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Discriminated and harrased - 3 h 14 m ago


As this is being published on your NJ site, where I live and work, I prefer to use a pseudonim. My real name may be provided by writing to (hidden). I specifically request that my name is not publically divulged. Thanks for your courtesy. I was a customer of Starbucks for over 10 years. Probably closer to 15 years. I mostly went to the South Orange, NJ location. I have had negative experiences in the past, which I have reported to the National and local management. At this time I am extremely busy to locate the files. I am actually too busy to write this complaint, but, hey... There were no other 'cappuccino' places nearby. That is why I kept coming, and insisted to kreep coming. Luckily, there is a new place in town. My name is Miguel Mendoza, I am approaching senior citicenship and in 2017 I had a stroke that has limited my mobility and manual dexterity. It also impaired my speach beyond my already clumsy Spanish accented broken English. The very ugly situation that occurred on 06/04/2020 in reality it started a few weeks ago, before the quarantine closing of the Covid-19. One day, I came to the store and walked to the ordering/paying counter. This store is very small, and the counter is very close to the door. Again, my walk is not the fastest walk. A young mind behind me just rudely rushed ahead of me. I obviously say: I am ahead of you, young man. I don't remember the exact wording, but it was something like: you have to move fast. I got upset, and I concede that my voice may have gotten a little louder. (in any event, in normal conditions, my voice is loud) A new female employee reprimanded me, and I reacted, but the episode remained civil.I got my drink and left. From that day on, our mutual antipathy was evident. The store reopened by end of May. The store has been operating part time and with significant restrictions. The door is blocked by a counter-high table, and an attendant is behinfd it, to take orders, receive payments, and hand the orders. On 06/04/2020, I went to the store to get my cappuccino. The table was removed from the door. It had been displaced in an angle with respect to the door. There was nobody behind it. The table has a metal laminate on top of it. I used my metallic cane to knock on it. Nobody came. Then I thought: Well, it appears that they fully reopened. So, I decided to enter through the widely opened space. I could see a few other employees. Then, the lady above mentioned came towards me, with a nasty attitude and beligerant tone. I replied, and the thing escalated to an argument. As I am not ever inclined to take any injustice, abuse or disrespect and therefore,some of these employees appear to want me out of the picture. A couple have actually asked me to go somewhere else. When I realized they were not going to serve me, I left. I went to "Cait & Abby" next door to get my cappuccino. One of the employees came to the front of Cait & Abby, and saw me and my dog outside. She was speaking on her cellphone. The police came and asked me to come outside. I gave them my version of the event, which is the same on this complaint. Obviously, this 06/04/2020 episode that by then was over, was the excuse they wanted to call the police. I was already away from the store. They just needed to somehow validate their notion that I am the bad guy by calling the police.

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J Tarantino - 1 d 4 h ago


Customer service is ridiculous, I called early this morning and needed some help in reference to a purchase I made in the Wayne New Jersey store. I had purchased the 5 pack of changing color cups .....and the yellow one is cracked ...... First of all it took me almost 3 weeks to get the cups and the only reason I went to such lengths to get the cups was because I have a friend's little girl who's going from fourth grade to middle school and she really wanted them..... I personally called the Seattle headquarters customer service and got nowhere they actually told me to go to eBay and buy them there for almost 3 times the amount and that was the best they could do for me...... That there was no protocol to replace the cracked one and I can continue my search if that's what I felt I needed to do because that was the best they could do for me ......we're talking about a multi million dollar company who can't replace one lousy yellow cup ......... I am at a lost for words at their nonchalant way of handling this ........ I felt I wasn't asking for the world I'm just asking them to replace the yellow cup......

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GreenEyes - 12 d 1 h ago


Hello, Is there any way that Starbucks could be built in Clover South Carolina. It takes 30 mins to drive to Gastonia North Carolina and if I wanted to go down south to Rockhill South Carolina it's a 45 min drive, Clover South Carolina is a small town but we are EXPENDING there's alot of homes being built here, so you will make LOTS OF $$$$ if there was a starbucks here. We have a little coffee shop here but they are always packed!! .. A big line waiting for coffee, Please consider the Four Leaf Clovers would love some more coffee that tastes better.

Thanks for taken the time to read this !!

Have a bless day!!!

-GreenEyes ..Starbucks Fan!!..

Flagged for review. 
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Sue - 15 d 18 h ago

I'm so disappointed we stop at Starbucks everyday and this morning we had two cars ahead of us.We was excited cause we was going to buy are color changing cups.Of course we was also buying are coffee.We get up there and the women in the 2 car before had bought all of the cups.Now how fair is this to us

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T.A. - 15 d 4 h ago

Should have gotten up earlier. The poor woman who bough them certainly wasnt aware you wanted one or 2 of these cups. The definition of fair is in the dictionary.

