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Sears Holdings Corporation

3333 Beverly Rd.
Hoffman Estates, IL
(847) 286-2500
(847) 286-5500
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Jim - 4 d 8 h ago


So Mad at sears appliance repair. My refrigerator is still under warranty but in order to get it serviced I have to go through their call center in the Philippines. My refrigerator was not cooling properly. I called the repair service. The first available appointment was 10 days out. They showed up, diagnosed the problem, then had to order parts. 10 days later again, they came with the parts and installed them. The very next day the refrigerator was running at 60 degrees again. Called their call center again. Again 10 days to come out. Turns out there was a leak and the refrigerant was gone. They fixed the leak and then later that evening, I noticed the refrigerator was coolinggg down to 26 degrees by the time I noticed it. When I tried adjusting the temp, the panel would not allow me and the refrigerator just cut off. This was a month ago. I had planned vacation so I took a break in dealing with it. I called this past Wednesday and actually got an appointment today. I was shocked that it happened so fast and the problem is, the appointment was for between 1-5pm and it is now almost 6:30 PM and they haven't showed. I called to check on the appointment about an hour ago and was told that I was next. Hmmmm, wonder what time they will show. Still no call and no technician. Oh and by the way there is no way to reach their corporate office or to talk to anyone in the united states. Sears SUCKS!!!

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Eileen Tredway - 7 h ago


I agree. I am about to return a vacuum cleaner. I've had less than a month. An attachment doesn't work. They do not replace attachments. Although I bought it in store, they say they have none in stock and I have to bring my vacuum in before they will order a replacement, even though it is regular stock. The salesperson was rude. Also the vacuum support number only gave a message. I hate Sears.

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Furious in Florida - 8 d 5 h ago


I had a new roof installed recently. I told the Orlando office I was not happy with the contractor and they were not doing quality work. Here it is only a few months later and my new roof is leaking. I have talked to 5 different people at Sears Home Improvement and have gotten the run around. I am fed up and have talked to one of the best attorneys in Florida and have also talked to local news who has been featuring stories on roofing contractors who are ripping off customers. If my roof isn't repaired, they are doing a feature story on my problem. Will NOT purchase another thing from Sears. They are a disgrace to the past creators of Sears and hope they eventually go bankrupt.

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Sharon Moore - 9 d 12 h ago


Been a sears customer forever, and now we're very disappointed bought a bundle package 21/2 years ago. Refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and microwave. Kenmore elite frig. Went out 7/26 repair man put in new compressor worked on it till 10:30 pm. Repair did not work. I'm still without a refrigerator and they won't be back for 3 wks. Very disappointing

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Ronnie Sanchez - 33 d 15 h ago


I had a central air installed in my home, the thing leaks I've spent hundreds of dollars in freon and sears refuses to refund me for the junk they have installed! They sent a tech 4 times now but he NEVER shows up... (what a joke!!) Never in a million years have I thought Sears would treat customers this way! Taking this to court!

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Disgusted - 19 d 4 h ago


GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!! I feel exactly the same way!!! I've already spoken to my lawyer. I don't think it will do any good. They are going down fast!

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DISGUSTED - 19 d 5 h ago


I will be calling the BBB on Monday!!! I can not believe they have not shut them down yet!!! How dare they be allowed to treat people the way they do!! This has been the worst I've been treated in my life. SHAME ON SEARS!!! WHO IS RUNNING THIS CORPORATION?????? They are not even human!! Please, do everyone a favor and SHUT YOUR DOORS!!!!!!!!!

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Donna - 22 d 8 h ago


I have my Kenmore washer/dryer for 2 yrs, Kenmore has been our family tradition for years, but no more, I've had several services on my dryer the first year, one of which was just two months after purchase, the second year is a even better with services weeks apart, I'm at the end of my rope and Sears won't distribute me a new machine, so much for their no lemon policy. When my warranty runs out what happens then? The services are laid on me to pay? They actually had the nerve to tell me "What am I worried about, you didn't pay for the services" UM yes I did it's called an extended warranty. Actually at this point I don't want them to replace my machine, I want my money back so I can get myself something better with less of a headache.

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Bea - 28 d 13 h ago


In June I bought a beautiful diamond anniversary ring.My husband bought only for my daughter.

When I got to they cocktail I was completely devastated to have my guest ask me what happened to your ring I looked at it THERE WERE 3 STONES MISSING.I had to take toff and give to my husband . that was the only jewelry I had on. I was so embarrassed all my guest kept asking what happened to me and Dave.

thinking our 24 year marriage was over.

