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500 Staples Dr.
Framingham, MA
Ronald Sargent
Chairman and CEO
(508) 253-5000
(508) 253-8989
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diane - 1 h ago


I think its time to change the music in the stores. To hear the same stuff year after year is boring! Try some oldies 50's style, 60's 70''''s 80' etc mix it up. other stores do why not you. The people ask all the time when! Please give it some serious attention. Remember all ages of people shop at Staples.

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Dawna Falso - 3 h 24 m ago


I recently brought my laptop to our local Staples store in Mays Landing NJ for repair after the hard drive was corrupted during an automatic update. After having several techs look at the problem, I was told that the best they could do would be to reset my laptop to the factory settings. This would have meant that I lost everything on my computer, all data files, pictures, documents and my Quickbooks which I use for my business. I was not happy, but at least I was going to get a working computer back. When I went to pick up the laptop after receiving a call from Staples, the tech who helped me was Mike H. He said they were getting ready to reset to factory settings and he asked if he could try something. He went ahead and tried what he thought might be the solution and he fixed my computer without my losing one bit of data. He is my hero and he should be the head of the tech dept at Staples and he should also get a big raise in my opinion. He went out of his way to save my computer and did the right thing, even though he could have stayed out of it and let them do what they were planning.

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Erin Hefel - 4 d 21 h ago


This is in regards to" Dubuque Store # 0401 190 John F. Kennedy Rd. Dubuque, IA, 52002 August 3, 2017, I was shopping for school supplies for my three children. I had wanted to get ahead of the rush with Iowa tax-free weekend. As I was checking out the cashier, Brandon H., handed my bags to me to put into my cart. My daughter and I left the store, I put the bags into the back of my car with the other shopping bags from other errands I had ran earlier in the day. August 8th, I pulled out the bags from staples, as I was going to begin to sort the items. I found that I was missing several items. I called the store to see if my missing items were there. The employee, who answered the phone, informed me when bagged items are left behind, "we usually just put them back on the floor shelves." This seemed odd, I asked to speak to the manager. Rob, the store manager, spoke to me. He asked me the date, time and the register number from my receipt. He then put me on hold for 15 minutes while he looked on the store cameras. He came back on the phone and said yes, the employee forgot to give me bags. I asked if they still had the bags. He said no, after 5 days, we just put them back on the shelves. I said today is the 5th day. He said "what? Do you expect that every bag left behind we hold?" I asked how often this happens. He said rarely. I said then why the need to put it back on the shelf so quickly. I asked what I was supposed to do now, he said come back in the in the store and pick out your items again. I explained this is what I was trying to avoid, items being picked over. I continued to explain I already did this shopping once, and now I have to do it again. He said "I guess you should have checked your bags when you got home then, huh?:" I said "perhaps, you should train your employees to be incompetent by giving customers their items purchased. He said "well, you are just being rude that employee happens to be a 4.0 student." I told him the 4.0 GPA doesn't make him a cashier that gives customers their bags when checking out. I told him he needed to make this right, he said "what do you want me to do?" I said "please fix this so I don't have to waste any more time." He said "I don't know what to tell ya'" Doesn't this make inventory inaccurate? Rob gave me the impression that he lacks customer service skills and most importantly really doesn't care about the customers shopping in his store. I went through my items with my three-foot long receipt (literally) for nearly an hour trying to match up number on the receipt to the items I did have. I found I was missing 17 items. Today, August 13, 2017, I went back to the store with all my items and the receipt. I walked up to the registrar, began to tell the cashier why I was there. In the middle of my sentence, he called on his earpiece "Rob, THAT lady with the bags is here." The cashier told me to go gather my missing items. An assistant manager, Theresa, came to help me and apologize for the situation. What I found out from listening to the other cashiers talking, Rob was not coming out of the back, as he did not want to deal with the situation. I am disgusted with Rob and his poor customer service. In the phone call, this all could have been fixed with a simple apology and acknowledged they made a mistake. The other part in this whole situation was on the day I was originally there, not many customers were in the store. No one was in line behind me. By the next customer came to the counter, Brandon would have seen my bags. He could have alerted the supervisor what happened and they could have recalled my transaction, I used my staples rewards card and they could have notified me. This all could have been avoided. For years, at the start of the school year, my husband and I purchase staples gift cards for our children's teachers to buy supplies needed for their classrooms. I don't want a similar experience for those teachers, I will be buying Amazon gift cards instead. Extremely disappoint, Erin Hefel 2865 Oak Crest Dubuque Iowa 52001 5(hidden)

