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2401 Utah Avenue South
Seattle, WA
Howard Schultz
Chairman and CEO
(206) 447-1575
(206) 682-7570
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R - 2 d 23 m ago

Starbucks in Denver Colorado on Hampden and a Dayton and on and the others are discriminating a against the white chocolate mocha . Every time I order it is wrong and I have to pay 5 . It use to be a great drink now they are running everything! Boycott Starbucks there employees are crazy and I'm tired of paying now for crap! !!! Starbucks you suck and I am so made at how you run your stores with a bunch of crazy employees own there own political agenda! You don't deserve my money or my recommendation anymore!

General profile image - 2 d 11 h ago


Sorry... your scam at Fairfax area is horrible. It horrible service.

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Anonymous - 3 d 14 h ago

Hello, I just want to say that I love your breakfast

Sandwiches, and I missed the chorizo one. I hope you can bring it back. But I am writing to you out of

Concern because we are living in times that we need to be super clean and I noticed today that none of your employees were wearing gloves. I am considering not going back sorry to say that but

I am in the medical field, and i was really shocked to see them not wearing gloves. I will appreciate a reply, thank you.

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Anonymous - 20 d 13 h ago

I just went to the starbucks store on h and Central in lompoc ca and the people there was very rude i just wanted to pick up my mobile order and they won't hand mr my drink at the door said I had to go to the drive up window

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Hospice worker with patients who believes Starbucks is a racist antisemetic organization - 36 d 13 h ago


Boycott Starbucks. It is a supporter of the BDS movement. Supports black lives matter a hate driven anti semetic platform. I will never go to Starbucks

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Anonymous - 23 d ago

How is it hate driven? I'd love to see an EDUCATED response. Also please tell me how your job and patients have anything to do with Starbucks?

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Verty Unhppy - 32 d 41 m ago


I love Starbucks and I go there often. When I just read that Starbucks is participating in the black lives matter movement I will never buy anything from them again. What a slap in our faces.

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Anonymous - 23 d 8 m ago

@ Verty Unhappy- You are so right. It is beyond acceptable for a company who mainly employs young people and changes with the culture to support any activism. lol Drink Folgers instead and get over yourself.

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Anonymous - 23 d 30 s ago

Has anyone been scammed before of a car wrapping job

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Cris - 24 d 18 h ago


So now that the "Black Lives Matter" "protesters" you have aligned yourselves with have deliberately looted and set fire to one of your stores in Seattle how does that make you reflect on your decision to back them and not law enforcement? I think maybe neutrality would have been a smarter way to go if you couldn't have done the proper thing and back the blue.

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Sany - 26 d 11 h ago


Very rude cashier and not paying attention to the order.

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Minnie M - 28 d 16 h ago


I am very unhappy that your have discontinued skinny mocha. I am a diabetic and unable to have sugar and it was just great to be able to have skinny mocha in coffee. I hope Starbucks will bring it back.

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Don scott - 31 d ago

Have a store front to rent to Starbucks

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Disappointed - 43 d 17 h ago

I'm very disappointed with your stance to not serve police officers and disrespecting them!!! I use to go to our starbucks at least a couple of times a week, I won't be returning until your company offers a public apology to our officers that lay their lives on line for us everyday. Your business should not be a forum for your opinion. We have enough drama in the world right now without a corporate business stirring the pot and being a bully.

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Anonymous - 35 d ago


Shut the fuck up. Any starbucks employee that refuses to serve police officers is doing so on their own accord, Starbucks as a company is too concerned with profits to ever refuse service to anyone. Not only that, Starbucks HAS BEEN pro cop for years and the only reason they are even kinda supporting the BLM movement is because of public outrage. So get the fuck over it, people are being killed by police officers and your upset because people are mad about?? Ridiculous. Not only are you ridiculous, you're delusional because nowhere in our employee handbook or week update does it say "we at Starbucks have taken the stance to not serve and disrespect cops". Trust, if that was the case, I wouldn't have quit

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Staley - 37 d ago


Why does Starbucks chose to get involved in politics? They always seem to pop up on the news with political statements. Why don't you protect your customer relationships and avoid politics. It would seem smart to remain unbiased regarding your political opinions. You should show respect to all customers.

