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Sears Holdings Corporation

3333 Beverly Rd.
Hoffman Estates, IL
(847) 286-2500
(847) 286-5500
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Roxanne gutierrez - 19 d 16 h ago


Your credit company is a bunch of bs!!! I have scheduled 2 appointments to get my ice maker fixed and to now avail your tech never fixed..... you guys suck

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Elisha Jael - 35 d ago


Customer care is the most important tool needed to keep customers interested in spending their hard earned money at your business. The lack of respectable customer care is what is sinking Sears Holding. No one likes to be taken advantage of and to be treated poorly. Mr. Lampert, when you decide to revamp your Customer Care Service Department, your clients will return and you will slowly head back towards great profits. In the meantime, enjoy how bankruptcy and possibly total closure of the company hovers over your headquarters. I feel terrible for all the employees and their families. Your corporation doesn't care how many employees and families will end up in the streets after losing everything. Corporate only cares about their pockets, which are surely overflowing with lots of Income. Does anyone else remember when Sears Roebuck offered excellent customer care? Sears Holding butchered it! The same goes for Kmart!

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Anonymous - 37 d 17 h ago


I'm so aggravated with Sears, thought it was a US consumers protection law that if you request to speak to someone in the US the representative HAD to connect you to a US representative. Evidentally all of the reps in the Phillipines missed that memo and are unable to do so. There is a call center in the US.

I looked up a corporate phone number online and still got connected to the Philippines instead of Illinois! Nothing against Filipinos, I just have a very hard time understanding them and the automated system disconnected me at least 4 times.

Every time that I've visited a brick and mortar store the sales reps were FEW and far between.

It is very sad because Sears, if I'm not mistaken, was one of the pioneers with their catalogue.

Maybe if they treated their Customers the way They wanted to be treated and put Customer Service as their number one priority they wouldn't be failing financially.

Not everybody wants to order everything online!

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Yg - 38 d ago


I don't how to say it but Sears customer service are very bad and terrible

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Dorothy - 47 d 19 h ago


I have been a sears shopper all of my life, and has never once had a problem until now. I had a lay-o-way return and thought I could go to the store for my refund and was turned away. I have been on the phone with different people all week giving me the run around. Giving me numbers that can't help me, wrong case numbers. I was suppose to receive my refund 10 to 15 days after they sent out a check, it has been over 20 days. Some telling me it's a check, some say it's going back on my card, and now some telling me it was never done. Now they one telling me I'm someone else cause they gave me the wrong case number. I'm a single mother of 3 and need my 200 now. Soon as this gets cleared up I will never I mean never go to sears again. It has the worse customer service inside and outside the store. Emails don't work, phone calls don't work so what am I to do but put my experience on social media telling my story and be very careful when shopping in sears.

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M.J. - 51 d ago



If Sears & Kmart would start supporting the Patriots of United States Of America & the Pres. Trump supporters & selling the Trump family products, immediately your stores would be packed with shoppers. Every boycotting - Target, Walmart & other non-patriotic America, anti-Constitution, anti-Bill Of Rights, anti-Declaration Of Independence corporation, shoppers would support proud American corporations. Sears? Kmart? Are you listening over paid CEO executives. Desperate for one stop shopping super centers.

Also, tried contact Sears today three times to buy large appliances. Three times phone rang & rang. Then automatically hung up. CEO executives need to make less money. Hire & double the store staff on the floor to help customers that are shopping elsewhere due to lack of help.

Flagged for review. 
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Adam - 51 d ago

No one wants to shop at Sears. They're behind the times, and sell terrible products. They provide bad customer service, and have nothing to offer. The president's endorsement won't make things any better.

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Keshia4 - 55 d 13 h ago


I ordered a refrigerator and ice maker that was supposed to be delivered on August 24th. I was promised a 2:45-4:45 delivery time. Needless to say NO refrigerator. I called the delivery center 3 times because the time passed and still no refrigerator. What is the point of having promised 2 hour windows? I am very disappointed with the service and not having my refrigerator yet. No explanation just excuses which is unacceptable when it comes to customer service. Not happy nor satisfied.

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nikki correa - 83 d 13 h ago


Sears have the worst repair service in the world,I will never buy another service contract from them again!!!

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Anonymous - 85 d ago


Canceling your online order means SEARS keeps your money!

I paid July 15, 2017 and did not pick up my order from the store.


Still no refund and it is July 26, 2017.

The store says it takes 3 weeks, at the very least for the possibility of a refund.

The store says they returned my order to stock.

Online my order shows PICKED-UP.

Someone at SEARS is enjoying my $325.00 or the item.

Is this how SEARS pays their employees?

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Anonymous - 97 d 1 s ago

I returned my wedding favors 2 years ago and to date they have not refund my money. I'm not trying to file a lawsuit/complaint against them. I can't believe it's been over 2 years and nobody is able to help me.

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Mary - 247 d ago


Very sad to learn that you have allowed the discourse of politics to enter your merchandising decisions in dropping the Ivanka Trump lines from your stores and affiliates. Not sure Sears can afford to alienate half of the country that supports the office of President. Frankly you should be fully supportative of President Trump's efforts to improve our economy and the lives of all our people. Fortunately as consumers we can vote with our dollars and you shall not have mine.

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American Patriot - 247 d ago

Yep, told Sears since they caved to the liberal left grab you wallet thugs I will no longer shop there too and I was a long time customer, very long. Sears have alienated 63 million consumers all Trump supporters.

Sears, enjoy your new base of customers, you know the ones who smash windows, burn cars, punch people when they dare to oppose what the liberal left does.

