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Safeway, Inc.

Von's, Dominick's Finer Foods, Carr-Gottstein Foods, Genuardi's Family Markets, Randall's Food Markets,
5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd.
Pleasanton, CA
Steven Burd
Chairman and CEO
(925) 467-3000
(925) 467-3323
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I Rate - 2 d 22 m ago


I no longer shop Safeway because they switched their Kona Coffee from Safeway'' Select Kona'' to ''Signature Blend'' Kona. It's a watered down cheaper coffee and you can't even taste any Kona in it. This is so typical of the Big Corporate mentality. ''Pay a few cents less to another supplier and make more profit. Maybe the customer won't know.''

Well, the customer does know and refuses to go to Safeway any longer, out of retaliation toward cheapness. I probably spent hundreds of dollars per month at Safeway getting coffee and other food for my family. I'm sure that losing one regular customer doesn't mean much to a corporation, but I bet you lost a lot more because they too went to Safeway just for that blend of coffee and now go somewhere else, and end up getting other things at that store while there.

It's easy to see that Safeway puts their own savings ahead of their customers tastes.

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Susan Supran - 2 d 6 h ago


Since the latest and newest owner arrived Safeway no longer provides many name brand goods I used to buy. Kitchen Basics is the best boxed chicken broth per Consumer reports and my observation. Of course you are no longer selling this and many more hi level products. Unfortunately Safeway is the only grocery store in my town if Orinda calif. I will tell you the internet here is full of reasons people will no longer ship at Safeway

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Anonymous - 2 d 14 h ago

Safeway is going down hill fast!!

You are losing lifelong customer's but don't care..

Sorry your $$$ is more important then customer satisfaction.

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Peter - 2 d 16 h ago


Complete s**t. No regard for the community whatsoever. Employees are great, corp sukks

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Robin Lages - 3 d 10 h ago


I do not like your new website for just for U coupons. Like the old format with more items per page. We all have busy lives and the new format it way to slow!

Devoted costumer for 15 years.


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Ladybug - 10 d 14 h ago


I guess I'll leave a comment here because the "contact us" link is bad from the Just For U and Coupons pages. I'm not such a fan of the revised website for selecting coupons. I can't find anywhere now to print my list. Help??

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Disappointed - 4 d 9 h ago


I see a lot of customers as frustrated as I am with the totally unsatisfactory revisions made to the Just for U site. If I can't go to my list & print it, it's useless. No one from Albertsons seems to be reading these comments. However it is typical for Albertsons to be really good at "customer-no-service". Good luck to all of us that have been faithful Safeway customers for years!

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Arnold Partridge Sr. - 6 d 10 h ago

I have been a Safeway customer for as long as I can remember.always a good experience. Except 2 days ago I was checking out Thomas Dewalt was the checker. I had a 12 pack of soda and a few other items Thomas threw the sodas on the little counter for check writing like I was supposed to pick it up. I didn't he then bagged the rest of the items and just set them there I ask if he was going to put them in my cart he said no. I put them in my cart and as I was leaving he said a couple of nasty remarks. To let you know I am handicapped I am partially paralyzed on my left side. Two days later I went back to Safeway in clearlake and two different of his fellow employees apologized to me for his behavior. I have been going to this Safeway in clearlake ca for 5 years now never a problem. I'm thinking of shopping somewhere else so I dont have to deal with Thomas Dewalt. Sorry about that but I have been a loyal customer for over 40 years. Thank you.

Arnold partridge ph # (hidden) po box 2383 clearlake ca 95422

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Geraldine - 6 d 14 h ago


Service at my local Safeway has deteriorated in the past month. When I questioned store management in the store I frequent why there was only one cashier open I was told the head office had cut the employees hours. Monday afternoon, April 15, I repeatedly requested another checker as I was fourth in line at the only check stand open. Eventually the manager was called to open another check stand. This is completely unacceptable!

I have attempted twice to call the customer service number to complain about the redesigned Just 4 U website. There isn't any way to print my list and the items offered have been reduced to the point were I am questioning signing in to this website.

