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Safeway, Inc.

Von's, Dominick's Finer Foods, Carr-Gottstein Foods, Genuardi's Family Markets, Randall's Food Markets,
5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd.
Pleasanton, CA
Steven Burd
Chairman and CEO
(925) 467-3000
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Harriet - 5 h 51 m ago


Why do I spend most of my shopping dollars at Trader Joe's? My experience this morning at the Willston Safeway in Arlington demonstrates why. I suspect that the problem with checkout lines at Safeway stores is systemic. They are understaffed with too few lines open for checkout. This forces, or encourages, shoppers to use the automatic check out lines. The infinitely patient worker who was working at the automated check out area had to come key in a code on my machine 5 times. 5 times. I was left standing there for minutes at a time while he raced around to the other machines for probably the same reason - something is in the bagging area. It is a very frustrating way to end a trip to the grocery store. I enjoy shopping, but not if check out is a trial. I shifted to Trader Joe's some time ago (I had been a life long shopper at Safeway), but decided to do a major trip to Safeway today. That won't happen again soon.

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Anonymous - 17 h 29 m ago

charlene; the alliance ne safeway store pricing dept is horrible your price auditor needs to check on her no tags are up on sale items for instance safeway can green beans lucerne 8 oz shredded cheese get it together she needs to be fired she is horrible employee does not do her job in pricing can you not hire decent employees

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Helen - 1 d ago


I was at the Safeway piney branch Rd location in Washington, D.C. As I waited in the long 15 or more line, a cashier/manager by the name of

Tamesha smith opened up another register. A random customer (of her ethnicity) walked up to ask her a question and she took her into her line first, even if we had already asked her to join her line first. So we join the line, tamesha takes at least 20 min with this one customer, at some point she even leaves the line to go do something I'd say for about 6 min. At this point we've been in line since 6:06 and it is now 6:25. The people behind us whom go to another line are up and out of the store before we even reach the tameshas register. When we complain, she say rudely says "you have to wait your turn, there's nothing I can do" As we get close to checkout, she is extremely polite to the customer infromt of us (her ethnicity) and even gives her coupons. When it's our turn to check out she doesn't even greet us or say anything, and no coupons. When I ask for the manager she ignores me. As we leave the store we notice an item was rung up twice that we only bought once. I had to get her name from another employee because she had no name tag. I am extremely upset that I spent a whole 30 min in line for horrible customer service and an extra charge. Safeway, do better. I will definitely never be shopping here again.

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Amber Cook - 1 d ago


Hello. My name is Amber Cook (hidden)) I was Safeway @ the Wheaton Maryland location and there were several disturbing a things I saw. For starters I went to pick up a pack of turkey bacon and the package was ripped open and the product a disgusting brown color. Obviously not able to be sold or consumed for what looks like days. So I go to grab another pack from the bottom and again the packaging was compromised and the product was a dark brown. I went to reach for a third pack and yes same outcome. I brought it to the manager attention and all he did was throw the product away. That was it. Also the store was disgusting. Pistachio shells from already eaten pistachios were on the shelves, there were even expired product being sold. If you could please get back in contact with me so I can send you pictures of all this I would appreciate it. I want to make sure actions are taken about this matter.

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Jim Bailey is a dishonest store Manager and a thief - 1 d 6 h ago


I worked night crew at the washougal WA store, our store manager is JIM BALEY. and he repeatedly threatens employees, has us throw EMPTY product to the shelf to be sold. And people somehow buy it. I have photos of empty product coming from the warehouse. This goes directly against Safeway's Fair dealing policy. Another employee and I were fired after going to the union. Several employees are missing pay from WORKED hours. Rumors were going around of write ups that I never signed and when I pressed the issue to look into my employee file i was denied without reason.

