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Safeway, Inc.

Von's, Dominick's Finer Foods, Carr-Gottstein Foods, Genuardi's Family Markets, Randall's Food Markets,
5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd.
Pleasanton, CA
Steven Burd
Chairman and CEO
(925) 467-3000
(925) 467-3323
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Disgruntled person - 10 h 32 m ago


Safeway had a sale on Maries Calendars dinners for 1.99. They used to put them on for 1.99 every so many weeks. Now you can only get 4 of them, after the four you pay 2.49 and then 3.69 at regular price. I quit going to Safeway because they had expiration dates on their food that had expired, with full price. I bought 4 dinners at 1.99 and had to get a Safeway card and they didn't give me the 1.99. I called their corporate office and waited 30min for their customer service to answer. Had to give them so much information that I thought I was getting a ticket. That was for 2.00 dollars! Something is going on at Safeway. Probably bad management? I had to quit shopping there. The customer service rep,that answered that call was great to the end. She handled it professionally, I let her know it. She should be working for a better company with her skills. One of our biggest grocery stores has turned into another legal entity that is like the people we put in prison for lying, steeling and robbing our hard working citizens. Safeway is raping people with the law on their side. Who knows what else their doing. If you cheat someone out of 2.00 like a petty theif, what else is being done that hasn't come to light yet. I can't be the only one. Check the labels.

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Carmen Santiago - 1 d 4 h ago


I am writing in regards of the Safeway store East Bremerton 1524 a couple of months ago I went in the store to go pick up my husband from work well while I was in their I went back to the meat department to let my husband know I was there to pick him up I over heard his co-worker Frank Helmke talking about me to his meat wrapper Sue Dunbar, he was so loud calling me horrible names cussing up a storm and in front of customers well 2 sets of moms grabbed their children and walked off really fast anyways my husband wasn't their he was cleaning up in the deli isle. I ran to him baling and crying and told him what Frank said then I also told the PIC Jacki and she told me to talk to the store manager Karri well she didn't have time for me so I went out to my car still crying, a lady came up to me and told me she was at the counter getting product and over heard and saw what happened I have her info if you want it. Anyways Frank is a horrible person I have witness him with customers in the past telling a customer NO he won't do it and the department manager let it happened. Anyways I would have reported this sooner but my health is not good and after I heard Frank belittle me a customer that night I had to go to the doctors for emotional distress, I am going to let you know I am talking to a lawyer and he advised me to contact you first then see what will happen. Thank you for your time

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Anonymous - 1 d 9 h ago


I shop the Safeway store at East Main Puyallup WA, I live 5 minutes away from this store. I went to pick up my cake at the bakery today, and an employee named Louella was so kind and extra helpful. She did such a beautiful job with the cake I ordered, and was able to fit all the wording on there with expertise. I really love this store and it's employees, I have had only extremely good experiences with all the employees. They all are very friendly and go out of there way to help. I didn't get my receipt today otherwise I would have been able to go on your site where I could have done a point system. It doesn't really matter, I think the girl was new at the register. I give everyone there a 10!!! They all deserve a ten. B.F. lives on East Main Puyallup WA! Thank-You Safeway Employees at East Main Puyallup store!!!

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Linda Pasternak - 2 d 8 h ago


My name is Linda Pasternak and I live in Denver Colorado. I am a senior citizen disabled and I took a taxi to your store this afternoon at 757 East 20th Avenue in Denver to do a little bit of shopping. I found the prices in your store to be absolutely way too high. I didn't have a lot of money to spend so I picked out what I needed not what I wanted and this letter is just to say that I had interaction with one of your managers her name was Sonia and she was wonderful. When it was time for me to check out the cashier that took care of me his name was Steve and he was wonderful as well everybody in the store was a very pleasant very helpful whenever I had to ask a question they went out of their way to help me and so my experience with Safeway as far as your personnel was outstanding I had no problems whatsoever. But I probably will not be going back to Safeway again because your prices were outrageous. My only income is Social Security and I would go broke very quickly if I did my regular weekly shopping there so I'm going to stick with what I usually do which is use Walmart to go. Walmart is much much better as far as prices and I can get a lot more for my money. I just wanted to let you know about Sonia and Steve.

Thank you.

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Anonymous - 10 d 13 h ago

I'm going shopping for the Father's Day barbecue and I get a little pissed off at Safeway because nobody wants to buy 4 of anything to get their stupid sales. Safeway Get Smart and put your stuff on sale without putting a limit on everything duh you won't make any money that way just telling you!

