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Safeway, Inc.

Von's, Dominick's Finer Foods, Carr-Gottstein Foods, Genuardi's Family Markets, Randall's Food Markets,
5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd.
Pleasanton, CA
Steven Burd
Chairman and CEO
(925) 467-3000
(925) 467-3323
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Katie - 4 m 30 s ago


I get a prescription for my chronic illnesses every 4 weeks. I got my prescription on 07/16/2018, so 4 weeks later would be 08/13/2018. My husband went to Safeway to fill my prescription, and a pharmacist named Hahn told him she would not fill my medication because the city of the script was out of Pleasanton. Confused, I went back to Safeway to have them fill my prescription. The pharmacist then told me she couldn't fill my prescription and I should go somewhere else. I told her I would wait a few days for my prescription, so I have her my script and left. On the 18th of August I received a call from a pharmacist name Monica Keswani informing me that they will not fill my pain medication and that I need to go somewhere else. I asked what the problem was this time, and she told me I have a history of filling up my prescriptions early. My doctor writes a date on my prescription every 4 weeks, so there is no possible way I can get my prescriptions early. This pharmacy has given me multiple excuses as to why they don't WANT to fill my medication, and have caused my body to go into shock and flare up because they are discriminating against my medications. They are not doctors, they don't know my chronic pain, and with the ADA they legally can not deny my medication for their made up excuses. After days of body shock, I picked up my script and went to Rite Aid. I showed the pharmacist at Rite Aid my calendar and history of pickups and he informed me that there is no reason to be denied. It's illegal to deny my prescriptions because of made up excuses and will be filing a complaint with the ADA, Board of Pharmacies, and I will be speaking to my lawyers to get retribution for your staff causing my body to go into shock and withdraw because of their discriminatory practices.

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Anonymous - 5 h ago


Safeway in highlands ranch colorado is not a good store. The assistant bald manager lacks customer service skills. He shouldnt be dealing with customers.

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Anonymous - 10 h 28 m ago

Why is Safeway selling segerates at a higher price in Rockville Maryland almost $9:00 per pkg are we in New York?

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Satisfied - 1 d ago


Employee Clayton Slade at the Homer, AK store on Sterling Hwy was very helpful to me. I was in produce and needed help. He was actually not working but saw me looking puzzled and ask if I could help. I told him what I was looking for and he took the time to help me find the produce I wanted. He was extremely helpful.

I enjoy a store that has employees that go above and beyond what they are required to do. Will now do all of my produce shopping at this store!! Thank you!!

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disgruntled - 2 d 20 h ago


Hate them with a passion....not only did they "grandfather" the store they keep taking away items its consumers want and regularly buy.....then the answer to the question why? ends up....Roll your pant legs up now, the canned response is "its a corporate decision" bullshit" #1747 is a failure.....i have been shopping here well over 20+ years. Safeway/Albertsons needs to go away from this community....tired of the gouge and all the lies

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Robert - 2 d ago


I agree Safeway has gone away.they are quickly becoming bottom of the line market.they don't care anymore management will not listen. They all need to not shop at anything Safeway.

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Help - 1 d 3 h ago


I agree the new management have no San leandro the stores are old have poor inventory taking away things stores are out dated prices higher stores in pleasanton Livermore don't look poor this is bad management Safeway was number one now there on the bottom .

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Harley - 11 d 15 h ago


Every time I go to the Safeway in my area (Herndon va, elden street) there are almost no carts and they always say "we are working on it" and there are no hand baskets. These issues need to be addressed, I can't keep doing arm shopping I and everyone else is likely to drop more merchandise that way.

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Steven Burd - 10 d 5 h ago


go and die then

Flagged for review. 
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Steven Burds Mom - 1 d 5 h ago


Your a dumbass

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chriss - 2 d 7 m ago

I have been having trouble accessing my weekly offers on their website, it really needs an overhaul, i won't bother shopping there unless I can get my just4u deals which I am unable to access, and no one answers the customer service number......

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Diana - 4 d 25 m ago


DO NOT USE THEIR ONLINE ORDERING... I ordered groceries on Sunday, 8/12 with a delivery window of 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. These were groceries for my daughter, son-in-law and year old grandson. The groceries DID NOT arrive. No communication, nothing. They just did not show up. I called the next day and was told the driver was running behind and unfortunately they only had room for a delivery on Tuesday, 8/14 between 8:00-9:00 a.m. Jump forward to today. STILL NO GROCERIES!!!!! I have made three phone calls with NO CALL BACK. I have called HQ's and got transferred to Guy Guri. Still no call back. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. TERRIBLE DELIVERY SYSTEM. HORRIBLE SERVICE. I plan on CANCELLING MY ORDER and will NOT use you in the future. I will TELL EVERYONE I KNOW ABOUT THIS NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE. The only positive thing I can say is the rep's were pleasant but they still could not get this problem taken care of - so no stars for them even. Sorry...

