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Rooms To Go

11540 Hwy. 92 East
Seffner, FL
(813) 623-5400
(813) 620-1717
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Tup - 1 d 9 h ago


They are terrible delivery company are bad they made their own date and time which i told morning hours and they call say 11 am to 3 pm then next day say 3 pm to 7 pm what heck i call them they say sorry that what they delivery at 3 pm between 7 pm what fuck not professional terrible service make an excuse and the sofa and love seat are not real leather very soft hurt my back hurt my head body become pain they are not real leather what kind of they using china company .. I spend lot money on it they had replacement fourth time and they still want more money i dont know if i should buy them again advice do not buy them only buy cloth not leather they are not real leather very thin fake ..

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Dianep - 4 d 42 s ago


You'd better check the fine print! They won't give refunds, will charge to pick up if you try to send something back, will only exchange for the EXACT same piece. No matter if you get it and it doesn't fit or isn't the quality you thought it was. They will not give a store credit. How they stay in business with such policies is beyond me.

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Renee - 5 d 8 h ago

I have had the worst experience with Rooms to Go. I purchased furniture for my sons first apartment a month in advance and was told that just the ottoman was on back order. I was good with this and then when we came back to the store to setup the delivery date I was informed that the couch and loveseat were also on backorder. I voiced my concern on several occasions and no one seemed to give a care. We spent over $4000 and still do not have all the furniture. Called the delivery company about my deliver on Friday to ask for the first appointment because of my brother having surgery, was told they cannot do this. They have no mannerism or customer service. I will not be returning to purchase more furniture from this company. Very disappointed because you can never reach a manager or supervisor.

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Rebecca - 6 d ago

Worst company ever! They are holding my money hostage!!! I have been working with them for 5 months and still have not resolved the problem. They don't know what they are doing. Or maybe they do and holding the customers money hostage is one of their core values.

They have made 8 trips to my house, I have stayed home 8 days to recieve it. Twice they never even showed or called. Still don't have the right furniture. They asked me to come in and would reinburse my money. I did and they didn't. Now I have to wait for them to pick it up with no guarantee I'll see my money again.

After doing research on Room To Go I have found out that their customer service and delivery is one of the worst in the country.

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Very upset! - 7 d ago


Raphael at the store in Seffner should be relocated to packing furniture in the warehouse so that he can take out his frustration and attitude on the furniture and not on the customer. You'll just lost a customer for life and many more to come as long as Raphael work for Rooms to Go.

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Hinata - 7 d ago


Raphael, the so called manager is very rude and disrespectful, I spend thousand of dollars at Rooms to Go and to be treated this way is inappropriate and quite digusting to say the least. I wanted to buy a curio cabinet the draws were broken,falling apart, and missing pieces and I ask Raphael for a discount and he abruptly say no in a nasty and rude tone... which is okay if I can't get the discount that's not the issue, but on top of being really nasty and short with me I was there standing up talking to him and he just walked away didn't even say excuse me or anything! I was showing him my Rooms to Go credit card and I looked like a fool just standing in the store staring into space if this is the way Rooms to Go is beginning to treat their customer this is the end of the road for me. Raphael, is the worst customer service I ever had to experience plus he is a manager and should be setting and example for his associates. I will not take this lightly I'll make sure every one I know is warned about the disrespectful behavior and what I experienced during my visit. Anyone reading this review please spend your money elsewhere. This guys has a nasty attitude and should not be working with potential buyers.

