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TGI Friday's

4201 Marsh Ln.
Carrollton, TX
(972) 662-5400
(972) 307-2822
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Sheryl Lynn - 1 d ago


Bloomington MN 55425 store... I was on a medical leave for 7 months (spinal surgery). I began to learn of Grubhub (food delivery service) this was a great idea at first. Grubhub staff do not verify orders is what I learned. I ordered from this Fridays store because it has great memories for me. I needed an uplift. I ordered from that Grubhub site and they made me feel like I had a great thing coming. When food came, I was missing my mashed potatoes. This made me crazy because I had surgery on my throat. I needed soft foods.

I phoned Grubhub and all they can do is refunds or credits. They will not resend a car to pick up missing items.

I phoned Fridays and spoke with Manager Scott at 538 pm. He was going to call Grubhub and make them come for the bag clearly left behind on my order. I rephoned Scott at 738 pm. my bag was still there. He was mad and frustrated. I was told I would get a stipend I since received my stipend on email form from Scott. I want to send this out to him with gratitude. I since then, also have started using Amazon eateries. Feb 2019

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Lee - 1 d 9 h ago


On 2/13/19 at approximately 10pm, my friends and I went to the TGI Fridays located in 14600 Baltimore Ave, Laurel, Maryland 20707. My friend ordered a burger and she requested that it be returned because it had a odd taste. I ordered boneless buffalo wings that was heavily coated with buffalo sauce. Later that night and into the early morning, I became ill. I was experiencing nauseous, vomiting and diarrhea. I attempted to go to work but I had to immediately drive myself to Kaiser Permanente urgent care to seek medical treatment. The doctor did an exam and made the determination that I had contracted gastroenteritis which is commonly associated to food poisoning. I told the doctor that the only meal that I had eaten within the last 24 hours was the buffalo wings from TGI Fridays. After treatment, my mother drove me to the restaurant location to report the health hazard that I had experienced and to advise management of my attention to report the incident to the department of health. I spoke to the on duty manager, Brittney Christoper concerning the matter. Due to the illness I could not return to work and spent the next few days on bed rest until the virus cleared my system. My notification to TGI Fridays of possible food contamination should serve as a health hazard to the public. I would like to speak to someone from you corporate office to discuss the matter.

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Carla H. - 2 d 4 h ago


On February 17, 2019 my husband ordered TGI Friday's from Columbia, Maryland across from Costco for the family because I was sick. He order several meals and I was unable to eat so he stuck mine in the refrigerator. So the next day I went to the refrigerator at 6pm to eat something for dinner and my chicken was black on both side. I was so hungry, I ate the broccoli and mashed potatoes and cut some of the burnt part away. So I called the restaurant and spoke to a Mike. Mike wouldn't tell me his last name and was very rude. He told me bring the burnt chicken in both piece and he will replace just the chicken. I told him I was sick in bed and my husband took the kids to HyperKidz and wouldn't be back anytime soon. He replied "you'll get chicken when I see burnt chicken" "bring the chicken in and I'll swap out your chicken" "if I don't see it than I can't just give you a piece of chicken" he was so rude and the worst. He should not be a manager in hospitality. This is the worse experience and I will never go to another TGI Friday's or tell Friends and family to eat at another TGI Friday's again until this is resolved.

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Jim Greenland - 2 d 5 h ago


Will not return -

On Monday, February 18, 2019, my wife and I went to the Owensboro, KY Fridays for a mid-afternoon dinner. We experienced very slow, poor - unprofessional (very rude) service from our server. The slow service was one issue, but the unprofessional behavior displayed by the server was so unacceptable... my wife and I will not return to the Owensboro Friday's (well, perhaps we will if the manager releases the server from her job). We did complain to the manager... his response was that he understood; and said, "sorry."

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Loyal Customer - 2 d 9 h ago


My points disappeared from my account. I had 481, preparing to use them. Before I could print out the coupons my points sais "0." I am very upset. I want my points back ASAP. Never had any problems in years til now! Give Me My Stripes...

