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Shell Oil Company

Royal Dutch Shell
910 Louisana St.
Houston, TX
(713) 241-6161
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Anonymous - 6 d 16 h ago


After reading the comments, I see there is no point to call corporate. The gas station I just went to told me to when I simply wanted a lotto ticket. I simply asked for a lotto ticket and they refused to serve me (I won 50 dollars and just wanted to trade it in). They gave me several 5's and I looked at the drawer on the other side and politely asked if there was any way I could get at least 1 ten. I was told it's against the law to do so. I am pretty sure looking at a drawer is totally legal. The company could use better customer service on the gas station side. If this is bad, I see why corporate is getting such bad ratings.

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Merle Headley - 8 d 19 h ago


Karem the manager on 128th SE in Everett Washington. Used profanity and was completely unprofessional. Is not mentally fit to work with the public

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Anonymous - 21 d ago

This is from one of your employees Hank Wells, posted on Facebook:

This is SEDITION! FBI has been notified.

Impeachment...each and every one of you should pray, this doesn't happen...and, I'll tell you why. For 8 years, we sat silent, while Obama divided our nation. He used identity politics, race warfare, and class warfare to divide us all. Obama thrust universal healthcare upon us and we sat silent. In the meantime, Hillary and Obama let 4 Americans die in Benghazi, while they watched on closed circuit tv. Again, we were silent. We watched Hillary Clinton and Donna Brazil rig a primary against Bernie Sanders. We saw Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch (Attorney General at the time) sit on a flight line, only to find that Hilary was exonerated for any crime; regarding her acid washed / bleach bit server and 33,000 deleted emails. Again, we were silent...We have watched our duly elected president harassed each and every day, for 3 years; even though he has put millions back to work, brought jobs back to America, stood up to our adversaries, and fought like hell to protect our borders. Now, we see Joe Biden leveraging $1 Billion American dollars for his son. However, the Democrats and the media only care about impeaching Trump! So, I can tell you with the utmost certainty...if you are successful in your witch-hunt, we will NOT be silent!!! You will see a revolution you cannot even fathom! Tread lightly...

Borrowed. GOD please protect your chosen.

PUT THIS POST ON YOUR FACEBOOK!!! copy and paste if you dare!!! Trump Make America Great Again!!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 22 d 4 h ago


The shell in Hermitage, TN 37076 right off I40 exit and attached to the McDonald's: two of the female employees there, one fat one with curly dark hair, like late 30s and another old one with stringy black straightened hair, they work in the morning usually, have been harassing my bf, a paying customer for literally more than a month over some petty disagreement. We will no longer spend our hard earned money here directly because of these two employees.

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Neighborhood patron - 23 d 16 h ago


For a few years now I have been purchasing Shell Gas from the location in Corona,CA @ 23255 Temescal Canyon Rd. It's very convenient for me, but not a pleasurable experience. The gas despensers are dirty, the buttons are cracked & somewhat unresponsive to choice. It asks if you want a receipt, tells you it is printing, but nothing comes out & one has to go in the store to get it. I,as a female alone, don't feel comfortable having to do that at night. The water, if available to clean windshields, is black & there are no paper towels. With what fuel costs here in CA, I should at least be able to clean my window. When I mention these problems I get the same answers over & over. We are out of printing paper, the printers are being repaired, new parts are ordered, new machines are coming OR....I'm new! I wish something could be done!!!!!!

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Shelley - 24 d 18 h ago


I will no longer be using credit cards anywhere thank to shell double dipping on my card, and the Glenda who works at your centerville tn gas station told me the wrong information and now I'm sitting here waiting in my refund, since there manager Melissa did not even relay the message to the other workers and now they are trying to fix the problem!

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notcomplicatewithDT - 109 d 15 h ago

I will NO LONGER do business with your company in any way at all. NO gas, no convience store purchases, if i broke down and shell was the only place, i'd be towed somewhere else. You have LOST all my future business, and the rest of my friends and family agree also. I know many people. The word is out. You are complicate in a Dictator ship in this country. And to even consider doing something like this to hard working people. Shame on you. I am done with anyone or any company, corp or any individual that has any thing to do with that admin and the Republicans. You have now signed your death warrant against the public. Your decency is now in the toilet. You are siding with a Dictator want-to-be. I have no words for this kind of un human situation that you allowed. I will say no more. You do not deserve anything. Cutting up the card after i send this. Bye bye.evil ones.

