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Taco Bell Corp.

1 Glen Bell Way
Irvine, CA
Greg Creed
(949) 863-4500
(949) 863-2252
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Taco Bell lover scorned - 1 d 32 m ago


So they took my order and I paid the bill without thinking and then my food came out it wasn't what I ordered and it was more money than I should have paid. They corrected the order and won't refund the two bucks they had owe me!!!?? Still sitting here fuming.

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Dwan - 1 d 11 h ago


I understand you don't need a degree to work here. However, what kind of employees are you hiring!? Obviously they can't even read what's on the ticket. EVERY time I order from here, my order is totally screwed up. You need to retrain your employees on how to read and follow instructions. There's no excuse when the order is in black and white.

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Kenneth Beasley - 2 d 18 s ago


I ate inside the taco bell located in st. Paul's nc a week ago because my ex wife who me was an employee there called me and stated the manager ("tt"), was talking to the employees really nasty. As I was eating inside I could hear the manager asking an employee if she was stupid, asking if she had any common sense at all??. I kept my cool because my ex wife asked me too. This location was very very busy and the manager was just walking around barking orders and bot helping on the line at all. Today (tt) told my ex wife she could not leave until she took$4.00 out of her taco bell money card and put in the drawer. To me thats kidnapping. But the other day my ex WifeS drawer was 20.00 short she told my ex to go on home and she would take care of it. No employee should come home from work crying because of the way a manager talks to them. EVER!!! I told my ex wife to take "that dam taco bell shirt off and throw it down and walk the he'll out". And its not like we don't need the money. But never will I let my family members be talked to like that.

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Dontanette Perkins - 3 d 17 h ago


Hi GREG , my name is Dontanette Perkins I went to one of your locations last night and my experience was horrible I am very very unsatisfied with the way I was treated my food was horrible and nothing was right. I asked for my money and she told me to give her the food and come back in the morning for my money. How do you run a business without any money!!!!! So I will be keeping this food and taking it back in the morning the cinnamon twist was old and the seirra mist taste like mop water. I really want to call the police and have them met me for my money back. FYI this was at the Taco Bell located at 9945 Star Highway 6 Missouri City TX 77459 ...281 431 2796

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A taco lover,but not at the winder location - 2 d 21 h ago


To whom this may concern,

Your winder location needs HELP with everything.SERVICE,CUSTOMER SERVICE, CLEANING, ATTITUDES, and the food is NASTY. It's sad that many of us in winder love TACO BELL but not this one.please look into making some changes

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Angry customer - 2 d 4 s ago


I went to Taco Bell in winder ga.There customer service there is terrible.The good is awful.As I was waiting to place my order around 15 minutes.She came took my order,then said you have to use a card because we don't have any cash to make change.What kind of management is this.Several other people I know will not go there.Some of us like Taco Bell an we would like for someone to take charge an get this back on track.Assocaties that work there have bad attitudes.

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Tara - 2 d 17 h ago


Had an extremely slow experience with this taco bell in the past. Decided to give them another try tonight. Literally waited 20 minutes for dine in order and still did not have food. When we asked about our order, they said they were working on it and pointed to half our order sitting on the counter. Waited a few more minutes while our order continued to sit uncovered and getting cold with employees reaching over it. Requested money back and employee said it wasn't her fault, assistant manager sent everyone home and they were short staffed. Second horrible experience at this Taco Bell, but definitely the last. Taco Bell is located at 1020 Indian Dr, Eastman GA

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Anonymous - 2 d 19 h ago


Linda - we went to your Taco Bell location at 75th Avenue and Thunderbird in Peoria Arizona on Monday August 14th to my surprise we didn't get what we ordered even though I sent a lift but apparently whoever they have does not speak English and then when I got my dinner you have a literary critic that wrote on the Taco soft pack f u c k in large letters which I did not appreciate you need to do better training and teach your employees to respect others if you want to reach me you can call me my phone number AZ (hidden) I hope your day was better than mine

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So they taco bell on gagel ave at dixie hwy in Louisville ky has no change so if u order food you wont get coin change back,,,what the hell?????? - 3 d ago


So the tacobell at dixie hwy and gagel ave in Louisville kentucky has no coin change today. So dont expect a discount or your change back!!! What a crappy ran tacobell, oh yeah and they screwed up about 4 orders will i was standing there

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Connie Jones - 4 d ago


Hi Greg, My name is Connie Jones and first of all I want to say that do I love Taco Bell.

