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Southwest Airlines Co.

2702 Love Field Dr.
Dallas, TX
Gary Kelly
Chairman, President and CEO
(214) 792-4000
(214) 792-5015
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martha - 13 d 10 h ago


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Scott - 14 d 5 h ago


... Southwest Airlines has been on-time, every time, and the flight officers are superb pilots-I am a pilot, not Southwest though. Point is, the airline is run well but has it's glitches like any organization. They do try to put their best foot forward however and for that, Great Job SW.

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Sarah Retter - 16 d 17 h ago


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Bacon Bits. - 18 d 12 h ago


Bacon Bits is an Ambassador at The Albany International Airport in Albany NY...

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Would you by any chance be able to get me two cardboard pictures of one of your planes? I would love to make him a jet plane for Halloween. ..

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ME - 24 d 17 s ago


Multiple people at Southwest have lied to me after I accepted their offer for 10,000 bonus miles if I invite a friend to apply for a Southwest Airlines credit card and they get approved and use the card. I completed the online form with friend's name and email address. My friend (actually my husband, but he is my friend) never got any email from SW. I filled out the form again, used another email address that he has. Again, he never got anything. Someone named Eric in the San Antonio TX office told me the email doesn't always work so I can call and request that miles be added to my account after friend is approved. I called again and Devonna in the Columbus OH office said same thing. I now found out there is no office in Columbus OH and I will not get any points if my friend applied on the website and not thru their invitation. When I called last week, someone at southwest told me a letter was just mailed out regarding my bonus miles. Today I was told no letters get mailed. Are the staff at Southwest Airlines instructed to lie to the customers? Three Employees LIED to me. I also have the dates when I spoke with this Eric and Devonna. Spoke with Erin on 8/19/17 and Devonna on 8/20. These calls often occur on recorded lines. Can these people be fired for lying to me? I am totally upset and totally disgusted and I hope SWA makes good on their offer to give me my 10,000 bonus miles for referring a friend. (who got approved for the credit card.). This is horrible. If I lie to a customer at work, I get FIRED! Horrible customer service.

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Jerome - 26 d 4 h ago


Jerome S. Arcaro 1375 Birch Crest Court Lake Mary, FL 32746 21 September 2017 Mr. Gary C. Kelly, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Southwest Airlines Company 2702 Love Field Dallas, TX 75235 Passenger #1: Jerome S. Arcaro Passenger #2: Buffy Arcaro Ticket Number: (hidden)249 Ticket Number: (hidden)249 Conformation Number: W23VRE Conformation Number: W2CUAL Dear Mr. Kelly; I was the victim of a very humiliating experience on Flight 6173, September 19, 2017. On September 11, 2017, I (Identified as Passenger #1) called Southwest Airlines central reservation to book a flight from Manchester, NH to Orlando, FL. At the time I booked the reservation, I notified the reservation agent that I had a service dog and that I wanted to book a seat for my service dog (Identified as Passenger #2). Due to Buffy's size, she cannot sit at my feet and requires a seat of her own. The reservation agent sold me a seat for my service dog. This was the procedure I successfully followed when traveling from Orland, FL to Manchester, NH. All procedures adopted for service dogs were adhered to; Buffy wore her Service Dog vest and was well behaved. Just prior to take off, a flight attendants stopped at my seat and told me to take the dog off the seat. I tried to explain to the flight attendant that I purchased a seat for my service dog. She stated that I could not purchase a seat for my service dog let alone any kind of dog. I tried to show her Buffy's conformation number but she refused to research the reservation. I also advised the flight attendant that I successfully purchased a seat for my service dog when traveling from Orlando, FL to Manchester, NH. She told me that it was impossible to purchase a seat for a service dog and that the flight attendants on the other flight were wrong. Next, the flight attendant in charge of the flight came to my seat and told me to take the dog off the seat. Again, I tried to explain to the flight attendant that I purchased a seat for my service dog. She too told me that was impossible and that I had to remove the dog from the seat. By this time, the flight's departure was delayed. Finally, the gate agent, Doreen Lavee, came to my seat and advised me that the dog could not sit on the seat. Again, I tried to show the gate agent Buffy's conformation number and I asked her to research the reservation. She refused to do both and advised me that the flight had to depart. The gate agent loudly stated that I was delaying the departure of the flight which angered the other passengers. In order to resolve the dispute, Buffy sat on my lap for the entire flight. Unfortunately, we both experienced undue stress throughout the flight. Upon arrival in Orlando I was advised to see the customer service representative. While I was discussing the issue with the customer service representative, many passengers departing the flight stated and I quote, "that dog should be shot". These comments were made even though we only experienced a five-minute delay and upset and angered me. The customer service representative researched my reservation and the purpose for additional seat. The customer service representative stated that was I right, a seat was purchased for Buffy. She further stated that I should not have experienced any difficulties in Manchester, NH. She further stated that the gate agent should have researched the reservations and had she, she would have noticed the statement in the record that the extra seat was purchased for my service dog. I was also advised to contact customer care to further address this issue. On September 20, 2017, I contacted customer care. Unfortunately, the agent was very rude. I explained the difficulties I experienced at the Manchester Airport. I also advised him of the comments made by the customer service representative at the Orlando airport. At the end of the conservation the customer care representative asked me to accept a $100 travel voucher to forget the entire incident. I told him that this was unacceptable. I am not seeking an outlandish settlement. I only seek compensation for the stress and humiliation I experienced. A $100 travel voucher is not sufficient. Especially since I developed a migraine headache and couldn't sleep that evening. Additionally, Buffy is not accustomed to sitting in my lap for an extended period of time and trammeled through the entire flight. Your attention to resolving this issue is respectfully requested. Jerome S. Arcaro (electronic sighature) Jerome S. Arcaro cc: American Service Dog Association

