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Ross Stores

Ross Dress for Less
4440 Rosewood Dr.
Pleasanton, CA
(925) 965-4400
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no name - 1 d 7 h ago


Ross need to be close on thanksgiving start your sale after thanksgiving like it use to be .people not have time to spend with family trying to get sale stop be money hungry hope you close Christmas day

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E. Carter - 3 d 4 h ago


I recently was at the Bixby Knolls and to my surprise the store was in disarray. The isles were not lined up it was impossible for two customers to shop in the same isle. I talked to the manager and it was obvious that he had no history of the Ross style. In the future I will shop in Lakewood and other stores. I have over 30 years shopping at Ross and it appears that the values and mission vision of the organization has changed. This store reminded me of D D's

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Anonymous - 4 d 15 h ago

Judy L.

Love Ross. But the store at the RIM in San Antonio, Texas needs help. The bathroom is aweful. Dirty , no paper

towels and the hand blower has been broke for a long time. No soap to wash your hands. Please help.

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Anonymous - 4 d 15 h ago

Judy L.

Love Ross. But the store at the RIM in San Antonio, Texas needs help. The bathroom is aweful. Dirty , no paper

towels and the hand blower has been broke for a long time. No soap to wash your hands. Please help.

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Anonymous - 6 d 13 h ago


The store location is Arlington Heights, IL. Manager's name is Delaa.

I stooped by to return some items. By mistake the associate returned money to a credit card which previous customer forgot in the terminal.

She had no idea what to do and called for help. The manager came to help bu had no idea what to do as well. Instead of call somebody for help

she was trying and trying and trying... do something. When I asked how long is it going to take she brushed me off with the answer "I don't know".

After another 5 wasted minutes O asked the same question again but received the same mean answer.

I asked if she can give me cash back. She said "no". I asked if she can start another brand new return transaction. She said "no". A asked what is she going to do. She said "I don't know". Finally after arguing and asking her to speed up the process because it's taking too long (it was already at least 20 minute) she told me "zip it" and made a motion with her hand showing me how to do this in front of other customers and employees.

Than she called someone. Tried to follow some instructions. Finally after at least 30 min she made the return. She refused to apologize.

She can't be a manager. She has no right to serve customers. She should be fired.

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Beverly Grice - 7 d 13 h ago


My shopping experience at the ROSS store at 7720 City Line Ave., Philadelphia, PA was GREAT until the beginning of 2017. Now, the Misses racks are sparsely filled, for weeks on end, with what looks like cast off, over priced and unsellable clothes. The selection and quality of designer brand dresses WAS fantastic. Finding an even mediocre dress now is like looking for a pin in a haystack. I haven't bought a dress from that store in months and that's highly unusual for me. The jewelry case only holds 4-5 watches at anytime. The Juniors section is fine, but I'm not a Junior. I love a good buy so am extremely disappointed. Your new Buyers are doing a lousy job.

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Lost in Seattle without Clothes - 27 d 15 h ago



On Oct 24, 2017, I purchased merchandise from Ross Dress for less, Seattle WA, Store # 0050 reg 02 tran 7201

VISA trans, Assoc: 363711; $239.71. I am visiting Seattle WA, and staying at a local hotel near store #0050.

The purchased items were left in hotel closet, when I went to lunch, but upon returning to the hotel room, over 95% of the items purchased were missing/stolen. This morning I attempted to have Ross Dress for Less, Seattle WA, Store #0050

assist me in identifying the merchandise cited on the receipt, but I was told they had no idea how to identify the merchandise, and offered no assistance as how to identify the items. The codes apparently are not set up for employees to ID. Strange but true. So if someone at ROSS STORES would be kind enough to contact lost in Seattle without paid for merchandise, it will be appreciated.

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current employee - 7 d 17 h ago


if the manager or employee has a clue they can enter the sku into search and it will give an item description. it might mot be exact but we use it to verify returns at my store.

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Anonymous - 9 d ago


Since they don't do drug test coworkers and manager would come to work high.drug deals would even take place nobody did anything to stop it.

