. Someone finally showed up at 9:15pm CST to complete a setup job that only took 5 minutes.

I adjusted work schedule and everything else to be at home between the 3pm-7pm estimated time frame. I understand that this is an estimated time frame. But to add an additional 2 hours onto what was already considered a long block and to deliver at that time of night, is unprofessional and unsafe. Your company do not value the time and the loyalty of your customers. Your company is already profitable because of your customer base. But your customer support shows me and a lot of other loyal customers that you are not loyal to us once you've gotten your money.This company really needs to sit back and look at your standard operating procedures when to comes to handling your delivery and your customer service. Logistically, re-evaluate your processes.

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Dawn - 13 d 13 h ago


I have had the worst experience with rooms to go the Brookshire Tx location for my son's bunk bed. Initially when I paid for the bed in full the 1st week of November they told me the bed was on back order and would deliver mid November the 17th. They called the morning of the 17th and told me they had to cancel because they still didn't have the bed. Next delivery date after thanksgiving they show up with only the accessories to the bed and the wrong bed. Then made it seem like it was a mix up at the warehouse but the next day said it was on back order. Next delivery date 12-20-17. They show up to my home without Calling 1 hour in advance as requested due to the fact They have a 4 hour windowing may cancel or not show up at all or very late and then would not wait for me to come 30 mins. The next day they told me the bed was out of stock again after they were just at my Home the night before. Said they couldn't deliver until late Jan 2018 so I spoke with a manager and they pushed the date up to 12-23-17 however they had no screws to assemble it or the fouton. Dec 26, 2017 I called again they had screws next day to my home and delivery men were supposed to come assemble but no one called or showed up. I called the next day and they had delivery men to assemble 12-29-17 about 8pm but still no Fouton and they did not have enough screws to finish the assembly. I called the next day and they told me the Fouton was on back order until 1-22-18. So at this point I asked for a full refund because I have been more than patient. The store granted the refund but wants to charge me a restocking fee. I am not happy about this and called and spoke with the adult furniture manager and she said she would have the kids store manager call me to make the descion but as usual if I don't call no one follows through. I am very disappointed in the way rooms to go conduct business. After they have your money you are not a valued customer. Never will shop here again gallery furniture has amazing customer service. RTG is very unprofessional has no since of urgency to correct their mistakes. Does not do good business!

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TPayne - 14 d 16 h ago


I am military and my husband is retired military currently working as a military instructor in Saudia. We purchased furniture from the Macon, Ga store and was given 3 Jan 2018. The salesperson never told us we were being put in for an express delivery. We found out that express delivery doesn't come with a required time. It means you wait for delivery all day. I called the store and the young lady stated this was on the bottom of the receipt and even if I would have been given a time that is only a courtesy, not a requirement. I couldn't believe she was telling me that as if, my $2500.00 didn't me anything. I still haven't seen the movers and they are not required to call to make you aware they are coming. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! I can not wait to report this to my base. Thank God they have a list of companies to beware of!

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Sue - 15 d 17 h ago


Having problems right now with a RTG product. Fed up with all establishments not responding or responding poorly for their own bottom line. To all of you who keep complaining - FILE WITH THE BBB!!!! IN Seffner, Florida and file on Consumer Affairs and read this!

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