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Spirit Airlines

2800 Executive Way
Miramar, FL
B. Ben Baldanza
President CEO and Director
(954) 447-7920
(954) 447-7979
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Extremely upset customer - 2 d 13 h ago


Here's an update to my previous comment. Finally got to speak to a manager and she was no better. Couldn't offer me any help. All she wanted to do was cancel my flight and then rebook it so I would have to pay more money. Seriously do you think I'm stupid? I told her something needed to be done. I then asked for a complimentary upgrade of my seats. Now I already paid for regular seats so it wouldn't really cost her anything. I asked her to do this for all the inconvenience from May and from Today. She said no. I can't do that. Seriously? Then who can. There is no reason why she can't upgrade my seats as a courtesy. Spirit does not care about their customers or their reputation. They just want to cheat you out of money. No remorse or willingness to renew my faith in them as a company. They should no longer be able to fly. I'm sure they treat their employees worse then their customers. I then asked to have someone higher then her call me. Let's see if that happens. Not going to hold my breath. I don't know how these people sleep at night. karma is all I have to say. Remember this Spirit employees when you need help!

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Extemely upset customer - 2 d 14 h ago


Customer service is seriously lacking. My flight back in may was cancelled. They knew there was a strike a few days earlier and never informed us until we were already at the counter to check bags. No apologies just rude employees. They only offered a $50 voucher for a future flight that expires 2 months later. What a slap in the face! I told myself I would never fly spirit again but I was like well I have this voucher so I should use it. Now I've been on hold for over an hour trying to talk to a Manager because the phone rep is only giving me excuses and failing to let me use my voucher I asked to talk to a manager after being on the phone with him for over 30 min. He kept giving me the run around and told me no one is going to help me. That is something you don't tell a customer ever. Your job is to provide customer service. Where is the service in that response? He then said he would but didn't and sent me back through the 1801 queue. I was then on hold another 15 min. The lady transfered me to the supposed manager. A gentleman said Hello and then hung up the phone. I then had to call back and wait another 20 mins to talk to a manager. They didn't transfer me to a manager they transferred me to a supervisor. He was then giving me more excuses with no resolution after speaking with him for 30 min. This is ridiculous. Why is it so hard to assistant someone? I am not asking for anything unreasonable. I just want to use my voucher. Now I am back on hold waiting for a manager going on an additional 30 min. Looks like it will be close to 3 hrs with no help. They only offer stuff supposed to trick you into booking with them so they can steal your money because what they offered really was false promises and no resolution. For all of you that got a voucher don't bother using it because you can't. It's basically just a piece of paper with no value.

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Ashley - 3 d 13 h ago


So I booked flights to Honduras months in advance. Our flight was delayed leaving New Orleans and we missed our connecting flight with spirit to Honduras. Spirit rebooked a flight for Thursday for us. Our originally flight was scheduled Monday June 20th. They put us in a hotel until Wednesday check out is at 11am and told us that's all they can do. And we'll have to figure it out on our own until our flight Thursday at 11pm. I'm pregnant traveling with a toddler and a sick mother (asthma) everyone at spirit was very rude and disrespectful and didn't care about the customers! I been calling, leaving voicemails and emails since last night nobody has reached out to me yet!! I have no idea where me and my family will be staying until our next flight with spirit! First time flying and I will never fly with them again. I wouldn't recommend this airline to anyone VERY UNPROFESSIONAL

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sonia martinez - 3 d 13 h ago


Very disappointing on what happened this morning at the Orlando counter/flight. The gate was changed and my kids were never called to let them know.. when they finally got to the new gate their flight had just closed its doors and they were never allowed to get on the flight. They have a connecting flight out of Ft. Lauderdale at 12:50 today and they are now driving down from Orlando. Please ensure that they are on that flight. Or that you can offer them another flight today to their destination either with Spirit or with another airline .. today. Please contact me urgently. I've left a voicemail on the above number. I am hoping Spirit does the right thing with these flights today. Thank you.

