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Seattle, WA
Howard Schultz
Chairman and CEO
(206) 447-1575
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vonda marcum - 4 h 43 m ago


My name is Vonda Marcum and live in Olympia. I have submitted my application for a graphic job with Star buck in Olympia. I will send you my resume by mail. I have a BA in Business Admin., Two year Degree in Secretarial Practice, 2 plus years in Commercial Art, Certificates in the following: Floral Design, Cashier Checking/Retail Sales, and Data Entry. I took Commerical Art in the 70's and 80's and was a Data Entry Operator for 48 years. I know how to run a computer, but know little about computer graphics. I always wanted to be a graphic designer. I have done a political log/brochures and helped with other layout projects. Please contact me by e-mail (hidden)). I would love to be on your team. Thank You. Vonda Marcum

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NortonRNowlin - 8 d 12 h ago


Starbucks Store #726, 801 18th Street, Washington, DC (hidden)

Managed by -Hodgee Me-in

Went into store at 6:15 A.M. Eastern Time and stood in front of the counter where a black female, around 26 or 27 had her back to me. I said excuse me, but she was doing something with cups and ignored me. I said excuse me again, and she turned around and just stared at me. I told her that I wanted a cream cheese pastry displayed in a glass case on the counter, and pointed to it, as well as a small cup of drip-coffee. She still didn't say anything to me and turned around and put something in a microwave. Then she disappeared through a door into the rear of the restaurant. The microwave went off and another employee opened it and put whatever it was into a bag with his bare hands. Another, black female then range-up the total cost and I used my card to pay for it. I then said, "I hope this is what I ordered," and walked out of the store with the bag and a cup of coffee. When I got to my office, I discovered that what was in the bag was a ham & cheese croissant, instead of a pastry. I immediately called the store and asked to speak to the manager, and was told the manager's name and that he would be in later. The person I was talking to said that she handled things until the manager arrived, and I told her what had happened, and she said that she was not the one who waited on me. I told her that the person who had waited on me, a black female with long braided hair, looked and acted like she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when she was waiting on me, that she appeared to have dilated pupils in her eyes, and told her that I would call back to speak to the manager, Hodgee.

I called back about a half-hour later and the phone rang 25 times before anyone answered it. I asked for Hodgee Me-in and he came to the phone about three minutes later. I told him what had happened and that I had talked to his assistant a little earlier. Then he said that the person I had been talking to was the black female with long braided hair. I told him that she had identified herself as someone else, and not the person who waited on me. I told him about suspecting that the black female was on drugs, and asked him if Starbucks requires drug testing for employees. He was silent for a moment and then said, "That is above my pay-grade." I told him that I had run a 7-Eleven Store at a previous time in my life, and that such employee matters are a manager's concern. I then told Hodgee that I was going to contact the corporate office in Seattle about the matter.

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Anonymous - 3 d ago

I cant find corporates number. Can anyone provide?

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Starbucksisnolongerstarbucks - 3 d 20 s ago


Very upsetting. I refuse to go to Starbucks anywhere. I'm in our local Starbucks in Visalia, Ca. I overheard a manager and the district manager gossiping and discussing about an employee whom has been injured on the job. Plotting to write her up and assign her to positions and shifts to put pressure on her to so she hopefully quits is so unethical. How can they be so callous? How can they have a district manager with this type of character. Starbucks used to be classy and a positive environment. I and a few of our colleagues will no longer be giving this place business. Prior I had heard about this but could not believe it. I feel horrible for this young lady. She has been working for this company for 10 plus years. Very very likable and upbeat. She stood out incredibly. Such a shame

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Anonymous - 10 d ago

Unbelievable lack of concern regarding a potentially dangerous situation. When I twisted off the cap from a bottle of frappuccino part of the rim broke and remained inside the lid. When I contacted Starbuck;s I was told they do not make refunds and I should take the bottle back to store where it was purchased. Not at all interested in the fact that the bottle rim broke and could cause a problem. As a side issue I took the bottle back to CVS , where it was purchased, together with my receipt and story, but was told by the manager they would not make a refund either since it was Starbuck's problem. The small amount of money here is not the issue.....It is no one seems to care.

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Torn customer - 11 d 8 h ago

Starbucks just lost me as a MONTH to MONTH if not WEEK to WEEK GOLD MEMBER status customer. I was denied access to the restroom at 1401 S. Alameda St., Los Angeles, CA

Call them at (hidden) and ask to talk to the store manager Nita Figueroa. Although the manager's business card was not available, I made sure to ask for their contact information. The District Manager is Steve Fernandez. They conveniently didn't have his number available. BUT, I just want to say, if this is such a BAD neighborhood then don't place a Starbucks Frappuccino on the side of the SANTA MONICA 10 FWY! Take your business to Venice Beach or somewhere else where there aren't homeless people. Wait never mind. Where HUMANS live. What has this world come to. It's a glorious Sunday in LA and as ICE Cube would NOT say, "Today was NOT a good day." Lol Mary Diaz and I are listening to Ice Cube as we're leaving! PEACE OUT! May God bring some relief to other travelers at a different establishment but not at STARBUCKS! Go to Jack In The BOX!



