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Nancy D. - 3 y 146 d ago

I have been a long time shopper of Target. I shop every three to four days for my large family. I understand that Paula Dean has been released from her show.I am very angry and many of my friends are angry that you have dropped her as well! To stop selling her products at your stores is a big mistake. If there is a man or woman on this earth that has never called a Black person, or an Italian, or an Irishmen, or a Polish person, or a Jewish person a bad name when they have done something horrible, I would not believe it. You know you have, as we all have. Paula Dean has publicly apologized for it. This happened years ago. She is no different that many others who have had a slip of the tongue and apologized for it, yet they have kept their contracts. Why is the Target doing this? Well, you have lost me and my family as a frequent shopper. We are outraged at this inability to forgive her. She has made you millions and now you drop her? Sorry, but this was a stupid error on your part. You will lose many many shoppers. I support Paula Deen 100% and I will never shop at Target again.

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Anonymous - 168 d 18 h ago

Then you're a fucking racist too!! Asshole scum bag

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Not as anonymous as you think - 168 d 15 h ago

Why don't you tell us your name anonymous? You can name it but you won't claim it. You're a foul mouthed sissy who wouldn't ever have the guts to stand up to someone face to face so you get on here and terrorize people who have legitimate complaints and comments.. As for Nancy D. You are so right. When we're fed up we tend to spout the nastiest things we can think of. Half of it we don't even mean...we've just been hurt and we want to hurt them back.

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happykid - 1 y ago

good manufacturing overseas conditions!

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Anonymous - 168 d 17 h ago

Yeah you think so jerk! They have 10!yearvolds working machinery, are you kidding me.

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Boring store - 168 d 18 h ago

It is so ridiculous that this company plays no music in their stores!!! They feel it's a distraction! Stupid assholes! It keeps customers shopping longer ! It's a proven fact, that's why every other company in the world play music, so there must be some truth. Boring to shop these stores and I don't ! Also, Target does not support our military in case you didn't know!!

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Martha Hall, Texas - 3 y 155 d ago

Since your quick judgement and execution of Paula Deen, I have been thinking about my shopping

options. There are many and I choose to take my business to one or more of them. Corporate

headquarters who believe political correctness and disdain for the south has no place in my life.

Ms. Deen was honest on a deposition about something that happened some thirty years ago and I

would like one person to step forward to has never done this!

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Shopping Guy - 4 y 101 d ago


No matter what I go in there for, I have never been able to leave a Target store without spending less than $100. That's not just on one or two items, but twenty. They have tons of things that I actually want to buy there, and whenever I wander around, I just keep grabbing things.

Unlike Wal-Mart, the quality of the products, especially the clothing and household section, is quite high, while the prices are very reasonable. I like a lot of their products, and I'm not embarrassed to say that most of my clothes come from Target (though you would never know it).

I also love that whenever I need something for my house, if I have no idea where to buy it, I head to Target, and 90% of the time they will have it. Whether it is a blender, socks, or decorative towel racks, I know I can usually find it there.

I would say that Target does not do any one thing spectacularly, but instead that have earned my business because they do everything above average. The items are good, at a price I can afford, and available. That's what I want in a store.

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jmarie_469 - 4 y 108 d ago

RT @HelloJTHodges: JT's debut album is available TODAY!! Head to @BestBuy or @Target to pick up your copy now!

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BrittanyPinsonn - 4 y 108 d ago

I like @Target 's @TheHungerGames DVD commercial! It has Rue's song.

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Project7 - 4 y 108 d ago

@xNessa12x @Target thanks for sharing. We love seeing these pictures.

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soffie29 - 4 y 108 d ago

@target. Checking out the Beats by Dre. Headphones. Pretty dope.

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ferbs027 - 4 y 108 d ago

@Target I have to have cookies enabled to buy something from you? Well, never buying anything from you. Off to Amazon.

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rockgirl97136 - 4 y 108 d ago

@MommyPR @SunstarGUM WOW, that is an awesome prize and the gift care would be so useful now & we only have a @Target #B2SSmiles

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st4ceynicole1 - 4 y 108 d ago

@mommypr I love @target!! #B2SSmiles

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logantchapman - 4 y 108 d ago

Putting @Starbucks and @Target in the same location is the best idea this decade.

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MBonabudget - 4 y 108 d ago

@260daysnorepeat @Target I just love easy prints & pops of color.

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IrvAdams - 4 y 108 d ago

@garytmills @Target Had enough Walmart for a while, huh?

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