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Shell Oil Company

Royal Dutch Shell
910 Louisana St.
Houston, TX
(713) 241-6161
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Questionable - 2 d 11 h ago


Your listed phone number o this site gives a recording, "You have reached a number that is no longer in service....." Is there a number for your legal department?

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Charles - 6 d 15 h ago

I don't know who owns the shell with Dunkin, on Montgomery Rd, in Cincinnati Ohio, but the woman who works at 6am. Is the rudest person I've ever seen, she was rude and mouthy to all the customers, including myself. Who hires these people. I don't complain much, but this woman had no respect for any of the customers. Please tell this person , that we all work and don't need this crap from anyone.

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Mosbius - 2 d 11 h ago

Reach back like a pimp and slapped the Hoe!

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Audrey - 7 d 11 h ago


Hello Shell Company,

I'm writing you this email in regards to a person named George D. Williams, claiming that he is working as Chief Engineer in your company, Royal Dutch Shell based in TX USA.

According to Mr. George D. Williams, he was sent to Senegal by Shell last 1st week of February for 2 months drilling contract on the said country.

Mr. George D. Williams contacted me and he told me that he sent me a package.

I just want to verify if Mr. George D. Williams is a legitimate employee of Royal Dutch Shell TX, since he is using such competent name of the company.

Looking forward for your feedback on this matter. I really appreciate your help.

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@MadeinusaShoppi - 8 d 3 h ago


The Car Wash at a California Shell location shaved both of my wheels on the right side. After talking to the attendant, manager and Shell Corporate Office, I realized that they are not willing to fix the damages. I advise everyone against using this location, actually I advise against the entire Shell services, due to their unwilling attitude toward us, customers.

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Anonymous - 19 d 12 h ago

Can you help me with a problem? I have been talking with this person on Facebook by the name of Michael Derek, he stated he worked for shell oil out of Chicago Illinois and he is a petroleum engineer working a contract for over 4 million dollars on an off shore rig in Dublin Ireland, I have sent this person close to $100,000.00 and I sent him money to come back to the States on January 24, 2019, will he has claimed that upon arrival in the states he was kidnapped at the airport and now been held hostage, they are demanding $50,000.00 or they will kill him. Do you have anyone working for you by that name, he is supposed to be from Virginia Beach, Virginia and he states he has two children, can you please help me, is this person a scam artist or what, I want to thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

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Anonymous - 9 d 13 h ago

You have undoubtedly been scammed, please do not send this person any more money.

General profile image - 21 d 3 h ago


I would like to inquire if you have an employee named Garry Stewart? according to him he is a dredging contractor somewhere in new york offshore. Because he borrowed money ftom me in dollars $700. I do not know if he is a scammer and use shell oil company as his employer. Thank you for the reply i need to know its a disgracing to the company.

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Shell Shocked - 21 d 9 h ago


The number shown on this page is disconnected. Why is Shell hiding behind a disconnected number?

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Marc - 23 d 6 h ago

Hello, how are you? I'm in Memphis tn and I visited one of your stores that is located on Kirby and Shelby dr on Jan 26. While I was there I purchased a quart of chocolate milk. I later drank some of the milk on the 27th and realized the milk was spoiled and had expired on the 23rd of Jan. I went back to the store today which is the 28th and the same milk that expires on the 23rd was still on the shelf. So I informed the male supervisor and he had the nerve to add insult to injury by copping an attitude and being offensive. I mean this is a product the children buy and consume. I dont know who handles these situations within your organization but im going to complain about this incident unti I have confirmation that the situation has been address. If that doesn't work I'm going to the press. Thank you.

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Costa Mesa CA - 21 d 9 h ago


Shell requires cash to purchase a gift card for Shell. It refuses to give the cash price at a pump for the use of their own gift card.


One has to remember that Shell is a Saudi Arabian owned company based in the UK. It is not an English company.

