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Spirit Airlines

2800 Executive Way
Miramar, FL
B. Ben Baldanza
President CEO and Director
(954) 447-7920
(954) 447-7979
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The seniors have spoken with a lawsuit and won - 2 h 11 m ago


The senior community is very unhappy so we sued and won why haven't you respond to our request it would have been settled outside of court but no now I'm asking for my judgement we no longer care about your low fares when you discriminate against your customers and disrespectful

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professionalism or lack there of.... - 1 d 7 h ago


how long does it take for an answer to the email I have written?

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Timothy Moore - 1 d 17 h ago

At the ATL airport right now the agent that work for spirit stated that she can not print us out boarding passes cause the flight is full and the the gate close 15 minutes before boarding i informed her that its 5:15 now that the plane leave at 540. She told me i am still not going to make it its a 30 minutes process to go thru i ask her how she know my speed of walking and running leave that up to me in i will deal with the rest i informed the worker that she is wasting time talking to me now i need to be home she continue to type till 533 and decide to give me a flight for the next morning now i have to miss work spirit work customer service ever yall have

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Anonymous - 1 d 17 h ago

At the ATL airport right now the agent that work for spirit stated that she can not print us out boarding passes cause the flight is full and the the gate close 15 minutes before boarding i informed her that its 5:15 now that the plane leave at 540. She told me i am still not going to make it its a 30 minutes process to go thru i ask her how she know my speed of walking and running leave that up to me in i will deal with the rest i informed the worker that she is wasting time talking to me now i need to be home she continue to type till 533 and decide to give me a flight for the next morning

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Anthony Aleo - 2 d ago


On Feb. 18,2018 I arrived in Atlanta airport at 0745 got in security line at 0800 got to my gate at 1020 for a 1042 departure time and was denied boarding because the agent gave my seat along with 3 other passengers away...... I bought insurance for this flight and was told and I quote " you will not get another flight today so if you want to get there then buy another ticker" .. This is really unacceptable and very unprofessional. I have worked in this industry for 20 years with TWA back in the day and would have been fired if I spoke to a passenger that way. So I then purchased another ticket at 4 times the amount to arrive at my destination . I called Spirit and requested a refund as the agent at D2 also said I would get a refund because I purchased the insurance and got the usual run around when agents on the phone do not want to answer any questions and was not able to speak with a supervisor as I requested.... SO HOW DO I GET THE REFUND FROM THE INSURANCE THIRD PARTY IF YOU HAVE NOW LABELLED ME AS A NO SHOW. I would like for ATL airport to provide Spirit with the video footage that is in all airports and you will see I arrived at 1020... my seat should not have been given away and to top it all off the aircraft sat at the gate for another 20 minutes... please advise email address (hidden).. I will be waiting

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Anonymous - 1 d 17 h ago

I am going thru the same issue sitting at the airport right now

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Manuel GR - 1 d 19 h ago


Es realmente increble el nivel tan malo de servicio que ofrece esta empresa, en Enero 4 se cancelo mi vuelo a Nueva York por el mal tiempo, ped mi reembolso y el dinero que le pague a la agencia de viaje si fue devuelto pero tengo mas de un mes pidiendo mi reembolso por un cargo en maletas, y me dicen que lo hicieron mi banco no recibe nada de la empresa,, llamo a customer service y el trato fatal, me dice "y que quieres que haga" cuando pido el nombre de empleado me dice que no puede drmelo pido a la supervisora y me pasa a una persona llamada MICHELLE con el numero de empleado 31052 que me dice que no sabe el nombre de la persona que me atendi y que ella no puede hacer nada ya que segn ellos ya reembolsaron mi dinero lo cual no ha pasado, es una empresa que no tiene idea de lo que es calidad de servicio, el contact center fatal.

Jamas recomendara por muy barato que aparenta ser usar a esta empresa, si tienes un problema NADIE te resuelve ni NADIE puede dar una respuesta.

