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Spirit Airlines

2800 Executive Way
Miramar, FL
B. Ben Baldanza
President CEO and Director
(954) 447-7920
(954) 447-7979
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Vee Garcia - 15 h 43 m ago

I'm so disgusted with this airline. I was called on deployment with caused me to cancel my flight I email everyone at headquarters, about 25 % of them read my email which included my orders and still I had no response. I will never use their airline again.

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Extremely Upset Customer - 1 d 8 h ago


Well, YOUR EMPLOYEE SUCK VERY BADLY. This was my first time ever using your airline...first I paid $50 for one bag, next when I went to check in the employees there were to busy having a person conversation than help the paying customers...than on top of all of this...I come to Las Vegas to teach a class of 80 people and my bag was not on my flight...they tell me to go and buy new clothes...apparently they have never came to Las Vegas before... I walked around for hours after my flight arrived around midnight...huh what opened outside of clubs at that time...on top of was you guys mistake but I did they one apology from your staff nor did they really care...treated me like so what...get in line you are not the only person that this has happened to...who does that? I have had my luggage misplaced before on an airline and it was not a horrible situation like this...then I had to call you to get an update...why when I'm the one looking like a fool with clothes that were not appropriate nor fit me anywhere properly... I should have page attention to the others...just because your ticket are low budget does not mean you can't train your people properly and hold them accountable for the way they act...then you guys expect me to pay to have my luggage sent back home when I just got my luggage 24 hours before I guys need to do better than this foolishness...I'm giving you one star because your flight attendant was nice

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Shocked - 2 d 12 h ago


This is an airline that I will NEVER do business with again. I called within 24 hours to try and cancel 3 tickets and was never informed that I could cancel these tickets. After speaking to the supervisor named Edge they would do NOTHING to give me any type of a credit what a disgrace!! I would never allow my management team to deal with a situation like this and not try to do something to right a horrible experience. My husband and I have flown every month for the last 2 years and this is how a frequent flyer is treated. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer relations.

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Disgruntled - 3 d 19 h ago


Terrible Company

We have been trying to get our money for three months with no Luck!

Fly everyone on another airline. They may be desperate for maintenance money as well!

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Mad customer - 4 d ago


Spirit will double charge you and make you wait 5-7 business days to get your money back. They will say the card is declined, but you money is gone from your account. Customer service can't fix it and they will cancel the flight and can't guarantee you the same price

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Chazzglo - 4 d ago


My husband and I were scheduled to leave New York yo Myryle Beach on Sunday Ovt 16. We arrived at LaGuardia that morning to hear our flight was delayed until 1:30. About 11am they announced the flight was cancelled due to bad weather the plane was diverted to Ohio. We were told they could us fly us out the next day. We were forced to get a hotel room $200, cheapest one we could find, and incurred meal expenses also. We could not get a ride back home or to the airport the following day. We were told we could not get any meal allowances or any money or voucher towards the hotel expense. This was supposed to be a cheap flight! Haven't been able to reach anyone on phone except recordings or people who cannot or refuse to help us. Never again would I use Spirit Airlines.

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Anonymous - 16 d ago


I know you are trying to figure out the cancelled flights due to the hurricane, but I have an issue. I want to cancel my membership and cannot because I forgot my passcode and I cannot seem to get a new from you to do this. I need to hear from you on this matter before you bill me again for the cost of the membership. Thank you

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Spiritsucks16 - 4 d 6 h ago


Call your bank and request a new card. May be inconvenient, but at least spirit won't be able to bill you

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BWIgirl - 9 d 18 h ago


I traveled from LAX to BWI in summer of 2015. Spirit Airlines lost my checked in suitcase. They kept asking me to check with them in few days. I finally filed a claim with them to reimburse me for my lost goods. I provided them all receipts and they still rejected my claim. I filed a law suit against them in a District court and got the judgment in my favor. Judgement says that I have right to put a lien against them if they don't pay me. I don't care about filing a lien but want my money back. I am not sure how to proceed to get my money from them. Can anyone guide me what to do now?

