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Safeway, Inc.

Von's, Dominick's Finer Foods, Carr-Gottstein Foods, Genuardi's Family Markets, Randall's Food Markets,
5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd.
Pleasanton, CA
Steven Burd
Chairman and CEO
(925) 467-3000
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Mike Davis - 2 d 12 h ago


I have been a Tom Thumb shopper for over 30 years. I use the store in Duncanaville, TX 75137. I had the absolute worst service, and border line illegal, I have ever had. I am sending this to you because I am not sure who to send it to. What happened to me may be borderline illegal and at least unethical.

While shopping I decided to purchase some flowers. There was a a bucket that had 4 flower bouquets in it. All were clearly marked with a barcode and were priced at 6.95. When I scanned them at check out they rang up at 16.99. I showed that to the clerk and she went to get her supervisor. He walked to the flower area and returned telling me the price was 16.99 and was not what the barcode label stated. I told him there were 3 more there all marked with 6.95 and I should not pay more than the marked price. He said he would talk to the manager. He returned and told me the manager said 16.99 was right and they would not sell me them for the marked price. I told him I thought that was illegal. I am in retail and if we mark a price wrong we will honor that price then change the rest of the tags to the right price. I purchased them for the 16.99 although they were priced at 6.95.

I can't believe a store manager would tell a customer too bad. Before I left I took pictures of the remaining 3 bouquets and the sign below which said they were 15.99 not even the 16.99. They don't even know the price and the manager, Richard Eastman did not even care to get involved to resolve the situation or even look into it. I have a real problem with this and Tom Thumb should as well. That is the highest degree of poor management and not right in any way, shape or form.

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mike davis - 1 d 14 h ago


This situation has been resolved. There was a misunderstanding between the floor manager and the store manager. I did receive a call from Richard who explained the situation and apologized. It made me feel better when he told me that was not how they operate and this should have been resolved there.

I will continue to shop at this store. I have never had an issue and do not expect one going forward.

a special thanks to Connie Yates and her quick response. She also won me back with her care and concern. And thanks to Richard Eastman. Good Job

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Sharon - 2 d ago


I am writing to say that our Sebastopol pharmacist, Alvin, and the pharmacy staff make this the best and only pharmacy I will use. They all are courteous, hard working and answer any and all questions/concerns that I have. They always greet you with a smile and bend over backwards to fix ongoing problems that occur with doctors and their staff not doing their job. In December my husband was discharged from the hospital very late in the day to a pharmacy that is not covered by our union. By the time I got to town, Safeway pharmacy was already closed. The Rite Aid pharmacist who is also a provider with our union, stated she was "too busy closing out" to handle the drugs, including one critical one that they had on hand. As a result, my husband went without until I contacted Alvin, who processed every drug the next morning. Please make sure these folks are recognized for the important and critical jobs that they perform. It is such a blessing to have such wonderful people to deal with and I trust them completely.

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555 complaints - 2 d 4 h ago


From Portland Lloyd center Safeway #1612. District 75

I'm employee at 1612 store. We have a new store Director, we are all unhappy of his reactions .rude. racist.

The department Manager's

Started quitting.

* Floral


We want him to go to Different store.

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Anita - 3 d 5 m ago


San anselmo Calif Safeway

I have shopped here for quite a while and I watch it slowly go down hill..there's no help on the floor especially at night...the help you do have is worthless..cashiers on their cell phones, arguing with each other or just plain ignoring the customers..your day shift self check lady is the worst..she lazy..she sends customers to the cashier stands and she asks regular customers for gas money..I'm appalled..I started shopping in the evenings even though there's less help the cashier you have is efficient helpful and polite...I know you don't do anything about these letters because I have written before but I do want to say the only reason I continue to do business there anymore is your night closing woman..thank her for me...