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Patience - 3 d 11 h ago


Ditto on Anonymous' comment.

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Joel Stronberg - 7 d 15 h ago


This is a comment about the Safeway pharmacy. The pharmacy had assured me that they would arrange it so that my once a month prescription would be available. It is not a med ordinarily in stock. I had explained I had problems with a competitor pharmacy--no problem they said. Great.

Maybe not. I brought the prescription in a week ahead of time. No problem--see you in a week. Great. Yup, you guessed it--oops, we forgot. We can have it in 4 days. Not so great. Spent half a day calling/running around trying to find a pharmacy that might have it. Ironically, the pharmacy that screwed before had it. It is a medicine that you're warned not to stop, as it can seriously hurt you.

Safeway pharmacy--at least the one i went to--NOT SO GREAT.

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Strength in Connection - 6 d 12 h ago

Dear Joel,

We are learning that most everything we have been told, or led to believe, about pharmaceuticals is not true. Furthermore, our doctors are unaware that literally all regulatory requirements previously placed upon the pharmaceutical industry and enforced by FDA, have been removed. The last of these protective control measures was stripped away by the Clinton Administration. In other words, your diagnoses and Rx regimen are dictated by the global pharmaceutical industry, which is driven by it's always growing revenue that is now more than a trillion dollars.

We are also learning that many "incurable" illnesses, are actually reversible... including cancer, heart disease, and dementia. So, since it cannot be harmful, I encourage you to 1. follow the money, and 2. search online for possible alternative treatments for yourself.

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pat athey - 7 d 10 h ago


Last week I went to the deli counter for some roast beef to make a french dip sandwich. The young man behind counter did not know what a french dip sandwich was. Today I went to deli for the rib slab that was on sale, older lady said we did not cook any today, but I could clearly see two slabs She insisted they did not have any. I pointed to them. She seemed totally out of it.

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Strength in Connection - 6 d 13 h ago

Dear Pat,

There is a silver lining here. It turns out that the commercially, mass- produced meat and processed meat products have been officially classified by the World Health Organization as Class 1 carcinogens - right along with tobacco, asbestos, and plutonium. Perhaps good karma or guardian angels are looking out for you?

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upset in Colorado store 81657 - 7 d 19 h ago


I was "running in"to drop off redbox dvd (which i could have done this at city market) and wanted to pick up a single bottle of OJ and could not find it so quickly, they have all the drinks spread out all over the store and not in just one place so you have to look at every area for the specific item, I settle for a drink and its not OJ and run to the self checkout and all the lanes are closed so then i run to the checkout lane and its only one that is open and two employees are working it together and of course there a person checking out in front of me so i have to wait my turn, its so upsetting that they have these express checkout for someone like me who is in a hurry and only have one item, But no i have to stand and wait my turn for one item. they clearly have tow employee and it could have been open for me to do my own checkout..

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Jet in Lodi - 8 d 12 h ago


I don't know if it's all Safeway stores or just this one, but the self service checkout is about the slowest piece of equipment I've ever encountered. It has to give the price of the item scanned verbally, and won't let you scan another till it shuts up! Really? When ending the transaction, it verbally lists every savings, and won't let you pay till it's done talking. Again, really?? Then I had to move items to make room for more check out and it thought I removed items, so it locked up and called for assistance. Frustrating!

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Falanga Mume. - 8 d 16 h ago



First of all thanks for this opportuniy I take part time job ton twa Farms that Owner theyre producer lookks like Soja, Bean, Corn, Watermelon e Coffee, in Angola, Malanje and Uge provinces, so what I must to do is first, go to "FDA" Foods Drug Aministration, with the agreement, of Ministrio da Agricultura e Desenvolvimento Rural, with my country Angola, to take a paper that all those Farms are legal, and the Land and the Water have a conditions to producer and to Sale to Safewayin The US.

Will great if those process be fast and safe. By that the way I was Safeway customer in Washington DC, Columbia Pike & Bailey's Crossroads make a right, in 2007, I mean was Safaway customer, did can check on the folder.

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AB - 10 d 17 h ago


Safeway, Ellicott City Maryland - I get called from their pharmacy that my prescription is ready and I can pick it up. After waiting for 30 minutes I am told they are on hold for the Safeway help desk. I wait another ten minutes to speak to the store manager and a young girl comes out and says, "Oh, the pharmacy is run separately". I have been coming to this store for over ten years. You can't tell if a manager even works at the store any longer, shelves are empty often. Go to Giant down the street.

