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Sears Roebuck & Co

3412 Demetropolis Rd
Mobile, AL
(251) 602-0186
(251) 602-6008
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Anonymous - 12 h ago

Hello my name is Rosibel Morn, my family it's being a loyal customer for manny years, for about 25 years,

Unfortunately I can't said that now, I'm sorry to tell you that your customer service it's horrible,

I purchase a dryer machine like six months ago, my experience with the sales person was great, I think her name is Lupe,but when it comes to deliver I can't said much horrible, the guy didn't want to connect the dryer he gave me all kinds of excuses, but hey that was ok I guess, second was , I purchase a stove and I had it delivered too and paid extra $25.00 to haul the old one, since delivery took over two weeks to deliver and they never let me know that it was gonna take that long of time. I decided to get rid of my old stove. And it's being over four months that I being going on and of with one department to another,

And transferring me over and over again, to top it off the people that worked there there inglish it's very limited, I'm sorry but it's frustrating. It's not about the money and it's about the customer service personal need more training,

Rosibel Moran


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Debbie Sutton - 13 h 21 m ago


What a SCAM!!!! We "had" the Home Warranty which is paid thru 5-18-18. Sears took it upon themselves to "renew" a MONTH ahead of time and charged my account the $566.88 yesterday, April 18th!! When I called to find out why, they claimed that they "bill" a month in advance. Ok, "billing" someone and "charging" someone is 2 different things!!! The agent would not let me talk to a supervisor or manager. She tried every way possible to convince me that this was correct, including saying that I was confused!!! I have never been so pissed in my life!! It's a SCAM!! This means you are paying double for the last month of your contract!! I will NEVER again use SEARS for anything and I will make sure everyone I know hears about this!!! So underhanded!!!

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Melissa Collins - 19 h 12 m ago


VERY DISSATISFIED! I scheduled an appointment for March 2, 2108 for a repair on my washer. The tech came out, found the problem and ordered the parts. He rescheduled for March 20 to complete the repair. Another tech came out on March 19 and put the parts on. When I went to wash water flooded the carpet in the hallway. I called and had to wait til April 4 for another repair who came out and found to trouble. I used the washer again and one time it was ok but the next time it would leak. I called for another visit and had to wait til March 12. The tech that day said he found a crack in the tub and ordered a new tub. He rescheduled for April 18 to come back. April 18 no one came or called. When I called April 19 I was told it would be April 24 before a tech could come. Each time I have to wait all day (8a-5p). My time is very valualble to me and 6 days of waiting all day is unacceptable.

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AUSTIN - 1 d 7 h ago

Your Sears auto center in the Baldwin Hills Mall has the most incompetent people working for them. I took my ca in at 10:02 I had 2 nails in the passenger rear tire (covered by warranty and one nail in the front tire. The young lady told me that the car would be ready by 13:00. I went back at 13;00 and the car was sitting in the same spot. I called at 13.56 three time because no one answered and finally I spoke with someone. She said come in 20 minutes. I get there at 16:20 and my car in on the rack with one tire off. she said, both tires cannot be replaced and they have to order the one under warranty and I will owe 201.00 for that one due to wear and tear. I will send photos. Minimal wear and tear. Now adding insult to injury they new this information and never called me I will show you my phone records I called sears 4 times and I do not do not have ONE CALL FROM THEM AND THE YOUNG LADY WAS SMILING LIKE IT WAS FUNNY. I WAS LIVID


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Very dissatisfied - 1 d 10 h ago


Signed contract for kitchen floor replacement in October 25 2017. Wrong flooring installed in Jan 2018. Have called several times. Spoken with project mgr. Been given several different reasons why replacement not done yet. Or been told I would receive a return call and then nothing. Terrible service. I used to trust SEARS. No more.

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Mike Oden - 1 d 18 h ago


Bought a sears riding lawnmower, nothing but a piece of junk

Repairman have worked on it 10 times, must recently 120 days ago, I spent several hundred dollars in repairs, only to be told there is only a 90 day warranty

Will NEVER buy another

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judygreco - 2 d 19 h ago


I want my refund, we have been lied to and given the run around for weeks.