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Anonymous - 3 d ago


Safeway has been overcharging me for the past 2 1/2 years at different locations one is on Minnesota Ave., Southeast the next one is on down south was at the waterfront and the other one is 1 Georgia Ave. I don't know why and they keep doing it and I keep reporting them a call the corporate office in Maryland and the lady answered the phone she put me on hold and then she hung up and never answer the other line

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Safeway, Thank You, 990 Swan Creek Rd E, Fort Washington, MD 20744 - 3 d 13 h ago


Today I discovered that my wallet with all of my credit cards, my driver's license, cash and a host of my identification was missing from my purse. As I thought back to the last time I used my bankcard, which was in my wallet, I discovered it was on Thursday at the Safeway in Fort Washington, Maryland.

I immediately went to the Safeway in Fort Washington. I discovered that Karen Brown had seen it in the basket in the parking lot where I left it, and put it in the store office for safekeeping. It had been two days since I left it there.

It impressed me that Karen Brown had kept my wallet safe but her comment impressed me more. Rather than just taking credit for her honesty and responding, "you're welcome", she commented that the customers who shop here are incredibly honest and it's not unusual for things to be turned in.

In this time where there is so much hatred in the world, it is extremely refreshing to find such a honest and wholesome attitude. I wanted to let you know that I believe whoever hires for the Fort Washington, Maryland store is doing a great job in hiring men and women with fantastic character. This is not the first time I have written to you about one of this store's employees. It gives me great pleasure each time I come in contact with a person like Karen Brown!! Thank you!

Best Regards,

Dr. Marcia Robinson


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Gracie - 3 d 18 h ago


Customer complaint for Safeway, 601 S Pioneer Way, Moses Lake WA.

Sunday April 22, 2018

Pharmacy hours indicate opening at 11:00 AM. I was there early expecting to wait a few minutes until opened. The employee opening did not have the register ready to serve customers until 11:16 AM. She kept apologizing, had to go to the front of the store and bring back two (2) cash register cash drawers, and was interrupted by Pharmacist filling prescriptions.

Deli is still out of Iver's Clam Chowder. I have been actively trying to purchase this chowder for two weeks. I asked Deli staff it they had any in back. I was told they did not. I was told they have ordered it for several weeks and it is not in the deliveries. Customers can't spend money in the store if the food items are not available.

All checkout lines were backed up three and four customers deep. The cashiers at this store are very slow. Evidently they have been told to engage customers in conversation. The problem is that they sometimes stop scanning items to talk. If they could do both at the same time it would be fine. But, they can't. Grocery shopping is one chore on a long "to do" list. Having to wait past posted opening times, not finding the food you desire, and slow check out makes shopping at Safeway the most undesirable chore on the list.

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MAY - 3 d 19 h ago


My Name is Mario Alvarez 1808 N Quebec st Arlington Va. 22207, PHONE NUMBER

(hidden)0, I live herer for more than 55years just two blocks away from the SAFEWAY STORE SOMETIMES i STOP TREE TO FOUR TIMES A DAY i REPEAT A DAY

Today stop at the deli dept, as I do every day to get what I need but TODAY I was so astonished and at one point VERY SCARE by this dirty looking long very long heir (WITHOUT A NET) employee, to the point that oriental supervisory has to TOLD HIM TO STOP and ask Him TAKE A BREAK . Yes, every once in awhile I've encountered a rude employee and I just think they probably had or having a BAD day, !. other stores (SORRY TO MENTION THE BEST OF ALL


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Anonymous - 3 d 20 h ago

Suggestion. Please stop having the checkout folks handout Monopoly cards. We have stood in line patiently waiting while the checker had to count and dole out 50 or 75 Monopoly cards to the customer in front of us. Then today, my wife asked for $20 back and the checker forgot to give it to ger because - you guessed it! - she was more intent on counting out Monopoly cards. Thanks!

Flagged for review. 
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Gloria S. - 4 d 15 h ago


The Safeway in Wheatland is a disgrace to the name of Safeway. Corporate should check it out. Even the restroom.

