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Howard Schultz
Chairman and CEO
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Chef Jerry - 2 d 11 h ago


I'm a caterer mostly lunch and dinner. On occasion I served breakfast for corporate accounts. I preorrderd 2 travel boxes coffee from the Howell mill rd Atlanta ga store the night before requesting the order to be ready for pick up at 630am. When tried to call to verify it was ready in the morning phone just rang no answer.

My driver entered the store at 645 and had to wait for the coffee to make and was laughing about not answering the phones. Since the coffee was not ready my driver was later delivering my clients breakfast. This is not the first time and in the future will not use star bucks for my business.

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Kathy Samano - 5 d 41 s ago

I'm visiting in FL & currently at the WPB airport to travel home. The Starbucks in the American terminal are some of the rudest people, I asked for a Grande Iced Coffee & was told they were out so I asked for hot coffee poured over ice. I was told they can't do that, I explained I would pay if there was an additional charge. Well needless to say they would not do that, I told them to forget any order they were offering that they didnt appreciate my business & walked away. I frequent Starbucks on a weekly basis at home in Crossville TN. In Kroger's Food Store & have NEVER had a problem even when they were out of iced coffee. They offered cold brew with an additional charge, no problem I will pay.

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Tanya C De alba - 6 d 5 h ago


I have worked a half block down from your Starbucks in Coronado San Diego California for 5 years now. Every morning before I clock in at 5 am I come get my venti iced or hot coffee. Until today your baristas have been awesome refilling my coffee with my gold card . I rarely get a refill but maybe 2 times a week. Today I was notified by a employee very rudely that they no longer will refill my coffee unless I stay at your store. We are a small island and not many coffee shops on the island so I depend on your facility for my coffee and pastry almost every day of the week since I'm only a half of a block down. I'm very disappointed that they will no longer refill my coffee. I always had such great customer service from this Starbucks . I know your baristas all by name and they even have my coffee ready for me before I even come in. I'm sad to say that I will no longer be coming back to Starbucks.

I work at a major grocery store down the street..actually about 20 steps from your front door. I go over and beyond for my customers day in and day out to make them happy so I can keep them coming back and I would think that you would want the same.t's not that I want anything for free and that's not the point. The point is after so many years coming to your store and being told this out of the blue by the new manager that I can not get my refill with my gold card unless I stay in the store was again very disappointing. She has no customer service skills at all and it could have been handled a little better than yelling it to all the employees which I have known for over 5 years to not give any refills to anyone that leaves the store. I am not the only one that feels this way.

Thanks for your time and I guess I will be making my own coffee before coming to work.

Tanya C De alba

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Long Time Teavana Buyer - 8 d 5 h ago

I'm very upset that Starbucks corporate decision has been made to end Teavana stores and warehouses. If corporate felt mall traffic was down they should have at least kept warehouses open so that we could continue to buy Teavana loose leaf products. I hope this makes it's way to Mr. Schultz who can still undo the damage and keep warehouses open so people can buy online or by phone. This is just awful. Please reconsider Mr. Schultz.

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Dean.Ewing - 9 d 33 s ago


In' the Importances, In' the Understanding of a SafetyFirst for a Food + Beverage Service Culture.. I Am Mortified by' Starbuck's ability to manage Manufacturing and Distribution for Store Purchasing. (Ie. Instant Cafe Mocha)

March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October (2017)

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Marie - 20 d 4 h ago


You are a disgrace for not supporting our troops. I will never buy anything from your company again!

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Wanda- Navy mom - 12 d 3 h ago


Hi I just saw your post is this true ? My son is in the Navy if so I will never purchase anything from them again and spread the word I love literally 5 min away from Travis Air Force base . Thank you !

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Anonymous - 12 d 4 h ago



1. I bought a cake pop and ate it last night when I woke this morning at 5:15am.








CONTACT NO. (hidden)

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july - 22 d 18 h ago


i loved the lemon cake and chocolate cake and realy love the strawberry frap

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LAD - 23 d ago


Frankly, never did like their coffee. I have been considering them for a new development we are undertaking. After reading a few of these comments. I wouldn't have them within 500 feet of anything I developed...

