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Safeway, Inc.

Von's, Dominick's Finer Foods, Carr-Gottstein Foods, Genuardi's Family Markets, Randall's Food Markets,
5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd.
Pleasanton, CA
Steven Burd
Chairman and CEO
(925) 467-3000
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Nora - 1 h 21 s ago


My doctor sent a prescription over to the Safeway store in Glenwood springs on the 6th,of febuary 2018. On getting to the pharmacy I was as told to come back the next at 1pm to pick up the medication.

On the 7th of Febuary , on my way to pick up the medicine I did some shopping in Walmart before heading over to Safeway. On getting to the pharmacy the pharmacist said the wrong product arrived so u decieded to go to another pharmacy. On my way out of the store my toddler son was making a fuss so I headed to the babies section in the store to buy him two toy cars costing about $15.

I got to the checkout section to pay and I could see the cashier giving me a funny look. It's like she had never seen a black woman before. I paid for the toy cars and she held onto my debit card. I asked her if there was a problem and she replied rudely that I have to pay for the other stuffs in my son push chair. I explained to her that I got the items from Walmart and not from Safeway. Instead she told the other cashier not to let me out because I took stuff from the store.

I was so embarrassed and other customers were staring at me like a thief.

I took out the receipts from Walmart store and showed her colleague.

How could she judged me immediately as a thief when she was actually serving on the check out counter

I think she judged me immediately as a thief because I am a black woman which is racial profiling. This shouldnt be happening and people shouldn't be judged based on their colour or how they look or how they dressed

The lady that accused me of theft is called Sonia and she works in the Glenwood springs store. This incident should be investigated so that she doesn't do it to someone else.

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Anonymous - 2 h 47 m ago


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Dissatisfied - 1 d 46 m ago


The employees in the pharmacies asked to be evaluated by going to

Since I have insurances that pay the total costs I have no receipt and therefore can not evaluate the staff.

What lame brain came up with this way of doing things?

If you have any guts, call me: (hidden).

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David Pirkle - 2 d 8 h ago


I live in Surprise, AZ. Although the Safeway on Bell and Cotton is convient I refuse to shop there and discourage others. CNN is known to report bias news and to falsely spin things. The management play CNN instead of s neutral statistics n and have signs do not change the channel. Plus my wife ran in to get one thing quickly and there were 6 people in the express line and a rubber from to squeak to get a cashier to come over.

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Anonymous - 2 d 18 h ago


I've been shopping at this Safeway for years 3d St in Corvallis Oregon I walked in there to night I was told I wasn't loud there because the got me on tape stealing I never stole nothing from there or anywhere so tomorrow I'm going to talk to a manager

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William Crawford - 2 d 18 h ago


Starbucks Safeway experience. Un fortunately I have had a very dissatisfying experiences at my local Safeway Starbucks store located in Grants Pass Oregon on G Street. I waited in line today to order a drink at Starbucks after making the order the Starbucks single employee working at Starbucks completed the transaction and proceed to check others out buying groceries at the Starbucks counter befor starting my drink. She served two other customers who were not buying Starbucks products and me made wait before starting my paid for drink order. There were plenty of cash register opened in the main store. I saw the assistant manger Gabriel and told her about this poor procedur, I told after I buy my product at Starbucks I want them to complete the transaction and not checkout other customers after I had paid. I did not mind if they had another Starbucks or store person doing this but they only had one. I esxplained the above to the assistant manager but she stated they were Safeway store first and was licensed to serve Starbucks otherwise serving Safeway customers over Starbucks . This is such a highly deceptive practice because Starbucks has it own stand alone counter with employees dressed in Starbucks uniforms. I am a regular customer at Starbucks in Safeway and have found this new policy implemented by store manger deceptive and bad practice I am a almost a daily customer and I have watched people constantly get out of line from the Starbucks store because it is now first a Safeway register which tarnishes the overall brand of Starbucks and highly diminishes the profit stream and image of Starbucks brand and revenue. This could be a sucusseful franchise if it was under competement management. I have deiceded to longer use this quasi facility for my Starbucks and will make Sure I use my social media to speak against this deceptive practice,

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Karl T murphy - 3 d 4 h ago


Worst service ever in 40 years of shopping !!!!