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#spiritsucks16 - 4 d 7 h ago


File that lein against them likenthe courts said. Dont think they would hesitate to do it to you. Their nasty business practices have to stop!

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Rick - 4 d 17 h ago


In reading every one of these complaints it is evident Spirit Airlines does not stand behind good customer service. I too have been ripped off by Spirit

due to a mechanical problem which is Spirits Responsibility and needs to address each situation and come up with solution which works for

both the passenger and the airline. Spirit will only make a decision which benefits Spirit. Buyer beware, look at all these complaints, they are real, and realize you are OUT if anything goes wrong with your trip. Very disappointed with this airline!

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Nancy Morrish - 5 d 19 h ago


Booked a flight using miles from credit card and bought seat & 1 checked bag.

When I had to cancel flight... I had to PAY to put MY MILES BACK on my account. Then I called to get refund on seat and bag and was told they were NON-REFUNDABLE.

On Spirit, to fly cheap, you are to book everything online and in advance. BUT WATCH OUT - YOU DON'T GET ANYTHING BACK if you have to cancel.


Will fly Southwest Airlines from this point forward

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Carla Brown - 6 d 13 h ago

Spirit is a waste of time. 8 booked a very cheap ticket and had a death in which I couldn't fly. Their cancellation fee costed more than the ticket. Thennnnn I wanted a refund for my bags and seats that I'm no longer using. The first agent said I was past the 24 mark for a refund. I was literally a few hours after. Considering my issues, I don't see why this would be a problem. The next person (a manager) comes on the phone and says bags and seats aren't refundable. Poor customer service at its finest.

General profile image - 7 d 13 h ago


Book a family flight JULY20,2016 for Orlando, FL. to depart in JAN.2017 About 3-4 week later you change my flight after

it was all payed for, it didn't work for us i had to CANCELLED NO REFUND. " WAS TOLD USE YOUR BOOKING U6R9NV




General profile image - 9 d ago


Booked a flight through Ord to Msp I checked my firearm in and when I landed my firearm never made it to Msp. So I file a claim with the baggage office as soon as I realized it was missing they searched the plane twice and still didn't find it. So I got my claim paperwork and was advised to check in with them in 3 days to see if they found it at ORD but when I called they told me MsP hadn't listed any alerts in the system didn't contact the police or anyone. Had they done that seeing that my fly was only 1 hour I feel like the person who stole my firearm would have still been working their shift an police would have stopped them before leaving the airport. So I spoke with a spirit lost luggage agent Maxine for 2 months now and she tells me she'd been lookin everywhere for my bag and couldn't find it so spirit would reimburse me. So I say finally! But she come back with a offer of $200 talking about depreciation on my firearm since it was purchased! I asked how can u mark depreciation on something you haven't seen and she tells me that's spirits guidelines and nothin she can do about so I said just replace my firearm with the same model and I'll be ok and she said they will not do that! and informed me that it will take another 4 weeks for me to be paid the depreciated amount so it's takes 3 months to be ripped off and disrespected when they know they lost my bag! I will never fly with them again and will start a petition to bring awareness to ppl about how terrible this airline really is!

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Janet Rojo - 11 d 16 h ago


Spirit Airlines does not allow customers to speak with a person authorized to handle and solve issues. Calls are routed to Manila in the Phillipines where responses to calls are scripted and corrective actions are nil.

My nonstop flight was overbooked and we were asked to fly on a later flight

(arrival time 6 hours later) with a stop over in exchange for vouchers.

Repeated attempts to plan the flight using the vouchers are impossible because Spirit states I do not have vouchers!! The confirmation codes are not recognized. So now I suspect a scam and am looking to resolve this deception.

