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Sears Roebuck & Co

3412 Demetropolis Rd
Mobile, AL
(251) 602-0186
(251) 602-6008
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Evette Roach - 3 d 16 h ago


My mother bought a side by side Kenmore elite at the seats outlet in tn. The icemaker and water in door doesn't work because someone switched the door so plug doesn't match up that enables it to work the product and warranty cost was $2800 it looks like y'all would back your products all she had got is a run around for a month mom takes care of my 90 year old grandmother with dementia and its not good business and a shame that your loyal customer of over 50+ years has to go through this on top of the caring for her mother which is now bed ridden shame on y'all...I will never buy another sears product because of how my mom and grand mother are being done...

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Dale - 8 d ago


Sears Home Warranty is a sham. When our furnace had preventive maintenance and found a problem, Sears Home Warranty (which uses Cross Country Home Services) denied the claim as due to the defect being a pre-existing condition. You can say that about almost any need of a repair. Trying to get hold of them was very difficult with disconnections, long hold times, redirected numbers, hard to understand customer service people, confusing responses and instructions. I even had to find my own contractor.

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FS - 8 d 10 h ago


I Have had it with Sears the Mangers in the food lost are so nasty, they talk loud like they know what they are talking about and sound so stupid to me....and the scheduled department is worst a appointment is a f have to wait 30 days out. Sorry for the one still waiting after a year WOW....The entire team is a f joke. SEARS CUSTOMER SERVICE IS A JOKE........I WILL NEVER BY ANYTHING FROM SEARS AND NEXT I WILL CANCELLED MY WARRANTY AND GET MY PROCEEDS BACK.....

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Ron Coleman - 15 d 9 h ago


No wonder Sears is going broke. I have spent the last two hours trying to talk to someone about a repair that was done on my Kenmore washer and the problem is recurring. Everybody I talk to tries to tell me I need to talk to a different department. I've been transferred eight times, sometimes to the same places I was transferred to previously. I've been hung up on twice. I've been put on forever hold at least once. This company is horrible.

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DAM - 17 d 13 h ago


I hope that all of the store's close down... worst business ever!! I was quoted a repair price and then charged $30 more after they repaired my dishwasher. Unfortunately, I didn't realize the overcharge until after I received my receipt online.Called NUMBEROUS times and got the "run around" and then received a voice message about how they quoted me one price but it turned out that the service charge was more money. I was even more frustrated because I could barely understand the message due to a very thick accent that the lady spoke with. This company is just horrible and I am very happy 2 report that the store in our area has closed it's doors a few year's ago. I suppose I'm not suppose 2 be angered when I'm told one price and then charged another...I mean REALLY!!?? 1st class morons :(

It does give me some satisfaction to see all the other horrible reviews on this website. At least I know it's just not me.

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Barbara Dunaway - 18 d 9 h ago


we've been waiting a YEAR for parts for our refrigerator that was delivered Nov. 2017. Dents in the doors, crack in a drawer. Every two months we've gone to the store, oh ya, they will get this ordered. Now the store is closing! 45 years of buying appliances from Sears. with this service, no wonder they're going broke. Word is out.

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DGA - 29 d 19 h ago


A service tech was at my home on 10/30/18 to repair our ice maker in fridge. He had to order new ice maker and told us it was being mailed to our home and keep it until his appointment on 11/16/18 (from 8 am to 12 noon). After waiting 2 1/2 hours today I decided to call. I was told because I DID NOT confirm the appointment that the parts were here there was not a service tech coming to my home. No one told us to call to confirm the parts were here and we did not receive communications via email or phone call or text message.

Our dishwasher quit working Wednesday, so I called Sears Home Services yesterday -- appt set for Monday, 11/19/18. The person on the phone said, oh, I see you do have an appointment today for my refrigerator. I asked him if they could check out the dishwasher while the tech was here today working on the ice maker, he said to ask about it when I called to check on Monday's appointment. I did exactly that and was told they would see if that was possible.