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Tol - 18 d ago


Talked with Jonas in customer service about my issue in one of their stores. He was very polite, responsive, empathetic and took care of the problem extremely professionally. Great customer service! This is why I've been a customer for 15+ years!

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Gerry - 18 d ago


It appears that Starbucks at the Oregon City Shopping Center, Oregon City, Oregon, does not support Veterans. This is certainly sad with Memorial Day approaching.

Starbucks in Oregon City at the Oregon City Shopping Center.

I find this sad and frustrating, I believe as a company that you guys do some amazing things. I believe that this morning, things were handled incorrectly and I hope it can be fixed quickly. The stand was set up on the sidewalk in front of AT&T.

Customers of the Starbucks next to AT&T on McLaughlin in OC, the VFW is sorry. We will NOT be distributing'Buddy 'Poppies and accepting donations for our Relief Fund at this location this year. Even though we have been there the past 5 or 6 years, Starbucks management has decided somehow this 'bothers their customers' and demanded we leave. If you were offended, I apologize, if you want a Poppy for Memorial Day, please come see us at a veteran-friendly local Safeway/Albertson store Thank you.

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Jessica - 21 d 15 s ago


Starbucks on 17 north and south they have the coronavirus and they never say nothing to no one check the employee one them are sick and not speaking up about

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Teta - 23 d 4 h ago


Need to train employees to stop touching tips of cups with their hands #covid-19

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Smart sally - 24 d 25 s ago


Just called to ask about masks at Starbucks. Woman I spoke with was as stupid and vague as they come. You have to question her like she's in a deposition. I won't be coming back. Either require everyone to wear a mask until this resolves or you've lost my business for good. I'll be going anywhere else- dumb daisy!!

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Janet N. - 24 d 4 h ago

You have now shown your true colors.....With all of the people out of work and with all the states who could use any new businesses to open up in their state you have chosen to go to the one country that caused this pandemic...One could almost cause this treason...Un American for sure...I have ordered my last Starbucks...Your lack of character is disappointing.

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Jerry K - 26 d 5 h ago

Very disappointed with Starbucks opening a roasting plant in China. I have supported Starbucks since the early 90"s and was proud to buy American. I will use up my last few dollars and points and take my business elsewhere. You should change your name to Starsucks because you are traitors by not supporting American soil. You can kiss my a$$.

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Jerry K - 26 d 5 h ago

Very disappointed with Starbucks opening a roasting plant in China. I have supported Starbucks since the early 90"s and was proud to buy American. I will use up my last few dollars and points and take my business elsewhere. You should change your name to Starsucks because you are traitors by not supporting American soil. You can kiss my a$$.

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Karen Walsh - 32 d ago

Will no longer support Starbucks if they invest money in China. Have you no sense of responsibility/concern for the USA?

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Anthony Perez - 36 d 23 m ago

Post mate delivery we are not in control of the product that they give us when we pick up orders during this time we make sure that we touch the bag as least as possible! Dropped off items at Starbucks store was confronted at the door that the order was not complete foul language was exchanged to describe the cost of the food and what they got went back to the vendor to complete the order the second time without picking up any more orders after Six weeks of unemployment not getting back to me I decided to do some post mates Was thinking that Starbucks would be kind and courteous since none of this was my fault and instead got treated very rude at the door after the second time and picking up their food for free not cool