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Donna - 2 d ago


What a nightmare trying to get someone on the phone at delivery service in Chandler AZ location . First I try to order my groceries online and in the middle of my order the site shuts down for maintenance. then I try to call the 877 505 4040 number and I sat on hold for 20 mins before I reached Beth who also could not help me because she said she had 100 waiting on hold < she said she can not call the company to inform them that the web site is down because they never gave her that number, Wow talk about workers , working blind. Shame on you ! Terrible customer service

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Craig Zora - 2 d 24 h ago

The Safeway gas station in Aberdeen, WA is experiencing congestion along with drivers not following the traffic arrows. A head on collision is likely to occur at the fueling pumps. The situation is unsafe.

What can be done?

Craig Zora

360 589 9854

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Safeway Corporation not allowing me to post - 8 d 11 s ago


I just posted that my comment is being blocked and since there is an approval process and Safeway Corporation is refusing to allow me to post the truth about some dangerous pharmacy services and inexcusable customer service treatment I received. I will contact consumer protection services and let them know I have tried to bring this situation to Safeway Corporation and the public and am being denied access to post by Safeway Corporation.

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Blou - 2 d 5 h ago

You could try to contact the State Pharmacy Board. They have a complaint process especially if there are some dangerous pharmacy practices happening. Not much they can do about customer service. Most pharmacies have a number posted on the counter (some where).

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Bonnie - 2 d 5 h ago


I typically shop at the Safeway in Burien, WA. Since they have started the Farberware promotion, you get a sticker every time you spend $10. By the time all is said and done, if a customer is interested in one item you take the booklet to customer service, they sign and date it and you have the product. Unfortunately, once that booklet is turned in you start over. There is no collecting all stamps to get the entire set of pots/pans. This is frustrating since if you tally up all that is spent, a customer could very well have purchased the entire set maybe twice if not more. It's a truly expensive endeavor so by the time you reach 50 stamps and get the one quart sauce pot, you have already spent far more than that pot is actually worth. Just food for thought, so to speak. To anyone who is doing this, figure out your entire cost. What you have spent versus the total cost of the set. The Farberware Millenium series looks very much like what Safeway is promoting and Bed Bath & Beyond has that at $129 (10 piece set). Something to think about. I tried to find an email address for the corporate offices was not having much luck so I thought I'd at least put this out. there.

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Judy Peachee - 2 d 6 h ago


I was picking up a prescription at Safeway Pharmacy, located at 1231 S. Prairie, Pueblo, Colorado. Store #3729 at approximately 1530 hours on this date 12-01-2016. My experience with the Pharmacy staff was "Terrible". The lady who attempted to wait on me was not wearing a name tag.

I approached the pharmacy window and waited a few minutes while pharmacy staff was having a conversation. I greeted the lady at the window with a "Hello", no reply.?

I told her I was picking up a prescription for my daughter, she returned and told me the Insurance was not current and I would be charged full price. I told her I would call and get her insurance information, but to go ahead and wait on the next person in line. She exhaled loudly and rolled her eyes as if I was inconveniencing her. The lady next in line commented to me,how rude and hateful they were, that she hated shopping at that store's pharmacy.

I stopped at Customer Service and asked employee Jason for a customer comment card? He said they no longer provide them, I replied "I can see why". He replied, I can see you are upset,/ Can I help you.? I told him about my experience at the pharmacy, the people have no social skills, they are rude, hateful, and unfriendly.

Jason was concerned and professional, he did say he would talk to her.

Hopefully people will be Appreciative and Thankful for what they have in life.?

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AK - 4 d ago


Very bad experience at Sedona, AZ store. I was in a line with (1) item at the Sedona store. There were two people ahead of me in this line, each with one or two items. When it became my turn, the cashier said that they couldn't have 3 [people in a line, and that I would have to move to the back of the next line over where the one shopper in line had a full cart of groceries (App. 30 items)

I asked - so let me clear about this, you inconvenience the customer in order to make the store manager look good. There is absolutely no logic and no reason for inconveniencing a customer in this situation, and I have never had this happen in my 73 years on this planet. Must we sacrifice the customer to in order to make the store management team look good. Absolutely preposterous. This is the second time this has happened to me at this store.

