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Southwest Airlines Co.

2702 Love Field Dr.
Dallas, TX
Gary Kelly
Chairman, President and CEO
(214) 792-4000
(214) 792-5015
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Anonymous - 3 h ago


I spoke with Tamara in your corporate office on 2/20/18 asking for compensation for our cancelled flight on 2/11. She was very helpful and apologetic. She refunded our cost for the flight and offered us a $100 voucher as a good will gesture which she would email to me. The credit already showed up on my credit card but I have yet to receive any email from southwest.

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Steve N. - 1 d 13 h ago

I am handicapped and disabled. I fly Southwest very frequently and always order a wheelchair in my reservation. It seems like every time I fly there is no wheelchair available for me, and I end up flagging down Southwest managers to assist me in getting a wheelchair. This happens frequently in ATL.

Every time I fly into FLL, where I am supposed to have a wheelchair waiting for me at the gate, there is never anyone there with a wheelchair. I would like a response to this.

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Suesan maleki - 5 d 14 h ago

Can you please develop direct flights to little rock Arkansas. It sems very logical since you offices and hub are in Texas. Many people woul benefit not to mention companies who cover that territory. I can be reached at (hidden)

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markp - 6 d 24 s ago

i was devastated when american airlines discontinued their nonstop flights between hartford and pittsburgh. i frequently travel between the two and would be thrilled if you would consider adding that route to your current offerings. you have been my favorite airline for a while now and this would be the cherry on top. thanks

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Zac H - 6 d 18 h ago

Please send more jets to Chicago MDW today to get me to Portland OR. I realize the fog that shut down the airport is not your fault but it has been gone for hours no southwest flights could mean no in or out hundreds of stressed out customers trying to reschedule and no jets to move them . My preginent wife, my 2 year old And I have been here for over 9 he's. 4 of those hours has been spent waiting in line and on the phone with customer service and the best you can do for us is a flight that leaves from here in two days. We live in Rochester not Chicago so no cheap way to just sit around until then. This airline can do better that 2 days from now, get some damn jets here! South West airlines has treated us welll in the past.

General profile image - 24 d 16 h ago

I am a New York attorney who has been approached by a few people who want to start a class action against your airline. All of them have recently flown on domestic flights where multiple dogs were on the plane. Because they are allergic to dogs their flight was scary. Each took benedryl during and after the flights. Their symptoms of itchy skin and asthma like symptoms prevailed long after they landed. This shall serve as a demand letter to request that changes be made. There should be seats that do not allow any dogs or animals ever. Also flight where animals were on the plane must be thoroughly cleaned to avoid hair and dander in the ventilation system. Making these changes can avoid other passengers the discomfort and life threatening allergic reactions our clients were subjected to. Please let us know if these changes are amenable and if you will compensate the passengers for their pain and suffering. They do like your airline in all other respects and want to see these changes happen. ThNk you

Jamie Scher, Esq.

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Anonymous - 7 d 18 h ago

They may be better off contacting a lawyer that specializes in class action suits versus an adoption lawyer. Just sayin'.

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Mark Schwartz - 8 d 35 s ago


I had to take time to drop you a line in praise of David Worthy one of your customer support personnel at Ft Lauderdale / Hollywood airport. I was recently flying back from a business trip when my wallet went missing full of cash, checks, credit cards etc. I thought I left it on the plane but was not counting on seeing it or my valuables again. David had found my wallet, and secured it in a bag...contents were untouched..everything accounted for. Would not accept a reward. This is why I only fly Southwest and will continue to. It's employees like David that make it worthwhile. David saved my business trip and all the hard work out of town. I thought you should be aware when a customer gets excellent service above and beyond the call of duty.

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Anonymous - 36 d 16 h ago


Really Southwest, no deicing fluid at Houston Hobby........ you knew this storm was coming and you accept no liability for all the extra expenses before getting us to our destination..... maybe tomorrow, Jan 17,2018 plus the added expense because hotel at our destination won't refund our hotel, can't rebook a car, don't know how where getting to our final destination, loss of 2 nights at house we rented and your response is ........ ummmm sorry.

Fortunately, court judgments are now available holding the airline responsible for the lack of de-icing. Airlines have to have a sufficient supply of de-icing agent available and use it in good time to ensure that flights can run to schedule. Shall we talk.


