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Shell Oil Company

Royal Dutch Shell
910 Louisana St.
Houston, TX
(713) 241-6161
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FRIEND - 5 d 9 h ago


Insulting: I was at the Shell Station in Delton, MI ( Johnnies Market) today 11/17/2017. I purchased a few things which

included ICE. After exiting the store I grabed a bag of ICE that I paid for inside (pay inside as most stations do). I found

the ICE to be over Frozen and I could not break down the cubes. I returned the ICE inside the cooler and went back inside

the store for a REFUND. The Manager came out and told the Cashier to check my car for more Ice Bags. This man was

rude and insulting to call me a THIEF. I plan to talk to the owner soon and complain about his Manager and his accusations he implied about me.

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Lisa - 7 d 16 h ago


Got gas at Shell station in Wilmington NC on 11/6/17. I used my debit card at pump. They put a $75 hold for $20 worth of gas. They got their money the next day but still have not released my funds as of 11/14/17. When I finally was able to talk to a human they told me they did not release funds that it's have to talk to my bank. So I call my bank to find out that they hold funds for 10 business days if the company does not release the hold. So Shell can take your money but can't be bothered to release their hold on your money even though they have received theirs....... They don't care about their customers at all....I am a single mother just trying to make ends meet. I've purchased fuel before and at least most other companies only hold for an hour to 48 hours. What a load a crap!!! Screw shell..... They will never get anymore if my hard earned money and I'm thinking of changing balls too....... Especially since they can see that shell had been paid and tell me their policy won't allow them to release untill the 11th business day. So from 11/6 till 11/21/17...... Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture????

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Racially Profiled - 15 d 5 h ago



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Perry Z - 19 d 13 h ago


I started going to this fuel station in west Salem Oregon to get Coffee in the early mornings, they have really good coffee and i was enjoying it a lot i began going in 7 days a week and twice a day on Saturday and Sunday. I also buy gas and other snacks there. I have been coming here for about 5 months with know problems, I walk in and say good morning, I get my coffee and pay and say have a great day when i leave. This is all I say every day. Now last month 1 of the gas station attendants (named DON) a (white guy blonde hair with blue eyes) decided i had to talk to him more, than what i listed above, he met me at my car and followed me into the store demanding a greeting. I told him Don`t F...... bother me leave me alone. Don then follows me back to my car telling me he wants me to talk to him and i told him to go away and leave me alone. I then told William that , that guy is an a-hole can you please have him leave me alone, then William witnesses Don following/stalking back to my car and told him to leave the customers alone. Now for the last month this guy has done nothing but hassle me every time i go to get coffee. just 2 weeks ago this same guy assaulted me while i was walking back to my car Don grabs my arm (with a cup of hot coffee in both hands) and demands to know why I wont talk to him in the mornings. I pulled away from him drove back up to the building and got out and told the girl Holly and the guy tall curly haired guy, what had just happened and they said I would have to call the manager during the day. His name is Tim and he is never available to talk about this problem I have called many times i have gone there and the so called manager is not available, ever. So even thou the coffee is really good I had to go somewhere else for my morning cup of deliverance. IT SEEMS TO ME THAT DRIVING GOOD CUSTOMERS AWAY IS STUPID, EMPLOYEES SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO HASSLE OR CAUSE ANY PROBLEMS WITH CUSTOMERS. I Do Not Know This Guy Don but he is way out of control and needs to be taught the importance of customers and the related job it contains.

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Donna Marie Markham - 20 d 14 h ago


wish you and master card would get your act together.... Today I finally got a valid sign on screen, and successfully signed on after months of getting questionable 'redirect' sign on screens. I thought I had paid my balance, and before I got the confirmation screen, a blank sign on screen came up! Did my transaction go through or not? Tried to call Customer service.... Impossible to get a human. I give up... Easier to get rid of the credit card and use others.

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Anonymous - 26 d 20 h ago

Suspicious activity at 8920 Miramar Rd

San Diego CA. 92126

Please investigate: (858)566-2541

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Anonymous - 29 d 9 h ago


The Shell Station at 2645 Wesley Chapel Rd Decatur, Ga 30034 is open 24/7 and they have people loitering outside the store 24/7 as well. I have lived in the community for 25 years and have NEVER stopped at this location because of loitering. I have complained to the store clerks several times but nothing seems to change.

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Gabby - 57 d 9 h ago


Sorry related to the comment under this one store #68600 in San Diego the contact info for Gabby is (hidden)

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Gabby - 57 d 9 h ago


So yesterday I went to try to get some gas. I had my toddler and 11 year old with me at the time, on my way to pick up my older son from school. I stopped at the Shell Fuels at 2484 F street San Diego, Ca 92102 store #68600. I usually pay at the pump with my debit card, however this time the buttons were not working correctly. So I decided to go inside and pay with the cashier I told her I wanted to pay 20 on 7. That was my mistake after I came to the pump it did not work and I sent my daughter in to check on it. The cashier named unknown told her to ask me to come in. so I said fine and went in. The cashier stopped me before I could finish my sentence and said "I am with a customer" so when it looked like she was done with that customer. I began to say maybe I got the wrong pump number and try to defuse the fact that she spoke to me so rude like. She then said again extremely rude. "I said I'm with a customer"! At that point I was like wow, ACTUALLY I was here before hand and before I can finish she said I refuse you service,. I then noticed she was pregnant and I progressed less upset and said but I payed you with my credit card info. She said not it has not been charged blah blah blah. I then left upset at this point that I was unable to pump gas here afraid I may run out with my children in the car. I can't ever recall being treated that way before as a paying customer. She gave me a receipt with a zero balance I then called when I left and asked for her supervisors name she hung up on me over and over, then simply did not answer the phone. I would appreciate it if someone responds for this type of behavior. I am a mother and would think someone who is a mother to be would treat another mother with the respect she should as a mom but more so as a customer. Thank you.

