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Sea World

7007 Sea World Dr
Orlando, FL
(800) 327-2424
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Megan - 239 d 3 h ago


Hello my name is megan and I'm a regular just recently I experienced such an uncomfortable visit to your park upon arrival with my family there was this security officer named Raquel and she said an inappropriate comment about my bottom I'm so appalled that you have such unprofessional workers working at your park it hasn't been a first time I've heard her become bilijerant and Disrespectful to people I just never thought it would be me I do plan on visiting with my family but only if shes gone I spend thousands of dollars everytime I go but I refuse to be treated with such disrespect please a regular guest get rid of that security guard she will destroy your company

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Anonymous - 223 d 9 h ago

A security guard said something inappropriate (you claim) but you continued to walk into the park without telling anyone that works there? Instead, you enjoy the park and wait until you get home to talk about it. Couldn't of been that bad.

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Anonymous - 10 d 14 h ago


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Anonymous - 56 d 8 h ago

Oh please you dumb bitch! Have compassion for the suffering orcas who were taken from their home! Live forever in a tiny fucking hole!

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Anonymous - 10 d 14 h ago

You are an idiot. ..

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Anonymous - 55 d 10 h ago

May all you SUFFER the same way you did to all the animals!! You sick twisted FYCKS!!!

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Anonymous - 10 d 14 h ago

You are an idiot...I hope you suffer

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t90 - 46 d 10 m ago


sea world is a cool place to go love it and food is good best in Orlando fl

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Fuck SeaWorld - 49 d ago


I live in San diego i buy yearly passes. I called to find out some info about my pass. I called at 1030 am i got an automated message saying if I didnt want to wait online that they would call back. After 1 hr waiting i called again and the message said my place was still held in place and they would get back to me shortly. After 40 min i called again this time the message said call back wait time was around 144 min. And guess what i never fucking got a call back from anyone. If you cant staff your help line better then fucking close it down and refuse to help people. Because the help you giving is shit at best.

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Anonymous - 54 d 5 m ago

The MANTA COASTER IN FLORIDA should be available in the SAN DIEGO LOCATION. It would be the only flying coaster tycoon n California. Attendence would triple.

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Natalie - 181 d 18 h ago


This past Saturday I went to Sea World with my three year old son. We were in line to ride Slimy Sliders in Sesame Street Land when an employee by the name of Terrianne yelled at my son, "Get down!" He like the rest of the eager children was holding on to the railing excited to go on the ride. Although I understand there are rules to follow, a nicer approach would've made a big difference. Upon entering the ride, Terrianne asked me to put my bag in the cubbies. When I couldn't find the cubbies I was given a bad attitude and eye roll. My bag was grabbed and rudely shoved into a cubby. Without warning Terrianne carelessly and aggressively slammed the ride lap bar on my toddler's arm. Before I could say anything she turned and left to turn on the ride. When the ride was over, my lap bar did not go up which again prompted even more of an attitude from Thai disgruntled employee. At this point, I told her that she was being rude and that she needed to be careful since she slammed the lap bar into my toddler's arm. She told me was careful and yelled at me that she was going to call security. When I asked her to please call security or a supervisor she intentionally slammed her body into my shoulder while I was holding my toddler's hand. She never called security and I eventually had to find a supervisor from Sesame Street Land to talk to. I am beyond disappointed and bothered by the fact that Sea World would have someone like Terrianne working in a children's area. Sesame Street prides itself on being a happy show that targets children of all types. What is she had slammed that lap bar on the arm of a child with special needs? What if she would've yelled rudely to one of these children? What if she would've come across a parent that would've counteracted in self defense? As I stood there watching after speaking to an area supervisor, I was shocked to see that this employee was not immediately spoken to or addressed. It made me sad considering this was suppose to be a happy day and experience for my son and I.

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Anonymous - 56 d 8 h ago

Fuck seaworld! I hate that whole fucking place! Taking animals from the ocean its totally kidnapping and for our stupid entainment! I hope the greedy fucks get the same shit! Maybe their loved will be taken away! Karmas a bitch! Animals are born in the wild they should stay there!

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Tami - 131 d 12 h ago


I have sent a copy of this as a registered letter to the Corporate Office Headquarters as well to ensure this reaches the correct people.

