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Ross Stores

Ross Dress for Less
4440 Rosewood Dr.
Pleasanton, CA
(925) 965-4400
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Cara - 1 d 8 m ago


The Ross store in hillsboro Oregon is horrible! Every time I shop there they have one checker and no back up checker! I always ask why one checker when they have a line curving around there rope area? They have excuses after excuses, apologies but never do any kind of action to fix it! I feel Ross isn't customer service oriented but money hungry! It's so annoying and frustrated to shop at a place where u have to wait soooo long to check out! Fix this problem!

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Anonymous - 6 d ago


The store in Palm Springs is so dirty I refuse to change and their dressing rooms.

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Valerie Anne Lugo - 8 d ago


Dear Ms. Rentler... Please contact Mr. Michael W. Glazer of Undercover Consultants... He has reviewed three stores in Broward County Florida, Fort Lauderdale area, and I guarantee you that knowing Mr. Glazer if you contact him at (hidden), and hear what he has to say, your one star store will become a four star within three months.. Well respected in his community has helped numerous businesses

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Michael W Glazer - 8 d 3 h ago


send email to CEO Please have Barbara call me (hidden)

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Anonymous - 8 d 4 h ago


Be careful Seniors, if you buy something on Tuesday and need to return they will not return !! You get a refund then pay full price, bull crap!!!

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Island Girl - 31 d 17 h ago


Ross's is my favorite store. I can say I shop there about 3-5 times a week. I have never had any problems with the sales associates until tonight. I'm from Ewa Beach, Hawaii, on the island of Oahu, and my girlfriend and I felt like we were discriminated.

As we first entered the store, we were greeted as usual, but this time, we noticed the the greeter flagged another worker and pointed at us discreetly, not knowing that we saw them. Maybe because we were in our workout clothes or something, but we noticed that we were being followed by not just one, but 3 employees asking us if we were ok. When we walked through another aisle, the same person, a male asked us the same question again. We noticed that the same 3 employees were following us. Why because we looked suspicious because the way we were dressed? I find that discriminating and rude. I have spent over $2000 this week at that store buying things for my new place, but to be treated that way is so uncalled for.

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Jeri - 9 d 5 h ago


Typical for Hawaii. You are either White or Black. I'mnWhite. They like to discriminate since everybodyher is an Asian or Brown mix. Var. the Phillipino manager in Waikiki Ross wouldnt return a pair of pants bc there was cat hair on them. took yhe few on there off and he had a great time refusing a refund to me. rutted gleaming with hate and pride. took to another Ross and no problem. left a msg with the DISTRICT MANAGER, "SUE" SHE NEVER CALLED BACK!! Don used to be DM and was wonderful. I'm done with fast fashion and Ross clothes that fall apart after 3 months anyway. Sorry about your all but typical experience in Ewa / Waikiki. How they love to gang up together to create drama huh. Sad. Kapolei Ross is very nice ppl. Try there mb.

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Never Again A Repeat Customer - 27 d ago


I will start by saying I shop at Ross often and am so disgusted with the management Jennifer and Italia at the New Lenox Store on Route 30 . I purchased multiple items one of which was a skirt that was not given to me in my bag. Upon arrival at home from my shopping I opened my bag and no skirt in my bag . I called the store only to be disconnected to call back again several times to see where my item is that I was in fact charged for. I was told they cannot find and "I got ya girl " on the phone by an associate . I drove immediately to the store to speak to management who proceeded to try to brush me off saying she watched tapes and it was in bag . I said " well don't you need my receipt to confirm please show me the tapes ". Italia then told me that ya no I won't but you got it . I then asked for another manager who was Jennifer in which they discussed actually going to look at tapes . I explained again I am back at the store to simply get my skirt I was charged for and if they are not showing me a tape then provide my skirt I was charged for . Again they leave and come back saying again they saw I got item but continue to say they will not show me tapes . I said " I shop here all the time I am looking for the skirt the only one like that in the whole store that you charged me for and did not give to me . "

Now I am asking to see the tape then to show that you have given me my item again refused .

I asked for a corporate number and they gave me their store number !!!!

I asked for them to write their names down and asked for another associate and they both said no.

Now I call corporate as I got into my car and Italia answers so I repeat this is not the corporate number I need that number .... Places me on a never ending hold .

Never ever again would I spend a penny of my hard earned money in this store .

I was treated like garbage by the managers and the Ross Company should be ashamed to have these two as your front line management .

