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500 Staples Dr.
Framingham, MA
Ronald Sargent
Chairman and CEO
(508) 253-5000
(508) 253-8989
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Anonymous - 7 d 27 m ago


horrible customer service!!!

suprised they didnt go out of bussiness yet!

was kept on hold for almost 2 hours

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Anonymous - 16 h 11 m ago

Most of the time that is caused by front end just ignoring the phone while they talk to other people.

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make it easy - 3 d 12 h ago

Hey staples i thought it was supposed to be easy? why cant youre stores read QR codes for shipping lables??

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Read the instructions :/ - 16 h 13 m ago


If you would READ the email from Amazon it says to take it to a UPS Store not any place that accepts UPS.

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Anonymous - 2 d 11 h ago

hello staples.

my name is patrick fieldad. i was one of the former employees that worked for staples store in vernal, utah before the store was close down back in 2017 of october. the corporate issued a severance pay which i receive my first one. my problem is, is that the last severence pay, i did not received it yet. due to the fact that their was a mistake on putting my direct deposit account. because on the portal, i put the wrong one. instead of savings, i clicked " checking" so i guest it came back to the company. im not sure how this can be resolved, i know i have sent a request form to fix this but i havent heard any news till now. i have closed my account and opened a new one. i hope the company can help me because i am still willing and expecting to receive my last severence pay. i hope one of the reps. can help me. my email add is (hidden). ..

thank you again for any help that i will receive. have a nice day.

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AkiliB - 3 d 16 h ago


I made a purchase on Tuesday May 15th, totaling $727.76. I returned the major part of that purchase on Wednesday, May 17th. The balance due to be returned to my checking account was $714.97. I checked my bank on Thursday and the refund was showing as "pending." However, today there is no record of the refund on my bank statement. I have been in contact with the staples where I made the purchase, as well as another staples to which I was directed (because the manager of the original Staples said that he couldn't do anything about it) yet no one seems to know what has happened to my money. My bank acknowledges that the pending refund was showing Thursday but is no longer there. While I am sure that this will get resolved eventually, it is a HUGE inconvenience for me and I dislike no knowing the location of my hard-earned money. This is not the first time that I have been subjected to the incompetence of whomever is managing this particular retailer. So needless to say, hell will freeze over twice before I EVER shop at another Staples for ANYTHING! I don't need this added stress in my life.

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Laurie - 4 d 17 h ago


Purchased a new computer from Atascadero Ca store.

Paid $69.99 for data transfer and $150.00 for Windows 10 install. $469 for the computer.

I left my new and old computers with Tech support.

I have been told twice my computer was ready to pick up.

Both times I drove 25 minutes and it was not ready.

The excuse from the store manager, Ian, is they just don't have enough Tech support.

Why is this my problem? And why is Staples offering Tech support help services when they can't live up to their promises.

This has become a bummer experience and I will not be shopping there anymore.

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skhi - 5 d 11 h ago


First I took a USB in to your Prescott store to have some prints made. They told me my USB wasn't a Staples USB, so it wouldn't work and they couldn't do the prints. I went over to Fedex and they had no problem printing from my USB tool 5 minutes. By the way, I purchased the USB from Staples in Vancouver, Washington.

Today I figured, since they couldn't read my USB, I'd try emailing my documents. They said they never received the email and didn't know why I received an email from them indicating they had received my documents and they were ready to print. So, I emailed them to Fedex, walked in the door 10 minutes later and they were ready... and cost less than Staples.

That is why Staples will soon be out of business.

PS: Your Live Chat doesn't work either.

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customer - 7 d 14 h ago


Very bad customer service by phone today.

Employee;Staples. ME: I would like to talk with someone about bringing in my laptop computer to have it looked at.

Employee: Yep. ME: waiting for something more. I finally ask are you someone I can talk to.

Employee: Yep. ME: I explain the problem with my laptop. Employee: could be a virus. ME: No, its not. I know it can be repaired. But I need it checked. Employee: okay. ME: waiting again to see if he will offer more information. Finally, I ask is there a flat price for that. Employee: well, uh. the manage isn't here right now. Then, he says hold on. He comes back to the phone and says $159.99 and we can't fix it, we will refund you the money. ME: Thank you.