Do NOT go to this store !

The people that work there are worse than food box volunteers that give food away.

Store 605

Martin Luther King blvd, Portland Oregon 97217

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Anonymous - 4 d 19 h ago


I live about 4 blocks from the Safeway in Moraga and have never experienced such poor service over the last many months. I was there tonight Friday night at 6 pm waiting in the express line, 15 items, for over 20mins. This is a daily experience at this Safeway. I can drive to diablo foods and be home with better service in the same time it takes me to buy 10 items at Safeway. I have lived in Berkeley and San Francisco and never had this constant poor slow service at a Safeway Store. The Safeway Store on Shattuck I'm Berkeley is four times as busy but efficient in moving customers through the line.

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charlemedi - 5 d 22 h ago

I have ordered from safway for years. cakes from the bakerey. Never have I ever heard that I had to put down a 50$ deposit for a 59.99$ cake before I order. I called the safeway located at 2980 east capitol expressway crossing tully. feb. 16 2018 when I asked her if i can make an order she refused. I then called customer service where he told me the bakery had that policy and when i asked if it was all safeway or just thiers he said all however when i ordered a full sheet from another store a few months back I did not have that problem.I insisted on speaking to a manager and was transfered. They refused to give any names and when i askes they said well tranfer you to our manager now. the phone just rung and when i called back no answer.

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Robin - 5 d 4 h ago


Shopping at Rossmoor Safeway is depressing. The store is is the same since 1970s. The only remodeling the store did is the produce area in the store. The floors are cracked and the it's old. We are getting a new CVS, and a Starbucks drive through. And a sandwich shop. Corporate needs to make improvements to our Safeway.

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robert - 6 d ago


my wife and I shop at River Mark Safeway in Santa Clara ,Ca today (2-15-2018) after shopping my wife paid with a check

as she does often this time she was made to wait 30 min while the clerks tried to process her check.

my wife is handicapped she had two 2 strokes she has trouble walking and memory loss ,partial paralysis to have this happen

is a terrible ordeal for a handicap person. make this right.

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Nicole Knauer - 6 d 5 h ago


A terrifying incident occurred to me in your store 3660 South Mason Street, Fort Collins, CO 80526. I am reporting to you before I contact the police department and begin an investigation as my attorney has suggested...

