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Sea World

7007 Sea World Dr
Orlando, FL
(800) 327-2424
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Anonymous - 12 d ago

Never ever have I been verbally attacked in any public venue as I was today. I had only spent two hours in the park and will never return!

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In the know - 20 d ago


Theres quite a middle management issue at security San Antonio SeaWorld. The management dictates harshly whoever speaks up on relevant issues. The women are spoken to rudely and intimidation is used. Different rules apply depending on who is favored. It's almost a bullying type of environment

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Jeff in Canada. - 22 d 3 m ago


I am shocked by the information of how SeaWorld has built their "inventory" of marine mammals and particularly Killer Whales. The hidden agenda of mistreatment and cover-ups are appalling and criminal.

It is a relief to learn you are now longer "breeding" artificially inseminated whales, but time to take the ethical and moral road to well and truly retire these creatures to ocean parks to regain some of the majesty they once possessed.

Shame on you!

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Anonymous - 24 d 4 h ago

horrible people rude!!!!!!

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Worst experience - 26 d 11 h ago


myself along with 18 family members visited your park the 23rd of june. Being the first time we ever visted this park we were expecting a wonderful family day and that is far from what we got. It rained off and on so everytime we got in line to ride an atraction we were told we had to exit the line due to weather. We waited over an hour 3 different times on 3 different attractions only to be told we had to exit the line and come back when the weather cleared. The only thing we got to experience was the shamu show. Now that show was awesome and the personal running the show were very upbeat and amazing to say the least. So from the hour of 9 am until 9 pm we only watched the shamy show and ate at a few of the restaurants. We were all very disappointed as we love rollercoasters. We travel to many different parks just for coasters and this by far was the worst experience ever.

My brother inlaw who has no kids joined us on this suppose to be fun trip and he was kicked out of the park. Yes, he was kicked out and banned from this park and bush gardens for a whole year. Apparently they thought he was following and watching other guests. So he got to spend half the day at a local hotel all by himself because someone "thought" he was watching other guest. My brother in law is an ex marine and about to get married. I think its insain that your security would make such a gester to one of my family members who served our country. Hes the type of guy that didnt make a fuss and just agreed to leave. I, on the other hand, take offense to this and can honestly say it was uncalled for.

This was by far the worst vaction our family has ever had and we vaction together many times a year as a family. We were all looking forward to enjoying your park and riding the rollercoaster but we were left with an empty bank account and nothing to show for it.

I hope to hear back from your representatives very soon.

Sincerely, AV Shaw

This email has been sent several times since june. What kind of customer service do you have?

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Michelle - 27 d ago



Got mail saying we have free passes this month, went to redeem them online and couldn't. Called customer sevice and the lady started the process than 30 minutes later told me she couldn't process it and that there were no passes available. Requested to talk to the supervisor or manager, waited on hold for 20 minutes and when she answered she said Im not processing your passes without me even saying a word. I tried to explain to her my situation and she said very RUDE I am not going to tell you again, you will not get passed from us and hung up on me.

And the saddest part is this isn't even the things we been experiencing when we go to the park.

I am beyond irrated right now because we been pass members since we moved to the area in 2014 and never been treated so horribly. We use to love Seaworld but now we are debating if we are going to renew our passes due to all of the horrible experiences we been having.

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Hillaree - 39 d 4 h ago

Oh sorry I forgot about the part where she said she would call security and have us removed from the park for complaining about kids jumping line.

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Hillaree - 39 d 4 h ago


Thank you Seaworld and your employee Grace for making my families Seaworld experience horrible. This young girl was beyond disrespectful as well as threatening to our family. While waiting in line 2 kids exited the line and ran past everyone waiting in line to board the ride again. When I bought this to her attention was that their grandmother was waiting in line for them. REALLY!!!! Oh so I should have just help a spot in all the lines for my kids to do the same thing. When my husband began commenting on the situation the child's mother and grandmother started yelling & cussing at us that they paid for their tickets so they could ride whatever and hold spots. When I asked Grace (seaworlds employee) to call a supervisor she began speaking spanish with the other woman who was just speaking english perfectly. Basically that was our breaking point. We just spoke to a supervisor and went to customer services and left. From the reviews seems like this is normal treatment for our Veterans and their families. Needless to say we won't be back and I would encourage all military families to find amusement elsewhere. After speaking to 2 supervisors if felt as though they really could care less and thanks for the expired drink & snack passes.

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Barbara of Tampa fl - 45 d 23 s ago


Thanks to a great staff at Discovery Cove customer service. Yolanda and her staff are wonderful! My son had a knee injury (not at the park), and she was fabulous at helping us out. Great customer service.

