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500 Staples Dr.
Framingham, MA
Ronald Sargent
Chairman and CEO
(508) 253-5000
(508) 253-8989
Twitter IDs
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Dr Robert Bogosian - 16 h 41 m ago


My name is Dr. Robert Bogosian and my company has been using Avery compatible labels 5160/8160 branded Staples. We noticed with our last shipment that you changed vendors and the and they are no longer made in the USA and are now sourced in Viet Nam. These new labels are terrible and my employees in the production department hate them. They are hard to separate from the backing and constantly rip. I don't know how much money you saved by changing vendors but you are losing me as a customer.

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Anonymous - 3 d 10 h ago

My name is Maverick Kendrick Sr. I've done business with Staples in 465 Tuckahoe Road, Yonkers New York in Westchester County, Iam not very pleased with the way they have treated me and the members of our organization called, ROPING INC. Reaching Out to People In Neighborhoods For Growth, Inc. our organization ordered a ink stamp pad from your Staples in Yonkers NY. It's been over one month. We have been patient, but not treated as valued customers as we should have been. I spoke with one of the managers, whom said they would let me know what happened to our product. It's been over a week now. Now we feel we are not valued customer. Iam hoping this is an over site. We have done much business with your company. Iam very disappointed in this action of how we have been treated. I ask that Mr. Ronald Sargent CEO of Staples would look into this matter. I thank you for your time.

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Bob Franks - 7 d 12 h ago

Just left the store in Lewisville, Texas, what a dump the bathrooms are filthy. Tile coping falling of the wall, toilet paper everwhere. I dont think they have been cleaned in days. The staff is clueless, no pride in their workplace. Millenials

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lsg - 9 d 10 h ago


I was a regular shopper at the Staples in Roanoke, VA. Key words "was a regular shopper". In late 2016 I received a Staples Rewards card. In April of this year I tried to use the card and found someone had accessed the card (I received it in a sealed envelope-so I have to assume someone at the Rebate Center may have used it). I have spoken to 6 different people since April and each time I'm told it's on the way. I know the postal service is not known for speedy delivery but it's now mid June! I've emailed once before to customer and never heard back. I am very disappointed that Staples would treat a loyal customer in this manner. Looks like I'll become a loyal Office Depot customer. I hope this email makes it to the Chairman & CEO, Ronald Sargent so he can see how customer service is treating their customer. After reading more reviews, I see I'm not alone.

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deb - 10 d 24 h ago


I was in the Fort Pierce Staples around 9:30am on 6/12/2017. I was browsing and having a phone discussion. A man interrupted me and asked if he could help me. I said no thank you I am on the phone. He threw his hands up in the air and said "excusssee em". He then went to an order country and started talking to an employee and went through the same routine. I asked for his name but he turned his badge over and the other employee told me he didn't work for the store He worked for HP. The manager came over and asked what was the problem but never bothered to apologize. It was definitely rude behavior and now that I have had some time to think about it, I wonder if he was trying to "hit" on me with the pretense of helping. It was such an unexpected response. Needless to say I won't be going into that Staples again, Ii'll order from Amazon where I can shop in peace.

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send - 10 d 14 h ago

This am,June 12.2017 I had a great experience with an outstanding employee, Debbie,from the Kentucky office.

Debbie solved my shipping problem in 15 minutes. For one week with daily contacts I could not be helped. I was totally frustrated.

Debbie listened and took care of every detail.She is a valuable employee.

On the other hand have you listened to the music Staples plays while you are waiting? it is totally annoying; make anew selection it will be pleased by all.