General profile image - 59 d 17 h ago


Dear Starbucks community, I would like to ask Starbucks community to help with the meal deliveries from local Seattle restaurants to the ER, ICU and all required personal who are helping with the struggle against Covid19 to Seattle Hospitals. Click here to donate! Read more below: First, I hope all of you are healthy and safe. Meals4heroes in NYC started on March 29th with reach outs on Facebook and parent groups by a husband and wife team in New York City and is now 9 volunteer strong and working hard to continue to provide healthy meals to the healthcare workers in NYC during the COVID19 pandemic. Importantly, 'Meals4 Heroes', is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization. (all donations are deductible). I am proud to say that we are now starting a Seattle-based doing4others Click here to donate! already mentioned the organization among organizations that are helping feed HC workers during the COVID19 pandemic. Here is what the organization is doing: Meals4Heroes takes donations and uses all of the money to buy and delivery meals to feed an entire ER or ICU shift at a hospital (docs, nurses, security guards, orderlies, whoever is on staff during a hospital shift in ER or ICU) in Seattle The meals are all bought from local restaurants around the hospitals, and not from any national chain restaurants, that are providing healthy, nourishing meals (i.e. not pizza and donuts every night) to sustain our healthcare workers during their grueling shifts. In this way, the donations do a double duty/make twice the impact easing some of the burden for our healthcare workers and supporting local restaurants to help them stay afloat during this pandemic. They work directly with someone in these hospital departments and they tell us when to send the meals and how many. We have local restaurants reaching out to help and doctors and nurses at hospitals requesting meals as the staff don't have time to think about where to get a meal during their shifts. For example, working with Mount Sinai Morningside, they sending 90 meals regularly to the ER shift where the nurses and doctors are working 15-16 hours overnight every night. Here and here are 2 versions of how Meals4Heroes got started in New York. You can follow our progress on Twitter and Instagram--they are posting the restaurant's photos of meal prep and the deliveries of each meal right now. I am reaching out to see if we could 1) donate and share widely with our colleagues 2) Have Meals4Heroes create a dedicated your institutions or company team page (example of one that was started today: and can, for example, ask employees if they would like to donate and then match each donation. Thank you and again, hope you and your family are healthy and doing well, Natasha Raikhel (from Pasadena , CA)

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Lea - 41 d ago



Starbuck's is taking Classes right now learning how to Read and Write Chinese. Don't Ask STARBUCK;'S for another thing to do...THEY CANNOT KEEP UP WITH HAVING BUSINESS IN THE U.S. Now. Starbuck's Is CHINA BOUND where they will pay the workers $2.00 per day to do EVEN MORE OF THEIR DIRTY WORK FOR THEM!

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KennyB - 36 d 15 h ago

Starbucks, like most corporations (especially publically traded) no longer work for the customer, their alligence is with the demands of the prime stockholders [make a return on my investment or I take my money elsewhere]

It's a big mountain to move, full of moral and ethical delemas. I'm afraid the momentum of greed and the mass reluctance to stand up to it will,,, well, we'll see!

(Light Roast is where it's at anyway! Not mud)

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Mike - 37 d 4 h ago


Starbucks investing a $130 million in China????? It's time for me and others in

America to switch coffee brands!!!! Wasn't the state of Washington the first

state to be effected by what China served up to the United States and the rest

of the world. What's next the Covid 19 Latte with a double shot of reality!

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cris v. - 38 d 11 m ago


Frontliners and healthcare workers deserve more than drip coffee. Macdonalds donates 1 free meal per day. Maybe Starbucks should be offering Frappuchinos.

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Doc Meyer, K.Falls OR - 38 d 19 h ago


I just tried to purchase 20 dollars worth of drinks at your store (507 W Stan Schleuter Loop in Killeen Tx) and they refused to take a United States Treasury $50.00 Note. Claiming they didn't have change. Considering the fact that they have been open since 0600 this morning and have been taking in money all day, they should have change, which means your employee lied to me. Or does the corporate office tell them not to except 50.00 dollar bills, in which case you are violating US Law, if you operate a business in this country or its tributaries you MUST except any US Treasury Note presented for services or products. I'm from up in Oregon were I have paid with fifty dollar bills on numerous occasions. I'm a 20 year veteran of the Military, I've been a first responder, and I legally carry a gun. So sick your coffee were the sun doesn't shine.


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Anonymous - 39 d ago

I don't understand if restaurants are doing curb side pick up during this Covid pandemic, why are the Starbucks drive thrus closed in Md

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Dr. Daly - 61 d 17 h ago


The Starbucks employee in Los Angeles at Las Cienega could not understand my husband's order at the window to pay and she was without a mask and hovering close to two other employees at the window who were within less than two feet of her. She leaned out of the Starbucks window to clarify the order and was clearly less than six feet away from my husvand who was in our car and therefore with the window down and without a mask. This social approaching should be prohibited and could be rendered trivial with appropriate masks for all employees who certainly are within 6 feet of each other as they work together in the close and closed quarters of a Starbucks Coffee barm.

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Lea - 41 d ago


Starbuck's Could Care Less About The Covid-19 Virus. If they are opening up factories in China now...what do they care about the Americans? Didn't you know they CLOSED MOST ALL THEIR STORES LAST WEEK here in the USA??

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Margit Brigitte - 57 d 7 h ago

I hope you take note. If you build a plant in China, all my friends in an affluent part of So CA will never buy another product or drink from your stores

This can spread all over So CA

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NotMargitBrigitte - 51 d 20 m ago

They definitely don't care about your silly threat.

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Lea - 41 d ago




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