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Sears Roebuck & Co

3412 Demetropolis Rd
Mobile, AL
(251) 602-0186
(251) 602-6008
Annual Sales Est
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jerry - 29 d 9 h ago


it is now 3.38pm I've talkied to 14 representiives since 11 am. I purchased a clutch engagement cable for my craftsman riding mower last year, the spring broke again this year(less than a year) while trying to order a new one rep. told me the one i bought previously would be replaced free. My order was cancelled and I was transferred to customer solutions.C.s. then told me they had no record of thepurchse because the Flint store closed and i would have to pay a tech to come out and verify why the spring broke ,bad metal is why they changed suppiers and the tech that sold me the part said they were having problems with the srings breaking. I used to yrust craftnan parts.I will never shop at sears or buy craftsman products again.

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Heathr - 32 d 5 h ago


Purchased a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator less than 3 years ago. The compressor just failed. I think the $3000 refrigerator is lemon.

I want a replacement. I'm still paying for the piece of crap.

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Steve - 84 d 8 h ago


Hi My Name Is Steve Ary I Bought A Bench Vice Many Years Ago. It Recently Broke. I Call And Chatted with A Few People. I Just Wanted to Replace It See If It Was Under Warranty or Not Being So Old. 2 Different People Asked Me For A Reciept . Seriously ???? I Told Them It Was Very Old !!!!

Well Im Sorry But I Will NEVER Buy Sears Products Again. Its No Wonder There In Trouble... All This Over 60 Dollars

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Anonymous - 50 d 7 h ago

They sucks techs is awful never on time can't fix nothing jus want money yeah go out of business

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david - 74 d 7 h ago


I read all the comments from customers and see my situation in each one. This is an awful company and I too will never buy anything from Sears. I hope they go out of business. Their customer relations is the worst I have ever experienced.

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Elsie M Jones - 84 d 5 h ago


I have yourvTV protection plan and you've been great until now. My TV stopped working in December. They did ri d to repair it not once before twice. It's now the end of February still no TV. So they are going to replace it about two to three weeks. So it will be 3 months without a TV. Everything I hav in my home is from Sears BUT this customer service is beyond awful. After 30 years this is what I get. Totally disappointed, beyond disgusted v

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Anonymous - 85 d 5 h ago


My name is Carol St Hill Wainwright

I am writing to request reimbursement of a diagnosis fee of $69 dollars because the repair person returned to my home to complete a job because he did not have the part.

I purchased an HVAC system in December 2010. It is under warranty. I contacted Sears home service to send a repair person to my home. The email notices a 69 dollar diagnosis fee will be charged.

The repair person arrives and advises the problem is the thermostat. He then stated he does not carry thermostats in the van because they are too expensive, around 400 dollars.

He returned the following day and charges another diagnosis fee and he brought an inferior thermostat, charging me $190. I looked at Sears website and found a controlled thermostat for $117.00, This is highway robbery to your customers.

Email address is (hidden)

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Althea - 93 d 15 h ago


I purchase a Frigidaire oven microwave appliance combination on Dec 14,2018 from Sears . Attempted to have it install on Dec 22.2018. After the instillation it was discovered that the microwave worked, oven did not. Contacted customer service, spent 1/2 hour on the phone being transferred from on place to the next was given an appointment, after the holidays. Spent an additional 2 hours on the phone with various "rep" . Since this is a Sears product but a Frigidaire brand troubling shooting to see who would take responsibility for finding out who would service this appliance took an additional 1 1/2 hours. On Jan 22, was the 1st service call. the 2nd service call happened on Jan 23, discovered the appliance was defective, I was given a case number. Additional calls to service rep totaling an additional 2 hours, did not resolve the issue. Although it was discovered that this appliance is defective and in no way repairable the issue has not been resolved. The" rep "stated to resolve this issue it would take" seven working days" its currently Feb 17, 2019.. No call back no microwave nor oven.

