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Rooms To Go

11540 Hwy. 92 East
Seffner, FL
(813) 623-5400
(813) 620-1717
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Charlotte Breeden - 7 h 39 m ago


Waited 3 weeks for delivery for my daughter's bedroom set. After putting together half of the set the hardwired wasn't there so they ordered it told me as soon as it came in to call and they would come back out and finish putting it together I called it was going to be another week before they would come out and put it together I talked to customer service they gave me a different day I told them I could not wait that long because my child needed her bed so I hired someone to come out and put it together and again Hardware was missing went to Lowe's and purchased more Hardware and the parts that they Rooms To Go guy put together wasn't even tight so the guy I hired fix that problem and the set that I ordered has storage on the end and storage going up the steps of the top bunk he told me most people put it up against the wall why would I purchase something with storage in the end and not be able to use it and the bottom drawer wasn't going to be able to be used so the man that are hired and paid came out put it together right so it's safe and I could use the in storage and the drawers all could be used I was going to purchase another bedroom set but it will not be from Rooms To Go I was very disappointed and how they handled this problem simply because they never handled it at all so $1,500 for a bed that was not put together right Hardware missing what is a lesson learn plus an extra hundred dollars just to have someone come out and fix it right,

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3600 REGRETS - 3 d 5 h ago


$3600 REGRETS - The worst furniture purchasing experience I have had yet.

I purchased a king storage bed, nightstand and mattress from your New Port Richey Fl Store - I couldn't regret this purchase more and frankly I don't even want the items anymore - I would sleep on my couch for a year before I kept these items but hey I hear there is no returns, not even same day!

They delivered the items yesterday at about 830 in the morning - did not mention the large gap between the mattress and the bed frame (normal gap is an inch - this gap is 2-4 inches all the way around depending on how I place the mattress). I found it pretty bad that they didn't even ask me to view the items for approval or damages prior to leaving my home.

I went into my room to put sheets on bed and put clothing in drawers and was immediately upset. The drawers are exposed by 2-4 inches all the way around the bed. The slates are exposed. The gap between the mattress and head/foot boards is gaping literally. I took a breath and said ok it is just not set right - tried to adjust - nothing helps - this is horrible and even just plain looks horrible.

I am suppose to put my clothing in these drawers - with a huge gap for dirt and debris to fall into - ummm no not after spending $3600 LOL.

I called the store - they sent me to Customer service - I called customer service, they wanted to send me to store. I forced CS to help me. I requested a tech to come out (though the frame is clearly put together properly) and she said it would be a week - again ummm NO. I called back to the store and the office manager said to call a supervisor at the CS number (btw I previously asked for a super and was told that there was not one available to help me the first time). I call the CS back and now am offered a tech to come that day or the following day with no idea of availability of time or actual date they will come - Are you serious? I demand a supervisor again, the young woman says well can you send me pictures ia email and we will review - I do and I also state that the pictures do not give clear justice to the gap. They call me back and tell me this LARGE gap exposing the drawers IS NORMAL, No way is it normal .. there isn't a 2-4 inch gap on my GF bed (same exact frame but Q). Which by the way it is common sense and confirmed on many google sites that a ONE inch gap is normal -- NOT 2-4 INCHES The supervisor finally gets on the phone and proceeds to tell me that this is normal for a comforter to hang (lol a comforter hangs between slats really since when?) and that they cannot help me further.

I am beyond furious. I do not want this bed, the frame, the nightstand, none of it at this point. The salesman should know what to sell with what items. The mattress I was sold is only a 72X79 (normal king size) - I would really be interested to know what the bed frame calls for on mattress size .. I would bet it is a Cali King ..

I would like to speak with someone of value at this point as I am not happy .. I am willing to try a solution but keeping the items I have and paying this full price IS NOT an option after how I have been treated at this point.

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Anonymous - 18 d 13 h ago

Customer service lacks. Warranty for stains is a sham and they will only fix part of the problem. They will also not allow you to speak to their supervisors. Would recommend a different store for furniture. There's a reason it's inexpensive.

