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2401 Utah Avenue South
Seattle, WA
Howard Schultz
Chairman and CEO
(206) 447-1575
(206) 682-7570
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Anonymous - 18 h 33 m ago


We need to know the contact person for procuring STARBUCKs products.


ShivShankar Menon




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Anonymous - 3 d 14 h ago


Always have a problem st the ststesville locstion. They cannot seem to b able to mske a drink right and most of them jsve a very bad sttitude. If u don't like your job go find another one. Like where u r behide a phone and not have face to face contact with customers because they have no customer service. None what's so ever....

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Anonymous - 4 d 2 h ago

Hi We are thinking about to open a starerbuks here Corona California what is your a gestion thanks

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Jeanette Aubin - 5 d 7 h ago


Starbucks in the Cook Street Village, Victoria, BC, was a great place to meet friends for coffee. Recently the store underwent a renovation and now it is only a place for people to bring their laptops, and spend hours on their work and one cup of coffee. There are very few tables - 4- I think, where one can sit with a friend for a coffee but they are usually taken by another person using their lap top. The other small tables by the new bench are too low to use for snacks. A long working table has appeared where everyone is seated at stools with no backs. None of my friends is going to Starbucks anymore. It's a great loss to our Village. There are other places to go in the Village so I guess they are happy for the new business. I've been a customer of Starbucks since it opened here. Can you do anything to bring back a meeting place atmosphere, rather than a business centre?

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AH - 5 d 12 h ago


I go to the starbucks located at the legacy shopping center in San Antonio, TX. There is one lady named Bev that has been a cashier now for 6 months and still can't work the register! She needs to be removed from this position!!!

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Leigh - 5 d 13 h ago


Very sad to see a paying customer be treated poorly.

Today in a Starbucks I witnessed a man that looked like he was homeless, with a backpack on and carrying a blanket and pillow. This man wanted to buy your Jan cup, where you get a free refill everyday in Jan. This man was not treated very nice, rude in my opinion. He was told the rules about the Jan cup, still wanted to buy the Jan cup and pay for a coffee to be put in the Jan cup....they said u can't do that. He bought the Jan cup, bought another cup of coffee then went to the other counter and poured his coffee from the paper cup into the Jan cup. REALLY, Starbucks employee!!! He was treated poorly, I am sure cause the employee thought he could not pay....SHAME ON HER!!! This man paid for a reg coffee and the Jan cup special...I hope they treat him better when he comes in everyday in Jan for a free refill.

I will not buy anything again from starbucks

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Steve R - 10 d 4 h ago

How in the world do you order a Vanilla Latte (Venti) size on the mobile app? Seems the local stores cannot figure it out too. This is a general drink which is not on the App and I would like to order it extra hot.

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Ms. Skinny Vanilla Latte - 6 d ago


It is on app. So you pick Espresso drink > Caffe Latte > click size > click flavors > choose either Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup for Skinny Vanilla latte or Vanilla Syrup for regular Vanilla Latte > click Milk > there are 3 categories under milk which is foam (there are options from "no, light, regular or extra foam), Temp (options are Steamed, Extra hot or Warm), lastly is Milk choices (1%, 2%, Coconut, Breve, Nonfat, Heavy cream, Soy, almond or whole milk).

Hope this helps...

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Kimberly Jackson - 7 d 15 h ago


The starbucks in culver city inside pavilions is always opening late seevice is terriable i work right next soor at toys r us and we come over there everyday for our beverage and they never on time opening supposed to open at 5am never never never.

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Fred - 12 d ago


The branch at 126 Rockland Plaza Nanuet NY needs corporate attention.

It is damaging Starbucks image in services and social behavior.


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Thomas W - 12 d 11 h ago


Went to Starbucks in Florida! ordered a coffee and sat at table with coffee, wallets, paper folder and phone. leaned over to get coffee and whole table tipped spilling HOT coffee over me, papers, wallet, and phone. Wallet, shirt and phone ruined. No apology and I had to ask for a replacement coffee. Very disappointed with this.

