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Sears Holdings Corporation

3333 Beverly Rd.
Hoffman Estates, IL
(847) 286-2500
(847) 286-5500
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Dora The Explorer.. - 13 d 18 h ago


Be aware of text scam from # 209-45 claimed to be Sears Holding Corporation and give you an account number and confirmation of a payment you made.. but is interested because I don't have a Sears acct..hahaha

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BC - 231 d 5 h ago


Would like the entire USA to know how awful Sears Service is.My story is a very stressful one.Bought an Elite Kenmore side by side fridge from Sears that is 2 yrs. old.The fridge broke.Technician came first appointment was late..Got a new compressor still did not work.Appointments upon appointments which each time was cancelled til 3 days later each time always late.Compressor took 10 days to arrive.Was out of a fridge for 6 weeks still fridge is not fixed,Got frustrated so I could not be bothered any more so I went ahead and bought a new fridge for $1600.00.Which now is added to an extra expense for me.So in other words fridge was never fixed,I told them that in the first place I got a LEMON.Nobody cared. I claim for food spoilage and was denied.Wrote Corporate a letter ,Then yesterday 9/4/18 I received a check for $118.00 this is an insult.Its not about the money its the type of service I received,I will be returning the check this does not cover the $1600 that I am in debt for now which if my fridge was fixed would not cost me this extra money.I am living at my house for over 40 yrs. and have always purchased my appliances from Sears, This is the end I will cancel my Sears Card and this is the end of Sears,Will no longer have anything to do with this Company the stress they put me through.

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Joe - 144 d 18 h ago

We have had very similar experience shameful behavior and hanging up rude because behavior even at corporate number unbelievable and they expect to stay open how ?

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Mary - 144 d 18 h ago

Do not give them any money back

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Anonymous - 98 d ago

If you don"t pay, your crdito will be affected. They wins while the cliente loss and lost its merchandise.

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Elizabeth Rivera. - 36 d ago


Yesssss, there was suspicious charges in my bank reported and the placed in my account. Do not want to remove it.

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Mary - 144 d 18 h ago

I'm glad you didn't get sick at least you can write to your State Attorney General to file complaint

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J - 133 d ago


Call Attorney General

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M - 96 d ago

Write a certified letter to Judge Drain the Bankruptcy Judge in White Plains NY with your claims and how they are selling fraudulent warranty that they don't back up that's what we did

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Elizabeth Rivera de Jimenez - 36 d 3 s ago


I called Citibank as they run sears cards. In my case they said my account is under the law of fraud . Said you do not owe nothing to this people. (Sears)Ask them to write it down and mailed and replied they do not do that. So it means has to stay in my credit for ever ?

Sears never knows nothing I m frustrated and will have a lawyer solve this as I can't not get thru.........

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Audrey V. - 36 d ago

I've been on the phone with Sears for 4 hours been transferred 12 times and got hung up 3 times. They have sen,t so they say 3 people out to look at the fridge I paid the $70, the person never came back so now Sears wants to charge me to cancel my plan I told them absolutely not. They then told me they have to put in that I'm complaining and someone will get back to me within 48 hours. They have no clue who they are dealing with so I got on a site I found the executives number I called this Mr. Lambert and left a message saying I want to file an "Executive Complaint" against Sears and their home warranty department. I gave them a chance, I asked to speak to a manager and they gave me run. Btw..I do not stop if I know I am right. I will go to social media and any other means that will get the word out

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Daniel Mahan - 90 d ago

Good morning sears customer. I'm writing this post on behalf of all my team that was laid off from sears due to poor upper management actions. We stayed to help clear out our Auto Center when we closed. We were told we had to go to the Full line store to help them out to be able to get our severance pay. Well the manager up there told us that he didnt need us and we can leave. We asked if it would hurt our severance and he said no. I was already approved for my 2 week vacation during the last weeks of employment due to military classes I had to attend. When I got done with rmtrainig I was told I forfeited my pay cause I didnt up hold my contract. So Sears took my pay away cause of military. I'm in the process on taking them to court for violation of my military rights. But they screwed my whole team out of their pay cause of one person. I would like to ask everyone that still goes here to stop. They only care about themself and how much money they can save even if they have to screw over employees and their family.

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Absolute worst - 100 d ago


Where is Mr. Lampbert and his customer service. If I did my job they way they do theirs I would fired.

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M - 96 d ago

Yes he's absolutely running a huge multi billion dollar SCAM for years now saying will replace appliances which in many cases they don't as to many stores closed and then not reimbursing cash for appliances or refunding warranty money ! No different than anyone run a scam except he's using SEARS name he needs to be prosecuted !

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Zulma A. Ramrez Seda - 98 d 3 h ago


Good News I have read few minutes ago! Sears Will survive its economic crisis. Most important: the employees Will be in their Jobs.

Sears at Santa Rosa Mall is paralize. Some people says it will return. We are wating for this moment.

Now as Customer: Sears has to have low prices to sell their articles.

Thanks for your attention to this message.