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Rooms To Go - 14 d 7 h ago

Customer service lacks? We definitely need to get the details on this. Please email us your feedback and order info to (hidden).

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Rooms To Go - 14 d 7 h ago

The email address is TellUs

with no space between TellUs and the @ symbol.

This website will not allow us to post our email address.

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Sick to Stomach - 3 d 7 h ago


I have been fighting with customer service since my delivery yesterday - not only was I told by the CS supervisor that my 5 inch gap between my bed frame and mattress (all sides, head and bottom at that) was normal, then I was told someone would call me back, no call, now no manager available in store, obviously can't call CS as they then told me "we clearly aren't getting anywhere as this is normal so we can't help you", and yet I am $3600 out and hate the products that I have. Funny thing is that the king frame measures for a cali king and the mattress for a reg king. Having a storage bed with drawers underneath for clothing with a 5 inch gap that exposes the drawers and allows for dirt and debris to get into your clothes IS NOT NORMAL and IS NOT $3600 in quality. I am now waiting for the "unavailable" store manager who was also unavailable yesterday to call me back tomorrow - lets see if that happens. Yes the CS is terrible. Other comments to me was "we can get a service tech out there in a week - then it was we can get a service tech out there today or tomorrow but no time is available so you will have to wait at home" this is crazy .. I came to R2G from Badcock .. Never did I have these issues with Badcock after 10K in purchases - this is my first purchase with R2G and I am absolutely hating what I have - it is useless with this gap and the CS has been of ZERO help.

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Jendis King - 3 d 13 h ago



My husband and I purchased the Royal Disney princess bed (in white) three years ago for my daughter's 5th birthday. The sales rep advised purchasing the warranty since my daughter is young and could potentially damage the bed set. I filed a claim last year in September. A technician came out and took photos and promised that someone would reach out to me. No one ever reached out and some time went by so I called the warranty company in May of this year. And I was told that the furniture was repaired according to their technical notes. I even called the corporate to file a complaint that the furniture was not repaired. Everyone has been rude and placing the blame on my husband and me. Somehow it's our fault that their technician falsified the documents. I want my furniture repaired, and I need an apology. Is it because I'm African American female. So automatically I'm lying and trying to get over. That's what was implied during my conversation with corporate.

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Ray - 3 d 14 h ago

Good morning, attached to this email, you will find a picture of the trailer, license plate: Florida - C13 46T (could not see the license plate of the truck itself, but it did happen as I will describe:

This morning, around 7:15am, the truck on the picture, came straight from Cypress Woods Court, inside the Lakeside Condos, Deltona, Fl, made a right turn on Perimeter Drive, blowing by the stop sign right in front of me, driving out of the community, I stopped 3' short of driving straight right under its trailer, I blew my horn just to let him know that he almost ran over my car, he looked in the mirror and sped by the speed bumps so fast that I could her the noise of the trucks suspension bouncing over the bumps.

Than he blew by the stop sign from Perimeter Drive making a right on Lakeshore Drive, making another right on Providence Blvd, he kept on speeding by a 25mph speed zone (crosswalk for kids and other kids waiting for school bus), I was far behind, but caught up with him at the red light of Providence Blvd and Debary Avenue.

I believe he saw me taking a picture, because in seconds the light turned green, and again he took off in a hurry.

I am a warehouse manager myself in charge of three drivers, in the past we had to fire one driver for reckless driving after too many complains, I don't expect or hope, that you do not do the same, but, at least ask him to slow down at speed bumps inside the community and at least slow down at stop signs (he didn't even look at his left blowing by the stop sign!), we have lots of old folks leaving by the Perimeter Drive inside the community, and I don't think the will appreciate someone making that much noise early in the morning, but, I have two boys, they wait for the school bus on Providence Blvd, right in front of the community, and I am not happy seeing a driver from such a reputed company as Rooms to Go (I am a customer, not that matters), driving in such manner.

I am sending a copy of this email to your main office, just in case.


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Jessica Tillman - 4 d 13 h ago


Buy your furniture somewhere else! They can't get any order right. Their delivery service sucks! That company needs to tighten up on their smaller stores, we have had the most horrible experience. Their truck diver lied. ! Mobile Alabama location should be shut down. We will never purchase anything again! And I'm getting the word out to everyone I meet! Word of mouth travels fast in small towns!

