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Taco Bell Corp.

1 Glen Bell Way
Irvine, CA
Greg Creed
(949) 863-4500
(949) 863-2252
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Bonnie - 1 d ago


Taco bell at 227 E Little Creek Rd Norfolk VA is the absolute worst!!! First I walk in and an employee starts speaking gibberish then apologized because they thought I was someone else. She walks away sits down and makes a phone call. I stood in line (only person inside) for 5 minutes and no one came to the register. A female employee was in the back wiping off the counter she looks at me and continues to wipe down counter. I waited a little longer thinking she would address me when she was done but she didn't. I walked over to the first employee that mistook me for someone else and asked if there was anyone working. The female that was cleaning the counter comes around the front and say go ahead. I said I'd like to order (she was not near the register) and say ok I'm listening what do you want. I tell her my order she walks away the other employee still on her phone rings the order and I had to insert my card 3 times because the machine doesn't work then had to swipe. I should have listened to my thought of forget it and go somewhere else but I had already ordered and the female form the back tossed my food on the counter at this point. I continue back to work, a few buildings down and my food was cold and messy. Maybe next time I will act a hot ghetto mess and I will get better service.

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CB - 3 d 50 m ago

I am pissed at the Taco Bell at 500 E. Midland Ave, Woodland Park, Colorado 80863....we were there for lunch yesterday and the service was deplorable. It took more than 20 minutes to get two crunchy tacos. There were two people ahead of us and they had been waiting also more than that for their order. People were visibly and audibly upset. This is absolutely ridiculous. The staff didn't care and it wasn't that they were understaffed. It seems like no one knew how to do their job. Also the restaurant needs to be kept cleaner, and the parking lot has pot holes all over the place. Looks like no one cares there about their store or serving their customers in a reasonable manner.

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Greg S. - 3 d 17 h ago


I went to your taco bell on leetsdale and Quebec in Denver. The counter person threw my change at me and called me a "Fuck Head" and seemed threatening. I can't believe this happened and will never go back there...

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Jeanette - 5 d ago


Your Taco Bell store on 321 8th St. No., Moorhead, Mn, is the worst Taco Bell ever! Every time I use drive-up, before I can even say anything, I am informed it will be a 12 to 15 minute wait for anything i order, because there are only two people working, I am told. There were no guests there today when i drove up, and no cars in their lot! EMPTY!! Ridiculous! Those employees are there to get a pay check and not work. This needs to be checked into.

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Anonymous - 6 d ago

My son went to Taco Bell in Portage IN by the Ameriplex on route 6. He was there on April 18 at 6:30 am. He purchased a breakfast crunch wrap. Went to work and a few hours later started throwing up. He was sent home and we took him to the dr. He was told he had food poisoning. Came home and I called the Taco Bell in Portage. Talked to a Sarah, she said she was the manager, and I told her what happened. She muffled the phone and was talking to someone else. Thought I heard laughing. Which really upset me. Other girl got on the phone. Told me it takes 24 hours for food poisoning to happen. Well I said that's not true. We all ate the same thing the previous night and no one is sick. All I wanted was to let them know that maybe they're eggs were bad and to check them. Instead I was put off. We will never go there again. I'm going to make sure that I tell everyone how I was treated on the phone. I work in a convenience store and we would never treat a customer like this. This is the second run in with Taco Bell and it will be there last time.

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Previous employee - 6 d 9 h ago


I worked for the taco Bell on Bethany in Allen Texas and my manager is hesitant about the day I get paid and now he's saying it's the 4th week after my first day working there that I get paid.. that just doesn't make sense to me..being that they get paid every two weeks I should've gotten a check after 3 weeks..not 4...I've complained on the problems I've experienced there as an employee but all that got me was terminated. Which was also wrong... whenever they mess up an order that I pay my own money for they refuse to give me a refund or a receipt..the only option is to fix the food again... Even if I dont want the food at that since my manager never fixed any issues I had I called corporate with the problems which is what got me fired ..I believe that's wrongful termination but of course they don't care. A customer actually recommended that I report them because they watched the whole thing. My manager claims he won't put it in the system as termination he put that he just doesn't have room on the schedule but that's a lie.. he knows if he puts terminated that I'll definitely sue the company.

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Charlie - 6 d 18 h ago


I have visited the 136th & Colorado Blvd., Coliorado location for the previous several months. This will be my last time. It has been poor every single visit. Whomever owns this location and or manages It, needs an immense amount of improvement. I wait in Li e every, single visit at the drive through for an immense amount of time. Today was no exception, 25 minutes, 3 cars just to place an order. 7 cars in parking lot, not busy!! 5 employees standing in the middle chatting! Wrong order, no receipt.

Called my calls told them not to bother join8ng me. I was a trapped rat in the drive thru!

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Was a loyal customer - 7 d ago


I'm very disappointed Taco Bell has discontinued the Enchirito. Just lost a loyal customer!

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S. Charles - 7 d 5 h ago


I ran into a buzz saw of poor (asst.) management at the Taco Bell in Elkhart, Indiana 54633 CR 17. After criticizing cold food, confronted by prepare person; then the Asst. Manager (refusing to give her name) in the parking lot on the way out! Shocking behavior from ill-trained kids governing a very special brand.

