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Howard Schultz
Chairman and CEO
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martin d. wiener - 3 d 6 h ago


There are many of us baby boomers who have been reading the morning paper with our morning coffee for the last 5 or 6 decades. Doing away with newspapers is a major negative. I know myself and others who go elsewhere now. WTF?

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Thao - 3 d 12 h ago


I was wondering if there is anyway that the Starbucks app can modify the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew to have the option of making it sugar free. The staff at 346 Gulf breeze was so helpful because on the app it didn't give me a choice of selecting sugar free syrup. Thank you!

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Anonymous - 6 d 7 h ago

I just left the Starbucks 23rd Street in Moore the coffee was all over the lid of my cold drink when she handed it to me of course it spilled all over the inside of my door and on my white shorts I came home immediately soaked shorts and guess what the coffee stain is still there .Please Starbucks employees please wipe the lids off before you hand them to the customer.

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Rockie - 28 d 9 h ago


***Does anyone remember when camel faced Barb Strawsand, did a niggerized shrieking version - the only kind a jewess can do anyway - of the jew-tune Gott Blast America. She took a mediocre tin pan alley melody-lyric and turned it into something resembling hog calling while getting goosed - Gott blast ooh-ah-ooh-oohwa ', lend that I owwa wowwoo alah luf luf luf.........Zo, watts ya tink of dat??

Flagged for review. 
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Rockie - 8 d 8 h ago


====***Does anyone remember when camel faced Barb Strawsand, did a niggerized shrieking version - the only kind a jewess can do anyway - of the jew-tune Gott Blast America. She took a mediocre tin pan alley melody-lyric and turned it into something resembling hog calling while getting goosed - Gott blast ooh-ah-ooh-oohwa ', lend that I owwa wowwoo alah luf luf luf.........Zo, watts ya tink of dat??

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CHUFUT-KALE - 8 d 8 h ago



America is not a melting pot. It is a chamber pot where the predominant colors are brown, black and yellow.

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Gregg - 8 d 20 h ago


Hello, Starbucks! Greeting and salutations! First and foremost, I'd like to say that individually I've always had very good experiences in all the locations that I've visited and never a complaint from me. Today was that exception. We visited the store located at Bryant and 17th in San Francisco. There were 10 people in our group and based on an overall total I'd say the average person spent about $12 on beverages and food. The atmosphere was extremely upbeat and the vibe great. Overall the food was delicious though a couple in our group was dissatisfied that their sandwich were a bit "too toasted" and they did not eat them. Our real problem arose when several of the local homeless people arrived and began to act in a rude and obnoxious way with aggressive panhandling techniques. Most in our group decideded maybe it's tine to leave before we were approached. Too late. Our offers to purchase food and beverages for them were insufficient and it was more of a demand for money. We managed to get out with only having to shell out a couple of dollars but then I thought why didn't Starbuck staff intervene well as luck would have it they were busy waiting on customers and not paying attention. For me I'm out some $23 for lunch for 2 and the cost of having my suede jacket cleaned and I'll be lucky to get away with a cleaning bill of $40!

I wish something more could have been done. This was all so unnecessary.

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Dion Johnson - 9 d ago

Customer Services for Starbucks just plain sucks. Since the resorted to robo=type responses so have I. Think I'll call Corporate tomorrow and see if I can move things along. BTW is anyone else experiencing problems with rhe recall process of the coffee presses?

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Starbucks on I-240 Service Road in Oklahoma City - 11 d 4 h ago

you Starbucks on I-240 Service Road in Oklahoma city is so slow it takes 25 to 30 minutes to even get through the line this is ridiculous they need to speed their service up

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Cortez - 19 d 16 h ago


MC What a wonderful, loving, sharing we're-in-this-together place this is. We share our money and their diverse diseases. God must have loved mud for He created so much of it.

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Anonymous - 20 d 5 h ago

Store 55464 not only did not provide a receipt but informed us after order venti iced matcha latte with 3 pumps of raspberry and paying that it would take 3omin to fulfill order. Manager was extremely rude.

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Anonymous - 21 d 8 h ago

Please open a drive thru Starbucks in Shelton WA. The two that are in Safeway and Fred Meyers are always so busy, you stand in line forever!

