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Sony Corporation of America

550 Madison Ave.
New York, NY
Kazuo Hirai
(212) 833-6722
(212) 833-6938
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Anonymous - 46 d 8 h ago

this person name dave wheeler is avery very bad person,,

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Anonymous - 45 d ago

Hi, my name is curtis_ Whitehurst I don,t know Sony corporation of America new mailing address I sent some defectives cassettes to Sony 25 Madison avenue and my cassettes came back my replacements should have been 2 Sony Gf_x 90 min. Blank cassettes. How can I receive my 2 Sony gf_x 90 min. Cassettes. My address is curtis_whitehurst 514 Roanoke Avenue Elizabeth City N.c. 27909

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Anonymous - 46 d 13 h ago

my name us virgilio rosero,, im working is sony company with in 18 years please give advice what ican do to this manage ment in ohio before ,,his name is dave wheeler im a dusable person ,, I work ine sony Westmont and for many years then tanfer to sony niles with so many years and trhen trans fer me to pensyvania in bristor work again so many years away from my family and transfer me again to ohio ,, im am electronic technician for so many many years and keed follow where the sony electoronic goes to..he trow me like a garbage send me to doctor ,,without a doctor certicet e with ten day im terminated.... everyday is not acceptable the way and threating like that ..I don't know in that time here igo ,,human resources wont listen to me,,his name is dave wheeler he is ano hearth,,

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Kay - 55 d 23 h ago


They are pathetic. I'm trying for over a month for someone to call or email me just to answer a question. After reading the comments here I now know to keep my $ Thanks for the advice everyone.

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cathy - 61 d ago


Sony is a product I will never buy again.... I bought a Play Station 4 aka PS4 ,,it was bought as a birthday present for my son... Had it 7 months,, it went out. It's under warranty till March, then the 3 year service kicks in.... Sony won't replace it says it's a power thing inside the system went out.. Ok that system cost $300 that's messed up. No more sony products for me. Sonys a rip off

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Carolyne - 75 d 10 h ago


I have been a Sony Playstation Vue customer for a little over 2 years and mostly liked it. Location issues have been a problem off and on but can usually be resolved. However since early Friday August 24th, I have not been able to access my home location and have been redirected to a location I've never been to. Some customer service reps have tried to help (to no avail) others have basically told me there was nothing they could do and left me on my own. I am paying for and would like to access my usual channels. I was tempted to cancel and resubscribe but I suspect I would end up right back where I am now. I would really like to resolve this. I'm hoping my only solution is not to cancel completely.

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Anonymous - 81 d 5 h ago


I went to try calling Sony about an issue I had with this Sony player. When I called the number it would ask you different things then when you said what you wanted it would say I don't understand you then hang up on you. That's b.s.! If you are that lame and can't answer your phone, then don't have a number if all it's going to do is hang up on you. I will not be purchasing any more of your garbage products if this is how you're going to treat a costumer that buys your product! How sad the big greedy companies are becoming.

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Anonymous - 99 d 10 h ago

I'm soooo damn tired of this sorry ass Ps4 game!!! Every damn one broke!! My other games didn't break!! I just had my Ps4 repaired, 3 weeks ago this is my first time plugging up my game and guess what??? My damn controller dont connect to my Ps4 !!! I didn't have this problem at first!! So they fix one problem then broke another!! Wtf!! Now I gotta wait another 2 months to get my damn game back!! I wonder do Xbox have this weak ,Fragile system like Ps4 do!! Can somebody please fix this shit!! We pay 4- to 500 dollars for this weak ass system and you gotta get it fixed wtf!!!

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KP - 101 d 13 h ago


The service is the worse....they say it will take 2 weeks to repair a cellphone then I find it was fixed in one day but over 25 days sent between USA and Canada depts.....still have not got it back....talking on chat does nothing....just BS on their part -them trying to move the thing along.....They are knowingly selling defective units and then taking forever to get fixed under warranty. Sony is not the Company they used to be....I will think twice before buying anything else from them. Service should be King and they forgot about that....they just want to sell with no consequences for their faulty electronics-.STILL WAITING over 3 weeks......

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Alvining - 105 d ago


Sony SUCKS!!! I bought a $500 Sony htc-800 sound bar in April, 2017. Sent it in for repair in June and they replaced the main board. November started having the same issue and had to send it in again. And again they said they had to replace the main board. Now it's July 2018 and the sound bar stopped working for the 3rd time and I am told that the warrantee has been expired since April. I asked about some kind of warrantee due to the repairs that have already been made to the system and I'm told there is a 30 day warrantee on repairs!! It will be a cold day in hell before I ever buy another Sony product again!!

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RDRNR - 138 d 5 h ago


i will never buy a SONY product again. the customer service is horrible and i have a broken product 2yr old that is out of warranty. the product can not be repaired because they dont have the parts. they couldnt do anything offered me nothing and told me i was SOL might as well BUY another. SONY are you kidding as big as you are i cant believe you would screw me for $60. Its OK after reading reviews i am not the only person that is not happy. If you dont do something to make the customers happy you are going to lose us. Not even Playstation will save you, forget TV's and computers

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Sabrina - 132 d 4 h ago


Trust me I totally understand how you feel I am on your team all the way I sent my son system in for repair and it's like they just kept it they told me they delivered it back to me but of course I didn't receive it and now it's taking forever to try to get a resolution for it just horrible service

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Mark - 122 d ago


I am English and Sony are no better here. I am having problems with a PS4, but customer service is none existent. Like you would not buy Sony again

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Sabrina - 132 d 4 h ago


I wouldn't ever advise anyone to purchase anything from Sony. My son's game was malfunctioning over two months ago and I sent it in for repair but it never returned. I called and filed a claim and I have been given the run-around ever since. You never speak with any American associates and everyone just tells you the same thing over and over again. I don't understand this I sent the game system into them in good faith and my son has been without this system the whole summer almost and I think this is very unfair to do a child the way that they are doing.

