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TGI Friday's

4201 Marsh Ln.
Carrollton, TX
(972) 662-5400
(972) 307-2822
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Anonymous - 1 d ago


What went on at TGIF on Silver Hill Rd. In District Hgts md it's all over the web of a fight. U need to fire everyone on the clock Get control of this store before ya'll lose it.

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Lukas - 2 d 15 h ago


Bowelmouth, the radio mouth in a nearby city, explained that anyone who opposed the "war" in Iraq was "un American". The theme being that anyone who disagreed with him was "wrong" and suitable for a long stay in Siberia. I have rarely heard such a noisy ignoramus on radio before but he certainly serves ZOG's purpose very well. Anyone who doesn't go along with his position is advised to leave America.

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Cathy H. - 2 d 17 h ago


I visited your 38th and 465 location in Indianapolis. I ordered "pick 2" steak and fried shrimp. Other than missing the mashed potatoes on the order, The steak, broccoli, and fried shrimp were packaged together. Needles to say when it came time to eat it, the fried shrimp were very soggy from the steak and broccoli juices. In addition there was no lemon or sauce for the shrimp. May I suggest that you put the shrimp in a separate container to preserve the crispiness. I expected a better meal.

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Jason W. - 7 d 15 h ago


Had a terrible experience at TGIF in Cherry Hill, NJ. I emailed them. Here was my answer.

Hi Jason,

Thank you for emailing to let us know about your unsatisfactory experience at TGI Fridays. We realize the importance of your time and appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

We apologize for the inconvenience. These comments are important to us, and have been shared with our leadership team. We hope to provide the best possible service during your next visit.


Joselito M.

Guest Relations Support

Next visit? I see this franchise cloded in the next 5 years.

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Customer - 7 d ago


What is the email address to the cherry hill store?

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Kristen yoder - 8 d 7 h ago


What happend to the stores tho Friday's loaded fries??? I loved them and they were so easy to make. They tasted great!!

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Anonymous - 8 d 19 h ago

The Fridays in. Milford Mass.the new GM.He talks down to everyone. And he is a pig ,sexual harassment.telling servers id give you a good time. no good looking bartenders. And we need good looking ones.

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Robert Dipersio - 14 d 11 s ago


I went to have dinner at your Everett mass location. From the beginning I should walked out. It took the waitress 20 minutes to come over and ask me if I wanted a drink. Not to mention the bartender is working at the bar and playing with her 2 kids. Then I order an appetizer and my meal. The appetizer comes and after that she's comes up to me and asks how everything was. I said to her I'm still waiting for my meal. She replied you didn't get your meal. I said no. So then she must of forgot to order it. I was at the restaurant at 715. Until almost 830. If I was there with a group I could see taking awhile but I was by myself. Honestly wouldn't go back there. They spent so much time shaking each other's hands and hugging other workers.

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Craig - 14 d ago


My family and I went to the Valparaiso Indiana location. It was 6pm and they were dead inside. Well we found out why. My 6oz steak came as all fat which I ended up not eating. My grilled onions turned into fried onions, and they forgot about my fries. My wife also got a steak which she did not finish, she substituted the broccoli for Mac and cheese, well she didn't get the Mac and cheese, she got the broccoli. My family and I will never go back and highly recommend everybody to stay away!!!

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Naair - 16 d ago


This is a fucking disgrace had us waiting 25 minutes for the first half than 15 minute later made it 35 minutes it's now 11:15 and they close at 12:00 am i can't believe this shit

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Milo - 16 d 4 h ago


We went to TGI Fridays in Aurora, Co. and as normal, they didn't have anything for smaller appetites, so food went to waste. I order the French onion soup which was nothing more than warmed up consume, it was terrible. You may need to look into actual chefs. It may not be a bad idea to have adjustable portion sizes as well to accommodate smaller appetites. I won't be back.

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Angry and disappointed - 16 d 4 h ago


What I'm about to say may not mean a lot to some, but it will to several. As a gastric bypass patient, it is hard enough to find something to eat in a restaurant due to the limitations of our surgical procedure. But when we ask if adjustments can be made to a dish and are told out right, NO, you'll have to take it as is, to take the remainder home. that just adds insult to injury. Really! Even though I am only one person and you, corporate, probably don't care, I won't be back.

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Anonymous - 19 d ago

Im an employee at Friday's it sucks they screwed me out of hours not trained well at all very rude racist place ive ever worked at very uncomfortable there i hate it but i need a job but i will never work nore will i eat here agin

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Customer - 20 d 8 h ago


I order my food it wasn't correct and it was on a dirty plate. I told the manager and she said it's just a little avocado. They did remake my food...but not very happy with the dirty plate. I didn't order anything with avocado!!

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Anonymous - 21 d 15 h ago


TGI Fridays in Waterford Lakes just served us raw chicken strips. Not like pink chicken. RAW chicken. Who knows if what we had already eaten was also raw. Manager came over and asked if we wanted new chicken and walked away. Then they gave us the bill like nothing happened. we asked it to be comped and they said NO.

This location gets worse and worse. Beware.

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Anonymous - 22 d 4 h ago


I was hired into one of your locations and ran out of the store after being there for only three hours. It was atrocious and I've worked at more than 10 restaurants in my life.

I was hardly being trained or shown where anything was, I was told to run food and clear tables without knowing where this and that was and goes. I wasn't given a training booklet or taught much other than where cups go.

The managers we're on their phones and taking cigarette breaks quit often.

I witnessed every single table that came in so upset that their food was wrong or cold and 4 of them actually walked out before their food came out.

