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Safeway, Inc.

Von's, Dominick's Finer Foods, Carr-Gottstein Foods, Genuardi's Family Markets, Randall's Food Markets,
5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd.
Pleasanton, CA
Steven Burd
Chairman and CEO
(925) 467-3000
(925) 467-3323
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Jennifer Gravelle - 5 h ago

My name is Jennifer and I worked at the Safeway store in Chehalis Wa store #3525. First off I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the employees and floor managers (not store managers) who made my time there great. I can relate to the posts I have read here. What is with the LACK of COMMUNICATION?? This sad realization turns my stomach, I was taught that Safeway and their counter parts CAARS, VON's and the like are all about HIGH QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE, I worked in the customer service department and really enjoyed giving my all to the customers, it's what I do. However the lack of quality customer service and communication I read about is disturbing to say the least. Maybe the OWNERS of ALBERTSONS and SAFEWAY, need to worry a little less about their bottom line, (making more money) and worry more about training their managers to be more effective in their communication skills as well as training their employees MORE thoroughly. My main issue was being told what to do, how to do it right, then doing those things I was told but still getting in trouble for it. How is that right? If the owners of these MAJOR grocery store chains would treat their employees as more of an asset, pay them a LIVABLE wage and give them the hours they need, the store management could find that they are keeping the turnover rate of employees low and the customers happy with the HIGH QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE that has been a great part of Safeway in the past but has for the most part dropped off the map since the buyout. I don't know if anyone of any importance in corporate will actually read this but I just want it to be known that as an ex-employee of Safeway I was treated with disdain by the store management, but like gold by my fellow employees and my frequent customer. It's really sad that the people who are considered "underlings" by most of management are the ones who know the true value of their fellow employees. I ask YOU corporate CEO'S and STORE MANAGERS, WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT THIS?

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Nadine - 1 d ago


I shop at my local safeway and recently they have started selling products that are sold with the tag "made fresh right here". I was really taken aback when I got home and realized the products are not sealed against tampering, I had bought some guacamole and opened it and it smell like feces so I threw it away. Then I started thinking of how unsafe that is. Anyone can tamper with the products. Do they not remember the Tylenol deaths? Are they crazy opening up our food supply to tampering across the nation? Are they waiting for someone to die and the first law suits start before they realize their mistake? I for one will no longer purchase these products because I am afraid I'll die. I urge you to stop buying these products if you fill the same way and speak up.

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Shaken, not stirred - 2 d ago


Sick of being shaken down for donations every time I shop at Safeway -STOP IT!

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Kyle Tipton - 4 d ago


I was standing at the check out stand with a line of pepole behind me and was confrunted by the chasher. see had asked me what is on your head? I looked at the line of pepole and the man behind me seid it's a terban then the chasher had ask me agen is that a terban? and i did not know what to say but i dount know. and was lost for words I did not now what to say I was up set emoshanoly and speritoly upset and felt unwellcome. is weraing a terban a religus sine? like a yamika? or a praer sha, or a rob? did the 3 wize men were terbans in the manger with marty and josive? whyel crist was born?

I am going to call and talk to the CEO steven burd of safway about this. I am so up set i was there at safway to day and when I was shoping i was so up set with my last viset to that store I when to my car and was shaking and could not think right I was under atack speritol.

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SHEILA KING - 4 d 4 h ago


Hi today i was in the store 2737 490 L street N.W

I standing behind a gentleman who was having a bad day and the cashier wasn't moving fast enough for him she gave him the instruction on what to do next but he just went in to a rant about her not having good customer service. That i didn't agree with I love great customer service myself so I know that not what was happening. It just seems like he was having a bed day and took it out on her.

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Moses Lake, WA Customer - 7 d 18 h ago


The Customer Service as controlled by the Corporate Office Headquarters for the store pharmacies is still not getting fixed. I have lived in Yelm, WA, West Olympia, WA and now retired in Moses Lake, WA. For years now, the Store Employees at these stores have said the company is working on fixing issues with the daily operations within the Pharmacy with no improvement.