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Harold P. Voyles - 132 d 6 h ago


Gentlemen, how can a classy corporation sink so low that you encourage and endorse pedophiles abusing children? Of course, I'm referring to the remark by the actor Peter Fonda. Is your company going to release this pedophilia advocate's most recent movie? Are you going to apologize to all the parents in America for this idiot's remarks? I don't think you give a damn, but I do. The boycott is on. I have many friends and acquaintances who are baffled by your company's silence on the matter. What do you say?

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SB - 133 d 4 h ago


Sony is by far the biggest cash cow,customer service is really bad and they speak bad english as well as giving poor help.I had too replace a 400 dollar console because of the constent crashing,it says update you do it then crash you report nothing gets done.Call customer and they tell you its not a sony problem-really,every time it crashes it says you need too update software update what-been there done that.And yes it crashes even when using internet-in short we spend big money and you offer nothing in return when you screw things up,

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KEVIN HERAUF - 139 d ago



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Anonymous - 151 d 12 h ago

Good Morning NYC Chappaua Sony owner my x husband john a rinaldi used to driver for DHL and deliever to ur location including chevy chase..sandra lee and Clinton's..i known chappaua i grew up in new rochelle. Ny and know Sal Abbatta..PR recording production co of Lehman College..been traveling america as a hunted human being by phony christians that i went to church with for 30 years..look up my Linken my credit I've spent last 1 1/2 years in Calif..negatively with alot of criminal activities against New York needs to know those afflicated with NYC w 51th st.....know mgr of madison sq garden..up ur creditabilty as jo lopez paid for a murder hit on my life as to disrepect my 12 yrs old daughter brianna on i rescued from being sexual assaulted from Washington dc...against birth parents...boycot for reputation and association for recording records gang leader Lisa Lisa Cult Club..of homeboy homegirl and those that don't present themselves in good honourable public judge jennie pirro and CNN of hollywood Vive defended their image..a diva from the 70's..currently transformed not by gender of transgender to dude..TRIVA.Tuesday with number DJ Frankie PEEP..and Tony Amato..and New Jersey Housewives..personal associates in varies ways

Visit Aruthur Ave BX.NY..mention my grandparents name Jocomo Ceasar and Lucia Lefrie Medaglia 1892 M.A.F.I.A..mother and father in america who build Harlem.NY 125th st NYC..get a great seat

Namesake.Lucia A. Medaglia

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Mark porter - 173 d 5 h ago

Sony entertainment has camel jockys as their tech support? Hey camel fucker i have an idea, how about you take a shower and use deoderant after, it will make you much happier, in turn maybe you will be able to do your job correctly. Im switching to xbox live. Cant stand that sony entertainment has resorted to paying these people to just sit there and STINK!

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 186 d ago

Now its been 17 Damn days and they keep telling me they need to find out whats the problem. A bunch of idiots

Flagged for review. 
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Burnett09tj - 187 d 7 h ago


I want my refund!!! It's been over 5 business days!!! Tired of hearing about a delay!!! Unauthorized use of my card!!! U guys took those purchases off the system like I asked to be done so why r y'all still holding my funds!!! I want my money asap

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Chad C - 188 d ago


As im waiting for 30 min for a playstation rep to ask them about my ps4 i paid about 400-500 to get. This is Sad. To wait an average of 30- to 45 to talk to someone that dont really want to do thier job.!!!!! Why are the games so Fragile and Cheaply made! They fixed my console but sent to my old address. I called them to change it before they mailed it off but. Becuase of sony rules you cant change your address. Sad

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Unknown - 223 d ago


So rude and disrespectful since when is it OK to hang up on a paying customer maybe a lawsuit is in order for this company

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Anonymous - 227 d ago


Unbelievably rude & totally unhelpful tech support, I literally hear employees laughing in background while I have spent all day trying to get my device to work

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RIVKA - 249 d 7 h ago


Hello I am writing this mail today because since Saturday I try to speak with someone from your service after sales and it is almost impossible I stumble on people who have a very bad connection we can not talk about their telephones cut we do not hear them it's horrible then I explain my problem I buy a bar son sony at brandmarts on 07/03/2017 and it no longer works your service told me that I had to send it back to repair I had a problem with the packaging of the product because it has a size and weight that we can not put in a simple box they ask me to go buy one at Bestbuy and you provide the bill this is not normal but after accepting because I have no choice I am told that I must receive an email with instructions to return we are Thursday I call every day for 6 days every day the same disaster to hear and every day of people who do not understand anything every day people who confirm my identity and my email address but nothing I do not receive absolutely nothing is inadmissible on the part of a house like Sony I come from France I am a customer sony since many years but I am very disappointed with your service it's a shame I hope you have a quick return from you and a solution to repair my product still under warranty


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