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Spirit Airlines

2800 Executive Way
Miramar, FL
B. Ben Baldanza
President CEO and Director
(954) 447-7920
(954) 447-7979
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Sharron R - 8 d ago


I travel Spirit airlines regularly and, although it is "no frills," it is a wonderful experience every time I fly. The staff is pleasant, helpful and efficient and the on-time factor for departures and arrivals is excellent! I was especially impressed with a young man, Brandon, who was working on April 3rd at the Philadelphia Agent Assistance counter. There were numerous missed flights and other emergencies and he handled each customer with patience and respect and made every effort to be helpful in finding solutions for their respective problems. He patiently and graciously assisted me with the purchase of several tickets for future flights and just couldn't have been more helpful or nicer! In fact, his excitement about Spirit Airlines was contagious and I went home and bought shares of stock!

This young man deserves recognition from Spirit and I hope he gets it!

Thanks to all employees of Spirit that make my travels such a pleasure!

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Anonymous - 1 h 48 m ago

Obviously, you did not read the negative reviews before you bought stock in that pathetic company. Your review is the only positive one I have ever seen. Best of luck with your stock purchase, you're going to need it.

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Anonymous - 10 d 14 h ago

Terrible airline!!!! I requested to change my flight 5 days ago of my departure but they refused it and wanted to charge $100/person plus in the connecting flight from Houston to Denver the flight reached late at the airport so they switched us to another airline and never mentioned that we have to pay our luggages again at the airport. So basically they took double for our luggages and when I called for the refund of our double payments they refused it. We used to travel alot but from now we will travel from united or other airline but spirit. I would rather pay little more than this kinda services. If you will call customer service the phone will be attended by filipinos probably in Philippine who doesn't understand much english and only knows sorry.

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Angry passenger - 2 d 8 h ago

At least they were charging you $100. At this point I'd take the $100. They trying to charge me $300 to change my flight to come home Sunday rather than Monday. One day before. Originally I got them to agree to a one time courtesy for myself and 9 other passengers good discounts asked the rep to PLEASER NOT THE ACCOUNT I had to go over everything with the other passengers I will be calling back Friday (which was 2 days later) to pay. Of course there was no record of the courtesy. They said they need to listen to the call and will call me back in 48 hours. They DID NOT. I had to call them all for them to NOT HONOR what they said continue to say they need to review the call (another 48 hours ) this airlines is the worse. And I haven't even got on it yet.

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Anonymous - 2 h ago


I had a similar experience with this pathetic airline. I pre-paid for my checked bags, left from the Pittsburgh airport, they placed it on the scale everything was fine, No additional charge for weight. On my return trip home, my back was checked again at the Fort Myers airport. She placed the same bag on the scale, I bought absolutely nothing, placed the same items in the bag again. She placed it on the scale and said it was 1 pound over, forced me to pay the additional $30. I informed her that there was no problem on my departure flight with the weight of the bag in Pittsburgh. The attendant emphasized rudely that the Pittsburgh location made a mistake. I had to pay the additional fee in order to make the flight on time. Obviously, the scale is off track or it has been adjusted in order four bags to display more than they actually weigh. On another note, this is the only airline I've ever flown in my life that does not offer you a complementary beverage. Their biggest concern is to pass brochures out to the customers at the end of the flight In order to persuade customers to sign up for the bonus miles card. Never again, I don't care how low The fair maybe for a flight.

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Anonymous - 8 d 4 h ago

Hi I will be having around 40 passengers on a flight these boys are looking to travel to Orlando Florida from Latrobe Pennsylvania for a national level wrestling Event they are school age boys looking to get in to a college And have an opportunity to wrestle at this level will do that did not know if there was anyway we could get a discount for 40 flight tickets We are looking to fly out of Latrobe Pennsylvania June 17 to Orlando Florida and returning June 23 from Orlando Florida back to Latrobe Pennsylvania if you could help with. Discounted flights would be wonderful thank you

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John Doe - 6 h 21 m ago


Contact the Airline's Website Directly

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John Doe - 6 h 18 m ago


1 (hidden)

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Carla Scotland - 1 d 9 h ago


I took a flight from Denver to Detroit and boy does someone from this airline has sticky fingers. I went to Denver with 6 complete outfits I came home to open my bag to not one complete outfit. They took all my pants and panties clean and dirty! We know they wasn't left at the hotel as the manager checked the room after us we took the rental car back suitcase was packed. Get to spirit checkin and go home missing half my suitcase. I'm sure y'all have cameras in the back someone need to start checking or doing better background check on these thief's! I'm so livid right now! What's sad is I never wore the clothes more than once as I purchased this stuff for my trip!

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Anthony Jacobs - 2 d 5 h ago


I was suppose to catch a flight from Dallas tx to La for a funeral I call to ask about the bags and customer service tells me I have to pay for my ticket and I already paid for it I have emails everything u need to fly so now I'm without a flight money and I miss a funeral

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Regina Collins - 2 d 17 h ago


This was my first and last time flying with Spirit not worth the cheap airfare when they are running a company with no class or respect for their customers and dont know how to treat customers on delayed or cancelled flights. This company needs to be coach and developed all over again from high to bottom of the titles there....

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Anonymous - 36 d ago

Spirt has the worst customer service. The employees are disrespectful, spirt Arline's ruined my 600 madega luggae and still has not responded back to me in regards to paying for my luggage and it's going on week 3.

