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TGI Friday's

4201 Marsh Ln.
Carrollton, TX
(972) 662-5400
(972) 307-2822
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Anonymous - 2 d 24 m ago


I will never visit the location in Pickerington Ohio never again I order online and didn't get my food

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Upset customer - 3 d 6 h ago


At 6:25 pm I placed a phone order with the restaurant located 15551 Sheridan St. Davie FL 33331 with Jacob. When my husband arrived no one had an idea of what he was talking about. My husband called me to ask, which whom did I place the order with. I told him Jacob. Once Jacob was located he said the store manager Adrian was in the kitchen preparing the order. When I asked to speak with Adrian, I was placed on hold and it sound like the voice of Jacob again. However, that person insisted he was not Jacob but was Adrian. Now it is approximately 7:44 pm and the order is still not ready. After a back and forth and the phone disconnecting - on Friday's end at the writing of this review (8:09pm) my husband have not arrived with the order. I called back and Adrian said it's ready. We live about two miles or less from the restaurant and it has taken almost an hour to get an order. Unacceptable ! I can be reached at (hidden).

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Anonymous - 3 d 6 h ago

Ladera hights, los angeles california store is constantly the worst. First two times were ok. The thrid came as a shock , i had to pay each time i ordered sometbing. But thefifth time was a killer the resturant was 60% empty, but we and others had to wait 20 minutes to be seated at 230 p.m. obviously hospitality isnt there goal. And now reading about the state to state complaints fridays needs to retrain have a monthly meeting started and hire quality people. I work hard for my money to spend it at a place that doesnt giva phucc about me or anyone else obviously.

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Joshua K - 3 d 8 h ago


Just had the Worst Experience of my life at the Newington,CT location , Complete Chaos in this store , TGI corporate needs to get involved and restructure this management team , I placed a grubhub order at 4:01pm on 11/19 , got to the store at 4:28pm asked for my order , the lady couldn't find my order said there wasn't one , then told me that grubhub delivers so she gave my order to the driver...... First of all , i gave no address info to grubhub and my order was for pickup only , grubhub doesn't even deliver to my location so that wasn't an option. After i showed her the Receipt which clearly stated for pickup she looked around the podium and found my order on a receipt paper, she then got me a manager who did nothing but blame grub hub , yet i received a text saying my order was called in and confirmed by grubhub and fridays had my order on there podium but no one bothered to look at it so they never entered it , I left there at 5pm with 2 burgers so my order now took an hour , i was late for work , and when i got there both mine and my coworkers meals were raw , the burger was cooked on the outside and it looked like raw hamburger meat in the middle . worst customer service ever , fridays manger did 0 for me but say sorry . now im working on submitting for a refund .

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Terrie white shultz - 3 d 13 h ago


Son came into town my family all wanted to get together for lunch before he had to head back. The ford rd Canton mi .manger and staff was so rude Not only would they not accommodate us to sit all together, they were very rode. Mind you there was 18 of 18 that wont be back ever in your restaurant because of this experience experience

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Anonymous - 4 d 16 h ago


I know first hand how bad the managers treat the servers. I have actual proof of a manager being unprofessional. The managers will yell at the servers if they go outside to get a feminine product, but will freely go out themselves to smoke cigarettes. The managers allow the cooks to talk poorly to the servers & allow there to be 45 minute ticket times ON AN APPETIZER. Customers would be much happier if the managers treated their staff better, so their staff will WANT to serve there and be there. Walking in there every day was like going into hell full of immature people. I strongly suggest there be a fix to all of this before your store gets closed.

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QB - 5 d 15 h ago


6 kids want to TGIF in willow grove mall last week Saturday 5 girls 1 boy to be exact, when they sat down they where told that they look like the kids that was there before that ran out on the bill, remind you these set of kids have NEVER been to this Friday's before, this was their first visit. Then the waitress proceeds to tell the kids that they have to pay before they even get their food. The kids was still trying to plea their cause. But the waitress was not having it, so because the kids felt like they was being discriminated against they didn't bother to order anything because they quote they felt uncomfortable to sit down and eat anything because they felt as tho they was being targeted. I called the manager and he didn't want to take none of the responsibilities for the action that encountered, he quote I told the waitress to leave them alone treat them like any other customer and just watch them to see if they would do the same, so I asked could I speak to the girl that claimed it was the same kids that ran out on the bill, I was put on hold for 5min then the manager returned with the young lady in the background, so I asked him to ask her when did she see the kids run out on the bill, she then said that it wasn't the whole group it was just one girl that was with the group, I asked her to tell me which one of the girls, and she said she don't remember which one.. first of all this is DISCRIMINATION at its best. 6 black kids can't go into a restaurant without being targeted. Friday's you have to do better.... something has to be done