Peg Scherzinger Attention Ronald Sargent This review is not to be displayed

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Doug Stevens - 24 d 15 h ago


I am absolutely astonished at the lack of performance your 2121 Biscayne store. We were contracted to take a photo of a family group at the beginning of a photo session, last Saturday night, for an 80th birthday party at a posh restaurant on Arthur Godfrey. We needed to print 20 - 5 x 7 copies of that one group shot. As Plan A, we were going to rent a printer from a photographer friend, print on site, then take those photos to the Fountainebleu Hotel to be stuffed into frames. The hotel would distribute the framed photos to each guests' room as a gift. Unfortunately, our friend was in a major car accident the Monday prior. He and his father were rear ended while at a stand still, rolled 3 times and when they examined him at the hospital, found a golf ball size tumor in his brain which required major surgery. There was no way from me to retrieve the printer. So as a plan B, I contacted your store at 2121 Biscayne Blvd last Saturday morning and talked to Theo, who I believe was the print manager. I explained the situation and asked if he could guarantee that I would be able to pick up the photos right away if I emailed it to him. He said it should not be a problem, gave me the email address to send the jpg and instructions to put in the email. My wife took the photo, I edited it and emailed it to that store. When I called to make sure everything was in order, Theo was gone so another person told me that it couldn't be done.... THEY WERE OUT OF F*(%ING PHOTO PAPER!!!! You can't make this shit up! I probably don't have to tell you how appalled the event planner, the client, my wife and I were. This was the whole reason we were hired. Everyone was furious, and of course I had no issue telling them what the source of the problem was. Because of that, I lost more than a day and a half work to... pick up the photos from a professional printer, purchase shipping materials (boxes, bubble wrap, tape, etc...) and helped the event planner assemble the boxes to lessen her work so the framed photos could be mailed to each guest. So it cost me time but also almost $400 in shipping materials, postage and a credit to the client. I am absolutely disgusted with the lack of customer service in this town. Someone at the top should keep a close eye on all of your stores down here. The Greater Miami Convention & Visitor's Bureau surveys Int'l and domestic travelers and the number one complaint is customer service. In fact, they offer a customer service certification for going through their all day program.

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anon - 47 d 10 h ago


I'm still so steamed I need to also say that at other times the employees are called away, distracted or otherwise meander towards other customers instead of staying focused on the job at hand. It irks me to be the first or only one in line, then see other people come in then have the employee become engaged in their matters all the time while I stand there and wonder when are they coming back so I can do my business. The manager and employees of this store need to be reminded to take first things first, tend to the customer's business, and then move on to the next. Failure to satisfy my small and easy need promptly today has caused me to seek alternatives. I simply cannot expect to complete my business in a prompt manner without watching and waiting for the employees and manager to take on all sorts of other peoples problems. I regret my experience today, but it seems so un-called-for, it's going to be hard for me to patronize the store any more. In fairness, I've mostly been happy with many dozens of store visits, but with this latest experience, and also one prior, corporate needs to review and tell the manager & employees to focus on the customer that drove to the store and is standing in front of them to tend to their business as a priority. Let the print jobs pending on the desk go for a few minutes, insert & print the present customer's 3 or 4 minute job, then return to the others that will be picked up later by the other customers that are not even in the store at the time.

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anon - 47 d 14 h ago


I have always been a good paying customer at Staples in Benton Harbor, Mich as my go-to place for office needs. However, that changed today after the most ridiculous experience of customer non-service. I was first inline at the photo counter waiting for a previous printing job to finish. The employee took my flash drive, plugged it in, then went over to a second customer that arrived after I did. He was tied up with her at the time the pending printing job was done. Instead of returning to me, he continued with her. Later, the manager came over to assist. He asked what they were doing for me and I gave him the info. The he told me he couldn't get to it until 5 hours later because there were 10 orders on the desk ahead of me. I told him I was the only person standing here and now and the two prints I need only take a few minutes to do. If the first employee came back to me instead of being entwined in here issues, my prints could have been easily done in just minutes. The manager said he was sorry but he could not anything until 6:30 that evening and I thought that was the most incredible example of the poorest kind of non-service for a paying customer. There is no excuse to not attend to a present paying customer's simple need at that time. They had the ability to satisfy my routine and simple print job, and I'd be pleased and on my way, but the manager was stuck on telling me about the other orders to be processed first. There were no other people standing around to pick up orders. It seems the manager and employees need re-training to focus on the paying customer in the store at the time. That employee could have returned to me and printed my photos in less time that it took to listen to the managers explanation and apologies.

