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Carol - 2 y ago


I am going to go on record here as a true blue Starbucks fan. Got the card. Love this place. I will say that there is one thing you guys can do to make me happier!!!

Add some additional types of green tea-- not the flavored stuff. The real unadulterated thing.

You did recently acquire Teavana after all.



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Anonymous - 1 y ago


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Eagle rock Starbucks - 1 y 58 d ago


This location is always out of something cups ice and know even there blender not working horrible. This is the location in target located in the eagle rock plaza in Los Angeles.

General profile image - 2 y 102 d ago


Home Depot, gives a 10% discount to ALL servicemen/women and to all veterans.

Dunkin Donuts & Mickey D'd gives a special discount to all seniors over 55.

I feel that's all that needs to be said . . . . Bob Berner

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Carl_McCormick - 4 y ago


Having recently read the book, "The Starbucks Experience", I must say that I have much more respect for this company than I ever had in the past. I used to look at the business as a sort of hype-driven company that learned to make a cup of coffee, mark it up 8x the price, and sell as a "hipper" version of what you could get at, say, Waffle House for $1.09. The book was recommended to me by a friend, and even though it isn't my usual type of read, I gave it a chance. What followed was an inspiring story of a man who believed in fair pay for hard work. Pairing that with the idea that everyone wants to be treated like family, Jerry Baldwin and his partners set out to build Starbucks. Not only are they more strict about making sure foreign coffee farmers get paid a fair wage, they also give every part-time and full-time employee stock options and a piece of the company! In fact they don't even refer to their staff as employees, but partners, because that is what they are. The idea to have the barista write the name of the costumer on their cup wasn't just a marketing ploy to feign sincerity. It was actually done to help partners memorize frequent customers' names and the type of coffee they usually purchased. This enables them to say what most of us would love to hearing upon walking in, "Good to see you, Steve. Shall I brew up your regular?" That is what creates the feeling of being a part of family when you walk into the shop. All of this really showed me how original the Starbucks business model really is. And why even if other companies are mimicking the the look of Starbucks, they are missing the whole point the Starbucks brand: Respect for humanity.

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CieraC - 4 y ago

@abbygeis @starbucks @cierac Booooooo. How about you come to NYC and we'll get them together?

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amymoczynski - 4 y ago

@laurenkgray @CristinMcGrath @Starbucks and people are rabid about getting their pumpkin spice lattes. It's genius!

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ai_abbey - 4 y ago

@shinooook I was in the line @starbucks then they was walking outside :P

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laurenmacdonald - 4 y ago

evening trip to @starbucks with the guys. @starbuckscanada #alwaysagoodchoice

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band_geek325 - 4 y ago

Craving a carmel frap from @Starbucks !! <3

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aaronspod - 4 y ago

@WFUJAG that and Rufus Wainwright's "Hallelujah." playing in @Starbucks right now and definitely has been since I started going to them

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Jaynabelle - 4 y ago

@Starbucks with my best girl on my last day of being a minor... Lol whut 18

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Blackapron - 4 y ago

@StarbucksUKCA @starbucks it's for US partners...however we here in Canada are able to place orders over the phone

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478maggie - 4 y ago

I bought a vanilla latte at @Starbucks #awesome

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Jacqueline Parks - 4 y ago


I love Starbucks. I have had a lot of positive experience with this company. There are four Starbucks locations that I visit on a somewhat regular basis, and although they all have a different feel, a slightly different clientele, they all feel like home to me.

One of the best things about Starbucks is that no matter how busy any location is, the barista always gives me full attention when it is my time to order. I have never had my drink made wrong at Starbucks which has not been the case with other coffee shops. Also there is always a homey feel while still being clean, professional, and neat. It is the best of both worlds. The prices for drinks are fairly reasonable too.

One downside is that the food is pretty expensive. I do occasionally have dessert item with my beverage, but I consider it a luxury and make my selection carefully. I have had some pretty delicious items, but I wouldn?t consider having a full meal at Starbucks with their current product selection and price ranges.

Back to the positive, when I am at a location that isn?t busy, the staff tends to go above and beyond the call of duty in the customer service department, making sure that all my needs are met, that everything is fresh and clean. I highly recommend Starbucks to coffee drinkers everywhere.

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Hazel Barrington - 4 y ago


I wanted to record a fair and true review of Starbucks. There are a lot of people out there that bad mouth this company, but for the life of me I cannot understand why. I have found that the staff is always very courteous and polite, even when they are seriously busy. I have a Gold Card which I use all the time. Although I enjoy a good cup of coffee every now and then, I am mainly a tea drinker. I switched over to tea some years ago as a way to improve my health.

Anyway, the tea the serve (TAZO) is just fantastic! I always get the China Green Tips tea flavor they serve, and it is one of the most unique and satisfying green teas I have ever found. Period!

All of that, plus they offer a cozy / comfy place to go and read, work, whatever. I just like them and will continue to patronize the stores as long as they keep up the good work.

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