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500 Staples Dr.
Framingham, MA
Ronald Sargent
Chairman and CEO
(508) 253-5000
(508) 253-8989
Twitter IDs
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Roz Naimoli - 6 d 4 h ago


Hi Mr Sargent,

I have high praise for an employee at your Vernon Hills, IIl, store by the name of Josh Devine. He did what I asked with no problem and was courteous and helpful.

This was a joy after being at your Highland Park, Il. Store the day before which was disorganized ; people were clueless and rude. One girl said she would get someone to help me by the name of Adam- I waited 30 minutes and no Adam came.

No one was in the store at the time.

Give Josh a raise and promotion- he deserves it !

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Anonymous - 7 d 6 h ago

Hello Staple Chairman and CEO

Staple representative Crenshaw Baldwin Hills store number 1376

Clerk number (hidden)2873901

I came into the store twice to return Brothers black ink I was told if I cannot find my receipt don't even waste my time coming back because their policy states after 14 days you cannot return

I was told to come back tomorrow to talk to the manager he's not in today insistent ask she to call their helpdesk she she was told by her manager not to do the transaction after calling called Help Desk gave her the authority to override as a customer statement was very disappointed

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Chris K - 7 d 14 h ago


RE: Staples failure to furnish correct ink cartridge and provide any remedy

While purchasing a HP printer for my computer at Staples, Inc. in Salem, MA recently, I had also purchased an ink cartridge combo pack to use when the provided introductory ink packs became useless. Unfortunately, the salesman sold me the wrong combo pack and when I returned to the store I was told that Staples would not exchange or even take any responsibility even though they had made an error and had sold me the wrong pack, and that I would need to purchase a new combo pack. They would not provide any assistance whatsoever. I had asked whether Staples would be able to discount the price as they had originally made the error, however this was flatly refused.

The manager asked if I had the original invoice from when I purchased the computer, however I did not have it with me but asked whether Staples would retrieve the invoice on their computerized system, however I was flatly told again that they would do nothing to help me. They did go online to verify my telephone number that I was in fact a member, but I find it disturbing that they refused to go one step further while they had my account on their computer.

I have had a few brushes with Staples in the past and have heard from other customers of their dismal level of customer service, however I never went out of my way before to voice my dissatisfaction, that is up until now. It is abundantly clear to me that Staples unequivocally values greed over providing any level of what would be considered even a minimum of customer service. In not accepting any responsibility whatsoever for their actions and misdeeds, I feel it necessary to warn others who would like to purchase from Staples, Inc. that other reputable retailers exist who will 'do the right thing' when a problem such as this occurs. Staples has blatantly shown its disrespect for its customers and its contemptuous policy to take advantage of its customers even when they themselves admit to making a mistake but will not offer any relief to an injured party.

As more and more consumers are mishandled by this entity, which I am almost sure will transpire given their ineptness, poor attitude and greed, the marketplace will determine their just fate.

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Tomatohead - 9 d 6 h ago


This company likes lie cheat and steal money and yell at customers and take advantage of disable customers by discrimination because cannot back up there products. Rather pass off their dirty work to warranty company who can't listen.

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elr - 11 d 13 h ago


I purchased paper and it never came I then get an email saying that it was delivered and that I signed for it which I didn't I then proceeded to ask for a refund as I had bought what I needed from Office Depot I was assured a refund and then get an email saying they did e resend after I requested and confirmed a refund The live chat agent was rude and unhelpful telling me there was nothing she could do the reorder had been sent, I absolutely hate Staples and will do all I can to let people know the kind of treatment they give their costumer

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frances wollach - 42 d 8 h ago


I purchased a cartridge at 24th and park ave south

it was the wrong one, I had already changed one

and now the girl at that store ssaid should could not change it again

because when I got home ih ad the 901 xl instead of the 901

I need to exchange it

it is my fault

frances wollach

917 678 8404

301 e 21 st

ny ny 10010

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Duh Mmy! - 14 d 8 h ago

Good idea! Post your name, phone number and address for the whole world to see. Why not include your Social Security number, pet's name, mother's maiden name and computer passwords?

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Anonymous - 13 d 4 h ago


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Zoogal - 13 d 4 h ago

The store in Asheboro, North Carolina is wonderful. I've been a customer there for a long time.