I was assisting my 78 year-old mother this morning to cancel her EZPay account for Silver Passes she had for herself and my daughter. I went online and found this:

If you want to cancel your pass:

First, we request you have no outstanding/overdue payments: please Login with your email & password (note: your barcode/zip code is insufficient for managing your account), then click the EZpay tab and scroll down to pay off your "commitment amount".

Next, while logged in, visit to request your cancellation. An email will be sent to you after filling out the request, for confirmation of your cancellation and effective dates. Please note that there are no partial refunds when cancelling a pass if not converting into a new one.

When I logged her in to her account, all of her information was there, showing the two passes for her and my daughter, and at the bottom it had button EZ Pay Cancellation, but it would not let me access her passes. So, instead I called the (hidden) and got a female named Andie. She confirmed my mom's name, the EZ Pass card number, and the last 4 digits of the card used. Confirmed everything was up to date and asked the purpose of the cancellation, where my mom told her she no longer needed the pass. Andie then said no problem and she would process the cancellation. No further payments would be made and she could go to the park through 12/9/19. We asked how we would get a confirmation and she said we would get a confirmation by email, but if it didn't come, than not to worry, it would still be cancelled. I explained to her that I tried to cancel them online, but the passes were not available to cancel online, which is why we called her, so we needed something in writing/proof, confirming the passes were cancelled. I explained we had so many issues with the website using the passes, that we needed proof that the passes were cancelled. Then she said they no longer send email confirmations.

I then explained to her that I did my own and my husbands EZ Pass Cancellations last month online and I received a cancellation confirmation via email within a few minutes of cancelling. Then she asked for all of my information and said she didn't know where I got that email. I asked her to please email me a confirmation that she cancelled the passes today, she said she could not . She then told me when we logged in or put the pass numbers in, it would say the passes are not active any long. I then told her I was logged in and they are still showing in her account. She told me to put in her pass number and zip code and it should come up that there are no passes active, but it did showed the passes again. I asked for a supervisor. Then I got Kevin, a supervisor, who tried to say the same thing, was very unfriendly, and I explained I wanted something in writing that the passes were cancelled. He said there was no way to do that and I explained that when I cancelled my passes last month, I got an email confirmation, and I want something similar for my mom's passes cancellation. He again told me there was nothing he could to and just take his work the passes are cancelled. I explained that I have no proof if she gets charged next month, other than saying Kevin said they were cancelled and that was not good enough. He continually interrupted me, and spoke over me. I was already frustrated that this process was so lengthy and unnecessary, and his unwillingness to make sure the customer was happy was just making it worse. By the end, I was angry at the nonexistent customer service and over the whole thing. I informed Kevin that I would be filing a BBB complaint, and he continued talking over me and said well listen how you are talking to me, you are yelling. I said, Yes, I am because you are interrupting me, not listening, and customers are fist in customer service,, which is not happening right now. I asked his name and am now writing you here, sending the registered letter via US Mail and I have filed a complaint on BBB. I still as of now have nothing showing her passes have been cancelled, her passes are still showing on her account.

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Amy - 126 d 15 h ago

Is this the bullshit you waste their time with while they're murdering their animals... and slowly and painfully, I might add?! You Really need to get your priorities straight lady!

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Goddess - 76 d 4 h ago

First off you ignoramus, they do not murder their animals. As a former employee, I will confirm that they love and cherish those animals. And if you believe that Blackfish bullshit, then I pity you for being so gullible.

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ALMA ROSA TELLEZ - 103 d ago


Hi. I need Your help. I've tried for about 10 days and nothing.

My name Alma. Please call me at (hidden)

( I don't want or need to lose $200.00)

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ALMA ROSA TELLEZ - 108 d 11 h ago

Hello. My name is ALMA.

My son purchased tickets for 3 at his place of work.

After he purchased the tickets I took a fall while

visiting family in Los Angeles, Ca. I can not walk much

or stand for too long and I am starting physical therapy soon.

SO, my son tried to get tickets re-Issued

at his work. BUT, he was told they could not re-issue tickets.

Please help me out, I need your help. I don't want my son to loss

Close to $200.00

Call me at (hidden). Thank you.