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Patricia - 12 d 10 h ago


I'm curious as to what has happened to the customer service in the store located in Sweet Home, Oregon over the last month or so. Over the intercom an announcement for "three's a crowd" which was my understanding that an additional checker is needed as the lines are extremely long and no one responds. In fact, you can clearly see that the manager and assistant manager are standing at the customer service desk chuckling and completely ignoring what is going on around them. I am in shock! On occasion you can see into the office and again, evidently, a party is going on, because no one is doing their job. This is very disappointing as this store, at one time, appeared to run smoothly. Now stock is not replaced and the atmosphere seems to be depressed.

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Claude Leruitte - 12 d 13 h ago


Safeway in Saint Helena CA, no service whatsoever at the front desk where to buy the Lotto. Today I've waited 15 minutes standing there and call the attention of the cashier twice to get service from a staff. 3 persons waiting behind me.

It can happen once or twice and I can understand that but in this particular place where I shop for the last eighteen years I cannot count the amount of time where I left the counter without service in shear frustration. It's seems to be a recurrent problem there.

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KC - 12 d 17 h ago


Open nature pork baby back ribs on sale at 6.49 each June 14-20th 2017 either went to or called every store in Olympia/Lacey WA area not one store has the product. When something is on sale is it not suppose to be available. I have requested this item at my local store for over 2 months and have been informed that they can request but not actually order it, This is not good customer service. Rating is based on availability of getting requested items. The staff at my store are all great and helpful.

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Anonymous - 15 d 11 h ago

Well this last week my wife decided to go to Safeway to take advantage of you specials, not resizing the screwing we would get, first off this is Battle Ground market in Washington state, so you know where, it was about 1:30 in the after noon on 9th of this month,and the checker was a person named Jerry, is he just high on drugs or is that the type of person you have on your staff, he was ether dead or forgot to take a breath, the lines were backed out into the store waiting to get checked out, then some one not an employee let out a yell and we finally got the lines moving by bringing two other employs from where ? in the store, and he was still like a dead fish.

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agree with anonymous - 13 d 17 h ago


I hear you! As far as the checker goes, you can thank our educational system for that if he was a 35 ish or under.

I don't know what happened but the dummies coming out of school today are going into the 'workforce'. When a country's educational system goes in the toilet; so goes the country!

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pissed! - 13 d 17 h ago



Due to my experience today at your AZ. Safeway ( I know that you are associated with Albertson's and they have dropped in service as a result of this) I will be shopping at Winco and Costco for the rest of my life!!

I will also tell everybody I know to do the same!

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Rob of seattle - 13 d 18 h ago


Live in Seattle, but am spending weeks near Crescent City, CA...Before visiting this store I downloaded on my I.pad specials with reduced prices. When I went to checkout, I was told that my downloaded specials could not be honore. WHY IS THIS? If true, why does the Safeway website not inform shoppers? N

My second issue is the very much higher prices on nearly everything. This is shameful gouging of the people living in the Crescent City area. Ashamed of the horrible price gouging in this Safeway store, I bought only several bakery items. At nearby Fred Meyers store in Brookings, OR, I found every items significantly below the prices in your store in Crescent City. For example, celery was LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE at your store..and there was much more

WHO SETS THE PRICES IN THE PEOPLE-GOUGIiiNG STORE IN CRESCENT CITY. LOOKS as though a social media move to boycott Safeway in Crescent City is needed. Am so disgusted with Safeway!!!

Contrarily, you have an excellent baker in the C.C. store. Light years better than in any Safeway stores in the Seattle area

In summary why is Safeway price gouging the people in Crescent City. A response is requested. Thank you. Robert Bowlin

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Anonymous - 37 d 10 h ago


There run by niggers spicks dumb cunts Walmart is no better but there prices are this is why there getting sued all of the time more so the one by fort Mason I'm getting so much money from them and it's all recored you can't lye about that you corrupt f ucks I got it all now and you won't dictate to me any more

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 37 d 6 h ago

You are just Asshole,who ca not speak well.

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educate Anonymous - 28 d 19 h ago


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Dutch Soldier - 27 d 13 h ago

You illiterate pig. Have your dirty mouth sewn shut for the rest of your miserable life, so you don't make an even bigger fool of yourself.

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Anonymous - 25 d 14 h ago


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