Just about every Safeway Store has at least two Pharmacists on duty with four other helpers. Yet filling prescriptions is backlog as much as four days on a regular trip to the Pharmacy.

The automatic prescription system has never worked properly. You get a call your prescription is filled and ready for pickup, but after driving to the store. The employee will tell you they are behind, meds are back ordered, and several other excuses. They have no control over the automatic computer prescription system, the company is going to fix it or replace the system. I have been hearing this story for a long time.

The system cannot apply a second medical cost coverage automatically even though it is listed on the system. It has to be done by the employee after you show up for your prescription. Then again, they are not aware of the second coverage until you bring it to their attention.

Most of my friends and spouse have stopped going to the Safeway pharmacy and even shopping there. I still hang in there hoping for change. I guess I must be insane hoping for change.

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Crescent City, CA - 8 d ago


I work for a medical facility in Crescent City California. A good share of client's use the Safeway pharmacy here in town. Up until about 6 months ago, I would have recommended clients use this pharmacy, however the service has been absolutely terrible recently. I have had so many bad experiences dealing with Tamara that I cringe at the thought of having to call this place and deal with the over the top laziness and rudeness by pharmacy staff. Tamara is beyond snide and passive aggressive when dealing with clients as well as dealing with people, such as my self, who are working for another professional entity. Due to pharmacy staff not sending out proper notifications regarding injections that are given at the pharmacy, the physicians that I work with are getting notifications that their clients did not receive injections/medication when in fact they did. I have one client who calls my office every month when it's time for refills. Every month, this clients contacts the pharmacy, most often speaking with Tamara, and is told that they do not have refills on file or that the Dr. did not send prescriptions. When I call the pharmacy to follow up, as I see the refills or scripts in the client's chart, I get responses such as "Oh, I forgot to look at the second page." Or most often I get " I'm not sure who they talked to, but there is no problem, we will work on filling this." Interestingly enough, the clients that call and report an issue getting their medication often have detailed explanations as to why they can't get their medication filled. I had one client who's mother was continuously told that the pharmacy needed a TAR completed and that the office I work for had not completed it. Each time the client's mother would contact me, I would call Safeway. I was told that no TAR was required, they simply needed a copy of the client's insurance card. This would get relayed to client's mother. Client's mother would take a copy down only to be told, they did not need it, they needed a TAR completed. The client's mother would call back, I would call Safeway back and each time the client's mother was told that our office needed to complete a TAR and I was told that a TAR was not needed, but instead they needed the insurance card. It took this client 2 months to get the prescription. This pharmacy staff refuses to do their job until someone such as myself, who has record of what they do in fact actually have on file, calls them and lets them know that we do have the record of the E-Script. At that point in time, the horrible attitudes and rudeness come as they have no choice but to fill the medication because at that point it's indisputable and they can't brush us off like they do the average patron. I am at the point of advising client's to switch pharmacies as well as suggesting they call and file a formal complaint. I would not recommend this pharmacy to anyone.

