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Sears Roebuck & Co

3412 Demetropolis Rd
Mobile, AL
(251) 602-0186
(251) 602-6008
Annual Sales Est
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Tina Draper - 2 d 18 h ago


I purchased a split king bed with an adjustable base two weeks ago. We had it delivered 7/18 2 weeks from purchase so we could redo our flooring. It arrived on time they walked in dropped off the huge boxes handed my handicapped husband the instructions on how to put it together and left. You spend 3000 on a bed and it says on your receipt delivery and set up and they just drop off boxes. If I wanted a bed in a box I could get it on Amazon for Christ sake's. My husband spent over an hour on the phone and was transferred to the Spanish line then instead of transferring him to the English line they hung up on him. I called and spoke to the Lake Square Mall store we purchased it from they were suppose to call us back and never did. Once they get your money they could care less about how they treat you

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pissed off - 3 d 18 h ago


i had so many problems with sears refrigerator i took them to small claims and won but to this day have not been paid i think we should all sue together and go to our public news station and complain with the name of the products we all purchased and picket whatever stores are left

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Ron Mitchell - 4 d 17 h ago


The Sears Home Warranty program is not worth a dime. My Refrigerator has not been working satisfactorily since before June 13th. I've had four service calls in the last 5 weeks. I'm limping along by putting ice in my refrigerator. My refrigerator is now an ice box. The home warranty program says they will fix it or provide an allowance to replace it. Neither of those has happened and no one answers the phone so it is impossible to get this resolved.

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Michael - 14 d ago


Sears in Augusta is out of stock on so many items, it appears as it's closing. I have a weed eater that I can't get any line to be able to use it in my yard. No idea when will be in per store manager Sam at the Augusta mall. He offered to order & have shipped to my house, but then was $5.95 to have shipped. 7 days to get it to my house. I told him Nevermind, I was going home with another weedeater from their competition, one I can get the line for without 3 trips to store & still not have any in stock! Gonna throw away a perfectly good weedeater, since so much trouble getting my yard looking good!

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Diana Collins - 20 d ago


I was with out a washer for a month waiting for them to fix it finally I got a replacement ordered on Friday. On Tuesday June 25 they came out and serviced my stove. I went to cook dinner on Wednesday night using the burners when flames shot out at the bottom of the stove causing me to have 2nd degree burns on my legs. I called and spoke to them on friday due to the systems being down for over 48 hours and no one being able to help me. I was told that they would replace it but had to have a repair person come out and just say it needed to be replaced. I explained to them that the gas was not going to be hooked up to the stove because next my house could burn down. Some one came out today and cursed at my husband and told him that he wasn't going to do a damn thing unless he hooked the gas up to it. After I was told by the benefits department that I didn't have to hook the gas up and not to hook it up. The man continued to curse at my husband and then he walked out of the house telling us that he wont do a fucking thing for us and that he will let them know that the stove is fine when he didn't even do a damn thing. Then you can't talk to anyone with out being on hold for at least an hour straight and they give you the run around about everything. I was trying to be nice and just wanted the stove replaced. Now i'm going to get a lawyer and sue them for the damages to my floor from it shooting flames out and for the burns that I suffered on my legs when it could have been resolved but we had someone who wants to curse us out when he walks in the door.

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michelle - 27 d 17 s ago


on June 8th my refrigerator died on june 11th called sears service center,sent technician on June 17th said one week for parts today is june 24th and still no parts, call the number that they provide and all they can say is you have to wait for parts and who knows how long it will take so I am now on my third week without a refrigerator. I must say I know why sears is going out of business there customer service sucks and getting your appliances repaired is not a priority to them. If sears did a better job with customer service and taking care of the customers they have then word of mouth and good reviews go along way.

I must say I have used sears all my life for appliances but I will NO longer purchase my appliances from sears.

General profile image - 32 d 18 h ago

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Terrance L Rich - 33 d ago


I've owned sears tools all my life. 2 years ago I bought a drill driver and drill for use on my motorhome. After 4 months one lithium battery went dead-wouldn't take a charge. The local Sears store in Mesquite, NV told me I needed the receipt. I had left the receipt in the Motorhome that I had sold. After going back to the Sears store the Mgr. looked up my purchase on the Computer and found my purchase which was older than one year? No warranty. If the clerk had known what do to do I would have had a new lithium battery. After 8 months the second Lithium battery wouldn't take a charge. Now I'm out two lithium batteries. I've never had any trouble returning any tools that I've purchased from Sears. I'll never buy Craftsman tools again.

