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Ross Stores

Ross Dress for Less
4440 Rosewood Dr.
Pleasanton, CA
(925) 965-4400
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Anonymous - 1 d ago


This happen at Laredo tx store number 296 yesterday night around 9:30-9:50 pm am a happy customer who loves to shop at Ross store I go very often.. I see inappropriate stuff happening every time I go.. last night I was in line to pay an employee was clocking out or going to lunch and a lady talks out loud to the security "code 50 because she might be stealing" the employee was upset by seeing her face she look around and felt embarrassed me on my mind it wasn't the right thing to do I asked an employee who she was and what's her name of the employee she respond by her name Miriam she is a supervisor and that it wasn't the first time she does that.. compare to other stuff I see this one was the worst so I had to report it because a supervisor isn't supposed to be rude and inappropriate with employees

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Franny - 4 d 18 h ago


Upset because you have no summer dress in Florida. 95 degrees in September in Florida we wear summer clothes all year round. Can you correct this and keep summer clothing in your stores in Florida I also like long dresses because it keeps my legs out of the sun. Thank you. Fran

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SATONDO - 18 d 13 h ago


I bought a rug over a month ago and I broke the plastic covering in order to try it at home and see if it matched my family room. Sadly, nobody like the rug at my house and I took it back to Ross by Frederick in Moreno Valley, CA so I can get store credit because according to the policy they can give you store credit if its return over 30 days, which I agreed with that policy. Connie the cashier told me that the rug was dirty which it was not because it was not used at all and my house is super clean so it did not pick up not even dirt. The rug picked up some lint at the register and she stated that it was dirt which it was not, then Adrian came the security guard and informed the manager which she was called already that the carpet was dirty which it was not, I insisted. Then Daniel another security guy came into the conversation and said that we needed to speak with him and now we needed to leave the store because we were yelling which it was not true, yes we got upset because they all grouped and called my husband and I liars and that the rug was used and dirty, which it was not, because they could not point any spot on the rug. My husband and I decided to call the store manager the next day so we took the phone number and in our way out Daniel the last security guy said " THE TRASH IS OUT THE DOOR" unbelievable!!!!! we are customers who spend thousands of dollars at Ross and we are being called LIARS and "TRASH" we are the ones paying their paychecks, if we don't consume their products they don't have a job, at that point, I was furious of course and I will still call the general manager and this is the reason why I am contacting you to open a complaint to report this unacceptable behavior from their employees. If they don't want to return it because they don't want to, no problem, we could have talked to the general manager but they called us "LIARS AND TRASH" never in my life I was called TRASH!!! I don't believe this is acceptable neither professional from the evening manager Carla to group with Connie, Adriana and Daniel to attack a customer instead of treating the customer with respect and dignity!!!!!!! I will never go back to this store for the rest of my life, this is humiliating and denigrating for us, We don't have a need to spend my money in a place where I am being mistreated and humiliated because they make such a big trouble to return an item (which I hardly return items to Ross because I don't like it). I demand an apology in writing from all the employees who were involved in this situation and of course an apology from the store. We as customer don't deserve this, thee employees don't know the value of a returning customer and they need to be trained to let them go otherwise your store will be empty in no time because Im not the only one complaining about it!!

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Anonymous - 8 d ago

Did you check to see if maybe they were pointing out to another customer that the trash cans are located outside the main door?? And you will not get an apology in writing.. that's not something employees are required to give at a customer's request.

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Barbara Ambush - 5 d 13 h ago


I would appreciate that store are trained to step outside the box using consideration and common sense. I shopped at the Ross store in Gaithersburg,Maryland, using my rolator, I shopped in the store for hours, selecting several items, more close to 300.00 when I reached the register only to find out my card declined. I did not know the bank had put a freeze on my account due to suspicion of fragilant activity. I am 74 year cancer patient, came there by cab. I asked the manager if she would take all my information including bank information, drivers license, phone number or whatever, because there was no way I could use my rolator and locate all the items, don't remember what I had selected, I am appalled that a manager cannot show consideration for the elderly and disabled customers! After we shop and spend money too, your managers should recognize extenuating circumstances and make adjustments accordingly. Thanks in advance for your immediate attention to this matter

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Marrissa - 8 d 8 h ago


The culture of Ross has changed completely. I was making a purchase at Ross, store number 0636, in Mooresville, NC. The cashier accused me of altering the price on the merchandise. She called a sales associate from that dept who told her the price was correct on the bag. The cashier still insisted the price was incorrect and that I had altered the price tag. Mind you, the tag is secured on the bag by and anti theft mechanism. I asked for a manager. Maria, I believe her name to be, responded and came up to the register. She looked at the bag and continue with my purchase. The cashier was still telling her I had altered the price tag. I couldnt even talk to Maria because the cashier continued to be rude. Maria never corrected her at all. I told Maria that the lady is displaying horrible customer service. At this point she should have removed her from the situation. Maria said nothing. The cashier then started to mock me saying, "I hope you have a better day after you leave here." "You can call corporate and complete the survey, Im within my right to say whatever I like."