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dissappaointed - 3 d 10 h ago


terrible lack of service. 6 week old kenmore elite oven broke. can't return it for refund. service person never showed up on the scheduled date & time. no reply from service or store manager. secretary at store said her computer showed oven had been already repaired...

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Raymond - 3 d 15 h ago


I want to express how disappointed I am with Sears and their customer service. I have been a customer since 1981. I'm a US Army Reserve Soldier deployed to Fort Fort Knox, KY, I had to leave my wife at our home in West Virginia due to health issue. Our HVAC started making a noise in Dec 17, I have had 4 different repairmen come to my home since Dec 17 to repair my HVAC unit, the first repairman told my wife the unit is leaking and it could not be repaired it needed to be replaced he did a quick fix to insure the home had heat. The second repairman came out said the unit did not need to be replace in just needed parts he ordered parts over $4000 dollars according to him. Parts was delivered to my drive way a box on a pallet the size of a refrigerator. Wife calls sears to let them know the parts has arrived,Third repairman comes to look at the unit he looks at the unit and does not open the box says that there is two parts that are need to repair the unit, they should be there with in a couple days 4 days late, wife calls Sears to let them know the parts did not arrive. Service department tells my wife the additional parts are in the box that arrive earlier. 4th Repairman arrives looks at the unit and tells my wife the unit can not be repaired it needs to be replaced and you should hear from Sears with in 72 hours. 4 days later no contact from Sears, I call Sears and after being transferred to 4 different departments I'm told that the request is in the system and you will here from us with in 72 hours, I did not receive a phone call, e-mail or any other form of communication, even though they ask you to verify your Name, Phone Number, Street Address and E-Mail Address, every time you call. I was told today that the unit was approved for replacement but they had to call the HVAC Department after 10 minutes on hold I was told that the replace has been approved and that I will here from them with in 72 hours. I was told by the service rep that she had spoken to the HVAC department manager and that it would be resolved. I ask to speak to the service manager, I was told by the service rep that she did not have the Managers number, and that she was in a meeting and that she could not take any calls. Sears a lot of good people working for them and I have spoken to several of them over the last 3 days, but the Service System is BROKEN, there is no wonder the Company is loosing money it is loosing customers from this type of poor service. It is a shame that this is one of the few Companies I remember as a kid that is still in business, if this type of service continues it want be around much longer.......

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SO Disappointed - 7 d 14 h ago


My refridgerator went out on 3/28/2018 service man came out looked at the back of the fridge did not ask for a glass just got it used a brush to brush under it left the trash told me to get it up on 4/4/2018 told me it was fixed it would be cold in the morning well guess what it wasn't so i called back to sch another service appt which was sch for 4/5/2018 instead of the service tech coming out to look at it again he called and told me it was the compressor they had to order it and when it came in the service tech would be in the next day of course that was a lie they told me i had to wait another 8 days 4/19/2018 i am very upset needless to say all my food spoiled i keep calling for an earlier appointment they keep telling me there is none before 4/19/2018 i told them that i had kids i could not afford to eat out every night they i am sorry you appt is not changing would not let me speak to a supervisor

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ANOTHER Extremely dissatisfied customer - 3 d 17 h ago


I have had the exact same experience! My kitchenaid refrigerator is not working and less that a month old! Sears no longer carries Whirlpool products and will not entertain servicing or replacing spoiled food! I have purchased appliances for four different homes over the past 25 years from Sears. The customer service from management at the local store is horrible and being transferred to the Philippines is absolutely an insult. I have had to explain and reexplain my problem to 3 different people overseas and they are still unable to grasp the magnitude of the problem. I get transferred and then told that there is nothing that they can do! Really?! Well, there is something that I can do after spending over $50,000 dollars in a 15 year span and that is to cancel my Sears card and NEVER step foot in a Sears store again!! I will be one of the biggest advocates for not shopping at Sears to EVERYONE that I meet. We own two local businesses and I work at a major medical center in my city so believe me I will not let this horrific experience be forgotten- EVER! I have never been so upset with a company! Sears has been the go to store for my family for over 70 years! Wow have things changed!