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ABD PHD - 41 d ago


Non delivery of product and services over 10 days. I have spent at least 8 hours trying to CANCEL this order. Still working as of today and placed order on July 1, 2019 for a Kenmore Elite downdraft range, cord, delivery and installation and a service warranty for 3 years. Not one part of promised services or promised quality of services has been received. Attempts to cancel online result in a circular path back to where you started without being able to cancel an online order. I have tried to dispute the charge to my SEARS CARD which results in the same circular programming path making a dispute IMPOSSIBLE through their online systems. SEARSCARD is owned by CITIBANK. I have order #'s, Transaction #'s, verbal assurance of cancellation, promised emails of confirmation of cancellations, but NO emails or confirmations arrive. is complicit in this illegal practice.

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Kim - 41 d ago


I purchased this mattress below online. It was delivered on 6/8/19. The quality was poor. It was not firm. There was a dip in the middle. The wire was protruding around the edges, as if it was going to break through the fabric. I called for a return on 6/8/19 and was told to call the mattress center at (hidden) on 6/9/19. On 6/9/19 I was told to call on 6/10/19. I spoke to Sylvia on 6/10. I was told I could exchange the mattress for another one and the delivery fee would be waved. To return it, the mattress MUST stay in my home for 30day and I would be charged ANOTHER $69.95 DELIVERY FEE!. I was told I could not return it to the Sears store to avoid the additional fee. I could however purchase another mattress and the delivery fee would be waived. I felt so violated! The product was INFERIOR! Purchasing another mattress was $90 more.

I trusted in Sears for appliances and mattresses in the past. Not any more! I just told my co-workers about this. One was going to Sears to buy a mattress. Now he's going to Costco.

Serta Lehmann Eurotop Firm Full Mattress

Condition: New

Sold by SEARS

Sears Return Policy

Mfr# 500(hidden)

Part# (hidden)0

KSN: 4222180

UPC: (hidden)75ve purchased all my mattresses from Sears

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Iris Shevak - 41 d 3 h ago


Sears AurDuct Cleaners weee thrown out of my apartment . They arrived and looked at where my hvac unit was and told me they can't use the hose from the truck but do have a portable unit that will cost me another$59. They came in with a wet & dry vac!!!! Also the do not remove any vents. How do you clean ducts w/o removing cent. I told them to leave. Will never call again.

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cecelia - 187 d 18 h ago


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Lm - 46 d 12 h ago


How? I can't get help with anyone I may hire a lawyer I think the tech forged my signature he never showed up very angry thanks in advance

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Joseph and Beverly Malone - 51 d 15 h ago


My name is Beverly Malone and I have owned a Sears Kenmore Elite refrigerator for a couple of years. However it has been a nightmare. We have had several service calls for this Kenmore Elite Refrigerator. I am very very frustrated with the issue of several reasons and it is still not fixed. I believe that the servicemen who have been coming do not know what the problem is. If we can not fixed the problem, we need to be reimbursed or receive another new refrigerator .

I can be contact at (hidden) or my email is (hidden).

Thank you,

Beverly Malone

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Heathr - 92 d 17 h ago


Purchased a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator less than 3 years ago. The compressor just failed. I think the $3000 refrigerator is lemon.

I want a replacement. I'm still paying for the piece of crap.

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BH - 57 d 20 h ago


I sympathize with you. I bought a Kenmore elite refrigerator (made by LG) less than 2 years ago. Fortunately I had an extended warranty. Sears could not get the part after 6 weeks, and after multiple false promises for deliveries that never happened, I finally got a credit and returned to Sears to purchase a Samsung. Now I have had the delivery postponed by Sears twice since the manufacturer won't deliver to them and now have a new promise delivery date that expect they will not honor. I've demanded a refund only to be told they would not do so. Tried to reach the corporate office and get directed back to customer service that has previously failed me...maybe there needs to be a class action suit filed against Sears. Sears appliances were once a great product...Sears is now a big fraud! My guess is either they have been effected by China imports or they are about the go out of business. It may not make you feel better but you ae not alone.

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jerry - 90 d ago


it is now 3.38pm I've talkied to 14 representiives since 11 am. I purchased a clutch engagement cable for my craftsman riding mower last year, the spring broke again this year(less than a year) while trying to order a new one rep. told me the one i bought previously would be replaced free. My order was cancelled and I was transferred to customer solutions.C.s. then told me they had no record of thepurchse because the Flint store closed and i would have to pay a tech to come out and verify why the spring broke ,bad metal is why they changed suppiers and the tech that sold me the part said they were having problems with the srings breaking. I used to yrust craftnan parts.I will never shop at sears or buy craftsman products again.

