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Taco Bell Corp.

1 Glen Bell Way
Irvine, CA
Greg Creed
(949) 863-4500
(949) 863-2252
Twitter IDs
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disney satellite - 3 h 38 m ago


Prepare to be out of business, illuminati torture bell weirdo!

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Anonymous - 8 h 13 m ago


Mgr keeps acts like a smart a$ when her crew screws up your order. Happened twice now.

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Jenny Jacobs - 9 h 38 m ago


I was eating and noticed a young man having an interview-was not paying that close of attention but noticed a older women going over did not say who she was but said I need to interrupt and started speaking loudly to the interviewer saying she would never interview someone that looked like that and that this interview would not continue if the young man didn't take out his piercings right now or he could leave! This women did not have a name tag did not introduce herself and was down right mean! To find out this is the district manager of this Taco Bell! She said other aweful things the the young lady that was interviewing and the poor kid left. He had told the interviewer before the rude district manager came over that he was willing to remove his piercing if he was hired. Very nice young man. I can not believe this women was a district manager! What if this would have been your child or his first interview! This is unacceptable!!

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Angelita M Drake - 10 h 15 s ago


I am writing you to inform you of your emplyee that you have hired and has totaly ran you busines into the ground.. Her name is Marchia Davis and she is the General manager at the location in williston Florida 031647. I am a paying customer and very unsatisfied with her behavior. She is (Rude to customers and to her workers) then turns around and makes her self look Good...i was a paying customer on 04/19/2018 at around 4p.m she threw some people out and accused them that they were hanging out and not had a chance to order yet.. Then i went out to find out what had happened and then i found out she threw out some old workers that she fired not to long ago due to her unprofessional bad jugment of a General managment.... I feel she need to be removed from the reaturont and be stripped without pay. For the other people she had fired with no real reason i feel you need to pull all of the 2017-2018. And contact them and reinburst them with some kind of pay because of lost time due to. Marchia Davis bad Additude.. I will never and other people wilk never go back due to her behaviour. Im sorry i wrote this but corporate need to see what is goung on behind the counter then in frount. Thank you Angelita Drake

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Mark Bean - 10 h ago


Hi, my name is Mr. Mark, i am always ordering from taco bell in Groves Tx. Here lately I've notice when i order a box deal as of today, they are not putting hardly any meat in these burritos. And also they tell me as a regular customer that they are out the boxes and wrap everything separately in bags. They are not doing a very good job of making these burritos. Its like they do not even care about us customers. Please i dont want anything in return from this but the people yall have working this place needs to be checked out. They are shorting us on the food in the burritos. There are made very poorly. If this was my business, this would not be happening. Please check on this store. Thanks, customer Mark.

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Anonymous - 11 h 10 m ago


The taco bell in Colorado springs off of Hancock expressway needs to be taught how to prounciate the customers Name CORRECTLY.

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Cecil Hughes - 12 h 22 m ago

I need to take to same one I have a cameplat about taco bell I try to call them and that do not wham to take to me because that masts up. My order last night I like my money back that put tomato on my taco when I toe than not to and sour cream I am alerchik to tomatoes it take 99.99% of my oachin way where I can not breathing away.

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Angela - 13 h 27 m ago

I ordered 2 tostada's, minus the chipolte. I wanted extra red sauce, was told, it comes with red sauce. Do you still want extra? I answered, yes. On both. I would love to send a picture of my extra sauce on a tostada

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Outraged - 1 d 20 h ago


Dear Taco Bell,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your two new commercials are absolute filth. They are deplorable, rude, inconsiderate, and down right wrong. "belluminati'? What is your advertising department even thinking? How much more controversial could you be? Apparently you did no research before approving this commercial, on such a touchy subject? Or maybe you just don't care? And the nacho commercial with the painting of "God reaching out to Adam"? Adam reaching for a nacho? And God playing with a fidget spinner? Where are your values Taco Bell? Instead of drawing in customers, I believe all this will lead to a huge boycott of what used to be taco bell lovers! If you were smart, you'd just bring back the taco bell dog.

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HRrep - 1 d 20 h ago


Shit ur bitch ass up youre such a crybaby grow the fuck up and get off religions dick and learn sarcasm

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Lee - 1 d 9 h ago

Your stupidity is astounding. The person you are impugning has a right to their religious beliefs, and has just as much right to comment here as you, shit hook.

Why don't you shut YOUR bitch ass up and learn spelling, and punctuation?

Oh that's right, all you can do is text and play games on your phone. You're literally WORTHLESS.

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red - 18 h 26 m ago


wow first off how old are you.?....second if you dont see past the religious, stuff at least know the ramifications of dragging in the illuminati....wth does that have to do with taco bell?

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Neptune - 16 h 30 m ago

To Outraged,

You (and 99% of people) are addicted to the most powerful drug known to man. And that drug is called "Entertainment". You need your "entertainment" fix every hour that you are awake and the first thing when you wake.

You and the other 99% can not live one day without your drug.

You're zombies and don't even know it.

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Anonymous - 19 h 10 m ago


How my god in not satisfied w/ service @ this taco bell 7660 Barrington Rd in Streamwood il I papay extra for a burrito supreme for them to put extra meat and it was not near extra meat

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Jessica - 19 h 15 m ago

I was watching a commercial of taco bell..why would u sell your your food , company with Illuminati advertising ppl look at that as a symbol of evil.I live next to a taco bell and go all the time with my kids..remove the commercial it doesn't look good at all for your company.