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Anonymous - 4 d ago


Very bad experience at Sedona, AZ store. I was in a line with (1) item at the Sedona store. There were two people ahead of me in this line, each with one or two items. When it became my turn, the cashier said that they couldn't have 3 [people in a line, and that I would have to move to the back of the next line over where the one shopper in line had a full cart of groceries (App. 30 items)

I asked - so let me clear about this, you inconvenience the customer in order to make the store manager look good. There is absolutely no logic and no reason for inconveniencing a customer in this situation, and I have never had this happen in my 73 years on this planet. Must we sacrifice the customer to in order to make the store management team look good. Absolutely preposterous. This is the second time this has happened to me at this store.

Allen Kelley


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ma - 4 d 4 h ago


Why do you NOT sell open nature chicken in the deli, other than whole chicken?

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question for anyone here , Does anyone in the california locations ever seen a display of magazines called fresh & green?

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Let's get out of the store. - 5 d 3 h ago

I just want to know why you have so many registers in your stores and you won't have people man them in order to get your customers out of the store now I've noticed you put some self checkout lines in. But yet again that's not enough to get the people out of the store I'm tired of waiting in line and there's no cashiers take some of the other registers out and put in more self checkout cashier registers please.

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Sammamish Shopper - 6 d 24 h ago


Re: Safeway store, Sammamish WA. Where do I start? The store is always COLD!!!! In the summer months it's COLD - TOO COLD!!!!! After the recent remodel the employees were ASSURED there would be a 'heater screen' (similar to that at Home Depot), to make it comfortable for shoppers and employees. This never happened. Post-reno the store is actually colder than prior, with the quick-check area being only 15 feet from the front door which is the primary entrance and open 99% of the time.. Apparently the employee's complaints have fallen on deaf ears. At any given day each checker will be in jackets/parkas, those at the quick-check machines are in full winter regalia; parkas, snow hats, wool gloves and socks, one checker told me her feet were frozen! Shoppers freeze while checking out. What's going on? Whomever is responsible for this should be expected to either fix it or work under those conditions until they're frozen in place. Maybe someone might get off their corporate keester and get the environment up to par. You guys have forgotten who's not only keeping you in business but those who draw a paycheck from your company. We have other choices up here; perhaps I'll have to take my business elsewhere? Or perhaps OSHA/Health Department could get involved?

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Mrs. Average Joe America - 6 d ago


now that we are out of the plastic bag era................the "baggers" courtesy clerks need to be trained how

to actually bag my precious purchases. 20 yrs ago there were actually tournaments for best baggers.

customers are bringing their own bags so groceries need to be assessed as to what goes in first rather than what comes down the belt first. I think the seasoned cashiers have even forgot about this. Canned goods do not go on top of produce, 2 liter bottles of soda do not go on top of my rolls, etc. The new $10.00 wage should be incentive for even the high school kids to comprehend quality service. Please reincorporate this back into training. Not just my local store, but all stores, thanks in advance.

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post being blocked - 8 d 39 s ago


I have tried to post my review and am being blocked.

could someone post how to unblock this site to post my review. If safeway corporation blocks customer post and don't want to know what is going on and happening to customers in their stores then let us know so we can find other ways to have our stories told.

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L Henderson - 8 d 23 h ago

To whom it may concern;

I live in beautiful butte Montana and recently my family sent me a five hundred dollar card for thanksgiving....I couldn't get help with the card and they just said that there was nothing on it and couldn't help me and this was at the courtesy desk of both stores in town....I have no way to prove anything as my aunt purchased it on the email is (hidden)....I dont have $ to get my phone on I am so upset about the store.