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Aaron P. - 8 d 4 h ago


Good afternoon. This is in regards to order # 12706690I My name is Aaron Priest. I am reaching out to you to file a formal complaint on the flippant, dismissive, and just plain rude "customer care" experience I faced over the last few days. I left each conversation feeling defeated, blamed, and penalized for something out of my control. I am beyond frustrated and have decided to no longer continue any further business transactions with this company in the future. I ordered furniture on March 3, 2018 that was scheduled to be delivered on March 9, 2018. I called on March 7th to see about getting a call-ahead an hour before arrival, so I could leave work early and be home in time for the delivery as I had no control over the set date of the delivery (I ordered the furniture online and a delivery date was emailed to me). I called again on March 8th to confirm. I was told both times I would receive an hour call-ahead. On March 9th, the delivery driver called me to tell me he was "five minutes out" from my home. I told him I thought I would get a call-ahead, into which he replied "what?" and then sighed." When I told him I was on my way and would he be willing to wait, he begrudgingly answered "yeah." I hopped in the car and immediately received a phone call from dispatch telling me that he would wait no longer than 15 minutes. I got home in less than 15 minutes. He was gone. Each subsequent call afterwards, I was greeted with more attitude, very little compassion, and no answers to when I would receive the furniture I paid $1,096.74 for. I was even told my furniture delivery is "up in the air." I finally reached a supervisor on Saturday March 10th who informed me the order would be locked for 48 hours so there was nothing she could do until it reopened. She said she couldn't force it to unlock because I ordered it online. She said it would open Sunday but they were closed. She advised me to call back so she can set up a time where my furniture would be expedited and added to an existing delivery. I would just have to be available from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. On Monday March 12th , I called only to be greet with more flippant attitude by a customer care representative who initially refused to give me any contact information of a supervisor, or transfer me. He told me the earliest I would receive the delivery would be March 21st - three weeks after my initial order, and much later than what was originally promised. After being placed on hold several times while he tried to contact either the original supervisor I spoke to or another supervisor, he returned to tell me no supervisor was available. He then mentioned that a March 19th date miraculously just became available and scheduled the delivery for that date. As you can tell, I dealt with a lot of twists and turns, plenty of uncertainty, and no clear answers on when I would get the furniture. I find it incredibly odd that customer care representatives would be less than eager to keep an existing customer satisfied and instead continue the line of "there's nothing we can do." Maybe there should be something you can do. Maybe you should make sure your existing customers continue to come back to you. I've ordered from Rooms To Go in the past, and thought I would have a pleasant experience this time around. I was completely wrong. I'm not sure if the policies you have in place, and the lack of control over when your product is delivered to your customers is actually beneficial to you or the consumer. However, I do feel as if this letter may be in vain, because, after all, there's nothing you can do. An unbelievably frustrated former customer. Aaron

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DUSTIN L THOMPSON - 8 d 5 h ago


Order # 22561843

Order # 22561842

To whom it may concern,

I am writing you today to explain my frustrations with Margie your sales Associate along with the Store Manager Tami at the location: 27630 US Highway 19 N, Clearwater FL 33761. I was in around 5:00PM Sunday March 11th 2018. The sales associate did an amazing job explaining everything to me. She walked me around and showed me many different beds. She gave me free time alone to also look around and gather my thoughts. I was in there for an hour looking. I also went to other retail stores like Badcock, Macy's and Ashley Furniture.

I am EXTREAMLY upset about what happened after I explained what I wanted. I purchased over $3200 in furniture and add-ons. I also planned to purchase a new dinning set and couch in the next few weeks. As I recently moved here from Chicago IL. Margie asked me how I wanted to pay, I said well I think cash. She explained the great financing options and I said why not 0%. So after she ran my credit Tami tells me the NEXT DAY the bed rails are on back order for over a month. I can't get my bed until April 30th. That is unacceptable. How can she warn me after she ran my credit application and had me hooked. I have PERFECT Credit and running my credit takes a hit.

I would have never agreed to wait that long let alone have you run my credit for something you can't deliver for 30+ days. She went on the phone with the manager Tami several time. I was there till 6:30-6:45PM while they went back and forth trying to find a "skew" number for the bed. Apparently you're changing the bed. I was standing right next to Margie when she called Tami to confirm the rails will be available March 27th. We even went with a different option so that we can get it March 27th. When I left I was assured delivery on this product will be March 27th.

As of now I am left with no furniture, a hit on my credit for a product I am not getting and Tami with a poor apology. She didn't offer anything to me until I asked how is this going to be compensated to the customer. A resolution to deliver a junk frame until my bed arrives. I told her I wanted to cancel my entire order. She then said well let me check and see if they can get the other rail in for you on time. She called back 2 hours later and said no sorry we can't get it until the April 30th. AGAIN another let down! She offered to give me my shipping costs back but I can get that until again April 30th. I put $500 down on the purchase so I now I have to go back to this terrible store and get a refund as I will not do business with this company ever again. I planned on spending 10K in furniture as you see I am serious with a $3200 bed. YOU HAVE LOST ALL MY BUSINESS.

I will also assure you my review will be on every single website I can find with this terrible experience. And I am going to tell everyone I hear about buying furniture to avoid your stores. I am furious!

