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Rooms To Go

11540 Hwy. 92 East
Seffner, FL
(813) 623-5400
(813) 620-1717
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Ms Sawyers - 1 d 7 h ago

This has been the worst experience I will never order from Rooms To Go ever! They have had to come to my house 3 different times and still don't have it right ! Now I'm having to wait until August 4th to get a dresser! Go somewhere else people!

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Taylor - 1 d 19 h ago


This will be my fourth mattress purchased in almost 2 years . These mattresses have been completely awful and have significantly screwed up my back !!! I want an exchange and after this will be my last time I ever purchase from rooms to go again!

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Yolanda Perez - 2 d ago


Why should I pay full price for DAMAGED furniture you can sell in your warehouse? I was told I had 48 hours to request a return. I explained all that was wrong with your horrible delivery service and within that same day to customer service and Steve calling to seeing how my delivery was. Everytime I turn around I find something else wrong with this furniture and I want an exchange!

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Anonymous - 2 d 5 h ago


This company doesn't take care of its employees. they are focused on the sales and what makes the store money, the well being of their employees isn't a concern to them. they take advantage of their employees and everything they do for the company. If you are thinking of applying for a job with this company i would highly recommend against it.

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Kim Atkins - 2 d 10 h ago


I ordered a dining room set. I called the warehouse manager in Brookshire, Tx and told that three of the chairs were defective. They scheduled to pick up the chairs about a month and to bring replacements. The delivery timeframe was 4-p-8p. The staff from the warehouse called me at 3:30 and wanted me to meet them at the house 30 minutes before the scheduled delivery time. They told me that they were finished with their deliveries early. I was at work told them I was in the middle of something very important at work and they could meet me at. The delivery driver agreed to meet me at 4 but he never showed up. I talked with the warehouse manager he was very nice but I had to reschedule my delivery date because the delivery guys never came at 4. I will never purchase anything from this store anymore. It's bad when the customer is not accommodated and the drivers are not held accountable for their unprofessionalism and failure to accommodate me. Warning, don't buy anything from this store.

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Anonymous - 3 d 7 h ago

I have been a Rooms To Go customer for many years but as of today I am disgusted and very dissatisfied with their customer service.

I have a issue with a coil in my mattress sticking me in my back and now customer service says it will be a month before a technician can come evaluate my issue. From past experience it will be approx a month before I get another mattress delivered after his evaluation. I suffer with a bad back and I didn't spent almost $5,000 for a bed that I cannot sleep in, for approx two months.

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Anonymous - 4 d 4 h ago


Good Afternoon,

I had a delivery that was scheduled for yesterday (Thursday 12 July 2018). The delivery window provided at the point of purchase was between 7am and 10pm. I was home for the entire 15 hour delivery window, however, no delivery attempt was made. The driver made no contact with me inspire of providing my phone number on three separate occasions. When I called to inquire about the status of my delivery I was informed that the driver had marked it that I was not home and that the delivery attempt had been made at 2:48 est. I was also told that he had already returned to the warehouse. I called at 5:15 est. the warehouse is more than three hours away from where the delivery was supposed to be made. Meaning that someone is lying.

Additionally, employees on the customer service line refused to provide their employee identification information or names. Upon further inquiry the description of the location the driver alleged to have gone does not match the delivery location.

When I asked how this mistake was going to be corrected I was told there was nothing that could be done and that the earliest the delivery could be made would be in two weeks because they had to be sure the furniture was in stock. I am confused as to how you can have furniture on the delivery truck but not be sure if it's in stock.

We then called the store where we purchased the furniture. The store manager told us that the earliest they could deliver would be this coming Monday. However, it would be an add on delivery with another 15 hour delivery window and no call ahead. This is not a solution. On top of spending $2700 with Rooms To Go you are asking for 30 hours of my time to correct the mistake made by the delivery driver and a company that fails to hold its employees accountable.

I am highly dissatisfied and would appreciate immediate outreach from someone who can correct this mistake.

Thank you,

Courtney Wetherell

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Courtney Wetherell - 4 d 4 h ago


My email address is (hidden) and my telephone number is available in the multiple emails I have sent to your customer service and tell us email addresses.

