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Sears Holdings Corporation

3333 Beverly Rd.
Hoffman Estates, IL
(847) 286-2500
(847) 286-5500
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Kathy L Gregson - 4 d 9 h ago

Worse company ever, customer service is non existent they have been to our home 3 times to fix a 2 year old 1800.00 refrigerator. This has been going on for a month and now they say it will be another 10 days, so still not fixed. What about the Lemon Law? I would say please don't buy from Sears they are the worst. What happened to the dependable company they used to be????

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MY - 5 d 4 h ago


Attempted to order washer dryer set at $550. Only one would add contacted chat they said they could add both and gave me a number to call. That number was for Sears not Kmart. In the end nothing of assistance was provided.

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Fed-up with Sears - 8 d 23 h ago


So sad to read all these bad reviews. Is anything getting fixed? My refrigerator-freezer isn't.

I bought my first refrigerator freezer from a Sears store in 1965; Sears today is not the same company.

Our current LG refrigerator freezer bought in 2015 was failing May 1st, and we are still waiting for parts.

We've been referred to one party and then another, etc.etc. The most frustrating experiences one could imagine.

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Anna - 10 d 6 h ago


I bought a use tool. I was told if their is an issue I can return it. I went to return it and was accused of switching the tool. I went to the same sales person who told me i can return it. He lied and his manager was extremely rude.I filed a complaint with Better Business.


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Gloria G Chun - 11 d 6 h ago


Terrible customer service. Poor communication. Placed on hold for several minutes then calls get dropped. Supervisors never available all I get is excuses. I will NEVER do business with Sears.

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GSI - 13 d ago


Will never do business again with Sears. Apparently they have a 30 day return policy that is printed on the receipt which faded out on 30 days stating such. The CEO Eddie Lampard come up with the horrible policy last year. There is no wonder that Sears and Kmart are going out of business. Poor business practice, poor customer service, and honestly most of their product is poorly made, and corporate officers are obviously are not very smart are just a few of the issues causing this. I just cut up my Sears card and will never purchase another item from the failing business.

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GSI - 13 d ago


Will never do business again with Sears. Apparently they have a 30 day return policy that is printed on the receipt which faded out on 30 days stating such. The CEO Eddie Lampard come up with the horrible policy last year. There is no wonder that Sears and Kmart are going out of business. Poor business practice, poor customer service, and honestly most of their product is poorly made, and corporate officers are obviously are not very smart are just a few of the issues causing this. I just cut up my Sears card and will never purchase another item from the failing business.

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Angry Customer - 15 d 8 h ago


It's no surprise that Sears is going out of business. Their return policy and customer service promises are hollow. I bought a item through and it was sent from a third party. I decided I did not need this item (never removed the item from the box) and went through their online process of returning the item. Never heard back from the company that shipped the item. I reached out to Sears and they sent an automated response that they will send a request to the merchant. The next day I received the same automated response from Sears. I finally had an online chat with a customer service rep (Deanna) who assured me that if I did not receive a response in 48 hours from when we chatted, that Sears will take care of the return. After 48 hours, still no response, so I IM'd Sears and that rep told me that they were still waiting for a response from merchant. I would think that after not hearing from this Merchant Winado Marketplace after over a week it should be apparent that no response was coming and Sears should honor the return policy themselves. I am out $80.00. I will NEVER buy anything from Sears again.

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James - 16 d 8 h ago

Absolutely the worst company I've ever dealt with, middle of summer over two months to get my mower fixed, they sent me $ 50 to mow 3 acres, for two months, and I've had to take off work twice, which cost my about $500

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remain anonymous - 24 d 26 s ago


I have a craftsman ride on mower which needed repair......that when my nightmare started (5-15-18). Sears Home repair is terrible. Its a wonder that Sears is doing down the drain . I have been cancelled and re scheduled a number of times.... most recently today I had a appointment for 5-31-18.When I called to confirm,I was told that this appointment was for my freezer which I never even mentioned.Now my appointment has once again been re scheduled for June 5( I don't know what year). This frustration has all started after i paid $129.00 Speaking as a former Sears employee with a lifetime discount card I can say Sears sucks and I will never buy any product from sears again.