I called corporate again unable to reach anyone to be switched over from receptionist Coreen to a hold line to listen to music for minutes on end no answer .

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Jeri - 9 d 5 h ago


thats the same treatment ppl get in Hawaii, Waikiki, Oahu to be specific. Var is. the manager and White ppl get the same dirty tricks. you have to watch them like a hawk. I hope you at least got your money back. you can goggle the name of the district manager I hope. sometimes there is s wordy. v busy looking sign on the front window of the store. buried in that mess is the name of the district manager. good luck with this mess of a company. customer service wise. to bad. it used to be well managed.

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Unethical employer - 27 d 21 h ago


I work at Ross part time. I asked for full time and they cut my hours along with everyone else's. That's all fine so I got another job at Lowe's which they are wonderful. So I also have multiple sclerosis and had a seizure at work the other night where 911 was dispatched. I work closing shift all,the time for Ross and my dr wrote a note stating I can't close or work late anymore due to it exacerbating my MS symptoms. I called Ross to let them know I had the note and also that Lowe's makes a schedule 3weeks in advance so I can easily be scheduled at Ross around Lowe's. To the dr note my boss stated they can not accommodate that and I need to write a letter of resignation.

My boss specifically told me I would not be put on the schedule and they would just call me if they needed me because it's also too hard to work around Lowe's apparently. So to this, I was ok until I get a call one morning where I was told I was scheduled to work the night before. Again, she told me I would only be called in and not put on the schedule. So I'm thinking they're trying to get me as no call no show since I'm scheduled again for next week. My dr note will cover that as well as the second day where I was in the ER all night. I'm hearing this boss does this to people so she can fire them if they go back to school or get another job.

As far as having me resign because they can't accommodate me not being able to work late shift due to my disability, the Ross website clearly states they have to make reasonable accommodations for disabilities by law.

I will be calling HR first thing Monday as well as contacting the disability action center about this. It's unethical and unfair to treat employees this way. Disability or not, it's wrong.

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Jeri - 9 d 5 h ago


that's horrible. this chain has gone so far downhill costumer service wise. they must be raking it in the money big time and no longer have to care about real ppl.

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Anonymous - 18 d 6 h ago



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Anonymous - 18 d 6 h ago

My entire comment has disappearred. I hate all of you noe

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Anonymous - 9 d 8 h ago


ref: 4/16 pm

The store in Northglenn Co

104th Blvd is the only store that refused to check on floor stock ...

Was told it was a "staffing


REALLY staffing what?

Believe it a "LAZY ISSUE!!"

A place they work for $$$$

to hell w the customers who help keep them working!!

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Anonymous - 12 d 3 h ago

I need yo complaint on a worker name rimma at store 1222

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Anonymous - 19 d 17 h ago


Brad Wieland get a handle on your managers you have your assistant manager Silvia yelling and cussing at employees in front of customers really? You obviously don't have no respect for your employees, letting you managers do this in santa Maria you are aware of all situations at this store but you don't care Ross get rid of this guy and that manager they are trash.

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Cakelady - 20 d 7 h ago


I am becoming more and more disappointed in your stores. Lately they are like going to a rummage sale. The sizes are all mixed up. When I visit one of the 2 stores in my area (W. Colonial and Millennia) I spend like 30 minutes sorting out the clothes in the area I am looking for something in (like 3 rows) so I can look in my size and see if they have what I want. There is NO way the rows can get that messed up overnight. And I know the people who work there have an hour after the store closes each night to sort the rows. I realize the customers put things back in the wrong areas (I used to work at Marshall's...and, by the way...their racks are not messed up like if you are trying to compete with them you should work a little harder to get your clothing organized!), but it is easy to sort them out by the size colors. However, I don't think the customers should have to sort them out. Maybe you need to hire someone who works all night sorting out the clothes racks, if it IS that bad. But, if I were a Secret Shopper, I would not rate your stores very high because of the messiness.

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Anonymous - 22 d 6 h ago

I worked for the Ross in Midlothian for three weeks. It's been almost a month since I left and I still have not gotten one check from the time I started. I have left three messages with the manager and have not gotten any response.

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Anonymous - 26 d 4 h ago

I would like to know if guys have an idea to open a ross dress for less in New Jersey on Route 10 or West Orange

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Patty - 28 d 10 h ago


Love Ross. I do most of my shopping at all the ones in my area. Yesterday I was at a store 6507 Fallbrook Ave, West Hills, CA and they have closed the rest room to the customers. No reason given except the restrooms are not available to the public. So I left and didn't buy anything. Walmart is next door and their restroom is available to customers and I spent my money there. I hope this is not a permanent situation as most people do spend time shopping and trying on clothes.

