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Safeway, Inc.

Von's, Dominick's Finer Foods, Carr-Gottstein Foods, Genuardi's Family Markets, Randall's Food Markets,
5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd.
Pleasanton, CA
Steven Burd
Chairman and CEO
(925) 467-3000
(925) 467-3323
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Ingrid - 10 h 11 m ago


Your pharmacy's say they are open all day on the phone messages. But, come to find out, by asking the pharmacist, they really closed down for an hour lunch, and that should be stated in your messages, as some of us drive a half hour to pick up our meds, only to find we have to sit there an hour, with no one there to serve us.

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Modena M. - 1 d 9 h ago


Modena M: The Safeway here in SE. Washington, has a big problem with smokers that stand outside their front door greeting non-smokers with a face full of smoke, not only is it rude but the second hand smoke it very dangerous to us non-smokers. Safeway Corporation needs to correct this problem of be held in favor of paying for second handed victims doctor bills, because most of the smokers are Safeway employees.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 2 d 8 h ago


I have been a faithful shopper at the Bowie Town Center,1401 Northview Dr Safeway for a number of years. It's been more than once that I have been in this store and noticed that the store manager, Larry Kunze, has been very disrespectful to his employees. I happen to be asking an employee about an item that was out of stock and right in the midst of the conversation, he (Larry Kunze) interrupts us and began to yell at the employee about something that wasn't done when HE wanted it done. I could not believe that this action of his was done in front of a customer!! This employee was trying to finish up his work before his shift end. This action of his could have been done elsewhere. Working in retail myself, I could not imagine me ever disrespecting my employees the way he did. His actions is very disrespectful and unacceptable and it seems to me that SAFEWAY is NOT and should not be the place for him. Very unprofessional.

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Edgar cabezas - 4 d 10 h ago

A my name is Edgar curvaceous I had a real bad experience here at Hill Christian Valley Safeway in Antioch California 94509 and degraded trying to bring back a a set of a refillable Gillette razor blades my phone number is 925 four for four 70 42 please feel free to give me a call anytime at your earliest convenience thank you

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Anonymous - 5 d 7 s ago


Mililani, Hawaii Safeway Bakery

I have seen a heavyweight woman behind the counter serving a customer. She was walking back and forth with that loaf in her hands. She also, helped a man with a question, while holding that same loaf of bread. It took her awhile, she sliced that same loaf and package it. Meanwhile, that woman took it from her.

It was quite disturbing to see. I would not buy that loaf or tell someone to slice it for me. Not sanitary at all. :(

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LouAnne Schultz - 5 d 14 h ago


my husband and i delivered safeway on 2 - 14 and had problems with the lumping service. the mexican lady called to have me moveour truck forward and i could barely understand her. later that same lady called to tell me how much the lumper fee was and still im not understanding her very well, so i suggested she take some of her money and use it for some english language lessons. then some guy called and told me to " quit fucking with his workers". i went to the office to see why they were taking more product out of our trailer the other woman cussed me out because of what i said to the mexican lady. i so wish safeway would fire tw service and hire capstone, because at least they don't disrespect the drivers like twservice does.

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M. Dieda - 6 d ago


How is it possible that a corporation like Safeway can have their parking lot full of snow and not hire a snowplow to come and plow the parking lot for their customers to shop in their store. I live in Snoqualmie Washington and I see their elderly workers out in the parking lot trying to shovel snow with their own shovels so that we could park our vehicles to go in and get some groceries during this snowstorm we've had. Unbelievable! Very disappointed in Safeway.

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Emma - 6 d 5 h ago

We're' doing a story on companies and their policy toward hate speech posted online by their employees. It seems as if someone who claims to be a Safeway employee posted an ethnic slur online.

Google "Timothy Reynolds" and Safeway for a link to a report that appears on first page of Google results.

We are seeking your reaction in general to this incident, and we'd like to know whether Safeway has a policy on hate speech posted by its employees.

Thank you.



