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Sprint Nextel Corporation

6200 Sprint Pkwy.
Overland Park, KS
Daniel Hesse
President CEO and Director
(800) 829-0965
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Pissed Air Force Veteran - 5 h 46 s ago


I am Sprint customer with some very serious issues with your company.

In the past 4 month I have paid almost $900.00 in phone bills and now I have been told my latest bill is over $600.00 because of a mistake by one of you employees. That's issue number one

My next issue

My phone is currently locked up and I haven't been able to use my phone since Sunday ( I can't make calls, check my voicemail or texts messages)

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Edwin - 9 h 26 m ago

HELLO, I have a complaint about one of your Corporate stores. Its In Mission Valley in San Diego in California. I've been that store a number of times , I sign in and wait and wait , while I watch others come in and go with in minutes , Also I see employs standing around when they can be helping move the line of people waiting for their turn. Last Night ( 12/10/17 ) at around 4;15 pm I signed in. I sat there for over a hr , looking at the board and My name never showed up on the the list so I went up and said something to a sale men and he took my name and phone # , Said my name would go to the top of the list . IT DIDNT . ! So I waited a little longer and again said something to the repair guy. So he took it over and helped me get out of there after over 2 hrs. Theres something wrong or broken with the keyosk . My name never showed up that I signed in. Ed

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Sheri - 1 d 13 h ago


I have been a Sprint customer for a long time but I am strongly consider another provider,as the customer service both in stores ,online and via phone is really poor. Mistakes were made at the store and through customer service that have impacted me financially and frankly wasted several hours of my time. I was told it would be resolved in three business days ,five business days and two phone calls later (each was between 60 an 90 minutes) my account is still a mess and I was told by a csr it would be resolve by the 11th, today a supervisor told me it would not be fixed until my next payment cycle. Sprint owes me for a mistake they made an no one seems to care. My bill has gone from $209 to $113 to $428 to $149 and now back up to $428. all because I wanted to pay off a phone and upgrade for a Christmas gift. The emotional stress and inconvenience has me visiting AT&T and Verizon as i will be switching my service and making sure everyone knows why.I will also make sure that people know through facebook,twitter and other social media.

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JOHN - 3 d 12 h ago

your third party service and sales team HAS the WORST Customer treatment in the world...Trying to do a simple upgrade and have spent two days and 4 hours to GRT NO RESULTS//vERIZION IS STARTING TO LOOK PRETTY GOOD !


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Daniel - 37 d 4 h ago


I have been a customer since 2001 with my whole family with sprint as well for 16 years!! I have to say this the worst customer serivice i ever dealt with esp being in sales!! If i treated a customer of 16 years these rude none helpful ways i would b fired on the spot!! I was lied to multiple times on the phone and in emails!! I was on the phone on nov 4 2017 for 5hours and got no help and was rudely hung up and told to cancell after 16 years with this company!!! If someones does not contact me or my family as soon as possible i will be cancelling this whole act with my mother father son and two brothers!! Cancelled!!! This terrible the way they speak to you the way they dont even try to help u the way they talk like robots and keep repeating the same speach they are given!! Then they say what else can i help u with and i ask what did you just help me with me and they say nothing and have a nice day!! Not one question i asked was asked i was lied to multiple times!! I want answers or cancelled!!!

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Juileen - 28 d 12 h ago


I am currently having the same issues with them I have been a customer for 17 years. I actually tear up just talking about it. The way the customer service reps have been treating is so upsetting. I have been speechless, not one not 2 but I have been through 5 different reps all having the same attitude. The worse part about this is that they are wrong, I have been lied to multiple times all of them giving me different information and just rude on top of the lies they tell. After 17 years and this emotional trama, I am ready to go. I did not lease or buy my next phone from them on purpose because I just did not want to be tied to them and now after this I most definitely and not renewing my plan or service. I'm so done......

