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Sears Roebuck & Co

3412 Demetropolis Rd
Mobile, AL
(251) 602-0186
(251) 602-6008
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Lola - 20 h ago


I am very dissatisfied with Sears appliance home warranty department. I recently applied for a Sears extended home warranty in August 2017. In September 2017 I called Sears in order to schedule a service request. The first company Sears asked me to call was Affordable Service Agreement. The rep stated that if no one answers the phone leave a message. I called the Affordable company 5 days out of 7 days leaving 3 voice messages and no one returned my called. Finally i called Sears back and explained the situation to them. Sears asked me to called another company name Rise Home Service. I called Rise Home Service in order to set up an appointment. It took two weeks to schedule the appointment, do to the fact that the Rise rep did not want to give me a morning appointment; I had to call Sears and ask them to schedule the appointment for me being that I work in the evening and the Rise rep only would let me schedule the appointment in the evening between 1-5 pm. Sears schedule the appointment between 9-2 am but I had to call and confirm the appointment. Rise technician finally came to my home on October 10, 2017 in order to check out my appliances. The service tech stated that it would take about a week or two for the parts to come in and then he will come back and fix my appliances.

Two weeks after the service call, I called Rise in order to see if my parts were in. The represented said the parts were in and she schedule my service call for October 31, 2017. On Tuesday October 31 I received a call from Rise stating that one of my parts was on back order and the appointment would need to be rescheduled when all the parts were in. I ask the rep why did the other rep say that my parts were in and schedule this service date if they were not in? She said she did not know and the parts were not in. She also stated that someone would call when the parts came in, in order to reschedule the appointment.

Today is December 11, 2017. It has been three months since the service tech came to my home and ordered the parts. I have not heard from anyone about my parts. I called Sears and they said the parts are still on back order. My warranty states that if the appliance cannot be fixed, a new appliance will be purchase for up to $10,000.00. The policy is for $50,000.00, if the part is not available they should order me a new appliance instead of waiting for a part that is not available or discontinued.

I called Sears in order to cancel this policy due to the bad customer service and they said if I cancel they would charge me cancellation fees which is not far being that they have bad service contractors with poor customer service skills.

I paid the service charge for Rise coming to my home.

Sears is taking $49.99 off my Mastercard every month for services not rendered and I want my money back from August to November which is $200.00. It will be $250.00 if this mattered is not resolved by December 28, 2017. I want this policy cancelled.

I will be emailing the BBB.

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Carol...I have been a long time customer of Sears .. however lately - 1 d 24 h ago



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Charles Cuyler - 3 d 16 h ago


I purchased a Kenmore Central HEAT/COOL PKG E1Y R410SHP two (2) years ago. My unit is still under the factory warranty and is current. Unfortunately, my air conditioner has stopped working approximately four (4) months ago. I reached out to several customer service representatives who ensured that I would be able to have my A/C fixed by a certified technician. I was told that they were going to back order the part that needed the repair. To date, I am still waiting on this part.

Sears has always been known for their tradition in serving customers with excellence. They have a longstanding relationship with millions of customers and have always provided stellar customer service, decent prices and quality products. It surprises me, however, that after reaching out to multiple Sears service representatives that no one can seem to provide that quality customer service I need.

Since my A/C unit has been down, my child (who has a respiratory condition) has been very sick. I use my A/C and an air purifier because of his condition. If I cannot have this part sent to me and repaired, you leave me with no choice than to seek legal ramifications. In an effort to avoid costly legal fees and expenses, it would be in the best interest of Sears to carefully look into my situation involving the repair of my A/C unit. I do not think I am asking for much, other than a part that's needed in order to fix my unit. If the part is still on back order, please contact me and provide a date as to when it will be in stock. In addition, after it is shipped to your department, I will need to know how soon I will have it and the expected time a technician will be dispatched to service the unit.

I look forward to Sears delivering their excellent customer service as they have been doing over their 125-year tradition as one of the best appliance stores in the world. Please let me know the status of the back ordered part ASAP. I urge you to contact me via phone, email or letter regarding this important matter. Thank you.


Eugene Cuyler

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Ron - 4 d ago


DO NOT buy an extended warranty from Sears. 1 month without a washer and counting. Tech's don't show up and when they do they look at your appliance for 5 minutes and tell you it needs a part. Definitely not trained! I guess after enough tries they may be able to fix it. Customer service is a joke!

