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Ross Dress for Less
4440 Rosewood Dr.
Pleasanton, CA
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Gerri Clyatt - 5 d 21 m ago


Barbara Rentler, CEO, Ross Stores....On November 13 I was in the St. Petersburg Fl Ross store. A supervisor/trainer was instructing a 55 plus black gentleman, maybe a new hire, how to stock the shelves in the candle, scent, airspray aisle. She told him to unload his product cart, arranging it according to stocking procedure. The she said you should be able to unload and stock shelves in under 15 min. "So are you ready, I'll start the timer....and Go." I was appalled and overwhelmed with compassion for this human being being timed stocking candles. My intent is not to effect or change Ross's training procedures. My intent is to let you know I am appalled. This is a poster event for what is wrong with our wonderful country. Lack of reaching down and sharing good news. The taxpayers of America gave corporate America a huge bonus in tax cuts. Many businesses are hoarding that gift or investing it in their stockholders. I dont see it being passed on. Timing an employee's performance who is making less than $11. an hr. is unconscienable. I think the timing is ripe for rethinking employee respect, inclusiveness and remuneration.

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mad family - 7 d 16 h ago


10501 Gateway Blvd W, El Paso, TX 79925 there is a so call manager named alicia perales who you guys employed as a manager... first of all she is never at the store and still manages on reporting her 40 hours at work..has close buddys at the store helping her with well as firing innocent workers so they can have them in their palm trying to cover themselves up looking like if they are doing their job so the can go up in position.alicia perales has family members also going into the store stealing merchandise ,exchanging as well as using face receipts. she works along with the district manager stealing money from the store and merchandise as well, jorge elias....there is a person by the name of natalia chavez who does amazing work and is a witness to all of this although is scared to get fired by alicia and her buddys... now the hours are being manipulated and reports to hr ..all with fake facts..her name is miriam cabrera who is the ass. manager....this people have hurt too many people and they deserve justice..this will stop upon this message and to others even if it takes a lawyer to do so if ross doesnt do an internal investigation with camaras

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Chreyl - 8 d 20 h ago


Today I was in Ross Store 521 in Lawerenceville Ga my experience was Great the store manger Curtis and Front end supervisor associate # 227513 gave me the best customer service I've experience in returning an item without a receipt a purchase I made a few months back and had never tried to use it until 2 days ago and the small appliance vegeatable chopper didn't turn on very frustrated I said never mind i'll Keep it change my mind being a retired senior everything counts so I decided to take it back didn't want money but store credit or maybe they could make it work and I would have gladly keep the item I was making a dish for the veterans for an outing with Gwinnett' county DA's office where my Daughter works who is a Veteran. None of this I told them I came in the supervisor explained that it may not be possible to get the credit she did her job excently I ask to speak to the manager she call him and did not give me a hard time when so many others do when you ask to speak to a manager the manager Curtis came up and he was just as cordial and help me and gave me the credit after I explain that this was the first time I use the item just moving here from Florida and plug it in and nothing happen. Please note this is the best customer service I've experience in awhile and I thought someone should know about your excellent staff at this location

