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TGI Friday's

4201 Marsh Ln.
Carrollton, TX
(972) 662-5400
(972) 307-2822
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Anonymous - 1 d ago


Why won't you bring th I to FLORENCE sc. We got every restaurant but yours.

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Anonymous - 8 d 9 h ago


Workers are extremely racist and rude. They serve black people right away. If you're not black, they keep you waiting. All the workers were black and all of them ignored all the white customers, they even ignored white children. White people weren't even given a menu even after 15 minutes of waiting. Multiple tables with white guests actually left because they weren't getting any service at all. In contrast, black people received service right away and got their food within a reasonable amount of time while tables with white guests continued to wait. Unfortunately, l will never go to another TGI Fridays again because of this experience. The Google reviews back up my claim. This place really needs a visit by your corporate because it makes you guys look really bad.

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Anonymous - 6 d 19 h ago


That is crazy. I felt the same way on a visit to D.C. restaurant.

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John - 1 d 20 h ago

Good that's what Black people deal with every day, hows it feel now?

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Heather - 6 d 1 h ago


My family of 6 and I went to TGI Friday's last month for the first time. I consider myself a very polite and positive person so it literally kills me to write this awful review. In any event, our waiter was courteous and friendly. It took 20 minutes to receive our drinks because the coffee and chocolate milk, apparently, need to come from the bar. My husband, son, and myself all ordered soup that we received at various times ranging from 40-50 minutes after we ordered it. My kids are 5-14 years of age and I was really impressed how they held up; however, by the time we received our food it was over an hour, all at different times, and mine was actually cold. I was starving so I ate it anyway. Our server was very apologetic explaining that they are short-staffed and this is not how it "normally" is. He even took off our soups for us. Again, we were very understanding, paid our bill and gave the server a 20% tip. Here's the kicker...1 day later I looked at my debit card transactions and apparently our server gave himself an extra $10.00 tip. Outraged but contained, I called and spoke to the supervisor in Manchester, NH and he was very apologetic explaining that the extra $10.00 will be refunded and that he would email me vouchers to try them again. I never received the vouchers nor the $10.00 extra stolen from me back. I called back a week later. This time I was not as, I feel taken advantage of as many "nice people" are. The manager said he would refund my bill as a whole; however, this never happened. We visited TGI Fridays on March 25th. We arrived at 1pm and our receipt was printed at 3:30pm. Our server was Justin. I still have my receipt and my statement to prove this discrepancy

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Anonymous - 5 d 14 h ago

Stfu you crazy

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Croket - 5 d 13 h ago

Anonymous aka Justin,

Justin, be a man and give back the ten $ you stole.

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Shane H - 5 d 15 h ago


My name is Shane, I went to TGIF last night. My bill came out to $14, which was charged on my card. The following morning "which is today" when I checked my bank statement, im looking at $132.00 being processed, which brought my bank a/c into o/d. The store is stating that they see a charge for $14, and this is bringing addtl strain on my finance. Imagine I just went to the store to buy four drinks on a Monday under the $3 Special menu, and when I check my a/c , I was charged $132. This is Outrageous!!! I need urgent attention for this issue immediately. I have my bank ac to prove this discrepancy.

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Paula C - 10 d 16 h ago


Had lunch at your Port Charlotte, FL establishment today. Ordered the tomatoe florentine soup with Jack Daniels sliders. Very good except the soup was too thick and mostly just smashed tomatoes with a few green things in it.

My complaint is, however, the reason for this post. The music was entirely too loud. I asked that it be turned down which it was for all of a couple of minutes and then back up full blare. Could not carry on a decent conversation with my table mate. To top it off the music was of the screaming and yelling kind. Made me very nervous and spoiled my lunch. PLEASE tell your managers to limit the music to something akin to nice dining..

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Disgruntled Former Restaurant Patron - 11 d 13 h ago


Van Catchings is a liar and a disgrace. He is the so called Director of Operations for the Fridays location in Southfield Michigan near Detroit. Not only does he teach his staff to be rude but also to lie. We made 5 take out orders and waited nearly 2 hours for them to be finished after the Fridays website stated 20. When I asked his front end Manager why it was taking so long.. she had the nerve to tell me the restaurant was full.... sad part was the entire section right behind her was COMPLETELY EMPTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But back to Van, he chose to argue with me in front of his other patrons then resolve me problem. Never offered to replace my food or take anything off. I had to ask what he was going to do about for him to even consider giving me my money back. He went back and forth with me in front of at least 10 guests that were waiting because his front end manager did not know how to run the restaurant. Quality management there!! I frequent Fridays in my home town very often, but now am thinking twice about ever going back because of this Director and his staff. Sad how one bad Director can turn 5 families away from a franschise like Fridays.... truly sad. Oh did I mention he finally did agree to refund me, but now willl not answer a email or a text message from me confirming he did what he said he was going to do? I guess that what they teach their leaders... lie to your customers and hope they go away..... well I won't.... and won't stop until he is fired.