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Ashley - 3 d 13 h ago



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Elene cadestin - 4 d 17 m ago


Hi my name is Elene cadestin I was buy a ticket for 4 people to go in haiti i don't receive no confirmation# no booking #

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SV - 4 d 5 h ago


So I just had a very nice encounter with Spirit! I cam across this looking for the CEO email address to give praise to the agent that helped me. We have flown with Spirit one time before to Playa Del Carmen - no issue, I credited that to the fact it was tied to a Travelocity package; but nonetheless, on time, courteous staff, etc. We were booked for a family trip (again through Travelocity) to depart June 17. My son cut his hand a few days prior (resulting in lacerated tendons requiring a cancellation of our trip and emergency surgery). I thought - oh my gosh, I am out all this money because of the horror stories about Spirit not giving money back. BUT.....I called, explained the situation, talked with THE NICEST agent ever, and they gave me a FULL credit to rebook my family trip after my son's recovery. I am very sorry you all had such a bad experience. I hope this new CEO fixes the issues and makes things right for you.

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Mary Thompson - 4 d 7 h ago


I'm certainly looking into filing a Class Action with this POS And just fly of whom is their 3rd party company they use to steal your money! Approval codes from my credit card company- 08961B, 07142B never book spirit airlines!!!!!!!!!!!!! and my phone number is here (hidden). Now I look forward with working with Spirit Airlines NOW! Date 6/18/2017.I have filed a complaint with corporate online on 3/18 and as of now no call back, no e-mail back nor has anyone anywhere tried to reach out to me to address this escalated issue, makes you wonder with these companies why their still I business! Maybe on day this airline will realize its their consumer that makes them so whenever the day comes and they file bankruptcy or is bought out by another airline I hope the new airline fires all of the worth nothing people that have no class or knowledge of customer service.

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Awilda - 4 d 9 h ago


I was in the flight that was delayd 3 days in el salvador on june 5th 2017 our flight got cancelled 2xs leaving on the 7th before we left we were told by the spirit manager from el salvador airport fron spirit airlines that we the passangers were getting our money back for the loggege and flight back that we paid also some of the passangers were getting voushers 3 of them for future flights and i never recieved any emails as well ineed to speak to someone about this i called ur customer service but they had no knowledge of anything my confirmation # is JBJQXW and my flight # is NK6154 ineed answers

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Wolf Sender - 4 d 15 h ago


For the third time this month. 2 weeks ago we were cancelled from ny to Fort Lauderdale with 2 hr notice we had to book on another airline paying top dollar for same day flights. Yesterday my grandchildren were booked ny to la flight was canceled last minute rebooked for this morning at 9:45 was canceled again. NO MORE SPIRIT. My family has been flying spirit almost since it's inception with their credit cards and membership we are all cancelling the way they do. Worst airline ever. With all their rip off charges they come out costing more then the most expensive reliable airline. DON'T FLY SPURIT. DON'T BOOK SPIRIT You WILL END UP GETTING DISAPPOINTED.

a former spirit customer.

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Christopher Frye - 5 d 29 m ago


We bought tickets a month ago to go to vegas for our 22nd anniversary. All packed up and sorted everything, took vacation from work and found sitters for the kids. I checked into our hotel online and was all packed up. Just happened to look at my email and noticed an alert from GOOGLE that my flight was cancelled. I called justfly and after waiting 30 minutes I got someone one the phone and they told me the flight hadnt been cancelled and he had checked with the airline. So I called Spirit.. That took 50 minutes and all they could tell me was it was cancelled and they gave no reason. The next flight would of been in the evening and not arrived until the following morning which means our 2 day trip would of been 1 day.. Hotel wouldn't refund our full stay because we didn't give them plenty of notice.

I will be looking into taking Spirit to small claims court. They can't just treat their customers like this and get away with it.

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BStaten - 5 d ago

Yes, we should file a class action suit! Horrible service because the crew decided not to work. This affected us with with cancelled flights with the next available faith over 11hours. Plus the extra fees for parking. All because the crew called in, not due to weather or a mechanical problem. Just the crew making a statement at the cost to others.

