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Sara Lee Co

1201 W I65 Service Rd N
Mobile, AL
Nancy Lambe
Plant Mgr
(251) 476-1611
(251) 479-8977
Annual Sales Est
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Carrie from Greensboro NC - 10 d 18 h ago


I brought my bread from food Lion and it has holes in it. (First time excused) brought another load 2 weeks later from a different Food Lion and the bread had holes in it too

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rachael williams - 21 d 15 h ago


so disappointed to find so many SL entrees contain carargeenan, a severe allergen for many-I know its a cheap thickener and easy to hide in long ingredients list. evidently economy wins over safety you've lost a lifelong customer.

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Wilma Durante - 32 d 13 h ago

Just open a new 10oz. package of Sara Leea Honey Roasted Turkey Breast and rolled up a slice, popped it into my mouth, started to chew it and to my horror, pulled out a long

Blonde piece of hair!!! Not happy, as I have short brown hair and my husband has short

Gray hair!! You just lost a good customer! This was quite the conversation with my family and friends!

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Barb - 44 d 14 h ago

I bought Sara Lee oven roasted turkey breast, which was very good but I had to use 2 pair of pliers to get the package open. It was impossible to get the cover off. Sorry, I can't have stress like this when your competitor has nice reusable containers!

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Disappointed - 85 d 8 h ago


Bought Sara Lee classic dinner rolls. The package says fully baked and ready to eat from the package, not true. Theses rolls are so doughy they can't even be cut into. Tried baking them and they turned rock hard.

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a bewildered and a little unhappy customer - 97 d 11 h ago


I purchases a loaf of sara lee bread the other day thinking it was as it always is a regular loaf of bread. However when I just started to use it is is indeed made like a loaf of Italian bread but only on one end. half of the loaf got smaller as it went to the end. I guess my question would be what happened?? I paid for a regular full loaf of bread and didn't get about 4 slices. Prices what they are in this day and age for us old people, I was upset and also wondered why as it has never happened before.

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