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Taco Bell Corp.

1 Glen Bell Way
Irvine, CA
Greg Creed
(949) 863-4500
(949) 863-2252
Twitter IDs
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Penny and Ricky - 1 d ago

My fiance and I went to the Taco Bell here in Wiggins, Ms. One night because we'd had a long day and I was to tired to cook. When we got there none of the teenagers in the store had a mask on, not one, and there wasnt one adult visible to the eye anywhere in that store.

I asked the girl in the window why wasnt any of them wearing mask while preparing my food? Her reply was some of them were. I told her that they all should be wearing them! She just rolled her eyes with an attitude and walked away from the window and her and two other black girl huddled and began a gossip session while I waited on my food.

Finally the little red headed boy bought my food to me. ( he had his mask on) , the rest didn't. They continued to ignore me like I had the plague when I asked them to put their mask on.

I told my fiance had one of us gotten sick I was instructing my family to sue taco bell for their negligence to control their employees. To have a responsible adult in that store at ALL TIMES , and for not taking every necessary precaution!!!!! This was uncalled for, and ya'll are so far lucky I haven't come up sick!

This incident occurred on August 4th 2020.

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Greg Whitaker - 1 d ago


My wife and I went to the store on us40 in Ocala FL on Friday the 7th. We got out of our truck and did not come but about 30ft from the door and was yelled at-not talked to-by a young man in the doorway with a taco Bell outfit on that we were not allowed in the store without masks. My wife said she had one in her purse and would put it on--but he yelled again(he had no mask on in the doorway)as if giving orders. We would have done so if he did not have an attitude and had a mask on. I informed him that I have taken orders in the military and I would not from him and we left. We went into your business there prior to this day and spent our money . We understand about covid 19 but we will not be yelled at even after we were obliging.

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An unhelped customer - 13 d 5 s ago

We went to the Taco Bell. 1642 Mulkey Rd sw, Austell , Ga 30106. I had to ask if I could order with someone or if I needed to order at a kiosk because no one was available to take my order. Once my order was taken, it was given to another costumer. When I asked about my order it was remade. But when we asked the manager for the corporate #. She went to the office brought us a number, said it was her boss. The we couldn't have the # to corporate. We called the number. A man answered right away. Would not give us the number to corporate. We googled the number. Was not able to get through. The manager was very rude and not willing to make anything right. Other customers were having problems with there orders being wrong. She was not assisting anyone. This was Thursday July 30th at 12:30 pm.

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Russel Meinka - 7 d 14 h ago


What you have experienced is standard procedure at TacoBell, screw you go away. we have a whole line of schmoes in line to hand the money over. So you have a complaint your sol. DONT SHOP TACO BELL

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Anonymous - 1 d 1 h ago

Did you ever get corp #

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buckeyes - 1 d 12 h ago


So disappointed they are dropping the cheesy bean and rice burrito and triple layer nachos from the menu

I am a vegetarian and these are my favorites

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Ashley - 2 d ago


Very very unhappy got my food not vegetables at all on my crunch wrap very slimy got not fork to go with my food talk to the manger told me that's how they come told her I didn't have a fork she refused to get my a fork this is the second time I've gotten poor customer service at this point in time I will not go back to the Taco Bell in St. Albans

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Edwards - 3 d 14 h ago

Terrible service in Moberly, MO. Got our food, cold and stalecalled to talk about it, and see if we could get a refund or new food. They hung up on us mid sentence and are now ignoring our calls.

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Unhappy customer - 5 d ago


Terrible experience in Wallace, N.C. Employees are inept and rude. Manager plays favorites. Will not be back!!!

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patriot - 6 d 12 h ago


Your ad with dad "tik-toking": you are supporting the Chinese communist app tik-tok being used to spy on American citizens. You should be investigated for treason.You have just lost all my business.

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Donna g - 5 d 8 h ago


I found they are owned by

Yum Brands, Inc / Yum China

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Mc - 6 d 45 m ago


Taco Bell is closed due to covid but drive thru is open, which great, but when telling them I have more than one order, they refuse to take my order and say "we can't take multiple orders through the drive through. They refuse to take all of our orders separately. After asking them how can we place our order if y'all are closed, still refused us! I will be taking my business elsewhere.

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Abbs - 6 d 14 h ago


Absolutely love the new grilled chz stuffed burrito! Cant wait for a breakfast grilled chz burrito!

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Rebecca - 13 d ago

If you guys are going to ruin our lives by taking away the dollar menu.. could you at least put on a build your own box option on the menu.. cuz not all of us like your cold ass cinnamon twists.

