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Safeway, Inc.

Von's, Dominick's Finer Foods, Carr-Gottstein Foods, Genuardi's Family Markets, Randall's Food Markets,
5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd.
Pleasanton, CA
Steven Burd
Chairman and CEO
(925) 467-3000
(925) 467-3323
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B Andersen - 1 d 12 h ago

I'm getting more and more dissatisfied shopping at my local Safeway in Lakeport ca. I usually go in turn around and go to another store. The lines are long , just now there must have been 20 or so people in self chech and only maybe 3 checkers open. I returned my items and left!

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JACOB EGELHOFF - 1 d 18 h ago


I purchased Lamb Shanks at the store in Kingman AZ. Went to make them and they where spoiled alread. Had just bought them the day before. They where on a managers special buy one get 50% of the second so I picked up like 30 bucks worth. I can never find them in AZ so I was so excited when I saw them. That was over 3 weeks ago. I sent in a complaint 3 weeks ago and finally received a call yesterday 2/23/2017. I asked for a refund of some type even a gift card from Safeway or a voucher put on my loyalty card. It seems every time I purchase lamb from Safeway it seems to be spoiled this is the second store that this has happen at. Well the person that called me said he would love to refund my money but I need to send a self addressed stamped envelope with the receipt when he gets that he will send me my money. Will it has been 3 weeks I do not have the receipt so I guess I am shit out of luck. I so not do a lot of shopping there because the prices are way to high. But there are a few items I can only get there and like to get there but I am still a customer and have been for years. But I am going to stop shopping there and order the items I like online and will tell any one and every one the will listen not to shop at the stores in Kingman AZ. I live on a fixed income and can not afford money spent for bad food that I can not return since I live 60 miles away in a rural area. All I wanted was my money back hell just a gift card that I could pick up at the store when I come into town to shop I would pick it up then that would be great.

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VG - 4 d 3 h ago


The customer service at the Kent, WA Safeway on 108th is absolutely the worst. The checkers are rude, slow, and extremely unhelpful. There is never more than 3 lanes open, regardless of the number of customers in line. If you ask them to call another cashier because there are 10 people in each line, they get attitude. The help they reluctantly solicit strolls up 15 minutes later, with no sense of urgency. There is no spring in their step and no interest in providing good customer service. They are punching the clock and collecting a paycheck. There is no customer or company loyalty at this store and I have shopped there for the last time. This store needs a home office visit real soon.

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Honeydriper all down hill - 2 d 1 h ago

I wonder,,,,, they say shit rolls down hill,If the people at the top are rude and think WE HLF to spend our hard earned money at the there store,more than likely they are rude to their employees under them and its just a shitty employment situation ,you can't have a person who obviously don't like there job running things,Give me the job as overseer of management attitude I will show you how I like to be treated when ISpend my hard earned money at your stores And if your management didn't get that "thank you " for shopping with us is such a must I would make them box boys,they'd still have there jobs but they sure in the he hell wouldn't be in n charge of any customer anything. Maybe Safeway s getting ready to go under.that's about the only reason I can see all this bad stuff written about this chane ,and no one like a thief, sorry. Up and available for the position, can travel, can fix any problem, I.e. treat others as you want to be treated. Welcome to my store can I help you, I love you to spend your money at my store I appreciate it.I know Walmart or Kmart is cheaper and closer but thanks for spending your hard earned money with us,

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Hire honeydrippe let's see a good change - 2 d 37 m ago

All in favor say yea

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Susan - 3 d 14 h ago


Hi I am an employee for Safeway for many years. I did not receive my w2 through the mail. Who can I contact? Tried several numbers with no luck.

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Amelia - 32 d 17 h ago

I've already written a review with google, however, I feel the need to write another one for the headquarters.

I've been a loyal customer to Safeway since we've moved from Hawai'i & as a fortunate coincidence, we happen to own a house right across the street from Safeway; on Foothill Blvd, Hayward, CA.

Last night was the worst experience any family should have to go through. My little brother was stabbed multiple times in the face by one of the employees with a box knife for stealing. We filed a police report & the employee lied to the cops saying my brother was throwing coffee mugs at him. I get it, my brother was stealing but honestly, with a corporation that makes if not thousands, millions of dollars, someone's life is not worth a few things stolen. This employee could have killed my brother!!!! While I took my brother to the hospital, my sister went back to Safeway to ask questions & see what happened & the guy who stabbed my brother was still working....... WHO DOES THAT???!!!! I can't believe after stabbing someone severely, they just let him stay.

I'm sorry but with all due respect, you have lost my loyalty to a situation that was handle unprofessionally & out of proportion. There were other employees outside when this incident happened but no one helped my brother.

