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Southwest Airlines Co.

2702 Love Field Dr.
Dallas, TX
Gary Kelly
Chairman, President and CEO
(214) 792-4000
(214) 792-5015
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Evelyn Santos - 1 d 9 h ago


My husband and I had purchase the "early birds" at Southwest Airlines, from which I carry the reward membership, for all our flights in our vacation and had noticed that in Puerto Rico flight 6822 at 5:13am September 13, 2018 from Puerto Rico to Orlando, more wheel chairs than usual were to board the plane. On September 19, 2018, on our return trip, my husband and I were to board Flight #669 leaving at 12:30pm, to return to our home from Orlando to San Juan, PR. When we got to the gate we noticed there were on line 26 wheel chairs awaiting to be boarded in this plane. It is very unusual to see so many wheel chairs to be boarded. As we waited to be boarded, we saw these people getting off and on the wheelchairs to go to different stores. When it was time to board we had to wait for all 26 people to board and even when we had A20 and A21 for boarding, the front of the plane was full or "reserved" for people traveling with the supposedly "handicapped" persons, so we had to sit on the back. When we got to Puerto Rico the flight attendant requested all these 26 passengers to await in their seats because wheel chairs were coming to assist them. Every passenger started to leave the plane and since we where in the back we saw that all the "supposedly handicap" left the plane with the rest of the passengers. As I passed by the airplane door, the attendants were commenting that it looked like a miracle because all these passengers had left by their own feet and never waited for the wheelchairs. As we walked out the plane through the corridor we saw all the 26 escorts with their wheel chairs wondering what had happened that there were no handicap passengers to assist. Well there is a reason for this, in Puerto Rico "if you leave a door open for someone they will take it with no doubt", there is no morality or care other than themselves. This, being from PR is a shame for me. These passengers have discovered that if you ask for a wheel chair you will be boarded first in the plane and that way you do not have to pay the "Early Bird Fee", Not handicap ID is requested so this has become a "free for all" thing. and it will worsen. This has gone out of your hands. I, as a Southwest passenger, I'm very disappointed with your "sit where you want" control since this only prompts to this behavior. I will not pay Early Bird to be sitting in the back after all these inconsiderate, wise guys fool the airline with a disability that does not exist. Unless I hear that you are back to the regular assigned seats or that you have set strict measures to this, I will never fly Southwest again. Sorry because I really liked the Southwest experience until now.

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Anonymous - 1 d 13 h ago

This is to the higher up who chose to give our plane (flight 28) just as it was minutes from boarding to a Chicago flight instead because of mechanical issues. So because they had more connecting flights than ours it was screw you. Now we had to wait for a part and mechanic to fly in and now it's 1230. Then another part is needed and has to be flown in and it won't be here until 1230 so new flight time 2pm. Then we change flights to try to salvage what's left of day one of a paid vaca loosing $ on reservations to only arrive at next airport and find SURPRISE delayed. I am one of multiple ticked off customers. Why could they not give us one of the other planes that were at a gate with no flyers in the area (so obviously no flight soon) and give them the plane when fixed. Asked that question was told they can't do that YET that's what they just did to us. Losing over 7 hours. Absolutely ridiculous. Think you need more planes way to many delays and long delays at that.

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CZ - 42 d 6 h ago


Dear Mr. Kelly,

Please respond personally and not a manager who "can't do anything." I was told to allow my tickets in the bank to expire and then call to for an extension (so we could actually book a trip that was not during school) and they would be happy to extend the expiration date. What I was NOT told was that it would cost me $100/ ticket and with a family of 5, that's $500! I don't have that kind of money to throw away. It is NOT in good faith to steal $500 to simply extend the time in which tickets can be used. It is my hard earned money and it should be allowed to be used when it is convenient for me. I can not recommend a company that is unwilling to have enough integrity to follow through with what was promised and to make it right.

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AJS - 9 d ago


Um. This is the most liberal policy of any airline out there. All the other airline and their "credit" will expire and you get absolutely nothing back. Yes, after 12 months, there is a $100 charge per ticket to extend another 6 months. Don't be so entitled.

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Candi - 8 d 11 h ago



I am having the same experience as yourself. I had several months and several trips to use this extension and with the many calls that I made to Southwest regarding this ticket and re-booking the flight there was never any mention by any of the agents that there was a penalty of $100.00 associated with this extension. I do not have 5 tickets but it would not have been such a shock and I definitely would have planned a lot differently, had Southwest been forthcoming with this information.

