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TGI Friday's

4201 Marsh Ln.
Carrollton, TX
(972) 662-5400
(972) 307-2822
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Indo - 2 d ago


So I ordered some food online and 3 mins later canceled it. They still charged my card 44.51 for food I NEVER received and they have been giving me the run around since aug 28th. Just give me my money. This is no different from stealing. I've been patient long enough now I'm calling the BBB. I'm done begging for money that I worked hard for back. I can't believe that they would steal from me. Then when I called the store manager he just said we're busy and hung up in my face. Wtf! I will NEVER go back to TGIF again...ever!

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doni - 4 d 6 m ago


Well welcome to my world. went to a fridays and did the endless apps there was 3 of us we were charged 12.99 on the bill but he also charged us each time we ordered a app like 5.00 bucks and like 9 bucks anyway the bill was 162.00. I had 4 plates of nothing really anyways they added the tip at 162 bucks which came to 19.00 dollars. on a 38.00 dollar bill. 12.99 X 3 easy math . He demanded we payed it which we did 20.00 bucks a person for 4 plates of pot stickers.I will never go back ... You couldnt pay me to ever eat there again.

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Anonymous - 3 d 4 h ago

Why would you pay it. Lunacy.

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Anonymous - 4 d 11 h ago


Just came from TGI Friday's in Milford MA really.....I can't even make this up!

We were greeted and seated right away (cause we were pretty much the only ones there.)

Waitress took our order right away.....I sat and watched our food sit "under the lamps" no lie 10 min.

mean while our waitress is clueless.......remember...nobody in the place.....I ordered chix quesadilla and my

guy a burger.........very simple..........again...oly our food was sitting up under the lights........when the waitress

finally saw food up there.....she went....then I watched her trying to figure out where it goes........I mean really...

we were her only table!!!! WTHek! it arrives at the table...the chix quesadilla....(if thats what u want to call it)

had no chix and was very soggy.........So I complained...(I never do this).....she actually walked back and forth in the kitchen ranting.....chix she didn't know what it was.real weird!!! then watched her go to the manager...The manager never even acknowledged the situation with us (really bad customer service) and by the way

the burger was soggy....just the worst service ever....can't image what would happen if the store had 10 tables...if any place needed "Under Cover Boss"...this place does!

General profile image - 4 d 14 h ago


My family Took my daughter out for her birthday to Middletown NY Fridays . it was horrible we waited on food forever people came in after us and got their food.there was a table behind us with disabilities they where there before us and waited and waited on food people came in and ate and got food before them and us .Everytime asked where food is told he making it . Asked for sing happy birthday but never happened asked manager for check had discount card charged my bank account 2x and then they took full price instead of discount total horrible time will never go back again

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Carlos - 5 d 9 h ago

The only way to communicate with this company is by email. You can't call them to let them know how frustrated you are with their rewards program. By what I can see it's a joke first you can't redeem your points at the restaurant you must redeem them online and wait for the reward to come in your email. This does not happen the same day it takes a couple of days to receive. That's not such a big deal though the bigger deal is that I had 654 points which is approximately 4 dinner entrees for free and I was saving them to use this year. It seems that someone hacked into my account and used my points. The question I have posed the restaurant chain is how can someone hack into my account since the reward is supposed to come to my email and I never show receipt of the reward. This is a question no one has answered to me. I have in the last couple of days sent complaints to this company and I am yet to receive a response. Now I see why they have so many bad reviews in this site. The issue starts at the very top. Sad since I used to love going to this restaurant. The good thing is that there are many other choices which I plan to go to from now on.

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Anonymous - 5 d 6 h ago

This is not true. There is no waiting-period and the reward shows instantly on your phone/browser, and you have the OPTION to have it emailed to you if you want a copy (rather than having to screen-grab it).

So if someone got into your account, they could easily use your points and not have any indication emailed to you.

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Terrible Service - 5 d 8 h ago

The worst service in all of Americas Fridays is in Mt. Laurel New Jersey. 1 to none Bartenders in a 2 hour peroid .45 minute wait with at least half the tables open. Terrible, Terrible.

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Joel Vander linden - 5 d 10 h ago


Sterling Hrs, MI is by far the worst managed, most racist restaurant in Michigan. The Manager is occupied with white girl tending the bar. Come on Sunday nights, nothing but empty tables but there's a 45 minute wait. No staff. Menus with no prices, for tea even. A wait staff that has attitude problems. And some customers over served and cussing and that manager us still on that white girl.

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Anonymous - 6 d 20 h ago

This visit to Fridays was the worst yet.

Nothing even came close to the pictures on the website or even close to what we used to have come to our table.

Small first order, burnt food, no garnish, missing toasted bread with meatballs. Cold 2nd order...

The visit was pathetic. We paid over $40 with tip for 2 endless apps and 2 drinks.

We were going to walk out but didn't.

