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Sea World

7007 Sea World Dr
Orlando, FL
(800) 327-2424
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Anonymous - 169 d 48 s ago


Seaworld killed and abused the Orcas they have kept in a concrete pool , not big enough to move around in.

Boycott anything with the Sea World name.

Free the Orcas !!! Put them in the ocean do they can at least swim a little. They are used to swimming 100'a of miles a day and diving 100's of feet down.

Don't go to Seaworld!!!

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Anonymous - 169 d ago

I dont think you understand what happens when you put once captive orcas back into the wild

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Maylin - 162 d 19 h ago


I agree 100% with you! Let's boycott

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Anonymous - 24 d ago

No one needs you stupid face

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Anonymous - 128 d 7 h ago

No they do not, Get a life

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None - 128 d ago


No; they're right... and you're kinda not knowledgeable.

...and this looks like a fun string. (ha)

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Realist - 78 d 3 h ago

The remaining whales at seaworld were born in the park. Set them to the ocean and they wouldn't survive, they wouldn't know how. Seaworld is no longer taking in any whales and has lots of information on what will happened the remaining whales. Read up and then complain when you're informed.

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Anonymous - 24 d 34 s ago

You are so stupid. Do research and stop believing everything you here and see. It is stupid people like you that ruin the world. Educate yourself.Are you telling me that having a pet is not OK, cause guess what stupid they too are in a cage.

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Anonymous - 47 d ago

Stick to rides. Would never visit SeaWorld , whales confined to tanks shame on you , same for dolphins or any animals / sea life locked in confined space.

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Anonymous - 24 d 19 m ago

You are so stupid. Do research and stop believing everything you here and see. It is stupid people like you that ruin the world. Educate yourself stupid.

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Anonymous - 40 d 14 h ago

I just watched the documentary Blackfish. What you guys do is beyond criminal, immoral, and you are a horribly evil company. You should be ashamed of yourselves for the treatment of those animals. I hate everything you stand for and watching that documentary made me sick to my stomach. Not sure which part upset me more, the trapping, separating the babies from their mothers, or lying to your staff in the public about how long they should actually live before naturally dying. You are an evil, despicable, and disgusting company and you should all be locked up like you do to these animals.

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Embarrassed for you - 24 d 15 h ago


You are kind of dumb. That was more like a mockumentry. Did you bother to see where those animals were trapped? Not in the States. The same whales have been at the facility for years. Anyone who has actually been to Sea World can see for themselves how family units are treated. Please do more actual research before you strike out with unfounded accusations. Dig deeper.

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Anonymous - 24 d 20 m ago

You are so stupid. Do research and stop believing everything you here and see. It is stupid people like you that ruin the world. Educate yourself.

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Rina Eddy - 30 d 5 h ago


Can you please explain why corporate have received their W2 for this year and not your employees? The lay offs may have been cost effective but, they need to file, to survive. Why are you NOT ensuring prompt tax forms to help ease their burden. Also, why hire more if you just had layoffs?.

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lisa - 34 d 7 h ago


your customer service people need better training, bought annual passes online because I was told by 2 separate people that I could order reserved seating for concerts by phone, well guess what know they say I can not do it, getting ready to cancel about 15 annual passes

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NA - 33 d 6 h ago

they won't let you cancel your annual passes unless the year from date of purchase is up. that is how they get you. there is a verbal contact they read to you if you call and there is one if you purchased them online. You are able to do reserved seating online you have to do it thorough the pass member website and log in each pass seperetly through the check a pass option reserve the seating for each individual pass. I used to work there and sometimes they train us for week others for a couple of days. hope this helped, I quit because guests that called though of us as slaves like if we had to know every single detail, we are only human, we get the information the same day as you all so sometimes its a little hard being thrown new information on a daily,and having almost 500 a day. all we ask for is patience the same patience we have with all the loud annoying guest who think they deserve the work and that we are slaves to them

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Marcy - 45 d 11 h ago


This is the most vile place on earth. They keep beautiful animals in captivity their entire lives. Sick bastards torture Oracs to make a profit? Empty the damn tanks.

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barbie garofalo - 47 d ago

horrible...I told my aunt I loved animals ...Dolphins ,in small stalls for hours....Orcas trying to do what their told...ignorant audience of their surroundings...sea world may you roast in hell for abusing marine life...just heard finally orca is free... she died! I hate you!!!!

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Monika - 51 d ago


i LOVE sea world! Professional organization which entertains and assists the Orlando community at large.

They do very much for animals and the environment, sure it isn't 'the wild' and these animals will always have a different existence because oft them- but it is one of caring and interest and inspires others.

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Pat - 57 d ago


Please empty the tanks, send marine mammals still in your possession to sea sanctuary. Thank you.

