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Taco Bell Corp.

1 Glen Bell Way
Irvine, CA
Greg Creed
(949) 863-4500
(949) 863-2252
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Daniel - 9 h 39 m ago


I have been in line for 40 minutes this will be the last time i ever come here

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fred - 11 h ago


This is a matter of code of conduct violations that are happening at the taco bell kfc store located in san antonio texas located at dezavla and vance jackson road the night shift employees are using drugs to include marahanna cocaine and the worst meth these are dangerous drugs for employees to be using while on shift please make due investagation to conform them to your policies especially your soon to become shift manager carol and the gm should be commended for there efforts they are a great team

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Romona Lambert - 20 h 19 m ago


Taco Bell at Winnsboro, La. is a very poor Taco Bell. If all Taco Bell's where like this one I do believe I would not stop at them. Everyone loves Taco Bell. The store in Winnsboro is bad for y'all name. A while back we stopped there to order to go and ordered A Diet Coke they where out of it. Ordered unsweetened tea with Sweet and Liw they where out of sweet and low. Order some Navhos Bell grande and it came wrapped in tin foil out of the lids. Stopped by 5/13/2019 after a ball game and ordered and it was about 40 minutes to get our food. Ticket number 124047 store 032626. Was going to fill our survey looked on back no back.

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JIM K St.Petersburg,Florida - 1 d 5 h ago


Steal a Game, Steal a Taco just happened 4 owe the public 4 tacos, since nothing was specified in the advertising on TV .Correct ? Maybe space the free tacos dates on 4 different weeks !!

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Anonymous - 1 d 6 h ago


Taco bell in gonzlaes la didn't get our order right and didn't even give us the stuff we did order! The lady didn't even pay attention to what we was ordering! She didn't even get anything i order! This happens every time we go there! This is the last time i am going to taco bell! They are to busy playing around

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fred - 1 d 12 h ago


This is a matter of code of conduct violations that are happening at the taco bell kfc store located in san antonio texas located at dezavla and vance jackson road the night shift employees are using drugs to include marahanna cocaine and the worst meth these are dangerous drugs for employees to be using while on shift please make due investagation to conform them to your policies especially your soon to become shift manager carol

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Lorraine Guerin in Colorado. - 1 d 16 h ago

The best dessert, from a fast-food chain, I have ever tasted was by far the apple empanada. I can not, for the life of me, figure out why Taco Bell would take them off the menu. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK.

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Ashley - 2 d 48 m ago


I was visiting the location 1525 East Alexis Road Toledo Ohio 43612 I went there to have lunch and I went in the bathroom to change my baby and you guys don't have no changing tables in there maybe you guys should consider and getting baby changing tables in your restaurants in the bathrooms so a mother is go in there to change their baby they have somewhere to put their baby to change them I would appreciate if someone can get back to me either with an email my email is (hidden) or call me at (hidden) thank you and I really appreciate

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David - 2 d 14 h ago


I drove all over N. Little Rock looking for a Taco Bell who have the $5 box. All Stores said they were not selling any $5 boxes. Why do you advertise when the stores do not honor the sale. Looks like false advertisement.

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David - 2 d 14 h ago

I would like to know why after you order in the drive Thur they make you wait to pull around. It happens every time we come. Sounds like to me someone cheating to clock on service time. Which I seen 2 cars pull off because of this. Location Phenix City Al

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Mom - 3 d 14 m ago


They love to let their employees smoke weed while they are on the job and sell weed and their managers are well aware of it at store in Seminole fla and on park Blvd and let child molesters work there as well and let them become a manager ..His name is Andrew denson...its very disturbing ..and the general manager is well aware of it and still employs this nasty human being..I would not want this man serving me any kind of food

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Pam Briseno - 3 d 13 h ago


I went through the drive through on Garvey ave in Pomona on 6-13-19 and asked for a replacement mango tea because the one I bought was watery and the Manger on at the time was very rude and ignored me when I spoke to her and said she would charge me for a new one. Very unprofessional and rude. Very sad when customer service is no longer an issue