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Swole - 11 d ago


I was in a Ross Store yesterday Thursday November 8, 2018 located in Opelika Alabama Shopping for a few items. When I proceeded to the checkout there was a young lady about 25-30 at the check-out register that started to ring-up my items, however during the 2nd transaction she stated to the Male Store Manager that she was feeling faint, subsequently she moved away from the register and while talking with the Manager the female associate began the stumble, become incoherent and lose consciousness. I was standing there waiting for my items to be finished being rung up so upon witnessing this I assisted the Store Manager with placing her in a chair that was located in front of the store. The Manager on duty and work staff had no clue of how to handle the incident at all there was no emergency page or call for help, since there was no inquiry to what incidences that could of led up to this so I asked the young lady had she had anything to eat, medical history, pregnancy, etc. the employee stated that she had donated blood earlier and had not ate anything since then. I advised the Manager that he needed to get her something to drink and snack on ASAP to bring her back up as she was probably dehydrated and blood dropped due to the sudden loss of blood she gave earlier. The lack of sense of urgency was unacceptable and other than asking another female employee that was on the floor to sit with her while he the manager on duty go to the back and get some pizza or something for the employee to eat. (That was the 1st of many mistakes because there were drink beverages and snacks located in front of the store within 15 feet of the register which should because of the emergency situation should have been used and then written off to the store per policy) The 2nd mistake made was "Failure to follow simple instructions" the young female employee that the male Store Manager asked and I quote "Sit here with the employee cause she just fainted her while I go find something to give to her from the back "The female employee decided to move or other words walk the fallen employee to the back I assume to go to the break room as it seemed like forever before the manager came back. When I saw this I said to her you don't need to move her just let her sit there for a minutes or grab some of the juice or snacks from the shelf located in front of the store and that I think it will be alright in this case since it was a Medical Emergency!!..Of course she didn't listen and began walking the fallen employee to the back of the store and just about the halfway point she collapsed falling down to the floor at which time I ran to assist her again and the store manager and another male employee finally arrived to the location. I must admit by this time I was pissed due to the lack of urgency and lack of response among other store workers in regards to the fallen associate. I told the manager that this was not acceptable and that he should of stayed with the employee and delegate some other associate to get food, drink or otherwise. This is what happens when you don't take charge of a situation; the employee fell for the 2nd time which should have never happened. My issue with the incident is that nobody ever called for the Paramedics to come out and examine the associate even after I explained to the manager and employees that none of them nor myself are qualified to make medical decisions and the paramedics should be called to examine her and make that determination, I also stated that there would be no charges for them to come out and examine her, only if she needed to be transported would any occur. The female employee that tried to walk the fallen employee to the back seemed to have an issue with what I was telling the manager and like I told her "I do not know this employee at all m my only contact with her was the fact that while she was ringing up my purchases she fainted and I had a sense of obligation to assist her since it was obvious that nobody other than the manager made any real effort to assist someone in need of medical services. I then while paying for my items at another register called 911 for medical services due to my concern for the fallen employee and the fact that I didn't based on my observation at the time that she was in good hands. Needless to say EMS, Opelika Police and Fire Department arrived within 4 minutes of my call and advised them of the situation. I didn't expect for them to send as many rapid response units that they did however I was happy that they took the situation seriously as when I looked up there were 3 police units, 2 ambulances and 1 fire rescue vehicle in front of the store. I heard 2 of the employees that did nothing to assist in with the incident make remarks that were not consistent or in other words the type of responses that an employee should make in those particular types of circumstances when the welfare of another employee is at state. We should never try to diagnosis or make references to a situation that could be very simple but if handled improperly could lead to serious adverse consequences or even fatality. My concern is the lack of response among other store employees that passed by and knew of the incident and provided no help or genuine concern also the lack of training on the part of the Store Manager in this particular type of incident. You have to delegate authority and take control of situations as they are dictated and not allow yourself to be in the back of the store doing something that any other employee could of done or even better yet just take a beverage and snack off the floor where those items were within 20 feet of the incident when it 1st started. I write this letter not to judge, blame or vilify but however to bring to the attention that some form of training needs to be given to all Ross Employees in all stores whether it be given as a class or written material of "What to do in the event of these types of Emergencies" There should be a Alert that the cashier can make over the PA System and all employee's should be able to hear and respond to if necessary. Fainting after giving blood donations is a normal occurrence that happens sometimes when an individual is and I quote from Webster's Dictionary as the outlining cause " Fainting, or syncope, is usually caused by a lack of oxygen in the brain. Fainting should be treated as a medical emergency until the cause is known. Symptoms can include falling down, blurred vision, and confusion. Possible causes include dehydration, low blood pressure, alcohol use, and diabetes. A simple episode, also called a vasovagal attack or neurally-mediated syncope, is the most common type of fainting spell. A vasovagal attack happens because blood pressure drops, reducing circulation to the brain and causing loss of consciousness. Often, a fainting episode has no medical importance, but sometimes it results from a serious illness, condition, or disorder. Every case of fainting should be treated as a medical emergency until the cause is known and signs and symptoms have been treated". If you know you tend to faint at certain times (such as when you get a shot or have blood drawn), it may help to Drink plenty of fluids so you don't get dehydrated, drink plenty of fluids and have a salty snack. Sit with your head between your knees or lie down if you feel faint or have warning signs such as feeling dizzy, weak, warm, or sick to your stomach. If you see somebody fainting: Place the patient on their back, facing up If they are breathing, raise their legs about 12 inches above heart level to restore blood flow to the brain also if it applies try to loosen all belts, ties, collars, and restrictive clothing. When the person comes round, do not let them get up too quickly, if they remain unconscious for more than about a minute, put them in the recovery position and get emergency medical help There needs to be a training class or instructions given to all employees hired and a mandatory supervisor and manager First Aid and CPR class given based on their position Sincerely Faithful male Ross Customer with over 10 years shopping

