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Spirit Airlines

2800 Executive Way
Miramar, FL
B. Ben Baldanza
President CEO and Director
(954) 447-7920
(954) 447-7979
Twitter IDs
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Adrienne manocchi - 1 d 24 m ago


Why can't you get a phone number for a corporate office

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Anonymous - 1 d 4 h ago


My parents recently used your service to travel for FLL to STI, They had two personal items with them, why one of the bags was almost empty and under the guidelines that your company required to qualify as personal carry on.

The Gate attendant not only harass my father that was on a wheel chair and also being very rude to my mother. At the end they had to leave the bag and there belonging placed on a plastic bag. What type of airline has guidelines and then breaks it to make a couple of extra dollars.

you guy are a disgrace to customer service and the airline industry, on top everything else no customer service representative can help you because you only have sales and reservation agents. Your corporate office number does not work because is a voicemail box!!!!!

What type of business are you........We where loyal customer to your airline, not by choice is because you have monopoly of the flights to STI, But I will flight to the capital 3 hours away and not give you a dime again... Also I will report you the the better business bureau and you will have to replace my parents luggage that you guy made them leave behind for no apparent reason, just because somebody was bitter that day.

I'm beyond mad and frustrated that you will treat two senior citizen with no human courtesy and treated them like they where animals.

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Bill B - 2 d ago


Mr Baldanza - I am in the middle of making reservations for 4 adults for a vacation in Columbia. Have made the one-way reservations from Ft. Lauderdale to to Bogata, and am trying to make the return (separate) reservation from Cartagena back to Ft Lauderdale. I am a $9 club member, so I log in, and follow the steps to make 4 one way tickets from Cartagena to Ft. L. The $9 club price says $126 and cents per person, so I click to accept and the reservation proceeds. however the total cost in the blue tab shows $640 and cents - $140 per tcket. It then offers me the seat/bag/change package at $41 and cents per person, which I accept, and proceed with the reservation, however the total is now $860 - again a bit more than what I signed up for, so I stopped the reservation and contacted Spirit who just said "prices change during a reservation". I went back and checked the reservation I already made for the first leg, and sure enough it had done the same - the price per tcket was $120.06, and the add on seats/bags/etc. was $45 per person so the total should have been around $660. However they charged my credit card $724. I went back in as though I was making this reservation again, and sure enough, it offers you the tickets still at $120 plus the $45 per person still, but the totals are still too high. Either there is something wrong with the Spirit website calculator or...............? I have contacted Spirit customer service, but if I get another brush off, my next step will be the Flrida Attorney General

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Kirra Day - 3 d ago


Dear Mr. Baldanza,

I would like to send a thank you to your reservation team for the wonderful assistance I recently received. My family and I were trying to fly to Atlanta for a family funeral and while booking flights on line "a terrible" error was noticed on the confirmation email. In my dismay and anxious state I called and spoke to Jasmine. She was was helpful in making the changes needed and I was impressed with her compassion for our family members death. Unfortunately, our flight was cancelled (12/8/17) due to snow in Atlanta and we were frantic to reconnect with a new flight. We were not able to confirm a new flight with Spirit (times wouldn't work) or a get refund because the reservation changes I mentioned were done as a credit voucher. I later I called reservations again and spoke with Angel who once again was very accommodating and understanding. I understand I was not able to get a refund but was able to get a voucher for a future flight, good until 2/2018.

Please extend my thanks to your reservation team, specifically Jasmine and Angel. I found found their interest in helping me to be comforting and they both had a calming sense about them that is hard to come by when dealing with customer service these days. THANK YOU again. Please be sure that Jasmine and Angel are told of my gratitude.

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Kenya M Watson - 20 d 5 h ago


Thanksgiving EVE 7 am Flight Cancelled to BWI!! This Airline SUCKS!!!!!!!! NEVER AGAIN Will SPIRIT GET A PENNY FROM ME! SPIRIT WILL SHOULD JUST FILE BANKRUPT! BELLY UP I SPEAKING THAT OVER THIS ENTIRE AIRLINE! BYE SPIRIT BYE! NO wonder your pilots leave you high and dry.

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Geezdontpeoplethink - 3 d 4 h ago

That's American, duh...

General profile image - 18 d 2 h ago

To whom it may concern.