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Pam Swafford - 8 d 7 h ago


I am pissed off with Rooms to go. I ordered furniture over a month ago. The sofa came but one of the back sofa pillows was deflated. Looks like someone had been using the sofa for months. I immediately contacted them. I got rid of my furniture of coarse once I purchased this set. I found out the furniture had been discontinued. So another sofa was out the question. I had been to rooms to go a couple of times and there was nothing else I liked. That's why it too so long before buying something. Rooms to go decided to send someone out to see if it can be repaired. My appointment was for the 10th of March. I was told the day before I would find out what time they would arrive. Friday morning I sent an email to see what time they would be there, no reply from my email. I called after work and was told I would get a call before 8p Friday. No call at all. I called first thing Saturday am was told some will call you in a couple of hours, no no no. Get me a supervisor I was told one wasn't available. After demanding to speak to someone I got someone while on the phone with her, got a call they will be there between 6-8pm Saturday. I changed my entire plans for the day only for them to not show up. I want they to come get there furniture. I called asked for supervisor again there not available. I was told when they can come get the furniture. I will tell you when in am available since I have been unconvinced. No one person from rooms to go has contacted me via phone from day one. Email only not even a phone call. I guess they don't care.

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Anonymous - 10 d 8 h ago


I purchased my living room sofas set in June and by October it had been broken and they refuse to give me a full refund or pick them up. they offered me a $100 for over $2400 worth of sofas no one is willing to help or talk to me regarding this matter they offered a reselection but they do not have the center piece with the 2 reading lights, 2 USB ports or 2 electrical outlets not sure how they can offer $100 for this type of furniture when mine cost over 2400 I also had to deal with the delivery issues they I am reading Mr Gingrich review below very unprofessional and they clearly do not care about their customers. It is very frustrating when I cannot get any help if any one is reading my review and can help me or suggest something I would greatly appreciate it. I called the cc company they are not willing to help at all as well and I am paying for something I do not want in my new home.

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Milton Gingrich - 10 d 10 h ago


I purchased a living room set and the last piece was suppose to be delivered yesterday 3/9/18, it never arrived and the woman at the store tells me they have until 10:00pm to make the delivery. At 10:40pm I get a call from the delivery person and his exact words were "I just to let you know we're not coming". Now it's going on 11:00 pm at night and of course there is no one to call. The next morning I call customer care only to find out they can't do anything until the order is returned to the warehouse and it usually takes about 48 hours. So basically they are treating me like I am lying that the delivery wasn't made. I can't even write about all the hate I have for rooms to go right now because they got my money and did not deliver or have they provided me with my refund on a defected kitchen table they were also suppose to pick up while they were delivery my order.

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Wanda Villafane - 11 d 8 h ago

I bought three pieces furniture and also a Force field protection plan that was supposed to prevent stains and provide clean service if a stain occur for three years. Now I was told that Im not covered because of the date of purchase and because it has to be a food stain. I always buy in Rooms to Go because of the quality of the furniture and the excellent customer service but today I was very disappointed because I spend $2,419.49 on these furniture with protection to prevent this situation that was not supposed to happened especially with micro fiber fabrics. It never happened before I hope you can help me because in PR I got nothing! I already send pictures and documentation.

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Kenny Hays - 12 d 7 h ago


I'd like to inform all that will listen of the absolutely miserable experience that we have had all around with Rooms to Go Kids. Their warranty isn't worth the paper that it is printed on as we have had an open claim for almost nine months that has been unfilled and yet when WE CONTACT THEM we continue to get a run around that the parts have shipped, yet no one can provide a tracking number. Further, when we had a part break post warranty, we contacted the parts department, received a sku#, sent in proper documentation with a check, the check was cashed and then NOTHING. Finally, when WE CONTACTED THEM about when we should receive the part, we have been told that the manufacturer claims it cannot be made any longer and basically tough luck. Rooms to Go, you will NEVER get my business again and I look forward to sharing this experience with all that I meet.

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Janine DiBona - 13 d ago


Absolute worst experience I have ever had with customer service in my entire life. Bought a very expensive bed for my son and was given a window on a certain day of 9 to 1 for delivery. Waited until 1 o'clock to get the phone call it would now be changed to 3 to 7. After four more phone calls of back and forth and being hung up on and cursed at they then called me and told me it would not be delivered until 7 to 10 PM. I was unavailable at that time and left my younger son in charge of the delivery upon arriving home still no call no delivery scheduled when I called the on-call center, no human to talk to either. When I called rooms to go where I made the purchase they were not the least bit concerned with the delivery portion of the sale And made no effort to rectify the situation. Still no bed delivered And needless to say I will never use rooms to go for anything ever again and I urged you to steer clear as customer service at rooms to go and with their delivery service is the worst I've ever experienced! Still waiting on my furniture to be delivered and do not even know when it's coming...