Taco Bell came into our area 25531 E Smoky Hill Road , Aurora Colorado. My husband and I were so excited to see one come in by our new house and I have to say it has the worst service possible. I have been there many times but I can't do it anymore after today. My husband doesn't even go there anymore because of the service. I went this afternoon around 12:39 and got my order at 1:20. I noticed this older couple complaining about there order and they got there's in 30 minutes and only got a burrito a piece. I know that they are short staffed but i just wish that something to do done so I could keep going to this place that is closer home. I will have to do my business farther away but i probably would get my order sooner. I just feel like you should know. I did notice that everybody around me was getting there order after i had ordered and went to ask the boy who took my order if it was lost. it had been sitting back there by the cook all this time and nobody noticed. 13.00 dollars later . I hope something to be done about this as I know I am not alone on this. so many people complaining and it is a shame.

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Crystal OBrie - 4 d ago


I went to the Concord Mall Taco Bell in Elkhart Indiana where I was told that I could wait 15 minutes for a Carmel Empanada or not get the suggested Cheesecake bites instead as I suggested as a reasonable means of accommadation due to the fact I was in a cab and would be charged the additional wait time. The SO called manager was very rude telling me that she was refusing service since I wanted to exchange the cheesecake bites for the inconveinience of the the Carmel Empanada not being available. SHe then refused to serve me at all calling the polilce on me and everything I will NEVER spend another dime and considering getting an attorney and suing the entire TAco Bell corporation for discrimination which this clearly was a case of! will Be call corporate as well as making my experience go viral

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Machanta - 4 d 16 h ago


Hello I have visit the 7637 lem turner Jacksonville fl 32208 location on august 10th around 9:45 and the very next day I was throwing up with irregular bowl movements the service was awful they rush us out the line with an attitude I spent 17 to 18 dollars and wanted my money back but literally didn't have the strength since I was too weak to call I'm just now able to eat soup awful experience at that location

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Anonymous - 5 d 21 h ago

Is it possible to make a shell from the Salsa Verde Doritos flavor. Many are wondering but I'm actually asking. This flavor would hit the spot. Thanks. Tammy Meraz

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Jim K. - 6 d ago


Why is the double chalupa box 5.99 instead of the 5.00 you advertise? I was told the price is corporate. So, where is the corporate store where I can get it for $5.00??? This is insane!! False advertising will cause customers to go someplace else! AND the quantities are HALF portions. I wont be going back.

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Anonymous - 6 d 4 h ago

My complaint is ur prices too high especially when u ask for extra cheese on nachos or the bell grande. The geese is what makes the nachos. Then they pile all the meat on top of the chips with no cheese on it and when u get to the bottom all there is chips. If I wanted just chips is go to Wal mart and buy a bag. Three pumps of cheese and the extra two pumps are not near enough. It is highway robbery. I'm seriously thinking of advertising for u and it won't be good. But maybe not. I just won't come back. Also u don't care about sr. CitiZens. No discounts. Thanks for listening

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Tina M ... Sad about Managers behavior - 6 d 14 h ago


To whom it may concern,

We placed an order on Taco bell app. picked it up & came home. Our food had meat in it. This is not the first time this has happened. It's late & I call the store. I was upset because I had not cooked dinner for the kids & now Taco Bell also ruined dinner for us. The manager (Patrick or Petrice) first tells me that I am calling the wrong store. So I told her that I was calling the store on Weyburn in Westwood. At first she would not acknowledge that it was the correct store. Then when I got upset she screams at me and says that "I said yes it is the correct store". I gave her my order details & she then said that she remembered my order. She did ask me to come back & she would replace my order. I was already home & was not about to go back to pick up the food. You did the mistake & I get the punishment (no dinner) & I also have to pay for the food that I had to trash. I don't think it is fair. I told her that I cannot come to the store again that night, it was late & that it is always hard to find parking. I asked her "How else can she accommodate me?" the next thing I know she hung up on me just like that. Is this how you train your Managers?

This is not the 1st time it's happened. The manager at that time was Sergio. Very nice person, very polite. I had the same scenario as today, and I agreed to go back another day to get my replacement of food. The day I went there, Sergio was not there & the staff there would not give me my replacement order. This is so sad for a fast food place to be so cheap & not helpful.

Today when Petrice ??? hung up on me, I realized how sad it is that managers don't care. She must be a really unhappy & miserable person. No politeness ... No Kindness.