AJS - you clearly did not read the entire statement by CZ as this has nothing to do with entitlement but the lack of ALL of the Southwest representatives pushing this one year extension policy and never disclosing the fact that there is a penalty of any dollar amount. As liberal as you may see it - this has nothing to do with any other airline as they are not the ones collecting $100 per ticket to reschedule.

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Claudette - 8 d 12 h ago

Dear Mr Kelly

I was a passenger on flight 6737 September 1st 2018. From Sacramento ca to Midway Chicago. I would say about Midway the flight one of the passenger had a medical Emergency!! The staff immediately ask if there were any Medical people on board I was one and there were three other nurses plus three Dr!' Which was very fortunate for the passenger I want to say the the Entire Staff Should Be Awarded For Their Performance They handled the Emergency With professionalism. They All Remained very calm therefore the rest of the passengers where calm.I want tonThank The Entire Staff For A Job Well Done.Even through They are trained For this and any other Emergency They were on point. I sincerely hope that staff will get recognition From You.

Thank You

Claudette Mosley Eichelberger.


1 (hidden) cell .

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Myrna J. morris - 9 d 12 h ago


On September 9th 2018 I took a flight from Fort Laudefdale, Florida to Orlando. Then a flight from Orlando to Islip NY airport. Due to inclement weather our flight was late coming into Islip airport arriving at 11:40 pm. I waited for my bag at the carousel and much to my dismay it never was transferred to The Orlando flight to Islip

The problem was my clicker to my garage was in the lost bag and I had no way to get into my home. I even tried to get a taxi and they were all shut down for the night as was the airport. I am 80years old and this event was traumatic for me.

My grandson from TEXAS ordered me a Uber and luckily my daughter in a different town from Lake Grove had an extra key so I finally got into my house 1:00 am.

No one at the airport would help me when I first filed a baggage loss and I was so alone.

Then when there did find my bag I had to go to airport to retrieve it and had to pay $1.75

What nerve. When your airline lost my bag and you make me pay to pick it up.

You have inconvenienced me greatly and I am very disappointed with your negative approach to helping me when I needed it. I repeat I am 80 years old.

I want to be compensated for the inconvenience and for the parking fee.

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Sheri - 9 d 17 h ago


My son's flight is going to be effected by the hurricane. On Monday the DC airport was not listed on the list of airport which would allow for free flight changes however, the flight was routed from DC to Atlanta then on to Wisconsin Friday morning. I spoke with your representative and she stated the plane would be routed around the hurricane. She would not change the flight for me. I called back and had the same conversation with another rep. I paid almost $200 to change the flight from Friday morning to thursday night and from MKE to midway in Chicago because of the hurricane.( I will drive 3 hours to get him as he is coming home for an important weekend event). Less than 24 hour later his airport was added to the list of airlports that could have flights changed for free. I called Tuesday night and was told there would be no refund of my money. I was given customer service number. I called them this morning and although she acknowledged that I was proactive she would not refund my money staring at the time of the change DCA was not on the airport list. I asked if it could be a credit for a future flight.... NO! I do not understand. This is very poor corporate policy. The tape of my conversations clearly indicate the change is to avoid the hurricane. I want you to know your rep today was very calm and controlled. However what she does not understand is her calm inability to accommodate a horrible weather situation effects future purchases by your customers.

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Etta J Taylor - 10 d 12 h ago


I took a Flight Sept 1,2018 Flight # 2982 from Atlanta Flight confimation # N17LO9 or NI7L09 . We had a 30min. layover in Orlando and Stewardess suggested we could exit the plane for 30min break and knew who we were and could board back on plane in 30mins. I exit plane returned and notice my Tablet was missing from magazine pocket where I was seated. I ask the Stewardess she remember tablet being found and stated Tablet was found and was turned in. I have completed a online missing item Lost report # 1467909. I keep receiving emails item has not been found. I don't understand why item has not been found when I was told by Stewardess tablet was found and turned confused at this time why item has not been found please help . Tablet was Silver and Blackish color and it was enclose with a Blue Michael Kor cover.

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Barbara Mitarotondo - 11 d 16 h ago


I have spoken to a few people at Southwest Airlines trying to change flights due to hurricane Florence, but have been unsuccessful. I am trying to be pro active about this and am asking if someone can contact me to help me. I appreciate it!