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pz950 - 42 d ago


I used to go to Starbucks for pastry, croissant, especially, because it was made more like a French croissant that is fluffy and smooth. But

the last few purchases I made have turned out to be worse than a regular store's. What has happened to its reputation of "quality" products?

It is sad to see that Starbucks has slipped so far. It can no longer charge the price it is charging because there is no reason for the high price.

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Anonymous - 47 d 12 h ago

You are in business to only supply a product and a service it is as simple as that, nobody asked for your feelings or your opinions,, we do not care to hear them, nor do we give a darn what you think, if you must voice them do it in another venue, remember the corporate motto, it is nothing personal, it is just business. When an executive starts to use the business as a method to express what he or she thinks or believes they have overstepped what the public has allowed them to do, so take a step back, think about the real consequences of preaching to your customer base, they can disappear quickly and all because you had to overreach your authority

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Anonymous - 47 d 16 h ago

I am never going to visit starbucks again until you appologize to treatment of our law officers, stop trying to bully facebook and other social media organizations who you think are supposed to edit and delete posts you take issue with, you can try to keep your company financed and running with whatever business you get when the silent majority boycotts your products. Seattle has exposed itself as the anus of the united states, i hope your proud of all the homeless druggies who setup tents and live in squaller, keep up the great work


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Anonymous - 51 d 5 h ago

Hi Howard,

How r u? I love the coffee and the service that i get everytime i go there. I do have a concern we are all in this together with COVID-19. Ive been visiting 3 different location, 2 of them re located in Montebello, CA. Also, the 1st location is on Via Campo, CA inside the Alberston's. Also, the 2nd location on Beverly Blvd., in Montebello, CA. Also, the 3rd location in Monrovia, CA this one is located next to Wendy's Restaurant.

IVe been noticing your associates do not wear gloves. Please help everyone to stop the spread for COVID-19. Thanks for your help.

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Anonymous - 48 d 12 h ago

you need to email Kevin Johnson

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75TH RANGERS RGT - 49 d 14 h ago


Hello Howard. I will no longer buy anything at your stores ever, a tampon in a police officers drink is the final straw, you just cant keep it simple and sell coffee, my friends and I are tired of your politically correct sjw crap. as a veteran I will no longer look the other way, you have no respect for America or the Men and Woman who Serve our great nation. the same nation that made you rich. Bill B

General profile image - 49 d 16 h ago


Hello Howard. I a couple seconds. I have a wireless servalence on my self. I'm sure you know what it is. It collects data for my favorite coffee shop. I also own a skateboard shop/coffee shop. Can you please put a stop to twisting my neck that can not believe district of San Gabriel Valley conned me for. If you don't know what it is look up nsa cia mind powers passed for Congress. Thank you Donnie Jay Moreno

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Insulted Costumer - 51 d 12 h ago


To whom it may concern:

On 06/25/2020 I went to one of your stores located on H street Chula Vista CA, and found myself in a very unpleasant situation as the barista was not only rude to me, refusing to take my order claiming that he could not hear me over the mask which WE ARE ALL REQUIRED TO WEAR and insisted I remove it, but he was not wearing his in the proper fashion, his Darth Vader patterned mask barly covered his mouth, it was mostly covering his chin. this is a very rude attitude considering the times we are living in and the conditions under which food oughts to be prepared. The barista went even further in his disrespect towards me when upon hearing me complaint about the affore mentioned situation, took away the drinks he had prepared to fill my order(two only I had asked for three and paid for three) did not give me back my money but just ignored me. I left the store uphalled by his behaviour and I am writting to you because I think this attitude posses health risks to all and any costumer that may encounter this kind of behaviour, rude and with no regard for the health of others especially during the times of a pandemic that has cost the lives of thousands of people world wide.

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Anonymous - 53 d ago

I was at the Starbucks location at dairy Ashford and Westheimer in Houston Texas just a little bit ago. Our county has instituted, Harris County Texas, a requirement that anyone entering a business setting Starbucks and all restaurants and the other business the boys and customers have to wear a mask. It is a $1000 fine for each violation for the business. There was no sign on the door requiring masks and there was a person in there ordering his food and walking around with No mask on. When I asked the employee about it they said they did not know anything about people having to wear mask to come in the stores. Incredible. Not the employees fault just poor management..

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