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Safeway, Inc.

Von's, Dominick's Finer Foods, Carr-Gottstein Foods, Genuardi's Family Markets, Randall's Food Markets,
5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd.
Pleasanton, CA
Steven Burd
Chairman and CEO
(925) 467-3000
(925) 467-3323
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Jeannie B. - 1 d 6 h ago


I order grocery delivery from Safeway in Tucson for my 90 year old shut in Uncle. He depends on it for his being able to live independently in his own home. Today, there were a couple of out of stock items, which is understandable, but when I tried contacting the (hidden) number 3 or 4 different time, I just kept getting put on endless hold. I think they need to revamp their telephone system or hire more employees if it's true that "all representatives are helping other customers".

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Ray - 4 d 3 h ago


what a bunch of faceless, nameless cowards that write reviews today. Social media has truly made for the new phenomena of whoa is me and me me me. Cry babies who if asked to complain in person wouldn't. COWARDS

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

I sure don't see your face either.

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Joe Ochoa - 2 d ago


Just letting you know that you have a employee who harrasse and treats other employees below him like crap and he does it on purpose in the Dublin ca store I've seen it and heard him talk shit about them he's making ur employees feel bad and depressed, crying etc u r looking at a law suit for there health and etc

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Anonymous - 2 d 15 h ago


What is going on in Just for u never had a problem before seriously it keeps telling me items on adding or no longer available however under the items it has an expiration of 9/30 /2019 currently it is 8/16 /2019 this makes no sense to me? Who is your Tech person Web Master something is clearly wrong ?

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Former 30 year customer - 12 d ago


What do you do when the store manager steals your money?

Jim, the manager at Kelso Wa Safeway, was my cashier and didn't give me the $20 cash back I requested on the machine. We were talking and I forgot until I got home. When I spoke with him he said I'd left the store and had no proof I wasn't given the money. I said "check your till" at which point he said "till overages don't matter, it all goes to the store to cover thefts."

I insisted, and he said he'd check it. Then wouldn't take my calls or speak to me.

When I have a problem at that store, this is the person I'm supposed to talk to about it? Right.

I'm done with safeway.

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I Love Raleys! - 12 d 39 m ago


I know. I know about cheaters & liars. Sad but true story.....I complained on this site yesterday as my husband and I went into the Rocklin safeway on Sunset Saturdsy later in the day 3-3:30pm. Aug. 3. We took in a bunch of lottery scratchers. The guest service woman took the scratchers and had a attitufe then. Next she got on the phone and was on the phone the whole time we were waiting for our pay out. When she was done with the scratchers finally she got off the phone and she smugly arrogantly handed us 200.00. I said no. Wheres the other 160.00? She said here's the reciept! She then threw the payout scratchers scattered on the gurst dervice counter at us. Said; Thats it! Only 200.00! I said no way. I then next even sent my husband to look in the car and he came back said no nothing. I told her I want my 160.00! She very mean said; " move aside! Im helping the next person! I was mad by then. I asked for a manager from another woman employee standing near. I was told there was no manager on duty! I yelled at that point said unbelievable! No manager on site! & in this store!? I want my money! You're stealing from me! They told me no more! Now move! I was treated rudely mean disrespected and told to MOVE OUT OF THE WAY! I got more mad! Suddenly the 1st. employee woman at my insistent as I was not going to leave 5 min. later in my yelling mode, she suddenly found my other 160.00 worth of tickets and held them up. I said your a liar and you were going to steal those! Hoping i would leave! We were still treated rudely. She found them she said had fallen in a crack by her register. I said: what if I had left you would have stolen my money. She rudely; no one would have gotten it! & then smugly smiled. I wanted to have a report taken. Finally someone named Madison wrote down our names Robert and Kim our phn. number and our testimony. I got The manager Hernandez name...number. I Called the next day. She was smug too & bias toward her employee. Told me I was wrong. It was all just a misunderstanding and no one would ever or have ever has complained about her (favorite) employee that helped my husband And I. I told her to make a report on her. I was ignored. I said she needs to hold classes for her employees to learn how to treat people better. No comment. I hung up on her. Useless manager. No wonder people go in and do what bad they do. Horrible Mean people in Safeway in Rocklin Ca. I went to Bel AirRaleys in Cameron Park today. It was great. Been shopping in Safeway 30+ yrs. Never again!