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Marni Link - 8 d 7 h ago


I entered the Safeway at 8201 North 35th Avenue Phoenix Arizona 85051 on 9/26/17. I went to the deli counter and got some chicken strips and potato wedges and then walk to customer service to do a return I handed the lady the bag of which I walked in with containing two loaves of bread. No I was aware of who I later found out to be Mel at the customer service counter already watching me from the time I walked in the door which I thought was a little odd but whatever when I went to customer service and she did my return she says would you like me to bring you up for the chicken and the potatoes and I said no I had to make other purchases and that grab my items and I continue to go to the rest of the store to get my purchases however I can very much feel Mel's eyes burning a hole in my back the entire time I walked up the water aisle. When I walked back down the water aisle we made physical eye contact. I was going to stand dial five but there was a long line there so I went to the next aisle which was I on them or 7 I put my purchases down on the conveyor belt and told the cashier I needed to pop out to my car super quick to grab me some more cash she was already busy ringing up another customer in front of me so I headed outside I walked to the first row of parking spaces to my car while Mel was following me so intently outside and so closely that my son said mom why is that lady following you out of the store and now I've already felt a little discriminated against in a little definitely battered at this point because I mean just her manner in her demeanor is dealing with me to begin with the customer service was less than Pleasant so the fact that she follows me out of the store is just appalling and then I go to walk back into the store to make my purchases and she is pulling my items off of the conveyor belt now after she rang me up at customer service and did the return she had absolutely she was done she had no business doing any transactions with me I was at another cashier she took it upon herself to leave a line of people standing at customer service to come follow me outside because she thought some type of way and then I walk in and she's removing my items from the conveyor belt and I said can I have my stuff where you doing with that I was going to pay for that I'm buying that I didn't know you were coming back which is b******* cuz I told the cashier I would be right back in the store then she insists upon ringing me up at customer service for my purchases so I head over to customer service with her and I asked to speak with her manager her manager comes out talks with me for a few moments his name was Tom I let him know my dissatisfaction with her customer service and just her overall demeanor. And he rang me up for the chicken and potato wedges and then forgot to ring me up for the water I didn't realize till I got home so I went back the next day and I paid for the water because I'd hate to be called a thief and a specially I'd be hate to befall it out of a store I mean that's really discriminatory because she felt some type of way about me and took that upon herself her own personal feeling to follow me out of the store so intently that my son question why this lady was following me on the store as if I had done something wrong I will never shop at Safeway again I will never shop at any Safeway again I will never shop at another Albertsons again I will boycott this whole company and I will make sure that all of my blog followers all of my Twitter followers and everybody else knows my dissatisfaction with this particular company.

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Jeanna Williams - 18 d 9 h ago


Why Safeway in Washington, DC (322 40th St NE) isn't for the community:

- understaffed, sub-par service, under-stocked

- recently cut back operating hours twice this year; latest hours are 7am - 9pm

- mismanaged

- lack of quality food: food is molded, expired, or half missing

- long lines

- has not implemented one suggestion from community meetings/patrons

I've stop frequenting this location years again but will occasionally go to pickup dog food. Today my son was told by security that students weren't allowed in the store on school days without an adult. His reasoning to me was that students come in with backpacks and steal. My son was in uniform with the school name visible and wearing no backpack. He saw me drop my son at the door so I could go park.

This discriminatory practice is unacceptable!

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Safeway, bethesda - 12 d 24 h ago

What a shame, turning fourth w service. . .Can I have a shopping cart or do in have to bring one with me?!. This not a safe way for moi.

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Kim Davis - 12 d 33 m ago


This morning about 9:45am we had grocery delivery to our home, but the driver didn't deliver everything we ordered. We called customer service and was put on hold for about 10 minutes, then the person who answered called the driver, who said he didn't notice the rest of our groceries because our name fell off the crate, but he would be here after his next delivery. Three hours later, I called again, and again was on hold for about 10 minutes. The person I talked to said there was no record of us calling three hours earlier, but he called the driver, who confirmed he was coming back to our house with the rest of our order and apologized again. No one ever showed up to bring us our groceries. So besides the 7 items that were not available, there were 12 items not delivered. Everyone makes mistakes, but this is the third time this has happened. You get BS excuses all day, and then no one ever comes back to deliver or redeliver. It is the standard with Safeway to apologize and then do nothing about the problem. Why apologize twice and say you will be here if you have intent to do that. The driver was early and was probably in a hurry to get home to see the Seahawks game. This is absolutely unacceptable, and three strikes you're out. There are other grocery delivery services available now, so we will now try one of your competitors to see if they do better, or at least honor their word. I am so mad that my day was wasted with BS.

