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Six Flags

1540 Broadway, 15th Fl.
New York, NY
(212) 652-9403
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Valerie Ford - 1 d ago


My name is Valerie Ford! I am not happy at all with your membership Season Passes site. Two days ago, I went on to order 4 membership Season passes, I put all my info in, just a few seconds away from hitting ok, then your site kicked me off, saying, your time has expired out. I had to leave and go somewhere. So I tried again this morning. I did get through without being timed out, I put my debit card information in, I agreed to the terms of the membership, then electronically signed it, hit enter, and thought everything was ok, and it went through, But no. It said we're sorry, we cannot process your request, Our records show that you purchased a membership, and did not honor it! You idiots! That was two days ago! You timed me out of your site! I didn't have time to make the purchase. My sons are in their 50's I bought them Season passes every year when they were younger. Then I bought Season passes every year for my granddaughters when they were younger, they are now in their mid to late twenties! I was going o purchase the membership season passes as Christmas gifts for them and their significant others. So, how do you kick somebody off of your site, saying they timed out, and then, tell them they can't purchase them because of something I never purchased, and was timed out?!? I thought since I'm a senior citizen now, and on a fixed income, this would be a great way to give them a nice gift, and something I could afford every money. But wait! It gets better. I tried calling the Park in Jackson N.J. several times, tried every extension, no answer. Finally called the corporate office. Had to press 0 for the operator. I got a recording. I did leave a message, but I have a feeling that I will never receive a call back. I also tried chat online, no good! Well, Six Flags Great Adventure, I hope you and your employees have a very Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous - 6 d 36 s ago

Horrible!!!! I have been trying for two and half days to get a question answered on the phone. When I finally got a human on the phone they said I needed to speak to retail and they transferred me. Guess what another voicemail which I left name and number two days later still no response. I call back the one department that you can get a human on and they try retail again still no answer so they send an email to them for me. Still don't have a phone call from them. I call corporate listed on this site and push O for operator and get a voicemail. The service is terrible and I like others on here have been going to six flags for fourty years and this will be my last season family pass I will take grandkids somewhere else. So disappointing because with a little work on the park and some customer service it could be a good place again

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Bonnie Goodley-Biasiolli - 7 d 19 h ago


What's it going to take for someone to tell me WHYx we can not upgrade my daughters membership. They tell her in an email she doesn't have one. We reply with proof we do. Then they tell us they find confirm it's when she goes all the time and gets in the park each time. The website won't let us upgrade inside the park they told her oh it's a general membership it's old you'll have to start over Are you kidding me. I've been paying monthly since 2016. This is ridiculous

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David Davis - 17 d 17 h ago


To whom it may concern

I have been coming to six flags since 1962 in Dallas and fiesta texas in San Antonio and many other six flags around the country. I have to say you people have gone down BIG TIME. The food at fiesta texas isn't fit to feed to a dog , goat,pig whatever and to think of the prices you charge for that crap. I haven't had a warm or edible meal there in 5 years and it just keeps getting worse the service sucks non motivated employees HORRIBLE lines 45-60 min for a damn drink when it's 103 degrees. I have had a season pass or membership for the last 40 year's and have cancelled my membership and will never recommend or return again. I would rather drive to cedar point or kings island. You people fail miserably. After this many years I'm done hope you go out of buisness.

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Anonymous - 25 d 17 h ago

Hello i was wondering why no amusement parks in hawaii, i know land costs money and the cost of building materials cost more to ship in however there is a lot of land that is abundant that would work for the purposes of building an amusment park residents of hawaii and vacationers would go to this park especially the residents who are tired of the other outdoor activities if your a resident if you have seen 1 beach you have seen them all i believe the cost to build such a park would be minuscule versus the money that would be made year round at the park and to be virtually the only true exclusive them park in hawaii would make it even more appealing hundreds of thousands of tourisits each year exclusive attractions a tropical resort type hotel that pampers guests think of the possibilities the theme park industry dropped the ball on this one will 6 flags be the ones to pick it up and run with it?

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NOT HAPPY AT ALL - 55 d ago


Purchased a Gold Plus Membership online and when we arrived at the park it was total chaos. I ended up paying adult prices for my 2 children. The employees are not knowledgeable and do very little to assist with issues. I filed a complaint online and the park had someone call me back that was worse than the employees in the park. This membership thing is a scam and should be investigated as such.You should be able to cancel you membership if you are not satisfied. Better Business Bureau needs to investigate.

