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Southwest Airlines Co.

2702 Love Field Dr.
Dallas, TX
Gary Kelly
Chairman, President and CEO
(214) 792-4000
(214) 792-5015
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Tee - 9 h 6 m ago


I have been a Rapid Reward member since 2008. Due to a family emergency, I need to fly in August 2018 and is shy of 2,000 points in order to take advantage of the flight I need to take. I was informed that if I purchase the additional 2,000 pts. (which comes out cheaper that the flight) this does not guarantee me to book this low fare because the points are not instantly apply. Buying points can take up to 24 to 48 hours as it is processed by outside vendor. Southwest is a large company who can afford to have an updated technology system that will allow purchased points to be applied instantly. You would think Southwest would want their customer to walk away satisfied and knowing they did all they could to assist. I'm sorry is a clich. Later, after speaking with the supervisor, I was informed that the previous representative Sallon provided miscommunication regarding only needing 2,000 pts. Come to find out I would need much more. When I ask the supervisor if the call would be pulled for coaching and developing moments, I was advised Southwest does not pull calls. This explains why representatives can provide you incorrect information because there is no accountability. I WILL NEVER FLY SOUTHWEST AGAIN!!!!

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KIM - 1 d ago


Mr. Kelly

on 6/18 i purchased rt tickets from okc to las - i paid $524.96

on 7/9 via an email from your company, i found out my rt fare was lower - but your site, including your FAQ section gave me no information on how to take advantage of this lower fare. I saw the fare around 2:45 pm - Printed it off

filled out your inquiry form on your website, received an automated response at 2:53 pm to expect a response within 48 hrs

on 7/9 at 5:03 i received a response that I had travel credits in the amount of $40 (the difference between the 2 fares was $108)

I called 1(hidden) to talk to someone about the shortage, I was told the fares had gone back up & there was nothing they could do & to call customer relations

on 7/16 I talked with ELLEN in your corporate office - she listened to what I had to say and her basic response was SORRY - nothing could be done

i asked her if I should have cancelled my original reservation & then used the travel funds from it to pay for the lower airfare. she didn't have much to say about that.

so now i'm being screwed out of $68 because your FAQ's & website don't tell passengers what to do in this situation.

I was a long time customer of SWA, but that will all change as of today. I don't think I'm asking much other that a huge corporation with tons of money do the right thing, oh but maybe that's how you got the tons of money!

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Steve - 7 d ago


Dear Mr. Gary Kelly,

I am writing this email in regards to one of your flight attendants. My family and I flew on flight 834 from Orlando to Providence on July 2, 2018. The lack of common courtesy from (Nick) was lacking. There are many examples, from boarding airplane at the beginning and during landing at destination. Zero positive customer interaction. Basically, he was curt and extremely rude. Not only to myself, but other passengers. I'm extremely disappointed, and will be taking my business elsewhere.

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william jackson - 18 d 19 h ago


Dear Mr Kelly

I have used only southwest airlines only for the last 15 years for company.I recently had my money stolen by southwest due to your no show policy the problem is I was not a no show for the return flight and was forced to pay double price for a ticket that I had already paid for making the total for a one way ticket $700.00. according to texas law this amounts to THEFT OF SERVICES. I will in fact be filing a lawsuit in Dallas county court and will no longer use Southwest for my company travel. this company has become more and more like the rest of the sorry airlines since you have become CEO and this policy amounts to THEFT !!!!!!!!!!!

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Tracy Coleman - 19 d 11 h ago


Back to Back flight cancellations from BWI on the 27th of June 2018, with no return points due from flight that cost more than following day flight which caused us to be over spent points for flight. Missed a night at a Disney resort due to poor operations . Friday 28 June 2018 flight 186 from BWI to Orlando. Flight behind schedule due to flight crew being an hour late reporting to duty. This is not worth the time, if a customer messes up we get charged or dropped of flight.

Tracy Coleman


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Anonymous - 21 d 40 s ago

Bravo for your stand on not transporting children separated from their parents at the border! Craig Whitney, Brooklyn, NY.