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Advertised Milk product not available for the second time in one week - 5 d 17 h ago


I am extremely disappointed everytime I step into store 999 and this has been going on for years. It has reached a situation where the Store management and employees are taking the customer for granted and this behavior needs to stop now.

I shop for the 0 organically 2% milk and on 8/6/18 I asked for a gallon as there was nothing in the fridge the guy comes out after checking and say sorry, we do not have any.

I however took the 1% which I do not care for thinking they will correct the situation after addressing the issue.

I go in today after work to store 999 and look for the 0 organically 2% milk and once again the fridge is empty.

So I as the guy who was helping someone else at the fridge and he looks in the fridge and says he is out today is a Sunday and he has as managers to resolve this issue and they tell him to get back to work. So I once again take the 1% milk which I do not care for and asked the check out lady if there was a manager on duty who acted as if she did not hear, then she was prompted by the next counter to call somebody. Guess who they call. The same guy who told me that their out of 2%.

He offers to give me business card of somebody

Called Noel Pedraja who was off for the day.

I want you to understand that this is the second time I have taken a product from your store because of the incompetence of your organization and let's be clear that your employees clearly statutes that the organization does not care.

So I'm bringing this to your attention to see how you are going to resolve this and swing for your answer.

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Sharon Allan - 6 d 7 h ago


I am in Safeway Severna Park and all checkouts are down except one and it is very poor customer service. The lines are 15 people deep.

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Tina - 6 d 16 h ago


I visited the bakery at 774 Admiral Callaghan store on 8/11/2018 @ 4:30pm. The bakery staff Andrea quickly came over and politely offered her help. She showed me that the strawberries on the cake I chose were browning which wasn't evident when the cake was in the case. Her excellent customer service saved me from buying a birthday cake that would have been subpar. I chose another cake and she wrote "Big Sweetie" beautifully on it. I want to thank her and praise her for her help. She is an asset to your store and I will definitely buy cakes from you again. THANK YOU ANDREA! Everybody loved the cake!

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Christina Poteet - 7 d 3 h ago


I'm absolutely appalled by your store director Mark Hay in Sweet Home, Oregon. He was completely rude to an employee in front of customers and an elderly disabled customer who was standing in front of me. I will never step foot into that store again. I plan to place a complaint on their store website. I know the targeted employee personally and I plan to educate him on hostile work environments and that he should call the bureau of labor industries to place a complaint. I'm a business owner and I would immediately have fired the store director for unprofessional conduct!

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Kari Reynolds - 7 d 20 h ago


DO NOT USE SAFEWAY.COM DELIVERY SERVICE -- I placed an order through that was to be delivered on August 7 between 6-7 p - it was never delivered during that time period. I called the customer service line (took more than 30 minutes to get someone to answer the phone) to cancel the delivery. I talked to a rep named Chris and he provided me with the the record number for the conversation #36862320 and said he would have it cancelled. It never was and I was still charged the $16.74 for order #2020447 and never received any of the groceries!? I also emailed the support email address 3 days ago and still have yet to receive a response back. This is really poor customer service and safe to say I won't be using this service because delivery and transactions can't be trusted. I would like to have my money refunded asap. I am so frustrated that a company as large as Safeway has customer service this poor. At this point, I won't be shopping at Safeway again there are too many grocery chains that appreciate their customers.