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Melissa - 22 d 14 h ago


Amelia, What a great representative of SoCal you and your criminal brother are. You are not special, Safeway is not there for you to help yourself to their products. Your brother is a criminal, he is lucky I was not on duty, he would be in jail. How dare you make an excuse for someone stealing ANYTHING! Fact, had he not stolen something, which he does on a regular basis, because YOU let him feel entitled to criminal behavior, saying, basically, that ANY business who makes a profit should be open to thievery. Shame on both of you criminals. YOU knew he was stealing and let him. He knew he was a thief and still stole more. What comes around, goes around, and you got what you had coming. Period. Thieves have no place in this world. You are thieves. Period. Shame on whoever raised you, certainly some bad parenting involved. Every action has a consequence. He got his. Perhaps he will learn something from this, but likely not. Once a thief, always a thief. Period.

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Sonya - 15 d 16 h ago

whoever you are "melissa" you are very rude. Stabbing and violence is NOT justified. People like you are the ones that advocate for police cruelty.

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Vickster - 4 d ago

Amen, well stated.

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Vickster - 4 d ago

Your brother needs more help than what the bystanders were going to give. He needs to spend some time in the slammer.

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Davina - 7 d 19 h ago

I am sick and tried of the no responsibility that Safeway officers!! hopefully a law suit will come in to play when people start getting sick from expired food and rotten chicken they sell. There excuse was "yeah our refrigerator isn't working very well"?????? WTF!!!!! Good Job corporate!!!

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Angela - 8 d 15 h ago


I have been going to the Safeway store in Kahului on Maui for many years out of convenience as I am only a part time resident. This store is poorly run and feels dark and dirty and use to have floor staff but now it is impossible to find ANYONE to ask a question. My main concern is that so many products are way out of date not only in the deli area but on the shelves as well.

Will it take some poor unsuspecting customer to get so sick and maybe die from food poisoning before Safeway does something about this. The manager should be sacked !!

Yesterday was my LAST day of ever going there. Thank god for Target.

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Ana - 12 d 15 h ago


I've been a customer at safeway 1499 Washington ave in leandro. The way the store manager runs the store is crappy. All the clerks in the store are stressed out and always by themselves. I asked an employee way are they so under schedule they said the store Mananger kept cutting there hours. I over heard the store manager talk to a clerk it to me sounded very rude the manner she was speaking. And to have that kind of conversation in front of customers is not appropriate.

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McLean Resident - 13 d 11 h ago

I am taking the time tonight to make Safeway aware of a specific employee. I wish I knew his name, but I do not. I shop at the Anderson Road, McLean, VA store. He was working tonight at register 4. I have, on more than one occasion, watched his almost arrogant behavior when interfacing with both customers and other employees. Tonight was not exception. I was in the next aisle, checking out. The cashier, someone whom I believe was fairly new to this store, asked him if he could share some of his Monopoly tickets. She had run out and was trying to check me out. The store was busy. He ignored 4-5 of her requests. I finally tapped him on the shoulder. She asked. He stared at her for a moment and then said, I'll check after I finish with this customer, turned around, and continued to ignore her. She asked to excuse herself to go to the office for the tickets. This is not a one-time occurrence. It's just the one that prompted me to report his behavior. It's rude. It's not good customer service. I know without any question that if you question employees there, they will likely agree. This is a disservice to both customers and fellow employees (especially a new employee). I an a business owner. I know, firsthand, that no matter what service you provide in today's business market, customer service is critical to your success. I'm not suggesting that this employee be fired, but that someone let him know that his attitude is noticeable and unappreciated by your customers. I wish I had his name. He has been there for some time. If necessary, I will return to Safeway (there almost every day) and provide the name. I hope that this will be received in the spirit in which it is extended. If this were my business, I would want to know.

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Andrew - 16 d 12 h ago

Just went to the Safeway in Fremont on Mission Warm Springs to buy crab for dinner, there was some goofy looking bald headed butcher with califllower ears walking around and I asked him to crack and clean four crab for me and his response was " oh no I'm going home , not now. That's really good customer service......NOT. Then I ask for a Manager and he is handing somewhere. Called corporate offices and of course they are to big and busy to help their now xcustomers . Worthless Store they need to close it .

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Ayesha - 17 d 6 h ago


Safeway in the Greater highlands in Renton. It is one of the cleaner safeways in Wa, but the customer service is terrifying now one seems happy to be doing there job much less thinking about giving customer service.

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Lenore - 22 d 8 h ago


The Safeway on Constitution Boulevard in Salinas California is the worst as far has communicating with the customer. Last Friday on January 27th 2017, they have the chicken tenders on sale in their ad as a $5 Friday special. I am a loyal Shopper and I shop every Friday at 7am before I go to work. I noticed that the chicken tenders were not done at that time on that Friday so I asked when they would be ready they said the first batch would be done at 9 a.m. so I came back at 11 a.m. on my lunch hour which was not a problem because I figured they would be more fresh by the afternoon. When I got to the deli at 11 a.m. there were no chicken tenders to my surprise and I asked the person behind the counter if they were going to you making more chicken tenders. She then proceeded to tell me that the shipment never came in. I find it hard to understand that there was not an adequate supply of chicken tenders for a $5 Friday special that I know are pretty popular in that store. AsI proceeded to pay for a couple of more items that I purchased that day I had the cashier walk over to the deli to find out that the order was never placed for shipment. I was not a happy customer and I think management should get a better procedure of their inventory and ordering. Very disappointing .

