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Shell Oil Company

Royal Dutch Shell
910 Louisana St.
Houston, TX
(713) 241-6161
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Deb - 3 d 24 h ago

I would like you to know that there is a person of the name pete hansen that says he works for shell oil on one of the off shore oil rigs from new orleans who is using shell oil ad a please of employment that has scamed me out of a lot of money he also apparently has a daughter by the name of mary who is 14 years old he is a very very good scammer he is the best he had me so raped up in him and are future together this man worked me for a year and a half . Also sent me pictures of him and his daughter he took everything i had left me homeless and lost everything i worked so hard for i would hope that when hiring there is a major check on people i have turned this over to the authorities

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Anonymous - 9 d ago


I went to one of stores in Port Allen Louisiana on hwy 415. I just brought a 2018 XTS Cadillac I pumped 25.04 of your V-Power at $2.89 a gallon and now my car is shaking and my check engine light has came on. I feel like I'm getting the run around wit somebody getting back with me!! My Name is M. Daisy!!

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Anonymous - 9 d ago


I went to one of stores in Port Allen Louisiana on hwy 415. I just brought a 2018 XTS Cadillac I pumped 25.04 of your V-Power at $2.89 a gallon and now my car is shaking and my check engine light has came on. I feel like I'm getting the run around wit somebody getting back with me!! My Name is M. Daisy!!

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Allen Grzelka - 12 d 9 h ago


The shell gas and Jackson convenience store on 108th and Pacific .We stopped for gas the

the attendant Refusedd to let a 90 year old man use the bathroom we had to endure the humiliation as the attendant laughed .I get it there rif Raff abusing the bathrooms but my dad is not riff Raff running a muck he is old common sense and human deceny are not traits of this corporation .Under no circumstances will any body in are family or company use use shell Jackson again.

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Anonymous - 19 d 2 h ago


Very disappointed in Frontier Station that is a Shell station in Pine Grove Ca. I have several charges on my bill that don't coincide with my purchase at their station. It is my understanding they are not responsible nor is Shell because they were not made on a Shell card. Very frustrating as a consumer. These charges have been occurring since April over $100 a month.

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Jeff lovingood - 23 d 5 h ago

this food Mark that I'm at right now in Georgia is a huge trash hole all the garbage cans are overflowing trash everywhere stores dirty I'm just loving it it's over here in fairburn Georgia on Oakley industrial boulevard gross

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CantTrustNoOne - 25 d 11 h ago


Your emplyer that works at Shell de soto canoja park los angeles working tonite at 10:04pm Tuesday June 25 2019. I gave him $ 40 i bought a lotto ticket and ask him to put the change on # 7 a grey van. Then i waned another lotto ticket i was giving him a dollar thats the amount super lotto tickets cost he said it woukd be $ 2. I gave him a five dollar bill he gave me $ 3 dollars. I drove off then i asked my husband hiw much money had he pumped he said $ 30. Why only $30 when i gave ur employer $40. I shoukd of got more gas. I drove back to Shell gas station to find out your employer only gave me $30. In gas he charged me a dollar extra for a dollar ticket. Im shocked to find out hes pocketing my money. Check yoir cameras youll see me at that time showing up at 10:04pm he knows he stoled from me and i have no idea how many other custimers he those that to he needs to get fired immediately. He wouldnt give me his name hes nation is indian. Hes aware of the crime hes commiting. He rob me for $10. Your store owes me this amount email me at (hidden) my name is judy cadena 38 yrs old

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Michelle Requiroso - 28 d 18 h ago


Not sure if anyone actually will read this but I have a complaint and concern with your Shell located in Magna, UT off of 3500 S and about 8200 W. My wife's purse was stolen along with all her credit cards and they were used at this location this past Wednesday, 19th June 2019, and were used by the thief. The criminal bought a carton of cigarettes in that transaction with the stolen card, however the attendant did not check ID for age, nor check to see the name on the credit card. I know this because I have seen the video surveillance. Utah law has 100 percent ID checks on tobacco and alcohol. Then today, I bought alcohol at your same location and was not checked for ID with that purchase, by a different attendant, and I could very well have been using a stolen card so I made it a point for the attendant to see my ID, because for one, it is the law. Seems like this situation needs to be addressed with your employees at this location. It was not just an isolated incident. It should bring great concern to you for the welfare of all your customers. I hope this will be handled appropriately. You can contact me at (hidden) for an update or questions.