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Greg Hoffman - 28 d 11 h ago


Group payment department is beyond bad. I had 12 deposits due yesterday, about $45,000 that I am trying to give to SW. Waited on hold for over an hour and that is after about a dozen tries to get on hold. Then told I could only make 5 deposits per call. Had to make 3 calls spending hours on hold to give SW airlines money. This last call the rep. told me it was lunch hour and she could only take 2 deposits. This has been going on now for about a year with this department. You would think it would be fixed. I purchase around $1.5 in SW group tickets every year. I have never seen it so difficult to make a payment. JetBlue, American and Spirit are all in this market and much easier to deal with.

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Linda S. Foss - 34 d 4 h ago


I have a 16 year old grandson who has Asperger's Syndrome. He lives in Davenport, Florida and goes to Orlando International Airport with his dad to watch planes and shoot photos of take-offs and landings along with still shots.

He has become an excellent photographer and has high aspirations of becoming a pilot one day. Yesterday, he zoomed in on a Southwest plane as it was taxiing and was ecstatic when the co-pilot noticed him and waved to him. This was something he certainly never expected! I wish that I had the plane's number so that, somehow, that co-pilot could be made aware of what he did for a young man who has overcome so many obstacles and is going to be a tremendous success after college.

Whenever I fly to Florida, Southwest is always my airline of choice. The professionalism and love of job is always evident, as shown by this co-pilot.

Sincerely Yours:

Linda S. Foss

620 Maple Ridge Road

Harrison, Maine 04040

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JANICE A. BOARD HOYT - 34 d 5 h ago