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John doe - 3 d 9 h ago

I would of thrown the drink at her face

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John doe - 3 d 9 h ago


Your food is amazing but I'm sick and tired of your stupid commercials please do something about that I'm tired of seeing the same ones repeatedly

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Yesenia - 4 d 12 h ago


I went through the drive-thru during lunch hour @ 12:40 pm PST in Carlsbad, waited for 40 mins and when I finally pulled up to the window the employees told me they did not know how to use apple pay, even after I told them to use the reader holder. I ended up leaving and was not offered an apology or offered my food on their behalf. I called the store and asked to speak to the manager when she got on the phone once again she did not apologize or try to make things better.

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Anonymous - 4 d 13 h ago

4720 Alabama Rd. NE. Roswell, Ga.

Taco Bell/KFC. Alarming

Health dept, violations ,

Management horrible issues.

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Angry Mom - 4 d 14 h ago


On June 8th around 830, my daughter and i went to Taco Bell in Roanoke, AL. She ordered 2 mini quesadillas. One of them had hard plastic in it and that could have choked my child and i was not happy. That comes from irresponsibility to me, b/c whomever tore/cut the products should have known better. i took the quesadillas back to the restaurant and the Manager on shift Brandy told the worker to fix another one, with an attitude. That could have had some serious effects but thank GOD it didn't

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MD Hunt - 5 d 8 h ago

Had an interesting experience at Taco Bell today. Of course I went through the drive-through, and no... I didn't check my bag until I got home; just to find that I receive somebody else's order.

I took it back to Taco Bell. When I told them I received the wrong order, and what I wanted was Loco's tacos the hardshell nacho; they proceeded to make the same flour shell that they did the first time. As they were making them I repeated, "I wanted the hardshell nacho tacos."

At this time a woman from in the kitchen says, "Just put it in a bag I'll take it home tonight."

Then I look at the employee as he begins to make 'yet another flour shell.' I repeated again, "That isn't what I ordered I wanted the hard shell Loco's tacos." The woman in the kitchen blurts out, "You just can't please some people!"

I responded with, "You could please your customers by giving them what they ordered, instead of throwing out your rude comments." She then yells back, "All you're doing is wasting food!"

By this time I was done with Taco Bell and I wanted my money back. I cannot believe the unprofessionalism in that institution.

Logansport, IN 46947

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Corey - 6 d 4 h ago


The last 4 times I've visited the store in Cornelius, Oregon. I've requested extra, extra meat and cheese to my Tacos and Taco salads at a extra cost and I paid it. Got home and no extra meat or cheese! On my next visit I complained about the lack of extras. Again, when i got home the same results! I called this time and they said they put a extra meat on it and that's the way it's going to be! We were shocked with the womans tone with us extremely argumentative with us! We spend at least $80.00 a month at that store to get treated in this manner!

