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500 Staples Dr.
Framingham, MA
Ronald Sargent
Chairman and CEO
(508) 253-5000
(508) 253-8989
Twitter IDs
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Long time customer, now past customer. - 2 d ago


Easy Rebate is anything but easy. The customer assistance is a bad joke. Don't waste your time. Buy elsewhere. Vote with your pocketbook people.

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Nancy - 3 d ago


I hope you read this and past it on to someone "upstairs" who can make policy changes. I'm a long-time Staples customer and want to suggest a new Use Friendly program. When I purchase Staples Paper there is always - what you call an "Easy Rebate" But it is NOT easy - that is false advertising!

So here's my suggestion: Instead of making me go home, sift through a wad of receipts to find the right one and then find a number among a very confusing set of many numbers and then have to enter this number on a web page and then wait for weeks to get my $1.00 rebate ...JUST SELL YOUR PAPER FOR $1.00 LESS!!!! You're "Easy Rebate" is demeaning, confusing and time-consuming which I can only guess is your attempt to have me give up trying to get my rebate!

I recommend you be NICE to us Staple's Paper Users, and REALLY make it EASY by just LOWERING the price at the point of sale. PLEASE!! That way "EASY" would be true. Thanks for listening. please pass this on to the people who can make a change. PS: When this change is made I think it would make a great commercial and your Paper sales would go way up!!!!

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Anonymous - 3 d 15 h ago


Dear Ms. Patricia H: Thank you for responding to my inquiry re delivery of my order from your establishment. I find it particularly interesting that a concern as magnanimous as Staples would be unable to support its customers in the care of merchandise from your warehouse to the customer's home. Additionally, I do not know what difference it would make in ordering from a "local" Staples or via the online option. However, there is a distinction in the professional methodology applied when filling customers' orders. It is surprising that Staples would require customers to order from local franchises - why bother with online ordering then which just happens to be the wave of future? Rethink that response in your correspondence to me. In other words if the only way you can keep customers' orders protected from those to whom they are unintended; then you will lose out in the online market that is taking this country by leaps and bounds. Therefore, it is advised that great care be given in determining not merely the most cost effective but also protective manner that your customers receive their orders. in other words, it is unnecessary for Staples to be aware of buildings and policies, governing those residences - perhaps millions throughout the United States. However, it is your responsibility to ensure a reliable method of delivery and thereby require those who make your deliveries to require special instructions for recipients of your goods. Unfortunately, if these precautions are not met, then you engage in an ongoing missing, substitute, investigation maze - a great waste of time, labor power and near negation of cost effectiveness (I am sure your operations manager would agree). Again, thank you for your attention to this matter and I do anticipate in future, Staples will take more care, look into this apathy between Staple, its products and how those goods are received by its customers. I trust you will have a great day. Blessings, Rev. Dr. Phylicia Harding-Smith cc: Mr. Ronald Sargent President and CEO "The Town Crier" Daily -----Original Message----- From: support To: Phylics9 Sent: Thu, Dec 7, 2017 4:58 pm Subject: Delivery for order #(hidden) (KMM61865062V83585L0KM) Good afternoon, I received notification that your order was improperly delivered to an incorrect location. My apologies for the inconvenience this has caused. Per the notification, you have asked if there is any way to prevent this from happening in the future. The only way to prevent improperly delivered packages is to send the order to a local Staples store. Our drivers are unaware of policies pertaining to specific housing complexes and subdivisions. Once again, I do apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for choosing Staples. We appreciate your business. Patricia H. Customer Service Professional Please help Staples keep your personal information secure by not providing credit card information within email correspondence. Should any credit information be required, a Staples representative will contact you via phone for further information

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Toni - 6 d ago


Mr Ronald Sargent you have a great employee that we hope you look into for any and all promotions. Her name is Toni..location 465 Tuckahoe Rd Yonkers, NY 10710. She has a huge following and everyone I spoke too in my area has experienced the Best Customer service within a 25 mile radius. Please keep her in mind fo any and all Promotions. Toni has what it takes !!!!!!!

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Anonymous - 10 d 3 m ago

Ronald can you contact me pls

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Bad Carriers - 12 d ago

Horrible delivery service !!!!! The order was loaded on the carriers truck at 10:24am on 11/28/17 was was to be delivered on same day but it turns out the the carrier EASTERN CONNECTIONS said they ran out of time? then just after midnight the same message? where was the truck between 6 and midnight? I received an e-mail today stating it will be delivered on Thursday 11/30/17 so what wrong with today if its already on the truck? I was told by Staples what I already know from tracking info and no more........ Guess its Office Depot from now on !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sharon P - 12 d 15 m ago


Yesterday I went to the staples in Port Jeff Station, NY to print up some documents for work. I was having a hard time pulling up the documents from my google drive. I did not even need to ask for help, a tech sales associate was there helping other customers and asked in I needed assistance. Corey then proceeded to help me until my issue was resolved. Him and a fellow tech associate Wade never became frustrated with me or the technical issue and stayed to help me even after their work hours were finished. Thank you so much for your help yesterday!!!

