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TGI Friday's

4201 Marsh Ln.
Carrollton, TX
(972) 662-5400
(972) 307-2822
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Jade Hyland - 19 h 49 m ago


Never work for the Friday's at Arundel Mills Mall in Hanover Maryland .

They do not care for their employees at all . Talk them like they are trash .

They'll fire the hardest working people or let them leave

But give endless chances to ones who are lazy , and show up to work when they want to.

The GM is scared to talk to guest but will bark at employees like they are his kids .

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TONY that cares. Keep an eye on social media it's not just TGI FRIDAY - 4 d 15 h ago

Stop paying attention to what tv stations you are advertising on because the trend is starting on social media very soon

The tv stations are not reporting all crimes in their cities your company are sponsored related this

Please do something for your community before you lose business

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Pissed - 8 d 23 m ago



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Nightmare - 9 d 13 h ago


I went on a date last night and the guy was super nice. However the staff were slow and rude and the Service was a nightmare... I'm not the kind of person to complain about service this it the first time I've ever. It was the worst experience of my life. I never had a worse service ever. I would get much better service even in McDonald. I don't even know where to start because everything was wrong from the beginning. my date was asking me if I wanted to go to friends or yard house. I picked Friday's because I wanted a Specific dish. I wanted the sizzling chicken and shrimp. We got there around 11:20pm. the manager that night told us it's busy and that we should set at the bar. The bar was full and there were no sets. So we decided to wait on a table. He told us it will be 15-20 minutes "which wasn't so bad" so we agreed. They got us seated within 15 minutes. It was 11:35pm And I was happy about that. The chair was broken there was a hole in it and it was bery uncomfortable. It took them 30 minutes to get us someone to serve us. They haven't gave us waters or bread or anything. we had to call someone one to tell them that we didn't have a server yet. It was 12:14am so they got us a lady that didn't even tell us her name. She took my order (the sizzling chicken and shrimp) and my date had half rack rips. Then we had to wait till 12:40 to get some water and drinks. It was over an hour since we got to the restaurant . Our food didn't come till 1:26am. And even then they gave us the order of the table setting next to us. They were trying to serve me the sizzling stake. I told them this wasn't my order and that I came here for the sizzling chicken and shrimp. Then they gave me pasta! I sent it back told them it's not the correct order for the second time. The server came back and asked me if I got my pasta. I told her I didn't Order pasta. Then the manager came back with the pasta dish and asked me if I did order pasta I told him NO. It reached the point where I felt like it was my last chance to have dinner that night. I felt like there were forcing the pasta on me. Finally At 1:45am I got a black burnt two piece of chicken. They were had and very dry. I couldn't eat it even tho I was starving at the point of time. I was tired and still hungry I just wanted to go home. I asked for the check they gave us a wrong check with some orders the we didn't have. We sent it back and asked for the check again they gave us a second check with full rack rips and mysterious PASTA !! So I called the manager and it was the kitchen manager this time. I expressed my feelings and I told him I just want to pay for the dinner and go home. He was so apologetic but told me there is nothing he can do because he's NOT the manager on the floor. Eventually at 2am they gave us a third wrong check (brought by the manager himself ) with half rack rips and PASTA on it. I didn't want to argue with them anymore I just paid for it and left. Never again Friday's.... NEVER EVER AGAIN.

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robert - 13 d 13 h ago


my friend and I went for dinner #0562 Plano tx. We lorded sweet teas with our lorded .It looked like flamed water.not at all tasty.

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Anonymous - 17 d 17 h ago

Transferred I had a very delicious meal at your restaurant, read one of your views and I'm sorry that people still feel that way about homosexuals. It's way past that and you are disgusting for thinking that way about two people of the same sex being together.

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Anonymous - 17 d 17 h ago

Well, I think it's disgusting that people like you think people like me are disgusting, so how do you like that?

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TGI Friday's - 19 d 17 h ago



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Arnold - 49 d 2 h ago


I just vomited after seeing your commercial featuring two fags kissing. That shit is so disgusting I will never eat in your restaurant again. I hope the restaurant chain goes bankrupt.

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Natasha - 48 d 36 s ago


I agree with you Arnold

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SMART person IQ 297 - 35 d 22 s ago

Yeah and now they have Burger King cursing in one of their commercials like Friday's did years ago. I don't know what it is with restaurants and their advertising. Makes me want to stop going out to eat altogether.

ALL: Makes me want to stop going out to eat.

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Hhipls - 20 d ago

Fucking pig

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Shonda - 22 d 14 h ago


I went to tgif on Friday night and the server took a picture of my card and use it again four hours after I left. Never go to the one on veterans in metairie.

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J.B. - 24 d 18 h ago


Y'all Roanoke Virginia store needs help because the whole manager staff messed up.. ESPECIALLY the GM...NON PROFESSIONAL FOREAL...

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Sorryassfridayswestend - 33 d 4 h ago

Tgi fridays west end needs help. I work there five days and the lady fires me before i could even prove myself as a server. One employee made a comment about spitting in peoples drink where customers could hear her. The lady Mickey had no right to terminate me the way she did. But the lady who spits in customers drinks still has her job. This location is ghetto....

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Anonymous - 36 d ago

On 1/19 at 15:33 I picked up my carry out order at the Brooklyn ohio restaurant. When I got home the whiskey glazed burgers did not have the tops to the buns and one of the burgers did not have the pickles and lettuce. Very disappointed. My acct number : (hidden)470035......thank you......Joan m.