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Kelley Gibson - 6 d 7 h ago


No one should ever give their hard earned money and business to Room's To Go! We have had the absolutely the worst experience we've ever had doing business with the rooms to go store in Douglasville, Ga. We bought a few different rooms and have had nothing but issues out of the furniture and have been treated very poorly in every attempt to have the issues resolved! They finally after many complaints and going further and further up the chain of command agreed to swap a few of the pieces out. After having certain pieces swapped out a number of times we asked to swap the entire set for something different at the same price and rather than fix the problem the sent the same service tech out that was no longer welcome in my home because they had discovered that he had flat out lied multiple times about the furniture stating everything was fine and in perfect working order every visit to our home and of course did the same this time and now after months of dealing with issue after issue they were going to let us pick something different until he lied again saying nothing was broken. Now they will not do anything to try to resolve the problem and we are now stuck with horrible cheaply made trash that they call a living room suit. We will never do business with them again and truly regret doing business with them in the first place. I'm so disappointed in our entire experience and I have learned we are only one of many who have had awful experiences and furniture that is constantly breaking from less than normal wear and tear. My living room suit is nothing more than a extremely over priced laundry folding table. I regret ever walking in to one of their stores and will never do business with them again. The worst customer service I've ever had to deal with period!

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mark is the manager - 10 d 8 h ago


i called two times the store in pembroke pines the receptionist spanish do a worse job. i never have a bad expeperience with your company. when i called the two first time that i want to talk to the matress salesman and wait 20 minutes in the line and nobody come to the phone and repeat the same problem the second call. then i call again i tell the recepcionist that i want to talk to the manager or assistant manager and she told me in reference why i want to talk to the manager i said i dont need to tell her anything,she answer that the policy of the company she needs to know first about what i want to talk to the manager, i said you didnt need to know what i will say the manager i tell her no only i want to talk to the manager about a complain because i am a customer . she answer no then she scream then i raise my voice i told her that i will going to the store to talk to the manager and she hang up the phone to me. when i call again other recepcionist speak only spanish she tried to cover the other woman and tried not to communicate with the manager but i said if you dont transfer my call to the manager i will call the headquarter of rooms to go about this complain and she okkkkkk i will transfer to the manager. this is the kind of employees that you have that kill your business because i feel that didnt want to buy anything in your store....... then finally i told to mark he said that is the manager i dont know but well i told i said everything that happen and he said dont worry i will handle the problem with the employee and i am very angry the treat way that you employees talk with the customers............customers all the time have the right in the good way.

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Anonymous - 10 d 14 h ago

I think rooms to go will do nothing but lie to you and smile while they do it as long as they have your money.that is all that matters to them

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Mr. CDL - 11 d 9 h ago


Literally watched a RTG delivery truck take out 2 cars while pulling out of a convience store illegally. Then both the driver and helper ensued with hand gestuures. Not very professional.

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Unsatisfied customer - 11 d 12 h ago


