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TGI Friday's

4201 Marsh Ln.
Carrollton, TX
(972) 662-5400
(972) 307-2822
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Anonymous - 1 d 41 m ago

Friday's location: Cnr. Rte 300 & Rte 17K Newburgh, NY

Cleanliness: multiple tables dirty; had to wait for host to come and clean table and seat before seating us. Silverware filthy. Waitress attitude very poor "who cares".b

Service: placed order for a burger and chicken sandwich. One hour and ten minutes later, asked where our order was and was told that it was cooking. Host offered to get manager. Ten minutes later, no show on the manager. At this point we walked out of the restaurant went next door and enjoyed dinner.

Ps: for your reference, there are twenty plus food serving places within a one mile radius. We will not be returning to this restaurant.

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Samantha - 1 d 13 h ago


Customer service is great but I was in a Fridays this past week and I was unable to be served because I had a horizontal ID. I am a 24 year old and my ID doesn't expire until 2018 so my ID is still vertical. I've been going to this Fridays for years and it's frustrating that I couldn't get a simple glass of wine with my dinner.

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Bnutz - 2 d 17 s ago


Fridays sucks ass in Indianapolis..serving raw there away I can upload this burger.. how disgusting it looks!!

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Ivet3388 - 4 d ago


TGIF located at 47 Broadway, NY. The appetizer tasted like freezer burn and the chicken in my salad tastedressing like old oil. I couldn't believe it. I love TGIF. But I will never go to this location ever again. I was looking forward to a nice lunch only to be disappointed at what they served me. I returned the food because I wasn't going to eat food that would make me sick. This manager should be fired for his disregard for his customers. Don't let this cheap managers ruin your reputation.

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Kyle Steinkuller - 4 d 7 h ago


I was apparently banned from your Darien IL location for giving negative corporate feedback after several dissatisfying visits. I used to spend thousands of dollars a year there, then stopped going for several months based on my interactions. The one time I tried to go back I was notified I was no longer welcome, despite the fact that I didn't want to patronize the establishment regardless, and only went there to meet up with friends briefly. This is a sadly lacking business model, especially when multiple bars in the area offer better food at comparable prices, with better drink specials. I'm sorry you wish to lose business to your competitors.

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Anonymous - 6 d ago


Your company really sucks. You closed your doors in Rapid city right before Christmas leaving many people jobless. Shame on you all. I will let anyone and everyone I know not to support your franchise or any affiliates any where else in the US.

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L.Jones - 51 d 13 h ago


Hi, I am a continuous patron of Fridays, but I must say you all must do better when it comes to the Chipotle Yucatan Chicken Salad, which I admit I have become addicted to over the past six months. I eat that salad about 5 times per month and in the past few visits, I have received less than 12 ounces, no avocados or basically a bowl full of lettuce and kale. I recently visited your store and that's exactly what I received, no avocados at all, minimal chicken and $12 worth of lettuce. I immediately advised the manager of my dissatisfaction and instead of him reasoning with me and ensuring my salad was effectively made, he was quick to give a refund with no apology or any kind of accommodation for the lack of service rendered. This has become an ongoing situation within all Richmond area TGIF's and its totally unacceptable. With the amount of money I spend on a monthly basis in this restaurant, the least they can do is provide me with what I order. It's almost like they think that you are not aware of what's supposed to be in it so they leave it out on purpose. This needs to change.

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Anonymous - 6 d 13 h ago


Was it the TGI Friday's at Glenside on West Broad Street that has the gay manager with the orange shit in his head. iIf so I know exactly what you're talking about he shouldn't be a manager. He needs to be fired because he's quick to tell you how you don't need to come back if you don't agree to let him cheat you. He's very incompetent .

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Anonymous - 8 d 28 m ago


My daughter and I went to Fridays to celebrate her 7th birthday. I told the host and waitress Charlotte that we was there to celebrate her birthday. Charlotte told my daughter happy birthday and said that she would get a sundae and they'll sing a special song. She didn't get a sundae nor song. The restaurant was slow so I didn't expect to receive such poor service. I ordered a glass of wine that took so long that we had received our food. I went to the bar area to check on the glass of wine and noticed Charlotte wiping lipstick from the rim of the glass that she was going to serve me (disgusting! ) I canceled the wine and showed the manager who was standing a few feet away. I went back to the table to enjoy my meal and found a half full dirty salt shaker with bbq sauce on it and the payment kiosk was even worse. The kiosk was filthy!!! So I began to take notice of the restaurant and found majority of the tables with half full dirty shakers and filthy kiosks. Along with a waiter with a dirty apron that look as if it hasn't been washed in a while and wearing too much cologne as if he was trying to hide an odor. Needless to say that we didn't have a good experience. My daughter was disappointing and I was disgusted with the lack of cleanliness. The manager was made aware of the situation and said he would take care of it. I paid the check and left. However I won't be returning! Please help Fridays #2086 at 2795 Cobot Drive in Corona improve on their service and please please please take notice on the cleanliness of the restaurant.

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Anonymous - 9 d ago


worst day ever and the host was terrible, i asked for a table for 1 and he gave me a table for two, just stupid.

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unhappy - 12 d 16 h ago


Incompetent - Embarrassing - They had a problem with their Credit Card System.... Made it my problem..... 2 cards had over $50k of available credit.... declined due to their system...... with 20 guests in my party?? ya embarrassing!!!! Had VISA on the phone while they called in my card... VISA stated they never received the transmission.... Thanks Chase Sapphire for helping Fridays get them paid.... I would have walked!!!