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Carla Borl Castiglioni TRABO SRL - 110 d 20 h ago

Good morning, is it possible to get email for sending an invitation to the martketing and buyer of small electricals for Ambiente Show Frankfurt? Our product TOAST was selected in 2017 by MoMa N:Y: and having a big success.

Thanks in advance and best regards.

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Anonymous - 155 d 6 h ago

I purchased a washer and dryer on Black Friday on line. They delivered last Friday December 14th. They sent the wrong washer. To get the correct washer they will no longer honor the sale price. Yes they sent the wrong washer and now want an additional $117 because of there mistake. This is why Sears is going under. I have had a Sears Card since 1980. Been shopping Sears since 1965. Well I advised the 2 different people of that today that I spoke to from Sears. They could care less. Been trying to call the Corporate office but have had no luck. My email is (hidden). If someone actually reads this they can email me with a number and I will call them. I won't hold my breath as life is getting short.// Martin Fuller

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Tall Teacher Lady - 115 d ago


To Anonymous (Martin Fuller?) who wants a telephone number to call Sears: I found these numbers. Hope it helps: Sears Holdings Public Relations 1(hidden); Sears National Customer Relations Dept. 1(hidden). A listing for Sears Corporate Headquarters,1(hidden), reaches people who aren't in US. Same site listed "toll free Customer Service" 1(hidden).

I don't know if this is the same company as Sears Holdings: Sears Roebuck & Co.; 3412 Demetropolis Rd.; Mobile, AL 36693-4642; phone 1(hidden); FAX 1(hidden). Ms. Joelle Maher was named Sears Roebuck & Co's President and Chief Member Officer in 2015.

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A - 126 d 4 h ago


Do Not call repair center. They will take your money and then not fix your appliances. They have horrible customer service.

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A - 126 d 4 h ago


Do Not call repair center. They will take your money and then not fix your appliances. They have horrible customer service.

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cecelia - 127 d 6 h ago


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Yorkieslvr - 132 d 9 h ago

I just purchased a Kenmore elite dishwasher from Sears Home store in Brooksville, Fl. I paid for installation and delivery. The store hires a company by the name of JMS to install. The guy looks at my copper pipes and tells me that I need a recovery knob replaced. That is is rusted. well, my plumber came by and looked at it. He laughed. So after waiting 3 days, I do not have my dishwasher. They would not leave it. I called my credit card and cancelled the sale.

This is a lesson for all. NEVER USE STORE CREDIT, you do not have a leg to stand on. You are stuck. ALWAYS USE YOUR VISA OR MasterCard. THEY IMMEDIATLY PULLED THE MONEY BACK!

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Anonymous - 136 d 35 m ago


Customer service at Sears is awful. Return polices are a disgrace. Having a receipt and tag for mdse and they would not give me cash back. I did not want a store credit. This is insane. That's why they are closing stores. Service and management need an overhaul.

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Lisag - 137 d 12 h ago


We brought an LG refrigerator from Sears. The initial delivery went fine, the delivery crew was mostly professional and new what they were doing. They used moving straps to move the refrigerator so it never really hit the floor until is was ready to be pushed into its spot. They did not have to remove any doors the refrigerator went in without any problems. There was a problem with the LG refrigerator vibrating. When ever the compressor was on, the refrigerator was vibrating so that I could hear it in every room of my house. We scheduled a return of this unit. When a different crew came to pick up to refrigerator, they were incompetent. They pushed the refrigerator across my wood floor which is now gouged and scratched. They had to take off the doors to be able to push it through the door when bounced it down my porch steps. I called Sears to advise them of what happened to my floor and let then know any damage to this unit was because of the pick up crew and not us. I wanted to be sure I would be not be penalized and to make sure I received a full refund. The person on the other end of the line responded by saying, " yes you'll get a full refund is there anything else" I said no, the person responded, "okay goodbye then." I intend on pursuing the damage to my floor further, even if I have to go to small claims court. It is not okay for a delivery/pick up crew to damage someone's property.

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Mike Skrzypek - 139 d 9 h ago


Contacting Sears Service Solution offices on a service billing issue is like talking to a brick wall, especially since they are in the Phillipines. They will not transfer you to a person in the USA, even if you demand to talk to a USA representative.