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Karl - 109 d 15 h ago

I assume you were attempting to say "complicit" when you said "complicate." I thought all you Socialist Dems were mentally superior to us Conservatives. Please keep believing that tripe. It worked great for Hillary.

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JAC - 108 d 20 h ago


That is all you have Karl? Insults?

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Karl - 108 d 19 h ago

Yup, that's pretty much it. After all, I'm just a simple-minded "Deplorable."

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The Old Ranger - 40 d 18 h ago

dumocrats live with insults, by insults, and for insults... that is the only way they know how to approach anything

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TRUMP2020 - 108 d 15 h ago



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Kathy - 94 d 19 h ago

I have never use your gas, until 3 weeks ago and never use anything else! I drive a 2015 Ford Fiesta that I bought used. The car was driving very sluggish and noooo pick me up. The car couldn't even climb a hill without heavy acceleration! I actually thought it was because it was a Ford! Then one day I was close to empty. I had to find any gas station and I saw Shell. Mind you I only used QuikTrip gas for many, many years. I filled my tank with your gas and got in the car, put my foot on the accelerator and sped off like a race car! I was was blown away! O my goodness!!! It was Regular I used that day. After that I saw your advertisement at the pump about the Shell V Power. I decided to try it. I was blown away again!!! My car drive so fast it scares me! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will never ever use any other gas again! I live in Jonesboro, Ga on Upper Riverdale Rd, there are many gas stations on that street but not a Shell! Please consider putting one there! Thanks! I rate this gas 5 Stars!

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The Old Ranger - 40 d 18 h ago

This is a "plant" comment, no truth to it at all

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Shell Oil Company - 78 d 6 h ago


During the Second War to Kill White People, while real men were getting their asses shot off, "unfit for military duty", gangland associate, off-key crooner, Frank Sinatra was consorting with the loose teeny boppers. Frankie was also awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. Across the pond, it was only a couple of decades ago when the kosher Queen Elizabeth gave the Victoria Cross to the drug-soaked degenerate noise makers, the Beatles. Over there, they "knight" jews faster than Dave 'Wendy's' Thomas rushes to the bank. I really think Charlie Manson should not be left out.

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Wake Up America - 110 d ago


Wake up America! While I will never, ever, buy another Shell product, this condition upon a so-called president speaking in a plant in Pennsylvania, was also condoned by the president and his staff. This is how dictators slowly remove any and all rights. They start by limiting the rights of free press. They then begin to place restrictions on places of work. Money becomes more and more powerful to a select group. We have seen all of this play out. Your 2nd amendment won't save you. For every gun we have they have 10 that are bigger. We still have powers, boycott companies like Shell and Home Depot that have come out in support of dictators. Above all, even though it is somewhat rigged with the electoral college, get out and vote.

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TRUMP 2020 - 108 d 15 h ago


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Anonymous - 106 d 14 h ago

If you were a true patriot you would be agreeing with that statement.

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Drew Brezzzzzzzzzzz - 78 d 7 h ago

u are A Fucking fool.TRUMP IS DONE

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Anonymous - 97 d 20 h ago

You sir or neutral gender person you claim are a total imbecile. Your 10 bigger guns is just the rhetoric from the Looney LEFT. Wake up! What have YOU contributed to America anyway!!!

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Lori - 92 d 14 h ago


Your customer service leaves something to be desired. Spendt over 6 minutes on phone to make payment which: 1) not currently due; 2) a bit more than the current balance due; and 3) voila....was kicked out due to whatever verbage you use to describe an overpayment on my account?! What a waste of my time. Expect so much more from Shell.

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Amy London - 110 d ago


shameful that workers were required to attend a Trump rally. coerced. This is America. We have personal freedoms. I am absolutely appalled

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TRUMP 2020 - 108 d 15 h ago


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Re name calling dude - 106 d 14 h ago

We should all be appalled when the media lies but coercion of this kind is too reminiscent of North Korea activities. From all your posts you seem to agree with living in a country where your decisions are made for you.

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TRUMP 2020 - 108 d 15 h ago


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Anonymous - 106 d 14 h ago

Even if you are a Trump supporter how can you condone this kind of treatment that contradicts the freedoms the USA was founded on? Would you feel the same if it was a Biden rally?

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