I was a frequent shopper at your newly acquired store that was once an Albertsons. On Wednesday January 17th at approximately 9:30pm, I stopped in for a few quick items. I entered the store via the north entry. As I walked in, I noticed a very strange taste in my mouth almost immediately but did not know why. Then I realized that my sight was very blurry. There was no smell, but a light "fog" filled the store. As I looked south towards the produce section through the center aisle opening, I saw a huge cloud rising up from the floor. At first I thought it was the reconstruction and someone was buffing or sanding the floor. Several workers were standing around looking down. I thought it was very odd that they would be sanding the floor with the exposed produce and food not being covered. Quite honestly, the remodel process has been extremely sketchy as they have many carpets taped to the floor, exposed pipes and ceiling overhead, etc. As I walked toward the cashier, I noticed they were NOT sanding the floors, but a worker approached me and said "You may want to stay away from this part of the store, we are having a refrigeration leak." I about lost my mind. Freon is a hazardous chemical and when exposed can suffocate a human being. So I darted to the cashier and said to her "I really think we all need to get out of the store, freon is a volatile chemical that can ignite and explode!" She had no idea what I was talking about and also noticed the taste in her mouth, but did nothing to ask for management or seek information. I paid and exited the building immediately. When I arrived home, I called 911 to report the leak because as I was leaving, more people were coming in to shop.... no one was closing the store, or alerting the customers inside to leave. The operator on 911 said that they were sending responders immediately and were extremely grateful I reported it. She then asked me if I was experiencing any side effects. She told me to call back in a few minutes and check in to see if I needed to be examined. My heart was racing, my vision was still blurry, but I was home alone and didn't quite know what to do. I called my neighbor and she looked up the side effects of freon poisoning and suggested I take the offer of having the paramedics come to check me. In the meantime my son came home who is a baseball coach and he checked my vitals and balance. My heart rate was still high, I could not balance with my eyes closed, and he agreed that I should call them back as the operator had offered and highly suggested. The operator stayed on the line with me until the paramedics arrived, and they told her to tell me to go outside immediately. As I walked out to my front porch, they arrived and had masks on with gloves and threw their hands up stating "STOP! ,you must stay back. You are contaminated and you can not come into the ambulance until you take a shower and wash your hair." So, I went inside, the 2 responders followed me and when I came out of the shower in my towel, there stood 8 responders (all dressed in masks and haz mat protection)in my bedroom. One had a detector of some sort scanning my body, then they asked for my clothes I was wearing. They scanned the pile of clothes and instructed my son to put them in a bag and throw them away, shoes and all. Then they went through my entire second and first floor in every room with that same detector. All in the meantime of communicating with the responders at the store. After checking my pulse ox, heart rate and listening to my lungs several times, they insisted I go to the Emergency Room to be monitored. They felt comfortable allowing my son to drive me to save the extreme cost of the ambulance ride. My son, Brody drove me to the ER and by then, my headache was so bad, I felt extremely nauseous and dizzy. After the nurses hooked me up to the monitors and the attending physician checked me out, they finally released me around midnight. It was a very scary situation. I have never been so scared actually in my life. I am not able to go into that location without the fear of contamination of the produce or other exposed foods now that I have researched the effects of freon exposure. I would rather not take the advise of my attorney and file a police report and then proceed with the possible legal ramifications. The side effects I experienced were bad enough. I slept for 26 hours straight once I got home and still felt dizzy for about 3 days following the incident. As a diagnosed Celiac (an auto immune disease that already compromises my bodies ability to deal with outside free radicals that exist in a normal day, perhaps my symptoms were different than that of another person.) The trip to the emergency room was not an expected expense I can afford at this time in my life. I am requesting the cost of the Emergency Room bill to be paid by your company. If this is an unfair request, I will in fact follow that advise and contact the police as soon as possible. I can be reached via email or phone (hidden). In honesty, the entire process of renovation at the store has been handled less than professionally. I have many friends, associates, and clients who refuse to shop at that location because it is such a dumpy mess. I always stood up for the store because it is so convenient for me and I have become friendly with some of the staff. I hope we can come to a settlement without involving legal avenues.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


Nicole Knauer

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mike - 6 d 11 h ago


I have shopped at safeway in camas wa.for over 40 years.Since the albertsons merger the store has went to s--t the management is horrible.Cutting hours treating employees like s--t,you have lost a valued customer 5 to 7 hundred a month.Goodbye s--thole hello Fred Meyer.

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Sheri L - 8 d ago


I have shopped at 3 different Safeway stores near my home for over 25 years. Safeway is my primary grocer. Since Albertsons bought the company, numerous items we were purchasing regularly have been discontinued. I was there today and counted 6 items which no longer appear on the shelf. They are: Ruffles Baked Potato Chips, Laura Scudder crunchy peanut butter, Planters Unsalted peanuts (by the way, the Snack Artist product you now stock is terrible!), 18 Rabbits Gluten Free cereals, Fair Life Milk products, Chocolate Almond milk by Califia Farms. I can find these items at Bashas or Frys. Neither of these stores are near my neighborhood, but they are looking better and better. I've made comments in the past about products which have been discontinued by Safeway, but I never get so much as a "thank you for commenting" back from your management. I will say, the staff at my Safeways on Indian School (Arcadia), 32nd and Camelback and Hayden and Chaparral are consistently friendly and helpful. But they have no control of what is stocked. You are about to lose a very loyal customer who spends approximately $150/week at your stores.

