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TGI Friday's

4201 Marsh Ln.
Carrollton, TX
(972) 662-5400
(972) 307-2822
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Anonymous - 15 h 49 m ago


We went to 1 location and could not be seated in a non booth without having a waitress we don't like.

Left and went to 2nd location, bathrooms filthy, restaurant dirty, bad slow service, never got chips and salsa. Soup came like warm, food came immediately after soup. Dessert to go home came in to eat there, ask that we wanted to go home, boxed and by the time we got home it was not edible.

Mentor and mayfield ohio

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Anonymous - 29 s ago

You don't prefer booths?

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Concerned and still wondering why? - 1 d 15 h ago


Went to the Fridays in Kissimme FL. and again very disappointing. Went in at 11pm and was informed the kitchen was closing because they had no food the only sides being offered rice, slaw or broccoli or salad but no ranch. They were out of chicken wings boneless and bone in. Seems the GM does not care about the operation , I actually feel sorry for the coworkers that have to face the people. I even heard the guest being sent to Apple Bees and other restaurants.

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Anonymous - 2 d ago

Peoples food is usually taken to the wrong table and servers eat stuff off of peoples plates all the time

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Anonymous - 3 d 48 m ago

On 4/19 went to Fridays with my 3 kids and wife. My sons mac n cheese was basically still frozen they took it away waitress said manager is fixing it 5min manager walked to talble with same mac n cheese spoon in the same spot of the bowl they trew it in the oven WITH THE SPOON THIS TIME THE SPOON WAS HOTTER THAN THE FOOD AND THE MANAGER HAD THE BALLS TO BRING IT TO THE TABLE. I TOLD MY WIFE I KNEW WE SHOULD HAVE WENT TO CHILLIES

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Jazz - 3 d 18 h ago


My family and I frequent Friday's; however today when we went the customer service was extremely poor and the table area that they tried to seat us at was extremely nasty (I have a pic but there's no option to upload). Then they tried to sit us by the bathroom and you could smell the piss from the bathroom. The manager, Ms Wallace, this name may not be correct because she sent her hostess to talk with us and wouldn't come, so we don't know if this is her real name) then told us we could not sit at the clean table area because she was experts party of 20 (there weren't even enough seats and table space to fit 20 - only 16). This is the Friday's in Tinley Park (in the shopping plaza off of 191st & Harlem). Needless to say we left the restaurant after we asked for a card identifying the manager. We were told that the manager didn't have any cards and were given the name Ms Wallace by the hostess.

This was the worst experience and poorest display of customer service ever. We are definitely reevaluating the location of our weekly family & friends outing.

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Unhappy customer - 4 d 8 h ago


I normally do not do this but my experience in Port Charlotte right down the street from my house on Veterans Boulevard TGI Fridays expecting a quick lunch walk in the door it looks like a ghost town no bartender no one at the door customer behind me set themselves and told me I need to seat myself because no one will be coming so I sat myself with my friend and looked around and no one was around I was Furious I've never seen a restaurant like this at lunch time literally 1208 I walk in that door I walked over to the kitchen there was five staff members in a circle there was a manager on the floor in the kitchen he turned around and went in the opposite direction I don't understand how you want to make money if you're not going to take care of your customers I had to tap someone on the shoulder in order to get assistance and they all acted like it wasn't their job this was the most unprofessional restaurant experience I have ever had just so unacceptable somebody needs to go in there and clean house that's all I'm saying worst experience ever walking through that door fortunately one server actually recognize the fact that I could actually be a manager from another store and she immediately recovered the situation and was extremely professional thank you Shimmer her co-workers meanwhile walked by the table with smirks on their faces some people just don't understand what professionalism is including the manager of that Port Charlotte store he never once came in the area in that hour that I sat there

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Erica - 4 d 19 h ago

Tried new items on menu, shrimp and Lagistino pasta.

Alfredo and peppers overpowered the seafood. Shells left on shrimp.Had hi hopes for dish but was aweful.

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Christine - 6 d ago


Store 0647 Millbury Ma was suppose to give me 2 $25 gift certificates for an archery event this past weekend. I asked to speak to the general manager, Cam Sweet claimed he was the general manager. I sent him the proper documentation for the event and he said he would email me 2 $25 gift certificates. I still have not received them. I called Saturday and he said it can take up to 24 hours to receive. I emailed him Sunday and still have received nothing. I said to him I hope I am not being played, his response was I was not being played. Well jokes on me because when I spoke with guest relations today, Cam Sweet never put a request in for the certificates. Guest relations told me to call the store, which I did and come to find out Cam Sweet is NOT the general manager. I will be calling back to speak to the real general manager. Hopefully this can turn to be righted.