Confirmation #xxcc

I pm my contact info. Will someone reach out?

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Jeremy - 10 d 16 h ago

This exact same situation occurred today at Chicago midway airport. How the hell could this happen at this airport? Do you southwest think it not important to have reserves of deicing agent in a city where winter weather is a constant issue. Southwest customer service won't compensate me for lost time because of their incompetence NOT because of a damn weather delay. Weather conditions were clear, no wind, no rain or snow, and clear runways. Can't take off in those conditions??? I smell a class action suit kathy

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Anonymous - 12 d 22 h ago

I know that Southwest flies to Naples,fl,but your customer service representave states otherwise RSVP to (hidden) Thank you

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Walter & Lisa Brighton - 15 d 14 h ago


We just had to write in reference to one of your Flight Attendants, Susan Roberts on Flight # 1456 from Denver to Minneapolis on Monday February 5th, 2018 she is an unbelievable asset to your team. This is why

Susan Roberts went above and beyond to assist us with great customer service, a smile and a great attitude. After flying globally we definitely know what your average Flight Attendant is and which ones are STELLAR and those that go above and beyond. She assisted us in a way no other Flight Attendant has. I can't believe we are even taking the time to write this but this representative needs MAJOR KUDO'S. Thank you Southwest Airlines.

You are one lucky company to find someone of this caliber and place her within your team. Please let her be aware and please add some additional kudos to Susan's file and by the way major kudos to the individual who had the incredible insight to find a gem of this magnitude.



Walter & Lisa Brighton

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Jerry Isan - 17 d 18 h ago


I LOVE Southwest Airline Only way we fly. Recently on Jan 29th we were on the non stop Milwaukee to Ft Lauderdale flight. We both need wheel chair assistance. We live in Fl and were glad to leave the 19 degree temp.

As I was at the plane door a very young man came forward to take the carryon and put it up above. We always sit

in seats on the opposite side of the aisle. The young man Named ROGER deserves a star. I asked how long with the company and he said 16 years, Started when he was 22 making him 38 Best on the intercom byb a long shot. WE L O V E SWA

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Venkata Alla - 20 d ago

Hello, My previous communication with Southwest was about how happy I was with the customer service and how I agree with the great storied published in the on board booklet. With extreme disappointment, I am writing this email today to say that Southwest is falling behind on the customer care I expected and it's a great disappointment to say that about Southwest. I flew southwest for the last 12 years and I have choose Southwest as my preferred airline, flew over 20 flights in 2017. With one incident, I can say that Southwest is no different from UNITED who dragged the passenger from the fight. I will never fly UNITED and will not hesitate to not fly Southwest if the customer care doesn't improve or is not at the highest standard that I expect. I booked my flight with Early Bird Check in which say's " We will take care of Check-in " for you along with a preferential sequence while boarding. Apparently, Southwest system only gives a position and I still have to check in online. Gate agent at BWI told me to read the fine print and the customer care agent on 2/2 at 1(hidden) basically referred me to the policies online and did not show any interest in resolving the issue. Call was at 8:46 AM CST and the call must be listened to. If your policy is that the customer will still have to go online to check-in, do not advertise that we will take care of check-in for you. We will take care of check-in for you......means your system will check me in and will send me the boarding pass. If that is not the case, there is no point for me to pay $15 extra. And to tell the customer that he should read the fine print is outrageous. That is not customer care. And again, this is with extreme disappointment that I had this experience with Southwest whom I pride that Customer care is utmost importance for them. This instance shows that it is not. No matter how you can explain the policy, how your gate agent and customer care agent handled the situation in not great customer service. I insist that this should be shared with all your employees to show how things can be handled and how they shouldn't be handled. If you treat customers as UNITED is treating...... you will have a rude awakening like how UNITED is struggling to fill their cheapest seats. Venkata Alla (hidden)

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Sara E. - 23 d 11 h ago


January 29, 2017

On January 28th, 2017 my adult daughter and I were travelling back home to Los Angeles from Kansas City. We were on flight 1476 which would land us in Phoenix to change planes and take our connecting final flight #3475 Los Angeles.