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Jason Roberts - 33 d 7 h ago


I am from phnx AZ an for 2nd time this month I have had money took off my debit card an has been hell to get money back... I love shell gas stations but am fed up with the bs I've had go through lately.. frustrated an hopefully woll hear back from someone about 78 dollars took out my account

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Brenda M Holland - 40 d 6 h ago


I am a homeower in Encino and have lived there for over 30 years. I often frequent this Shell Convenience Store and Gas Station. Today I purchased three (3) California Lottery Scratchers and the final ticket was torn off at the bottom (result of attendant). I made notice of this when I looked at the ticket and the attendant assured me there was no issue. I noted that one of the numbers needed to file a "second chance" was missing. The attendant was very condescending and repeatedly reiterated (difficult to understand his communication) that I could simply scan the ticket and it would be fine. When i walked home (four blocks) it was obvious that the last " Prize" tag was not even on the ticket. I walked back....and the attendant and another employee (manager/owner) continued to speak to me in a rude tone. I told him I should not have to keep this scratcher as it was damaged. They would not

provide another ticket or provide a refund. They kept telling me I did not have an issue. I speak English very well and communicate well after being in the broadcasting industry for 38 years. This is simply not appropriate. I would like to receive a response from your corporate office and/or a refund. It is a $ 5.00 scratcher Triple 777. I intend to notify the California Lottery as well. I look forward to hearing from you. Brenda Holland (hidden),

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Angel - 50 d ago


The Shell station in Truckee CA is spit shined and ready to Birth children

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One upset CUSTOMER - 50 d 10 h ago


The Shell on exit 29 BRUNSWICK Ga Omg this place. BAD BUNINESS place has a dounk donuts..but out side. People hanging around lot. Guys in van sleeping in back..and walkn around NASTY..HE HAS SUM GUYS OUTSIDE TRY TO ASK FOR $$ EVERDAY.. AND THE OWNER MANGER WITCH IS FORGIEN COULD CARELESS. DONT STOP HERE. BAD BUNINESS BAD BUSINESS

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Del - 64 d 19 h ago

Your policy to have your 24/7 hr convenient stations of having bathrooms locked during overnight hours until 7 am is back. People traveling need to use them. Besides what the hell is that anyways, it's part of the store. I WON'T EVER GO TO ONE OF THE SHELL STATIONS EVER AGAIN AND I'll tell all my family and friends also.

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G.kirby - 67 d 10 h ago

She'll station on 123 in Franklin owned buy a foreigner every time gas prices go down and you stop there to get gas he shuts down his pumps and I believe he doesesnt want to sell gas below what he pays for it this happens every month and their excuse is it gets to warm for the pumps to happens wings spring summer and fall.this happens continually.its a joke I pulled on today dec17 and some were closed again today second time this week.he owned the shell station on one side of the road the marathon across the street and the Sunoco down the street how are you allowed to own 3 different company stations that's a monopoly..this is a joke.i will no get gas there any more .

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Michelle - 67 d 13 h ago


The shell gas station on 8700 rivers ave, N. Charleston, SC has rightfully attempted that they have recieved numerous complaints about their gas having extremely high amounts of water in it, causing issues in peoples cars including mines but are giving me an extremely hard time for a refund of $85. I did not ask for a repair reimbursement. All I asked was for my money to be refunded to me for purchasing a porduct that was defective. I have a shell fuel rewards account and sent them a screen shot of my recent transaction history as a validation for a receipt. It has the stations address, date, transaction number, amount I paid, and the amount the was per gallon. But they are saying, that is not good enough as a receipt and than tells me to send in a bank statement (I used cashed for majority of my payments so that isnt an option), go to the store for a copy, (they stated do not have that ability), and than they told me to call the fuel rewards for an e-receipt after i already told them there online site clearly says they are only available in 5 locations. 4 in NC and 1 in AR. I live in SC so why would they even tell me about that as an option is not ok. I still called and was told what I already knew: "Even though i have opt into E-Receipts, because the location im in doesn't support that, they cannot give that to me. So now my time is completely wasted and I know, based upon the screen shot of my transaction, they can look into their system and get everything else they need but just refuses not to because they'd rather not give me my money back.

