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Rooms To Go

11540 Hwy. 92 East
Seffner, FL
(813) 623-5400
(813) 620-1717
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Bob - 8 m 33 s ago


My name is Robert Orr. This is my complete experience I had recently with RTG.

On October 31, 2017 My wife and I went to the Daytona Beach Rooms To Go (RTG) shopping for some living room furniture.

On arrival we were met by our salesman John Casey. Mr. Casey was outstanding! He helped us find what we wanted even after our first choice was out of stock he never gave up! Thank you John!

That was the highlight of the entire disastrous shopping experience. Our delivery was set up for the following Friday, November 3. The following are the bullet points for November 3, 2017.

After being informed that our delivery would be to us between 11am-3pm it finally came at 10pm..I took most of the day off from work to be at home for the delivery. I got a call from the dispatcher saying they were running a little behind schedule. I understand this happens, but by the time 3:50pm came I started calling RTG to find out the status with my delivery. Over the next 2 hours I contacted them several times by phone and online chat. They told me each time they were at the prior address and that I was the next delivery. Then at about 6:30pm I got a call from the delivery driver. He told me that he would be to me in about an hour and that he had about 5 small deliveries before me! 5 MORE DELIVERIES??? What happen to the numerous times they told me I was the next delivery???

I took most of the day off to get the delivery so I told them to still come when the driver said it would be about an hour. The finally got there at about 10pm. The President of the Home Owners Association didn't like that the truck was there so late. While I was calming her down I looked over and saw that they dropped one of the pieces out of the truck and tried to hide it! The delivery team tried to say it might get damaged getting up my stairs with it unwrapped! Of course it will because it was already damaged when they dropped it!!! So it was refused! By the way, I had to go in front of the Home Owners Association and explain why the truck was there so late!!!

Then to reschedule the replacement they wanted to deliver it a week out. After battling that because I wasn't taking more time off they agreed to deliver it on Wednesday. The word was I was the second delivery on Wednesday. Problem is someone forgot to tell the delivery team that. They finally got to me at 7pm that night. I will give it to the store manager who said he was scheduled to get off at 5, but would stay there until I got my delivery. I spoke to him a little after 7 and he was still there.

He then explained that he wrote a detailed message to regional office and that he was going to call me the next day to talk about some kind of compensation for my trouble.

That was almost 2 weeks ago and I haven't heard a word from him or anybody else!!! THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!! So thank you to pretend to care and give a damn about your customers!!! Of course they don't care, they have my money and that's all that matters!!!

When it comes time to buy our bedroom furniture we'll go somewhere else even if it cost more!!! I want to shop in a store that really cares about their customers and really do give a damn!!!

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Carol - 7 h 47 m ago


Have you even looked at these reviews. I just had a ridiculous experience with the chat line. Looking to buy a cherry dresser tomorrow. I simply asked what the depth on these drawers are and the smartass on the other end was no help. I asked for supv he said he was the supv. What a waste of my time.

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Disappointed customer - 2 d 7 h ago


Have purchased 2 mattress in April 2016 and have to swapped (4) not purchase anything from RTG especially the mattress. Very disappointed with them and will never buy anything else from them

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darrell cox - 3 d 19 m ago


Me and my mom got approved they had nothing in stock every thing we picked out was 2 month wait then i find a bed i want they had adjustable base advertised on there bed sticker RTG exclusive base-tranquility I told sale man Amin Motazedian that i wanted a mattress and that base. He said O we dont carry that adjustable base any more we sold last one today but i can sell you one that is 200 more dollars. I ask why cant you honor the price of the one you have advertised for the step up in stead of charging me 200 more. he said no DONT BUY NOTHING FROM THEM THEY ARE A SCAM BIG TIME

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Rikki - 3 d 6 h ago


I really don't enjoy writing about simple things. However, it has been the worst experience getting an entertainment center that I paid for and paid for the delivery. This is the second time that I have bought a product from your store and can not get the merchandise to my house even after payment. The delivery team did not have the hardware to build the entertainment center and was out of the window of time. The product parts were on the truck but they would not leave them .Also, I own my own delivery service such as delivery from Sears, Conn's and Best Buy. The driver would not allow me to get it from his truck with my own truck. My house is a mess and now I have to wait to January because of the way you guys do business. The store with Ermalinda is great but the delivery is horrible. Now the order is back ordered til January 3, 2017. This is not what I expected and will not shop there again!

Mesquite Store has not customer service after the sale. Assistant manager is horrible and office manager is worse.

Thanks to all who enjoy this experience.