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Richard Brodsky, Pres of Richard M. Brodsky Foundation - 27 d ago


I do like your coffee and the ambiance of Starbucks plus I've read excellent things about Howard Schultz's philanthropic ways of giving back to the communities where his coffee is grown. My Foundation will be sponsoring its 12th annual World AIDS Marathon in Kisumu, Kenya on World AIDS Day. We will also be sponsoring 4 orphan dinner dances on the 4 days leading up to the marathon for 1,000 Kenyan orphans plus providing medical care at the dinners. Since 2006 my Foundation has sponsored 25 orphan dinner dances for 7,800+ Kenyan orphans, since 2011 we have provided medical care for 1,000+ Kenyan orphans. From 2006 - 2015, the Kisumu World AIDS Marathon Group co-sponsored the marathon with my Foundation. They did a great job but after 10 years, they have chosen to move on. I will not abandon the marathon and the orphans. I am HIV+ since 1997, a brain cancer survivor since 2002, and a marathon runner for life. My wife and I will do everything we can to end the AIDS stigma and raise awareness about A LACK OF DOCTORS, MEDICINE, AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE, EDUCATION, CLEAN DRINKING WATER & NUTRITIOUS FOOD COMBINED WITH AN ABUNDANCE OF POVERTY, HUNGER, MALARIA & TUBERCULOSIS is the reason why 2/3 of the people dying from AIDS are from sub-Saharan Africa. In Kenya, 1 child in 20 will die before their 5th birthday and one of the leading causes of death is hunger. Athletics Kenya will be organizing the Event this year and they are requiring that my Foundation provide $1,000 in prize money + volunteers / course guides get paid in Kenya and I also have to provide t-shirts. Altogether this will cost my Foundation $10,000 extra. The way I see it is we are providing lifesaving medicine.

The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation sponsored four orphan dinner dances for 838 Kenyan orphans on November 27, 28, 29 and 30, 2016. 208 orphans were examined and treated at these festive dinners by Dr. Richard Sartori of Garden City Pediatrics and Paulina Ballaban, pediatric nurse practitioner. Mercy Abala served as a medical volunteer/translator to expedite the medical exams at the four orphan dinner dances.

75% of the kids had intestinal parasites. The cure is one chewable tablet and another tablet in two weeks

75% had malaria and the cure is a 3 day treatment; one or two pills a day depending on the age and weight of the child.

80% had skin lesions, tinea, which is a fungal rash. The rash is treated with a cream and the child is sent home with the cream and is instructed to apply the cream twice a day until the rash is gone.

less than 5% had asthma

The above percentages are based on Dr. Sartori's examining 208 children. That would equate to 156 children having parasites and 156 children having malaria, obviously some of the children had both malaria and parasites. Dr. Sartori said, 25% of the children having malaria would die without the lifesaving medicine we provided, while 20% of the children having parasites would die without the medicine they needed. If you do the math that equates to 52 children who would die without the medicine they need. Sadly, most of these children do not receive medical help during the year which is probably why, according to UNICEF, one child in 20 will die before their 5th birthday.

You can read more what we were able to accomplish in 2016 by viewing this link,

I work very hard to run my fastest and 7 of my last 10 marathons have been my fastest since my terminal brain cancer diagnosis back in 2002. At age 65, I finally qualified to run the Boston Marathon after finishing 56 marathons. Here is a donate link if anyone else is reading this review. Thank you very much.

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Sherry Hewitt - 76 d 4 h ago



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Diane - 75 d 14 h ago


I think that is appalling! Shame on Starbucks for not supporting American troops. I wouldn't give them my business at all.

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Irritated customer - 28 d 9 h ago


Why don't you support a local coffee company instead of this overpriced company that has no problem putting employees out of business.

