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Sanyo Manufacturing Corp

3333 Sanyo Rd
Forrest City, AR
St Francis
Naoki Nakamura
(870) 633-5030
(870) 633-0650
Annual Sales Est
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Al Campbell - 18 d 18 h ago


My name is Al Campbell. I have a problem with a television that i purchased from Wal Mart on or about November 26th of

2017. I purchased a 40 inch Sanyo Tv from a Wal Mart store in Atlanta Texas. I did not open it until April 17th of 2018 because i have had 3 operations between that time until now. Also I have not been able to move around because of the

nature of my operations and until recently i have had mobility issues. any how i opened the tv box and took out the contens

i did not immediatly see anything wrong with the tv. I hooked it up and noticed that there were 2 cracks in the tv screen. I

called into your customer service people and the 1st customer service guy told me that there was nothing that he could do and he gave me a number for a tv repair center that was an authorized sanyo repair center. the number that he gave me was out of service and was disconnected. i called again on May 3rd, and again the customer service agent informed me that there was nothing that he could do. I am very disappointed in your customer service people. I own a 55 inch sanyo tv and have had it for 3 years now and it has performed well. i know this is an unusual circumstance but i am very disappointed that there was no remedy for me. I will just throw the tv away never buy another sanyo product again. I am very dissatisfied with your company and will never buy any products by your corporation. I will always research any products that i may purchase in the future and make sure that it is now any of your subsidiary companies. My name is Al Campbell. My phone number is (hidden), I don't expect any reply from you because if you are anything like your customer service, this e-mail will just be ignored.

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MK Aus - 214 d 13 h ago


Does anyone have an email address for Sanyo Manufacturing Corp in Forrest City, AR? Plenty of unlisted or out of service phone numbers available on the internet but zero email addresses.

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William - 27 d ago


Don't bother...they don't answer e-mails address. Here you go:

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William - 27 d ago


After purchasing a Sanyo video/DVD recorder to transfer all my VCR tapes to disc my first obstacle was finding a friend to get it to operate in English from Spanish. Next I tried to copy a vcr tpe of my children when young to DVD. I purchased DVD-R and DVR-RW and all available DVDs with the extension of RW and /RW and + and minus R and RW. None will record. I sent an e-mail with no response to the printed on the instruction sheet. All attempts have failed reading " Disk error" "Cannot read this disk" I let the tape run, no result on all different types of DVDs. I ran all with "dubbing" and with the record button also failed. The DVD will play factory movie DVDs, but fails to record from VCR. After 55 minutes on the phone with a very noisy background call center for Sanyo and providing all requested information and testing per instructions from what I assumed may be a Filipino speaking female, she could offer no further assistance.

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I'm looking for a replacement remote for my Sanyo flat screen tv, model DP58D33-3

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Rita - 1 y 80 d ago

I would like to get in touch with someone who can help me with a problem I am having with my 55 inch flat screen HDMI tv.I bought it at Walmart in Greenville SC.I have tried calling (hidden) but the # is no longer active.The problem is that it is emitting some sort of rays that interfere with the cable box and makes it impossible for the cable box to work.I would appreciate any help on this matter.

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