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Anonymous - 12 d 19 h ago

Mr. Howard Schultz : First of all I want you to know that I am a hobo. My manic depression just will not allow me to settle down.However having perused many of your outlets on the west coast I can say that many of your employees are humanitarians. It has been my experience on many occasions to go into a Starbucks with a used cup and have asked for a fifty cent refill. I have to tell you I have never been decided by your employees. As a matter of fact I dug a used cup out of a garbage can after a heavy rain and presented the cup to the counter person for a refill. While refilling the cup the seam burst. I was highly embarrassed. The Starbucks employee just came back to the counter and asked if I would like a new cup. #love these guys! Thank You! I am (hidden)

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Carl Conklin - 13 d 5 h ago


At this point I will never again step foot into a Starbucks store.

I called the number on the back of my gift card entered the number twice and each time the robot voice said incorrect entry then transferred me to a person.

They wanted my name my e-mail my DOB and my home address just to find out my balance. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold and on hold and on hold. I gave up and vowed to tell as many people I can of my contact with you.

DO NOT SEND ANY FREEBIES connected to this text as they will be thrown in the trash.

Signed , never a customer again

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Collector Mugs - 14 d 4 h ago


Dear Starbucks,

Please heed my review. There are hundreds of thousand coffee cup Global Series collectors. These new cups SUCK, the previous version with the tiny print SUCKED TOO. You had the best collector cups on the market. I have cups from Abu Dhabi to Cancun, China to Miami. It's been so much fun collecting them. I understand your belief that things must evolve but seriously not these cups. I talked to Starbuck stores everywhere and know for a fact that your Been There series and the previous ones did not sell well. Seriously can't you bring back the Global Series? I am in Vancouver and regretfully can't add Canada cups to my collection because they only have the Been There cups and they suck! They are so busy you don't even care where they are from you just want to stop looking at them! HELP a collector out and bring back the Global series. Sometimes things are broken and you shouldn't try to fix them.



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Anonymous - 24 d 7 h ago

Too many drinks. Can't get the ones you have been making for years right anymore. Service is horrible. No one is well trained. People talk to you like you should be happy with what you get. Will never spend another dime. Thrown out 6 6$ coffees in the last month. They try and give you a drink recovery card and it's not even worth the price if my drink.


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Ex customer - 15 d 21 m ago


I agree the last year I've thrown away many drinks because god forbid you ask the employees to remake it they get attitude rolling their eyes and embarrass you like you did something wrong. They need more then a one day shutdown for training they need an entire month. The ceo should go order one and drink that garbage himself. McDonald's now has cold brew cost less and tastes better. I'm a gold card member already for years ahead that's how much money I spend there but I'll be getting my coffee elsewhere because I'd like to be able to drink it.

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Donna M. Darby - 15 d 7 h ago


Good afternoon,

I would like to file a complaint regarding the Starbucks in the Safeway Dodd and drug chain on Alabama and Naylor Road SE Washington, DC.

This is the second week in a row that I have requested a coffee in the morning only to be told by the sales clerk Ms. Latoya that the "coffee machine is not working."

Please excuse me but isn't the prime focus for the coffee chain is to serve hot or cold coffee to patrons that request it.

I think it is very sad that a sales person do not appreciate her job and would rather be a cost to the coffee chain in its monetary loss. This same incident is repeated time and time again when Ms. Latoya is in charge only to have the customers leave to seek another Starbucks.

The service is poor and customers stand in line for more than 5 minutes before they are served or to be told "the coffee machine is down." If the young lady do not want to work she needs to leave and give her job to someone who can service the community in a professional manner.

It was a tall dark skinned gentleman with braids who did an excellent job wherever he is bring him back.

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Anonymous - 15 d 8 h ago

I have been a Starbucks customer for years. Always great service. Always good product. Until, your lake Havasu city, AZ Store opened. The one on KIowa Avenue. Can't say anything good about it. Bad service, bad product and frequently out of product. So Unlike the quality I'm used to from Starbucks. Won't be back.

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GJ - 17 d 5 h ago


The day I arrange my day around an offer from Starbucks to get a few stars if I buy something from them on a certain day or time they designate is the last day I'll ever buy anything from Starbucks. They ought to rejoice that I give them my business at all, that anyone does, and stop trying to manipulate people and make people work for a reward. Their pay scale is clear evidence of the mind set running this company. Not impressed. They fill their products with sugar and have given how many people sugar shock, and maybe worse, diabetes, so let's be clear, this is not a leading edge company of conscious people. It is a garden variety corporate entity. I used to be a really good customer, but got turned off too many times.

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Allan - 17 d 6 h ago


I am returning to you my Starbucks card as I will no longer need it. In light of your recent political

actions I cannot support you in the future. I have been a loyal customer for many years with my in store

purchases, and outside the store I purchased many Starbucks gift cards for my employees and friends.