I changed a flight on 9/8 for 9/9 for flight jax to bna. I told the on-phone person that the flight was $124. I had paid $333 for the 6:15 flight. So, she cancelled my father's flight, cancelled my flight for 6:15 to put me on the 12:05 flight on 9/9. She said everything was taken care of. I southwest next day around 9:00am from jax airport to talk about reduction for faire. After waiting one hr. for a call back, they said they could do nothing since I had already checked my luggage in. Go to gate staff, they can do it. Hang up, gate staff says no, the phone staff can do much more. they are not telling you right info. Call same number back and we will talk to them. Okay, call back, wait another 45 min. for call back. It was not 11:40am plan loading and call back comes. No, we can do nothing, gate staff is wrong. You can complain to customer relations if you want to. No phone # given. Can't put gate personnel on since I am now in the plane. I am handicapped so I was in a wheelchair during all of this back and forth. So, I call customer relations on 9/12. Exhausted from trip. Waited on the hold for 40 min. no call back feature. The lady on the line cancelled future flights I had(since I was suppose to bring elderly94yr old. from jax to bna, then on 9/13 from bna to jax, and then 9/14 i fly jax back to bna. Father refused to travel back on 9/9, Unfortuntely, southwest now states because I "flew" on the flight and didn't get the seat cost adjusted before hand, I was out $109. They would not refund money or offer any gift certificate etc. I travel southwest only to jax every 3 months. But, southwest didn't care. They refused to give $109 back even though I made every effort to get ticket adjusted. It wasn't taken care of on 9/8 for some reason, but that is not my fault. I told the phone rep. the cost for the flight was reduced. So, I spent from 9:00pm-1200pm back and forth on phone with southwest at the gate only to be told I still could not get ticket reduced. I was never given the phone number to customer relations until I called on 9/12. When I called then, I got someone who said they could not handle it, transferred me to someone who was suppose to be able to handle it, who couldn't only to be told to call customer relations. I spent three hours on 9/12 trying to get it all resolved. No, customer relations staff refused to adjust ticket. They implied that there was never a ticket cost change on 9/9. That's not true. It was right on the computer. Southwest opened up a that new 12:05pm flight only the night before, adding additional planes to get out of FL. I told customer service to look at my account and see that I traveled every 3 months to jax. No, would not do that. I could hear only one other person in dept,. This young lady put me on hold at least four times, only to come back with the question of was I still there. I spent 3 additional hours to the 9/9 three hours only to be told I should have taken care of it before I took off. There is even a note in my file online that says I called regarding the refund of difference in ticket price. Too bad. So, the staff was paid to say no. I told her she should be ashamed to work for a company that does not honor the price of a ticket. I paid $333 to fly one way on a flight that cost $124. Good for you Southwest!! I hope CORPORATE is proud of their staff for refusing to credit $109 to future travel or whatever. This all took place during the IRMA storm. I switched my flight to the new 12:05pm flight because on the way down to jax on 9/8 a staff women on the plane said Orlando was closing at 4:00pm, Who knows when Jax will close on 9/9. I was afraid they would close before the 6:15pm flight or I would have taken that flight and spent for time with my elderly father. BUT, Southwest said I was wrong because not one staff person in JAX at the gate, or on the phone twice told me to call customer relations here is the number. I only found it out on 9/12 after two people told me they still could not address the problem. Just incredible. I AM TO BLAME FOR NOT KNOWING TO CALL CUSTOMER RELATIONS ON 9/9 IN JAX WHEN TWO DIFFERENT CALLS TO SOUTHWEST AND NO ONE GAVE ME # ETC. AND THE GATE PERSON DID NOT PROVIDE THAT # EITHER. SHE POINTED TO THE 800 NUMBER TO CALL BACK TO GET IT DONE. Could the gate person have checked me out and back in. It appears so. But to her it was a matter of principle. She wanted the phone staff to do it rather than passing the work to her instead. That was clear. She could have taken care of it herself. Instead, I am out the money, and wasted hours of time. It saddens me to think this big company was going to rip off someone of $109 because on 8/8 when my reservation was changed, the phone person did not reduce the cost of the flight. I made it clear it was $124. I had done it on my flight down on 9/8 to jax. I paid $333 to go down to jax on 9/8. On 9/7 the cost of the faire changed to $124. I called, and they immediately changed the cost. I don't get it. Checking my bag in had nothing to do with adjusting it. That wasn't true either according to the gate person. she was implying that the phone staff was being lazy. So, what was I suppose to do. By the time I waited another 45 for them to call back, I was loaded on the plane. I couldn't have the gate staff come on to the plane to handle it. Then, I am blamed for taking the flight. So, can't refund because I flew already. THANKS SOUTHWEST!!!! I hope corproate Gary Kelly etc. are proud of their staff. They did a wonderful job of not handling the problem on 9/9 the first time I called in, the gate person, the second time I called in, except saying if you want to do something about it call customer relations no phone number given. Be most proud of 9/12 staff. Call in, wait 60 mins. for call back only to hear that the staff person can't address it, transferred to another staff person who couldn't address it, and then given the customer relations phone number. Call customer relations was probably on for over one hour or more, but no, couldn't refund $109 since I had already flown. Sorry Mrs. Hoyt. As if I should no better. As if I am to blame for all three staff people on 9/9 not wanting to address it for one reason or another. Most proud should be for the young lady, and man laughing in the background, that she held out for hours and still refused to give the difference in the faire. After all, I was trying to stay safe and get out of jax before Irma really hit. I could have gotten stuck there if the airport had closed at 6:00pm So, congratulations to the CEO, Board of Directors, Investors etc. for saving yourselves $109 from a customer that flies non-stop to JAX to see her elderly father every 2-3 months. Be Proud!!! Thank you for reading my complaint.