Wow. It's so sad to have to experience this. I shop at many Ross throughout my city because I like the goods. But the blantant disrespect today changed that for me.

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Kriss D Gedo - 13 d 5 h ago


I've shopped Ross because of low prices. I WILL NEVER set foot in a store or watch a commercial again. EVER.

I will happily pay 5X the price than support that "so called" department store!

With receipt in hand, well under the 30 day return date , Englewood CO store Manager refused refund, store credit to me. On principle alone I write this email and 10 other emails to "Customer " Service! I have never been treated this badly. I KNOW how return policy reads. Its printed clearly ON MY receipt !!!!! I HAVE never returned ONE ITEM to Ross in my 53 years alive! AGAIN!!! I respect retail return POLICY. EVERYWHERE! the saying goes, buyer beware. I will copy and paste this email Everywhere . Your Englewood CO store is filthy your Manager is incompetent and I'm sure your policies are inconsistent throughout ALL stores.

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Sally - 11 d ago


I feel for you, the same thing is going on at the Blue Diamond store in Las Vegas but this manager here is a racist pig she needs not to be working with the public! I myself will never buy, support any thing that has to do with a Ross store

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Sally costa - 11 d ago


Who ever does the hiring at Ross obviously is very racist. The store manager on Blue Diamond rd. Is a angry person that has a huge attitude toward white people, every time I'm in there she is always giving some excuse as to why you can't do a return and others I see that do not have a receipt she will give them cash back. She also has horrible customer service and treats every color but black with such disrespect it's disgusting I really hope someone will see that manager for who she really is another racist pig!! She should not be out in public or dealing with the public we are all ONE we are all people she needs that embedded on her forehead!

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Mrs. Martinez - 49 d 19 h ago


This complaint is reference the Ross Store, located in Hialeah, Florida. I went today 8/2/18 to return a baby item that did not fit. When I purchased the item, it DID NOT HAVE A TICKET, and they gave me a price of $12.99 which I accepted and paid. Forwarding to today, I arrive to return the item & to request a store credit. After explaining the above-mentioned, the cashier (who was very nice,) took it to one Supervisor & then another one approached (each other) never making contact with me at all, and both "CONCLUDED" that the particular item "ALWAYS" comes in a box!! I was trying to speak to them and said, "ma'am I can assure you the item DID NOT COME IN A BOX!" Again without acknowledging me, they gave the item & my receipt to the Loss Prevention Officer to go look at the cameras! He quickly came back with the okay that the purchased happened exactly the one I said it did. As the cashier returns to finalize my credit, she needed their authorization. The 2 "Supervisors" started to walk (both together) to the back of the store "completely ignoring the cashier's request as she said "don't you both walk away together I need you here for an authorization!" They both looked back, ignoring that a customer was waiting, and simultaneously the customer in the cashier next to me likewise needed authorization. We both stayed waiting and holding up a pretty long line! Finally, another supervisor that was working as a cashier came over when she was done with her customer and signed the authorization. As I walk in the store to get my Mom, the two "supervisors" were returning, I stop and said "both of you are supervisors and there were 2 customers waiting for your authorization and you both decided to walk away together?!" They looked at me with absolutely NO ANSWER AT ALL, because what could they say to their lack of customer service, nothing!!

But as I walk away they said in Spanish "esta loca" and I was like no you both are the locas!! WOW

I want to make the point that when I stopped to approach them, I spoke to them in a low tone -in a firm yet polite manner.

I understand Ross Corporation is opening a new store or relocating to a new and bigger nearby location. My suggestion is don't only concentrate in opening a new store, but manage your store "supervisors" and get them to a Customer Service 101 Course to educate them on how to treat your customers. On a side note, this store is ALWAYS a complete mess, extremely disorganized -and quite frankly it looks worse than a flee market! The only reason I go there is because it's blocks away from my mother's house. "Supervisors" names are: VERONICA & SILVANA.

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Lynne - 13 d 15 h ago

Mrs Martinez

this board will get you nowhere with reporting bad customer service. Try this link

Copy and paste it to your address bar.

Go down to 'Didn't find an answer in our FAQs? Send a message here' and fill in those fields.

On the 'I am inquiring about' (select one topic) click that little arrow down symbol to see the drop box to select from. Top one should be customer service- click it.

Type in your message (or copy and paste what you posted here)

When you are done with message, you need to click the I'm not a robot box and follow their instructions.

Click submit when all done

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Anonymous - 16 d 7 h ago

Hello my name is Tinesha Travis and I trying to get my application done for the location in normal,I'll for september.11th please can I have the number to get in touch with someone please and thank you

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Lynne - 13 d 16 h ago

Tinesha- you will not get an answer, nor will you get a phone number on this site. Google up the Ross store in the town you want you'll have a better chance that way.

