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Southwest Airlines Co.

2702 Love Field Dr.
Dallas, TX
Gary Kelly
Chairman, President and CEO
(214) 792-4000
(214) 792-5015
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Anonymous - 16 h 25 m ago

Our flight @6:45am out of MDW to MCO on 2/3/19 had been cancelled per email @6pm the day prior.

Therefore, my husband and I had to schedule with another airline out of ORD which cost us an additional $1100, since all the other Southwest flights out of Chicago were completely booked.

After returning from our trip, I contacted Southwest to get a refund on the cancelled flight and the costs accrued in addition.

I was told that I would get the refund from the cancelled flight but not for the flight we had to schedule last minute.

Additionally, I was told that the reason for the cancellation was weather related but after reviewing the weather report from SW there were no change in weather conditions all day, while other airlines,btw, were operating just fine.

NPR Radio had a special segment about SW and the ongoing maintenance issues, personal and cancelled flights which aired 2/18/19.

I'm disappointed that an airline of that caliber can't own up to their mistakes and make things right.

A "Sorry" from the service representative, I spoke with, is certainly not the answer I expected.

So what can I expect from Southwest?

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LJS - 27 d 5 h ago


I signed up for the Southwest credit card promotion that you had at the beginning of 2018 which was a 2 year program to earn the companion pass. I'm sure it was 2 years because you had to spend $110,000.00 to get the pass, compared to the promotion now where you only have to spend $4,000.00 Well I set out to spend $110,000.00 on that card which is alot of money. I understood that the sooner you spent it the sooner you would get the pass and the longer you would benefit from it, that you could have the pass through 2018, 2019. About August of 2018 I started calling in to see how close I was because I knew I had to be close. i was always told that I was close and that I had plenty of time since it was a two year promotion. So again I continuted to put every family vacation, all of Christmas etc. on that card, knowing I would eventually earn that companion pass. I charged things and paid them off each month. I had a knee replacement surgery November 12 and so I ordered all of Christmas online and used my SW card. I had the other knee replacement surgery on December 31 and so was in the hospital 4 days and down another week or so before I could start functioning again. That is when I called into SW because I knew I had spent over the $110,000.00 and wanted to know when I would be getting the companion pass that I had earned. That is when I was told that I didn't earn it, that I only got to $106,000.00 and that it cleared on December 31 and now I had $15,000.00 again. That means I had really spent $121,000.00 in 2018. I had no idea I had to pay if off even before I got my statement and I had NO idea that it ended in 2018. I know when I signed up it was a 2 year promotion. I have looked through all my paperwork when I got the card, read all the fine print and I have found nothing different than what I thought. I have talked to 4 different people, up to the escalation department and they all say there is nothing they can do. I just can't even believe it, it seems so ridiculous to me, that is SO much money. I could have benefited if I put that much money on any different card that I have but no, I put it all on the SW card just so I could earn that companion pass. Before this all came up a week ago, I had told all 6 of my Adult kids to sign up for the promotion you have running now so that we could all travel together and support SW. But now I would tell all of them to never sign up for the SW card. I can't believe they would only have to spend $4,000 to get the pass this year, yet I spent $121,000 and still never earned it. A huge scam, a joke. I am so dissapointed!!!!!

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Teresa Simonds - 20 d 5 h ago

My daughter and I took our last trip together right before she is to relocate from Michigan to California. I purchased a POD packed it and it shipped the day we flew to Ft Myers. We were to meet POD and leave for California Feb 1st. We had 5 flights canceled on us, I am on a scooter and we got separated. In order to get her home we had to rent her a car from Chicago with no coat in -22 degrees. No credit for part of flight not used and I still have not gotten out and really need to be able to fly directly now to California. Can you please make this happen tomorrow?! (hidden)3

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Gary Kelly - 18 d 11 h ago


Nope, can't do it.

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Jeffrey Marc Fichtelberg - 18 h ago

You all ready paid, you can forget about any action. Their is a old saying f--ked and not kissed. With Southwest it is rape.

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Gary Kelly - 18 d 11 h ago


Stupid is that Stupid does.

