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Ross Stores

Ross Dress for Less
4440 Rosewood Dr.
Pleasanton, CA
(925) 965-4400
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Embarrassed - 2 d 7 h ago


With all of the bad reviews your company has received, your stores are still a disgrace. I took an out of town friend to your Union Gap, Washington store yesterday and was thoroughly embarrassed by the condition it was in. The store is a total mess. Items are everywhere but where they should be. Clothes are on the floor or in the wrong place. I have been to this store several times and found it in the same condition every time I have been there. And the staff was unfriendly and unprofessional. I've also been to a Ross in other parts of the state that are in the same or similar conditions. Is this what you want customers to experience in your stores?

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Disappointed - 3 d 12 h ago

Ross Store in Mesquite, TX.

I asked for the Manager, after being treated so rudely by the associate. She is the Manager. Asked for the Corporate number to make a report, she gave me part of the receipt paper that has no information on it. Then she said I was being rude to her, that she could have us escorted out of the store or call the police. Unbelievable.

But I read the other comments, on other Ross stores. It explains why the Manager, is the Manager, they need no training, just move up the ranks, and do what you want.

The floor had merchandise all over it. No sales associates on the floor. Fitting room are FILTHY. They haven't seen a broom in ages, much less a mop.

Reading sooo many complaints, seems it's pointless to complain, because evidently the company does NOT care, they just want sales numbers to be high. Quite sad. Will not be returning, and I'll pass on my experience to EVERYONE I know, home, work, play, church and social media.

So beware.

The store in Dallas, is nothing like this one. Blackburn at Lemmon Ave.

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Mary . M. - 4 d ago

It's embarrassing how undertrained, unprofessional and rude , I wish your company would send secret corporate shoppers and view on your own behavior of your employees . I have never seen anything like that ! Chicago ,IL , Howard st .

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Yoli - 21 d 4 h ago


I am now a employee soon to leave this company i was yelled at cuz at i called there alert number and also the district manager and is been a week and i havent received a call back,they under pay you and they have no customer service is all about who you know there the staff are all friends they have no professional training and have no ethics.there always a turnaround of wmployees because of the way they treat them long lines, never do they schedule right.

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Anonymous - 11 d ago


I was a customer today and had the worst experience ever at any corporate, at any level. I agree these people are not trained.

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Praxedo Gacrama - 25 d 18 h ago

I was an employee at ross in 2016. I would like to know how to get a hold of my w-2 form and paystubs in order for the irs to verify my information.

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supervisor Jackie/security Chase - 26 d ago


i love shopping at ross but tonight 10:20p

10 min before they closed buy a backpak for my kid> the supervisor- Jackie wont let me purchase 1 backpak

also she was rude to me there's another person in front of me purchase a lot

also security-Chase was rude too

i was disappointed to shop at ross

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LH - 28 d 6 h ago

Your store in 163 street mall is poorly managed. Long lines and one register open, the manager no help and unprofessional..

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Elise - 30 d 11 h ago


I cannot say anything negative about my shopping experiences at Ross. I live in Illinois and I probably went to 4 different locations so far, maybe 5, 6 who knows. I have not come across bad customer service yet. The prices are reasonable and their items are just fine. I find beautiful dresses and majority of their clothing is not bad either. Their home decor is great. I love it

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Moni - 31 d 7 h ago


I'm writing because this is not the first time this happened lately,

It happens almost every time now. To check out, I stand in line and want to check out, not enough people on the cashregisters. Two to be exact, one does returns and one checks out costumers with purchases. The returns, come in and get checked out and I'm standing in a line that keeps getting longer, finely they call for an other person, oh no she is at lunch.

Another one checks prices on drinking containers, she has to finish that first. Never mind that in the meantime there are at least 10 people waiting to check out.

So I said something this time, because there where at one time 4 people behind the counter and still only 2 where checking out.I don't like to stand in line to check out, longer than I was shopping. What happen to costumer service ?????? It was also Tuesday seniorday, which I forgot and the employee did not ask, I don't think she was to happy about my speaking out. She did ask if I wanted to talk to the manager, what good would that do, she has to be part of the problem. She should know if the store runs smooth. This was the store in Las Cruces NM, since we have only one, you know witch one it is.

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Sid Niles - 88 d 1 h ago


We normally love Ross but today I went shopping for some shoes, to my surprise there were a stack full of shoes where the customers need to sit to try on shoes. We had to move the shoes so that there would be somewhere to sit down to try on the shoes. My other half needed to use the restroom and he was told that there were no public restrooms but two small boys told the lady whose name is Maria in Spanish the word bano and she buzzed them into the restroom. He spoke to the manager and he was told that there was no public restroom. Isn't that against the law? Not to mention very rude. Does that go for pregnant women as well? This is bad customer service.

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Nellie - 31 d 9 h ago


Dear Sid.........that is a flat out lie......EVERY Ross has a public restroom usually in the fitting room area and yes, the fitting room person has to buzz them in...

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Rossnomore - 57 d ago


Don't work for this place. They have no clue what customer service is and whenever I would try to help out to help customers I was told it wasn't my job. Take your business elsewhere people. They don't care about customer service.

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Nellie - 31 d 9 h ago


Dear are so get yelled at if you try to help a customer..........but God forbid you miss the the third ring on the phone.......the manager have enough time to yell at you for not answering the phone by the third ring (which they have the time to yell at you, they ought to be answering it) but mercy me if they should have to push the buzzer to let someone in the bathroom.........they have the stupidest ideas of theft I have ever seen...........they say oh well, by buzzing them into bathroom, then they can't bring things in there........what??? The bathrooms are all in the dang fitting rooms........and if they already have something on them, too late....because Ross lets customers take in there back packs....etc..........