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Steve - 145 d 21 h ago


Hi My Name Is Steve Ary I Bought A Bench Vice Many Years Ago. It Recently Broke. I Call And Chatted with A Few People. I Just Wanted to Replace It See If It Was Under Warranty or Not Being So Old. 2 Different People Asked Me For A Reciept . Seriously ???? I Told Them It Was Very Old !!!!

Well Im Sorry But I Will NEVER Buy Sears Products Again. Its No Wonder There In Trouble... All This Over 60 Dollars

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Anonymous - 110 d 19 h ago

They sucks techs is awful never on time can't fix nothing jus want money yeah go out of business

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david - 134 d 19 h ago


I read all the comments from customers and see my situation in each one. This is an awful company and I too will never buy anything from Sears. I hope they go out of business. Their customer relations is the worst I have ever experienced.

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Elsie M Jones - 144 d 17 h ago


I have yourvTV protection plan and you've been great until now. My TV stopped working in December. They did ri d to repair it not once before twice. It's now the end of February still no TV. So they are going to replace it about two to three weeks. So it will be 3 months without a TV. Everything I hav in my home is from Sears BUT this customer service is beyond awful. After 30 years this is what I get. Totally disappointed, beyond disgusted v

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Anonymous - 145 d 17 h ago


My name is Carol St Hill Wainwright

I am writing to request reimbursement of a diagnosis fee of $69 dollars because the repair person returned to my home to complete a job because he did not have the part.

I purchased an HVAC system in December 2010. It is under warranty. I contacted Sears home service to send a repair person to my home. The email notices a 69 dollar diagnosis fee will be charged.

The repair person arrives and advises the problem is the thermostat. He then stated he does not carry thermostats in the van because they are too expensive, around 400 dollars.

He returned the following day and charges another diagnosis fee and he brought an inferior thermostat, charging me $190. I looked at Sears website and found a controlled thermostat for $117.00, This is highway robbery to your customers.

Email address is (hidden)

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Althea - 154 d 4 h ago


I purchase a Frigidaire oven microwave appliance combination on Dec 14,2018 from Sears . Attempted to have it install on Dec 22.2018. After the instillation it was discovered that the microwave worked, oven did not. Contacted customer service, spent 1/2 hour on the phone being transferred from on place to the next was given an appointment, after the holidays. Spent an additional 2 hours on the phone with various "rep" . Since this is a Sears product but a Frigidaire brand troubling shooting to see who would take responsibility for finding out who would service this appliance took an additional 1 1/2 hours. On Jan 22, was the 1st service call. the 2nd service call happened on Jan 23, discovered the appliance was defective, I was given a case number. Additional calls to service rep totaling an additional 2 hours, did not resolve the issue. Although it was discovered that this appliance is defective and in no way repairable the issue has not been resolved. The" rep "stated to resolve this issue it would take" seven working days" its currently Feb 17, 2019.. No call back no microwave nor oven.

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Carla Borl Castiglioni TRABO SRL - 171 d 8 h ago

Good morning, is it possible to get email for sending an invitation to the martketing and buyer of small electricals for Ambiente Show Frankfurt? Our product TOAST was selected in 2017 by MoMa N:Y: and having a big success.

Thanks in advance and best regards.

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Anonymous - 215 d 18 h ago

I purchased a washer and dryer on Black Friday on line. They delivered last Friday December 14th. They sent the wrong washer. To get the correct washer they will no longer honor the sale price. Yes they sent the wrong washer and now want an additional $117 because of there mistake. This is why Sears is going under. I have had a Sears Card since 1980. Been shopping Sears since 1965. Well I advised the 2 different people of that today that I spoke to from Sears. They could care less. Been trying to call the Corporate office but have had no luck. My email is (hidden). If someone actually reads this they can email me with a number and I will call them. I won't hold my breath as life is getting short.// Martin Fuller

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Tall Teacher Lady - 175 d 14 h ago


To Anonymous (Martin Fuller?) who wants a telephone number to call Sears: I found these numbers. Hope it helps: Sears Holdings Public Relations 1(hidden); Sears National Customer Relations Dept. 1(hidden). A listing for Sears Corporate Headquarters,1(hidden), reaches people who aren't in US. Same site listed "toll free Customer Service" 1(hidden).

I don't know if this is the same company as Sears Holdings: Sears Roebuck & Co.; 3412 Demetropolis Rd.; Mobile, AL 36693-4642; phone 1(hidden); FAX 1(hidden). Ms. Joelle Maher was named Sears Roebuck & Co's President and Chief Member Officer in 2015.

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