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Spirit Airlines

2800 Executive Way
Miramar, FL
B. Ben Baldanza
President CEO and Director
(954) 447-7920
(954) 447-7979
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Nkem - 2 h 49 m ago


I purchased a ticket through one travel not realizing I was being scammed from people from India with the help of Spirit Airlines. I booked a flight for 9-4-9-7 only to find that One Travel booked my flight and charged me $570 for one day flight when I tried to modify the flight they now want $460 in fees! I feel Spirit airlines should be shut down if they are allowing people from India to scam us in our OWN DAMN Country!! and then to add insult to injury to do not respond to complaints! SO SAD THAT I AM LOSING OUT ON $570 and I WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT!

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Dr. Cooper - 5 h 15 m ago


Spirit is the worst airline I have ever encountered. My family and I were there on time and was asked to wait in a line for 40 minutes. We walked over to Maria 64290 Hispanic lady and told her what happened and she walked away like forget you niggas. My mom asked her for a supervisor and she proceeded to talk to other customers of Hispanic decent. She is racist and does not care about people other than her culture.

We asked for a refund and they said we cannot get a refund and they were going to charge us 100 dollars each for a flight at 10:30 pm which only had 2 seats, it's 4 of us.

I am disgusted and want to speak to someone in the corporate office. I am calling channel 7 news right now and report Spirit Airlines Maria 64290.

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Anonymous - 1 d 7 h ago


I have been charged $69.95 without my approval and have spent the last two hours trying to speak with them, however every phone number I can find refers me to a fully automated phone number.

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Kawanda - 12 h 15 m ago


I'm having the same problem. I have spoken to 5 people who claim to be supervisors or managers and can't get anything resolved mainly due to language issues! This is horrible

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Nancy Cummons - 1 d 15 h ago


I was charged $101.00 for one bottle of Chardonnay.

Cannot reach anyone for help. Flight 262, August 14th.

On July 17 sat on tarmac for 5 hours only to be returned to gate with no direction.

First time flying alone to attend my husband's memorial.

I just want the cost of the drink corrected.

I have used Spirit for years. Never had a problem. Please don't make me use another airline.

Nancy Cummons

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Jawauna Smith - 2 d ago


My wedding was Saturday July 29 2017. I purchased tickets from Spirit to leave from Orlando FL. to San Juan PR. On the way to airport, my family and I were involved in a accident. Tire blew out on the way to Orlando. We were driving from Atlanta GA. Ive called Spirit and told them i wasn't going to make flight 3 hrs before flight time. Ive even emailed them the hospital papers and my insurance people written out statement. I was never offered a refund or simply a credit. $760 down the drain. I had to purchase last minute tickets to San Juan PR ignorer to make my wedding. I will never fly with Spirit again. Don't waste your time.

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Maritza Germosen - 2 d 7 h ago


This is the worst airline I have ever heard of.They canceled my daughters flight with my granddaughter with a boot on her injured leg because of a carry on bag that she had on the flight she took to Fort Lauderdale florida on the same Spirit air line for free.and on her flight back home at check in a lady named Karen gave her a hard time and canceled her flight.she was very rude and unprofessional.How could you cancel a flight when you see an 11year old child with an injured foot and snatch the papers out of her moms hands in front of her while she was crying.

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Terrible Company - avoid at all cost! - 4 d ago


We just discovered that Spirit Airlines changed the DAY we were flying back, not just the flight times. They say they only fly every 3 days out of Ft. Meyers, Florida. I am going to the airport between and plan to take pictures. They have no business selling flights and then not following through. My choices are NO way home to Minnesota or fly late (my husband works that day) or cut our trip by 3 days. It is unacceptable and not the way to conduct business. This is my second bad experience with Spirit. I will avoid this airline like the plague and I suggest you do too.

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Anonymous - 4 d ago

Wow, you actually flown with them 2 times, can't believe that, they're worthless, they gotta get shut down, and I won't stop till that happens.

