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Sandra Miguelgorry - 2 d ago


Good evening

I am a loyal Starbucks customer. I've had my gold card since 2006. My question is.....

What is the policy of Starbucks concerning dogs inside their store. Are animals allowed in Starbucks? These are not guide dogs or specialized dogs. These are just everyday dogs on leashes.

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Susan - 2 d 9 h ago


It's freezing cold inside the crescent city Starbucks. The employees say they are instructed not to turn up the heater. They all agree it's very cold. What is that? Cheap or calalier disregard to people.

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Sandy M - 3 d 42 m ago


I have a family member that works at the Starbucks in Aberdeen, wa. My concern is I read that Starbucks announced they were going to increase salaries and benefits for employees because of corporate tax cuts. What I see is an industry that is doing what Walmart and Costco with others that keep their employees just under hours so they don't have to pay benefits. At this Starbucks the employees are not getting enough hours for benefits then instead of increasing hours for their present employees hired someone else. Now you have one more employee working without benefits. I'm very disappointed in your business practice.

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Jennifer W - 13 d 6 h ago


I routinely visit Starbucks at a Target store in Louisville Ky on Taylorsville Rd. My daughter and I do our shopping there on Saturday or Sundays. On the weekends only one person is working with a line of about 6 to 7 people waiting. I feel so sorry for the girl working. It's seems stressful at times. I've noticed this the last several weekends. I feel this needs to be looked into.

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Anonymous - 16 d 4 h ago


I wanted to make you aware of a customer service issue at the Starbucks located at 2801 W Clearwater

Kennewick, WA 99336. On two separate occasions I was unsatisfied with the service that I received. I am a loyal starbucks customer and frequent this and one other location in my home town of Kennewick Washington. I normally have a great experience with the employees that work in both locations. Unfortunately that was not the case today. One employee (i did not get her name), on two separate visits has not been able to serve my order correctly or without treating me extremely rude. I did not get her name but her hair is bright blue and pink. She not only made me feel uncomfortable. My initial and subsequent order was incorrect. Upon letting her know that my order was incorrect, she took my beverage and threw it into the sink, made my order slowly purposefully, helping others first and then handing my order back made incorrect for a second time. I was so uncomfortable with her eye rolling and lack of communication that I took my incorrect order and left to fix it at home on my own.

I am hoping that your company will see fit to correct this employee issue so that no other Starbucks patrons will have to experience this inconvenience.

If you would like to follow up on this review please email @(hidden)

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Tenzin - 21 d 8 h ago

Is it possible to open a Starbucks in Tibet?

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Digger - 21 d 11 h ago


You are a corporate bully. Just ask the folks in Elk Grove, CA.

General profile image - 22 d ago


Since, Alichas Williams, has become the manager the store has slowly gone downhill. Deeana is more suited be the manager. Stores that are smaller and more efficiently run. There needs to be a better seating plan and more people in and out of the premises. There is a gentlemen that is sitting with his laptop from 9AM to 5PM, with perhaps one drink. There were four boys (young) doing their homework without ordering anything. More tables and chairs can be put into the store and people with laptops can pay a fee to sit for a long time without purchasing anything.

The service at Topanga and Ventura Blvd. is much efficient and smaller in size.

Please send someone to inspect the premises at 22435 Ventura Blvd. The store was customer friendly. Now people come in and see no seats and leave without ordering anything. I have met friends at your store, who I consider friends. We are all upset about this situation. I hope you can resolve it.

Thank you.

Lucille Braverman

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Anonymous - 26 d 9 h ago

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Anonymous - 35 d 9 h ago

So a little over a year ago I took my kids for a bike ride in Bidwell Park, not one time did I feel safe, not one stop did I not see something disgusting like underwear, cigarette buds or something else that made me get back on my bike and keep riding. I have kept my kids clear from Bidwell park, down town, and numerous other spots in this town.