L Henderson

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Ed - 9 d 19 h ago


I live in Englewood Colorado and shop at the arapohoe road location. On thanksgiving day when preparing my thanksgiving meal I realized we needed milk. I didn't like having to go out but I did. I didn't even hit the store and so called manager of the store Ian in the parking lot said I only had a minute to get my milk. The tone of voice was awful. I get in the store and he makes anouncement that the store was closing. I think I was the only one in the store. I get to checkout and he says you made it on time. At that point I told him I didn't like his tone of voice. He wishes me a happy thanksgiving and again the sarcasm in his voice I didn't like. I wanted to slap the SOB but I walked out and I asked him if he was the manager he said yes I advised him I would be calling corporate on him. If he treats customers like this he needs to be reprimanded

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R..A. Roanla - 10 d ago

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day 1pm.. Safeway store at 8th & Glenale Ave. Phx. Ran to store to pick up a forgotten item. Went to fast check-out to find 'ONE" of the FOUR fast checks open with a line extending half way down a main aisle. What the hell gives here???? One of the busiest grocery shopping holidays and only ONE fast check open. I fault the stupidity of executive management for having made the decision for the recent removal of the SELF-CHECK out registers. I am confident the removal a brilliant idea but certainly not to the convenience of Safeways's their customers. Anyone else feel the same???? Chime in.

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Anthony Stoddard - 10 d ago


Good Evening,

To whom it may concern, my name is Anthony Stoddard. I have been a long time consumer to the Safeway Corporation, until I was lied to by one of your employees. I went to one of your stores that is located on 5th and K Street N.W Washington D.C. I called this location on Thanksgiving day at 1:36 pm, to ask if the deli would be opened. One of the employees stated that the deli will be open until 4 o'clock.

When I arrived at the Safeway location at 2:00pm, the deli was closed. When I spoke to the store manager he had a attitude and told me, I would have to wait while he checked the store camera's. Apparently he had another incident going on, that didn't have anything to with me as a consumer. When I asked for his name he hesitated, That's when he told me his name was Donie and I also asked what was store number. He replied and told me that the store number was 2737.

By me patronizing Safeway for along period in my life time, I would like to think the isn't the culture of your organization. I could have easy went to one of your competitors but I didn't because I always get the value of my money and it feels like I never get transitional selling to your organization.

But this situation should be looked into as the consumer,I shouldn't feel that I have been disrespected. Thank you in advance, I am looking forward from hearing from your organization.

Anthony S.Stoddard

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Barbara - 38 d 20 s ago


I am 68 years old and have been shopping at Safeway every since I was a little girl going every week with my parents. I really like many of the store brands. I have many good things to say about the store at Thrashers Corner in Bothell, WA where we used to live. I shopped there every week for 24 years. Then we moved to Spokane, WA. and again I found a great store at Northpoint where I shopped for 13 years. . Now that we have moved closer into town, I have been shopping at the store on NW Boulevard. It is the worst Safeway store I have every shopped in. They not only let people bring their dogs into the store, but they let the dogs do anything they wish, including riding in the shopping carts. The manager says there is nothing he can do about it. Well I can! After all these years of loyality, the manager is telling me I have no rights (translation, I don't count). I have spent a lot of money at that store but no more. I am done with Safeway if this is an example of the type of management they hire and the fact that they don't see any value in a loyal customer. I will be switching to Yokes or Rosauers. I won't go to Albertsons either because they would have the same values.

Flagged for review. 
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disgusted in Nevada - 38 d ago


In Nevada only service dogs are SUPPOSE to come into the stores but people buy those service dog coats and tags and the stores let them in...You can tell they are not service dogs because they are barking and jumping all over everyone..Trained service dogs are very well behaved..Managers say they can't ask to see papers on the dogs which is a crock of s..t. This comes from the higher ups and management are afraid they'll lose their job

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Kathy - 12 d 9 m ago

Barbara: You might want to call the Dept. of Health in your area. Service dogs are allowed but that is it AND you should never see an animal actually sitting in a shopping cart.

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