And it is obvious any talking to the management gets us nowhere.

This place has gone downhill.

To have the price go up to $15 is one thing but to get what we received was wrong.

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Anonymous - 8 d 7 h ago

One time, I went to TGI Friday's, and I had a steak. And the steak was good, and then I went home. In my car.

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Ramona - 8 d 17 h ago


What do you do when you wait 45 minutes for a correct bill. One table with 3 separate bills. One had Friday credits to us so her bill should have been zero. Second bill got charged for her meal and then it was deducted. Third bill was charged wrong. After about 5 trips back and forth with supposedly "corrected" bills and me trying to use a gift card and being charged for my daughter's billed amount once, another amount the first and second times, I just threw the bill down and walked out. They had NO idea what they were doing. THEN they charged my daughter's account incorrectly too! TGIFridays in North Canton, Ohio - shameful!

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Kilana - 12 d 13 h ago

Orange Park, Florida TGI Fridays. We were upset about the steak we both 'tried' to eat. It had a lot of grizzle & fat (which was about half of our steak each!) We did mention it to our waitress who just shrugged her shoulders & said 'yea, you should have ordered the sirloin, it was so much better!?'

When I learned the price of this awful dinner, I had to express my thoughts.

I don't think we will be needing the points as I don't think we will be coming to this restaraunt again. The ribs were good but we came for steak! What a disappointing evening!(Our bill was $76 before our discount).


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Anonymous - 12 d 4 h ago

Gristle. Not grizzle.

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Cynthia Ross - 9 d 19 h ago


Wondering why didn't U send the steak back ? Always send back inferior food

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Anonymous - 11 d 25 m ago

I attended the TGIF in Southaven Ms and I was harassed by the manager Brandon Golden. He accused me and my guests of being rude which later he found out it was the wrong table, but never apologized. When I asked for the headquarters number he refused to come out and give me the information. I was highly disrespected and I don't plan on spending anymore money with this franchise.

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No Relief - 14 d 1 m ago

Sometimes, when I go to TGI, they don't give me manual release after the meal. Most of the time they do, but sometimes they don't, and they make me feel ashamed for having to ask.

It's really quite despicable.

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Dana W. - 58 d 12 h ago


TFIG Charlotte NC- NORTHLAKE- My family and I (total of 8 ladies) went to TGIF on 7/22/17 to enjoy some tasty food and nice drinks. However, we went and got the total opposite. First, the waitress took forever to come to our table, and when she got there she expresses how she was sick with an ear infection. It took her forever to bring our drinks back to the table, all for the drinks from the bar to be TASTELESS. We expressed to her how the drinks tasted and she did get them replaced but she wasn't familiar with the menu at all. Several of us ordered the endless app's and EVERYONE food came out LATE, COLD and NASTY. We asked to speak to a manager and she stated there is one there in training, so, when he approached the table, he already seemed to have an attitude and was irritated. We expressed to him our concerns and he said, "we'll all I can do is take the drinks off because I don't have authorization to do anything else". We were furious because we did not even eat the food, all to have to pay for it. So, we asked to speak to a higher manager and when she came to the table, she seemed irritated as well. However, she did take only ONE-person meal off (who ate her food) and left the rest of use to pay for bills and we didn't even enjoy or eat the food. We all left every upset and to be honest, will no EVER return to dine in at TGIF again. We were at TFIG from 10pm-12:32am. On top of all of this the women's restroom was NASTY (we expressed that several times too). Along with one of the staff members getting into it with the kitchen (we heard all of this because our table was right in front of the kitchen). I really hated to pay $37. 23 for food that was disgusting. I am not sure the exact payments of everyone else but I know between us ALL, we paid over $100 for this tap and we were NOT HAPPY.

I hope that someone from corporate send some better managers in there to make a positive impact.

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Anonymous - 58 d 4 h ago

Your use of the word "nasty" tells me you are black.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 52 d 14 h ago

That is very wrong for you to say that. I used NASTY AND WHITE AS THE COME.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 51 d 9 h ago

Using it once may be white. Using it more than once is black.

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 30 d 15 h ago


"As white as the come"

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 28 d 7 h ago

Yeah so I'm guessing he's a translucent, pearly white.

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Anonymous - 16 d 7 h ago

Does Lmfao means laughing my fat as off

Flagged for review. 
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Hastings Henderson - 23 d 13 h ago


You are most certainly an ass hole. I'm not black and I have 3, yes 3 college degrees and I use the word nasty upon occasion. How racist are you?

Flagged for review. 
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Anonymous - 23 d 7 h ago

Who said blacks couldn't go to college or were uneducated? That's what you heard?

Wow talk about racist. XD

Flagged for review. 
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Don't like mean people - 19 d 14 h ago

Your use of the word black tells me you are a racist..

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Anonymous - 19 d 11 h ago

What an idiotic statement.

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