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I've read through several of the reviews written about this company (Spirits Airline) and am somewhat disappointed in myself for NOT staying on top of things; I should've done my research, in addition to LISTENING to what I was told about this airline. It should be ILLEGAL to have such businesses around. Therefore, in addition to sharing our experiences, as we are, on this site, we need to report such cases to the proper authorities to STOP these people from treating paying customers as if we're getting free services.

I purchased a one way ticket from Houston to Baltimore. My flight was scheduled to leave at 8am; I arrived at the check-in gate at 5:58am. When I attempted to check-in at the kiousk, it would not check me in kept requesting some code, which was not on my ticket/itinerary.

I called their attendant, who was stationed there to help customers. He came and tried but couldn't locate the code either. At that time, he requested that I call Orbitz, the company from whom I purchased the ticket. I asked if he had a faster way of getting orbitz in lieu of me calling on my cell phone during peak time; and he said no.

So I moved aside, got on the phone and as expected, it was a long hold and still didn't get the requested information. I returned to him and asked if he could check with a check-in attendant to see if they could help. He went up to them, came back and informed me that I could no longer check into my flight because the "flight has closed". This is now 6:58am, one hour before departure. I actually thought he was kidding; but he wasn't!

I then requested to speak to the manager, hoping he would resolve the situation and get me on my flight. BUT NOOO, the manager was even worse than the attendant. He simply reiterated what the attendant said and told me, "if you want to get to you destination, you'll have to catch the next flight at 1pm and pay a $99.00 change fee".

I could not believe what I was hearing! I pleaded with this man to allow me to get on the flight, which was still sitting on the turnmike and he refused. The flight left, as scheduled, at 8am while I sat in the terminal. Instead of arriving at my destination at 12:15pm, I ended up getting there at 11:30pm, 12 hours later.

This has been the WORST travel experience I've ever had; considering I'm 54 years old and have traveled extensively, including several international flights.

But as I stated earlier, we can sit here and write all day/night, it obviously makes to difference to them cause they continue to do what they do and rip people off. We need to file our complaints with the Better Business Bureau, our local consumer affairs agencies, the U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Facebook, word of mouth and every other avenue available to us, all of which I, personally, intend to do. The intent is to remove them from the business as we know there are several airlines that are befitting of our time and money. They distract us with their slightly cheaper price, just to make up for it, plus more, by ripping us off with all these other charges. Yet they don't even give you WATER TO DRINK without charging you. This is OUTRAGIOUS and NEVER/EVER again will I think of flying with them; even if it were free!

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Terri - 17 d 12 h ago

Just got "screwed" by them last nite. Sat in the line for over an hour, left the line twice to go up and ask questions of the "baggage/booking" people, only to be told to "wait in line". Told by one " you ain't gonna make tha flight"! My eyes are so swollen from crying!!!! This is a trip I've been planning for my daughter and I, since last year! They told me, basically, they took my money and my money for their "check in ahead" fees, and I NEVER got to fly!!!!!! I've left 4 messages this morning with their corporate office. Let's see how they are going to handle this! My next call is to the TV station, to see if I can get them publicly shamed for their HORRIBLE customer service-NOT!!!

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Anonymous - 5 d ago

The same thing happend to me tonight. did corporate ever call you back?

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Anonymous - 4 d ago

They never call back, and they don't answer their call, they need to be sued, and put outta buisness, ASAP, it's so wrong.

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Anonymous - 11 d 12 h ago


I had the exact same experience as "mistreated customer".