General profile image - 37 d 9 h ago


I could cry Starbucks shops have know gone to accurate several in cashier registers. Registers may have sales correct in pricing or maybe not. if a compliant regrading an issue about stars to receive customer services know has gone to investigation why!. How ruled ! The on line commentaries e-mailed regarding a promotional produced , the Customers in receiving a promotional one hundred fifty stares, the redeeming to receive are the ending of promotional reviews also possible several days at placing onto card. The customers service of Starbucks their staffs telephone evaluation stars accommodated are at t random on a day has changed .currently speaking with service office the Nov 4,2017 replies randomly customers evaluation are kn gold stars members may not accommodate a stars. service center telephone communication are investigated how UN fair towards star bucks staff and our society our younger generation are accommodating Starbucks as well as the smaller children's. Starbucks workers should accommodate reading of evaluation and performance not removed fore it is hard to please the public. The customers should receive the stars the same day cash is not a process for redeeming the stars are of important . pleasured of appointed star bucks is a number one place of comfort also safety for our children in congregating. that dos't mean for star buck in placing video loud games it give them a place to socialize with friends and school mats also our college kids gather at star buck. Lets get a hole of the entire investigation the holiday is hear i love the travel in enjoying a fresh cup also, leisure games some people can be so mean investigation. Magic Johnston help with this you brought the coffee shops to our communities help the administrative remove the rudeness investigaions..

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Anonymous - 20 d 5 h ago

Really poor English. I could barely understand anything in this complaint. I am really not even sure if it was a complaint. Wow.

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no name - 21 d ago


Are Starbucks close on thanksgiving &Christmas if not they should be.let employees be with family

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CC - 33 d 11 h ago

visit to Ft. Bragg, Calif. #9262 Exiting my car and entering the store I found the area filled with cigarette butts and numerous other items, making your establishment look like it is in a third world country. I would hope you would take more pride and make sure the parking lot is monitored daily. The experience would be much better.

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Z. Kirk - 23 d 17 h ago


@ CC -

Ft. Bragg, a turd world country. Just look at the faces.

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Anonymous - 27 d 7 h ago

ok coffee but coffee bean is way better

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Lizabeth Aguilar - 27 d 10 h ago


A huge Thank You to Anna Marie a corporate supervisor. I would love to recognize her as a very wonderful, understandable, informative and kind women! I was having a huge problem with a Starbucks store in Tulare Ca, were they were holding my personal property (debit card) against my will! I went through drive thru and the worker had forgotten to give me back my card. I hadn't noticed untill the next day I called to ask if they had it and they confirmed that they did. It was such a hassle on being able to get it back it took me 4 trips from back and forth in 3days to finally get it back and that's only because I had to call corporate headquarters which is when Anna Marie got involved and handeld the situation for me!

Once again a HUGE THANK YOU to ANNA MARIE a corporate supervisor! She was so professional about this whole situation very attentive and heart warming with me! I can't thank her enough for being such a helpful person!

Although I did get my debit card back and the situation got resolved. I still believe I should've gotten some type of reimbursement for my time being wasted aswell as for gas in having to go back and forth 4 times! When the matter should've been able to be resolved in an instant!

Overall five stars go to Anna Marie while the Starbucks store in Tulare,Ca get a 0 in rating the staff there is very unprofessional and apparently doesn't know how to communicate with you in a informative way!

