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Taco Bell Corp.

1 Glen Bell Way
Irvine, CA
Greg Creed
(949) 863-4500
(949) 863-2252
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Pissed customer - 13 h 20 m ago


My family and I go to Taco Bell at least once a week But tonight Wow I got the most rude obnoxious person taking my order that I have ever encountered at any Taco Bell and I go there quite often like I said at least once a week I am a manager at Taco Bueno and let me tell you something if one of my employees talk to customer like she talk to us she would be fired and also when I asked her her name she said I don't have to tell you my name I ask for the manager he gave me her name she treated him like he was a piece of shit and his name was Raekwon and he was very nice considerate and understood why we were as mad as we were I am very displeased at the way she talked to us and I think there should be some kind of reprimand here because I spent $35.14 and my telephone number is (hidden) and my went through the drive-thru and I went to Taco Bell to 202-9977 and my order number is 37236 5 and it was at 7:53 p.m. on Friday hi there my name is Dana Forrester I'm on a leave of absence right now because I broke my knee but you may call me at anytime

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Deloris M Miller - 18 h 54 m ago


My husband been working at KFC taco bell for three weeks., but have not yet bottom paid which should had been yesterday for the store on Voter St in Charlotte, North Carolina. They refuse to give us phone numbers for the store mgr.,Bobby and the DM,Josh. We were told that they called these people but no call back. Now what's REALLY going on?

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Finnished. - 18 h 55 m ago


Worst place in Colorado. Order was totally messed up. Called and talked to manager and told her the problem. She said that she took my order, she didn't. It was a man. Got the wrong order, another order was wrong also. She sounded like who cares. Told her that I was going to call corporate office. Should have know, they don't answer their phones either. Lost my business and everyone else that I know.

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Anonymous - 1 d 41 m ago

To whom it may concern: I hope everyone is doing well. My name is Jasmine James. I am 17 years old and was hired as a part-time employee at Taco Bell store # 03277 located at 2019 Scenic Hwy N. Snellville, GA 30078 on 02/05/2018. Since 08/01/2018, my Manager Krista Roland, began cutting my hours at work without reasonable cause. On 08/11/2018 I was scheduled to work from 5PM EST - 10PM EST, however, I was unable to complete my shift since I was sent home without any explanation or corrective action. As I was leaving the store, Krista Roland told me not to come back for the rest of the week. In addition to that, she proceeded to post my scheduled work hours as being available for any employee who was interested. Not knowing what I did wrong or receiving an explanation left me confused. The previous day, on 08/10/2018, I spoke to my manager Krista about recurring events that had taken place with the new Manager in Training, Gabby (I do not recall her last name). These events included her speaking and yelling at me in a unprofessional way. I also made her aware that Gabby is constantly yelling at me for no reason and invades my personal space while doing so. At that point I still had no idea nor was I made aware of anything, if in fact there was something, that needed to be addressed and could have been delivered in a constructive way. Having those managerial skills could have been applied to assist and further develop me. After the Manager gained knowledge of how I was being treated no one advocated on my behalf. For that reason I felt the need to let her know that I would talk to my mother since no one was willing to address any issues in a professional way. As I was telling this to Krista, Gabby got involved in the conversation and said "tell your mom that if she comes in here, I will beat her up and if I have to shoot one of you, nothing will happen because I have a license to carry a gun". As I'm sure you will understand, I have endured bullying and have been treated as a target for what I believe has to do with my young age. I was intimidated by the threats of gun use towards my mother and me. So this has escalated from bullying and a hostile work environment to threatening the life of a minor with a gun in my workplace. Krista addressed the situation on 08/15/2018 and stated that I had received a written warning that was in the system. This disciplinary action was never communicated or presented to me. At that time it was clear to me that the management staff was also retaliating against me for something that is still unknown to me. These unfortunate events have not been addressed and are still unresolved. At this time, I have decided to separate myself from the company. At my age I am fully aware of when I am being bullied, discriminated against because of my age, retaliated against for no reason and threatened in a way that jeopardized my mother's or my life. As I stated, all these events took place at Taco Bell, by the management team against me. The most intimidating part was having my life threatened with a weapon at my workplace and no one said anything about it. I want to remind you that I am still a minor and I am very disturbed by the things I've had to endure at my first place of employment. I expected better development opportunities from the management team. Let this not only be my official resignation notice, but I also expect an explanation as to what happened and why. If these managers are allowed to continue working and making other employees go through what I've been through, I will do whatever is needed by any means necessary to ensure someone advocates for them. No one should be treated this way in order to provide for themselves or their families. I hope this notice is taken very seriously and action is taken accordingly. This is the best way to end this separation in the most amicable way. I will wait for a response regarding these serious events that have been endured by this 17 year old girl. Sincerely, Jasmine