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John H Green aka Jim - 13 d 11 h ago


Reference; Aug. 28th, Flight 249, Burbank Ca.

When checking in for my flight, the Southwest Agent brought to my attention that I was bleeding from my arm and had blood on my shirt and trousers. I wasn't aware of it. Since I take blood thinner, I bleed easily. The Southwest agent, along with two other employees sprang into action. They cleaned up my wound, treated my arm and wrapped my arm in bandages. A sharp object on my wheelchair caused the wound. I tried to tip the agents for their help, but they replied " We can not accept a tip. It is part of our job to come to the aid of our passengers". A big thank you to these Southwest employees and Southwest Airlines for their help.

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Kiljoy Ray - 14 d 14 h ago


Why is there an early bird check in service that is $25 a flight then when you check in you are B15.then when you get to airport fir $40 more you can get A1 thru A12 . Why wasnt that given to your early bird check in payers. Why try to get us to pay more.

Give us what we pay for. Very disappointed in the early bird check in service.

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Anonymous - 14 d 16 h ago

I have a comment? There are so many diseases swirling around the air planes, with passengers among those diseases. It would seem passengers boarding the plane should wear disposal gloves and white smask especially with the flu lurking around and other diseases! This would be individual if a passenger wanted to be protected!

General profile image - 15 d 15 h ago

So extremely disappointed in Southwest! When receiving my luggage someone had gone through my luggage open stuff up and took several things, filed a claim never heard back called them, and for them to tell me the girl did not put the claim in right and the agent could care less I had stuff stolen basically just to get off the phone told me he would give me $50 voucher which didn't even pay for the bathing suit cover-up and had hundreds of dollars of things stolen asked to talk to a manager told me I couldn't had to wait 24 to 48 hours for someone to call me back ! Absolutely ridiculous and disappointing and Southwest

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Christian Lightbourne - 27 d 12 h ago


First and foremost I would like to thank Herb Kelleher for creating such an amazing company and to Gary Kelly for keeping the Southwest vision alive and leading the helm. Being able to be apart of what's behind the curtain of your airline and what Southwest stands for has been a true pleasure. I fell in love with the Southwest culture in the short time I was a part of the family. I wanted to praise the LAS training staff and management for giving me such an unforgettable experience. I have been a part of several large companies and nothing compares to the amount of attention and warmth that was given to each one of us during the first few weeks of my training. I want to commend and give special mention to the following individuals for their personal impact and exceptional job performance; Sharon LaPlante, SWA-U Becky Mulfurd, Rochelle Price,Pedro Laboy, Jason Harper, Russ Philips, Saa Williams, Jose Morales, Randy Spaulding, Santo Garcia, and Josh Wentworth. I truly believe in your mission statement, "Without a Heart it's just a plane". Your airline truly is in the hearts of those whom choose to fly Southwest, a top notch airline.

Luminescent days,

Christian Lightbourne

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Andrea Boutelle - 36 d 6 h ago


I fly southwest quite often. I have to say my last flight on Monday August 13th from Utah to San Jose I was appalled when a younger man with a service dog was asked to come off the plane. A few minutes later the staff came in and got the dogs bone and the mans bag and the plane took off. All because he wasn't a true service dog in the sense that this young man trains service dogs for people that need him. He had paperwork, the dog had on the service train equipment and he was not allowed on the plane. How insensitive is that. How in the world are these dogs supposed to learn how to care for someone in all situations if they are not allowed to fly?? I really think you need to reconsider your rules on this as I fear it could become a problem for you. There is not just one service dog training company in this world and all with appropriate paperwork should be valid.

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Anonymous - 37 d ago


I am astounded at the lack of response that I have received from your airline. I wrote to Gary Kelly's office. I did receive an extremely impersonal post card telling me someone would contact me regarding my experience. Yeah.... not so much. I was told that they called me twice. I have no record of those calls or a voicemail. The response I got today when I inquired about it was someone will contact you within the next thirty days. That makes 60 days for a response. WOW Southwest. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Almost as ashamed as I am to think that I have bought and paid for 6 flights from your company this year alone. SHAME ON YOU.

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stephanie ruiz - 37 d 9 h ago


I had always picked Southwest Airlines for 9 years and never chose any other airline to fly , when it came to do a switch to a ticket for the same flight trip just a different date I purchased and purchased through my southwest account I had spoken to a representative when I booked my flight I can make any changes to my flight if things were to change even if I had purchased the flight for some one else. They southwest did not help at all stating it does not matter whom purchase tickets and they cannot DO anything , spoke to a supervisor Elena in the San Antonio area her whole communication to me during my call was I cannot do,I cannot do , I cannot do . My call with southwest was horrible not only did she not acknowledge I have been a member sense 2010 , I have not chosen any other airline since 2010 that will change .

