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Taco Bell Corp.

1 Glen Bell Way
Irvine, CA
Greg Creed
(949) 863-4500
(949) 863-2252
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N. Trevino - 1 d ago


I went to a local Taco Bell on June 22 at 1220 am. I have waited in the drive thru line for about 20 minutes due to the restaurant being very busy. I ordered a couple menu deals and some other items and a 4 pack Cinnabon. My total came to 28.50 Uppn leaving I stopped at the parking lot and checked to make sure I received everything on my order. I was missing the 4 pack Cinnabons. At this point I had to enter the drive thru once again and wait another 20 minutes to get my missing item. (It was late at night the inside of store was not open for customers at this time. By the time I received my missing item my entire order was cold. 28 dollars and 50 cents wasted because the food was cold and soggy my family did not want to eat. They also took my receipt when I had to prove I had paid for the missing item and did not giving it back, claiming they had to keep it

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Senior citizen - 1 d 16 h ago



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Anonymous - 2 d 6 h ago

.i was sitting in tacobell i had to get up and leave i was waiting for a dinn waiting for my dinner date to order and this man and this manger were arguing the manager was cussing very crudely to this man that was not satisfied with the services he demanded his food be freshly made or his money back she refused to do eathier and she treated him very rudely and i just coundnt beleave that she was a manager so i lost my appetite and told my significant other to dont even bother going to that taco bell this was not the place to meet at all so i dreadfully want to get a meal that i ordered for two and didn't get to enjoy.

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Pete Buccos - 3 d 3 h ago


Why dont you bring back the Chiletos, or aka CHILLI CHEESE BURETOS! They were so good! Its I use to work for taco bell and i know for a fact that they dont cost ayou alot of money to make them! Give what the customer wants and you make a

Huge Profit from them. Thank You for your time

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HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! Did online order due to having 5 kids and being much more convenient. Sit in drive thru line 10 min then get to the window and they can't find my order and demand me come inside. Unload all 5 of my kids and come in and get a bogus sorry from the manager I guess he was. Had to wait 10 more minutes and didn't even receive my soda but walked out anyways because I was so disgusted with the service! Then our food quality was terrible! Every taco shell was broken and no meat in anything. will not come back and will tell all my friends! 6-19-2017

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Marcy Verde - 3 d 17 h ago


Ordered from Taco Bell 027972 1 bf supreme that had no sour cream in it. 3 soft tacos all were very saltily that we only took a couple bites and couldn't eat the rest. 1 cinnabon 12 Pack. in side the cinnabon pack was a roll of scotch tape. We discovered it after 3 were eaten. Call the store asked to speak to the manager. He said he was the manager told him the issue and he laughed. offered me a free desert next time I came to the store. His name I believe was John. I told him no I wanted to know what happened. How could this have happened. Gave him my number and he never called me back. Order # 3533370 on 6/17/17.

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Phil - 4 d 6 h ago

Martin tn I order 2 6pk of naked chicken chips they charge 2.19 for each of them and the price show 1.99 told the cashier she said they were 2.19 didn't change the price how many more people had to pay 2.19 instead of 1.99

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Santa Monica Customer - 5 d 11 h ago


Today 6/17/17, on a beautiful Saturday morning @ 9:00 AM I went to the

Jack in the Box, 1624 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, CA. I placed an order of 12 breakfast burritos, and 12 hash browns. I paid and they asked me to park in the parking lot, they said I couldn't wait in the drive through lane, because the "time" there counted against them. I complied. I waited in my car for 20 minutes and still no one brought my order out. I walked in, and the girl inside (Ivory) said "oh it's you again!". Both Ivory and Cindy, Mgr.? were working up the order, they were so disorganized "filling my order with half filled tortillas all over the place and while they were in their confusion, the new guy? Rojelio was thinking about eating his own breakfast, asking the other 2 working on my order "hey what's good for breakfast, while the were chit-chatting about his breakfast choices, I was left there waiting...

