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500 Staples Dr.
Framingham, MA
Ronald Sargent
Chairman and CEO
(508) 253-5000
(508) 253-8989
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Unhappy and over stapples - 6 h 39 m ago

The store on Garrisonville Rd in Stafford VA is under staffed and need more product knowledge. No one in the store knows what products to direct me to or even if they stock a like item. They also can use a floor person to help customers. Oh by the way , I found what I was looking for at Wallmart. Thanks for nothing. Unhappy and over stapples.

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Anonymous - 8 h 32 m ago

The manager at staples in south Plainfield is extremely rude and nasty to his employees.

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On 4.4.2019 - The manager at the Staples store #0213 located at 653 West Edgar Road in Linden NJ, bullied and laughed at me as I spent 15 minutes in frustration trying to get something to print out. When I asked for help, the "manager" at the store said and I quote: "Well, I can print out just fine. " The laughed out loud and walked away. I was flabbergasted.

Then when I went to pay, she actually followed me to the register and was giving me menacing looks and pulled out her phone and i saw the camera come up as if she wanted to film a further escalation. I quickly left the store to de-escalate the situation. I would like a call from corporate and a full refund. Or I will Cancel our corporate account and also go with a competitor and I will NEVER shop at staples again.

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Anonymous - 2 d 38 s ago


My daughter had a horrible experience working at Store Number 0147 Bay Ridge Brooklyn. 9315 5th Avenue.

*Denied request to change position in order to distance herself from a racist, abusive manager, Chrissaint White. General manager did nothing about this situation Christian Rugillio.

*Co Workers are cliquey and bullying and extremely unprofessional - twerking in front of customers while working on a register...really?? Management tolerates this.

*No AC in the warm weather. Customers complain bitterly. No heat in the winter.

*Registers NEVER work causing customers to be extremely irate and rude all day long.

*Management changes your days/hours weekly so you can not plan so much as a doctors' appointment. When you tell them you need to make an appointment, they respond with..."get someone to cover for you...I don't know what to tell you."

*Favoritism, bullying, RACISM against caucasians,

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Ann P - 3 d 23 h ago


I called your staples store located at 12309 Chenal Parkway in Little Rock, AR on April 15th to find out if they had windows 10 software to upgrade my computer. Associate Jeff answered the phone and said hold while I check. He then came back to the phone and asked if I wanted the basic or pro. I told him the basic. He said we do have the basic for $110.00. I said okay I'm on my way to get it. After driving 30 minutes to the store and asking for the software, I was directed to a tech associate. The tech associate said we have the basic Windows 10 but it's not 110.00, it's $143.00. After explaining to him I just called and was quoted the price of $110.00. He checked with associate Jeff who said he called sales manager Courtney and Courtney quoted the price of $110.00. After the tech associate checked with Courtney, he said Courtney said he did quote the price of $110.00 but that was a month ago. Associate Jeff said no that's incorrect because he was the one who took the call and that was about 30 minutes ago when the price was quoted. End results per Sales Manager,Courtney-was if the customer wants the software she will have to pay the price of $143.00. If the sales manager had said I made a mistake and quoted the wrong price I could have easily accepted it, but to blatantly lie and say it was a month ago when he quoted the price is ridiculous. I will not be going to Staples anymore.

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Pamela Hans - 45 d 3 h ago

I live in Charlottesville, VA and have gone to two of the Staples in my area. Both are the worst stores I have ever been in for customer service. I will NEVER go to either one ever again. I don't care how far I have to drive to purchase something, it won't be from Staples. I like to get certain books spiral bound for ease of use. I'm a knitter and books with patterns and directions are easier to use if they lay flat. Each time I go into one of your stores I am met with just the worst customer service. Yesterday I brought in two books that I asked to be spiral bound. Of course, it is more money to have it done within the hour so I opted to wait till the next day. I went in 15 minutes before the time they were guaranteed to be done and they had not even started them. I was told they still have 15 minutes to complete them. Actually, it took them 10 minutes to do but they waited to the very last second to complete a job that took only 10 minutes causing me to stand in the store to wait for my books. Horrible store and I will never return. Seriously, you either need to pay for better help or just close up.

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Anonymous - 10 d 4 h ago

In about 1 week I will post what this company had done to our family. I had so much respect forthem but not any more. I will never shop or encourage anyone to work for them

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N.Marty - 29 d 7 h ago


Why do I have to prove I am married to be on my wife's insurance, through Staples, to cover me? This is the first time in over two decades that this has ever come up. Having worked in the insurance field, significant others have been allowed to be covered for roughly the same time period. Now, because of this, I no longer am covered under any insurance plans and cannot sign up for insurance at even my company until the beginning of next year's open enrollment. This on top of the fact that she rarely ever gets a lunch break, despite working 8-9 hour shifts, is just cause for a lawsuit.

