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Southwest Airlines Co.

2702 Love Field Dr.
Dallas, TX
Gary Kelly
Chairman, President and CEO
(214) 792-4000
(214) 792-5015
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DLeDoux - 2 h ago



To whom will listen or be concerned!!

I was recently on a flight from Sacramento to Ontario CA. I fly at least 4 times a month on Southwest Airlines. On this particular flight I noticed a crack in the window and mentioned it to the man sitting on the isle seat, he acknowledged it but swished it off with the comment maybe "it's something on the window", I responded "no it's a crack" and took a few pictures. That man was a pilot on a flight home, he had to give his seat up to a standby passenger. I didn't want to freak everyone out but I was so anxious and couldn't relax, it was the most horrible flight I've had to date, constantly thinking what could happen!! I finally thought I can I write it on a napkin... so I wrote "Please check window on row 5FED as it is cracked"! I put my name and flight # on the napkin and handed it to this stewartest and pleaded "please read the note"!! I have had sleepless nights and have been so nervous, thinking what if no one listens and that crack causes a flight destruction, what if people are killed because no one would investigate or took it seriously.

I would like for someone to please respond to me after checking this plane out!! Please!!

PS I have photos of window. Also I have emailed, FAA about my concerns. Let see who cares.

As a passenger I feel this needs to be addressed.

Thank you

Teresa LeDoux



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LUCILLE DOMINGUEZ - 4 d 14 h ago



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DAVID M GOLD - 4 d 14 h ago


Congratulations on making flying Southwest Airlines between PVD and FLL (and visa versa) no longer a pleasure-rather, you have made the non-stop flights at ungodly hours totally inconvenient for children flying alone and for seniors.

What used to be a 3 hour direct flight is now a 6-hour ordeal with at least a stop with chance of delays and cancellations at stop over points !.

Congratulation to the imbecile(s) making flight decisions at Southwest !

You have displayed no concern for your clientele safety or comfort in what was a commuter-convenient airline for "snow birds" flying back and forth from New England to Miami and/or Fort Lauderdale.

I regret having been a loyal client towards an airline with flippant flight changing to expressly inconvenience the flying public.

Good riddance.

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Vendetta Lockley - 6 d 6 h ago


Normally SWA would be my personally airline of choice. I am going to have to rethink my choices. This past Mother's Day weekend experience has been a nightmare! On April 9th we purchased airline tickets for my mom, my 5 year old grandson, and myself. I completed the purchased providing the Ticketing Agent with the credit card number and required information, writing down the confirmation numbers. The next day, after hours, I spent over an hour with a representative purchasing a ticket for my 3 year old granddaughter, ensuring her ticket was linked to mines and ensuring that my grandson was classified as the minor. I provided the Ticketing Agent with the same credit card number and required information, writing down the confirmation number. Imagine my mom's and my distress when we got to the NOLA airport on May 11th 2 hours prior to our departure to Houston, TX to discover that SWA had not ticketed my granddaughter. I called the number provided by the Skycap, who was an angel, and was told that "someone by the name Vendetta Lockley called the next morning and cancelled the ticket." So, in less than 12 hours, after working hours, I called the airline to cancel her ticket? Really?! So, we're at the airport, luggage, car seats, 1 toddler, 1 youth, 1 distraught senior on oxygen incapable of walking distances, and 1 distraught adult in tears! Our only choices were to cancel our trip and lose money because the hotel was prepaid, as well as the flights, or purchase a ticket for my granddaughter. Simple solution, right? Not so, the flight was sold out! According to the representative she could get us onto the next flight but it was booking up quickly and we had to make a decision. I couldn't send my 3 year old on her 1st flight alone, nor my 5 year old on his 1st flight alone. Nor could I switch tickets so that my granddaughter could fly in my place and I take a later flight; even if I could, my mom is physically not fit to fly with 2 young kids! We had no option but to change our flights due to a glitch in SWA's system that did not finalize the transaction for my granddaughter's flight. Off to Houston-Galveston we go to celebrate a birthday and Mother's Day with family! The grand kids took to flying like business professionals who have done so for years. Nonetheless the joy was ruptured when we returned home to discovered our bank account had been ruined because SWA not only charged us for the granddaugther's ticket, but an additional $700+ for what was explained by an Agent as a "difference in fee." REALLY? SWA advised us the the issue with my granddaughter's ticket was caused because the original charge for the granddaughter's ticket did not go through. How could that be when I provided a credit card number to the Ticketing Agent and was provided a confirmation number?! When I completed the call, it was a confirmed purchase, not a "hold" as I was informed by the 2nd SWA Representative. And, if that was the case, they why didn't SWA call and advise me of such. If SWA prides itself on customer service and seeks customer loyalty, you would think if a reservation does not go through a courtesy call, even if only automatic robotic calls, would be made advising the customer of the potential loss of reservation?! I've since called their Leadership office and spoke with Jolene and Aley. This time I was informed that the original ticket was "not ticketed correctly." When asked what does that mean, I was advised that it is the responsibility of BOTH PARTIES to ensure confirmation. Since I didn't receive an email I should have called. As I advised Aley, I wrote down the confirmation and kept moving because over the years that I've flown SWA I have never experienced an issue until now! According to Aley, SWA owned their role by honoring the original fare that would have been charged. However, in regards to the other 3 passengers they cannot refund the $700+ fees that were charged for upgrades, but they are willing to grant a $50 voucher for each passenger! UPGRADES?! What upgrades? We didn't upgrade! Keep in mind, our original flight was completely booked. We had no other option and were pressed for time to make decisions. We were forced to change our flight because of a glitch on SWA's part. What was I to do? Leave a 3 year old toddler at the MSY airport? Cancel my mother's Mother's Day vacation? Disappoint my sister, who was waiting to celebrate her 60th birthday? Cancel my grandchildren's first flight after promising them a vacation? SWA wouldn't allow my granddaughter, who is no bigger than a large doll, to share a seat with her brother, although that's exactly what they did in at various points order to both look out the window. I informed Aley that I wanted to speak with the VP of Daily Operations, but was advised that was not possible. I was told that she can pass on my name to the next level in Leadership to call me within the next 24-48 hours. Talk about inaccessibility! I've tried faxing this review to Gary Kelly at the number noted above. Guess what? A voicemail picks up. It's not a fax line! And they wonder why they're losing customers ... considering the resolution of their $700+ error that cost a $91 overdraft fee ... I may have to blast this over social media too. I don't want a $50 voucher. I want a full refund of the $700+ and the $91 overdraft fee!