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Andrea - 12 d 11 h ago

I have been to two Ross stores within the past 6 months in Scottsdale, Arizona, and had a horrible experience at both of them. At both stores before going into the fitting room, the attendant had to recount every item I placed one by one on her rack after I showed her the front and back of each item separately. After returning from trying on the clothes, I placed each item one by one on her rack after showing her the front and back of each item on the hanger. I had five items total. I told her I was going to purchase one blouse and held onto it. She told me I had to place that item on the rack regardless, before I could purchase it. She then counted each item again, before I could take the blouse I wanted to buy. Talk about over kill..I only have 12 years of college and with a Master in Psychology Clinical and MBA. I will never set foot in another Ross Store again. If they keep up their insane practices, they are going to end up like the rest of the retailers who have had to close their doors. Shopping has always been an enjoyable experience for me, but I can get my enjoyment shopping at Nordstroms, Burlington or other stores who employee people who have customer service skills and do not treat their shoppers like criminals.

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Whatever - 11 d 12 h ago

Calm down, Becky. It's not that serious. Place your items on the rack, do as you're told and have a good day.

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Anonymous - 14 d 18 h ago

I work for ross for over a year . the manager and assiatant manager are so bad . and have favoratisism. after i turn down the supervisor and the stock lead job they began to cut my me only 14 hrs a week. I went to the manager to file my resignation. she told me i am unprofessional and said she will terminate me. When they no loger need you they treat you like shit. Ross geary

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Anonymous - 14 d 18 h ago


Everybody who works for ross knows that it is not a good company to work.but there are branches that even worst like the geary ross in san francisco. The manager.and assistant manager treats the employee unfairly only those who went with them to weekend casino who treats them to lunch or dinner are given good hours even though they are not working hard. Even if you gove your best at work they wont give you enough hours for me thos kind of a discrimination. I hope the top managent of ross will give a little bit of their time to this concern because i think happening to most of their stores if you want your emloyees to care for your company you should also care for you emloyees.

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Eugene - 15 d 20 h ago

Walked into Westgate Mall in Saratoga came to the store Ross at the gate says 9:30 am they open but we stood outside the gate until 935 somebody walked up to the gate told us they can't open this gate and sent us to the side hole through the Corredor of the mall came out through eight garbage area to get to the other door note I have a elderly mother and a son in a wheelchair totally not acceptable . Spoke to the manager named Anthony and he was very rude about the topic of the gate not opening .

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Anonymous - 19 d 13 h ago


I went to Ross at Perimeter Mall area and waited in line for about30 minutes to return a few items, the associate was taking returns and purchases there was only two lines open. I asked the young lady why was she taking more purchases than returns, and she was rather rude with her reply so I asked her who was the manager and she said she was. I plan to never go there again . Ross should send their associates to class on how to treat their customers.

