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Ross Stores

Ross Dress for Less
4440 Rosewood Dr.
Pleasanton, CA
(925) 965-4400
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Cheri - 6 h ago

I walked out of Ross dress for less in Cape Coral today for the fifth time in a year and a half. 2 cashiers and a line 10 people deep. Disorganized store and very few people speak English (?) really? Just thought corporate office should know how horrible this store is!!!!

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Tannie - 2 d 12 h ago


I shopped at your store 2/16/2019 at about 9:30AM I purchased a couple of items, I later discovered I had the wrong size. I went back to Ross just to exchange the items for a larger size not knowing I would not only need the receipt but a state ID as well. I never needed a state ID to make an exchange. I told the cashier That I couldn't find my ID and she stated that she couldn't exchange or refund me without it because it haven't been 24 hour since I made the purchase even with a receipt. She did not show me this in you listed policy. Your employees should follow the rules thats written on the back of the receipt and not just make up rules . I will not be to quick to shop at this location again and will let the public know about my experience on social media and word of mouth.

Thank You


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Previous Ross Employee - 11 h 37 m ago

As someone who once worked at Ross, as frustrating as it is (and I will agree that it is irresponsible of the Ross Company to not include this in the receipt) this is an actual policy that Ross employees must follow. It is something that is integrated into the registers themselves, so when a person brings something back to return with a 24 hour period, the register will bring up a notification that a photo government issued ID of some form needs to be shown otherwise the register will not allow the register to complete the return (even if it had already been started). If anyone is at fault, it is Ross Corporate for investing this policy and not stating it in the receipt for the business to be aware rather than the employee who is following store policies.

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Email: - 1 d 11 h ago

Contact me for more explanation,

Some lady in my hood introduced me to some new grant programm,

This grant is specifically place for those who need assistance paying for bills,buying a home, starting their own business, going to school, or even helping raise their children with old and retired people.

She received a 150,000 dollars check from the fedreal government.

Contact me for more explanation.

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James joseph - 2 d ago


I have emailed what I believed to be the corporate offices. I did review a response informing me the district manager would be calling me. Well no one called and BTW she I also in my complaint to the HCRC AND ADA. it is horrible how Everyone treats the mentally ill like we are excluded from having rights. I have been so upset since that day and what you people donot realize it's not just the initial occurrence but the traumatic response that my mind goes through. I have had it. I don't go outside very much because of my mental illness and the progress I made with my PTSD has been for nothing. It so t go away by simply getting in the car and drive away, it haunts me! It makes me lose sleep and my anger and anxiety become out of control. My depression just shuts me down and makes me feel like a vegetable. I am so mentally messed up since that night. My mental illness has been severe since 2013 and I cannot co tell how my mind and actions react to traumatic situations! That night if not for my wife my panic attack and my anger would of put me in a bad place. Nobody including the district manager did anything to help me instead worsened my mental state. Discipline wasn't eve mentioned, they laugh at me, they humiliated me and broke my mental illness in half AGAIN! this is not a little thing. Don't you guys get it. That night at the Ross store slammed the door on there little world I have regained since medically retiring back home. Well I am a stranger here Now and my life has shrunk to its lowest point after that night. You probably have no idea what triggers and horrible treatment can do to the mentally ill. I would rather lose my legs than have this. I want to make that district manager and the employee at that store pay and the only way I can feel good about it is to sue your store and then maybe you people will realize I'm not a joke but a terminally mentally ill person who has been treated like I was a nobody. Sick of it just sick of it all.

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Gauravkumar - 3 d 16 h ago


Gaurav kumar

V2 Reatil

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Gabriela R. - 4 d 36 m ago


Hello. I'm contacting someone from Ross Stores in regards of my experience at the store located in 5295 International Drive, Orlando FL 32819. I went to the store on Feb 15th, 2019, around 9pm. When I got to the register I requested to speak to a manager because apparently you guys have a policy in which the customer, after trying the clothes in fitting rooms, the customer itself have to put the clothes back into the hanger and hang the clothes. To me, this is absolutely ridiculous. No other store does that, that's why you hire people to do go backs and recover. I went to talk to the manager, her name is Mary, a Hispanic lady, and I made a complaint with her, I told her that the policy was ridiculous to me and she was very rude. She told me that if that was a different store like Macy's or Target then I would get that service but not at Ross. She told me that if I didn't like it then I could just walk out the door because I wasn't an important customer. That if I leave, tomorrow another 200 customer would still get to the store. She took away the clothes I picked and asked if I was gonna buy them or otherwise she was just gonna put them back. This whole experience was very embarrassing so I left without buying anything.

I feel like not even Goodwill treats people like that. You just lost my business because of that manager, imagine all the business you're losing with that one manager because I don't think I'm the only one that has had issues with her.

All I want from you guys is an apology from her directly because I don't deserve to be treated like that.

Thank you.

