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Hailey - 6 d 20 h ago


Im in need of some help I currently work at a subway i have for almost a year now and this is the second time I personally have gotten very sick after eating a sandwich on my break and im now discovering so are other customers and recently i have been told by my assistant manager that i need to change the time tags aka expiration dates on anything that is expired to extend it quote expiration to a longer time and I believe that this is getting people including me very sick

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Eileen Anderson - 20 d ago

Great deals at Subway. Wish I could do the www.subwaylistens listens but there is a flaw in the survey. You cannot rate the experience at the end of the survey. You can only leave comments and therefore there is No way to complete the survey.

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Anonymous - 21 d 19 h ago

I work at a subway . I have cumulative 3 checks because I had lost my id be working there.I finally open at wells fargo and got my id but when trying to cash the account didn't have finds and i asked my manager but she feared calling hr because she might get in trouble but t isnt her fault . She told me to change them but i didn't have an id at the time. and she told me to wait for Monday for our next check day. will I be able to cash my check at the next check day?

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Deb&John - 22 d 3 h ago


Subway on George Washington Way in Richland, WA with Heather as the manger! What an awesome lady she is and has a fantastic crew -- love going to this Subway to get my sandwich!

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Anonymous - 24 d ago

I have seen one of your manager smoking pot so I think you need to u.a. the management in roseburg oregon and I think you guys need to do without telling them

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Charles Barnes - 25 d 4 h ago


My girlfriend and I arrived at the Subway location in Merrillville, IN (6172 Broaway) on Sunday evening at exactly 8:53pm to purchase gift cards for Christmas. Upon our arrival, we noticed there were about 4 customers inside getting food, so we were happy we got there before they closed at 9:00pm. Unfortunately before we got to the door, one of the employees came and locked the door. We then looked at the time again, and it was 8:54pm. So we verified on the closing time on the door and it said specifically 9:00pm! We pulled on the door and it was indeed locked. At this time the two ladies working looked directly at us and proceeded to complete the orders they were working on and to make matters worse, one of them went to the back, which we immediately thought she was coming to open the door, but she then turned the "open" sign off. Again at this time 5 minutes before the posted 9:00pm close time.

Needless to say we were very disappointed in the service we did NOT receive from your store. And ended up buying a giftcard from Walgreens for another establishment because of such bad service and failure to honor the committed time of close.

I know we're not being naive to believe that we should be served after closing time, but we do think Subway should honor their customers as enough to realize the are other many other local food establishments to patronize.

We do not appreciate this and thought it is important enough to contact corporate so you'll know the behaviors of this particular franchisee. We also want you to know you lost a sale and more importantly a customer

General profile image - 32 d 30 s ago


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Michelle Burris - 32 d 22 h ago


On December 13th 2018 I visited my local subway restaurant at approximately 6:15 p.m. to purchase three sandwiches. Upon entering the subway I could see a young lady behind the counter making a sandwich for a customer, and a young man behind the counter stuffing food into his mouth, leaving behind something on the side of his mouth. He then put on gloves without washing his hands and ask me how many sandwiches, and what kind of bread. I told him two footlongs on Italian herbs and cheese. One an Italian BMT with pepper jack cheese and the other a steak and cheese, both untoasted. He preceded to begin making the BMT. He had no hat or hair net and kept shaking his long bangs and hair to the side. This shaking was being done directly over my sandwich. He then scooped a portion of steak and dumped it straight on my bread. I said,"hey dude you have to warm up the steak first." He then replied " you didn't tell me you wanted it warmed up." I said" do I really have to tell you that?" "Like I have to tell you you should be wearing a hat or a hair net?" He had no name tag on, so I told him"I didn't want justin Bieber shaking his hair over my food!" He then stopped making my food and stopped speaking to me, and walked over to the register and stood silently while his co-worker took over and made all three of my sandwiches. He then rang up my sandwiches, and I paid with my Debit card . I said thank you and merry Christmas, and began to walk away when he said very loudly "word to the wise, you shouldn't piss off the people who make your food in the food industry." I then turned back around and told him that I have been working in the food industry for 42 years, and I didn't need him to tell me what to do with people in the food industry. I then turned to leave and he yelled out "have a terrible evening." I then told him I would be contacting his manager the next day. He replied " I don't care." I did talk with the manager the next day and discovered he is a "friend of her family" and she's "sorry" and he was going to be "reprimanded". I have never in my life been treated so badly at any restaurant or business of any kind. All because I didn't want "justin Biebers" hair in my food. Or a cold steak sandwich. So if this is how subway does things now, I think I will start going to Jimmy Johns, or Penn station, or firehouse subs, or jersey mikes. Wow lots of choices. I will also let everyone I know how this situation was handled and they can make up there minds about where to buy there next sub sandwich!

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Carolyn Cooper - 33 d ago


The best Subway every is Subway at 610 North big spring Street in Midland Texas lunch line for adults and one for kids all subways should be considerate of the adults one hour lunch like she does... My company vote Daphne as manager of the year best customer service ever.

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Carolyn Cooper - 33 d ago


I have never been to a Subway to where when there are school kids they have a line for us working adults. Normally several of us would just leave when the Subway is packed, however the most awesome manager I've ever seen that get the adults in and out while still making student sandwiches I tried to go to other ones but I had to wait a long time so I want to thank Daphne the manager for what she has done to make us adults happy and more eager to go to lunch instead of disappointed.. I'd also like to state that her weight loss had motivated our office as well..