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Anonymous - 16 d 6 h ago


This is a on going complaint that I did not think I would ever have to reach corporate to discuss and resolve. I have been going to the Safeway on 350 Bay st. North Point Center for a long time. I go there just like everyone else in the morning hours as early as 7am-11am for there breakfast sandwiches at the deli department. I along with many other people are there before work and are trying to just to get to work after who knows how long it took for people to get to that safe way for there breakfast sandwich and what not. I have complained to management about how horrible the service is at the deli area regards to taking care of people in the sandwich area, hot side, and cold deli side. There is never an organized routine of how they work together in taking care of customers in the right order. One person can be helping making a persons sandwich and then when its the other persons turn they will excuse them selves to help someone it the hot side when they came just seconds ago. It been so constant on there not being enough people working all of the deli area that it has gotten beyond being quiet about it. Customers complain when in line and it seems no cares and not all the time I blame the employees because they have said before that management does not schedule enough people. WE NEED TO GET TO WORK! Just like the people behind the counter are already at work. Many many many times employees are in the back doing other things while one person is making sandwiches for 10 people and the ones in the back don't like to stop what they are doing to help the customers trying to get to work or where ever which is most important. Specifically Shirley whom I come across many times seems she does not make any effort to go get help or see who is in the back and bring them out immediately.. I usually ask for hot sauce and yes its the little things and she continuously says they are out of it and need to order it, while a lady gave it tom me the day before kindly was helpful and gave me extra to take with me cause they run out quick. But Shirley did not make any effort to check and when I said I got it yesterday she walk a few feet and found it? Anyways this is not something minor and I just wanna know what or whom will do something about retraining all of them and making a difference to which we the consumers notice? Thank you for time and sorry for the long email, there was just no one I could really talk to at the location.

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Bill - 19 d ago


I used be a meat cutter at Safeway about 36 years ago and can remember a better shopping experience for customers back then. Checkers and baggers took pride in their speed and accuracy to the point they would compete nationally to see who would be the best. The lines are long and slow today because no one seems to care. Don't blame it on the chip readers, it's the person scanning my groceries at a snails pace while I'm forced to bag my own with my own bag while your scanner is standing there watching me. By the time I'm done bagging the chip reader has already done its job and is impatiently telling me to remove my card. Please don't tell me how proud you are of your customer service

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Ricky Conway - 21 d 1 h ago

Do you care about us your employees?? You know who makes safeway work and profit?? We do your hard working employees.. I'm struggling financially yet bust my ass for you.. I keep getting rewarded with my 24 hours a week???

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Anonymous - 22 d ago


I just got the terrible experience at Safeway (1601 Coalton Rd, Superior, CO 80027):

My mom went to that branch and bought some stuff., including 2 english cucumbers. However, the cashier (the manager - Karla Johnston) counted it as 23 (that's fine, everyone can make fault). After back home, I found that issue and went back to the store and asked for return. She was at the customer service but she didn't show any apology to us and didn't say even "sorry". In contrast, she tried to fool us with money calculation although the calculation is simple enough that I already knew from 8 years old. Fault is fault, right? My mom cannot speak English and doesn't know the words, if we cannot find this issue after back home, so where that money goes? I hope Safeway can have some penalty policy for this kind of situation. It is hard to tell that happened intentionally or not but I suspect it from what I saw and felt from her.

Will not go to Safeway anymore if she is still working there.

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Julie - 22 d 6 h ago


Good morning to Safeway Corporate. My name is Julie and I wanted to inform you that as of this morning, September 28, 2017 @ 9:16am, an unidentified random female caller (who mumbled my floral orders from yesterday) left an unprofessional voice mail message one entire business day after I made my request! I DO NOT respond to unidentified callers. Thank you for being a day late and very short with your forthcoming. Have a very splendid day!