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Anonymous - 2 d 3 h ago

I appreciate your comments on staples customer service. I recently had an experience where i was returning an item to china. My husband not only had to purchase new shipping items, have staples rewrap the item (charge was approximately $13.00, then gave the clerk the return lable with the address to china. It seems the uneducated people employed at staples sent the package to inwood, ny and was delivered to china. So, supposedly it is still in ny but they are not responsible. I am filing a complaint in court against Staples and UPS. Also when calling UPS they state its Staples fault and vise versa.

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Grandma from Middletown ohio - 5 d 21 m ago


I was in the Middletown Ohio staples office on Friday 8/11/17. I was getting copies of some very important forms, hospital, police, evaluation, and so now I had 80 forms to be copied at 10 each. It took 15 minutes to get this done because the one copying the forms was reading some of them. I got home and I found out that there is some of them missing, they were originals. I went back to the store to find out that the one who was copying my forms was the manager. I told that I did not get some of my forms back. She said, oh yes you did, I gave them back to you. I said no you didn't. I tried to show her what I was talking about. She told me that I could look in the trash. Why would my forms be in the trash? I then left the store. Could you help me with my problem?

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Anonymous - 6 d 3 h ago

I am attempting to retrieve a rebate password and no one can assist me. I called the rebate center and received recording. I called another number and was told "sorry but I cannot help." I called the headquarters number and the customer representative listened to me then we were disconnected. I called back and another customer representative stated he would try to help and I was disconnected. No one cares to help a customer. Why is there not a "forgot your password link" on your rebate page? The rebate system will not let me continue. Can a customer obtain rebates are is this just a marketing scam?

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Wayne Damato - 31 d ago


Dear Mr Sargent, I have been a raving fan of Staples for many years. Bought all office supplies from Staples when I owned a large brokerage and likewise all of our personal supplies, including my last 3 laptops with Staples service plans. Again, a raving fan. Late last December I made a purchase that qualified for a rebate and promptly completed the online rebate form. Left for Florida late Jan for 2.5 months and had mailed held at the post office while we were gone. When we returned in mid-April I picked up the mail, found the $11.98 Visa rebate card and went to use it - at Staples of course. The cashier explain that some $5.00 had already been used so it was only worth $7 and change. I called the number on the back of the card and was told the card had been used in Feb. I explained that this was impossible, my mail was held from end of Jan to early April by the US post office so they had a fraud problem. The customer service gentleman took all my info, immediately cancelled the card I was holding and promised me a new card within 6 weeks. Flash forward to early June and I still hadn't received the replacement card. Called and spoke again to a polite young man who told me that the card would be mailed out within 3-5 days. Today is July 17th and I still don't have it. Called again today and spoke to both a c/s rep and a supervisor (Dara L - EE/ID# 00752) who both told me this matter had to go before resolution and that it would be another 3 weeks or so before I would see the replacement Visa rebate card. Mind you at this point I have no faith I will ever see this card. I understand that this is an independent company who handles Staples rebate programs but I'm writing this because I want you to know I can't begin to say how aggravated and disappointed I am with their lack of efforts/results. Their poor performance reflects directly on Staples and should not be tolerated. I look forward to a reply from Staples Corporate.

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Anonymous - 15 d ago

You are all aware that Ron is no longer with Staples

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Anonymous - 15 d 3 h ago


I spoke with a inside print specialist MF about a wall decal i wanted made on 7/17/17. She assured me she would "work on it" and call me back with a price. She never called me back...i sent her several e mails regarding it snd she did not answer. Finally i got her on the phone and sge saud she would have it for my review by lunch and never called me back. I'm disappointed in the service or lack there off and will be takibg my business elsewhere.

