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Southwest Airlines Co.

2702 Love Field Dr.
Dallas, TX
Gary Kelly
Chairman, President and CEO
(214) 792-4000
(214) 792-5015
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KAREN fry - 6 d 7 h ago


Tried to cancel my flights online because of death in family. Told to call a number. They said I had to get a voucher for the amount (with a pin number) because SOUTHWEST made a time change in our flight. Tried to book a flight for after the funeral with the $600 plus dollars. Told the voucher would take 14 days. Called Customer Relations (HA!HA) over two hours wait and talk, Told they were having the money deposited to the cancelled reservation # and would be there in three hours - she would call when they did it. No call. Another wait for answer in Dallas.

Now they say they cannot do it. Voucher will noe tsle 2-3 days. Prices going up . Today was told I had to charge the new tickets ($600 TAKEN OUT TOMORROW) and they would be so kind as ti give my money back on orioginal tickets in 14 DAYS. REMEMBER THEY MADE THE CHANGE. I DID NOT. UNBELIEVEABLE.

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Lynda - 10 d 16 h ago


Love the fact that you can get away with calling me a liar about my claim for loss whilst my travel insurance didn't. You provide no substantiation saying you cannot disclose reasons. That is because you don't want to admit a problem and pay the balance of the claim. I give 1 star only because you got me to and back from my destination albeit having had items stolen from my checked luggage.

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Anonymous - 12 d 7 h ago


Nice Southwest Airlines. last month i was go to the usa by Southwest Airlines.

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A happy passenger - 14 d 11 h ago


Many thanks to gate crew and ticket agents working Flight 1305 on April 30, 2019. Flight from Orlando to Prov. leaving Orlando at 12:30 pm. I somehow dropped my purse out of a larger bag while exiting the flight. Someone either attendant or passenger alerted Southwest and they paged me to return to the Gate. I could not get back to the gate (no ID) so a ticket agent went and retrieved my purse for me. (I had a husband in a wheelchair, couldn't leave him immediately). All is well now and again thank you to all who took part in my "purse rescue". Marilyn M Dourado

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Sheniquea Laing - 15 d 12 h ago

Hi my son and i traveled on Southwest on October 29th last year when the pilot announced that he had reroute back to fortlauderdale due to the winsheild of the plan being hit by sometjing and had a crack , and luv vouchers was given to everyone on the flight that day as a result i recieved my vouchers which was $100 per voucher but my son has not recieved any vouchers despite me calling nurmerous times how can i have this issue resolved.

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Kevin - 21 d 10 h ago


Worst Airline ever.

I canceled my flight 24 Hours in advance,they sent me an e-mail saying I did not cancel.They Think its ok to keep my money?They wont even give me a travel credit.We cancelled within the proper time frame to receive a credit.

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RC - 21 d 19 h ago


Tell Southwest Airlines you won't fly in a 737 MAX. Once the FAA releases the 737 MAX to fly again, Southwest will run ads and sales to get you on one of these planes that may at takeoff dive into earth at 700 mph. Southwest has too much invested in the 737 MAX to do the right thing on its own.

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Worst Airline ever. - 22 d 13 h ago