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Len - 11 d 1 h ago


I had a similar experience today. The plane was suppose to leave at 3:50 pm it left at 3:45 pm I couldn't get a print out of my info I went to 4 kiosh machine U thought they were broke. I called the company cheapoaire and yes I'm not prejudice but all asia people they were rude when I called the first person would put me on hold than the next person as if they cared the money is in the bank. I booked a stay for two nights at a hotel all non refundable. Its my fault I missed the plane. Whar plane takes off 5 minutes earlier I was in line in time to get on board. And the attendant says it'll be $99.00 more. I decline so I will be un touch with whom I nees to report this to. This is how they make their money everyywhere don't buy their products theres a no refund policy on any purchase. I am going to my bank in the morning. I will never make arrangements with their company. Very dishonest company. And I will be calling the company direct in the morning. I was shock to read this and wasn't looking forward for this. But it"s good to know that others are gonging through this also to recognize the wwrong that's going on. Never went through this with southwestern, delta or any other flight line. Sorry about what you had to experience.

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Lynette Booker - 4 d 3 h ago

Happen to me and my son last week, cas we went on medical emergency, to see his Dad that had a heart attack, and stroke we had to get there, am not done, am contacting a lawyer tomorrow, we should've been home Thursday, instead of Sunday morning at 3:30, 2 days at the Seattle airport, practically starving cas all our snacks were done by the second day, I'm gonna make sure they go outta buisness, there has to be a way to stop them, and fast, just wrong, and you right the supervisor is worst than the ticket agents, I want to jump over that counter and slap that lil girl senseless for laughing when am spitting fire, I guess she was laughing cas they been doing this long enough, so it's a habit, now they fuck with this jungle bitch, I've been flying long enough, the FFA WILL KNOW ABOUT THIS ASAP!!!

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Anonymous - 4 d 15 s ago

I am one very unhappy customer, my son, and I got hold up at Houston airport 2 days, and Seattle airport since Thursday night, through Saturday morning on our return trip, my return reservation said 12:38 AM, we got there at 10:45 PM, the 2 lil Asian girls that don't know their head from their toes, told us we miss our flight, cas it left earlier in the day, I have ask over 20 people, what is 12:38 AM, that's night not day, daytime will be 12:38, Pm, well the arguing starts and they refuse to give me the boarding pass, made me call their reservation no, ask to speak to supervisor, he's as fucking dumb too, Friday morning, manager, or supervisor told me that I have to pay $99.00 for change ticket date , for 2 my son, and I to get home Saturday night late, no matter how I try, and argue, you can't get nowhere with them dummy, so we slept at the Seattle airport 2 nights, no good or hotel vouchers, we went to Seattle for a medical emergency, my son Dad had a heart attack, and a stroke, we so tired after a long week, of hospital, rehabilitation facility, and then this nightmare, it was a total disaster, that airline shouldn't even be in buisness, they don't even give you a glass of water, and their service all together is horrible, the plane feels like it's falling apart after it landed, in my over 18 yrs of flying internationally, and domestically, never has I had so much problem, and they want to charge me $68.00 for a lil carry onn that I normally takes for free on other airlines, so like I've said we suffer, never ever in my life will I fly with spirit again, they're a nightmare, am about to contact my lawyer, if I don't get my $198.00 refund to change tickets, that I had to put on my ex husband credit card, I went up there to help get him situated, and get poa, to make decisions for him, not to use his money because of a very unprofessional airline and their employees, plus I want back every cent we spent for 2 days at the airport, I had to have a pizza delivered at the terminal, cas we were tired of the expensive package junk food at the airport, so spirit you will be hearing from my lawyer, who ever flown with them more than once, cas am telling everybody about my nightmare experience, never ever again in my life, stop operating that airline, other airlines give people beverages, show cheap tickets, then get you with the lil bags, and carry onn, always canceling, or delayed , just a big mess, leave you broke and stranded, I want a full refund or I will start my paperwork to sue for damages, pain, and suffering, stop treating your passengers so horrible, no beverages, and the reservation employee was rude, she told me I got what I paid for, shows cheap tickets, then gets you for baggage, and water on the plane, that was my first, and last, and the worst nightmare of a flight, 4 hrs to Seattle me, and my son to see his Dad in the hospital, no water or anything to drink for all that time, oh and btw, their seats don't recline, so you have to sleep straight up, if you can even sleep, QUIT FLYING THEM JUNK OF A PLANE, I'll make sure to spread the word of your horrible nightmare services, never ever again for the life of me.

