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Safeway, Inc.

Von's, Dominick's Finer Foods, Carr-Gottstein Foods, Genuardi's Family Markets, Randall's Food Markets,
5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd.
Pleasanton, CA
Steven Burd
Chairman and CEO
(925) 467-3000
(925) 467-3323
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Anonymous - 5 h 28 m ago

This is not a review but a question. In Craig Colorado there is a closed Safeway store at the Centennial Mall that has been closed for some time. Outside the store in the entry way are 6 grocery carts As a retired Moffat County Sheriff's Patrol Sgt. I am surprised that they are still there. I would be very interested in having one or two of them for use at my home here in Craig but, obviously, I don't want to just take them. Would it be possible for me to obtain written permission for me to take 'ownership' of one or two or even all of them. The written permission would be used to show the Craig Police Dept. before I take them as getting myself arrested would not look good :). The only reason I ask about possibly taking all of them would be to prevent someone from using one to break the glass in the entry way doors to gain entry in to the old store which would be of concern to the owners of the Centennial Mall and would be difficult to even notice given the location of those entry doors.

Thank you for your consideration,

Rick Holford


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Norma Martin - 1 d 11 h ago


Hi there, I am a customer at Safeway 0923, This is the worse Store ever, Every time order something for the Meat Department they never do it, The meat manager is very incompetent and lazy, I made an order for Thanksgiving but he never put it in, Aaron the meat manager is HORRIBLE, The manager there today is even worse I don't know her name since she refused to give it to me,She has a nasty attitude, I am not sure how she is in charge, I LOVE Safeway's but this Store is garbage!! Please train your employees properly!! Thank you!!!

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Sunshine - 2 d ago


Went to buy my kids a TV dinner to eat after school got home and opened it and it was molded. That could had made my son very sick. I will never shop there again.

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Felicia - 3 d ago


The customer service /bottles and cans employee are horrible at the Lincoln city Safeway they down grade you and make you wait 20+ mins while they do nothing. Whatever happened to customer comes first

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Anonymous - 5 d 6 h ago

I was at the Safeway in castle rock colorado to get y prescription they were rude and didn't have my medesi n ready even though th doctor had sent my p r r e script on in o very 2 hr early Iall I got was excuses I traded with Safeway ever sence they came to castle rock but I won't buy my medical ther e any more


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Anonymous - 6 d 10 h ago

My husband works for sawfeay distribution center in algona Washington. And every time he goes to the Safeway next to the distribution center. A customer service name Debra always gives my husband and attitude. she doesn't give him and option and always complain about how my husband goes there to cash his check every week. she rude and has the worst attitude. I'm surprised she still has a job there or even have a customer service background . I would like to file a complaint to Safeway about her service.

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Liz Castor - 7 d 9 h ago


Safeway on Pacific Ave Stockton Ca. Bathrooms are filthy. Flooded floor, dirty walls. Absolutely disgusting

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sheila C. oregon - 9 d 4 h ago


the web site is horrible. I spent an hour or more just trying to get into it,, then wasted more time on the phone waiting to speak with someone to help me. I waited so long I just hung up.. never did get to order any groceries!!

Don't have problem with in store staff just this stupid web site.

when I wanted to look at pet products the arrow took me to tobacco!!

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Bradley Fletcher, Tucson - 9 d 12 h ago