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Anonymous - 43 d ago

Antony Mangattu

Hello sir l got a offer letter from Shell USA and they ask me the processing fee for my Visa . I am appointed as a Welding Supervisor. Is it real or fake. Please give me your email address then I will send the offer letter. My email address is (hidden). Thanks

Antony Mangattu.

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Anonymous - 53 d 21 m ago


Driving north on Rt95 just pastJacksonville we had a notice of low tire pressure. We had a pop rivet in our tire. The absolutely nicest and most helpful man, Jay, at store # 3046 in Yulee, FL deserves a raise! He changed the tire, not easy on a Tahoe, and graciously helped customers at the same time. He was wonderful- I hope corporate takes notice. He sent us to a local tire repair store. Thanks you Jay!!!

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connie teeple - 54 d ago


i have a corner property for sale in pleasant millls indiana, 4 way stop at the flashing light. this would be an excellent site for a gas station as pleasant mills, indiana has none, not even a restaurant. if interested in purchasing please call me at (hidden). there can be immediate possession. dont wait. this is a once in a life time opportunity to make money with your own business. this would be the first and only gas station conveniencer store coming from ohio into indiana. business is almost guaranteed. everybody eats and most need gas for their car. call now before its gone.

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Please make this station SAFE - 55 d 1 h ago


On May 13, 2019 I (and my 90 year old husband and 71 year old sister) were driving from Dallas to Houston in my 2016 Honda CRV. I pulled in to the Shell station at 1950 E. MLK Blvd, Corsicana, T 75110, Tiger Tote #105, phone: (hidden) to get gas. When I was leaving, there was a curb at the exit to the road. I would have cleared the curb except for one of those cement pole barriers painted yellow, that had been knocked over completly and was right up against the curb (it was not visible from my viewpoint nor my front passenger's viewpoint). We all only saw the curb. I pulled out and was far enough away from the curb to have cleared it but hit the barrier and it made a very loud noise and shook the car. We all got out, checked to see what had happened. I had run over it as it was not visible while in my car. At that point, my tire and wheel looked ok. We proceeded from there south on I45. Stopped in Fairfiled, Texas (about 33 miles from the Shell station), then back on I45. Five miles down the road I had a blowout at 75mph. I am a good driver and we were lucky that the blowout didn't flip our car and I was able to pull over to a very narrow shoulder on this very busy interstate. We had to call AAA and when the young man changed the tire to the spare, he noted that the inside of the tire had a lot of shredded the tire. We had to travel another 73 miles to get to a Discount Tire in Huntsville, TX and are out money for a new tire. My tires only had 18,000 miles on them and I didn't hit ANYTHING except that barrier by the curb. I am suggesting that you ask your dealer there to make repairs so that what happend to us doesn't happen to anyone else. I have pictures of the thing up next to the curb that I will gladly provide as proof. In my opinion, it is quite dangerous to leave that there. I would like someone from Shell to contact me regarding this.

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Former Shell customer - 58 d ago


This email is about a local Shell service station at Pleasant Hill Road and Gregory Lane in Pleasant Hill CA. My family has purchased gas here for years but no more. In the last year or so, customers have big issues with the pumps. They screw up processing, they say please see attendant, etc. And every time this happens, the person at the cash register who can barely speak english always says the EXACT same thing, "network problem". No clarification, no other comment, nothing. So I'm assuming, since it's the 21st century and gas pumping equipment doesn't require much in the way of technology, I'm going to assume that someone is trying to hack this particular station or Shell, for credit card numbers. So I'm no longer a customer.

I think it's neighborly of me to alert the 3,500 people in my Nextdoor group, as well as my local Facebook address list that this station is experiencing some sort of network disturbance. The people in this town would like to know this.