Southwest needs to really pay attention to their customer service representatives they will make or break the company.

This experience was anything but pleasant .

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Anthony Carrollo - 37 d 10 h ago



I left my Phone/Wallet in Chicago in Terminal B on Monday 8/13. This included credit cards, license, debit cards, Medicare and insurance cards. I didn't realize this until I landed in Orlando. I thought I left it on the prior plane that we boarded and then had to vacate, or in the Gate area. I filed report 1461515 quickly.

Later using Find My iPhone I located the phone in the Men's Room at the end of the B concourse. On Tuesday 8/14 around 1000 am, the Phone moved part way down the B corridor to near the Brew and Tap (?). Southwest made it clear this was not their problem. I called a couple numbers and got to the Chicago Police at Midway. They said they sent someone to look in the area and I was pinging. They could not find it. Then Monday afternoon it moved down West Airport Drive to near Cicero Street and stayed there until this morning.

I got ahold of the cleaning people and Chris Graf was very helpful and sent someone to look for the phone. They did not find it. Meanwhile I made 8-10 calls to SW Baggage Claim and NEVER go to a person. Some calls dropped after 30-40 rings. Others went to voice mail. NONE were ever returned.

So Tuesday afternoon I called SW Corporate HQ Customer Support or whatever it's called. The lady made it clear that they could not help me.

This morning the Find My iPhone showed it was at the Airport AGAIN. I sent a friend to the Airport. It looked like the phone/wallet was on the shoulder right in front of baggage claim. A baggage person looked at the photo and said no it looks like it's inside and the pal should go to SW Baggage Claim.

The Phone/Wallet and everything else was at SWA Baggage Claim. They told him that they were about to ship it to Alabama I think because it had not been claimed!!!!!!! Your think with my drivers license and a filed report someone could match them up!!!!

They gave it to him without any ID!!! No one from SW ever contacted me and there has been no response to the filed report. WHAT GREAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!!! I wish Herb was still around. I wonder if they'll ever respond to the report that I filed.

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Philly Under Dog - 38 d 4 h ago


1. SW flight was scheduled for 8/4/2018 - 6:00AM - PHL to DAL: SW cancelled at 5:44PM on 8/3/2018.

2. SW re-scheduled for 8/6/2018 - 6:00AM - PHL to DAL.

---I had been waiting over a year to attend the NCGCC (National Gospel Choruses Convention). Because of this cancellation, I missed 2 full days to include the grand opening held 8/4/2018. And, I still had to pay the cost of hotel as if, I had checked in 8/4/2018.

1. SW flight scheduled for 8/11/2018 - 9:45AM DAL to PHL. SW cancelled 8/11/2018 and re-scheduled for 8/11/2018 for 1:10PM - 8/11/2018; SW cancelled again and re-scheduled for 8/12/2018 - 4:45PM

