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Six Flags

1540 Broadway, 15th Fl.
New York, NY
(212) 652-9403
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Christina Lopez - 1 d ago


I am a season pass holder, I finally went to the six flags in northern illinois today. At lunch time I went to get food and was told that my dining pass wasn't any good at six flags, that I could only use it at magic waters because that's where I bought it. When I bought this lunch pass I was given the impression that it could be used at both parks the same as if you buy it online. I not only spent the day at six flags today with no food but I feel I have been intentionally misled. I even spoke with a rep at six flags and they basically told me it's not their problem. I would appreciate assistance with this. I told many people how great your services were but now I'm not happy.

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Christina Glann - 18 d 6 h ago



Took our 5 yr old grandson on vacation here to celebrate his upcoming 6th birthday. We were staying at the lodge. On 7/16/19 he was on this ride sitting in the 1st seat. I went get my phone out to take his picture and noticed he was crying. Not like him to cry on rides he loves rides

Thank you to the caring couple who ran up to me to let me know he was crying because he had gotten hurt, as he waved to us they saw his hand was hit by a board! I asked the ride worker to stop the ride he was hurt. She just looked at me. I kept telling her stop, then yelling for her to stop the ride. My husband physically had to enter the ride from the exit, it was only then that she stopped the ride. I asked her where to get 1st aid.No response from her. My husband got my grandson off and we started looking for help. Thankfully a gentleman working at a booth. Thank you sir for calling to get us help! He actually called twice, as for it was taking a long time. The EMT arrived and He started checking my grandson knee? They was blood on his wrist could he not see that? The EMT had to be told to get an ice pack on the bruise and Clean the wound and bandage it. My husband told EMT to get his supervisor. She arrived and asked if him(EMT) if he had done the SOP for this incident. No he hadn't, she had to explain every procedure on what do. Even how to fill out the incident rpt I was told that incident report would be forwarded to us that afternoon and

someone would contact us, as we requested.

SIX FLAGS you need to make sure your employees know how to do their jobs!! Especially all your EMTs! The safety of children, and all of your visitors should be your up most priority! We left the park and went back to our room at the lodge I stopped at the front desk to let them know what had happened. My husband wanted to talk to someone in management. She said okay her director was there. A man came out I figured he was the manager he was not but said the safety director was there and he would get her. We waited in lobby, he came out and informed us that the Safety Director had called our room and left a message. Went to our room there had been a call but No message was left! Called front desk to get the number. I called back and left message after message to call me back.

We spent the hours in the room waiting for a return call. Kept calling hoping she would answer! I was an emotional wreck. My husband again went down to ask to speak to someone who had some authority, he was told that they had been given the message to that person. I finally went outside to have a cigarette ( bad habit). The clerk that we had talked to earlier walked by and asked me if her director had been in contact with us? I told her no and asked for their name in which she replied she couldn't give it to me. I am now again crying, people around me inquired what was wrong. I told them the situation of what happened and basically of being ignored. I was given the advice to call the police so there would be a record, since we did not receive an incident report. My husband also had been given the same advice earlier in the day by people we had friended at the lodge. But I told him no,I had faith in Six Flags and thought they and that someone would contact us. I am not a person to cause a scene but after being told that I couldn't have the name of the director on duty. I went back to the room. Told my husband to go ahead and call the police. He went down to the front desk and asked to call the police the clerk went in back and lo and behold who comes out the director who never contacted us. Now wanting to talk-Unfortunately It took having to call the police. We filed a report with the police. My husband brought my grandson to the car and I went to the front desk and asked where the nearest place was to get X-rays. A woman at the desk asked if I was the grandmother, I told her yes. She proceed to tell me that she was the Safety Director,( the one I had been calling all afternoon) and that she was home giving her child a bath when they called her back into work. I was flabbergasted that she would even say that to me. My grandson was injured.You are the Safety Director and ignored me for hours! Maybe if you had done your job, they wouldn't have had to call you back into work. I told her there was no message and that I had left her numerous messages. I left to bring my grandson to get X-rays.

We left the next morning, no one even asked how My grandson was. I was handed our bill for a very expensive vacation that turned out to be a nightmare!!!

Not the birthday celebration for my grandson we had planned.

My grandson was hurt and very upset, me an emotional wreck!

We found a wonderful motel in the area!

Thank you all at the Mohican for the care and concern you showed us!

As of today 7/29/19 I still haven't received the incident report, nor has anyone contacted me! Please If anyone help direct me on whom I can contact? Please let me know.

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Anonymous - 4 d ago

It is now 8/13/19 and I still have not heard a word from Six Flags!!!!