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Layne H - 2 d ago


Absolutely horrible customer service!!!!!I had booked a flight a week prior and due to an unexpected emergency I had to cancel the flight within an hour of the reservation.I then got ahold of customer service who then told me to expect my refund within 24hrs.Two days later I give them back a call after going around a loop between them and my bank for that spirit had still left a hold on my refund.Once a honest service member gets on the other line,she then tells me that since it had been booked on Sunday of feb 18th I cannot receive my money till at least A WEEK LATER AND TO EXPECT THAT IT COULD BE UP TO OVER A MONTH!!!!!!Absolutely ridiculous and gives someone who isn't financially stable a VERY HARD TIME...WILL NEVER FLY WITH SPIRIT AGAIN

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Angry business traveller - 2 d 14 h ago


Awful as usual. We are frequent travelers between Detroit and Fort Myers - having a home in both locations.

We usually fly Delta - but based on the lower fares sometimes choose Spirit. NEVER AGAIN.

My wife came down with the flu. We tried to change on line - no luck. It cannot be done as there are no hyperlinks to do so. We call a customer service center in the Philippines to be told that in order to get an exemption from paying the $100 change fee on a $100 ticket we have to submit a doctors note by email, then wait 48 hours for the back office to review and consider an exemption to the change fee. Keep in mind that the requested flight is in 72 hours. This means that 12 hours before the flight we have to they try to call back to Spirit.

We submitted the prescription (dated 36 hours ago) for Tamiflu with the doctors name and my wifes on it via email.

We asked to escalate to a supervisor Tacha (the rep) told us no one can make a decision here there is no one to speak with. We asked for a confirmation of our conversation and some documentation that we have requested this change. We were told she cannot send it to us..."but do not worry..." it is in our notes. I asked for someone to contact us..."I am sorry but there is no way to do this..

This is an awful 'kafkaesque' experience with an inpersonal, and uncaring airline. It is bad enough that the seats are tiny, they do not recline, they charge for water...but communications for a sick passenger!

Spirit Airlines you suck!

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Angry business traveller - 2 d 24 h ago


So I actually posted on twitter and direct messaged Spirit.

They did address this to our satisfaction - but had to jump through hoops. Really terrible overall.

Use twitter to communicate with them. It worked for us.

General profile image - 2 d 2 m ago

I REALLY wanted to complete this survey because I did not get to DFW AIRPORT until 12:30, received my checked luggage a few minutes before 1a.m! A flight that should have been 2hrs and 20 minutes turned into a 5 he flight. All Spirit said was, " IT'S DUE TO THE MN WEATHER". Instead of boarding the plane and circling around the terminal over and over with A Flight Full to Compacity, it may have been better to De-Ice the plane BEFORE the boarding process. That way people could have called their families who were told to pick them up at a certain time not to WAIT FOR HOURS FOR A FLIGHT THAT WAS STILL WAITING TO TAKE OFF! Not to mention anyone received a small cup of warm water and a cookie, come on Spirit people deserve better than that!!!

My situation is, My granddaughter has Cancer and I was to be picked-up from the airport to go straight to the hospital. Our schedules are planned, we don't have the luxury of sitting at the airport for 2 hours waiting not knowing what is going on! Do Better!

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James Toon - 2 d 1 h ago


I am I unhappy Spirit Airline customer Friday February 11th I suffered a heart attack in the morning and was supposed to fly to Aruba on Saturday the 12th. Not only did the company not refund my money or offer us to change for other flights of equal value for me and my wife they only offered me $140 voucher. That needs to be used by April. This is unacceptable customer service I would like a phone call from somebody that can correct this. My number (hidden).