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Anonymous - 30 d 9 h ago


This was the worst experience I have ever had in any store where employee and MOD was rude and showed no care for the store. Almost every Sunday morning I get up early and shop for my outfit for church at Ross. I really never had the best experience dealing with employees here but I love the products and deals so tend to overlooked rudeness. I purchased some dress pants and a woven shirt and when I got home I noticed that the pants had a huge stain on it so after church I came back to Ross to return them. As I approached the cashier she first noticed I had a return and gasped really hard when reach the counter. Cashier did not speak and never gave me any eye contact. She then walk away without telling me what the issue was and called MOD to help her with transaction. I politely ask if there was an issue and she ignored me and rolled her eyes. When MOD came she did not speak to me at all or ask me what the problem was. I again ask if there was an issue and the cashier gave me attitude as if I stained the pants. The MOD then screamed at her to walk away and as she walked out of the customer service area she slammed the door really hard making a loud sound. I was really confused because I still didn't know what the issue was and I ask the MOD if the cashier was ok and she advised me that it's their problem and it has been a very busy and stressful day. I advised MOD that I have been working in customer service for over 20 years and there is never an excuse to be extremely rude to any customer because the store is busy. The loss prevention employee came up to confirm that he seen me early and he didn't understand what the issue was. Mod then walked away and place my change on the counter. She didn't apologize tell or say anything. I will not be shopping at this Ross anymore as I had my young daughter with me and she felt afraid over a simple return. This location was in Durham NC in North Pointe shopping center

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Faith Kesling - 36 d 6 h ago


I went to the Glenwood/State St store in Boise Idaho on Monday the 19th of March. The cashier charged me for an extra shirt that I did not purchase. I went back on Wednesday, March 21 to get my money back on their mistake. The manager at that location , (MATT) Immediately took my receipt to the back to look on the camera to see if I was lying about the transaction. I understand that there a certain protocols you have to follow, but this manager was out right rude! Not once did he say hello I will be right back ma'am or did he apologize for the time that I waited while he was looking on the camera. He acted like he was put out because of the time he had to take to make sure I was telling the truth! I work for a big corporation that deals with customers all day long and we would never be allowed to treat or act like this to a member.. He obviously needs more schooling in leadership and customer service!!! I would love a response back on this complaint.

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can't get it at ross! - 52 d ago


today at 3:48 pm I walked out of the West Sacramento Ross store because there was no one available to ring up the customers buying merchandise...however there were 2 clerks doing returns...on customers who got in line after myself and 7 or so other customers who had merchandise to purchase. I asked the clerk doing returns is there any one available to check us out...she replied no and then ignored myself and all the other paying customers waiting to check out...guess I would have had better service if I was returning items but unfortunately can't buy anything to bring back.This idiotic response to a paying customer was such a turnoff I will not go back...but I will continue to broadcast my unpleasant experience at your establishment. You make the DVM experience something to look forward too.

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MOD Ross - 41 d 37 m ago


Ross treats returns as a priority. We have already conducted business with these ppl and they are back possibly disatisfied and we want to correct whatever issue they have. However, only one cashier should be performing returns. The other cashier or cashiers should be focusing on our new paying customers and completing their transactions fast and friendly. Many managers will say they arent allowed to get on and help but thats not true, we do try to keep their register work to a minimum, but if a store is short staff they CAN hop on and help when the line gets long. My managers do it all the time they help us and thank the lord they do ..some days the line is all the way to the back of the store! I am sorry for your experience, please try a different location! We are not all the same!

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Dgn - 51 d 6 h ago

Ross in Humble...20 customers in line and one cashier checking out and one doing returns. This is rediculous! I asked the manager that is standing around doing nothing, if more lanes can be opened, he says other employees are at lunch.

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MOD Ross - 41 d ago


I am employed by Ross.. and it is our policy to call another cashier if theres 3 ppl in line, if theres 6 ppl we call 2 cashiers. Some times we call everyone who knows the register to come help us check out, even if theyre on break, or in the stockroom they stop what theyre doing and come help, they can continue their break or return to the stockroom once the line is under control. Managers also may jump on a register had they made the bad decision to send everyone to lunch at the same time. We do however try to keep manager transactions under 100 per week. I am sorry you had to wait so long and had a horrible experience. Please try another location not all Ross' are the same.

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