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Vhari Kashay - 5 d ago


Hello. My name is Vhari Kashay and I booked my fight for three passengers back in February. The day of my flight I arrived at the airport 2 hours early as recommended and tried to print boarding passes for myself and my two companions. These passes would not print. I went to the desk and the woman behind the counter said and I quote "ya your flight has been cancelled" to which I replied "what?" "When will it fly out?" She replied "maybe tomorrow, maybe Monday, it may not fly out at all" I asked why this happened and she informed me the flight crew didn't show up. This person who is supposed to be a professional was flip, non chalent and showed not a care for us as customers. I informed her my son was getting married and I needed to get to my destination and asked what my options were. She pointed in both directions and said "you can try another airline" She offered us nothing more. We went to every airline in the airport and finally got a flight with the last airline but it was not leaving till 830 the following morning and it cost me 1800.00. We would now have an hours drive home from Cleveland Hopkins and another hour drive back at 530 am the next morning. I returned after booking our flight to the Spirit counter and did get a refund..of course they kept 56.00. They stated since I became a bare club member that spirit paid half of my baggage cost and they were taking that back. I am mortified with the lack of professionalism and customer care. It cost us almost triple because a flight crew didn't show and no options were made available to us..we had to hunt flights on our own. I am a nurse and I am sure that if this counter clerk or a member of that flight crew were in my care they would expect nothing less than the utmost professionalism and the best care I could provide and that is exactly what they would get..because I am a professional and I do care about my patients. I never bring my personal life or moods to work with me and I always attempt to solve problems and alleviate stress and frustration. Customers are no longer important to businesses anymore..only profit margins. This airline should not be in business...period.

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Mrs Izaks - 7 d 22 s ago


Hello. My name is Mrs. Izaks. I have been in NYC the last week. Today I was supposed to fly back to Houston but Spirit cancelled my flight NK701 around 12 hours before it was scheduled. My husband contacted them and they said there was a forecast of weather disturbance that was out of their control. This is a lie as 12 hours before you do not cancel flights due to weather. As far as I know no other flights from Newark were cancelled at the same time. I had to book a flight two days later at a cost of over $1200 for two nights of a hotel and extended car rental. The clowns I called, after 45 minute hold, said they can not pay for my extra expenses. This is LOW CLASS. On top of that my son who is on the autism scale now needed medications for two days. My husband had to go through hoops contacting doctor, insurance company and local Wallgreens to get an emergency supply of medicines for him. We asked to speak to upper management and were not given a phone number nor an email nor an address to send complaint to. The staff that answers by phone are useless and have no authority to do anything. Of course that is what is taught by their Management. This airline should be avoided at all costs.

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Kevin wells - 8 d 10 h ago

My name is Kevin Wells I arrived at the airport at O'hare in Chicago weds 6/14 at 4pm to be ready for my flight back home to Atl. It is Friday at 12:44pm and I am still not home. The lady at the desk in Chicago talked me into flying to Fort Lauderdale and insured me I would be in Atlanta the following morning instead of getting a refund. Flights were cancelled multiple times and each time they made you stand in a multiple hour line to get a new ticket for another flight. Finally at close to 10pm Thursday night after being put in another line for a cancelled flight (the line was so long it wrapped the outside of the building) another customer also frustrated offered to go in with me ona rental car to get back to Atlanta. Before exciting the line, another Spirit rep said in my situation there was no need to stand in the line and gave me a card saying to call the number and they would give a full refund. This was not the case. The rep who said her name was Kay told me I had to go back to the airport counter to see about the refund. Keep in mind at this point I had driven a rental car 10 hours to Atl and picked up my car and was an hour and a half into the final leg of my 3 hour return drive to Knoxville were I live and no Spirit Airlines and I made this clear. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said she did not have supervisors. After being persistent she said " i will transfer to my supervisor" that supervisor said the same thing and transfered me to his boss. That guy told me he would put in a refund request but said he could not give a dollar amount and noone in the organization would "because they are a web based company".

Bottom line Spirit ruined my vacation, waisted 2 1/2 days of my time, costed me hundreds of more dollars than I had budgeted due to having to get a rental to get home, hotel, and taxis. The lied to me or were extremley rude or indifferent.

