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Sea World

7007 Sea World Dr
Orlando, FL
(800) 327-2424
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Anonymous - 94 d ago


Seaworld killed and abused the Orcas they have kept in a concrete pool , not big enough to move around in.

Boycott anything with the Sea World name.

Free the Orcas !!! Put them in the ocean do they can at least swim a little. They are used to swimming 100'a of miles a day and diving 100's of feet down.

Don't go to Seaworld!!!

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Anonymous - 93 d 20 h ago

I dont think you understand what happens when you put once captive orcas back into the wild

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Maylin - 87 d 16 h ago


I agree 100% with you! Let's boycott

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Anonymous - 53 d 4 h ago

No they do not, Get a life

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None - 52 d 18 h ago


No; they're right... and you're kinda not knowledgeable.

...and this looks like a fun string. (ha)

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Realist - 3 d 35 m ago

The remaining whales at seaworld were born in the park. Set them to the ocean and they wouldn't survive, they wouldn't know how. Seaworld is no longer taking in any whales and has lots of information on what will happened the remaining whales. Read up and then complain when you're informed.

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Jo - 25 d 24 s ago


Am writing because am extremely upset and disappointed with the parks service. We flew out from NYC to celebrate my son 8th bday. We bought tickets. Pay for transportation and meal plans. Plus a dolphin encounter. Pictures and gift shop purchases. At one point we are at shamu harbor and my son gets lost. We lost him for over 30 minutes and no one came to help us. I asked the crew for help over and over and all they asked me for was were was the last time I saw my son. One worker finally called security 15 min after I reported him lost. No loud speaker. No security. No help. Other parents were helping me. My son could had been kidnap/ stolen and no one did a thing. I was hysterical and upset. My husband finally found my son on his own. My son had been crying and vomiting from being scare and no one helped him. He went up to a vendor for help. The damn vendor offer him ice cream. What kind of protocol is this ?? For a lost child??? I went to file a complaint with a manager and she offered me stickers and told me to go watch a show. Or if I wanted more ice cream. Am baffled. In disgust on how this incident was handled. I should had called the police and local news and reported how neglectful your team are. My son was so scared and am I. He wanted to go home as soon as we found him. He didn't enjoy his experience at all. Frankly neither did we. Am so upset that something could had really happen to my son and everyone stood around doing absolutely nothing. I don't want to play the race card but I hope it didn't play a part in not getting helped. As for our horrible experience we would like a full refund of all 3 tickets we bought.

Thank You.

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Vickie Grube - 88 d 45 s ago

We traveled from Kansas City to take my 6 year old niece and had a horrible experience with many employees and website said park opened till 8:00 pm. We drove to the Arlington area first to pick up my niece then took off for Sea world. The drive took us over 6 hours due to road construction and big wreck which was no ones fault we arrived at the park at 3:30 we figured we could spend about 5 hours but was told the park was closing at 6:00. I am disabled so I payed $50:00 to rent an electric wheel chair for 3 hours or so when I was leaving barely able to walk with my walker the security guard said go back and get the chair and employee would follow me to the car and bring it back. My sister went there and spoke a male employee and a female and was told sorry for your sister but they were busy and they refused to help us. I barely made outside the gate so I could set and and catch me breath. I was talked with a couple who they drove 7 hours from louisana they were talking about website said parked closed at 8:00. They complained and was given free passes for a year. I think your park lack a lot of customer service and have many rude employees. I would never recommend coming to Sea World to any one The few hours we got at the park for a pretty wxpensive price was a big disappointment Maybe you need to some customer service seminars with your employees our family will never come back. Our trip was total disaster I hope they don't treat all people with health issues the way I was treated

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Tara - 38 d 19 m ago


We were treated like crap too!!! And had handicap people as well, obviously people with disabilities mean nothing to seaworld. Not only that but we encountered numerous other issues including the dining, they have done nothing but lye to me and refuse to compensate me after they offered to compensate me now they said I should of dealt with it at the parks......well kinda hard to do that when we couldn't even get correct directions from the rude employees and the park was closing and they were literally kicking us out. Very rude place very rude staff need to be reported for disability services. If I wrote my whole complaint out it would be Book long but I just give them a 0 rating they deserve nothing from me after the way I was treated.