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George Ratel - 28 d 7 h ago


To who it my concern. My Name is George Ratel my nightmare started 1/13/18 I placed an order for two parts to repair my microwave Order #C240550. 1-Body Latch DE96-00414A & 2- Touch pad DE 34002334. The touch pad was backed ordered. after calling several times I was told that my order would be refunded and when the part was available I would be recharged and get a 10% discount.. The Body latch was sent to me. The touch pad kept getting back ordered. After several weeks and still no touch pad or delivery date I decided to cancel my order. I called canceled my order and returned the body latch. I did receive a refund for the body latch. After i canceled my order I was sent the touch pad. I called and was given a label to return the Touch Pad DE34002334. You received the touch pad on 4/02/18. Today is 5/27/18 and I still do not have MY refund I have called several times and have been assured my refund was processed and asked to wait 5 to 7 days three different times. the last person who assured me my refund was processed on 5/10/18 the day I spoke to her and it has not been refunded. Sears was at one time a great store what has happened?? Is there anyone who can help get my refund or do I have to dispute it with my credit card. HELP George Ratel (hidden)

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Barbara - 32 d 19 h ago


I have tried repeatedly to write the CEO of Sears. My complaint was probably not worthy of a response apparently. It involved a return and the rude treatment and embarrassment I received from the employee. It was humiliating making me feel like a criminal in fact (I was followed through the shoe department ) because apparently they thought I was going to try something shady since my return was refused. No "the customer is always right here.". I'm a senior and was a loyal customer. Now they are tanking. I can't say I'm surprised. The CEO is too busy to care about the consumer. Well bye bye Sears. Even if you made my transaction right I would hesitate to go there ever again.

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Ann - 34 d ago


I have a Kenmore Elite Washer and the compartment for the bleach has rusted out so badly that the rust is now falling into the washer on all my clothes. I have called and talked to two people that is suppose to answer questions about problems with my washer. But so far all I get is the run around and no one knows "WHY I AM HAVING THIS PROBLEM"

But, I have been told by two other people that they are having the same problem and no one can answer the question for them either. The only answer I get is let me put you on hold, but they somehow forget to come back to the phone or they will tell me they just don't know but I can pay a large service charge and someone will come and talk to me and see if they can determine the reason that the washer is rusting and falling onto me clothes. Not a very good answer, You Think??????? This will surely be the LAST Kenmore product that I will ever buy . I am so disappointed in the product and even more disappointed with the terrible way they have handled my questions.

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Dot NF - 34 d 4 h ago


We purchased a counter depth refrigerator from Sears 10 years ago. A few months ago the interior light was not working. We called for service and no longer have a service contract as the cost is too high. After a visit from a technician we were told it was a recalled part. The part arrived quickly and we got an appointment shortly thereafter. In the meantime the light bulbs came on and would not shut off. The food on the top shelf became warm and when we removed the cover from the light the white plastic was brown from the heat and the ceiling of the fridge was very warm to the touch. The technician could not install the part as it was wrong and after he investigated he told us the part is no longer available. Clearly this is not our fault and when my husband asked what now, he said we'll have to live without the light if it wasn't working. He assured us it is not a fire hazard. The situation has happened again less than 3 months later. We called Sears again. After speaking to the second person I could not understand I was told they are ordering the part and when it arrives to call to set up an appointment. So either the first tech lied or the recall rep didn't know what she was talking about. Even if we leave the bulbs out, I am concerned about a fire hazard if the proper parts are not in the fridge. Besides the safety issue, I will no longer do business with any company that does not have it's customer service based in the good old US of A.