I am writing about Safeway, located at 1940 East Broadway Blvd in Tucson, Arizona, 85719. Let me begin by saying that I WILL NEVER AGAIN shop in this store for TWO reasons. They are horrible! First, the deli is always out of food and always offers excuses as why they cannot refill soups, etc. They only have one employee to serve a long line of customers. I have spent an entire lunch hour waiting before. The management tells me that they have been through several deli managers in six months. Secondly, this store refuses to honor Just For Coupons, even when I scan those coupons. This has happened twice me. The customer service employee, Natalie, has wasted my entire lunch hour twice, flipping through my app to find a coupon that I scanned and calling Just For You headquarters before honoring any coupons. I complained to store management and I was invited back into the store for a giftcard, which I accepted to give the store another chance. I continued to stop in the store regularly for lunch as I work in the area. But, the deli is always out of soups and wings. For a second time, my Just For You coupons that I scan are not being honored. This second time, I spoke to a manager, Eric. I was forced to scan the coupon two more times in front of customer service and management to prove that I did. Management hesitated to honor the coupon because it couldn't be found on my app on my phone. My entire lunch hour was wasted going back and forth with management about honoring the coupon that was scanned when I was shopping and two more times in front of management. They KNEW I scanned it and it worked properly. I was treated as though I was stupid about using my phone and technology as Natalie at customer service blamed my phone. It isn't my phone. I use Just For You at other stores and never had this kind of problem. Other stores honor coupons on the spot, no questions asked. Eric and Natalie blame corporate policy as to why they cannot honor my coupons. It is ridiculous and I will NEVER go in the Safeway on Broadway in Tucson again!!!!

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CL - 10 d 4 h ago


I shop at the Safeway in Castle Rock, CO. I could not believe it but the store had no Hanukah supplies and never even received anything related to Hanukah. That is not right, and is literally discriminating. Von's stores in California always carried a selection of Hanukah items. This situation is extremely distasteful, and when I read many of the other comments and reviews, I realized Safeway is a very poorly run, customer unfriendly organization. I now will shop there as little as possible. I will not tolerate anti-Semitism from any organization.

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Anonymous - 10 d 8 h ago

I went shopping this morning at Safeway on December 2 and only two cashiers were open checkstand one for express orders and checkstand five. When I got in line I was back at the customer service area for the Starbucks that is located in the store. I went to the register one to see if there was additional cashiers and she said that is all that was scheduled. She apologized and was very nice about the situation but I feel it was unfair to the two cashiers working to have to deal with so many customers. Managemet should have scheduled more staff. The Susanville Safeway has really gone down in customer service and the last two years. It's really a shame.

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Karen Roberts - 10 d 12 h ago


I emailed the corporate office over a week ago about an unfortunate event that occured with my ordered Thanksgiving meal fro the Vail, CO Safeway. I have yet to hear back from anyone about the inconvenience I dealt with, as well as the rude behavior I received from the Assistant manager. I did get a notice that they received my email. I am assuming the corporate office doesn't care about customer satisfaction either! Very Sad.

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Beverly J Lemons - 11 d ago

Hi I'm Beverly, my Safeway was at 35th Ave and Northern, Phoenix, AZ. When my Safeway burnt down my thought was where are we gonna shop. I miss my Safeway. What factors did you use to decide not to rebuild? Well whatever factor a huge mistake in my book and I'm sure others in the neighborhood feel the same. I was there every night having to buy something. The Employees who worked there were a part of our lives just because they took the time to know you. This Safeway was a part of our community for 30 years and it was taken away just like that. Maybe it didn't bring in lots of money but this Safeway had heart and was established with it's customers. To go to another Safeway and expect to see one of the employees from my Safeway working hasn't happened not to mention I have to drive further. I went to Albertsons OMG never again.

So thanks Safeway for deciding not to rebuild my Safeway! You did everyone a favor......NOT!

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John lopez - 12 d ago

I was at the Safeway at 67th Avenue and beardsley on fri 1130 my wife downloaded eggs special for 77 cents I went there all eggs were expiring 0n on sat 1201 nobody is going to eat a dozen eggs in one day if I would have bought them I could have gotten sick I did to your person in customer service she checked with the produce manager mr Gomez I was told the reason they were 77 cents because they were expiring if that is how you do business get people in the store sale them expired food I will never shop at Safeway again

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Linda F - 13 d 4 h ago

To I am reaching out to you to request your help in addressing concerns regarding the Safeway in Great Falls, Virginia. My husband and I recently moved to Great Falls, which is a beautiful Northern Virginia suburb of Washington DC. The only grocery store in the immediate area is the Safeway in the Great Falls Village Center. Unfortunately, I have been quite disappointed in the store look, food selection, and general quality of produce, meat and poultry. My concerns appear to be broadly shared by other members of the community as evidenced by the many complaints registered on the Great Falls community blog over the last couple of days. The Safeway is undergoing a remodel and this clearly provides an opportunity to address these concerns. Can you please review the plans to take full advantage of this opportunity. Perhaps you could respond to me and I can forward your response to the community blog.