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moire wilson - 20 d 7 h ago



I go frequently to make copies for my business. i have to say everytime i come in its never any assistance but yet you see so many workers.

i always seem to catch one employee that works in the morning helping or doing so many things at once with 0 assistance.

poor cashier. i hope you guys award her for doing the most and managing to still keep a smile.

she should of been the manager instead

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Scratching head - 14 d 8 h ago

After that you rate them five stars?? You do realize that five stars is the best rating you can give, right?

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Sue - 16 d 6 h ago


Poor Customer Service

My son ordered a chair for me online. I went to pick it up and they didn't have the chair. The manager didn't apologize for the problem and didn't explain why the site said there were 4 in stock, when they actually had none. The manager said she cancelled the order and and an email sent to my son an hr before I got there. The manager never tried to reach him to apologize. No concern about not filling the order or trying to find one at another store. Worst customer service I've ever received especially when it comes to a store manager.

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Vanessa - 17 d 13 h ago

As a public school teacher in the most urban districts in the state I end up buying a lot of school supplies and although there are cheaper options I'm a loyal customer and always have been I hardly get my teacher discount sometimes they don't even ring my card or save machines broken and I especially like how I was promised next day delivery on a shipment that got delivered five days later but the last straw for me was I just spent $150 on several in cartridges let me add that I buy cartridges all the time I'm able to recycle 10 a month and still have some left over the day after I purchase this I got an email from Staples offering me a huge discount on ink the coupon expired in one day ! Really shame on you Teachers oh your biggest shoppers your clearance section was completely empty in the Jersey City store yet outside said come in for a huge clearance event. I constantly watch the price of a certain item in your store waiting for to go on sale only for it to go on sale and be actually more than the price was originally I've never heard of that before and never seen any other store do it where is your ethical business practices that you say that you follow ? Miss Shira goodman you should be ashamed of yourself

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C. Gibson - 18 d ago


I purchased the wrong charger cord for my cell phone in the St. Augustine FL Staples. Realizing this once I was home, I did not open the package and saved the receipt. Within a few days our state was pounded by a HURRICANE and we had major damage, no power, no water and no electricity for close to a week. Needless to say, I did not make the 14 day return policy deadline, however, I was able to get back to the store in less than 30 days. Once at the store I explained the situation to the manager, fully expecting a little bit of understanding due to the horrible situation we had just gone through (and still going through). WRONG! I was advised that I could not get a refund, exchange or store credit...NOTHING!! My family and I will never shop at Staples again and I will urge everybody that will listen to stay out of Staples. This company does not care about their customers or their community. SHAME ON YOU STAPLES!

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paul ferro - 18 d 10 h ago


Approximately 6 months ago I paid 2 times to have artwork done for printing services at the Revere Ma Staples Print Center, when this took place i asked the store if my art work would be on file and if not could i get a copy of the file they assured me that they would have a file of it when i wanted to re order my business cards & postcards in the future. well the Revere location has since closed without notice, so i called the Somerville Ma location and they referred me to the Corp location with I spoke with a women who said to me it's to bad we never save files even if you paid for them it's not their problem and offered no help what soever , i explained that i didn't understand i want to continue to buy print products from their business but thought it was wrong of them to charge me again for something i already paid for I told her my father is a retired printer and it is industry practice to save any files for such jobs for the purpose of re ordering she then informed me that she didn't care that's not the way they do business and i should find somewhere else to get my printing done, I was floored by the statement , I have been in business since 1992 and used Staples for all of my office products until now I have had it with the way they treated me it's so wrong

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Monica and Ray (Store Manager) at the Jersey City Store #0102 on Route 440 exemplifies the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!!!! Monica is RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL and it shows from Rays examples of how he treats customers that his people follow in his HORRIBLE LEADERSHIP. Someone should really send Ray to a beginners Management class and put Monica outside to clean up the parking lot.

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Very disappointed@ zoomzoom.kilgore - 21 d 24 h ago

Went to inquire about having 50 copies of a copy paper sized note done. Was quoted as $38.00. I asked why so much and the female clerk said there was an extra $10 added on as it was a rush order!

Only one other customer was there in the entire store. The manager stood talking to another agent and a third clerk was playing with their cell phone. The store was very quiet and the agent helping me was not working on other tasks in the copy center. I explained that I only visit the store on Tues evening and I live 45 miles from the store, so coming back the next day was out of the question considering the travel time. I thought this was poor, regarding their customer relations! A non complicated copy job

For 50 copies! Lost a future customer over it!

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Anonymous - 26 d 7 h ago

Had to get a glass protector for my iPhone. I asked for help putting it on. The store worker told me he would only help put on one kind-the most expensive-and that he charges $7. That's not done as a courtesy? I don't get to pick my own product?

