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Becky - 1 d ago

Dear subway you currently have an employee that has probed my family. Her name is Stephanie krobs. Not only do I find this offensive,. It also makes me question your hiring practices. You paid good money to send her to management training in Barstow CA. If this is what you consider a good employee. Consider me no longer a customer.

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Upset reader - 1 d 4 h ago

Easy question....... does anyone from Subway ever read these comments? I see complaints-but no reply to any of them. Makes me a bit weary to go back to a Subway ...... ever.

Doesn't seem they care at all.

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Jasmine S. - 1 d 4 h ago


I have been a dedicated fan of Subway for as long as I can remember. I loved the idea of hot deals each week! I recently realized how long it has been since I have actually received an SMS text from Subway giving me my deal of the week. I have tried numerous times to text the HELP line but I always get a "service denied" response. Can anyone tell me why I am getting this message and if I can resubscribe?

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Lynn from PA - 2 d 5 h ago


Went to the subway in Aliquippa Pennsylvania, drove up to the drive-thru waited 5 minutes said hello was told to drive up to the window sat there for another 7 minutes before some lady opened the window and said what can I get you took 5 minutes for her to order my two sandwiches waited 15 minutes and still did not have my sandwiches. I was there for 25 minutes I pulled out and left that is absolutely ridiculous!

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NOT HAPPY - 4 d ago


I was at subway at 5871 fountain mesa pkwy in fountain colorado and ordered 2 salads to go and when i told them how i wanted my salads made the people behind the counter proceeded to tell me that they only make salads a certain way so i asked them who,s going to be eating these salads and he still argued with me. Dont you teach your employees that when a customer orders something you make it the way they want. Was very unhappy the way i was treated and will never take my business nack to that location EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe the corporate office should teach these teen employees how to respect their customers

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Cc - 4 d ago


The ice machine wasn't working right and when I said something to the worker she was very rude and nasty towards me. I go there once a week to eat

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Jackie - 6 d ago


Last night I took my son to Subway in Belmont, NH. Brought it home, his (former) favorite meatball sub. A couple minutes later I hear him scream louder than ever... "there's a nail in my sub". I'm thinking... gross... fingernail? Actually nail he found in the sub? Nope my 9 year old just pulled a broken, jagged, rivet out of his mouth. So as soon as both of mini panic attacks are settled, I call the Subway. I get nothing but attitude from the employee, not so much as an apology. I ask for a corporate numbers to contact. He gives me the regional managers number. Can't give me his last name. Later I post my experience on Facebook. Apparently it goes just viral enough regional manager sees it himself.

He offers my son a replacement sub. You can't make this stuff up. Scrubway is nasty. Never again.

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Steve - 9 d ago


Family member went to the subway location in monreville Ohio. They received sub that the bread was covered in mold. Just wondering how does that happen when it is suppose to be fresh daily. I know I will probably never eat there again! Have pictures of this nasty sub to share.

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Virginia - 16 d ago

I just saw your ad on Nascar for Subway with a mouse nibbling on a sandwich...'Tiny wraps are for tiny things....' That is a stupid commercial. I will forever associate mice with Subway sandwiches.

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Former Connecticut Customer - 9 d 6 h ago