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Mike hardy - 13 d 20 h ago


Wife and I went into Safeway Sequim apx 11:15 pm for some groceries. Wife works late so we go in late 3-4 times a week. Ads are always at the doorway(coupons in them), but noticed they were out. Gentleman in his late 20`s early thirties that works there walked by and I asked him if they had more ads. He kept walking.Asked him again and he ignored me right near me.I said, Sir, excuse me a little louder. He said...I`m off the clock! I said I just want ed to know if he knew if there were any left. He again said...I`m off the clock! We couldnt believe it. So a man came up behind me and said what did I need. I said they were out and he just looked at me. I asked him for the workers name that he was laughing with a few minutes before that was the employee that said I`m off the clock and he said, OH I DONT RECALL HIS NAME!! A gentleman named John a=that has worked there graveyard for years is very nice and always helpefull. When I walked out, I looked at the one that said I`m off, and said nicely, ..Hey buddy, all we asked where the ads were, and you could have said sorry, but this gentleman can help. WE went to QFC and will never go in again . Left our groceries at the counter....TY Mike Hardy... (hidden)

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BG Seattle - 14 d ago


I am writing in regard to the Safeway Pharmacy located at 7340 35th Ave NE, Seattle, WA. 98115. Let me begin by unequivocally stating that Pharmacist Amanda is a superlative employee. She is always friendly, helpful and willing to take the time to counsel and ensure that all instructions are understood and all questions answered. However, two times in this week, I was not able to teach her when I telephoned! Whether I called the Pharmacy directly or went through the store's main line, the recording stated that the Pharmacy was closed. Both times it was shortly after 7:00pm and the Pharmacy is open until 9:00pm. I urgently needed to speak with the Pharmacist! The first time the Manager offered no help. The second time, Jane, the Manager that evening, took my contact information and had Amanda call me. Jane's customer service is exemplary! I have used this Pharmacy for years. I have seen the reduction in Pharmacy staffing. I understand that the Pharmacist needs those last two hours to catch up and finish the day's work. Here's a novel idea: Instead of cutting staff and turning off the phone, adequately staff the Pharmacy so that customers/patients will be able to get the help they need. I worked retail for over 40 years. I worked as a Certified Pharmacy Technician for 12 years. I've been on both sides of the counter. I know what I'm talking about. If you truly want to retain, and increase, customers, the number one change is to provide proper and adequate customer service.

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MW - 14 d 11 h ago


this is the second time i have tried to order a cake from bakery in Dover DE store but the bakery dept does not even answer the phone, EVER!! In fact, my call got cut off and then i called back, phone rang forever, NO answer! so then the other option was to call back and they said someone automatically will pick up, they DID not, once again, i got hung up on. You don't want business??? what the hell is your problem??????

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Sandi - 14 d 11 h ago

They have some idiot in Sun City West who likes to grind the black plastic from the meat into the ground meat. Those poor old people probably don't even know its there but I do. I don't buy their ground meat any more!

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Vicki Helton ( - 15 d ago


I just fed a seventeen doler T-Bone steak to my dogs. This is not the first time I have paid for meat that is so tough that a human being can not eat it from Safeway. But I can tell you for sure it will be the last. They say if you are not happy with it , just bring it back. I have done that before, but it does not get any better, and it takes time out of my day, and is annoying when dinner is ruined. I can only hope someday it improves, since Safeway is where I prefer to shop.

