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Ross Stores

Ross Dress for Less
4440 Rosewood Dr.
Pleasanton, CA
(925) 965-4400
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Anonymous - 2 d 16 h ago


Unhappy employee,

Applied for the job..with my hiring letter it stated to fill out the paper work and then to call the hiring manager to see when I would be on the schedule, she told me they would call me. Almost 2 weeks went by before I received a call. Did my orientation and then worked on day..worked 5 hours and no one relieve me from the fitting area for a wasn't good at all...come to my surprise I was unable to continue to work with my arthritis, buti have still yet to receive the pay for my orientation or the 5 hours worked.. wish someone would have the respect to return an email or a phone call as to where my pay is...

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Employee - 13 h 41 m ago


I am going threw the same issue right now.i got paid for the last week I was there before not showing up due to no payment I called several times and no call back

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Brenda McMahon - 15 h 26 m ago

This last Sunday I went and shopped for my grandsons school clothes.

We shopped for over an hour had a basket half full of clothes. Took one Look at the line at cash register. (This is the third time I found this problem)

Saw 30 people in line, two cash registers.

I left...this was not black Friday. I saw others leave too. This is a problem with all your stores.

Dont you want my business?

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Lynne - 2 d 7 m ago

Love love love the Ross store in Great Falls MT! It's so clean and well organized! It was so nice to shop in a nice clean store.

I was in the Ross store in Kennewick, WA and wouldn't go back again- it was so dirty and had clothes thrown all over the floor (their customers act like pigs).

The staff in Great Falls should teach those in Kennewick how to keep a clean store.

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Customer in pursuit of better treatment - 2 d 6 h ago


I went into your store in Stone Mountain Georgia on West Park Place and Stone Mountain Hwy. Only two cashiers were working at the time. I was disappointed because I chose the least customer service oriented of the two. I went to the cashier at register number 3 Saturday July 14, 2018 a little before 12:20pm after waiting in line several minutes while she took her time to place bags on the register and complain about the equipment as the line grew. When she finally got the line down and I moved toward her register the cashier refused to acknowledge me, nor did she serve me. She emptied all the money into the drawer then walked away from her register. She left me confused, she did not say anything to me. Not "welcome to Ross", not "I'll be right back." She said nothing and I interpreted that to mean she had no capacity to provide the excellent customer service to me that I've grown accustomed. I was disappointed because she did not desire to treat me with the same decency and respect that she would have wanted to be treated. She made the decision not to serve me as some sort of punishment and I made the decision not to spend my money. I did not deserve that treatment nor did she have the right, to inaccurately determine I should be punished, so I left my purchases on the register wondering what went wrong and feeling frustrated. I contacted the manager and spoke with Barbara shortly afterward; but, I felt something wasn't right and I told Barbara that I would write to you. Because I feel like you should know how your customers are being treated at this store by cashiers that come across as untrained, spiteful, and vengeful.

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Unsatified customer - 2 d 17 h ago


Went in to Ross in Rancho Cucamonga on 7/13/2018 my daughter found a handbag on clearance she liked and it had a stain on it so I went to check out I asked if I could get a discount for the stain and they said yes 10% but when they rang it up and realized it was clearance they said they couldn't give the discount I'm calling corporate on Monday this is so unacceptable on management part not to give 10% discount now they lost a customer will never shop her again

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unaccetable behavior - 3 d 36 m ago