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ALMA ROSA TELLEZ - 104 d 6 h ago




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Anonymous - 154 d 13 h ago


when we arrived at the park the first encounter were the very nasty bathrooms, black water in toilets most were not flushing properly paper all over the floor and sinks were not clean. several attractions under some sort of upgrade but we did expect that but we planned our day with the family of 15 to get what all the kids wanted to see or do done. The park states the hours are from 10am - 6pm, most of the attractions started or where closed by 5pm . I can understand shutting down food courts and attractions towards the back of the park so you can start pushing visitors toward the exit but that was not the case. The attractions at the front of the park were closed at 5 too. Gift shops were still open so they could make more money but we had a group of disappointed kids that missed out on what we had promised with are mapping the park so they would do that on our loop around the park going to see Shamu. and the bathrooms on the exit had no maintenance all day so were even worse when leaving.

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Matt - 171 d ago


I purchased a combination of hotel & tickets online on 10/10/19. I called customer service they said that there was a glitch in the system. This is fraud. They are liars and the ad is scam...They forced me to accept or cancel. They dont care the impact of it on our vacation. They just do it for money. Rescuing animals my foot, they do it to make more money, No human right or animal safety is important to them. I hope the doors of all 3 seaworlds gonna be closed for ever...

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Glenn Gidseg - 175 d 11 h ago


ATTN: CORPORATE COMPLAINTS DEPARTMENT Location: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay FL. I purchased a combination of hotel & tickets online on 10/11/19. When I received the confirmation it included only the hotel. I called customer service & both the agent & her supervisor told me that there was a glitch in the system so even though the web site clearly stated that both were included they stated that I only paid for the hotel. They acknowledged what the web site said but they didn't care. After a prolonged conversation they were immovable at which point I asked for the name & number of their registered agent (which I'm told is their obligation to provide under the law) or to direct me to someone who could provide it. Instead they hung up on me. I'm writing this complaint in an effort to hopefully resolve this issue to our mutual satisfaction. If not, since I do have the requested info, I might feel compelled to pursue this matter in other ways.

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Abram and Emma Miller - 177 d 7 h ago


ATTN: CORPORATE COMPLAINTS DEPARTMENT Location: SeaWorld San Antonio Complainant(s): Abram and Emma Miller Date of Concerning Event: 10/05/2019 Time of Encounter: approx. 9:00 pm To whom it may concern, My husband and myself bought annual Gold Passes for SeaWorld San Antonio. We made reservations for the weekend to go Saturday and Sunday to SeaWorld and participate I the Howl-O-Scream haunted houses. We went on Friday night right before closing to print our passes and look around the park, driving from Georgetown Texas. We then went back the morning of Saturday and my husband rode some rides (I couldn't because I am 6 months pregnant) and looked at the Penguins and watched some of the shows. We left and returned when it was cooler outside around 5 pm. We decided to purchase the 2nd tier of the Howl-O-Scream pass for unlimited haunted houses because since I'm pregnant it was what we went to SeaWorld to do. We had no problems with the first two haunted houses. On the third haunted house line, the normal line entry began to go before the fast pass line. We waited in the first section for 33 minutes. The two families behind us also complained to the people running the line at the Zombie haunted house. At the second part of that line we were told to wait again. It took 50 minutes to get through the line and people in the normal line had gone before us. The lady told all three families to talk with a supervisor or a kiosk for the passes and let them know what was happening so they could fix it or refund the extra 10 dollars it had cost per pass. Since it took an hour to get through it was now almost 9 and we were not going to even be able to use the pass for the unlimited pass value. Once out of the Zombie haunted house we asked a security guard where the closest kiosk was. He pointed to the right (towards Shamu show) so we began walking. We didn't see a kiosk but I saw a Sherriff, a Security manager and another man (in white shirt, with short white hair, with blue shorts, wearing tennis shoes and holding a broom) standing in front of the Shamu shop. I told my husband Abram I would just ask them. I walked up the stairs and asked if any of them were a manager or supervisor. The security manager said he was and asked me how he could help. I began to explain, however, before I could finish, the man in white with white hair stepped into my face and between myself and the security manager and said "Well did you get to do the haunted house? Then what is the problem?" I had to lean and take a step back to look at him comfortably. I was so taken aback that I really didn't know what to say. I asked him if he was really talking to me that way. The security manager and the sheriff both were looking between myself, my husband, and the man in white; they looked stunned and also taken aback. He raised his voice and told me "You can refund them now and do no more haunted houses tonight or you can go off and do the last one and then come find me". At this point I was pissed off with how I had been treated. I leaned in and said calmly (reading his nametag) "Okay Byron, where will you be?" The interaction lasted another minute and my husband and myself went looking for another kiosk. My husband was so angry with having just purchased annual passes and getting treated this way that we found a kiosk and talked with some supervisors. They refunded the passes and both Maria and Kaleb were very nice and treated us kindly making the situation better. But we just wanted to make a formal complaint about how we were treated by the man named Byron. We went to the front to make the complaint with a guest form. We were told that the person was the President and then confirmed this when he walked by and we pointed to him. The people we dealt with were very apprehensive about this situation because it was all of their boss. We both told them we just wanted to go through the proper channels. Please contact my husband as soon as possible about this matter. He is still very upset and concerned with how we were treated; especially how his 6-month pregnant wife was treated, when all we wanted was an easy night of fun and haunts.