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Isabela - 13 d ago


What happened to Misty (review below) happened to me. Went to Friday,s in Sugarland # store 2575. The total on the receipt and credit card statement did not agree. Food was bad, especially Jack Daniels sliders and penne pasta with a ancient, blackish colour tomato sauce. Contacted their customer service, never received response. Pathetic food and customer service

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Misty - 16 d 18 h ago


My husband and I went to dinner on 11/19/16 around 8pm and when got our bill it said 65$ and some change okay no big deal my husband goes to pay the bill and go outside to wait when he comes out the receipt says $65 and some changes the text alert comes in from the bank and it's says $79.10. after calling and being told it is our fault . The waitress got a $7 cash tip and a $14 tip off our credit card that we didn't approve. We will no longer at at any TGIF's location. All customers need to be made aware off the additional charges but the company.

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Anonymous - 18 d 22 h ago


My husband and I went to new TGI Fridays in White Plains, NY. We sat at the bar, after min of waiting for service while 3 bartenders that were on cell, chatting to other customers and cleaning. Is not like the place was crowded!! Finally John 653 was the only one who made eye contact and greeted us. We were able to order drink and appetizers. While John was back getting rid of some dirty dishes the other bar tenders never approached us to asked if we wanted drinks even when I pushed our empty bottles. I'm very disappointed about bartender's behavior and it's the reason why we'll never come back to this location

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Michael - 18 d 34 m ago


I went to the restaurant in pafos cyprus and when thay came with the food my beef spare ribs was cold and my wifes pork chop was hard and could not cut with a knife, when i ask for the manager and told her she said i will take it back and bring another one hot, why can thay not make it hot the first time, is that how the cook eats cold? , i will wait a reply

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Melissa Lee - 18 d 30 m ago



After having an incredible 11-0 football season and winning the Mansfield pee wee football league superbowl Championship we wanted to celebrate the win with our boys. We called ahead and was assured by the restaurant manager that they were ready and could accommodate our large party. We waited about 30 minutes to be seated which was fine for our 30 guest. What was not ok was that we were assigned 1waiter. I was appalled when instead of the night manager offering to help the young man she told him not to F*** up. It took over an hour for us to receive our drink orders and then another 45 minutes before our waiter started taking our food orders. By this time the boys were extremely hungry. We asked our waiter if he could bring them at least chips and salsa to hold them over, he did graciously but said it would be about 30 minutes because he also was assigned other tables and had not even put our food order in. We then at that time asked to speak to the restaurant manager not to complain against him because he was doing the best he could but to see if maybe she could get him some help. We were met with a non chalant blank stare and after listening to our concerns she replied this was the best she could do and if we didn't like the way she was handling the situation that we should leave, which we did immediately. She should most definitely not be in a place of leadership at all or the face of your brand. She made a night of celebration turn into a horrible night for our organization. Needless to say we will never patronize this business and will be sure to let our other partners and organizations know of our experience here.

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Ray Miles - 19 d ago


My family and I dined at the TGI Fridays in Ann Arbor for my daughters birthday and experienced the worst service I've ever experienced. When we arrived no one came to our table to greet us for almost 20 minutes. The person who greeted us was his first day on the job and he told us that the other employee did not want to service us so he decided on his own to help us (This guy did a great job - Kudos to him) however it took for ever to get our drinks and food! The Manager did give us a 15% discount but that did not make up for the horrible birthday dinner for my daughter. I would probably never dine at TGI Fridays again.

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Sorry zz - 20 d 14 h ago


I'm a employee at Friday in Evansville east my manager are fair except one Mark he is rude, racist and there are things going on here that will probably end in a lawsuit

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Erica - 27 d 19 h ago



I have emailed the Manchester CT Fridays 2-3 times in October asking for my stripes to be credited. No one has answered me except to send my receipts...I did...I did three times. No one has added my points. I send good money at Fridays and I want my credit added to my account asap.

Thank you

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Anonymous - 30 d 19 h ago

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J.E. Rodriguez - 30 d 19 h ago


Congratulations to GregPeeler, Addision TX location. He resolved a disapointing situtation. First time w/my date!

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Disappointed Customer - 32 d 20 h ago


The waiter at the Downers Grove, IL LOCATION was prejudice!!!! When I asked for his name and supervisor name, he gave me the wrong name for both... I called several times and left my information to discuss the matter and never got a response, nor did they call back!!! Will definitely put in word about this on social media!!

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UPSET!!! - 36 d 17 h ago


TGI Friday's is a joke. I was in the ATL airport with my daughter who is 22. We both had valid PA DL. We went to order a drink and my daughter was declined due to the fact that it was vertical. If your over 21 it's your right as American to be able to order alcohol, especially with a VALID ID FORM that is current. Their staff is rude and so far their corporate is just as rude. I will never step foot in this poor excuse for a restaurant.

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Anonymous - 43 d 19 h ago


Managment in this restaurant is the worst they don't look like they want be there, I order my meal and drink I have to wait for half hour to receive a drink when I told server I need to talk to the manager it was a lady I think her name shela I try to complain she stop me talking by saying you like service or if you don't you can live what kind of manager this

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Worst service!!! Don't go. Horrible manager - 45 d 14 h ago


Worst place, I went there to relax and spend some time with friends. Service is the worst. The Manager should not even be managing the restaurant. does not know how to treat their customers. Called the police on us because we move to the bar when our drinks never came (waited 20min).

The Korean manager doesn't know how to run the business and knows how to treat coustomers right . Go there if you want to get discriminated and get bad services

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