After making three phone calls this morning asking if the tech could install the ice maker when they are here Monday for the dishwasher, I was told that I HAD TO ask the technician if he could do it. Asked to speak to manager (once again who I could not fully understand) and she responded there were no more appointments left in the month of November and that the tech coming Monday may not be able to work on the refrigerator but I could ask him. I would love to know where in any of this was there customer service assistance. I called the alleged corporate phone number and each time was transferred to the Philippines. Oh, and I called our local Sears and they cannot help with anything related to this at all.

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craig buhler - 26 d 5 h ago


I sympathize. The tech has been here twice, ordered the part twice, and twice we received the wrong part. Now they won't even return our phone calls. Sears Home Warranty is not worth the paper it's written on.

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PETE - 22 d 21 h ago


Same thing happened to me! They've been out over 10 times to my house. Same problem, different solution each time. No shows. No call. They send email invoices though. The whole thing is a scam. Appointments are confirmed and then no one shows up. The repair com pi any is milking the manufacturer and no one sees what's happening. They've paid for my lemon washing machine 10 times over.

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Randy Wiggins - 29 d 14 h ago


I'm certain that it doesn't matter but I was just banned for life from a Sears store in Boise, as the person in charge, would not honor clearly a 50% marking on an item that I was wanting to purchase. It is clear to me that the demise of your business is due to customer service skills.

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Andy lockhart - 33 d 15 h ago


Andy...I purchased a ignition module online and it's been over two weeks now and no part. Called the listed number for to speak with a service rep, but all they can tell me is they don't know when I'll be getting my parts. Called at least three times and always the same response. On the online store, it listed that the parts would be delivered in about 7 days...well up to now nothing. If i had known that it would take this long to receive this part, I would've ordered it online at ebay or amazon. My order number is W198529 placed on the 18th October and it's now almost a month later. How can I get some answers to this perplexing proipblem?, when the persons don't seem to know anything.

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Kristina Beck - 36 d 14 h ago


I need to know what year a coal burner furnce model no 867 1401 is

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Howard Galarza - 39 d 16 h ago


I purchased a air-conditioner and heating system. Nothing but problems since May 2018. Sears a/c rep missed 2 appointments sent 1 person who had no knowledge of A/C systems and 1 that made excuses why he couldn't do it today.

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Warren BIckel - 39 d 17 h ago


We have a Samsung RF28HMEDBSR/AA-0012 Fridge/Freezer. We have had it serviced 6 times to include 4 parts replacements and are still have issues with the ice maker frosting over, causing it to not only make ice but the frost starts to melt into the fridge also leaks out the water dispenser caution a safety issue. I have contacted PABA, Case number 6053684 and asked for the applianced to be replaced. I get told that is not an option as it is not a heating or cooling issue! That's CRAP!!!. When the technicians have come out the contact there technical advisors and are told as are we that nothing can be done to repair this it needs to be replaced!!! We have bought several appliances along with protection agreement plans from Sears and have never had an issue until this!! I want to speak to someone with the authority to simply replace our appliance. PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP

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Steve Taylor - 68 d 16 h ago


My story is much like the rest here. Bought an lg fridge 5/16, it has a failed compressor. Problem is there are no lg technicians within 150 miles that will work on it. Contacted sears, they offered to send a tech free of charge, this was 9/11/18 it has been 3 weeks and no response from them. Been "chatting" with sears via Facebook and they assure me they have escalated my claim, but there service team refuses to contact me. LG says that the compressor is covered by the 10-year warranty however the labor is not and I was quoted $560 from the Sears technician to replace it. Problem is they won't even get back to me . Now over a month later I had to purchase another fridge on my own dollar and now I have a yard ornament LG fridge that's garbage . Buyer beware for sears and lg.