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Southern Antiques - 73 d 8 h ago


Seaworld Orlando we had family in from Minnesota with a group of 8 adults we purchased meal passes express line passes and had the worst experience every time we went to eat . We got fruit which was hard for breakfast then 2 1/2 hours stopped for lunch they said we couldn't eat that we just got something in the last hour finally got that fixed went with family to show's and the only rides that were open, only 2 were open the big roller coasters which 4 in our group couldn't ride , tried to just make the best of our day with family then once again we went to get something to eat around 5pm once again we had major problems with them saying we couldn't eat because our meal pass was still messed up this only happened to two of us the rest of the family s meal passes were fine . It's not like we were a young group who would take advantage of the meal pass we r in our 50s with a diabetic and 2 other disabled people in our group ,when we went to watch the whale show we sat in the disabled seats all 8 of us . I was shocked when an employee came and asked if we were disabled I told him this was our entire family and 3 of us had a disability. How dare them just because we were not in a wheelchair. Disibalties come in all shapes blind hearing heart pacemakers etc they need to teach there employees that there are a lot of disabilities and not to embarrass or point us out that is an invasion of my rights. I live here in Florida and have a business will make sure my coustomers will know about our experience we have a lot of tourist come through will send them somewhere else to enjoy there stay. Sincerely disappointed

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Jo - 100 d 4 h ago


Am writing because am extremely upset and disappointed with the parks service. We flew out from NYC to celebrate my son 8th bday. We bought tickets. Pay for transportation and meal plans. Plus a dolphin encounter. Pictures and gift shop purchases. At one point we are at shamu harbor and my son gets lost. We lost him for over 30 minutes and no one came to help us. I asked the crew for help over and over and all they asked me for was were was the last time I saw my son. One worker finally called security 15 min after I reported him lost. No loud speaker. No security. No help. Other parents were helping me. My son could had been kidnap/ stolen and no one did a thing. I was hysterical and upset. My husband finally found my son on his own. My son had been crying and vomiting from being scare and no one helped him. He went up to a vendor for help. The damn vendor offer him ice cream. What kind of protocol is this ?? For a lost child??? I went to file a complaint with a manager and she offered me stickers and told me to go watch a show. Or if I wanted more ice cream. Am baffled. In disgust on how this incident was handled. I should had called the police and local news and reported how neglectful your team are. My son was so scared and am I. He wanted to go home as soon as we found him. He didn't enjoy his experience at all. Frankly neither did we. Am so upset that something could had really happen to my son and everyone stood around doing absolutely nothing. I don't want to play the race card but I hope it didn't play a part in not getting helped. As for our horrible experience we would like a full refund of all 3 tickets we bought.

Thank You.

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Vickie Grube - 163 d ago

We traveled from Kansas City to take my 6 year old niece and had a horrible experience with many employees and website said park opened till 8:00 pm. We drove to the Arlington area first to pick up my niece then took off for Sea world. The drive took us over 6 hours due to road construction and big wreck which was no ones fault we arrived at the park at 3:30 we figured we could spend about 5 hours but was told the park was closing at 6:00. I am disabled so I payed $50:00 to rent an electric wheel chair for 3 hours or so when I was leaving barely able to walk with my walker the security guard said go back and get the chair and employee would follow me to the car and bring it back. My sister went there and spoke a male employee and a female and was told sorry for your sister but they were busy and they refused to help us. I barely made outside the gate so I could set and and catch me breath. I was talked with a couple who they drove 7 hours from louisana they were talking about website said parked closed at 8:00. They complained and was given free passes for a year. I think your park lack a lot of customer service and have many rude employees. I would never recommend coming to Sea World to any one The few hours we got at the park for a pretty wxpensive price was a big disappointment Maybe you need to some customer service seminars with your employees our family will never come back. Our trip was total disaster I hope they don't treat all people with health issues the way I was treated

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Tara - 113 d 6 h ago


We were treated like crap too!!! And had handicap people as well, obviously people with disabilities mean nothing to seaworld. Not only that but we encountered numerous other issues including the dining, they have done nothing but lye to me and refuse to compensate me after they offered to compensate me now they said I should of dealt with it at the parks......well kinda hard to do that when we couldn't even get correct directions from the rude employees and the park was closing and they were literally kicking us out. Very rude place very rude staff need to be reported for disability services. If I wrote my whole complaint out it would be Book long but I just give them a 0 rating they deserve nothing from me after the way I was treated.

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Maylin - 162 d 19 h ago


Sea world kills the Orcas and takes them away from their family. Please shut sea world down along with all the horrible aquariums!

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Anonymous - 128 d 7 h ago

No they do not, get real

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