THEN when I finally got my order, the hash browns were placed on the "BOTTOM" of the bag, with 12 burritos on top of them, the hash browns were COLD and squished together and as flat as a pancake with the grease spilling out of the bags... I left and while in the car I opened a breakfast burrito only to find that "THEY HAD NOT BEEN GRILLED". I brought everything back in for a refund... AND I was actually not mad at this, because I realize that "things happen"... BUT WHAT was the real clincher..??? The cook / Cindy (said she was the mgr) overheard me saying "hash browns were cold and burritos were not grilled"... SHE came running over the register AND started YELLING at me saying : "I JUST FRIED THEM", YOU SAW ME DO IT"""!!!! I asked her to not yell at me, and further stated that all she needed to do was apologize and NOT be so RUDE, to which she began YELLING again "I AM NOT RUDE""!!!! She took my order and THREW it rudely in the trash can as if to show me she was ANGRY!.. I asked for your Mgrs contact info... SHE said could not provide it because she was helping another customer. I reminded her that she was in the middle of helping ME, an upset customer. She kept me waiting for another 10 minutes and handed me a piece of register receipt with the name Mari (310) 453 3308 on it. I instead opted to express my complaint on your web-site as I am hoping CORPORATE or a District Manager sees this horrendous & disrespectful treatment by Cindy, who is supposed to set a good example and lead by example to her staff. Unbelievable!! Obviously I won't be visiting this location ANY longer. ... BUT for the safe of other customers, I highly recommend that this so called Manager get some proper training in HOW TO TREAT CUSTOMERS!

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ljswisko - 5 d 18 h ago


Deltona TacoBell is the STEPCHILD of this area.It's hotter then Africa up in here! No A/C! 2 days ago soda machine broken; last week ran out of red sauce! Great workers always seem undermanned, busy,...are workers appreciated! I'm a loyal customer but I can't do no A/C or country music! Fix it, please!

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Anonymous - 5 d 19 h ago

gallipolis ohio taco bell it the nastiest most cant get right place i believe i have ever seen

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Anonymous - 7 d ago

They made me eat meat

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Anonymous - 7 d 15 h ago

The taco bell in Bartlesville oklahoma needs a new manager. Someone that knows how to order supplies correctly out of dr.pepper no napkins and kid in back being loud and rude.

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Past employee - 8 d 4 h ago


If you goto Taco Bell in B GREE SCOTTVILLE RD you get what u pay 4 and or fixed right

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Alex - 10 d ago


Hello, I'm Alex and I would like to say I am very frustrated with a certain location of Taco Bell in Odessa, Texas on 42nd Street. The managers in this certain location is, to my understanding, going against regulations. There are employees there labeled as 'part-time' but are working full-time hours and are not getting benefits they rightfully should be given. I am no employee but my husband is. His situation needs medical help and medical benefits is what he can gain if he becomes a full time employee but unfortunately he is not. He is working past 45 hours at a time even though he is part time. Now, he has worked for Taco Bell before and there weren't any problems, but now there are besides his position as an employee. I was informed by not just him, but his co-worker(s), that one of the managers wanted my husband to go to the bathroom and squish a massive bowel (with his hand) that a customer forgot to flush, since the toilets won't flush down huge chunks. And she [the manager] didn't ask, she basically demanded until my husband flat out said no and that she should do it if she wants that task done. My husband doesn't get paid to stick his hand in a toilet just to make it easier for the toilet to do its job. He gets paid for customer service, which he is very good at. In fact, he has been head hunted, during his shifts, by numerous companies that offer more than what he is originally getting. He's only staying because even though this job is a 'dead end, no where to go' job, he knows that he'll be working the next day without fail. Oh, and the online reviews y'all have been doing for employees to get free lunch, his managers have lied to his face about getting any reviews and has barely gotten anything in his stomach all day until he gets home since he started opening the place. How do you expect your employees to trust their managers if all the managers are going to do is lie to their [employees'] faces? The manager(s) are not taking care of their employees, and it's not just my husband, there are others who get treated terribly even though they haven't done anything wrong. I have seen it as a customer. Now, there is one manager is respects her employees and they give her the same respect, it is the main one who doesn't care about anything except her own arse. There better be changes because you can't afford losing any more people at that certain location. Keep in mind, my rating isn't about the food but about the service and care for the employees. Thank you for your time and have a nice day!

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Anonymous - 11 d 10 h ago


Your Taco Bell Franchise in Duncan, SC is awful. It gives the Taco Bell Brand a bad name. The store is old and run down. The service is awful and the food disgusting. I have eaten at Taco Bell all over the country and have never had such awful experiences as I have at this one location. Their drive through is slow, they charge you for the car ahead or behind, their drinks don't have proper syrup, their Taco shells ate old and stale. If you add sour cream they put almost only source cream on item, they leave out items you have ordered and when you ask about said item they insist they gave it to you. One person starts your order you pay them then someone else comes and wants to charge you again for the order behind you all the while not believing you paid...I could go on...but I will suggest you some read their reviews...most of them are bad.

