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Sears Roebuck & Co

3412 Demetropolis Rd
Mobile, AL
(251) 602-0186
(251) 602-6008
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Elizabeth - 1 d 12 s ago


Worst experience with Sears in Vancouver WA I've ever had and we have been there many times. We went there to drop off something to a friend working in the mall right outside of Sears and left our dog in the car for maybe 10 minutes today with the windows down, sunshade up, and cold water for him like responsible dog owners only to walk back to our car when we were leaving to get some smart ass rude remark from CHANCE working in the tool department telling us they had called security on us because we are irresponsible dog owners and also telling us that our window is probably broken now too. This guy is a complete douche bag and piece of shit. When we got to our car security was there and our car and dog were completely fine. The lady who called security was making a scene and telling all these people who walked by what we did like we were criminals. Bitch we left our dog for 10 minutes with the windows down and sunshade up and water. Call security on someone who isn't being responsible. Not us. The car next to us had a dog in it with the windows up and no one inside. Are you fucking kidding me. Then we called to talk to a manager and again CHANCE answered the phone and refused to let us talk to anyone besides him and before he knew who we were he asked us "are you the irresponsible ones who left their dog in the car"? First of all asshole it's none of your business why we need to talk to a manager and secondly if we weren't you would have just pissed off someone who was already upset looking for a manager by accusing them of something they may have not done. Also we aren't irresponsible - WINDOWS WERE DOWN, SUN SHADE UP, AND COLD WATER! We will never be returning here again or recommending Sears to anyone because of the terrible shit people working here. Also we have already contacted corporate and will be filing a complaint with them as well. Although sears has good deals and ok products the people working there need to be fired. Especially CHANCE! He has the worst customer service I've ever dealt with and will continue to let people know how terrible he is.

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disgusted customer - 2 d 4 h ago


I purchased a Sears Home Warranty Service which was contracted out to another company. The first time my washing machine broke down my appointment was set for 3 weeks later. The repair caused a new problem--then they took longer to service, meanwhile my dirty clothes piled higher before it was repaired. After that I could not get through to the 800 number to even set up an appointment. Etc, etc, etc. Sears is no longer on my list of favorite stores......

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Mr. Customer - 6 d ago



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Sam Detroit - 3 d 43 m ago


Yes. We agree. The Jew Eddie Lambert a Jew is the CEO who intentionally destroyed an American Icon.

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Kathy Bailey - 2 d 7 h ago


They have no respect for their customers.

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Kathy Bailey - 2 d 7 h ago


I recently placed an order with sears for a patio group. I purchased it online as a housewarming gift for my son and his family. When I placed the order I picked the closest store for pick up. I picked the Oak Ridge Home Store. When after 2 weeks I hadn't heard anything to pick it up I contacted Sears. After an hour on the phone I found out the Oak Ridge store is actually closed. Thrt did not have the option to have my order sent to another store, so it had to be cancelled. However, they could not cancel it. Management had to cancel it, Well they didn't cancel it. Instead they sent me a message saying they needed 72 more hours to investigate. I then received a message that my order was ready for pickup st the Oak Ridge store which in fact was closed. When I called customer service I got the run around again. It has now been a month since I paid 297.00 to sears for a gift for my son and I still don't have the gift or the money to go buy something else. I am writing this in hopes that the public will not buy anything from Sears, their customer service is terrible and all they do is send you to the next person and none do their jobs. No wonder Sears has to close their stores, they are awful and have no respect for their customers.

Kathy Bailey

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Sam - 3 d ago


I'm 70 years old who purchase a new extra large Kenmore washer, that broke down in May 2018. We have been without a washer for over a month and not a single person withinSears can help us. The washer is 4 months old with a Protection Plan.

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HSG - 3 d 4 h ago


Both my dishwasher and my clothes washer died on the same day. Called the service office, I have a service plan and the gentleman from an outsourced site insisted that we needed two separate technicians. They both came, even though the first one told me he could fix both machines. Each technician wanted the $75.00 fee and we explained that we were only paying one fee as required for the calls. Now we are still speaking to outsourced people who cannot seem to understand the difference between a clothes washer and a dishwasher and they are telling us the part are on order for the "washer". Cannot seem to make them understand the difference and nothing is being done about my clothes washer. Corporate is totally useless. No wonder these people are losing money hand over fist. Never again with Sears.

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C. Taylor, Menlo Park - 3 d 5 h ago


Apparently Sears does not stand by an installation of an appliance after 30 days. 8 years ago I purchased a Bosch dishwasher, which Sears has satisfactorily serviced over the years. Now I am told that since the water & electrical lines are too short, it cannot be pulled out & cannot be repaired. Who installed the machine this way? SEARS! Who can do nothing about this faulty installation? SEARS! Who lost out? Apparently the customer did. Why does Sears not stand behind the work it does???

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W Youmans. Three Way, TN - 5 d 3 h ago


bought anew $359.00 sears vacuum cleaner this year (2018) form Memphis, TN store.....worked three times!!!!! Returned to store in wolfchase mall.....too bad they said , you did not buy the warranty. My family will never set foot in a Sears store. I sincerely hope Sears fails nationwide...Sears deserves to fail. Total crap company.