Now, I was born in Chico, raised in Chico and still here 40+ years later raising my own family her in Chico. So the thought of me not being able to take my own kids to these places that I used to enjoy is very very sad to me. I have dealt with the filth, cleaned up a few myself, dealt with the homeless, helped a few myself, dealt with feeling unsafe, got protection myself, dealt with the drug issue, made a few phone calls myself, but what happened yesterday Saturday just makes me sick to the point that I can't stop thinking about it or visualizing it. It makes me wonder what the hell is this town doing to make our town safe and drug free?

Imagine dropping your son off for baseball practice on a Sat morning at Chico High, taking your daughter and your friends daughter who are just 9 and are so excited to be with each other to Starbucks on Esplanade for a treat. After you get your coffee and treats you get a tx from your friend asking you to please have the girls use the restroom before heading back to Chico High because the restrooms we not available. So, We headed to the bathrooms noticing that the doors had a combination lock not a key lock. We asked the lady at the register for the code, we happily skipped back to the restrooms explaining to the girls that the combination locks are to keep the homeless out. So I proceeded to let my friends daughter go in one bathroom for privacy and headed to the other bathroom for my daughter to use while I would wait in the hall for both girls. But when I opened the other bathroom door what do I see but two people, one man sitting on the floor holding a needle in the arm of a lady holding a bag of whatever. I pushed my daughter back slammed the door ran back to the other bathroom. The lady in the bathroom walked out casually like nothing was wrong and went out to the street, seconds later the guy came out and took a seat at the table with his buddy. Once again I felt unsafe, my daughter was asking questions and I got my friends daughter and headed to the front to talk with the manager. The manager asked the men to leave and blocked off the bathroom.

Now, today is Sunday and I'm still upset so I called Starbucks on Esplanade to ask them what they did to make this not happen again. She said unfortunately it happens all the time, they put the locks on the doors to keep them out but they figure them out. Not much we can do about it. We have called the police but they are gone by the time they get here so we don't call anymore, but that I was welcome to call.

So that's it???? Has it really gotten to the point in this town that everyone is like what ever, they do what they want, when they want, and who cares about the rest? Sick..... so I say what the hell is wrong with this town? Very upset with Starbucks as well and I will never go back to Starbucks on Esplanade again

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Hollz - 28 d 6 h ago


Ya there's homeless people everywhere. dont write this complaint on starbucks stores. You just complained about parks that have cigarettes on the ground and underwear. You're bitching about everything. Since this is a Starbucks site, you could have said how great the customer service is or how polite the girl was or how professional the manager was about the situation. They have codes on the bathroom for that specific reason. What can they do? Chico's a shit hole, maybe that's the problem. Chico is a party center where young girls turn into sluts. Chico is one of the top places for sex trafficking, you should probably not raise your kids there.

I can't believe you're upset with Starbucks. They LEGALLY can only do so much. They call the police, they change the bathroom codes, they kick out tweakers and thieves. Like get over yourself. Do you think THEY like working so close to tweakers? Do you think they enjoy having their customers uncomfortable? Shut the hell up. How about you stand out side and keep every tweaker from walking into businesses.

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Hollz - 28 d 6 h ago

..mine was too "anonymous" who bitched about something from a year ago but posted it 7 days ago.

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Diana Acosta - 63 d ago


I frequent Starbucks quite a bit, here in San Antonio and in Louisiana when I visit my daughter. I was in Louisiana and It was a super cold rainy day. We went for the Oatmeal, which is really good. Well, I won't be eating oatmeal any more. I purchased $30 of items. I took my oatmeal and it was about a fourth full of oatmeal and it was very cold. Not hot at all.. They put the milk in it must have been about 2 Tablespoons.

I was upset, but my daughter didn't want me to talk to the girl at the counter. We also ordered 2 croissants, a large cup of tea, which were very good. But that oatmeal was horrible. I was upset cause I reeeeally wanted oatmeal that morning, but not COLD oatmeal with 2 TABLESPOONS OF MILK. I didn't talk to the girl, but I told my daughter as soon as I get back to San Antonio, I would email someone about this. And I feel Starbucks owes me a cup of oatmeal. This happened in Houma, La.