Upon arriving in Phoenix late we were still able to make our connecting flight #3475 due to that flight being delayed. This flight had not even started to board so we had plenty of time to stand and wait till we boarded, once we boarded and sat down and buckled up we were called over the intercom to come forward to the plane. The gate agent who cleared us to board was telling us we were on another flight and as I tried to communicate to her that this was our flight and our boarding passes reflected such, she was quick to usher us off the plane and told us to go to the Southwest desk and speak to the agent. We approached the gate agent and she advised that "someone had changed our connecting flight" I asked who and why would someone do this especially without notifying us, allow to board our scheduled flight. The agent was scrambling to give me an answer and asked if our original flight was late, we told it was late but our connecting flight was late as well and we were able to board in plenty of time. The agent tried to convince me that the "someone" had thought we would miss our flight and put us on another-----I was not buying that excuse and demanded that we be put back on our original connecting flight! The agent called down to baggage to try and find our luggage to make sure it would be on our flight. She then advised our luggage may not make it on this flight.

Arriving in Los Angeles we had to wait for all baggage to be picked up before we were allowed to go to baggage claim to file a missing luggage report. We returned to baggage support and advised the young lady our luggage was not on our flight. The baggage clerk looked at my luggage receipts and proceeded to tell me that my flight had not arrived. I assured the young lady that I was on the flight and I was standing in front of her which should indicate that my flight had indeed arrived. In the course of 50 minutes of dealing with this baggage clerk; I was accused of changing my original flight and catching an earlier flight and that is why my luggage was on my alleged original flight. The baggage clerk called someone on the phone three times and during the 50 minutes I was standing in the baggage office I requested a supervisor and she said there was NO supervisor there. I communicated to her that I refused to believe that a large corporation like Southwest would not have a supervisor on duty. A few minutes later there were several other employees coming and going and eventually two females employees came and stood next to her at the counter and the three of them proceeded to have a personal conversation regarding work related training, schedules etc...The baggage clerk handed me back my baggage claim tickets and said my luggage was on the flight reflected on my luggage tag and asked me what flight did I arrive on, I called my daughter into the office to confirm our flight number and looked at my baggage claim tickets and saw that the WRONG connecting flight was assigned to our luggage. At NO time in the three different States that we traveled through did ANY employee mentioned the error and all I was told was a series of cover up lies and passed on. I was told I would have to wait until tomorrow to receive my luggage because the last delivery had already left. I advised the clerk I had articles in my luggage that I needed before I left work at 7:10 a.m. and asked why our luggage would not be placed on Uber, Lyft, or a Yellow Cab--------NO ANSWER! Once I woke up I received an email advising my luggage had been located and would be delivered to my home by noon. I edited the delivery address to reflect my work address. Exactly at 12:40 p.m. my luggage arrived at my place of employment. I signed and wrote the time on the drivers receipt and he told me the time was not important. Shortly after he departed I received two emails from Southwest advising my luggage had been delivered at noon, another lie!

I have been in the customer service industry for over 20 years and I am appalled to see the lack of customer service that I was subjected to by multiple Southwest employees. I called the corporate office approximately 6:50 a.m. this morning to file a formal complaint in the CEO's office and was quickly rerouted to consumer affairs, I gave my complaint to a very professional lady named Jackie, who patiently listened and proceeded to put me on hold to read the notes in my flight file (when I arrived in Los Angeles the night before the baggage clerk advised there were NO notes in my flight file.) Jackie returned on the phone and proceeded to advise she had read the notes and started to apologize repeatedly for all our inconveniences and advised the complaint would be give to supervisor at the corporate level to investigate how and why this happened. My final words to Jackie were that there was no customer service that I encountered by the employees I had to deal with and I asked how their employees were trained and by who???

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Sylvia Landis - 25 d 14 h ago


Dear Southwest:

On January 13th, I had the second leg of a trip to Ontario airport from Greenville, SC. Basically, I was flying to Vegas to visit multiple friends and attend the women's march and had decided to fly first to Ontario to visit another friend who winters in Rancho Mirage and then take a rental car from there to Vegas.