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Bbaker - 9 d ago


They did the same to me! offered me a voucher and when I tried to use it it said the voucher had 2 bucks on it,so I called an they say no the voucher is ready you can book through us and pay 25 dollars for our services

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Cindy - 11 d 9 s ago


I have flown from Myrtle Beach to Ft Lauderdale before on Spirit and did not have a problem. Joined the club and made reservations again but learned Myrtle Beach was being evacuated because of Hurricane Matthew. Called to cancel flight as no way to get to Myrtle Beach and felt Ft Lauderdale Airport would be closed too because of Matthew and was told they would book me for the following week. Explained that we were flying out of Ft Lauderdale to Panama and that trip had been cancelled due to the storm with no problem. The person, who by the way was in the Philippines and hard to understand, said I had to book another flight by 12/2/16 for somewhere. After reading all these comments, I am going to cancel my membership, and feel my friend and I have lost about $220 apiece. At this point I do not think I will fly Spirit again and wish more people could see this site before booking.

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Keith Parkett - 12 d 21 h ago


Attempted to make numerous reservations online. After completing all necessary info I get what I call the hated ODear screen. Call help desk no help email technical help no help. I have 123,000 mile the Spirit MasterCard and own 1,000 shares of the poorly performing stock. I will cancel my card sell my stock and never use this airlines. I was an execute at a major US corporation I would be horrified if we treated customers as Spirit treats theirs.

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Anonymous - 12 d 15 h ago

I am so so very disappointed with the procedures services and rude staff members at the Kansas City Airport. My flight was delayed for over 4 hours. I had to pay $10.00 for 2 bottles of water. Additional $100.00 for our carry on luggage. This is my first experience with this airline and will be my last. These sorry ass rude employees should be made to go to school on how to treat customers. My name is Stephanie Michelle Massey

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Victim of Extortion - 12 d 18 h ago


Pay serious attention when you book your flight leaving 12:00 am.

Spirit does not give out a printed arrival date . So the Customer is on the hook for

Paying for a new ticket on the same flight you were suppose to be on.

This is a scam to get more cash for those so called cheep flights.

Extortion is what they do . No good Customer service contacts they give you

A number that is to a recording.

The agent counter ticket agent led us to believe there were only 2 seats left .

After extorting another 285.00 out of my husband and I .

Once on the flight we counted about at least 13 seats empty.

Those 13 seats could have been people that ended up just like us but could not

Pay their extortion fees and was stranded there at the airport in Las Vegas.

I say to you Spirt this is not a good practice on you part.

Your slogan is We Treat Our Customer As Cheap As Our Flights! But

We Trap You Later!

How many people do you leave stranded daily???

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Anonymous - 13 d ago


Went against my better judgement and gave Spirit another try and again disappointed! I have an interview in Florida at 11:00 am and now I'm not gonna make it. Last time I flew Spirit Imy clothes were ruined and all over the conveyor belt when they came out. They were suppose to give me some type of credit that wasn't even a third of the damage and still have not been able to contact anybody to see why or how. Everyone told me not to fly this airline but oh am I feeling it now. Customer service is horrible from corporate on down. But looking at the reviews this is nothing new to them. Sad when you mess with someone's lively hood. Now I'm sitting in the airport looking stupid because I don't know wat to do. Wella I guess this opportunity of a lifetime just went down the drain! I rarely right reviews and when I have they were good. Thanks again Spirit, I'll make sure everybody from Michigan to Florida knows all about the experiences with you guys. If only I would have read the other reviews to see EVERYBODY is having the same issues.

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AmyL - 15 d 12 h ago


I am a paid club member and for some reason, I cannot book any flights because your site is "busy"!!!! At the same time I cannot book, my husband can book! What is the problem!!!!! I refuse to call customer service because they want to charge me for booking my flight! Who can I speak to about this?

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Ronnie sturchio - 18 d 7 m ago


I cannot reach a live person anywhere in your phone system. You cancelled my oct 6 flight ft lauderdale to Latrobe airport in Pgh And left me hanging with no way to book a flight on the credit you emailed me. I will never ever fly or recommend this airplane. I need to speak NOW to a live person.

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Deanna Reagan - 16 d ago


I was in myrtle beach this past week. We were supposed to fly out on the 6th to Latrobe and our flight was cancelled. I called Spirit yesterday and was told because I didn't call the day my flight was cancelled I was probably not getting a refund. This is the first time I have ever flown and I definitely know I won't fly spirit again.

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