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TGI Friday's

4201 Marsh Ln.
Carrollton, TX
(972) 662-5400
(972) 307-2822
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Ben Cheski - 8 h 45 m ago


The overall experience of Wayne, NJ TGIFridays was a very upsetting disapointment on Fathers Day. From time we arrived we already got the bad vibe of a soon to be Horrible experience. No host or hostess was greeting anyone until a server came up, though we had to wait just about 30min before being seated while tons of tables and booths were available. When were seated we were denied a high chair for our 1yr in a booth area, instead they gave us a booster seat with no strap. Through the first 10min my son slid off his booster seat 5 times, which I had to grab before he went under the table. I asked the waitress at the time why we couldn't have a highchair, and she said she would get the manager to address the issue. At that point my son slid one more time and I was already beyond annoyed, having to wait for the manager to come and explained, I asked to move us to a table so I may safely place my son in a suitable highchair, which the highchair had no buckle.

The thing that put me over the edge was when the Manager comes out with food for another table and bluntly blabs out infront of the other table its a fire hazard, while looking at me with an attitude. I then turned to the waitress and said I dont understand where its a fire issue while we are seat in a booth away from customers, sad part its near a corner area. After being seated I was constantly stared at by the manager as if I insulted her. Which was very uncomfortable and disturbing because of the highchair issue, we have to be on a table not a booth, and for all the other places Ive eaten Ive never had problems with a highchair in a booth area. It did take quite sometime though to get our apps, then our food. The hospitality that we were given though by our waitress was great, she was doing her best to help put fires out. After getting our Entrees the experience just put us over the top to say what a ruined Fathers Day dinner and we just wanted to get out, for me to explain the food would leave you disapointed, I got a 8oz filet mingon, which was cold, you can tell that it was frozen and thrown right a grill, because the meat was charred black on the outside and the inside was dried blue meat, no blood dripping, it was like eating a hockey puck which you can see below the pictures, also look and say does that look 8oz. I also got, a side order of shrimp which I was told would be coconut shrimp, which was the battered shrimp. My oldest son order a Bacon Cheeseburger with just cheese, no sauces, which he got a Bacon Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomatoe, pickle, and onion, which the burger was rare, oozing blood(which I would have loved if it was my Filet mignon), my daughter got a linguine alfredo that was to cold for her to finish. Then my gf got a her Jackdaniels chicken which was dry, and you can already imagine the response to that. At this point I was very pissed off, and I didnt want to make a scene in front of my kids or blame our waitress, I did tell her how disapointed I was with the food, which not once did a manager come up to appologize or try to resolute the problem. Its sad that the Wayne establishment doesnt match up to the great experience of TGIFRIDAY'S in Clifton, Rutherford, Parsippany, and Nanuet, NY. You would think, the advertisement you get and commercials you see would be the experience you look forward to, the end result was the complete opposite. After expressing my overall experience to the waitress, and awknowleding her hard work, I rewarded her very well and showed her the appreciatation she deserved for trying her best which brought a deserving smile and tear, while her manager did nothing but stare.

On the way out, talk about fire safety a family came in with a stroller and baby carseat blocking the walk ways around the table, now I didnt see the Manager make a pissy remark about fire hazard to them. But overall for a $115.99 experience ruined my Fathers Day Dinner.

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Church going family - 17 h 44 m ago


Last night at the Willow Grove PA, Fridays, they tried to seat us next to a table that was cursing up a storm, being loud and rude. We asked to be relocated to another section, we were told they were no other tables available for 5 people. There were 2 tables in the atrium and 2 booths next to the atrium, the manager told us that their customers normally behave like that, and "your type of people, we have no tables for". Fridays does not want family church going people in the restaurant. They discriminated against us.

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Anonymous - 15 h 49 s ago

Then you leave. You obviously don't know what discrimination means.

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Toye - 3 d 4 h ago


Pissed off I'm at the fridays in Alexandria.... I been here since 9pm its 12:22 they have me water and appetizer

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Nicole - 4 d 10 h ago

Pissed I had a very very bad time at Friday's talk to the manager and corporate and still problem not resolved both promised a gift card

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Anonymous - 5 d 7 h ago


My husband was in the Fredericksburg restaurant Monday 6/10/19.