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You know my name - 178 d 5 h ago


My complaint has to do with the way the company handles their employees; the way they treat their employees. My son was recently fired from the company due to bogus reasons the case wasn't even thoroughly and accurately investigated. It was based on a lie created by coworkers who have then proceeded to spread it throughout the entire park. Or possibly even HR themselves.. Which to my understanding is like against the law if I'm not mistaken it's not supposed to be publicly known. This entire process has been going on since July and now my son has filed for arbitration. Won't be seen by the head of the company until November 12 which is BS. The entire lie was started by a transgender black employee which my son is concerned about going up against and begin not only possibly label as someone that partakes in "Sexual Harrassment" but then to get accused of racism against the LBGTQ community. I raise my son to be neither. But I feel Sea World it is really dropping the ball on this whole case and not even given my stand a chance to be heard I think this whole company in a nutshell needs to be more concerned about the treatment of their employees in general. Which seems to me, along with everything else. Is not a priority. All my son is asking for is his job back in another department and backpay and they just wanna keep screwing with him and taking their time. As a parent and a regular at the park I'm thoroughly disappointed in the way the park is handling everything I'm thoroughly disgusted

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Kristen and Jackie - 1 y ago


Dear Busch Entertainment Corp,

The plans have changed for Sea World throughout the years. With its first plan as an underwater restaurant it has now turned into an amusement park where wild animals are being held captive. For over 50 years, Sea World has been held responsible for the many deaths of these animals and some of their trainers. 300 dolphins and whales (not including orcas) have died on SeaWorld's watchmany of them prematurely, under your supervision and "care." At least 150 orcas have been taken into captivity since 1961. SeaWorld has not captured a wild orca for 35 years, instead breeding them in captivity.

Sea World has claimed that once the animal is born in captivity it can no longer be released into the wild. One of its claims is survival, the animal wouldn't know how to do things on their own since they are so dependent on the trainers who feed them every day, but it is in their instincts. They can still learn themselves on how to catch prey, how to go up for air, how to mate. Even though it may be a process these marine animals will not forget their basics.

We would like to thank you for ending the sordid orca-breeding program, but more than 150 other dolphins and whales held captive at the parks may still be forcibly bred, sometimes after being drugged. We believe that this is not okay and is morally terrible. The animals who are under Sea Worlds captivity should be released and set free, no other marine mammal should be taken in and go through the pain and suffering that you have brought upon them.

We will not be participating in or supporting any kinds of businesses which affiliate themselves with Sea World. Greater action should be taken to end captivity. There should be no more bloodshed from these animals which have done nothing but been used by Sea World for their own entertainment and profit.


Jackie and Kristen

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Anonymous - 223 d 9 h ago

You will be thanking SW for being the only organization that saves animal species due to humans polluting the oceans, illegal catching and killing of sea wildlife. When these species can no longer live in their environment hat humans ruined SW will be the only organization keeping these species from going extinct. If you don't agree with SW, then the solution is simple, don't go.

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Anonymous - 178 d 5 h ago

They are HAND RAISED by humans duh... Therefore they WILL NOT survive in the wild BECAUSE they've never experienced life in the wild dumbass. Have you ever lived in the streets??!!?? Prob NOT so I'm sure you would have NO IDEA to survive... Same concept duh

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