No problems in Bel AirRaleys. Nice people. Wonderful clean store. I spent 400.00. Glad to give them my money! & Always shall!

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Call Corporate - 3 d 17 h ago

Try calling corporate on the phone and get your $20 back.

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Edward Williams - 4 d 23 h ago


The Safeway on 6901 N.E. sandy blvd in Portland Oregon need to do a better job I was sold a damaged phone card now I wasted $57 for a card I cant use

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Antinette Riley - 4 d 12 h ago


Safeway on King St in San Francisco loss prevention agent falsely detained a young African American woman and her 12 y.o son because he assumed that they were a the store to steal items. He then to snatch items that were already paid for from her hands In return, the young African American defended herself and her son not realizing that the woman was in a brace which he the lost prevention had grabbed and tried to force her hands behind her. She then as a protective mom began to defend herself and her son life in the Safeway store. The incident lasted for about 5 minutes as she saw items being thrown at the loss prevention agent and realizing that her son was trowing items at him to protect her mom. She was pushed into a display stand trying to argue with the loss prevention agent that no one had taken anything from this store. With the yelling and physically contact the woman went to the ER to find out her hand that was in the brace was injured even more. I feel Safway is not for a customer such as the African American woman, Legal matters will be pursued in this matter. Safeway doesn't make the people accountable for customer service.

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Adrian - 32 d 8 h ago


Safeway is getting to the point they don't care about their customers. It appears they are too big. So I will help them. I will now start shopping their competitor. They are much more pleasant. 0 stars!

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I love Raleys! - 12 d 19 h ago


So true! I had that happen to me and my husband at tbe Rocklin Sunset Ave. Safeway store yesterday on Sat. Aug.3 2019. The woman in guest services helping us so unprofessional. I called The manager the next day. Bias. She was already siding with the guest service employee that was rude and lying unprofessional to my husband And I. Lets just say I Am back to Raleys! No thanks safeway. Call yourselves instead evilways!

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No more Safeways! Raleys..Only! - 12 d 19 h ago


I even told the store manager woman while on the phone with her on Sunday Aug.4th to write up my complaint, put on file I was giving to her on the worker guest service woman rude, obnoxious, lied, not polite to us as customers, professional. Yet, I was ignored. I had her on speaker phone. My husband agreed the manager was bias with the worker. Totally bias. Yes. Already she was siding with the guest service worker and wasnt even caring what I was saying. I have been going into the safeway Rocklin store on Sunset for 10 yrs or more. Now, My husband And I agreed no more safeways. Only Raleys!

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No more safeways - 12 d 19 h ago


You said it! Me too!

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Doyle T Campbell - 6 d 8 h ago

Albertsons company is responsible for running Safeway to the ground. They are an investment company that only cares about profit.

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unsatisfied customer - 9 d 8 h ago


Please explain why Safeway wants to get rid of their own shopping carts.

One has been on my boulevard for 2 weeks. I've talked to numerous local Managers and Customer Service representatives, all of whom made excuses and/or did not tell the truth about why they (or their contractor) won't pick it up. It would take an employee all of 15 minutes to come and walk it back to the store.

In frustration, I left messages for the District Manager to no avail - the male call centre representative was incapable of understanding that I wanted. The female at the call centre was more competent, but didn't tell me the District Manager was to busy to act.

To be a good neighbour, Safeway should immediately (1) pick up the cart that is now in the lane beside 543 Rathgar Avenue in Winnipeg and (b) apologise to me for this inconsiderate mismanagement and (c) offer something for my stress in trying to return Safeway's property to Safeway! No more excuses.

Thank you.

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Angie - 9 d 12 h ago

? If you have a sale item and it s 10 for 10 and they dont have the item . Can i get a rain check 10 for 10

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ANONYMOUS - 10 d 4 h ago



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Margie A - 10 d 10 h ago


First of all Safeway does have competitive pricing so that being said not all bad. Only reason I still enter a Safeway store.

One serious issue is the condition of the bathroom in the Aptos, Calif. store in the Rancho Del Mar Shopping Center. I have made reviews on this before and goes to deaf ears.

