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Taco Bell Corp.

1 Glen Bell Way
Irvine, CA
Greg Creed
(949) 863-4500
(949) 863-2252
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Anne - 1 d 10 h ago

So I'm watching a movie on BET and twice a Taco Bell commercial is played. At first I thought I heard it wrong. But the second playing of the commercial proved I heard it right the first time. Surely your marketing team has lost its creative edge. Or perhaps it's Taco Bell''s leadership....when your morning is hell you go to Taco Bell...are you SERIOUS? That is PATHETIC! And you payed money for that?? When you have to resort to cursing to sell your food it's time to re-evaluate the talent within.

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Lakendris Armstrong - 1 d 18 h ago


Horrible horrible customer service - Taco Bell - 5152 N. High Street Columbus, Ohio (614)436-4070. I drove up to get lunch for my dude and this cheek working the drive through tried to make me pay $1.99 for a small drink, talking about it's included into the combo. I said no I'm not paying $2 for a small drink and requested my money back. The manager came and gave me $2.15 cash back after I had paid with my credit card. The manager Beth got nasty with me and she would not give me back my debit receipt. Beth and that crew of people is in customer service so do your damm job with a little bit more grace and kindness or else take your ass back to school and make something of your life other than fast food because this will not work if your attitude is nasty. Terrible customer service skills. And on top of that, I went into the store to ask for my receipt and Beth still would not give it to me. She then wanted to jump on her phone talking about she calling the police. I said go right ahead, if I was not on lunch break I would have waited it out but i had to get back to work. Beth, the manager over this store needs training or replaced. She did not want to even give me the number to corporate, one of the customer sitting inside the place gave me the number. This happen 03/22/2017 at 12:44pm, EVERYTHING IS ON CAMERAS THAT TOOK PLACE, i hope the audio was on because I will request an investigation on this. I will not walk into a fastfood place and be treated like I was treated today ever again. I trust and is very confident that corporate will handle this matter accordingly.

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Marie - 48 d 15 h ago


Had a very horrible experience at 11007 Dale Mabry Tampa FL 33618. I just got off from work and was so hungry and thought of Taco Bell. The line was short with only one car...I was so lucky because it was 3:00 traffic. I pulled up to the speaker and the lady was having a conversation with her employees about her phone and using bad language while on the speaker and she said may I help you and I said wait one moment please. When I decided what I wanted which was a Chilli cheese burrito w/sour cream the lady in the drive thru says " What? What is that? We don't sell those!" And I said I use to get them from here last year and she says "They haven't since I been working here!!!!"(in a rude voice). Then she starts talking to her employees again while on the speaker.They acted as if I wasn't even there to order :( so I left. I looked up their telephone number to see where the manager was and a woman picked up the phone and answer very rudely and speaks as if she is not at work... Unprofessional!!!! It's so bad I can't even imagine going back with the same ghetto people working there. Where is the professionalism? It's not there at all. OMG somebody needs to fix that location. What if they get put on social media acting like this in front of the world. It's that bad guys. Have a good day

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Kingdomchild - 46 d 15 h ago


Hi Marie: May I ask what is it that you are trying to get accomplished from AARP in regards to your issue that you had with the Taco brand in Tampa? How do you feel that AARP should help you.

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Anonymous - 3 d 8 h ago

OK seriously, that was unprofessional.

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PerryMatlock - 10 d 13 h ago


Why are your stores in Port Author Tx. hiring Mexican people with 2,3, S.S. cards and 2,3 Tx. I.D. cards. Should I call I.N.S.?

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Angie - 3 d 8 h ago


You are an asshole

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D.Bergquist - 3 d 15 h ago


Am very disappointed and dissatisfied with the Taco Bell location in La Quinta, CA. They are constantly discontinuing products from the menu without notice! Recently the Double Stack Tacos. They went from 3 flavors down to one and then discontinued the One. Then after that the Naked Chicken Chalupa Box!! I am sick and tired of making the effort to drive there only to be told I can't place the order I went there for!! They could have made the order and with that told me it was no longer going to be available. IT'S NOT THAT THEY DON'T HAVE THE INGREDIENTS TO DO SO!! Another time they told me an item had been discontinued but it was still advertised on the Drive Up board. The next time I went I was told it wasn't discontinued and that maybe the girl couldn't find the the right register key! I have been there when the slush machine broke and diid not get repaired for two weeks. There were many times that I ordered the Naked Chicken Chalupa Box but they bagged it because they were out of Boxes. One time I got home from the drive thru with the wrong order, I called was told they would replace it the next time I came in. I gave them my name but when I came in , they had no record! This location is very poorly managed!!