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Peggy - 13 d 18 h ago

Went shopping at Ross today,every time I seem to turn around,I had security follow,why,I wasn't the only one shopping,maybe my color made a different,I doubt cause I'm 65, hurts it's ok to watch,but almost every aisle...

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Anonymous - 19 d ago


I was in your Seplveda and Vermont store!

Purchase merchandise with cash! Buzzer went off

Security want to hurry up and get bags with the perfume in it!

Device not scannned off!

Need to train your clerk more better in security not Police officer ! Go sign up ! If you want to be one!!

Lost valuable customer

I shop daily!

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Concerned citizen - 19 d 17 h ago

The lady manager at the coral way store and Sw 37 av ....MIAMI Florida is very bias about hiring only Cuban related personal and discriminate against other non Cuban applicant ,,,,, I urge upper management to look into this look for your self ,,,, be advised I'll follow up on my complaint and if no change is made

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Anonymous - 20 d 4 h ago

Speaking as a disabled person I have stopped shopping in your store because you have no wheelchair available for use. I love your store but no longer come there for this reason.

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TSea - 23 d 15 h ago


i go to the Ross in Reno NV on firecreek crossing. I just had to say something about this store. Im looking for a price for a giant Halloween decor. I ask a lady at the jewelry desk. She is out in out rude from the getgo. She says" if it doesnt have a price I dont know what it is" in a why are you bothering me, very rude tone. The Security person pipes in saying that there is probly another one in the childrens section all the way in the back. Im thinking isnt it thier job to get a price for the customer!!! i go back there anyway & i find another same decor & still no price!! Why arent they putting prices on thier merchandise. All items should be priced. There was only 2 of these left & neither had a price. So then the security girl yells to me "theyre 12.99. By that time i just didnt want them anymore. So rude to me all of them!! They couldnt even drop the price or at least show me some courtesy and friendliness, after all my effort and how they inconvenienced me, making me go to the back. I felt very disgusted & disrepected, to say the least. I never want to go back to that store & i tell my friends to go to the other Ross stores around town.

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some one - 23 d ago


lazy American

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Mad Husband - 29 d ago


MEN LOSS PREVENTION OFFICERS IN THE WOMEN'S DRESSING ROOMS!!!! Oh NO NO NO- My wife likes this store, so i went with her last weekend while she shopped and tried on clothing,(and yes there was a reason I went with her this time to that store. She mentioned to me SHE DID NOT LIKE ALL THE MALE LOSS PREVENTION GUYS BEING IN THE WOMEN'S DRESSING ROOMS WITH HER AND THE OTHER LADY'S the week prior, and I was like..Run that by me again! So sure enough while I was there I noticed it as well and ask the lady in the area before the dressing rooms why MALES ARE IN THE WOMEN'S DRESSING ROOMS? She said they were back in the mens area only, which is across from the lady's side. But I was like NO, NOT WHAT I JUST HAD SEEN- when you approach the dressing rooms right side is men's dressings room Left is women and a tall skinny man with a shirt that said loss prevention was in the left side which is for women.AND I can SEE JUST FINE HE CAME OUT FROM THE WOMEN'S SIDE!! I just told my wife you DONT NEED TO SHOP AT THAT ROSS STORE-need to be shopping somewhere else if that kinda stuff goes on at that store!!! Very In-Appropriate in my observation of the Ross store at 75 & Parker in Plano. SHAME FOR SURE

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Bill - 31 d 19 h ago


Don't think this will,make a difference but here goes. Your ads are 5 star. Your stores are 1 star. I have been to many stores and all look the same: disheveled, half stocked and no merchandising effort is present. I don't know if it is your managers, staff or corporate policy which causes your stores to look like Good Will outlets. I don't mean to insult Good Will. Why do you continue to open stores you cannot stock or manage? I would love to see your P and L statements.

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Anonymous - 69 d 4 h ago


Unhappy employee,

Applied for the job..with my hiring letter it stated to fill out the paper work and then to call the hiring manager to see when I would be on the schedule, she told me they would call me. Almost 2 weeks went by before I received a call. Did my orientation and then worked on day..worked 5 hours and no one relieve me from the fitting area for a wasn't good at all...come to my surprise I was unable to continue to work with my arthritis, buti have still yet to receive the pay for my orientation or the 5 hours worked.. wish someone would have the respect to return an email or a phone call as to where my pay is...

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Employee - 67 d ago


I am going threw the same issue right now.i got paid for the last week I was there before not showing up due to no payment I called several times and no call back

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Anonymous - 38 d ago

Contact the labor board in your area.

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Anonymosus until needed - 32 d ago


I am hearing problems of problems with the manager at the Ross Dept store in Bakersfield CA Ming Ave. She is picking individuals she doesn't like whom have never had a problem before. Her name is Clarissa. I don't know what the issues are but someone needs to do something before an attorney is involved and this store loses money. This is Harassment in the work place. This needs to be taken care of ASAP.

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Anonymous - 38 d 21 h ago

Contact the labor board.

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