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Minneapolis, MN
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Christina - 1 d 5 h ago


I want to show my concern about the new fashion clothes in Target for Teens/Tweens. I was researching some online stores and decided to try Target first. While scrolling through the big adult line I was taken back at the size of all your models. Every single model looked extremely skinny. Now most girls (all races) are not toothpicks and if you want to start a fashion line you might want to think of gearing your fashion towards a more versatile weight group. My daughter saw the sizes of the girls and said NO WAY those clothes will not fit me nor will the XL size look good on me. I am appalled at the fact we are in 2018 and we are still battling weight conscious/obsessive styles around super skinny (needs to eat 10 hamburgers) size girls. THIS IS NOT 1970. Get with the times please target and get some real looking models to model your fashionable clothes!!! Just a thought. As for us we will not be shopping at Target this school year.

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Ken - 2 d 7 h ago


I just spent 15 minutes with various phone numbers on the website trying to find a human who could help me get a name removed from unwanted marketing mailing lists. It seems to be impossible.

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C. C. Goodman - 2 d 7 h ago

I used to love your stores but yesterday heard on a news channel (TV) about your bathroom policies and that way more than once a "man" dressed as a woman exposed himself to a little girl in one of your "open to all" bathrooms. Many of us out here are scared to death to use any of your bathrooms. Can transgenders go in the men's room too? How utterly disgusting that you have to be afraid just because one mini "diverse" group of confused people who don't know black from white are shoving their views on lifestyle down the throats of other (normal) groups. Drag "Queens" are also reading stories to toddlers in libraries across our country. (I saw/heard it with my own eyes and ears). It's time to stop giving in to these dangerous "diversity", in-your-face groups who demand we call them normal when they are not. I predict your store will suffer economically eventually. I know I will no longer shop at your store.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 3 d ago

Target gift cards are being hacked in HB, Ca. Purchased a gift card for a bday present, sealed it immediately with a card. 2 weeks later they tried to use the card and it had 0 balance. How is that possible when the gift card sealed for 2 weeks and the purchases were on the same day i bought the gift card. Please check into this! Fraud!!!!!!!!!

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Mary Steinlauf - 4 d 21 h ago


I am a frequent Target customer, both in stores and on-line. I recently moved to a new neighborhood and visited your Norridge, Illinois store. I will never go there again. So disorganized, no stock on the shelves. Carts full of items everywhere. I have to admit I felt like I was in a Walmart store in a very poor neighborhood. But the absolutely worst part was that I was rolling my cart to my car after buying two large bags of cat food and the cart came to an abrupt halt. Are you kidding me there are sensors on the carts that make them completely unmovable. I am a 63 year old woman 120 pounds and stuck behind a parked car. I could not move it at all, it would not budge even back towards the store. I was still outside the target. What kind of ghetto practice is this. I'm sorry that you lose carts but that is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I could not just leave it behind the car so I dragged it from behind the car as far as I could. I am seriously considering never shopping at any of your stores, but I can guarantee I will never set foot in that one again.

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Lee - 4 d 4 h ago


Went to shop in your remokded store in Gardena only you find most of the clothing aisles looked like a disaster. I have photos but dont see a way to post them on ey his site. What a shame that you remodeled and the staff let's it look like I saw.

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Victoria - 4 d 7 h ago


Target does not seem to want to bother with customers concerns. Homeless people are living in my Target parking lot. I no longer feel safe while shopping there so I guess I will have to find another retailer that carries what I need. I have called the police but they tell me that since Target owns the parking lot they cannot do anything about it. The store manager does not seem concerned and the property manager said that it is beyond her jurisdiction. So we the customers must deal with pan handlers, the homeless and now people living in motor homes in the parking lot. I hope this gets someones attention and Target cleans up this store.

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Anonymous - 5 d 1 h ago

Why do Target stores rarely carry big and tall men's clothing, but I see cow sized women's clothing all over the store.

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Madej - 6 d 11 h ago

Find a worker

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Andrews - 7 d 35 m ago


The recent changes in the Canyon Springs target store left me baffled. I feel as though Target has decided to look more like a department store than a well-designed discount store, if I wanted a department store I would go to Many's. J.C. Penney's did a similar thing a when a new CEO came in a ways back and it has taken them some time to recover...not sure they have fully recovered, i don't shop there anymore and I am sure other like me do not shop there either. The Target experience is no longer enjoyable, product line has been reduced and the store layout doesn't make sense. I can't buy the same product I have purchased for years, the lines at the register are long and there are seldom any carts. I walk into the store only to walk back out and find a shopping cart. I am left looking for new place to shop that has the items I want and a store that can provide an enjoyable shopping experience. So disappointing, what a shame!

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Paul - 8 d 9 h ago


Angela @ (hidden)3 extension 32317 is handling my account reference number 000256769p. Every time you call her her message is the same " I'm unavailable but if you leave a message I will promptly call you back. Left messages and not once has she called me back.