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TF - 40 d 13 h ago


I'm upset...The past few times I visited the Starbucks in the Target Store in Monroe NY and requested Dark Roast coffee I was told that they stop making Dark Roast after 12pm and I request for a pour over and the Associate "Tom" with an arrogant attitude always say the store is not equipped to make pour overs and offers no alternative (don't understand why the store doesn't use a ceramic pour over product that they sell) sometimes I feel like bringing mine from home and say "here use this!" I find that to be a bunch of BS. There are a lot people (Me and My Wife included) who look for that fresh burst of Starbucks Dark Roast while they shop only to be told that there is none is such a disheartening feeling. Whats the reason behind this? Waste? Come on how much of the weak Blonde Coffee do they throw out at the end of the day?? Come on....Direct them make a pot or a pour over of Dark Roast coffee for us who want it!! Dunkin Donuts has it!! Don't fail the community who keep you in business!!!! I will share this with the local press because I am really upset!!

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Kay - 43 d 5 h ago


A huge thank you and a shout out to both Maxwell and Kim at the Avon, CT store.

This is probably the most difficult time in my life for me, but Maxwell took care and Kim was the most professional, respectable, heart worming kind and helpful person who never lost her cool even though I panicked over losing a valuable. She most definitely needs to be praised for her efforts.

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Loyal consumer - 45 d ago


I have lived in Las Vegas, nv. for many years.

Starbucks has been there for me to start my day off right.

With a good cup of Joe and sometimes it's a good wind down after work. I go to read with a cold beverage.

On my weekends it's a great meeting spot for friends. Along with a good study spot if needed.

Over time I realized ... alot of parents are having there kids birthday party's here. ... and its conversations... and study goups.. i see this happening at alot of locations.

I'm writing you to ask if you can please post a sign at every location stating. . MINORS ARE WELLOME BUT

Keep voices down. That's would be so helpful for the staff

So they can help maintain a fun adult social Environment

Also if we wanted to be around a bunch of Screaming loud kids I would go to Chucky cheese..


Loyal consumer

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Gerald McCarney - 46 d ago

Drink Blood at Starbucks? A Little Sick? What Next Cut Off Finger Frap?

Starbucks releases new 'Zombie Frap' for Halloween

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Jay Walker - 46 d 4 h ago

One of the worst companies around. Their big boys just hide behind the posted phine and fax numbers listed, you simply cannot get through to their offices or those below them...yet they encourage direct communication before posting anything. I say F_ _ _ them, they are asking for bad news and we should all give it to them. This company gets more and more irresponsible, just as many of them do. It's companies like this that take peoples' identities away from them. They do so by turning them into robots, giving them guidelines and copy to read over the phone that binds them to being robotic in all efforts to communicate, therefore nothing gets accomplished. I have so much more to say and next I will post what actually happen. When you read it, you will never want to risk going into a Starbucks anywhere ever again I assure you. In fact, why should you?

Flagged for review. 
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Mother of an employee being bullied by managment - 51 d 12 h ago


The Starbucks manager in Cedar hill TX (Micheal) is an unprofessional prick and needs to be reprimanded for treating his employee like their worthless. To be a bully to your employees is something that shouldn't be tolerated and needs to be addressed. Who is looking over this guys shoulder. Ethical standards are a rule in every workplace even Starbucks. How dare this manager take the word of another employee instead of asking the person you need information from.My daughter had high hopes going into this job its only been 2 months and she wants to quit. I am not the type of mother that lets my daughters quit anything but Im so close to telling her F*** this place just quit.I will not teach my daughter to being treated disrespectfully and tolerate defamation.I really hope in the future that you will look into more of ethics when hiring leaders.Good Leaders work with their employees not against them.

Flagged for review. 
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Chef Jerry - 54 d 17 h ago


I'm a caterer mostly lunch and dinner. On occasion I served breakfast for corporate accounts. I preorrderd 2 travel boxes coffee from the Howell mill rd Atlanta ga store the night before requesting the order to be ready for pick up at 630am. When tried to call to verify it was ready in the morning phone just rang no answer.

My driver entered the store at 645 and had to wait for the coffee to make and was laughing about not answering the phones. Since the coffee was not ready my driver was later delivering my clients breakfast. This is not the first time and in the future will not use star bucks for my business.

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