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Lois - 245 d 35 s ago

"American Patriot" (yes, I have to put that in quotes since you are not what I'd call a patriot), you have a vile opinion of people who do not share your outlook. While I consider myself to be liberal in my views, I have never once smashed a window, burned a car, or ever laid a hand on anyone who opposes me. Perhaps you need to take a closer look at yourself if that is all you see. Enjoy feeling so superior.

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Sue Hicks - 109 d 18 h ago

I agree! Horrible customer service as well, they lost my layaway and are charging me a cancellation fee, typical liberal mentality...I will be filling out a BBB Complaint, Everytime I called customer service, they put me on hold and never came back, I won't shop with them again

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Perry - 278 d ago


WTF !!! Ordered item over the phone the 19th of December and was told it would be delivered on the 29th.. Called 30 times and finally got someone to tell me it would be here i in 72 hours. That was a week ago... Any way to get the truth from anyone?

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Darlene - 294 d 11 h ago

Bought Stove and Microwave...goes on sale next day...can't refund the difference as prices went up over night ...also paid for delivery and removal of old week free delivery !! I would off saved over $ point in trying to get any satisfaction ..from now on Home Depot..they don't nickle and dime you to death !

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Darlene - 294 d 11 h ago

Bought Stove and Microwave...goes on sale next day...can't refund the difference as prices went up over night ...also paid for delivery and removal of old week free delivery !! I would off saved over $ point in trying to get any satisfaction ..from now on Home Depot..they don't nickle and dime you to death !

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Melissa - 303 d ago


I purchased a floor model refrigerator from Sears on November 15. It was damaged at the delivery warehouse. I was told it was lost, damaged, and still at the store. They finally said it was damaged do I want it delivered? O said no. Didn't realize this canceled the entire transaction. Kept returning to the store and asking what kind of damage? I may still want it. Depending on the damage. I got a refund on December 18. December 19 we went back in to again see if they had an idea of damage. Finally got pictures from the warehouse It was bad! Called customer service. I still would like a fridge. Delores at customer service said: you got your money back, life happens get over it and go buy another fridge. Am I stunned? YES! Go buy another fride there's enty out there. I wrote down what she said word for word. This is how Sears is going to keep customers? No way! I have a warranty I purchased on my other appliances. I will cancel it! Sears is killing itself!

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Holly - 1 y ago

I'm sure the executives will not be working on Thanksgiving Day, but will be spending it with their family and friends. Let the employees enjoy a day with their family and friends and stop thinking of the almighty dollar. Let's go back to opening the stores on Friday the day after Thanksgiving at 5 or 6 a.m. One day will not hurt your business, if anything, people might respect you more and spend more of that almighty dollar you need. This also includes KMart.

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Me - 1 y ago



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PegMAdvocate - 1 y ago



Bought vacuum at Sears told me they sold filter. Went today for filter. Can't find it on display. 30 minutes to find someone that works in dept. She knows nothing! Tells me she was only hired 2 days ago. She leaves to find someone else 15 minutes later she comes back w a young man. He knows less than the ! Bought vacuum at Sears told me they sold filter. Went today for filter. Can't find it on display. 30 minutes to find someone that works in dept. She knows nothing! Tells me she was only hired 2 days ago. She leaves to find someone else 15 minutes later she comes back w a young man. He knows less than the woman. Tells me don't get mad at him he was only hired 4 days ago.

They both leave to find the manager, 20 minutes later the young man returns w the manager - he doesn't know anything about the filters he will check in the back. 30 minutes later he returns & says you don't replace the filter you wash it!

Saw a recliner online it says it is in stock. I want to see the recliner make sure it works for me. Only salesperson is the young man that worked for Sears for 4 days! I show him on my phone that it is in stock! He goes to find the manager. 30 minute wait again he returns & says NO it is not in stock it is in the warehouse I can order it online!

But how do I know if it works for me?

He says I can send it back if it doesn't work.

Speak to store manager no way to have recliner delivered to store for try out, she says same thing order it online & if it doesn't work send it back.


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Nancy - 1 y 111 d ago

I purchases a French door refrigerator with bottom freezer 7 years ago. I love that refrigerator. Unfortunately it was made by LG and I now have learned that LG lets only certified techs work on their products. It is July with 90 degree temps and I must wait 6 days for a repairman. My refrigerator is totally dead. I will never buy another LG appliance or Kenmore appliance made by LG. The repair service is an absolute rip-off.

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sadcustomer - 5 y 58 d ago


What was once a behemoth of the retail industry is now a beached and dying whale of corporate idiocy gone out of control. My last visit to one of the dark and dirty stores was like an adventure into the wilds of some unknown continent. I only needed bags for a vacuum I had purchased about six months previously. Four sales people and 90 minutes later, I still had no bags or even a clue how to get what I needed. I asked to speak to a manager and the one on duty was apparently busy or unavailable, but a very nice lady from apparel upstairs came down to attempt to help. After another 30 minutes of her plodding through what can only be described as an archaic internet system she informed me that Sears does not carry the bags for my vacuum.

Okay... after explaining that I had only purchased the vacuum six months ago, she finally shrugged her shoulders and suggested that I try Walmart. Not surprisingly, I was floored by this suggestion especially coming from a member of management. However, considering the state of the store and the haggard and tired looking employees, I would guess that my $12 sale was not at the top of anyone's list of priorities. (I was informed by one of the previous four employees that an "inspection" was due any moment and that they were all stressing trying to do whatever it was to meet the criteria.)

Needless to say, that was my last and final trip to that or any Sears store. It was an abysmally depressing adventure in getting absolutely nothing accomplished. I suggest finding somewhere, anywhere else to shop.

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SeeFreshFilms - 5 y 59 d ago

RT @GJSmitty1: @SeeFreshFilms @sears It's very wrong. But it's the corporate american way.

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