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Spirit Airlines

2800 Executive Way
Miramar, FL
B. Ben Baldanza
President CEO and Director
(954) 447-7920
(954) 447-7979
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Leon Buckberrough - 40 m 15 s ago

How do I get incontact with a person who can help me straighten out my email address, for my Spirit account.

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Curtis Scarbrough - 12 h 35 m ago

I was informed the baggage claim department in FLL has destroyed my passport. My passport was found in a Spirit employees luggage in FLL on April 24th. I was told it would be mailed to me within 30 days. . After two weeks I was informed i needed to get a FEDEX account and then it would be mailed to me. I called to provide the FEDEX #. I was then advised my passport was destroyed by security. The report # is 771404. My Free spirit # is 173251396.

Yes believe it or not my passport was confiscated by a Spirit employee, never mailed to me within 30 days and destroyed by baggage claim security.

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Angry customer - 20 h ago


Spirit Airline is the absolute worst Airline that's out if you have any other choice do not fly using spirit they have terrible customer service. I have tried to use them 3 or 4 times each time there has always been an issue I once drove 4 hours to catch a flight that was cancelled within never called emailed or anything yesterday I caught a flight after it was delayed five times. They are the absolute worst company in the airline business I will not ever fly using Spirit again I will also be placing a complaint on the Better Business Bureau website in reference to this company they are horrible and need to be shut down

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MiamiOne-ATL - 1 d ago


Spirit Airlines is a cheap fare airlines, period! Because they are cheap airlines, who has the same fixed cost of most airlines, they have to make up their profits somewhere. They are in business to make money. You want to keep your fare down? It is simple! Pack lightly in a very small piece of luggage that can fit under the seat, if need be. As I've flown Spirit and Frontier, most of you carry way too much stuff for the short period of time you will be gone. Experienced travelers know how to carry only the necessities in a back pack. Want some food for a longer flight? Buy it in the airport. In fact, I stopped at a Cracker Barrel restaurant, near the Baltimore Airport, last night and took a full delicious, chicken dinner (in a clear see through container) on the plane. You just can't carry liquids and gels or soup through security, visible real food is fine).

When it is time for check-in, set your phone to remind you to do it 24 hours in advance. That way if you didn't want to pay for a 'seat' when you made the reservations initially, there is a better chance you may end up with a random aisle or window (not guaranteed). If you set your expectations right, you won't be mad or disappointed. Too many of you want Lexus service and Yugo prices. Get a grip!

Yes, the website uses standard marketing techniques to try to push you into higher cost items. You need to slow down read it carefully and make the choices that work for you.

Spirit and Frontier are basically selling a place to sit from point A to point B. That is what all airlines do! You get to decide by choice, how much you want to pay for it. This isn't rocket science! Stop whining! Geez!

As for the person whining about 'foreign customer service', give me a break! Call other companies and you will find the same thing. Cheap labor where possible, means cheaper prices. That is how business works. I wonder if you whine about the foreign staff at Trump's golf courses, or the foreign steel used for his buildings, or the foreign investors (Russians) who provided him money to keep things going! Probably not!

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Anonymous - 1 d ago

Your probably an employee of spirit airlines acting like a customer

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Pissed off - 1 d 17 h ago


They have foreigners doing there customer service

Which sucks

The supervisor and managers are idiots

On the whole spirit Airlines sucks

Don't travel with them. They charge you for everything

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Jr - 1 d 19 h ago

This is the worst airlines

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Elnora Bryant - 3 d 16 h ago


It was the worse experience ever!!!!!

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Jan - 4 d 5 s ago


Beware of pop-ups when making on-line reservation. As an older person, I thought the only option was the Thrills Combo. I guess not! Tried to manually change; could not change. Paid $380 for one bag. Very bummed.

