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Simmons Foods Inc

601 N Hico St
Siloam Springs, AR
Todd Simmons
(479) 524-8151
(479) 524-6562
Annual Sales Est
SIC Code
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Rejected for no reason - 3 d 22 h ago


Why do you fire employees without due process?

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Havehadenough - 80 d 7 h ago


Please tell me who we can speak to regarding the blatant racism present at Simmons Foods? English speaking individuals are the minority and are continuously moved from higher paying positions, belittled and demeaned. We aren't given the chance to move up or even have overtime. Our Latino coworkers can have all the time they need to travel home and back for deaths and emergencies. Us? Nope. Not at all. Every Hispanic supervisor it seems is allowed to violate our civil rights with no fear of retribution. So many of us have filed complaints, taken the proper chain of command just to get no where. We're told to learn Spanish or move on. They work diligently to break you. Seriously though, seriously? Who have you got to talk to to make anything change in this place. If North and South ( South being worse) are allowing such injustice are all Simmons facilities tolerant? Your slogan promotes its people but those of us that are at the heart of this company and make it what it is are being severely mistreated. We're humiliated, under appreciated, paid less and apparently forgotten.

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BeenThere - 31 d 9 h ago


You are right on!!! Have found their HR management totally racist, and brainless I might add! Feel the problem starts at the top, there may have been a time they were a good company but they surely have lost themselves.

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No money !! - 250 d 18 h ago


I worked a bunch of over time that didn't get reported for like four months and HR said I won't be getting paid because they can't go back that far ..Talk about mad!!! Its against the law NOT to pay your employees. Very disappointed in Simmons to say the least...

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Siloam Employee - 1 y 81 d ago


I worked as a Quality assurance rep at the main street plant about 7 years ago. They treat and train their employees poorly. I was fired for doing my job correctly. I taped a bin of chicken for bones to have the manager go through it with his bare hands. I taped it again for not being hygienic. His arm hairs were through the chicken. I was given a warning for it.

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Vicky - 1 y 109 d ago


it's ashame when you work for a company that tells their employees about polices but don't follow them.

They claim to not put you in an area that causes discomfort or pain so you tell them for over 3 weeks that the body position on the job is causing a great deal of pain in your lower back and neck and they tell you to deal with it.

Then your productivity goes down as your pain goes up so if you value your health do not work for this company.

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myrna - 1 y 171 d ago


hello my grandsons love southern style chicken bites and I cant found at sams club please tell me where can buy.

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LeAnn - 1 y 265 d ago


I was eating your chicken bites tonight and there was a bone in one. I almost broke a tooth when I was chewing it. I just thought I would let you know.

I love them I buy them all the time and this is the first time this has happened.

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