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Anonymous - 16 d 7 h ago


Is anyone at corporate office concerned about those reviews? Clearly not

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Sars - 4 d ago


They really aren't, The leather like fabric in my dining room chairs are literally peeling

I have them for 3 1/2 years NOT normal wear n terar

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Michael sauls - 4 d 25 m ago


Rooms To Go, how do I start first you give me a delivery time from 10am to 2pm and show up at 3:20.and for get part of my delivery then you tell me it will be four days to receive one peace that makes me think you don't care about your customers because if you did when it's put on your truck everything should be checked off.that means some one is not doing their job.warehouse personally that leaves a bad taste in my mouth about you all.

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Disappointed former customer - 4 d 9 h ago


Beware of Rooms to Go products. Bought an expensive leather recliner in 2012. Multiple parts of the undercarriage have broken over the last 3 years including 3 metal cross braces. I fabricated parts to replace those. Now critical parts of the glider mechanism have broken. Called Rooms to Go customer service and they are no help at all. I asked if I could purchase an entire undercarriage assembly. There appears to be no parts list for the product. I will not order parts that have no picture and the service rep cannot even describe what the parts are. If the cheap Chinese made mechanical part breaks, you are just out of luck. I tried a third party repair shop and was told he won't touch these cheaply built products. Lesson learned. I will buy elsewhere in the future.

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Pissssed Customer - 5 d 9 h ago


This company is sooooo bad....Just bought a house and purchased from Rooms to go. Big mistake I called the day of my delivery because unlike anyone else I have kids to pick up from school, so I called to ask if they can call me before they arrive to make sure I am home, oh yes they will call you 1 hr to 30 min before arriving, Great! Of course I get a call that says hello they are in front of the house???? Ok I need to pick up my daughter give me 15 min, ok they say they will wait 15 min. I arrive to my community and as I'm pulling into the community they are leaving I literally was 1 min late I called told them he just pulled away just tell him to turn around, ok dispatch says they are working on it....3 hours go by no one calls to tell me they are not coming back. Now they wont set up the delivery for another 48 hours and want to possibly come back on Thanksgiving really.....Wont let me cancel without keeping $250.00. I understand the delivery window but in a world of technology they couldn't make a simple call??? Text something to let me know they were'nt coming and then not call at all for 3 hours to say they were not coming back..... Stay away don't waste your hard earned money with this company with the worst customer service.....Don't ask to talk to a manager or supervisor there is NOTHING they will be able to do at all.

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BUYER BEWARE - 5 d 9 h ago



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Un happy customer - 6 d 7 h ago


Terrible ... bought mattress was defective in Three days it was for my son which is disabled they offer to replace but I wanted out of a non negotiable contract that has a street hustle very shady sales gimmick and service

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Horrible experience - 9 d ago


Pick up and bought a dinning room set with a little hole on it and was mark down. Sales person advice me that it was just one hole and have a green circle sticker on it. We measure the table and it was the perfect size and sales person set up delivery which will not work out with my schedule. Gave me a special delivery that will work out with my schedule just have to pay cash for delivery service with $110.00 which I don't mind. Set up delivery for next day at 4:00pm and pay them with my card. Never call All day till 4:00pm and advice me that there will be no delivery and that the table is broken and and not good for use and ask me to come in and pick another set.

After I Rush and left work early in order to to make the delivery.Got home st 4 pm that's when I recieved the call that there will be no delivery. What a poor customer service they waited all day before calling Customer about bad news. Told me to come in the store to look another set but can't find anything except for two set and try to talk to them if they will work out the price it's around $75.00 more and ask if they will work out the different apologies to me looking right over my head like I don't exist like I'm crazy. They pretend to be busy and talking to other people like he's occupied. Very poor customer service very disappointed with the service and how they treat customer poorly.

No sincere apology no extra help but instead telling everyone in the store that they know me I'm the one with the cancelled delivery .... horrible horrible it's so shameful how they treat customer in pompano store. I hope the CEO know that's how they treat their customer in pompano. So shameful their enjoying what just happened to me in rooms to go I. Pompano awful awful awful

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Anonymous - 9 d 6 h ago

My delivery was damaged 3 times and the last month. My living room set wasn't assembled right. My headboard was cracked and my dresser mirror busted. One month later and I still can't sleep in a $5,000 bedset. Very poor customer service and delivery times. Very unprofessional company thus far. Hope to see some improvement and my bedroom set looking like the display they sold me on in the store.