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Lashanda Jones - 13 d 5 h ago


I purchased a bed for my daughter with rooms to go online on 2/24/18. I was scheduled a deliver time of 3/6/18 between the hours of 4-8 pm. Keep in mind it states BETWEEN 4-8 PM. Well, on the day of the delivery, the deliver driver harasses me 3 times that morning. I understand sometimes they maybe available earlier that the delivery time, but you should always cater to your customer who just spent almost $800 buying your product. (never again). I told the guy I was unable to leave work until 4 pm and I will make it home around 430-445 pm, and then he called back 2 more times during lunch time. This guy was a loser, disrespectful and rude. I leave work at 4 pm make it home right at 446 pm no delivery, no call and he tells them he came out and I was not available, said he was done with his deliveries. The customer service is a joke, they would not get my order delivered, they took his word over mine. Well, I can go on, and on about my experience with them, but it would not make a difference. You live and learn and move forward. I still haven't received my bed, but when I do, I promise I will never make another purchase with rooms-to-go, and neither will my family, I have already shared the bad experience with family and co-workers, some of them said they would have stopped me if they knew I was going to go there.

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SDempsey - 13 d 8 h ago

RTG Customer Service really stinks. Took a day off work to have furniture delivered, received a call the morning of to be told the driver had an emergency and they would have to reschedule the delivery for the next day. Told them the next day would not work, then I was told that our furniture would go back to the warehouse and since our furniture was on backorder the furniture would be delivered to the next customer in line and we would not receive our furniture until mid April. Call the store to cancel the order and was told that it would be two days before they could cancel the order as the order was locked. They had no control over the third party delivery. This is no way to treat long standing customers. I will not buy anything else from RTG.

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Kade - 13 d 8 h ago

Biggest waste of time and money do not buy furniture or beds from here. Lied too. Showed up before scheduled manager was supposed to call never called. And received a rooms to go post card with the "you are important to us" quote scratched out with a Sharpe. F this place

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MC Hutchinson - 14 d 35 m ago


Bought $1500 (+) bedroom set for my 4 yr old grandson Feb 24. Order says it will be delivered today between 4-8PM. I received a call at 7:30PM to tell me the driver had 3 more stops before he gets to delivery address. When asked approximately how long that would be, I was told driver was at a delivery location over 50 miles away, then he had to go to a location approximately 25 miles closer to my daughter's house (ie delivery location), then one more stop before her house. Which will mean pushing midnight. The 4 year old does not have a bed because his old bed was dismantled and his (and his 2 yr old sister's) bedtime is 8:30. When I tried to reason with these idiots they just nonchalantly said "Oh well, the driver was running behind." Soooo....what was he really doing today? And is "courtesy" not a word in your vocabulary...that you knew you had children's bedroom furniture...and you're running late and had to wait til the child's bedtime to have someone else call to advise it will be pushing midnight before delivery is complete? I expect this complaint to line your trash can as you clearly could care less about my and everyone else on this site. You got your money and customer service is a thing of the past. I do not expect to get any response from you...and like everyone else this will be my last purchase from this company.

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Tom Lowry - 14 d 24 h ago


Ordered 2 recliners, love seat, couch, rug, coffee table, 2 end tables and 2 lamps. Have some of my order. Delivery date is today between 3-7 pm. When I learned of delivery time I called and ask for earlier time due to medical appt. They could not change it. Asked for different day and they said my furniture would be given to someone else and I'd wait longer. I've missed my appt, it's 5:30 pm and I have not received anything. They ran over my yard with your truck first time. You'll have to pay to have that repaired.

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Unhappy In Delray Beach - 14 d 37 s ago

I've been waiting for 3 weeks for someone to address the broken bar stools that were shipped to me. Nothing but the run around between internet sales and customer service. Unacceptable

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Tonya Quinn - 14 d 5 h ago


I am very dissatisfied with delivery service appointment that transpired to 3/6/2018. Total disregard for my home that I have worked hard for! All three of the customer service reps were not helpful to resolve the matter, One of them even chose to lie! I work in the business of pleasing my customers and I have been a great customer to your business ! Obviously that doesn't matter to your employees!