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Cliff - 26 d 8 s ago


I have been a long-time customer and very loyal. But I'm getting out. The customer service has deteriorated to a joke.

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Anonymous - 4 d 9 h ago

I have also been a customer of Sprint for over six years are used to have really good customer service and now their customer service sucks it's horrible nobody speaks enough English to even be answering the phone there route stupid and inconsiderate and every time I call him on the phone for almost 2 hours it's the same issue over and over and over again I'm sick of it I want to have something done about it. All kinds of money every month for over two years on two phone numbers that aren't even being used they charge me insurance tax the least amount for the phone and the phone number serviceAnd the phones aren't even being you you're not even at there's no phone there I'm playing on an invisible phone two of them I have one active line that's my own and my bill is $240 a month so now I don't have the money anymore and I've called 1 billion times it's so irritating I just want to jump to the phone until whoever is on the other end of the line plus they lie and say they're going to do this and that and they do nothing still the same shit every single time I wish I could've find a way to call somebody that really makes a difference or send me that actually gives a crap aboutReady to call channel 11 or channel 9 or whatever channel is the news that likes to take these kind of stories because I want Sprint to be blown out of the water them in their stupid overseas people they have all of a sudden doing all their customer service work and their stupid they don't even know what they're talking about sickening fuck you Sprint

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Anonymous - 4 d 9 h ago

Sorry for all the miss spelled sentences and words I'm so irritated and this is the result just let whoever know that I do know how to spell

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Anonymous - 8 d 11 h ago

I was having the worst time with a phone claim and poor customer service I was ready to give sprint up and then someone named Jerry helped me and he was the best and he was the most helpful

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Anonymous - 4 d 9 h ago

How did you reach him cus the number above is bunk

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Marilynn Poppert - 10 d ago


Daniel, I hope you will help me. I saw an add that said apple 8 free with 2yr contract and I was eligible so I called to get info on it. First I had a foreigner from some other country that talked to me and said that I could get the phone for 33.00 a month and my total bill would be 66.00 a month. He said I didn't need to return my iPhone 7 to just take it to a sprint store so I said great... and went ahead and bought it... I got the phone had it activated everything was fine until I got my first bill and it was 90 something dollars and I tried to take back old phone and the guy there said I needed to mail it back... I have called twice now to get them to send packet so I could mail it back because they also said my bill wouldn't change till they got the phone ... I waited two wks no packet so called again explained everything again and she apologized and said she put it in computer and she would get it mailed out again... it's been over two weeks and still no packet.... I am very frustrated oh and my bill this. I think is over 100.00 dollars... I hope you will please help me resolve this issue and get the packet so I can return my phone and then credit my account for past few mos. .... I have been a loyal customer for almost 20 years and have never had this kind of trouble before ....... please help...thank you for your time...

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iphone activation locked - 12 d 16 h ago


i bought iphone 6in your place but now its activation has been locked. still there is no response from u

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Flawless - 13 d 7 h ago

I don't have Sprint service but I am sure without have this much to complain about...In The Beginning there was sprint bs....Get a life!