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Cecily - 5 d 47 s ago


It appears that Safeway HQ in Lanham, MD is priming the Chevy Chase Village, DC store to be a Pavilions. In it's attempt to spruce up this store -- and it can use a sprucing-up - it's stocking everything just short of a freshly made gelato bar, ditto pizza bar, etc. like the Pavilions at which I've shopped in West Hollywood, CA. Thing is, this is the neighborhood store for not just tony Chevy Chase, MD, which is North of the store. This Safeway, while small, is the main grocery location for hundreds of residents who have no cars and so walk there to shop. Others take pubic transportation. The only two other nearby grocery stores (1-2 miles) away are Giant Foods and a Whole Foods. These require public transportation for we, the car-less. This store gets area college students and retired individuals who aren't in the 1-10% income brackets --within several blocks there are two assisted living buildings, a/lower income building, and many disabled.patrons as well. Just yesterday I received a mailer offering 4 $10-off 4 $50 purchases. Many of my fellow shoppers don't/can't buy $50 worth of groceries at one time. The mailing also suggests that this store now has available gourmet breads, "Artisan" made-from-scratch breads, an expanded selection of prepared foods (many of which sit on the shelves due to disinterest), and an "in-store sushi chef". I've met the man. He isn't "in-store" - he is a nice guy; delivers his products on a [I'm told] daily basis .. just as he or his associate - delivers them to Giant, etc. I hear there are some of these "tony" people in the area who consider the building un-attractive & want it torn down and re-built. I'm sure they do. They obviously have the means and personal transportation to shop elsewhere -- which definitely wouldn't be at Safeway. The closest other Safeways would be in Bethesda or Kensington, MD -- a walk+ Metro+ plus bus away. To shop at those stores, I figure it'd take me over an hour on public transportation -- assuming the bus connections are on time and the Metro is fully operational. A long way to go to buy one of those "expanded artisan breads", or just a quart of orange juice. For anything more I'd need to make those trips with a personal shopping basket. If I sound frustrated, it's because I am. District management of this store has, over many years, treated its customers poorly: scheduled deliveries of sale or manager-ordered items aren't made, products aren't on the shelves 'way too often, yet a comment to the regional office results in their blaming problems on the managers, not themselves. I've written to corporate about empty shelves of staples and been told I should shop at the Bethesda store! There are never enough cashiers or even shelf-stockers -- the frustration felt by us customers is visceral ... & contagious. My downstairs neighbor saw me heading up the street one time and told me that if I was headed to Safeway (I wasn't), to not plan to be home till the next day: that's how long the checkout lines were on a weekend. SO, before anyone in Corporate or even the District Corp. office thinks about "upscaling" this store, they might want to first consider working on the basics. Also pleasing we "regular" walk-in folks. And working on their public/customer relations techniques certainly will go a long way. If you do plan to re-construct this store, please do what the Giant at Van Ness did: provide customer buses every 30 min each way so they could shop at another Giant.

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Jane White - 5 d 9 h ago

Dear Safeway, I live in Rose Street in Berkeley, around the corner from the main Shattuck Safeway. I'm writing about trash. Everyday I deal with trash from wrappers of Safeway purchased items. I even have a collection of receipts from the store. While this is

annoying, I deal with it.

What I would like to see is recycling containers in front of your store. Come on people it's 2018. What are you waiting for. Take a stand. Be a leader.

Do the right thing.

Thank you.

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Erlinda Zamudio - 5 d 14 h ago


I was so astonished by hearing such bitterness about safeway employees. The Safeways I have shopped have great employees. Yes, every once in awhile I've encountered a rude employee and I just think they probably had or having a BAD day !! I have to remember when I worked (I'm retired) there were days I wasn't at my best. I have been told I'm a nice person. Once a person told me off cause I was abrupt with them. I took a deep breath and went and apologized. That person accepted my apology. My day went better, I'm sure that person felt better. The gentleman that took the cart was wrong cause not the employees fault he over shopped. HOWEVER, the employee was wrong cause the customer needed her help (her cart). I think Supervisor was the worst. I would hope the Manager has taken notice of the actions of their employees.