The bar was full, it took about 5 minutes to get seated when the waitress seated us she un plug her phone and had with the cord in her hand. She ended up being are waitress.

My husband got his meal mine took a long time to come when it did the waitress hair fell on the plate I feel if they have long hair it should be pulled back.

We went to leave everyone that was at the bar was sitting right out side the doors smoking so we had the walk throw that.

Will I ever be back NO I was totally turn off by this

Thanks for letting me vent about this

Harriet Campbell


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Loretta Reiss - 6 d 11 h ago


We are staying at a nearby hotel at Orlando Int'l Airport (MCO) and decided to have happy hour at your Orlando location. Disgusted by the entrance (which included "used needles), we decided to go in anyway since we did not have many choices within walking distance. Your bar staff was good but failed to mention the "happy hour" food specials or the specialty drinks. When our food arrived, we could see that it was super fried, burnt style! We then ordered burgers and soup....honestly, all of it was the worst food we have ever had at a "chain". Lastly, with all generations being solid on healthy choices, your restaurant doesn't even compete....your menu has so little to chose re: non fried foods. I have been in a service business since 1988...clearly you need new corporate heads to revamp these chains!

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Kirk D. - 6 d ago


@ Loretta Reiss,

* + * + Welcome to the New World Ordure.

Orlando = Banana Republic.

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Janet LINCOLN - 6 d 12 h ago


Terrible cheeseburger 6/10/2019. Cheese spread used had a terrible taste. Cheeseburger greasy. Why is a cheese spread used? Was looking forward to it and I was very disappointed.

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Sandra - 6 d 15 h ago


The Fridays in Laurel MD is the worst. The attitude of the bartender was horrible. The wait was ridiculous. Local management was no where to be found. Lots of complaints from other guest as well.

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0626truckie - 7 d 10 h ago


Fridays in frederick MD is going down hill. After sitting down, you still having to wait 10 mins before tables are cleaned, and met your server. Never see a manager on the floor, it takes about 15 mins before your able to order any meals.

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Linda Racine - 7 d 14 h ago

Can't believe you no longer have pecan crusted chicken salad on the menu. Big reason why I always chose the restaurant

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Matt - 8 d ago

I use to build stores all over the country and I know the stores need a facelift there's a way to keep stores open and do noise stuff at night just need to figure it out I learned customers get bored with same look food extra when they see what your doing they get excited and want to see just food for thought if you have any questions Matthew Furlong (hidden)

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Christine Hobson - 8 d 11 h ago


My husband and I went to your restaurant today I Springfield, Illinois. It was the worst service we ever had. We ordered a appetizer and we did not get it. He charged us for 4 ice teas instead of 2. I don't know if we will come back. The bathrooms were also dirty. 6/8/19 check # 3173 table 62/1. We also had to have our table cleaned before we could eat.

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Anonymous - 9 d 16 h ago


Wednesday night i went to fridays to eat with my coworkers it was not a nice experience we were waiting for drinks for more then 20 mins while other people after us had drinks and food. When we try asking how long ot would take for our drinks the server im calling the manager for you? And left we still waiting the manager came to ask if everything is ok when we told him he was like let me see what's going on never came back afterwards we got the drinks around another 10 mins we got the food. So we askbfor the check and the guy saids the is not been read and ask for ID ?

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Megan - 10 d 15 h ago


I think it's clear from all the reviews on here this place is poorly run from a corporate level and something needs to be done or they all need to be shut down. Everyone should call into corporate and file complaints.

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Anonymous - 11 d ago

6/5/19 Riverhead NY TGI Friday's - Paige the bartender shakes a drink with her BARE hand. Who does that?? Disgusting! The manager said we don't have tops cause people steal them". So walked out !

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Robi - 11 d 8 h ago


I am at STL airport TGIF. Last time here by myself asked me to eat at bar- I told her I'm sorry I'm a preacher. She said them we can't help you. Tonight we walked in the place was half empty and about 30 disgusted customers were waiting. We asked for a table for two. 35 to 40 minute wait? I said you have so many tablesfree. It's the cook not tables. We left!

