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Six Flags

1540 Broadway, 15th Fl.
New York, NY
(212) 652-9403
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Anonymous - 1 d 5 h ago

Hi my name is Fray Mendez and I am writing a few lines to say how disappointed I am with this company for many many years I've been a season pass holder never have I had had a discomfort with your organization as today the website is not perfectly clear 4 a non experience computer person your website does not say to log on to where it says bring a friend for free July 13th through the 27th because that's what we understood then we were told that we had to buy tickets to bring in the rest of the family your website is very deceitful and it makes me very disappointed with this company really do not think I would be buying another season pass for a long long time and because this company is so big I really doubt that someone is going to contact me about it

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Travis Scott - 5 d 9 h ago

Bring Back AstroWorld!

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sandra mullis - 5 d 9 h ago


I got very very sick after going to your park. And my illness was related to your park

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Alice - 10 d ago


I had contacted through email and phone only a week before coming to Six Flags where I asked if my 6'9 boyfriend could ride most of the rides. The woman on the phone at Guest Services said that he would be able to go on MOST of the rides, and if he couldn't we could get a partial refund ("not all of your money back". So I paid $138 and drove 3+ hours to only be able to go on 2 rides. Some even had height maximums that aren't on the website (they only have it on the children's ones it seems not the rollercoasters). I went to Guest Services and was told that there is a 6'10 limit on basically every ride and that there are no refunds. The only thing that could be done was to be given another ticket or a ticket for a water park on another day. My boyfriend is only up here until Friday and there is no way I'm driving back there for a water park. What is extremely upsetting is the fact that I was told one thing on the phone and then another in person when I spent near $200 for gas, the tickets, and the parking pass, and wasted 7 hours of my day driving to and back from Six Flags. I also get told that "everyone at Guest Services knows our refund policy" and was treated almost as if I was lying about what the Guest Services member said on the phone said (I know the phone call was recorded as well - 6/9/2018 at 4:19 P.M. is when I called). I wouldn't have risked the whole extravaganza if I was told what the man said in Guest Services previously over the phone.

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Enjoying the ride - 6 d 13 h ago

if your boyfriend is 6'9" and the limit is 6' 10" what is the issue, my daughter is dating a 6' 9 basketball player and we recently went to Six Flags over Georgia, He got on every coaster ride in the park.and loves to sit up front.

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Disappointed Parent - 8 d 3 m ago


So my 15 year old son was told he was barred for two years because he had his phone out while going up on the ride. This is no where on there website. Plus they initially told him they will just write a review and then they will be on their way. Well.. they make it to the office and all of a sudden my son is being used as a rxample and barred for Two years . As the security guard tells my son he feel bad his boss told him to be strict on my son this is their NEW policy and that the last person barred for a phone was only for one day and that person was being disrespectful. Smh. Security is definitely choosing their own rules on whoever the want to be strict on. Very hurt.. angry and beyond disappointed. I have 3 season passes with this park.. so they are nice to take your money out your bank account but judge and overpunish your kids when they visit the park. Ludicrous.

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Todd James - 10 d 14 h ago


Six Flags has really terrible and unacceptable customer service. In fact, Six Flags appears to have no customer service at all. I bought a Diamond Season Pass for a lower income friend as a gift The pass arrived in my name. I can't get anyone to help address/fix this problem. Six Flags has zero customer service. I don't know how they get away with this. They don't pick up the phone. They don't return emails. I think Six Flags should be turned in to some governmental agency - and have a TV and digital media expose -- something corrupt here -- they do not handle customer issues once passes are purchased. This is a horrible experience. BUYER BEWARE. Take to social media and tell everyone you know about this. Others should be warned about this.

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Lisa - 12 d 9 h ago


Are you serious when you discount a ticket by $26.00 online advance purchase and then charge a $9.00 processing fee? This is ludicrous. It costs you nothing to process an online purchase and is just another way to squeeze money out of people and is deceptive. I am taking my daughter and her 8 friends to 6 Fags New England and asked parents to purchase tickets on line individually for their kids to save money. Each had to pay the $9.00 fee. Why don't you put this information boldly with your "Special Discount" offer rather than sneaking it in at the end of the process? Also, there is no call in number where you can actually speak to a customer service person. What is wrong with your company

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B Thakar - 12 d 16 h ago


Bought a season passes to the wrong park - NJ instead of Newengland. I can't find anyone to help me correct the problem. I wish it were possible to actually speak to someone. Wonder why all communications must be via email, and then it takes a week or more for a response. Wish me luck!