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Poppa Cap and JCap - 2 d 10 h ago


Grateful Father and frequent traveler:

I have had the pleasure of supporting my 20 yr old son for the last couple of years. He was born with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. upon graduating from high school he set off on his own business venture with his You tube channel and following the Activision/MLG Professional gaming circuit. We have flown multiple times with Spirit and we are so grateful for the kind help and support. J Cap: has become an advocate with many companies. Now he and I have received the approval to create a Professional Gaming Players Association with MLG (MLG/PGPA). We would like to have the opportunity to present to the corporate Directors our proposal to be the exclusive airlines of MLG/PGPA. As an Ambassador for MDA we are finalizing a Nonprofit Charitable organization to not only cater towards a huge gaming community but also give affiliated companies large tax deductions in conjunction with the players association.

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Mark - 43 d ago


I realize that many people who have flown Spirit Airlines have had negative experiences, but I have not. I want to compliment the flight staff and ground crews for an incredible flight experience on Monday, October 8 from Tampa to Chicago (Flight Number 744). They were extremely courteous, provided humorous messages to the passengers that were actually funny and were very attentive (as in checking twice with me to see if I wanted a "top off" on my coffee). As I said, I have not had the problems that others seem to encounter with the airline, but this particular flight was exceptional and I wanted you to know.

Flagged for review. 
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Jones Tylon - 27 d 8 h ago


hey mark !!! I call B@llSh*t ......... you definitely work for the company or your on this site to troll people. do us a favor an take this fake review down . Just like the other ones you have taken down when confronted about working for this company. You should be a-shame of your self .

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Anonymous - 3 d ago



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Anonymous - 9 d 11 h ago


Yea right! Spirit has zero integrity. I'm done, never again!

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Anonymous - 3 d ago


My husband and I had the most awful experience with spirit airlines at the Myrtle Beach airport on Saturday, February 17. We were coming back on a return flight to Philadelphia in which we had already checked in with our boarding passes and bag the night before. We arrived a few minutes late at 4:12 for a 4:55 flight to Philadelphia. Your agent named Haven took our bag and our credit card to pay an additional fee from us as we thought we'd be on our way through security. As she was getting ready to send our bag on the conveyor belt, an associate by the name of Alexis told her she couldn't check the bag this late ( it had to be 45 minutes prior) and our bag would have to go on the next flight or next morning. We were willing to go ahead with this until another associate (a guy) told us we had to be with the bag. By this time it was 38 mins before our departure. We asked what we are supposed to do with our bag. No one could tell us. At this point we asked to speak to a manager. More time had elapsed as we continued to live out this nightmare. The manager or supervisor ( by the name of Patricia) reiterated the 45 minute rule. We explained to her how we know we were a few minutes late ( 4 mins to be exact ) and that this was our own fault but is there anything she could do at all?? We suggested she call the baggage people to see if they could still accept our bag. She told us she couldn't do that because of the "rule". She wasn't willing to even try. We asked to speak to a manager over her and she told us she was the highest manager in charge over everything for spirit. We had no hope at all. She was very adamant in her decision and she didn't care. She told us she wasn't stopping us from going on the flight, we just couldn't bring our bag. When we asked her what we were supposed to do with it, she could not tell us. We had to wait almost 5 hours for the next flight to Atlantic City, a much further commute to hour home over an hour away. The sad part about this whole thing is that nobody cared at all and not one person tried in any way to help. Again, we understand we arrived a few minutes late but no one deserves to be treated like a criminal. This was disgraceful.

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Randie Bradley - 3 d 20 h ago


I have been stuck in The Orlando airport waiting for flight 336 as of 5:30am. It was to depart at 7:50 am and has been delayed 4 times. We MIGHT fly out at 5:17pm. I hope you understand how every minute of every day is valuable and never be spent in the airport.

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Calvin Green - 4 d 14 h ago


I got to the airport 2 hours early in Houston. When I got to there I ask the lady was my big to big and she said no. But when I got to the broading door the told me my bag was to big. And I miss my flight because of it! Worst Customer service ever!