I stopped coming to Subway for the following reasons: 1. Subway's Customer's Point system Card is a SHAM. The system steals your points back from you, does not recognize the points at some stores, and it goes on and on. On a many occasions, I purchased lunch at Subway for many of the workers on my property. The Customer Point System Card would not accept/recognize all six (6) purchases, and I did not get credited, as a result, I got screwed and I did not like it. 2. NO ACCOUNTABILITY by Subway Corporate. When a customer calls with a legitimate complaint, Subway COrporate, solely uses the information given to the Subway representative for the company's advantage. They fail to remedy the problem(s) of the complaint, through a credit or sending a gift card to the complainant. THIS IS BAD BUSINESS. Subway, gives nothing back for their indiscretions and or mistakes. 3. Subway's MEAT, CONDIMENTS AND VEGETABLE is SUBPAR. The quality of the food is on the low side. Tomatoes look like tomatoes but taste like something other. The vegetables come bagged, it's no secret. You want to bring customers back, ramp up the quality and source of the food that you are asking your patrons to consume. THey should have co-branded with Boars Head, brand, etc. a long time ago. How about a campaign advertising Farm Grown Vegetables, in your rebrand campaign? Instead of new signage. How about getting with Boars Head, etc. 4. Subway Managers/Owners lack accountability. Fast food restaurants are accountable for their mistakes. Subway, makes a mistake on your sandwich, neither Subway corporate or Subway individual franchise locations, are accountable for their mistakes, by way of crediting the customer back. THis is one sure way to loose customers for life. 5. Subway takes the FUN of visiting their stores out of the equation. The preparation of a sandwich/sub at Subway before the patron, significantly lacks theatrics. The presentation is far too robotic, measured and predictable. A sandwich need not be built with exact PRECISION, like Subway does it. The typical Subway sandwich maker, appears petrified that they are putting on to many products or too much product. Turn the experience into a fun (for the customer) experience. Subway, stop being so predictable, measured, precise, robotic. Make a liberal and unpredictable sub, make it fun. 6. When you go to a Subway, there is noting exciting. The processes are not entertaining. THERE IS NO EXPERIENCE. The word PROFITS are written all over the facers of the sandwich makers and thier Managers. 7. Subway restaurant's concept (long forgotten) was all about building your own sandwich. That concept is nearly gone. New Campaign should be: "Come Back TO SUBWAY and Build Your Own Sandwich Again." Remember, not every patron want's extra meat or cheese, some want more some want less, it all averages out in the end. 8. Predicability: This business of putting on (in front of the customers) exactly four (4) pieces of cheese, is WRONG! It is too robotic and measured and predictable. 9. I recall on numerous occasions at numerous SUBWAY Store locations, the last time, back in 2015, when I last ate there I would ask for more lettuce. I had to ask several times until the Sandwich Builder put the correct amount of lettuce on. He would start with the illusion distraction technique, of reaching for a large amount of lettuce, but when the person making my sub, made contact with the lettuce, it was a pinch of lettuce. This is deceptive. They are trained to build the SUBS this way, by SUBWAY Owners, to increase profit, under the guise of appearing that you are getting what you want. Economist call this trade off, "Being a Jerk."

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Caroline - 11 d ago


I visited a Subway at 4552 N. Kedzie, Chicago on 6/29/18 at 5:15 PM. I mistakenly left my CTA senior pass and IL driver's license near the cash register. When I called a few hours later I was told by the cashier that the person behind me in line said he would take the cards and call me. The cashier said he was very busy at the time so permitted the person to take the cards. Subway just participated in possible identity theft. It has taken much time and expense to cancel the old cards and apply for new ones. There has also been expense in traveling on the CTA without a senior pass. Subway should take responsibility for this action.

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uareap'n - 15 d ago


I was at the subway in seaside, oregon waiting for a table to be cleaned to sit at for close to 15 minutes, asked for the mgr who came out to clean table and as he leaned forward to wipe the table off, what i believe to be either a pot pipe or meth pipe fell from his shirt pocket and shattered on the floor, had ob flip flops and holding my kid so i stepped away as he frantically picked it up

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Un - 20 d 1 h ago


Your subway on boiling rd in Roanoke Rapids is nasty, full of flies , I refuse to eat there and will make sure I tell everyone I know not to eat there.

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mickeno mitchell - 20 d 5 h ago


a lady name baley and janine or july did not fix my food wright in roberta ga 31078 and i wont them fired asap .