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Frequent Customer - 2 d 7 h ago

The same thing happened to me. I had over 2k points and my daughter was out of school today and I was going to pay for her food with my points and it shows 0. You can't get anyone on the phone and when the contact us form was submitted, I only received a reply that it's been forwarded to guest services. I am so disappointed! As of this reply they have not called yet and again you can't get any help on the phone. However they say this change was to provide customers with a better experience.......I am not having one at all! Very very disappointed!

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Email: - 2 d 13 h ago

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Mildred - 2 d 13 h ago


First let me start off by saying I've never had a problem with this restaurant and location or ever experienced what we experienced on Saturday evening! On Saturday evening we went to have dinner there around 8:30 there was a 35-40 minute wait which was ok and understood but people were coming in after us with the same amount of people in our party that went ahead of us I didn't say anything but be patient then we finally sat they put us what it seemed like was an ice box area it was freezing but we sat after we ordered our food still hadn't come out for almost an hour the server told us she put a complaint with the manager she didn't know why our food was taking so long she said manager would be over never came when the food finally came out but one there was 6 of us so only five came out all of our food was cold and we still mind you had no silverware my husbands steak was hard as a rock he couldn't even put the fork and knife through it sent it back and he didn't want anything else we needed to see the manager she finally came all she said was ok you were the one with the steak would you like something else my husband said no she said ok is everything else good we said no we were still waiting on one more order she said ok I'll minus that off the check along with the steak and walked away HORRIBLE MANAGEMENT!! now mind you the server came back to us and said the other order still didn't in why that was taking so long it just was a FREAKING CHICKEN SANDWICH that never came!!! So we said never mind on the damn order! Got the damn check and paid for horrible service didn't get compensated for anything and no apologies!!! Thanks for nothing Fridays and to top it off it was a birthday dinner celebration so you guys SUCK!!!!!!!!

This was on international drive store #2636 server name Dallas 1022 and no I'm not a tourist I'm a local!! And I'm a reward member!!

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Anonymous - 3 d ago


I'm really tired of coming to tgifridays in Woodbridge VA & it never being open til 2 like hours state that it is. Literally they're always doing last call & locking the doors at midnight. I get last call if you close @2 is 130-145 but there's no reason why it's being done @ midnight almost every single night of the week. Somethings gotta give or the hours need to change for that location since they're not correct anyways. Thanks, a fellow restaurant employee who knows how the business actually works. Not to mention the NEW bartenders they have need to be trained again on steps of service cause the basics aren't even there with them. And I can't believe I heard a manager tell the couple near to me at the rail that the reason their food was cold is because there was a lot of blowing ac right above them, like seriously that's your response to a guest complaint. Completely dissatisfy to say the least.

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Ben - 3 d 3 h ago


Was there last night slow service the place wasn't packed lost wallet and can't get anyone on the phone for 2 hours now, put me on hold this the phone hangs up x3

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C - East Windsor, NJ - 3 d 24 m ago


Usually not bad experience. Tonight sat at bar. The bartender got my drink order wrong, twice, app order wrong, twice, & forgot my utensils for half an hour. He was the worst bartender i ever saw in my life , and it wasnt busy!!!

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Ken - 3 d 11 h ago


We eat here often really love the Jack Daniel ribs, you had beer batter fries that was awesome, but change fries to regular fries...Please bring back beer batter fries that was so much better than normal fries

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Bryan H. - 3 d 13 h ago


We use to love Fridays and go all the time. Our most recent experience tho has made us never want to return! They've changed so many of the menu item it's ridiculous. The pretzel that our kids and us once loved look and taste completely different, to the point our kids wouldn't even eat them! They got rid of the best desert they've ever had the vanilla cheesecake. The portion sizes were cut drastically without the price dropping. They no longer have the mandarin oranges for the kids. They have no butter anymore apparently, plus so much more! It's sad that a once fantastic restaurant that we couldn't wait to go out to has made so many changes that we will no longer go to anymore!!

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Cathy K. - 4 d 3 m ago


Just walked out of your location in Troy Michigan. We waited over an hour for our meals which never came. When we asked for our bill for our appetizers and drinks, the server said the kitchen "lost our order". Will NOT visit this restaurant again.