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Anonymous - 41 d 13 h ago

and still they can't say thank you , count the change , I guess minimum wage means I don't give a fuck ...... stay home fix a good meal and pass on the drama FUCK TGI FRIDAY's

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Anonymous - 47 d 12 h ago

Manager at Friday's on B concourse was very rude to one of the employees his name was Fred. He was basically yelling at the young lady like she was his child. That was a bad experience for me seeing a manager treat his own employees the way he did

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Art - 57 d 11 h ago

I ordered a sizzling chicken and shrimp skillet. When my food arrived, it was not sizzling, the cheese was not melted at all and the onions and peppers were raw and the chicken was barely warm. This is the only thing I order when I go to any Friday's. I have never had a problem before. I complained to the waiter Alexa, she said they were about to close and could not prepare another meal. I asked her to speak to the manager. The manager came out. When I explained to him, the food was cold and the skillet was not sizzling, the cheese was not melted and the onions and peppers were raw, he then goes on to explain about this is something he has been trying to correct and has been working on. The skillets just do not sizzle. I told him they do this is the only thing I order when I come to any Fridays restaurant. They skillet will still be sizzling while I'm eating it literally. So that is not true. He then said, well we are about to close, I can adjust your bill. When I got the bill, he took off $3.13. I asked the waiter Alexa to have him come back to review the bill. The manager came out and I asked him " you're only going to adjust the bill for $3.13 and you served me cold and raw food ?" He then said all I can give you is 15% off then. I replied okay and may I have corporates number. He said, I don't have corporates number, I replied you don't have corporates number? How do you not have corporates number? He said "I don't have it" I then said "You're going to lie to my face and tell me you don't have corporates number?" He then began yelling at me saying stop saying I' lying lady. I don't have it! I said yes you do just saying you're not going to give it to me. He then said you can google it. He continued ranting and raving at me, and then told me to get out of his store, pointing and flailing his arms. He told me to get out three times. I told him to stop yelling at me, I was not his child. He then screamed, you're going to pay the regular price now, shut up. I told him it doesn't matter, but you're going to stop yelling at me. He continued yelling saying I can get out. The guy I was with was paying for the bill, he then asked him, so if something happens here in a major instance, who do you call? He said corporate. After the bill was paid and stopped yelling at me. He turned to his right and apologized to the other customers sitting there and said "sorry about all that". So he apologized to the other customers for acting inappropriately and unprofessional, but never apologized to me once for serving me cold raw food and yelling at me like I'm an animal. This behavior and service was very unacceptable and atrocious. No one was wearing a name tag, the waiter nor the manager. I only knew the waiters name because it was listed on my receipt.

Date of event Friday December 27, 2019 at 11:15pm

At store number 1890 St. Louis/Bridgeton Missouri

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Mr. Harissa - 48 d ago

I work for a large bank that handles credit cards. Simply dispute the entire restaurant bill. The food was raw, prepared poorly, and handled poorly by the manager.

You will most likely not have to pay the bill at all.

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Anonymous - 48 d 8 h ago


To whom it may concern,

I went to your establishment tonight for my last night in Florida with my friends and was met with your "manager" berating the man in front of us over bingo cards... I felt immediately uncomfortable and unwelcomed (which I was never welcomed). The fact my friends recommended you, I'm incredibly disappointed with the way your manager reacted. I myself am a manger in Oregon and we do not allow this type of behavior from our employees, let alone the individual representing your establishment. I will not recommend this place to anyone, ever. Your staff should be more respectful, more professional and way more friendly to your customers. I will do what I can with my time to make sure my friends, as well as corporate know this is unacceptable. The fact I tipped anyone is because the other employees don't deserve the representation of your manager.

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Dee - 53 d 10 h ago


I cannot believe the price it's a pay for a meal or you guys don't offer salad with your dinner I see all ratings are one star I can see why I've been sitting here waiting for our bread and our food has not yet come

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Michelle - 54 d ago


A group of coworkers went to Fridays in Sunrise, FL today (party of 3). We arrived at 11:35 am and waited for 8 minutes for a greeter/hostess to come to the front, never happened. My coworker had to walk all the way to the back and stick his head in the kitchen area to get someone's attention. She seated us and walked away. We say waiting for someone to come and at least take our drink order for over 10 minutes. No one ever came to our table and we walked out at 12:05 PM to once again NO ONE at the front where there were 4 more people waiting to be greeted.

Not sure what the issue was- no one at the bar, or the hostess stand, just an empty establishment for over 30 minutes with zero service.

Disappointing being we were the only people seated in the place for 20 minutes.

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Anthony Russo - 54 d ago


I recently used your restaurant, TGIF in Garner NC on Timber Dr, for my wife's 60th birthday party on the 15th of December. I just want to say that our server (TINA) and manager (CAROLINE) should be recognized for the fantastic job they do to make it a special day for my wife. They went over and above to see that everyone was taken care of with their meals, drinks and anything else. If I had a restaurant I would want both of them to work for me, and I feel that this attention should not go UN-noticed.

Thank you,

Anthony Russo

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Yo - 58 d 12 h ago

Im pretty sure steve at the tgif in Gatlinburg tn has sexual intercourse with his employees hes all the time saying inappropriate comments to them ik my wife works there hes made serveral comments that he only hires mexicans to clean and cook because there good for nothing else hes a disgrace and has the company blinded i wish his wife knew about how he talks to the employees

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