On April 27th my family I were leaving from a week filled trip that was spent in L.A. We arrived at LAX around 8:30am. However on our way to the airport I tried checking my family and I in online but I wasn't able too. No big deal we were on our way to the airport anyway I'll do it there. Upon our arrival I tried checking in and was greeted with a big FLIGHT CANCELLATION sign illuminated in red. I was totally confused because 1. I didn't receive an email and 2. Nor did my app inform me of any cancellations. So I approached the front counter for some assistance and direction because we just came off a week long spring break vacation with our 2 teenagers and my fiance. So our funds were very limited at this point. The ticket agent was absolutely no help at all and she did not know what she was doing. She kept telling us there were no flights available to LGA which was our connecting flight home and the next one out was on the 29th. I immediately became upset. I then asked what other options are available to us. She said to just wait it out. "Where in the airport for 3 days with 2 kids". My fiance took over and asked her to call the supervisor to see if they can arrange anything else to get us home. The rep did not explain anything to the supervisor on the other end that we were experiencing. All she said was we dont have anymore flights so they have to wait till the 29th right? "Huh wait, that's not how the conversation was supposed to go"?. She hung up and said there was nothing else she could do. By now I'm extremely upset and dont want to talk. I continued to let my fiance handle everything. The only thing left to do was take the flight that wasnt canceled to Chicago and obviously were on our own. We did just that. Once we got there we would take another airline. Once we got off we proceeded to claim our baggage. My family retrieved their luggage but mine never showed. We waited a whole 20 minutes until the convayer belt stopped. Once again my fiance had to seek help again and once again NOBODY KNEW ANYTHING!! They told her I had to report my luggage missing at the recovery baggage station. I now have a migraine at this point. Once my turn came to explain to the rep my bag was missing. She jumble her words sending me in every direction possible. They were all dead ends. I'm so damn fed up I just want to go home. My fiance tried once more by going to ticketing upstairs and FINALLY the only person with sense who helped explained everything. His name was Jason A Cole. He was the only person who helped us. He immediately spotted alot of errors. We were told were still booked on our connecting flight our damn flight was never cancelled!!!!How the hell was this missed. Do you know the stress me and my kids went through. They were so scared and nervous. Thought we wasnt going home and would be stuck. Only to find out our flight wasnt CANCELED!!! The ticket agent in LAX sent my luggage to LGA instead of MDW. You can't make this crap up if you tried. She tagged everyone's luggage with my fiance name on it. "WHAT"!! Oh and I can't leave this out once we arrived to LGA, I had a huge dent in my luggage as a thank you for flying with us. My thing is why was I informed my flight was canceled when it never was cancelled? And if my connecting flight was canceled. Why werent we provided with options. Why was there no one to help us. Who said we had extra money for a hotel stay and food for 2 damn days. We were left to figure everything out by ourselves. I get it was a snow storm and other flights were being canceled. But our flight wasn't cancelled. We travel for living at least 5 vacations out the year and we have NEVER!!! experience this multitude of organization from any airline. As travel agents we would never recommend Southwest Airlines to any of our customers. Why?? Because we were treated very poorly with no help just dead end after dead ends. We would NOT put our clients through this dissplicable behavior. We will be writing a review as well so that this will never happen to anyone else. We could have missed our flight for no reason at all because of miscommunication. My kids would have missed school and we would of had to take another day off from work. Somebody could have informed us it was an error.

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Everyone on Board? - 25 d 9 h ago


Looks like Mr. Kelly is going to get his 737 Max planes in the air ASAP! He admits that some customers may be hesitant to fly the planes involved in two fatal crashes, even with clearance from the FAA. He's right. Ads with pilots will not assure me. What will give me some measure of confidence is if Mr. Kelly, his family and every Southwest employee (including and especially the C-level folks) flew the same plane. Judging from some of the comments here, it might not be a bad idea for them to fly Coach and use the Southwest system to book themselves. Could be a real teaching moment for everyone!

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John S - 25 d 10 h ago


Southwest stole 264,230 points. Their rules and regs are set up to wipe debt from their books that people spent tens of thousands of dollars to collect for family travel.

They confirmed my account status and that I flew two segments in 2018. One month later they send a promotion filled email with one box stating "we miss you". Come on now. I don't pay attention to promotional emails. They bank on that. It turns out that i had points expiring since my travel in 2018 didn't qualify as "points earning activity". I used my account but they have it set up unless you spend money to earn points they can wipe out their debt to you and your savings account of travel funds.

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Family Traveling To Mexico - 28 d 14 h ago


Too Bad these guys cancelled their Mexico City flights. Their service was awesome. Their prices were the best bang for your buck---not even close. And we loved going into Houston Hobby instead of Bush. Faster immigration times--much faster. Now we have to deal with these greedy airlines that nickle and dime you. They make me sick. Reopen your Mexico City flights!!!

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Dana Gleason - 29 d 14 h ago


On Sunday 4/14/2019, My daughters flight was to leave Orlando at 10:30 at night and arrive in Nashville at 11:30pm - as she was driving to a ceremony she was involved in as a senior in college, she was sent a message that her flight had been cancelled. She ended up having to take a Lyft to the airport, missed saying good bye to all of her Senior friends in college and caught a 6:10 flight which she barely made.

I have an upcoming flight to Ft Myers Fl. My return flight has been changed and now I arrive later in the evening.

I am then traveling with 8 different ladies to Chicago at the end of May to celebrate a 50th birthday for a friend I have known since college. 3 of the ladies have had their flights changed. One friend was getting in one hour before me- she was going to wait for me and then we were going to share a ride to the hotel. Her flight now on that Friday has her getting in 3 hrs before mine so now she has to wait at the airport for 3 hours. Two of the ladies coming from Orlando had their flights delayed leaving Orlando and now they arrive very late on Friday which is one day we were supposed to enjoy in Chicago all together.

