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kesha - 2 d 8 h ago


Hello I went to subway 214 S Monroe St, Tallahassee, FL 32301 on 09/19/2019 aprox. 12 15pm for lunch I had two simple orders one was for a co worker that sent her order by me and the second order was me a cold cut sandwich foot long on honey oat wheat. I went through drive thru and sat there about 10 min i give the lady my order and payment she charge it all to my card so of course I'm already upset , so then I get my sandwiches and they are both wrong so I called back because by then I was at work already and the manager hangs up I then call right back and no answer I try a third time and the lady rudley says call back after 2 okay to me they made the mistake so instead of apologizing they simply said nothing very rude She did not even give me a reciept. This by far is the worse experience ever i have been in retail for 12 years so I know how customers should be treated and this by far was the worse.

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Tracy - 4 d 4 h ago



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joe - 5 d 8 h ago


I have always enjoyed subway up until today 9/16/2019. I tried the new brisket sub today and it was a huge fail. It was advertised as open pit smoked brisket but all I can taste is some chewy meat covered in liquid smoke. Either the meat or sauce is drenched with liquid smoke in an attempt too sell it as real smoked meat. I was so disappointed with the false advertising that I am spreading the word. social media rocks

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Glenn - 5 d 8 h ago


Have been a customer for many years. Today I got the worst sub ever, any where. Your new smoked brisket sub is a disaster! The meat was tough and had to be torn away when taking a bite. Flavor was bland, smokiness almost non-existant...the bbq sauce was the only thing edible. I have had brisket all my life and this was the worst, period, and certainly not worth the 10 bucks I wasted. Just wanted to express my opinion...expect nothing in return. Glenn

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Sherry - 6 d 7 h ago


I am at subway at the Columbia mall in Bloomsburg pa.. I am so disgusted!!! 1 person working , 4th person in line and have been waiting 45 min..

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Upset Customer - 11 d 3 h ago


Subway store #57928 N. Raul Longoria in San Juan Tx. 78589

Terrible service. Food was even worse. I ordered a brocolli soup and it tasted burn like if it had been sitting there for hours. Despite the manager "Alexandria Ramirez" said it was made at 3pm. I was charged for my order at 5:21pm. I also ordered some meat balls and they were served to me in a clear cup with a drink lid. I was like really, how were the meat balls suppost to stay warm. I couldn't believe it.

It totally ruined our dinner. So disappointed with this location. 1st and last time!!

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ANDREY BOGOLIUBSKY - 11 d 14 h ago


(M) It appears that all governments on this planet are filled with unscrupulous, incompetent jackasses, all trying to put one over on the other fellow. Such a bunch cannot be a tyranny. It is a very unstable and dangerous affair but we did ask for it.

It looks like our major growth industries are DRUGS, PROSTITUTION AND INCARCERATION.

Flagged for review. 
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Randall - 12 d 7 h ago


Store # 24289-0 / Lakeway, TX

Absolutely a terrible store. Manager (Kate Evans) is ignorant and makes excuses all the time that their system isn't working correctly and that is why my order wasn;t made. If that was the case, then why did the employee have my order in her hand when I walked in but didn't make the sandwich????? Duh Kate, Der, our system doesn't work. No the manager doesn't work. She is an idiot.

I have ordered online numerous times for my order to be ready at a certain time. I walk in and they have my receipt, but no one has even started the order. Makes no sense to have an online order system if you can't do it. Happened 4 times in a row when I ordered as I use to order 3-5 times a week. So for 2 months I haven't been back. Today I decided to try it again, and 100% mess up. Didn't make my order AGAIN. The Subway is Lakeway, TX at the Oaks is the most terrible service I have ever experienced in my life. Tell all your friends to never go there. TELL EVERYONE like I am!!!!

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Randall - 12 d 5 h ago

This is how your employees at this store respond to a complaint on Facebook - nasty staff Comments Danny Adams Danny Adams My wife were in the same Subway when you were. She said after your failed attempt at hitting on the manager that you would then post a complaint. The manager doesn't want to date you so leave her alone and stop trying to get her in trouble. Reply 51m Jeremy Govro Jeremy Govro Is Katie an ex? Reply 49m Courtney Carter Courtney Carter Raise your hand if you know the last name of any manager at any fast food place you've ever eaten at. Just Randall? Something smells fishy... Hide or report this Reply 45m Kellie Silva Kellie Silva There's people in the Bahamas with real problems and you're mad about Subway? Dude... Hide or report this Reply 43m Sarah Marie Sarah Marie Yeah you think it's funny until your boss sees this. One google search. Hide or report this Like Reply 7m Randall Baumann Randall Baumann I have already forwarded this to your corporate office! Edit or delete this Like

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Barbara - 16 d 5 h ago


Dirty store. There was no bread available no steak and they were out of ice. They also were out of tea the container was empty and the lid was half on. The napkins we were given were wet

I think the girl there was alone as I didn't see amy other employee. The floor was dirty as were the tables. The light above the food was and had bugs in the cover. The store was dirty all over as well as the restroom. The employee told us no food was put out the previous night and the ice machine was broke yesterday. I don't think they should of been open. What a mess!!!!

