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Taco Bell Corp.

1 Glen Bell Way
Irvine, CA
Greg Creed
(949) 863-4500
(949) 863-2252
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Kfarrow1 - 5 d 22 s ago


I bought some Tacos tonight from the Taco Bell on Warren and Wyoming in Dearborn! Almost less than a hour ago. I was bitting into my soft Taco supreme and it was PLASTIC INSIDE MY TACO!

I called the store to inform them! The manager apologized and offered to remake my entire order "fresh". I declined and stated I didn't want anymore food from there. The manager then explained, they probably was making a fresh batch of meat rushing and a piece of plastic got into the meat! I don't wanna hear about them rushing. They are supposed to pay attention! What if my four year old daughter had this taco and didn't notice it???? This is terrible and a waste of my money! I'll never go back to this location again!

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Jsc - 1 h 19 m ago


SHAMEFUL!!!!! Did you report this to the Health Dept???

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Anonymous - 7 d 32 s ago

My grandaughter started training the week of 9/10/17 and has been working since then. It has been over a month and she still has not received a pay check. She came home tonight and said she has to now buy a Taco Bell jacket to wear in the drive thru (or freeze) as she is not allowed to wear her own jacket. How can this company expect a kid barely making over minimum wage to buy their own jacket? Especially considering she has not even received a paycheck I feel this is more than ridiculous.

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Jsc - 1 h 21 m ago


This is wrong on so many levels and from what I am reading this company does not seem to have a support system in any area. I'm pretty fed up and very angry at what your granddaughter is being treated. There just has to be a way to get to the bottom of this company that has so man complaints.

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Jsc - 1 h 25 m ago


Does anyone from corporate ever answer these complaints? I was going to write one but I'm not sure it would go anywhere.

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Nicholas Trottier - 4 h 23 m ago


I would like to make a hot sauce suggestion I use every time I get tacos at taco bell I've never had a better tasting hot sauce than Texas Pete's and it is great on Mexican food

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Marlena F - 8 h 49 m ago


This is the worst Taco Bell/KFC (2815 Colorado Blvd) I have ever been too. I am horrified by the way they treat customers. I entered this location last night and saw that the drive thru was packed so I decided to go in to order food for our family dinner. The place was empty besides a gentleman in front of me waiting to be helped so he can order. We waited and waited. No one came up to great us. We looked behind the counter to try and get someone's attention and they ignored us while talking to each other and there was five people working in the back, three were on the line and two were just sitting there talking. So after 15 mins of waiting, finally a female cashier comes up (no name tag) to start taking orders, she had a bad attitude and was not friendly and asked what we wanted to order. The customer in front of me and I asked for the manager and she said there is no manager and I said that I know there has to be a shift leader around or someone in charge and she asked what the problem was and we again asked for a manager, she went and got the manager and we couldn't believe the Manager was one of the guys in the back ignoring us. The customer in front of me starting explaining what the problem was to the manager and then the cashier told all of us in line that she is just a food packer and she does not have to take our orders and if we have a problem we should eat somewhere else!! Then she said we can go spend our money somewhere else. So we all left very angry. I still cannot believe that this cashier is turning customers away and refusing to help customers. I will never ever spend my money in such a rude place. I have never been treated so rudely in my life. Horrible Customer service!!!!

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NikOTym - 1 d ago


Taco Bell sucks! Does not conduct business hours with the public as posted. Does not update websites and website to contact and submit complaint doesn't work!

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Matt - 1 d 7 h ago


We eat at Taco Bell regularly, and MOST the time it's pretty good. The service and employees here are great. BUT, the DIFFERENCE between what you advertise on you 'new' Crispy Chicken Quesadilla and what you have them serve is beyond is FALSE ADVERTISING, and if anyone could afford to sue you on this, they should! Unbelievable! LOOK at the picture you are selling with large, thick, crispy pieces of chicken filling a quesadilla with heaps of melting cheddar cheese oozing out....then LOOK at the SAD 1/8" thick piece of dough with a small handful of shredded cheese and 4 (FOUR) LITTLE Naked Chicken CHIPS...(Which you sell 6 of for 1.99) this whole Quesadilla! ARE YOU NUTS?!