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Imran - 8 d 8 h ago


Its bullshit, they are not honoring the season pass i bought 2 years ago. I am filing complain with consumer bureau, they cant get paid for season pass and not honor it.

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Anonymously - 7 d 16 h ago



What's so great about "Six Flags" that people purchase season passes?

You would not catch me dead in any of those tourist/suckers traps.

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Bernice - 13 d 8 h ago

Do you have wheelchairs

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Anonymous - 48 d ago

Too many niggers working at the atlanta six flags. Line cutters too.

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Pain-in-the-ass - 47 d 11 h ago


@ Anonymous,

Shame on you for being a Auntie Nig-nog. This is a real holocaust.

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Disgusted - 39 d 5 h ago

You are a piece of shit you racist piece of trash

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For the Anonymous commenter - 36 d 10 h ago

Fr the comment that that mfkr post but went Anonymous.I feel the same way w/yall wanna take part in any cast ass white trash asses at Disney World/Disney Land....Stank smelling wet mutt looking lice tick having asses.Always looking like a burnt lobster permanent bathing suit tank tops wearing asses b/c d sun done burnt y'all asses & OMG let's not mention the permanent shades print. Rain is y'all baths while the heat/sun bake y'all mfkr's!! Under the sea bakini botton living on land

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Anonymous - 36 d 10 h ago

Maybe if yall white trash ass mkfr's weren't out of d water u pale ass fishes u wouldn't want to get a tan & baked like a fkn lobster to damn near b our beautiful color u wouldn't have had that problem...I hate white trash every where too many trash ass crackers around & about looking like wet mutts.Lice every where non washing asses & that smell y'all carry on yourselves especially when ur wet & yea dry too his soooooo mfkn disgusting.

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Anonymous - 24 d 13 h ago

Wow. Did you hurt yourself with that wonderful English? You had to try really hard to get that racist didn't you? I'm sure it made you feel better to enhance the stereo type though and be a total racist, when really you are probably just a normal person trying to make an entire race of people look bad..and for what? Not very many people know this site is even here. No one from the companies get on this site; no real complaints get resolved. You just felt like ranting like a lunatic and make yourself look like an illiterate racist asshole. Well, good job, it worked perfectly.

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Anonymous - 17 d 4 h ago

Who's a nigger !!!! Your momma

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Regina G - 18 d 7 h ago


I had the worst experience in my life. I was sent an email saying to bring a friend for free and when I get there they said that was not an option. (Mind you I was not the only one complaining about receiving that same email). So I said fine I will purchase a ticket for my my daughters 10 year old friend but I would like the 25% discount since one of the perks with the membership was 25% off friends tickets and they said I would have to pay adult price for a child if I wanted the discount so basically I still was not getting a discount. I got upset and asked for the manager who was even more rude. After all that I agreed to pay the Adult price with the 25% discount. I walked away from the window because I was frustrated not realizing that I did not grab my ticket and when I went back 5 seconds later he refused to give me my ticket since I walked away from the window. I asked for him to refund me my money and he refused he then called security to escort me off the property. WORST SERVICE EVER I ADVISE EVERYONE TO JUST DISPUTE ALL CHARGES WITH YOUR BANK AND CHANGE YOUR ACCT INFO. I REFUSE TO PAY THEM ANY MONEY. Don't let me forget the only reason we went here was because it was my daughters 5th birthday and she wanted to see the dolphins and butterflies. My kids were so excited and were so upset about this.

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Joe - 21 d 9 h ago


A policy for profanity is posted on your site (Six Flags over GA) giving the reasonable expectation of a wholesome family experience. As it is a policy, I'd expect that staff are aware of it and address anyone not abiding. As a teen was saying profane words, including three f word in front of children in Jay Dees last night and no employee offered to address it it became clear Six Flags is not a wholesome family theme park. As I've learned today from legal advisement, as you have the policy with consequences posted it is your obligation to adhere to my reasonable expectation stated by your policies. We only have a membership because we were misled to believe the policies would be followed and provide an adequate family experience. We contact the chat last night as we left, only to be told you could not control what other visitors said. This comment is what prompted me to take the policy and seek advice. It u.s a reasonable expectation that you will abide by your policies and eject visitors who do not follow them. I waited on hold for 30 minutes today, never to be addressed. I tried to contact, so you could work on rectifying the situation, but it seems that is not of any concern. This is your last opportunity to help me and my family understand the purpose of your policies, because it appears they are only there to mislead families

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Anonymous - 28 d 10 h ago


This is unacceptable, the Six Flags in Jackson NJ. has no consideration for there employees, it's 95 dagrees out with a real feel of 110, why can't the park just close

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Ms.Nat - 26 d 6 h ago

When you decided to apply for this job ,you are aware of the weather changes. It was nature that is was a heat wave, this is not planned .The top bosses should .have a meeting with all staff and warn them of what they need to do or know. I was there on Saturday,and it was a pure mess, and all unorganized , people fainting, long lines over a hour to eat, and just a mess with the slowest shuttles service entire world!!! They need train trolley or pay for more shuttles and had them lined up from hurricane harbor.It was a mess!!! 1 hour and 43 minutes waiting for hot dam shuttle that holds 12 to 15 ppl.

