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Sprint Nextel Corporation

6200 Sprint Pkwy.
Overland Park, KS
Daniel Hesse
President CEO and Director
(800) 829-0965
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Miguel from Indiana - 1 d 7 h ago


I switched to Sprint approx one year ago from ATT because they promised a much lower rate. Well, it was lower for the first couple of months and then IT Happened!! The dollar amount started to go up and up every month. I called the reps ( all are from outside the USA) they all lie and nothing changes when you receive the next bill. When they offered to upgrade my phone and my wife's (oh boy) then things got really worst. My bill went up double and after talking to over 20 reps from the phillipines they promise to get it fixed but guess what I just received July bill and nothing has been changed. I will say to all ( be aware of Sprint) they all LIE!!! I will have to change to another provider hoping they Re more trustworthy. Hoping this message gets to the top of the corporate ladder and maybe they will wake up to our complaints. In just simple words "Sprint Sucks"

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Ebony - 1 d 15 h ago



I am writing you in regards to the terrible experience that I have had to endure with Sprint. My transition to Sprint began when I decided that I wanted to upgrade my children's devices to iPhones. I decided that Sprint was the best option, solely based on the fact that the sales rep I spoke with, promised me, that if I were to get a non iPhone and pay it off, I could upgrade with no issue or additional fees. So we did the switch. The customer service I have received over the last 2 months has been disgusting. The live reps are rude and unwilling to help. The supervisors never call back. The automated system is one big loop of nonsense. The app is a piece of crap, and you guys are constantly doing "maintenance" online, so I can never access my account!

Today, I was finally able to log in and see what has been going on. And when I tried to upgrade my phone, I noticed that there was a $200 down payment required! I am livid! Your representative told me outright, that all I would have to do is pay off my current phone and I would be able to roll right into my monthly installments for our iPhones. This experience has been nothing less than sickening. But of course, that's not all.

After I decided that I simply cannot deal with this any longer, I called in today to cancel service. I followed all the prompts that led me to a rep that would be able to help me. After I explained my situation and informed him that I wanted to cancel, he transferred me to an automated voicemail box that did not take a message, however disconnected my call. This is the worst form of customer service I have ever witnessed. All I wanted was to upgrade both phones on my account to iPhones with no up from costs as it was promised to me. Can I please get someone to help rectify this very frustrating situation?

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Allison Pippin - 2 d 11 h ago


I have been a customer with Sprint for many years and I am highly disappointed with the customer service I have experienced over the past few months. I am not sure Sprint really cares about its customers. This was a company I was proud to support. Now, I am thinking about alternatives.

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Anonymous - 2 d 18 h ago


want torture? try to report a lost cell phone.

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Anon - 18 d 11 h ago

Since you're the parent company to Boost Mobile, how about explaining why you have to use the line "we're going to

enjoy the crap out of it" when talking about unlimited data in your latest commercial? Unnecessary.

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Anonymous - 18 d 17 h ago

Hello Mr. Hesse,

The reason in writing this is because I'm a sprint customer for 9yrs. I took my phone to a Brooklyn location for repair. The store has an assurion tech within the store. The store took my phone for 2hrs to give it back telling me that the charging port was was broken and can be repaired. However the store doesn't have the part, so I called 4 other sprint stores in the area and no store has the part. This is unexceptionable. Not one sprint rep has been able to assist me. I called assurion and they stated to to take the phone to a sprint store. I took the phone to the store the first time and they couldn't fix the phone. I've been on the phone all day talking to reps. I'm very frustrated situation still not resolved.

My phone is a galaxy 6 it's not that old. I can't believe the how sprint can handle a valued customer this way, in the age of technology Mobil devices are essential. I've already considered leaving sprint due to not being treated like the long term customer I am.

In addition to not having a working phone, sprint has done nothing to accommodate me

I've been missing calls and text, emails, doctor calls etc. Getting my phone fixed in a sprint store is FREE I'm not looking to pay out of pocket because your stores are not adequately stocked.

I'm also cc the corporate office. This is not a way to treat people. The service you provide is not free I pay for this.

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Anonymous - 22 d 19 h ago

Cannot get any help from Sprint can somebody please call me been with y'all for 12 years have for phonelines and I hate sprint right now I'm fixing to cancel if someone doesn't call me from within the United States my number is (hidden) Steven McLeod

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mE - 26 d 13 h ago


Biggest rip off ever your referral program. You never pay out. YOur stores have no idea what is going on and your customers suffer. I have been a customer for 10 yrs. I was suppose to get 100 per line for referrals. but your stores and your customer service totally screwed up and now I get screwed. YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS ONCE YOU SIGN. SHAME ON YOU. VERIZON MAY COST MORE BUT I GUESS YOU PAY FOR SERVICE. BYE BYE

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TyMorgan - 42 d 12 h ago


I am very upset I was approved for two lines through sprint the customer service agents were very nasty and mean. I really wanted to be with sprint but after today I will go with TMobile maybe you should require everyone to take customer service classes

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Margie - 50 d 13 h ago

We have been with sprint since the Nextel phones. We have been having a really hard time with the billing. I am always getting over billed my bill is always 500 or above I am considering changing my plan I have had it with sprint and their customer service.

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CT - 134 d 19 h ago


I am so over Sprint!!!!! They lie, they cheat and the steal! Do NOT trust them to anything!

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NOJUSTICE - 1 y 173 d ago


When you call customer service, your on hold for ever. The past couple of days my wait time was at leas 1.5 hrs. I was transferred to different representatives and had to repeat why I was calling.

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mirrormixing - 5 y ago

@sprint thanks for replacing my broken phone with another broken phone #insurancefraud

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NAHJ_LA - 5 y ago

RT @DawnPagenews: Thank you @sprint @sagaftra for making @NAHJ_LA networking event possible @LAPlazaLA Pulitzer journalist @LATvives @pilarmarrero @johnNBCLA

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Ohitsrosie - 5 y ago

Seriously. Do not get @sprint...

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DawnPagenews - 5 y ago

Thank you @sprint @sagaftra for making @NAHJ_LA networking event possible @LAPlazaLA Pulitzer journalist @LATvives @pilarmarrero @johnNBCLA

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DawnPagenews - 5 y ago

Thank you @sprint and @sagaftra for making @NAHJ_LA Networking event possible Ruben Vives will be interviewed by @pilarmareero @johnNBCLA

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stacks4lyfe - 5 y ago

Hey @sprint im in the middle of Cleveland with no service what up with that?

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DirtySamchez0 - 5 y ago

I hate @Sprint! Thanks for nothing guys. Would not recommend to friends, unless you're a fan of never having service.

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MyIntentions_ - 5 y ago

"@Waves_InMy_Fade: & of course @sprint has no idea why I can't send texts or make calls CANCELING THIS CONTRACT ASAP"!!!!

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Waves_InMy_Fade - 5 y ago

& of course @sprint has no idea why I can't send texts or make calls CANCELING THIS CONTRACT ASAP

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