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Anonymous - 8 d ago


To whom it may concern. I have called Safeway customer comments, and I have Twice sent a web comments form like this, I still have received no phone call or email as a result of this. I was hoping you would still have store video tape, you would have talked to witnesses at the Deli and store security. This employee and her boyfriend threatened me and chased me down and physically blocked me from leaving the store with my purchase. My mother has worked at Safeway for 35 years, and I know that store employees are not supposed to chase customers, not their boyfriends, and not off duty in plain clothes. Also she knows that I shop the deli and I always pay and Im always friendly. Please ask the young girl that works in the Deli what happened. It's been two months! The Deli worker's boyfriend told me I "was lucky" after he found out that I had already paid for my deli. Both of them were wearing regular clothes and the woman who works at the deli, who's boyfriend threatened me with her was not working she was wearing regular street clothes. I was assaulted by a man outside the store who I don't even know who apparently thought I WAS causing the problem. This is serious, and you haven't responded at all for two months now. Here are my emails below, and you should have a record of the complaint phone call. PLEASE READ WHAT HAPPENED BELOW: UPDATE: By the way, it might have been the Friday the day before and not Saturday. I have the receipt. But, I WORK two jobs and haven't had the time tio find where I put it in s safe place. Hello, I have not received any kind of response to this, as of today Jan. 31st 2018. No phone, or email from anyone. I'm concerned that video has been over-written, etc. Thanks. Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 2:33 PM From: (hidden)" To: (hidden) Subject: Re: Comments & Questions/Store Experience [#881834] This is an automated response. Thank you for contacting us! Your feedback will be communicated. In the event we require additional information to process your comments, we will attempt to reach you via the contact information you have provided. For urgent matters, we welcome you to call us at 1(hidden) for assistance during our normal business hours of 5AM to 9PM Pacific Time. We appreciate the opportunity to better serve you, and hope you have a great day! Thanks, Safeway Customer Support Center ----- Bob Sandok Wrote ----- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This comment was submitted by Bob Sandok at 1/17/2018, 2:31:03 PM Banner: safeway ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Customer Information ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ContactMethod: email SelectedInquiryType: Comments & Questions City: BURIEN State: WA Country: US First Name: Bob Last Name: Sandok Email Address: (hidden) TopicSpecificValues: SelectedTopic: Store Experience Comments: At 5:40pm on December 29th, 2017, I was purchasing 2 corn dogs or chicken legs i cant remember. at the deli at Safeway store on 128th south and 1st ave south. I have been coming there since it was an Albertsons. The whole Deli staff knows me as a shopper. I bought my corn dogs or chicken legs the deli. I went to the discount shelf in the back to look for another snack. I noticed one of the Safeway deli employees was off duty, with her boyfriend. They were watching me. This deli employee is a female with black hair. She is approx. 30 something years old, maybe Hispanic and/or native. She knows me from shopping there frequently. I went to get a box of spinach for my smoothies, but i brought tit up and noticed that the lines were extremely long. I went back to the deli and asked the young girl who was working there, who also knows me, if I could pay for it there since the lines were long. She rudely told me, "no!" (she's never been rude about buying a couple of items at the deli when lines are long up front before, in fact very helpful usually, but today she just said, "NO!") So I put the box of spinach back in its place. ITS ALL ON CAMERA im sure. Its then that I noticed, that the 30 something black haired deli employee and her boyfriend who were off duty and plainclothes, were FOLLOWING ME AROUND. I started to walk out. I have payed for everything. I have my receipt. Her boyfriend and her both confront me and tell me to pay for that. He stands in my way with his chest touching my chest, macho style. He says your not leaving until you pay. That's her boyfriend. Shes off duty and shes agreeing with him. I said, I payed for this, let me leave. He said , no show me your receipt. I said i don't have to show my receipt to you. You don't work here. Also, that deli lady should know that I am a customer. Ive been buying deli since it opened. I know her. I am always overly nice to everybody there because i know it is a hard job. My mother has worked at Safeway for 35 years. This guy wont let me leave the store, and I said where is security? To save myself from his fighting me. I couldn't find security so i said " OK lets go ask the young deli girl if i paid for it. The 30 something Hispanic and or native deli lady and her boyfriend follow right behind me all the way back to deli. I asked the young deli girl, did i pay for this? She told everybody. Yes he did. Then I began to walk back out . The couple with the lady that works deli kept foll9owing me. He said, YOUR LUCKY. I said, "your lucky! Your the one who probably just got out of prison, and Ive never been in jail. Your lucky you got in my face. Another person would have gotten a lot more pissed at you. They follow me, and her boyfriend tells me as I'm exiting, don't ever come back in this store again! The security is there and i tell him what is going on. I know the security guy too because I always say hi to him coming and going. He says wheres your receipt. And the deli couple lady says , "yeah!" Like they didn't already find out that i paid for it!!!!!!! I have a wad of cash in my hand and pocket and I'm trying to look for the receipt among the cash. and A guy from the parking lot comes up. No relation to any of this. He throws a punch at me and starts to try to restrain me. He assaults me in front of deli couple, security, and everybody in front of store. Security tries to restrain him. I just throw my chicken and corn dog or chicken legs back to the front of the store outside, disgusted, and now very angry. I get in my car and drive away. I didn't even get to eat the food that I paid for. That couple had no business harassing me inside and outside of the store, they had no right to touch me. Her boyfriend had no right to ask me where my receipt was, then threaten me and tell me i was lucky i had paid for it. I wasn't going to pull out my wad of cash with receipt[pt while i was being assaulted outside of store!!!!!! I am going to make sure corporate knows about this and store manager knows about this deli lady and her boyfriend, off duty, acting they are hung over, harassing and assaulting me. SHE KNOWS ME!!! The young girl that works at this deli knows that I am a customer and she also knows that I pay for my things, and she also knows that the black haired thirty something Hispanic and or native deli lady has served me and knows i am a customer as well. BY THE WAY THE LINES ARE WAY TOO LONG, AND THAT IS WHERE THIS STARTED, that's why I was purchasing from deli. PLEASE address this with the deli lady and interview the security, and look at the camera footage fro 530 pm on, and watch the harassment and assault by your off duty employees, and some guy outside of store. Zip/Postal Code: 98168 When Did This Happen?: 12/29/2017 StoreAddress: Safeway - 12725 First Ave S Burien,WA 98168 StoreId: 3120 StoreZipCode: 98168 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________________________