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Daizee Davis - 8 d 20 h ago


On 7/31/18 my neighbor and I went to the Albertsons store on Trosper Road in Tumwater, WA. We were looking for Lipton White Tea Raspberry in the 12 pack. This particular item was on Ad for $3.99 each, but of course as usual for Albertsons and Safeway there were none on the shelf. We asked the store employee to please check and see if there were any in the back. The employee came back and said that there were none in the back, at which time, the Pepsi distributor which delivers this product, just happen to be right there and the employee asked him if he had some for delivery, at which time the distributor indicated that he did not have any. This is interesting that they did not put in an order for this product, knowing they had no more in the store yet it was in Ad for the week. The employee told my neighbor and I to go to customer service desk for a Rain Check. At customer service once the lady working the counter finished joking with another cashier, she asked us what we needed. We explained that that we would like Rain Checks for Lipton White Tea Raspberry, she wrote up our Rain Checks, and then she said that she would put in a special order with the distributor for our tea, and that someone would contact us once the tea arrived. I left my phone number, expecting to get a call within the week. Alas here we are 10 days later, and I have not received a call from the store. I contacted the store around 5:30 this evening 8/9/18. When I first called a gentleman by the name of Jim answered the phone, he said he was working the service desk, I explained about the Rain Check, what day it was entered with a special order request, and that I have not heard anything to this date, could he please check on this? He then indicated that he was at a check stand and was really busy at the time and put me on hold. I waited for 15 minutes with no one coming back on the line, so I hung up and called again, at which time someone picked up the phone and then immediately hung up. So I called again, this time Jim answered the phone again, and indicated there was nothing at customer desk. He said he would put another special order request, but that once he filled out the request it was not his or the stores problem anymore. My question is how can customer service be soooooooo inadequate for a store this size? Also what type of rude employees do you hire for your stores. I believe, if they have this type of attitude they should be looking for another type of job, and give someone that needs a job and is willing to do the job a chance. That is what is wrong with people that work today they have no respect and they figure they only have to do the barest minimal to receive a paycheck. Respect and good customer service sucks these days in the work field. Safeway and Albertsons seem to really bad about this. Most of the people that work at these stores act like you are disturbing them when you ask a question or need help finding something, or even following through with what was promised to you.

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Sidra Zumot - 12 d 2 h ago


"I don't typically post stuff like this but I am so frustrated and shocked with level of "customer service" I received from Safeway/ They are promoting their grocery delivery system which I used about 4 or 5 times. There has been something wrong with every single order, each time I order from them (missing items, double charging items etc). They allow you to choose a delivery window (1, 2, or 3 hours) and you pay any extra fee for the faster delivery service. In a previous order, I requested a shorter delivery window and paid for it. They did not meet the window but I was nice and just thought it was fluke or a one time thing. Luckily, I was home when they could deliver so it worked out that time. However, I placed an order on Saturday for $150 and paid extra to have them delivered on Sunday morning between 9 and 10. At 930, I receive a call from the driver saying they're going to be late and can't make my window. They said they could come at 1130. I told them I would not be home and they needed to deliver sooner or much later in the afternoon when I returned. Then he proceeded to tell me that then it is considered a "reschedule" and *I * needed to contact customer service to reschedule the delivery for 5 pm. I was upset because it was their fault that they did not deliver in the time they said and they made me call and deal with the reschedule when I was already trying to get ready to leave the house. When I spoke to customer service to reschedule my order to later in the day, they told me they cannot reschedule within the same day without an operations manager approval. He said, "I can document your concerns and send a request to the operations manager." I said, "how and when will I know if you guys are delivering my groceries today? I have plans and people coming over so I need my food." He told me either the operations manager would call me or he would. Guess what? No call from anyone yesterday OR today. No groceries. I also asked for the name of the operations manager he was talking about and wanted his contact information. The rep said he only knows his first name and he didn't have contact information for me. I had to wait to hear from him once he put in a request. What a joke. It's so shady! Anyway, I called customer service AGAIN today (after waiting on hold for 10 minutes) and when I told her that I still don't have my groceries and I would like them delivered today, she told me she couldn't have them delivered today either! I couldn't believe it. I emphasized this was all THEIR problem and they needed to make it right ASAP. They were supposed to deliver them a day ago. Plus, I paid $150 for my groceries on Saturday and I still have nothing. She basically said there is nothing she can do to get me my groceries today (still over 24 hours LATE). I told her I wanted to cancel my order. I was fuming. Of course, she told me my refund takes 7 - 10 business days. So now, they will have had my money tied up in their shitty system for close to two weeks and I didn't receive any groceries or any kind of compensation for the inconvenience. I asked her if I could speak with her manager and she said "they are all on a call." When I asked her supervisors name, she said, "actually, my supervisor isn't here today. So, someone will call you back but I don't know who." She refused to tell me any names of anyone. What's the big secret?? The entire thing was SO shady. I asked for a receipt or confirmation number for my refund and she said all she could do was have it emailed and it could take up to 24 hours. So, I got off the phone with them, again, not trusting their processes or word without a confirmation or receipt of my request to cancel my order. I can't believe Safeway has such terrible customer service and are clearly not equipped to handle a service like online orders/delivery that they are promoting! Their delivery service is terrible, don't use it! They don't deserve your money or your as a customer when they don't know how to actually take care of their customers!"