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Kimberly Phillips - 15 d 8 h ago


I purchased a mattress set online. I was informed that with delivery my old mattress would be picked up. The delivery driver was extremly rude and told me since it was not written on his paperwork that he would not pick up and when i was saying I paid for this and trying to call customer service he was telling me to hurry that he had other deliveries and that I need to take the new one or he will return it. I told him to put the new one in my apartment and I called customer service they stated he was to pick up my old one and asked to speak with him, he never looked at me, hung up on his customer service person and walked out leaving my old mattresses in the hallway outside my apartment. I called customer service back and talked to several people and told them these need to be picked up that night because I live in an apartment and they can't stay there, I was told I would get a call back from management and never did. Rooms to go decided to call me almost 24 hours later to tell me they were coming to pick up my mattresses. Too late! Horrible Horrible service and I have done business with them for years. Will not next time.

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Yolanda - 15 d 11 h ago


I purchase a bedroom set on the 60 months promotion. Its been two months and they still didn't correct the issue no one out my account on the promotion plan so now I'm paying 3xs the bill. They keep saying the sent an email to the general manager to correct this issue.

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Anonymous - 17 d 12 s ago


We purchased all of our furniture with these people after flooding inn Hurivane Harvey. One of the items was a full-size bed with a bookshelf head board bedroom set. After the delivery we are making the bed and it's very wobbly. I called to have it fixed, apparently they only have 1 "technician" who works Saturdays, and is completely useless!! He took pictures of all 4 corners and said he's "not aloud to make modifications to the bed, but it looks right, although it shouldn't wobble, and someone will call with optiins in 3-5 days." Go figure that never happened!! We call back and find out or claim was closed and the bed was found to be in working condition, he didn't even mention out wobbles in the note. Clearly it was not so we had to reschedule during the work week to avoid getting the same "tech". I called the day before n't delivery to see if another day was available, ight wasn't, so I told the lady if the delivery window the gave me was a problem at work I would call back to reschedule, and keep the time I can

had for now. She said "OKAY, WE'LL LEAVE THIS FOR NOW THEN". Worked it out at work took the afternoon off, waited, waited, and waited. 15 min before tthew end of my delivery window I called, only to find out she canceled my appt!!!! I asked for a supervisor and he was useless as well, the only this he would do is reschedule me so I can take ANOTHER day off work. Who in the world is willing to waste PTO time 3 times for a bed!!! Seriously! He basically called me a liar and said he could listen to the call to see "where the truth lies", either way all that cab be done is reschedule. I stated I wanted a refund and they can get this bed, he said "we are not going youy a refund ma'am!" I proceeded to tell him how I spend nearly 10k in there I furniture for the whole house, now I've spent 100 in paid time off work waiting for them, and not one bit of this is our doing, so "WHAT ARE YOUY GOING TO DO FOR ME?"... reschedule my appt. He offered NOTHING, NOT ONE THING to resolve the situation. I told him I felt like he was putting me between a rock and a hard place, and he wouldn't budge. He couldn't have care any less. The lady who transferred me to him "the supervisor" had mentioned if I wanted a refund to calls my sales lady. After a screamed a few choice words at him I hung up on him and called the actual store. My sales lady was so compassionate got me a manger who said he had already reviewed the notes and said you can come in and pick out a new bed and well take the old one free of charge when we deliver your new one. Finally some resolve! I didn't even have to explain anything to him he was so quick to offer me a solution. Why can't a supervisor in customer service be so helpful, I was ready to blow a gasket with him and he didn't care!!! The moral of all of this.. the people in the stores are wonderful, God willing you NEVER have to deal worth customer service or repairs.

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Liz Ali - 17 d 4 h ago


The worst company ever !!!

First we bought a bedroom for my daughter they didn't have the complete bedroom so they delivered the bed first and a month later they suppose to deliver the dresser today is the day that they suppose to bring it !!! The driver calls us at 7 am asking for directions which we gave them to him he calls 15 minutes later saying that he is coming until 11 and then we received a call telling us that they are going to change the time until 1 and finally almost al 1 we received another call saying that they are going to reschedule because the driver cannot find the address

Really ????

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