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Anonymous - 6 d 2 h ago


I had a death in my family this Tuesday and wanted to cancel my flight for my Birthday weekend to Vegas. I was told three different times that all I had to do was provide poof that I was related to the decease. Today when I called back to get my money back I was told by a manager that they couldn't refund me my money because it was my uncle (who basically raised me) who died. She told me it had to be immediate family. Mind you I was never told that by three previous managers. This is the worse service I have ever received. This company is so money hungry it's crazy. I will be filing a lawsuit against this company for my refund plus more. Never fly spirit never.

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Anonymous - 8 d 45 s ago

I am trying to get a resolution on behalf of my daughter. She was on her way home (or she she thought) Sunday February 11, 2018 from Orlando to Boston. She arrived with plenty of time for the flight at 3:00. Shortly after there after she's told it's delayed until 5:30. Then about a half hour later she's told the flight is canceled due to....wait for it ...... "Weather". At that point I asked her to look out the window to see what it's like there. It's Florida of course it's sunny!! Boston was cloudy some rain nothing that cancel any flights. I know this for a fact, how do I know you ask? I live in the flight path of Logan. So if you come over the ocean then see some houses, yup that's me waiving.

So anyway getting back to my daughter, they gave her the option of refund or rebooking for Tuesday cause Mondays flights are canceled as well. They offered her a flight out of Fort Lauderdale 3.5 hours away by bus. Unfortunately she agreed, I should also mention they didn't offer her money for the bus fare not even a food voucher.

She called me crying when she arrived at the airport and after trying to get her ticket because, the ticket agent told her that she was told the wrong airport!!!! She should have gone to Tampa. At that point I told my daughter to ask for a refund and to shove the ticket where the sun doesn't shine.

You may ask how old my daughter is, yes she's an adult 31 however, I'm still very overprotective of all my babies.

I did get her home on Monday with another airline.


Mother protecting her child

Prospective customer no longer

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Powerful Information - 9 d ago


Wanna complain directly to their director of Operations. Call Gary McMillan (hidden)

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Anonymous - 9 d 11 h ago


FYI-zero stars means terrible, 1 star is a poor rating. Check it out people, Spirit has an average of zero stars! You've been warned!

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Taylor Redlinger - 18 d 12 h ago


Today I went to check in for my flight back home from Vegas and found out that my return flight had been canceled because I missed my flight to Vegas!! I missed my flight for work reasons and had to book a later flight from a new location due to this. Then I find out less than 12 hours before my flight home I no longer have a seat or a flight!! When I called spirit I was told this is policy. Are you kidding me?? I get kicked off my return flight and 1. Do not even get a message notifying me about this but 2. this is literally the most ridiculous thing that I have EVER experienced with any other airline - I travel for a living and fly many airlines and Spirit Spirit Airlines is certainly the WORST and 3. I had already paid for both flights and because I missed one of them I lose my money and seat on both. I paid 200 dollars to get the EXACT seat I had already paid for!!! I also had the worst customer service when I called Spirit to inquire about what happened. Took me forever to get a live person then the person on the phone would not even connect me to a manager so I could talk through the situation. I will NEVER be flying this airline again and will inform all my friends that other airlines are worth the extra 50-100 bucks to not deal with the BullS*** from this airline and their poor customer service. I was told from other friends who have had bad experiences with Spirit that the only way to get their attention is on Facebook. Therefore, I am expecting a response from Spirit Airlines on here as I cannot seem to on the phone. I also plan on going to the Better Business Bureau to report how horrible this company and their customer service is. I think it is ridiculous to have now had to pay over 300 dollars for a flight that this airlines is supposed to provide cheaper than other airlines! From now on, I will be paying the extra money for an airline who cares about their customers and their situations instead of their own wallets.

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Kelvin Willins - 9 d 17 h ago


My name is Kelvin Wilkins this bullshit Airline done same thing to me , 12 Feb 2018. In Las Vegas. They so sorry, I will be report them all so.

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