I went to Ross San Fransisco store at work It was around 8:49pm 7/13/18 . I went upstairs to the women dress are and pick out 6 items;walked back to the fitting room to try them on an Emma ,I believe that was her name . She was helping a Women of color she check all her closing before she enter the dressing room an as she walk away she kept look up an down at her as she was going to steal something. Next a european women came up. She didn't search her item just gave her a number and let her walk in to the fitting room. I was next I put all of my six items on the rack. The assist counted my clothing then what I called searched them up a down repeatedly. I was offended by this time. I said you got to be kidding. Took the clothes off the rack. The assistant started say my hand you hurt my hand. I stated I did not touch your hand. Then I said can I have the number she pulled back an yell your rude. I put my had out to get the number 6 for the item I had. I then put my hand on top of the white card with the 6 on it. The assist held on tight to the white card. I tugged on the card for her to let it go. I got the number and started walking into the dressing room . I never touched her. The assistant was yelling as I walking into the dress room you are Rude and making up accusation about her hand. The security guard came stood there and did not say anything. Also before Emma assisted me for the fitting room. Another women of color standing in front to the left with a black basket, Emma ask her if she was in the right store. Like she was not suppose to be there and I asked her to stay until the manger Susan came an we explain what had just happen. I ask for the store manager to play the video back. Susan said she is going to set down with her and talk to her and play the video. Another assistant was accompanying Emma looking a me with such despise in their eyes. This unacceptable behavior. I felt prejudices against. I felt this was a act of racist behavior. I want to bring this to your attention because it not the first time this has happen in the dressing room but I hope it's the last.

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Anon - 4 d 5 h ago


My friend and I went to Ross at 83rd and bell in Peoria Az on July 12, 2018 and an alarm was going off on the shoes so we went to find which one it was to take it up front and we grabbed it and the girl(Christina) comes up and snatches it out of our hands. She then started talking bad about us to another CUSTOMER like we did something wrong. She was so rude and this store had terrible customer service. 10/10 will never come again.

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Deborah - 4 d 10 h ago


I recently once again went into shop at Ross I stood in line for over an hour there were 29 people behind me six people in front of me to Cashiers and four other cashiers standing and talking and hanging up hangers laughing I called the manager whose name is Allie in the Aurora location in Colorado and she informed me that she was just getting ready to put people at the registers how funny I was there for over an hour and within 5 minutes she had 6 more people on the register I will not come back to this place poor management and people that don't care about people spending money I saw six people leave their carts and walk out of the store she didn't seem to care

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- A - 6 d ago

I'm Really Dissapointed In Ross, I Recently Applied There After Given Specific Instructions On How Too Apply & Was Told For - Sure I Was Going Too Get A Call Back From The Hiring Manger. - They Had A Huge Sign In Front Of The Store Saying "Now Hiring." My Step Mother Asked About The Ave Limit & What The Requirements Are. I Am 18 Fresh Out Of Highschool, I Am Also A Graduated. I Quickly Applied. Just Too Get A Message Informing Me I Didn't Meet The Requirments Too Work At There Store. - I Just Found This Out Right Now As I Called Every Day Checking The Status Of My Application. I Was So Exicted Too Work For A Company Just Like Ross! I Spend Majority Of My Hard Earned Money There Just Too Get Lied Too & Knocked Down A Couple Steps Back. By Far I Can Say, You Personally Do Not Know Me. For You To Say I Don't Meet The Requirements Are Just Plain - Outrages. I Am A Hard Working, Honest & Loyal Worked Anyone Could Ever Have. I Have Great Customer Service Skills & Also Good With Fast Learning That Ross Needs. But, You Don't Even Take The Time Too See Up Interviews With All These 'Canidates.' Because By Far I'm Sure They Will Be One Of The Best Workers Around If You Actually Gave Us The Time Of Day Of Meeting Everyone Who Apply. Because Trust Me - The People That YOUR STORE Hires Are Not Fast At All, There Rude & Very Un- Organized. I Hope One Day You Will Take This Advice Too Not JUDGE What's On A Piece Of Paper. Because That PROVES Nothing. Have A Good Day.

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Angela Wilks. - 6 d 15 h ago

I was racially profiled at Ross on June 30th 2018 in Milwakee,Wisconsin on South 27th. No word from no one. Manager Nicole said sorry but they didn't have corporate number. As of this day no word from no one. I was humiliated!