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John Paten - 1 d 15 h ago


This company is absolutely disgusting. Stay away at all costs. They will cancel your flights and not refund you a penny. On top of all the other compensation that they owe. Absolutely vile people who run this airline, and the people that work for it. They should all be disgusted as people. They should lock these executives away for their robbery. I don't understand how they get away with it. It's a disgrace.

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Jeffrey Marc Fichtelberg - 18 h 15 m ago

I used them once, NEVER AGAIN.


If it is Southwest, RUN THE OTHER WAY.!!!!!!!

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Jeffrey Fichtelberg - 18 h 20 m ago

Southwest airlines qualifies as as a bunch of garbage that operate with no respect for their customers. They lie and once you have paid in their conduct state screw you we have your money. Do yourself a favor and if you are stupid enough to buy a ticket, throw it away. No travel is so urgent that Southwest is worth using. If I needed a heart transplant and had to fly Southwest airlines to save my life staying home to die is better. By the time they got me there I would be dead anyway. This airlines planes should be destroyed, that way the service would improve.

Jeffrey Fichtelberg

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Charles Abram - 6 d 15 h ago


Southwest lost my family's luggage when traveling to San Juan to take a cruise. They found our luggage 2 days later and after telling us they would have it to our next port they then informed our ship that they found our luggage and it would be waiting for us when we get back to San Juan. We had none of our personal belongings during our entire cruise. I was told by a southwest employee that it is the supervisors decision to get luggage to us or not through a different airline that goes to the islands and they decided we were not worth the trouble to save our vacation. I am going to file a report with BBB and post how in professional southwest was. They costed my family and I our trip we planned for a year, and we had to spend all our vacation money to purchase things to get through the week.

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DDD - 27 d 20 h ago


There are many reports that the government shutdown is making air travel too risky. Pilots, air traffic controllers, and TSA have all made statements to that effect. But the ultimate decision to fly or not under current circumstances rests with SWA leadership. What are your assessments of current risks, and what are you doing about this? My family and I fly SWA regularly for business and pleasure, and we are Rapid Rewards members and have SWA credit cards. We do trust you, but we do want to hear from you about this situation.

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Gary Kelly - 18 d 11 h ago


Don't fly. Drive Enterprise.

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Margaret - 44 d 16 h ago

Due to a long flight delay, I was issued a $200 Southwest LUV voucher that expired on Aug 1, 2018. I was unable to use the voucher and called to receive an extension. I was kindly given an extension, expiring on Feb. 1, 2019. I planned on using it this month, but I am in need of unexpected surgery and will be unable to travel. I am aware that your policy is to only provide one extension. I called customer relations in Dallas asking for reconsideration, but was told there was nothing that could be done. Their computers would not allow another extension.

Surely there must be someone in your company with a little empathy and authority to override the computer. I understand that I am asking for an extra consideration not normally extended, but it would mean a lot to me. Southwest is always on the social media's exhalting your great customer relations. Perhaps you could extend me some of that good will too! It would be most appreciated.

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Gary Kelly - 18 d 11 h ago



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A-List flyer - 29 d 7 h ago


I am a A-List Flyer and love SWA. I am complaining though that recently every flight I am on has a long preboard list of over a dozen wheelchair folks. What irks me as a A1-15 boarder is not that these folks use wheel chairs, but that 80% of them are observed boarding by wheelchair but leaving in a rush at the destination ON-FOOT (briskly I may add). Its really not fair as it causes slow downs in boarding as we wait for those who abuse the system to play their game. I want to help handicapped and aged folks too, but would love SWA to consider a wheelchair policy like "WO/WO". Meaning wheel chair on---wheel chair off. This would immediately reduce the abuse to the benefit of all traveling.

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CLASSY BLACK MAN.. - 29 d 13 h ago

CODE OF CONDUCT>>!! AFTER WAITING three hours for a LATE,, Flight # 1469 From Denver to Tampa FL.01/21/2019. Southwest DOES NOT Have assigned seats. I was in Boarding group B. There were two people that put their carry on in two, different, ISLE EMPTY SEATS . To save for their buddies. I told the Black, Flight EMPLOYEE, this was NOT company policy .She told me to find another seat, there was NOT ONE other isle seat. And she was the NASTYEST.EMPLOYEE I have ever, ever, seen. I spent OVER $600.00 on my ticket...NEVER,,, will I fly on this SCUM BAG COMPANY AGAIN,OH, my BROTHER is a CAPTAN on a FIRST CLASS air, NOT,,,, SOUTH SUCKS>>!!