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Kamilah A. - 12 d 15 m ago


I received a email from Staples @ 11:08 am on 11/28/2017 that their Cyber Monday deals were still going strong. So I checked the website and found a 17' laptop that was still on sale for $329.99. I left my job to go across the street to the Staples near my job and the clerk at the Lewisville location informed me that the laptop was still on sale yesterday but they didn't have any in stock. She then assisted me to call the Frisco location and they informed her that they had 2 laptops available. I went back to work and went I got off at 5pm I rushed over the the Staples store in Frisco and they denied me the sales price. Per the Manager at the Frisco and the Dallas locations they could not honor the sales prices any longer after the price changed at 4pm on 11/28/2017. The Staples ad did not have a cutoff time on on their website nor their store ad. I personally feel that Staples was misleading and I will never spend my money at their store again. I normally buy from Amazon and they will continue to get all of my business going forward.

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I feel like I have just been STAPLED or maybe it was a weak attempt ast BAIT and SWITCH - 12 d 20 h ago


Yesterday, 11/27/17, I purchased an HP Laptop computer (14bk063st) for the sales price of $699.99. It was on sale thru yesterday and store clerk at 220 Grande Heights Drive in Cary, NC, said they did not have in store, but that she could order, and I would have tomorrow 11/29/17. I then paid for the computer with my credit card.

Today, I received an email that the item was out of stock. I went back to the store and that it would be 3 to 5 days before they would restock but they could not hold my order open. They offered a much lesser computer for around the sales price, but nothing close to what I had already paid for.

The store clerk would have liked to have been helpful, but he store manager seemed less than concerned and suggested that I call the customer service number on my receipt. I did that and found that even though Staples had charged my credit card and they would likely have the same computer in 3 to 5 days, I could not get the computer I paid $699.99 for and it would only be available at the new price which would be $999.99.

Felt like I had just been STAPLED.

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Jeff - 12 d 20 h ago


Same here I bought the laptop on Black Friday via the web.. Everything went through got my confirmation. On Monday I checked for a tracking number and it was Cancelled.. No reason as to why it was cancelled.. Was told to call the customer svc dept.. Called and after talking to 2 people was told they couldn't verify my billing address didn't email or call since they did have all that info too.. Cant wait for Amazon to take Staples out of business..

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I have been STAPLED! - 12 d 19 h ago

Sorry you got STAPLED also. Seems like Staples doesn't want to live up to what they advertise. Guess it is off to Costco or Amazon tomorrow.

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Lavone mason brooklyn - 14 d ago


On 11/22 we purchased a HP 15.6" laptop at the staples gateway mall to be pick up at the Utica store in hr.

When we went to the Utica store they treated us as if we were trying to pull a fast one on them because they had no record of the transaction and that the process was not followed because they were not contacted to see if they had the laptop. Needless to say they did not have the laptop. They said that my account wouldn't be charged because the item was unavailable. And if possible they will show me other options. We went by the laptop area to wait for them and both managers left us there waiting until we got tired and left. Today November 27 I have called 3 different customer service numbers to see if I can get the hold off my bank account. So far no luck. I am so tired of very bad customer service where me the consumer is left holding the bag (waisted time and dissatisfaction. No one tries to make the situation better.

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Steve - 14 d ago


I went to the Staples in Warwick R.I. on Rt 2. This store is a mess, Walls have paint splattered on them, product unavailable even though computer said they had them at the store. floors filthy, understaffed, Staff not knowledgeable about products, I thought I was in a dump second hand store. I WILL NEVER AGAIN WASTE MY TIME IN A STAPLES AGAIN.

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Tony - 19 d ago


Greg Moncado at the Staples location in San Francisco, CA at Van Ness has the worse customer service. The other employees were willing to help resolve a matter, but when it went to him, he cut off all customer service and decided he didn't want to help resolve quality issues with the product.

He basically wanted to show who's the boss when even his employees said the quality was bad.