I am happy with the products that I have purchased from Rooms to Go. I am not happy with the customer service I received when I brought to the attention of the customer service dept. I puchased a counter table and 4 chairs and they were delivered on Tuesday of this week. I was leaving for work at the same time that the delivery was finished so I would not be too late. When I looked at the chairs before walking out the door I realized that one chair was not the right size. The delivery truck had not left yet and I brought it to the attention of the gentleman that put the table together. He said he would let someone know. When I got to work I called customer service and they said they could put it on a truck for the next day but could not give me a delivery time. I drive 30 minutes to work. I cannot afford to sit home all day and wait for a delivery. The driver called me around 8 am and told me he would be at my house in 30 minutes (Had someone called me to give me a time the day before I would have been home) I told the delivery person I was at work but to call me back a little after lunch and I would let them now what time I could meet them at the house. (Sometimes I am caught up or I go without lunch to take care of these things). He said he would call me a little after lunch. Well, I did not get that call). I did get a call from a dispatcher saying that she had received a call from him but could not give me a heads up as to when he would be at my house. ( BAD COMMUNICATIONS I WOULD SAY). I was told to call them back when I was at home. I arrived home a bit around 2:30 in the afternoon and called them and the lady told me that the delivery truck was done for the day and had gone back to the warehouse. Delivery driver told me when he called that he had 17 deliveries for the day and that he would call me after lunch to let me know how the day was going. I went to the store to talk to someone about the POOR communications and customer service that I received. I was very angry. It took me two weeks to get the delivery and then for someone to unpack the purchase and not realize at the time that one chair was not correct is unbelievable. The store manager emailed someone and ask them to put it on a truck and deliver to the store if possible and they did not get in touch with him until this morning. NOW let me ask you a question if you made a purchase and it was not right at time of delivery would you want this kind of service. I have worked with the public most of my adult life and there is no way I would not bend over for a customer if I knew they had been done wrong. In the first place the delivery driver should have taken the chair back with them and notified their dispatcher before they made another delivery so that a chair could have been replaced and the customer given a time when it would be delivered. I feel that I have been treated unfairly as far as the customer service is concerned. Being told that the driver was at my house yesterday a.m. at a little after 8 and that I was not at home is a lie. He called me and said he would be at my house in 20 minutes. I was at work. He did not make any effort to call me after lunch. POOR customer servicve. These delivery people should think about the customer first. THey are the last contact from purchase to delivery. POOR customer servive on the part of dispatchers not trying to handle a situation but pass from one person to another because they do not have customer service as a number on priority. When you work with the public CUSTOMER SERVICE is a number one priority. All employees should be concerned about customers whether they deal face to face or over the phone. Email has don a great disservice to customer service. IF the person at the receiving end does not want to answer the email they can delete and go on to the next one. My solution to the situation is this: I talked to the manager of the store this a.m. and he is going to have a chair put on his truck for Monday delivery and I will pick up at the store. I wanted that in the first place but was told that it could not happen. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. The only good customer service I see is at the store level. Once you purchase something you better hope when the item is delivered that the delivery people know how to double check. I have purchased other items from this store and got great delivery and nothing went wrong. This time I get the run around about replacing a chair that was not the correct one and the person unpacking the chairs should have noticed and taken care of it right away before leaving the residence. A lot of this could have been resolved at the very beginning when they called me to let me know the chair was added to a truck if they could have said it would be first thing in the a.m. Thanks for your time.

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Anne - 12 d 7 h ago


Read the warranty. It does not have actual terms stated in it after the first year for the fabric protection, so they can make up the warranty as they choose after the first year. They sell it as replace at no cost to the customer. After the first year this is not true and they cannot produce an legal terms for what costs anyone is responsible for if rooms to go replaces the furniture at their discretion.

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Paul - 12 d 10 h ago


The delivery truck ran off my driveway got stuck had to call a tow truck to get the truck back on driveway. they tore up the sides of my driveway getting truck back on driveway.the cost of repairing damage was estimated at 420.00 when I turned in the cost to Rooms To Go they only wanted to pay me for damages was 150.00. I said no i'm still waiting for them to get back with me..I will never buy anything from them in the future.

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Mark - 13 d 24 h ago


Purchased sofa and love seat April 8, 2017. Still no delivery. They tried 3 times. First time they called at midnight, 6 hours past the delivery window, we were sleeping. Second time the truck was too big for our driveway. Third time they arrived at 11pm, 5 hours past the delivery window and guess what...truck too big for our driveway. Store Manager no help, blames delivery service.