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Ella Grover - 14 d 5 h ago


Hello my name is Ella Grover and I recently signed up for sprint and it's been six weeks of pure hell !! First when we signed up we didn't get the correct Ogden's because the person I spoke too never told us what phones we could qualify for just that it would be expensive .. which isn't his decision too being with .. he gives us these crap phones the Motorola Ev4 which are complete junk so we call too have them ex's changed ( only too cost us money too upgrade as they call it ) we all wanted iPhones .. we came from Verizon and all had iPhones just thought maybe we would get something cheaper for the family .. we were told the absolute incorrect information from the first rep we spoke too he led us too believe all the phones could be brought over .. and the tablet at no cost it could be considered a line .. they took weeks for the shipping labels too come back , gave us used phones instead of the newer ones !! I have spent probably a good 20 hours with all the representatives of sprints trying too figure out the plans , the phones and the bill .. transferred many times with different representatives that all had different and conflicting answers .. I have spoke too two supervisors who are nasty and rude and told be well if you wanna go back Verizon does give you the theory days !! Seriously how's this trying too keep the few customers you have ?? And for him only too cancel my lines !! We have Selena close too 300 dollars going back and forth on the Phones with the representatives and see still don't have the phones or answers we need !! One representatives told us too pay 150 of a 500.00 dollar bill and the credit ( which supposedly we had 1800 coming back To is for all the charges they had too reverse ( activation , phones , and the shipping charges ) .. the representatives are useless they can't answr questions that are asked and not always willing too help find a solution and make things right !! And to be told just go too a sprint store well I live in Jamestown and the closest store is almost two hours away !! I have a job and kids and why should I travel when it's there mistake as a company ?? Oh and the bug back program wait a joke spent hours trying too figure out how to do it with the representatives and went though and have them all the numbers they asked for only too find out they didn't record them ( this was after we sent the phones back ) .. it's been almost a week and we were told the once the phones were received we could do the buy back .. ha still waiting for that too !! This has been te absolutely worst service and time ever and shame in sprint for not caring and or responding too so many unhappy customers .. they should have too make things right and keep the customers happy !!! Shame on you sprint for running such a crappy company and not taking the customers seriously and putting us first and making things right too keep us woh your service .. instead your rude and nasty and make it close too impossible to talk too someone who can assist us the right way !! This company should be shut down and not allowed too offer service get your head out of your asses and get your priorities straight .. customer first !!!! Someone needs too contact me ASAP 716720 1955 your on the verge of losing more customers ..

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Denelle - 14 d 7 h ago


I cannot understand why a Sprint representative would take apart my daughter's phone, only to hand it back in pieces, IN A PLASTIC BAGGIE, and say, "We can't figure out what's wrong with it and don't have the tech support right now to fix it." Then they suggest another business to take it to because maybe they'd have the time instead. We take said phone to this (non-Sprint affiliated) business across town, he agrees to look at it but says it's missing the SIM card and tray. So, we go back to Sprint (Longview, WA) and tell them the SIM card and tray were missing. Their response? "Oh, that must be the one we weren't sure what it belonged to." They look for it, can't find it, and tell us it might've been thrown away. REALLY? So, they do some switching around, or whatever it is they needed to do, and give us one from another phone saying it should do the trick.

We get the phone fixed (motherboard needed replaced after barely a year of having it, another $200) but can't get it to connect to the Sprint network. We take it back to the Longview store and they put in another SIM card. The phone has service there in the store, but as soon as we get home, no service. I call, they say do this or that, we do this and that but STILL the phone only picks up service in the most random places, and only for a minute or two. We return, they put in another SIM card, and the same thing happens. We go back on another day, they put in another SIM card, and STILL the same thing happens. She's been without a phone for a couple of months at this point.

Fast forward She's been without this phone THAT WE'VE BEEN PAYING FOR for a year. A year and this phone has not worked. We were told we could pay it off and she could get another one. $275 for a phone that worked for less than a year? We took it into the Sprint store in Vancouver, WA and got nowhere, as well.

My contract is up at this point. Two years of hell with Sprint, and I just want phones with service. How is that too much to ask? Now, I can upgrade these phones or I can buy them??? My God, I want nothing to do with this company. They took apart my daughter's phone, and handed it back in pieces for us to take to someone else to fix? Lost her SIM card, which means she lost all her photos, too. I mean, why must people have to deal with this? I now have 4 phones that I can "buy" ...but I have ZERO desire to give Sprint my business after all this. WHY WOULD YOU TAKE APART A PHONE AND HAND IT BACK IN PIECES???

I'm beyond furious at this point. My contract is up, just zero balance everything for me and we'll call it good. I'm done.