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Aaron - 9 d 37 m ago


Manager at the Ferndake Washington Taco Bell treats his employees awful and doesn't follow the labor laws. That's why the food sucks because he's not training the employees right. Don't go there on Friday or Saturday night. Service is terrible and employees are so rude.

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A concerned American - 9 d 3 h ago


It's not enough of and equal opportunity for people of color In St Paul Minnesota.

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Anonymous - 9 d 12 h ago

Regardless Kendra Jones that works in Larose la has mad threats against my family do something about it or my attorney will he literally smokes weed in your parking lot takes illegal speed while working call me tomorrow at (hidden)

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Anonymous - 9 d 6 h ago

Why would your attorney smoke weed in their parking lot?

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Anonymous - 9 d 12 h ago

My name is Brett Adams. I was wrongfully terminated because a manager just didn't like me . Not the store manager used to think she was a sweet heart. Since then I've had physical threats against my wife and my autistic son. I expect too hear someone from corporate soon other wise I will post all the screen shots that there idiot manager was too stupid to know what a screen shot is . Her name is Kendra Jones she works at the the Taco Bell in Larose Louisiana . She also threatened to have my wife fired from Walmart . I expect an answer tomorrow or I'll post all the screen shots to everyone of your Taco Bell web sites . My name is Brett Adams and my number is(hidden). I sincerely hope your hr department is very astute thank you goodnight.

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Sonja - 14 d 19 h ago


I live in San Jose ca

My husband and I have been Taco Bell's customers for probably over 2 decades. We love the enchirito our Taco Bell on capital expo would always make them but now all of the sudden the are refusing to make them. Pretty sure they have all the ingredients. We won't go back

If anyone knows of one near south San Jose that will still make them please do tell

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Anonymous - 9 d 13 h ago

They still have all the ingredients they just won't make them

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Pamela Grieser - 9 d 16 h ago


I go to Taco Bell at least once a week, sometimes a little more. And I was there tonight for 2 chicken gordita supremes the girl said that you guys no longer have gorditas Why would you take these away? Since my Husband passed away last July, it's kind of hard just to cook for myself... PLEASE bring them back... Don't do such a silly thing as to take them away.

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Anonymous - 9 d 16 h ago

We live in Panama City, FL and are very fortunate that our Taco Bell is open after the hurricane. This is the second time that we've had the delicious nacho fries/cheese sauce and now have been taken away. They had come back and today we find out no longer here again.....WHY NOT!!! Are they not making the company enough $$$???? So rude that something people really like are gone every time we turn around. We go weekly to ours and that is what we add to our meal, SO disappointing. I guess you have a really good reason, but I can't think of one except that it's not making your company enough money!! How sad, especially for us here after the hell we've been through 6 months ago and this food is so good.

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allyson duncan - 9 d 17 h ago


I went in to one of your taco bell restaurants and they told that you no longer have maximelts and the enchito. I am very mad about that. so please bring them back

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ERIC DUNCAN - 10 d 15 h ago


I have been very frequent at taco bell since the nacho fries debut and now there gone!!! Please bring them back.. I love taco bell but I'm sure American's will agree it's not the same without the nacho fries.. Please bring them back.. They are absolutely outstanding with a variety of tacos..... My kids where sad when we were told no more nacho fries.. I do in fact give taco bell a 5 star with the nacho fries but without not so satisfied..

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Charitymichael - 11 d 5 h ago


I stopped at the broadheadsville pa location around 7pm and placed a drive thru order. I paid 16.25. While waiting on food I received a phone call informing me that my daughter was involved in a car accident and was being transported to the hospital. In a panic I drove off without food. Later into the night I realized what I had done and since it was extremely late I decided to call in the am. I placed call explaining what had happened and I was told sorry nothing can be done because I didn't call the night before!! Seriously!! I didn't want the money back I was still wanting the food!! i think this is terrible. As much as I enjoy this food chain I am confident in saying I nor any of my family members will ever go there again.

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yolips - 13 d ago


Went to taco bell on Handcock and Santa Barbara in Cape Coral,Fl to get the Rattlesnake Fries ,waited in the drive-thu line for about 15 min. get to the menu to see white piece of paper that says "SOLD OUT" under the Rattlesnake Fries. Get to the window the kid..says we don't sell Fries anymore,,,,WHAT?Won't be going back!

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laughing at whiners - 12 d ago

grow up. not everything lasts. they said it was a limited release.

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Greg Creed - 12 d 6 h ago


Good morning Mr Creed, I am currently working in Bedford Ohio, You have a taco bell on 5591 Warrensville Center road Maple Heights, Ohio 44137 which advertise hours of operations 7am-5am, I travel 2 hours to work here at this location and pull up to your Taco bell and the women inside says she isnt open until 9am or when she is ready to open... Who runs a bussiness like this? Otherwise change your hours to the correct hours of operation.. Thank You JA email: (hidden)

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Work for Taco Bell acyuattly had my life threatened thwice a mamanger any suggsstions thinking about calling the cops - 12 d 11 h ago


Kendra jones

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