That isn't even CLOSE to what you show the public and advertise this dish to be. I DON'T know who reads these surveys, but PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO MANAGEMENT that can actually look at their LYING ADVERTISING and COMPARE it to the terrible product you served. WASTE of money, and you are alienating good customers like us, who HATE TO BE CHEATED. It makes us think YOU must think we are stupid to serve what you serve, knowing it is NOT what you picture in your advertising. SHAME ON YOU!!

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Rick - 1 d 11 h ago


My order was not complete had to drive around reordered my friend was in side and heard the cook call us a very bad name we will not be going back and on top of that the food was not good.

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Brenda - 2 d 6 h ago


OMG. What a terrible place. Went there and it was so cold I couldn't believe it. The air was blowing on us the whole time. Anywhere you sat you had the a/c blowing on you. It was 52 degrees out. We told them it was freezing in there and the girl said she would tell the manager but don't think she did anything about it. The tacos hardly had any meat and no tomatos. The burrito I had was half cold. Also the music they were playing had a swear word in it that my grandson and I noticed. Don't think we will be visiting your establishment again. Seems like you have a lot of complaints. Maybe you should be shut down and bring in a Wendy's. Next time we will eat somewhere else.

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Ed Schuster<>E-Mail - 2 d 9 h ago


After a lengthy comment about one of your employees I was timed out which was very frustrating. I had a very positive comment about one of your employees and I get timed out. DOREEN, your employee at store #028970 is the most Polite,Courteous,Friendly,Happy,Knowledgeable,

with such an infectious Smile person I have ever dealt with. I hope she is there every time I go back.

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Corey - 2 d 11 h ago

My name is Corey and I am sitting in front of a Taco Bell on Wetmore Rd in Tucson Az at 07:28 in the morning and it closed. On the door the opening time is 06:30. There no one inside . Did this Taco Bell closed down if so someone should put notification on the door saying it's closed

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Tom - 3 d 9 h ago


Taco bell on west Sycamore in kokomo indidna needs better assistant manger she is very rude and disrespectful too her employees

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Andy - 3 d 12 h ago


Your customer service sucks the Taco Bell we went to in Santa Ana my wife wanted needed to use the restroom prior to our order in through the drive-thru but the manager denied her access to such restroom and told her she was homeless and that we don't allow homeless people or people who don't buy from us to use our restroom even though we were going to go through the drive-through not anymore.

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Cat 03 27 60 - 3 d 13 h ago


I have stood at the counter while your staff totally ignored me. The man seen me come in right beside him and didn't acknowledge me I waited while they took three orders through the drive-thru and still ignored me who was standing at the counter, I have been in customer service for 31 years and I always acknowledge the person who is standing in front of me. so I left. I had a huge order from 12 people so therefore you lost that money and I went to McDonald's.

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Mad - 4 d ago

The Taco Bell in Brandon, MS is by far the worst! Just spent 15.00 on food not worth feeding an animal! I ordered very slow, in hopes they could get it right! Well, they didn't! I figured out first had hard tacos with lettuce, but I asked for soft with meat and cheese only! The cashier acts as if I'm the stupid one! Got down the road to only realize we receive fried chicken instead of grilled, and paid extra for sour cream and extra cheese! Guess what no sour cream! Tried to call them first phone listed is a fax, and the second someone hangs up! If this was the last place to eat, I would rather keep my hard earned money and eat a sandwich! Not cool at all!