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Joey - 10 d 10 h ago


The Taco Bell in Benson, NC has some very kind people working there. But I've been going there for almost 2 years, and it's the worst food experience I've ever had...every time!! Either the order isn't correct about 80% of the time. Or 100% of the time, the food is an insufficient amount. One town over in Dunn, they are spectacular at fixing their menu. But the Benson, NC store is either not trained sufficiently on how to fix their food, or they are trying to save food costs by not putting enough food on the items they are selling. It's unbelievable that for almost 2 years it's been this way. You'd think that sooner or later it would get better. But it hasn't. I hate to travel to the Dunn location for our food, but I'm sick and tire of feeling like I've been cheated out of my money. I'm very disappointed. My family of 4 children and a wife absolutely love Taco Bell food when it's prepared correctly and when the order is correct. But this Benson, NC location is the absolute worst at delivering on food quality. Just the worst. ugghhh!!!!!

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Rae L. Troglin - 11 d 14 h ago

Your new tv add is very Inappropriate.

I have a 3 1/2 year old grand son who is now saying( HELL)AND WE ARE NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS. We do not swear in our home and DO NOT WANT OUR CHILD TO.



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GayParee - 12 d 5 h ago


Have lots to say and im sure you will be very interested once you hear my experience that i had at the drive thru also inside. Honestly you have to hear this i have the receipts to prove it.please call (hidden)

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mark swed - 13 d 7 h ago


I,m so dissapionted in taco bell I could loose my mind

Flagged for review. 
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Mike Ditty - 13 d 17 h ago


Let me tell you, the Taco Bell at 3701 SW Hollywood Dr. Lees Summit MO 64082 has some big problems.

I went by to pick up some lunch today and the kid working the window was rude and UN-professional. Not only did he drop my change between the car and window but didn't even say sorry or make an attempt to pick up the change. I told him 3 times that I wanted mid sauce and he asked me 2 times if I needed sauce, and I still had to ask before I left. I ordered a naked chicken box, but got a sack with the 3 items throw into the sack without an explanation. The kid didn't act like he wanted to be there or that he even cared. Of course no eye contact, thank yous or acknowledgement that I was even there. Plus it took him 10 min to get my food,(which was cold) and I counted at lease 10 cars behind me.

I probably won't come back as well as at lease 10 of my friends that live near by once I tell them about the lack of service!

Just thought you would like to know about a crappy store you guys have.

Mike Ditty

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Anonymous - 13 d 17 h ago

I wanted to let someone know how disappointed I am in this company and the way it goes about "updating their registers!" I was checking my bank account online yesterday to find two charges from my account at 4:11 and 3:45 AM when I wasn't there that whole day especially that time in the night when your closed. I had this same thing happen to me about one year and had to ONCE AGAIN call my bank and cancel my debit card! I now have to wait AGAIN for my new debit card to come in the mail and deal with all that BS! After calling my local taco bell the manager tells me that the company was doing a register update and everyone's cards got charged at those times. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard not to mention putting me in a panic thinking an employee keeps stealing my card number!! My concern now is am I being recharged for something I already paid for over a MONTH ago?! This is a terrible system you have and are causing a lot of trouble and headaches for not only me but other customers and employees who have to deal with the outrage from this HORRIBLE system!! I will NEVER use my card again at any taco bell or ever go to a taco bell again for that matter!

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Betty - 14 d 17 h ago

I went to Taco Bell recently and place an order over $30 worth of food when I got in front of drive-thru to pay for it a manager and employee so I couldn't order that much food to their drive-thru but there's no law saying how much food you can order and I think it was a racist person because they messed up and forgot one one of my tackle and when I left at me and made fun of me

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King - 24 d 4 h ago

I think some Taco Bell needs to go on undercover boss..!!! There's a lot of stuff that needs doing around Taco Bell. Huber heights Ohio on Brandt Chambersburg needs it for real. I wish there was a better Environment For us works.!!!

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Spike Swendra - 29 d ago


This email was sent on 2/19/17 and again today 2/23/17 and still no response from Taco Bell. If you live in Minneapolis, Minnesota DO NOT go to store #002384: 1540 Stinson Blvd Ne Minneapolis.