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A Campbell - 68 d ago


The Shell located off HWY 17 N near Town Center Mount PleasantSC 29464 has a clerk by the name of Will who gave my a counterfeit bill. He insisted it was real but wouldn't accept it back

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DonTrump Sr - 69 d 17 h ago


Shell is responsible for climate change that is killing people worldwide. Shell Houston needs a good protest, law suits, anti-shell advertising, etc.

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Anonymous - 78 d 11 h ago

Hi to whom it may concern ,I just want to give my interest to shell oil company ,that shell oil company have a long history in the country Guyana shell is the first to discover oil in Guyana since 1953 please call if u need more info 1(hidden) khemraj Singh NYC

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Jimmy rogers - 80 d 13 h ago

Hi this is jimmy Roger's. I live in lehigh acres florida. I stopped at one of your gas stations off of Buckingham rd in ft. Myers and got something to drink . When I used my debit card their are three cameras pointed down at the debit card machine. I haven't used my card only at your store so after 10 days I noticed unusual transactions from my debit card. So went to my bank and they told me they are investigating the matter because some one has gotten my pin number. I wonder why u need three cameras for pointing at the counter top for . And why do they have two debit card machines. Well I have pictures of the store cameras . Gonna show the police today and help with investigation . If this is true I hold you responsible for this as well . Cause your name is on that gas station

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Brian parker 563-206-0069 - 88 d 15 h ago


In clinton iowa 52732 this is brian parker

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Barb parker 563-357-7495 - 88 d 15 h ago


Hello my name is Brian parker and im having problems with 2 of your employees at shell gas station on 2nd ave s and 4th street there names are Diane and Linda they are always rude , mean and bitching at me and my wife all the time this has been going on for 3 months now if it dont stop i will call my lawyer.

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Tomika L.S. - 89 d ago


I Really Have A lot I Really Want To Say. I'm Only Going To Say Something Just To Get A Point Across. I Was Rise'ed To Respect My Elders. I Love Them And Have So Much Respect For Them. I Was Also Rise'ed That It Takes Respect To Get It. No Matter How Old They Are, Who They Are, Or What He Or She Can Aim To Achieve In Life. You Must Have That Respect For One Another. What Ever Seed You Sew Or What Ever Vibe You Put Out There Your Bound To Get The Same Back. Tonight I Did And Said Something I Never Wanted To Do In My Life. And That Was To Disrespect My Elder. I Was So Caught Off Guard. I Really Did Not Know What To Make Of It. I Know I Could Have Walked Away. I Really Was Not In The Mood For Any BS. Their Was So Others Also Outside When We First Pull'ed Up ! They Was Also Complaining About The Way She Handle And Do Things. I Mean At Her Age She Should Know And Pay More Attention To Was She Dose In The Public Eye's. Today She Was So Rude And Disrespectful ! That I Now Know Why Others Was Outside Talking About Shes The Main Reason They Never Try To Stop There At That Gas Station When She Is Their. They Rather Take a Chance To Make It To Another Gas Station. Some Even Has Ran Out Of Gas Just Cause Of Her. She Is To Old & To Big Mouth To Be Working In A Place Like That. Even If You Have Other's Their It Want Work ! One Day ! An I Pray It Wont Happen! Cause I Wish Nothing Happens To Anyone One. Yet At The Same Time. One Day Someone Going To Come In Their In A Bad Mood And She Going To Say Or Do Something And They Going To Make Her Sorry For Opening That Big Mouth Of Hers. So Please In JESUS NAME! GET HER AWAY FROM PEOPLE PLACES BECAUSE SOME ONE GOING TO HURT THAT OLD WOMAN!! I'M DONE!

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