How about verbally contacting the consumer and assisting them with the alternate travel arrangements, None of us could reach a SWA rep on the day my daughters flight was cancelled as it was more than a 40 min wait. You knew this was going to happen, so why NOT staff your offices to handle all the incoming calls.

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TapDogsDad - 30 d 9 h ago


I have read "How the Boeing 737 Max Disaster Looks to a Software Developer" by Gregory Travis.

I am an engineer and a pilot and carefully considered every point in this article. I feel that until the pilots can immediately disable the MCAS, I will not fly, nor allow any family member to fly in a 737 Max aircraft.

The 737 Max is sufficiently different than a 737 800 that it should have been certified as a new aircraft. It has certain flight characteristics that are different than other 737s, thus, a pilot who has no experience in the "max" could easily make the wrong decisions - decisions that could kill everyone on that plane!

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Tonny Mcauther - 30 d 9 h ago


Southwest CEO said after the 737 Max software is fixed that doesn't address weight/balance issues, he will still allow passengers to fly on the airplane of death. Your life means nothing to him when greed is involved.

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PATRICIA RENCHER - 32 d 4 h ago

After waiting in line for hours to be told that not only was our flight cancelled but we would not be flying out until Sunday April 22, 2019 today is Friday April 19.2019 we have 4 four children traveling with us... we checked out of oir resort and returning our rental... now we have to find lodging for our family and we need transportation...and SWA are not helping with anything....can someone reach out to me and tell me what am I suppose to do now....

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Lori Todd - 33 d 11 h ago


Southwest Airlines has gone completely downhill with customer relations! Our family of 10 booked tickets to the Dominican Republic, and they CANCELLED the flight going home. They have another flight the following day, and they said there is NOTHING they can do. It will cost us $1,200 to stay in a hotel near the airport for another day. The top tier customer service line said they cannot offer vouchers and almost directly said they don't care. They've offered vouchers to offset costs for hour-long delays before at airports (I've seen it), but they strand people in a foreign country for an additional 24 hours and don't care? We waited 2 years for this vacation and use Southwest exclusively to build up points. WE WILL be cancelling our Southwest credit card and switching to American for all points and flights. Unacceptable. Please share.

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David aaronson - 45 d ago


This airline has gone down to United airline standards

Cancelled a flight, admitted they made as mistake and would not take responsibility for their admitted incompetency

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Lori - 33 d 11 h ago

Agreed; customer relations have gone downhill. They no longer care.

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Sanotra Sturden - 39 d 13 h ago


I canceled a flight on January 2nd and when tried to use my credit the confirmation code did not go through. I called and SQ told me I never canceled the flight. I told them they are wrong and I canceled the flight. They asked for me for the cancellation email and I told them I didn't keep an email because in the past all I needed was a confirmation number. I researched my computer and was able to pull the history on January 2nd and it clearly read the url for the Southwest cancellation. I sent that to them for proof that I canceled the flight (or at minimum I attempted to cancel the flight and maybe something technical went wrong), but SW said that wasn't enough proof. I am so disappointed as a I've emailed customer relations several times and all they offer is a standard email saying I did not cancel. Why would I have a url in my history for Southwest cancellation? That was the only flight I had with Southwest at that time. I also never received an email saying my flight was about to board or an email saying I had forfeited my funds so that's also support I canceled my flight. I was Southwest biggest cheerleader as I always appreciated their no bag fees and no cancellation fees. This trip was a trip for my son and I and now I am out of $400 and I KNOW I cancelled this flight. I'm rating them as "average (3 stars)" now because of this incident and due to conflicting information I received on a recent flight to Chicago that they admitted to but only sent me some drink tickets. Why do Southwest think everyone drink alcohol....I do but typically not at 6 a.m. flight which is typically my travel time.

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first and last time reviewer - 40 d 13 h ago

All of you are making excuses and blaming whoever you can for your own lack of follow through. Next time let your Mommy make your flight reservations.

All of you look up the word "initiative"!

There will not be a test

Flagged for review. 
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Robin Moyer - 40 d 16 h ago

More a question than a review, per se. I am mid process making reservations and plans for a trip next February. Why so much in advance? Because there are limited rooms where I want to stay at my destination. Made the hotel reservation and I can make leg 2 of the trip, but I can't make the Detroit to Vegas part until several months down the road. I need to make leg 1 reservations to be sure they will match up reasonably with leg 2. Oh, but I can't. And, by the time I can, I may well not be able to catch the connecting flight I want, because those seats will already be sold.