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Disgusted in Northwood - 21 d 10 h ago

I have called numerous times about the store on Woodville Rd in Northwood, Ohio about not having their parking lot lights on. Not only does it make it easy for someone to come up to a car window to rob a customer but it kind of shows that the workers do not want to work because it looks like they are closed when no lights are on except where they make the orders which is hard to be seen from the road. My suggestion is, fire the manager(s) who are not turning the lights on or just close the store for good. I also have experienced from this store and other stores in the surrounding area that they run out of product (Beef). AT NO TIME SHOULD THEY RUN OUT OF ANYTHING! They need to keep an eye on their resources so they can get the beef ready and not run out. Are these people / managers being trained properly? Also why have you made your taco shells thinner. Eating tacos with a spoon such as I have is ridiculous due to the tacos breaking up after they are thrown into the stupid paper bag that you went to. Also the grease from the tacos leaked through the paper sack and stained my seat.

General profile image - 12 d 6 h ago

Sounds like Taco Bell needs employee changes....these issues are going to run TB in the ground and I used to love Taco Bell restaurants until I became homebound from illness. Being polite and friendly goes a great distance...c'mon mama's n' daddy's , teach your children well. ELEMENTARY.

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Jesika - 12 d 8 h ago


I went to the Taco Bell in Finneytown Ohio. This store just opened a month ago and let's just say it's already fallen in with the rest of them. I ordered the $5.00 box and was very disappointed with it. My chip's were nothing but broken crumbs in the bag. And they were also out of lettuce to put on the taco. How can you run a store and not have all the supplies need for the day.

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Destiny - 12 d 11 h ago


My husband and I just got home from the Taco Bell in Sharonville Ohio and I am so disgusted with the food we were given. We are consistent customers of Taco Bell and never usually have any complaints. To make matters worse we called to complain and were disrespected and talked to like trash and told the only reason we were complaining was to get free food. The food we were originally given was so nasty we didn't even finish it let alone trying to call and get more for free! The rude employee wouldn't even give her name so we could call corporate and let them know what happened. Bottom line, DO NOT GO TO THE TACO BELL IN SHARONVILLE OHIO!!!

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Customer dying for a freezee - 12 d 17 h ago


Let me say i was very pleased with how the district manager named Tom handled my issue swiftly and satisfactory. I received a call back within a few hours after submitting my complaint which made me feel assured that my future visits to Taco Bell will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tom.

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Mad mother - 13 d 19 s ago


My son works at taco bell in Goldsboro NC on 11 St and there is a manager named Rachel that is disrespectful and calling my son races and I don't appreciate it and there needs to be action for her to be removed and there has many ppl that has quite cause of her being disrespectful in front of customer and other managers so if something is not done I will go to the laber bored

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Customer dying for a freezee - 13 d 8 h ago


The taco bell at 7846 s stony island has the worst manager in history. Everytime i walk up to the walk up window i have to wait 8 mins or more before someone even acknowledges that im there and its sickening plus frustrating. Now today the manager refused to service me because i was one cent short. Then as another customer who stood behind me offered me the 1 cent i attempted to give it to her and then she became irate and flip at the mouth and refused to give me my $1.00 freezee. The manager refused to provide her name when i asked to speak with the manager as she claimed to be such. The young lady also went as far as to stick her middle finger up at me so i captured that on a photo to submit to corporate. Do not shop at this taco bell until this employee has been retrained, demoted or terminated.

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Horrified Customer - 13 d 19 h ago


I went to taco Bell on the north Topeka Blvd in Topeka ks. I was a appalled the service was slow some of the staff smelled some of the staff was using racial slurs with other staff members and when I left several employees were smoking marijuana in the parking lot. I will definitely not be back.

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Linda - 14 d 12 h ago


I don't under stand how do you run a business if you don't have the items to serve to you customer's and charge them full price you need to think about the customer we pay your pay check a lot better service is need at your location at2553 north high st. columbus ohio and the people were rude . Thank you

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Cassie - 15 d 7 h ago


So disappointed in the taco bell at 1525 e. Alexis rd. Toledo oh. They were out of everything had a majorly bad attitude. Charged full price for products that were not right size. And I was denied being given the corporate number. Was told to look it up on your website. My food was cold as I was even eating in the done area. Horrible experience.

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