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Hawaii questions - 21 d 6 h ago


Gary Kelly CEO Southwest Airlines 2702 Love Field Dr. Dallas, TX 75235 Dear Gary, As enthusiastic Southwest members, and credit card holders, my wife and I, like many others, are excited to learn about your proposed routes to Hawaii. However, I have one major concern I wish to draw to your attention. Are you intending to use the 737-700 on that run? I really hope not. 31" pitch is no fun for that length of travel. You and I know of course, most trans-Atlantic carriers also offer 31" in the coach/economy seats. However, you can at least upgrade to premium economy of if you are rich, business or first class. Sadly, I have had to stop using Southwest as often as I used to, because of the pitch in 737-700. We are all different of course, but I feel so restricted in that plane, compared to the older 737's you used to run. Hopefully, more 737-800's will appear soon? Unfortunately, I have Psoriatic Arthritis in my spine, so can't even consider 31" pitch for that length of Hawaii flight. Please offer an upgrade with more pitch, or offer 33" across the plane. Those extra 2 inches make all the difference to someone like me and many more customers, from what I read in reports like I will happily pay more for decent leg room. We always enjoy flying with Southwest, but do miss the humor that used to be so evident with your crew. It used to help reduce the tension that you see in so many passengers. Take care and best regards, Ian (and Beverly) Jennings (hidden)

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Robert D. and Judith Wayne - 21 d 9 h ago

Dear Mr Kelly, I am writing to seek your assistance having exhausted all avenues to retrieve our lost luggage. Filed all required paperwork and talked to every "stop" within the chain of.custody to recover this suitecase. Southwest incident #RNOWN02026719 was handed to a third party logistics contract, Fedex. FedEx claims it delivered, yet we did not receive the luggage. We are told Southwest is NOT responsible. Our "contract" to get the luggage to us at destination (RDU-RNO) is with Southwest, not your subcontractor. We are holding you responsible, request assistance! It appears that there is a fundamental process and accountability issue here!

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Anonymous - 22 d 8 h ago


Maurice J Gallagher, Jr. Chairman and CEO Allegiant Air Dear Mr. Gallagher: Suddenly, for a serious medical reason, on Sunday morning my wife and I had to cancel our Monday flight from St Petersburg to Grand Rapids soon after we printed our boarding passes. Confirmation 7DS2HG. We also had to cancel a return flight on Southwest from a different city that Allegiant does not service, Chicago. Allegiant was not able to process our cancellation on line. We were instructed to call customer service, and didmultiple times. I made eight calls at different times of the day, and spent over two hours listening to recordings that my call would be answered soon. Finally, this morning very early I got through. Your agent took the information, did not thank me for letting Allegiant know that our two seats were available to sell. Those would have been available early yesterday if Allegiant staffed the phones. The agent asked if there was anything else. I said I'd like a refund. Of course he told me I should have bought trip insurance. I also asked that we not be paged in the airport since we had cancelled. Never-the-less, we were called at home from the gate around 7:30 this morning. The gate had not been notified by your Customer Service that we had cancelled. I imagine we had been paged. Southwest processed my cancellation on line, and will hold full credit for the tickets. I have a year to use that credit which I will do when we reschedule the trip after we take care of the medical issue. Southwest does not require trip insurance. I had a question about the credit, and called Southwest. My call was answered by a person right away who told me how to use it. We will rebook round trip on Southwest as soon as the medical issue is resolved. Customer focused businesses thrive. The others fail.

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Vicki O'Bryant - 24 d 19 h ago

I am totally disappointed with your airlines. I booked a flight for my daughter and 26 month old granddaughter from Houston to New Orleans. I had to pay full price for my granddaughter a seat and she didn't even have a seat due to flight being too booked, not to mention that some of her medications even though she had a dr excuse had to be thrown away. Not a big deal to you that she had a liver transplant a year ago . Trying to get in touch with some one to talk to is like pulling teeth would never recommend this company again

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Bernice Nolan - 25 d 6 h ago

I was on Southwest flt. #528 6/21/2018 . ISLIP N.Y. to Orlando which was delayed four hrs. They claim I was notified by phone at 5:23 am on my home phone in fl. (Real bright) when my flight is out of Islip. It was a huge inconvenience for me, to get to the airport to hear of delay. I checked in &got my boarding pass at the desk , gave the clerk my cell # & she said I would be notified of any additional delays. I also notified her that I was not going to stay in the terminal but would return for the new time of 2:30. I understand All passengers were given a $200. Voucher but since I was not in the terminal at that time, I had to contact corporate. I called and told 14 minute

Wait time. This is the first time I have been in inconvienced with southwest. It is the only airline I use and normally very satisfied. I would appreciate your rectifying this situation. I can be reached at (hidden) or (hidden). My address is Bernice nolan, 128 juniper way, Tavares Fl. 32778 Thank you for your speedy responce.

