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Taco Bell Corp.

1 Glen Bell Way
Irvine, CA
Greg Creed
(949) 863-4500
(949) 863-2252
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Frustrated and Disappointed Ex Employee - 9 d 12 h ago


I am hoping some result will come out of me posting this review... I had worked for Taco Bell in Kendallville, Indiana from Jan to Jan. I had quit because there was too much snow on the ground for me to safely drive. I did call in in adequate time and spoke to the MIC and told her I wont make it , is there someone I can call to fill in my hours ( 9am-1pm) She was very rude to me and saying to me that she made it in so I should be able to make it in too.. Well I am glad she wanted to take a chance in driving in all the winter mess that Polar Verxex had created but I wasnt that sure about it. All in all, I had quit. If a mangers isn't going to show their employees any respect and understanding; it makes me wonder about the company then. I have called to get my paycheck stub for that one week I worked but I am getting nowhere close in receiving it. The major MIC I have texted and she told me to go to some site called sap something or another. That I should had received an email on my first day of work explaining how to get my pay stub. Well I didnt and I told her this. I again requested help from her in getting this pay stub because I am needing it to report to the SSA due to some benefits I was overpaid in...I asked her to all my cell phone and tell me how I can get my paycheck stub.. Its been over a week now and still no reply back from the main MIC ( or any other MIC )from the Taco Bell In Kendallville, Indiana OR a text from her (or anyone). PLEASE direct me to how I can print offline or request to received my paycheck stub. I am sooo needing it and I hope this post doesnt fall on deaf ears as well.

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Anonymous - 7 h 26 m ago

My kids have been trying to get their W-2 from them and it's been a big run around they don't work there anymore they should of been mailed isn't that the law

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Email: - 2 d 12 h ago

Good day ladies and gentlemen,

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This grant is specifically place for those who need assistance paying for bills,buying a home, starting their own business, going to school, or even helping raise their children with old and retired people.

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NEVER AGAIN - 3 d 42 m ago


I made an order and the employee did not know how to ring me up. Ended up charging 3 time more the price. On my request to fix the order the manager on duty said that don't want serve me. Well excuse me, I placed an order and they do not feel like making it. Then while I got stuck behind 2 cars in their drive through 3 employees now were SCREAMING THAT THEY WOULD CALL THE COPS ON ME and have me removed if I did not start moving. I could not move there were cars in front of me, curb to the side and a car behind me. If they only do their job as well as they are chasing the customers away they would be huge. But so far we all know that they burst out with food poisoning from time to time. Why do I go there? Because I order only chips which I thought was impossible to screw up. Wisconsin Dells Taco Bell, YOU PROVED ME WRONG!

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Anonymous - 3 d ago

Management in Taos NM refused to give me the # for the corporate office. Was rude to me when i was a very loyal customer. He is also very horrible to his employees. Will not be going back there till he is let go from employment

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S - 3 d 8 h ago


Taco Bell @ Waterloo is horrible people that work there are disrespectful. One employee told me to get the F*** out of "their" drive threw. The other employee said she needs to go home because she's aggravated and doesn't want to go to jail. GREAT PEOPLE THAT WORK THERE AHAHHA. It's a joke!

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S - 3 d 8 h ago


Waterloo, Ny 13165

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Lynn - 4 d ago


I come to the taco bell fultondale and I told me the drive-thru was shut down for the night they told me to come in and they were two bus loads there and I'm not walking in with there's a bunch of people ordering food the drive-through should not been shut down I think that was a kind of little stupid on their part

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Joann palazzolo - 4 d 4 h ago


I come to the lincoln park taco bell on dix at least 4 times in the mornings fof breakfast.the lady at drive thru is very friendly and always takes my order correctly.she never has an attitude like the other people

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Big steve - 4 d 9 h ago


I went to the Taco Bell located at Kentucky ave and Mann rd in Indianapolis Indiana. I ordered a taco that had three shreds of cheese on. I for one am not happy nacho fries are back if they are going to take all the cheese from the other products.IMG_7397.JPG

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LBC - 4 d 16 h ago


My husband works for this store and has arrived early and on time for work several times in the below-zero temperatures, only to have to wait outside because the managers were not there on time.

My husband has a form of autism and should not be subjected to this anxiety-triggering situation. I expect something to be done to correct this situation or I plan to contact the Americans with Disabilities Act about this.

Thank you for your attention to improving manager/employee relations as per your bylaws.

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Tracy Albert - 5 d ago


Your location in Saginaw serves garbage and should be shut down forever as it makes people sick. I am going to fuck them up as they are to lazy to answer the phone. I hear they are a corporate office??