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Reply to Vendetta - 6 d 5 h ago

File a lawsuit against SWA , that will be the only way to get the money back. Unfortunately attorney fees may cost more than what was lost.

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L Parker - 6 d 8 h ago


Unbelievably angry over the treatment, no...lack of any thing resembling even acknowledgment of my daughter's panic attack or of the ridicule, jokes and bet making regarding her anxiety by grown men sitting around her on a flight from Dallas to Denver late last night. Shame on the crew for letting it go on AND playing along. Absolutely no excuse for such apathy and rudeness..and I don't care how long of a day they had. Nobody ever said customer service jobs were easy. You are obviously need to take a hard look at your trainer or human resources personnel.

It's unfortunate to watch your airline fall apart inside and our....literally! Loosing your local base support one traveler at a time.

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J. Smith - 6 d 17 h ago


I purchased 4 tickets for myself and 3 of my family members. We have 2 different confirmation numbers (PFTMWA and PFSFW8). We checked in on 5/14/2018 with no problem. On 5/15/2018, I decided to check again while on my way to the airport to see that the flight has been cancelled. Since I checked us all in on the morning of 5/14/2018, someone should have called and accommodated us by putting us on the next flight. Instead, most flights were all booked up and I had to get us on a flight much later on 5/15/2018. I think this is horrible and bad customer service. If someone had called me on yesterday, at least we could have gotten on an earlier flight. Southwest used to be a good airlines, but I'm noticing all the problems Southwest has. We are business owners and need to get back earlier today.

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I will choose Delta next time - 8 d 12 h ago


Lack of empathy and poor training.

Your customer service representatives, from the (hidden) reps to the local office in San Jose (hidden) can use an enormous amount of customer service training.

I was recently on a fully booked flight from LAS to SJC (one stop in LAX). The ground crew in Los Angeles mistakenly took a small gym bag I checked at the ticket counter with the rest of the passengers luggage from our LAS flight (I was the sole remaining passenger onboard carrying on to SJC). It was an understandable mistake. The bag was small and easy to toss in with the rest of the luggage from the flight (I would suggest marking the luggage tags of carry-over bags better for easier identification during this process).

From the time I put in the claim to the time that I did my own check back 2 days later to find out the status of my bag (this was reasonably easy fix, i.e., throw the bag on the next LAX to SJC and get it to the Lost Luggage Dept. and have them contact me); I was made to feel unappreciated as a customer, and that this was their inconvenience, not mine.