I had taking the warrantee, the ring is on my home owners ins.brought the ring back. told them what happened then left. it with the girl with papers. 3-4-5 weeks went by. I called spoke with someone she stated she'll call me me right back. she never called me back. I called 2days again no answer. Left message so many times in one day. I left so many times. Then It happened again happened the store manager her name was Marsha. so many messages and never call backs. Started calling corporate you get many people giving me the same thing over again . NOW THE 5TH GIRL TOLD ME IT WAS UNFIXABLE that was a complete

lie, My opinion is they lost it. and this info came from corporate ff,NICK ,Rowland, Ellen, and Susan. Again corporate. they told me to go back to store for a refund, on my card . Told them I would never step foot in there store. No one is a valued customer. SEARS HACKENSACK N.J BERGEN COUNTY Stiill waiting a call back from direct manager Robert Szarek left him many messaage still waiting This has been going on for 38 days. I would love if we can call leave a pleasant ( LOL ) please past this on to your google, instagram, facebook, all al

social media.Pease just post

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veronica - 28 d 14 h ago


I have sears home warranty for the past year which is a monthly payment of $54. I have not had any claims and yesterday I called up to service my refrigerator since it is not cooling....I find out that they could only schedule me july 31st.....this is a refrigerator that is top priority in a house regardless whether you have kids or not!!!! I would think that sears would have an emergency line to service that....I was for at least 45 minutes from rep to rep until I finally had such a nice person trying to help me and referred me to a third party that hopefully would call me 24-48 hours.....well I am still waiting for my someone pays annual of $648 to find out that you are going to have to call another appliance company to service your appliance.

I will make sure that my town, friends, post on facebook that I write about such terrible service. I am stopping payment since obviously what am I paying for.....I am so frustrated and disgusted with sears.....very disappointed!!!

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Sadie - 29 d 16 h ago


My parent's purchased a refrigerator Saturday, 7/14 and was assured that someone would called with a scheduled time for delivery. My father received a call via automatic system saying it would be delivered on Monday between 2pm and 4p. by 7 p I was fuming and made a call to their delivery department and spoke to a supervisor name Jess who proceeded to talk over me and raised her voice saying that the drivers called and we didn't answer, I informed she had zero rights to do that and stop with her attitude. Why in the world would I have called her if we received a call. So the delivery got rescheduled to Wednesday because their ONLY TRUCK needed repairs. I told her if we do not receive it Wednesday morning, keep it, we will go in for a full refund and take our business else where. Needless to say my parents food is ruined. I asked for a $100 gift card from HEB and she wants to give me a 75 gift card from SEARS!!!! Very bad customer service from a retail business who closing stores not making money.

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Michele Wallace - 30 d 10 h ago


Sears used to be a reliable, dependable company. Sears Home Services is ridiculous.

Last week, I made an appointment for Friday 7/13 between 1-5. Sears called on Thursday to confirm. I went in at 5:30 a.m. that day so that I could be home by 12:15 to meet the cleaner. That morning, they called and left a voice mail that they had to reschedule as there was no one in the area to complete the job.

I called after work and rescheduled for today between 1 - 6 and the person that set up the appointment stated she would tell them to see me after 3. Today I received no confirmation of my appointment, so a 2:55 when I got home, I called dispatch and the "manager" advised that they do my town early in the day so my appointment would have to be any morning. I was upset and told that I would never take of work in the morning to accommodate someone else's schedule after 2 cancellations of appointments that they set and confirmed. I told her that I had made special arrangements to be home by 12:15 on Friday to meet the first cleaner that failed to appear. Her response was the 12 would be doable. My response, well it wasn't on Friday.

So, if you are looking for furniture cleaning here, don't bother. You will be lucky to have anyone show up. Very disappointed with this terrible customer service.

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Women's and Children's Clothing - 30 d 11 h ago


I came here to write my review, and was surprised to see so many horrible reviews - mostly for the appliance and tool areas, which is really too bad, since that is what Sears was always known for - great service and products. Anyway - my comment is regarding clothing. And my stars reflect the 2 stores which I go to - in the Los Angeles area.

When I need something - be it work clothing or casual - Sears never fails me. Not only that, but the price and quality are GREAT! Last year I was there just before Easter and I was passing the girl's dept and was blown away by the adorable dresses! I even took pics and posted on Facebook because they were so cute, reasonably priced, and such great quality. I thank you Sears for this and really wish your corporate "leaders" had done a better job in keeping you viable, and offering great customer service, as always had been in the past. There is fierce competition these days, between other large stores and internet purchases, but there is still space for success if you back what you're known for and good at. Appliances are big ticket items - best to run that department like a tight ship. And Sears was the "go to" place for good quality tools for those who can't afford Snap-On. I wish you well, and really am sad to witness the decline. One that I feel was avoidable with proper suit managment.