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Anonymous - 4 d 13 h ago


This is the 2nd time I've been to Fridays this month and been very dissatisfied. Terrible customer service.

First our meal came before out appetizer made it to the table. We asked our waitress what happened and she told us that the kitchen had to remake it. But that's something that should've been communicated with us before we had to even ask. Next, my mac & cheese had to be heated in the microwave. The bowl was hot but the mac&cheese was completely stale and cold. I sent the whole bowl back for a remake. The remake looked delicious. Totally different, which made me satisfied. Then, we ask for our bill & the waitress added on a drink that we never had & charged for the remake of my mac&cheese. We ask for a manager. The manager was not friendly but she fixed our issue. Never apologized for the horrible customer service that we had received the whole night. Last night was officially my last time going to this place. Auburn hills location anyway.

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Katherine Bradley - 5 d ago


Worst to go experience in my fucking life. I order to go more than I eat out because its convenient being a pregnant mom to a 3 year old. My sons burger was missing pickles and I asked for cheddar cheese and got American. My husbands burger was supposed to be pink, not red and raw. The quesadillas were soggy because the sour cream was on top. Condiments should be put on the side with to go food, I'm not stupid I worked at restaurants for years. The guac was also missing. Don't EVEN get me started on my meal. The only thing they got right was the loaded mash. I ordered a crispy spicy chicken sandwich. It was missing avacado and tomatoes and only had literally ONE PICKLE. The lettuce was soggy. The chicken was burnt to a crisp in the fryer. News flash! It's already dead and covering the entire sandwich with sauce and making the buns soggy is not going to cover that up. Instead of being lazy and pouring the chicken out of the sauce mixing bowl, with the excess sauce, how about you use your tongs like you're supposed to. I'm really disappointed. I didn't even get a survey code so I couldn't tell them how horrible it was. I am pregnant, starving, disappointed, and in tears over something so ridiculous that could've been prevented if they would just give a damn. Next time I am going to pick the food up instead of my husband and I'm going to pull apart everything and if I see ONE THING out of place, somebody is going to be wearing the food. That's if I decide to go back. I wanted my money. I understand that to go food is naturally gonna be a slightly lower quality because it gets cold but that does not excuse what happened tonight. I was this situation resolved.

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Katherine Bradley - 5 d 33 m ago

If it makes a difference, this was Panama City, Fl.

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Patty P - 7 d ago


Husband and myself visited TGIF at Hanes Mall, Winston Salem, N.C on Saturday, February 9, 2019. Arrived at 12 for lunch. Hostess had difficulty deciding where to seat us. After much discussion with two waitresses with the hostess, we were seated at a table. Two ladies were seated in a booth across from us and were being serve their food. We waited a little over ten minutes before a young man approached us and said he was our server. I think his name was Billy. He takes our order and then brings our drinks. About fifteen minutes later our server came by and said our food should be out in just a few minutes. We waited another thirty minutes, Billy came by and said that my husband's order got serve to someone else. The server apologized for the mix up. Prior to our server coming back to our table, there was some loud voices coming from the kitchen area. I asked for the check, because my husband had a coke. I asked the host for the manager and she said Kim was in charge. Kim came into the restaurant while we were waiting and went straight to the bar. She stood there the entire time while the loud voices were coming from the kitchen. I knew that it wasn't going to help our case about the poor service we had received. I wrote Kim's name down, which was Kim Temme. I am seeing a number of people complaining regarding TGIF. Back in the day TGIF was a great place to enjoy a good meal.Your restaurant is going on down the tube. Good customer service use to be the way. I saw people leaving your restaurant that day from the back area. i think the servers were picking and choosing who they wanted to serve or not to serve. I was truly disappointed with the service we received that day.