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Anonymous - 10 d 4 h ago

When did you work for this company if you don't mind me asking.

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Debra Curtis - 11 d 10 h ago


My husband and I were in the nashua, nh store on d.w. highway last week. We were working with the assistant manager asking about a laptop for our daughter. She was extremely rude and disrespectful. I didn't happen to catch her name because she didn't have a name badge. I went to the restroom and in the hallway their were 2 co workers hanging all over each other and kissing in the hallway at the entrance of the restrooms. Taller male with glasses and a shorter female. Needless to say I will never go back to this staples again. The service was horrible. And clearly whom ever is in charge of this location does no care what the employees are doing considering me as a customer had witnessed 2 employees kissing. My husband and I left the store and bought a laptop down the road at best buy. In which they provided the help and information we had asked for at staples. Will absolutely never go to this location again.

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Karen Brown - 18 d 4 h ago


I am terribly saddened by the lack of care that Staples seems to take in their customers and even for their employee's as a matter of fact. I just had the worst experience with their print service. So much, it caused the grand opening of our new company to be delayed! We ordered business cards .. two orders as a matter of fact, to be done same day. We were told they would be ready by 6:30 pm next day. Ok fine, I can deal with that. 4:30 pm, I call and speak to a nice young man. He says he is alone and trying to finish up a large order but that since both of my orders are the same, he can get them ready within the hour and that we will receive an email when they are complete. The day ends, nothing. I just call and speak to a nice woman who tells me they've been done since yesterday!!!! Nobody called, nobody emailed .. NOTHING!! She proceeds to tell me that they have zero control over the website, they just simply fill the order but someone still should have called. Yet they did not. She also proceeds to tell me that Corporate has known about the issue in the website not updating for months and months and nothing is ever done about it. So what are customers supposed to do???? We had to put our grand opening off because of this entire situation! This is an outrage! And I tried to call their Corpoate office and of course it's all automated unless you know your parties exention. I dial every possible option and get nothing but a recorded message. I don't want to leave a friggin recorded message! Somebody needs to be held accountable for stuff like this!!! I've never seen such ridiculousness in my life from such a large Corporation! I'd certainly like to be contacted whether it is by phone or email!!!!! Thanks for ruining our grand opening Staples!!!!


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Joyce D Dyer - 21 d 13 h ago


I would like for Staples to enter into the 21st Century. By installing kiosks to accept payments from customers. They have them in cell phone stores. for the convenience of your clients. I am sure we would all agree for the sake of convinience


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Christine - 22 d ago


Still waiting on a call from Kevin Riley out of your Los Angeles California store # 1376. On 3-26-19 @ 10:57am

I came in to purchase 2 gift cards. 1 Netflix and a Visa gift card. Before I continue make note..I'm recovering from surgery 4 days prior and acquired a bad flu like cold...

Got home and had issues uploading the cards. Sought help from the servers to no avail. At 7:42 pm called the store. I called the store a total of 5 times and was on hold a grand total of 61 minutes...The manager Kevin finally answered the phone at 9:02 pm. Unable to resolve the issue he promised to call me on 3-27-19 with an answer..He didn't. I had to get out of bed and go to the store to find he was in a meeting. I ended up dealing with a vitamin D deficient staff member in charge who clearly didn't feel like being bothered and approached me with a " What do you want look on her face" So I gave it to her straight no chaser...and she was of no help.. I contacted the site the card was for again for a 2nd time to finally resolve the issue...I still have yet for Kevin Riley call me back...

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KM CPA - 23 d 11 h ago


Your customer service in the Livingston NJ store is nonexistent. I ordered business cards and return address stickers on March 19, 2019. I went to pick them up on March 25 and I was told that I had already picked them up. They then said they could not find them. I called the store on March 26 and waited on hold for over 30 minutes. Again they could not find my order. Your store is understaffed and lacks any semblance of customer service. This is the last time I will ever do business with Staples.

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Anonymous - 32 d ago

It is so unprofessional for a employee to stand behind his register and drink a soft drink in front of a customer asking for help. Please advise your store in Missoula montana that employed Justin should be more mindful of his customers .

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Anonymous - 32 d ago

You are allowed to drink a soft drink as a customer. Did anything get spilled on you? The guy isn't making a lot just lighten up.