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Ron - 6 d 9 h ago


I went into Safeway in Port Angeles,Wa. I went in and got a few things and when I got to the check out, I saw the supervisor and asked her if there was a reason why the store wasn't flying their flags at half staff due to the passing of Barbara Bush, and she said "she had no idea but most likely no one knew where the key was". I have proudly served this great nation and I find it in very poor taste to have a not respect the passing even here in Washington the governor has ordered all flags to be lowered to have staff But I guess Safeway is exempt from that? Well, I am exempt from shopping at Safeway until the realize that as long as they are open here in the USA they are not exempt from laws.

Maybe I will let other veterans know this and maybe we will boycott Safeway

As a follow up to this, I will be calling the corporate office tomorrow so I know they will hear me

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Cucktard - 6 d 44 m ago

I'll bet you're all about making America great again, aren't you? What a thin-skinned, pearl clutching, snowflake you are.

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Anonymous - 5 d 18 h ago

It's funny when someone states something about this country, it always leads to politics. My complaint is about how lazy and disrespectful the store was. For your info Cucktard I am not a Trump fan ,I AM AN AMERICAN FAN. Try showing some respect. Don't use all your food stamps at one time

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Anonymous - 5 d 20 h ago

Always SOMETHING to complain about.....

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Ron - 5 d 18 h ago


I just spoke to the store manager and asked him why the flag wasn't at half staff and he promised me that next time I go by the store it would be. His excuse was he never got an email from corporate telling him to lower it . Maybe true or maybe just another pass the buck but at least it was taken care of

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Customer - 5 d 19 h ago


Dear Sirs,

The store I had an issue with is located in Portland, OR., in the Pearl District off N.W. Lovejoy.

I came into the store on Wed. (04/18) at 8:05 PM. I went up to the Customer Service counter to return two cans before I started my shopping. There was a sign on the counter stating the Customer Service Desk hours are between 9AM and 9PM. There was a man with a supervisor tag on him standing behind the counter. I asked if he was open, and his response was "What do you want?" I asked if I may return these two cans. His response was "We don't do returns after 8:00.) Again, it was 8:05 and there were only 2 cans. I just put them down and quietly walked away to start my shopping.

After thinking about this, his attitude and response is definitely not that of a customer service representative and especially of a supervisor. The last thing I care to encounter after my long work day is an ignorant attitude directed to me. The man was a tall heavy set man.

Although Safeway corporation is very established and nationwide, there are still many other grocery stores in competition. The always friendly Fred Meyer is just a few blocks away and probably my next choice for shopping.

Safeway has always been good, unfortunately a few inadequate customer service reps slips in, but to achieve a management position is an eye opener.

Thank you for your time,


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Kenkitty - 6 d ago


Goodness Gracious!

I'm very happy to have found forum in which to write regarding my experience yesterday at Safeway - Rockridge Grocery Store Oakland.

I look forward to shopping for groceries. I feel privileged to go to the store to purchase as often and as much as I like.

Unfortunately, yesterday and last three shopping experiences have been ruined by unfriendly, uncaring staff. From now on I've decided to go to Walmart for almost all my shopping needs.

Is it because Safeway is owned/operated by Albertsons for such decline?

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Dominique Stookey - 7 d 4 h ago


Hello there, I live out of town of Flagstaff, AZ

I go out of my way to go to the highway 89 store because of one employee and a Bonus has. Her name is Charlotte and is a wonderful person. I go almost every week there and I always want to do a survey for her service. I'm very disappointed that I can't put a survey in til every 15 days. It upsets me. Is there anyway of fixing this issue. Out of everyone, there are others that are great employees there, she goes out of the way to help me when I ask.