General profile image - 9 d 11 h ago


I've never been so disappointed in a company as I am with you all , I had a delivery scheduled for the 9th Nov. I waited all day and got a phone call saying I wasn't home in my voicemail, I called seconds after that call , told them I was I went outside saw the driver pull away , told the lady on the phone I see him driving away , this driver went to the wrong building and the wrong apartment, I was hung up on by some guy think the management for where they schedule deliveries he said they wouldn't come back I said how is it possible he still in the area he just drove away he said the driver was released already , this man didn't care at all !! And I called again after he hung up on me talked to someone they said I would get it today 10th Nov. Tell me why now I'm told they can't find the truck it might be in Katy Texas warehouse???!!! So now I'm told tomorrow???!! Why is a customer paying for the driver not calling and asking for the address again to make sure it was right???!! Why am I being punished for a mistake in rooms to go part, they don't care I'm really upset y'all take my money and treat me like shit plus give me the run around on something I'm paying for .

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C. Whim - 10 d ago


I had delivery this past Saturday and an item was stolen. Yes, I said stolen! I realized the item was missing about 15 minutes after the delivery men left. I immediately called the store to report it and I also told the young lady who called shortly after the delivery to see how things went. I was told that I needed to speak with the delivery manager, a message was forwarded to him on Saturday. Today is Thursday and I still haven't heard from him or anyone else. I called twice since the incident and both times I was told that I have to wait on the delivery manager. Rooms To Go, you need a better system. I feel like I'm not being taken seriously. I've been a customer for a long time and have never had an issue until now. As far as I'm concerned, you can come and get the furniture.

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James & Sheena - 10 d ago


We bought a sofa live seat recliner the sales guy told us never had any problems. 19 months later the metal that literally pushes the foot rest out snapped in half for no reason. We're NOT hard on our stuff we take exceptional care of our stuff, then when I called and checked and was willing to pay to Have it fixed LABOR they don't warranty it past 1 year and they don't fix stuff which translates to they didn't back up their stuff. We literally yesterday purchased a new table and will be buying a adjustable bed looks like they will be losing out on at least one sale. And hopefully ppl can and will read this and buy else where. I live in the Knoxville Tennessee area a couple good options here is brown squirrel furniture and Knoxville Wholesale Furniture and much better place than roomstogo hands down if you search before you buy you will see Rooms To Go is a piece of crap company that does not back up their stuff and cares nothing about their customers

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Tracy - 10 d 10 h ago


I think after reading all of this I've seen enough to know simply complaining is not worth my time.

I will be contacting my attorney to see my options going forward. I will be very surprised if someone has not already filed a class action lawsuit . Stay tuned .

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Melissa King - 11 d 7 h ago


I was so excited when this store opened but we have had nothing but trouble with them. We bought a mattress a couple years ago and it ended up being defective. The store gave us partial credit for a new mattress. We went shopping for a new mattress and our salesperson was an older woman. She knew about the defective mattress and even helped us get the actual amount of credit we had to use toward a new mattress. She showed us a nice mattress and told us it was on sale. We went back a couple days later to purchase that mattress and she seemed very confused while checking us out. We looked at the reciept and she charged us full price for the mattress. My husband was furious and tried to ask for clarification from the salesperson. She was unable to answer and sent us to Jim the store manaager. He told us that it was under warranty and we did not qualify for the sales price.

Fast forward to Saturday when we received our mattress in a BOX! The salesperson forgot to mention that also. The mattress should have inflated anywhere between 24 -48 hours. It still after 48 hours has not inflated evenly. We called the store and the sales manager initially stated what all of the literature said about inflating within 48 hours. When my husband stated that it had been over 48 hours, he changed the timeframe to 72 hours.

At this point my husband and I are sleeping on the most uncomfortable mattress and are waiting until tomorrow to make sure it still doesn't inflate so we can look for a replacement to our replacement mattress or we can wait until their first service appointment on Saturday to know if this mattress is defective.....meanwhile we have to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress and they are not concerned or dont seem to be.

Now fasr foward to today 11/8, We spoke to Roy a sales Manager that was helping us

last night. We picked out a mattress that was close to $500 less than the

box mattress. When I spoke to the Store Manger today, he told me that I owe

$300+ for the new mattress. THis is the SECOND time that we have been lied

to about the price of the mattress by a sales person at the harker heights

location and Jim is not going to honor the price that he gave us?

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Lenore M DiGregorio - 11 d 7 h ago


I should have read all these bad reviews before I spent $3,475.34 cents. We have two electric recliner chairs that are the most uncomfortable chairs we ever sat on. Calling customer care is like drowning yourself. They can do nothing - no nothing!, I have told everyone I know to stay far away from the. All my years of furniture buying have never been treated so shamefully.

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Dawn - 11 d 8 h ago


I cannot believe how Rooms To Go is still in business with the extremely poor customer service. We purchased a sofa and it had to be exchanged. The exchange took place on August 3, 2017. When the delivery guys took out the damaged sofa, they damaged my brand new refrigerator(two weeks old). We brought it to the attention of the delivery guys and they said to call customer service. I have made approximately 20 phone calls to customer service, sent pictures, done everything I was told to do, to have no response from them. Always told the same story, someone will call you back within 24 hours, no supervisior is available but we'll leave a message for them. The icing on the cake is I call again yesterday and was disconnected twice. So enough of this call is to our Attorney.