If this poor service continues I will discontinue shopping at Safeway!

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John - 7 d 7 h ago


For those of you trying to print your Just 4 U List (if you have a desk computer), click on your Menu, and then click on Print. When the print box appears, if you can, reduce the Scale of the print material. I reduced it to 74% from 100%. My printed List came out just like it use to, before the Safeway Morons messed up the website. But, you'll love this, you can now click on "Contact Us" at the bottom of the Home page and the page appears. However, after clicking on Comments and Questions, nothing happens. Safeway is one of the poorest run operations I have ever experienced. I haven't been too pleased with Bashas and Albertsons either. Fry's is the only store that is consistently clean, neat, and has great produce.

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Julie Nelson - 7 d 9 h ago


Absolutely chaos, unreliable pharmacy. They had my prescription for 6 weeks and never filled it. My doctors office called 3x , I called 3x. A not me, blame someone else. When I called put on hold for 12 minutes by Sylvia, gave my Birthday and name 4x. I get to pharmacy 3 hours later and only one of 4 prescriptions ready. She denied talking to me on the phone. The pharmacists is nasty because I'm pissed about every time My RX's are screwed up. I as a patient should not have to do their jobs. Assistant flat out lied. Sylvia totally incompetent. I gave her a list of each RX. She puts me on hold, asked to speak to pharmacists, put on hold, answers again. Put on hold. Explain how you screw up 3 of 4 RX's then blame me for being angry. I complained to store managers 2x told to call District. Ridiculous!!

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Patricia R Quinn-Buska - 8 d 5 h ago


Not able to use the shop win play online. Seems like a virus for the last 2 days

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Paige Boyer - 11 d 4 h ago


I have been a long time Customer of Safeway and buy my groceries for the week every Monday. My son's favorite meat in Filet Mignon. After being disappointed a few time from the packaged steaks I decided to get my steaks from the meat man. I was a little embarrassed but nicely asked Do you mind looking over the steaks because I always get one with gristle! He said sure so I bought 5. For my steaks I spent $62. I pulled them out to cook a found one covered in gristle on one side. This is so disappointing! The week before I brought in a cupon for Charmin toilet paper and asked my checker. Oh did you use my coupon? When I got to my car and checked my receipt it wasn't used. I went back to Customer service to get my $12. I'm happy to spend at least $250 every week but I want to be happy and feel like I can trust the employees helping me. I do have a picture of my bad Filet Mignon I threw away if you want to see it. Do you have any suggestions?? Thank you Paige

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ed - 8 d 14 h ago


Im not buying anymore steaks from safeway....gristly and tough. Safeway has become albertsons which I usually avoided due to quality issues like this

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Ed - 8 d 14 h ago


The stupidity of safeway to change their just for u website and making it impossible to print a list from, reflects poorly on their business.

Doing just for u in the morning before you go to the store to shop is inconvenient and time consuming enough, but to add insult to injury they even change this awkward process and then make it impossible to use.

All of this just to get a normal price on items to purchase, instead of getting gouged on an inflated price. Now my choice is to pay the inflated non discounted prices or go to a different grocery store...I'm going to a different store

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John - 9 d 5 h ago


I want to agree with the previous comments about the Just 4 U website changes. It is harder to read through the items. I didn't see as many favorite items I often buy. It took me forever to figure out the Icon above right was to bring up the List. And, of course, there is no print Icon. I right clicked on my Mouse and hit print, but the items were so large, only two got on a page - meaning a lot of pages would have to be printed.

I live in a rural area, so I have no Fry's nearby. Boy, do I wish there was one.

SAFEWAY - get your act together !!!!!!!!

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Tucson customer - 9 d 8 h ago


New Just 4 U site is abysmal! No way to print. Discontinued discounts on products I actually buy. I may start shopping at Fry's since they make it easy to save and do not play stupid little games with their customers making it harder for them to do simple things like print your list.