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DJ - 8 d 1 h ago


I shop at the Vista Safeway in Sparks, Nv and the store manager is a jerk, Josefino Carl Paz he allows 30 school kids in the store with backpacks and they steel every time I tell the checkers and point out the ones who steel the checker tells me that if they complain about the kids he writes them up. This is a bad policy for Safeway. What the Josefino tells me is they are customers. Ok when they are steeling the prices go up and I as a weekly shopper pay for them steeling.

If he wants the kids to shop then NO backpacks and he needs to have lose prevention in the store when the come in. Or he can have the principle have a teacher accompany the thief's .

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Bill D. - 9 d ago


When we first moved to Moraga 43 years ago there were 5 grocery stores (including 2 Safeway stores) We are now down to only one Safeway store despite population increase. The customer service in this store has been going down hill for the past year and it has surely hit rock bottom. Some specifics as follows:

1)If one waits at the customer service desk (oxymoron) one could possible die from old age before Anyone show s up,

2) The bulk food area is a disaster: dirty, no bags, no pencils, some products out of stock. ditto for the wine area - mostly out of stock-on any day.

3) The produce section is extremely difficult to use because there are few (very few) locations with plastic bags on a role and if you can find one it is likely that there are NO bags.

3) From my experience every cart I have use has an annoying "flat tire".

4) the worst is the lack of cashiers and the long (occasionally VERY long lines to check out. Basically NEVER EVER go to this store after work, your will spend the family dinner hours in line.

5) Trader Joes, Whole Foods Lafayette Safeway looking like reasonable alternatives at this point.

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Mateo - 9 d ago


Arrabbiata sauce Select brand. Rainbow Sherbert ice cream . Why can I only get these 2 wonderful items in Safeway Honolulu stores. Label says distribution from Pleasanton Ca.

I live in Oakland . I went to 7 Safeway stores Oakland Berkeley Castro valley and not one of them carry these wonderful delicious items! Why? I'm begging you please stock in Bay Area. Also can you please stock Flaming hot lays potato chips. Hard to find in Oakland but easy to find Castro valley Hayward.

Thanks. Loyal Safeway customer.