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Kathie - 4 d 5 h ago


Please explain to me, why I am paying full price for repaired furniture? I purchased furniture on Memorial Day weekend. We for it 2 weeks later on the 17th, and as we watched the delivery guys just about dropping our furniture off the truck onto our driveway (til my husband went outside) they proceeded to move it into the house. After they left we really inspected the furniture and noticed a small hole in the back of the couch we immediately called and they said they would replace it. We had to wait till July 7, again the same delivery guys and this time as they were about to unload the replacement couch there was a bigger hole on the new one that we could put our hand in. So we did not take that couch. So now I am taking another day off of work, for someone to come and "repair" the tear in the couch? Really? What are they going to do, sew it? OMG, not happy with the service department, the store level Manager, who said to me "well what do you want us to do?" Really, I have to tell you what to do? Why are you working there if I have to tell you how to do your job, I have been in retail for over 30 years, that is not how you treat customers.

I feel something should be done, at the corporate level, not the store level.

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Greg Burd - 4 d 10 h ago


I am disappointed to be polite. We purchase living room furniture from RTG. We have had it about 10 weeks and it was already wearing very poorly. We contacted customer service and they came to examine it within a week. The technician agreed it was unacceptable. He reported back and they called us days later. The first thing they wanted to do was replace the cushions on the three pieces. We declined that offer as we would have simply been in the same position in another two months, then who knows what kind of service we would have received?

They offered the credit us the cost for another purchase, which we accepted. When my wife went to the store to make the purchase the customer service was horrible! She was told to wait, setting on the sofa and the sales lady would "write the deal up" and return. nearly an hour later my wife is paged overhead to the office. They told her they thought she left. "No I was told to stay where I was and the sales lady would return. The office girl explained the sales to her and my wife inquired about purchasing the warranty on the replacement furniture. She was told they could NOT offer us another warranty as we had already used it. We are NOT asking for a free warranty on our NEW furniture, we are wanting to buy it, which seems like a good idea with our recent event. They young lady went to the manager (who was eating lunch and refused to come talk) and again we were told were would not be offered the purchase of a new warranty. WOW! I cannot imagine that the leadership of RTG wants this to be the type of customer service offered. I would appreciate a call from a corporate official. Not a regional manager, someone that can make decisions and right a wrong. I can be contacted via your facebook page, as this is posted there as well.

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jeanne smith - 5 d 6 h ago


Jeanne Smith B .i am waiting for my mattress (which is terribley defective) to be replaced. Last month an technician came and measured (?) i asked them to sit on the mattress to see how it caves in (3/4's of it) the technician said he isnt permitted to sit on the mattress..He said that i would be hearing from the store that the mattress IS deffective...which i did not...i called them and was told that the mattress isnt defective enough???? R u kidding me?...i am not able to sleep on the bed.....this mattress needs to be replaced!!!! now i wait yet again for another technicain 2 weeks away...

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Vong Savanh - 5 d 5 h ago


I'm having the same issue with customer service. They sent 3 techs to measure the mattress and stated in was not defective enough to reach warranty. My 5000 dollar mattress is useless since the foam will not come back up. I've been trying to reach someone at corporate office but keep getting the bad customer service persons.

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Dustin M. Gaunt - 7 d ago


So these assholes did $200 worth of damage to our brand new house moving in a bed that took them FOUR f-ing deliveries to get 75% right. Still never received the correct legs for the bed.

Then tonight the driver calls my wife and starts harassing her about the $200 charge that came out of his paycheck and pressing her for it. I am only leaving this comment so you pricks know I'm calling you in the morning and my attorney will be calling you in the afternoon.

How fucking DARE you people let your employees call my wife and threaten and harass her.

Enjoy your lawsuit assholes - and if I EVER see the prick driver who called my wife tonight to harass her............

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Lucas - 7 d 6 h ago


told rooms to go back in February to take the secondary number out of the system because it was wrong.

7/9/2018..waited on a delivery for a sectional. My neighbor called to say they had the boxes scattered in the yard.

Called rooms to go to come back and bring furniture in the house or to take it back. They said they called the secondary number and the "gentleman" told them to leave it outside. I told them who was the person. No one could say...they said it could be weeks before they could pick up the furniture. I told them I want my money back and that I will not be responsible for furniture left in my yard. Horrible!!! Horrible!!