The service technicians they sent out to our house only made matters worse and they won't credit you back for the work that they said did. In fact they imply that you are lying because the service report states otherwise.

In our case, we ended up with the ice maker freezing over and spilling water down to the bottom of the feezer after the tech repaired/adjusted it, causing water to leak out on to our new wood floor. Now if we were home and not on vacation for three weeks, we might have been able to catch it before it did a lot of damage.

Sears after repeated calls have refused to even credit the charges for parts which the tech second put in but took out because it did not take care of the problem...not alone any of the damages caused by him for the improper re-installation of the ice maker, mounting it out of level causing the water to spill over into the ice tray and later to the bottom of the freezer and then on the floor.

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John Secret Chang - 145 d 12 h ago


All the monsters working at sacRamento,florin road werected extremely rude and mean, please steak from that sears before it's closed down and beat up those rude security and employees and Manager it's what they deserve! The rude white security malet 5.5 or 5.6 punched me in the back ,harrassed me hurted me, threat to kill me if I or anyone go back there agian, calling the corporate sucks,just a rude robot! No human at the corporate! Terrible service means deathat of managers and employees and rude security, all rude employees mostly black females and a couple white and Asian, rude dark haired fat ugly whore mean manager deserves death penalty!

General profile image - 155 d ago

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Evette Roach - 160 d 10 h ago


My mother bought a side by side Kenmore elite at the seats outlet in tn. The icemaker and water in door doesn't work because someone switched the door so plug doesn't match up that enables it to work the product and warranty cost was $2800 it looks like y'all would back your products all she had got is a run around for a month mom takes care of my 90 year old grandmother with dementia and its not good business and a shame that your loyal customer of over 50+ years has to go through this on top of the caring for her mother which is now bed ridden shame on y'all...I will never buy another sears product because of how my mom and grand mother are being done...

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Dale - 164 d 17 h ago


Sears Home Warranty is a sham. When our furnace had preventive maintenance and found a problem, Sears Home Warranty (which uses Cross Country Home Services) denied the claim as due to the defect being a pre-existing condition. You can say that about almost any need of a repair. Trying to get hold of them was very difficult with disconnections, long hold times, redirected numbers, hard to understand customer service people, confusing responses and instructions. I even had to find my own contractor.

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FS - 165 d 5 h ago


I Have had it with Sears the Mangers in the food lost are so nasty, they talk loud like they know what they are talking about and sound so stupid to me....and the scheduled department is worst a appointment is a f have to wait 30 days out. Sorry for the one still waiting after a year WOW....The entire team is a f joke. SEARS CUSTOMER SERVICE IS A JOKE........I WILL NEVER BY ANYTHING FROM SEARS AND NEXT I WILL CANCELLED MY WARRANTY AND GET MY PROCEEDS BACK.....

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Ron Coleman - 172 d 4 h ago


No wonder Sears is going broke. I have spent the last two hours trying to talk to someone about a repair that was done on my Kenmore washer and the problem is recurring. Everybody I talk to tries to tell me I need to talk to a different department. I've been transferred eight times, sometimes to the same places I was transferred to previously. I've been hung up on twice. I've been put on forever hold at least once. This company is horrible.

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DAM - 174 d 8 h ago


I hope that all of the store's close down... worst business ever!! I was quoted a repair price and then charged $30 more after they repaired my dishwasher. Unfortunately, I didn't realize the overcharge until after I received my receipt online.Called NUMBEROUS times and got the "run around" and then received a voice message about how they quoted me one price but it turned out that the service charge was more money. I was even more frustrated because I could barely understand the message due to a very thick accent that the lady spoke with. This company is just horrible and I am very happy 2 report that the store in our area has closed it's doors a few year's ago. I suppose I'm not suppose 2 be angered when I'm told one price and then charged another...I mean REALLY!!?? 1st class morons :(

It does give me some satisfaction to see all the other horrible reviews on this website. At least I know it's just not me.

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