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Debra - 23 d 11 h ago


Bought 4 season passes to the wrong park - Maryland instead of Illinois. I can't find anyone to help me correct the problem. Two 14 year old girls went to the park today in Illinios and of course could not get in. I wish it were possible to actually speak to someone. Wonder why all communications must be via email, and then it takes a week or more for a response. Wish me luck!


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Vanessa - 23 d 5 h ago


The same thing happened to me and iv been calling the park and no one seems to be answering the phone Im just as stuck and frustrated.

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Courtney - 16 d 11 h ago

I just did the same thing between two different parks in Texas. I cannot get a hold of anyone either!!!! did you find a way to fix it?

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Debra - 15 d 14 h ago


Fixed the problem - I think. I called Human Resources to get a live person, and they provided the extension for guest relations. Took being on hold about 30 minutes, but then I got through to a person who was very helpful. She told me I needed to repurchase the correct passes and then call back and request a refund for the first incorrect round of tickets. I did that, and now I should receive a credit to my card within 7 to 14 business days. I was given the direct extension to resolve this issue. I was advised that there had been many mistaken purchases, some mix-up with the website, which is now corrected. The downside is that the deal I got initially $68/ticket, was no longer available and I had to pay $82/ticket. I am just glad I was not stuck with four tickets to a park on the east coast when I live in Wisconsin.

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Cindy - 13 d 6 h ago

Hi! This happened to me as well. What number did you call? I can't get a hold of anyone.



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Britnie Ibanez - 15 d 35 m ago


I called about a month and a half ago regarding upgrading our passes. The person told me that I could upgrade but to call back as soon as I did so they could cancel my old accounts. It has yet to be cancelled and yall keep trying to charge my account $33 for my old memberships on top of $60 for my new memberships. This is completely outrageous. I FINALLY got an email today saying they wouldn't be cancelled until September and that I owe a payment for this month and next before I can cancel. I will not be paying either one since

I started new memberships. Also now every time I call it's IMPOSSIBLE to speak to anyone and it says everything is online. Well sorry to burst your bubble but this is horrible customer service. I have blocked any transaction with my bank that has anything to do with six flags until y'all stop trying to auto draft money from may bank for our old memberships.

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Dan Forand - 15 d 16 h ago


Your membership app shows bring a friend free July 6-20. It's only once you click on it and read the very fine print that it's only good for 3 days in July. VERY POOR advertising. I will not be buying a membership again. We have a van load of 5 members and 4 friends going to be very disappointed today.

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Anonymous - 16 d 12 h ago


Complete scam! Do not sign up for the Membership! They make it impossible to ever cancel

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Louie - 17 d 11 h ago


I don't understand how for the last 7yrs I've been paying for a season A quadriplegic paralyzed from the neck down with no hand finger leg feet function whatsoever .. The only reason I go there is because I purchased passes for my young kids and so I need to watch over them .. I am completely embarrassed and Six Flags should be ashamed of themselves for charging me for full membership that is unacceptable and I hope that they reevaluate the situation and please contact me at (hidden)

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Denise - 18 d 6 s ago

We are now waiting in the parking lot for over an hour. Your park closed at 10:00. It is now 11:28 and we are still in your parking lot. Your parking attendants and supervisor should be fired. There is no direction. They have one gate open. I would never come here again. Even a good day at the park was ruined.

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Anonymous - 18 d ago


IAM really disappointed on how my Family was treated today.. our tickets we're cancelled not to my doing or my banks doing in which I have been in contact with them.. My children left the park crying as we stood outside in 90 degree weather trying to figure out why the refunded our ticket's I'm low in come and made it a point to buy ticket's and push off a bill so my Family could enjoy a summer at your park.. We did not get our questions answered and we're turned away with a Have a good day.. Tried to even get a day pass until this was resolved nope again got told too have a good day.. As much money we put in into buying the tickets never mind the two day's we spent there before today for this to happen it was your doing and now my children are spent there July 4th Holiday in Tear's in which no one can answer who refunded the ticket's and as to why?? Not at all Happy I spent 4hundred buck's on ticket's plus cup's 25 buck's on a cup at your park!! No one has contacted us we have been given the run around been laughed at as to given wrong name's in customer service which again was very poor!! I'm not one to complain but how my Family has been treated IAM going to put a bad review on Facebook if I have to buy 4more season passes !! I would like a call back it would be greatly appreciated ! Thank You Jennifer Winn