Over the next few months, myself and 30 of my colleagues will be traveling to and from the SF Bay Area and LAS. Until I learn that you have improved customer service in this area, I will encourage them to find other airlines, as we have several choices Alaska, Delta, etc. for this route.

Scott Miller

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Pissed of Military Member!!! - 9 d 8 h ago


I got on a flight today from Chicago to Nashville. The two ladies boarded with me were chatting about seats, one said she only takes aisle seats, I said I would never take a window seat, considering what happened recently!! The stewardess stared at me like I just killed a baby bunny. Well 10 minutes later an African American Manager came over to me, leaned next to my seat and proceeded to tell me that I cannot talk about the recent window incident!! I told him really, cause when his ancestors had race issues they marched in the streets about that, and when we are at war we can talk about that!! Then I asked home to show me his Veteran ID card, of course he could not, so I told him not to tell me what I am free to speak about in the same country I defended for 25 years!! I was not referencing terrorism or anything of that nature, nothing threatening, we were speaking about a window seat at Southwest!! Who the hell do you think you are telling Americans what they can talk about? And then telling me the pilot was offended!! The pilot was 200 feet away and was not involved in the conversation!! Southwest why don't you face the family of that incident and tell them they cannot talk about it cause your embarrassed!! I am embarrassed that your company treats Military and veterans like crap by telling active duty to get to ends of lines, but we proudly keep our mouths shut! In case you need a wake up call, we live in the USA, land of the free because of the brave!! When you pick up a M-16 or walk 5 feet from an IED, then feel free to tell me what I can talk about!!

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Jessica Perry - 10 d 13 h ago


I had booked this trip from Denver to Las Vegas five months ago. I had booked this as a surprise for my best friend as a bachelorette/Birthday party. This was a $700.00 surprise. We were on flight 799 from Denver to Vegas at 5:25AM. Landed in Vegas at about 6am Vegas time. We go to get our baggage and only one bag arrived. We submitted a report at 6:40am for the lost bag. Throughout the morning as we waited for a "15 minute " call back, no one called us, no one updated me, and no one can tell me where the bag is! We are now sitting in Vegas and the person/reason for being here HAS NONE OF HER THINGS! Not only does she not have her things,her fianc hid a surprise card with money in it. There is roughly $600 dollars of makeup, brand new clothing and other valuables in her bag. It is now 9:30am the NEXT DAY and they still can't find my friends bag nor did they call me... I called them AGAIN to get no new information.

I'm need more compensation then a measly $50 "travel voucher" that I can't even use unless I SPEND MORE MONEY ON A FLIGHT! This has been the absolute WORST experience.

You may call me at (hidden) or email me at (hidden)

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Craig Hardesty - 11 d 13 h ago


This airline is the worst ever. My flight gets cancelled and when I call they cannot get me on a flight for two days. Then when I book on another airline and call back for a refund, they will only do the unused portion and then fling attitude and are not even remotely helpful. NEVER fly this awful airline. This could not have been a worse experience.

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Denise Armitage/kawaiaea - 17 d 1 h ago

Aloha Mr. Kelly, my name is Denise Armitage/Kawaiaea and I have a sunscreen that is 100% natural made from plants and mineral base. Hawaii is trying to save our reefs from Chemicals that is destroying it today. We are Reef Safe Hawaii, a local company and would like to promote this product on your flights here to Hawaii. I am looking forward for Southwest to operate in Hawaii, Mahalo Nui Loa

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Susan Lang - 17 d 9 h ago


I am a loyal customer of Southwest however I am very frustrated. I had a flight yesterday URV271. It was a rescheduled flight as I saw my flight @$49 online. I purchased my original flight at $160. There should of been enough credit to book my flight home. This was planned in my budget. The site wouldn't allow me to book my return flight .I promptly called Southwest as was informed my flight price was $160?????What happened???The flight was on my screen for $49!!!

I called customer relations there was a 22 minute hold time.I decided to email to find out the email for Southwest was now "tweet." I was literally in tears. A family member was quite ill and I had to take that flight at $160. I have complained & gave positive feedback to Southwest. I am sorry to say my business will be taken elsewhere.The structure of Southwest has changed to kaos. I am asking for my full refund of $160. I do not want travel funds as I am sad to say "done"as a paying customer.