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Maylin - 87 d 16 h ago


Sea world kills the Orcas and takes them away from their family. Please shut sea world down along with all the horrible aquariums!

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Anonymous - 53 d 4 h ago

No they do not, get real

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Anonymous - 94 d 23 m ago


How can any of you work at SeaWorld? You are killing and abusing the poor Orcas and Dolphins.

Free the animals!! Children don't learn about the the ocean with a concrete pond!!!

Get another job, shut down the parks!!!

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Karen Kassem - 101 d 18 h ago


In July 2014 we had bought 4 SeaWorld and Aquatica passes and it was good for a year we made monthly payments on it just found out that they have been taking money out of my account since 2014 and I have not agreed on this I only agreed on one year and they told me it's my fault because I should have read the little piece of paper but they went over how much they was charging my account for a year they also told me how much it was going to be for the whole ticket if I wanted to pay in full or do the monthly payments we decided to do monthly payments I calledI was told I did it online which is not true we got it when we was in the park standing in line behind another 50 people. When you charged my account you told me how long it was going to be for my 4 passes. I think it's really pathetic how SeaWorld is sneaky they do anything to take advantage of people they are not customer friendly supervisor tells me that she her boss she's the boss she don't have nobody her name is cathy and she's out of Orlando and she's got the Authority to do everything and we can't have nothing I'll give you three months but you're not getting anything else I think it's pathetic I am turning you guys into the Better Business Bureau I'm going to do whatever I can to make sure you everyone knows how you treat your customers

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Anonymous - 266 d ago


I think your sick and horrible people taking the orca and trapping him there in a small area! The people who love you are sick and selfish! I hate to be their kids!

I am for sea world shutting down and now! The people who go to this and then write how great your are make me want to throw up.


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Kattia Jo - 263 d ago

I think u r right, maybe they need to be captured and be put in there own prison, to be put for shows, and for breeding, Then they will know how the orcs feels...

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Chris - 233 d 4 h ago


Would you like to shut down every single zoo in the world as well? Essentially that is what you are asking of Sea World. Our kids, kids will never learn about wild animals if every zoo in the world stopped putting animals on display.

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I AM DOMAN - 213 d 6 h ago


but this is sea world not some zoo... i agree that sea world should be shut done...

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Anonymous - 189 d 4 h ago

Seaworld is a is actually a part of the national zoological institution

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Anonymous - 106 d ago

How do they learn about animals at zoos? lol as if they couldnt learn about them in books or on the internet. how bout you lock yourself up in a cage and have animals examine you from the other side.

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Pop - 189 d 4 h ago

So you want thousands of Americans out of jobs?

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Anonymous - 185 d 19 h ago

Don't ever come to Ireland if you know what's good for you. You'll get far from the welcome we are famous for. This isn't a threat, it's a promise.

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Pussy Destroyer - 106 d ago


you sound dumb

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Anonymous - 131 d ago


I agree with a lot of previous complaints. I was extremely disappointed in SeaWorld's unprofessional staff. No one knows anything. Ask four different people the same question and you will get four different answers. For sure do not purchase the PhotoKey Annual package. You will not receive all of your pictures and have to fight for the one's you do receive. The staff is also rude. Several of them talked to us in an unprofessional manner. They assume everyone know the rules when they do not even know the rules.

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Anonymous - 133 d ago

What a disappointment. We arrived to the park at 2:30. By 3:00 it was storming, yes I know they can't help the weather, but if they are watching the whether they shouldn't let anyone in. We finally were able to leave in the rain by 3:30 to our car to just be here sitting waiting to get out of the parking lot!!! There needs to be a plan in place whine there is a mass exodus. What is this? If this was an emergency what would happen? Also the line for guest services to obtain a rainy day pass was long. Who's going to stand in line in the rain for that?? Super poor customer service! Poor planning!!!

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dg - 144 d 8 h ago


very disappointing, need to get their act together!

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