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Anonymous - 76 d ago


We have never never had this horrible experience

So sad after reading all of these reviews how unhappy people and ourselves are. No excuse at all

It's been over a month trying to fix my dryer they ordered parts but problems still there can't not use it. Finally after waiting waiting had appt today. Tech called at about 330 said he would be there in 5 minutes spoke to my brother

I left front door open to look out for him Never arrived. At about 4 30 called again spoke to Carolina who was going to page him and see what happened I asked her to call me in 15 minutes neither tech or Carolina called. At about 515 called again. Asked for head supervisor spoke to Citti I'd #76620 said tech showed up but nobody home. A total lie. There were my 2 cars and front door opened waiting for him she said she could not do anything but reschedule next available to her was a week from now I stayed home for this appt and told I was not going to wait further as it was about a month now would not give me phone number to further escalate and complain. I am so distresssed I will also be going to the closest store to see a live person to help me get to CEO I don't like they lied and covering themselves but this will not rest I will escalate to the highest authority and legal action This unexcusable Have some one contact me Service order was 44125426 to get my info Technician lied that's bad I can accept errors but this not an error but blatant lying and unwillingness to get someone here sooner than a week away by Citti. I have served as manager over 40 years and know how to treat customers

You do what you can to help not ignore and hope we go away. But I am not I will pursue until the end

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Josephine Mero - 34 d 19 h ago


Do not stop

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Marilyn - 34 d 20 h ago


April 25, 2018. NO ANSWERS TO COMPLAINTS, NO HUMAN ANSWERS OR RETURNS MESSAGES. I PAY EVERY MONTH FOR WARRANTIES ON MY APPLIANCES AND CANNOT REACH ANYONE AT SEARS WHO SOLD IT TO ME. BEEEN PAYING 4 years. NO HELP AT 800 numbers. They can't find account. SId it's not Sears but another separate company who owns the Warranty Maintenance Contract. Over a month now and still no resolution ....SO I WROTE, SENT TO A FAX NUMBER GIVEN WITH NO RESPONSE. 4/25/18 Sears Executive Offices Edward Lampert, CEO Mitch Bowling, CEO Sears Home Services Fax: 1(hidden) Email: (hidden) and ask for Mr. Lampert's office Mr. Lampert: I have had a Sears Home Maintenance Warranty Contract for several years now, paying Sears by auto bank monthly payments. My contract #: 85324897, Marilyn xxxx, Hackettstown, NJ 07840, xxx-xxx-xxxx I called on 11/9/17 for regular boiler maintenance which is in my contract. I spoke to at least 5 Sears reps, and was transferred all over. I spoke to: Ellen Angelo (hidden). Was told to go online to: Then spoke to Louis at (hidden) who set up appointment with First Goal Heating and Cooling, Quincy, (hidden). THIS BUSINESS NEVER CALLED US TO SET UP APPOINTMENT and I called them several times with no calls returned. Then I spoke to Carol at Sears: claim #: SCCKBHWC1N-1. She scheduled with ABC Service Co., (hidden) for an 8-12 noon appointment a few days later. This company NEVER SHOWED UP AND NEVER CALLED. Calls placed to them were never returned. I am completely disgusted with how Sears is handling the maintenance warranty contract calls. I am concerned that I am paying monthly for services that are not being provided. It is bait and switch. I called on 10/14/17 and spoke to Akelia for my Fairly new (2014??) which was making a loud buzzing noise (claim: 91592193) and claim: 95436585 All Jersey Appliance, (hidden). I did have to reschedule, but the refrigerator is now making popping sounds all day like knocking. I have all Sears Kenmore appliances and have been a Sears customer since 1971. 47 years!!!! I want someone in the Executive Offices to address these issues and make these appointments with a RELIABLE, KNOWLEDGEABLE BUSINESS PARTNER who WILL SHOW UP IN A TIMELY MANNER. I need my boiler maintained and I need someone to look at the refrigerator. I have spent way too much of my time on the phone with Sears to get simple boiler maintenance and my refrigerator looked at. I am tired of Sears reps telling me wrong numbers, telling me to go to sites on the internet like: Please contact me at xxxxxxxxxx with a resolution to this very frustrating situation. I am so very disappointed in how this been handled to date. I thank you in advance for your assistance with this problem. I await your timely response. Sincerely, Marilyn Hackettstown, NJ 07840 Sears called: 4/27 Richard 18 gave me fax number and no contact from them going on three weeks!