Flagged for review. 
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Debra Long - 25 d 7 h ago

Does a legal guardian of a minor count as a parent of a now 30 year old employee to fly free.? Another words your employee is a adult now, but we were legal guardians of him.

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Yvette Gilliam - 26 d 4 h ago


Mr. Kelly,

I have 3 credits totaling $212.93:

OASYTD - 6/23 for $35

LVUBSF - 7/13 for $93.95

LW2FQ4 - 6/23 $83.98.

I started a new Job with the Illinois Department of Correction in November 2017 that did not allow me tome off to use my accumulated credits within the year that was allowed until Aug 2018. These credits, as you know, are also non-transferable. I've been told by customer relations that because none of them are $100 or more individually, that they are simply void. As I and my son Jordan Gilliam are Rapid Reeards Member (#(hidden)5) for several years now and primarily only use SWA for travel (because of your affordable prices, airport location, and free baggage policy), this seems deplorable and at an extreme disadvantage. I'm writing for you to consider this inquiry to allow me to use my total credit towards the purchase of another ticket in August 2017.

Yvette Gilliam

Rapid Rewards Member #267746986

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M. Chalich - 26 d 7 h ago

As a user of Southwest Airlines, I also implore you to refuse to participate in the transport of any migrant children by the U.S. government, which has, shamefully, destroyed immigrant families by separating babies and children from their parents at the border.

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Linda kushner - 26 d 8 h ago

As a user of Southwest Airlines, I urge you to refuse to participate in the transport of any migrant children by the US government. Do not be an accessory to the government's crime of kidnapping these children.

Thank you

Linda Kushner

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Bob Unferth - 27 d ago

Here is American Airlines statement. Similar actions by United and Frontier. Come on Southwest, no collaboration in these atrocities.

American today released the following statement on recent reports of separated families:

"The family separation process that has been widely publicized is not at all aligned with the values of American Airlines we bring families together, not apart. American, like many U.S. airlines, provides travel to the federal government through contracts; however, the government does not disclose information about the nature of the flights it takes or the passengers who are traveling. While we have carried refugees for non-profits and the government, many of whom are being reunited with family or friends, we have no knowledge that the federal government has used American to transport children who have been separated from their parents due to the recent immigration policy, but we would be extremely disappointed to learn that is the case.

"We have therefore requested the federal government to immediately refrain from using American for the purpose of transporting children who have been separated from their families due to the current immigration policy. We have no desire to be associated with separating families, or worse, to profit from it. We have every expectation the government will comply with our request and we thank them for doing so."

Bravo for American - Let's go Southwest

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Aletta Holmes - 27 d ago

American Airlines is refusing to transport children separated from family due to Trump's heartless

immigration policy. What is Southwest Airlines position on this?

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Concerned American - 27 d ago

As a loyal southwest traveler, I would like to ask Southwest Airlines not to transport any child or children being separated from parents due to the Trump administration's immigration policy..

Sincerely, Jenny Aronson

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Robin Anderson - 27 d 7 h ago


June 20, 2018 Dear Mr. Kelly, I am sending this correspondence to express how HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED in the customer service that my family received as we embarked on our family vacation 6/9/2018. There were nine of us traveling as a group on the same flight out of BWI airport on a scheduled flight to Orlando, FL. After arriving on time and waiting at the gate, we all started receiving emails regarding our non-stop flight #5640 scheduled to depart in 30 mins. It appeared that the flight was cancelled and that we all had to be redirected and placed on other flights. This is where the problem began. My 74 yr. old mother (Joyce Howard) and 70 yr. old aunt (Lucille Stewart - that was in a wheelchair) were separated from my fianc and me and placed on a flight that had a connecting flight to Tennessee. I questioned the customer service representative and explained that I could not be separated from my mom and I was told that this was the best that he could do to assure that we all get a flight to Orlando on 6/9/2018. Not only were we separated but I had to leave my mom and aunt in the airport alone for two hrs. My flight was scheduled to depart at 5pm and theirs at 7pm. After sitting on the runway for 2 hours due to 22 flights delayed from taking off and being diverted to NY, we did not arrive in Orlando until 11:30pm and of course our luggage did not make it to Orlando either. Needless to say, my mom and aunt missed their connecting flight in Tennessee. The airport terminal in Tennessee closed at 12 midnight and they were told that they had to leave the terminal and not return until 5am when they reopen. My mom and aunt had to sleep outside of the terminal for several hours and then go through the security checkpoint all over again. I found this to be unacceptable and repulsive. I also was up that entire night worrying about my mom's welfare. Mom and aunt did not arrive in Orlando until 9am the next morning on 6/10. They were both sick and in wheelchairs when I arrived at the airport to pick them up!!! Once we arrived at the house, my aunt experienced vomiting and her and my mom were in the bed for the first 2 days of our family reunion trip. I would like to know why we all could not be placed on the same flight or at least find nonstop flights for the entire traveling party. It seems to me that this ticket agent did not try hard enough to accommodate our group and especially elderly passengers. I have always valued Southwest Airlines and always made Southwest my airline of choice. However, I found this experience heartbreaking, unprofessional and unacceptable. I am not sure how you can restore my confidence with your airline but I felt in my heart that I had to make you aware of this situation so that it does not happen on any other elderly passengers and families. Respectfully Yours, Robin Anderson