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Karina - 6 d 11 h ago


I am a former employee of Taco Bell. The way I was fired was very unfair. There's a lot of other stuff a lot worse going on by other employees and they are still working there. First of all the employee Cecibel (Shift Leader) repeatedly has brought several employees to tears and hysterics due to the "work place violence of her attitude and downgrading." According to OSHA Section 5(a)(1) of the OSHA Act, or P.L. 91-596 (the "General Duty Clause") provides that: "Each employer shall furnish to each of his employees employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his employees." 29 U.S.C. 654(a)(1). Taco Bell is in violation of this fact accordingly. On several occasions Cecibel was very disrespectful to her employees to who she felt wasn't working or learning fast enough. These employees were new and having a hard time (without training) getting up to speed. Lee the general manager puts these employees to work without any training at all what so ever. She's always complaining how slow people are. How do you expect people to learn if you don't train them right? She is always calling these employees stupid and slow. Food was ripped or jerked out of their hands if they weren't quick enough or folded a burrito correctly on the first try by the shift leader "Cecibel". She has degraded, put down, and generally talked to these employees poorly. You cannot expect someone to know how to do things if they haven't been properly trained or had enough time to train to learn what they need to learn. You cannot train someone either by screaming at them all the time. None of the new employees are being asked to watch the videos until the last minute when expiration point is reaching. Absolutely no OSHA training. Several employees including myself have gone home with numerous burns because of improper training and lack of equipment. From my stand point Taco Bell is in gross violation of OSHA. Food used past it's time or not cooked properly. Managers have to warm up meat in the oil because they don't keep watch of how much they have in the heating cabinet. Tortillas not cooked properly by the manager Lee or Cecibel because they are worried about the speed more than the quality of the food. I had to tell Lee to stay of the steamer while I'm working on it. He tends to stick his hands and just take the tortillas without them being properly warmed. For me quality of the food is very important because I think about myself being served this food. I wouldn't want no cold or incorrect made food handed out to me. Some of my team members said I cared too much because of how I would display my food and made sure everything was done right. Lee was not trained properly either for him to be a general manager. There's a lot of things Roman the area coordinator is still training him on. I don't think it's fair that Lee held the position because of connections he had with other employees. A position should be earned and no given to because of connections. Lee feels just because he's a general manager he is higher than every other employee. He feels he doesn't have to do anything because he's a general manager. I'm sorry but when we had Zack as general manager, he helped out with everything. When Zack arrived to the store, he would ask where we needed him and jump right to it. With Zack our store felt like a family was working there not everyone against each other. Lee is always saying if he is not mean and we like him, he is not doing his job. I'm sorry but you being an ignorant is not going to make your employees respect you. He would say his wife said "he's to nice" I'm sorry but your wife has nothing to do with your job. Lee has also had his wife working at Tacobell a day they were short on employees on a night shift. His wife is not an employee at our Tacobell or any Tacobell at all. Another night we had three employees and Lee on top of the three. He wanted us to scrub the floors. The whole night he was mostly sitting in his office. Why couldn't he scrub the floors or get on the line so the other employee scrub the floor? No we had to scrub the floor at the end of our shift and leave past our time we are scheduled. We already tired from making orders and doing everything we have to do when closing but yet we still need to scrub the floors. With Lee there is a team but him for himself. All he is worried about is his speed to get his bonus. He is downgrading and yelling at us about his time. If he would put enough employees and talk to us right, we wouldn't have a problem helping him with the time. I feel him firing an employee because of his time for him moving slow was very unfair. The employee was great at the window, why not give him a chance there or even putting him on his shifts so he could work with him more on his speed? A person cannot be properly trained to be on the register or on line by themselves after a day or two. There's several times we didn't have what we needed and informed him of it but yet we wouldn't get it till days later. Also why should the team members be the ones doing all training? We don't mind helping here and there but when we have to be teaching every single thing then there's a problem. We don't get paid to trained and we have orders to worry about to be training at the same time. Lee told me as well if he didn't like the employee he could get them fired. Which is very hateful. It's not about you liking the employee. How can people respect you if you don't? Lee is always telling the employees to go to hell and die. I'm sorry but is not something a manager should be saying. This was brought up to Roman and his response was "He's just be sarcastic and joking. Don't take it seriously." If the employee doesn't like it shouldn't it be brought up to Lee's attention to not be speaking that way? Every single customer that comes with a complaint he gives them free food because he doesn't want any "loops." These customers are going to notice this and come back the next day or have a family member come for them with a complaint. Lee is also very unfair there's several employees that want more hours but yet he rather hire more people and cut hours to the employees he already has. He makes a lot of changes to the schedules with notifying anyone. All these complaints about Lee are not all of sudden because of the fact of me being fired because I know that's what is going to be tried said. I tried to make these complaints to Roman but he didn't ever have time. We had a mandatory rally which Roman was supposed to attend but yet he didn't. Then when he does arrive he speaks with an employee about a situation that went on so we didn't ever get the chance to speak with him. Other team members and myself tried talking to Roman but seems like our opinions doesn't matter since we are just regular employees. What Roman and Lee don't understand the regular employees make the store. If it wasn't for regular employees there wouldn't be a store running. At the end of the day you need regular employees to keep the store running. There's also a lot of thieves at the store. That I'm aware of the employee I know that is stealing money is Ironesia but yet that's not ever noticed. Discounts are given to certain people that shouldn't be getting a discount. I feel like there needs to be better management. More cameras should be put up as well if you really want to know what's going on. I am abhorred by Taco Bell's disgusting display of management at 2245 W. Holcombe Houston, Texas 77030. I feel I was unfairly fired over a situation that wasn't investigated throughly all the way first. It's very unfair that the customers are always right. In my opinion customers are not always right especially if they are admitting to it. Honestly Tacobell all they care about is the customers and not the employees. Roman and Lee should have a little more respect for an employee that has always been there when needed. They had no value for me after working through my whole pregnancy up to a week before giving birth. Once I came back after maternity leave I picked up every shift that needed to picked up. Yet I make one mistake that I wasn't heard out on and I was lying about everything. Obviously the shift leader and customer is saying the truth about everything. I think I had the right to be upset if this customer came with an attitude, degraded me, talked about my race and threatened me that she would shoot me if she had her gun on her. Of course though none of that matters because the only thing that matters are the customers right? I might have missed some things on this complaint and honestly the reason for submitting this complaint is for the sake of who were my team members. It would seem that in order to make a company truly great, you need to make your employees truly great! I understand this is fast food but this goes beyond monstrous! I expect to hear something from Taco Bell Corporate but if I don't I understand, I just hope something is done for all the other team members working there.