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Ticked in Penfield - 5 d ago


Bought 3500 Sears mower last May 17. Cost over $2200 and got it on recommendations of salesman. Within a week mower smoking and popping. Went to store, told to use Lucas Oil Treatment. Did so and helped some. Used high grade gas. Problems continued but winter came in. This spring arrived late and didn't mow until May. Problems continued. Told to change oil and filter and run more hours and see if it helped. Still problems. Repair came out and said to do the same and wanted to charge $99! We changed it. Mower started having squealing in front end and even though shut off hours on meter would go up. We mowed max 55 hours and it is into the hundreds now. Contacted Sears on squealing. Tech came out and just turned wheel and said it is the front bushings/bearings. Ordered part - 3 weeks later no part. Tech had to cancel appt and reschedule and said part should be in in time. Part finally arrived in mail but sent to neighbors/our former address (this after we told them 4 times the correct address and they assured correction made). Got part from neighbor but Tech called and rescheduled. This week alone 3 calls to change appt. Now we are scheduled out till next week (5 wks from start). The company sucks! They won't deal with us and this mower is junk! I contacted Consumer Affairs and did a review today. We can't afford another new mower!

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Edd Sinnett - 6 d 5 h ago


Sears deserves the lousy reputation that it has .!!!! ( 1 half star above ) Wake Up !!! there are too many other options with service oriented staff

I purchase a service i.e. having my A/C duct work cleaned last year .... and have been driven crazy with hundreds of ROBO calls for the past month and 1/2.( and even got 2 yesterday which was Sunday )

When I pick up there is NO ONE there to ask politely to take my phone number off your calling list, and when I called the number 1 (hidden) to ask I was put on a wait line for god knows how many minutes and after 10 mins I hung UP !!!!.

you are driving customers away !!!!!!!!!!!!

My next 2 call ( e-mails ) are to the Florida NoCall and FCC NoCall systems.

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Edd Sinnett - 6 d 5 h ago




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Hope Green - 6 d 9 h ago


I agree with all of the others listed here. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM SEARS AGAIN!!!!! I will also do all I can to make sure this goes out to all public news channels as well as suing this lack of a company. I purchased a mower. Needless to say it should have been delivered on Saturday. It never showed. The driver himself told me he wouldn't deliver it because he didn't have time. I could call back and schedule another day. After 4 hours on the phone with another country and countless people that all are programmed to say "I'm sorry this happened, but I can't help you", I still have no resolve. I received a call late Saturday stating I would receive the delivery at 8:00 am Monday morning, however, I did not. I waited until 9:00 am and called that horrible foreign customer service again only to be told it wasn't scheduled. I asked them to call the delivery center as they'd done multiple times Saturday only to be told they could dial out. LOL. THIS COMPANY AND IT'S EMPLOYEES ARE A JOKE.

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Mike Daniels - 7 d ago


Your men's bathroom at your Woodfield location has been extremely nasty fir two weekends in a row. Overflooded urinsl water all over the floor and blocked commodes.

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Jessie a villa - 7 d 20 h ago


On June 6-6-2018 I made a purchase online for 270pc 3 drawers mechanic tool set for 129.99 the promotion stated spend 125.00 get 50.00 back in points. Which I clearly did well by using my available points redeemed which were 12.01 brought my total with tax and all to 116.08. Well I placed the order on that same day I got charged on the 6-7-2018 the next i had notice i was going to make yet another purchace and my points only reflected 1.07 in points so I called. They said that this purchase did not qualify for promotion wow i said that is the main reason I keep on shopping because I keep on getting the points to keep on shopping. They made it a big deal one person said it qualify then 5 min later she said it did not so I don't like to be told something then all you promise me were just not to qualify for this premotion. So i asked to cancel the order asked for money back I mentioned I would no longer be doing business with your company again. So the attendant put me on hold to call the ups package company to stop shipment process. Came back on the line said I stopped the shipment you will get your funds back on Tuesday 6-12-2018 On Friday 6-15-2018 I did not see my money returned so I called over and over again twice I asked to speak to a supervisor got placed on hold for 45 min then getting cut off. Again I empitize twice. I had to go out later that day called again the same thing happened now to be informed that it can take up to 7 to 14 days maybe more. I played cash you told me by Tuesday 6-12-2018 not till 6-26-2018 or more here you are ready take my funds out of my account but holding on to my funds more than 20 days are you getting interest on my funds and not willing to give it back. I don't like to be lied too.

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pete M - 17 d 8 h ago


Delivery was poor, Purchased Two stand up freezers that were not installed as promised.Both doors very difficult to open.Both are rocking and not leveled.They dropped them off plugged them in and left.