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Erin - 3 d 18 h ago


The very worst experience ever with the parts department. I have spent at least 4 hours on the phone, totally unsatisfactory management. Paid so my part would arrive in 2 days and still waiting 6 days later. Not one person is willing to help except to say we can refund your money (that should be available to you in 7-10 days) because we have not even started the shipping process. Do your self a favor and order from eBay, or any other company. Sears is the absolute worst. O am reporting them for theft, they took the money and are refusing to provide the part.

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Andi Kayne - 4 d 16 h ago


I have dealt with Sears since 1976, all our appliances and our soffits and gutters were done by Sears. In October we purchased a $2000.00 Beauty Rest Silver Hybrid mattress. The mattress weighs a ton. When we went to rotate it as per the instructions, one of the handles tore out, that was end of February. We contacted our sales person who was very nice and he told me to contact the warranty dept, which I did. They requested a picture of the damage and our sales receipt which I sent. They then wanted a picture of the tag on the mattress, the bedframe and the box spring with the mattress removed. We cannot lift the mattress off the bed, my husband and I are in our 70's with bad backs and the box spring has nothing to do with what happened. The Beauty Rest vendor says this shouldn't have happened, but they can't replace it, it has to go through Sears warranty. Sears will not replace it without the unnecessary additional picture. I sent them pictures of the mattress sitting on the box spring, the torn handle, the tag attached to the mattress, the bedframe, but they tell me to find someone to remove the mattress and send a picture of the box spring. I told them to send their delivery people to remove the mattress for us, but they "aren't authorized to do that". Beauty Rest is a wonderful sleeping mattress, but I will never buy anything under warranty again from Sears. I would also suggest never use a Sears credit card, use American Express or Visa so you have some back up.

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Anonymous - 6 d 4 h ago

I can certainly see why your company is in trouble! When I need a very simple and answer to a question, I have to come up with credit card and put down a deposit to get an answer. Bad business practice! I'll be heading to Home Depot or Lowes from now on. They talk to me without a credit card. Good luck staying in business. (Sears customer for 60 years)

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Cindy - 6 d 11 h ago


I have owned Kenmore appliances for over 41 years and have bought service agreements with my appliances. In the past I have been please with the service I have received. Most recently it has been very difficult to set up a repair appointment and yearly maintainace checks with the call center from the Phillipines. First concern is there lack to understand what is needed. I called because my washer was making a grinding noise. I have been doing laundry for over 50 years and know this noise means something is wrong and needs repair. I was told to change and clean the machine with a special cleanser they would sell me. I refused to do that and demanded to have a SEARS tech set out. Second, my dryer was not heating, again I was told to clean the lint out which I do everytime I use the dryer. I also regularly clean the lint out deep inside with the shop vac. Then they wanted me to replace the vent pipe in the back before we could have repair. We did as they asked. Now we called back, again an agent from the Philippines answers. Same things! I tell them we did that and need a SEARS repair person. Finally got an appointment 3 weeks out. Washer took 4 weeks before they could come for repair. Thirdly, I call for year check in refrig, dishwashers and range. This took me more than an hour to set up with the person from overseas. This again took two weeks before techs could come out. They sent a person from DISH. Was very nice but didn't do what has been done in the past for a yearly check. In and out in 15 mins. So I now call for repair for broken parts on dishwasher. Also burner repair on range. Again over an hour to set up appts from over seas call center. After I make appointment my husband gets a called from the Florida call center that they need to change my appt for dishwasher repair because it was set up with a DISH person who only does yearly checks. Also she tells me NO appointment was made for my range. I had just had an hour conversation too. They nice lady from Florida set up an appointment again for dishwasher and range. It is to take place in 2 week for repair. I have had 6 weeks off problems trying to set up appointments for repair. Very disappointed. Will never buy a Kenmore appliance again or a service agreement from them again. Sears what has happened?

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Cindy - 6 d 11 h ago


The comments above are only a few of the problems I have had with call center and service. The one thing that upset me was the male call center rep told me I needed to change my home number used when I call for repairs to my husbands cell. Also another woman called me Grandma. I am not her Grandma!

