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Sprint Nextel Corporation

6200 Sprint Pkwy.
Overland Park, KS
Daniel Hesse
President CEO and Director
(800) 829-0965
Twitter IDs
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Tony James - 1 y 164 d ago


Worst Service ever and worst customer service we have ever dealt with. I would like to know if anyone will join me in a class action lawsuit against Sprint. I find it amazing that they want to charge us full price if we cancel service when in fact we don't even have service in half of our city. The contract only benefits them so at this point I am ready to hire an attorney but am curious who all would like to be included in the suit.

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R J THOMAS - 1 y 162 d ago


Someone named Tony James wants a class action lawsuit filed gainst Sprint am I interested absolutely. To complex to explain why at this time after trying since April 2018 to get something done.

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Jason Cotellessa - 1 y 146 d ago


I would also join that suit. I bet many others as well. My mom on the phone for 2 hours this morning still right now and I couldn't begin to tell you the incompetence. I've never seen anything like it. We just want out. If it wasn't for ruining credit we'd stop paying. I've never HATED a company so much. Been with sprint since 06. Omg we can't get out fast enough. I don't know where they do their hiring but for the bill we get every month they should at least speak good English and do their job.

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Lisa - 1 y ago

Please send me the information on that suit, I am interested.

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Peri - 2 d 23 h ago

(hidden) ME TOO

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Anonymous - 242 d 5 h ago


I so agree!!!

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Tabitha - 231 d 18 h ago

I'll join the lawsuit as well

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Anonymous - 36 d 1 h ago

Is there a lawsuit against Sprint???

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Tabitha - 231 d 16 h ago

I'll be nore than happy to join your lawsuit

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Highly dis-satisfied In Atlanta, GA - 76 d 3 h ago


I agree the worse customer service on the planet and the store gives you the run around tells you to go to location with technical rep's to fix the defected phones they sold me. The customer most of the customer service rep's lie had one to tell me the store was closed down that sold me the phones and this lie was told back January of this year. store is still opened. Store lied and stated I'd no contract. After all of my complaints to customer service all of a sudden I'm told I've an 18 month contract. Paper work given me states other wise but, I'd signed some electronic document's that they sneaked in.

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Mar - 186 d 22 h ago


Same here been through enough with Sprint.

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Melody - 73 d 16 h ago


I want in please. Many issues with Sprint. I can't take anymore!!

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Toni Stewart - 1 y 125 d ago


I too would love to get in on that class action lawsuit for Sprint. My email contact is (hidden)

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Janet Santana - 1 y ago

I would also want information on the lawsuit

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Anonymous - 118 d 17 s ago

Do you happen to have info on this lawsuit??.. I'd LOVE to be a part of it...

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Anonymous - 1 y 118 d ago


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Patricia - 1 y ago


Why not..what's the serious about.m when you've been dooped out of your money, why let them get away with it?

I would like to join the class Acton law suit..

If anyone is interested..

I'm really headed to court this week..give me your names n info..

Send it to my email address (hidden)..

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Shakirat Sanusi - 1 y ago


Shakirat Sanusi (hidden) years

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Anonymous - 70 d ago


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Mary - 1 y 108 d ago

Oh how I would love to!!!! Please tell me what I need to do. I'm sooooo ready and it's about time.

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Anonymous - 241 d 17 h ago

Chief Executive Marcelo Claure President and CEO 6200 Sprint Parkway Overland Park, KS 66251 (hidden) (hidden) The corporate office can be reached at 1(hidden), but a company directory is also available at 1(hidden). Email: When it comes to contacting Sprint headquarters by email, there are several options. Executive Chairman Marcelo Claure (CEO) To escalate your issue to Sprint headquarters including the CEO, write to Marcelo Claure at 6200 Sprint Pkwy. Overland Park, KS 66251. You can also ask for his extension when you call the Sprint corporate office at (hidden).

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Anonymous - 222 d ago

Can you please give me this info! It's hidden and I REALLY need to call them and get a legit lawsuit going here

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Fuck sprint - 114 d ago

Who redacted this file!!!!??? I want those number now!!

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Carol - 70 d ago

Why is all the information we need hidden

I have been with sprint before they were Nextel but my history only starts from 2005 and the service started off pretty good but after the years it has gotten worst

Really need to talk to someone in corporate

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Dayna Bee - 1 y 102 d ago

I am interested in a class action lawsuit as well

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Sam - 1 y 100 d ago

I would love to get in on this! Let me know how!! We have been screwed over so bad by sprint right now!!!

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Angela Austin - 259 d 24 h ago

Me too. Worse customer service ever

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