The hostess was taking tables as well as running food. The servers messed up every order and had an attitude while speaking to customers.

They had no gloves and we're handling food with their bare hands.

The cook was messing up so much and just throwing food around wasting so much more than should have been. I could tell he and the hostess we're sick of working there.

Things we're broken and missing, there was a bucket being used as a trash can, and nobody was on top of sanitizer buckets, cleanliness of the restaurant or food.

I ended up finding out I worked for an hour without being in the system because the manager kept messing up on my paperwork. She asked for my ID again and immediately ran to the kitchen to cook and my stuff was never put in their system.

I am so shocked this place is still even open with how unorganized, chaotic, lazy and disgusting it was.

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Anonymous - 22 d 5 h ago

I used to enjoy going to Friday's for unlimited appetizers, then they removed some of the choices and raised the price. Needless to say I won't b going back.

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Paula - 23 d 7 h ago


Location 822-0800 Employees Paige and Jess went above and beyond their job description! Thursday July 18, 2019 we had come from CT to West Greenwich to Providence using Google Maps. When heading out of Providence back to W. Greenwich, my phone battery died. Cord was back at motel and we didn't know how to get back. Pulled into lot for your place. Went in and explained we needed to borrow a charger. They said restaurant could not, but Paige would let me use hers. We said we would eat while there. Paige lent me her charger and put us at table with plug in. Jess gave us excellent service! Meal was excellent. We got back to our motel using Maps because of your great employees. Thank you for the gracious hospitality!

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Rachel Martin - 24 d ago


We regularly but the frozen buffalo wings. The small boxes wouldn't have been enough so this time I bought the big box. Small ones always have about 8 to a box. So I was NOT expecting there to be ONLY 14 in the large box. I bet you won't get me twice! Unhappy mama!!!

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Anonymous - 24 d 9 h ago

I questioning why TGI Friday do no use paper straws?

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Anonymous - 26 d ago


Had terrible service on camp creek manager came me speaking to veterans very rude with dj want justice want owner

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David - 26 d 12 h ago


Horrible service at TGI Friday's in Arlington TX at Copeland street. We were there Friday night we ordered and the completely forgot one persons food. When I asked the waiter he said oh they are just now working on it. We stated everyone else will be finished with dinner and her dinner still has not arrived. Finally got a manager and they brought out the wrong order, we had to re order her food. It was a mess. Terrible customer Service. Terrible Service!!

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Max - 28 d 14 h ago


Horrible experience with the Manager, (Todd), at this location.

After reading other reviews about TGI Friday's, I'm guessing this complaint will most likely fall on "deaf-ears" and logged in a just another complaint.

I'm looking for a District Manager or Regional, VP to voice my concern with. I feel I should start here before moving up the ladder to someone that may listen or react to the quality of service you hire to represent your company in the field.

There are far too many choices for myself and other customers to go.

Looking forward to being contacted.

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JOY - 47 d 5 h ago


he service I received last night at your establishment was horrendous. When we walked in, we were not greeted. We sat at one table and no one came over so we moved to another table just to not receive service there. We then had to move to the bar. Once at the bar our service got a little better. The young lady who took our drink order was very polite and friendly. We had another server come and take our food order. She seemed to have a small attitude, but we looked past that. We ordered the Sizzling Chicken and Shrimp entree along with the Lobster and Shrimp pasta. I asked for the pasta to be made without asparagus and tomatoes. The Sizzling Chicken and Shrimp came out without the pasta and we were told that it was being remade because it still had the tomatoes and asparagus in it. Twenty seconds later the pasta comes out. The Sizzling Chicken and Shrimp was very poor quality, it was barely any cheese on it and it was chicken breast cut in half; nothing like the picture. Because it was already9 pmat night I just accepted it because I was hungry. Now with the pasta, we were told that it was being remade because it still had the ingredients we asked to be removed. When the plate comes we see that it is still tomatoes in it, we were hungry so we just kept it. But then we see something that looks like it could be a bug so we request a manager. The server with the attitude then says what's wrong we show her what we see and she says oh it's asparagus. How is it asparagus when we were told that the pasta was being remade? She finally goes to get the manager, Shauntice , who comes out the back yawning and stretching like she just woke up. As we are explaining to her she's looking around the restaurant like we are not even speaking to her. She then responds and says oh the pasta is proportioned in the morning and all of the things are already in it. We then ask why were we told it was being remade just to have the same thing come back. She replies oh the remade pasta had to be picked through it to take the stuff out. How can you tell someone that their food has been picked through before they received it? It was barely a full bowl of pasta and not what we asked for. We then asked so if we were allergic to those two items then what would happen if we would have had an allergic reaction it. The manager did not answer that question , just ignored it. We would have much rather been told that the items could not be taken out and order something else than to receive exactly what we did not ask for. Shauntice next response was well you already ate from it. I was appalled. She never once apologized for the inconvenience, just told us that we had to pay. I then explained that we weren't paying for anything that was not made how we requested. With an attitude, she says well you're going to pay for the drinks. We had no problem paying for the drinks, but the way she spoke to us and had no urge of correcting the situation was very unprofessional. But I guess it would have been a completely different reaction if one of us would have fallen out and died from items in our food that we requested to be taken out. My next issue is she said that the pasta is proportioned in the morning and all of the things are already in there. If your restaurant opens at 10 or11 a.m.and you're still serving the same itemsat 9 pmat night, that is a serious health issue. I hope to get a timely response to this email before taking further action.

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Another lost TGI Friday's customer - 29 d ago


Joy...did you every get a response form TGI Fridays,??

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