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J - 96 d 30 s ago

I don't think for long with Lambert the Crook in charge selling fraudulent warranties we called 20 times not one returned call this guy should be in jail for running a scam on fake warranties let alone trying to run Sears and anyway it still needs final approval

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Nemo Noone - 104 d 15 h ago

If Lambert is allowed to "prevent" Sears bankruptcy, then he will just sell-off their last remaining brand asset: Kenmore. Then he will proceed to sell-off the real estate holdings. All of this will be at his companies profit. So, I say that the court should refuse his offers... Just let Sears die the peaceful death and give the creditors as much as they can get. Then be done with it. Lampert has not identified any realistic plan to make Sears a "new" success were the courts to allow him to buy its last gasp.

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Harriett Prince - 112 d 11 h ago

I HAVE DEALING WITH Sears since before Thanksgiving my microwave went out teck came out at least three time to place parts still was't working so he had to order I was told three switch for the door and they was own back order never came so call sears was given three different date when this matter was suppose to be solve never happen. So finally got to Sears Protection Agreement which wasn't aware of my problem, so they call the overflow dept. because there notes was update and this is what sears protection needed I was it was not ease but it work out. I file a claim which so solve very quickly,but once I went to sears in Daphne Al. microwave was deliver on 12/28/18 which was little higher so we had to get get a carper to come out Saturday put up a board Sears said they would come Sat. So I call the store Sat. morning about 10:00a.m. said he would call the guys to let them know didn't hear anything so I call them said they had so spoke to George and they will call him and call me back ,no one call so I call Monday ask to speak to George said he told them my problem said he written it dow and will give it to George because the deliver will be off tell Thursday what can I do microwave still in box on my kitchen floor Help Help

General profile image - 132 d 21 m ago

Hello. Please care enough to read all of this email. This email is quite long. I realize the email is quite long due to the 8 or 9 bad situations that I have had with Sears in the last 6 months. I really hope that you can help. I lived on a small disability check monthly and cannot afford all of these problems. I am contacting you again. I had a situation months ago that was finally resolved recently. You would not believe what I went through with this situation. Most people would have quit shopping with your store because of the situation. Since I like your store I decided to continue shopping with your store. One of the first situations is concerning an order I had placed a few months ago. I had ordered a Gibson silverware set. I waited at least 6 weeks and was told by the clerk on the phone that the item was lost in transit. At this point I told the lady on the phone that I would like to re-order the item. I was told that the item was sold out but my monies would be returned and shown on my debit card. I never saw the returned monies on my card. I don't know if I was ever credited. Than I placed an order on November 18th for a purse and men's slippers. I did receive the men's slippers but again it showed that part of my order was cancelled which was the purse. I placed a layaway order that had a special on layaway. The deal was that if you placed a layaway order that you would receive half the money back in cash back points. I placed this order on November 18th. On this layaway contract 9000761 and order number (hidden)8. There were 6 items originally placed but two of the items were listed separately with only 4 items instead of 6. The 4 items listed are 2 David Taylor(20.99 each)shirts and 2 pairs of Lee jeans($24.99). The rug that was suppose to be shown on the layaway order is shown now as number 888485053, was also ordered on November 18th and shows the rug was delivered. The cost of the rug is $25.67. I never received the rug and was told that it was shipped to a different address. The bracelet was also on the layaway but shows the order number as 888487246. The bracelet is $19.25. I received a text from Sears stating that my bracelet was ready to pick up at store. So I went to Sears to pick up my bracelet. It occurred to me that I could avoid another trip to the store if I paid off my layaway. I needed to return to the 2 shirts. The clerk told me that I had to purchase the entire order and then return the shirts. So I paid off the layaway. I waited for the longest time and the stock clerk returned. He explained to me that he was sorry that it took so long but he could not find the shirts. At this point I return to the original clerk. I was told that I could only get a store credit. I have just paid off my order 30 minutes earlier on my credit card. I refused to except the store credit. The clerk wrote down on a piece of paper that I was not given any cash, store credit or a refund on my credit card. He also included his Id number. I have this paper if needed. The order shows that the cashback in points are pending. Also on november 18th I ordered a mop and an Lol toy. This order number is 888482533. I did receive the mop but not the Lol toy. It also shows that this order is duplicated. I only ordered one mop and one toy. The mop charge is $21.98. The lol toy is $5.96 for a total of $27.94. It is listed twice. On November 8th I never received the timer for $5.28. This was order 887706302. I received 3 of the 4 items. Reluctantly, I ordered a tv for almost $300. You were offering a deal that if you purchased an item that you would get the entire money back in cashback points. I paid with my debit card up front. The monies would be divided in ten weeks. You needed to make sure that you used your weekly cashback points within a week. A delivery date was given of November 29th. The tv never came. I called a week later and was told that it was in transit. Finally with the time getting closer to Christmas I needed some answers about where my tv is. The clerk on the phone told me that it was in transit and I told her that I heard that last week. So she looked up and she could not find out either. She told me that she was going to check into it. I believe the date was December 7th that I received it but I haven't seen the monies for cashback points on this order either. I did receive an email stating that I had $29 and some change. I had some cashback points that needed to be used by December 9th. I ordered the perfume(order number 890229576)for $16.96 minus $1.70 discount and $10.93 in cash back. That left me with a remainder of $4.63 which was charged to my debit card. The second order This was order number 890225403. I purchased the Gibson silverware again. The order showed that it was in stock. The amount of the silverware was $11.57. It also showed I ordered a bath brush for the same amount of $11.57. I never ordered the bath brush. The total break down $11.57 for the brush and $11.57 for the silverware for a total of $29.53. Deducted was $3.59 discount and $14.37 cashback points for a total of $11.57 which was also put on my debit card. Than I received an email stating that one of the items have been canceled from Sears. Then a few days later I received another email that both my items were ready to be picked up. So at this point I don't even know if I am getting the canceled item or not. I did notice that they took away the credit for cash back for the canceled item and returned the few extra dollars that I still needed to complete the sale of the canceled item. Now I don't even know if I am getting one item or two. The total I figured up is $236.97. I can show you every total of every order. I didn't include if the refund was given for the first order of the silverware or not. Needless to say I am extremely upset about all these different situations. I had 3 visits to the Sears stores which cost me time and gas. Eight phone calls at least. Not to mention 15 hours of my time to figure this mess out. I do like your store but I am not sure after all of this time and trouble if it be worth it to me to continue shopping with you. This is not just a few bad instances in a couple of years. I am talking about 8 or 9 bad incidents in a matter of 6 months. It will take quite alot of persuasion. What would you do if this was you? If you check you will see that I order from Sears quite often. Stores are always asking consumers to do a survey for them. I don't want to that. The only other alternative is to notify my debit card company and try to get my monies returned. I am hoping that you can solve this matter so that I do not have to notify my credit card company. Thanks in advance. Denise Burns 1860 fishtorn drive Schererville, IN. 46375 (hidden) home phone (hidden) cell phone (hidden) cell phone