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Seven - 28 d 2 h ago


VII It is extremely difficult for anyone to view his image objectively. Some young men have whores for mothers, and criminals for fathers, and only a few of these men have the courage to admit that to themselves. On a national scale, very few are willing to admit the atrocities Americans perpetrated upon prostrate peoples and prefer to believe, out of inner protection for their useless egos, the Hollywood version - and pulpit version - that Americans are all angels sent to spread good fortune over the earth. Thus, we are at a point of insane national hypocrisy, perhaps unknown in modern times. This intellectual failure is what makes us jews in spirit. We are another variety of "God's Chosen," leading symbiotic lives with those bloody hands of the "French" and "Russian" revolutions.

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Anonymous - 28 d 8 h ago

Target had a girl working today that did not know what she was doing she managed to knock me out of my stars the last day in decatur ala . If she don't know no more than that why is she taking people's money. I trying to get it fixed. I'm sick of hearing I don't know how to fix a dou letter shot or iced coffee.where do they find these young kids

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Charlie Sawyers - 28 d 12 h ago


HI MY name is charlie Sawyers, I have tried to get a answer to this question. Why doesnt Starbucks have a Store in Baycity tx? The population is 20000+, Calute tx. With 17000 has a Starbucks. Iam moving to Baycity shortly. I cant live without my Starbucks every day HELP STARBUCKS

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Frustrated - 29 d 8 h ago


I just left the Daniel's Road, Winter Garden, FL Starbucks location. I have frequented this establishment since it opened and have seen it go progressively downhill and today was the quintessential "straw" which may lead me to not return. Let me preface this by saying I LOVE STARBUCKS. In fact, next week will be my birthday where I expect to receive $100-$200 in Starbs GC's, since my appreciation is so well known.

Today... I have seen a grilled cheese sandwich advertised and wanted to try one. I asked the gentleman on the drive-thru speaker if they carried them in this location and he sounded very confused and replied "No, Starbucks doesn't make any grilled cheese." I responded with knowing they may not be in this particular store and then asked if they had the other option with the cheese and bacon. He asked if I meant the bacon gouda sandwich and I said, "no, it's another seasonal item."

Then a woman's voice abruptly came out of the speaker where she explained that these sandwiches didn't test well in this particular market and they had x,y,z paninis available today, would I like one of those?

Here is the thing, since I'm in the drive-thru and can't see what's happening indoors, this was very off-putting, plus, her tone of voice was very aggressive. Over the years, I have been conditioned to ask what is and isn't available due to menu boards not reflecting all options and also products running out through the day. I don't feel that I was asking enough questions to warrant such a response, plus, there wasn't a line so I was not holding up traffic.

When I received my order, it was the gentleman at the window. He handed me my two VERY HOT sandwiches without a bag and then my drinks. Flustered, I asked if I could have some napkins, he handed me some and I drove away. Only after I exited the parking lot did I realize that I had not been given straws. If I had been given the newer lids which don't require straws, this would have been fine, but they were the standard lids.

I do understand that some initiatives have been started to reduce waste, etc, which might explain why I wasn't given a bag, but being in a car, I would expect to at least be given an option. I was at Starbucks due to not having a lot of time but also not wanting traditional greasy fast food. Had I been at one of these establishments, though, bags, straws and napkins would have been given without question.

Yes, I could have asked for them afterwards, but already felt my consumerism was an annoyance and was quite flustered, wanting to get away as quickly as possible.

None of these things are a huge offense, certainly, but everything tallied together added up to a horribly displeased feeling. I have been used to Starbucks employees at least having knowledge of what is available in other stores and for being attentive in the drive-thru.

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Anonymous - 31 d ago


I'm so surprised to see the aweful changes that were made at the Charleston/Decatur store in Las Vegas. The turn around at the store in the last couple months is ridiculous. They had a great new manager come in white short blonde hair that was so happy all the time and after she left the store went down hill from there. All the baristas that I've known have all gone and seems like the new manager just is on a rampage to fire them all...which is funny bc all I ever see her doing...if I see her is sitting in the table in the lobby talking or hiding in the back somewhere. Every week I go in I hear about the partners getting fired over petty things . What ever happened to customer service? The relationship between partner and the consumer? If you wanna get fired over petty things bc the boss isn't getting her butt kissed all the time..this is the store to work at! So disappointed. This new manager is making this store nothing but bare nagative and firing good people. She should be worried about all the crack heads that come into the store and do drug deals. She'd know if she was actually on the floor.

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Aweful - full of awe - 30 d 17 h ago

Can we say disgruntled employee?