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M. Roman - 7 d ago


Quite frankly, I cannot believe the rudeness of the evening manager at the Redwood City, CA. store (1071 El Camino Real). I am appalled that someone like this should be left in charge. I asked a simple question, politely, and when, equally politely, I asked if I could offer some feedback, was rudely told to leave her store. I wish this had been the end of the story but it became worse. I don't, however, want to make this too long of a review.

Suffice it to say that I will be filing a complaint with corporate headquarters, the BBB, and speaking to the general manager of that store. This was at 9:00 pm (aproximately) this evening (Wednesday, 2-13-19).

Buyer beware.

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Jan b - 7 d 13 h ago


This is the worst safeway branch because of the director who runs it! Then you have managers who hate their job becuse they refuse to help assist or even give a kind word to anyone! The director just sit in her office eating and phone gabbing how she hates people period! And she to refuses to assist a customer with a problem. This store needs new store managers and a non big bully director!

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Doreen B - 8 d ago


I have shopped at Safeway for many years and have never been so disappointed. I placed an order for delivery that was suppose to be here today between 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. I understand that the weather in the area caused delivery issues, however; what I do not understand was why I was not notified - I received a confirmation number which means you had my email address. I had to make the phone call to find out that you had no intention of making the delivery - not only did you not have any intention of making the delivery - you 'canceled' my order and asked that I go back up online and reorder. Really? Why was I not notified, why was my ordered canceled and why would you ever think I would go back online and reorder groceries from Safeway? This is a 'trust' issue - nothing less. I no longer trust Safeway to do the right thing since you failed on so many levels.

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2451 - 43 d ago


Dear safeway as a employee of your business i see a lot of faults in your business on the way you treat your employees at your stores when it come to the way that you allow your customers to treat the people that help run your business they are allowed to verbally abuse your employees with nothing done to them but to get a gift card or they things free in one of your stores in the Berkeley ca area customers come in very rude slamming things on the counter pointing fingers over the counter saying racist remarks to your employees and is still able to come to that same store in shop this business is not going to be happy or do anything until one of they employees get hurt or have to defend they self from one of your customers just like the young woman from the McDonald's business I feel it's time you work in the best interest for both your employees as well as customers

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Kermit the frogs woman - 9 d 20 h ago

I am an employee i lived in berkeley for 5 1/2 years and the safeway on rose has got to have the most rudest of employees and ghetto as all hell. The deli? Bahahaha bunch of lazy ass good for nothing wastes of money. They ignore the he'll out of you and give you such awful attitude because they have to help you... I was absolutely floored at the lack of respect and courtesy the employee's have. I thought it was a one time occurrence... nope!!!!! Its yhe lack of strong management and disciplined employess. Bunch of ghetto clowns

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Renee Sanchez - 12 d 11 h ago


I have been shopping at Safeway in Millbrae, CA for more than 30 years and I can say the service at this store is the worst I've ever experienced. I've talked to one of the assistant managers to voice my concerns and nothing has changed. While this store is close to my house and a convenient place to grocery shop I will no longer be shopping at any Safeway store. My complaints are as follows:

1) Shopping carts are not retrieved from the parking lot and since the store is on the second floor at this location you have to either go back down the stairs or elevator to go and retrieve your own cart.

2) The elevators smell and look like they have not been cleaned since they were installed.

3) The staff at this location acts as if they are doing you a favor for doing their jobs, also the Deli is so bad I've actually waited 10 min. for someone behind the counter to acknowledge I was even there. I've seen this many times and when they do help you they take their sweet time filling the orders.

In closing I would like to say I'm not one to write reviews on a website, in fact this is my first. It's sad that my local Safeway is no longer the clean friendly store I remember.