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Charlie - 25 d 12 h ago


He should be paying attention to the customer, not his thirst. When someone talks to me, I stop what I'm doing and the only thing I do is listen and try to help them.

"The guy isn't making a lot" You're changing the rules in the middle of the game. He took the job of being a professional when responding to customers needs. He knew the salary. He can't reason that he has decided that he doesn't like the salary so he won't be professional anymore. If he doesn't want to be professional, he should quit and let a better worker take his place.

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Anonymous - 25 d 12 h ago

He's not performing surgery. There are way more important issues in the world than taking a sip of Coke.

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Cynthia Wright - 28 d 9 h ago


Jonathan at Staples, Mandarin, Jacksonville, Florida on San Jose Blvd. Is an excellent representative of your company. He works in tech and is polite, professional and knows what he's doing! He should a raise! Also, John the traveling between stores rep is a good and knowledgeable employee. I'm a long-time customer at this store. Jonathan is the best!

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MOW-Dallas - 29 d ago


Needed office supplies and purchased numerous items at WalMart on Dallas, TX DFW (I-20) at N. Cockrell Hill, TX. Several recent trips to local Staples they refused to honor their advertised 100% price match gurantee. Refer to my other complaints,some on Yelp. I bought: 2 binders @ $7.96, 2 dividers @ 1.44 each, two Brothers LC71 Bk inks, 1 pkg paper for total sale at $49.51. Took my receipt to Staples @ 4350 DFW Dallas, TX , suite 200, showed receipt and asked for same purchase at matching price -and it was refused. They lost a $49.51 sale. I pointed to their large sign over the register with the 100% price match policy. They stated they are required to verify all items over/on the internet only !!!! My ads copies from competitors and actual receipts not accepted !!!! I asked for Mgr. and got a different answer - but still no price match. If a company can't match its competitor across the street they will soon be out of business !!!! My trip to Staples was a waste of time. However I did save money at Walmart.

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Joanneboehmer - 35 d 12 h ago

I have had the worst service with this company. I need some one from headquarters to get in touch with me. Your store in new jersey is so rude. And runs out of paper. That I need so badly. Please get back to me

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M Williams - 35 d 15 h ago


I am absolutely baffled and appalled at the Staples Corporation's decision to close the their Monticello New York location. While the area has had it's rough times in years past, at this very moment a large indoor water park is being built within 15 minutes of the Staples. Not to mention various other businesses flocking in to capitalize on all the traffic the new casino/hotel and soon to be water park are going to be bringing in.

This is an absolutely idiotic choice, to be completely candid.

As a long time resident of the area, I can guarantee HUGE opportunity is being missed here.

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Disappointed customer - 36 d ago


I have always enjoyed shopping at Staples for business and personal needs. I buy the staples brand products as they are just as good as the name brand products.

I went to my local Staples to return four boxes of file folders my husband bought with his company credit card, he bought the wrong folders I took them to my local store to exchange for the correct folders.

We didn't have the receipt as the receipt has to be turned into corporate at the end of each month, I explained we didn't want the money back just to exchange for the correct folders.

These folders were the Staples brand so it wasn't like I bought a name brand that could be purchased anywhere and tried to return to Staples.

We were told they would take them back but we couldn't receive a credit or exchange without the receipt.

We will no longer shop at Staples.

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Ron Rea - 36 d ago


Staples has delivered for me and my small company for years! Just last week the courier that delivers for Staples decided to deliver Only one of the Four packages that was at their hub! When I contacted Staples to let them know what was going on and they need to look into this situation they reordered all of the missing orders and gave me a $20.00 credit! So far so good right??? So I did recieve every order I paid for although several days late...Not their fault...But here is where it gets UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! I placed two orders from Staples and they cancelled both after charging my bank account. I reach out with a Chat and find out I am Toxic and must call their customer service! I call immediately and find out that Staples now will NOT sell to me because they think I resell their items!!! I explain to them I am run a small business and use their items on a regular basis and they could give a SHIT!!! They said it was a Corporate decision!! Holy Cow!! I was given the presidents number and I said You BET I will call and let everyone know just what Staples stands For!!!!

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ANGRY JANIS - 37 d 10 s ago


I have placed TWO online orders with Staples and BOTH of them have NOT been delivered AS PROMISED.

1. the first time I was not told I had to be here to sign for it. After your people LIED to me twice I finally got some that said

it wasn't delivered because I wasn't here to sign for it.


that was shipped, however, your DRIVER AGAIN FAILED TO GET HERE AS SCHEDULED!




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