Here is the current situation. Entered your Aptos location bathroom on 8/6/2019 what I was confronted with bathroom number one had a broken handle on toilet so previous customer could not flush. Moved on the bathroom number two. Opened the door and toilet seat covers ripped out of their holder setting on top of toilet. Why you ask? because paper towel dispenser was not working as always and someone lost their temper and ripper the plastic cover off the wall. Ok, then over to sink soap dispenser was hanging by a thread. Graffiti on walls. Now here is the ATTENTION GETTER, I was walking across wet toilet paper and covers on your floor when I slipped down to one knee before I recovered my balance. You WILL have a law suit on your hands if someone does actually fall and break something. Aside from everything broken or falling off the wall the biggest concern is the totally wet floor that one has to encounter to make it to the toilet or sink everytime one enters. I realize this is just one small store out of thousands but see if you can remember the words "LAW SUIT", and have regular maintenance performed on these bathrooms. Believe me if I do not have a shopping cart full of groceries I would not use the bathrooms.

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Anonymous - 11 d 13 h ago


Your Juneau Alaska Store has become an infested area of junkies and homeless ... they live in there cars, use the bathrooms to wash up in, shot up drugs and leave clothes behind... very unsanitary food court. There next stop ... finally over this past weekend a shooting ! Come on Safeway a little security would be nice but I just cannot shop there any longer ... do something g now

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L.Rex - 11 d 10 h ago


@ Anony-mouse,

Hide under your bed, cunt.

Flagged for review. 
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Vernita - 12 d 6 h ago


I have been trying to reach some one from HR for over a week all I needed was for them to fax the form that my rental office sent them to fill out about my Son's employment back to the rental office and they still have not sent it back yet this is affecting my livelyhood as well as ridiculous that I can't get in touch with no one from HR

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Douglas M Mendoza - 12 d 7 h ago


Dear Sir,

About almost six weeks ago, after I had been shopping at your store a few times, since I moved to Sacramento from the Bay Area, my first experience was when one of the Latinos Meat helpers, not a butcher looked at me lie saying what in the world are you doing here, after that I felt like a stranger, I went to buy a nice a bottle of Tequila and the girl "Wine and Liquor" person approached me in a way as if I was trying to steal some liquor. I told the girl I wanted a botlle of good decent tequila.

When I passed through the checkstand of the most racial b***** I have encouterd, started my 20 Dollar bills as if they were counterfeit, White Lady behind me was really surprised knowning that she would be put under such scrutiny for having bi-racial children by your racist checker.

Here is the surprise, I worked as an employeey of Safeway Store back in the 1974 and stayed with the company until I felt it was time to leave and go back to College and start my own business.

I made ICC and I could've been a MGR. but I felt that was not what I wanted.

The moral of this story, is that when Safeway came they were told by "Arriba Juntos" You want the money of the people in the Latino Neighborhoods, You will have to hire Latinos, and I do not see your store at this location making this much money, 30th and Mission in San Francisco was making 1mill 2 thou back in the day, My little store was making 7 to 8 hundred thousand back in the 80's.


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Don Howard - 12 d 8 h ago


Regarding self checkout. I will not use it. I was paid to check groceries, why would I do it for free.

The store in milwaukie Oregon has a very rude intercom, a terrible squeal when they key the microphone. Worse than fingernails on a blackboard... I prefer Winco.

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Sonny - 34 d 9 h ago

I was n a house fire on the 4 the of July where one of the fireworks from a neighbors house came over the fence and started a fire n my yard.

Unfortunately my trailer burned down ,with my belongings along with all my kids belongs as well. My three kids and I have been without food for a few days and I took a chance and walked 15 miles to a local Safeway with paperwork to prove my dilemma and was denied food from the Aztec Safeway in aztec,nm. If any one can help me contact the corporate office Safeway to get a reason why a company such as this ,denied a Afro America male,single father in a crisis from food,since no one is answering any calls that would b fantastic.right now I don't have a phone or phone service but I am living on county rd 2930 in Aztec,New Mexico

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Chief running bare ass - 32 d 11 h ago



What is the name of the book you're writing and is this a chapter in the book?

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Mean people! - 12 d 19 h ago


So rude!

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