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Kathleen - 5 d 18 h ago


I went to TGIF on 50at Street in Manhattan on November 15th around 4pm, order buffalo chicken wings, the waitress came back with 12 pieces of chicken nugget with a sweet sauce, I told him this is not what I order, he said he was sorry, and never came back to replace the incorrect order. Then later came with a bill for $21.00. I had 4 pieces of the over fried chicken it was do hard it cut inside of my mouth. About 8 minutes later I got so sick

with an upset stomach, could not talk to my friends on the train ride back to NJ. As soon as I reached I had to force myself to vomit out the chicken before I could get some relief with my stomach. My opinion about this place is to stay away from it the service sucks and their food is way over priced

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St. Louis, MO - 7 d ago


The commercial saying, "Our customers are promiscuous. They just want a little" is totally inappropriate. I can't believe that type of trash talk is allowed on family channels.

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St. Louis - 7 d 4 h ago


I mean where do I start!!! Manager sat us down at 7:25 p.m. Waitress took our order and drink order at 7:40! Place was dead! Never received our beers till 8:05!! All had where couple of bud lights!!! I was trying to find the manager cuz I was already very upset already about the service! Then 8:30 we get our food!! Never even got our cheese sticks for our appetizers !!! The server had an excuse for everything ! Blaming it on the cook ! Witch is another thing !!! Food purely sucked ass! And the servers yelling other servers names in middle of restaurant!! We where in there Nov 15 2017 at 7:30 p.m! I highly recommend shutting this place down! Or cleaning house! Way over due for a remodel !! Like this isn't a joking matter! I've been too some pretty shitty places ! But the Stlouis branch is horrible!!

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Anonymous - 7 d 11 h ago

Hello my name is Ernestine Roots I'm at Friday's in Forestville Maryland and I have a picture of me holding up the $12.99 special and no one will honor the special they didn't take out the insert I don't have no data expiration so please give me a call at (hidden)

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Anonymous - 9 d 6 h ago


Hi my name is Joshua Lessor can put a Friday's restaurant here in Ocala,FLORIDA in silver Spring Shores shores area near Walmart

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Monica - 10 d 9 h ago


My friend took me to Friday's for my birthday and we had the worst experience. We sat at the bar for over 20 minutes. The bartender Dana waited on guest that arrived after us , menus, drinks and orders. We asked her name and to speak to the manager and she walked away and flicked her wrist! We asked another employee and the manager Omar came over several times harassing us because the bartender lied and said we said racial things to her so we were told to leave!!!We didn't acknowledge the lady. The manager kept coming over harassing us and other customers confirmed her untruth and horrible service to them as well. NEVER AGAIN, BIRTHDAY RUINED!!!!

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Jim - 10 d 11 h ago



This is the third time in two months, that I have received a wrong lunch that I ordered. I order the same thing every weekend, and I do not understand why they can't get it right. But, this time, I need to complain, my food is extremely cold, and i am at work and do not have enough time to go back. And Im sick of paying for food that i didn't order....

I called to complain to the manager & they relayed a message to the employee, that they were too busy to take my call, and for me to leave my info for a return call back. Unacceptable in my book.....

What I don't understand is that if I were there, they would accommodate me right then. Too busy to take a complaint? Really....

I am not sure what to expect out of this, but TGI Fridays, has moved from my number one spot, I will go elsewhere. I can't spend my money at a place, that because I pick up my dinner, that I have to wait to complain about it if it is wrong....

enough said, on my part...

Take care, best regards,

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Anonymous - 11 d 9 h ago


I stay in Morrow ga ...T.G.I Friday is suck and my food was horrible...

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Anonymous - 13 d 19 h ago

TGI Fridays. SUCKS!!!!!

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P.Byrd - 13 d 19 h ago

Tgi Friday on Rockville Pyk, Rockville, MD. The online order link stated there was technical problems so my order was never confirmed but I was charged twice for an order I never received. I have talked to at least 5 managers and stull have not received a refund.

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Mrs Wilson - 14 d 32 m ago


Me and my family went to TGIF in north Myrtle beach for my daughters birthday dinner and it was the worst experience there that I've ever had !!! The food was really cold and the service sucked!!! I didn't know where our waiter was but I had to call another waitress over to send the food back to heat it up.. Everything was lukewarm!!! The next morning I woke up with a sore on my mouth !!! Very discussed and disappointed!!!

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John Bryson - 16 d 6 h ago


I have been to 2 different TGIF in the last 4 weeks.

I have sent in a comment concerning the Cherry Hill nj store. Slow, service, cold food lack of professionalism from the manager. I received a call concerning about the above complaint.

I received 2 be our guest certificates which was fine since I did asked for them. I just st wanted improvement in the restaurant.

On nov 2 , I take my family to the marlton nj restaurant for the rib special because that is something we enjoy at Fridays. We could not use the certificates because we ordered the rib special.