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Anonymous - 13 d ago


Once again Rooms To Go delivery department continue to show poor service. Items with damaged, not working properly and a poor install.

Requested to speak to a supervisor about 9:30 a.m., in which I had to call back to request to speak to a supervisor again. When talking to the supervisor Alicia she made several excuses to why no return call had been made. It is extremely frustrating when you spend your money and supervisors make excuses for their workers instead of making it right. Kudos to the salesman they were awesome.

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LILI - 13 d 5 h ago


Your company's customer service sucks. I bought sofas there a year ago on October 19, 2016. I called in September because I noticed the cushions and pillows have become ridiculously flat in a year and the material on the 3 seater was so linty that I had to turn the sofa cushions s around to hide it. This was explained to the technician, Corey who had come to investigate the complaint. It's not normal for this to occur. The love seat and chair don't have this lint on them. I was to receive a folllow-up call from customer service within 3-4 days of Corey's visit that took place on 9/20/17. I never received a call. I decided to follow up on the issue and called 10/10/2017 to find that the notes in your system stated my case was closest. Supposedly the tech indicated it was normal wear and tear. I spoke to Tabitha who ask d that I send her pictures of the unresolved issues. We decided to stop by the store instead and the supervisor mentioned there werent any notes in the system and he set us up for another tech evaluation. The same tech made it out again on 11/2/2017, took pictures and even seemed like he was in agreement, that the lint problem was not normal on one sofa and the cushions and pilllows are flat. I received a follow up call this time from Tabitha on 11/6/17. She indicated that it was reported as normal wear and tear. I mentioned I wanted to return the sofas since they're unable to assist with providing the 1 year warranty service. She stated it was beyond the 1 year of my warranty. The failure to follow up on your company's part in he after the initial review caused the delay. You have poor customer service. Last time I purchase anything from your company. I'm awaiting a call back from the customer service supervisor Tessa, we'll just see if she calls back. Apparently everyone there is too busy for their customers. Trying to make those sales and taking people's money but not providing any customer satisfaction.

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Still waiting... - 17 d 16 m ago


To whom it may concern,

Once again, I'm left disappointed with Rooms To Go. I can honestly say, I've NEVER experienced such a shit show. Where should I start? Let's start with the initial purchase day. This goes WAY BACK-first of JULY. To give you an idea where this is going, today is November 2 and I sit for family meals at a small round table and 2 chairs. TWO! Not the 4, that was originally ordered AND PAID FOR. That table and 2 chairs, was delivered the last week in September. I can understand a delay, but come on people! This set is made in Vietnam, it's not even made in America! One of the chairs was even delivered WITH A STAIN on it. I did bring it to the attention of the delivery guys. I called customer service and was told there are none available and they are no longer in production. According to the website, they had an availability at the Baton Rouge store. Then, I wanted to know what was up with my other chairs? I was told they were back ordered and not yet in production. Seriously? Let's be real-these people don't know what they are talking about. In the sales paper for the Columbus Day sale, it even showed my chairs and the color options available. Interesting! False advertisement at its best or a liar on payroll. I never received a call telling me my red chair wasn't coming. I got a call letting me know when to expect the brown one. While on the phone I wanted to know when I could expect it the red chair. When can I have my entire set complete!? I was told November 4th for the brown and red to be delivered November 21! I RECEIVED A CALL TODAY SAYING THE RED CHAIR IS ON BACKORDER. This message was left on my phone. I am seriously sick to my stomach about this entire experience. Rooms To Go was there for us after Katrina, with fairly quick and prompt courteous service. I've furnished several homes with their furniture. This will be my last time to ever have anything to do with the company. As we sit for family meals, 2 of us are having to sit in tailgating chairs. How's that for making family memories? Congrats, Rooms To Go, for your consistency with slow unreliable service My complaints to customer service last month, did not solve anything. I was offered a refund due to the circumstances or I could go in store and pick out something comparable. Not good enough! I WANT THE SET THAT I ORDERED. The dimensions is what works for me and to still show these chairs are available online, just pisses me off more that someone isn't going out of their way to bring my purchases to my door ASAP-at MY convenience-not Rooms To Go. I'd love for you to look up my order and review the time frame to see for yourself-Traci Navarro

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TW - 14 d ago


They put a hold on our delivery and we're still waiting on them to contact us. We've paid for it already and would have never even j own they put a hold on it if I hadn't contacted them. So frustrating.

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