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Yen Lee - 30 d 13 h ago


Why do you "doubt it was Chinese they were speaking."??

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Athena - 38 d 25 s ago


The Starbucks on nine mile in cantonment FL has the nicest. Most caring employees. I'd like to contact corporate about specifics! How can I do this?

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Anonymous - 41 d 4 h ago


On August 5, 2019 approx. 4:30pm I was walking through Starbucks in Price Cutters in Waynesville, Mo. There was a young guy behind the counter (Austin) and a young girl (Alaysia) in front of the counter walking and pulling a cart behind her talking to Austin as she walked away. I was walking about 8 ft behind her she saw me. Then she flipped Austin the finger over her shoulder and looking back at Austin she yelled out "Fuck you!". She kept walking and I said "Do you work here" to her. She looked at me and rolled her eyes and said yeah. I said to her and Austin, I want to talk to the manager right now. Alaysia said she left and kept on walking and left the area. I told Austin I want to talk to someone in charge a manager. Austin said he was in charge. I said No, I want to talk to a manager. Austin sent for Devin Price Cutter manager. Devin came over and asked what is wrong. Austin told Devin what Alaysia did and said and added he took it to be a joke. I told Devin I was very offended for a employee acting and talking like that in a family business and Alaysia reaction in rolling her eyes at me me when I called her out for her actions. While I was standing there complaining a woman and 3 small children lined up behind me. What if those little children would have heard and seen what Alaysia had done. Devin said he would have the Manager call me. The next day Sally called me and I told her the same thing about what happened she said she has been having complaints about those 2 after she leaves and she would take care of it. Alaysia was very disrespectful to me and has a vulgar mouth.

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Concerned Starbucks customer. - 41 d 8 h ago


While visiting my local Starbucks at the Giant Good store in Hershey Pa. I asked for my usual drink. Nothing out of the ordinary but to be made coffee over ice first. Valerie the obnoxious barista made it wrong the first time. I told her politely ice first so she proceeded to make it the second time and as I watched her she put the cream and coffee in first then proceeded with the ice. I again told her that it tastes better ice first. She started screaming in the store that it doesn't matter and she's not a mind reader even though I told her the second time. She then screams and yells and refuses to make my drink. She then stormed into the back and left the other girl to not only wait on my order but the line of 5 deep. I waited for 15 minutes and she never came out. I reported her to the store manager. Valerie needs anger management classes and knowing how to be polite. I love Starbucks. Won't ever go to that one again.

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George & Heather Weyrauch - 44 d 4 h ago


Hello Starbucks Supplier Inquiry ,

Your email address was provided by a customer service staff person regarding my question for obtaining a licensing agreement to market my product with the Starbucks logo . If this is something you can help with I would surely appreciate it. If this is outside your normal scope of business please let me know .

I have enclosed a pictures of the product for you to review . As you can see these are specially designed to be worn on the Starbucks partners aprons. We have vetted the prototype at some Starbucks locations and the staff wants to get them today! They love um! These would be a nice addition to your Coffee Gear Site for Starbucks Partners!! With 300,000 aprons being worn everyday, this looks like a great market opportunity . We have more Apron Buddie Twist designs in the pipeline with Starbucks theme and just need the Starbucks endorsement to move forward . Please do not hesitate with any questions you may have .

Please contact me with the best way to proceed .

Regards, Heather Weyrauch

Flip Flop Blings Fort Myers, FL (hidden)

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Dianna Braquet - 52 d 11 h ago


My husband and I visited Salzburg, Austria where my wallet was lost. I did not discover the loss until we had moved on to Vienna. A message came from Starbucks Hagenauerplatz that the wallet had been found. Alara Okyay had given it to the baristas. I spoke with Ingrid Wegerer, the storemanager. She made sure I was the owner and promised to mail the wallet to the US. She checked via email to see if the wallet had arrived. Today the wallet was delivered by registered mail. I am overwhelmed by the honesty and concern of the Austrian people and your employees. I hope this Starbucks location and manager are recognized for their concern and help for others.

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jane wilson - 54 d ago


What a blow! We regularly drive throughout the country and we always count on Starbucks for our favorite coffee and newspaper (NY Times). With the discontinuation of Times distribution, we'll have much less reason to seek you out, whether we're in Boise, Tucson, or Tampa. Surely it can't be too difficult to find a way to control pilfering?

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