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Carol Fenske - 37 d 4 h ago

To whom it may concern,

My name is Carol Fenske. In August 2017 I lost my Starbucks gold card. I Panago a member since 2012. I need to see if you can re-issue me another gold card?

Unfortunately I had a balance of around $37 on my card at the time. My new address is Carol Fenske

6451 West Bell Rd. Apartment 1115 Glendale, AZ 85308. I would appreciate if I could get a response.

Email. (hidden)

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Mar - 42 d 5 h ago


Today September 8, 2017, I went to starbucks to get a loaf slice and the punpking spice late, I specificly ask if they could make it decaf cinse I am caffeine sensitive and she said yes. They did not do it...I got so sick after! :( Sorry, but you lost my trustl, my business, your reputation is on the line and the lost of revenue for your business will be reflect.

This is what my receipt says.

2260 Callagan Hwy, Bldg 3187-B San Diego, Ca

(760) 288-8069

1005 Evan E

Check 8388


I paid $7.97 I wish to have my money back at least. Thank you for your attention.

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Antonio - ASU - 44 d 7 h ago

Dear Howard Schultz

Chairman and CEO

My name is Antonio Espree. I am 46 years old, and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I am a formerly system-involved person. I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I grew up in a very dysfunctional and unhealthy home where physical and verbal abuse was swallowed with drugs and alcoholic abuses. As a teenager growing up in Detroit, I ran away from home a lot. I ended up selling drugs as a teenager which led to a turf war over the sells of drugs than amounted to a shoot-out, and a innocent bystander was killed by my gun. I was arrested in 1987 at the age of 16 for that crime, and by the age of 17, in 1988 - I was convicted of First Degree Murder and Sentenced to serve Natural Life In Prison Without Parole. I spent over 29 years of incarceration from the age of 17, behind prison walls, until The United States Supreme Court of America, ruled in (Miller v. Alabama), and (Montgomery v Louisiana) , it was Unconstitutional for States to sentence a juvenile to Natural Life in Prison Without Parole, it violated the Federal 8th Amendment, on cruel and unusual punishment. So in 2016, I went back for re-sentencing, and on April 6, 2017 - I was released from the Michigan Department of Corrections after spending over 29 years incarcerated. I ended up paroling from Michigan, out here to Phoenix, Az. To live with my cousin, Dr. Marlon M. Bailey, who is a Professor at Arizona State University. Through my cousin - I was able to get enrolled On-line into Arizona State University, where I am majoring in Justice Studies -(B.S.)., through the School of Social Transformation. I share my story through lots of community public spaces -(organizations, events, social media, etc). I have gained lot's of attention and recognition. The mere fact that I have been out of prison after spending over 29 years incarcerated and now attending ASU, sends thrills and chills of tearful joy and amazement through people's heart's and minds. So, because I speak to college students, youth, and others. I would like to discuss how or if a possibility can exist where I could partner with Starbucks and through public works market Starbucks as a sponsor of my achievements and future success?? I can be reached at: (hidden) / or (hidden)-cell #.

I am enclosing some links about me:


Antonio Espree

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Disrespected - 47 d ago

I was so happy to see the new store open in Niceville. Today - Sunday afternoon 9/3/17, I ordered a venti earl grey and an iced tea. The iced tea came immediately. After waiting around at the counter for a while and seeing staff doing nothing I asked the young man if he was working on my earl grey tea. He told me he was working on something else. Again the young man and another young lady stood behind the counter doing nothing.

A line was forming of around six customers waiting to give an order. Now staff behind the counter had nothing better to do than participate in high jinks.

I am a retired disable person, I had already bought it to their attention once that I was waiting on an earl grey. I ran out of options. I got out my cell phone and began recording the karate kicks etc. I hoped they would get on with their job. Suddenly the young man realised that he was under the eye and told a young blonde woman with a pony tail, she finally made my drink. I stopped recording. She walked up to me in a threatening manner.