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Christine - 6 d 2 h ago


Store 0647 Millbury Ma was suppose to give me 2 $25 gift certificates for an archery event this past weekend. Cam Sweet who claimed he was the general manager when I spoke with him Thursday. April 11. He is not the general manager and lied to me when I called back today to speak with him. He is refusing to talk to me or answering any of my emails. I called guest relations and Cam Sweet never put a request in for 2 $25 gift certificates as I was talking to guest relations. Shame on him for lying. Now I will be talking to the real general manager tonight. I'm sure they will not be making this right.

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Anonymous - 12 d 7 h ago


I went to T.G.I. Friday's on 4/11/19 and my bill came too $64 and the waitress charged my Visa card $77.92 and I left a $5 tip , I will be disputing this with my bank today and going to T.G.I. Friday's to y'all to a manager for changing my bill unauthorized I have the receipt as well.

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Stopbeingcheap - 9 d 8 h ago

You are cheap!! You didn't even leave 10% you douche

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Anonymous - 13 d 38 m ago

The servers eat food off your plates before bringing it to your table like fries or chips

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Harold J - 14 d ago


My 77 yr old mom wanted bbq so we went to tgi fridays route 9 Poughkeepsie. Upon entering she asked the young greeter if they serve food and he said no he has to seat us. Mom asked him again and I tried explaining that she has early dementia , the greater started rolling his eyes and displaying a very non-professional demeanor. His attitude would have resulted in my leaving, but my mom is diabetic and needs to eat. Rest assured I will not return to this location again. And four the record my family and I eat at tgi fridays in NY, NC, PA, MA, VA, NJ, PA, DC for well over 12 years and have never had any experience like this. Ii did speak with the manager on duty at approximately 4:10 pm.

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Never Again From Texas - 15 d 14 h ago


March 17, 2019 - Horrible service in downtown St. Louis - it was midday and the place was not busy. I bet we waited 20 minutes on our drinks, another 30 minutes on our food, and 20 minutes for the check. Will never go to this TGI Friday's again.

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Sindi - 16 d 18 h ago


On April 2, 2019 My husband and I visited TGIF in Turnersville, NJ. Hostess' were adorable and lovely.

Restaurant was half full. Server was terrible. Took drink orders. 15 minutes later brought my tea and said my husbands beer was not available. Don't you preshift what is not available? My husband than asked what was the seasonal beer.

Server response" ok I will get that for you" My husband has no Idea what he was drinking!

We ordered onion rings as an app. Conversation of dipping sauce available. 20 Minutes app served.

Burgers were served...delicious! Manager brought second beer. Put on table, said "how is everything?" and walked away before we could even say a word. We just laughed and decided we would never return to this location. Table next to us got drinks at the bar and had an issue with bartender. Restaurant business is certainly about the food but staff really needs to be trained. Can't expect much though when the manager can't even tell there are issues in his restaurant.

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513Tasha - 17 d 20 h ago


Friday's Stonecreek in Cincinnati, OH on colerain Ave should be shut down. Sat at the bar on a busy Saturday. The bartenders were opening eating while serving drinks. One bartender was rifling through a dirty purse and then twisting lemons in drinks. I informed the manager, Anna who then went to the end of the bar and began talking about my party openly. I asked why they were discussing us and she was hostile and rude. The only manager that was diplomatic and had any customer service skills was Jared, who apologized and said he would take care of it.

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Sadly disappointed - 20 d 2 h ago


The TGIF in Lynhurst, Ohio smelled funky at the door. I should have left then.

When I was seated by the employee door, in a 99% empty restaurant, on a cold day, I asked to change seats. Sadly things got worse. The menu was not clean, but covered in fingerprints.

When I looked at the wall it appeared to have been spit on and food particles were abundant!

Looking down, a used napkin was under the table and what I can only think of as "baby vomit" on the seat. We left.before we could become ill.