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Susan - 19 d 14 h ago

Good product. Bad management. and sales associates. Lack of respect for customers. Not a friendly atmosphere

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Royce Lott - 20 d 14 h ago


Will not buy from this store again bought a comforter washed it one time and it fell apart and was told if you wash anything and it call apart they can't take it back well that's not my fault that this company buys dried rotted stuff and sells it to the consumer to make money and then makes money of of it I'm not finally able to spend a lot and it was for my grandsons birthday all I have to say is shame on you Ross and I will not ship their anymore hope it is worth losing your costumers over and thinking about calling channel 4 news investigator so they can see how many more complaints on this kind of activity at your store

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Mollie Davis - 20 d 19 h ago


I just wanted to commend an employee that went above and beyond the call of his responsibility in a recent visit that I had at a Ross Store in Macon, GA. In a county that is currently having an immense amount of racial tension, I believe that it is relevant to point out that I am an older white female and the employee is a younger black male. I was in the store number 0565 and was looking for a cell phone charger because my phone was almost out of power and I had a two hour drive to get home and didn't want to be without a phone. I wasn't sure if the charger that I had found in the store would work with my phone. I saw the associate and figured that since he was younger, he would be more tech savvy than me. I expressed my situation (my phone almost out of power and distance from home). He explained that the charger that I was wanting to purchase would not work with my phone but that he would go and try to find me one that would work. He returned with a cable that would work with my phone but would need a charger head. He then proceeded to tell me that I could purchase the cable and that he would go and get me a charger head that he had in his vehicle and that I could have it (he had an extra). So that is what happened, I purchased the cable and he gave me an extra charger head from his vehicle and I made it home safely. I don't remember his name but his associate number is 731795.

Flagged for review. 
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Unsatisfied Customer - 23 d 7 h ago


This letter is to notify you of the customer service I received while in your Hermitage TN Ross Store on Sunday, October 29, 2017 at 6:15 PM. I have been a Hermitage Residence for over 23 years and frequent your store often. I was in the store to purchase a pair of shoes. The shoes I had selected where without a tag and it was the only pair. I proceeded to take the shoes to the counter for assistance and first of all was told by the Cashier to "go and found a pair just like them" and I didn't find one and subsequently the manager was called. He took the shoes walked back to the shoe department to find a comparable pair and as I had stated there was not one there. He brought back two pairs of different style shoes, priced from $85-$119 and he said "it is somewhere between this price" I told him I had googled the pair of shoes and saw the price from the retail was between $45-$59.

Here is where the dissatisfaction came in, he threw the shoes on the counter and turned and walked away without any further dialogue with me. I was left up front with your Cashier and two (2) security guards with no conversation nor any options to purchase the pair of shoes.

I expected a better experience from a company of your caliber, unfortunately that was not the case and it has left me very dissatisfied with your company.

I hope that you plan to take necessary precautions to prevent such incidents in the future. Being in the customer service business as well, I look forward to your reply.

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Anonymous - 26 d 12 h ago

Please pass along my concerns to corporate. Why is the HIllside store open until 11:30pm and 12midnight regularly? Does Ross and its affiliates not care about the associates who work very hard? I am appalled that this store, who has mainly part time workers who work a fulltime job in the day are not a concern for the management who have approved these ridiculous store hours. I am appalled that the many students who work evenings are not considered. All the evening part-time workers were once upon a time ago, under the assumption that the store would close no later than 10 Mon-Sat and only until 8 on Sunday. Please tell me just how much more money Ross makes by keeping these employees there??? Not even $500.00 I bet. Probably not even $300! And to be completely honest, Ross probably loses much more money during the times the store hours are extended. You know why??? Because thieves and shop lifters prowl the stores and get away with it. After all, we all know the SPS associates are not trained or equipped to stop a thief. I am not speaking as an outsider. I am speaking as a current employee! The dangers of having the store open so late, especially with the Seasonal season approaching. It is unfair to the store's part-time evening associates who work full-time jobs in the day and its also unfair to the students. Ross needs to have a little bit more compassion and concern for the majority of its staffwhich are part-time workers who are just trying to be able to better provide for their families. I challenge Ross, to show some care for its employees, and discontinue its late night hours. The late hours put employees at risk and also Ross at risk for losses due to theft. We have no police chaperones when the store closes. And many employees are there until well after 1am on nights the store closes at 12. This is unfair. Again, I challenge Ross to end these dangerous and ridiculous late hours. I will be continually spreading awareness to this matter until someone of authority makes it clearly known that this concern, which not only belongs to me, but the other employees as well, but I will consistently raise awareness to this until I hear a response or notice that these concerns are being reviewed and considered. Look at Ross North Riverside Hours. Look at Ross Downers Grove Hours. Look at Ross Brickyard Hours. Look at Ross River Grove Hours. Now look at the poor associates of Ross Hillside. Unbelievable! & unsafe!