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Anonymous - 6 d 15 h ago

Worst company on the planet. Pay for expedited shipping don't receive your part at all let alone on time. 3 weeks into trying to get a refund nothing but run around and lies. Do not ever order anything from Sears you will be sorry as I am

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Leroy I purchased a washer and dryer can not get it delivered real sorry company - 7 d 21 h ago


I brought a washer an dryer I can't get it delivered

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ASE mechanic - 8 d 6 h ago


Purchased a TV for my daughter on and when we received it, it didn't work, so I called sears, they said I'm out of luck, it wasn't a sears product, it's a 3rd party seller, I tell them I didn't go to 3rd party, my bank statement doesn't say 3rd, they give me a phone number for the seller, I call it and BAM, adult phone sex crap, I go to website, doesn't exist, domain is for sale, I contact sears, bbb and I'm just out of luck, and I already shipped TV back, still nothing they can do they say. Thanks for upsetting and STEALING MONEY FROM MY 3 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER SEARS, WAY TO GO. I am a auto mechanic, have over $5000 in craftsman tools I'll be selling, bought another $200 in tools with TV purchase and those are getting returned, I'll never spend another dollar on your products, and all over 1. Upsetting my daughter and 2. A $60 TV, that's correct, sixty (60) dollars.

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Very Unhappy Customer - 8 d 10 h ago


Bought a dryer online then when they didn't show up on scheduled delivery date (3 weeks later) I called to see where my dryer was. Apparently, they didn't know but wanted to schedule another delivery date for 3 weeks later. We decided to just cancel the order and buy from the store. So, it is now another 3 weeks later and still getting the run around. No dryer (no one seems to know anything about it) and no refund. I call several times daily and I have been transferred to different departments, warehouses, hung up on, etc. I just want my dryer or my money back! These people are crooks!

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Specpaul - 9 d 12 h ago


We have been Sears customers for 42 years. They were our very first credit card. We have used Kenmore Vacs for almost that long. They used to have great products. We purchased one back in Oct 2017. Piece of junk. We tried to work with it. Unfortunately kept it to long. I have been trying to get a real person to talk to. One that knew what they were talking about. On the website you could only chat with someone who wanted to sell you something. Could not find an email link to customer service. Finally went to the store. After talking to one person who admitted she knew nothing she referred me to an EXPERT. He knew even less than she did. She did inform me that they did not have a customer service department but they were all Member Service representatives. Not surprised I could not do anything with the product because I did not pay for the additional protection contract, however, I was discusted with the lack of knowledge from their "Member Service" representatives an the very difficult means of contacting anyone. We will never set foot in another Sears store. Doubt they will be around much longer at this rate.

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Normie - 9 d 12 h ago



Sears has a really bad problem when it comes to service on merchandise bought from them. A technician came out and was not able to finish the job. He said that when the problem was fixed to call and he would come out to finish the job. I lost a days pay to sit here and get my washer serviced, but instead I'm on the phone for over 75 minutes speaking with a lady that has a very thick accent which I find it very hard to understand her to begin with. Sears I'm going to notify all 405 facebook contacts telling them not to EVER BUY FROM SEARS ..THIS IS HORRIFYING HOW I WAS TREATED AFTER BUYING A WASHER AND DRYER THAT NOW SEARS WILL NOT FIX !!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 9 d 14 h ago

Bought all new appliances for our home m September of 2017. Our fridge isn't working properly and we've been getting the run around trying to get it fixed. We reported the problem in February, it's now almost mid April, 4 cancellations on their end and our fridge still isn't fixed. I will never buy anything from Sears again.

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Anonymous - 9 d 13 h ago


We're having the same exact problem with our fridge! It would be nice to talk to someone not in the Phillipines.

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Denise Garrison - 10 d 8 h ago


Bought a Mag tag elite refrigerator 3 yrs ago. Found out its an LG. We have 5 yr warranty on the sealed components. We've been without a refrigerator for 10 days. Repair man came today to fix and now he has to order other parts so and other 10 days. Went to sears in Tyler and manager Anna Matinee was not helpful and really didn't care. She just walked off. I did walk through the store and told other customers to leave because I felt like Sears should be more helpful. Sears use to be and we gave bought a lot through Sears...BUT NEVER AGAIN. MAYBE SEARS SHOULD THINK ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND MAYBE SEARS WOULD HAVE A BETTER RATING. SO VERY DISAPPOINTED AND DISGUSTED.

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