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sdp13 - 17 d 8 h ago


Subway at 8080 Old York Road in Elkins Park PA is TERRIBLE! The new franchise owner is sloppy and crude. She drops garnish on the prep area and then puts it back into the sandwich! She also refuses to honor promotions. I have completed surveys for two free cookies, and this "owner" has refused to honor it. I presented an AARP coupon for $1 off a foot-long, and she refused to honor it. There is no other Subway close enough to visit in my area. If so, I certainly would!

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Tom. - 19 d 7 h ago


The subway at the Miller Travel Center in Willington Utah. The place is dirty a lot of the time. The flys are bad inside the building. The employees never changes gloves and they use the same knife to cut all of the different sandwiches. They also go to the back and come out with the same gloves on. They are real sloppy with the sandwiches. They also stack the same papers onto of the sandwiches that are in line. I have had to ask them several time to change gloves when the fix my sandwich. And it make them mad. They will also work the sandwiches line and the pizza side with the same gloves that they have on. As far as a rating goes I give this place a Double minus FF. I will never eat here again.

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Kymberly Playdon - 21 d 8 h ago


I was very disappointed with my local Subway in Bryan's Road, MD today (8/31/19) at approximately 1:40PM. Prior to going I looked online at the menu and was hoping to get the Chicken Pesto with Mozzarella on Ciabatta bread. It was on the menu, on line. When I got there, they said it was "seasonal" yet gave me a chicken and mozzarella sandwich on white bread. Why is this sandwich listed online, if it's no longer available or just a seasonal item? I was very disappointed and my opinions about Subway are starting to really decline.

P.S. The sandwich was very sloppily made with very little lettuce and tomato. Have your standards changed?

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wendell - 23 d ago


i need to talk to someone in corporate about a manager who blataintly told me that they dont normaly hire people who live at the address where im me old fasion but it sounds to me like discimitation i say!!!

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anonymous - 28 d 10 h ago


The owners of the subways In Iron mountain and Kingsford Mi dont seem to care how there stores are ran. They have managers that dont want to work so push responsibilities on others. In the last 3 years Kingsford has had 4 managers and two were extreme drunks so they missed work or came in hung over or still drunk. They are extremely mean to other employees and if the employees try to contact the owner there ignored. There are some extremely nice employees there and customers like them but unfortunately the good employees seek out other employment due to the way they are unfairly treated

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Bruce - 29 d ago


Affirmative Action is racism.

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M Y - 29 d 1 h ago


Asked a simple question then had my sandwich torn apart then thrown back together in front of me, a salad so rudely chopped and then told my husbands sandwich was not ours because this rude worker said she didn't see us speak to each other while in line! Then when I called her out she got even more rude. No thanks Subway...No one should be treated so rudely regardless! A simple yes or no was all I expected! My question was asking if a 12 inch sandwich could have half toasted and half not. and at 6pm she told the next in line how rough her night was going, late on closing duties already (3 hrs before closing) etc etc Well her night would be better if she focused on customer service and kindness not closing!

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Paulette Baig - 29 d ago


Ths Subway on Martin Luther King Blvd in Little Rock, Ar just verbally abused my daughter in law. I called store pbone number only to hear that mailnix is full. I would like to know who I report such behavior to.

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Anonymous - 29 d 45 s ago

I would like to know why my kid's check always bounces after I go and cash it for the Andrews Tx location. I have tried getting a hold of payroll and HR unsuccessfully. We get stuck with all the bank fees for the hot check subway gives my child plus the overdraft charges for bills we pay because the cashed check money gets taken out of our account. What a way to ruin some people's finances because subway cant take care of theirs.

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Simmy - 29 d 18 h ago


Hi its Sharon I am regular customer at subway store high wycombe retail park I am very pleased with the service I get especially Iike your breakfast subs are my favourite it is a shame you stop them at 11.30.but I am happy with the service I received.

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Anonymous - 31 d 7 h ago

Remember when you had bread bowl salads???? Bring them back....I LOVED THEM!!!!!!!!!

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Larry - 112 d ago

I am a parent of a 16 year old who routinely closes the restaurant at 9:00. Most nights he is the only employee after 7:00 sometimes the last person leaves at 8:00. Is this normal to only have one scheduled employee to close down the store who happens to be a teenager? I would think 2 employee minimum to close. It becomes a safety issue in my opinion. Omaha NE.

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Kelsey - 108 d 11 h ago

I am not sure about in NE but in TN yes this is normal. I worked at Subway about 8 years ago and was always left to close the store alone. My sister (17) now works at the same subway and is there all day from 2pm-9pm completely alone. While I do not think it is right, it is normal for Subway I think, yes. However (in TN) 16 year olds are not allowed to close the store alone, you have to be 17 or older (unless your son has been working at this location for a while, then they would likely make an acceptation.)

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Anonymous - 108 d 11 h ago

I would not be advertising this information on the internet. It could make it dangerous for all Subway employees that are closing stores alone.

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N/A - 90 d 4 h ago


We all work alone, the whole day, at our store. I've been robbed once, doing it. We open at 6am and close at 1am. Hollywood FL.

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Rhonda - 63 d 7 h ago


Right! R

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