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Patrick - 38 d ago


Agreed. We are having the same problem and being has this is supposed to be I theme park everybody is so hateful an unhelpful. Behold management from upper management corporate office down to the very employees cleaning the bathroom needs to be fired and replaced with people that actually enjoyed their laugh and other people and want to help

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Fuck Magic Mountain - 38 d 5 h ago

No use leaving a message or writing review. No one cares. Again. Fuck that bitch Azriel in customer service. Lol

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Regina G - 135 d ago


I had the worst experience in my life. I was sent an email saying to bring a friend for free and when I get there they said that was not an option. (Mind you I was not the only one complaining about receiving that same email). So I said fine I will purchase a ticket for my my daughters 10 year old friend but I would like the 25% discount since one of the perks with the membership was 25% off friends tickets and they said I would have to pay adult price for a child if I wanted the discount so basically I still was not getting a discount. I got upset and asked for the manager who was even more rude. After all that I agreed to pay the Adult price with the 25% discount. I walked away from the window because I was frustrated not realizing that I did not grab my ticket and when I went back 5 seconds later he refused to give me my ticket since I walked away from the window. I asked for him to refund me my money and he refused he then called security to escort me off the property. WORST SERVICE EVER I ADVISE EVERYONE TO JUST DISPUTE ALL CHARGES WITH YOUR BANK AND CHANGE YOUR ACCT INFO. I REFUSE TO PAY THEM ANY MONEY. Don't let me forget the only reason we went here was because it was my daughters 5th birthday and she wanted to see the dolphins and butterflies. My kids were so excited and were so upset about this.

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Jfar - 73 d 6 h ago

I say we go into a class action lawsuit. I'm having the same issues, and it looks like everyone else has been as well.

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Jae - 57 d 4 h ago


Yes let's do it

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Temper KB - 38 d 6 h ago

I'm with you. I hate magic mountain. No amount of money can repay for them making my daughter cry.

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Fuck magic mountain - 38 d 6 h ago


Fuck that bitch Azriel In customer service. Fuck six flags

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Randy Fairchild - 50 d ago


I will never go back to a six flags again period.

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Madison Maple - 58 d ago


These people suck. Impossible to get on the phone. 7 months ago I called and told them to cancel my membership because I had only gone once and was in an accident and comatose for 3 months. I haven't been able to use my pass at all because I couldn't walk or talk or anything once i was out of the coma. They told me no worries that it would be canceled but here I am several months later with an email stating they sent me to collections. I am pissed and can't get a hold of anyone to fix this problem. This is not fair to me. Didn't receive what I apparently have to pay for after being told not to worry about and my credit is screwed.

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Gisela Mallari - 63 d 45 s ago


This is trash they are charging my family twice 2 of or friend separated their accounts from us so they can get a diamond elite they are paying 22 dollars each, that's 44 dollars on top of that they are still getting charge in our account when they said that 4 of our account would be canceled because my ant wss doing an upgrade on hers and she is still getting charge with the 4 membership that they said they would going to cancel so she is getting charge 40 dollars from accounts that they personally said would not be in service anymore, she went in complain about that today and they said she can not cancel them at all so then they had a worker that was lying to us and now SIX FLAGS MAGIC MOUNTAIN is stealing our money. And they couldn't even give us a good explanation they just said we can canceled them and kept fighting and arguing.

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Stephen Nesbitt - 63 d 4 h ago


Wow when you call to either corporate office one in Texas and one in New York no one likes to return your phone calls and it's wrong because it's been over a month not to hear from Texas corporate office and three plus weeks from New York.

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Demi - 69 d 8 s ago


This place is a joke. Impossible to get a live person on the line to speak with. Finally when I found someone to pick up she was rude and transferred me to the land of no one answers. Sad that this place has zero concerns about customer service.

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Queen Csaritsa Malka - 92 d 11 s ago



I was listening to a dog breeder telling how mongrels are always unpredictable in their behavior - they don't know which stain they should act like. This doesn't apply to us tho', we're not animals. Ain' dat so, Izzy?

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Imran - 125 d 23 m ago


Its bullshit, they are not honoring the season pass i bought 2 years ago. I am filing complain with consumer bureau, they cant get paid for season pass and not honor it.

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Anonymously - 124 d 10 h ago



What's so great about "Six Flags" that people purchase season passes?

You would not catch me dead in any of those tourist/suckers traps.

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Captain Obvious - 109 d 19 h ago

You'll be shocked to learned expired credit cards also don't work anymore. What do you think the season in season pass refers to? It refers to the fact the pass is good for a SEASON, not a lifetime.

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Cap'n Obvious - 92 d ago


UMMM just as an FYI the season season, winter/spring/summer/fall all seasons that come and go.....much like your season pass!

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Very unhappy - 92 d 18 m ago

My mother recently tripped on cracks in the very poorly maintained parking lot an broke her leg in 7 places. I can't get a response. Need a call back (hidden)

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Studmuffin - 92 d 47 s ago


have your lawyer contact them instead....if there is pending litigation they will not speak with you

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