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David S - 25 d ago


I had purchased two HDMI cables and two VGA to HDMI adapters, USB audio and power converter 1080P in the Staples store in Casper, WY. Naturally these items were not in stock and had to be ordered. Payment up front was required. When the items came in, they were not what was needed, all except the HDMI cables. I took the VGA to HDMI adapters to the store in Casper, WY and started the refund process. The clerk did an online return, took the adapters and tossed them in the bin behind the customer service desk. Copy of return paperwork was provided. Was told my credit card would be credited the amount. Now 22 days after the return, no refund. And Staples has the product. I received an email from Antionette in customer service saying I never returned VGA to HDMI adapters, what I returned were binders and ink. Well I never purchased binders or ink!! She went on to say she spoke with Adam in the Casper, WY store and he confirmed this, and I forwarded paperwork I had initiated, and I am wrong. Well that return was started in the store, by Staples Employees. Now not only do they have my money, the returned items, and now calling me a liar. There will be no more business by me or my company from these people. Very poor excuse for a customer friendly store and business.

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BUMMED OUT! - 115 d ago


I have been a customer at Staples for years and has always been happy with my purchases, I have a problem now and I was advised by 2 of Staples employees yesterday that I could buy a large quantity of the school supplies however today when I attempted to make the purchase, I was advised that I can't do it. I asked these employees twice if I could make purchase a large quantity of items which were on sale and was told yes each time, that is a lot of time wasted for nothing sitting on hold for almost half an hour, then called a line for people with disabilities, because I am disabled and now I can't fill my obligation for the back to school event which I wanted for the community.

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LillyCoCo - 27 d 21 h ago


The CEO is Ronald Sargent his phone number is (508) 523-5000 if you wait for the voice prompts then simply say "Ronald Sargent" + left him a message, I got thru after so very long being bullied at our las Cruces NM store, but didn't actually talk to him in person, hopefully he has a great admin or Secretary to help you..

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SUSAN CROWFOOT - 49 d 15 h ago


I am writing concerning the decision to close our local Staples store in Jacksonville, Illinois. Please note the following! This is the only office supply store in our town of 19,000 people. We are located 30 miles west of the state's capital of Springfield, IL, which just had their Staples store closed. Jacksonville has 2 colleges, many large and small businesses, the State's Schools for the Deaf and Visually Impaired, and two school districts. We also serve smaller communities all around us which are farther away from Springfield. Many of us shop at Staples IN PERSON because we want to see what we are buying, get computer and technology repairs done, leave our used print cartridges for recycling, get school supplies for our kids, and supplies for our homes and businesses. You also are leaving 15 local people without jobs, and just before the holidays. I understand the store's lease is not up until April 2018! YOU NEED TO RECONSIDER YOUR DECISION TO CLOSE THIS LOCATION! I do not believe that closing will help your PR with folks anywhere in central Illinois either. Our business with you will not be done ONLINE if you leave Jacksonville. PLEASE GET THIS MESSAGE TO THE CORRECTION PEOPLE ASAP!!!

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LillyCoCo - 27 d ago


Hello Sorry to hear about all the hubub, Ronald Sargent is the CEO of Staples, and the phone number is (508) 523-5000 staples shouldn't close but they should do something about their grand and small mangement issues we have been abused and I don't think that the visually impaired will get any help from the knuckleheads that work there at least we don't> I agree I would like Staples to stay open but they need to hire and do a little training of people with brains+hearts because right now they do not.Heard they might be merging with Office Depot, if things don't change everyone will still be in the same dreadful boat with this dysfunctional bunch of bullies.

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moire wilson - 75 d ago



I go frequently to make copies for my business. i have to say everytime i come in its never any assistance but yet you see so many workers.

i always seem to catch one employee that works in the morning helping or doing so many things at once with 0 assistance.

poor cashier. i hope you guys award her for doing the most and managing to still keep a smile.

she should of been the manager instead

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Scratching head - 69 d 1 h ago

After that you rate them five stars?? You do realize that five stars is the best rating you can give, right?

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Shannon - 48 d ago


LOL!!!! There's my stupid aunt again!! Especially when they make it idiot proof and put the words next to the number!

Terrible (0 stars)

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Anonymous - 38 d 19 h ago

She's rating the one person that helps her not the entire store. I get it.

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LillyCoCo - 27 d ago


Agree with you Scratching Head, heard this store was merging with Office Depot, people 'Beware"

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Anonymous - 35 d 18 h ago

7551 Freeport Blvd. Sacramento, California 95832

Store #1343

This might be the worst staples in your corporate fleet, on 05Nov17 I went in to purchase some ink for my printer and just like the first time I wasn't asked if I needed help even after it was announced over the intercom that a customer in ink needs assistance, I waited for help for over 20 minutes until finally I went to my phone to gather the information that I need the customer service is trash and very disappointing however there was one person in the printing department that helped me with an additional item that I needed.

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LillyCoCo - 27 d 35 s ago


They're all bad, which one is the worst, is the 64,000 dollar question

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