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Anonymous - 6 d 15 h ago

You can switch it for chips and cheese

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Anonymous - 6 d 15 h ago


I am finding it really disrespected by my job. I am only ever on my phone if it's an emergency and my managers are on the phone all the time texting and calling people. And they are blaming me and stuff. Having 2 drawers in my name but being a sitting duck getting Tilden to stay off my phone when I'm not on it and Told I can't cash people out. It was my drawer. - airport and Byrne employee.

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Bill Stuckenschneider - 7 d ago


To Greg Creed,

Very surprised to learn your team has discontinued the $25 Taco Bar. I was very impressed the four times I ordered it. All the grandkids were very excited while they built their own fresh tacos, burritos, nachos, etc., and I was too. I also thought you had a very keen marketing idea for families, during these rough times. Purchasing a 10 pack, or other specials, is just not as good as the Taco Bar. I wish you would reconsider, and put it back on the menu.

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Russel Meinka - 7 d 14 h ago


Today I'm packing my 20 wrong tacos that they refused to make right, I will be sending them to Greg Creed, President of Taco Bell.

Since I had to buy these tacos I think he will enjoy them.

I know I really enjoyed getting them home only to find the whole order wrong.

I did try to return them the restaurant, they refused to help me because I had no receipt. FYI they don't give a receipt. Nice little loophole not to deal with people or return money.

I spent an hour and a half mad and hungry. I had to go get other food for my family.

Yes it has been enjoyable dealing with...well no one.

I spent $25 of my hard earned money on a nightmare. Never EVER go to taco bell.

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Mike - 20 d 5 h ago

I have been a loyal Taco Bell customer for the past 30 years. You've heard of Taco Tuesday? Well, every Thursday for the past 3 decades, I've patronized your fine restaurant. I jokingly call it "Taco Bell Thursday." Over the years, my friends and eventually my wife would muse, "It's Thursday; Mike must be going to Taco Bell." My favorite items by far are the Meximelt and 7-layer burrito, but as you know, last year, you discontinued the Meximelt. When that happened, I was heartbroken, but I consoled myself by saying, "At least they still have the 7-layer burrito," which happens to not only be my favorite item on your menu but literally one of my favorite things to eat in the world. If someone were to ask me the famous rhetorical question, "If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?" I would answer, "The 7-layer burrito from Taco Bell."

Now I've heard that you're discontinuing this excellent item as well, and I feel devastated. Honestly, without the Meximelt and 7-layer burrito, I feel there's little incentive for me to continue patronizing your establishment, and if Internet complaints are any measure, I know thousands of other scorned customers feel the same way. Since it's meatless, the 7-layer burrito was one of the more healthy items on your menu, and although I'm not a vegetarian, I know many loyal customers who don't eat meat are similarly outraged. I don't need to tell you how difficult this year has been for all of us, and my weekly trip to Taco Bell was one of the few bright spots in my life. Please reconsider your decision to discontinue the 7-layer burrito. I already know it's too late to bring back the Meximelt; I hope I'm not too late to save the 7-layer. Thank you.

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Lou - 18 d 9 h ago


I'm not sad they're takiing these items off the menu

I quit eating at Taco bell because:

When they decided to put a baby finger full of meat in their tacos and after complaining about it to management .

("Hardly any meat!!!! In my taco!")

I was told in a yelling matter

("We only put one scoop of meat in each taco Sir!!!!!!!!!!")

My problem is:

Their taco look nothing like the picture on their menu .board.

Is it just my taco bell?

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Russel Meinka - 7 d 14 h ago

same with KFC ads. big bucket of chicken they advertise doesn't even exist. Thieves and lairs

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Anonymous - 9 d 3 s ago

You can still get the mexi melts just tell them you want a cheese roll add beef and pico

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Russel Meinka - 7 d 14 h ago


way to complicated for anyone at Taco Bell to do custom orders. They can't make a regular taco.

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Anonymous - 11 d 15 h ago

Live in Walworth New York visited Penfield locatIon 3 times this week every time they messed up my order last time I will ever eat at a Taco Bell wasted my time gas and I still didn't eat thanks Taco Bell you really deserve that 15 bucks an hr lol . The managers are not even worth 4 an hr . I'm very unhappy with my service if this is how you conduct business I want absolutely no part in it last dollar I ever spend with your company so enjoy your retards . Sincerely a concerned consumer

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Russel Meinka - 7 d 14 h ago


they stole $25 from me in Toledo Ohio. never go to any Taco Bell.

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