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Laura - 7 d 20 h ago


Time to spread the word about Rooms to Go thieves. My brother had a delivery and they helped themselves to 2 watches, other jewelry, sunglasses, his SS card and passport!

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Bill R Oldsmar FL - 8 d ago


By far the worst customer service I have ever encountered from a corporate entity. Sent in two different messages to customer service and although I received back a response saying they would get back to me very fast I never received any kind of response. To have a corporation that won't respond to a consumer will be the downfall of any organization. They must be doing so well that responding to a customer is something they don't feel they need to do. VERY DISAPONTING. I will go out of my way to tell everyone I come into contact with not to do bisniess with this company.

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Edward Muller - 9 d 8 h ago


I would like to talk to a ROOMS TO GO executive about the (bad) service I received.

I am looking for an email address of an executive of RTG

Edward Muller



Looking forward to your response

Ed Muller

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Araunel. - 11 d ago


Compre un colchn y cuando lleg el momento de recivir mi orden resulta que llego mojado no se como es que pudo pasar esto me hicieron perder un da de trabajo y eso fue muy incmodo para quede muy decepcionada pk cuando llamo a servicio al cliente slo me dicen ok te vamos a dar la prxima fecha de entrega.siento que esa no fue la mejor respuesta.los precios los pagamos bien alto as que creo que el servicio al cliente debe ser quede muy disgustada con esto y no se si pueda regresar otra ves a roomstogo de verdad.

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Subhajit Mondal - 12 d 32 m ago


Hello, I wanted to highlight my user experience of a purchase at RoomstoGo store in Frisco, TX Made a furniture purchase "Sofia Vergara" collection for ~$4500 and during checkout I was offered "0% financing" I was about to make a normal purchase but 0% loan sounded very interesting so I signed up for this though a very simplistic 2 page signup process. As an employee of a leading bank, I was expecting this to be a loan but was unpleasantly surprised when I received a "credit card" in the mail with limit of ~$6500. Since then I have raised concerns how this was mis-represented to me and that there was no mention of a "credit card" during signup by the sales rep "Brian Garner". However to my horror I was explained that roomstogo considers "financing and credit card as same things" I couldn't believe what I was hearing so I did multiple checks: 1-> Called Frisco Store, talked to a few reps but never got a call back from the store manager RJ (after at least 3-4 requests) 2-> Called RoomstoGo customer service and was literally shouted at by the Mgr "Justin". Was told that RoomstoGo has been doing this for years and that I had no clue what I was talking about and that financing and credit card are the same 3-> Called Friso store a few more time but never got a call back from the Store Mgr "RJ" 4-> Got a call from District mgr "Anthony Gogo" and he reiterated the same. To my specific Q that I was not informed that I am signing up for a credit card I was swiftly highlighted that I "signed" the papers. To my explicit Q on whether this experience would be used to educate the sales rep, I was told that the Sales rep didn't do anything wrong and that no steps will are needed. I am very possessive about my credit score and would be considered as an up-market customer by most banks. I have rejected offers with $500+ in signup bonus just because I hate unwarranted credit cards. I feel cheated by RoomstoGo and if it weren't for my wife who like the sofa really too much, I would have thrown this purchase back and cancelled the whole deal. So that bring me to Linkedin and the RoomstoGo execs and my Qs are these: A-> Do you believe that credit cards being offered by RoomstoGo is same as Financing/loan B-> Do you believe that its appropriate for RoomstoGo to sell credit cards and gather commision by mis-representing them as 0% loans. C-> RoomstoGo customer service and overall interaction has been very disappointing and I honestly didn't expect such interaction at various levels of the company. Would like to know what if any action would be taken on my feedback. Note: I have called Synchrony Bank and was informed that they have confirmed my understanding and have informed that they are used to hearing such complaints from small retailers where sales rep mis-represent the product to make a quick commission but expected better from RoomstoGo. Regards, Subhajit Mondal

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Anonymous - 15 d ago

Since when does check n go close for an hour from. 2-3 thats ridiculous half time there only two ppl in there and itd ne packed than they be on phone no one helping customers at all i waited 25 minutes to be called up to desk all while they were talking on phone and to each other so i left its always an hour to two hours when i go in there and Natalie is rude and loves to put ur business out to others in there