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Kk 66 - 9 d 20 h ago


You're absolutely right! The best part about this the pharmacy. Don't go to the one on chestnut!!! Millbrae and chestnut ssf store are the worst. Lol and you're right again when you say the staff treat you like you're imposing on them.... and that they indeed are doing us a favor. I worked at st location for 3 1/2 yrs loved it

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Moron - 14 d 4 h ago


You guys are awful. My fiance is an employeeand you are seriously screwing her. Shes doing double backs practically every shift. Your not breaking any laws she gets the legal 10 hours off yet you have screwed her sleep and mine to causing major problems for our family. In addition she is worked just enough to have no benifits. Sge got a second job in which she makes half of her weekly salery with you in one shift and have harrassed her since. When she asked for the 5 hours off a week for the second job requires to not die she was told thats impossible as there are 150 employees. We are starving with no car and show up to work. You do not own us for 12 dollars an hour. Its hard enough for us born in California to live here already. What your doing for your bottom dollar is immoral. You may think your doing nothing wrong but our lawyers disagree. In addition you have lost 5 good employees for this and have told the same for those asking for time off for religious reasons (to attend temple).

I have grown up in an H.R household. My father would roll over. Screwing ur emoployeesbc of horrible managment is bad for everyone. The employees therefore dont care. The customera know it and arw unhappy too so you have to raise your prices to keep up.

Bottom line- at the management level here- MORONS

I leave it to you to tackle this. It will show if your all just idiots to the top.

A rising tide raises ALL ships. You cant even see water have a good time going under when it arrives.

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Wendy Gordon - 14 d 12 h ago


Your reviews are pitiful. Please get small carts for your Baseline Safeway in Boulder. I was told it was a corporate decision not to replace the ones that were stolen, which is not the customer's fault.

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Mad - 15 d 8 h ago


Why is it that the pharmacy in Rancho Cordova in Safeway certain employees will not answer the phone when you call. I have noticed it's a certain group of people working at the time this happens. They claim they are to busy well they are not even a couple of employees that work in the pharmacy are upset with this group that don't answer the phone. It's the Asians that are doing this and it is wrong.

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Community service and personal needs - 23 d 42 s ago

I personally had a great shopping experience today at my local Safeway food store in Port Angeles WA.(98362).

A dude was standing by graffiti on the side of the building toting a Black Eye on his face.

As I left the facility into the entity parking pedestrian area the Intercom greeted my store exit with Swiss precision timing"Scratch click click"or something.

It amazes me how much time can be spent on non sense and suspected pre meditated stalking and harassment not natural or spiritual human interaction and there is no time at all to process identity documents for practical honest public citizens in Port Angeles WA.&Port Townsend"KEY"civil service employees.

I am quite happy I can personally purchase food with my earned monthly income and have this store close to my home.

I personally have no problem with a name change of the store and new staff within the store and"KEY"civil service employees not being pro active with my personal third party needs discharged from civil service.

General profile image

Practical everyday shopper - 25 d 16 h ago

Practical shopper calendar date today.

Yesterday while I was personally shopping alone at the Safeway store Port Angeles WA.(98362)I had to go directly to my Banking institution fortunately in Port Angeles WA.afterwords because the self check out device failed during my personal purchase of(Flour Tortias).

The Banking institution which offered me the(chip card device)I personal sole maintain officially third party in return for my personal sole Social Security settlement I honestly earned and deposit in said Bank account each and every month with no lapse or default to date officially stated third party it was the Safeway foods data entry or device that failed this said practical transaction.

In addition to this elec"TRIC"ongoing short coming at this particular Safeway store there is what appears to be"Gang"tagging Graffiti on the side of the store said where I frequent to enter&exit this entity in my community.

Today as I was walking out of said store entity to report the Point of Sale suspected identity theft or Safeway foods ongoing stalking and harassing of my personal property and finances there was a woman that looked like a resident of Port Townsend WA.I know very well as a former resident of Port Townsend WA.standing by the suspected"ART WORK"or vandalism on this facilities Stone wall shaking her HEAD at me smoking a cigarette like a Primate would do in a Jungle without standing face to face with someone you know very well..."I".

I personally have had enough of this short coming(s)because there is no progress towards practical customer service at these two mirroring Safeway food stores and or the overall management or public safety officials of Port Angeles WA.&Port Townsend WA.Safeway trusted public service entities with as their ability to prevent enabled premeditated criminal Gang behaviors preventing the looking forward to practically maintaining their community or facility respectfully:

Personal official third party observations of mine.

