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Sara Lee Co

1201 W I65 Service Rd N
Mobile, AL
Nancy Lambe
Plant Mgr
(251) 476-1611
(251) 479-8977
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Joe Joe jones - 50 d 17 h ago

Well shopping that walmarts

To get some food .

Your ball park Franks got some in them.

16 count hot dog.

Their dog food now.

I will not buy your hot dog .

Again .

I not going sue you for 7.00 buck.

Face book here go ......

joe joe jone

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Unhappy customer - 82 d 17 h ago


I love Sara Lee products. Recently, I am seeing thinner slices in their butter crust bread.... I AM NOT HAPPY!!!!

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Irritated customer - 174 d 16 h ago


On your new commercial for "Artisanal Bread," you are pronouncing it incorrectly. It is NOT R-TIS-ANAL, like horizontal, but rather "R-TIS-N-AL". Like an artisan. How is it they can allow it to be incorrectly pronounced? Don't they know the difference?

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Nameless and fed up with products and bullshit. Doit right or make it right with the customers - 120 d ago

No because they are anal holes.

General profile image

Tinto - 120 d ago


No! They are bagel holes.

General profile image

Sue Dorn - 120 d 6 h ago


I purchased 2 loaves of bread 2 weeks ago and ate one loaf within 3 days. Grandson has at least 4 pieces toasted every morning. When I went to get the 2nd one out of my cupboard it was molded. Went from the cupboard to trash. This was the first time I purchased the fresh bread ever.

I buy the whole wheat and was so disappointed. I recently got Texas toast so I can have him eat 2 slices a day. He is 8 years old and would rather have Sara Lee bread everyday. Some days he wants more and when I told him I had to toss that loaf of bread he was upset.

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Bean - 186 d 7 h ago


I find it in poor taste that you use a dead man's voice to advertise!

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Anonymous - 185 d 13 h ago

Why? I think that is a good memorial.

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Billie Carr - 210 d 15 h ago

I have purchased many boxes of Jimmy Dean Egg White Omletes from Sam's Club over the past four months. Now, all of the sudden, you can't find them anywhere. Today I purchased the Egg White and Sausage in a cup and fixed it for lunch today. It was terrible. Where can I buy the Omletes? I am in Rowlett, Texas

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Anonymous - 211 d 13 h ago


I will never forget the hostile takeover in Italy of my friend's company by Sara Lee. They lied and threatened the Italian company that had been in the family for generations. Sara Lee made an offer for a buy-out but it was a lie. They threatened the Italian company that they would buy all of their products off the shelves and then of course low-balled the offer terribly. They arrived in Italy on their private jet from Chicago and were so proud of bringing the company to its knees. Despicable behavior! #noSaraLeeCoBullies

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Anonymous - 216 d 13 h ago


We purchased 2 dinners one was beef, broccoli rice and the other was a rice and beans dinner. The first was like rice paste and the second was pasty rice and so spicy could not be eaten. Both were terrible We buy a lot of Sara Lee pot pies and desserts and are always good. Very disappointed in these dinners. As seniors we count on your products to be good and norishing. These were not!!!!!

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Anonymous - 228 d 9 h ago

saralee used to make a butter strudel I always found it in the freezer section I haven't seen them in yr=ears they were so good why can't we find them anymore ?

General profile image

Colleen Moore - 237 d 16 h ago

Why did you stop making the ham and cheese crisscross.

General profile image

Jane Martin - 244 d 9 h ago


This week at Wegmans grocery, I bought a Sara Lee cherry pie always a favorite of my family. What a disaster....the pie instead of a deep dish juicy cherry pie I found a thin pie inside a cardboard box with no plastic sealing the pie. Once baked the pie was poor, not sweet, had a couple pieces of hard dried type cherries mixed into the other cherries . We ate a couple slices and threw the rest away. I have purchased hundreds of Sara Lee pies over the years......I am so disappointed at the change in quality. Can't you address this please? I give the company 5 stars until this most recent purchase which is one star.

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katherine puckett - 247 d 9 h ago


I have eaten Sara Lee pound cake for years. It was usually moist and delicious. I am 78 yrs. old, so you can imagine how I have enjoyed your products (especially your frosted chocolate cake you used to make). Today at the BelleMeade Public in Nashville, tn. I bought a pound cake, I can't express my disappointment. It was dry and crumbly. I'm really glad I wasn't having company. What happened to your recipe? I'm sure I will never buy another one.

Sorry to see another great bakery falter,

Katherine S. Puckett

General profile image

Valerie - 275 d 15 h ago


I've always loved your Dutch apple pie and hope you never discontinue it since they stopped having a outlet store i have not seen many items in stores like woodmans in Oak Creek Wisconsin always liked the chocolate cake with a light creamy frosting that was not real sweet wish you would put more of your products in the stores .Thank you !

General profile image

Debbie - 279 d 6 h ago


I have always loved your walnut whipped cream cake. Please let me know if you still sell it and where I can purchase it. Thank you.

General profile image

Glenda McCain - 300 d ago

I recently purchased a Sara Lee pecan pie. Your brand has always been my favorite, however, the pie was so salty I could not eat it, had to throw it in the trash. Why would a pecan pie require so much salt? Do you realize that too much salt is very damaging to our bodies. I will definitely hesitate to purchase any more of your products.

General profile image

Glenda O. - 1 y ago


Complaint department please!!

At 9:30 a. m.-10: a.m. December 1st 2018 truck #1600891 completely blocked I35 in Texas. Totally against the law!

General profile image - 1 y ago

Hi my name is Dan Hemphill I called your advertising dept a year or so ago. And told them there planet people were a ridiculous idea for Jimmy Dean sausage. Go back to his voice. You did what I suggested

Now I want compensation for my idea.please call me at (hidden) thank you.

General profile image

julio - 1 y ago

where in the usa do you have plant tours of hot dog making?

General profile image

Tiffany and Daniel Gemstone-Bridges - 1 y ago

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Flagged for review. 
General profile image

Cynthia Isom - 1 y ago


The Jimmy Dean sausage that I'm accustomed to the recipe has changed. What did y'all do please bring back the original recipe.

General profile image

Pjh - 1 y ago


Horrible that you use a dead man for your commercial, especially warming up his body......dead, dead....cold body. Terrible

General profile image

Joey D. - 1 y ago

I have to agree with all these negative comments about them still using long dead Jimmy Dean's voice in their commercials. The worst example is the one where Jimmy says he needs something in the morning to warm up his whole body. VERY CREEPY! Jimmy would probably be glad that they're still using him, but that don't make it right. Just saying.

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