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Anonymous - 22 d 13 h ago

The Safeway in Cloverly Md. is the worst. Not a great experience. Check stands not open, self service checkout is always a challenge and the cats lock up on the way out the door!! I'm expecting it to happen now but the first time it banged into my shins and bled for hours. Get it together!!

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Karen - 28 d 12 h ago


I shop at the Safeway in San Ramon on San Ramon Valley Blvd. I learned this week that my favorite employee, Rosie Goines has been put on suspension and I am extremely unhappy about that. People who work in the retail sector have to interface with the general public everyday and I know from experience that often the general public can be mean and sometimes condescending. Rosie is a breath of fresh air; she is smart, funny, and helpful. When you get a complaint from a customer the employee should have the chance to refute that customer's story. Customers are not always in the right. I am sure my note here will be ignored, but the reason I am writing is because perhaps one customer complained, but just maybe, lots of other customers like and respect her. I did not have to write, but because I want to see Rosie back in the store, I felt compelled to. Believe me, Safeway is just a regular grocery store; I can shop elsewhere. Feel free to contact me. I have shopped at Safeway for 18 years, but that can always change.

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Melissa in Oregon - 22 d 14 h ago

I did not ignore it Karen, and I want to say Kudos for writing in about this. Standing up for people is a lost art it seems, and as women, we need to change that. Don't take your frustration out on the store and ALL it's employees, talk to the manager, then, if you do not get satisfaction, call the district headquarters, phone number and address of the dist store is online. Sometimes things are beyond our control, but it will make a difference if you call them and tell them what you think... kindly.... just a thought. :D

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Frank Comotto - 27 d 15 h ago


I should not have to wait so long to check out. I even try different times and still have to wait. 8 people in front of me. Safeway in parkville

General profile image

Melissa in Oregon - 22 d 14 h ago

Yes, Frank, you should. We all have to wait sometimes. We all do. Often, when we are in a hurry, which is just another way of saying we did not plan our time well. You were obviously never in the military, where the slogan is "Hurry up and wait!" Lots of lines, lots of patient people. As it should be. People in third world countries stand for a day sometimes to be given a bowl of mush and a crust of bread. And they smile and say "thank you" quite often. I lived in a few of those places. Overpopulation puts a strain on everyone, as you have been witness to. You, on the other hand, are in America. If overpopulation is causing you to wait for a few minutes, then do your part and don't have more than 2 children. The workers are going as fast as they can. You are simply impatient and, as many Americans are, thinking they are special and people should accommodate you at every turn. Be happy while you wait, interact with the humans around you, you never know what wonderful person ytou might meet! :D And, set an example of being a kind, patient human. :D

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Ella - 25 d 15 h ago


I'm writing about the Castro Valley store (20629 Redwood Rd). Our bakery department is a desisted, last week French bread was not cooked inside is dough, ciabatta rolls that our store caring is 4-5 days old no choice of fresh rolls or bread on the shelfs. I told a cashier that the bread is not cooked she offer me free bread why should I take a free bread if is not cooked. The other customer was complaining about the bread also and cashier told him have a nice day. Employee don't care what the customer has to say and what customer want. Manager is never there and even if he is there he does not care, no excuses, no effort. There are NEVER enough people to check out customers. It doesn't matter the time of day when you shop, it's a consistent problem. There is 4 self-check out lane that is so full, and often only few check out employee. During day store is full of the pallets that you cannot go thru but if you leave your card, you will not find your car again. Employee are often checking there cellphone instead rushing, do doing their work, some workers are smoking next to the store door so you have to go around them if you don't want to smell smoke. The other Castro Valley store don't have all products nor good customer service also. I filed few complaints and noting is done.

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Melissa in Oregon - 22 d 14 h ago


Ella... honey... Gramma needs to say something to you...

#1, "DESISTED" is not a word in the English language.

#2 - Please don't blame safeway, or any other business for OVERPOPULATION.

#3 - As a business owner, I can tell you there is no way for any store to carry everything you might want to buy. That allows you to share the love... and your money... with other stores! :D Perhaps you could fill out the form they have requesting they carry a few of the items you may not have been able to buy yourself.

#4 - "During day store is full of pallets.." Really Ella... the store is FULL OF PALLETS? Let's be honest here... They have to continuously stock shelves, so people like you don't complain more than you do. Be kind. Be patient... be a role model.

Perhaps one day you will manage a HUGE store like a grocery, or even a small business of your own. We need more women in business. But you will need to realize the earth does not rotate on your axis, and you should take some time to think about all the things your store does right every day, in spite of all the people who complain, and compliment them on that. These days we need more kind words, as the country is so hateful since the election of such a mean, rude man. Thank you for reading this, Safeway is a good company, with hard working employees who are on their feet ALL day. It's not an easy job, yet most of them smile and are so friendly. You get what you give, maybe you should write a review on yourself, and see what you say... Have a happy day.

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