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Marilyn - 34 d 19 h ago


May 20, 2018

Sears Executive Offices

Mr. Lampert

Mr, Bowling


I have Sears Maintenance warranty for several years on all my appliances. I called the maintenance hotline, since November, 2017 for the yearly boiler maintenance. I was transferred from department to department. Finally I got a representative and Several company names and dates were given to me, with two no shows. Called the companies who were supposed to come and they did not respond. Called executive offices at (hidden), Edward Lampert. NO LIVE PERSON! You leave a message and no one calls back. Calls to the Maintenance hotline get transferred all over the place passing the buck. Finally a call center person called me two weeks ago (May 1, 2028) and gave me a fax number to send a written complaint with all the details of the many people I spoke detailed with dates and phone numbers. It is 3 weeks with no reply!!! My money is taken out every month for this contract. The Executive office contacts are non-existent. No fax, no email, no live person answering phone at headquarters. So far I have spent SIX MONTHS trying to get help with this problem with no response from anyone. The service partners that Sears Maintenance has contracted with are FLY BY NIGHT COMPANIES!! They don't show up and they don't call you back. This scenario is repeated over and over again. All my appliances were purchased at Sears. Some are fairly new. I AM SO AGGRAVATED I AM GOING TO CONTACT NEWS MEDIA OUTLETS, the BBB, and Consumer Advocate groups.

I want to use my contract for mr entitled once a year maintenance on my boiler/ furnace, air conditioning, etc to keep in good condition. When I need repair, I need a reliable company to stand behind the warranty I pay for every month!

I need a call back from someone at your Executive Offices to help with this problem. I am sick of the run around of customer service employees who don't follow through. Would Mr. Lampert accept this shoddy treatment??? Please call me ASAP at Xxx-xxx-xxxx, or cell: Xxx-xxx-xxxx SEE ALL DETAILS IN MY LETTER BELOW. I've been a Sears customer since 1971 (47 Years!!!). I am anticipating a quick response and resolution to this problem, with no future problems when I call for maintenance.

Marilyn, Hackettstown, NJ 07840

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Paula O'C - 76 d ago


I have a Kenmore refrigerator that is a year and a half old. It stopped working 4 months ago. Our refrigerator has been looked at 6 times by 4 different service people. They have replaced the control panel which we had to find ourselves because this item is/was on a national backorder through Sears. The technician put in the control panel we found and the refrigerator still didn't work. A technician can out and said it was not the control panel ($260.00 down the tubes) but the compressor. Again the compressor is on nationwide backorder. We got lucky this time because the next technician had one in his truck and put

it in. The one ordered through Sears has NEVER arrived. Refrigerator still didn't work. The next technician said it was the condenser. The same technician can out to put it in and said it wasn't the condenser because certain other parts were working when they should not be. Our refrigerator has been torn apart front and back. One technician spent 5 hours on it. Another time 3 hours. The 3 way valve was the last part to be replaced. Refrigerator still not working. I wrote a negative review through a email from Sears as to how we liked the service. A person from Sears Social Media contacted me. He was able to have the last technician come out who FINALLY diagnosed the problem. He said he was going to recommend the refrigerator be 'condemed' (his words.) On 3-30-18 he left a message that someone would call us in 2-3 business days to 'arrange for a replacement'. As of today - April 9,2018 no call has been received. We have made numerous calls trying to get a updated status on the replacement of our refrigerator. We have only been told it is at 'the highest level'. The 'highest level' could be the basement for all we know. We are completely disgusted by the overall service from Sears. Our refrigerator is under warranty. If they don't like replacing a covered warranty appliance, they should not offer warranties like they do. I'm sure the whole idea of a warranty is to get our monthly payment and hope nothing goes wrong. I'm am here to say we are NOT going away. They have a legal obligation to us. If I have to get a lawyer I will.