Also, I bought many Starbucks K-cup pods for our personal and business consumption. Your action by

closing your stores for "training" was a ridiculous public statement! All that was necessary was that you

talk to that individual privately, or fire her if she was that bad of an employee. And now the "straws"???

What about the plastic lids, forks, knives, and spoons??? What's next??? Simply run your business

without your political agenda!!


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Alicia - 53 d 18 m ago

Hello my name is Alicia Mosby and today on June 25th 2018 at 8:24am I purchased a Dulce de Leche Starbucks Frappuccino from a Dollar General store... The store number at this location is #01870 in Sallisaw Oklahoma. While I was at work and drinking it I noticed light colored stuff floating in the frappuccino I looked at the date and it said August 28th 2017!!! I became really shocked and scared because I had drank half of the bottle I'm still trying to understand how and why would they still be having things on the shelf that's dated for almost a year ago. I am praying that I don't get sick behind this and I pray no other customer have bought and drank one of their expired drinks. I felt like I needed to contact your company and let you know how they are conducting business selling your products.

Thank you,

Alicia Mosby

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Patriot - 52 d 4 h ago


that's nothing did you know I just found out today that Starbucks is paying for sex change operations and don't forget men pretending to be women can now go and women's bathrooms and do sexually perverted things like taking pictures of little girls underneath the bathroom stall which does happen just thought I would let you know about that company you love

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 52 d ago

Oh please......

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J - 21 d 4 h ago

Get A LIFE!! I things change, people change. Does not make Transgenders less of a person or human beings. It does make them a great person.

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D - 21 d 4 h ago


I am really curious about some Starbucks in Mesa, Az. What is the deal with a lot of snacks? I go 7 days a week and for the past couple months the are low on several items like muffins, banana bread, out of cheese danish for most of the week. Past couple weeks at least a couple days a week. Told it is a Distributor problem which does seem weird since most have them.

Anyone know the issue?

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Rude unprofessional and degrading - 21 d 5 h ago


I am a parent of a employee, well now EX employee of store number 7579, located at the Lake Forest Oasis, 695 n Bradley, Lake Forest Illinois 60045. My child had a set schedule with the previous manager ,Carlos, due to her school activities. On 7/27/2018, my child informed the new manager, Ken Davis, that she is unable to work on Tuesdays and Thursdays because of these activities. Mr. Davis advised my daughter that he will not change her schedule and if she does not like it, she can get " the fuck out". My daughter stated all she wanted was to change her schedule. Mr. Davis stated you are fired now you can get " the fuck out" or I am calling the police. My child left the premises in tears. She 16 years old. I came to the location after I was told of the situation and asked Mr. Davis for his name, the store number, his bosses name and information and was told he will not give me anything and that I need to leave or the police will be called. I advised him that was o.k. Then pulled his phone out of his pocket and called the police. I spoke with Officer Humber and Sergeant Cruise because they needed to finish their paperwork from Mr. Davis calling them on my child. I would like Mr. Davis terminated or some type of severe punishment for his actions.I don't believe Starbucks allows managers to talk to employees in such a rude, unprofessional and degrading manner. I do notice that most of the minorities have been terminated since Mr. Davis begun overseeing this establishment. I would like my child to have the opportunity to work at any other location. I worked for Starbucks many years ago and highly praised the company. This is so disappointing.

General profile image - 21 d 17 h ago


A brilliant idea to improve finantially Starbucks. Here (hidden)

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Monique Dear - 25 d ago

Don't get the new Starbucks prepaid card.

I loaded the card with $25.00 and looked forward to it's arrival. When it did arrive, my card was cancelled. It was supposed to be the A PREPAID card, you could load money on not a credit card that had an account attached to it at Chase.

I just wanted a prepaid Starbucks card that I could load and use when I wanted. SO DISAPPOINTED.. Don't understand why their promoting a Prepaid debt card when it isn't. I now have to wait more time to get my money back. I don't know Starbucks, what scam this is. Run don't buy into it.

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Anonymous - 25 d 9 h ago

Hi, I am so dismayed by the crappy customer unserviceable I just received. A store manager at a Starbucks location in a different country then the U.S.A made a judgement call thinking I was the problem when another customer made a fuss. After being asked to leave the store, as if he owned it, I made a complaint via live chat to head office. The agent, instead of taking the complaint, disconnected the chat. So much for your sensitivity training Marco Norfolk.

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johnny - 33 d 11 h ago


I don't do Starbucks every often and now I know why. I tried to order a drink for my wife and got it wrong I went back inside and was read the riot act for my mistake. I was treated rudely and with utter disrespect from the staff of the local Starbucks here in Roswell New Mexico. I don't like that fact that your staff feels the need to be rude and condescending toward an older man in his 60's. I spent 20 years in the military fighting for this country so people like your employee could live a nice sweet life.

I don't believe I'll be doing business with your company again.

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