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Anonymous - 33 d 9 h ago


Wish I saw these reviews before bought the product. We are very much disappointed with Sears. They provided the worst washer and protection plan is useless. It broke down within a year, technician doesn't show up, takes a month to come back and tell us they couldn't fix it.

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Fed-up with Sears - 60 d 6 h ago


So sad to read all these bad reviews. Is anything getting fixed? My refrigerator-freezer isn't.

I bought my first refrigerator freezer from a Sears store in 1965; Sears today is not the same company.

Our current LG refrigerator freezer bought in 2015 was failing May 1st, and we are still waiting for parts.

We've been referred to one party and then another, etc.etc. The most frustrating experiences one could imagine.

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Frustrated - 49 d 7 h ago


Our Samsung fridge broke down at the beginning of February. We finally got someone out, but he sold us on their home warranty. Four months laters, we still don't have a working fridge, paid almost 1k to get it fixed (if you include the subscription costs they keep charging us) without anything done. We've tried multiple times to cancel, but they won't confirm or send us any confirmation. My Amex was just charged yesterday for the warranty. Luckily Amex is an amazing company and they're helping, but I will NEVER recommend Sears to anyone.

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Sandra - 47 d 15 h ago


I'm dealing with a home warranty from sears. They lied to sell it to me. The BBB has gotten 5542 complaints on them.

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Debby - 34 d 17 h ago


All of the complaints I've been reading are all what I'm going's ridiculous...... I've been without a refrigerator since the beginning of June and it is now July.....I will never buy anything from sears wonder they are going out of business!

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Charmaine - 49 d 9 h ago


So... if this looks like the comment below, it's because I've copied it as I'm having the same identical problem. Her frig sounds like my exact model, 2 1/2 yrs old with a failed compressor. Kenmore elite bottom freezer. REALLY. Compressor goes out after 21/2 years????? Shameful. 5th appt 6-28. As with other visits I've called ahead to make sure compressor, charging pot and tune seal on the tech's truck. Visits 2,3,4 visits I called two days before to confirm parts would be in truck THEN upon arrival opps it's not.

Today I was transferred 7 times to find out if parts will be on tomorrow's truck.

I even bought the appliance warranty on visit one to get a discount on parts needed . AND they have no record of it. My credit card statement does. I was told to provide it as proof WTF!!!!

Worse company ever, customer service is non existent they have been to our home 3 times to fix a 2 year old 1800.00 refrigerator. This has been going on for a month and now they say it will be another 10 days, so still not fixed. What about the Lemon Law? I would say please don't buy from Sears they are the worst. What happened to the dependable company they used to be????

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Anonymous - 34 d 17 h ago

All of what you posted above is also happening to me.... refrigerator is two years old and the compressor went out on it a month ago and it's still not fixed......all I get are excuses .... here it is July and hot and I still don't have a refrigerator.....

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Kathy L Gregson - 56 d 17 h ago

Worse company ever, customer service is non existent they have been to our home 3 times to fix a 2 year old 1800.00 refrigerator. This has been going on for a month and now they say it will be another 10 days, so still not fixed. What about the Lemon Law? I would say please don't buy from Sears they are the worst. What happened to the dependable company they used to be????

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MY - 57 d 12 h ago


Attempted to order washer dryer set at $550. Only one would add contacted chat they said they could add both and gave me a number to call. That number was for Sears not Kmart. In the end nothing of assistance was provided.

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Anna - 62 d 13 h ago


I bought a use tool. I was told if their is an issue I can return it. I went to return it and was accused of switching the tool. I went to the same sales person who told me i can return it. He lied and his manager was extremely rude.I filed a complaint with Better Business.


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Gloria G Chun - 63 d 14 h ago


Terrible customer service. Poor communication. Placed on hold for several minutes then calls get dropped. Supervisors never available all I get is excuses. I will NEVER do business with Sears.

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GSI - 65 d 10 h ago


Will never do business again with Sears. Apparently they have a 30 day return policy that is printed on the receipt which faded out on 30 days stating such. The CEO Eddie Lampard come up with the horrible policy last year. There is no wonder that Sears and Kmart are going out of business. Poor business practice, poor customer service, and honestly most of their product is poorly made, and corporate officers are obviously are not very smart are just a few of the issues causing this. I just cut up my Sears card and will never purchase another item from the failing business.

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