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BuckyCubed - 41 d 3 h ago

If any Starbucks item is not made to satisfaction PLEASE tell one of the partners and we will gladly remake your order to your preference!

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Carla Fountain - 58 d 3 h ago


I am a gold member and I ordered through the mobil app today paid my money and went to pick up order at starbucks on Riverside ave in Rialto ca 2004 N riverside ave only to find that I have to wait in line for 30 minutes to get my mobil order. So I as Im waiting in this long line in drive through because the store is not open for walk ins. So I called the store and guess what line is off the hook and rings busy I dialed 10 times while in line to find out how does mobile order pickup order work if store is not open for walkins and not have to wait in drive through line. Then I see this lady pull up to see store not open and she too ordered through mobile walk over to drive through window and get her order. Now remind you Im waiting in this long line because I already paid money through app. It gets better....Now as Im waiting 15 minutes already in this huge line I see some lady gets her order in less then 1 minute of pulling up to the store. So I get out of drive through line and did what this lady did and went to walk up window to ask about mobile order and was rudely told that I had to wait in drive through line. When I ask why did they serve the lady over the window. The Guy just laughed and siad oh that was a mistake plus she only ordered 1 drink. I said you dont even know what I ordered and we got out of line because you just served another mobile customer here and he said oh well the line is way back their. I said how rude and wrong is that I jave been waiting and then I ask is my mobile order even ready. The guy said yeah we got them but you have to wait. I said it will be mobile by then and the other will will be watered down. He said we just throw them out and make new ones then. What.. If that was my store and I found out the my staff was waisting my inventory without care. I would fire them. How dare that store not care about waist factor. Do you know how much momey will be lost on waist. I ask for manager or someone in charge and one would not even come to window nor would they give me a card to call manager until I really startied to to get mad. The worker Isaish i think was so rude and he may have been the supervisor but who knows he said get the number off window and call corporate if you dont like it oh well and just kept smiling with a smerk on his face. Then one of the staff said here give her this card and I snatch this card and he said call this number. Well the number on the card is the same numbet I was calling while in line that was off the hook. They knew I could not speak to anyone and they were so rude. How dare they take my money, serve someone else and not do the same for me and then lie and play games. Im calling corporate tomorrow because today is christmas day and they are closed. They took my money and I got no service and I am out of 12.00. It not about the money. It is about the service or lack of. I paid ahead of time I have two choices wait 30 minute or loose my money.. I dont think so. I never got my order. And I want resolution. They will here from me. Discrimination it was.

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BuckyCubed - 41 d 3 h ago

Every employee should be able to refund you for a mobile order in-store. You can request any supervisor and they can refund you right then and there and it will be back in your bank in 24 hours.

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Leigh - 77 d 9 h ago


Very sad to see a paying customer be treated poorly.

Today in a Starbucks I witnessed a man that looked like he was homeless, with a backpack on and carrying a blanket and pillow. This man wanted to buy your Jan cup, where you get a free refill everyday in Jan. This man was not treated very nice, rude in my opinion. He was told the rules about the Jan cup, still wanted to buy the Jan cup and pay for a coffee to be put in the Jan cup....they said u can't do that. He bought the Jan cup, bought another cup of coffee then went to the other counter and poured his coffee from the paper cup into the Jan cup. REALLY, Starbucks employee!!! He was treated poorly, I am sure cause the employee thought he could not pay....SHAME ON HER!!! This man paid for a reg coffee and the Jan cup special...I hope they treat him better when he comes in everyday in Jan for a free refill.

I will not buy anything again from starbucks

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Lea - 43 d ago


went in starbucks in trumbull ct for 2 egg sandwiches and bought my 2 year old daughter a cake pop, and my mom noticed my 3 year old was not finishing her cake pop and mom noticed the cake DOUGH WAS RAW not baked, when we called starbuvks someone who answered said come in and will give you another, do they realize how sick a child ti get from eating raw dough.