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V Herring - I am a customer of 15 years, with 6 lines. This is the first time I have written to a corporate office. I called to disconnect service, and close my account. I have called over a two day period, talking/chatting with representatives. After chatting they referred me to customer care. Upon calling customer care I was connected to the automated payment system which could not give me the total payoff. I then called new phone service hoping to talk to a human. A human answered but could not assist me. Wrong department, really?! I knew I called the wrong area but they are the only ones who answer. After explaining what I needed, she stated she would transfer to the department that could help me. After transferring me waiting for someone to pick up, and repeating all the information again. I was transferred to another representative, who again stated she could only give the monthly balance and not the disconnect balance. I ask for her supervisor who said she couldn't do either but would connect me to the right department, making sure it was handled. I then get disconnected, but receive a text stating the balanced needed to close the account. It is less than my monthly bill, and gives me all my equipment free! If the right amount was not text to me, then you all have a problem because I accept the account close balance you gave me in the text. If it is the right amount, THANK YOU! - 15 d 8 h ago


V Herring

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V. Herring - 15 d 9 h ago


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Courtlandt madison - 19 d 4 h ago


I have fought each month lately about my bill and they put extensions on my bill because it was their fault. They are now using those extensions against me and saying they never did what they did. Please help Marcelo Claire I have had it with this company running by computer not by humans

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Mike - 23 d 13 h ago


I am leaving sprint because they only have new phone sales for payments I wanted to pay in full and use new phone on same sprint account I have had for years . Sprint said only way for sale price is with payments I am now looking for new carrier why they do not take full payment is beyond me

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Mark Cunningham - 132 d 7 h ago


Please call me. I have been trying to fix a billing problem for 10 months. Your customer service has been very unhelpful. I have been with your company for over 10 years. HELP!! Mark Cunningham (hidden)

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Michael - 26 d 3 h ago


I doubt if anyone will call you. Sprint just doesn't care about customers any more. Good luck,

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Madeline - 28 d 3 h ago


The worst phone service ever! I've been with Sprint for 2 months and never in al the years that I was with T-Mobile have I ever had the problems that I have with Sprint. They have you start service that's takes all of your personal banking information to set me up with auto-pay then never set me up. So I want to know what she did with my banking info? Now I have to keep an eye on my account for any activity. I ask them why I'm receiving such a high bill. Don't believe that price that they quote you. It's all a scam. Then they switch you from caller to caller because none of them have answers. They tell me they are going to investigate into the 1st call I made to set up service and one month later, I'm still waiting for a call. They have no answers and I just want to end service with Sprint, they are the worse.

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John - 26 d ago


Ditto. Horrible customer service.

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Juileen - 28 d 10 h ago


I wish I had the greatest things to say about this company after 17 years of service with them. I have never been this disrespected and outright lied to in my life. I have said to the reps over and over it's not about the money, if it was about the money I would not have gone as far as purchasing my phone directly with Apple, I would have continued leasing my phones through Sprint and continue my services as usual. However, it is the continuous lies and disrespect that makes me not want to be tied to this company for 2 more years.

After paying off my phone lease and continuously asking to have my bill adjusted and to have that particular phone unlocked I am continuously being given the runaround. I have asked several times to speak to a manager to have this resolved I have been told all out that a manager is not available to speak to me. I am back this morning trying to get this resolved and still have Elija this morning, just this very day left me on hold and never came back to the phone. Did not even give me a courtesy call back to say sorry we got to disconnect let me continue to work on the issue, nothing. I just need to know has Sprint gotten so big that the company has no care in the world for their loyal customers? Whatever happened to customer satisfaction? I'm not asking for reward or a handout.... I pay my bills every month I don't owe Sprint anything, I don't have to stay a customer and based on my experience in the last week or so it is perfectly obvious that the company could care less if I'm a customer or not. That's sad though!!!! very sad.... Well, I wish Sprint all the best as I close this 17-year chapter with them. I will be transitioning to another cell phone company can't say it has been a great 17-years but as it seems my money and loyalty is not good enough for Sprint so I'll take my business elsewhere.

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