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Migdalia Arroyo - 28 d 6 h ago


Horrible customer service I spent 2 days trying to apply a coupon to my online purchase repeatedly spoke to different customer service agents who kept saying they couldn't find my rewards account even after I gave them the number and kept repeating and asking me the same information over and over and over again I couldn't understand half of them and I am not a racist I am Hispanic woman myself with an accent but the connection in the language barrier was so horrible we could not communicate I was never able to apply my coupon I did make my purchase but I'm a unsatisfied customer what is the point of a customer receiving coupons if they cannot use them online like they're supposed to it was ridiculous two day experience,horrible I would never again buy anything from Staples ever.

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VB - 28 d 7 h ago


I recently sent an emailed request for a birthday banner. This is something that I have done before at your Dallas location off I-30 & Cockrell Hill. I gave them a call because I received an email stating that someone from your store would contact me if they had any questions. I didn't receive a phone call so I called today and was told by the Print Mgr that they don't take banner request in email, so I asked why no one contacted me. I was then told that they are automatically disregarded and they are only taken online. So I asked how was I to know something changed if no one from your team contacted me and she kept going on and on about it being placed online. I told her I understood that; the lack of them communicating this information to me was my concern because I did receive an email. She basically blew me off regarding the manner and I asked for the store manager's name, who she stated is Julie Cisneros. I will be taking my business elsewhere. Poor customer service. I will be sure to let my other coworker's at AT&T about my experience.

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Zia - 32 d 8 h ago


Mr Sargent,

My mother and I went into the Nacogdoches TX Staples to buy an office chair. I drug the chair to the front as I could not find help. When I got there the gentleman asked me if I pushed the box up to the counter, I said yes and he said we don't like customers to do that. I let him know that I could not find help and he apologized. The gal then rang up my mothers order and the gentleman placed the chair in the car for us. Here is the part that was hard to swallow. The card machine kept rejecting my mothers card. The young woman just said that it rejected the card and asked for another form of payment. Then used my card and again the machine rejected my card and the young woman again said I would need to use another form of payment. The manager was called because I asked her to run the card at the register and she didn't think she could. Now the young man comes back takes a look at my card and states that the machine won't take any card ran on my bank. Really!? He told me that it was the only bank card that would be rejected. So I have him remove the chair from my car and we left. My mother and I felt very upset and a bit unsure of why only one bank in this town can not be used at Staples. The staff were kind but not able to give much of an answer.

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Anonymous - 32 d 12 h ago


ManyThanks to one of your great employees - Eleyna From Store: 0254,

752 Upper Glen St., Queensbury, NY,12804.

I walked into the store and went to the copy aera to ask questioning regarding my laptop and scanning.

I was truly stressed out having issues with my equipment and others since I had a deadline to get documents out of state. Elena saw this and was so helpful. She took care of everything and deadline was met. All with a smile on her face and bringing peace to me. Truly, she is an asset to your organization.

Please acknowledge her.

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RFW - 33 d 9 h ago


Shopped at Bennington Staples this a.m. Purchased a Philips Digital hand recorder for $79.99. When checking out, the Associate asked if I wanted the 2-year protection which was $30.00. I couldn't believe it. She then proceeded to tell me that the 1-year protection was $20.00. Still couldn't believe it. I then went online and found that if you purchased the same item online the 2-year protection fee was $4.99. I therefore called the store and spoke with the Manager. She confirmed that the price was $30.00 and $20.00 "at their store." Shocked. Needless-to-say, I didn't get the protection because I felt like I was being ripped off. In that case I will not be shopping at the Bennington Staples store but rather online. Oversall, Associates are pleasant and helpful. BUT...... the protection plan fees outrageous.

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Disappointed in PA - 34 d 11 h ago


Staples in Wayne, PA, Gateway shopping center--The Copy Center employs the rudest, most insensitive help I have ever encountered. Not only are they screamers, they are self engrossed and take forever to come to the counter to help customers. I am not accustomed to insolent treatment from retail staff. Online shopping is best in the future.

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Joel - 36 d 8 h ago


Staples is the worst!!!! tried call them at Tech support "only recordings" tried calling corporate office "They hung up on me three times......Tried using my Rewards at my local Staples "Toms River NJ..." (please change name to "Fraud" they said I have no rewards even though I had just bought a computer.....I will be going to Amazon from now on, VERY GOOD SERVICE AND RESULTS FROM THEM"!!!!!!!

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