Thank you

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Neuhierl - 16 d 3 h ago


Please contact Merchandising. You either have the wrong product image on the website or the wrong product SKU/Description. I ordered what APC Website says, per THEIR image is PE6U2 and Staples has shipped me P6WU2 FOUR TIMES. I refused the last 2 shipments. I tried explaining by phone and email. Somebody STILL doesn't understand what I am saying. I sure don't want you to ship the wrong item again, the 5th time! My original order: (hidden).

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Taylin Cheffy - 17 d ago


I have shopped at Staples for more than thirty years. Three of my family members were corporate executives who also shopped at Staples for many years. I moved to Venice Florida seven years ago and currently shop at your store on Rt 41 in Venice where I have recently purchased 2 printers and lots of little stuff. It has been my great pleasure to have been served by Taylin Cheffy who is a very bright and very helpful employee of yours. His service has been so above and beyond the ordinary that I felt compelled to write you a note and say that this young man is outstanding. He THINKS when you ask him a question and he has been helpful to me in ways that surpass most other employees in most other companies. His advice has been invaluable and I just wanted you to know about it because he deserves special recognition. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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APR - 22 d ago


I purchased four boxes of #10 white envelopes and they were unusable. They jammed the copier, the "glue" was almost non-existent and the weight of the paper was not very heavy. I have bought these for many years from Staples and just recently was disappointed in the quality. Until the quality improves I will get my envelopes from W.B. Mason

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Anonymous - 23 d ago

Gloria I got a $30.00 off with 60 dollar purchase with either phone or email purchase I called my order in and send my husband in to pick it up

. He was told they couldn't handle the transaction because they didn't have the right equipment topross

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Jonathon Cordova - 24 d 15 m ago


Staples 470 Noor Are, South San Francisco CA

Beyond terrible customer service, The store manager Jose just doesn't know how to talk with customers or people he should not be working in retail. The attitude I got from Jose from staples was ridiculous I will not be shopping at this location.

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Natalie Tao. - 24 d 7 h ago


Staples South San Francisco CA 94080

I came in this store July 21 2017 I came to look at the iPads and laptops. As I was asking questions the manager got upset with me telling me not to be so cheap. Right away I left the store leaving the parking lot the manager did not have his name tag but he tells me outside of the staples store to suck his dick china bitch. Way out of line what kind of management is going on I will never shop at staples ever.

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Fletcher Hull - 27 d 23 h ago


On June 26, 2017, I took and order to my local Staples store at 32120 Highway 79 South, Temecula, CA 92592. What my order consisted of was to divide a book, which they had previously bound for me, into 3 parts. The only process they needed to perform was the separation and rebinding. This book, which is my property, was a history of my ancestors dating back to 1641. Each cover of the 3 sections had that information clearly printed. I received and email advising me that my order was complete on June 27, 2017. Due to an overload of activity due to our daughter's wedding and a business trip out of town I forgot to pick my order up. When I went to the store today to pick up my order I was told that it had been disposed of! I have never received any further email after the communication on June 27, 2107 and have never received a phone call or message regarding my order. This book was a document crested over a 10 year period of my family history. It was hundreds of pages which included copies of photos, obituary's, personal letters and more. I am a rewards member for years, they had all my contact information. The action taken by the store is incomprehensible. How could someone look at the covers and just throw it out without any attempt to reach me.I have been a loyal customer of Staples for years, now I will never set foot in one of your stores again.

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Henry - 31 d 16 h ago


Dear Mr. Sargent,

I am a seven-year-old boy. My name is Henry. I have a Staples Easy Button and I would like to know the name of the person who made the recording "That was easy." Please tell me about this person.

Thank you, Henry

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Tom and Karen Cole - 33 d ago


I wanted to let you know about our experience at your Ocean City, MD store. My husband and I were on vacation and needed something for his business. We did not understand how to do what needed to be done and we were having great difficulty. Your associate, Jessica, spent over two hours with us trying to get an important document out of our email and printed onto architectural paper. She did accomplish it for us. She was knowledgeable, friendly and very professional. Thank you for having such a quality employee.