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MO - 7 d ago



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Denise - 8 d ago


After reading all these reviews I am at a much anger and exhaustion!!! All I want is to take my grandson to Disney! After 3 sleep, most anger I have felt in a very long time if ever day and nights of staying up until 3 am dealing with all the over charging and canceling ,, where is the HEAD CORPORATE LEADER??? Why is NOTHING being done to deal with this??? Is it that you actually do not care? I wonder! NOW my credit card is so jacked up with all these fees I MAY NOT HAVE ENOUGH TO GO...GEEZE OH PETES!! FOR THE LACK OF ALL THE SWEAR WORDS THAT WANT TO FLY OUT OF MY MOUTH. Do something about this!!! This is piss pore and word will get out..well by the looks of it it already is...Take care of your customers if you care at with the lack of no training or what ever it is..What are YOU going to do for all of our sweat and tears over YOUR company? Maybe it should be 1 LARGE lawsuit need to be shut down.

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Linda maloney - 7 d 16 h ago

I flew Spirit Airlines this past week.

I am an owner of a business. My flight back to Florida was cancelled .

This was Monday, due to inclement

Weather. Funny that all the other airlines were flying and had no problems. The next flight back home was on Friday with a 6 hour layover in Detroit Michigan... really? I ended up

Rebooking my trip home with added expenses.. never fly this airline again.

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Laura Olsen - 8 d ago

I cancelled a random persons flight that I found at the Apple Store when I was looking at their mac books. All I used was this confirmation code and their name and I was able to cancel their flight. Too bad they left their email open hahaha. I even have a phone recording when I told a supervisor that I did that and they said they feel bad for the passenger but it's not their problem. The flight numbers that I found on the persons email is WHNIPH also FFL45H and the passengers name is Alan Tarrab. Let's see how long it takes them to fix this. Hahaha poor guy doesn't know what's coming.

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Moises perez - 8 d 9 h ago


My wife and her sister and my 2 little kids were literally took them out once they checked up brcause the flights was overbooked, iy happened in Dominican Republic, and you know what was the worse, they did that twice at Santo domingo Airport and the 3 option was send them via Punta cana Airport with the problem they has to pay extra or they can't take the flight,, the federal office of transportation is aware of that, my name is moises perez on miami, my wife and kids, luisa belen Prez, abraham perez and isabella perez, i had to send them money to pay taxi from ssnto domingo to punta cana,, spirit airlines abuser and discriminating

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Anonymous - 8 d 18 h ago


I need my money. you double charge my debit card . I need my money. I purchased a ticket from "Cheapo air 0n 5/6/17 for $640.48 to go to Haiti. and then on 5/8/17 showed that my card had been charged from spirit at Miramar FL got an another $525.50 that is mean my debit card had been double charged. I want to know why? and I need an answer. I had been trying hard to send you my email , telephone , no answer. That is mean to hire people to steal people money and I know you won't get away from that fraud. I need my money thank you. Again and again give me my money back

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 9 d 8 h ago

Buy a ticket on a real carrier then it won't be so bad!

Flagged for review. 
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Elizabeth - 9 d 9 h ago


HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!! We were stuck in FL for the entire night! Things happen I get that but we were LIED TO OVER AND OVER about the reasoning for the cancellation!!!!!!! Manager said it was because they were overbooked, rep said mechanical issue, and NOW I AM literally on the phone with this crappy OFFSHORE customer service and THEY TELL ME THERE WASN'T enough CREW!! I am BEYOND DISGUSTED with an airline I've been flying for years in the past and they can OVERBOOK but not cough up a refund!! The seats by the way are horribly UNCOMFORTABLE!! STAY FAR FAR AWAY!!

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