As we hit the tarmac in Vegas, a message popped up on my phone from my friend in Rancho Mirage saying, "did you read my previous texts?" I hadn't. Reading the texts, my friend was telling me she just had come down with the flu and her husband had been sick for a week. It quickly dawned on me that not only was she sick but contagious. Also, my friend in Las Vegas has COPD and asthma (she's 81 and I'm 71) and could literally die from having a severe flu. What to do?

It took a couple of minutes of shock before I realized that the most logical step to take would be to get off the plane in Las Vegas and not go on to Ontario. As we reached the gate and people started getting off the plane, I spoke to the attendant and explained the problem. Could they get me and my luggage off in Vegas?

I was referred to the gate attendant and I was able to tell him that I was traveling with two pieces of purple luggage. At that point, I didn't know if he could get me off, whether I could switch my car rentals, etc. He didn't know at that point if they could pull it off either.

Fortunately for me, it all worked out. I got off the plane, they managed to pull the luggage off and send it to the baggage claim and it all came together.

I am very grateful for Southwest's help in solving this sudden problem. I can't even tell you the gate attendant's name as it was that crazy. But I was on arriving flight 2312.

While I'm writing, occasionally I must fly other airlines and I have points with other airlines. It is never the same experience if I try to use my points or have something unusual happen. I'm a Southwest fan all the way.

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Norma Brown - 29 d 19 s ago


Please give this to Gary Kelly...My Companion Pass is JINX! I am 80 years old, severely handicapped, in a wheelchair, and my husband must accompany me on all flights due to my health issues. First of all, we are Southwest number one fans. Our family has close ties with Your niece, Rhonda Rossman, is a Southwest employee in Dallas. My nephew, Steve Posey, is a Southwest employee in Amarillo. We travel often. But I have discovered that my companion pass is JINX. I had to cancel a flight, but because of your non refundable rule, but I cannot use it because I have a companion pass and cannot fly by myself or another other than my husband due to my health issues. Then, I flew from Houston to Fort Lauderdale on January 16 and our flight was delayed due to having the plane de-iced. You were so nice to give us a Southwest Voucher for $150, but again I cannot use it due to my Companion Pass which is JINX !! Now I'm almost $650 lost because of my Companion Pass. Surely there is something I can do to help me get part of my money I have lost! I am willing to use it in any way I can...maybe my husband or daughter could use it for flights, hotel, partners, etc.!!! Please try to help me because my Companion Oass must be JINX !!! Thank you. Norma Brown, 33897535... my husband is Lee Brown, 37484985.

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Gus C - 30 d ago

I just read the many issues below that SWA customers had dealing with the company. While there are one or two stories that might be described by some people as crazy, the great majority of them seem totally trustworthy and painful. This clearly points to a lack of responsible management by Mr. Kelly and his team, and especially by the VP for Customer Relations.

There is nothing on this page that demonstrates that any SWA customer service line manager has read and attempted to resolve any of the complaints, or that senior management acknowledges that there is an endemic problem that requires a systemic fix. Even if they had firm grounds to refute the claims, the fact that these complaints remain on this page without SWA management comment shows a "We don't care; you can complain all you want!" attitude.


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Joanne Cerrato - 31 d 18 h ago


This email is intended for Gary Kelly CEO of Southwest Airlines.We have been flying your airline for several years we do not use any other airline.It always amazes me how helpful, pleasant and knowledgeable your employees are.

At the gate, on the plane or on the phone.We recently had to change some flights due to illness and they were great.

I am sure you hear that quite often because it's true and you are doing a fantastic job.

I have a request I have a six year old granddaughter , Giada Cerrato, flying on flight 2019 from Milwaukee to Orlando on Wed Jan 24 th. It's her 6 th birthday is it possible for the attendants to wish her a Happy Birthday?

She is traveling with her parents Mr John and Dr Jennifer Cerrato . Thank you , Joanne Cerrato ( jcerrato @ Cox. net

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Very unhappy with SW - 32 d 3 h ago


To be honest, I never thought I'd be the one writing a negative review regarding my experience with Southwest. Today, after speaking with an a horrible agent her attitude was appalling (very unusual in my experience with this airline) I decided to cancel a booked flight and ask for a refund of my $403.00. I was told I wouldn't receive my refund for 7 to 14 days. This is unacceptable. They took my money immediately, why should it take this long did it to be refunded to me? Last week, my sister died suddenly and my family is dealing with the shock of her death, plus spending money on flights we didn't budget for etc. Prior to today, my experience with SW was amazing. I used to think this airline was amazing. All of that has changed, I will never fly SW again, this is the time I needed them most and they didn't deliver. It's like a divorce after 8 years.