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Dean - 28 d 45 m ago


We need you to come back to Jackson, MS. So inconvenient to have to drive 3 hours each way to fly out of New Orleans or Memphis. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back and serve the state of Mississippi. We need you here!! We were faithful and consistent customers of yours for years and years.

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Loretta Belfiore - 32 d 8 h ago


Dear Mr.Kelly; I live 10 minutes from Daytona Beach Airport and heard Southwest might start flying from there. This would be so convenient as I now have to travel 1-1/2 hours by shuttle to Orlando, Fl. Since I have to plane change anyway during my trips to Ca., this would not be a problem. Southwest is the ONLY airline I fly. Everything about Southwest is pleasant; courteous and friendly attendants, comfortable seats and almost always on time or early arrival. I would so appreciate your comments and thank you in advance.

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ARIES C.H.O.B - 35 d 8 h ago


I would like to start this review by saying how DISAPPOINTED i'm from Southwest Airlines, especially when they lost my bags even before I got to my destination, which was LAX from Atlanta, Ga... I was forced to buy new clothes, personal hygiene products, shoes, the whole 9 yards. I came back to my original destination, still with no bags, no response from Southwest & a bunch of excuses. My trip was end of March 29th, 2018 and here is June 12th, 2018 with no results.

When someone Finally decided to contact me & send me the Claim form the provide a full report of my valuables lost with my bag, it took another couple weeks for an agent follow up with me. After all the LONG wait Southwest got me into & all the info was provided on the claim form, agent will call me to let me know that, they Can't process or honor my claim, because I was flying with a Buddy pass & they don't honor this type of passengers issues...WHATTT??? ...Well,you know at this point I'm Beyond FURIOUS, because if a register my bags with you, no matter how I'm traveling, still a Southwest ticket, that also includes paid taxes. My brother works for the airlines industry & he informed me that this is ILLEGAL for any airlines & a False statement, especially if they accepted the fact that they Lost my luggage & sent me a Claim, how dare they trying to trick me this way...

After all this BS, I decided to get the law involved & next person Southwest Airlines will be talking to, will be my ATTORNEY & it will be a Win, Win matter,.... I had SWA in a high pedestal, but now with all this cheating the paying passengers way, that respect is gone & will try my best not to travel with then again...they make Spirit airlines looks good.


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Garric Evans - 36 d 4 h ago


I rode on a fight with southwest to Lax the person next to me was masterbaiting I complain an was told the flight was full I was given a voucher for this an was told there was a time limit to use it I tried to use it an was denied called (hidden) an spoke with Madison bd x239547 an was told there was nothing she could do asked for a supervisor an was told no

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Michelle Blaylock - 39 d 6 h ago


I been trying to get on with this Company for 2are more years i live in Houston Texas could you please take one look at my Resume.I would love to work with you all

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JOHN ECKLEY - 41 d 7 h ago


I would like you explain and your justification on your no show policy of cancelling the booked round trip flight for the no show. The return leg was cancelled by you and all funds taken. The return flight hasn't flown yet and won't fly for several days from now!

How do you justify cancelling the return flight and keeping those funds on a flight that wasn't scheduled to fly for another two weeks?

I have been flying with Southwest for over 30 years. I can't believe that this is your policy!

John Eckley




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