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Terrie Johnson - 4 d 6 h ago


I ordered steak, paid for steak, but received triangle shaped pieces of rubber.... what are these things? I paid $19.80 for this? Clearly I had received the wrong order, my receipt showed that I ordered and paid for steak, but when I complained to the "Assistant Mgr", he told me that since my order was almost $20.00 that I would have to speak with a "Area Manager" and he would call me the next day, first thing. well, it's 3/4 the way thru the "next day" and I've yet to receive a call from the Area Manager. I want my $20.00 worth of food, or my money back. How can I get ahold of an Area Manager to look into this ??

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SBS - 4 d 6 h ago


I had lunch today at the Taco Bell located at 8249 Stemmons Freeway Dallas, TX 75235, and had a horrific and surreal experience. As I was eating my lunch, there was a lobby attendant collecting people's trays (she also was the cashier for Dine In) Description Short,in stature African American Woman-did not catch her name) As I was leaving, I got up to refill my drink at the dispenser, As I was walking out, she stared me down, motioned to me and proceeded in a very ugly demeanor to question me as to why I didn't throw away my tray. I was quite startled, and replied that I noticed that she was collecting trays off tables, so I just left it there for her. I asked her if that was ok? She did not reply to me, just stared at me angrily. Just a point of note, not that it really matters , but I normally do throw my tray out at Fast Food places, and would have, if I hadn't noticed her picking everyone's tray This whole scenario was very unsettling and just plain weird. I normally let things roll off me, but I thought you should know what happened. I probably will not return to that store.

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Deathrider - 4 d 7 h ago


The Tullahoma Tn. store has a manger named Angel. She signed herself and her boy toy, Cody, then they both left the store. I was there for over an hour and they had not returned. She writes up the good workers and lets the poor workers do what they want. She does not like anyone in the military. I'm ex military and have a lot of military friends. We will boycott the Tullahoma Taco Bell until something is done with Angel and Cody. She is very disrespectful to customers and employees.

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Tkansas67337 - 4 d 19 h ago


I enjoy going to Taco Bell. It's always my daughter's choice when we've got places to go and have no choice but to eat in the car.


October 12, 2017

I've encountered a bad experience. I have placed an order for my daughter and me. The lady at the drive thru acted as if she wasn't comprehending my order, to the point I had to repeat it four times. And when she finally got my order right, I drove around to pay for it. After paying, she then started passing our drinks to me and our food. She gave me my daughter's order first. No problem. Then she flung the bag that had my order with force, I thought I was going to end up wearing my food.

I happen to know who the lady is personally. She and I use to be friends. Not too long ago I've decided to end our friendship because all she ever did was complain daily. She would even trash talk her managers and coworkers from time to time. I was tired of hearing it. And called our friendship off. Since then she's been acting pouty and giving me attitude.

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hahah former manger - 5 d 7 h ago

bring back the border bowls

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

Hi, I'd just like to know what song is in the background of the first 33 seconds of the "Taco Hacks" ad (published on YouTube on Sep 28th, 2017). If it's not a song that was specifically made for the ad alone, I'd really like to hear the full version, so if someone could point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it :)

If it is just something specifically made for the ad, that's fine, but it'd be really cool to add that info to the description of the video on YouTube, or in the comments somewhere :) Thanks for your time!

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Louis - 6 d ago


Just left Taco Bell in Brandon Ms. They frequently get orders wrong so this time went in to order food. I clearly asked for two orders that can be on same bill just place in separate bags please. I ordered same meal with 2 soft tacos each meal add quesadilla too one they gave me only one soft taco each meal and when I said my order was incomplete they told me I only paid for two soft tacos and they can't give me more. I clearly said two soft tacos with each meal. Order mix up not my fault. Would have paid for the two other tacos I ordered but due to poor customer reply by staff at Brandon store I left and if this is the kind of services by employees would be recommending my friends find other places to get food

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Rusty - 6 d 4 h ago


$5.00 dollar taco special is a lie. We live in Tacoma, Washington and they won't honor the special, it's $6.00 because they are a franchise. All Taco Bells in Tacoma are a franchise. Don't be fooled.

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