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Jim Doyle - 18 d 5 h ago


If you purchase any furniture from Rooms To Go, please be advised to look very carefully for any "Insect Activity" that may show up on your furniture. We were delivered a brand new Power Lift/Recliner from the Clearwater, FL store in April 2018. The first evening, we saw a "few insects" on the headrest, which we "assumed" were ants that had gotten in the house, as they periodically do, si I just killed them. It happened a couple nights later, so we began looking for any other "ants" around the house, but never found any. In the meantime, my wife developed a "RASH," which our Physician told us were Shingles Virus. Then the RASH spread all over her back and back of legs. Two other Physicians told her that she must be "allergic to something she's leaning on or sitting in." So, we went to the RTG store to discuss ordering a different chair, not made of the same fabric, which we did. They allowed us to keep the first chair until the Leather Recliner could be delivered 5 weeks later. My wife told them that she would cover it with sheets, so as not to have her skin touch the fabric. So, when the new Leather Recliner was delivered, the men removed the Fabric Recliner outside to load it in their truck. They then noticed "Insect Infestation" inside the backrest of the chair, as it was now outside in the light. So, the RTG Drivers called their Supervisor, who said that we were responsible for the chair and the insects, so just leave it. My wife and I were in shock and horrified, as we had never seen a "Bed Bug" nor had a clue that a brand new chair could have been delivered from the store with any bugs of any kind in it. So, the first thing we did was totally Fumigate the entire house, even though we had never seen any Bed Bugs in our home, until seeing them outside inside the chair cushions. RTG was going to make us pay for their "Infested Chair" until I spoke to several people. Then, we had a Professional Pest Control Technician come to our home, to inspect the "new Leather Recliner," as well as to inspect our home for any signs that the Bed Bugs were actually inside our home, other than the first chair that we had purchased from RTG ($800). The Tech inspected the floors, walls, ceiling, A/C Vent, and even under picture frames on the wall. He assured us that "our home did not infest the RTG Recliner, BUT, their Recliner had the insects inside of it when it was delivered. So, if you ever buy any Rooms To Go furniture, not even having to be beds or mattresses, but any furniture, be sure to look for any signs of insects. Much of their furniture comes from China, as our Recliners. So, you never know what could be "lurking inside."

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Jamie - 19 d 6 h ago


I purchased a daybed and mattress in store. The next day I called AND emailed customer service about how it is delivered. Assembled will not fit through the door. I could not get a returned call or an answer on email. So, I emailed them to credit the order one the 2nd day. One hour later I heard they they can not do returns, I have to go back to the store. I still don't know if the thing comes assembled or not. Day 3.

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Amanda Phillips - 19 d 6 h ago


We had just built a new home. Two days later our furniture was delivered. We purchased about $4000.00 worth of furniture. When they delivered it they put a hole in our bathroom door frame, one of our walls in the hallway, then when they put the furniture where we wanted it they scratched the wallls behind every piece. We filed a claim and after two weeks nothing has been done. They also scratched the furniture. Unbelievable! I will never buy another thing from this company and I will tell my family and friends to never buy from them. I am so angry over the customer service.

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Anonymous - 20 d 7 h ago


i purchased a recliner power sofa that it was damage at delivery so they went ahead and put a request for a new one well the second one was damage as well nobody try to reach me or contact bye about it i have to call RTG and ask bottom line this is poor costumer service that damage the image of rooms to mean while and still without my sofa that i already paid for terrible experience

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Melanie - 20 d 7 h ago


I purchased a Cindy Crawford,sectional with 2 power recliners. After two months one of the recliners started sinking on the elf side and making a crackling sound. I call RTG and the service man that came said that it was wear and tear the caused the sinking. I told him that it's only me and my husband and someone would have to been jumping on it. Well I get a call from RTG and they said sorry wear and tear not covered. I said to only 2months since I've had it so they sent another service man out who said yes it's sinking and he stuffed it with padding. Well now 4months later and it's worse I called to have someone else to come out and I didn't get a notice as to the time so I called them and they told me they cancelled my appointment because it was wear and tear and they didn't want to waste time coming out. All I want is them to replace the recliner and be done with them. I am going to reach out,to Cindy Crawford because,I don't think she knows that they don't stand behind her product I hope she does very very dissatisfied

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