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Sherri R Buxton - 24 d 8 h ago


At 9:50pm I went to Ross stores in Moses Lake WA. I'm not usually a fan of the CA stores but since I moved here two years ago, I love the store here in Moses. Until tonight. I have pics showing how BAD the store was in disarray tonight. I thought at first it was just the pile of 20 pairs of shoes on the floor. Then I walked the whole store. I have worked in Retail and Christmas is expected to be a bit disorganized, this was worse than that. Every isle in the home Department was blocked by merchandise falling off of shelves. I was interested in spending money tonight but the disgusting mess in the store was just frustrating. I started to walk out when I saw the manager leave the busy check out area to talk to another employee. This is REALLY bad management.

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anonymous - 38 d 10 h ago


I work for a ross in coral springs, and I recently called the alert line (anonymous) just to find out the person I called it on (store manager) was able to figure it was me. He has not confronted me about it yet, but I just think that's unfair that he knows when it's supposed to be what is the point of calling to address a concern or work violation when they won't investigate and on top of that, the store manager was able to know it was me because he talked about it with another associate. I think that's really messed up and but mostly unethical on their part. This place is just horrible to work in, in the first place. But now you can't even call in confidence. They need to fix that...

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D of Bakersfield ca - 39 d ago

Astonishing, I'm a vendor from CA and dealt with one of their directors, I was professional she was not. Extremely rude and condescending also dismissive.

It should have been a reasonable run of the mill conversation but this woman insisted on being difficult and blatantly shameful for a woman of her title and position.

I've worked in retail all my life and have never been spoken too like this.

Her name is Meghan Laurikietis

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Carol - 45 d 46 m ago


I want a cleaning product (Restoration) rhat you occasional have so I called the Peachtree City Ga store and they had 3 and held them and I wend right down there and picked them up. I need more and I called Newnan, Camp Creek, and Fayetteville and they were very rude. Said they could not check and I had to come in. I called because I wanted the product and did not want to run from store to store as they were not close and be disappointed if it was sold out. If I were looking for clothes it woukld be different but this is a cleaning product that is hard to find...

Flagged for review. 
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Concerned customer - 45 d 12 h ago

Omg im sorry but i live in Bremerton we thought we would try the ross in Tacoma on 38th st . It is so filthy clothes all over the place no organization at all ,toys all on the floors in kids section as well as kids clothes.

Adult and teen clothes all mixed together its a huge store but it definitely shows people that work there have no pride in there job nor in the store they are representing.

Management and employees should be lectured about cleaning and organizing as well as i watch workers sitting around chatting it up instead of cleaning or helping customers. I met one lady at the dresses room very sweet

And doing her job she was a older Hispanic lady.

The one possitive in so much mess corporate may want to do a sweep by and check it out I know i had my anxiety raise and walked out buying nothing.

Back to Bremerton Ross its cleaner.

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Anonymous - 45 d 17 h ago

I work at your store in Greenbrier Chesapeake VA the manager Chris is so annoying I feel like I'm being harassed by her,every where I go she is there she never have trouble with me not doing my job or away from my assigned job however I'm really tied of her following me she use to do that when she started working there and the employees and customer kept complainting and she stopped now we are noticing her doing it again,a customer called today and wanted Chris's last name because she was rude to her when are you all going to do something about her,we love our job and we all get along very well together because we have been working together for over 1-10 yes,we are not leaving but we whish very much for you all to please help us.