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Ralph M. Andradez - 31 d 17 h ago


Please know my wife and I both enjoy flying with Southwest Airlines. We recently (about 3 weeks ago) flew round trip from Vegas. On this flight we had a very lovely young lady Flight Attendant who went beyond the call of duty. First of all she took excellent care of all passengers

on this flight. She had a smile on her face and was polite!

She seemed to truly love her job. Not only did she do her job, she had to clean the bathroom at the front of the plane. Someone urinated all over the floor and before anyone else went in, she took care of it so no one stepped in it.

She is LAUREN employee #91197, flight 2670. I don't know how you recognize excellent service, but this young lady certainly deserves whatever it is! Thanks for listening to this passenger who will fly with you in the future. I am a SOUTHWEST VISA POINTS CARD HOLDER.

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Kelly Short - 44 d 15 h ago


I have save thousands of points up and now for the 2nd time used your gift card program to cash in mile for cards first time the general run it lied to me told me they were mailed waited over 30 days never got them had to call twice to get miles back on card.

Now I just cashed in my miles for gift cards again for Christmas gift and birthday with the same lies there in the mail .

Someone should fire this person .

As of now I will be paying off my southwest card cancelling it. And going to a different airline.

Very very poor customer service and relations

Kelly Short

I still never got the last 30,000 miles I cashed in on cards

Just lost me as a valid customer and will fly other airlines now

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MMR - 45 d 5 h ago


I have had about 5 roundtrips from Midland to Dallas since this past November. Southwest Airlines has always been my favorite airline. In those 5 round trips, they have been on time with the exception of my flight last Sunday evening back to Midland and that was only 45 min. and weather-related and end of day, I expect it. Everyone was very kind with this. My concern was due to turbulence, there was no beverage service (which has happened on 3 legs of these 5 trips). What my concern was...during the flight we never had an attendant walk the aisles to check on passengers. Before we landed, they announced to put our seats in the upright position for landing and have our seat back trays in place. The guy across and down from me was asleep and never responded to this announcement. I suppose he was sound asleep with his head on the down tray. No attendant came down the aisle to make sure everyone was ready for landing. When we landed, you can imagine the jolt that young man got asleep with his head on the down tray! Anyway, I was rather concerned about this and thought you might want to know. If they are not going to serve, the attendants should check on passengers maybe once or twice during the flight and especially before landing. My flight number was 6719, gate 19, Dec. 30, 2018 from Dallas to Midland. Other than that incident which I felt compelled to tell you about, your employees are awesome and you are the best US airline always! Thank you. Mary McDaniel Rogers

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Kim - 45 d 17 h ago


I fly your airline quite a bit . There are times that I have no issue with your service

But when I do it usually one that needs addressing . I was given a voucher for an incident at the Charleston airport. I was not able to use in the time frame given and was told at that time to call and it would be renew I was also time It could be renew again . I went to apply it to my trip and it expired the day before but not to worry since I had 3 more trips planned. She told me not to worry call the day after New Years and tell them that you had trips coming up could they Please extend the voucher . Well needless to say after speaking to several people it was a lose cause. I received this voucher because one of your surposely train employees was rude, disrespectful. I have a disability that you can not see. I may not look it but I grant you it there I carry a dr note medical treatment. I ask for a wheelchair when I can't walk a long distance and I ask for assistance with lifting anything most gentleman in line are very helpful. I can't alway travel in your time frame. I was told that Your voucher cause be extended more then once. You need to train all personnel the same with the same information. I worked in a hospital and ran labs if any employee that worked for me was as rude they would have been fired.

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Grace - 46 d 16 h ago

I have no problem with my actual flights. Flight attendants are some of the best. However, SCHEDULES are REDICULOUS! A three hour lay over in PHE is unreal. I suggest an executive try that out a 12 hr trip from RNO to ATL with a 3 hr layover in PHE and the OBNOXIOUS food that is available on C Gates!

I think you should be able to do better! I am appalled! Shame on you!