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Anonymous - 36 d ago

Yesterday March 18,2019 on my return flight from Tampa to Ohare,924 flight was delayed,with my boarding pass and about to enter the Airline checked my boarding pass pulled me over and asked me to go to this lady,wait for my turn to fit my personal item bag,two persons trying to fit personal items which is bigger and won't pass as a personal item bags,she assists it asked to took away this other items so that it will fit on this fit in size,then when it's my turn,fit in my personal item bag,same personal item bag,which I have used several times and it's only week before that I used on Ohare-Tampa flight,a 16"/12"/8" personal item bag,no charges,no questions,which is a smaller than the required personal item bags of 18"/14"/8"..and she wants me fit in on side ways which is 18" and for this personal item and fits in on 8"wide then me over because I explained to this lady,really don't know if she should do this act like this on me,threatening to book me the following morning or pay this 65$ baggage fee,she asked me and proceeed to this guy to pay this 65$,for a round trip of 112$,dumped my PERSONAL BAGS,saw Airport Cleaner asked for a GARBAGE BAGS ,transfer my personal items on it,to end up saying I can leave my bag if you want it take it..boarded she didn't bother to asked me if this GARBAGE BAGS will fit in..

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Peter CottonTAIL - 33 d ago


600 Luggage but can afford that AMERICAN DELTA BITCH gotta get that $40 middle seat UH BUD

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Kevin A - 19 d ago


I have always had excellent service on Spirit. If you know the ropes of no checked bags, personal item only, and fly on Tuesday/Wednesday you can fly so cheap. I have flown them over 8 years and only one flight was ever late and that was due to a fueling issue at FTL. They moved the aircraft to another gate and we were out of there 30 minutes late. Not bad in almost 10 years.

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Anonymous - 10 d 14 h ago

They probably paid you for this review

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Anonymous - 3 d 19 h ago


He probably knows how to travel ...

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William D. Hitt - 5 d 14 h ago


ABSOLUTELY THE WORST AIRLINE EVER! We arrived 33 minutes before the flight at 5:27 am in the morning, for a 6 am a departure. The gate agent says the door is closed you, cant board, sorry. Behind me was a ruby team headed for Las Vegas finals, we inquired why can't let us board now. The plane is still here, with the door open, nope sorry its policy, to bad so sad! The rugby team was ready to riot, until I clammed them down, and said Yelp them, tell the public the truth! We all ran to another terminal to catch Southwest (ruby team beat me to the gate) and had to buy expensive last minute tickets. The Southwest gate agent says this happens all the time! She was happy and compassionate to accommodate our last minute request. What really shocked me she said Spirit policies are great for filling last minute SW seats. The sad part the Spirit Oakland gate agent was about to cry, she felt so bad she worked for these low fare and very LOW IQ airline. Today my wife had an emergency in Las Vegas, her elderly father fell ill, she had no choice but to fly Low IQSpiritt, she arrived an hour and a half early, and the plane took off 8 hours later......THE WORST AIRLINE EVER, READ ALL REVIEWS!

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Gloria Smith - 7 d ago


I have always heard horrible things about Spirit and I have had that bad experience twice.

Yes the weather has caused the delays, but you could make a difference especially when people have been delayed twice in a 4 day period. You can book on another airline, but you don't unless you want to. You really stink.

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Melissa Reeves, CPA - 9 d ago


Terrible airline. 4 hour delay out of DFW due to their crew not showing up. Missed Cobb's toon in Atlanta. Had to purchase a ticket on Delta to get to my destination. They lost one of my suitcases that had all of my children's clothing and all of our bathroom products in it. They still haven't located it and it's been over a month now. Compete run around from them. They don't want to pay for replacing my items. Very rude staff. I'm surprised that FAA allows to operate without a fully automated luggage tracking system. We wi NEVER fly with them again. They need to be shut down.

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Anonymous - 10 d 21 h ago

Our flight was delayed in Indianapolis. We were told to still be there on time just in case the issue was resolved. The flight was delayed 3 different times before its original departure time. Then after sitting in the airport for several hours, the flight was cancelled. No explanation was given as to why it was cancelled. Come to find out from an employee at the gate, there was only 34 passengers booked for this flight. The plane we were suppose to get on arrived at the gate 2 hours late. The passengers were then told, the flight was cancelled. The person at the gate was on the phone several different times before we were told, our only option was the same flight the next day, or a refund voucher. We were on a package deal with Hotwire that included hotel. Ended up losing our first day of vacation. Spirit had no remorse for us being put out. Will never fly Spirit again.

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Anonymous - 12 d 17 h ago


I had the worse, experience traveling from Boston to Orlando. I will never travel spirit airlines again. the stewardess where going back in forth with each other over the beverage chart, in front of us. the where very unprofessional. Anytime anyone would call for assistance to purchase something, they would huff and puff and roll thier eyes at you. two of the stewardess were more worried about eating their own lunches in the back, playing on tablets. Also my language was ruined. a brand new suitcase was missing a wheel and the suitcase was dinted in badly. Never again will i travel Spirit Airlines.

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Anonymous - 14 d 7 h ago

I've never had a problem with an airline before , until booking with Spirit. The worse experience I've ever had ,bad in every way.

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Vible - 16 d ago


BUYER BEWARE!!! Spirit airlines uses travel sites like Orbitz/Expedia/Travelocity to steal money from you!!! They won't allow you to checkin through their website, I have went through the steps several times with different tickets and then they over charge you or make you pay for bags at airport for a lot more money!!! Never refund ANYTHING even when they do NOT provide a service for anything!!! They want to give you "A CREDIT" for 60 days... useless unless you happen to be flying within 60 days and on their airline...yeah right glutton for punishment???? NO THANKS

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Najmah Muhammad - 16 d 24 h ago

Spirit Airline is the worst Airline ever and the gate agents are very disrespectful and rude :(

Flagged for review. 

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