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Brittney - 4 d 11 h ago


I have been a valued customer with spirit since 2010! That's OVER 8 years almost. And I have never had any problems with this airline, until today. I booked my flight May 4, 2018 and checked my bags within the next fees days. Today I arrived at the airport 25 minutes before it was time for my flight to depart. I got to the counter with one of the spirit workers and her attitude was very disrespectful, rude, and belittling. She was no help at all. When I walked up she told me that I missed my flight, and that they started boarding people 45 minutes prior to when I came, and that they closed the doors 15 minutes prior to my arrival. She did proceeded to tell me that the flight wasn't leaving for another 6 minutes, But still insisted on telling me that I missed my flight. I felt like the time I spent there axing her how come the flight was leaving so early, and her being disrespectful to me, I could've been going through what I needed to go through to get on that plane that was still there at 20 minutes after she told me that I missed my flight. but still insisted on telling me that I missed my flight. I felt like the time I spent there axing her how come the flight was leaving so early, and her being disrespectful to me, I could've been going through whatever I needed to go through to get on that plane that was still there 20 minutes after she told me that I had missed my flight. I don't understand why I had to rebook a flight for $99 when it was Spirits fault, that I missed my flight in the first place. Nowhere in the emails that I was getting all day today stated that I needed to be at the airport 45 minutes or 15 minutes before the flight. Nowhere did state that the flight was leaving 25 minutes earlier than what was originally scheduled either. I've spent $500 with spirit and I didn't even leave Houston. Everybody's attitudes that work for spirit are poor and they need to be retrained on how to properly speak with people who are paying customers. I want my money back! I WILL NEVER FLY WITH SPIRIT AIRLINES AGAIN!!!!!!! I feel like this company is built off of greed. I'm going to the media with this!!! Poor service!!!! Bullshit workers!!!

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Ilda Gonzalez - 4 d 19 h ago


Hi my name is Ilda Gonzalez I just experience a bad situation with your airline here in Philadelphia. I bought my ticket last month fliht 349, was checking in online it wont let me came to the airport one of the assistant believe here name was Bianca she al os sudden told me I had to go to the attendants at the desk when I got there they said I couldnt board the fight because it was over booked. They wanted me to go to another airport and pay $99 which I dont think is our fought if your ailine overbooks people. Now I have to go all the way to Atlantic City, New Jersey to take the 6:33 pm flight. I am very dissapointed with this airline would never travel using Spirit again.

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arsal - 5 d 19 h ago


terrible experience, terrible customer experience, no one to get a hold of through corporate unless it's within 48 hours. no compassion for customers' lives or what they have to go through or pay out of pocket. i would not ever recommend flying spirit, it's a budget airline, yes, but that doesn't mean provide unpleasant experiences because you're an economical choice. this is turning people away from you and your airline.

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

This Airline eventually will go out of business because how dirty they are they screwed us out of a round trip saying we cancelled NEVER DID!!! So as soon as we booked with Delta they send my husband an email saying what time our flight will be leaving out , I am going to the better business bureau because they need to be stopped EMMEDIATLY from ripping people off ,This was only part of the problem with them to long of a story to get into HEADS UP NEVER DEAL WITH SPIRIT !!! THEIR FLIGHTS ARE CHEAP FOR A REASON

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Anonymous - 7 d 9 h ago

Customer service is the worst u can't even get a manager to talked to

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Tyrone - 8 d 21 h ago


i booked a package back in March paid to upgrade my seats get to the airport in April 30 only to find out the seats i paid for was given away in spite of the confirmation and the flight was booked so im solwas told i would receive credit for the upgraded seats for both flights 7-10 days ttl 108 i have now been back well over 2 weeks and still no credit i will never use the airlines again.

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Anonymous - 8 d ago

hello my name is Joel Carter last year me and my family scheduled a flight out of Atlantic City the flight was canceled and delayed for no apparent reason I didn't cause a Big fuss because they offered us free tickets for anywhere in the United States I believe that that was a very good compensation though our trip was made very complicated by the delay and cost us a significant amount of money rescheduling activities and nonrefundable hotelComplications imagine my surprise when I went to claim the free flight I was informed that I only had seven days to claim the tickets and reservation dates this to me is nothing more then deception in the middle of the chaos trying to plan a family vacation how would it have been humanly possible for me to read every single fine print they made the offer and they never followed up on it instead what I got was A calculated bet on their part that I would never be able to get these free tickets as well as probably most other people that they offer it to Not only could I not get the tickets but trying to find someone on the phone for customer service is near impossible since every phone number that I call has an automated service with no customer service option