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Robin Carbaugh - 26 d 12 h ago


Standing in line at ross's store at this time in Hagerstown md. Been waiting a minimum of 10 minutes. At least 7 others waiting in or putting down their purchases, because they felt they have already waited to long. 1 cashier open .no calls for help even after patrons are just placing their items on shelves and leaving. I 'm pretty sure no one cares, cashier says there is no help available. I think standing in 1 line to be waited on is ridiculous to stand in line for 15 minutes.

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Shilo... Utica ny - 28 d 9 h ago

I love Ross,but we don't have this store in Utica,NY 13502. I hope you can open Ross near to as this store.Thank you!

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Jenn - 30 d 6 h ago


Also Lauren learn how to respect your elders

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Jenn - 30 d 6 h ago


Ross in Atlanta Georgia

Piedmont location

Cashiers name : Lauren

Just plain rude and racist I asked if I could get a price on an item her question was did you take the price off ? Why would I do that yet again I asked why would u ask me something like that if I'm clearly asking you for the price she's said it's my job to ask . So I come back in the store to purchase another item and of course she sees me in line and turns off her light not to help me but she was the only cashier so I come up to check out and she says I'm not open sends me over to another register but of course helps the people behind me so I call the store to speak to a manager they have me on hold over 8 minutes and no one ever picked up I guess she knew I was going to call and complain I asked for the corporate number she said look online .

This girl needs more training and needs to learn how to treat / respect customer or she shouldn't be working with customers . She should be mopping the floors .

Just plain rude / racist and discriminatative .

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anonymous - 34 d 14 h ago


Is there another way to report a concern/ file a complaint for employees to use? How does the alert line work where you'll still be anonymous if your'e call from your cell phone?. Is there an address for employees who wish to write to corporate? Speaking to the mgr re: issues would be a total waste of time. Is the Pleasanton,CA address used by employees for mailing complaints in?

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Kristy Fisher - 35 d 19 h ago


I love Ross! Always unique thing, friendly folks in SC. I don't know where the rest of you are shopping!

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Anonymous - 36 d 8 h ago


No where on the receipt does it say you need an id for a return

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Ann - 37 d 12 h ago


Greenwood ross has one of the most rudest racist store mangers looks down when black people are in the store as if we can't pay . Out of all your mangers u have one African American and she helps everybody everytime I am in ms. kristy . I am no longer going to spend my money there and working with others to stop also because we deserve respect along as anyone else .

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Na - 39 d 12 h ago

I would like to report, a employee, name Isaac , that I saw smoke marijuana on the malls premises and also know that he has a 215 card for me for medical marijuana how do you employ an employee that uses drugs he works at the Saratoga Avenue store in Campbell I think he's a manager