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LVlocal1284 - 14 d ago

I was just at the Target Las Vegas Silverado Ranch Store and what a shocking thing to find out that Target by policy will hold on to my mere $10.81 for 5 days before putting it back to my Debit bank card. I was there the other day to purchase a makeup foundation. I did not like it all so I went to the Return Dept today to tell them I would like to exchange it for a different brand. I was not given any option and was told it will take more or less 5 days for the money to be returned to my account. Wow! If you go to Walmart or Home Depot, they give you cash back. Why would such a big store like Target hold the monies of those making returns to perhaps to put transfer them to money market and further enrich themselves? What are seniors or disabled to do on fixed income if they were to buy big ticketed items?? Good thing I did not buy a microwave!Change or update your policy! I will tell my friends and family about this experience and I promise you I'm not setting foot at Target again.

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Ann - 9 d ago

They probably need it to help pay for all the stores they're re doing.

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DanaP - 9 d 10 h ago


I called today to request (or maybe inform) that they landscape behind my house which touches target property. The overgrowth is coming over my fence and looks like there might be poison ivy too. The landscapers do come through weekly behind the row of homes but they stop right at the edge of my property (which happens to be the end of the street and also has the most trees). Everyone I spoke with on the phone was extremely polite and helpful. They filed a complaint for me today. Hoping a resolution comes soon!

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Renee Lassak - 13 d ago


Disgusted with Target customer service line (hidden). I have been hung up on 3TIMES!! Once after holding 40 minutes on Aug 4 around 3:30 pm. While waiting to speak to a spvsr. Outraged at the level of incompetence of your employees and their inability to provide customer service and a clear lack of problem solving skills amongst the lot. I am also betting this post will fall on deaf ears deleted and trashed just like my three calls today. Shame on you Target.

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Kristy - 14 d ago

I recently called the New Britain CT store to inquiry about doing a college night event after hours at the store. Other colleges in New England offer this so we wanted to do it. Can you please get back to me ASAP ? Wanted to schedule for 8/26.

Thank you -

Kristy Santos

Director of Student Affairs

University of Saint Joseph

West Hartford, CT

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Jimmy Cain - 14 d 8 h ago


Stop that annoying commercial

It's not helping you

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Andriana - 14 d 10 h ago


I have tried to get help 5 times now from the "live chat" or the phone numbers Target says to call if we have any issues and I just get put on hold until I have to hang up. I went to shop at a Target store and use a Giftcard i received as a gift and the TARGET CASHIER scratched out my card # and the access # on my card. That is not my fault but somehow I have to just lose my gift card? Thanks.

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MDonnell - 14 d 11 h ago


Please Help....trying to order and item in your $1 bins in bulk and no one seems to know how to do it. I have even gone to the stores and have not been able to be helped. The item is a small dessert stand that is $1. I would like to order 150 of them. The item # 234080287. Please let me know if you can help me

Thank you,



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Teresa .Johnson - 15 d ago


Please put a Target in Chillicothe Ohio! We have a vacant Sears store and our Kmart is leaving. We have very few stores in Ross and Pike Counties. We are a rural area and have to travel an hour or more to shop. I'd appreciate your considerstion

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Rob - 15 d 1 h ago


What a bunch of scumbags. After their release of their new ad.

I will never set a foot in another one of their stores again.

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Jasanie - 15 d 31 s ago


I pre Oder the Madden 19 Hall of fame addition On July 20 for my fiance and paid 15 bucks extra for fast delivery one I never got a code to have him play the game three early and when I checked my account it says the game was on back order .. How the Hell did hat happen no email telling me anything I'm over here thinking it should be here and I called customer service first the gay said it says that because the game is not out yet but I never seen that before I told him and I would get the game on the 7 th I'm so upset than why did I pay extra to get the game delivered faster when it's shipped the game comes out on the 6 I could go to the store instead the guy said I can cancel it and go some where else .. he was like let me tell you his preorder works like really I'm not stupid.. when I asked to speak to someone higher up he started laughing.. I'm shocked the kind of people they have working for Target no respect and no communication.. so the lady in charge was nice and send me 20 dollar gift car but that's not going To changs anything .. I'm so down with people like this ..

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Kathy Johnson - 19 d ago


I put my application in for a job at machesney Park Illinois store three weeks ago and too weeks ago a lady from hr called me and asked if I was still interested in working for target I said yes and she said oh the computer just went down I will call you back next week her name is Elizabeth I waited she has never called me back I have called the store three times and all I get is I can take your number and someone from hr can call you back so I have given my name and number both and no one ever calls back if this is the way target treat people looking for a job it's not right I don't deserve to be treated like that in any way

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Anonymous - 17 d 4 h ago

You usually have better luck at finding jobs when you go there in person, not over the phone.

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Anonymous - 30 d 7 h ago


Target SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

Worst customer service ever

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anonymous - 30 d 8 m ago


I agree!!!!!!

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