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Gillie Anderson...Your eagle river store is not fit for serving the pubic - 27 d 15 h ago


I have been shopping at SAFEWAY for many years...AKA Big Save HI...AKA Carrs AK...There is a real problem in your CARRS EAGLE RIVER AK. It is dirty and lack ANY of your weekly special...I went shopping and was going to get the eggs that are on SALE...the cooler was not stocked and a unhealthy with all the broken eggs on the bottom of the cooler...Many items are not stocked or stocked on the wrong shelf..Don't push this un-kept mess on ALBERTSONS...There is NO EXCUSE FOR THIS SO CALLED STORE...If you are going through changes..CLOSE THIS PLACE DOWN...Don't make your customers pay for it...You should see the MEAT THAT IS BEING SOLD TO THE PUBLIC

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Joan Goodwin - 29 d 11 m ago


My husband was told by the Safeway Pharmacy on College Dr in Cheyenne, Wyoming to take his medicine refills elsewhere. So of course if that is the way they want to handle their customer that have been there forever find. But I will also be taking my medicine refills to Walmart or King Soopers. And I will be telling everyone at my employment and origination we belong to, so that I can get a lot of other people not to take it somewhere else. I have never been treated like we have been at this pharmacy.

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Anonymous - 32 d ago


I was at your Frank Lloyd Wright and Thompson peak Pkwy location on September 18th, when I heard two managers making and poking fun at Jewish people. I'm not Jewish, but I have many family members and friends that are. It was utterly disgusting what they were even saying about them. I was literally in shock. I've been shopping at this location for a long time, and in shock that these were managers. I asked another employee for there names, and were given the names Brian, and Danielle. And that the female one was even nastier about what I heard. None of the managers in this store are mature enough to hold positions at all, yet to be managers makes me utterly sick. I will not or ever even go to that store again, after what I heard. They should be ashamed for what they said, and should be let go from there jobs.

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christine - 30 d 4 h ago

OMG that is really sad. I am so tired of how unprofessional grocery store mangers have become

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Nicki - 35 d 37 m ago


Safeway in Laveen is low stock on everything. They cannot fulfill the Friday's $5 deal and don't give rainchecks. I went at 630 in the morning and they didn't have them. I'm not happy. I'm so disappointed I feel like it was a scam. Why didn't they stock up if they knew they were having a sale.

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Anonymous - 32 d 1 h ago

Who knows

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Anonymous - 34 d 4 h ago


Your lines are very long because of the new chip readers you have installed. You need new chip readers. Also, you need to hire more baggers. People are trying to bag their own groceries and then run back to use the slow chip readers which creates the long lines. Sometimes i spend more time waiting to check out than I do shopping. You need to fix this problem!

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Whit Weaver - 35 d 6 h ago


Just wanted all to know I have been shopping at the Safeway store in Juneau Alaska since they opened years ago. For approx. 7-8 years I have had a good report with one employee a great little lady named Deloris ( don't know her last name)

She has always gone out of her way to help me find things and is always pleasant.

Yesterday I went in to pick up a few items and I went for my wallet and discovered I left it at home. I reluctantly asked her if you would loan me a few dollars so I would not have to drive home through construction traffic and then return. With a smile on her face she bought my items for me and I was on my way. Today I will return and pay her back.

I doubt if any person in the Safeway orginazation even reads this but you sure have an EXCELENT employee. Dolores in Juneau Alaska has been the best employee of any retail store I have ever been to . I sure hope she is appreciated and recognized for such.

Whit Weaver Owner Broker Glacier Bay Realty

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Cynthia - 36 d ago


Hello, Safeway, I am hearing impaired and I was working Safeway Stocker. I had been first-time work Safeway and I always polite said: "Hello to Marco"(man). So Mercy he is very rude said how experience? I said Wow, He is not working Safeway to people make he want to power order force team women. I was working Safeway in 2 weeks 1972 Tice Valley Blvd Walnut Creek Ca because my Card has the problem could not come over night to work. The Manager name is Aman from India and she is work Safeway. I got Check for 2 weeks $275.60 is hurt cheaper. I thought $11 but less $10 that is why I found out she has corruption thicker and she is trick the money. 1 per hour $10 x 9 hours = $90 x 9 = $810 in 2 weeks.

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