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Jazma - 53 d 9 h ago


On monday may 28 2018 i took my 6 kids to six flags animal kingdom in vallejo ca i purchased 8 season Diamond passes with the meal dining included with these pass u eat luch and snack free. While on the way out the park my kids askes for a funnel cake while i tought since we have the dining passes why not so we go into the funnel cake houes to get the cakes me and my boyfriend order first with no problem than it was time for my kids to order once the manager saw all my kids he than expressed to me that it would be an additional charge for the ice cream topping i express to him that we have the dining passes he said it only covers the sugar cake not the toppings i asked to speak to someone else he said that he was the only manager there i said impossible I'm not leaving until you get someone else here well about 15mins another supervior walks up i express to him my issues instead of defusing the problem he escalated the problem by talking to me as if i was a kid so i told him i just spent a 1000 here and u tripping off a scope of ice cream wow...i than said fuck this shit we are customers and we have dining passes i was pissed off i told him that we were leaving the park i went back into the funnel cake shop to pay for my kids ice cream as we were leaving there were several securities guard's waiting out side for me amd my kids we didnt cause any problems we just was leaving these guards followed me and my kids as we walked out park to my car as we were walking away vallejo police was pulling up they stop their cars jumped out and approched my boyfriend who had nothing to do with any thing asked him for is Id he askes them why were they harassing him the officer than jumped over the pole gate and hand cuffed my boyfriend. At that point the guard's were still standing there once the police walked my boyfriend off i told my kids to just walk to the car and i was going to go see what was going on with my boyfriend as i turned to walk back towards the park were the officer and my boyfriend had headed i was attacked by the three male guard's my kids was screaming and crying the choked me ramed me in to the pole and gate my daughter was pulling on me asking them to let me go they than hand cuffed me and turned to my 15 year old daughter and rushed her into the gate and hand cuffed her as well i asked them several times what did i do what has my daughter done why are we been handle witn such force one guard said to me shut the fuck up and be still the hole time my 5 other kids is crying running around not one time did the. Guard's gather my kids up to make sure they were safe they pulled my 6 year old daughter off me and handed me over to the vallejo police this police officer just through me and my 15 year old daughter in her car amd drove off. Im yelling my kids are out there she didn't ask me any queation about the situation she just took me and my daughter to jail...there where serveral people out there video recording this incident..please i have reached out to six flags to write a grievance i have been giving the run around no one what's to give me the proper contact to do so i have found rhis cooperate number and left several messages if any one has any video recording of this incident please reach out to me..once me and my daughter was released from jail i went to the hospital and the end result i have serval bruise fracture elbow and wrist

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KD Wilson - 45 d 8 h ago


You need to go on social media and make pleas for someone to get you the tape ask people to pass it around and you need to go to the NAACP and the ACLU and you need to expose them, the way things are set up the Park is secluded and no one knows the things going on there, You can sue them for wrongful arrest and damages for your children being traumatized by witnessing this and separately on behalf of a 15 yr old that was put in handcuffs. I am about to expose that there are a lot kids running their business and not adults to handle major incidents

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Anonymous - 33 d 7 h ago

I would contact the better business bureau they should help you out

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Iwon mycase - 29 d 7 h ago


Trust me the only way to resolve is to SUE SUE SUE! I did! Plenty of attny's willing to go pro bono against six flags corp.! Dont forget about to call a new. Station! Try 8 on your side or gma! Good luck!

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Anonymous - 23 d ago

Maybe don't flip out and start dropping F Bombs in a family place over ice cream...?? Just a thought. smh,,,

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Brad - 19 d 10 h ago

engage a lawyer. File a motion to sue. They have cameras throughout the entire park and parking lot. As part of evidence your lawyer will get the video. This should involve Six Flags corporately and Vallejo Police. You'll be asked for the names and details re dispute inside and out of the park. Date and time will be important. Find a lawyer who will not charge unless settlement in your favor. This is important, not just for your own reckoning/justice, but as a signal that both entities can not get away with this in the future...for the next unfortunate family who could be subjected to this treatment

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