I called to have them come back out,they made another appointment and did not show up.When I called they said they had no record of my call.Spent about 5 hours on the phone.Customer service is the worst Ive ever seen.Finnlay they come out and guess what they only level one of the Two freezer's and both doors are still very difficult to open.I understand they are new,but you have to struggle with them to open doors.I called back yesterday and was hung up on twice,left on hold transferred 5 times over to finally what I hope is an appointment that I don't trust will happen for next Monday.

This should not be this hard.Im awaiting an explanation,and apology of how I have been treated.Most importantly I got to new Freezers which I will not be able to use for over two weeks from delivery time of 5/31.

Worst experience ever, I would have never made purchased if I knew this was going to be the case.

Forget the fact that I spent 2 hours trying to make the purchase knowing exactly what I wanted when I went into the Rockaway store.

I left Two messages for the store manager yesterday.No return call no aplogy.NOTHING!!

(hidden) if there is anyone interested in talking Pete M

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Ms. D. - 8 d 20 h ago

Say Pete, I recently bought a range, washer, and refrigerator from Sears. I also wanted to purchase a microwave however, one sales person said it could be delivered with the rest of stuff another one said it could not. I distinctly told that sales person I did not want to argue with her, I no longer want the microwave. I distinctly asked her what the balance would be for the three appliances and stated three tmes this does not include the microwave correct, all three times she stated it did not. And while in the STORE I asked for the total she stated 2102.00. The receipt was copied over, however, she neglected to give me the true balance of charge which was 2302.00 An extra hundred for tax. When the delivery arrived, so did the microwave!! Then the very first time hooking up, the washer leaked. Also they broke my poop scooper sitting out side, didn't bother to tell me and set it on my floor in the kitchen-NICE!! I was at the Sears store where I purchased the items, trying to make arrangements to see why washer leaked. Another one of their own sales representative was calling for me they hung up on her. I was in that store for three hours to no avail. THEN TOLD THEY HAD UPTO 48 TO 72 HOURS TO REPLY. Sand bagging . I then stated I wanted to return it all because of breach of contract with cuter service. Another sore visit 2 and a half hours later, no resolution. Went home, called them, they stated they would be out to pick up between 4:30 -6:30 pm. No one called. At 6:30 I called delivery number, they stated the delivery/pick was running behind, they would be there at 7:30. Nope, I called again, they said around 8:05 pm, Nope, They cancelled my appointment for pick up. NICE!! Probably now going to file suit.

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Anonymous - 10 d ago


I have Kenmore ice box the ice maker stopped working I am fairly handy thought I would look into it myself have been trying

to reach the appliances parts for two days first morning after calling four times recording was told to leave my name and number

would call me back. Tried three times in the afternoon only to be told the mailbox was full . Called next morning twenty minutes after

they opened mailbox still full.called store appliances they suggested if could not get a hold of them to go to their location ten miles from my house

one way.after that tried calling again only to get busy signals tried three more times in the afternoon only to hear the memory is full leave use the access code but the don,t

tell tou what it is Digusted

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Anonymous - 12 d ago


Sears suck if you need an replacement from them you can forget it. They need to go out of business. Too many Indians and not enough chiefs. Never buy anything from them you will be sorry

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George luis medina - 12 d 1 h ago


On 6/9/18 I bought a 10x10 tool shed and paid for delivery on their schedule of 6/12/18. On 6/11/18 the delivery agent was to call between 6-9 p.m. nothing. Next day I went through hoops and hurdles with Sears to no avails. terrible, terrible service do not order anything from their store. The issue still unresolved.

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Dissapointed ex-customer - 12 d ago


Tried to purchase a part. Ordered it. Website says date part should arrive. Never got it. Called the help number, call goes to Philippines/Manila. Nobody could find my order, it is not listed under my phone number, as it is for a part. Why aren't ALL orders, regardless of type sorted by telephone number? Why can't I speak to someone here in America? Why did Sears take my money when no part is available? I went to Sears near my home, they checked the part number, which is OUT OF STOCK, with an indefinite restock date? Why did I never get an email with any kind of confirmation that I had, indeed, placed an order? ESPECIALLY since you immediately took my money? At least I was smart enough to copy my order before I signed off my device. When I called back to the Philippines, they tried to give me a story that there was availability, when I knew that it was a LIE, having just spoken to a live person in the store near my home who checked for me themselves. Shame on you. Sears was once an honest American company. No longer. Never shopping there again. Zero stars, that is my rating.

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Anonymous - 12 d 23 s ago


The store I bought my refrigerator from, (North Bend, OR) everyone was great, nice, and extremely helpful. The online registration didn't work and I had to call to get help registering my appliance. The first two people were rude and hung up on me. The last two people I spoke to were nice and tried to help.

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Phil - 12 d 12 m ago


Sears Kenmore Elite Refrigerator. Icemaker has failed 3 times. Can't reach anyone to order a repair. POS Company. Good riddance.

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Ginger - 12 d 6 h ago


Sears at Town Center is a Joke!! No customer support. We bought a lawn mover and had to return it because it did not work. We found out that we could not get our money back only a store credit. Trust me Sears has nothing I want that is worth a $1000.00. They told us since we put gas in we could not return it.

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