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Mayra L - 13 d ago


The absolute worse. I order several furniture, the dresser was broken, and they told us to call customer service, well customers service told me to go to the store, and the store manager had the nerve to say she was not going to spend one hour of her time trying to figure out how to change a reciepe order that had someones else name, that i have to call customer service, but customer service wont talk to me because am not that person. BUT YES THEY RUN MY CREDIT WITH MY SS. And now i have to ask for. day off from work and schedule with a technician that can only come thirsdays or friday are you kidding me?for a different day at the request of the delivery company. The unprofessionalism of this company is unbelievable

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Peter S. - 13 d 4 h ago


The absolute worse. I order several thousand dollars worth of furniture, wait weeks for delivery (they don't deliver on weekends - the customer service rep had the nerve to say it was buried in the fine print). The delivery arrives today, after I take a day off from work and schedule the delivery for a different day at the request of the delivery company. The sofa would not in the elevator and they refused to bring it up the stairs. I refused delivery of the entire order and called for a refund. I was told I would have to pay a $250 delivery fee.- even though NOTHING WAS DELIVERED. The unprofessionalism of this company is unbelievable. I would write moe but I have to dispute my credit card charge, contact the Better Business Bureau, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the troubleshooters at my network news.

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Daniel - 13 d 5 h ago


If i could box everything up and throw it through the window at the Rooms To Go Clermont store i would right now. I ordered 2 night stands on March 30th along with a couple more thousand dollars worth of couches and what not. At that time they were on backorder and we scheduled to have them delivered 5/16. I took a vacation day to be home for the delivery and was called notified monday that the delivery would be between 7-11 am. 9:05 am this morning I received a call that went like this, "Hi this is (unintelligible) with Rooms To Go your delivery is going to be cancelled the driver had an issue and we are rescheduling you for the same time tomorrow." I said no that won't work no one will be here and she said well call back in 48 hours to reschedule, have a nice day bye. And that was that. I called back and spoke with a lady and told her i understand things happen but with a company this big move some people around to assist and lets get my stuff delivered, I'm not waiting 48 hours to reschedule, thats asinine. I asked if they could just deliver it to the store and she said and i quote "nope just wait 48 hours and call back in." Now my wife gets involved around lunch time and speaks with Pat a lady at customer care and she was about the rudest person we thought that may work at Rooms To Go. Her answer was she couldn't help us and just go to the store. My wife went to the store and spoke with Jason, the store manager. After going round and round with him and being told we could "drive to Lakeland and get our stuff" she told him to cancel the order. He said it was impossible that he'd have to wait 48 hours (does everything take 2 days here?) She said well are you going to remember to do it which is a valid question to which he said "Ma'am don't be a smarts." Now Im pissed and unless something is done here VERY SOON, I'm headed to social media.


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JoJo - 13 d 5 h ago


The customer service at Rooms-to-Go as a whole is horrible. Long story short - My elderly dad ordered two mattresses, which clearly were too large for his bed (literally hung 4 inches over the bed on each side of the bed). When he declined the delivery, the delivery man stated to him that he couldn't take them back, and that he had to take it up with customer service. Called the local RTG branch, and they advised that they would reach out to their dispatch office in Lakeland to have them return his mattresses, and pick up the mattresses that were delivered. 8 hours later when my parents are ready to go to bed, they still haven't came to pick up the mattresses. Called the local RTG branch and they advised that I would need to call dispatch because they can't do anything? Called the (hidden) # and was advised that the conversation the that local store manager had with the dispatch manager never took place? They called it a "lack of communication". I call it taking advantage of an elderly couple. Agitated is an understatement right now. So now my parents have oversized mattresses that they paid nearly $900 for, and most likely their old mattresses have been disposed of or are missing in action. And to top it off, the local store advised that they don't know how to contact their District Manager about this issue? Yeah . . . customer care is not something that they specialize in . . . but they will gladly swipe your credit card and take your $$! Let's see if and how long it take for them to make things right!

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Rell - 14 d 16 h ago

When I moved I ordered rooms to go furniture, and the delivery guy did the number 3 on a card board box, and dumped it in my trash can, Called to make a report the manager laughed then apologize... Poor very poor customer service.,they also dont care how they handle your furniture scratches all over my item dont purchase from there go to Ashley furniture...

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Rooms To Go - 14 d 7 h ago

Hey Rell! That's terrible to hear and we're disappointed that you haven't received the service you deserve! We'd love to help out in any way that we can, just send us an email with the details & order info to (hidden). -Melissa

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Rooms To Go - 14 d 7 h ago

The email address is TellUs with no space between TellUs and the @ symbol...

This website will not allow us to post our email address.

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