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T - 48 d 17 h ago


I visited the Apple Valley, Ca store today Oct. 2, at precisely 10:50 a. m., which is a Tuesday. First of all I would like to say that I have shopped here several times and each time was a pleasant experience. Today, however, will most likely be my last at this store. I was in the store less than 15 minutes when I noticed what appeared to be a Mexican woman who was short with a ponytail who was very close to me while I was shopping. Immediately I knew that she was plain clothes security, it was obvious, but why was she following me? I was the only African American in the store at the time, and everywhere I went, she went. Now I don't know if she was operating on her own or if it is the policy of Ross for security to follow around black people, because if it is, this is definitely racial profiling.

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Concern - 49 d 10 h ago


I work for the Ross in Denver on east Mexico avenue and I wouldnt consider working here u do not get ur breaks for one and now they are being rude about letting u go to the bathroom so I guess u have to pew and mess ur self before they let you us the bathroom and they are cutting back hours which is not ok I need the hours

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Angela Jones - 49 d 10 h ago


I work for the Ross in Denver on east Mexico avenue and I wouldnt consider working here u do not get ur breaks for one and now they are being rude about letting u go to the bathroom so I guess u have to pew ur self

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K. Jones - 53 d 17 h ago


I am having issues with the application website. I have applied for a position in Kent, WA. I try to go back in because store has not received my application. I try to go back in and my application materials are locked/blocked. Will not allow me to go back in.

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anonymous1 - 54 d 13 h ago

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been working for Ross for many years now. I am having trouble with HR department providing me with a letter that I need. I have been approved for vacation of which I have purchased my tickets but I need a letter from my employer on Letter head stating just that I have been approved my vacation from starting date to ending date. Unfortunately I have been told by the HR department that they cannot provide me with this letter. I have showed them proof that this is a requirement for me to be able to travel to this destination as the embassy has emailed me with specifics.

The embassy requires this as an additional evidence to justify that I will honor the tourist visa period because I need to come back to work. Is this a Ross Policy, that employees are not to request and obtain letters as such? What can I do to get this written letter?

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Anonymous - 54 d 17 h ago



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Pissed off - 57 d 16 h ago


I am appalled at two of your managers who disrespected me in the store in front of other customers!!! Reggie and Jeff...I was disappointed by their behavior and then the insults of Jeff talking about me in front of my face to Reggie. Then Reggie and Jeff both disrespected my two daughters when I made sure your store did not get our business. I even asked another sales associate Maria for help but she pointed to both Jeff and Reggie as if pushing me off on to them as it was their problem to handle. I have never been treated this way by a manager, let alone two grown men who acted worse then high school girls.

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Cristina - 59 d 13 h ago


yesterday I went to the Store at 19242 Soledad canyon rd, Santa Clarita CA 91351 and I bought $ 461.74 in merchandise. Somebody in the store put all the items in two bags and I left. When I arrived to my home and took away all the items I noted that 1 Perfume was missing. In the morning I went to the store with the receipt and talked to the Manager and explained to her what was happen. She told me she will check the camera and back. 10 minutes after she come back and told me she saw in the recording that everything was kept in the bags and unfortunately she can't do anything. I asked to see the camera and she said I can't do that. In the while she went to check the camera I bought a back pack and I asked at the moment she was talking to me please I want to pay it, she the rude way told me I have to do the line again to pay it. Really I am very disappointing and up set, because Ross lose a costumer for a very respectful manager and she does not know how she can handle this kind of situation to don't lose costumers.

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Anonymous - 60 d 19 h ago


This happen at Laredo tx store number 296 yesterday night around 9:30-9:50 pm am a happy customer who loves to shop at Ross store I go very often.. I see inappropriate stuff happening every time I go.. last night I was in line to pay an employee was clocking out or going to lunch and a lady talks out loud to the security "code 50 because she might be stealing" the employee was upset by seeing her face she look around and felt embarrassed me on my mind it wasn't the right thing to do I asked an employee who she was and what's her name of the employee she respond by her name Miriam she is a supervisor and that it wasn't the first time she does that.. compare to other stuff I see this one was the worst so I had to report it because a supervisor isn't supposed to be rude and inappropriate with employees

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