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Diappointed Customer - 17 d 10 m ago


Safeway store in Camas Washington has bee allowing homeless people to park lousy looking older RV and blue & white 1980's for Pickup truck with tarped scrap metal and garbage cans in bed.

It looks bad to me. I, as Safeway CUSTOMER, do NOT like to shop at businesses that allow their property to be utilized by the homeless

I have called and politely asked the person who answered the Service Desk to no avail. They seem bored and not interested !!

The local Fred Meyer, Chuck's, Bi-Mart..... these store do a much better job with their store appearance.

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Anonymous - 14 d 5 h ago


poor !

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N.homeless - 10 d 6 h ago

You are a cry baby and they are people too with no homes so f off and get grocerys and leave you bitch.

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Anonymous - 9 d 7 h ago

Nice language, you are a class act????????????

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Sue - 9 d 7 h ago


I want to weigh in on the safety around and in the Safeway stores. Particularly the one in Federal Way on Military Road and South 288th St., (Even though most of the people that I talk to also express the safety around most of the Safeway stores in Washington). We see the homeless and drug users and even people being assaulted all around the parking lot in this store. Junk cars with people sitting in them, opening their doors and changing their clothes, dumping garbage and in general just showing bad behavior when they catch the eye of a patron. No matter where you park you have to look all around to see what is going on next to you. I no longer go to this store unless i have no other choice. This Safeway also owns the lot next door with which houses a homeless camp. This is affecting our neighborhoods and no matter how many complaints they get they are not doing anything to change this. They could at least care about the safety of their employees. It is obvious that Safeway has made the choice not to be a good neighbor and they wonder why people are choosing to do online shopping. It is time for Safeway to hire security like the Fred Meyer stores have and do something about the shopping carts that are left all over the community.

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JDGurl - 10 d ago


I just wrote my review of Safeway in Goodyear, AZ. I also just read through the comments below and I see that Walnut Creek and Castro Valley, CA are also having trouble (two towns close to Pleasanton, CA) with their local Safeway stores. I moved to AZ from Danville, CA and I've been to Stoneridge Mall on many occasions before I moved. If I were still living in Danville, I would visit the Safeway offices to find out why they are trying to put the company out of business? Somebody in charge thinks the public is all stupid; or else, is this a concerted effort to force the stores into bankruptcy?

General profile image

JDGurl - 10 d 45 m ago


I live in Goodyear, area of Phoenix. Your 3 stores in our area (Estrella Parkway and Litchfield Road) are all being run the same. Especially noticeable is the out-of-date dairy kept on shelves and deliveries of new dairy is days past the best by dates. The shelves aren't stocked with the items on weekly sales and the customer service personnel say they've never had those items on their ads (which we have shown them to prove they're wrong or lying to customers). When I contacted Corporate for the overcharging (stealing) by the cashiers and the lax management, they had one of the store managers call me and say that they were putting in a new pricing system and everything would be fixed. Nothing was fixed and now we have to have a smart-phone to get half of the sale items at a sale price. In addition, the shelves aren't stocked with O Organic products throughout the day, every day, which makes no sense to me at all. I guess nobody is watching the shelves in the first place and nobody working for Safeway cares about the O Organic brand. In sum, since Albertsons bought Safeway, the Safeway stores have gone down in customer service and management of the stores. Most people where I live have complained so much about Safeway's business practices that they have begun shopping at Fry's which I suppose I will do also. Believe me, if Whole Foods was close to me, I wouldn't give Safeway the time of day even though they are only 10 minutes away. Too much aggravation and I always dread when I walk through those doors because I know they won't have what I'm trying to buy. I always have to laugh when the cashier asks if we found everything (and I always think to myself that I've found what they have, not what I want) and I've filled out those slips asking for the products to be available more often. What a joke Safeway has become!

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Henry C Goodman Chrysler sucks!!! They disconnect me each time I call them  ... 

Nissan North America, Inc.
MYBrown Wanted to buy a used 2017 Rouge why was the Reconditioning  ... 

Dish Network
Mary Cain DISH has done it again, a promise not kept. We recently sig ... 

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