Tell this owner he is my bitch!

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You suck! - 5 d ago


Employees suck at giving a f**k about making a customers food remotely correct. The old oconomowoc location needs work corporate that's coming from a ceo that won't eat your food hahaha.

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Anonymous - 5 d 8 h ago


2116 E Silver Springs Blvd.

Ocala, FL 34470

I just wanted to let you know the lady at the counter today was very rude. She wore a hair net and when I asked to change my #4 to hard tacos she walked away and screamed can I take orders now, then she came back to the register and said now what did you want? "I said #4 and what did you want to change?" I said hard tacos", she said that's a combo,it was just the way she said and looked at me like I was bothering her cause she just came from the kitchen. On a #4 you have a choice of hard or soft tacos with a mexican pizza. I'm sorry I just had to leave and tell the cashier just to forget it. i have been going to this store for many years and probably spent over $2000 there you have lost my business.

I also witnessed another man complaining to the manager about not having something on the menu.

Thank you for listening.

Tammie Placencia (hidden)

Flagged for review. 
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Corinne - 5 d 11 h ago

Huge shout out to the taco bell in Lake City Florida by the mall. I had left my purse there and they had sent it back to me by mail since I don't live there. Thank you Laurie the manager and Justin the area manager. And to the employee who found it. THANK YOU

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Big Rob - 5 d 19 h ago


My review on Taco Bell is I was a huge fan of Taco Bell food especially the dollar menu I went in there every day until they raise the price on their dollar menu especially after they brought back the Mexican cheese fries that's when the price and all the dollar menu items went up so I don't know when to talk about anymore and purchase anything I was also a big fan of the chalupa the crunch wraps for breakfast and a lot of other items as well but when I went in to talk about I always started out with a dollar menu for appetizers

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R B R - 6 d 8 h ago



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Sandy - 7 d 4 h ago

Do all taco bell locations offer the 5 dollar box deals. Where I live they tell me the cost is 6 dollars.

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Claudia - 7 d 7 h ago


I had lunch today at the Taco Bell on Pershing Road in Decatur Il at approximately 1:15 on Wednesday

2.13.19. The individual that took my order was very nice and professional. My complaint was the entire restaurant was a mess. Dirty tables. messy soda counter, condiment counter was also dirty. It is a shame as know this particular location was recently renovated.

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kay - 7 d 8 h ago

poor rude service on gest street cincinnati ohio

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Unknown employee - 7 d 19 h ago


I was working TACO BELL for 5 months I deal with a suppose to be working my General Manger her name is Erika Davis she was constantly harassing me on the job. It got to the point that she fussing and yell at me outside in from of customers while they are going into the store. I love my job but not going to deal with disrespect. I work at the TACO BELL in Claxton, Georgia

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concombre man - 8 d ago


tacobell i send you fax

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Ill never eat at trussville taco bell again - 8 d 4 h ago

Trussville ,al 4:30 central time manager very rude, came up to my son and his friend while they were waiting on food and accused them of asking the clerk for a senior discount. They actually just wanted to up-size their beverage and the clerk did not want to make the change so she added a discount to the order, then wasn't truthful with the manager on duty therefore my son was accused of asking for the discount. I made a call to the location and was treated very rudely with the manager raising her voice in the background offering the district manager's phone number. The number I was given is (hidden) for Pamela Hill. This is all over .62cents but I've never been treated so rudely for something we did not do at your associate being in the wrong therefore you've lost my friends and families business.

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Anonymous - 9 d ago


You really need a commercial for your Nacho Fries that has a way to incorporate "These are Nacho Fries" which sounds like "These are not your fries"..I think it would be pretty funny!

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Tara McPhail - 9 d ago

I am from Columbia, Ms. We have had multiple problems with our Taco Bell here in Columbia. They are always out of stuff. Example is from tonight(2-11-19): Ordered the #11 steak w/ a soft taco, a chicken quesadilla, and a Gordita. The cashier at the drive thru couldn't get our order right. Took us 10 minutes to get it straight only to be told they were out of soft taco shells, steak, and to top it off our food was just thrown in the bag. It wasn't even wrapped. It got all over the rest of the food. Went in to complain and have it fixed. The guy at the register asked what was wrong. My fianc opened the bag and showed him. He said "Oh my gosh" and threw it away. In which, he went and told the night manager who replied "Where is the rest of the food." The cashier told him he threw it away and why. The night manager threw a fit and made a scene saying he wasn't making it over. They could be he would not. There were two guys working in the back laughing about the situation, saying how they wish they didn't work there. One even said he wishes someone would fire him.

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