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Eileen Brawley - 21 d 24 h ago


I purchased a large mirror today at Ross Store on W. Atlantic Ave. Margate Fla

I asked for help to get to my car which was close by in a Handicap spot. I was told employees not allowed to do that.

The cart have poles on them so you can't take them to parking lot. So I asked how do I get it out of store Manager said pull your car up to front of store and I said then someone will take it out for me she said no!

So a customer a man said he would be glad to do it for me.

So do you think this policy is correct? I am 82 years old and not capable of carrying a 2448 mirror. So if is your policy I think you better rethink it because it STINKS!!!!#

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Someone Grateful - 4 d 11 h ago


I bought a rug n asked for someone to bring to my car and the mgr was more than eager to help. She even loaded it for me.

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Amelia Munoz - 5 d 7 h ago


Worst experience ever hearing one of the managers cursing using foul language in front of customers and my children what if disgrace.

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Pam - 7 d 9 h ago


I'm not really sure why they opened a Ross in Sherwood., Oregon .I enjoy shopping at Ross but this locations never has any stock.I've walked into this location a hand full of times to see if the store would be full but everytime ive went there is very little stock.So i thought i would ask

why there store was so empty all the time.I was shocked what i heard.the cashier told me there was not enough people on the payroll that they could afford to stock the store or buy more stock for the store..If they can't afford to pay people to work the store why have a Ross.everytime ive went in there is only seen a couple people. Very disappointing

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Anonymous - 18 d ago


Due to the store associates negligence my Son stepped on an exposed pin that went through his shoe while walking through the store tonight 2/1/2019 at approximately 20:45. The fitting room clerk I believe her name was Trish and pulled the pin out of the shoe without any concerns whatsoever. When the manager was called did absolutely nothing. Refused to fill out an incident report. Refused to provide any information whatsoever in case something happens to his foot! Police & Embulance were both called to the scene to make sure he was ok. Absolutely NO Concern for a 10 yr old boy?! Really?! Horrible, horrible, horrible service!!! 7511 Lemont rd. Darien IL Beware!!!

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Melissa Moscato - 21 d 10 h ago


I visited the Ross at Palm Harbor State Road 19 this location is in Florida. I reside in Trinity Florida, I am a nursing student who looks for value as I am raising a family and working on my degree. I love Ross in Trinity Florida their customer service is outstanding. On Tuesday they had a marked down in the junior Department which was outstanding the value was amazing and it was in my budget. I preceded to drive to Palm Harbor to find that they did not mark down there items but they're was a wonderful cashier who radioed a floor manage who gave her the go-ahead to just mark down the junior department for me. I did have my newborn with me and my four-year-old daughter as I spend 45 minutes to one hour picking the items I wanted I bought them back to the register and the cashier asked the assistant manager by the name of Taylor for help she then turned to the cashier and said what are you doing you're not allowed to do that, that's is for our markdown team to do. I was embarrassed and the cashier explained to her that the floor manager gave her permission, she continued to scold her and told her that if she was going to mark down those items that she would lose her job. I turned to speak to Taylor the assistant manager to explain that I was looking at the items for 45 minutes to let her know that the other two Ross stores in Trinty and Oldsmar have already marked down their junior department and the young lady was given permission, well she turned her back and kept walking I was so embarrassed. I continued to try get her attention and she said I clocked out I'm not on the clock. I was appalled, I took my children and went back in the car, then my four-year-old questioned me, Mommy why aren't you buying those items and why is that lady mad. This assistant manager Taylor who works in Palm Harbor Florida needs adequate training on how to treat her fellow employees and customers. Stumped in Florida!

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Virginia - 26 d 20 h ago


This is the 2nd time I try to return an item at the Ross in Azusa & the clerk, Adelia, refused to accept the item despite having receipts! The first time, I just left. The 2nd time I went to the Ross in Azusa, it was on Sunday evening, January 13, 2019 & Adelia was the clerk that AGAIN refused to help me. I had purchased a pair of pants the day prior, Saturday, January 12, 2019. I hadn't tried them on before purchasing & had to return them because they were too big. I had my receipt, however, one tag was missing on the pair of pants. Adelia said she couldn't accept it, then I told her to call the manager. The female manager, another female that I think was from loss prevention & Adelia congregated w/each other, didn't bother to look up the jeans on the computer & just told me that they couldn't accept the return because the pants were missing the paper tag. They were all rude & unprofessional. I then went to the Ross in San Dimas, the clerk, Adriana, had no problem finding the numbers on the cloth tag sewn on to the pants that matched the numbers on my receipt! Adriana was pleasant, knowledgable, friendly, polite, professional, cheerful & computer savvy. Adriana went straight to the computer, searched & found the pants. Adriana knew what to do & didn't make me feel like I was some kind of criminal. I will never ever shop at the Ross in Azusa! And believe me, I had been a loyal customer & I make thousands of dollars of purchases at Ross yearly! I think the Ross in Azusa is always messy & dirty. The ONE bathroom is always a mess! The other thing that I find unprofessional w/ the clerks at Azusa is that the clerks are always speaking Spanish to each other from one aisle to another or one cash register to another. I don't care if the clerks are speaking Spanish to the customers or to each other on their own time, but i think it's tacky when clerks are practically yelling to each other from one register to another & in another language. I am fluent in Spanish & think it's great if the clerks assist customers by speaking in the customers' language. But, I think it's tacky when the clerks are speaking another language to each other in front of customers. The clerks at the Ross Azusa do that a lot, especially Adelia. The Ross in Azusa is very dirty, messy & management needs to go in there & retrain & clean it up! The Ross in San Dimas & La Verne are very nice & the girls seem to be up on their computer skills.