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Anonymous - 15 d 2 h ago

Your want a Rita store I mean wth it's so cold in there my mother won't shop in your store because it's so cold she came out her hands were so cold and she was shivering seriously somebody has a screw loose in that store no reason to be that cold the cashiers have jackets on sneezing while ringing up grocery it's a joke

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Charles D. Munshaw - 15 d 7 h ago


Charles D. Munshaw P.O. Box 3623 Modesto, California 95352-3623 November 27, 2018 Ms. Lydia Van Olden Store Director # 1661 C/O Safeway Market 1901 McHenry Avenue Modesto, California 95350 Dear Lydia: I gotta say that I enjoy shopping at your store. The sales clerks are great. The foods are fresh, ample selection from the produce, the deli and the meat department. But you have one employee that really shines, "James" he is in the meat department. James will make suggestions on how to cook a cut of meat as well as suggestions on what to serve with it. I am really impressed with his expertise. I am also impressed with the cleanliness as well as the overall ambience that you have in your store. Please keep up the good work. Thank you, A Satisfied, Safeway Shopper Charles D. Munshaw Copy to Corporate Office

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Anonymous - 15 d 14 h ago


Great Falls Va Safeway remodel is substandard

This message is to Steven Burd. The Safeway in Great Falls is currently undergoing a remodel. I am writing to you because I am concerned with the quality of the remodel. The tile floors have been lifted and I believe there is a plan to polish the concrete under the tile to create a glossy surface. However, the concrete is inconsistent in color and texture. This is going to make the store look like hell. This grocery store is located in a neighborhood with avg home prices of $1.1m and incomes of $238k avg. My question is why is Safeway cutting corners on the remodel? Other remodels like the one in Chandler Az are beautiful. Nice wood floors!

The only assumption I can come up with is that corporate has not idea of the substandard plan for the Great Falls location. Please please look into this before it is too late.

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Erica - 16 d 16 h ago


This incident happened in your 4309 Clayton Rd, Concord, CA store.

I was in this store on Nov. 24, somewhere between 6-7:30pm

One of your employees completely DEHUMANIZED an elderly disabled man in this store. I'm writing you this email a couple of days after what I witnessed because it's still bothering me. Your employees actions where completely inappropriate to say the least. I wanted to go back to the store to find out what the employees name is but I have since decided not to shop at that store or any Safeway after what I witnessed.

This disabled elderly man in an electric wheelchair was caught eating out of the stores chinese buffet. I was in self check out when I heard the employee SCREAMING at the top of her lungs at this man. Asking where his hot food container was and what he's doing is stealing ect ect. Just screaming and ranting on and on at this man. Screaming at him to leave and that she is calling to police ect ect (which she ended up not doing).making it extremely uncomfortable for everyone in the store.

Apparently, according to her very aggressive rantings, this elderly man has been in the store and has been caught stealing before. Now I get it, stealing is stealing and it is wrong. But, your employee could have handled this situation without aggression and hostility towards another human being that is old and in a wheelchair, he was of no physical threat to her.

One, lets stop to think for a second and ask why this elderly man has to constantly steal at your store. I know for a fact that America is one of the only developed countries that fails to take proper care of the elderly. Maybe he doesn't have enough money to buy food and is hungry. I'm not sure if she was the manager but if not, she should have gotten one before she even confronting this man. Then management could have escorted him quietly somewhere to have a conversation to make sure this elderly man was okay. The police SHOULD have been called and your employee could have suggested the police contact social services to make someone with the proper authority step in so they can make sure he isn't being abused or taken advantage of and more importantly that he is not starving. There was literally so many different ways this could have been handled, insteady your employee decided to act without an ounce of compassion and strip another person of their dignity in front of countless of others.

Your employee and this 9 Billion dollar corporation had an opportunity to help this grumpy old man, instead your employee chose to dehumanize him like I am sure countless of others do on a daily basis. I wanted to step in but chose not to because I knew that it would escalate the situation and not de-escalate it. I was in the middle of checking out, by the time I paid for my stuff and went outside the elderly man was nowhere to be seen, so I could not check on him.

I hope that whoever reads this email take it seriously, and maybe take it as an training opportunity for that store. Also, at least inform management of that man, and If that man is caught stealing again at least the management can step in to ask why he's consistently stealing and if he's okay, instead of just embarrassing him and kicking him out. All I know is that what I witnessed in your store was heartbreaking.

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anonymous - 16 d 5 m ago

If you wish to boycott Safeway, know that Albertson's and Safeway are the same corporation. Please boycott both.

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