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Poor management - 9 d 17 h ago


Ross own store Dds seven st victorville c.a Ross need to clean all management on that store that's bad customer service bad management leads supervisor assistant managers bad store

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Marlin Rodriguez - 10 d 17 h ago


Why? Ivan Romero takes employees after to get drunk also they get drunk at work it's a lot of activity with the management lead supervisors assistant managers I thought the policy says not to associate with employees after work and get drunk please help the employees the guys up to no good Ivan Romero Dds store seven st Victorville C.a

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Loyal Rosser - 11 d 9 h ago


Ross store # 0384 . I frequent this store very often but that will change soon if they dont get better. I'm usually able to find the things I need but often end up weighing whether I really need the item or as I stand in a very unorganized crowded line , no matter the day of the week or the time . I often end up putting the item back and leaving the store. Today I waited even though I think this was the longest wait I ever had (about 25 min). While everyone is waiting to make purchases for long periods of time ,others just walk right up to do returns and ate helped right away ...... something is wrong with the stem

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Ross in Allen, TX has some of the WORST managers. I tried to return a shoe that I bought 3 weeks ago and they were already used. I also had the receipt. The manager was so rude and I was humiliated. She wouldn't take it back and kept arguing. She even tried to call security even though I was calm. These managers NEED to be trained. They have awful customer service and they ruined my day.

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Ross needs a Reality check - 12 d 18 h ago


Ross stinks! Someone in corporate should go on Undercover Boss. A corporate person should go into a store and sit down with the store managers and see the kind of stuff that goes on in there day to day. Try working the store with your corporate expectations and see how well you do. Each store is different some customers have manner other customers just throw products on the floor like it's garbage. Every distict manager and higher should have to spend a week in the worst store in each district, I wonder how well they would actually do. Instead of going to Vegas try spending that money on something way more important like making sure stores have the hours they need to run the store. These companies who think it's so easy to just implement a plan need a realiy check, their businesses would never survive without associates and lower management.

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Ross associate - 14 d ago

Why does ross drag their feet on paying life insurance claims? An associate passed away In March , it is now July and the family still hasn't gotten anything on her life insurance stock or even a sympathy card. Family is looking for a lawyer to sue Ross. Bill for funeral have to be paid

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Angel - 21 d 12 h ago

My son works at the Ross store in Port Richey FL and says there is theft happening there everyday, He will find hard tags taken off items through out the store. There is a lot of loss in that store, Doesn't seem like the district manager cares. But my son does.

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Former manager - 16 d 17 h ago


They don't care. The only shrink they care about is internal. If your son tells them that an employee is stealing they will jump all over it, but they don't want to admit that the shortage in the company is due to shoplifters. When I worked at Ross the district manager and loss prevention manager were convinced the stock team were responsible for the shrink in our store. To the point that they would watch hours of video footage, and found nothing. It's walking out with the customers. They don't want to address that, because then they would have to do something to fix it. Like the "code 50" and walking the "shortage highway" in my store you could be written up and terminated for that. I fully understand being on the lookout for internal theft, but if someone just forgot to do either of those even once they'd launch a full investigation. Sometimes you do just forget.

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Disenchanted - 16 d 17 h ago


I worked at my local Ross for nearly 2 years. I had management experience and when a position opened up I was offered Area Supervisor position. SM when I started was very close friends with DM. He was let go for sexual harassment. The replacement was a nightmare, she is still there, I'm not. She made everyone crazy. Impossibly demanding. Completely unrealistic. And very critical. Meanwhile she had not been trained in the cash office. Could not keep her CPR above 70 (DM response was to keep her off register and no write up even though any cashier with a poor performance was written up). Cannot hang in stockroom, run a fitting room rack, or run freight. She was basically just our military sergeant. I understand that a manager is supposed to manage, but I've never had was that was so unable to perform the basic functions that the lowest level employees can do. She was constantly on everyone. We were all very stressed. I have a nerve disorder that flares when I am stressed. It causes severe pain in my face and head, migraines, etc. I still came to work everyday. I worked holidays. I stayed late, and came in early. I wore myself down. I was exhausted. I started to make a few mistakes. Simple oversights, with no lasting damage, but enough to be against store policy. I left a $20 under the change tray of a til overnight, the FES keys were left at customer service overnight (I was closing, and I didn't have the FES on my shift, so I didn't think to check for her keys, but I understand as closing manager that it was my responsibility to check). That happened twice, plus the money, so I was cut. I was replaced by a close friend of the SM who happens to also be friends with the DM. This person had put their 2 weeks notice in at another store and was leaving the company. Their final day was about 10 days after I was let go. My position was filled the day I left. I fully believe that the policy was used as a loophole to create a position so that this other person would not leave the company. The person that replaced has broken the same policy at least 4 times (I'm still friends with the ASM and they've informed me) and SM is not documenting it. My replacement also the store unlocked overnight. At least I can say I never did that. It suck that I was a hard worker. It was a crappy job, but I loved it because I loved my coworkers. Everyone in that store is afraid to call the alert line. The SM is a bully. Retaliation is expected.