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Anonymous - 43 d 14 h ago

I went through a similar situation with the refrig.. I purchased from Sears and I finally just purchased another one also. The big problem - other than the respect I had learned from my Mom and Dad - was that they had issued me a credit card with I refused and still do to even activate. I will never purchase another thing from Sears - period!


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Me - 43 d 16 h ago


I went to Independence Missouri Sears about 2 months ago they turned rotors that were too warped and when I went back last Friday they denied the knowledge of the cause of the noise because they knew it was coming from the rotors that should have been replaced instead of turned.

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Cheryl Gurule - 44 d 10 h ago


Puerto Rico relation is the worst experience I have encountered..No one wants to help english speaking clients....I want to make an appointment with CEO , ASAP...TRUST ME...I have suggestions(hidden)

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Kathryn - 50 d 12 h ago


Sears Outlet in Santa Ana is the worst store I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. First I bought an oven. They sent someone to deliver it and he charged me $130.00 to trim the wood in my kitchen to fit. I thought that was too high. The oven did not work. I tried calling Sears Outlet several times before I could finally reach someone, who told me to call General Electric. General Electric would not answer their phone either.

I called Sears Outlet the next day and the salesman told me to come in and pick out another oven, which I did. It was not delivered and no one called me on the delivery date. I got a message saying that the oven I picked out was the wrong size. I called Sears Outlet several more times and could not get an answer. I drove down there and could not find another oven I wanted.

I called a few more times to learn whether any new merchandise had come in, but could not get an answer. I drove down to the shop several times. Finally I picked out a third oven, which was supposed to be delivered today. No one called me. I tried calling Sears Outlet again, a few more times. Finally I got the manager, who hung up on me. I drove down to Santa Ana again and the manager lied, claiming she had not hung up on me. She said that she did not like my attitude after all the poor service and nonworking product she sent me. The staff would not tell me her name.

I got a refund and as I left I told two parties not to shop there. I will tell everyone I know not to shop there. I still need Sears Outlet Santa Ana to pick up the piece of junk they sold me. I am having a party on the 27th and need to have a decent oven to bake.

Kathryn Goldin

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Maria - 46 d 9 h ago


No one can be happy anymore. So many pissed off people in this world. JUST DON'T SHOP THERE IF IT MAKES YOU SO PISSED OFF.

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Cooper - 46 d 9 h ago


That is not your job to do that. JUST DON'T NOT SHOP THERE ANYMORE CHEAP PERSON.

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Michelle Racca - 48 d 16 h ago



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Janis - 46 d 9 h ago

They are closing all of there stored what do you expect. Plus there is only a year Warrant. Then you have to buy the ( Exstend warranty )

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Janis Carter - 46 d 9 h ago


Hello My name is Janis Carter from Tn. If you get a much younger buyer for your clothing , Shoes ,Jewelry and men's for younger age group .Make all the stores left open , with the a smarter set up and display. Nice clothing then polyester. You could save the store. Get rid of home goods all of your home services like washer and Dryer service. Plus TV'S. Set the store up on one floor instead of 2 floors. Sears could save there stores. Sale Leather boots and shoe.

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Leighmarie - 47 d 17 h ago

I had a repair man come to see whymy Kenmore washer wasn't working right. I had to wait almost 2 weeks for a repaiman! When he came he said my washer was old and he had to order the part. I had to pay him $186.00 for him to come out and for "part" of the ordered part. I never got a receipt!

I received the part about a week later. I called to make another appointment and they had a cancellation, so I only had to wait about 7 days!

He came and put the new part in, (only took about 15 mins),made sure it worked and charged me another $81.00 and left. The technician was very nice and knowledgeable. He told me Sears would e-mail me a receipt. It has been another week, i have called about 5 times. I called about 3 times to get a receipt from the first time i paid him. I called last Fri. To talk with a Supervisor and she told me she would have someone call me ASAP. THIS is Mon and i still have no receipt or phone call! How can it take WEEKS to get a receipt i should have gotten when i paid the technician? How long does it take to send an e-mail?

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