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Desiree - 42 d 8 h ago

Southwest sucks! How hard is it to pick up a phone & call someone back? I keep getting told I'll receive a call in 24 to 48 hours. ITS BEEN 1 MONTH.. I WANT MY LOST BAGGAGE PAID FOR!

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Cheryl - 49 d 4 s ago


Don't ever book a hotel through Southwest. They lock you into your hotel and rent-a-car and cancel the flight to get you there. A Nice touch during a natural disaster - Hurricane Harvey.

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Mack - 55 d 7 h ago


Horrible service and Policy. Just informed (thought I personally spent 1200 to purchase 4 tickets) I am unable to use MY MONEY to book a flight for myself due to the fact it was originally bought for my 12 year old daughter. Be careful thinking you can use the FUNDS at a later date as you would think reasonable. I thought this company was known for its customer service. When I finally got through the person on the phone didn't give a rip about my issue. I was told to EMAIL a generic inquiry to get a response. Otherwise, you have to wait on the phone forever to get a person. LOUSY, LOUSY service.

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AmyKlatch - 5 y 58 d ago

@SouthwestAir @RMHC that's not cheesy at all.

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LES - 65 d ago

When i started suspecting my Husband was cheating,so i hired a private detective/hacker to spy into my husband email, facebook, photos on his phone and whatsapp,snapchat,SMS,MMS,call logs.He can also spy on the targets phone without having physical access to it. i will recommend you follow the same step. you can contact the detective/hacker via mail at (hidden) !! You can let him know that it was leslie that referred u.

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Maria Tedesco - 71 d 5 h ago


I was very dissappointed in the service I recieved on Friday when my daughters flight was cancelled. Its not the fact that the flight was cancelled. That happens all the time for airlines. It was entirely how SW handled the situation. Flight cancelations happen all the time. SO...WHY NOT have a good "back up" communication plan instead of leaving customers wondering what to do. She was sent a Text message stating it was cancelled. NO MORE INFO except just that? Why not simply text to say ..."call us to rebook?" or "we are workin on rebooking you?"or perhaps "Please go online to find an alternative flight?". When she went on line to find a flight, the system still said the flight was scheduled and on time. In addition, the phone system was not working when she tried a few times to call in. This surpised me that SW did not have a "back-up" phone plan? Alter I waited 2 hours and 17 minutes on hold and conferenced in my daughter we were informed there was not a flight within the next 24 hours for her to get on. We recieved our credit for the flight, of course. It was really frustrating to be on hold that entire time, while the standard SW commercial played on and on about how much they care about customers and that it would be a few minutes and sorry for the wait. the commercials continued to state the pillars of their brand and focus on customer service over and over. Instead, I would have suggested that a message apologizing for cancelations was occurring in the Baltimore area and the the staff will work with those customers etc. Just some acknowlegement. I wanted to then provide my concerns that the company does not have a "back up plan" to communicate with stranded customers and thought I should call the customer complaint area to provide my feedback. I waited on the phone for 1 hour and 2 minutes. Again the representative -- very nice woman communcated what SW stands for customer experience. I get that and obviously it works well for SW BUT this time it did not. I wanted to be sure managment understood that there is a better way to ensure that customers have more information when they need it the most. I know the wonderful staff I spoke to documented my concerns and apologized for the situation but i wanted to be sure that senior managment, Gary Kelly, Thomas Nealon and Mike Van de Ven, also heard of my experience and would consider a "better way" to work through a crisis. SW is a successful airlines but "continuious improvement" is good too! thank you for reading my feedback.

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john J Unangst - 71 d 7 h ago


We have been given outstanding service by two of your employees in Nashville


Also in Baltimore

JENNY # 71039

my confirmation number is M5WMTH. We encountered a number of problems and these two employees were exceptional in the handling of a difficult situation

Please pass on our thanks to them

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Upset Fellow Veteran - 81 d ago


My friend was flying out of the Milwaukee Airport with her service dog and the Above Wing Supervisor refused to let her and her service dog board. She had documentation from her vet and NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE stating the dog was her service dog. The sup. Bobbie Webber made a comment that he did not like pitt bulls. He also told her to get off her phone. This is a direct violation of the American Disability Act. This woman is a veteran of the United States Military. Shame on Southwest Airlines for treating our Veterans like this!!