I am now researching all options for complaints with the transit authority, better business bureau, travel blogs, news outlets, priceline for recommending them. I am also looking into legal options for compensation as well as how to contact their corp office.

I just want this made right. I have never had a company treat me this badly or blatantly lie to me on every point of contact.

All i could think of as I left that final 3 hour line is how many negative brand impressions from across the globe were created and how it just wasnt right

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Anonymous - 7 d 9 h ago

Hello Kevin, i also was waiting on a flight the same day and it took me over 24hr to get to Dallas, just like you i had to be rerouted just to get their from LAX. The staff is very rude and won't give you any information in how to talk to corporate, i believe someone needs to call this company out, from news media to lawsuit and we should all be united to make it work. Two other girl and i are willing to participate.

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Anonymous - 7 d 9 h ago

Sorry forgot to leave my name, I'm Matilda and will to start something with this airline

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Unhappy Flyer - 8 d 6 h ago


Horrific service. My daughter was bullied by a ticket clerk in Myrtle Beach. Cant get anyone on the phone. Worried about my daughters health. I will never fly this airline. I will ban them from our corporate travel. CEO is probably relaxing while his customers are being bullied.

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Beverly - 8 d 6 h ago


My name is Beverly I booked a flight with Spirit in January for April and once I arrived to the terminal I was told that the flight was full so we had to wait in Atlanta Ga for 6hrs for the next flight out to Miami! I was given 2 vouchers up to $500! Now I'm calling trying to book my free flights and their tell me that the confirmation/ voucher # is invalid!! I was also expecting a refund of $277 from back in April which I never received either! Smh

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April Kitt - 8 d 12 h ago

My name is April Kitt, I'm current sitting at Bush International Airport, I was assisted by Ilana in which she has awful disrespectful customer service skills. Arrived at 9:30 to find out the kiosk was down and we were unable to check in for boarding passes. Ilana said she'd wave the booking fee in which she did but booked us for June 17 with a delay in which she could've booked for 10 am on a nonstop flight due to the circumstances of work. Please respond back in a timely manner.

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Samantha - 9 d 6 h ago


Most crappy airline in this entire world. Employees are idiots, rude and professionalism is not in their dictionary. They would not call supervisor to discuss the issues and would not board me on the plane 40 min prior. I have never encountered such unprofessional airline and shitty customer service. I will do everything in my power to shut that airline down. You will be expecting to hear from my attorney.

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Tesha - 9 d 9 h ago


Spirit cancelled my flight less t han 12 hours before my flight, issued me vouchers and the vouchers per he customer service agent the vouchers are good on the base fare...when booking online I see the base fare and government tax book my flight vouchers only removed .25 on one flight called customer service who reiterated that the voucher was good on the base fare I booked another flight only to find out that there are hidden fees ask to speak to a supervisor the 1st agent place me on hold for 30 minuted then the phone hangs up. Call back finally speak to a Supervisor who was RUDE, I'.,m telling her the voucher is not working and if she can please book the flight and waive the $25.00 because I cannot book the flight online she tell me NO. I ask for her Manager she tells me that the call can go no higher and I cannot have her MANAGER'S NAME, PHONE NUMBER OR EMAIL ADDRESS and that the call can go no higher. This is the worse Customer Service I have ever experienced or encountered.

General profile image - 9 d 9 h ago


I tried every number and link they provide to get my miles added, ad to receive my 'free spirit miles' all to no avail. They don't answer calls, emails and reroute you. Very unprofessional.

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Nikki - 9 d 10 h ago


Never flying with spirit again. Canceled my second flight on a two stop trip that had a layover. I was stranded in another city and lost over $2000 on my trip since they couldn't get me on another flight until the day I was supposed to be returning. Writing a letter to the DOT, Spirit Corporate, and leaving a review on the BBB.

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Kim - 9 d 15 h ago


The canceled my 6:00 AM flight at 9:48 PM last night. I have a contract to fulfill in LA. Customer service was closed and they have no flights until Saturday. This was the first time that I was going to fly with Spirit, never again!

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