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Sabrina - 20 d 7 h ago


First(and last)experience at TGIF on Rt. 22 in Union,N.J. was disappointing, Via email, I made a complaint but "guest relations" responded with the same inattention to customer satisfaction as the hostess, server and cook at the restaurant. Succintly,

the deserted( now I know why)restaurant (rt22 Union,N.J.)provided poor service and worse food. Cool, grizzly steak, mushy lukewarm shrimp cocktail, informed of no bread on the premises, miniscule lobster tail-- that's TGIF!? No greeting,no attentive service,no care-- a far cry from your commercials- marketing TGIF as lively with succlent food and friendly aervice.service.

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marlonn baker - 21 d 5 m ago


dear tgi Fridays im currently looking for a job im an undergraduate from queens and I need one please help me (hidden)

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julie - 22 d 23 h ago


On DEC 4 2018, I went with my family to a TGIF in Miami. The experience was horrible and we sat for over 1 hour with no service. I wrote a complaint to guest relations and received a email from Ruscon C. I wrote back to him numerous times as well as to guest relations and up to today's date, I have not gotten a courtesy call or even the minimal concern or interest of the service i received at the restaurant and by guest relations. Your customer service is nothing close to decent and just by your employees and the response to complaints and concerns and your corporate office shows how uncaring you are for families going to your restaurants!

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Deborah S - 22 d ago


My husband, son and I went to the TGIF in Leominster on March 30 2019. When we walked in a girl wearing a red tank top seated us. Her breasts were not covered to the point my son said Mum why is that girls boobies not covered? :/ we were seated asked for drinks and an app, the app came out pretty quick the drinks were over 10 mins. The waitress was at bar looking up how to make them on her phone. It seemed they were all trying to make their own drinks or waiting. Our food took over 40 mins to come out and when we ordered more drinks that was another 10 to 12 mins. I asked for soup got French fries and when I said something the soup took another 10 mins. Asked for jack Daniels sauce twice before we got some. The service was terrible and I'm sorry dress appropriately if we wanted that we would have gone to Hooters. 93.00 plus tip ( not a good one) so much for our Sunday family dinner. Will not go back.

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On Saturday, March 30th, I went to the TGI Friday's at the Staten Island Mall at 5:30 PM. I been there twice this year in Jan and March I complain about ants crawling on top of the bar tables and the manager just did not care. All he said to the staff was I have to call and exterminater. I felt bad for the waiter's and waitresses. They lost about five customer while I was there talking to the staff. How can this place make money on a Saturday night if the manager don't give a dam how the place is run. Someone has to come for a bar rescue and renovation the place is falling apart. HELP 911

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bill h - 23 d 16 h ago


on 3/30/19 i was part of a party of 8 that was stopping for dinner at the friday's at the staten island mall. the restaurant was half empty at 5pm. the server took us to the dining room and put 2 small tables together. i told her that wasn't enough room for a party our size. she immediatly copped an attitude and started throwing chairs and another table around. i told if it was too much trouble to get us seated properly and to our satisfaction we probably she go someplace else. she said "whatever" and walked away. i asked to see a manager on the way out and was told he was tied up. we went next store to the outback where we had a pleasant meal although we had to wait to be seated for 15-20 minutes. there may be a very good reason why friday"s was half empty and outback which is right store ahad line waiting. if there is ever anyone from corporate in the area they should stop in and check out the operation. friday's is my 8 year old granddaughters favorite place to eat and she left in tears.

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Mighty Upset - 36 d 12 h ago


My husband and I love the ribs at TGIF. We await every year for when the ribs go on special sale for $12.99. The regular price is just to steep for us. So on two separate years we have gone for the ribs at normal dinner time. After we got our drinks we told our waitress we wanted ribs and she said, "Oh, we are out of ribs". I said, "You have got to be kidding! We waited for 40 mins. It is now 6:40pm and we have to eat something because we are both diabetics. Your special for ribs is on right now and you have no ribs? This is outrageous!!!" I am now wondering if the whole thing is a scam. They claim to have no ribs while banking on the fact that you have already got your drinks, and will likely eat there. I have never gone to Red Lobster for the "all you can eat shrimp", or any other special and been told...sorry we are out of shrimp. One time with the no ribs available, well maybe, but twice? I truly believe it's a scam and I intend to tell everyone! Has this happened to you?

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Anonymous - 25 d ago


Store #1591 in Novi Mi,the dirtiest place I ever ate.The bathrooms stink like piss,floors very dirty snd sticky Don't waste your time or money

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