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D777 - 1 d 12 h ago

Someone needs to send a manager to the Taco Bell at 9044 Highland Rd., White Lake Michigan. Or better train the one they have. The crew is always forgetting things in the drive through orders. They are out of drinks and fries constantly. The manager must not know how to order enough to keep the store stocked and to not deal with calls, it appears the phone is taken off the hook. Always busy. Hang up the phone....order more fries....refill the drink supply. It's been a week with the same situation there. A week!!!! You can't get a shipment of nacho fries or diet mountain dew in 7 days? You most certainly aren't managing your restaurant well.

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Anna - 1 d 12 h ago


The lady told me to come in since I'm deaf. I said if I want to drive thru then please be nice. She went to get manager. The manager said the same thing. I said it's the same if it's night time and I can't come in, I have to come drive Thur. So why do I have to come in even though I don't feel like to come in? There's no car behind me but then car came. I told them please order for me what I want to order but they neglect me. They told me to come in. They don't listen to me so I get mad and drove off fast. Horrible service to deaf people ever! That happen at 4:30pm at Wisconsin street in milwaukee, WI.

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Anna - 1 d 12 h ago


The lady told me to come in since I'm deaf. I said if I want to drive thru then please be nice. She went to get manager. The manager said the same thing. I said it's the same if it's night time and I can't come in, I have to come drive Thur. So why do I have to come in even though I don't feel like to come in? There's no car behind me but then car came. I told them please order for me what I want to order but they neglect me. They told me to come in. They don't listen to me so I get mad and drove off fast. Horrible service to deaf people ever! That happen at 4:30pm at Wisconsin street in Milwaukee, WI.

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Anna - 1 d 12 h ago


The lady told me to come in since I'm deaf. I said if I want to drive thru then please be nice. She went to get manager. The manager said the same thing. I said it's the same if it's night time and I can't come in, I have to come drive Thur. So why do I have to come in even though I don't feel like to come in? There's no car behind me but then car came. I told them please order for me what I want to order but they neglect me. They told me to come in. They don't listen to me so I get mad and drove off fast. Horrible service to deaf people ever! That happen at 4:30pm.

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Alex - 1 d 12 h ago

Location: 906 12th Avenue Road (030445)

Nampa ID 83686

7:11 pm

Just went to the drive thru, asked cashier "Kaileana J" if I can add a bean and cheese burrito, she said no I can't order more food because they only have three people working there. I was upset and drove home. I called the store when I got home and spoke to the general manager. I told her I was upset and she decided to talk over me, I told her I'm the customer you need to listen to me and my complaint. She said "don't talk to me like that, who do you think you are" I asked for her name which she refused to give me. She said "I was being disrespectful." A few things on my order were a bean and cheese burrito with no onions and no red sauce, an order of pinto beans with no red sauce, I explained to the cashier please don't put red sauce on those items they are for my children and every time I come here they put red sauce on it. She told me not to worry they won't put red sauce on those items. My receipt even says underneath the items no red sauce. I drove home and guess what? Red sauce all over my items which I was very adamant on no red sauce. Thanks a lot I'll feed my children something else. I will never go back to Taco Bell.

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Anonymous - 1 d 13 h ago

I don't know who decide but why don't you bring back the chili cheese burrito?

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Anonymous - 2 d 14 m ago


I've never seen a taco bell ran by a group of managers thats unprofessional.worst job experience, hiring manager played the snakest role..

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Diana - 1 d 16 h ago

I just went through the same thing in Newport Arkansas

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Diana - 1 d 16 h ago


I've worked at taco Bell and basically was forced to quit because I told what was going onn

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Ron - 2 d ago


Someone needs to contact me asap!!!!!! About ypsi store and gross that i witnessed!!!! Ron 734 796 40 82!

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

At this location

5721 W 86th St

Indianapolis, IN 46278

United States

At lunch time every time I tryied this location the doors are always locked and you can see the employees in the back. Don't no if this location is rat, bug or what ever else infested. Started loooking at the reviews none are good. Alll of the other restaurants in the area has the doors open and unlocked. I will not visit toco belll again here or any other location.