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KM - 8 d 9 h ago


Customer service is horrible. Normally I am a fan of Spirit Airlines, but not after today. I booked another flight on Sprirt for my entire family to go on a cruise. When booking, the website kept adding the thrills combo to the purchase which prompted me to go back to fix the error. I never went back to the first page where the flight times had to be chosen, instead i only went to the add on page and took the thrills combo add on off my purchase. I never even thought to check the flight times, just verified the dates and booked. And I did not think to open the confirmation email until now when I am ready to print my boarding inofrmation as i am getting ready for the trip. Called customer service which informed me that it was my fault for not checking my email until now and that I would have to pay 800 to change the times when I can purchase a complete new flight itinerary for less than that price. The website glith casued the problem not an error on my part. Coveniently they have corrected the website problem so that they can say it was my fault and not theirs. So frustrated.

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Never Spirit - 10 d ago


Below is a copy of a complaint sent to Heather Harvey in March.

I never received a reply

Spirit Airlines in Atlantic City, NJ left a bad taste in my mouth as a $9 fare club member after a completely inexcusable experience on February 22, 2018. My co-worker and friend were on our way to the Atlantic City airport to take an 8:11pm flight to Fort Lauderdale, FL. After arriving at the airport parking lot at 6:45pm we unloaded our bags and proceeded to the chick-in counter to check our bags in (which we previously paid for when we booked the flight. That cost was $21.00 per bag with a total cost of $42.00) Also, to expedite the process we had checked in before we got to the airport. We physically arrived at the counter at 7:11pm to check our pre-paid bags only to be told by the Spirit employee standing there that check-in was CLOSED and she could not check our bags and that the bags for the flight had already left to be boarded. I would like to know why Spirit bothered to put an employee at the counter who could not do anything to help us, given the fact that we were at the counter in plenty of time to have our bags checked in. This employee (who could not do anything) proceeded to call their supervisor to assist, yet the supervisor was not available, or would not answer their phone. After the Spirit employee kept us at check-in for 15 minutes were shuffled off to TSA check-in where we had to open our bags and had to throw out anything over 3 ounces. I had to throw out a new 6-ounce tube of facial scrub costing $8.00, (This would not have happened if the check-in counter had bee open when I arrived). If your people had done their job and not closed the check-in counter early, I would not have incurred this first cost. After going through TSA, we proceeded to the gate to board. We were told we had to pay 65.00 for each bag that we had already paid 21.00 apiece for when the flight was originally booked, due to Spirit's negligence. Because the staff on duty at check-in counter during that shift at the time of our flight decided to close early for whatever reason, my friend and I were penalized 130.00 dollars (which we should not of had to pay) to gain access to the flight for a cruise we were embarking on the following morning.

It is disgusting when you are hit with a la carte fees needlessly prior to travel. Evidently, this deterred from a great start of our vacation we had planned for 5 months prior. If we did not have the money to cover the cost of the $65.00, a bag fee we would have had to try to book a flight the next day jeopardizing our chances of getting on the cruise in time. This was an example of extremely poor customer service as well as highway robbery in charging $65.00 a bag to carry on the plane.

I will think twice about flying Spirit Airlines, out of Atlantic City and would rather choose another airline whose employees are not allowed to do what they want when they want, like closing the check-in counter early because they want to leave early. I am sharing this experience with my family, friends, co-workers as well as my social media friends.

I guess it is true what they say, "You get what you pay for," and in the case of Spirit, the less you pay the less you get, especially in service.

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Boycott Spirit!!!!! - 11 d 14 h ago

Spirit is full of it!!!!! I gave up my seat due to spirit overbooking a flight and was told for doing so that I would be rewarded with a travel voucher to fly anywhere in North and South America that Spirit flies. However, they don't tell you at the time that the voucher can't be used on busy travel days or to hot travel spots. they give you these vouchers knowing damn well people will not be able to use them. Spirit sucks and I'll never fly this ghetto ass airline again. B. Ben Baldanza runs a horrible scandalous operation and will find a cozy spot in hell when this life is over!!!!!