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Lilhimer - 10 d ago


I agree wholeheartedly. Now I don't have to write MY novel. Never in my entire life have I seen a business so patheticly run, filthy, lacking in adequate staff but hiring people who have no right to even imagine they should work with the public. Nothing less than permanent boycott is in order. They do not deserve, nor will they get a second chance or one more penny from me, for LIFE. People stand in lines that extend more than halfway down the shopping aisles because there are TWO CASHIERS during peak hours. The favorite conversation in those lines consist mainly of how much the store sucks. Right in line. I am not kidding. The pharmacy is a whole different nightmare in every way. They are an embarassment to all grocery stores.They WILL close. Just wait for it...

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Lilhimer - 10 d ago


Try Click List at King Soopers if you are near one. If something's not right, they make it just a little more than right, IMMEDIATELY. Have made helpful suggestions to them which were well received and actually implemented. I have been running late a couple of times (I opt to pick up. If there is a mistake, that way, they are EAGER to run back in the store to correct it and even get you a corrected receipt if you need one. They are awesome. Safeway, sorry, but you suck, and as Ross Perot once said, ..."with a huge sucking sound."

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Judy - 10 d 5 h ago

Please bring back the wonderful Safeway Bakery BRAN MUFFINS! I have been buying them for years and ate one every morning. I was very disappointed to learn they had been discontinued. I would appreciate the bran muffin recipe so I can at least make them at home.

Thank you for listening...


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victor - 12 d 5 m ago


I was cut badly on a Safeway select coffee can yesterday and still can not get anyone to answer my calls. The manager at #908 Josh @Fruitvale Oakland California store too busy to take a report. Corporate northern California representative voice mail is full. I spend 100.+ a week because it is local. Now will drive more to Luckys. I will peruse being cut severely on your can.

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john roehlk - 13 d 4 h ago


Please review the full complaint give to the local store at 106th ave and Olive, Peoria AZ 85345. This would be today Sunday 8/5/2018 This is a complaint about the shift manager "LUCY" not really caring about customer service. Tag on shelf at product location was one thing, at register almost 3 x the price. Went back to show Lucy. there was no price tag she could show me anywhere near where product was displayed. Lucy was very much, oh well too bad for you attitude, not acceptable. Not MY fault store mislabeled product. Went to get refund for money, looked behind me to see Lucy changing Tags and moving product, Guess something was wrong,,,,,,,, Bait and Switch>>> Again no helpful service from the company, who is more expensive that nearby competitors, and promises excellent customer service, not this time I guess....... Not that I think any human reads these reports, but a computer scanning for key words, but I will give 2 weeks from todays date for a response of some sort, then the next Monday morning I am contacting the FTC for fraudulent advertising on behalf of Safeway. Then I am going to contact the local TV stations, particularly Gary Harper channel 3 investigator and see if he is interested in a story of a big grocery chain SAFEWAY ripping off the elderly at Sun City retirement community. ( for those back east, call someone from Phoenix area to see what I am talking about) Its the kind of story he loves. All this over manager who should have said, Sorry about that, I will honor this price, Safeway made a mistake....... then go back and change things........ I tend not to let things go, just so you know.......... Thank you for your attention.... John

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Renee - 13 d 15 h ago


The Stockton grocery delivery service is amazingly unprofessional and unethical. They have essentially stolen money from me on two occasions, and each time it took many phone calls to get my refunds, which should have been given immediately and without difficulty, but were not. One time the Stockton grocery service cancelled my order due to a "truck malfunction" (or so I was told) and I was also told that my refund would be given in 7-10 business days. But when I called back the next week, they had no idea I was supposed to have been given a refund, so that delayed the refund by another week. Each time I called the Safeway customer service delivery line in Stockton to check on a delivery or on the refund, I had to wait 20-40 minutes before a customer service person for Stockton Safeway deliveries eventually picked up. Today I was supposed to receive a delivery between 6-8pm, and the driver called at 7:30pm to say he would probably be late since he had three deliveries before me, but he still hadn't gotten to my house by 9pm. I called, and he said he couldn't talk while driving and would call when he arrived at his next stop. Then he stopped answering my calls and never delivered the groceries at all. He also failed to inform me he just wasn't going to deliver the groceries, and he didn't tell me about this refund. I am definitely shopping at Raley's now. Or Trader Joes. Anywhere but Safeway. I feel like an idiot for giving them a second chance. No third chance.

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