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DaJuan James - 12 d 6 h ago


Me and my family have been coming to Friday's for many years and never received such terrible service as we experienced today. Our waitress Cheyanne was very rude and nasty for no reason whatsoever. We talked to her respectfully with a smile and she still displayed a attitude as if she didn't want to serve us. We ordered buffalo bites and she came with bbq bites and once we told her it was the wrong order which she realized it was, she took it back reluctantly as if it were at fault. As we were waiting for the order, we realized it was passed 9 o'clock and simply asked if we can switch the order to endless apps. She stated that the order was already put in and if she switched it to endless we would have to wait even longer for the food because she would have to put the order in again. We knew that wasn't the case because the buffalo bites were part of the endless apps. She didn't want to do it even though she messed up our original order. Once we received the buffalo bites we realized it was ranch dressing when we asked for blue cheese from the beginning. She came over and we asked her if she could give us blue cheese and as she walked away she said (Y'all didn't ask for blue cheese but I'll get if for you) with an attitude. I worked in customer service for many years and I know this type of attitude is not tolerated. I ordered the endless shrimp which I wasn't able to take advantage of the special because we left out due to the terrible service. For the treatment we experienced our entire meal should've been comped. We have many friends and family that go to this location and I will be sure to let them know of the terrible experience that me and my family had.

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Carlos mojica - 12 d 7 h ago


If this company raise the price of there items and better quality food it will go back to what it was long time ago, the economy is good and people like better

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Noel - 13 d 10 h ago


T.G.I. Friday's on manhattan in Harvey la is the worst I came to visit with my mother and while the service was not the best the waiter failed to tell us even though we had separate tickets and I came after they finished eating well he handed us our checks all we asked was what's the service charge on each of the tickets we just ate here last week and it wasn't on that ticket he began being rude saying well if we can't afford we shouldn't be eating there not once have we stated we weren't paying it we just asked why the charge his name is Aaron and I think action should be taken against him

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Mike Connelly - 14 d ago


Of all the TGI FRIDAY I have been to in the Philippines Davao branch at Abrezza Mall fails in every aspect of the restaurant

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John armbrust - 14 d 6 h ago


I have been to the north Myrtle beach T.G.I. two times this year. Both times the waitress was fantastic. However both times the food took over an hour to get and not only did it take long but my ribs were not even warm. The 1st time I thought it was a bad night. The second time I realize this store should be shut down. I eat at your stores in many states but this restaurant is hurting my opinion and I'm sure others visiting that store. You have always served good food. You will not last with restaurants like this.

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Angela - 14 d 10 h ago


Had a terrible experience tonight at the Newburgh, NY location. First off the wings were so bony and were barely edible. We had won some Free Appetizer gift cards so we asked at the beginning of the meal if there were any restrictions. Our waitress said no and then called over another employee to confirm it. So we ordered all the appetizers and when the bill came the manager came out and said you can only use one per visit. When I said we asked at the beginning he was annoyed and begrudgingly said that he would honor them. Then he went and charged us for each appetizer as an entree and only gave us off the appetizer amount. Not a nice way to keep a customer. We will never go back!

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Disappointed customer - 14 d 11 h ago


I went to the Friday's in Riverside, Ca never had a bad experience until I bought the rib deal on Thursday. A few hours after ONLY eating that the whole day. I spent from 6pm on Friday til 7am Saturday morning inlet toilet and holding a trash can. (I'm sure you get the picture) pretty unpleasant. Wasn't going to call but my family felt they should know and I agreed. Feeling a lil better today called and spoke with the manager she got my information and stated it's never happened but she had to investigate before doing anything bout it. They really upset me cause that's not my first visit at that location but would have appreciated a I'm sorry you went through that let me into this and get back with you. Not no one else has complained and I have to look into it. Smh not ok I lost my weekend and my money and all I got was attitude. Just because this was the first call doesn't mean it didn't happen. Cause I wasn't gonna call but my family felt I should....

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