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Judith - 32 d 16 h ago


Dear Southwest Airlines: We fly Southwest as often as our destinations allow because of your decent policies regarding flight fees, baggage fees, decent helpful attendants and even peanuts. I think even more highly of your company now that you have refunded a non-refundable flight fee when my husband was suddenly diagnosed with widespread cancer including brain, and is unable to fly, probably forever. Bending rules, offering sympathy and a refund is unusual in our business climate and I more that appreciate this excellent gesture of good will. I thank you both for the refund and for the grace and sympathy you display.

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Jim Ramge - 33 d ago


Mr. Kelly,

I wanted to bring your attention to Gina, one of your Flight Attendants from Flight 4742, today, 20 Jan '18. I've flown on a number of flights over the years with both SW and various other Airlines in the industries. Gina is one of the best I've come across when it comes to in-Flight service. Truly a model for others in the industry! Caring, attentive and on top of her game, she is definitely a formitable asset of SW in the skies above - a true professional!

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JD - 34 d ago


Used Southwest for a trip to go hunting.

Southwest lost our gun case on a direct flight.

Southwest promised deliver the same day to our location.

No follow up call from Southwest.

Guns not delivered for 3 days.

Missed 2 days out of a 3 day hunt.


The deliver company for Southwest can only be described as a jerk.

This mishap ruined a long planned trip.

Very disappointed.

Southwest did not come through with there promise.

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Tamara - 36 d 14 h ago


I have been on hold for over 4 hours to fix my group travel how can this even be acceptable!

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pamela - 41 d 17 h ago


really terrible what happened is impossible to explain. i had a teenager whom i put on southwest airlines in 2002. No one told me she needed a host with her at all. i picked her up in lx from Nevada i drove , she worked for a vet office . this turned into severe manipulation and loss of all my assets custody of my kids and torture by numerous people without any intervention by anyone. your president. I was not married but someone has been really vicious to us . nasty frightening people showed up in Anaheim nextdoor and across the street, when we lived there also. Marian Sullivan left a house to me in which we never had a decent realtor or a lawyer. your flights have always been pleasant for me -my phone line from 1978-1992 (hidden) was switched with a woman nextdoor who had relatives who owned a phone compnay in 1960 long beach or la-nasty people. i could get the police to do anything about them. i paid on the house whole being almost tortured for 14 years, in 1982 i had a two week old baby, someone was just vicious. I have had excess of 25 jobs. little un employment even when warranted. after buying groceries from costco my neighbor stole all my groceries and i believe my purse too-a child foster kid had just been with us for a couple weeks.i'm having a serious lack of energy and have no us bank debit card and they wont cooperate, people are trying ti get me to steal a car instead-in 1992 steve gilbert and on a Friday took a flight on your airline to ls Vegas from Anaheim. the scam started with house thief, wage theft prior to this and car thief but returned- At no time would i have ever taken our lives and freedom=m for granted. I remember it was pleasant on your airline and wanted to thank you for that in 1992.

I wish you would tell me who made the reservation at that time-was it ramona rush?- long ago . (hidden)

dont ever buy any cars from capital cabinet corp or desert Pontiac or towbin or Chapman dodge-pcs computer store -

signature flight support ,las vegas blvd , las vegas nevada- gave me several interviews-they were so dis organized they couldn't find my application then said the job desk job paid 18.00, when i went in for my schedule, it was someone else not the woman who hired me , then asking me if i would all work nights.

, fuel planes????, for 8.50?

-this was my last chance to stay near my kids.

I was a key carrier at mikasa, i like small stores in the mall with other stores, where one of the workers lost her key phipeno's, they didn't work there!!!!!!!!! invaded mikasa and i asked for police report to the woman doing inventory as thier computers where old . the jealousy of marks insane wife and her abuse to my life, i feel she should not have a car and have to give it to me.

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