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Christine Coghill - 11 d 18 h ago


I'm unable to log in for my rewards point

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Anonymous - 13 d ago

Does anyone at your corporate office care about what people are writing here? Every comment is negitive. If people stop coming to your restaurant, your doors will close. Sears and Red Lobster are discovering that now. You've just lost another customer.

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Mr.Williams - 13 d 1 h ago


Fridays Destiny USA, Syracuse NY ... My 17 year old honor student was treated horribly by your wait staff. She left the restaurant crying. Spoke to Mr. Morris (Regional Manage) who gave her a complimetary dinner pass. My daughter returned to the restaurant about three weeks later only to come home sick and throwing up.Nevet again

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Anonymous - 15 d 12 h ago



LONG BEACH Ca., Carson 90808

I visit this location yesterday and had exceptional service from Desiree from the greeting to her smile to really knowing her customers and her job. My husband and I have gone to this location several times before especially this last year; and I've never received such great service. We never had to ask for anything she was very prompt and diligent. She did a fantastic job making our experience pleasurable.

Thanks again!

The Callahans

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Really disappointed - 17 d 12 h ago


I am a Breast cancer patient that dosent get out much. Iam also handicap. Ate at the Manchester ct location on 4/05/18 first the bathroom was so dirty. Used the bathroom to find all the tp on the floor. Discussing. Washed my hands no paper towels to dry them. The door and sink were soaked . Tricky for my with disability's. Food was very overpriced and awful. As I said I don't get out much due to my illness food is hard for me to eat and limits what I can eat. Box mac and cheese sad. I use to love Friday's food . Service not good told out waitress about the Mac she wasn't concerned she was to busy with the people sitting at the bar but we still tipped her. I never complain. Tonight was a nice night out ruined .

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anonymous - 18 d ago


I used to work at the Alaska TGI Friday's. Now, I usually would not contact corporate just because of this reason, but I believe that I have been fired for unfair reasons. I have many pieces of proof and witnesses that also work there that have told me about the management talking bad about their workers behind their backs and also treating them unfairly. I also have witnessed many drug usages/alcohol drinking of the workers while clocked on/on their shift. Many of their workers have either shown up drunk or high, which is really unprofessional. I unfortunately do not have any evidence of workers being intoxicated at work but I do have witnesses.The reason that I was fired was for using my phone while on shift, but I am one of many, if not all, workers who use their phones on shift as well and I found it extremely unfair that I had to lose my job to this reason when I did my work when needed.I lost my job to a reason that was not applied to everyone else in the work place, I too have bills to pay and to have me be fired for this reason and not everyone else is beyond me. I also have evidence of other workers using their phones as well. I'm not sure what else to make of this but this is extremely unprofessional of the management to be this way and to let things like this happen in the workplace. I would highly recommend reevaluating the staff at this location and possibly replacing management. This is beyond absurd. I shouldn't even have to be writing this at all. Thank you.

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Sad black man - 21 d ago

The Materrie, LA location was the worst ever service. A complete and total embarrassment to me in front of friends. Horrible service the whole time. Waitress gave me the wrong ticket with a long island ice tea. I said ma'am I had a strawberry daiquiri. She takes the ticket comes back with a $4 higher ticket. I ask so the daiquiri is higher than the long island yea she answered. I guess this a way of showing me about saying I got the wrong ticket. Throws my change on the table and walks off. Long story I took the high road and didn't make a scene but I'll will never visit that place again and I hope the upper management doesn't condone that type of activity with their stores or franchise's...

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Anonymous - 29 d 13 h ago

You people should be a shame if yourselves the way you treated your black customers that walked in your place in Springs, Fl Thursday night/22nd/store#2645 to eat. If you wasn't going to serve them and allow them time to eat, you shouldn't have allowed them in. Then you served them, probably spit in thier foid, then turned off the lights before they had time to eat, and once they got upset, you call the police on them. Which is topical if white people, call the police on the blacks, because we know that they will come and take our side against the blacks, and have fun mistreating them. That's a fact. You should be a shame of treating those people like that, you were very rude and nasty and you should close your restaurant down, because it's not worth being open, treating humans like that, and you (whites) always do, yet you're the ones always acting as if your not humans. You will get payback on how you treated those people, as soon as the media gets a hold of the story, believe that. Payback is s bitch!