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Coopsie - 27 d 6 h ago


Not only is the store messy but God forbid you use the bathroom!!!! This is not the first time I have been in the woman's room and it has been dirty.......out of toilet paper....the hand dryer is not working and there are no hand towels available. ........lousy supply of shoes.........and the music blaring over the loud speakers is DISGUSTING!!!! I used up my gift card today and ..........GOODBYE!!!!!! Too many other stores now in Gaionesville to shop at. CLEAN UP THE BATHROOM!!!!!!!!!!

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Hope - 33 d 9 h ago


7081 Hwy 6 N, Houston, TX 77095

Suoervisor Emily at this store is high most of the time super rude and racist, she fights with employees my mom works there and she tells me all this we have tried to report this but they dont do anything, they need new management at this place they want to treat employees like slaves it is not acceptable!

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Coopsie - 39 d 5 h ago


I had stopped shopping in the Gainesville Ga, Ross months ago after being ASSAULTED by LOUD ,OBNOXIOUIS MUSIC. You stand in line to check out and right there is a speaker blaring out screaming g singers. I don't know how many times I have complained to the managers aND ALL I GET IS "IT'S CORPORATE". WELL, IF CORPORATE EV ER READS THESE REVIEWS....DO SOMETHING ASBOUT THE CHOICE OF MUSIC YOU MAKE US LISTEN TO. THE ONLY reason I went in the other day was because i had a gift card.. When that is spent,,,,,,,,NO MORE!!!!!!!!

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Malinda - 41 d 4 h ago


This is the last time I will shop at any of your stores. Without going into huge detail, you could do a heck of a lot better. Every single person who shops at your stores deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. The location Near me is awful. I gave it 3 chances.. I'm done. It's like shopping at a police station. When expressing my concerns, the employees could care less. Terrible retail service. Keep the change.

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Kim - 43 d 24 h ago


Purchased items on two purchases one with cash the other with my check card at Sacramento ross on truxel, the manager chris was rude to me and wanted to give me a store credit instead of my cash, because i lost my card and didn't have another one to put the money on, this was a debit from my checking account, the stores inventory was pretty empty there was nothing to excange items for and i wanted to go somewhere else to buy kids gifts instead of waiting on them to get some things in stock, the manager chris said he could return it but he'd have to do it for everyone else i showed him my checking account online and that it cleared December 23, 2018 and he still wouldn't give me my money kept insisting on a store credit i called corporate office i was on hold over 40 minutes and at six o'clock corporate answering machine came on saying there closed worst business ever, they don't know how to treat there customers , management is VERYYYYYY RUDE

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Annoyed Person - 77 d 10 h ago


Your company is horrible i worked at one of your stores for 1 day and i quit,all because the manager was a rude cocky person and the employees were so mean to me on my first day of training. one them literally got an attitude with me all because i was asking her a question because i didn't know how to do something on register and it was on my first day of training.Then i told the manager multiple times that i could not work on weekends and then he turns around and puts me on weekends on the schedule, when i told him before i have another job that i can't. he is backwards with everything it isn't even funny. tells you one thing and turns around and says something completely different. definitely think he needs to be fired so rude.then i was told by one of the rude employees that i was going to be docked points for not serving a customer fast enough. what kinda of company docks points from someone who is new based on how fast they are with customers?? you company is freaking horrible,please nobody work here. work somewhere else. they do not give you enough breaks and make you do all the work. while everyone stands around talking.

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Nini - 50 d 6 h ago


The worst company to work for and shop at. Never again.

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Nini - 45 d 12 h ago


I'm going through the same thing plus my hours and days been cut after Christmas!!

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MIMI - 51 d 7 h ago


Your store on Cooper Street in Arlington Texas is the nastiest store I have ever been in! Trash and clothes all over the floors, ladies rest room is so nasty that I turned around and walked out. You should be ashamed to have anyone walk into this store!

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Cathy P - 55 d 5 h ago


I have had to worse experience with them on my gift card for christmas. I spend lots of money in this store every year and so dissapointed even management couldnt help

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Anonymous - 57 d 7 h ago


Rudest store I've ever been in! Only three people working registers even during Christmas season. Will not return.

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