I had gone through the drive thru with my wife on the way home from a long day. To start the young lady on the drive thru speaker could not get the order straight, at this point as I am trying to explain to her what I wanted she became very rude. Even when we pulled up we were greeted with "can I help you" no good evening, hello or anything friendly or polite, nothing but rudeness. As she finally gets the order correct we go to the window where the young lady opens the window, merely says to us in a barking fashion "$14.49". Again no "hello" no "hi" no nothing, she then hands me my card back and slams the window closed. She then flings the widow open hands me a smashed bag and say " here" and slams the widow closed again. Okay now we get home, the food was not even wrapped up, topping all over the bottom of the bag, no sauce, fork, napkins in the bag at all, And yes I ordered something that needs a fork and asked for sauce.

The cashier name on my ticket is: Zulianna (FYI the lip piercing is disgusting and very non professional). No idea who the one with the actual head set on was and she was not wearing a name tag. Order # 329639, I expect something to be done about this.

This was horrible customer service, and for a company to not reply is complete b.s

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Previously loyal customer - 29 d 13 h ago


My son had a bad case of bad food with Taco Bell. Instead of the being offered a reimbursement of money and doctor bills, I was instructed to file a complaint form with the Regional Office. Surprisingly, I was told that because we could not produce a stool sample of the horrible incident, although documented by his pediatrician that it was more likely than not food poisoning and that it would have to run it's course, we told that our claim would be dismissed after several months of submitting requested documentation (which supposedly was loss within the electronic system). My poor son lost over 10 pounds and could not hold any food down for several weeks. His doctor instructed him to drink Gatorade, Ginger Ale, Water and crackers!!!

We are truly disappointed that Taco Bell did not even offer to reimburse us for my son's food and bad experience of eating bad food. We have never experience such disrespect and poor customer service such as this unfortunate but troubling incident with Taco Bell. I am appalled at the lack of remorse of the Taco Bell restaurant because they felt that the doctor's report was not sufficient. They did not care that the Taco Bell food was the only thing that my son had eaten that day. So, it was definitely the food from that Taco Bell restaurant. I cannot believe that such a prominent restaurant as Taco Bell would treat a loyal customer with such disrespect as they did. He is only a kid!!!

We have never been so disrespected in our life!!! The illness that my son endured due to eating bad food will never be forgotten. Especially, the lack of accountability by the Taco Bell restaurant.

You have truly lost a previously faithful customer!!!


Unhappy Customer

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John camble - 33 d 11 h ago


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Travis - 34 d 11 h ago

Just went to the Hartford,WI Taco Bell, Service was horrible people were waiting inside restaurant for at least 1/2 hr. to get their food. Myself and many others asked for our $ to be refunded. They did and apologized. Definitely won't go back, 0 stars out of 5

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Shari Knight - 34 d 17 h ago


I was at the Tacobell on Wadhams in Kimball this morning and I am more than disappointed...and this isn't the first time, but it most likely will be my last! I place an order, and one of the items i ordered was a crunch wrap supreme (lite on lettuce) well, let me tell you, this crunch wrap maybe had 2 tblsp of meat on it, it was all lettuce! and let me say that it was just disgusting! Now, being a long time customer of TacoBell, I have purchased this item at numerous locations, and they were all great with meat. I have visited the Wadhams location other times and have encountered the same thing...tacos and other items with little to no meat...not like at other Tacobell's. It is under my assumption that this location is robbing customers of properly prepared food and serving items with little meat deliberatley to save money. This is making Tacobell look bad and I for one am considering not buying from Tacobell ever again. You know we were more than excited to see a Tacobell be built so close to home...but boy what a disappointment this location is!

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Anonymous - 40 d 6 h ago

Look in to having drug test done at the tarpon springs store me an my wife seen them deal drugs out of the store an the manager does nothing lookablikevall jail workers work at that tacobbell plus they was drinkin on the job one more. Seen them

General profile image - 37 d 16 h ago


You should havebbclled police

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Kristyn - 41 d 10 h ago


The Taco BELL at 2309 Hanover pike in hampstead md should be looked at and have some staffing change!! Every time we go there, they are so slow, and the food is ALWAYS wrong. Tonight I went inside, where no one was at the counter. No one ever acknowledged that a customer ever came in. And now I am thankful for that. I watched over the counter as an employee was spreading sour cream inside a hard shell taco shell.... WITH HER BARE FINGER. No glove, no spoon... BARE FINGER !! It was a horrific sight to see. LORD knows what else they are doing back there. I turned around and left. Not that it mattered as I dont think they were ever going to wait on me anyway. Aside from that the place is very dirty looking and they are very unprofessional. Something needs to be done.

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christina cranfill - 45 d 19 h ago

seeking my w-2s

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