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Cakelady - 31 d 16 h ago


It is not what I want to purchase, but that I have continued to try to find clothing in 3 of the Orlando and each time I have to sort the rows that I am trying to find my size in. I have told the managers in those stores that that is unacceptable for the customers who want to go in and find something, purchase it and leave. Your stores are embarrassing and I feel like I am at a rummage sale. I used to work at Marshall's, and I know the employees have an hour after the store closes to get their items in order. I KNOW the rows cannot get THAT messed up in a half of a day. The sizes, for the most part, are color coded. And the clearance items, are marked with a sticker that tells the new price. When I want a clearance item and 50% of the items on the clearance aisle are NOT on clearance I get frustrated. When I go to find my size in the clothes and 50% of the sizes where the type of clothes I want should be are NOT my size, I get frustrated. Are your employees THAT lazy that they cannot fix this issue?

On a good side, I was MOST IMPRESSED with the 2 Ross stores I visited in Oregon (Grants Pass and Medford) in April! There may have been 4 items in the areas I was looking in that were out of place. If THEY can do it, why can't Florida?

In the meantime, I am not shopping and any Florida Ross until I can walk in and find the items where they should be. There is enough frustration in this world without creating more. And, by the way, Marshall's has all their items in the correct places no matter which city I am in. Aren't you supposed to be competing with them???

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Anonymous - 18 d 17 h ago

Then shop at Marshalls.... Seriously.

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Anonymous - 17 d 17 h ago

Maybe you should apply and help out! Organize the store in the way you feel is best suiting to.

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Former Ross Manager - 16 d 18 h ago


I've worked at Ross for years. This is a really misinformed statement. It's nice that you worked for Marshall's. Marshall's is not Ross. Ross purposely under staffs to keep prices low. The employees are constantly lecturing for keeping things In order, but never given adequate time. At my Ross on a typical night we had a cashier, fitting room attendant, 2 sales floor associates, and a supervisor. In reality to meet the demand and keep the store properly maintained at least double that would have been necessary. Ross likes to complain that store is messy, then complain that you use too much payroll. You can't win for losing. I worked in a $10million store. We were pretty busy. We got complaints constantly. We just couldn't maintain the store, with the number of people we had, amount of freight, foot traffic, backup on registers. Please focus your anger at corporate for the the fact that they will not staff accordingly. Majority of the employees feel the way you do. Majority of managers feel the way you do. Corporate doesn't understand that customers want a cleaner, more organized store. Customers don't understand that corporate keeps the prices low by under staffing. It's not the employees. They take the blame. When I worked at Ross I gave everyone the customer service phone number when they complained to us. Complaining at the store level does nothing. We will apologize, maybe give some kind of explanation about being short staffed. But it won't change.

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She must go 5 stars for the store but no star for that manger - 17 d 10 h ago


The manager in the Chesapeake VA store is the rudest person I have ever seen she talks to the employees like they are dogs she doesn't know how to talk to the customers either. I've been shopping here a long time and I love all the employees however if you all don't do something about that manger you will loose a lot of good workers. I travel 1 1/2 hrs to shop here please do something with this rude lady.

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