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Anonymous - 3 d 19 h ago

Hey my name Christopher Parker and I own a small shopping plaza in Demopolis Alabama and I would like to get a Subway out here

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Anonymous - 2 h 36 m ago

Why would we need another subway in Demopolis.

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Anonymous - 2 h 34 m ago

We have two already. dont need another one. Let's get something for kids.

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Minette McQueeney - 1 d 18 h ago


My favorite Subway sandwich was tuna. I won't get that anymore in fact, I won't go to Subway anymore. They used to put a good amount of tuna in a sandwich, I used to actually ask for less than they usually put in. Now, I order double and still can't taste the tuna. I only have a sprinkle of lettuce and a few onions so there's no good excuse for this. I don't know about any of your other sandwiches, I only used to get tuna.

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Martha - 2 d 1 s ago


I complained to subway a week ago it took them one week to answer me back and I do not fell it was answered good I don't see whybu can't pay for ur food with two different forms of cards as long as money is on it this wasn't handled properly and I didn't have any food for lunch that day cause they wouldn't honor 2 different types of payment I feel we should have been answered with in 3 to 4 days not 7 we feel we should have gotten a better way of handling this matter

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Ann Owens - 4 d 10 h ago


What an idiotic Subway TV commercial -- a thinly veiled attack on McDonald's complete with ear-splitting annoying heart-monitor -type "beeping" noises, so loud that we hit the mute button on the remote or simply change the TV channel until the commercial is over. Whoever thought this was a clever idea or that it would do anything other than annoy TV viewers is being paid WAY too much money. We enjoy Subway at our house but will not be buying until this annoying ad is off the air.

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Gail - 4 d 16 h ago


At the subway on 9th and lovejoy in Downtown portland(Oregon) the manager, some over his head kid, can NOT handle his store. He hired a homeless drunk and even afer COUNTLESS complaint from customers and co-workers(i live at an apartment building 2 blocks away and USED to frequent there often) did not fire him till he evidently got a call from the police about said person being passed out drunk in front of the store. There's also the rampant homeless problem and their seeming unwillingness to do anything proactive about it. From the homeless(or anyone honestly) stealing soda's and causing a scene to F***ing used heroin needles in the bathrooms! I've seen the way he handle's those problem patron's, seemingly calm and threatens to call the cop's but never actually does and i am DEEPLY afraid their security camera's are just for show, one was pointed at a wall and another was just dangling.

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Affinity Living Group-Jim Coco - 5 d ago


I work for a company in Hickory North Carolina called Affinity Living Group, our CEO is currently flying to the Eastern part of our state to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Florence to our Assisted Living, and Memory Care buildings in this area. Our Director of food services went to subway here in Hickory on Hwy. 321, to order subs for our CEO to take with him to give to distribute to our evacuees in the buildings. Your employees went above and beyond! Our Director of Food Services said he was highly impressed with the service and compassion shown by these ladies. He came back to our Corporate Offices and immediately asked that we send and email to your Corporate Offices expressing our sincerest thanks and deepest gratitude for such compassionate employees.

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Anonymous - 5 d 24 m ago

Subway 7485 in Alpharetta GA. I made a coment last month about this location. Also back then customers were complaining about the LOUD music. Never the less the poor help and bad attitudes. Well I passed up Publix Supermarkets Subs to try again this location. Well the same, music was loud and make matters worse it was uncensored music with curse words and derogatory racial slurs.

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Ken - 5 d 18 h ago


I totally agree with the person before me about your ridiculous and dangerous ad involving some taking a leaf blower and blowing in a persons' face. Someone will try this and get hurt and you'll get sued and you should!

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Anonymous - 6 d 5 s ago


Your latest commercial with the leaf blower has to be the worst idea. Who ever would approve to run an ad showing a dangerous act of having someone take a leaf blower to the face should be fired. How does that make any sense with the selling of your product ? I'm guessing no one at Subway has children.

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Trucker - 7 d 23 h ago


I am a very loyal customer of yours for years but your rewards card program sucks, I haven't used mine for years but to gather up points, I went to buy a meal and use my card for the first time and was told I only have 2 points on my card, how can that be unless all these years they weren't putting in the correct info on my card. Thanks a lot for scamming me like that.

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Marvin - 7 d ago

My wife decided we should boycott Subway because of the danger-promoting commercial with the leaf blower and irritating music. I said, "It's not really a boycott if they don't know about it."

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Anonymous - 7 d 4 h ago

Just a note to let you know I enjoy your subs very, much! I would also like to tell you that your silly ass commercial with the kid's mouth being blown open by the leaf blower is without a doubt the most rediculous commercial I have ever seen in my life! Whoever approved of the silly ass commercial should have his brain examined, if he / she has one!!!!

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Anonymous - 7 d 17 h ago

your lastest commerical I IS DESGUSTING ENOUGH TO NOT WANT TO BUY ONE!!!

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Steve Chamblin - 8 d ago


My name is Steve. I have read your mission and vision statements and enjoy your products on a regular basis.

I am a policy maker for our community, a credentialed school counselor retired, and a marriage family and child counselor since 1988. I don't write letters as a matter of practice.

I am writing in response to a current add with accelerated air into a young persons face. This kind of practice is dangerous and leads to injury and death. Children learn what they see and don't learn what they don't see.