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Lynne - 39 d 18 h ago

Anyone know why I can't find a Subway in town that can plug in the BOGO, or the $1.00 off any 6" sub, etc that I get each week on my phone? Is there not a key or plu # that corporate downloads each week for their phone text specials? Every single time we go in and use the sale text special.... it's the same thing....... no one knows wat to do.

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Hope Mills Walmart - 40 d ago

I think it is poor customer service to tell your customers that you can't toast their sub because you're closing in 20 mins. If your business is open then you serve what's on the menu untill you're closed.

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Anonymous - 43 d 31 s ago


I visited Subway in Mandeville LA today and attempted to use a coupon from your latestes advertising flyer which expires on 1/16/19. The store refused to honor it. The explanation was confusing - I chose the bread from the menu and asked for no extras. Since the store is in front of my community it is convenient but after todays experience I will no longer be a customer . Your product is wonderful but coupons to encourage visits and then are rejected is not acceptable.

Mandeville LA

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veryunhappy - 43 d 16 h ago


i went in the store monday and im sorry to say this store needs drug tested the workers was so out there they couldnt maintain there selfs and im sad to say that there was one person infront of me and it took all most a hour to finally get to pay well i went into the restroom and i found a needle ... the store was very dirty and this is the only one in muskogee that usually is clean an nice subway4337

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Audrey - 44 d 7 h ago


I recently worked at Subway location #11693. I had been employed there for approximately a year and a half, and I left because the issues that are there are never dealt with and resolved. The reason why good help cannot be kept and obtained is due to the fact they never want to resolve the poor conditions and they steal their employees paychecks when they do decide to leave. I was very disappointed in seeing how corrupt they are. One of the ongoing issues is with pans and bread forms. When staff refuse to wash them the employees are told "they are just kids". I am sorry, I don't care what age the staff, customers should not be receiving bread that is prepared on dirty forms and pans. This is a safety issue for your customers. Cookies are kept in the cabinet longer than a day, and the cabinet is never washed and sanitized. On a good day it might have the crumbs wiped out of it. There is an infestation of spiders in the store which has also been brought to the attention of the owners on several occasions, but has never been dealt with. When I went in to pick up my last paycheck I was screamed at by the owner's daughter, and still didn't get my paycheck. I at that point contacted the police department to have an officer go with me to pick up my paycheck. I was finally able to pick it up only to discover they had stolen $350.00 from me!!

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mercy - 46 d ago


I had very bad customer service, the employee is was very rude with me,

the localization is 6412 irvine blvd Irvine ca 92620.

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J&M Garrett - 48 d 38 s ago


My husband and I went to the subway store on jog and Atlantic in Delray Beach Florida, the man either worked there was the owner. We were the only ones in the store he was like a zombie didn't say a word I asked for a vegetable sub he put 3 thin slices of tomatoes and a hand full of lettuce asked him to put some cucumbers and peppers I got 2 thin strips. My husband had the same problem with his Italian foot long sandwich. We couldn't just eat bread through them in the trash. You are loosing a lot of business because of him, we will never go back to that store and everyone that I know will not go either. We spent $14.00 that we threw out. You should do something about the way that business is being run.

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Donna - 49 d 4 h ago


Very unhappy with Subway in Steelville Missouri. How in the world do you run out of bread to make subs. Most people with common sense would see that they are running low and start more. Not this restaurant they wait until all the have is wheat bread then tell everyone they are out of bread except for wheat.

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Windknowme zh - 49 d 4 h ago

Hello i currently put in a application for your store manager position i live in Rustburg virginia . Im very interested an believe i will be a great asset to your conpany. My email address is (hidden)

I have calling the store in Rustburg but the hiring manager keeps tellibg me that the area manager has my apokication tell me how i can get in contact with that person.....

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Anonymous - 51 d 20 h ago


The agent name candace that work there is very rude and disrespectful dont have no customer serivces skills at all dont know how to fix a sandwich dont like to listen very poor for the company

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Make It Stop - 52 d ago



The new ad.

It's kind of obscene, but mostly annoying.

& loud,

Thank you kindly

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:Pissed Off - 56 d ago


Just left the Subway at 3665 Club Drive in Duluth, GA. I had a large order, stepped out to take the drinks to the car, when I came back the lights were off, the open sign was turned off and the door was locked. After banging on the door, their excuse was " we hadn't had any customers today so we wanted to play a joke" what kind of shit is that. No one has time for an establishment to play jokes on customers. Trust and Believe, I will never return to that ignorance at that location.

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Anonymous - 58 d ago

Very bad experience with employee at Rice Lake Subway gross! I was there an a friend told the fat gurl at the register it was all together I heard her because I was next to b served I went to get my sandwich she didn't let me take my sandwich even after I offered to pay for all three but my friend who is Caucasian was able to take hers ugly! Rude an disrespectful

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Anonymous - 58 d 6 h ago


No Sliders anywhere anymore around me. There is Subway! But no sliders. Oh well.

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Jeff T Burks - 58 d 12 h ago


The subway in Dowagiac Michigan how can you go to a restaurant and they tell you they did not have any meat to put on the sandwiches this is not the first time cannot believe nobody has done nothing about this I have pictures to prove it

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