---Another SW change affected me again: had already re-scheduled my shuttle pick-up for 7:00AM for 8/11/2018. Went to airport. Later, because SW cancelled again on 8/11/2018 moving flight now to 8/12/201, this forced me to find a hotel (more $$$$). While at the airport, spoke with supervisor on duty for compensation - she immediately noted "no" compensation will be provided. Another person travelling from the NCGCC later stopped by to talk- told me and others whom surfaced experiencing the same cancellations, she and her husband received $100. At that point, I and everyone else we met having the same issue went back to the desk with that passenger whom validated receiving $100- then we all received that $100. SW attendants attendants told us to retrieve our checked baggage. The SW attendants came back stating luggage had gone...on plane to PHL. Now, how is it my luggage was able to get on the plane and I was not? I was extremely punctual...and so were the other NCGCC members travelling with me. Had to buy a shirt to sleep in...had no toothbrush...had nothing! Strange. Why was I/we bumped? Was it to accommodate those whom came later willing to pay that higher $500+ SW bumped the Fly Away fares? But, beyond that, the folks bumped were mainly from PHL-Philly! PHL folks were forced to live in airport; do stand by flights; fly to Florida; take flight and train; fly to crazy out of the way stops and back to Philly. I felt like it was related to us being from the city of Super Bowl champs-EAGLES! I was told by SW issue was weather, mechanical issues and other untruths. None of those issues are noted on my SW cancellations. If weather, the plane still flew out with my luggage and not me? Weird. And, above that, all of the other flights from other airlines were still flying folks out. We felt targeted! I am native to Philadelphia and New Jersey and proud of it! There were NCGCC members in wheel chairs and elderly whom were affected...Wow SW! In my party of 7, a gentleman missed work which was crucial; some had to cancel out going to work on 8/13/2018 (would only get 4 hours of sleep or less). But, I was not so lucky...had to still go to work om 3 hours of sleep. Some flew to out of the way stops and had to call family to drive them from Baltimore to Philly...inconveniencing others. Folks flew to BWI and rented a car to get back to PHL...Wow SW! And, the majority of the NCGCC SW passengers were African American! What is going on SW! Beyond what I wrote, now you know why Philly is considered the Under Dogs. Irregardless, we are resilient! Thank you for the $100...but, that money does not cover the suffering and pain and inconvenience SW put me and others through. I and everyone else affected deserve a round trip airline ticket. SW caused all the issues I wrote about. Others will be contacting SW about their awful experiences. Of all the airlines I have flown, never ever experienced anything like this! But, when a person shows you who they are, believe them! The person is SW! I cruise a lot. Was about to book a flight before this craziness...will not do that...afraid this will happen and I will miss my cruise...too costly.

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Anonymous - 38 d 6 h ago

I always rated southwest as one if the best airlines...I was very upset ; on 8/11/18 flying from Dallas Texas (love field airport ) to Philadelphia International airport...*alot of passengers were told untruthful stories; why there flights were delayed, canceled.

Southwest, only gave out $100.00 vouchers , hotel commendations...if you was delayed in Dallas a day or two days waiting on a flight.

* when on phone with customer care, some of them are truly rude..

* at this point, dont know what's the problem, but very disturbing...* I understand the laws for storms and flying....just tell the truth ...* passengers will understand it alot ,if there told the truth as well as your taking the people's money...when they book there flights...I pray and hope down the journey of your do a much better job....

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RST - 39 d 15 h ago


Where did the customer service go? I'm not going to get into the details of my complaint, but why doesn't anyone ever respond to my myriad of emails sent, nor answer any of the several phone calls I've made to (hidden) option #5? How is a person to get any resolve to a problem? Am I reaching out and wasting my valuable time? Get it together people!!

General profile image

Deborah desimone - 43 d 12 h ago


Flight cancelled till next day now delayed.... try to call customer relations number for three days...wait time 30 minutes....this is ridiculous...all I do is rave about Southwest....what is going on...I need someone to contact me(hidden)

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BG - 44 d 10 h ago


Dear Sir;

On July 4th my spouse and I booked two tickets to Cancun from Houston. The day we logged into our accounts we each had several thousand reward points. We decided not to use our points for this trip and instead opted to pay cash for them and continue to build reward points. Today I went into the account to see if we needed to update anything and it shows neither of us have any points!!!!! I immediately called customer support where I was put on hold for over 37 minutes. I explained to the support person what was going on and he looked our account up and said "your points expired". I said how can that be we just booked a flight. He said we had to FLY before they expired and since we didn't they expired and he could not help me. Flabbergasted by this I requested to speak to a supervisor and he refused. He did however give me another number to call which I promptly did and was placed on hold for another 38 minutes. I once again explained my dilemma and was told they could not help me, at this point I am beyond speech as obviously if we had known they were expiring we would have applied them to our flight the day we booked it on 7/4/18. He also would not transfer me to anyone and gave me yet another 855 number. I called this number and you got it on hold for over 42 minutes and once again am told "sorry but points expired nothing we can do". This makes absolutely no sense at all. First off when we booked our flight why did it not tell us the points were set to expire so we would have known to either use them that day for the flight we were booking or make a purchase to extend them?

I would like to hear from the CEO personally so I can see if this is truly the way Southwest wants to handle a long term Rewards Member and Customer before I request a refund on the tickets I did purchase while my points were still active.

And oh by the way my account shows no previous activity which is absolutely wrong wrong wrong.

Brenda G Smith



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Anonymous - 45 d ago

Not very happy with Southwest airlines, was trying to make a Reservation Was on hold for over 30 minutes when they said they're only be 2 minutes and no one never came to the phone called 4 time in a row

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