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CS - 9 d 9 h ago

Safeway changed the Just For You part of the site with no prior notice. You now cannot download or email your shopping list to yourself. A call to Customer Service reached a very aplogetic agent but absolutely no remedy to fix the issue Safeway caused. They made several changes to the website -- all of the poor and none of them customer-oriented.

Also, their "Contact Us" link has been disabled,,,more poor customer service!

Apparently Safeway does not want their customers to use discounted pricing or they expect everyone to have photographic memories. When I used the brower's default print command, I could print the list (which you have to search for to find) but it's 10 pages long! I don't know if they targeted only certain accounts who actively use Just For You priving or everyone's accounts.

For someone who is handicapped, I relied on that emailed list to target exactly where to go in the store since I have very limited mobility can cannot physically walk every aisle. Taking away the email/download feature of the shopping list is very POOR Customer Service on Safeway's part...every disappointing.

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Anonymous - 9 d 10 h ago


The Safeway in Apache Junction has an older woman that I believe is the manager for the cashiers, she talks down to people and ASSUMES everyone is using each others Safeway card, she makes remarks to her cashiers right in front of you about making sure we use only our card for the transaction and not pass it so someone we are with can also use it. This isn't a one time thing, she does it all the time and today she did it to the lady in front of us and then commented to cashier to make sure the Safeway card has our name on it, talking about myself and my daughter, Lady!! You need to take a customer service class!!! Doesn't Safeway have core values employees need to follow?? Very condescending women, makes Safeway look bad

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Lost customer - 11 d 11 h ago


Sparks, Nv vista Blvd Safeway is a joke. I asked an employee for help. She said I can't help you. I asked again, she said she couldn't help. Ridiculous !

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Tuki - 11 d 12 h ago

What did you just do to "Just For You!" I can no longer print my list, so there's no way to take it shopping with me. This is a very foolish move, taking away services that were offered, and to what end, to lose customers? If you try and use the website to contact Safeway, it doesn't work. Whatever you did, please return the site to the way it has been for years. What you have done is totally unacceptable.

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Brenda - 12 d 17 h ago


I love my Safeway in Show Low, AZ everyone is pleasant and helpful. With that said I am unhappy since Albertson's took over. I just went to print my list and there is no print button so I did a control p. Not only does is use twice the amount of paper because of the set up of the page but the overall change of the website is not good. Just fyi change is not always good. Ever heard the phrase if it ain't broke don't fix it. Albertson's should only change what isn't working. These big corporations should ask the employees opinions on changes to be implemented (they are the one's working there) instead of someone sitting behind a desk that has no clue how it impacts the average worker or customer.

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Paul - 14 d 5 h ago


I used to buy your French baguettes as they were the best on the market : great taste and flavor. Perfect size for a French baguette. Lately I realized that you reduced drastically the size of these French baguettes and ... kept the same prices. The flavor is still good, but the texture and the size have degraded. This size is called " String " in France. This became evident when I cut the baguette and put it in a Ziploc . I always was unable to put the whole baguette in one large Ziploc. With the new size you started selling I can put the entire baguette in the same Ziploc size and .... I still have room to add more ???

Cutting quality to increase profit is the worst thing companies can do. This is the best way to lose customers and to go bankruptcy. Remember, you have strong competitors like Frijs and Costco that are systematically offering the best quality at the most affordable prices. I worked 32 years in the food industry at management and executive levels in the manufacturing area. I always REFUSED to trash the quality of products to make more money. Unfortunately, this seems to be the mode operandi in the USA.

I will NEVER buy your baguettes again. Frijs makes very good ones as well.


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Anonymous - 14 d 7 h ago

prices are too high

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Anonymous - 14 d 8 h ago


The male pharmacist "Andy" at the Safeway Pharmacy at 1334 E. Chandler Blvd., Phoenix, AZ, is always rude and unpleasant--it is only a matter of degree. I am only posting this review because of the repetitive nature of this person's bad manner. I shop there regularly and have tried to switch my prescription needs to this pharmacy, but now I am slowly getting my prescriptions filled elsewhere. A shame and unfortunate.

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