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Wendy James - 6 d 18 h ago

Wendy James # TERRIBLE#:

The Store at US1/36th Street in Miami.

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dejuan - 6 d 19 h ago


This 24 hour location (912 apache blvd tempe) is supposed to start serving breakfast at 5am. I placed my order at 5:08 and was told breakfast wouldn't be ready for another 8 to 10 min. I was hungry so I decided to wait, but 15 minutes later I found myself getting out of my car and walking inside to see what was going on. I got a guy's attention and told him I was waiting for my food, he then walked away and continued his conversation with two other female employees. No update on the order, no apology for me waiting, nothing... I stood there another few minutes watching them move around and set up with ZERO sense of urgency. and not ONCE did anybody come back and offer some type of explanation or just communicate or check-in on your "guest"... HORRIBLE experience... I walked out at 5:30 (22 minutes after placing my order) and drove off. It's a damn shame I work 3 minutes away, needed to be at work at 5:30 and ordered food with plenty of time, PLENTY of time and somehow was still made to be late to work. No food, No refund... just a bad start to my day. Thank you SOOOOOO much taco bell. good job....(sarcastic clapping)

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Lori - 7 d 8 h ago


So were from out of town and my husband ordered me a nacho grande what did I get a lot of chips with a spoonful of meat and a lot of cheese .idk if they are not trained right or just lazy but I'll never go back again to taco belle

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Christopher Harris - 8 d 10 h ago


My wife is pregnant and ordered some food with me threw the drive threw and the guy name Q , was verbally disrespectful to my wife and smelled like marijuana weed bad and said he will put what the fuck he wants in our food and said to my pregnant wife I'm talking to you I told the manager when I walked in they did nothing if your workers treat customer's this way and under the influence and a worker there ran out and Saud he smokes weed on his breaks and treats them disrespectful not good for business he needs to be drug tested ASAP I know there is law's I got a attorney about people being under the influence of drugs at work on the clock and coming in smelling like it strong at the Winona MN location on 1455 Gilmore Ave

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Shawna N Farrington - 8 d 15 h ago


Nearly impossible to get ahold of anyone to discuss a issue. I have had to go back to the same tacobell store at least 10 times and my orders are messed up, every time if I order more than 2 tacos. The management at 6605 Wesley street in greenville, TX just continue to remake my order but are not fixing the bigger issue. Also today when I called because my order was messed up. Yet AGAIN the manager Hunter on duty was very rude and unprofessional to say the least. I'm am not impressed, even the littlest.

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