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M - 132 d ago

I don't think u will ever get your money we were told they aren't issuing checks at this time after they told us twice they sent one 6 weeks ago! So they stole our money and we wrote to the State Attorney General

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ANGIE - 126 d ago





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M - 114 d ago


Sears is rod Selling fraudulent warranties because they have a name no difference than anyone selling a warranty and making money and not delivering anything or giving the money instead because stores are closed and people have no where to shop and get appliances replaced and delivered from Sears is fraudulent and run by crooks getting rich off public with warranty scam

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Anonymous - 169 d 50 m ago


Dear Mr. Lambert,

On October 10, 2018 my husband purchased a 7.0 cf Kenmore Freezer from Sears the order was placed online. This freezer was to be delivered to the Eastgate Sears store on October 17th. On October 16th we received a phone call that the truck making the delivery had broken down and they were not sure where this truck was going to end up but that we would receive a phone call when it was delivered. Just letting us know that the freezer would not be at the Eastgate Sears store on October 17th as expected. On October 24th, since we still had not heard anything from Sears about the delivery my husband sent and email to customer service referencing out sales# (hidden)683 to find out where this freezer was, mind you Sears received payment in full on October 10th. No reply was received so finally on Tuesday, October 30th I started making calls to Sears to find out where my freezer was at this time. The first call they told me to call customer service and gave me an 1-800 number, that number the person told me to call the Eastgate Sears Store. I called the store to go through a long automated voice message and was then hung up on, Second time I called and listened to the long automated voice message I got a human being named Rob and he told me the freezer was in fact at the Eastgate store. Don't know how long the freezer was at the Eastgate store as no one called us to let us know. We finally pick it up on Wednesday, October 31st. So I feel I should be compensated for this order, I placed the order, I looked into the delivery problem and I picked it up just what did Sears do?? Not very happy with this whole process and your customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I have in the past ordered many items from Sears and not had these problems but now I don't know if I will order in the future. Maybe you need to train your employees to be more knowledgeable and pleasant. Hopefully someone will read this email and will learn from this so it won't happen to anyone else.

Thank you

M Yacchari

PS: I am following up with a phone call to the Executive Customer Service

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M - 133 d 1 h ago


I have been hung up by about 10 employees trying to get my Warranty issued. We are 60 year customers and they refused to repair install a dishwasher pump saying they couldn't get another part in 1 yr old dishwasher although I called and it was available. Then after 3 weeks said we can get dishwasher at store but closest store over 120 miles away as so many closed refused to deliver so then after much arguing they agreed to send money instead but 5 weeks nothing received. Now they say not processing checks we have to wait indefinite period so have stolen our money in other words. We have called corporate 10 times with no response and want them arrested for selling fraudulent warranties and not sending our money and theft and larceny. We also contacted our State Attorney General office who is contracting them

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J - 132 d 8 m ago


They never called us back called and left about 15 messages so finally contacted State Attorney General who is filing complaint

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