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BuckyCubed - 41 d 4 h ago

Sometimes managers will pull their frozen items, like the cake pop, to be served later in the day after fully thawing. Unfortunately some stores become careless with the thawing process and you end up with moist, soggy cake pops, but usually not raw! The creamy texture also comes from the icing mixed in with the cake which melts and makes it turn even soggier. So sorry this happened to you!

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BuckyCubed - 41 d 4 h ago

Starbucks partners (employees) are told that you shouldn't be serving drinks in cups that haven't been washed. It is at the sole discretion of the employee to wash it in our sinks, and only after informing the customer that it may not be a sanitary wash. The employee was not required to fill a cup that hadn't already been hand-washed at home. I wasnt there to see how the partner interacted with the poor man, but the partner was following the rules per company policy.

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John Santuccio Sr. - 54 d ago


My name is John Santuccio Sr., I am a share holder . On December 28th my wife and i were in a Starbucks in Barnes and Nobles in Chico Ca.. I would recommend a raise or a management career for Jacob Barkley. This young man handled a long line of patrons with no problem. He told me he is in management but not at the top. He also is very good in sales also.He is very kind and willing to help. I would like corporate to contact this man. Thank you

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Trying to deliver - 41 d 5 h ago


I would hate to have my money in that company.I hauled a load 500 miles and had to take it 500 miles back to where I picked it up at in the beginning because all the paperwork is wrong.seems to me it would make more sense to fix the paperwork than to pay 3 times the freight charges.good luck making any money with them.I'm sure my charges will be moved right on down the line to you.

General profile image

Trying to deliver - 41 d 5 h ago


One think for sure they have poor logistics service.buske in Springfield mo and pensive in grand prairie tx.busier put a load on me and pensive won't take it off because all the paperwork is messed up.I've sit for 6 hrs now and still no one knows what to do with they think maybe we will take it 500 miles back to Missouri.I would hate to be the ones that buys these drinks and have to pay for riding then around for 1000 thing for sure there won't be anymore starbucks in my wonder its so have to buy a gallon of diesel fuel with every if would be nice for someone to get this crap out of my if you in the office ever read these then someone needs to get on the phone and find out why your high price drinks are sitting on side of the road in grand prairie tx and nobody wants them.

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Michelle - 43 d ago


This is a review about your oak valley parkway location located in Beaumont, Ca. I have had so many drinks made either wrong or made at different times and by this I mean my frapps were made and sat out while another 15 or more minutes went by until my iced macchiato was made so they were then melted. I've had everything bagels burnt to a black crisp or not toasted at all because I've complained about getting a burnt one served so I guess they thought by not toasting it right the second time was going to make me happier. I've had espresso grounds and not just a little bit a considerable amount floating in my macchiato. I used to have the app but whenever I ordered my drinks were always never all done together. And I know I'm not the the only one there's been people that I've seen have the problem of not getting all they're drinks done together.I've contacted members of management and even reached out to the DM in that area which told me she was sending me a gift card which it's been over a month now still have received nothing. I did tell her about an incident about a barista serving while she had a brand new tattoo done on her that was still fresh and wasn't bandaged instead just had some Neosporin covering it which I felt was a sanitary issue. Over all the lack of knowledge how to make drinks there is incredible. I have gone to many Starbucks and never had such problems. They one either are not trained properly or don't care.

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Anonymous - 43 d 6 h ago

I'm greatly disappointed in your Philadelphia stores I was told I have to buy a cup of coffee before I'm allowed to use the bathroom I have to use the bathroom badly I will go through a 7-Eleven and peeing Dam Ali before have to buy a cup of coffee before I get to use a bathroom in the store there's no reason why I could not have use the bathroom and then bought my cup of coffee what am I supposed to stand in the s****** coffee in my hand

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