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Unhappy in Lafollette Tennessee - 7 d 5 h ago


Yesterday, Aug. 9th. I went to the Taco Bell in Lafollette tn. Its says the store opens at 7am. I waited in the parking lot until the lights came on inside, then proceeded to the drive thru, where I waited for approx. 6 to 7 minutes. I then went inside and stated I has been in the drive thru, and the guy working, stated "we have not even been open that long!" They brought a manager up and I explained I had been in the drive thru, she stated, her drive thru screen was 9 minutes off, and they cant take orders until it comes on. Really? If you know this would you not get it fixed, instead of losing customers. This is not the exception at this store in the morning, it happens all the time. These employees were rude, so at this point, I just told them to forget it and I left. What happen to being helpful? There were 3 employees, very poor customer service!

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Eddie - 8 d ago

Why is the double chalupa box 5.99 instead of the 5.00 you advertise?

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Tewaba - 8 d 42 m ago


Just had an experience at store 003680. Co worker and myself went to this location for lunch. Ordered a shredded chicken burrito and a beef quesarito. When order was received, he received 2 shredded chicken burritos. My co worker that I accompanied has a language barrier so I took it back to the counter to inform the cashier of the mistake. Cameron proceeds to argue to tell me in so many words that I was lying and that he watched his manager make it. Now this whole time, his manager is standing here not intervening to reconcile this matter, but just stands there with the look of "LOST" on his face. When my co worker heard the conversation, he came and asked that we just leave and don't worry about. I did what he asked but I feel the actions of these employees was very unprofessional. I do understand that we are all human but I also must understand that when I'm being employed by a corporation, its not just myself I'm representing but the company as a whole and the actions of employees affects the company as a whole.

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Tony - 10 d ago

Tried, limited to 1200 characters. You have a management problem.

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Anonymous - 8 d ago

Agreed 110%!!!

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Pissed off mom - 8 d 24 m ago


The manager of the Pace Florida Taco Bell , Carl, is the worsest example of a manager I have ever met. When a young man is honest upon being hired and tells the manager that his family is going through hard times and he doesn't have any black pants and Carl says that is ok. He understands and to get a pair when he gets his first check, Three training days later he screams at the young mans girlfriend for him not to return to work until he has black slacks is very unprofessional. My son called the next two days and was told Carl wasn't in and he would have to talk to him. Carl never returned any of his calls. On day 3 when my sone was finely able to speak with Carl he was told he no longer had a job. My son is not the first young person that has worked for this jerk and was treated unfairly. Girls are allowed to wear whatever they want. Black pants or not. He does not treat his employees fair or equal and the place is a nasty mess. I really hope my sons check is correct or we will be seeking an attorney.

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Pregnant girl who wants answer - 8 d 19 h ago


124 Providence Hwy, East Walpole, MA 02032

Don't get how such a know business can't even hire night crews

Not why some employees get special treatment verse the pregnant ones like me who get told suck it up and work and someone with a minor panic attack can just leave work but me being pregnant constant migraine and and swolllens legs get told I can't sit down

And when the GM leaves a mound of trash covering the emergency back door and says it's not his issue yet he always has a full crew in the morning and leaves night crew with only 2-3 and we close at midnight and are stuck cleaning for hours after words cause morning shift doesn't do there jobs my point being

There gotta be some rules to the madness like how it's mandatory people get 2days off they refuse to give my fiance a second day off

And it's bull

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Mini - 9 d ago


I went to the Taco Bell and Reynolds..019661 the girls name was Tashionna who waited on us through drive thru order #368800 I got home and started eating the mexican pizza and there was beans on it when I order 2 mexican Pizza the same way and got one right and one wrong then 2 hard taco with only meat cheese and sour but started eatting them and it had tomato and lettuce. I called and they replaced it but it had tomatos on it and walked out because d idnt want to wait another 10 mins for a replacement. Three people came to the counter while i was standing there with mistakes too. They are the worst Taco bell that I have ever been to. The manager didnt even apologize for the mistake that they made. I will never go there for anything because they are not customer service.

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Shane phillips - 13 d 14 h ago


Took my family to taco Bell 153 North State Road 135, Greenwood, IN 46142. Worst mistake ever I have video of my family being treated wrong calling my son a retard when in fact he is MR with autism. Threatening my me and my family . Manager calling us rude for asking to have our meal fixed for there mistake or a refund. The manager just let the employees talk the way they did and the manager being mean to me and my family I'm discussed and I will not ever step foot in that store again . They threaten to fight me. Poor service horrible store this happen about 11 o'clock at night on the 3rd of August 2017

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Anonymous - 9 d 5 h ago

I would go to your local news station. That is horrible.

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