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Theresa Chiovitti - 20 d 23 h ago


Hello my name is Theresa Chiovitti and I I had a flight out of Baltimore Maryland to Tampa on Sunday the 29th of April at 7 a.m. . I was on board the plane and the pilot announced he smelled an electrical smell of burning. Remove us from the plane and I personally asked the pilot how long he believed it would take he said at least an hour or more and maybe another plane. I went outside had a cigarette returned in about 20 minutes went into the ladies room came out and realized they had boarded the plane she was standing at the door and I was yelling let me on the plane and she closed the door in my face your employee a black woman and smirked! Sorry once I close this door it's over! I was hysterical I am legally disabled a begged her to call the flight or a supervisor so that I could board the plane that she's so rudely close the door in my face! Of course she would do neither she continued to tell her co-worker a black man I believe named v e n o and told him I took a smoke break I repeated that yes I did but I was back and I was in the bathrooms and they said they called me repeatedly I never heard my name called! She laughed called me a liar to my face and took her time to find me a flight which I had to say to her are you going to put my name in that computer or you going to talk for a half hour which she did! She found me a flight to Houston stressed that I had an hour layover and that I would land in Florida at 6 14! I got to Houston went out to have a cigarette and realized there was no layover they didn't tell me the clocks go back I flew back in and made the plane within seconds to spare running through the airport with no shoes on! Again I am legally disabled it is now Wednesday and my body aches to the Bone still! After all these hours getting up at 4 a.m. to make sure I made that flight when I was flying from Houston to Florida I ordered two Bud Light beers they charged me for them I was tired as was everybody on the plane when I asked for the second one a Haitian gentleman said he did not feel comfortable giving me my drink and asked me if I had taken pills! How dare your employees to cross that line! I was beyond exhausted but to be insulted in front of all these people that asked me if they heard him correctly! I explained the situation to the few people of what happened and they were all appalled! I feel that your crew is racist oh wait a minute you can't be discriminated against if you're white it has to be reverse discrimination! I am very verbal I will never fly your airline again this is the most embarrassing uncomfortable horrible situation I have ever dealt with in my life and then after something that was your company's fault be treated like I was trash! I will pass along to everyone my story and yes your flights are cheaper but to be treated the way your company treated me was horrific! If this is the way you train your employees you need a new company!

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Alan Carr - 12 d ago

Maybe you should stop smoking and drinking. Seems to me that all of the problems you encountered were self inflicted. Also, all of the gate agents are employed by outside vendors. None of them work for Spirit Airlines.

- Alan

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Stacey - 12 d 19 h ago


Using any airline it is understood flight can be delayed for various reasons we get it but, to provide vouchers to fly with the them again and not allow them to use on there 1 of 1000 fees, in this case bags, is HORRIBLE.. All so called representatives are not in the USA but elsewhere. I was told to in person this voucher would pay for my baggage on a trip I had with Spirit schedule the next day. The customer services so call high up manager just told me NO I'm not going to do it when TOM(manager) could clearly see the situation.

NEVER NEVER NEVER will I fly with Spirit again. I will pay extra not to. BAD BAD BAD customer services and policies

B. Ben Baldanza SHAME ON YOU

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Ronny - 12 d 20 h ago


Lost Bag from 2/25/2018 and they Only pay me $60

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Anonymous - 13 d 15 h ago


Will never use spirit again. After experiencing a death in the family. I called to cancel my flight reservation and was advised that in order to receive refund I need to provide proof of death. When I advised I I didn't ask for a refund I asked for the reservation to be canceled given the circumstances she again asked me or proof of death. Their customer service department is horrible and sounds as though they all read from a script and don't know how to take on life situations to resolve issues

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Sophie - 13 d 19 h ago


Never fly with spirit. Their tickets are cheaper for a reason. They charge even for a carryon. No customer service at all. I bought a ticket and tried to cancel it an hour later. Impossible!!!! Big line at the airport and no one is helping you. They try to send you to the machine to print your boarding pass but it wouldn't print the label for the bad so I had to go back and forth 4 times to check my bag.if the bag is over 40lb is overveith and you would have to pay another $40 on top of the $50 that I already had paid. After that the bag can not be over 50lb and they don't allow you to take a second bag. They let me take 2 bags on coming to US but only one going out of US. How crazy is that!!!! Never again

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