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Richard - 1 d 21 h ago


I have eaten at Taco Bell for over 40 years of my life, and now you guys have gone so low, you need to bring in The Illuminati to try to sell more product? Do you guys even understand what the Illuminati is or does? You need to stop this immediately, or you will loose your customers by the millions, until you get this crap off your ads me and my family, my brothers and their families, and many of my friends are done going to your establishments.

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Hoest review - 1 d 22 h ago


Try calling corporate, it will ring 3 x's & hang up. Also location michigan street grandcrapuds mi drive thru hpurs read till 11pm weekdays- totaly closed at 10pm 4/19/2018.

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without fries you are nothing now - 1 d ago



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Anonymous - 1 d 12 h ago


The taco bell in cross lanes WV is vary rude.. try to call and let them know I didn't have all my food and gave them my order number and the manager tried to say he didn't make a sell all day with that order number. Really I spent almost 30.00 on my family of 6 and didn't get half my food and act like I wasn't even there... Really...but it's OK y'all must like taking my money and not giving my kids all there food. What did I do buy y'all's lunch to?? It's OK I called corporate.. thanks and y'all have a great day..

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Steveo - 1 d 10 h ago

What is the corporate number

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ck - 1 d 17 h ago


Im writinf in reference to the Taco Bell #032898, on Columbia ave. Franklin Tn. I wanted to just say our cashier was Jaime P, He was says A kind person, polite, and between customers he was always sweeping cleaning or what ever, I feel out of all the Taco Bells I have been to he was so refreshing it made us feel they truly wanted our business. Congraduations to the great training. Thank You!!!!!

General profile image - 2 d 10 s ago


Dear Business Owner:

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, we are planning a week of very special supersizes for our teachers at Pearce Hall which is the Alternative School in the Wentzville School District. and we need your help. We would like to present each teacher with a gift card from a local business showing their support and appreciation.

Thanks for making this a fun week for our wonderful teachers . I will provide you a donation letter from the Wentzville School District with our federal tax identification number.

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Luis Flores - 2 d ago


Luis Flores

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Nicole. Santamaria - 2 d 5 h ago


I was a customer attacked and violated by a merced Taco bell manager for the second time in a ladies room my wallet was taken and the employee opened the door in. A manner that was hostile she shouted you can't do that here I was washing my hands and took a paper towel to my private area as I pulled up my dress she said leave I said you have no right to. Speak to me that. Way she was racially motivated and gender specific while her act of discrimination against me led me to my table to grab my jacket another employee said you want me to take care of that faggott. She. Acted victimized there were witnesses I already spoke to she said get out this is private owner and I left I am being victimized in the city for being transgender and am a woman's rights activist. In San Fransisco CA the location at FIFTEENTH. AND MARTIN LUTER KING MERCED CALIFORNIA 9534 HAS DONE THIS SEVERAL TIMES BEFORE THE DISCRIMINATORY PRACTICES OF YOUR STORE WILL GO PUBLIC BECAUSE THE MALE EMPLOYEE. FALLOWED ME IN A CAR AND THREATENED TO KILL ME FOR THREATENING HIS FEMALE MANAGER THEY SHOUTED HE HAS A PENIS AND. ACTED LIKE ANIMALS A SECOND MAN FALLOWED ME INTO A FAMILY DOLLAR AND SAID HE IS THREATENING PEOPLE A HISPANIC MALE STREET CLOTHES AND STARING AND EXPLOITING ME TO PROTECT THE EMPLOYEE I HAVE SEVERAL WITNESSES AMD I TOLD THE CLERK THAT MAN IS FALLOWING ME HE LEFT RIGHT BEHIND ME AND I HAD NO PHONE NOW THE POLICE DEPARTMENT IS DISCRIMINATING AGAINST ME I HAVE CONTACTED THE CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION ,THE STATE DEPARTMENT , SENATOR HARRIS AND THE POLICE HAVE RETALIATED AGAINST ME A THIRD MAN FALLOWED ON A BIKE AS TO PUSH ME FURTHER AWAY. From this terrorist attack just happened I will get police assistance and take civil and criminal charges on the employee and the three men fallowing and owner of Taco bell your employer and your location will be international news by discrimination in. WORK PLACE THE LABOR COMMISSION REP, WILL CONTACT AND CIVIL ORDERS FOR EVERYONE IN STORE WILL BE ORDERD THIS IS A ACT OF RACEISM AND HATE I HAVE NO IDENTIFICATION OR CREDIT CARDS DO TO THE ILLEGAL PRACTICES OF TACO BELL AND WILL HAVE ATTORNEY CONTACT YOU AND MAYOR DUE TO THE RACIAL IMPACT OF THE MONG COMMUNITY AND YOUR STORE WILL BE HELD RESPONCEABLE I AM A DISABLED WOMAN YOU SHOULD BE. ASHAMED OF YOURSELF DAYS BEFORE I WAS ATTACKED AND. NOW BELIEVE YOUR MANAGER IS INVOLVED OR RESPONCEABLE THIS IS A OUTRAGE

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Anonymous - 2 d 7 h ago

I believe your new advertisement with your actors displaying your new little $1.00 nacho Deplorable

Useing the the beautiful painting of God reaching out to Adam! Now I'm not some religion holier then all kind of person but, please do not think insulting my intelligence by such a low and unacceptable commercial!! No wonder you only have 1 star can your company drop any farther. In the past I have been a customer of your chain but, as of today seeing that in what you think was such a great marketing idea I will never step in to another one of you restaurant or buy one product off the shelf again. Yes I maybe one person BUT I have lived in a what you would call a small town of only 30,00 people most of my life but, I am very cconnected to a vast amount of veterans and there families and rest assured if that Commerial continues I will start talking loudly to everyone I know of the disrespect you allowed your company to display in such a flipped way!!

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