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Joseph Ferrara warranty # 89811944 - 14 d 4 h ago


home warranty plans try to weasel out of their contract by blaming everything else but the true problem. Refrigerator out since Aug, numerous technicians have come out and tried to repair,, GE was finally sent, and found the problem, seems sensors in wall went bad and destroyed insulation between wall of freezer and fridge. Sears service confirmed conclusion, and said it was not repairable. Sears states that insulation is not covered But it was malfunction of sensors that caused it. I feel I am covered due to the malfunction of the sensors which destroyed the insulation.

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Brian - 18 d 18 h ago


I am pissed off that i bought tires with the warranty and had a problem with a tire for my truck ,the tire that i purchased there along with 3 other tires and an aligment so for you to know that was 4 tires i bought from the store with an alignment a one tire went bad ,so went back to the store to have them fix the problem and get my alignment there was not a person or lift or a car or tire in the shop ,everything was gone and needed assistence wittlh my truck but got screwed got screwed out of that didnt get my tire fixed or my alignment but want me to drive 95 miles to nearest store / WAST my time my money my gas and aggravation when i get there it wont be done till later and then say oh um ur tire is out of warranty 10 miles ago i want to talk to the BIG BOY in charge that took all the sears auto out of the orchard park ny, area i have always have taken my cars and trucks tbere along with friends and family and team mates ,never had a problem in florida comtact me i would love to talk to you about this if i dont hear from you i guess you dont care abojt customers or your job i need this taken care of its the responsibilty of sears auto hede is my Direct number (hidden) hear from you soon

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Tami caramazza-long - 22 d 13 m ago


Sears sucks. Called within three to have dryer exchanged conveniently no record of my call. Won't buy from sears again. Just for informational purposes i been buying from sears from over twenty years. No more.

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Rick Pittman - 22 d 20 h ago


We bought and paid for a new gas stove and range last Sunday the 12th of Nov from Tiffany Alpha at the Cypress, TX. Sears Appliance store and were going to buy a new dryer to match the washer that we bought earlier this year. We wanted them delivered at the same time so that we pay one delivery charge. We were told that the dryer may be cheaper next week so we paid for the range and scheduled delivery for Monday the 20th. We were told that if we came in next Sunday (today) we would know if the dryer was cheaper and on sale and if we purchased it then we could have them both delivered the same time. So we came in today and the dryer did not go down in price but we accepted that. We were buying the dryer anyway and then were told we could not get the dryer delivered at the same time as the range. We would have to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday. That would not work for our schedule and we needed them Monday. We were very disappointed that they were not keeping a promise made. I run a business and will jump through any hoop to keep a promise to a customer. Tiffany did not seem willing to do that. I have already bought in the last 5 years a Kenmore refrigerator x 2 a dishwasher and washer and recently a built in Microwave. And over the years (I am 63) I have only owned Kenmore at least 3 changes of appliances. This is a lot of business for Sears and felt like there was no attempt to keep a promise given. I decided to cancel the purchase of the dryer and range and now having doubts about the reputation of Sears and Kenmore which was in my opinion a great brand. Now I believe I see why Sears is suffering in the industry. Promises not kept. In my business my reputation is everything and without it I would unemployed. I thought that Sears cared about their reputation but I see that is not the case. A lost sale, a lost customer and a lost reputation. That is why Sears is going under.

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Never But Sears - 27 d 6 h ago


Wife and I bought new set of stainless kitchen appliances (their Elite version) in Dec. 2015. Refrigerator wo4ked fine until Oct. 31, 2017. The refrigerator leaked water and the refrig section quit working. Called service and they sched7led an appointment 7 days later. Two days later the refrig leaked all over kitchen floor again. Next day had to throw out all food. Service man came on day 7 and worked for abou5 2 hours and declared refrig working. Roughly 2-3 days later refrig still has not come up to temp. Called service and they sent a man out that day.declared working but never did. S@me man c@me back couple days later and worked for several hours, completely tore refrig apart and said at end it is working. Couple of hours later error code appeared in display (first time). Wife called immediately and was 5old the man was finishing up another appointment and wo7ld come back over. Never showed. Called this morning and was told appointment would be in 7 days but also would be put on "emergency" list. Called corporate holdings and was given same song and dance. Therefore the wife and I are swearing off Sears and LG (makers of Sears ref4igerator).

