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Sara Lee Hosiery

PO Box 669
Clarksville, AR
Chris Allen
(479) 754-8883
(479) 754-2491
Annual Sales Est
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Anonymous - 7 d 17 m ago

sam saffrit

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Dianna - 61 d 18 h ago


I was an employee of Sara Lee hosiery plant in lumberton NC . A very disappointed one at least. Just because I was the first one to get carptunel I feel like I was used as an example but I need to say that my case was real and for that I was mistreated and so you know that was in the nineties and now 2916 I am still suffering from it. Everyone after me got good settlements and guess what when they got their money they were fine no more problems. My settlement was small and I haven't worked since the doctor put me out of work. So yes I have struggled financially and mentally since then. So your theme we care about our employees is not true I repeat not true. Felt lead to say this

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