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Bill and Marie - 7 d 6 h ago


After having a poor experience with a previous visit to TGI Friday's in Fairview Heights, Illinois, on Monday 2/11/19, we thought we would give it another try. We arrived and were seated right away as there was no one waiting and at most 10 tables were occupied. We were sitting a good 10 minutes when we asked the hostess if we could get some service. She responded he's delivering food to those two tables and should be right with you. Another 7-10 minutes went by as we are watching our server standing at the food counter. Now we have been there approximately 20 with not so much as an acknowledgement. We then asked the hostess for a manager, out of the woodwork came about 4 servers who gathered at the computer each one turning to look at us however not one coming over to say hi, have you been helped, sorry for the delay, nothing! We started to put our coats on to leave got out of the booth and guess what the server approached us and said, he never saw us sitting there....what??? There was only one booth between us and the people he was serving. He then stated the hostess never informed him that she put someone at his table, another what???? Now the manager comes to talk to us and the end result was I will have a talk with him and can I get you another mind you we just wasted 30 minutes of our lives that we won't get back because we thought we would give your restaurant another try. I will be making this public and after reading the many negative comments prior to ours, it seems that you truly need to step up your game, Mgrs need to be on the floor watching the business so it succeeds rather than fail which sounds to me like it's failing in numerous locations.

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Denise M. - 9 d ago


Night manager(Monday night) in White Plains, NewYork, was EXTREMELY rude when I came to make an uber pickup. He yelled at me as though I was a kid and lied to my face about what I said to him about "get a ticket and they need to hurry up getting the order together."

He needs training in customer service.

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Anonymous - 10 d 7 h ago


Friday's on ocean drive is ridiculous and very racist, I PAID my bill Left and cane back they claim I had a open tab I tell them to call the waitress "BRITTABY" back they responded she's gone for the day.. REALLY? SO they go in a corner whisper saying if I order anything else make sure I'm charged, I fell him that unnecessary he walks up trying to force me to buy a drink, I tell him I never was trying to order another drink he start yelling talking crazy and no one will disrespect me WHITE, HISPANIC OR BLACK so I start yelling back telling him I never got the chance to even order anything else he run to his manger (racist) she didn't even try to hear my side she instantly tells me they can't serve be because I disrupting other customers when I just was trying to gone back for food.. IIF YOUR NLACK DONT GO HERE UNLESS YOU SEE A BLACK FRIENDLY FACE.. and yes you bitch ass fake ass Korean manager I'm coming for that ASS . Yal picked the RIGHT black bitch !

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Deanna - 10 d 8 h ago


I went to the ft myers location last night with my kids and was very disappointed. If this was my first visit I definitely would NOT be going back. First or waitress spilled my drink on me when bringing it to the table, my sons drink was wrong TWICE. then my napkin had dark brown stuff inside when I went to take my silverware out. It was thick too, very gross. Have a picture to show you for that. Showed her and her response was oh then got me a new set after I said I needed new silverware and napkin, one son's was also like that. Then when she brought food ti the table she knocked me in the face with my food as she handed my son his. She went and sat down playing on her phone and only checked on us once when we got her attention that we needed her.

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Upset Human - 11 d 34 m ago

I'm really tired of coming to tgifridays in Woodbridge VA & it never being open til 2 like hours state that it is. Literally they're always doing last call & locking the doors at midnight. I get last call if you close @2 is 130-145 but there's no reason why it's being done @ midnight almost every single night of the week. Somethings gotta give or the hours need to change for that location since they're not correct anyways. Thanks, a fellow restaurant employee who knows the business actually works.

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tony - 11 d ago


I went to your location in Methuen Ma this evening and it was really bad. I place an order to go, I got there and they said they didn't have the order... then they found it on the front desk... they told me they would rush it and then it took another 36 minutes. I got the food home and the sweet potato fries were raw and and uncooked. The placed the desert in a box on top of the hot food and the ice creme was melted. The entire meal was bad. Your service is poor. My last 3 experiences have been bad. I skipped going for over year and thought I would give it another shot. Never again.....

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Anonymous - 11 d 6 h ago


I'm getting sick and tired always with the rewards program ! They can't help at Friday's ! They get really crabby ! Of course as a customer I need help! Can't reset pass word !!I know my password and yet it saids it not mine! ! You need to get a better program also points didn't go on to reward because of Friday's internet being out!! I need help!

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