Susan Lang



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Anonymous - 17 d 15 h ago

Please make sure you drug test random test in Atlanta GA ramp agents please. Thanks starting from John C Johnson in ATL

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DCB - 19 d 4 h ago


Dear Mr. Kelly,

I have a client who is a great fan of Southwest. He is a multiple Grammy Award recipient (more than 3 or 4), and owns a business. I am assisting him in building a alliance of like-minding business owners. He is restructuring his organization and I think you two would have great synergy. Please feel free to contact me directly at (hidden) or (hidden). Thank you very much. By the way, I fly Southwest often from Nashville to Charlotte, NC.


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#64646444 - 19 d 16 h ago


Dear Mr. Kelly

I'm disappointed to in the customer level that your company provides. I have been a loyal rapid rewards member for over 15 years and been an A list member many times in those years. I missed being an A list Member this year based on a few Round trip flights. You ran an exclusive promotion to get my A list status back if I fly 6 one ways this year. i miss the Registration deadline by 1 Day, and your company would not allow me to participate in the promotion. Mind you I have already flown the 6 one ways. I was told that there was no exceptions. Well I work in customer service, and I do believe sometimes there has to be exceptions. I can't believe that a company as big as southwest would deny me that privilege especially since it was only 1 Day. I just think it was very petty and not customer friendly.

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Tamara - 25 d 5 h ago


I received the worst service ever on a flight 4/24 from Oakland to LAX the 700 a.m. flight. I was in group A, and when I boarded, the stewardess told me I had to go sit by the blue light, meaning on the wing. In light of the woman ducked out of the plane window by the engine, I told her I didn't want to sit by the engine. She told me she had to balance the plane so that was where I needed to sit. Keeping in mind at least 45 other people where going to board behind me. I was under the impression that southwest had open seating and that I could choose my seat. She said no, I needed to sit there. I was furious the whole flight. She was rude, demanding and condescending. I fly southwest regularly and hope to never board your flight again. Your employees use to be helpful, friendly and funny. Now they are just flat out rude and inconsiderate. On my return flight, I saw a super is or talking to an employee and waited until she was finished, and asked her if there had been a gate change for my flight. She said I don't know off the top of my head, with major attitude. Another example of the direction your company is going. It starts at the top. As a customer we can choose any airline but my company has asked us to choose you due to flexibility. But it no longer Germany worth it if I will be treated with disdain and disrespect. Beyond disappointed.

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Anonymous - 25 d 12 h ago


I have had 2 altercations with southwest and possibly will get rid of my reward program with southwest. Military use to be able to pre bored. I'm not sure when that changed, I got booted to the back of the line. I'm very ittitated with southwest and will probably end my 5 yr journey with them.

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Catherine Johnson - 25 d 14 h ago


Yesterday, April 25, 2018, I traveled on flight 1601 from Denver to Tampa. Sitting directly behind me was a woman, whom I did not realize at the time had chosen to sit behind me or I would have moved seats, who carried a small white dog, wrapped in a blanket, on her lap for the entire trip.(Yes, she had a carrier under my seat but never used it.) About half way through the flight the man sitting the middle seat next to her got up to use the restroom. When he returned to the seat, the dog became aggressive and began to bark loudly so that everyone could hear. Sitting next to the window was a 7 yr old little boy traveling alone. The stewardesses were great. The made sure no one was hurt and did what they could to calm the situation. Unfortunately, I believe their hands were tied and what they could do, limited.

My point is this. "Emotional support dogs" do not behave like this and yet Southwest Airlines seems to feel that it is acceptable to allow dogs, to sit in laps, in the cabin. What if that 7 yr old little boy had been injured? What if ANY of the passengers had been injured? Fortunately, this time that did not happen.

While waiting for luggage after landing, I over heard two completely independent conversations from people on their cell phones complaining to the people they were talking to about the incident. It baffles me why Southwest has chosen to put themselves in such a potentially liabilis situation let alone put themselves in a situation that allows for poor company PR.

What has happened to the concept that majority rules? Your company dodged a bullet this time. After reading your current company financial whoa's, it is a wonder you have money left in the kitty to pay out to future claims, or lost lawsuits as a result such an irresponsible policy.

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CEO Gray Kelly and grounds supervisor Laura Marshall - 26 d 9 h ago

To CEO Mr. Kelly I'm writing to complement how impressed we were with Laura Marshall ground operator supervisor out of Denver she assisted us with our damage package she was so efficient and helpful she's the kind of employee that make Southwest our favorite airlines along with many of our friends thank you so much Russ and Kathy Parisi 6786 West Wood Circle, Arvada, CO

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Gina - 26 d 16 h ago

I need to send an email that has private info. Please let me know how I can contact your corp office by email.