Has it ever crossed your minds that there is a 3 hr difference in time from west to East and that ATL is not the end of a trip; that passengers then have several hours to get HOME?!

I can't believe there is not enough business fo have better connections and even non-stops.

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J - 46 d 16 h ago


In June or July 2018, we booked two round trip tickets to Puerto Vallarta Mexico for several days in January 2019. A Confirmation # was included in our email Confirmation information. Upon attempting to confirm our flight and receive boarding assignments the day before our departure, the Southwest website kept telling us that our flight information could not be found. After several attempts, we call Southwest Customer Service to find out what had happened to our reservations. As it turns out, the Confirmation # WZI3__ was actually WZI3 and not WZI3. What is the difference?... The symbol Southwest uses for an "I" is the exact same symbol they use for a "1". We were interpreting it as a "13" instead if "I3". Evidently it was the first time that the CS Rep realized that Southwest uses the same symbol for a "1" and an "I' but was unconcerned about notifying their technical people of this issue. By the end, they had wasted over one and a half hours of our time. We also found their representative to be curt, blunt but not quite as rude as experienced by many other customers.

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Melanie in Mke - 47 d 12 h ago


The corporate office at Southwest helped me through a flight matter that arose from medical circumstances out of my control. Lindsay was kind, compassionate, and eager to make sure my experience with Southwest was a good one. I can't thank SWA leadership enough for understanding the challenges that its customers face and empowering their employees to mitigate, and in my case, eliminate, the angst and strife of travel plans. SWA really demonstrated their commitment to me and made me feel very special and appreciated. I've always luv'd this airline and now I do even more!

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Gig Foster - 47 d 13 h ago


I am writing to mark the passing of Herb Kelleher, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in the '60s, when my three business partners and I spoke with him about his new Part 121 Airline, which was then in its infancy, but already on a promising path to success. We operated a Part 135 FBO in MKE, Wisconsin called MidWEST AirWAYS. We had heard of the business model that Messers. Kelleher and King had envisioned as an airline that could be utilized by Jack and Jill Lunchbox, or a Corporate VIP--exactly what we were planning. Careful planning, even more careful staffing, tried and true, efficient, aircraft, would all come together to produce a viable means of air travel. We were to discover when we met Herb, which he insisted on being called, that he was ONLY Mr. Kelleher in the courtroom, and was a far cry from where we gathered. The man exuded both joy and expertise, and gave us a fountain of information and ideas, for which we were extremely grateful. We piled back in the turbo Cessna 310 from our Charter Fleet, and returned to Milwaukee.

Then came 1969. North Central Airlines was hanging by a thread, as the growing recession was brutally affecting their passenger numbers, and hangar doors slammed shut all around General Mitchell Field. The Green Bay Packers, still coached by Vince Lombardi, cut us back from transport of the team within 1,000 miles, to those within 600. Major manufacturers closed up forever-one after another. We went from 135 Students in our FAA Approved Flight School, to 15 essentially over night.

The point is Southwest Airlines busted out of its Texas-only roots and Routes, and hasn't stopped growing ever since. Because my airplane is an old Piper Comanche C, and due to Southwest's unparalleled rates and service, it's a no-brainer for me to stow my worthless ATR, and sit back and enjoy the flight, with the ONLY Flight Crews I trust. Do you know anybody else who hand flies in turbulence, these days?! I don't.

I am, frankly, surprised at these comments below, as I have not EVER witnessed anything close to these reported scenarios. I strayed from my Southwest Only promise, only twice, and both those departures produced reports like these--including loss of my luggage on the pair. Never again. Thank you folks, once again for what you do , and how you do it. My sincerer condolences to Mrs, Kelleher, and her family, in their loss of one of the finest men I have ever known,

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Fed up customer - 47 d 13 h ago


I am so angry I could spit nails. on Nov 26 2018 I converted rapid rewards cards to

Target gift cards----for 275.00

So far I have talked to 6 employees who all told me the same thing---honestly they are like

parrots. You better believe the CEO is going to get a flaming letter from me. It is HIS job to be a fixer. That's what CEO's are hired for.

No more emails. no more phone calls.

It is now Jan 3 2019 and I have no cards. Someone is responsible for this.

Ask CEO Kelly if this happened to him how would he feel if this happened to him?

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