She screamed demands that I erase the video of their misbehaviour and held my drink hostage. She said she would not give me the beverage that I had paid for until I erase the recording of their activities. I requested that she give me my money back if she would not give me my drink. She took my drink to the back where an African American young lady with more sense came out with my drink and politely asked why I was videoing.

I told her staff was not doing their job and that I would like my drink. She gave me my drink without further incident.

I have reflected upon the incident and come to the only conclusion that I should not go to this store again. I had placed an order. Waited. Bought it to their attention that I was getting no service. Waited again. My conclusion.... I am the customer for pities sake...

The young lady was arrogant and a bully. She bullied me because she thought she was entitled to. I am well aware of the right to use electronic devices in a public place where there is no expectation of privacy. Maybe if they had worked harder on customer service and not their karate moves behind the counter they may not have video of bad behaviour taken of them.

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Stressed Traveler - 49 d 13 h ago


Harvard Square has keypads with codes on their bathroom doors. However, the college age kids working behind the counters are quiet and too busy to give out the code. For the senior citizens and the disabled this is a big problem. To add to this, the bathrooms are up a flight of stairs and across the room to the far back wall. So be advised...take pen and paper or cell with you, if your lucky to get the code from the employees.

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Kimi - 58 d ago


Starbucks on Calvin road in Sacramento by Del Taco. I went to pick up my son 22yrs old who has Autism to have coffee with him, when I entered the store I couldn't see my son anywhere so I called on his phone and his phone rang on the table in front of him... A middle age lady mopping the floor said his in the bathroom... She didn't know I was the one calling him... All I said was okey... Few minutes later my son came out and the lady who was mopping stopped my son and said do not come here anymore... After she was done talking I asked my son are you okey he replied yes I am but lets just go... So I asked my son to go to the van... When my son left I told the lady who was mopping that he is my son and he has autism ( what happened) she said oh a customer said he was fiddling with the tip money... He didn't steal any... I said good and I left because I was feeling so bad how my son was being treated... Is this discrimination ?

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Angela Nethersole - 59 d 8 h ago


The Starbucks located on Main Street in White Plains New York is Filthy McNasty. While standing at the cashier, one can observe the debris under the back counters for days at a time and the floor and cupboards need a bath! big time. Not to mention the staff with hair hanging down while serving food. Not a good look for Starbucks.

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Tracey Burton - 64 d 5 h ago


On 7/30/17 New Jersey rest area I purchased $35 worth of merchandise and it not only took 45 minutes the order was wrong! I called home office and was told that they would send me a 35 gift card took all my information and still have not received my gift card. Not only did it take forever and the order was wrong but the prices are way over priced and I'm a single mom on a budget and to have to spend an exorbitant amount of money on products that where wrong is well WRONG! I would hope that Star Bucks would do the right thing and follow through with what they said they would do in the first place!!

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GG - 70 d ago


Own stock in Starbucks, stock is down ,why? When I'm in a Starbucks I look all the time , No one eats @ Starbucks ! Very disappointed in there choice and quality of food ,they need to up their game in the food arena, plenty of great company's to buy frozen/fresh quality product from! Howard your missing the boat lots of competition out there, Starbucks is leaking oil, time to step up! If DD can do it and keep doing it so can Starbucks, GG

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Tamster - 114 d 3 h ago


Today I spent close to an hour arguing with the district manager at district 42 Santa Fe Springs California about store and corporate office policy . Mind you if you come to this store please be aware of the district manager and his say one thing about policy and corporate has other say employees are extremely nice but manager is stuck between dm and his knowledge of right and wrong. This district manager loves to degrade his employees and is very disrespectful and erigant

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Anonymous - 91 d 7 h ago

What you say would make more sense and probably stand a better chance of getting some notice if you had any sense of how to spell and compose a sentence at all. You should have paid more attention in school.

General profile image

Anonymous - 73 d 2 h ago

I second your notion of the above mentioned comment. "Erigant?" Is that a word?

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