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Holly & Cole Fulmer at Store #2032 are Racist - 21 d ago


I went into Safeway this morning located on Shea Blvd. and Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ. I dropped off my son at school and was headed to work. I stopped at Safeway to get milk. I didn't think I needed a cart considering I only needed to get milk (for morning coffee at work). I ended up getting several big items and was juggling with the groceries when I saw a grocery cart at the end of an aisle with 2 flat boxes - and proceeded to put the groceries in the cart and take out the flat boxes. As I was doing so, a Safeway employee by the name of Holly, comes up to me and I asked her if it was ok to take the cart.

She responded, "yeah if you like being rude."

She took the boxes and walked away. I thought she was joking but then I turned back towards the aisle she was stocking groceries, I asked Holly, "Were you joking or were you serious when you called me rude for taking the grocery cart?"

She responded, "I was serious." I told her I'm the customer. She failed to realize or look at all the groceries I was juggling without a cart or basket.

She responded, "You are too lazy to get your own cart. You just can't go walk to the front of the store and get your own, you had to take mine." (She must have a short memory when I asked her for the cart she said I could take it).

I found her remarks to be racist & bigoted as I am of Mexican/Native decent.

I called for a manager and spoke with Cole Fulmer. I requested from Cole for the employee, Holly, to give me an apology. He refused.

Cole Fulmer sneered and chuckled when I told him what Holly had said about me being lazy, and how I found it offensive that she must think all Mexicans are lazy.

I found his response to be offensive (coming from a manager) and told him that he must think the same as Holly. I called him on it by saying he was racist as well. I demanded my money back and as he was to give me my refund, he continue talking to me in a belittling tone.

I responded in a very vulgar way and it upset him enough that he did not give me my refund and told me to leave the store. I told him I will never shop at Safeway again & would take to social media to Boycott Safeway and its subsidiaries. In my opinion, the Caucasian management & staff at Safeway # 2032 are callous, racist, and bigoted with no sensedof community and clearly have not undergone diversity training.

I will be contacting Corporate Headquarters for a formal apology and my money back. #BoycottSafeway

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non-loyal customer - 19 d ago


I didn't see the racism in her lazy remark. there's lazy people of every race, size, shape, colour etc... I'm a white man and both my kids are half Mexican... ( I also wasn't there either that's my opinion based on what I read) but it was very unprofessional, rude and not how you treat people period no matter what race they are (especially a customer) if you want to stay in business and have repeat customers. Safeway is huge and one customer here and may hurt them financially, but you tell 10 people and so on it can hurt there reputation for sure. it's not they're the cheapest or have the best deals. I rarely shop there for that reason.

But in all companies defence... you can't please everyone and one or two bad employees do not represent the entire corporation. With that being said people rarely or basically never take the time to post their good experiences.

The only reason I'm on here is because a friend of mine had the police called on her for returning one of two bottles stolen by some drunk by shes never seen before. He was trying to pick up her and she convinced to give her the unopened bottle and she returned it. She hadn't even entered the store yet. She was approached as was getting out of the car.

So security just made a very bad assumption called the cops and hand-cuffed her and she shopped at that store in Carmichael, CA for over 20 years. Of course after the cops started talking to her they quickly figured out that the security guard ( that couldn't make it as real cop ) had made a HUGE mistake apologised and let her go.

Before the cops even got there that dickhead had already filled out and trespassing form that bans her from that store.

what a POWER TRIPPING DOUCHE-BAG wanna be cop!!!

I'm so glad I wasn't there because I would have been the one in cuffs!!! You can just look at her and 95% know that she's not a crook. Although crooks come in very look.

But she was bringing the booze in the door not out? DUMB-A$$

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You are an idiot - 17 d 16 h ago

That comment was not racist you idiot so stop playing the race card. You are rude. How dare you. You suck taco dick.

Flagged for review. 
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Scotty - 14 d 18 h ago


Two very low life comments.......

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