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Anonymous - 26 d 5 h ago

well that's just whining. Even patrons know that you are going to be there in extreme heat and to be prepared. Duh. You have an outdoor job, it's gonna get hot. Don't be stupid. I know they tell people how to deal with heat stroke and how to prepare. There are weather changes everywhere, if they don't teach you call corp and report it.

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Candi Thompson - 26 d 7 h ago


I have purchased five season passes I understand that the passes are good at all theme parks own by six flags. I also pay membership for food, parking , pictures , and flash passes. And discount , I did my season passes and everything else online but did everything at st.louis mo. Six flags I let them know I'm in Oklahoma where there's no six flags but a small theme park that six flags has boughton about 8 months ago . I let them know my plan was to go to all six flags in the United states and needing to know the membership and season passes will work at all six flags. And the answer I got was yes. Will we visit Frontier City that's the small theme park we have in Oklahoma and we didnt get to use our membership there but parking and food. And by the way it was a horrible experience! Then we plan a trip to six flags over Texas again we only got to use parking and food from our membership. I wouldn't recommend no to that six flags. Its was more then horrible we did not ride one ride and the customer service was so horrible I dont know who train them but it was like talking to a dog. We drove almost 5 hours to go to six flags and the water park and all my season past was so unhappy and not satisfied that it made this trip not a good memories at all we did visit six flags water park and setting and counting how many guest was falling because of slippery the steps was and a employed slip while he was pushing a cart of chicken that tip over. Anyways I wanted to know why I got misled on my memberships. And how do I cancel them ! Also we less spend a couple of hundreds at each park too so it's not like everything is free

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Sharmayne - 26 d 11 h ago


I wrote a letter to six flags on June 23, 2019 I purchase season passes last year and never used them do to a medical emergency, I'm disabled can't work anymore also a single mother, and my daughter is already limited to thing to do because of my illness. I wrote them asking if the season passes could be proses and given to us now that I have portable oxygen and can leave the house they never responded and I received a confirmation that they received my letter, I'm with some of you on they are only for the money not there patrons.

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Kenyon Homan - 27 d 12 h ago


I have had the most terrible experience with Six flags over GA. I was told a fourth person on my membership could be canceled with full refund however it was denied. This person was canceled and never used the membership but I was charged full price for them and they can't even use the membership nor never did. i have never been treated so poorly as i have trying to resolve this situation. The unwillingness to listen or satisfy the customer is a disgrace. I have tried to compromise and look for amicable solutions but this company is not willing to do anything accept treat the customer horribly. Such a disgrace

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Alice - 30 d 11 h ago


I have never had any problems as Balash town a.k.a. hurricane Harbor until recently and trying to contact someone to get the matter taken care of has been downright dreadful I should not have to get lawyers involved just to make something right and frankly I don't want to but I will do what ever it takes to make this right for my son & my family. If anyone from SixFlags reads this I greatly appreciate you contacting me so that we can resolve this in a civil adults manner thank you

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Orlando Fidalgo - 33 d 9 h ago


Six flags provides one of the worst customer services i have ever received. Considering canceling my membership. Poorly trained staff. bad system (the system does not recognize my email address when i try to reset my password. on the other hand they send me pass hold email updates with marketing information weekly.) Lastly you can't speak to anyone... It's gone from bad to deplorable. Shame on you six flags

Orlando Fidalgo

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Heat stoked guest - 37 d 4 h ago


In 95 degree heat, why close every place with cold drinks?? I bet this past Tuesday there were 4 maybe 5 places to get drinks but the lines were so long we nearly died of heat exhaustion! And the drink machine wanted exact change!

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Anonymous - 42 d 9 h ago

George and Family

Came to six flags in Atlanta all the way from Memphis and my family was refused entry. We also got denied to talk to management by some teenage employees who actually was a lot less than professional. We are gold season holders for years. Tried to call but no answer. Good bye six flags forever. This is a travesty after six hours drive. Not only will I not come but will be contacting all my friends and the large church group that comes here yearly. We will simply make our travel plans around other cities with other branded parks. While I could afford to simply pay this is simply an unwise, unfair policy that ensures corporate gain while citizens overpay. Sad! Dr. George Mangle and family

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