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Anonymous - 24 d 4 h ago

I seen this on fb but couldnt find the post again anywhere to share it

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Anonymous - 26 d 8 h ago

Phila city ave store has to be the worst food is not what was ordered presentation is bad customer service skills horrible

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Lisa stokes - 27 d 17 h ago


Hello want to talk about how a romantic day with my husband went wrong . The appetizers where cold we had Broccoli cheddar soup ,onion rings,bucket of bones . For dinner we had bacon cheese burger and I had the barbecue chicken salad the had two little bites of chicken and oldRomain lettuce and everything they sever was cold . We talk to manager he took are appetizers back to replace it and they came with dinner and thing wasn't right .but when he brought appetizers back it was the same he pick up . We don't want no confrontation so we packed up our food and he refund is eight dollars and left the most terrible Tgif I have ever been to . Lisa stokes (hidden)5

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John lydon - 28 d 10 h ago


Ok we were a party of 4 last night 3/24/18 t30pm it took them 3 hours to serve us dinner frim start to finish .no wait for seats but they gave us the only booths next to entrance where sun in our eyes all night. It took an hour for entre it took 45 minutes for one cup of coffee and 15 minutes for another spoon. 3 hours it's bullshit I was in the industry and if I were you guys I'd be wondering how and why it took 3 hours to turn one table of 4..... We went to the one in bayshore NY on sunrise hyway and the excuses we got from waiter Andrea were pathetic guys 45 minutes for a cup of coffee and manager is useless what kind of place are you guys running anyway, you revamped interior maybe you should have retrained staff.. Pathetic guys. John Lydon (hidden). Email (hidden) unreal and this is not service . Unfortunately all.

4 of us are in customer service so no good ....

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Jo-Ann - 29 d 2 s ago


I like to complain about a Fridays restaurant in Albany, NY . My husband and I were seated and no utencils, waited since I did it on purpose over 20 minutes until a waiter came . Than we ordered a coffee and beer and waited again another 10 minutes and no glass for the beer and than he cam e back another 20 minutes to take our ordered by than I went to the manager still with no utencils after the food came or glass for beer. The manager apologized and still after I went to the manager to ask for utensils still waited. It was terrible food by than it was cold . The only thing that came on time was the bill 40.00 for nothing but cold food and aggravation. Please look into the Stuyvesant Plaza Fridays in Albany, NY. we went to dinner on 3/24/18. I am hoping you will compensate since Fridays has gone way down and Iike you to know it. Too many kids working and have no clue and all about the kids coming in to eat and drink and the waiters have no interest in serving others. . Thank you I will be calling the office also. I also felt a presence of being of White and waiter did nothing but wait in his own Afro American people first.

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Anonymous - 31 d 11 h ago



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Kyra Watson - 32 d ago


I had the worseeeeeeeeee fuckin experience lastnight at TGI! I have never been Stereotyped Racially Profiled and Disgusted tremendously at where tf "customer service " went?

I left a friends performance An 6 of is went to TGI IN CORAL SPRINGS it was 12am or a Lil after when we called to see if they still open an what time they close ... a man answered said 12:30 they lock there doors an stop serving food ! We there literally as the man is about to walk up an Close the door .! He greets us well An had manners seated us gave us menus an all. He goes to the back An is talkin with a waiter, same waitress comes over instantly with attitude an told us " we can't eat because they closed the kitchen already 2 minutes ago. Annoyed at this point because the guy should've never seated us an told us already the kitchen was still open when we got there , literally the waitress is arguing with me An the few people I was with , sooo I asked if she was manager she said No, so immediately I said I didn't wanna talk to her An asked for a manager .! The manager came an told us we can only order FRIED food , nothing on the grill because they already turned the grill off. IT WAS BETTER THAN NOTHING! So we decided to eat what they had fried . Dispute the disagreement with the waitress she was still out waitress we tried to make her redeem herself . While eating we hear manager an waitress an employees askin for the status of our food An if we finished eating. Not sure again what was said but shortly after , one person finished eating an they asked for there check she brought out everyone's check. But soon after TURNED OFFF THE FUCKIN LIGHTS ON US WHILE EATING AN STARTED LAUGHING LIKE SHIT FUNNY OR SWEET! We did not finish our food An drinks ... the waitress walked over with her phone light to ask us for our payment for food. Outrageous at this point because it 1am an you still have customers who isn't finished with there food , not even a to go box was at least offered to us ... but poor ass hospitality an customer service . I then said I felt unsafe in here an unsafe giving u my credit card on the dark.! The waitress yells after me an says idon't feel safe with you being here ... yesss we started arguing.... luckily it never got physical , cause idk what made her unsafe around me, was it because I was BLACK An maybe not as bible as her in the dark . Was it too much black people to serve food too late night , An HOW TF your lights off am trying to make a credit card transactions with your lights off , is your machines on at that time ... the manger comes over an instead tries to defuse the arguement she added fuel to the fire an told us because we needed to leave why the lights are off An it's because they want to go home.!!!!!!! Argument started again An the manager yelled an told us to get out of her store .... we did jussssssssss that! Of course she called the police an told them we RAN OUT ON OUR BILL! Literally spent 2hrs with police , detained in handcuffs sitting in the fuckin cold ...

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