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I visited the Ross store In Tinley Park IL on October 7, 2017 @9:20pm and I was in there roughly an hour & half. I found three items and I approached the register. I made small talk with the cashier who was friendly. I gave her my three items to ring up in the midst of it we were communicating back & forth about the great deals I found in the store. So while the cashier Medinah was ringing me up and she asked me if I am paying cash or credit card. I said debit. The cashier have not completely finish ringing me and she told me to put my credit card into the machine. I am a regular at majority of their stores and I NEVER had any issues before. So I did not pay attention because I knew the total purchase was going to be around $50 plus tax. Mind you my credit card was in the machine still while she was ringing me up. She asked me for my zip code and all the sudden she glanced at the cash register screen and she dived over to the credit card machine saying pull your credit card out by this time it was too late the transaction went through already. She pulled the receipt out and said to me she charged me $604 and change for the $13.99 Nike shirt..... I was pissed, a headache came on so fast. I was extremely exhausted doing errands and all I wanted to do was purchase the three items and go home. But it didn't happen that way. I got to the register at 10:39pm and the store close at 11pm. So any who the cashier COULD NOT DO A REFUND OR EVEN DO A VOID ON THE STONE AGE CASH REGISTER WHICH WOULD NOT ALLOW THE CASHIER TO DO ANYTHING AND AT THIS POINT I WAS AGGRAVATED AND LIVID TRYING NOT TO BLOW UP. GRANTED IT WAS AN HONEST MISTAKE ON BEHALF OF THE CASHIER. SO NOW WE HAVE TO WAIT ON THE ACTING MANAGER CHRIS TO COME FROM THE BACK TO ADDRESS THE SITUATION. Manager Chris came and the cashier explained what had happened. Chris the manager got on the stone age register again he tried to do the same thing the cashier was trying to do no luck, he also tried to so called VOID IT, DO REFUND naaaaw the stone age register wasn't having it. He gets on his cell phone call the store manager Temeka Johnson to assist him including his DM and LP captain still nothing. Chris the manager tells me he needs to lock up the store and at this point its out of this hands, he going to email corporate/audit department so they can reverse or fix the situation. So he's going to keep the original receipt and the merchandise because his superiors may want to see the items. Now the manger Chris told me I have to go outside so he can lock up the store. I said Lawd help me I did NOT hear this manager right. So I told Chis the manager to call the police so I can make a police report since the transaction refund/void was NOT complete. Do y'all know he refused telling me he could NOT call the police for me but I can do it myself outside of this store. I told him I left my phone in my vehicle charging so could he please call the police so I can make the police since he is refusing to give any of my demands. I told Chris the manager I am not leaving until there's a conclusion to this MADNESS. So I asked Chris to unlock the door for me to go back to my car to get phone to call the police smh.... First of all what Chris said as a manager did NOT sit with me. (1) your employee extremely OVER CHARGED me (2) he wants to keep the receipt & not give me a copy (3) on top of that he wants to keep the items you OVER CHARGED me in the first place and for me to take his words for it by exchanging name and phone numbers. Who to say you will remember me when I call you the next day to do a follow up or better yet come back to the store to address the issue and for him to say he does NOT recognize me huh? This situation I am completely blown away by it right now. While I was in the store I checked my bank and it showed the transaction went through on the Ross side and literally wiped out my account. While Chris was on his cell phone talking to whomever the police arrived. We talked to the police to let them know I am not leaving the Ross store empty handed, no proof of anything from this store manager, and it does not make sense at all. So I requested a police report from the police that in turns tells me this is a civil matter and all I wanted was proof of something that this is what took place. Something stating I am leaving the store without $600 worth of items and the manager refused to give me anything. Smh still Police said oh this is a civil matter and I explained to the police I am not leaving without police report or some sort. The store owes me $604 dollars unless I go shop for that $604 dollar I have no problem with that . In the meanwhile Chris the Manager still on his cellphone getting manager 101 lessons to how to refund or void the $604 back to my card. This is 2017 right it's UNHEARD IT'S ABSURD that a huge corporation like ROSS cannot void or refund a customer for a MISTAKE done by their cashier done in the Ross store.. THE MANAGER CHRIS SAID TO THE POLICE AS A MANAGER HE CANNOT ISSUE A REFUND OR VOID FOR ANY LARGE AMOUNT IF A CUSTOMER USE THEIR DEBIT CARD. SO ALL ROSS CUSTOMERS BEWARE. So conclusion the police issue a report #, told the manager Chris to make sure to contact me and resolve the situation. I left the ROSS STORE with them owing me $604 for a $13.99 shirt. Oh finally Chris the manager decided to REPRINT a copy of the receipt to give me after demanding it for about an hour. Apparently his boss/DM Olu must have told him to give me the receipt as well as the items I paid for plus the OVER CHARGED SHIRT.

This is so sad NO CUSTOMER OR CONSUMER SHOULD GO THROUGH WHAT I WENT THROUGH. I contacted their corporate office on Monday along with my bank. Ross stated to my bank that they would not allow the transaction to go through so my bank can release the funds back into my account. The next day Ross still took the money anyway. This was after the told my bank they would not take the money. Now its Friday October 13, and Ross still has my money. They completely wiped out my account. I still have not gotten a resolution to this matter. SO MY ADVICE TO ALL ROSS SHOPPERS: BEWARE DO NOT INSERT YOUR CREDIT CARD INTO THE MACHINE WHEN THE CASHIER TELLS YOU. DO IT AT THE END AFTER YOU VERIFY AND CONFIRM THE ITEMS YOU ARE BUYING.

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Maira Lopez - 39 d 18 h ago


Houston TX Ross Willowbrook. 7550 FM 1960, Houston, TX 77070

Phone:(281) 477-8100

You have a Temp manager named Glenda she is being very rude and racist to the employees she needs to get fired. I heard her telling a cashier to not speak any spanish and that she has been in the US long enough to know English well. I am about to contact human resources for the state of Texas. Ross many customers are Spanish how are you going to tell cashiers to only speak Spanish. I hope these ladies are sending a compliant to upper management because she needs to go.

Bullying and Racist two things that should not be happening in a clothing store.

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