Hi my name is Janet Estrada my reason for reaching out is due to the safety of my 2 year old child who was seated in 1f and me 1d the seat belts were not safe for a child at 2year none of the other passengers were willing to switch seats with us it was a disaster I even offered $200.00 for the seat swap . The way we were mistreated and humiliated at the fact that no one other than the flight attendance cared for the safety of my 2 year old son . Also I called Customer service and no help at all I am truly disappointed in the service and will never fly with SpiritAirlines again.

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GladIdontflywithidiots - 3 d 4 h ago

Duh...did you bring a car seat?

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Kate - 13 d 4 h ago


Folks, be very afraid of flying SPIRIT AIRLINES. They will mess up your day for sure!!!! My mom was due to fly out of Orlando Airport on Nov. 10, 2017 at 11:40 a.m to arrive in Mississippi by 12:30 p.m. But due to Daylights Savings Time ending on Nov. 6 SPIRIT AIRLINE took it upon themselves, with NO notification to her or my brother( who made the arrangements), that she would now be flying out at 6:00 a.m. (She lives 2 hours away). All of this coming to light as she arrives for her SCHEDULED 11:40 a.m. flight. So my VERY ELDERLY mom sits in the airport to get on the next available flight at MIDNIGHT Nov. 10. And then of course there is the lithium battery explosion which practically shut down the entire airport causing my elderly mom to spend the night IN THE AIRPORT, IN A WHEELCHAIR, to sleep in the FOOD COURT!!!!!!!!! Now I don't hold the Airline accountable for the lithium batter explosion. Yes, CAPS are necessary here. So 24 hours later, mom finally arrives to her destination in Mississippi. Her itinerary now shows that she is to fly out early Nov. 30 but those arrangements were NOT the ones my brother booked. So he calls SPIRIT AIRLINES. "Oh Gee Sir, that itinerary is not correct, she is due to fly out late afternoon of Nov. 30! (which was the ORIGINAL plan). He asks them how could they possibly send out an itinerary using the same confirmation code but not with the same flights as he was booking. They had no explanation. Oh, and I won't even go into the fact that she was charged an exorbitant amount of money for seat selection and to carry on a FRIGGING PURSE. And that was just getting here. How can an airline be allowed to get away with this???? The whole reason we booked with SPIRIT AIRLINE was because it was a non-stop flight; last years flight for my mom involved a brief layover and that knocked her down for a day. I'm completely incensed by this. And you can bet your bottom dollar, SPIRIT AIRLINES isn't done, with the DUNN'S!!!!!!!!! #spiritairlines

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Larry - 9 d ago

I didn't know Spirit flew into Mississippi? Which city do they fly into?

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Anotheridiot - 3 d 4 h ago

And you couldn't get your mother into a local hotel/motel? Shame on you.

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Chris - 7 d 32 s ago


Spirit Airlines


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Yourekidding - 3 d 4 h ago

Of course you can't change a name on a ticket! Talk to Homeland Security for the reason why. Too many people would be buying tickets for themselves and then possibly transferring it to a terrorist.

Spirit Airlines isn't the government and if your 'lawyer' is worth anything they would have informed you of the rules since 9/11.

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Cruz Torres - 4 d 4 h ago


Spiritair-never had a problem till Sept. 2017...My mother and Uncle were going to travel to DFW about late Sept. Mom got really sick and could not travel. Doctors orders. My Uncle can not travel alone he is disable. I emailed the excuses from the doctor to there e-mail address at (hidden) and they stated they have never received anything from me. The guy I talked to on phone told me I have a credit of $50.00 dollars on account. I asked him why has that not been sent to me and he just couldn't answer me. So I will be resending mailing and faxing all documents to them to see if I can get reimburse....So Sad

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

Dear Customer Service,

However, please note that I was highly inconvenience by the situation that occurred on Saturday January 7, 2016.

I was travelling with my mother, a 7 year old child along with an infant less than 1 year old. We had to sleep in the Airport and no voucher was offered for food or accommodation was provided. We have NEVER NEVER experienced that kind of situation when we are travelling and would rather appreciate if you review this case again and look in to the situation.

The offer of $50 USD per person for future travel it not enough

i am looking for some form of closure in this case. I will appreciate some form of offer.

Looking forward to a prompt reply.