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Stand Up For Stanley - 28 d 13 h ago

This wknd we went to Washington with our Flat Stanley who is our Bulldog that is an anti bullying Bulldog that tries to stop bullying and suicide among our children. He is the 1st chapter for Founding Hope through the American Childhood Cancer Organization and helps children in the different countries with clefts as he is the Ambassador of the Smile Train. Stanley could not go to Washington and either could rhose he represents that ask for acceptance so we wanted to take all by this Flat Stanley.The pilots and stewards on the plane to Washington were awesome as they let Stanley go in the cockpit before we took off.This was such a message to children that think they are different. Thank you so much for giving these children a clear message of it is ok to be different

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Anthony Mercer - 30 d 5 h ago

Dear Mr Kelly,

As a retired airline general counsel with experience in the handling the aftermath aviation accidents, I am drawn to commend you on your letter to passengers on flight 1380 last week.

Too often I have seen carriers run for cover, clam up and only reluctantly communicate with passengers (and dependents) over important matters following an accident involving injury or death.

I was closely involved in the reform of the Warsaw Convention and the drafting of the 1999 Montreal Convention governing airline liability in international carriage of passengers.Article 28 of Montreal was introduced to encourage carriers to make advance payments to persons entitled to compensation to meet their immediate economic needs without those payments being taken as an admission of liability. Your letter seems to follow the principles of Article 28 but in the context of a US domestic operation. That is not to ignore the possibility that some passengers on flight 1380 were in "international carriage" under the Convention.

I consider your letter an object lesson in sympathetic communication and provision of financial assistance without the over-bearing application of legal considerations/advice that inevitably come into play in such circumstances.

My thoughts are with you and employees as you deal with the investigation of the inflight incident and the passengers affected. May I also applaud the professionalism of your flight crew on the flight, Tammie Jo Schults and Darren Ellisor.


Anthony Mercer


New Zealand

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al - 30 d 19 h ago


hello... I know what happened on the flight that had a problem engine blowing out..... I worked at the plant you buy your blades from.... you need to check your personnel that install your blades on you planes... Now the problem is coming form the plant you buy your blades inspection changes out blades after your inspector puts his stamp on the blades approving them... Now night the final inspector of the plant goes in and changes out blades as they have a stamp just like your inspector stamps every blade to approve for jets liners.... I know this is true as I worked at excello corp in Fostoria ohio.... and go fired as I found out what was happening and reported it to makers of the jet engines for airliners all over the country.. I saw it happening and questioned the union rep for final linspection...two of the countries largest maker of jet engines...and I reported to them and the plant became a part of a new inspection from clients ordering blades...I told the final inspector for the plant... she had a problem and the problems got worst... I got fired as the customers pulled a inspection and found out it was true... trailing edge and leading edge were plus or minus and could not be used on airliners.... Now understand one blade can cause a engine can cause a engine to blow as the current air craft I had to make a force landing... Please get on the stick check this out... be happy to talk and I think I need to go to tv with this problem it could go on.... stop it .. ..tighten up your inspection.... at the plant you buy your blades from.. and you final inspection as new blades or installed....This is why do not fly anymore.. and do fly southwest....from dallas to new something call me or move on your own and cover this up as is the way upper management does most things..... do something.....or this will happen again...and again... killing your clients on the aircraft(hidden) al adams.. happy to talk with you.. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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F Kathleen Kores - 47 d ago


Pet policy. All other airlines plow small domestic birds as a pet flying with me in a small carrier. Only Southwest restricts traveling pets to dogs and cats. I only fly southwest in and out of Tampa and want southwest to consider adding small domestic pet birds that fit in a carrier under the seat to be allowed on flights. Can't you change your policy. You are forcing me to have to fly other planes

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Anonymous - 38 d ago

It's airline it a friging zoo please stop all animals from boarding planes I have alerges and can breath and no one ack a paying customer I.E. a human if their ok.

General profile image

Izzy - 33 d 14 h ago


You have allergies you don't want animals on the plane. How dare you! There are people who have written prescriptions from the doctor that the pet is Necessary. I am sure passengers to have a doctors excuse to have a pet are far more disabled than you are with your allergies. You have a look. Just wearing a mask and Southwest will probably move you from being anywhere near the animal. Southwest is not The only airline that has this policy. You go Southwest

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