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Disgusted In CT - 27 d 15 h ago


Readers Digest version: Bought ALL new appliances, including extended protection for all. Refrigerator was not set up properly, when you shut the refrigerator the freezer door with pop open. Lost two freezers full of food. Next about three months after purchases the latch on the washing machine won't catch. Mind you all repairs are routed to an overseas call center, where they basically read from a script. I get the latch fixed without too much trouble. Shortly after the main board on washing machine goes. So first the technician has to diagnose the problem, then they need to order the parts which are shipped to your home then you need to reschedule another appointment. Mind you they have no weekend appointments. So this means you either need to take time from work or find someone to be at your home when the technician arrives. The main board gets fixed. Now my washing machine will not fill up with water I call them on August 25 to place a service call, they tell me I need to be home to do a reset on the washing machine to ensure that it's not a simple fix, I am at work so I have my daughter call them the following day to do the reset. That doesn't work so we need to place a call. Throughout all this nonsense they would schedule appointments and five minutes before my scheduled time they would call me and cancel and say oh we need to have two technicians in order to complete this repair. Didn't you know this when I scheduled the call? Also, all these parts sat in my living room for weeks and weeks, a few of them could fit an adult person in them, just to give an idea of how big they were.This went on until this past Friday, November 10 they finally ended up replacing the washing machine after about five more screw ups not having all the parts, not sending enough technicians, you name it, it happened! So they deliver the new washing machine they leave,they never put the washing machine back into place I get home at night to do a load of wash, throw it in the dryer and noticed my dryer is extremely loud now don't know what's going on with that? My daughter says I noticed that when the dryer is on now it doesn't look like it's venting outside They never hooked up the vent to my dryer! Are you kidding me?! I was without a washing machine for 2 1/2 months! The Hometown store where I purchased it was awesome, The service part that has nothing to do with the store Horrific!!!


Daughter calls me at work saying she did a load of wash and it did not spin the clothes, had to do a second rinse and spin. Washer was not overloaded and was on the appropriate setting and then she says one more thing....

A light has not come on my oven stating the cooktop is on, when it's not! When I called service and asked if I could have a technician come on the same day to repair both appliances, I was told that was not possible. The store that I purchased my appliances from and their employees were polite, professional and helpful. They did everything in their power to assist me and my comment has nothing to do with my experience with them. My comments are based on my experience with Sears repair department.The fact that an organization this size does not stand behind their products or their service is disappointing to say the least and this has got to be the worst customer service I have ever encountered in my lifetime on all levels. Sadly, based on my experience and the lack of response or attempt to rectify this situation, I will never purchase from Sears again. Signed....still having issues and no one cares!!!

Calling my local news station next!

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Pennsylvania - 29 d 38 s ago


It is sad that a company that had such a great reputation fell so rapidly. It is no wonder that they may go out of business. They have lost all their good technicians and do not care about service. They want to sell contracts/warranties but not honor them. Another company that wants your money but does not follow through. Examples: Purchased lawn mower with warranty. Called for service and was cancelled 2x at the last minute. I cancelled the warranty luckily, while I could still get all my money back. Purchased a warranty on a heat pump only to have a service tech look at it like it was going to fix itself. Set up a service for my furnace, scheduled vacation day from work only to have the appointment cancelled at the last minute. Can you speak to anyone other than the call center in India? Does anyone take responsibility for Sears products? Sears certainly does not. I wish you could give negative stars.

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Disatisfied in Chalfont, PA - 29 d ago


Sears use to be a good company and all my appliances were from Sears. I was stupid to get a service contract from Sears. NEVER EVER get a Sears service contract. They are overpriced, their technicians do not know what they are doing and they cancel their service appointments at the last minute. I can't believe how stupid I was not to contract with a company outside of Sears. DO NOT EVER GET A SEARS SERVICE CONTRACT. Sears is one of the most disconnected companies in the world.

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J.m.bruce. Seattle - 29 d 10 h ago


CEO sears robuck & co sir, three generations of my family will NOLONgER be customers to once great retail & service empire. sears lost the ability to follow demands of their own customer base. Customer service, quality control,communication back to perspective customers not returned. the great sears of yesterday needs to FIRE the MBAS in the big TOWER and get back to the retail / service bisness you usted to own.I cannot do purches sears and incure added expenses for sears screw ups.this was a one day appliance swap that turned into seven day MESS!!!