Now after this conversation, would you feel good about taking your laptop and leaving it with the YEP guy or anyone else there? Not me. And I got better customer service and price at 2 other places today. I will be going there. And don't think I will ever shop Staples for anything else ever.

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Alec - 7 d 15 h ago


Being a long term customer when I needed my three computers looked at I went to my local staples. Before taking them in i inquired about the current cost of their totoal care" and was it was $169.00, but when I went to pick up the one computer that needed total care the bill was $339.00. The had added programs i did not authorize.

THAT IS CALLED "BAIT AND SWITCH" So not the stated price, but an inflated one.


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Jacquelyn J Bell - 10 d ago


My name is Jacquelyn j bell and I am at the 3675 Camp Creek Marketplace Staples location the store is supposed to open up on Saturdays at 9 a.m. however a person came out at 9:10 saying that one of the associate had an emergency and he could not open up the store by himself because he's the only person left however two other associates are in the store while he stated to a group of people he was the only one in the building he says they will open up at 10 and if we like we could call the corporate.

I don't want to talk to the corporate I want to talk to the CEO about this horrible customer service. Word of Mouth is. everything.

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Brian White - 10 d 15 h ago


I called the store in Seekon, MA on 5/11/18 at approximately 6:10 pm. When the gentleman answered i told him i'd like my receipt looked up for a purchase i made for my business. He stated "no problem, he's looking up another customers now, it'll be a couple of minutes. He then came back on the phone and stated "Im sorry sir, you have to be IN the store for us to look it up. I then told him ive never had this happen at another Staples store. I asked for the managers name and waa told it is Pail Berdarias

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Ellen - 11 d ago


On Wednesday May 9, 2018, I walked into Staples, Hicksville, NY to pick up an online order. After showing my license as ID, I accidently left it with the customer service rep. The next day, after searching all over the house, I realized that the last place I had it was at Staples. I called on May 10 and was told that they had it in lost and found. When I asked them why they didn't contact me, since I am in the phone book and live 5 blocks away, the manager was nasty and said he didn't have enough workers in the store for that. So upset with their attitude and lack of caring. Please follow up with this store. Thank you.

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Steven koenig - 11 d 1 h ago

You need a store in dartmouth ma

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J Winnett - 11 d 15 h ago


Placed order 9:08a Received confirmation email @ 9:09a Indicating an Expected Delivery: Monday, May 14, 2018 Received email from Credit Card @ 9:11a reporting the charge to my credit card Received another email from Staples @ 11:14 indicating my Order had been cancelled. Chatted online after receiving an email indicating Order was cancelled. Agent collected my callback # Requested an email copy of chat transcript Agent collected my email address Inquired if I was able to accept a call at that time Recommened to call in to speak to a Supervisor by phone. 05/10 4:43 PM Requested Supervisor Jean transferred me to Supervisor Provided Order #: (hidden) Acer Aspire 3 A315-21-95K Product #: 2716184 Waited on Hold Mary came online @ 4:51p Explained ocurrence She disputed that the transcation was not complete Explained I was escalating to Corporate Placed me on hold 4:57p Returned to the line @ 5:02P Returned and reported that this was part of a special sale That the price listed was $299 Reiterated and walked through the confirmation email that reuglar retail is $320 and 2 Discounts were applied totaling $120 320 - 120 + 12.50 = $212.50 Which is what my card was charged The Confirmation email stated an Expected Delivery date: Monday May 14, 2018. I stated the transcation was completed, my card charged, and a confirmation email was received Placed on hold again @ 5:05P Returned to the line @ 5:09 offered a callback from a Manager Then confirmed my callback phone number Inquired where this Manager would be calling from Mary indicated a Corporate Manager from MA. Apologized & offered a corporate survey. Completed survey & closed the call @ 5:13p. Provided Order # & expectation for transcaction to be honored.

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Yelena Gakh - 13 d 12 h ago


Dear Customer Service Representative,

I was told by the manager in the Printing Section of the Staples in Chevy Chase (Store Address: 6800 Wisconsin Ave Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815 Store #0177 (hidden)) that the young lady who was able to print 11x17 from my pdf-file violated the policy of the Staples, because she was supposed to charge me for reformatting the pdf file $10 and then charge me more than 79 cents per copy. He himself was not able to repeat her job when I came to get more copies. And he said that the worker who did her best for the satisfaction of her customer violated the policy of Staples.