Tom and Karen Cole

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Tip of the Iceberg - 41 d ago


Received an "Order Ready for Pickup" email at 11:18 am (local time) on 07/07; arrived at the store at 11:50 a.m. The snot-nosed kid who seemed to be running things informed me that he did not receive his store-to-store transfers until 1:00 p.m. and would NOT have someone check. He sent me into the 112-degree Phoenix heat with a snide apology for MY confusion. I'll wait until evening when it is cooler and he might not be there.

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Diana Lowe-DiSalvo - 49 d 21 h ago


I hope you will read this and help with solving my problem. I shop at the Harrisonburg, VA, on Burgess Rd . It seems that our company has totally forgot about people that can't walk very good. To get to the check-out counter you have to take a trip pass the shelves loaded with candies, batteries, and basically Junk. Then you have to walk back down the shelves to finally get to where you have to checkout and if unlucky and have people in front of you, you have to stand and wait to be checked-out. All you have to do is open a short cut to the checkout for handicap people. Do you really need the little money you take in with trying to sell junk while waiting in line. I was there today (6/29/17) and it will be the last. What I buy I can get on the web and won't have to walk and stand and go thought barriers to checkout!!!!!!!! One last thing........ the workers could care less if you found what you were looking for, dah, no brain.

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Edward Valenti - 51 d 4 h ago


Recently I stopped by Staples in Newtown, Pa. to purchase a Kindle tablet and compare it to the iPad and Samsung tablets. None of the tablets on display were plugged in or working. The employees on duty did not know how to get the devices working or the differences in the devices. Therefore, I was forced to go home, look up information on my computer and order from Amazon. I would think Staples would want to promote their products and have informed staff to assist consumers. This is why Amazon is growing and box stores like Radio Shack are closing.

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Dr Robert Bogosian - 56 d ago


My name is Dr. Robert Bogosian and my company has been using Avery compatible labels 5160/8160 branded Staples. We noticed with our last shipment that you changed vendors and the and they are no longer made in the USA and are now sourced in Viet Nam. These new labels are terrible and my employees in the production department hate them. They are hard to separate from the backing and constantly rip. I don't know how much money you saved by changing vendors but you are losing me as a customer.

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Anonymous - 59 d ago

My name is Maverick Kendrick Sr. I've done business with Staples in 465 Tuckahoe Road, Yonkers New York in Westchester County, Iam not very pleased with the way they have treated me and the members of our organization called, ROPING INC. Reaching Out to People In Neighborhoods For Growth, Inc. our organization ordered a ink stamp pad from your Staples in Yonkers NY. It's been over one month. We have been patient, but not treated as valued customers as we should have been. I spoke with one of the managers, whom said they would let me know what happened to our product. It's been over a week now. Now we feel we are not valued customer. Iam hoping this is an over site. We have done much business with your company. Iam very disappointed in this action of how we have been treated. I ask that Mr. Ronald Sargent CEO of Staples would look into this matter. I thank you for your time.

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Bob Franks - 63 d ago

Just left the store in Lewisville, Texas, what a dump the bathrooms are filthy. Tile coping falling of the wall, toilet paper everwhere. I dont think they have been cleaned in days. The staff is clueless, no pride in their workplace. Millenials

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lsg - 65 d 21 m ago


I was a regular shopper at the Staples in Roanoke, VA. Key words "was a regular shopper". In late 2016 I received a Staples Rewards card. In April of this year I tried to use the card and found someone had accessed the card (I received it in a sealed envelope-so I have to assume someone at the Rebate Center may have used it). I have spoken to 6 different people since April and each time I'm told it's on the way. I know the postal service is not known for speedy delivery but it's now mid June! I've emailed once before to customer and never heard back. I am very disappointed that Staples would treat a loyal customer in this manner. Looks like I'll become a loyal Office Depot customer. I hope this email makes it to the Chairman & CEO, Ronald Sargent so he can see how customer service is treating their customer. After reading more reviews, I see I'm not alone.

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