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Anonymous - 36 d ago


Horrible customer service. Never buy any product and warranty. They are lyer

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Anonymous - 36 d 4 h ago



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Anonymous - 38 d 5 h ago


I need someone in charge president or anyone incharge, I have a very problems with new Top of line Infiniti carrier we purchased 2.26.17 many problems with HVAC, Mr Jamie and your district mangers here in Columbia S.C Mr, Stance Kirkland, I have a claim filed already as of March of this year freon, posing, unit wired wrong 5 different times and thermostat everything it's been rewired 5 times, daily trip breaker, I had to clean the whole house HVAC, person blood all over my house, breakers pop 3 times all lights went out each time where blower is all the wire and the installation of the unit that's closed in where air blows up into all vents of our home, and yesterday the thermostat that isn't programed, I've gotten runaround 9 months and the thermostat yesterday morning shows malfunction code 83 low pressure HO lock down, and cling them all day, no one would call me back so I went to office @5:30pm Jeff there like they don't care, this unit cost 12,558.00, they charged our credit card 3.9.17, this day and still nothing I have a claim filled with Sears and HVAC, for 50,000.00 and for every month that goes by its 10,000.00 for each month as of April this year, my mother is 83 yes and I take care of her and then this building where we live there total 6 Homes in the building I've haven't in 7 months Slept more than 61hrs and etc ... my phone number is 803 414 8552 my name is Hector F. Cordero-lebron Jr and my mom's name is Feline L. Cordero, at 7602 Hunt Club Rd, #R-104, Columbia S.C. 29223, and so much more, Please contact me Thank you

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Edwin Betancourt - 88 d 6 h ago


I am Looking ing for a name or departments in order to request a donation for those peoples that lost their home during Irma hurricane.

Purer v Rico have support you for many days and is time to give them a hand

Please send me their email


Edwin . Betancourt

EMail edwinbetanvjlmn

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Brenda - 95 d ago


So I bought tires and have the road Hazard agreement Sears has now closed all of its tire dept in the whole state i was told that i will need to go 300 miles to get a tire fixed .I had Purchased the tires a month befor they closed Iam sure the employees knew it was closing and they still the tires anyway. Iworked for Sears for a few years and i can not beleive what a crappy company they have become

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Rory smith - 105 d ago


i purchased a office chair form sears and it was delivered scrached and the leather set had a hole in it. 4 hr on the ph and i have no answer was told that sears whold have to talk to their vender. I will be on line and on the tv and on the radio.

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Rory smith - 105 d ago


i purchased a office chair form sears and it was delivered scrached and the leather set had a hole in it. 4 hr on the ph and i have no answer was told that sears whold have to talk to their vender. I will be on line and on the tv and on the radio.

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Susan - 112 d 19 h ago


We purchased an appliance warranty from Sears and were told that we would receive a $100 gift card. We received 2 cards in the mail and when I called the warranty service department for an explanation they put me on hold FOREVER and then said they would start a case file for me and would call back in 2 days. That was 4 weeks ago!!! I called again and waited FOREVER again on hold listening to horrible, bad reception music and was told that Bianca would call the following Monday at 10:30AM. No Bianca and that was 3 weeks ago. I called again today and was told after 2 LONG waits that they would open another case file for me as no one knew what was going on. So now I am right back where I started. Forgot to mention that during one of those ghastly phone calls I was given an email to complain to which I did. The reply email was in grammatically bad English by someone called Austin with a number to call which was the number I had called 4 weeks ago and got no where with. So ring around the rosey with Sears which used to be a customer oriented company but no more.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 124 d 7 h ago

Good morning, my mother has worked for you in Sao paulo when you had a store there. now she is 70 and is trying to retire and she needs to prove she has worked for your company for some time. her name is Noeli Stein Pinto de Faria and these documents from you are really necessary for her retirement. She has worked at Bras Unit In Sao Paulo. Can yoy please reply me as soon as possible

my emai is (hidden)


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DICK JACKSON - 147 d 17 h ago




Flagged for review. 
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Disgusted customer - 152 d 3 h ago


Sear's sucks - their customer service department does not care one ounce about their customers. They have no training and their lack of professionalism is amazing. And now I understand now why this is the case - the CEO Mr. Edward Lampert has quoted that he does not want any more customers. So I guess customer service figures they should get rid of their long term customers they already have. Sears will go out of business because the foundation of every company is their CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT.

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