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Murphy - 61 d 11 h ago


Staples is not true to its prices. I went there to day to make copies had almost 400 pages and needed 2 copies of each. Cost me over $100 Info I was given was confusing, but it said for standard 8-1/2 x 11 black and white copies was 5 cents, then reading on they again said 8-1/2 x 11 black and white copies - standard 11 cents. Well when I got there they charged me 15 cents a copy. Then they say that prices are subject to change. No,this is FALSE ADVERTISING. When I got home I chatted with someone, I have a copy of the transcript, they couldn't even tell me how much copies were except for what I stated above. Then they said someone would call me within 2 hours, here it is 3-1/2 hrs later Very misleading. Staples no longer has my business.

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Heather - 62 d 14 h ago



I placed an order on 4/14/17 Order: #(hidden). The 'we have shipped your order' received on 4/15/17 included all the items. The order arrived and inventory was stocked. I just realized many items were missing. I reached out to Staples customer service and heard back within 2 hours with an apology and an acknowledgement of a new order for the missing items. I have never had such a smooth solution with any other company; Other companies ask to open a claim. Weeks pass with no resolution or refund/replacement. Kudos to Staples for not questioning your buyers and reshipping missed items! Thank you

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Mike Woods - 65 d 17 h ago


Price Match is not honored. The process is long and in the end it didn't go through. You first have to place the order online then have a lengthy chat with customer no service then the computer applies the reduction, however it doesn't go through.

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Anonymous - 72 d 17 h ago

I have been waiting patiently for a background check form so I can start working at Napes store May I inquire as to the hold up? Please email me the form so I can esign it. The quicker I receive this form, the sooner I can start working at my favorite store.

(hidden). The Murphyc46@gmail was hacked and I can't get into it. Thank you. Christina Murphy

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Joanne D - 92 d 8 h ago

On 3/21/2017 at Staples in Menifee CA I encountered a scary situation. A young male dress dirty with a back pack follow me in the store. I realize I was being targeted for my purse. I sensed something was wrong I went to employee that was on a ladder I told him about this person. He said he did not see this person however another women saw him and said there were two other males just outside dress same. I could not believe the manager did not care, I had to ask him if someone could walk me to my car. This happen in daylight your employee act like this was nothing.

Question for your company why let people in with back packs? And why didn't the manager offer to make sure I was safe? These kids had no reason to be in store except to steal my purse. What is your policy concerning safety of any customer in your store. I went to print department that day I was very happen with service in that department.

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Staples to go under - 142 d 15 h ago


This company is soon to go by the wayside like others that give terrible customer service. Ever try dealing with one of their off shore call center people? What a disaster. We going to take our company business else where, and will suggest to anyone that goes on any type of media, the same thing. Shame on Ronald Sargent for being so out of touch with what keeps a company going.

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A Cutoemr that was lied to. - 142 d 15 h ago


What a terrible company and they do not want you to talk to anyone in corporate. They run you around and will not anser phones. Our order was promised and promised and they never delivered it. Our company will now do all our business with Office Depot.


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BCJetSetter - 4 y 306 d ago

I need my own office and an unlimited shopping spree @staples!! #pr #student

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jonZolanski - 4 y 306 d ago

Boycotting @Staples because its a #bain company also, #4moreyears

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emily_dicarlo - 4 y 306 d ago

@Staples can u follow me ive been to ur hq like a hundred times do u know how many staff meetings ive been to and im only sixteen???

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KikiW32 - 4 y 306 d ago

New boss took me on shopping trip to @Staples for supplies.LOVE ofc/school supplies.Was like a kid in a candy store.

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gabbiartillio1d - 4 y 306 d ago

@Staples do you sell copiers that can copy humans for example niall horan

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satanpoop - 4 y 306 d ago

RT @Staples: @onesizefitszaynI'm not sure if we have them but you can always visit your local Staples to find out! ^HN

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LaReinaDeLeon - 4 y 307 d ago

RT @Staples: @LaReinaDeLeonI'm sorry the product did not hold up! Please just return to your local Staples store and we can exchange them for you. BP

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LaReinaDeLeon - 4 y 307 d ago

@Staples well i used them :/ but they all broke. help.

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hollygrand - 4 y 307 d ago

@Staples sending a dm or two I guess

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