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JUDY B - 82 d 10 h ago



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Vicki - 98 d 3 h ago

On July 7, 2017 my husband and I were flying from Detroit to Ft. Lauderdale with a connection in Atlanta. The confirmation number is N320GM and the flight no. is #185. We were to depart Det. at 7:25 a.m. to arrive in Atlanta at 9':20 a.m. However the plane in Det. was delayed approximately 10 min. The pilot announced the delay was due to luggage being placed under the plane. Once we arrived in Atl. and ran to the connector gate, we were late by 3 min. The plane had not taken off and was told that the supervisor was not informed to "hold" the door for 4 passengers that were connecting. Livid at this time. We were told that the next flight would be 4-5 hours later which would take us to W. Palm Beach and that we would have to take a train or an Uber to get to Ft. Lauderdale airport. More upsetting news. A very concerned Southwest ticket agent who's name is Tiffany (Gate 10), searched until she found a flight from Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale that would depart in two hours from the time we arrived in Atlanta. She presented us with a meal ticket. We were also concerned about our luggage. We were assured that it would be in Ft. Lauderdale once we arrived. Well, when we arrived in Ft. Lauderdale, our luggage was no where to be found. We filed a claim report. We then proceeded to out hotel and waited and waited.... My husband's medicine was in the suitcase and he became very nervous at this point. Fast forward, I had to purchase a pair of pajamas, and a top from a local store, not knowing when or if we would receive our luggage. I received a call on my cell phone approx. 11:30 pm. which woke us up, to inform us that our luggage had been located and would be delivered to the hotel front lobby between 12 midnight and 4 am. That first vacation day was a disappointment and plans for that day were dismissed.

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Lucille Allard - 98 d 6 h ago

On 9/18/2016 I purchased a flight for Roger Tomasso (confirmation # BLIFLMP) leaving Providence, RI to Orlando, FL on 1/24/2017 and returning on 2/7/2107. In early January well before his scheduled departure date, I called Southwest and cancelled his flight due to medical reasons. The representative I spoke with said that I had until 9/18/2107 to apply the travel funds to another flight. On 7/10/2107 I tried to rebook another flight for him using the credit from the cancelled flight. Since I was unable to do this online, I called Southwest customer service for assistance. I was told that the original flight was not cancelled and was listed as a no-show. Consequently, my cancellation credit did not exist unless I provided proof of a phone call to Southwest. Since I flew Southwest to visit family for the Christmas holidays I don't recall which phone of several available I used for the call to Southwest and I am unable to track down a phone call made to report the cancellation. I was and am aware of your cancellation policy and definitely followed procedure by cancelling his flight as soon as possible. I don't understand why the Southwest employee I spoke with did not cancel the flight as I was told would occur or even document our conversation. My husband and I only fly Southwest because of your reputation for customer service, however, in this instance I was told that I had no recourse to receive the credit toward another flight even though I followed proper procedure. I must wonder of your no charge for cancellation policy is correct. I am unable to understand why I am responsible because a Southwest employee did not do their job thus costing me time and money I cannot afford to lose.

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Sharon Andrews - 104 d 8 h ago


Today July 5, 2016 flight 425 was to leave at 5:20am from Logan Boston, Ma. Many passengers are still here at 1:20pm. First plane gas overflowed. Understand they have to clean up apparently the mechanism to keep gas from overflowing was broken. Meanwhile, they find another plane and plane needs brakes. Brakes were delivered. However, brakes not approved by FAA. Why would brakes not approved by FAA be on the shelf? We are trying to get to Denver, CO. Thank you, Sharon Andrews

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Fed Up - 111 d 11 h ago

The FAA is working on shutting down several gates at Love Field because they are dangerously close together endangering passengers, aircraft, and employees.

Southwest is obviously interested in profits over public safety.

General profile image

eila - 115 d 11 h ago


made flight to my connection but took me to another connection. several delays also.

General profile image

MM Dunham - 116 d 12 h ago


Terrible customer service with a canceled flight today DCA-MDW.

Personalized image

DennisMSmith - 5 y 58 d ago

@LanceBoley I flew @SouthwestAir into LAX. It was on time. Wife/kids flew American...delayed in Austin and LAX. We couldn't get the same

General profile image

frank - 119 d ago


why didn,t you fly together

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