Does it mean that serving customers in the most efficient and courtesy manner by the Staples employee is considered to be violation of Staples' policy by their managers who do not have even the skills of their subordinates?

The manager's name is Harold. Yelp's reviews give him 1 star for his work.

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J. An - 15 d 15 h ago


Below is how your customer service responds to my complaint and frustration. This is totally not professional and i will never shop from your store again................... When i arrived at the store in Gainesville, i noticed that you had the items that i had ordered at the shelf at the store. Your customer service person told me that they were told not to fulfill this order by corporate office. Now, you are saying that you didn't have this in stock??? Are you really playing games with me. Be sure i will be in contact soon!!! From: (hidden) Sent: Sunday, May 6, 2018 5:16 PM To: John An Subject: Re: Staples Order (hidden) - Item Not Available: Delivery Option Available (KMM63562356V41344L0KM) Hi Jun, Thank you for taking the time to email Staples concerning the unavailability of the product you were looking for. We understand that this is a tremendous inconvenience for our customers to leave our stores without the product they came in for. We apologize. Be assured that every effort is being made to make certain that our merchandise is always in stock. We have shared your email with our product managers and fulfillment coordinators so that the information can assist in the way we replenish our stores. On the order i show the only reason it was cancelled was due to there being no stock, so I am very sorry about any confusion. Thank you for using Staples. We appreciate your business. Rebecca B. Customer Service Representative e-mail: (hidden) online: email ID:35026802 Please help Staples keep your personal information secure by not providing credit card information within email correspondence. Should any credit information be required, a Staples representative will contact you via phone for further information. Original Message Follows: ------------------------ This really does not make sense. you guys continue to sell this product at this price on site below and you also have placed a charge pending on my credit which i am not able to use. You will be hearing about this from Better Business Bureau regards to this. From: (hidden) Sent: Sunday, May 6, 2018 2:46 PM To: John An Subject: Re: Staples Order (hidden) - Item Not Available: Delivery Option Available Hello John, thank you for contacting Staples. I am sorry for the inconvenience you encountered with our recent pricing error on the following item: Item - KEURIG KCUP DUNKIN DONUTS ORIGINAL BLEND COFFEE 44 COUNT This was a typographical error on the pricing for this item. Our Terms and Conditions for the use of indicates we are not responsible for typographical errors. Errors of this kind cannot form the basis of a backorder, a reservation or a price match. For any questions please visit our Help Center at

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Anonymous - 15 d 13 h ago


I placed a order online and arrived at the store to pick up and customer service person at Gainesville, VA store told me that they were told not to fulfill the order because the merchandise had an price error at the store and they will not give it to me and will not honor their online price. So, i emailed the customer service at staple and first they said they did honor it because it was their price error online. when i actually emailed the site that had still the wrong price, then the customer service agent said that they did not have the merchandise in stock even thought i actually saw that they had it at the store when i walked in. So, i emailed them then they said that they will not honor the price since it was their error... they are totally playing games with me and even now at the site they still displace the price that i wanted to purchase it... this is totally unprofessional and i will never shop at your store again. you guys just play games with me and btw... your employees at the gainesville store really are rude and unfriendly. they acted like it was my fault for coming to store. this was 1 hour pick up.

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Clearwater Casino Resort - 18 d 50 m ago


I would like to take a moment and compliment you on our Staples Representative Hannah Bear. She has been awesome to work with. She is attentive and cheerful and very responsive to any issues that come up. We were having major delivery issues with the On Trac delivery system. She made me feel like she was in agreement with our concerns and made some changes that have helped us tremendously. She has followed up a number of times with emails and phone calls to make sure we were taken care of. She has given us service that we have not always gotten from Staples and it is much appreciated. Please recognize her for a job well done. She is an asset to your company.