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Nigerian delta - 69 d 3 h ago


Tonight I am watching vice news with the story about the Nigerian Delta when I heard what Shell had none there I was very angry I will never buy your product again I will run out of gas before I go to one of your stations it's absolutely shocking to see what's going on there and there seems to be very little attempt to clean up the environment that you are helping pollute John Webb

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bob g. - 70 d 11 h ago


terrible service.

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Dorita Bosworth - 86 d 9 h ago


Shell Station at 16300 Renton Issaquah Road August 28,2017

Renton WA. USA


Pump number 3 accepted my Fred Meyer/QFC discount card which said I had .20 per gallon off then said my debit card was invalid.

The machine in the store accepted my debit card. I showed the clerk my discount card but she didn't have me use it.

After pumping my gas and after asking for a receipt it showed that I didn't get ..20 per gallon off.

Clerks comment was come back the next time and try again. I will not get my gas at this store again.

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c.r. johns - 70 d 11 h ago


i also agree with your comment. same experiance at shell station in rockville,md. they are a bunch of thievesc jones

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NOT SHELL - 70 d 12 h ago


I have been a shell customer since 1963 now they just closed my account for not using my card. I called them and they told me I will have to start a new account. I will be using Chevron from now on. I have been using shell and paying with my Visa card for years. The local shell station charges 30 cents a gal more if you use don't use a shell card.

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Charles M. Yambert - 71 d 5 h ago

Charles Yambert 1858 W. Co.Rd. #6 Tiffin,Ohio44883 Have received three E-mails that have been blocked by server filter. FROM Shellcredit (hidden) ALL three had Following: Heuristics-Email-Phishing- SpoofDomain Surley your company has transfered ownership YOU TRING TO TRANSFERR VIRUSES ALSO// Last virus attempt Sept 12 2017 Shellcredit card@ Remove that opperator.

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Charles - 81 d 3 h ago


Stop at Shell,6141 south loop east, Gas had been raised to 2.599 Sunoco across the street was 2.27,But they ran out of gas.If this is not gougeing. pump#8 09.58:ooPM 9/2/17 Inv#979369

These people need to go back to where they came from.(Charles)

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Janice - 81 d 17 h ago


The link below needs to be watched by all.. I am boycotting shell for this.. This man represents the shell company and look how he is taking advantage of the Hurricane Harvey Victims. Really 20.00 for a case of WATER?? I will NEVER shop shell again. This store is located in Baytown Texas.. at N. Main and Cedar Bayou Lynchburg.. He needs his franchise pulled.

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Janice - 81 d 17 h ago

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Anonymous - 85 d 5 h ago

Girardi and Keese, attorneys-at-law, are blaming Shell for not paying the Carson, California lawsuit. But Shell paid.

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Shawn Grove - 86 d 16 h ago


We have a community effort going on in Gladwin County Michigan called rocks of love.

People paint and hide rocks around town for kids to find and when the find one they hide another.

Its been wonderful. It has gotten a ton of parents and kids out together outside hunting rocks.

Your employee goes by the Name of Joan watches people hide them then goes and picks them up and throws them away!!! What a disgrace. And she is giving your company a bad name! People are saying they won't be going to your gas station because of it!

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Dan Schmitt - 87 d 6 h ago


I understand that Shell Oil now owns Quaker State. I have been using Quaker State Oil in my 2004 F-150 for the last thirteen years. My truck has over 650,000 miles on the original gasoline engine. Maybe someone in your advertising department would be interested? Who should I talk to? Please have them call me or e-mail me.

Dan Schmitt (hidden) (hidden)

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tpihota - 94 d ago


There are several stores in San Antonio Texas and accross the country that are posed as Shell gas stations that the store owners are selling synthetic marijuana Spice K2 Kush Klimaxx. These drugs have been know to cause mass over doses and has taken 1000's of lives. Do you not feel you awe the communities that buy your gas the respect to make their communities drug free of synthetic marijuana? Is not the human life that spend their hard earned mony in what they feel is a corporate store worth saving their lives ? You hae the power to stop these store....When will uyou doing somethinng about it?

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Diane Medina - 110 d 11 h ago


I went to a Shell station with my service dog. The woman working there would not let me in the store. I needed change for a twenty, my dog had his vest on ,there was another customer there who tried to explain to her that they are allowed to go with you anywhere.she would not listen. She told me she would not service the dog.when the other customer left she started screaming at me to leave her alone,over and over again. Then she started screaming at me to get out. I am elderly and disabled . I was so shocked I am 70 years old. The filling station is at a Federal and and Florida,j this happened on July 30th around 3p.m..Is this how you want your Company represented? She even scared my service dog

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Luz - 110 d 13 h ago


Bad service, no paper in pumps for receipt...EVER.... the Help button? Don't press it because the Third World War may happen first before they may or may not help you.Now they serve food ,plates of food and flirt with costumers and if you complain they say Next....this is Hialeah-Florida meantime pumps are filthy when they work if they work they don't have paper ever. And don't bother with Shell headquarters they will be polite reroute you to a recording-hang up on you or leave you holding and all tree if they could

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Anonymous - 120 d 5 h ago

It's Luna Dolores she has scammed me for 130000 ivesting in this contract sep/syn// 11a4z she said it was a sure deal at 2.9 million so beware I

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