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Anonymous - 6 d 24 h ago


The Larose, Louisiana manager Tammy B curses and belittles the rest of the employee in front of customers. She is a horrible person and should not be allowed to work at Toco Bell. Does anyone ever read these reviews? I wonder because Taco Bell having only a 1 star rating? Well that would just be unacceptable for me. Either the managers need to be trained better or someone needs to keep a better eye on what's going on in their restaurants. In the last month the restaurant I am referring to has lost 2 managers and at least 4 shift workers and their left with the supervisor and a monster of a manager and always new shift workers. How is a restaurant supposed to run smoothly when they can't keep any good staff members because of one cruel and unfair manager? This restaurant will always be in the same condition until the problem is addressed. As a customer it was very uncomfortable, embarrassing, and upsetting to see how this manager was treating her fellow employees. We were in line to order but decided to leave because of the cruel treatment we witnessed. My family and I will not eat at the Larose, Louisiana Taco Bell as long as Tammy B works there. We have friends working there so it breaks our hearts to see what is allowed within Taco Bell's company.

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Taco Bell Corp - 3 d 47 m ago

You are ex-employee complaining!

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Anonymous - 2 d 9 m ago

Nope I'm not

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Anonymous - 2 d 1 h ago

Why don't you try talking to some of the employees that work there instead of trying to put down a person submitting a review on a horrible manager. Is everyone that summits reviews past employees because their are a lot of reviews about rude employees, horrible managers and everything else from all over the country. Taco Bell y'all need to get it together not attack people giving reviews. I still stand by my initial review, the Larose, Louisiana Taco Bell has a horrible manager named Tammy B who belittles and curses out her fellow employees!

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Jamie M Seymour - 2 d 17 h ago


My husband & I walked in &stupid in line for 6 minutes. A black man with an afro was using the stores phone. 2 employees walked up to the counter & both were talking to the man on the phone. No one greeted us & no one asked if they could take our order!! We turned to walk out & noticed a Hispanic short woman that appeared to be the manager. I asked her if she was the manager and she stammered & said she was a regional. I told her we are leaving because no one has greeted us or ask to take our order and my husband told her they were up at the counter shooting the s**t. She did not have a response.

We are NOT coming back unless we get 1 year of FREE food from that unprofessional, & rude Store!!

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Anonymous - 2 d 3 h ago



My children, husband and myself went to the Taco Bell at lakeside shopping centre last week look at the menu while queueing we eventually reached the front of the queue and asked for a vegetarian option meal for 4 people. We was asked by the lady serving us if we were vegetarians so we replied yes as we are for her to tell us that they cook their fries and they Totila chips in the same oil that I cooked the meat in!!! So I said to her so it isn't a vegetarian option then to which she replied yes because it's all so we are beans instead of mincemeat! I told her that it isn't a vegetarian option and I'm pretty sure it is against trading standards to advertise a vegetarian meal with a big green V next to the option on the menu when you are cooking food in the same oil that you cook the meat in. Quite frankly I was disgusted and walked away

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Anonymous - 2 d 11 h ago


Gale Slota, Boise Idaho

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Meagan - 3 d 13 h ago

Went to the Taco Bell in Sun Valley,Nv. NEVER AGAIN. The staff is lazy and rude. The manager ABSOLUTELY no help. I ordered food at 531pm did not get my food til 553pm. The manager looked like she just had enough. . The absolute worst visit. I will not be going back atleast until they get some new crew members in there that give a shit and please replace the manager to someone who lights a fire under asses. Order # 232362.. Wow just Wow

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Bethany Jenkins - 3 d 15 h ago


I will never visit the taco Bell by my home again! The dirtiest place employees on there cell phones not doing there job. Took 35 mins for 2 tacos!!!! Very disappointed on the behavior of the staff and manager.. groveport Ohio is where it's located pre warning stay away.....

General profile image - 3 d 17 h ago


My husband and I ate at the Taco Bell in Williams Az on sat aug 12 while traveling. About an hour later while on the road we both got very sick and are still having stomach trouble. I tried calling the store but no one ever answered I'm pretty sure it wAs the lettuce and the area should know of this so no one else gets sick. Please check with this store to see if anyone

else reported illness

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