Barbara (Tampa)

July 2018

Thanks so much!

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John - 53 d 6 h ago


waste of time. The workers are undertrained and were rude. The higher you went up I.e managers ( Chris R and Michelle at Orlando park) the rudeness amplified. As a military member who brought his family. I was embarrassed to have my children haveto witness it.

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Victoria - 53 d 7 h ago


Terrible to active duty military members and there families. Notably the managers are extremely rude and need additional courses in customer service -Orlando-. I love coming here with my family but after this experience not for awhile if ever again. No longer recommending to people.

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Anonymous - 68 d 7 h ago

They overbill on wheel chairs and do not properly refund when you return it. You should be charged $12.00 from your $50.00 deposit, and upon return, we were refunded $12.00 instead of $38.00. After two lengthy phone calls with the billing dept., the refund has still not been returned. Very unfortunate that we did not notice the mistake before leaving the park. Lousy service, and we will not renew our annual pass. No surprise they are losing money.

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Certified Fraud Specialist - 157 d ago


I am a Certified Fraud Specialist and am trying to get together a class action lawsuit against Sea World. I spoke with a supervisor at the Orlando corporate call center, Kathy, and told her that I continuously keep getting emails with marketing from Sea World that are legally considered fraudulent/ deceptive advertising. I told her that on all advertisements that quote a price and want you to click on a link but then charge you some higher amount is bait and switch. She said that there should be disclaimers on the emails and I told her there were not, but she did not care. I guess when a company like sea world doesn't care if they are committing fraud, you just have to wonder behind the scenes how they are treating the animals when they don't care to be honest with customers.

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SWLVR - 138 d 16 s ago


You are a COMPLETE IDIOT!! Get a life

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Anne - 68 d 7 h ago


They overcharged me for a wheel chair. You pay $50, and when you return the chair, you are refunded all but $12.00. Instead, they kept $38 and refunded $12.00. After two lengthy phone calls to the billing dept., and assurances that it would be refunded, five weeks later, no refund. They deserve to lose money, and I regret getting a season pass.

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Lacey - 74 d 7 h ago


As a worker in Adventure Island I have found it difficult to even ask for help or directions from people in HR because they are extremely rude and sarcastic. Always speaking to me like I'm lesser than and/or stupid. Please bring this to their attention and explain to them that higher pay doesn't give anyone the right to speak to people any type of way.

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Jamie chen - 77 d ago


Yes I just wanted to tell "you" how inspiring your new commercials are about rescuing animals. When truthfully your organization kidnaps orcas and dolphins and other marine life

What a bunch of Bullshit. I've heard the rationale for such criminal behavior is how else would people to able to see these creatures? How about a whale watching tour. If you can't afford it well then you don't see one

There is absolutely no justification for what you do to these animals,!! There not yours to take!!!It would be the same if someone or somebody's came to your house snatched up your children saying we are doing this for there own good.On top of that moronic thinking making alot of money for taking them????How or why did it ever occur to you that this was ok to do this .Greed

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Timothy Jessop - 83 d ago


I went to Sea World as a Veteran on Memorial Day and was treated like a prisoner of war!!!!!

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meep - 91 d 6 h ago


I do NOT support you.

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Rose M - 99 d 15 h ago


Amazing park great customer service and has been able to handle changes quickly and without issue

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tru - 91 d 8 h ago

How does it feel to enjoy watching the abuse of animals..I have a feeling your culture plays a factor in you enjoyment of animal abuse

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Elizabeth - 113 d 10 h ago

Horrible staff! They all hate their jobs DO NOT GO HERE. The manager of this place must not be a good one because it reflects on his staff. Super ghetto and if nothing is done this will be a dangerous place to take your kids too. Pay a little more and go somewhere else!! These cheap annual passes are also bringing in people with no class to these parks!! This was not the story to long ago but now we pay to get attitude from workers...How does that make sense??? PEOPLE don't pay to be disrespected!! Go somewhere else!

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Anonymous - 94 d 4 h ago


I totally agree. I have never been there, but I never wanted to anyways. I heard that Sea world treats the animals horribly. Ha! Sure, Sea world totally rescued animals! (F.Y.I, it's called sarcasm.)

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Teresa - 111 d 5 h ago


I have left Facebook messages and spoke with someone in corporate and still no return call. My family and I had a horrible experience which resulted in a highly intoxicated guest being arrested after an unprovoked physical altercation in a cafe. I would appreciate a response and to discuss ASAP!!

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Anonymous - 94 d 4 h ago


Wow! That doesn't sound good. My opinion has now changed.

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