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Nelida Cruz - 6 d 24 h ago

I am glad your are complaining you should get more..I had a problem too

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kinsley - 9 d 24 h ago



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Donnna - 11 d 21 s ago


I was on a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Atlantic City on Wednesday evening November 29,2017.

Flight Attendant Corrine St Hilaire was magnificent with the passengers. I have never

seen such a caring and happy attendant. She should be recognized for outstanding service. She

held and helped passengers to the lavatory who were not that ambulatory. She never stopped

smiling. It was a pleasure to witness such compassion and love of one's job. Please commend her.

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Cristina G - 11 d 13 h ago


I WILL NEVER FLY SPIRIT AGAIN!!!!!!!!! I booked a flight for my boyfriend to go to ATL. His flight departed at 8:30 AM. We checked in online (I did it myself and in time!) and when he got there all he needed was to print out his ticket at the kiosk. We made it to the airport around 750. Cutting it close but definitely had time. He went to print out his pass and they would not let him print it out. When we talked to an agent, they were extremely rude and did not try to help. She stated the flight departed already when it wasn't due to depart until 830.We stated that to her and she said she doesn't control that. WHY would a flight leave that early?!?!?!?!? THEN, she said "welll if you checked in online you wouldn't have had this issue. We explained we did check in online but she claimed she didn't see that we did. SO i called the spirit customer service, whom were also rude and explained the situation. I asked if they would be able to move out flight and they wouldn't, telling me they couldn't. To top it off he kept cutting me off and trying to talk over me. Then i had to ask several times to speak with a manager. When in spoke to her it was 8:35 and she stated well if i talked to you sooner i may have been able to help. If it wasn't for your staff trying to argue with me, that would have happened. SO we had to pay for another flight because of their incompetence. I always flew spirit. NEVER NEVER AGAIN.....

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Ilona - 15 d 18 h ago


Today I had a horrible experience going back home. When we get to the plain instead of getting the seats we paid for we get the last two seats on the plain, not much of an explanation or sorry, just we will return your money. Normally a very calm person they really upset me. This is no way of doing business. There are certain things a customer expects, there are situations, but this one one is blatant disrespect. I hope not to see your airline in the future.

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Phyllis Casey - 21 d 7 h ago


The worse damn airline

ever!!!!!! The gate agents were very rude and uncaring..... My Flight were scheduled to leave at 605 am. They boarded at 05;15. I was at the gate at 06:43 and the doors were closed for boarding. I begged to board the plane to fly out to see my sick brother who is dying of cancer. I only had two day to see him and had to wait 4 hour later which messed up my whole day. Not a good experience at all.

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j ramphal - 20 d 5 h ago

you stupid ass! get there ontime. when the gate closes so does the flight. there is paperwork, calculations on weight and balance already configured in the flight systems. then u want to bash the airline, they r following federal protocols.

said by a pilots wife

Flagged for review. 
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DonB - 22 d 44 m ago


I'm flying with my handicapped daughter and her service dog in December. Trading email on the process to board the plane efficiently, it has been brought to my attention by Spirit that I will have to purchase a separate ticket for a certified service dog! So, essentially, the handicapped have to pay additional fees for the right to fly Spirit.

Unbelievable, had absolutely no issues when flying Southwest a month ago. I am at a loss for words. I've tried calling several phone numbers and asked for someone to call me, but apparently they do not want to talk to anyone in real life/real time.

I'm stunned by this..

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Anonymous - 22 d ago


My first and last experience on spirit and would not refer anyone to fly it is and will be my last time flying. Yes I will be call the news and social media asap to let it be known how I was taken off the plane because a passenger assume my conversation was concerning hlm. I was put off with my children!!! Bad business and this will be not the last of this situation. A concerned

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Suzan alfarah - 22 d ago


I will NEVER book or think of flying Spirit , you are the worst company I've ever felt with and saddened by the amount of compassion your company has for its customers , even a death in the family doesn't warrant a 52.00 refund , 52.00 really? Are you so broke as a company to STEAL 52.00 from a potential customer. That's so SAD, I will tell everyone who will listen , I will post what I can on social media , I WILL make sure that EVERYONE knows the desperation that your company has to steal every red cent they can get their hands on. WOW I hope 52.00 was worth it .... I hope your company goes bankrupt if I had anything to do with it you probably will , remember word of mouth goes a very long way. I hope you choke on 52.00....

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