Kevin Beliveau

Purchasing Agent

Clearwater Casino Resort


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Anonymous - 18 d 8 h ago


Your store at 2760 W Peoria Ave Phoenix AZ 85029 really needs your attention. Manager Jessica and printing staff needs change. Every time when you order printing there is some problem to occur. They don't call u when order is done, they mostly make mistake first they don't write how many copies you need, than when they print they mostly make mistake in printing they dark photos, or mispell dates or hours on your print. Last drop today was that I ordered 18 copies of document they only printed 2, than they made picture on document darker than I give them to copy, than for 2 copies they charged me 2.56 . So I complained that I need more copies and order 8 cause this suppose to be done 2 days ago. For 8 copies she wanted to charge me 91 dollar whatever for 2 I was just charged 2.56. So I said there is no logic here common. So employee use phrase" Mam don't yell at me" and she made pretty mean sadisfying face like she got me there. Omg. The worst part is that Manager comes and explains me that not that they made mistake printing wrong number if copies but they made mistake charging me wrong amount . So one shift charge you one amount and other shift different amount . Is this posible?

Manager Jessica never ever showed or said any apology to me . She was perfectly fine with anything that her horible employees did. Jessica's and her employees customer service on lower level posible and they should never worked with customers.

I m with Staples for so many years but using this particular store for last 2 and it's horible expirience every time. I hope you will do something about this or I will. Someone needs to put stop on this.

Thank you

Jelena Y

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Marianne - 18 d 18 h ago

I stood in line with an armful of merchandise. Only after I waited, arms aching, did I learn when it was my turn, that the store was accepting ONLY CASH. Their system was down. What's wrong with your organization. I thought you used to lead the office supply retail market.

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Robert R. - Ohio - 21 d 18 h ago


The company closed the only store in our county, thus i have to travel 30 -40 minutes to the closest remaining retail facility, which i did today to purchase a toner cartridge for an Epson printer. I brought the expended cartridge so there would be no mistake on the correct replacement. when i arrived i was pleasantly greeted and an associate stocking the ink shelves approached me and offered to assist, which i accepted . when she returned from a brief search she presented a replacement, which i foolishly did not confirm to be the correct item. In fact , not only was the cartridge not the right part number, it was an HP, a totally different brand. i did not discover this until i returned to m office to install. upon discovery i called the store, asked for the manager and held for over 10 minutes . a polite associate who was not the manager answered explaining the manager was in a meeting but he would take the message. Upon explaining the matter his response was "simple mistakes happen, what do you want me to do about it": Not the anticipated response.

I then called the corporate office and suffered through a matrix before reaching a live operator who answered in Spanish. i stated no hablor and asked for English , got a "Oh Gees" and was hung up on.

Brand loyalty is not worth incompetency, ignorance and lack of customer appreciation. Drove 30 minutes each way wasting time, money, fuel. drove past 2 -3 competitors.

Will not patronize this company in the future, too many other options.

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Greg Serveiss, Maj, USAF Ret. - 22 d ago


I am very disappointed with Staples policy of not providing a military discount. I put my life on the line serving our great country for 23 years, including the Vietnam Era. I speak for hundreds of thousands men and women just like myself.

Office Depot offers up to 20 percent discount for active military and retirees like myself.

Until your company recognizes the enormous sacrifices we have accepted, I will no longer do business with Staples.

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Regina Ashley-Hickson - 23 d 3 s ago

My name is Regina Ashley-Hickson, I'm a very disgruntle customer ! I purchase internet security for my laptop a year in a half ago and the warranty is for two years ending Nov. 2018. I took my laptop in due to pop up errors indicating the virus protection was not covering my computer. I paid 160.00 plus for the software call Kaspersky plus warranties because Staples associates said it was "The Best".

Now Staples is telling me Kaspersky is no longer being used and was disbanned for reasons has nothing to do with me. I spoke the acting store managet, Julis who spoke to the Store manager, Sarah, informed him there's nothing they could do. I would like to be compensate for some monies for the purchase of the softwear n warranty as my warranty is still in effect.

Thanks. I canbe reached at (hidden), (hidden)

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Anonymous - 23 d 15 h ago

I will never shop at Stapes again. They sold me a computer and numerous other products. I paid to have them transfer all of my previous documents from my old computer to my new. They did not do this. When I called to advise them that I was working on a deadline, they werr rude and told me that I needes to bring my computer back to the store. Moreover, they were very rude. Karen

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