If other airlines have their schedules open, why doesn't Southwest? is it worth losing business over? Seems it would be far better to have scheduling open so your customers can make their reservations.

Customer service was quite unhelpful, robotically repeating that 'That's just the way we do it, Ma'am." THAT does not answer my question. That was singularly unhelpful. Every person has a boss, but the customer service person I talked to (when they called back due to long waits) said SHE was the highest person and that she didn't have a boss to answer to. Don't believe that for a second. When they can't help, there should be a higher up that can. Saying there is no such person with (I might add) a decidedly irate attitude is NOT customer service.

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gulfbay0 - 41 d 12 h ago


Love the new ( BELIZE) Route. I would fly SW more However, Flying back to PENSACOLA from BELIZE same day travel seems not to be available??? Plenty of out going PNS BZE buy coming home is difficult. Why would I want to spend the night in Houston or FLL?? NO i do not.

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Jenna Roth - 42 d 8 h ago


Southwest is the ABSOLUTE WORST airline out there. I wasn't notified that my group flight was cancelled so I had to reschedule for one day after I was supposed to leave. Ok, no big deal. I was rescheduled for a flight from 9:15 MSY to 1:30 PIT.. when calling to confirm (I got an email confirming the flight) it was changed to 9:15 MSY to 8:00 PITT with two connections. I was not told of these changes. THEN I proceed to the counter for my 9:15 CONFIRMED flight and I was told that I don't have a seat and Had to continue on alone, leaving my two friends who got tickets on the flight. I was forced to stay overnight and get a flight the next day. Their policy is to get you into the next available flight- which was Sunday for me- AND THEY LIED. I was not on the flight and the group representative did not get me a seat. I lost hundreds of dollars for a place to stay for the extra nights and transportation alone. The fact that they don't even consider compensation IS RIDICULOUS. I am a college student who was in MSY for a conference and then had to pay hundreds of dollars extra because someone was INCOMPETENT in booking me for a flight. I will continue to call, post, and deter anyone I know from Southwest until I get a formal apology with the compensation of the amount I spent in the 48 hours that I was supposed to be home.

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You should be sorry Airlines - 47 d 9 h ago


Dear Mr. Kelly

My flight and other was canceled March 31st and I did not receive a text call or email. Called and spoke week Kevin and Austin Texas agent number 53 and was informed did I cannot leave on it to April 3rd everyone has jobs as well so we were stranded had to get additional Hotel in another way home collar all the time and all they can say is they sorry. I am quite sure the other CEOs are rolling in their graves. It took me 39 hours on the train to get home I am not happy at all. All the time I brag on Southwest I never knew did they would do absolutely nothing when a time like this happens. As I look at all of the other post I could tell this happened a lot!!! Where's the transparency

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Monica - 53 d 12 h ago


Flight #123 Employee: Aurelia San Diego to Atlanta 3/29/2019 The reason our family chooses Southwest is the OVERALL exceptional customer experience. From reservations, fares, boarding, on time arrival/departures, etc. Southwest Airlines Management and employees are doing a phenomenal job. With each flight we observe a corporate culture that translates from boardroom to boarding and every customer touchpoint in between. Your training program is evident in each of your employees! Thank you, thank you for caring about your customers AND your employees. We haven't met an unhappy employee yet. Exemplary team spirit with a "get it done" attitude. I wanted to specifically acknowledge a flight attendant who was amazing on the flight today. We experienced some turbulence while snacks and drinks were served. I happened to watch AURELIA her not only expeditiously and efficiency handle her tray but go way out of her way to help another flight attendant who was struggling to keep up. I continued to marvel at her attention to customer needs, listening to her as she comforted a scared flier and all the while smiling. She was composed and professional and a very hard worker but all the while working smart. As an executive, I can tell you that this employee should be recognized in some way for explifying the Southwest brand. She blows away the often apathetic and indifferent attitudes of flight attendants on other airlines. When we fly a route that Southwest services, we always choose Southwest now, and my husband and I both have your credit cards. This was not always the case. We live in Atlanta and were die hard Delta Platinum fliers. It's because of employees like Aurelia that we prefer Southwest. Happy employees make happy customers. As an airlines, I hope you continue to stay diligent in maintaining your brand and customer experience. I feel like Southwest "gets" the needs of their customers and the market at large. Whenever I get an opportunity to "convert" another airline loyalist I do. You have never disappointed us. If you continue to hire employees like Aurelia, you most certainly will succeed in your mission. Grateful, Monica Greenwell Rapid Reward #(hidden)6 image1.jpeg

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