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Anonymous - 20 d 6 h ago

Cause at workforce development p2p operates the best as bondi drove a 2003 black ION and became L. Rinaldi. Cause then other students at monroe community college was italian combo subway as dr anne kruess questioned cause suny/cuny state is protected by county gov. But community is protected by college is federal funded..i just hope the college kids don't have to take a RTS Maggie Brooks is retired in Buffalo

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Anonymous - 20 d 6 h ago

Let's get a sub to discuss with the president of college monroe community COLLEGE dr anne kruess of rochester.ny of political wiriting that Obama made a addition to the african musemn about 20 african american students..and get them the 4.95 special meatball wedge as on sept 16 2016..donna bondi of livingston county workforce

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Jennifer - 23 d 6 h ago


I really want to know why your employees are Not wearing hair nets at this location 3615 Dallas hwy inside a Wal-Mart super center in dallas georgia 30157 this needs to be addressed promptly

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Demeatrice Jackson - 25 d ago


I went to my Sunbway in Collierville Tn and I go alot but I was racially Profile by a Employee she didn't finish taking my order and went to the customer BEHIDE me and help him.And when I made a Complain she said that is Jason and he is a regular but he is white and I am black she said they know him so this is why they treated him that way.I guess because I am not trying to be cool or know them I don't mean a Damn thing and I have reached out to Customer Service and the Owner know word from neither this was 2 weeks ago.

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Robert - 25 d 4 h ago


I have just been terminated by the subway I used to work in Bradford, PA in Walmart. it is owned by Connie and Rich Young, I feel as if I have been wrongfully terminated because I was wrote up 3 times, but I was never told about these write ups, one of them happened 3 months ago. they were unprofessionally withholding my write ups so I would be terminated.

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Mrs. I. Griffin - 26 d ago




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Anonymous - 26 d 24 h ago


Pat Siegal. I have been a Subway customer in your Commerce Michigan store at 14 Mile and Orchard Lake for many years. Recent management changes have happened. As of now I will never enter that store again. On a Tuesday morning around 11:00 am, no spinach, no yellow egg and out of mayo. Was told it just received delivery and would take quite a while to be ready. Really!

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Linda Stinson - 26 d ago


We stopped in Johnston City, Illinois today at approximately 215. We got off the Interstate due to a terrible storm. It was raining so hard that I couldn't see the lines in the parking lot. There was one car in the lot. When we went in to order sandwiches a make employee was taking his break and informed me that I was parked in a non designated parking spot and told me to move my car. I really couldn't see due to the heavy rain. My husband and I got our sandwiches to go so I could move my car. We ate in the car so we got drenched for the second time. I went back in to use the restroom and get a drink refill and he proceeded to affront me again about it. I said that I didn't appreciate being scolded about a parking spot in the middle of a terrible storm especially since there was only one other car there. He was rude and confrontational. The girl that made our food was very nice.

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Bill sembert - 30 d ago


what kind of resterant are you running my daughter takes me tobeat on fathers day and we are told sorry we are closed at 7:30 pm the hours on door say open till 9:00 pm. i was treated rudely by the two crack heads working. and they said its a holaday what about us. well it ain't mothers day. and fathers day is not a holaday. went to another store and they were closed also. what the hell. fathers cant eat on there day or what

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Missing opportunity - 33 d ago


Hey, Subway! You are missing a great advertising opportunity! While In and Out, Raising Cane, and Whataburger are having problems getting good bread, you are not because you bake your own! Get with it and jump on this phenom!

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A Customer Service Professional - 36 d 5 h ago


I just spoke with Customer Service at the World Headquarters. I asked for a person in Marketing and because I didn't have a name, she couldn't transfer me to someone. Is that how customer service works in Connecticut? It's no wonder people write such harsh reviews. The Subway that I frequent is a busy store, but they do a great job...they just don't speak English...much. They do give good service otherwise and get someone to talk for them if customers don't understand them or they don't understand us.

It would be nice to have better Customer Service at your World Headquarters, seriously. Thank you.

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