I personally have no choice at this time but to shop this facility because I personally sense this stalking and harassment of my personal property has caused damage to my good reputation in both communities said in the state of Washington due to this childish behavior enabled by the elders and tenders in both communities mirroring this criminal stalking&harassment behavior(s).

I personally would suggest Safeway foods voluntarily close all the Washington state Safeway food locations and give me a personal cash:currency settlement for this sensed damage to my personal reputation:personal property in addition to extinguishing all employees involved with said vandalism to their reputations families and the facilities they are respectfully employed at within the Safeway family food entity or"STORE"headquarters located in Port Angeles WA.(98362).

Thank you for the opportunity to personally give fair respectful feedback warning to my personal public Safeway food store"Not luxury"but NECESSITY natural hygiene facility paid in full personally at Point of Sale each and every time I make a personal official third party purchase.

Maintained by this low impact high profile employee opportunity entity as the Safeway family foods offers their trusted practical employees and practical community security officials.

Buy Bye Now...

Richard E.Wich

General profile image

Concerned Parent - 28 d 7 h ago


Safeway in Belleview Shopping Center in Alexandria, VA has caught MANY teenagers at school hours shop lifting beer and wine and don't do anything about it. They don't call parents or the high school up the street, they just let them go. So they can shoplift again and drive drunk back to school. Why?!? Where is the manager?!? Are they ready for a lawsuit?!? Allowing teens during school hours to shoplift, catch them shoplifting and not do anything about it. Just let them off with a warning! Total carelessness on Safeway management! They are just asking for a lawsuit!

General profile image

MIss Lewis - 28 d 11 h ago

Please follow the example set by Country Cookin' a small restaurant in Philadelphia that is donating groceries and gas cards for federal employees. Address is 2836 N. 22 St. Philadelphia, PA. The video is being widely shared on social media. Your reach would be so much greater and lives are in the balance.

General profile image

Anonymous - 33 d 9 h ago


The pharmacy staff at the Tucson Safeway located at Campbell and Broadway is the saddest most unhappy bunch I have ever encountered at a pharmacy anywhere. They never smile, hardly answer the phone, and are mostly impatient with customers. Additionally they do not follow up with prescriptions in a timely manner. it may have something to do with the fact that these people are shuffled around town to different locations all the time - its rare to see the same person twice which of course makes them totally disconnected from the people who are "regulars" to that location. Tucson is built on "relationships" not numbers. Customer service is everything in this community. I hope you can re think your training and staffing policies soon.

General profile image

Gennie Haven - 34 d 5 s ago


Switched to safeway pharmacy because it's on my health plan as a preferred pharmacy but it's so bad that I would rather go to Rite Aid or CVS which aren't great but way better even if it cast me more. I spent two weeks waiting for Safeway to finally get in contact with my doctor for a refile and then an hour on the phone to be sure they could fill it before coming in and waiting forever in line. I was disconnected three times and the last time I called I held forever and finally hung up because no one ever came back on the line. Also once waited 45 minutes just to get the price on a medication I was picking up and I was the only customer there at the time. I don't blame the staff there because they are under staffed and there phone systems are the pits. They hate them too. Safeway needs to have there employees in the pharmacy working under better conditions. I will never go back there if I can help it.

General profile image

Jk - 36 d 4 h ago


I love Safeway but recently it has gone downhill.1 checkout open. Sometimes self checkout isn't a great choice. Usually something goes wrong and it takes forever to get someone to help. Plus the volume of the checkout is very annoying. I don't want a computer screaming at me. But I always see many employees running around. Why can't they be working to check people out? Usually they won't stop what they are doing to help. Produce and fresh flowers are very sad. $10 for a fistful of mostly dead flowers. Brown, bruised vegetables.

General profile image

Mr . Talph - 34 d 4 h ago

That's why I threw my Safeway club cars in the garbage , if you want to burn an hour or more of your day go to Safeway , I'll drive the extra mile to Costco and for quick items milk etc . Good for less . I really am amazed there still in business

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