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Marilyn - 34 d 20 h ago


Paula, going through similar situation. It is just plain bull!

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Douglas p wonson - 39 d 5 h ago


Sear might as well just close their doors as they cannot even spell customer service.

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Dibachwhe - 46 d 28 s ago


On 2 Apr 18 I had a Sears repairman look at my Kenmore Dryer. I paid $321.43 for the visit. Repair could not provide me with a printed receipt/work order. The following day I cancelled the work order an purchased a new Dryer at the local Sears store. I was informed that their would be no problem on getting a refund. After over 28 EMails to Sears Customer Service and numerous phone calls to 1-800 numbers Off-Shore, I remain without a refund. I paid $321.43 for the repair visit. As advised by Sears Customer Service I was charged $99.00 for the repair mans time. $152.79 for a part. Since then I received a Sears Check for $69.64 as a refund. The part was returned to the Sears Parts facility in Dallas, TX on 19 Apr 18. The current balance owed to me is $152.79. Today, I again tried to find out the status of my refund only to be placed on hold numerous times and flatly hung up on when the person could not provided a solution. After 30 yrs of being a Sears customer, I will never buy from Sears again.

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Anonymous - 51 d ago

I just went in to my local KMART In Gulfport,MS. I have been shopping here for many many years. I could not believe the temperature. I didn't make 10 steps into the store and the heat was unbearable. How can someone shop in this kind of heat. Are you trying to close this store?????

This is uncalled for the cashiers were pouring sweat. I was only in there maybe 10 minutes. Any other time I would have stayed and shopped for over an hour.

Please do something about this. I left there and went to Wal-Mart.

Please address this Matter as soon as possible. Or you just lost a long time customer.


Gayle McDonald

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ST - 59 d 21 m ago


I had an end-to-end terrible experience with Sears. I bought a water softener from them with installation. Almost every aspect of this experience was poor. Here is the list:

1) Store website posted the wrong opening time and ended up waiting over 30 minutes for the store to open.

2) After sale, sales associate tried to manipulate me into purchasing maintenance plan.

3) I was quoted an install date and told that I would contacted the day before. Did not happen.

4) Checked automated system and they said that they would be installing on prescribed date, but gave me range from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM

5) As suggested tried to get into website to get more exact time: Website gave me an empty page.

6) Called the helpline to get a real person. I had to tell her at least 6 times that I bought the softener in store because she wasn't understanding.

7) After calling 4 numbers finally got the person who informed me that they would not be installing the softener that day. (After I took day off work)

8) Called the installer and they told me that Sears had done that to at least 4 other customers and that they were clearly not on same page. Called the Sears HR department for the store to talk to Manager and she could not transfer from my phone. So she was going to have the manager call me back. Instead of getting the manager to call me back, she had the associate call me back which accomplished nothing if they were having a communication issue.

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no name - 61 d 7 h ago


Sears is lost and no return! Sears was a great and beauty store NOT NOW! Sears changed completely when they merged with Kmart! I live in San Antonio, Texas at one time Sears was a great store never will be again. First, that would mean redo the store and merchandise and bring back staff and registers in each department with customer service. I at one time purchased all my appliance at Sears and probably never again. I made a walk threw the upstairs and NO ONE around to service me, if I had wanted to ask a question or buy! Sears will ride off in the sunset no help and the store is cold and back in time. Sears was a beautiful store, but I remember years past ,when Sears pulled out the cosmetic department, to self service Sears would decline! Yes, it did decline and never return again. Take a walk threw the cold store no salespeople, products awful, over priced and removed their tools that made Sears. Like, I said Kmart, I think help destroy Sears dying a slow death also corporate are clueless. Sears no more!

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