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Cassandra Sommmer - 76 d ago


So I was getting ready to pay my electricity bill . But I want to stop a Corner Store on Verrado rd and McDowell in buckeye az and quickly put in gas before I add funds to our electricity box because it was out of credit. So I quickly put $3.24 in gas at the pump. Figured I'd go inside and get myself a drink real quick 8 get to the register swipe my card DECLINED I swore it was a mistake we do it again DECLINE .. so I step out side to check my online account for my debit card to see what was going on . AND FOR 3.24 DOLLARS OF GASOLINE I AM NOW SITTING IN MY CAR WITH NO ELECTRICITY AND A NEGATIVE ACCOUNT . And I've called shell customer several times when the transaction clearly says Shell gas station -125.00 that it has nothing to do with your company . How could you do this to a customer . Especially a customer that lives in a very hot city without electricity without air conditioning . And your company denying it had anything to do with the hold . This is not right and I will not stop until my voice is heard . You cannot keep doing this with people's money with peoples lively hood what if I had children in the house ??? What would we have done . Not only that but our food is now more then likely going to go bad . And all this bs over 3.24 in unleaded gasoline from shell....

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Loyal rewards customer - 93 d 25 m ago


I had a situation at the Shell station on Bart Hickory Road CARTERSVILLE Georgia are use my credit card and realize that I didn't use my rewards points I canceled the purchase not knowing that it would take $125 out of my account and hold it since then my power bill has bounced check because of the $125 deduction I am here now without power just because I tried to use my rewards and I'm going to have to pay the power people a $35 bounce check fee I really saved a lot of money on my gas purchase that I would like it if I could get my money back but Shell station says it's my financial institutions problem and my financial institution says that it is shells problem I wonder if she'll is taking the money and using it for interest I wonder how many people they bring this to a day this is really put me in a bond is this hell a corporation does it customers then maybe I need to find somewhere else to go and get my gas I have left them email after email and haven't heard nothing back

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Alannah - 90 d 8 h ago


This exact experience happened to me. They charged me $35.53 for my gas, as well as $125 "holding fee" I have contacted the gas station and my bank several times. My bank is saying it's Shell and Shell is saying it's my bank. I am on day 3 without my money! I have never ever had a gas station hold funds from my bank account for getting gas.

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Jeff Mierow - 94 d 17 h ago


Good bye Shell.

After more than a decade as a customer I have closed my Shell credit accounts due to the fact that the City bank issued cards are useless. The cards are no longer accepted at any of the Shell marked pumps at circle k stores and since the only real Shell station in my area is a dirty hole in the wall where English is at best a second language I figure why keep this junk of plastic any longer. I would implore this once great company to dump its association with City Bank asap, they have the worst customer service I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I have tried to resolve the issue with them for 3 months without getting anywhere. I finally found out from City bank that the card they issue no longer works at anything but a real Shell station and not at any of the convenience store pumps clearly marked as Shell pumps. How is that for useless. When was the last time you saw a real gas station instead of an affiliated convenience store pump. I would implore Shell to drop the City bank as the issuer of the cards and find a service provider that can make cards that work at all of the companies affiliated locations.

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@ Jeff - 94 d 17 h ago

Good bye racist person.

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Anonymous - 94 d 12 h ago

How does telling the truth make me a racist? Is it because I have trouble understanding the thick accent of a group of clerks that are so thick as to be decipherable. Here is a hint facts are facts not racism.

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Anonymous - 94 d 2 h ago

Facts are facts, you're racist.

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koech - 108 d 8 h ago

koech-wish to know how to get in touch have an ambition of partnering to set up a petrol station oulet in sotik -narok higway


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Gweston - 110 d 13 s ago

I would like to thank Shell for taking the right steps in continuous environmental improvements and the Paris accord I will continue to buy your products, as long as your company makes efforts to do the right thing . Sincerely G W

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Paula Russell - 111 d 19 h ago


The bathroom in the Shell off I-35 and Seward Rd in Oklahoma is very nasty toilets were stopped up with bowel n no toilet paper sink was filthy, I have never seen anything like it before will never go there nor spend money there again

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Re Paula - 111 d 18 h ago

Are we new to convenience store bathrooms?

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A. Nonymus - 112 d ago


Seems like a lot of people are blaming Shell for rude employees. SHELL doesn't hire convenience store employees. The store managers do. Complain to the managers, or their immediate superiors. I worked at a shell convenience store when I retired. They were operated by a company who had stores in several cities. The store manager interviewed me and recommended hiring me to the managing company. Shell itself had nothing to do with it.

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