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Annoyed - 39 d 11 h ago


Was in store close to W PALM Beach Fl. Crap all over floor, no associates in sight. 1 cashier. Store is a joke. Looks like it's going out of business and it's new!

Do they teach any customer service?

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Nellie - 31 d 9 h ago


Dear they teach NO customer service and us older folk who grew up in the days when the customer was always right, have to basically throw away our value system.........I am sorry but ok, I understand putting your items on a rack when you enter a fitting room........but not when you leave.........unless the customer brings the clothing out in a heap..........I think most of us do know how to count to 8........and as a consumer by counting them in and me then, you are calling me a thief.......

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Lost business - 34 d 7 h ago

Visited the store number 272 on Harbison Blvd in Columbia, SC. On Saturday, August19th. The lines were long to check out. I was patient. I did notice the woman at the customer service desk glaring -- yes, glaring-- at all of us waiting to check out. I wondered why she was not checking people out as well, since people were getting impatient. Some were leaving without purchasing rather than wait.

So I noticed a woman go to her and she checked out. THEN I saw a sign in the line that I had been standing in. It said "Returns and Exchanges Only".. Not visible until the line moved a bit.So naturally, I went up to her counter and asked if she could ring up my item. Well.. The lady was the nastiest person I've encountered in a long time. She snapped at me and told me to "go back to the end of the line". I explained what the sign had said and asked again if she could check me out. This was a HATEFUL WOMAN. And turns out she was the manager!? Needless to say, I laid my item on her counter and left. She was still snapping at me as I walked out the door. And I saw several other customers walk out..apparently having witnessed this. I had planned to go back and purchase some other items the next day. But I WILL NOT SET FOOT IN THAT STORE AS LONG AS SHE IS THERE. There are way too many choices of stores with way nicer people.

And I will be calling Ross' Corporate office in Monday.

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Nellie - 31 d 10 h ago


Dear customer, I work at a Ross store and they are all like that.......if you think you got glared it, you should see what they do to their employees.....their cash registers are too "stupid" to be able to look up if f we have an item at another store and they are too "stupid" to scan and the price will come down lower if it should have been marked down..........but they make sure to tell the casher that they need to go quicker........and they get graded on in school......they also grade you for how fast you mark down items (this is ridiculous anyway and very backward) - they still have markdown guns and you have to scan every single if a 70 yr old woman is slower than a 35 yr old, too bad so sad..........they do not abide by the ADA either........I guess they think they are immune.......there is such a high turn over there because no one knows what is going on .......and it does not take but 3-4 wks working there, before you know you want to leave............I had ONE nice manager there.......and they fired her......I guess she was too nice for them.........not only are they not nice, the are all uneducated or if they are , they sure do a good job of showing they are not.........I was informed by my manager that I was not allowed to contact Human Resources, only he could...........I guarantee you the next manager they get will be just as bad or worse.........people are there like 6 months and they become goes in pecking if you are only there 3 months but are next in line, wham, when person over you quits, you are now a supervisor..........That Return and Exchange line is ridiculous ......because sometimes they only have one cashier..........................I feel your angst....

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Maria - 35 d 4 h ago


Ross Store 1112 is so hot in tbere we can'tshop like we want to becauseit so hot and it is not good for the employeesto be working i the store so hot like that. I already spoke to the manager Thomas and he said tney had someoneto come out to fitting it. But is still hot in that store so is there anyone can help make thix store better not onlh for the customer but the employees as well. MyrtleBeach South Carolina

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Anonymous - 44 d 13 h ago

Yoor new store on the Grand Parkway (99) in Spring, Texas needs help! Yesterday I went in with a return about 3:30 PM. There was ONE CASHIER and TWELVE Customers waiting to check out! I had to stand in that line. The lady behind me got smart and called the store manager (who was no where in sight) and said we need more cashiers. ONE finally came up . She told me they were not allowed to help out unless the manager asked them to do so. Also, I was in there yesterday AM buying things, and the cashier did not give me my senior discount so now I have to go back. When the store is new, I would think the managers would be around to supervise and make sure tings go well. NOT HERE! And things are getting thrown on the floor already and not picked up. Saturday I went into the store, took one look at the huge checkout line and left. I like your merchandise and prices, but chaos and bad service I can't handle!

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Anonymous - 39 d 11 h ago

That's normal in all their stores. Too bad

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Anonymous - 54 d 7 h ago

Gainesville Georgia store on Dawsonville hwy is a night mare so many illegals you can not move the store looks like a bomb exploded in it toys on the floor in every department kids in the floor under racks playing chase parents do nothing to correct them and no one in the store says anything to them will not go back because my blood pressure explodes everytime I go in there

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sara m - 57 d 14 h ago


i was at ross store located at park and preston in dallas the person named "cherry"was super rude and wanted to call the police for us because they had problem to print my receipt for my almost $100 stuff and she gave me a piece of tiny print of my original receipt that even they had problem reading it ,and when i asked her nicely to at least sign that paper for me in case i wanted to return any of items later,she said in a loud voice super rude that she won't do that then i asked her to return all the stuff and she get super mad and loud again talking so bad to me and they gave me money back for only 4 out of 5 my items because they couldn't read that tiny paper and when i told her about the mistake she wanted to call the police.then other cashier found the mistake and gave my money back without saying sorry at all.people thought we stole some stuff because of her 9 year old daughter was scared and shaking.later i found she was the store manager.what a shame for ross store.

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john blackburn - 72 d 16 h ago

are you doing hireing in pelham ga

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Anonymous - 73 d 14 h ago


I am in the Ross store @ 5040 Goodman Rd. . There is only person ringing right now, I have been in the store abpit 20 mins., I'm at the jewerly counter and no ine has been over to help me. This is so ridiculous.

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