Safety examples first please.

Steve Chamblin


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David Jones - 9 d ago


Your "Blown Away" commercial is stupid, dangerous and irresponsible, advertising at it's worst! You need to find a competent ad agency!

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lava Littleton colorado - 9 d 16 h ago


your latest blown away ad for italian sandwiches is one of the most ridiculous ads I ha server witnessed. you can do better

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Anonymous - 15 d 15 h ago

Im an alcoholic and need advice

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Al Johnson - 15 d 7 h ago

1. Stop drinking. 2. Join your local chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous and follow their instructions. 3. Never drink again, not even a sip. Good luck.

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Mike Hunt - 10 d 17 h ago

Have a drink

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Al Johnson - 10 d 6 h ago

Mike, I think your advice to Anonymous was at least as good as mine was. Anonymous did not say that he/she wanted to STOP drinking. Just asked for advice. Ok, time for me to sober-up so I can be first in line when my liquor store opens at 10:00 a.m.

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#shove it - 12 d 44 m ago


The Subway in Oakland MD sucks! It's management is unprofessional and they treat their employees like slaves. Just look at the turnover rate for employment and you will see there is a problem. They barely pull through on Subway corporate inspections. They have leaks under the soda machine that isn't repaired for 9 months or more. (It's caught in a bucket that runs over routinely). They have restrooms that are out of order and nothing available for the employees for 8 hour shifts. My son has worked there for 9 months. They wanted to terminate him because he didn't throw away bread that was still good. (Was baked the night before and he was there to open at 8am) They must get a write off or something, to want to be that wasteful. The bread was fresh still but their policy is to throw it away every shift. My son quit due to the mistreatment. They never train employees. Employees with 1 - 3 days of employment are veing forced to ope and close the store when they have no idea what they are doing. It's unreal to me the practices of this particular franchise. It's a blessing for him to be away from those people. They cause their employees so much anxiety. The don't write up schedules, just text the schedule someone works the day before they work,so routinely my son had no idea what he worked till the day before. Often he had to ask what he worked. He has been willing to work any time they needed him. He recently started college and wasn't available for as many hours. It's like they were looking for an excuse to terminate him. They apparently over estimated their importance in his life. No one deserves to be treated the way these employees are treated for a paycheck of $50. every two weeks. Take this job and shove it!!!!

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Jaysen Schriever - 13 d 41 s ago


My girlfriend and I worked at the Subway on East 10th street here in Sioux Falls, SD owned by two brothers, PJ & Ben Miller. I only worked here for about a month, whereas my girlfriend had worked there from December 2017 until today.

So my girlfriend and I made friends with the current GM, Soozie Miller. At the time, she was just the supervisor. She was super cool and really blunt about everything. But she was almost always super rude to customers of color that had an accent. My gf was the opener of the store, and she was damn good at her job. Soozie actually came to Kendra (my gf) all of the time because she didnt know how to do something, or she didnt know where somethings was and what not. A few months ago, Soozie said that the owner was promoting Kendra to a trainer position which came along w a raise. After a few weeks, the owner still had not talked to Kendra about her new position, but Soozie swore up and down that she would be getting a raise. After another few weeks, Soozie promoted Kendra to the Supervisor position, which again came along w a raise. Months roll by and Kendra still hasnt received a pay raise or been talked to about said position by the owner. A few weeks ago, Kendra decided to go back to school to better her future, which interfered with her work schedule. Soozie rudely announced that she thought it was dumb that Kendra was going back to school, and thought that she should just go get her GED. Kendra disagreed. Well last week I was in the hospital for a few days, and Kendra had to take a day off to be with me. Kendra was a full time employee, so had full time hours. Instead of Soozie contacting Kendra and either asking her if she wanted to give up her shifts for more time with me, or telling Kendra that she was giving away her shifts, she just gave them away to other employees. Kendra didnt work for a full week because Soozie thought it was such a good idea to give away her shifts without consulting her first. When Kendra returned to work yesterday, 9/8/18, Soozie proceeded to belittle Kendra and make her feel stupid because they changed some things while she was gone. Kendra ended up having someone else cover her shift. Today Kendra went back, and Soozie again started in on her. She called Kendra a liar repetitively and said that I wasnt actually in the hospital, and also tried to give her shift away to another employee. Ever since Soozie Miller became the general manager, shit hasnt been getting done around the store on time like its supposed too. Soozie harasses and belittles almost every employee unless she thinks theyre cute, then she flirts with them. She never knows what she is doing and obviously hates her job. I feel like there should be some type of repercussions for her actions, and she should definitely not be a gm.

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marie mink - 14 d ago


This is Marie Mink. I worked at Harper station. I have a lot going on with a funeral and being sick. i was fired for no call no show But I tried to call her 3 times. I can't afford a doctor or have one cuz I have no insurance. She wants proof that I called her but I got a new phone and lost all my information. I've never been late or just not show. What can be done about this. I got no warning or write up just fired. I don't think its fair. Please contact me at (hidden). Please and thank you. I'm a hard worker and don't deserve to be fired for not being able to afford a doctor and I called her from my new number but can't prove it cuz I lost my information when I switched phones

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