We paid the bill and the manager said we could use the certificates another day. So, today we go back to Fridays and order appetizers and dinner, other than ribs. The waiter tells us certificate # (hidden)8 was already used. The only time I presented the certificate was on nov 2nd.

I have now paid for a poor service and cold food in October. I have paid for 3 rib dinners. I have been for another dinner , I did use certificate (hidden)6. I been having trouble using your website. My password change is having problems.

This is why I sending it to the corporate office

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Felicia Kelly - 17 d 14 h ago

I made a purchase via the app the order went to the wrong location charged my card and the Iselin location says they can not refund my money

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donna - 18 d 5 h ago


was at the tgi on harkeness avenue in brooklyn ny.... it started with the bartender as we were waiting for our table we figured we would have a drink but the very rude bartender told us very nasty that she could not serve us because we were not sitting at the bar i told her we were waiting to be seated and we're sitting at the table next to the bar she told me to have the waitress get us a drink.... FINALLY seated was all downhill from there ... husband was given his beer half filled like it was taken from a customer at the bar...appetizers were cold when we told our waitress she took them and was never brought hot ones back all of our food was served at diffrent times ...if the waitress waiters managers runners would stop hanging around the computers and worried more about the customers maybe people would actually get there food all together... was totally not happy with the service and the treatment was given... you must look into the managers and the staff over there.... it is just horrible that you have to be somewhere for 3 hours from the time u get there until you leave it should not take this long.... how they are still in business i don't know... something needs to be done about this ...

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Anonymous - 18 d 6 h ago


ok so we were at the today's in brooklyn ny near me 3181 hardness avenue...1 it started out when i went to order drinks at the bar and was turned away because we were not sitting at the bar but we were waiting for our table and figured we would have drinks ... then finally we were called to sit down cool .... as we were seated we were out at a table that was in the back and very high and my grand daughter was in a high chair (which i informed them of needing one) my grand daughter was sitting so low on the floor ok so the next thing we waited over 20 minutes for a server to finally come to us and ask if we wanted drinks ok so finally we think we are getting our drinks NOT amy husband receives his beer half filled looks like they took it right off the bar .... our appetizers came and we're COLD we told her she took them back and never brought us anything ... meanwhile there are 5 ppl standing around the computer just staring and talking never brought us plates for our appetizers ....all we asked at this point is for our food to be brought out ALL together well what do you think happened one plate came out and the runner just through it on the table then proceeded to talk about us.... nothing came out together .... no one pays attention to anything at all .... the managers are horrible the cooks are worse clue how they are still in business because it is the worse service ever ... pre sandy it was great now it is just horrible and really need to worry about serving the customers and not hanging around the computer talking about there customer when they should be doing there job.... a very unhappy customer and i will def not be going back there until something changes.....(also as we were there a guy also can up and complained) we should not have to sit and wait for our food for over 2 hours THIF better get there shut together and hire better stafff at this location......

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T - 18 d 13 h ago


The TGI on Pelham Parkway in the Bronx service sucks had to wait over 20 minutes to put in an order then the waitress kept telling us give me five give me five give me 5 minutes so we left service horrible.

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Angry customer - 18 d 14 h ago

This is our 2nd time having problems with your establishment in eagle creek Indianapolis. The problem started when we arrived the hostess was gone for 15 min then when she walked up we told her it was 8 of us and we didn't mind being split up ahe got an attitude and talked down at me saying we don't do that every rude. So I'm letting you know a min of 200 dollars walked out the door and we will not go again as well as letting our people know about the rudeness and unprofessional enviroment

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Hector Muniz - 19 d 4 h ago


I went to TG I Fridays tonight and when i walked in me my daughter and girl friend smelled urine. The hostess and check out was our best experience. we wait 30 minutes to be seated. We were sat under a leaky roof, next to the bay (TGI Fridays Brooklyn - Sheepshed Bay) smelled like garbage and mildew. We still gave it the benefit of the doubt based off our other experiences in other TGI Fridays (Orlando, Florida- International Drive) We ordered our apps (spinach quest dip & chops) and food@ burgers and kids sliders) our food did not come out hot or warm! fries were cold, burgers were cold and my daughters sliders were BURNT and COLD!!! I approached the manager, no apology given i was just told I'm aware of this and will bring you out new sliders. We waited about 20 minutes for them. My daughter was full off her drink (cherry lemonade slushy - which was not slush) she didn't eat her sliders. We asked for our check and waited some time, as i looked at the bill it showed we were still charged for her sliders after the manager said we would be comped. I am so done with TGI Friday!!! You lost a customer and i will not forget to tell my friends, family and whomever i come across about my experience.

I TOOK PICTURES OF THE BATHROOM AND WILL TWEET and EMAIL THEM for everyone to see how DISGUSTING the Men's bathrooms is!!!

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